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Bolded names indicate the first appearance of a character.

A recap of the Robb Returns fanfic.

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    Chapters 1 - 20 

Chapter 1:

  • In Winterfell, Eddard Stark talks to Maester Luwin about the odd occurrence ten days ago: when his son Robb had awoken from his sleep in a cold sweat, come down to breakfast, hugged all his siblings and addressed his parents like he'd never seen them in years.
    • Luwin mentions that since then, Robb has both been researching the Old Gods and praying in the Godswood. Eddard goes to find him.

Chapter 2:

  • Robb Stark prays in the Godswood, once again beseeching the Old Gods to answer his question for why he was sent back from the moment of his death.
    • Eddard arrives and hears his son mention about his death, and asks what he means in horror. With eyes glowing red, Robb takes his hand, and the Old Gods plunge them both into a vision.

Chapter 3:

  • Eddard witnesses flashes of Robb's moment in the old timeline, including his death in the halls of the Freys, at the hand of his bannerman Roose Bolton, and hears a conversation about a rewritten prophecy and someone being chosen as a successor.
    • A Stark ancestor appears to Eddard, telling him that Robb was sent back to warn the past about the Others, which even now are awake and march on the Wall. He tells Eddard that the politics of the South have weakened the people and left them unprepared, and they must be ready to face the threat when it arrives.
    • Eddard and Robb reawaken in the Godswood.

Chapter 4:

  • Luwin helps Eddard and Robb recover in Eddard's solar, taking note of the red eyes of both father and son. Eddard informs Luwin of all he had seen.
    • Luwin decides to send a raven to the Citadel to ask about magic, and another raven to Eddard's brother Benjen at the Wall to ask about its condition.

Chapter 5:

  • Robb awakens moments later and tells Eddard and Luwin all that he had learned and been through in the previous timeline, from Jon Arryn's death to Eddard's appointment to Hand of the King and his subsequent betrayal and death, from the secret of the King's children being bastards of incest to Theon Greyjoy's betrayal, and ends with his attempted march on King's Landing with his father's banners, only to die at the hands of Walder Frey and Roose Bolton from a broken oath.
    • Eddard notes that Robb's education has been lacking in the way of politics, as well as the constant schemes of Greyjoy and Bolton.
    • Robb comes up with a plan to secure House Bolton's loyalty.

Chapter 6:

  • Theon Greyjoy and Bran Stark practice their archery under the eye of Rodrik Cassel, and discuss Robb's recent behaviour and how troubling it is.
    • Eddard takes Theon aside and talks to him about his memories of Pyke and his father Balon. Eddard reassures him that Theon is like a son to him, and that when he someday comes to rule Pyke, his solar is always open for advice.

Chapter 7:

  • Domeric Bolton is called back to the Dreadfort, from his clandestine attempt to meet his half-brother Ramsay. His father Roose Bolton meets with him and reminds him to not be curious and that there is a good reason for it.
    • Roose informs Domeric that Eddard Stark had requested his bannermen to bring all information about the Others and the Old Gods to Winterfell. Roose tasks his son with bringing the tomes to his Lord, also making mention of Eddard's beautiful daughter Sansa.

Chapter 8:

  • Eddard muses about the future that his son came from, and which they desperately wanted to avoid. He thinks about the suspicions of his wife Catelyn, the letter he sent to Jon Arryn via his man Jory Cassel to try and avert his death, and the painful talks he'll have to have with his boys eventually.
    • As he muses, Domeric arrives at Winterfell.

Chapter 9:

  • Bran watches Domeric serenade the women of Winterfell (excluding his sister Arya), before going to watch Robb, Theon and Jon Snow spar.
    • Eddard catches up to Bran, and orders his son to swear on his sword Ice that he will not climb the walls or towers of Winterfell any longer. Though tearful, Bran swears not to.

Chapter 10:

  • Catelyn Stark takes note of her husband's increasing worry, and all the measures he is taking to keep his family safe. He reassures her that he is fine before they both go to sleep.
    • Catelyn is suddenly awoken by Eddard having a nightmare, talking about Robb being in danger and something about his late sister Lyanna.

Chapter 11:

  • Eddard decides to tell Catelyn everything, from the events of the old timeline and his and Robb's deaths, to the events at the Tower of Joy and the real parentage of Jon Snow: his sister Lyanna Stark, and Rhaegar Targaryen, the son of the Mad King.
    • Though briefly angry at the deception, Catelyn is contrite that she had disliked Jon for no good reason other than her own paranoia. To keep him safe from anyone else finding out his parentage, she tells Eddard that he must legitimize Jon and make him a Stark.

Chapter 12:

  • Jory Cassel arrives at the Red Keep, with the letter from Lord Stark. After a brief encounter with the Kingslayer Jaime Lannister, he delivers the letter to Jon Arryn.

Chapter 13:

  • Jon Arryn thinks about Ned's letter and a possible threat from the Lannisters, as well as what he knows about the secret of the King's children. He also ponders on the safety of his own heir, his lone sickly son Robert Arryn.
    • Jon makes plans with Jory Cassel and Stannis Baratheon, Master of Ships, to send his son Robert, his medicine, and one of his nursemaids back to Winterfell with Jory to be fostered with the Starks. Stannis recommends Davos Seaworth to be the ship's captain that gets them there.

Chapter 14:

  • Jory watches the goings-on in the Red Keep, taking note of the differences between Lady Stark and her sister, Jon Arryn's wife Lysa, as well as how much King Robert has gone to seed.
    • Early the next morning, Jory is led by Arryn's man Quill to the docks to meet Jon Arryn, his son Robert, and his nursemaid Annah. He tasks him with a response letter to deliver back to Lord Stark, as well as the safety of his son. Jory agrees and they set sail.

Chapter 15:

  • At the Citadel, Maesters Baldwin and Fillion are tasked to examine the glass candles for evidence of magic at the request of Maester Luwin. When they do, they find that the glass candles do light, signifying the return of magic, and that another Maester Maher had known and was trying to find an explanation and to undo it. Baldwin goes to let Archmaester Tudyk know about the development.

Chapter 16:

  • Mikon, a man on Baelish's pay aboard Seaworth's ship, contemplates sabotage to kidnap Robert Arryn.
  • After receiving his brother's summons, Benjen Stark travels to Winterfell with the blind Maester Aemon Targaryen in tow. As they go, Aemon briefly hears what sounds like a direwolf's howl somewhere in the woods.
  • Watching the new arrivals to Winterfell, Theon considers house symbols and their legacies, and has a talk with Domeric about how some sigils and practices may ought to be abandoned.
  • After the welcome, Benjen tells Eddard about how much in dire straits the Wall is in terms of castles, resources and worthy men, given how hard the Wildlings push south, as if fleeing from something. Eddard tells them about the timeline past, his encounter with the Old Gods and that the threat of the Others is very real. Benjen mentioning the direwolf they heard in the forest makes Eddard worried.

Chapter 17:

  • Back in the Dreadfort, Roose Bolton receives news from Domeric about Aemon's arrival to Winterfell from Castle Black, and he wonders about the importance of Eddard's request for information. It occurs to him that if a man as measured and practical as Eddard Stark is asking about legends and myths, then those myths may have some measure of weight to them.
    • Roose goes into a hidden room and conducts a ritual that his father had passed down to him, expecting folly. However, the ritual is successful, indicating that the threat from the Others is real and present, much to Roose's horror.
    • Roose prepares a letter to Domeric telling him to stay at Winterfell and ask about the reason for Stark's interest in the Others, when he receives bad news from the Weeping Water.

Chapter 18:

  • In the woods near the Weeping Water, Ramsay Snow is killed by a wild wolf and a raven at the behest of the Old Gods, in order to balance the scales of Robb's return to the past.

Chapter 19:

  • Aemon thinks about the presence of his relative Jon in the same place as him, as well as the threat that could be looming.
  • Mikon goes about sabotaging the anchor in order to force the ship to dock, but Davos Seaworth catches him red-handed.
  • Jory is awakened by Davos telling him what they interrogated out of Mikon, that he was tasked by Petyr Baelish to kidnap Robert Arryn, which he would do by sabotaging the ship into port, whereupon he would stab Jory and escape with Robert in the confusion.
    • As they talk, Annah comes in saying that one of Davos's men spilled Robert's medicine, and that they would need to stop in White Harbour to replenish it.
  • Theon has a dream about his dead brothers Rodrik and Maron Greyjoy, sailing with them on a longboat between a coast of death and a coast of Weirwood trees. Though he wishes to sail to the tree-shore, his brothers refuse, only for a Weirwood tree to appear on the ship and beckon him to it. Theon wakes from the nightmare with blood on his face.
  • The next morning, Theon tells the Starks about his dream, and Eddard and Robb tell him that he'd been touched by the Old Gods. Theon goes to pray at the Godswood.
  • Jon is summoned to Eddard's solar, and is finally told the truth about his parentage: he is not Eddard's bastard, but the son of his sister Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. He is also introduced to Aemon, his great-great-granduncle, and told that Eddard will request to the King that he be legitimized.

Chapter 20:

  • Ser Davos' ship arrives to White Harbor with Jory Cassel, Robert Arryn and Annah on board, and meet with Lord Wyman Manderly and his family. Upon hearing about Mikon's plan to kidnap Robert, he decides to send an escort to protect Robert.
    • A visit to the apothecary reveals that Robert's medicine is actually poison, that causes weakness and fits of fainting and shaking - the symptoms Robert has been showing ever since he fell "ill". Ser Davos resolves to return to King's Landing as fast as possible to bring news, and Lord Manderly doubles the escort for Robert.

    Chapters 21 - 40 

Chapter 21:

  • Ned researches among his family's old books and parchments seeking clues of how to deal with the wights. Catelyn arrives, and the two speak about what he has found, what might be needed to get the Wildlings to settle down and help in the fight and, most importantly, their need of the South's resources - which means requesting the aid of King Robert. Catelyn remarks that there are First Man houses outside of the North, who might have the information they need, and Luwin comes to tell them that Greatjon Umber has arrived.
  • Theon goes over the dream of his dead brothers and begins to have doubts about the Drowned God and his loyalty to it.
  • Greatjon brings everything on the Others he had in Last Hearth and, most importantly, the Hearthstone, a magical stone that can detect the Others are coming back and that was given to House Umber to keep by House Stark - but to his disbelief, Ned knows nothing of it, since he came of age in the Vale and his father died before he returned to Winterfell.
    • Greatjon mentions that he had a vision of the marching dead when he touched the glowing Hearthstone. When Ned touches the Hearthstone, he too has a vision of the lands beyond the Wall and, to his horror, of the Night's King, who is awake.

Chapter 22:

  • Robb studies the politics of the North's houses while realizing how much he screwed up in the other future. Domeric asks Robb if he can meet with Ned to ask him a question.
    • As they approach Ned's solar, they hear Greatjon's panicked shout, and they arrive just as he reveals the Night's King is awake and then faints. Ned only manages to recover consciousness for a while to ask them to search Winterfell for anything his father may have left behind.
  • In Casterly Rock, Tyrion Lannister meets his father Tywin and his uncle Kevan for breakfast, and the main topic of conversation is Ned's letter requesting any information about the Others - which Tywin cannot understand in any terms related to the Game of Thrones. Tyrion offers to travel to Winterfell to find out what is going on.

Chapter 23:

  • Domeric, Greatjon, Jon and Robb have searched all of Winterfell for a day without success. After Ned recovers, he realizes that, whatever his father hid, it has to be in his solar - and, indeed, there's a hidden door.
    • Behind, they find a secret passageway leading to a small room that contains several ancient objects, amongst them a cage with a rotted hand, a mace made of a strange metal and dragonglass spikes, and a stone bowl marked with the same rune as the Hearthstone. When the Hearthstone is placed in the bowl, magic explodes, and the Call is sounded out: The Others come. The Stark calls for aid. You are needed.

Chapter 24:

  • Jon Arryn feels mystified when King Robert Baratheon leaves for Storm's End for no reason he can explain, along with his brother Renly. He and Stannis converse of several matters, and Stannis brings a message sent by Ser Davos from White Harbor, indicating he plans to return as fast as his ship can take - which is not a good sign.
  • Jory Cassel reflects on the changes Robert Arryn has already undergone as the "medicine" dose he was taking is gradually reduced, remarkably improving the young boy's health and state of mind.
  • The Houses of the North begin to send messages to Winterfell, proclaiming their loyalty to Ned in the coming Long Night. Greatjon tells Ned the history of Last Hearth - particularly the great importance of the Glittering Crag upon which Last Hearth is built. The Winterfell blacksmith Mikken tells Ned that the mace they found in the secret room may be the Fist of Winter, a weapon made of sky-metal and dragonglass that was used by the Starks before Ice made its appearance. Luwin also brings news - the Citadel confirms that magic is back.

Chapter 25:

  • Brynden Tully, Knight of the Bloody Gate, feels antsy for some reason: the attacks by the Mountain Clans of the Vale have mysteriously dropped down as of late. All the clan leaders come to the Gate for parley, and their spokesperson, Rhys, tells Brynden that the Clans will be going to Winterfell to fight against the Long Night. Brynden reveals he, too, has heard the Call.

Chapter 26:

  • Jorah Mormont is in Myr, with a young prostitute named Leera, and receives a letter: Varys wants him to go to Pentos to spy on Viserys Targaryen. However, he is feeling a pull towards the north-west - Winterfell.
  • Asha Greyjoy arrives to Lordsport to the unwelcome sight of a hanged man whose eyes have been spiked with Weirwood stakes. Meeting with her father, Balon Greyjoy says the Call was only Greenlander mummery, at least according to his brother Aeron Damphair, and that they are to pay no heed to it. Asha is not so convinced and speaks with her nuncle, Rodrik Harlaw, who warns her to remain quiet about the matter and to come to Harlaw if the situation gets worse.

Chapter 27:

  • Oberyn Martell tells his brother Doran about several issues that he has heard about - including the Company of the Rose's plans to return to Westeros.
    • Much to their surprise, Lord Alster Dayne arrives to Sunspear, even though he is deathly ill: he has heard the Call, and is traveling to King's Landing to bring the sword Dawn to his son Edric Dayne. To Oberyn's shock, the sword quivers at his touch. After Lord Dayne leaves, Doran asks Oberyn to send a message to the Citadel - to ask if magic has come back.

Chapter 28:

  • Robert is in Storm's End, getting very antsy because he knows he has to be there but does not know why, as well as noticing just how out of shape he has become. To his and Ser Barristan Selmy's surprise, weirwoods are growing in Storm's End's old Godswood - which the Storm's End Septon has been destroying. Robert threatens the Septon after the latter insults the people of the North.
    • Robert and Renly begin to train, and Renly reveals he, too, is feeling the same thing as Robert.
    • Robert meets his bastard son Edric Storm. The two bond over the use of the warhammer.
    • That night, Robert has a dream where he sees Lyanna trying to tell him something, and then one of the Others. He awakens and rushes to the Godswood, where he brutally stops the Septon before he can destroy the weirwood sapling. When Robert touches the plant, he realizes that what he is looking for is underground, in the catacombs of Storm's End.
    • With Edric's help, Robert and Renly find that the Long Passage's end was bricked up in a different way as the rest of the passage. After clearing it, they find the hidden Durrandon tombs and Robert notices a statue with a strange greatsword. When he takes the weapon, he receives a message from the Old Gods, calling him Storm King and telling him he has to go North.

Chapter 29:

  • Allara watches her husband Gerion Lannister and son Allerion sail North, carrying the sword Brightroar with them.
  • Robb thinks about the changes happening to his brothers, as he assists Maesters Aemon and Luwin decipher the documents found in the hidden room. They find out that the Night's Watch used to carry weapons made of "glytterglass" - realized to be obsidian or "dragonglass" - because it was exceptionally effective against the Others.

Chapter 30:

  • Jon Arryn recalls his argument with Lysa - how she was furious that her Sweetrobin was taken away from her, but calmed when Petyr Baelish went to have a talk with her.
    • A meeting of the Small Council is convened. Grand Maester Pycelle brings Robert's message from Storm's End about how he found the lost sword of the Durrandons and is staying there for a bit longer, and the eunuch Varys brings news that the feuding Blackwood and Bracken families have finally settled a truce and that the Company of the Rose is seeking passage across the Narrow Sea. More news is discussed and shared, from the return of magic at the Citadel to the meeting of the Mountain Clans, much of which nonpluses Baelish.
    • After the meeting, Jon and Stannis go to meet with a returned Davos Seaworth.

Chapter 31:

  • Renly watches Robert train Edric with the warhammer and muses about how much he looks like Robert and how little Joffrey does.
    • Maester Jurne and Castellan Ser Cortnay Penrose meet with Renly and tell him what they found in the catacombs: that the mutiny of the garrison of Storm's End after the battle between Orys Baratheon and Argilac Durrandon may have been a façade to instead hide the Durrandon relics and tombs, and that the sword Robert found is Stormbreaker, the legendary sword of Durran Godsgrief.
    • When Robert is told of his sword's name, he makes plans with Ser Barristan to get training in the ways of the sword. He also arranges for Edric to be sent to Winterfell to be trained, and makes plans to return to King's Landing.
  • Jory, Robert Arryn and Annah arrive to Winterfell, and the boy is welcomed by his uncle and aunt Eddard and Catelyn.
  • Jory and Annah convene with Eddard and Catelyn, who are told of Jon's intention to foster his son at Winterfell to keep him safe, the kidnapping attempt on the ship by Petyr Baelish's man, and the discovery of Robert's poisoning - who was given the medicine by his mother. Catelyn can only draw one conclusion from this and Robb's past: that her sister Lysa is not of sound mind.

Chapter 32:

  • On a ship from Lannisport to Seaguard, Tyrion reads the records he was tasked to bring to Winterfell, thinking about mentions of "glytterglass" and what his uncle Gerion would think of all of it.
    • The captain of the ship, Harklin, encounters another ship on the way and talks to its captain, Fosswill. News are exchanged about the Ironborn killing anyone who mention the Old Gods, and the Call is mentioned, the latter news making Tyrion wonder.

Chapter 33:

  • Willas Tyrell walks around Highgarden's keep, under the watch of his grandmother Olenna Tyrell, thinking there is something he has to do, but not knowing what. When he touches the heartwood tree in Highgarden's godswood, he has a vision of Mern IX (the last Gardener King) in his last moments before being killed in the Field of Fire.
    • Under some kind of control, Willas goes to bring down a wall somewhere in the keep, behind which he finds a statue of Garth Greenhand and a spring that flows anew, and then he faints when his leg's bones painfully realign themselves.
  • Jon Arryn and Stannis meet in secret with Ser Davos, who tells them of the plot to kidnap Jon's son and of the poison, which makes Jon realize he can neither trust Lysa nor Baelish any more. While Davos takes Mikon to Dragonstone for his safety, Jon asks Quill to find him a sellsword that can be trusted to remain loyal. Quill has one man in mind: Bronn.

Chapter 34:

  • Aemon Targaryen returns to the Wall, mentioning he will send word of Benjen's mission - find a wight's hand and bring it as proof of their return. Domeric asks for Sansa's hand in marriage, but Ned requests time to give an answer. On his way to his solar, Ned meets an unlikely visitor: Mance Rayder, come to speak of the Others.
  • Theon struggles to consider what to ask his nuncle Rodrik Harlaw in a letter.
  • In his solar, Ned and Mance discuss the events north of the Wall. Mance reveals something of the old history of the Wall and the Free Folk, and is shocked when Ned tells him about his visions of the Night's King and shows him the Fist of Winter. Mance requests Ned to allow the Free Folk to cross the Wall, even willing to kneel to him and swear an oath on the Fist.

Chapter 35:

  • Oberyn tells Doran that the Maesters have confirmed magic's return, and Doran reveals to Oberyn a secret agreement made in the times of Nymeria: should the Call come, the Stony Dornish must be allowed to aid Winterfell, and that preventing them from doing so (particularly the Daynes) would bring doom to Westeros. Oberyn mentions that, with magic's return, those who have dragon eggs might try to revive them, and also muses on the unwelcome thought of the practical Eddard Stark asking about legends, and how legendary they might actually be.
  • Varys reflects on the sudden and unwelcome changes of the last weeks, particularly the return of magic. One of his little birds brings him a message regarding a certain lord and his sudden ruin.
  • Petyr Baelish has managed to hide from Jon Arryn's order to arrest him, but the only way he can escape is by getting himself in a ship bound for Essos. Unfortunately for him, Bronn catches up to him. Baelish tries to bribe Bronn, but he reveals Baelish is ruined and has nothing to bribe him with. Before Baelish can try to act, Bronn knocks him out.

Chapter 36:

  • Tywin tries to ignore a growing pull towards a room in Casterly Rock that his father Tytos was obsessed with. He and Kevan have an argument on many issues: magic's return, the Call, his treatment of Tyrion and that particular room, all of which Tywin remain stubborn in his stance on, declaring the former two mere mummer's tricks, ignoring Kevan's arguments about giving Tyrion a chance to prove himself, and forbidding his brother from approaching that room.
  • Daenerys Targaryen is in Pentos, and she also feels the strange pull towards Winterfell, which her brother Viserys Targaryen is confusing with something else. Daenerys overhears a conversation between Illyrio Mopatis and someone else, speaking about magic's return, Jon Connington and the Company of the Rose. She then finds Viserys, who has heard of magic's return and intends to ask Mopatis to bring him the biggest dragon egg he can find - which worries Daenerys.
  • Tyrion arrives to the Twins, where Lord Walder Frey asks to speak with him. Walder Frey sees everything that is happening - news of magic's return, the truce between Houses Blackwood and Bracken, the Call - as some sort of plot, and offers Tyrion marriage to one of his female descendants. Tyrion replies he should not pick a wife without his father's consent - remembering what happened to Tysha - and gets back on the road, glad to be away from that place.

Chapter 37:

  • Theon realizes his father's rebellion was idiocy after researching the issue. That night, he has another nightmare, where the ship he was on in his previous dream had wrecked on a beach of bones, the weirwood mast the only thing left intact. His brother Rodrik suddenly appears, clearly affected by whatever the Old Gods have done, and tries to force Theon to meet the Drowned God and swear allegiance to him, but Theon fights him off and denies the Drowned God, choosing to follow the Old Gods. When he wakes up, the injury from the previous nightmare has vanished, and he now wears a pendant with an image of a heart tree.
  • Robb, Theon and Greatjon go to meet with Eddard. Theon tells everyone about his second nightmare, and Ned tells Robb that he must reveal his secret to Theon.
    • Ned presents Mance Rayder to his companions and has to stop Greatjon from trying to kill the King-Beyond-the-Wall. The group discusses the need to bring the Free Folk south of the Wall before the Others try to kill them all, especially considering how many wights the Others could make out of the Free Folk.
    • Luwin then brings a message from King Robert, who summarizes all the things he has gone through in his recent visit to Storm's End and indicates he is sending his bastard son Edric Storm to Winterfell.

Chapter 38:

  • Jon Arryn is weary after a long day, after Lysa went into an apoplexy at news of Baelish's arrest and had to be sedated.
    • Jon has a word with Bronn and Quill, confirming that Baelish is secure. He promises Bronn a land of his own as a reward for capturing Baelish, and reveals that Baelish was greedy enough to even cross the Iron Bank, diverting part of one loan into his own purse.
    • Jon then confronts Baelish in a Black Cell, telling him that he has enough proof to get him killed and attaints him. Baelish tries to blackmail Jon with his release by revealing his knowledge of the King's Great Matter (the true status of Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen as bastards born out of incest), but Jon counters with the fact that the Iron Bank knows about him stealing money from them, implies there is a Faceless Man in King's Landing, and that Baelish can certainly look forward to his visit if he tries to speak of the Great Matter.
    • As Jon leaves the Black Cells, Quill comes, telling him that the King is now returning and that the High Septon is requesting an urgent meeting.

Chapter 39:

  • Robb reveals to Theon the events of the past timeline, that led to Theon's betrayal and murder of Bran and Rickon, Robb's death in the Twins and his fate at the hands of Ramsay Snow. Theon suffers a huge breakdown over his other self's actions, and swears an oath that he will never betray Robb and he will protect Winterfell to the end. Things will not instantly get better between them, but at least they can be fixed.

Chapter 40:

  • Jon and Stannis ride to the Great Sept, where the High Septon shows them an incredible miracle: the Seven themselves have changed their statues to reflect a warning to their followers, as well as a nearby Septon Toffin hearing them talk about watching North and East for danger beyond the Wall and from the Grey Wastes. However, some of the Septons think the warning is about the North and the followers of the Old Gods. Jon realizes that it might be related to Ned's warning and requests for information about the Others.

    Chapters 41 - 60 

Chapter 41:

  • Kevan takes advantage of the night to sneak to the room Tywin forbid him to go to, using a secret passageway his brother Gerion found as a child. Much to his surprise, Tywin has also come to this place, unable to deny the pull, and shows Kevan that the room is full of glowing runes. Tywin - who can read the runes - tells Kevan what they say: that their ancestor, Lann the Clever, was a Casterly who aided the Starks in a campaign against the Others when the rest of his family wouldn't, how his name became their family name, and that, should Casterly Rock not aid Winterfell, doom would follow.

Chapter 42:

  • Jon Arryn returns to the Black Cells, so as to bring Baelish to his trial - with no public and only Stannis and himself as jurors. After much discourse between the three men - where Baelish attempts to cause strife - Jon tells Baelish that he will have a chance in a trial by combat, in which Baelish will not be able to call a champion.
    • After Baelish is led away, Jon and Stannis receive a message in which he learns Brynden Tully has resigned as Knight of the Gate, being pulled towards the West.

Chapter 43:

  • Tyrion has a nightmare where he sees a future in which, because neither Tywin Lannister nor Balon Greyjoy helped Winterfell, the Others have crossed the Wall, taken over the North - save for a still resisting Winterfell - and reached Casterly Rock, the Riverlands and the Vale: Tyrion has become the last of the Lannisters, with only a catatonic Joffrey as a living relative, Theon and Rodrik Harlaw are the last lords of the Iron Islands, King Robert has gone missing in the Riverlands, and the survivors of the Westerlands are marching south ahead of the Others. When he wakes, though, he does not remind much of it.
    • Tyrion and his escorts arrive to a badly-regented inn where one of the clients is a young Northern lady named Dacey Surestone, distant cousin of Ned Stark, whose father recently died in mysterious circumstances and whose cousin virtually ransacked her home after claiming he was heir to Surestone. She is traveling to Winterfell with a book for the Starks, but she is stuck in the inn because the only retainers that came with her died on the path and the innkeeper claims she owes him money. Tyrion offers to pay off her debt, but before anything else can happen, a fight breaks out.
  • Jorah and Leera - who has decided to accompany him in his travel - ride north for Pentos. When they camp one night, Jorah meets a Dothraki friend of his, Loros, who tells him that the Dothraki are being pulled East in the same way the First Men are pulled North, and that the Company of the Rose is seeking passage for Westeros.

Chapter 44:

  • Jory Cassel reflects on how much Robert Arryn has changed when Annah encounters him. Their conversation reveals Annah's suspicions about the medicine before they even went to the apothecary, but before they can speak up their feelings for each other Eddard Stark appears, possessed by one of his ancestors, and orders Jory to saddle a horse.
    • Jory, Robb, Jon, Theon, Domeric and some guards ride with the Stark to an ancient godswood no one alive remembers. The Stark gives a call, and the still-pregnant direwolf mother appears, with the Stark renewing an old alliance between House Stark and the direwolves and bringing the direwolf mother to Winterfell. The Stark identifies himself as Edric Stark before leaving, and Ned wakes from his possession, unaware of what had just happened.

Chapter 45:

  • Baelish is taken to his trial by combat, first passing a room where he is allowed to put on heavy armor, and then to a small dock where he is met by Jon, Stannis and a few of their men. Jon gives him a heavy axe, and then reveals who Baelish is to fight: the sea. A trapdoor under Baelish opens, and he sinks into the sea due to his heavy armor. It does not take long for him to drown.
  • Jon, Stannis and Bronn observe as Baelish drowns. Bronn suggests to make sure Baelish is dead, and confirms it by dropping a heavy chain on his head. Jon then asks Bronn to get the body out when the tide comes down, and offers him his reward: a keep and town in the Vale, with the associated Lordship. Bronn accepts.

Chapter 46:

  • Ned and Greatjon discuss the direwolf the day after Ned's possession.
    • Howland Reed, his children Jojen and Meera, and his men arrive to Winterfell. Jojen, a Greenseer, nearly speaks up a name before mentioning the direwolf.
  • Robb helps Luwin with some books, and the Maester reveals he has found references to the godswood in old histories in the Stark's library.
  • Daenerys worries about her brother, who has been showing an increasingly insane streak ever since Mopatis brought him a large black dragon egg, and also thinks of her own, smaller eggs. She has also heard of the arrival of the Company of the Rose to Pentos - whom Viserys almost tries to order to fight for him before being dissuaded by Illyrio - and out of curiosity, she resolves to sneak to where the Company is, disguised.
  • Ned brings Howland and his children to his solar, where Jojen reveals some of the visions he has had, including some that have changed and, most distressingly for him, the disappearance of the one where he saw his death. Jojen and Meera leave to break their fast with the other Starks, and Howland tells Ned about a large group that has passed the Neck using an old path the crannogmen do not use anymore. Their thoughts turn to Jon, his parentage, and what the last thoughts of his father Rhaegar could've been.

Chapter 47:

  • The inn where Tyrion was staying is taken over by a pair of merchants after the innkeeper dies in the fight. Tyrion continues his travel north, and Dacey joins him and his men. At one stop, Dacey explains some of the North's history, reveals herself to be as much an intellectual as he is, and ends mentioning the Call, which Tyrion is starting to realize is a serious matter.
  • Ned shows Howland the items he found in the secret rooms. Howland tells him that one of them, a cage, is a magical device that can be used to preserve a wight's hand inside and slow its decay. Ned tells him that they have found out that dragonglass can be used as a weapon against the Others, and Howland remembers a reference made to swords made of "fire of heavens and of the fire-wyrms".
  • Jorah arrives to Pentos, and Mopatis requests him to investigate what is going on with the Company of the Rose. Leera accompanies him in the task, and after a spell of homesickness, he realizes none of them are mentioning the reasons of their travel. Jorah finds the Krats, the leader of the Company of the Rose, who mentions the Company is made of people from most of the great families of the North and also the Call. Jorah realizes which family the Krats belongs to, but then Leera arrives, telling him she has seen Daenerys Targaryen in the crowd and that they have to get her out before there are problems.

Chapter 48:

  • Jaime observes Petyr Baelish's head on the spike it has been put on, and rides to the docks to prepare for the soon arrival of the King. He meets Davos there, who realizes an approaching ship is warning about someone ill being within. When the ship docks, captain Myras reveals that the ill person is Lord Alster Dayne. While Lord Dayne is brought to a nearby inn for Maester Dyren to diagnose him, Jaime sends a soldier to the Red Keep to warn Alster's son Edric Dayne.
    • Lord Dayne requests someone bring him Dawn, which he has brought with him. Despite the sword quivering under Jaime's fingers, he manages to bring it to Lord Dayne wrapped in a cloak. The maester confirms to Jaime, Davos and the ship's captain that Alster Dayne is only alive by dint of his need to fulfill his duty - and that Edric is to become the newest Sword of the Morning, the same title Ser Arthur Dayne once held. Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon arrive and agree to serve as witnesses to the naming of Edric Dayne as Sword of the Morning.
    • Edric arrives just then, and his father gives him Dawn, a warning and a book to know what to do, as well as some secret that astonishes Edric. Lord Dayne also requests Lord Beric Dondarrion to keep training Edric. When Jon Arryn states Lord Alster is relieved of his duty, the latter expires in peace. After crying for his father's death, Edric Dayne decides to heed his warning and travel to Winterfell along with Lord Beric.

Chapter 49:

  • Arya reflects on the changes undergone by her siblings and finds Jon in the crypts, leaving flowers for his mother Lyanna since it is her birthday. Arya thinks Jon is still planning to join the Night's Watch, but Jon reveals he is going to be legitimized. Before they leave for lunch, though, Arya sees a strange stone door she'd never seen before, with a strange carving of a direwolf superimposed on a man's face.
  • Daenerys walks among the Company of the Rose, excited to learn a bit about Westeros. Jorah and Leera manage to get her out before some of the Company's men - who have recognized her - try to attack her, and when Daenerys asks why she should have been worried, Jorah reveals to her the events that led to Robert's Rebellion, leaving her appalled and sorely upset at what her father and eldest brother did.

Chapter 50:

  • Jorah tells Mopatis what he has found out, and returns with the Company of the Rose to a ceremony where the men and women that form it declare their intention to return to the North, in order to help fight the Others - and the Krats names himself true again as Edric Stark. Jorah decides to return to Westeros even though he has yet to be pardoned, and Leera decides to go with him.
  • Arya brings Eddard and others to the door she and Jon found in the crypts, that Ned supposed he found when he was possessed. Greatjon manages to open it, and on the other side they find a large number of tombs where men and women of House Stark were buried with their direwolves.
  • Brynden Tully makes his way south-west into the Riverlands, with no known objective in his mind, and manages to take refuge from the rain in a cave where someone else has already lit a fire: Brienne of Tarth, who is also feeling the pull towards the southwest. The two resolve to continue their travel southwest together.

Chapter 51:

  • Jon and Stannis are studying the numbers behind Baelish's malfeasance of the Crown's finances, and Quill brings Janos Slynt to them. After Jon and Stannis reveal to him they know of how criminal and corrupt he actually is, Jon has him arrested. Jon asks if Stannis can spare Davos for a short time to replace Slynt and he agrees. After a short conversation over the issue of the future Master of Coin and other events, Quill arrives with a message: the King's ship is coming.
  • Jaime reflects on how his admiration of the Kingsguard died after being appointed to it and forced to bear witness to Aerys' madness, and how it has changed him as well.
    • When the King finally sets foot on the dock, Jaime realizes Robert has shaved, lost much weight and has also changed. Robert rides for the Red Keep - where he finds out about Baelish's treason after seeing his head on a spike - and Jaime mentions Robert's sword, prompting Robert to reveal how he found it and the message the Durrandon statue gave him.
  • Robert is brought by Jon and Stannis to a room where they will not be overheard, and the latter two bring him up to date. Robert realizes his indolence and laziness allowed all of this to happen, and decides he has to act, knowing that war is going to come soon.

Chapter 52:

  • Ned considers the threats that surround the North. He and Catelyn speak of what would have happened without Robb's warning and of the tombs, and Catelyn reveals she is pregnant, much to Ned's joy. Luwin brings a message from Robert, who tells him to be ready for war, and from the Redfort, with information about Domeric.
  • Willas wakes up after nearly two weeks in a coma, from which he awoke twice while thinking himself to be Mern IX, to the joy of Olenna and his sister Margaery. Much to his surprise, his once broken leg is now healed, and after having food and a bath, goes to see the statue of Garth Greenhand that he had revealed. Olenna tells him his father is trying to ignore both the issue of the statue and the Call, but Willas states that not only will he consider it, but he will try to find anything he can to learn what is going on.

Chapter 53:

  • Ned's letter from the Redfort indicates that both the Redforts and the Royces are ready to follow him to battle. Sansa comes to the solar with Catelyn, and the three discuss Domeric. Ned and Catelyn tell her of House Bolton's checkered past - realising that her education on the subject is sorely lacking - and tell her that, if she marries Domeric, it will be up to her to make sure Domeric never tries to take over the North like his ancestors tried. Sansa reveals that Domeric intends to change his house's banner to replace the flayed man, and that she loves him.
  • Jory and Annah watch as Domeric continues helping Robert to learn how to ride a horse, before Catelyn comes to tell Domeric that Ned wants to speak with him while she takes Robert to bed. When they are finally alone, Jory and Annah continue their previous conversation, and they reveal their feelings to each other before sharing a kiss.
  • Domeric meets with Ned, who tells him that he has been considering his request for Sansa's hand in marriage, and Domeric states he loves Sansa as well, confirming he plans to change his house's banner. Ned agrees to allow Domeric and Sansa to marry, and Domeric makes an oath on the Fist of Winter that he will never disappoint, betray or harm Sansa, being willing to accept any punishment if he does so. Ned accepts the oath.
  • Tyrion's travel to Winterfell continues, and finds several dragonglass arrowheads in a crag - not for the first time. When night falls, he and Dacey watch the stars, and Dacey points out a normally unseen group of stars that are a warning about the incoming Long Winter.

Chapter 54:

  • Back in Castle Black, Maester Aemon considers the changes the Call has brought to the Wall, and speaks with Lord Commander Jeor Mormont and Ser Alliser Thorne of the actions the Night's Watch must take in the nearby future, which includes sending a party to the Nightfort, the oldest of the Night's Watch's fortresses, abandoned centuries before. Jeor mentions that the wildling raids have ceased, which Aemon considers a good sign.
    • The two men Benjen had taken with him in his expedition to find a wight's hand return, one of them injured, saying that Benjen continued on without them.
  • Jaime is witness to the execution of Janos Slynt and his three main lieutenants, which is carried out by King Robert with Stormbreaker. Every time Robert swings the sword, the rumble of thunder is heard, but most curiously the blood of the executed does not stain the sword, save that of one repentant Goldcloak.
    • When the group returns to the Red Keep, they are met with Joffrey Baratheon and Sandor Clegane. Joffrey eagerly asks if he can use Stormbreaker, but Robert rebuffs him on account of his weak muscles and decides to go to the Street of Steel to find some answers about Stormbreaker.
  • Melisandre is traveling west with the clear intention of seeking out Azor Ahai, and has her servants build her a large fire so she can divine where the fabled hero is. Her attempt to gaze into Westeros leads to her seeing some visions of metaphors involving the change undergone by some important people, and hints that somewhere in the South people are also preparing for some danger. Suddenly, the Old Gods interrupt her visions, warning her that she must join her brother in the Five Forts, for her presence in Westeros will only cause problems, and throw her out of her trance.

Chapter 55:

  • Tyrion and his group finally arrive to Winterfell, where he is received with some surprise as Tywin did not send word. Ned is surprised to see Dacey there, but he is shocked when Dacey tells him that her father is dead - it is obvious that he knew nothing of it. Tyrion becomes scared when he sees the direwolf, but Dacey's reaction is of happiness at seeing the Starks have direwolves again.
    • In Ned's solar, Tyrion tells Ned and the others about how he met Dacey, and Ned tells Dacey that Willem Bootle was not Dacey's father's heir: she was. When Dacey relates the events surrounding her father's death, they all realize that Bootle poisoned Lord Surestone, and Ned prepares to send a raven to Riverrun to request Bootle's arrest and trial.
  • Benjen's exploration of the Haunted Forest in search of wights continues, and he feels like he is being watched - which he is, as he finds when he meets Coldhands, a former member of the Night's Watch who rides an elk. When Benjen tells Coldhands about the Call, the latter tells the former to follow him to the Overlook.

Chapter 56:

  • Asha arrives to Harlaw, where she finds yet another hanged man - but this time the corpse is that of a Drowned Man. Dale, Rodrik Harlaw's second, directs her to High Harlaw, where Rodrik has gone.
    • Rodrik and Asha speak about the deteriorating situation in the Iron Islands as infighting between the Drowned God's followers and those who want to heed the Call intensifies, and Rodrik shows her a set of runes someone tried to destroy, but what remains is quite unsettling. Asha tells him that, if there is a fight between him and her father, she will stand aside, and Rodrik asks her to come to Harlaw at the first sign of trouble.
    • When Asha returns to her ship, she finds that one of her men, who was a Drowned Man, tried to mutiny and died in the attempt. She sets sail towards Great Wyk, where she wants to meet with someone she knows as Old Gram.
  • Robert arrives to Tobho Mott's shop in the Street of Steel, where the blacksmith examines the sword. Gendry - who is leaving the place soon to work at the docks - helps Tobho sound the sword by lifting it, but while Tobho and Ser Barristan hear a dull noise, Robert and Gendry hear a melodious chime.
    • When Gendry takes off the sweatrag he is making, Robert realizes Gendry is another of his bastard children. Gendry and Robert speak of the former's life, and Robert remembers who Gendry's mother is, telling Gendry he is Gendry Storm.
    • After Gendry returns to his tasks, Robert speaks with Tobho Mott about Gendry and Stormbreaker, which, according to the blacksmith, is made of sky-metal, metal that comes from a meteorite. Also mentioned are other legendary sky-metal weapons owned by other First Men families, including Dawn and the Fist of Winter. As he returns to the Red Keep, Robert wonders why he gets on better with his bastard children than with his trueborn.

Chapter 57:

  • Tyrion admits to Ned that his father sent him to Winterfell to see whether Ned's message was some kind of move in the Game of Thrones, and reveals that the Ironborn have started to fight each other because of the Call. Ned tells him he has sent Benjen on a mission to find a wight's hand, to be placed in the cage he found in the secret room, so it can be taken south, and mentions the vision he had of the incoming threat of the Others. Dacey comes in and brings Ned a book her father wrote of the history of the First Men.

Chapter 58:

  • Jaime is worried as he watches King Robert spar with Ser Barristan, mostly because he is very much different from the man he knows and hates.
    • Jaime takes a turn sparring Robert, and the King shows a greater ability at using the sword than he expected. During the spar, one of Stormbreaker's blows that Jaime parries causes the latter's sword to shatter, and an inspection of the remains show that the blade had somehow rusted from the inside.
  • Benjen follows Coldhands to the Overlook, a base of the Rangers of the Night's Watch, long forgotten because the knowledge did not get passed down. Coldhands warns him that the Night's Watch should not use the Fist of the First Men as a fortress, and requests him to remain in Overlook while he goes to find wights. Benjen decides to explore the Overlook, seeking answers to the questions he has about the place.

Chapter 59:

  • Tormund Giantsbane wonders where Mance Rayder is, and speaks with Sigorn, the son of the Magnar of Thenn, who wants to know if the Stark wields the Fist of Winter again. Wun Wun suddenly smells something in the air: it's giant riders, one of whom turns out to be his brother, whom he thought had died.
    • The riders bring with them an ancient Child of the Forest called Heartstring, who tells Mance Rayder - who has just arrived - that he must go to the Nightfort and open it so that someone - implied to be Coldhands - can pass through and fix the magic spells that permeate the Wall, and then dies. With the news that Ned Stark not only will allow them to pass south of the Wall, but also that he wields the Fist of Winter, the Free Folk continue their march south, knowing salvation is at hand.

Chapter 60:

  • Robb finds his father practicing the use of the Fist of Winter, and the two turn to conversation about the events that happened in the original timeline. Ned tells his son that he intends to make Ice the weapon of the Heir of House Stark, while the Fist will become the weapon of its Head.
    • Luwin brings two messages from King's Landing, detailing Baelish's fall from grace and execution, and warning Ned to the many businesses Baelish may have had in the North.
  • Tyrion explores Winterfell, seeing the direwolf, Bran being trained by Theon in the use of the bow and then the godswood, where he finds Jon. After a short conversation, Tyrion turns to leave, but the Old Gods possess Jon so they can tell Tyrion he must go to the Nightfort. Arya arrives to see it, and the Old Gods mention she is a warg before leaving Jon. Upon learning of what has happened, Jon immediately leaves to tell Ned about it.

    Chapters 61 - 80 

Chapter 61:

  • Robb and Luwin are seeking all businessess Baelish bought under false names in the North when Arya rushes in, seeking Ned. When he arrives, Arya launches into a long-winded explanation of what just happened in the godswood, which Tyrion then confirms. After speaking about the Casterlys, Tyrion suddenly remembers the dream he had after passing the Twins, and begins considering how to write about this to his father.
  • Jaime walks with Cersei Lannister through the gardens of the Red Keep, cutting off her long-winded denouncement of Robert by showing her that his sword breaking was not Robert's fault. The two make plans for a rendezvous that night, but their conversation gets interrupted by Lysa Arryn's scream when she sees Baelish's head on a pike.
  • Benjen finds several books in the Overlook and writes down a new entry in one of them to signify it is occupied again. Coldhands comes to request his support to fight a group of wights he has spotted; between the two, they manage to collect several hands and a head, which they put in metal cages similar to the one in Winterfell, while they burn the remainder.
    • Upon their return to the Overlook, Coldhands tells Benjen that Craster worships the Others and must be avoided at all costs. Before he leaves, Benjen tells Coldhands he has read a book where the latter wrote a lot, and as he leaves, he thinks about Coldhands' name: Rickon Stark, son of Edwyle.

Chapter 62:

  • Oberyn meets Doran, who tells him of the growing number of Stony Dornish houses that are sending aid to the Wall and Winterfell. Oberyn shares the news of Willas' miraculous recovery and the changes in the stars that foretell the arrival of a Long Winter. To find more information, Oberyn suggests sending his daughter Sarella to the North.
  • Brynden and Brienne continue their travel southwest, where they encounter Blackfoot, a septon that is leading a mob to destroy any symbols of the First Men that remain in the Riverlands. Brynden and Brienne manage to dismiss them and continue their travel.
    • They soon arrive at the God's Eye - their objective is the Isle of Faces. Brynden meets Robar Glovett, an old friend of his he has not seen since the Greyjoy Rebellion who became a wandering Septon, but is now leading a group of people that intends to protect the Isle of Faces against the resurgent Faith Militant. Brynden states their mission to reach the Isle of Faces, and the people decide to help them cross the God's Eye.
  • Tyrion spends his free time studying anything he can find about the Nightfort in the Stark's library. At dinner that night, he witnesses Robb taking up Ice as the Heir of House Stark, Ned wielding the Fist of Winter for the first time in public, and Jon being legitimized. He then speaks with Dacey about each other's families, when Maester Luwin comes in with news: the direwolf is whelping.
  • Jon is worrying about Lysa's worsening state of mind and decides to have her sent to the Eyrie. Robert and him speak about the soon-to-come move to the North, and Jon worries about what will happen when he learns the truth about his children. Pycelle arrives and shows them where the statues of the Seven in the Great Sept are pointing to - somewhere deep in the North, well away from Winterfell. News of the reapparance of the Faith Militant shake Robert, and discussion turns to the Targaryen children in Pentos and who can be the next Master of Coin.
    • When Jon returns to his room, he is brutally attacked by a crazy Lysa, intent on revenge for Baelish's death. Jon manages to cut her with his dagger, but collapses.

Chapter 63:

  • A wounded Lysa escapes the Red Keep after apparently killing Jon, ordering some retainers to take her to the Eyrie, from where she intends to demand her son's return. She is clearly suffering a boatload of mental problems.
  • Robb watches as the direwolf whelps all the direwolf pups, recognizing the six that belong to him and his siblings. Much to his and Ned's surprise, there is a seventh pup.
  • Shireen Baratheon speaks with Maester Cressen about the books she has read of the Valyrian Freehold, and when she asks about what existed in Dragonstone before the Valyrians came, Cressen gives her an old book where she learns that the people of Dragonstone mined dragonglass for the Watch. After commenting on her mother going to King's Landing to stay with her father, Shireen tells Cressen she had a dream where she saw Robert running after a girl with dark brown hair and grey eyes, and then someone with white hair, white skin and blue eyes, much to the maester's unease.

Chapter 64:

  • Tyrion continues his research on the Nightfort when Jojen approaches him and tells him of the dreams he has had that feature Tyrion. Tyrion then writes a letter for his father and asks Luwin to send it on a raven.
  • Robert awaits at the docks, furious with worry over Jon Arryn's well-being. Davos comes to tell him that the main suspect is Lysa Arryn, who has escaped the city.
    • Still in the docks, Robert finds Gendry and tells him he is his father, much to Gendry's surprise. Robert decides then to send Gendry to Storm's End so he can learn how to use the warhammer there.
    • A rider comes and tells Robert that Jon will live.
  • Kevan is called back by Tywin from going to Feastfires, and when he arrives to Tywin's solar his brother tells him about Baelish's dealings and how he is now trying to find everything Baelish owned in the West - which, by decree of Jon Arryn, they can take and resell. Since the increased value of the properties is enough to fully pay for the debt the Crown owes to the Lannisters and even bring them profit, it means any hold Tywin may have over the Crown has vanished. Discussion turns to Tywin's children, and Kevan points out that Tyrion would readily prove himself if Tywin gave him a chance.
    • Tywin sends Kevan to Lannisport to take a certain profitable business before the man in charge there can falsify or destroy any records.

Chapter 65:

  • Ned is watching the direwolf nursing her pups and wonders what it means to be a warg. Jory arrives to tell him that Roose Bolton is arriving, and Ned warns Robb to clear his mind and try not to show his hatred for the man who had killed him in the past.
  • Roose enters Winterfell and is shocked when he sees Ned carrying the Fist of Winter and accompanied by the direwolf. When they are alone, the two lords discuss Ramsay Snow, Domeric, his request to marry Sansa and his oath, all of which shocks Roose greatly.
    • Conversation turns to the events north of the Wall and the Call. Against the threat of the Others, Roose commits himself to supporting the Starks to the bitter end.
  • Brynden and Brienne cross the Gods Eye to reach the Isle of Faces, while Robar Glovett's men guard the one place in the lake that has any ships. When they arrive to the isle, they meet Tallard, a Green Man who appears to have conversations with a tree and accidentally reveals Brynden and Brienne will get married. The Green Man then guides them through the Isle, showing them to a building made of weirwood - the Green Hall.

Chapter 66:

  • Pycelle tells Robert that he has no idea when Jon Arryn will awake, and all they can do is wait. Robert takes a shift guarding Jon's room to allow Quill to rest, with Barristan accompanying him.
    • Afterwards, Robert meets with Stannis and Renly in his chambers. Robert admits and apologizes for not being a good brother to either of them, and names Stannis his new Hand of the King in Jon's place.
  • Jory, happy for his time spent with Annah, sees ten men that appear to be from the Hill Clans arriving at Winterfell, bearing banners of parley.
  • Bronn arrives at Foxhold, his new keep, and meets with the steward, Ursula Stone, and the young Maester Haster. The former's displeasure is evident, but she makes nothing of it.

Chapter 67:

  • Theon is asked to come along with the Stark siblings so they can meet their direwolf pups. The six Starks get assigned their canon pup - with some of them getting hints about the naming - but the seventh, much to Theon's surprise, goes to him, as a mark of how much he has changed. Theon decides to name his pup Mist. Rodrik Cassel then appears to warn Ned about the Hill Clans people at the doors of Winterfell.
  • Ned goes out to meet with the clansmen, who reveal they are the leaders of the Mountain Clans, headed by Rhys. He tells Ned that they are there to follow the Call and fight along with the Starks, under the banner of the Griffon King, the last First Man king of the Vale.

Chapter 68:

  • Asha arrives to Great Wyk in search of her old nursemaid Old Gram, also known as Elys Stonebrow, because one of the tales she told her spoke about glowing runes in the Wall. The Stonebrows are surprised to see her, since their matriarch Elys had sent for her just the previous day but bring her in at all haste all the same.
    • Elys Stonebrow is dying, but not so much that she isn't yet a force to be reckoned with. Elys, who appears to be a Greenseer going by some of her comments of seeing the future, reveals to Asha part of the history of the Iron Islands and that several families within have managed to keep to the Old Gods in spite of the presence of the Ironborn. After Asha decides to cast her lot with her nuncle, Elys gives her a stone that can be used to restore the runes in High Harlaw and sends her on her way.

Chapter 69:

  • Maester Aemon is in a foul humor after discovering there is an old room that had been bricked up at some point in the past, which makes him upset at his lack of sight and all the knowledge lost that could save them. Within the room, they find several trunks that date from the time the Nightfort was in use.
    • Lord Commander Mormont and Ser Alliser arrive, and Mormont reveals the Free Folk have left a message from Mance Rayder, telling about his encounter with the Child of the Forest. At that point, Benjen Stark returns to the Nightfort.
  • Benjen, though tired, meets with the Lord Commander, Ser Alliser and Maester Aemon, and shows them the wight head he and Coldhands got, mentioning the Overlook, the hidden caches, the warning about Craster, and Coldhands' identity. While three of the hands will be sent to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea to show at King's Landing and Oldtown, Benjen will ride south with the head and the remaining hands, so everyone can be warned.

Chapter 70:

  • Jonos Bracken and Tytos Blackwood meet in a hill in Blackwood lands where the two discuss recent events. Tytos shocks Jonos by revealing that the Heart Tree at Raventree Hall is blooming, and Jonos states he was told that the heart tree stumps of High Heart are showing red shoots. Combined with the reappearance of the Faith Militant, both lords realize their keeps and the Isle of Faces are in great danger.
  • King Robert continues to train in order to get back in shape. Varys comes and brings him news of the Company of the Rose, as well as Ser Jorah Mormont, leaving Pentos for White Harbor, and Robert decides to send a pardon ahead so Ser Jorah will not get killed as soon as he sets foot in Westeros. He then shocks Varys by telling him the war he feels is coming will be against a what instead of a who.
  • Daenerys is shaken at discovering that everything Ser Jorah told her was true. Her musings get interrupted when her brother knocks her unconscious.
    • Daenerys reawakens some time later, tied down next to two of Illyrio's servants, one of them already dead with his throat split open and all the dragon eggs resting against the bloody mess. Viserys, clearly unhinged, has decided to force the eggs to hatch with a blood sacrifice, but the servant's blood did not work, and now he intends to use Daenerys as the sacrifice.
    • While Viserys is out, Illyrio Mopatis arrives and unties Daenerys, realizing the mistake he made in giving Viserys the black egg, but then Viserys returns and attacks Illyrio from behind. Illyrio fights back and reveals that the black dragon egg was a fake. As the fight rages, Daenerys manages to cut off her bindings, and then frees Tirys, the servant girl Viserys also captured. The fight spills a barrel of oil and a lantern, setting the whole room alight. Illyrio and Viserys fall into the flames and Tirys manages to escape the room just in time, but Daenerys is trapped inside the burning manse when she returns for her dragon eggs.

Chapter 71:

  • Magister Rhaello is awakened from a dream by one of his servants, warning about Mopatis' manse in flames. Several Magisters and their servants work the entire night trying to stop the fire from reaching the harbor, and manage to succeed by dawn. In their exploration of the burned parts of the manse, they make an incredible discovery: not only has Daenerys survived pretty much unburned, but she has three small dragons with her.
  • Robert dreams again of Lyanna Stark and awakens in the middle of the night, leaving his rooms - and a sleeping Ser Boros - for the throne room to try and clear his head.
    • Ser Barristan finds him a short while later. The Lord Commander reveals to him that, according to the tales of his family, one of his ancestors was King Argilac Durrandon's swordbearer, but the last Storm King had him return to Storm's End with Stormbreaker before the battle where he lost his life to Orys Baratheon, and that in the future another Selmy would be swordbearer to another Storm King.

Chapter 72:

  • Tyrion continues studying about the Nightfort when Dacey brings him some food, since he missed lunchtime, and also news of the arrival of the Mountain Clans. The two speak of the North, Dacey mentions Catelyn's attempts to matchmake her, Sansa's betrothal to Domeric, and most chillingly, about men who, in the past, worshipped the Others.
  • Maester Cressen is awakened in the middle of the night by a shrieking wind, only to find that Patchface, Dragonstone's jester, has gone crazy. When Cressen finds him, Patchface, in his usual way, starts to speak of dragons, events such as the White Wolf not taking the black and the threat that comes for the North and the East, before running off. Finding him at a window, Cressen tries to get Patchface to come to safe land, but Patchface only tells Cressen that Shireen must find a godswood and thanks him for being a friend, before jumping out the window to his death.

Chapter 73:

  • Robb watches Grey Wind walk about before meeting with his father. Ned reveals that he intends to send the Mountain Clans to the Gift and that he will call all the Northern Lords to meet at Castle Black. Jon comes then, and Ned tells him and Robb they have to share their secrets.
  • Jon learns about the chain of events that led to Robb's death, and Robb learns that Jon is actually Lyanna's son, not Ned's. Robb says that the latter fact matters not, because he is still his brother in all ways but blood.

Chapter 74:

  • Bronn - now styled Bronn Cassley, Lord Foxhold - is fishing for trout in a river near his keep, thinking about his new life as a lord. His thoughts turn briefly to Ursula, who was the bastard daughter of the previous Lord Foxhold Jordy Cawlish.
    • A carriage passes him, its driver seeking a maester for his passenger. Bronn guides them to Foxhold, where Haster immediately sets out to begin healing the passenger, a woman whose arm is suffering severe corruption. In spite of the carriage riders' claims, Bronn and his people immediately realize the woman is Lysa Arryn.
  • Gendry is riding a ship that is going for Storm's End and not liking it at all. When a storm comes, Captain Hedrick asks him to check a piece of ironworks. Gendry realizes it is of poor quality, which is bad news, since all of the ship's ironworks were bought from the same person. The storm suddenly spikes up, toppling the mast, and Gendry has to work rapidly to cut it and the sails free before it capsizes the ship. The loss of the mast, several crewmen and other assorted destruction forces the captain to change course to Dragonstone.

Chapter 75:

  • Ned is preparing for the ride to the Wall when Jojen comes and speaks to him of some of his dreams, which now include a Stark-looking walking dead that is full of light. After telling Jojen he has decided to name the direwolf mother Frostfyre, Ned asks him about the dream he had of the time of his death, and his answer reveals to him that Bran and Rickon did not die at Theon's hand in that other future.
    • Ser Cortney Penrose and Edric Storm finally arrive to Winterfell.
  • Brynden and Brienne are brought to the presence of the Green Man, the leader of the Green Men. Brynden seems to recognize the Green Man's voice, but before he can think further about it the Green Man directs the two of them to a Heart Tree further into the island, where they have to eat a paste of Weirwood seeds. Brynden and Brienne share the bowl of paste, and they are dropped into darkness.
    • Brynden begins to have visions of the events he lived in canon, which then switches to a vision of a meeting between his ancestor Edmyn Tully - who led the Riverlands' supporters for Aegon the Conqueror against Harren the Black - and a Green Man, and then the Old Gods, who show him the Red Wedding and what will happen if Westeros does not rally to support the Starks or follow the Call: he is stuck at Harrenhal, along with the King, Gendry and the survivors of his attempt to reach the North. He awakes from his visions to a sight of Brienne with red eyes.

Chapter 76:

  • Brienne is shown the murder of Renly Baratheon by Melisandre's shadow child, and is then told about Robb coming back in time after the Red Wedding. She then sees a vision of what will happen if Westeros does not rally: she is in the Vale, whose knights have been broken in the fight against the wights, as Jon Arryn bitterly remarks to her and Bronn, since this war cannot be fought by normal means. The Old Gods tell Brienne of her and Brynden's mission: they must bear witness to what might happen and ensure the Riverlands and the Westerlands are ready to join the fight against the Others, waking her up then.
    • The two warriors wake up from their visions and return to the Green Hall, where first Brynden and then Brienne recognize who the Green Man truly is. The Green Man also reveals that Brienne is his great-granddaughter before speaking with them about their task and showing them their new allies - the Children of the Forest.

Chapter 77:

  • Haster returns to Bronn from healing Lysa Arryn, and informs him that he had to take her arm as the corruption had spread too far, and even then her survival is uncertain. When interrogating her escort, they learn that her plan was to demand the return of her son in exchange for a gift Baelish gave to her. Bronn unlocks the chest containing the gift and find a series of letters, one of which tells the truth of the King's Great Matter.
    • A horrified Bronn and Ursula discuss what needs to be done. Bronn tells her that he was the one who captured Baelish and witnessed his execution, which raises Ursula's opinion of him a fair bit. Bronn tells her to watch over the Foxhold while he rides to King's Landing to deliver the news to Jon Arryn.
  • A weary Gendry arrives at Dragonstone, exhausted from all the work he had to do to keep the ship afloat. He meets Maester Cressen and rests for the night, then meets Shireen Baratheon the next morning, who is still sad over Patchface's death. Cressen introduces Gendry as Shireen's cousin, who shows him around Dragonstone.
    • The following day, Gendry goes for a walk and finds a red leaf, which could only be from a godswood at this time of year. Shireen and her escort catches up to him, and after some poking around, find a path in the cliff that had been walled off. Gendry starts clearing it while Shireen orders for help.
    • With Cressen following, the path eventually leads them to a hidden godswood, a Green Man's grave and a heart tree. When Shireen touches the tree, she becomes possessed by the Old Gods. They call Gendry the child of the storm and tell him to help his father, declare that the harvest of dragonglass must be sent to the wall, and, in exchange for Patchface's sacrifice, heal Shireen of the greyscale.

Chapter 78:

  • Willas has been carefully taking over the administration of the Reach, as his father is unable to realize the situation has changed completely, as shown by his plans to convince Robert to marry Margaery. Randyll and Samwell Tarly request an audience, and they reveal to Willas that their ancestors hid the Gardener's sky-metal spear, Otherbane, in Horn Hill, to be given to whoever found the Gardener's Rest, that is, Willas.
  • Kevan finds a Septon coming out of Tywin's solar, and Tywin tells his brother about the Faith Militant and his intention to destroy it if it appears in the Westerlands. The two discuss the events going on in King's Landing, and then Tyrion's recent message, warning about the Call, the Ironborn and other events. To Kevan's surprise, Tywin is not sure of what to do: he does not know what to make of the Call, and even if he believed in it, calling the banners of the West is a risky business.

Chapter 79:

  • Oberyn tells Doran that, according to his calculations, the next winter will be a Long Winter, which several Maesters agree with, and which, given the recent events, does not bode well even for Dorne. Captain Myras arrives to Sunspear to bring news of Alster Dayne's death and Edric Dayne's ride for Winterfell. Doran decides to ask the Stony Dornish for information.
  • Ned observes Edric Storm as he trains. He and Catelyn discuss the future of House Baratheon, Lysa's actions and Ned's soon departure for Castle Black.
  • Tyrion finds Arya in the library, trying to find something that can tell her about becoming a warg. She leaves before Maester Luwin can catch her, and Luwin gives Tyrion the diary of Tyrek Lannister, who was Lord Commander of the Night's Watch when the Nightfort was abandoned. Much to his surprise, Tyrek Lannister apparently foresaw Tyrion's existence and the role he would be playing, and tasks him to go to the Nightfort.

Chapter 80:

  • Varys becomes shaken when he learns of Illyrio Mopatis' death. He reflects on his role as Master of Whispers during Aerys the Mad's reign, the changes brought to the Game of Thrones because of the Call and what may happen with Daenerys after the hatching of her dragons. He is left in the quandary of deciding whether to abandon Westeros for the relative safety of Essos or continue in Westeros, even if the Game has changed.
  • Asha arrives to Harlaw, to the sight of several hanged Drowned Men. Arriving to High Harlaw, she is met by Alyse, Rodrik Harlaw's new wife and a follower of the Old Gods. Rodrik tells her about Theon's letters, and she gives him the stone Elys gave her.
    • After the stone is placed in a hole near the runes, they become repaired, and allow Rodrik and Alyse to learn what they say: the Drowned God was an Old God who went mad and obsessed with death, so the other Old Gods cast him away. His followers fled to follow his spirit and settled in the Iron Islands, killing or converting those who lived there, and ever since the Old Ways feed the Drowned God. His end will come when the Stark wields the Fist of Winter against him.
    • Everyone is badly shaken at this revelation. With Rodrik deciding to spread the news of this discovery, Asha decides to stand with her nuncle in the incoming fight.

    Chapters 81 - 100 

Chapter 81:

  • Jon Arryn wakes from his coma, weakened but alive. Quill informs him of the most recent events, such as the King leaving for the North, and he requests to meet with Stannis.
  • Robar Glovett and his people prepare for battle against Blackfoot, the Septon who intends to burn the Isle of Faces. They have managed to repel the first three assaults, but the next one will have knights. When the knights come, the archers fail to bring enough knights down, but the Green Men, Brynden and Brienne appear just in time and rout the Faith Militant. The Green Man is revealed to be Ser Duncan the Tall, former Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and he knights Robar.

Chapter 82:

  • Jon finds Robb staring at Ice, and warns him it is time to go. Robb tells Jon about some of the events that happened in the other future, and mentions one difference he has realized: Old Nan's great-grandchild, Walder, never became Hodor.
  • Tyrion is gifted Dacey's father's book by Dacey, who also gives him some ointment for riding sores. When the two meet with Ned, he tells Dacey that Willem Bootle has been captured, and all of Dacey's belongings recovered. The ride begins, and Dacey promises Tyrion she will show him Surestone's library one day.
  • Jorah and the Company of the Rose arrive to White Harbor. Ser Wylis Manderly, Lord Manderly's heir, is there to meet them. Jorah is told his pardon arrived a few days before, and Wylis gets an unexpected surprise when one of the men in the Company presents himself as his cousin Godric Manderly. Wylis welcomes everyone, telling them their exile is over.

Chapter 83:

  • Jon Arryn meets with Stannis, who speaks with him of the events he has missed in the last few days, and also of his intention to travel north. While Pycelle inquires about Jon's health, a message arrives for Stannis, telling him of the discovery of Dragonstone's Godswood and Shireen's miraculous healing. Jon encourages Stannis to leave as soon as possible for Dragonstone.
  • Aemon reflects on the knowledge recovered from the hidden room, and Lord Commander Mormont arrives to tell him about Lord Stark convening a war council in Castle Black. Aemon tells him that old enmities must be put aside, and Mormont brings up the journal of former Lord Commander Tyrek Lannister.
  • Daenerys is still being called to cross the Narrow Sea for the North, and reflects about her dragons, a letter she has received warning her of the danger she is now in and of the Pentoshi magisters' obvious plans to use her and her dragons in a war against Braavos.

Chapter 84:

  • Tyrion relaxes after a long day of riding, and considers the fact that Ned Stark is keeping an eye on him. Greatjon speaks with him and tells him to consider courting Dacey. Tyrion mentions his father's anger when he married Tysha, and Greatjon commiserates with his pain, before warning him that, if he breaks Dacey's heart, he should be prepared for some very painful retribution on the part of the men of the North.
  • Davos carries Stannis and his wife Selyse to Dragonstone, the two immensely worried about their daughter.
    • When they arrive Maester Cressen guides them to the Godswood, where they find a now healed Shireen, and Cressen tells them of the events that took place in the Godswood. Stannis orders the continued excavation of the dragonglass in Dragonstone and decides to depart for the North as soon as possible, bringing Gendry with him.

Chapter 85:

  • Willas continues to work on the administration of the Reach when his brother Loras arrives, saying that their father demands to meet with him. Willas tells Mace of the folly of his plan to marry Margaery to King Robert and about the importance of helping the Starks and heeding the Call. When Mace asks about the spear Willas now carries, he reveals it to be Otherbane. Mace attempts to take it, but the spear burns his hand, and Olenna convinces him that he should consider leaving all the reins of the Reach in Willas' hands and retire from politics for a time.
  • Resting at a holdfast on the ride north, Ned thinks about Tyrion's and Robb's ability to stand the heavy riding, his connection with Frostfyre, and Robb, Jon and Theon bonding with each other and their direwolf pups. Tyrion asks how long the ride will be and Greatjon and Ned get involved in a discussion over the Karstarks.
    • Benjen arrives and shows everyone the head of the wight he found, much to the party's consternation.

Chapter 86:

  • Jonos Bracken and his men have traveled to Raventree Hall to help the Blackwoods protect the keep. Jonos mentions his daughter wants to learn more about the Old Gods, and Tytos replies that his daughter can write to her about them.
    • A Septon leads a mob to Raventree Hall in order to burn down the heart tree, and he claims Lord Bracken sent him, but Jonos reveals his identity and denounces the septon as a liar. The torch-bearing mob begins to run away, and the two lords accost the Septon to interrogate him about the 'High Sparrow'.
  • Jaime watches as King Robert continues his training on the ship that is taking the Court to White Harbor, and thinks about how much weight he has lost. He also considers the Call, the fact that neither him nor Cersei have felt it - although he does feel something - and wonders about Tyrion.
  • Sandor Clegane follows Joffrey as he sneaks into his father's room on the ship, eager to lay his hands on Stormbreaker. When Joffrey touches the sword, though, the sword burns his hand and throws him across the cabin, while a disembodied voice hints that he is not a Baratheon.

Chapter 87:

  • Aemon and the leaders of the Night's Watch (including Qhorin Halfhand) meet with the leaders of the Free Folk (including Rattleshirt). A bitter argument sprouts between both groups before Aemon puts an end to it, reminding them all that they have to work together if they want to survive. Mance mentions Heartstring and his warning that the Others are planning an attack, and also of Mance's stated mission to travel to the Nightfort - which Aemon realizes also mentions Robb. The Thenns now are ready to follow Ned, as he wields the Fist of Winter. Lord Commander Mormont agrees to open the tunnels in as many forts as possible to allow the Free Folk fast passage to the southern side of the Wall, and the Free Folk leaders have brought several wight heads.
  • Sarella Sand is traveling North, per her father's orders, but she changes her travel plans when she finds someone unexpected: Gerion Lannister. Disguised as a novice of the Citadel, she follows Gerion and his son, taking a ship bound for Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.

Chapter 88:

  • Bran discovers that being the Stark in Winterfell is boring, and would rather play with his new friends Robert and Edric. A message arrives to Winterfell to warn of the arrival of the Company of the Rose to White Harbor, led by Edric Stark. Bran remembers one of the books in his father's solar has an embossed rose on it: Luwin reads it and finds several numbers with little significance, but there are also mentions of Braavos.
  • Jon Arryn, on the path to recovery, convenes the reduced Small Council, now formed by Pycelle, Renly, Varys and the new Master of Coin, Orton Merryweather. Renly comments on the fact that Robert 'forgot' to bring the wheelhouse, which will force Cersei and her children to ride on the way to Winterfell. Varys reports on the fight between the Green Men and Blackfoot's followers, and remembers how Rhaegar Targaryen met with the Green Man. Jon receives a message from Bronn telling him about Lysa's capture, injury and mutilation.
  • Tyrion reads Dacey's father's book, which mentions the sky-metal weapons, and also that there are families south of the Neck that might still show signs of having the Greensight, the Casterlys - and, thus, the Lannisters - being among them.
  • Edmure Tully is ready to ride at the head of a host to confront the Faith Militant followers that intend to attack High Heart. Before he can leave, Maester Vyman tells him his father Hoster Tully wants to see him. Father and son discuss current events and what Lysa did, and Hoster tells Edmure he must marry soon and have children. Edmure just requests not having to marry a Frey.

Chapter 89:

  • Alek leads a group of Ironborn to attack Harlaw in the middle of the night, on the orders of Damphair. When the attackers land, though, Rodrik Harlaw's men counterattack, inflicting total casualties to the attackers without suffering any. Alek, mortally injured, tells Harlaw that Damphair was the instigator of the attack, in an attempt to make Rodrik commit a mistake. Rodrik states his annoyance at the situation and both Balon and Damphair, and gives Alek a mercy kill.
  • Jaime is at the prow of the ship taking the Court north when they arrive to White Harbor, which is busier than usual. Davos speaks with another ship's captain, Corlen, who tells him that he is helping to bring the Company of the Rose. The heavy exercise Robert has been doing has burned off most of the fat he had. The court is welcomed by Wylis Manderly, who tells Robert of the council of war convened by Ned at Castle Black - so Robert decides they must go straight for Winterfell. Wylis also mentions that the leaders of the Company of the Rose have left for Winterfell as well.
  • Robert reads through all the messages that have been sent from King's Landing. He becomes elated at Jon's recovery, and shocked after learning about the events in Dragonstone. He is interrupted by Cersei, who is furious at the fact the wheelhouse was not brought, but Robert does not back down and tells her they have to move fast.
  • Robb, along with the Winterfell expedition, has reached Long Lake and is now taking a ship along the body of water. He and Theon speak of what has changed, and Theon expresses his unwillingness to succeeed his father as the Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands. Ned hints about Asha's change of heart. Theon and Robb then comment on Tyrion's potential attraction for Dacey Surestone.
  • Brynden and Brienne make camp with the Green Men, some of whom have left to tend to the Godswoods in the Riverlands. Ser Duncan, remembering the time he spent in the region with Egg (Aegon V), takes the two of them to a hidden Heart Tree and tells them that, with training, they too will have powers similar to those of the Green Men. He then shows them visions of something: his two meetings with Rhaegar Targaryen.
    • In the first, Rhaegar Targaryen, on his way to the Tourney of Harrenhal, arrogantly demanded the Green Man to tell him whether his theory that he is the Prince Who Was Promised is correct, but Duncan, knowing that Rhaegar was too confident in his theory to be convinced otherwise, merely gave him some cryptic warnings and sent him on his way.
    • The second meeting took place shortly before the Battle of the Trident. Rhaegar was obviously affected by the actions he had taken and their consequences (raping Lyanna, the deaths of Rickard and Brandon Stark, Robert's Rebellion) and Duncan viciously called him out for what he did, and pointed out that killing Robert would not be the end of the Rebellion. He then revealed his real identity and told Rhaegar that Aegon V (Rhaegar's great-grandfather) would have thought him a cruel fool. The Green Man told Rhaegar the best way to end the war was for him to meet Robert head-on, which Rhaegar realized meant he would have to sacrifice himself for the sake of Westeros.
    • Returning from the vision, Ser Duncan begins to tell Brynden and Brienne about the prophecy Rhaegar believed was meant to be about him.

Chapter 90:

  • Bran is still leading Winterfell, when it becomes known that Jory Cassel is going to marry Annah.
    • Benjen arrives, and tells Catelyn he has brought the wight's head. Catelyn pales at the idea of showing it to the children, but Benjen reminds her that they are likely to see that and worse. Benjen brings out the head to everyone's consternation, the Mountain Clans' leaders present - Rhys and Shagga - shout in defiance, and the direwolves howl a warning.
  • Jon Arryn reflects on the growing problems afflicting the Faith of the Seven, which is becoming divided over the issue of the Call and what the miraculous change of the statues means, when Quill brings reports of disturbances in the Great Sept.
    • Jon arrives in time to see the High Septon die, murdered by a Septon of the anti-Old Gods faction. After being interrupted by Jon, the Septon tries to attack him, but Bronn arrives right on time to kill him, and the Septon's followers surrender after another group of Septons and Septas, led by Septon Greenstone, comes out of the Great Sept. Greenstone is promoted to acting High Septon.
    • Bronn and Jon meet in private in a tavern. Bronn hands Jon Baelish's letter about the King's Great Matter and requests Ursula Stone's legitimization, seeing it as a just reward.

Chapter 91:

  • Myrcella Baratheon is somewhat surprised by how different the North is to what her mother had said. Wylla Manderly offers to show her and her brother Tommen around White Harbor. While they are in the New Sept, Wylla mentions she does not pray there anymore, right before an arrogant Joffrey arrives, now wearing gloves. Wylla states that now most of her family prays at the Godswood, and takes the Baratheon children there. Wylla mentions the Call, which Joffrey derides as mummery, but it is obvious Myrcella and Tommen have been feeling something. Wylla touches the Heart Tree and makes a prophecy about the awakening of the Storm Kings.
  • Edd Tollett joins a ranging of Black Brothers led by Ser Jaremy Rykker to seek the Overlook, which they successfully find. Ser Jaremy reveals their mission is to go to the Fist of the First Men and find the weapon caches that were left behind in that hill.
  • Oberyn receives a message from Pentos, telling him about Illyrio Mopatis' death and Daenerys' accidental hatching of her three dragons. He has ordered his eldest daughters to start training with different weapons than the usual. He is then shocked to see Doran stand for the first time in years: a Maester suggested Doran to change his diet, and the gout that has been the bane of Doran's life for so long is now receding. After complaining about being unable to eat his favorite foods any longer, Doran asks Oberyn to help him get fit and in fighting form.
  • Benjen is dithering over whether to head South with the wight head to show everyone, or back North to the Wall where he feels he is needed. Yoren, a Wandering Crow and Night's Watch recruiter, arrives at Winterfell and meets with Benjen, and after hearing of his dilemma, offers to take the wight head south to convince the lords there while Benjen returns north with the recruits.
  • Sarella wakes up in Rimegate, one of the Night's Watch's fortresses that are being rebuilt. Gerion Lannister and his son Allerion had found her, suffering from hypothermia brought by an incorrect use of her winter clothes, and tell her they know of her true identity, keeping it secret. Gerion tells her he is going to the Nightfort, following a dream he had, and invites Sarella to accompany the two of them.
  • Edd and his Night's Watch ranging team reach the Fist of the First Men and begin to probe the snow with staves. Several buried caches are found, rune-engraved pots filled with Night's Watch cloaks and dragonglass knives and spearpoints. The last cache they find also contains a well-made horn with silver bound to it, and Ser Jaremy tasks Edd to hold onto that horn and bring it to the Wall at all costs. Returning to the Overlook, they settle in for the night.
    • Edd is woken up in the middle of the night, and the ranging companions become the first Brothers of the Watch to see the Others in more than a thousand years.

Chapter 92:

  • Edmure realizes he has made a tactical mistake when, upon arriving to High Heart, he and his men become outnumbered by Blackfoot's followers. Blackfoot, also known as the High Sparrow, and Edmure parley: Edmure points out Blackfoot's hypocrisy of claiming not wanting to harm others when he will happily allow his followers to do it in his name, and vows to prevent him from trying to burn High Heart or any other place. The Green Men arrive right on time, led by Ser Duncan, Brynden and Brienne. The Green Man and Blackfoot argue, and the Old Gods punish the High Sparrow by taking his sight, scaring off all of his followers.
  • Tyrion considers how his father's opinion of Ned Stark is quite far from the truth, and compares Ned's style of ruling with Tywin's. The Karstarks finally reach the riding caravan, and Lord Harrion Karstark immediately states his allegiance to Ned. The Wall is finally in sight.
  • Victarion Greyjoy is in a foul mood, and has no trouble in telling his brothers Balon and Damphair why: Balon's decision to deny the Call has cost the Iron Fleet two thirds of its ships. Balon goes on a rant over why he follows the Drowned God.
    • A message arrives from Rodrik Harlaw, telling Balon and Damphair about Rodrik's discovery of the runes in High Harlaw and his finding the truth about the Drowned God. Balon - after Damphair tries to do it - orders Victarion to raze all of Harlaw, thinking such an action will strengthen his rule. Victarion obeys, but bluntly warns his brothers for their folly and leaves clearly conflicted about the orders.
  • Willas has completely taken over effective rulership of the Reach, and reflects on Loras' behaviour and the need to get him married. At a meeting with the Tarlys, Willas requests Randyll to travel to Winterfell and ascertain what is needed there to fight the Others, and asks Sam to research in Highgarden's and Oldtown's libraries for anything that may aid in the coming war.

Chapter 93:

  • Jon Arryn watches as Bronn gives his report on his capture of Lysa Arryn. After the Small Council retires, Bronn tells Jon that Pycelle is much more competent than he tries to make others believe. Before Bronn leaves to return to Foxhold, Jon gives him the official legitimization for Ursula Stone.
  • Jorah is in White Harbor's Godswood with Leera, telling her about the Old Gods and the Children of the Forest. Jaime Lannister comes to tell him the King requests his presence.
    • Jorah finds Robert exercising in the courtyard. Robert asks him if Lynesse Hightower was worth what happened - she was not - and asks about Daenerys. Jorah mentions everything about his talking with the Targaryen girl, and Robert tells him about Viserys' and Mopatis' deaths, and the dragon eggs hatching. Robert ends the discussion by asking Jorah to spar with him, which he agrees to. As Jorah leaves, he hears Jaime puzzling over the King's changes.
  • Robb and the rest of the Northern men finally arrive to Castle Black. He remembers how Tyrion mentioned the Wall had to be built for a reason, and Jon mentions that he saw a red-haired girl when they were in the Gift.
    • When they are welcomed at Castle Black by Lord Mormont, Ned becomes possessed by the Old Gods again, and they give to Maester Aemon the sight they took from the High Sparrow, as a reward for seeing the truth where the Sparrow refused to.

Chapter 94:

  • Catelyn witnesses Jory and Annah's marriage in Winterfell's Godswood, and wonders what would have happened if she had married Brandon, and what happened to Baelish to change him so much.
    • During the wedding party - celebrated in Winterfell's Great Hall - Beric Dondarrion and Edric Dayne arrive after their long travel north from King's Landing. Edric makes an oath, as the Sword in the Morning, to help fight the Others, and when he unsheathes Dawn, it is glowing.
  • Ned tells Lord Commander Mormont about some of the events that have taken place in Winterfell, while Aemon thanks him for returning his sight. Mormont and Aemon relay the messages given by Mance Rayder, and Ned reveals Robb's time-traveling to Mormont and Joffrey's true parentage. Mormont tells Ned that, among the things hidden by Tyrek Lannister in Castle Black's secret room, is a letter addressed by name to Tyrion Lannister.
  • Daenerys watches her small dragons as she reflects on the fact that she has become an effective prisoner of the Magisters of Pentos. She then receives a surprising visit: Varys. The Master of Whispers tells her he was the one that wrote the letter she received several weeks before, and lays out the great change she and her dragons have brought to the political scene in the Free Cities. He offers to get Daenerys out of the city before Braavos attacks Pentos, mentions the plans he had made for her and Viserys - which were all made moot due to the Call, Viserys' death and the Dothraki's ride for the east - and confirms that her father was indeed as mad as Jorah told her. Varys tells her she should consider what to do, before it becomes too late, and promises to ensure that any letter she sends to Maester Aemon will reach the man undisturbed.

Chapter 95:

  • Tyrion watches the growing activity at Castle Black before being requested to meet with Ned Stark, Lord Commander Mormont and Maester Aemon by Podrick Payne, who Tyrion immediately snatches up as a squire.
    • Ned, Mormont and Aemon give Tyrion Tyrek Lannister's diary and the letter he wrote for Tyrion. In his letter, Tyrek - who was a Greenseer - tells Tyrion that he has to go to the Nightfort and open up his crypt to take something that belongs to the Lannisters and open another crypt with Robb, mentions the guests that are coming and encourages him to follow his heart.
  • Jon, Robb and the others watch Ser Alliser Thorne drill the new recruits in ways to fight wights. Maester Aemon comes and requests Jon come with him to help with books, as he is most interested in reading them after so long without sight.
    • Now in private, Aemon compares Jon to his brother Aegon. Jon mentions that, now that he is a Stark, he intends to found a cadet branch of House Stark, and Aemon tells him to be careful with what he teaches to his children, keeping the Greystarks and the Blackfyres in mind.
  • Arya is still trying to warg into her direwolf, Nymeria, but she has been unsuccessful so far - although she has been having some strange dreams - and she looks at the newcomers Edric Dayne, Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, the former of which she finds vaguely familiar for some reason. That night, she has a dream where the Old Gods tell her she has been warging and to open her third eye. When she wakes up, she does it to see herself laying on the bed: Arya becomes the first warg south of the Wall in centuries.

Chapter 96:

  • The Black Brothers leave the Overlook to return to the Wall, but when they see a large fire on the way south they realize that the Others and wights have cut them off, so they have to ride East to reach Castle Black, forcing them to pass by Craster's Keep. The men converse about how abhorrent the man's practices are.
    • Passing by the keep, they arrive there (but do not enter) just in time to see Craster taking one of his sons outside to an altar and leaving it there. When Edd takes the babe, one of the Others appears. Two Black Brothers are slain by the Other, who is unusually interested in taking the baby, but this allows Edd to use his new dragonglass knife and kill the Other, the first man to do so in thousands of years. The surviving Black Brothers decide to have a few 'words' with Craster about what he does with his sons.
  • Mya Stone is part of the group led by Lords "Bronze" Yohn Royce and Horton Redfort that is following the Call. She thinks of several issues - her dreams, which are identical to Shireen's and Gendry's, her father's identity (King Robert), Mychel Redfort - all as they ride along the causeway that leads to Moat Cailin, where they are met by a cousin of Howland Reed. They are all welcomed into the North, and as the group starts to cross, Mya wonders if she will see her father.
  • Asha watches Rodrik call the men of Harlaw to a council of war. Rodrik tells her that men at Pyke have warned him about Victarion's attack on Harlaw, and that he'll attack in three days.
  • Robb watches Eddard formally call his council of war at Castle Black, and has a few moments of disorientation trying to converse with men who had died in his future. He notices Maege Mormont being oddly insistent to talk with his father afterwards for some reason.
    • Ned informs everyone present of the facts: that winter is coming, the Long Night is upon them, and that the Others approach. He shows the Fist of Winter to them and makes very clear that they have to let the Free Folk past the Wall and into the Gift, lest the Others assimilate them into their undead army to use against them, as well as the fact that the Mountain Clans of the Vale stand with them.
    • Hugo Wull stands and asks about the Thenn, and Ned says that they march to join him once they heard he wields the Fist. Wull then says that amongst the Hill Clans, there exists a legend that says when the Stark in Winterfell holds the Fist of Winter and the Thenns march to join him, then a second Long Night has come and death marches on the Wall.

Chapter 97:

  • Edmure broods in an inn about the tactical mistakes he made when facing Blackfoot's men, and Brynden tells him to chin up and learn from them, because with Winter coming there is no time for brooding.
    • The group of Riverlanders and Green Men travels to Riverrun, bringing Blackfoot (who has gone completely mad because of his blindness) with them. When they are met by Hoster Tully, he immediately recognizes Ser Duncan, who requests to speak with him about the recent events.
  • Edd and the surviving Black Brothers take the baby with them while Ser Jaremy burns the two Brothers who died fighting the Other. The group rides to catch up to Craster, finding him close to his keep. Craster goes mad when he sees the baby, unwilling to believe the group has killed an Other, and tries to take the baby, but Ser Jaremy disembowels him.
    • Craster's daughter-wives are glad to see Craster dead, and invite the Black Brothers to take anything they need, because when they leave they will burn Craster's Keep to the ground. Edd also hacks Craster's head off with the obvious intention of preventing him from rising again.
  • Jorah spars with King Robert, the former thinking about how the latter has changed. Jorah pulls out some tricks he learned during his exile, but in the end the unexpectedly fast Robert disarms him. While the two men and Ser Barristan discuss the spar, Ser Preston Greenfield comes to warn them of Stannis' arrival. Ser Barristan mentions that Rhaegar had once heard rumors of the Dragonstone godswood, but a fruitless search convinced him it had been destroyed. Robert invites Jorah to ride with the Royal Court, and to bring Leera with him - suggesting that Jorah marry her.
  • Gendry is in the ship with Stannis and his family. Stannis gives him some advice to follow - essentially "avoid any Lannister" - and the two of them, as well as Selyse, discuss Shireen's growing cheerfulness as she comes out to see White Harbor.
    • Robert is there to personally welcome them, particularly cheering Shireen up, and asking Gendry to tell him the tale of how he discovered the Godswood.
  • Archmaester Perestan is told by Archmaester Marwyn that Lord Leyton Hightower is requesting his presence. Lord Hightower tells Perestan his knowledge of history is required and tells him to follow him to the depths of the Hightower, which go far below the known parts. At the bottom, Perestan sees a large gate that shines a sickly green, which the Hightowers have been guarding for their entire history. Upon approaching the gate, Perestan notes an unnerving sound as if someone were pounding on it from the other side, and that the mere act of approaching it grips him with fear.

Chapter 98:

  • Ned is asked by Jeor Mormont to speak with him and his sister Maege. The two men speak of Jorah's return with the Company of the Rose, and Jeor mentions he plans to give his sword Longclaw to Dacey. Maege, along with her daughters Dacey and Alysane, arrives and mentions that she and her bannermen arrived later because there are growing signs that the Others intend to launch their attack via the western coast of Westeros. Then Maester Aemon comes, carrying a message, sent by Catelyn, which mentions that the Company of the Rose has several relatives of Northern houses amongst their number.
  • Tyrion stands on the top of the Wall, thinking about (but not planning to carry through) his joke of pissing off the edge of the Wall, seeing that (a) it's freezing and (b) there's a lot of Free Folk down there. Robb meets him there, and the two discuss their incoming travel to the Nightfort, with Robb hinting at what happened to him.
  • Horas Redwyne travels to the burned ruins of Hardhome with Eastwatch-by-the-Sea's Commander Cotter Pyke, in order to meet with the Free Folk that have escaped there, led by Karsi, and help them reach the lands south of the Wall. They begin constructing a jetty to load the Wildlings onto their ships.
    • Acting on Mance's information, Horas and his men explore the caves near Hardhome, looking for more wight-preserving cages. Although the majority are melted, they find several intact cages... and further in, to their shock, a dragon skeleton and a clutch of intact dragon eggs.

Chapter 99:

  • Jon Stark goes meet Maester Aemon the night before he - along with Robb, Tyrion and a few others - go to the Nightfort on their mission. Aemon tells him he should not strive to have a grandiose life, for he is the last surviving Targaryen male, before giving him two gifts: the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister, once held by Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers and left into the care of Aemon for the next Targaryen to arrive to the Wall, and the dragon egg that was once given to Aemon in an (unsuccessful) attempt to hatch it.
  • Tywin Lannister is working through his paperwork and remembering Joanna when Dacre, one of his men, comes in, saying that there is a a man called Rickon from the Isle of Faces asking to come in to tend to the Stone Garden, Casterly Rock's godswood. Tywin is skeptical, but allows him in. Rickon, to offset Tywin's skepticism, mentions he was once given half of a medallion and shows him the other half. When Tywin asks who is the Green Man that leads him, Rickon says that Tywin met him at Aegon V's court before leaving to tend the Stone Garden, leaving Tywin unnerved at his loss of control over matters.
  • Ned meets with Lady Barbrey Dustin and her father, Lord Rodrik Ryswell. Lady Dustin reveals the barrows of the old Dustin kings have been covered in fog for quite a few weeks already, but she did not reveal this earlier because of her grudge against Ned. Ned indicates he will ask Maester Aemon and that they should write to Winterfell, while also revealing that there are members of House Dustin among the Company of the Rose.
    • The Northern lords begin to return to their keeps, while the Free Folk begin to cross south of the wall, led by Mance Rayder, accompanied by his pregnant wife Dalla, her sister Val (who catches the eye of Robb, Jon and Theon) and Tormund Giantsbane. Ned, Mance and Jeor talk about the need to plan for what will happen once the war against the Others ends, and Mance suggests marrying either Robb or Jon to Val, while Ned throws in an offer to name Mance a Lord.
  • Arya continues her exploration of what being a warg means while she practices the art of skinchanging. During one of her attempts, she meets Summer and follows him, finding Bran lying on the bed with white eyes - Bran is also a warg.

Chapter 100:

  • The night before parting for the Nightfort, Tyrion has a couple of unsettling dreams that appear to foretell something.
    • In the morning, the party forms: Robb, Jon, Theon, Tyrion, Poderick, Alliser Thorne, two men of the Night's Watch, Mance Rayder, Tormund Giantsbane, a third wildling, and two women: Ygritte and Val. The group begins to ride west along the Wall, seeing volunteers helping to repair roads and forts and giants crossing south of the Wall along with their mammoths (Tyrion reveals he understands the language of the First Men).
    • During a halt on the way, Rayder tells Tyrion about Heartstring's prophecy and about how Tyrion is referred to in it. Tyrion, on his part, mentions Tyrek Lannister and the fact that he was a greenseer and foretold what Tyrion would do.
  • Asha and Rodrik await the arrival of the Iron Fleet to Harlaw. Rodrik knows how Victarion Greyjoy thinks, and has thusly prepared a trap inside a cove he knows Victarion will use as his beachhead.
    • Soon enough, the Iron Fleet arrives. Several ships get impaled on long lances set into the seabed on low tide, and when the men land, they are met with a very stiff resistance and multiple siege weapons that make mincemeat of the attack. In the end, Victarion and Rodrik face off in a one-on-one duel, which the latter wins after destroying the former's helmet and knocking him out. The Harlaw ships blockade the retreating attackers inside the cove, while Asha mentally condemns her father for starting this civil war.

    Chapters 101 - 120 

Chapter 101:

  • Robb and the rest of his expedition arrive to the Nightfort, only to find its doors open and unguarded, and the main courtyard empty: the cause is a small wildling group led by a man who hates Mance because most of the tribe he led joined Mance in his travel south. The wildlings fight the expedition group, with Robb easily besting every wildling that faces him, and Mance kills the wildling leader.
    • A wildling hunting group returns at that point and tries to ambush Val and Tyrion Lannister from behind, but, with the timely arrival of three strangers, they too are put down. One of the strangers takes his hood off to reveal he is Gerion Lannister, the revelation of which causes Tyrion to pass out in shock.
  • Catelyn observes Bran, Robert and Edric play "Knights and Wights", and wonders how they manage to make a game out of the greatest danger Westeros has faced in millennia. Luwin joins her, and the two speak of the North's efforts to produce food for the Long Night, and the Company of the Rose.
    • Arya comes, and Catelyn asks her why she has not been attending Septa Mordane's lessons. Arya argues that, with the Long Night coming, she does not need to be a lady, she needs to be a Stark, and Septa Mordane is teaching her nothing useful. Arya reveals she and Bran are wargs, but Catelyn does not believe her, and Arya runs from the room in tears. Luwin tells Catelyn that, considering the current situation, perhaps she ought to take Arya's claim seriously.

Chapter 102:

  • Tyrion awakens from his fainting to find that Gerion's appearance was not a dream. As the group settles, Gerion shares his story:
    • Gerion met Allara shortly before Robert's Rebellion, in a trade mission to Myr, and shortly thereafter fell in love with her, but knew he could not marry her because it would put her in danger from Tywin. For years, he would take any chance he had to visit her, and this gave him the chance to learn a hint of where Tommen II (the Lannister King who lost Brightroar) had gone: the Smoking Sea.
    • Using Myrish eyeglasses, Gerion was able to map a way through the Smoking Sea and reach Valyria, but there he was attacked by people with animal heads and the body of men, led by an ancient, crazy Valyrian who called himself the Last Dragonlord, and both him and his crew captured - whereupon Gerion discovered the strange creatures were actually created out of normal people they captured.
    • The Dragonlord's Steward freed Gerion and his men, told them that the Dragonlord was planning to sacrifice Gerion to summon a wild dragon and bind it to his control, and gave Brightroar to Gerion - which he realized indicated the Steward was Tommen II - before the group left. After a number of fights (one of which he lost an eye to) and running to the ship, the survivors managed to escape while the volcano erupted behind them.
    • Gerion returned to the Summer Islands and decided to make his home there, not wanting to leave Allara again, and he had been living there since.

Chapter 103:

  • Ned and Jeor Mormont observe as the wildlings make their way across the Wall and to relative safety in the Seven Kingdoms, discussing the burying of old hatreds and why they must unite, lest what happened to the Wildlings happen to all of the North and beyond. A watcher warns of people coming, and Jeor goes to look before returning with news: the Thenns are coming.
    • A group of the Thenn cross, led by Magnar Styr. Styr claims blame for his people not keeping to Ned's ancestors' orders (keep the peace and watch Hopemourne) and expects punishment, but Ned is having none of it and tells him nothing will happen to him (particularly as the South did not fulfil their duty, either), wanting to forge new alliances in the face of the approaching danger.
  • Perestan researches the history of Oldtown, the Hightower and the strange gate at its bottom and the runes surrounding it, when Marwyn comes. Marwyn mentions that Archmaester Tudyk wants to retire. Perestan shows him his research, pointing out that there is little he has found about the gate, and what he has found is confusing.
    • Archmaester Ebrose comes in with Samwell Tarly accompanying him, as Sam is there to research everything the Maesters may have on Garth Greenhand and Highgarden.
  • Catelyn goes to speak with Arya about her claims of being a warg, wanting to make things better after their discussion before and to understand. Arya relaxes, and soon wargs into Nymeria, with Catelyn asking her questions that prove that she is, indeed, warging. After she gets back to her body, Arya tries to tell her mother that warging is natural, but Catelyn decides it does not matter, because Arya is still her daughter.
  • Gendry is traveling with the King and his company to the North, aware of Lannister plots and thinking about everyone he is traveling with. While resting at a Keep, he spends some time at the forges working on the helmet for his father.

Chapter 104:

  • Edmure meets his father in his solar, and the two discuss the arrival of his uncle Brynden, Brienne and Ser Duncan. Edmure mentions he needs lessons on multiple things, and Hoster reveals to Edmure that the arrival of the Targaryens was foretold by the Green Men, who also prevented Harren Hoare from destroying the Isle of Faces and mentioned the death and return of the dragons. Hoster suggests some potential wives to Edmure, and he decides to give a chance to Roslin Mallister. The subject of Blackfoot arises: neither the Maesters nor Edmure can explain how he lost his sight, and Hoster intends to send word to King's Landing about him.
    • Maester Vyman enters and states that a merchant from Myr has brought a message from men of the Golden Company, requesting the chance to return home from exile: Houses Strong, Lothston and, most importantly, Mudd, the royal house the Hoares brought down when they conquered the Riverlands.
  • The Black Brothers continue their travel south, back to the Wall, now accompanied by Craster's wives. On the way, they find pieces of Thenn-made bronze armour, which the women can tell means that a Long Winter is coming. Finally reaching the Wall, the group is allowed through, and Ser Jaremy has Edd come with him so they can make their report, with everyone surprised at the fact that Edd killed one of the White Walkers, including Magnar Styr.
  • The group at the Nightfort begins to explore the fort's crypts, seeking Tyrek Lannister's tomb. Within, Tyrion finds a stone box that contains another letter from Tyrek Lannister, bequeathing to him two things: the sky-metal axe Rocktooth and the twin daggers known as The Warnings. Tyrion is reluctant to lay claim to them, but Gerion convinces him otherwise.
    • Further exploration finds a sealed room that opens at Robb's touch. Within, they encounter a number of skeletons, most of them showing signs of cannibalism, and what might be the original Throne of Winter, which, according to the runes engraved in it, will make anyone not a Stark that sits on it go crazy.

Chapter 105:

  • As the Royal Caravan continues traveling for Winterfell, Sandor thinks that he finds himself almost liking the place, while Joffrey complains about the cold, the fact that people don't grovel before him and the part where the King likes his bastard son Gendry much more than Joffrey, while he remains away from Stormbreaker after his encounter with it. Sandor has the feeling something is about to go wrong.
  • Asha Greyjoy is working to salvage all the destruction left during the Second Battle of Harlaw when her nuncle Rodrik comes to her, bearing news that Victarion will live, and about the orders Balon had given him to raze Harlaw and Great Wyk, which horrify Asha and make it clear to her they have to stop her father before it's too late. But that may not be the worst, because the Silence, the ship captained by her mad uncle Euron Greyjoy, has been sighted sailing North. At least, she learns about her brother and the fact that he has turned his back on the Drowned God.
  • At one keep on the way to Winterfell, Gendry is at the blacksmith's when Shireen finds him, asking him to make a new knife for her father's name-day. As he works, Joffrey comes with the obvious intention of becoming a nuisance, but Shireen intervenes. Joffrey appears to want to attack her, but Stannis arrives just in time to scare Joffrey off, and gives Shireen his old knife's handle so Gendry can make the knife.
  • Bronn returns to the Foxhold, where he is told that Lysa Arryn is still alive and demanding to be set free. While Haster returns to take care of Lysa, Bronn takes Ursula aside and gives her the documents proving that she has been legitimized, telling her he needs her help at Foxhold. Ursula is pleasantly surprised, and she flirts with Bronn before returning to her tasks.

Chapter 106:

  • The group at the Nightfort clean the room with the Throne of Winter, while Robb and Jon discuss the throne itself, not wanting to try it despite the runes. Benjen appears, and Jon, Robb, Tyrion and Mance Rayder update him on their discoveries, the Surestones and what brought them there. Tyrion realises that Tyrek Lannister mentioned the arrival of "late Starks" in his letter.
    • Ser Alliser comes to tell them they have found the Black Gate in the depths of a well. When they approach the Gate, a face engraved on it looks at Thorne, who opens it by reciting the Night's Watch Oath. When they cross it to the other side of the Wall, both Tyrion and Robb feel uneasy, and Robb orders Tyrion to warn the others and grab Rocktooth. As he does, a horn is sounded out, signaling the return of a Night's Watch Brother, but there have been no patrols in weeks. Tyrion heads back, collects the others and returns to the Black Gate, and then The Warnings begin to shine, warning him about the approach of the Others.
    • Coldhands arrives, pursued by wights that attack the group. The group fights them off, with Tyrion earning himself a new nickname - Lionfang - as Rocktooth disintegrates the wights it strikes. Then, four Others attack, but Gerion and Brightroar soon confirm their weakness to Valyrian Steel. Robb and Jon move to engage two more with Ice and Dark Sister, but this leaves the last Other free to attack the rest, and it kills Larkin - the second Night's Brother - only to be struck down moments later by Tyrion wielding Rocktooth.
    • Coldhands reveals his identity and explains his mission to cross the Wall and fix its enchantments, but he cannot cross on his own due to his being a half-wight. Tyrion suggests having Gerion, Jon and Robb use their Valyrian steel swords to surround him and act as escorts. The passage through the Wall still weakens Coldhands, and Benjen has to help him to the Nightfort's godswood.
    • When they arrive to the Heart Tree, Coldhands casts his spell with the last of his strength, finally allowing the Greenseers on both sides of the Wall to look across it and communicate with each other, and he requests Benjen to bring his ashes back to Winterfell before he finally expires.

Chapter 107:

  • Ned looks at the horn the Night's Watch found in the Fist of the First Men with unease, and him and Jeor Mormont reminisce about Lord Surestone when the Wall turns red (after Coldhands manages to cast his spell), shocking everyone at Castle Black.
    • Maester Aemon meets with them with a letter from Horas Redwyne, telling about his discovery in Hardhome, and makes an interesting point: the bones discovered in the cave were white, but dragonbone is actually black. The old Maester theorizes that the bones (and the eggs that were found next to them) are actually that of an ice drake, a mythological creature that few know about. Ned indicates that, with yet another legend confirmed real, others such as the ice spiders the White Walkers ride could also be out there.
  • Kevan observes tests made with a security system designed by Tyrion for Lannisport's harbor when a Reach ship arrives to the city: Randyll Tarly is docking to take supplies. Randyll and Kevan converse, and the former confirms that the Call was very much real and his intention to reach Winterfell, and Kevan warns him about the Ironborn civil war.
  • Jory reflects on the changes in his life, particularly his marriage to Annah, and Robert Arryn's change, when a party bearing the colors of House Tully arrives to Winterfell, led by Edmyn Hunter, one of Hoster Tully's men (who apparently taught Catelyn how to use a dagger), and bringing Willem Bootle with them as a prisoner. When a furious Dacey confronts him, he accidentally reveals he was behind the fact that the innkeeper tried to prostitute her, and it turns out that he looted Surestone because he owed a lot of money to one of Littlefinger's men. Lady Stark orders Bootle to be imprisoned, until her husband returns to render justice.

Chapter 108:

  • In the aftermath of burning Coldhands' corpse, Gerion takes Allarion, Tyrion and Robb aside and asks his nephew if he has had any strange dreams. After Tyrion tells him of his dream of leading the Westerlands to escape the Others, Gerion confirms that Tyrion, himself and Allarion all have the Greensight, and Allarion mentions several dreams that could symbolize things to come.
    • Before parting, Gerion softly reveals to Robb that he had another dream that told him about Robb's time travel, and that he will keep his secret.
    • Robb talks with Jon later, and the latter reveals that Alliser Thorne keeps giving him weird looks because of his sword.
  • Balon Greyjoy realizes the situation in the Iron Islands is definitely out of hand, but there is little he can do to restore the previous situation, no matter what Aeron demands. Euron Greyjoy chooses this moment to join his brothers in Pyke's castle, having sneaked in, and proposes a plan by which Balon could win the Ironborn civil war: propose a parley, promise guest rights, and when the moment is ripe, Euron would appear and kill Harlaw and his supporters by "mistake". After facing Aeron, Euron leaves, promising to return in three days, and Balon begins to seriously consider the plan.
  • Maester Aemon reflects on the changes the Night's Watch is undergoing, how much he wishes his ancestors had paid more attention to the Wall, and the mystery of why magic ebbs and flows with no known rule, when he finds a small package in his quarters, one that contains a letter: written and signed by his great grand-niece Daenerys Targaryen, she asks for advice on the matter of where to go, because she knows of the gilded cage the Magisters of Pentos have built around her and that the Free Cities will go to war to prevent the dragons from growing, yet the danger of going to any place is great.
    • Aemon goes to speak with Eddard, and both conclude that Varys cannot be well trusted, but before Aemon can return to his rooms to write an answer, the expedition to the Nightfort returns.
  • Gendry continues traveling north with the King's caravan, taking advantage of any stop to continue working his trade at every castle he finds. At one stop near a White Knife tributary, Tommen approaches him to request his aid in repairing his stirrup, and somewhat wary because he is afraid Joffrey will find out. Gendry repairs the stirrup, and Tommen leaves, grateful, and wishing Gendry was his brother instead of Joffrey.
    • Gendry finishes the stag helmet his father had requested and brings it to him. Robert really likes the helmet, much to Gendry's relief.
    • Galbert Snow, a messenger of the Night's Watch, arrives to the King's camp, bringing with him another wight's head. While Jaime disbelieves the demonstration, Robert knows that it is true. Gendry notices that the cages are made of an unknown metal, and also that Stormbreaker is humming while the wight's head snarls at it.

Chapter 109:

  • Willas Tyrell is immersed in the task of leading the Reach and considering whether he ought to speak with the King or the Small Council when his younger brother Garlan Tyrell arrives, fresh from his mission to inspect the sea defences. When Garlan asks about what prompted their father to leave, Willas tells him about Otherbane, and Garlan mentions that hints of the Faith Militant are appearing in the Starry Sept. Garlan mentions that his wife Leonette may be pregnant, and Willas shows his brother the many betrothal offers he has been receiving, and points out that not only should he get married, but also Loras and Margaery, whom he is considering betrothing to Robb, much to the approval of their grandmother.
  • Catelyn misses Ned terribly, especially as she begins to notice her growing pregnancy, but also notes the good things that have been happening, including Dacey Surestone taking Sansa under her wing and the finding of iron veins north of Winterfell.
    • The Company of the Rose arrives at Winterfell. Bran and Catelyn welcome them, and Bran points out the different families which have gone extinct in Westeros but survived in Essos.
  • Kevan speaks with Tywin, who still seems to be wary to make a decision, particularly after the dual shocks of Randyll Tarly's visit and the presence of the Green Man, plus the Westerland's houses reacting to the Call. In the end, Tywin decides to go to Winterfell with Kevan in order to ascertain the truth on his own.
  • Before leaving Castle Black, Ned has two meetings: one with Ser Alliser Thorne, whom he ends up revealing to that Jon is Rhaegar's son, and that he does not intend to claim the Iron Throne; and the other with Gerion Lannister, who reveals his knowledge of Robb's secret and about 'Alleras''s real identity. Leaving Castle Black with a small group, Ned proceeds to lead it as fast as possible for Winterfell.

Chapter 110:

  • Sarella, still in disguise as Alleras, is left stunned (and in pain) over the brutal pace Eddard forces upon the group, fortunately supplemented by several waystations that allow them to change horses in order to maintain the same pace. As they do, she also notices how the North is changing in order to be prepared for the Long Winter, and has to try to keep her eyes off Allerion.
    • Three days later, they reach Long Lake, where the riders catch a ship, and Sarella takes a moment to sketch everything she has seen in the North so she can show her father and Doran Martell, which Eddard sees. Sarella tells him of some of the events that have happened in Dorne, and Eddard beseeches her to ensure she can show those things to her family.
    • Finally, several days after leaving the ship and further riding, the group reaches Winterfell.
  • The Green Men, with Brynden Tully among them, reach the Twins in his travels North, and Ser Stevron Frey recognizes Brynden before Walder Frey demands to see the travelers. Lord Frey engages in his usual discourteous behaviour, but the Green Man cuts him off by presenting him a token that Walder recognizes, and then calling him out for his rudeness and revealing he met him more than eighty years before as Ser Duncan the Tall.
    • At this point, Yoren of the Night's Watch arrives with the wight's head he has brought from Winterfell, the sight of which causes Walder Frey to suffer a deadly stroke.

Chapter 111:

  • Catelyn has been arranging the administration of Winterfell, and reflects on her missing her husband's presence, when Jory Cassel comes, bearing great news: Lord Stark has returned. Catelyn notifies her children, arranging them to join her in the courtyard, and bids her husband welcome, noting how exhausted he and everyone with him is. The two exchange news, and Ned asks for her help so he won't fall asleep in the bath.
  • After resting for a while, Ned begins to take on what needs to be carried out, while Catelyn updates her husband on some of the events that have taken place in Winterfell while he was away.
    • Edric Stark, the former leader of the Company of the Rose, enters and speaks with Ned in private. Edric tells Eddard that Torrhen Stark, just before surrendering to Aegon the Conqueror, met with the Green Man and learned about the Targaryens losing their knowledge and their subsequent descent into madness, so Torrhen started the Company of the Rose because he wanted to ensure that, should any of the North's houses die off, there would be relatives of theirs to return, while they took on missions to establish themselves in Essos under the direction of the Stark in Winterfell. The reason they did not return earlier was because, as Ned never knew of the Company's true role, neither did he know about the secret channels used to communicate with them, and thus was not able to call them - until the Call happened. When Edric mentions he would be willing to found a new cadet branch as House Rosestark, Ned welcomes his cousin home.
  • Tyrion finds that, despite his exhaustion, he cannot fall asleep. After a walk, he finds Dacey sitting in Winterfell's Godswood and joins her. The two of them update each other on events, though Dacey is astonished at Tyrion seeing wights and Others in person, until Tyrion falls asleep in Dacey's lap.

Chapter 112:

  • Arya observes as the Great Hall's benches are moved around, thinking about her warging and how Frostfyre seems to know about it. Robb, Jon and Theon come get her: the trial of Willem Bootle is about to begin.
    • After being forced to clean up by Septa Mordane, Arya witnesses as her father, Jeor Mormont and Lord Beric Dondarrion judge a trembling Bootle for his murder of Lord Torgen Surestone and usurpation of the title. Bootle tries to proclaim his innocence and that he is the true Lord Surestone, but Lord Surestone's last will, kept in Winterfell, names Dacey as the new Lady Surestone, and further proof is found when the poison used to kill Lord Surestone is presented.
    • Magnar Styr suggests that Bootle swear his innocence on the Fist of Winter, which the man does, not believing about its power, but then the Fist erupts with magic, and Bootle dies in pain.
  • Oberyn watches Doran slowly regain his fitness, enough that he can ride and train with his sword. Doran's daughter Arianne Martell comes to Oberyn to ask him the reasons, and Oberyn tells her about the Call and that it happened, even if the Salty and the Sandy Dornish did not hear it.
    • It is then that Sarella's letter with her plan to go to the Wall arrives, along with the reveal of Gerion's survival. Doran states that Dorne will have to re-engage with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms and notes that, with the Game of Thrones obviously postponed, they will have to deal with different problems.
  • In the aftermath of Bootle's death, Eddard goes back to his books in order to better understand the nature of the Fist of Winter. As he ponders on Robert's soon arrival and Tyrion Lannister, Edric Dayne knocks and enters, places Dawn at his feet and requests to be able to pray at Winterfell's godswood. Then, Edric reveals the secret his father Alster had told him: he is the son of Ashara Dayne and Eddard, conceived in a moment of grief the night after Eddard arrived to Starfall with Dawn and Arthur's bones - only Eddard thought it was a dream brought by the milk of the poppy he had been given to deal with the pain of his injuries. Edric gives him a letter where Alster explains everything and requests Eddard not to acknowledge Edric as his son, because then Gerold Dayne (the Darkstar) would inherit Starfall and Dawn. Eddard embraces his newfound son, while internally acknowledging the mess this is causing.

Chapter 113:

  • Jaime watches the stars above, which remind him of Tyrion. In spite of everything, he still does not believe in the most fantastical events, even rationalizing (or, rather, Cersei's rationalizing) the wight's head as a simple mechanical trick. He worries about Cersei's growing instability as well.
    • A group of riders meets the King's party: the Knights of the Vale, led by Yohn Royce and Horton Redfort. Robert notices that Yohn Royce is keeping his armor covered under cloth, as the runes in his armor are glowing.
  • Ned takes dinner in his solar, tired after all the day's events, when Catelyn comes to speak with him. Ned immediately tells her the events behind Edric Dayne's conception, apologizing for the fact that he actually had a bastard son, even if he did not know it had actually happened. Catelyn laughs about the irony of the situation, and while she is not happy about it, she cannot blame either her husband or Edric Dayne, having learned from her previous behaviour. Relieved, Ned asks her about the Broken Tower, and Catelyn mentions that the work is done. Now, they only have to wait for King Robert to arrive.
  • At Harlaw, Lord Rodrik, Alyse and Asha receive a letter from Balon Greyjoy, who offers them a truce to meet and make peace. All of them immediately realize it is a trap, but Rodrik knows that not going could risk making things worse. Rodrik hits on a potential idea: Asha will go to Winterfell and appeal to King Robert there so that a representative of the Baratheons can be at the peace meeting, just in case Balon tries something.
  • Jory is ecstatic after learning Annah is pregnant, and observes as different people train in Winterfell's yard, when one guard warns about a large column of people approaching Winterfell: King Robert has finally arrived.
  • As he gets ready, Robb reminisces about the King's visit in the previous timeline, and he notes the absence of the Lannisters in the reception group. As soon as Robert enters Winterfell, Robb realizes the change he has undergone, as well as the presence of everyone in the King's caravan - including Lords Redfort and Royce. Robert and Ned exchange jokes about their new weapons, and Robert greets Catelyn and the Stark children, as well as Robert Arryn and Edric Storm, before asking Ned to meet with him, Stannis and Ser Barristan in private.

Chapter 114:

  • Jaime observes the King leaving with Stannis and Ned and then his sister talking with Lady Stark when he finds Jory Cassel along with Annah. After congratulating them on their wedding, he asks where Tyrion is, and is guided to the library, where he finds Tyrion talking with Dacey Surestone. After Dacey leaves, Jaime and Tyrion ask about the potential for him to court her.
    • Jaime asks how they did the trick with the head, only for Tyrion to affirm that the wights are real, as well as the Others, and shows him Rocktooth. Someone else enters, and Jaime gets yet another shock when he sees his uncle Gerion and his cousin Allerion standing in front of him.
  • Brynden is still at the Twins. The death of Walder Frey after his previous shock had led to a mini-civil war among the Freys, rapidly solved by Stevron Frey taking over and having his half-brother Aenys and the latter's son Rhaegar put to death when they try to rebel. Stevron tells Brynden, Brienne and Ser Duncan that he intends to send aid to the Night's Watch, along with several of his many male relatives who have decided to take the Black: unlike his father, Stevron understands what's at stake, and will not ignore the threat coming from beyond the Wall.
  • In Ned's solar, Ned, Robert and Stannis bring each other up to speed on everything that has been happening, from Robert finding Stormbreaker and Shireen being cured, to Ned's agreement with the Wildlings, his vision of Hopemourne, and his ride to the Wall and rapid ride back. The Baratheons are especially taken aback at the news that Tyrion killed an Other, that Gerion Lannister is alive and present, and that the Mountain Tribes of the Vale are here under the banner of the Griffin King.
    • Ned shows the Baratheons the secret room in the solar, and brings out the captured ice-sword of one of the Others. Robert tests a dagger against it, and the ice blade freezes and shatters the steel.
    • After dwelling on how much First Men knowledge has been lost to time, wars and the folly of men that could've left them all unawares, the three men start discussing logistics on the war to come.

Chapter 115:

  • Jorah reminisces about the past as he notices everyone in Winterfell either looking angrily at him or just pointedly ignoring him. Suddenly, he is violently accosted by his father Jeor. Jeor calls him out for his idiocy while Jorah acknowledges his mistakes, before the latter notices his father is not carrying Longclaw any more: Jeor has decided to hand it over to Dacey.
  • Jon and the Small(er) Council (including the new Master of Ships Monford Velaryon) receive the news about the arrest of the High Sparrow, and hold a small discussion over what to do before ordering the man's death.
    • Quill brings in Denys Hollern, a messenger from the Night's Watch, who shows them all the living head of a wight, shocking everybody to the bone.
  • Gendry meets Mikken, who, much to Gendry's surprise, has heard of him thanks to the ravens sent from the castles they have been passing. As he works, Gendry realizes the halberds they are making are for dealing with wights.
    • Shireen brings the Terrible Threesome to the forge, sternly making sure that they won't be messing around the place. Gendry and Edric learn they are half-siblings (by means of the King) and Gendry gives Shireen the knife he's made for Stannis.
  • After sending Luwin and Stannis off with messages, Ned and Robert have a private meeting. Ned reveals how he was possessed by the Old Gods and Theon's change of heart. When bringing the Wall up, Robert asks Ned what happened to Robb that made him have a look belonging to someone older, but Ned states that he cannot tell because it's Robb's tale and because he cannot fully prove it yet.
    • Robert raises the subject of betrothing Joffrey and Sansa, but Ned shoots it down by revealing that Sansa's already betrothed, and in love with, Domeric Bolton, also mentioning his oath on the Fist of Winter. Robert suggests marrying either Tommen and Arya or Bran and Myrcella, which Ned agrees could work. Robert then asks Ned to take him to the crypts, so he can pay respects to Lyanna.

Chapter 116:

  • In the aftermath of the demonstration with the wight head, Jon Arryn is reflective over the actions of the Small Council when Renly comes to him. Renly mentions that, even after everything he saw in Storm's End, he had half-forgotten everything about magic's return until he saw the head. Renly makes plans to accompany the head to Storm's End.
    • Jon tells Renly he has to marry, and soon, revealing to him that all of Cersei's childrens are bastards and that Jaime is their father: the moment this comes to light, House Baratheon will be in trouble. Jon knows about Renly's relationship with Loras Tyrell, counseling that he may be able to find a wife willing to overlook that. Jon also plans to communicate with Willas Tyrell to continue planning for the future.
  • Robert gazes at Lyanna's statue and tells Ned about his recent dreams of Lyanna. The two wonder about what might have been if Rhaegar had not kidnapped Lyanna, and Robert agrees that he may not have been the best husband for Lyanna, but he would have made the effort, and even then it would have been better than his odious marriage to Cersei.
    • After Robert retires to train, Ned meets with Stannis and tells that he knows the truth about Cersei's children, and also about Robb's time travel and the dark future he came from. Stannis is amazed and starts to treat Ned less formally, and Ned tells him about his plot to catch Cersei and Jaime.
  • In the aftermath of leaving Jaime in shock with Gerion's tale, Tyrion observes the various youngsters (male and female) practice their fighting to deal with the wights, when Cersei and Joffrey approach him. Upon learning that Gerion found Brightroar, Joffrey exclaims that when the time comes he will have both Brightroar and Stormbreaker, but then Gerion appears and tells him that Brightroar will remain within his family. When Joffrey claims Tywin will match the price Gerion paid, Gerion scares him off by showing him what he has under his eyepatch. Cersei and Joffrey leave, and Gerion makes an oblique mention to Robb's being older than he seems.
  • At the Foxhold, Bronn and Ursula go over the books when Lysa awakens. Bronn goes to see to her, and Lysa demands to be returned to the Eyrie, but Bronn reveals that Jon is still alive and has decreed her arrest. Lysa goes even crazier and Bronn has Haster sedate her.
  • Ned meets with Horton Redfort and Yohn Royce, who tell him about the runes in their castle and armor, and how they have noticed only some runes glow while others do not, without any observable pattern, much to Ned's disappointment. Conversation turns to Robert Arryn and his changes, and Ned calms down their suspicions that he may be a bastard of Littlefinger's, seeing that Robert looks very much an Arryn. Just then, Jory Cassel comes to interrupt: the welcome party will begin soon.
  • At the welcoming feast, Jaime still expects Robert to be his usual boorish, hard-drinking self, but Robert surprises him by instead making a powerful speech about Westeros being united in their support of the North and against the threat of the Others. During the party, Jaime makes a moment to be alone with Cersei and obliquely tells her that the Broken Tower would be empty, and thus available for a romp or two.
    • After guarding a sleeping Robert for half the night, Jaime makes for the Tower to ready it for the next day, but he feels unnerved as one of the direwolf pups watches him going around the place.
  • As the men prepare for the hunt, Jon checks on the horses while Val and Ygritte give pointers to Sarella on how to use her bow, before Ygritte approaches Jon. Ygritte asks him if he is betrothed, and throws a flirtatious comment when he replies he's not, much to his bafflement and Ned's amusement.
    • The King arrives, and the hunting group leaves Winterfell, while Jon knows that, when they come back, things will have changed quite a lot.
  • In the forest, the hunting group is planning when a rider comes with a message for Ned: the Lannister twins have gone into the Broken Tower and the trap is set. Ned apologizes to Robert and asks leave to return, along with Robb and Ser Barristan. On the way back, Ned explains to the Kingsguard that they need him as a witness to treason. Arriving to Winterfell, they are joined by Stannis, two of his men and the Cassels. Ned guides them to the Broken Tower and up a set of hidden stairs that lead them to the room where they can hear the sounds of sex. Ned kicks the door open.
  • Jaime and Cersei get caught in flagrante delicto by Ned and his group. Jaime attempts to get to his sword, but Jory Cassel gets there first, and then Ser Barristan starts throttling him in fury. Stannis has both Jaime and Cersei arrested, and Ned tells Cersei she won't be Queen for much longer.

Chapter 117:

  • As the group takes the now arrested Jaime and Cersei into different rooms, they meet Gerion and Allerion Lannister, who tell them they will make sure the Redcloaks make no move and that they also have an idea of what happened, thanks to their greendreams. After doing this, Eddard and Stannis reveal to Ser Barristan the issue of Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen's true parentage, and the Kingsguard agrees that the children should be protected.
    • Eddard and Ser Barristan return to the forest. Robert greets them happily, but when Ned tells him what has been found, he is driven into a furious rage, even more when he is told about the incest, but he keeps a hold of his fury nonetheless. Ned is left hoping that he will be able to keep his old friend from doing something too rash.
  • Tyrion is called away from the books by his uncle Gerion, who is ordering the Redcloaks to stand down before they attempt to free the Queen. Tyrion asks what's happening, and Gerion tells him about how Cersei and Jaime were caught "rutting like animals". Gerion asks for his help because he knows that the situation is going to be on the edge of collapse, and things are bad enough. Tyrion then realizes about the true nature of Cersei's children.
  • Ned returns to Winterfell with Robert, and his furious rage has been reduced just enough that he might not kill Jaime or Cersei. Ned and Stannis take him to the former's solar, and the two bring out the fact that neither Joffrey, Myrcella nor Tommen share any of the physical traits of the Baratheons, making Robert more furious, but Ned reminds him that, while it is a serious crime, it is also Tywin Lannister's children that are being accused of the deed, so they are going to need concrete proof that the King's "trueborn" are not his. Robert knows that at least Myrcella and Tommen don't deserve what could happen to them.
    • Ser Barristan mentions he has an idea about how to confirm the truth.
  • Varys watches another Stormlord view the wight head and be affirmed of the truth of the Others, and reflects on the changes that have been taking place lately, and acknowledges that all of his plans are now in ruins between the Call, Robert's changes and Stannis being Hand.
    • One of Varys' "little birds" brings a scroll and, when Varys reads it, he sees that something else has gone wrong: he must return to Pentos.
  • Gendry keeps working hard at Winterfell's forge, wondering about the metal of the anti-rot cages, when the Cassels come to collect him for the King. After scrubbing himself, he finds his half-siblings Mya and Edric, along with Robert, Ned, Barristan, Stannis and Shireen, with the King bearing Stormbreaker. Joffrey, Myrcella, Tommen come in, the former demanding questions, and Robert tells them Cersei is being confined for a reason, before tasking the children to do something: write down what they hear when he strikes the sword. Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen hear a clank, while Mya, Gendry and Edric hear a chime. Robert sends the former three to their rooms, and when Gendry asks what's happening, a shocked Shireen tells him that only those of Durrandon blood could hear a chime, including herself. After a moment, Gendry and his half-siblings realize the truth.

Chapter 118:

  • After the other children leave, Robert decides to speak to Cersei and Tyrion, as he needs her to confess the truth about Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen being Jaime's children so he can dissolve his marriage with her as cleanly as possible, and he needs to know if Tyrion knew about the incest. Ser Barristan apologizes for not being more observant, but Robert takes the blame, as he never gave any importance to the naming of the Kingsguard, and tasks the Lord Commander to restore its honor.
    • Cersei is brought to Ned's solar, making threats, and when she sees Robert she tries to deny everything and that it was all a misunderstanding, but Robert coldly divorces her. When it comes down to the matter of the children, she points out that their proof is not conclusive and vindictively claims that Joffrey will be king in spite of it. Robert, furious, nearly strikes her, but he realizes it is an attempt by her to gain sympathy by looking like the victim, and has her sent back to her cell.
  • Willas takes a ride around Highgarden, as he considers Loras and how to balance his wants with the needs of the Reach as a whole. When he returns, Garlan meets him, and tells him their mother and grandmother are preparing a list of marriage candidates for him or Loras.
    • Just then, their mother Alerie Tyrell appears with Lady Olenna, and gives Willas a letter written by Alyston, the Septon in charge of the Starry Sept in Oldtown, demanding that Mace come to the Hightower to "cleanse" a gate hidden beneath the Hightower. Lady Alerie (who was born a Hightower) confirms the existence of the gate, and mentions that the gate has changed. When Willas reads the letter and realizes that Alyston has sent another letter to his father's hunting lodge (which is closer to Oldtown than Highgarden), Willas orders Garlan to find Loras so the three can ride for Oldtown.
  • Tyrion sees Cersei being taken into Winterfell's solar, and after she leaves, Stannis tells him to come in. Robert asks if he knew about the incest, and Tyrion replies he only suspected, but he never said anything because he knew no one would have believed him and because he loves Jaime. He becomes shocked and horrified when Robert confirms that Cersei's children came out of that relationship. Tyrion knows Cersei would never confess, so he argues that Jaime might be amenable to speak the truth if he were offered to join the Night's Watch, and Robert agrees - as long as he swears on the Fist of Winter. Robert sends Ser Barristan to escort Tyrion so he can speak (or, rather, shout) at his brother.
  • Locked in Winterfell's cells, Jaime is confronted by Robb. Robb posits his younger brother Bran accidentally walking in on Jaime and Cersei and what lengths Jaime would go to to keep the secret, even maiming a boy. Enraged at the judgment, Jaime loses his temper and rants about exactly why he broke his oath and killed Aerys Targaryen - because Aerys was planning on burning all of King's Landing in wildfire just to kill Ned and Robert when they arrived.
    • Tyrion and Ser Barristan arrive in time to hear the rant. Barristan exclaims that no wildfire was found, but Jaime replies that it was all buried under the city, and he never told anyone so as to avoid a panic and it would degrade anyway. A horrified Tyrion corrects him that wildfire only degrades under the right conditions and that the buried wildfire is instead becoming more unstable. Tyrion, Robb and Barristan quickly leave to inform Robert while Jaime is left in horror at what he had done.

Chapter 119:

  • Robert broods in the aftermath of the discussion with Cersei. Robert discusses his options with Ned: naming Stannis as his heir has the trouble of what will happen when Shireen becomes the heir, and legitimizing either the lowborn Gendry or the young, half-Florent Edric Storm have their own problems. Ned tells him that, whatever his choice, the North will support him.
    • Their discussion is interrupted by Robb, Tyrion and Ser Barristan, who reveal what Jaime has confessed. Robert decides to send several messages to King's Landing, to warn Jon about the danger, before he goes to talk to Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen about how they are not his children.
  • Sandor, unlike Joffrey, has realized the implications of the sword-sounding test, and tells Joffrey he won't be doing anything that might get him in trouble. The king and Ser Barristan arrive, and the king tells Joffrey that his mother has been arrested for treason, because of her sleeping with Jaime, and explains the rationale behind the sword-sounding test. When Joffrey finally understands what is being said, he denies it, demanding Robert to sound Stormbreaker again, until Sandor reveals the incident when Joffrey tried to lay claim to Stormbreaker during the travel by ship. Robert forces Joffrey to attempt to claim Stormbreaker again, and the sword once again blows Joffrey across the room. Robert declares Joffrey to be Joffrey Hill and leaves.
  • Tyrion feels numb in the aftermath of the entire mess, thinking about the shame about to befall his family, and him no longer able to court Dacey. When his wandering takes him to the library, he finds Dacey and Shireen inside, looking for books on the Durrandons. Tyrion's awkward attempt to say goodbye make Dacey and Shireen realize he's just trying to be noble. After Shireen leaves, Dacey points out that Tyrion had nothing to do with his siblings' treason, had fought next to the Starks against the Others and helped save her, and also that she's expecting he will ask for her hand some time soon. With renewed spirits, Tyrion decides to return to Jaime's cell and get that confession out of him.
  • Catelyn finds Ned in the godswood, thinking about Jaime's confession and the possibility of sending him to the Wall, and Luwin brings news of Tywin Lannister's departure for Winterfell. On their way back, they see someone is praying in the sept: Ser Barristan, who has gone there to pray for guidance in his task to restore the Kingsguard. Talking with the Starks, he reflects on past events, how he ought to have acted differently to Aerys's madness and how Rhaegar changed - including him giving orders to the Kingsguard to remain away from him during the Battle of the Trident. Ned and Catelyn wish him success in his quest.

Chapter 120:

  • Tyrion returns to Jaime's cell, and tells him their father is on the way to Winterfell. Tyrion explains the Call, tells him about his dream and mentions about greenseers in their family line, as well as how important it is that Westeros is united against the Others, including Tywin. Tyrion spells out the crisis the Lannister family is in, and tells Jaime that his only options are to confess to the children's parentage, go to the Wall, and get Tywin to accept the outcome and pledge the Westerlands' support, or not confess, be beheaded, earn Tywin's enmity, and leave a divided Westeros to be subsumed by the undead. Jaime agrees to write a confession, but under one condition: he wants to be judged on the issue of his killing of Aerys the Mad, and he wants it to be a trial by combat.
  • During supper, Ned listens to Robert discuss the Night's Watch with Stannis and Jeor, while Theon enlists Robb and Jon's help in coming up with his new family name. Tyrion arrives and tells them that Jaime is willing to confess, as well as his conditions for this. Robert decides, much to everyone's shock, to be Aerys' champion against Jaime, but Ser Barristan, remembering Jaime's last encounter with Stormbreaker, agrees with the plan.
  • Leera finds Jorah in Winterfell's Godswood, and Jorah tells her a message came from Lys: Lynesse Hightower is dead. Jorah asks (or tries to ask) her to marry him, and she accepts.
  • Tyrion spends a bad night full of bad dreams and nightmares after the rigmarole with Jaime's demand. The next morning, Jaime becomes shocked and almost terrified when he finds out Robert is going to be his opponent in the trial by combat.
    • After an attempt to request Brightroar receives a negative, Jaime faces the King in combat. During the fight, Jaime loses sword after sword as Stormbreaker rapidly rusts them from the inside and breaks them, forcing him to grab his cousin Lancel's sword, and then that of two Lannister guards, until Robert has broken not only his weapons, but his shield, armor and spirit. Robert, however, won't kill him, because they need him at the Wall.

    Chapters 121 - 140 

Chapter 121

  • Domeric observes as Robert Arryn continues his riding lessons when Lord Redfort approaches him. The Lord congratulates him on his future marriage to Sansa and expresses his pride at how well he is teaching Robert, promising to write to Lord Arryn about it. Domeric mentions his plans to change House Bolton's symbols, which his father suspects, and they discuss Ramsay Snow. Lord Redfort tells him the Vale will support him when he becomes Lord Bolton, but Domeric points out that they first need to win the war.
  • Theon meets with the King and tells him he wants to change his name to Theon Greymist, also mentioning his dreams. Robert points out such a move would have many repercussions, and promises to give an answer in a few days.
  • Jon finds Robb at the Godswood, and the two discuss their pity for Jaime Lannister and warging. Robb reveals he had just named Jon his heir before being killed.

Chapter 122

  • Ned finds Robert in front of Lyanna's tomb. Robert tells Ned about his dream involving Lyanna, talks about how he never expected Stormbreaker to rust Jaime Lannister's armor and shield, wonders about what else the sky metal weapons can do, and about how he has been a poor king thus far. Ned points out that he did lead the Seven Kingdoms to victory against the Greyjoys, asking him to do the same now against the Others.
    • Robert then shows Ned a present he had had made, to give to Lyanna when they married: a medallion with a direwolf and a stag, which hides an etching of the Laughing Tree. Robert says he always knew Lyanna was the Knight of the Laughing Tree, and puts the medallion around the neck of her statue before the two friends depart.
  • Asha Greyjoy and her men are traveling north after reaching the coast, crossing the Neck by horse. One of Asha's men, Old Gregor, mentions they are being watched by the crannogmen: sure enough, when they reach Moat Cailin they are met by several Reed men, who allow them through when Asha mentions she needs to speak with the King. The Ironborn note how the pull they have been feeling is lessening. On the way, the group sees one of the Green Men, and a flabbergasted Gregor urges the group to ride fast, because they are needed.

Chapter 123

  • Brynden Tully and Brienne of Tarth continue traveling north with the Green Men after the events in the Twins. Brynden marvels at Brienne, but bitterly tells himself he's too old.
    • As they finally cross into the Neck, the air seems to change, and the Green Man comments that Rickon Stark has managed to carry out his mission - confusing Brynden, as the only Rickon he knows is Catelyn's son - and urges the group to ride harder.
  • Tyrion reflects on the aftermath of Jaime's trial by combat as he finishes writing up a new report for his father, knowing that Tywin will be furious over the events. As he falls asleep on his chair, Tyrion realizes that Robb is the "boy who died and fell through time".
  • Samwell is greatly enjoying his time spent at the Citadel as he researches the incoming threat. Ebrose checks up on him, and Sam shares his findings of a set of runes that detail the old Pact between the First Men and the Children, which, combined with other runes in the Hightower, could allow them to start working out the language of the Children. As their conversation turns to the Call and magic, Ebrose mentions how irritating magic is for the maesters as, unlike other things, it is unpredictable and unstable.
    • Another Maester comes and tells Ebrose that Archmaester Perestan needs him - Mace Tyrell has arrived and trouble is brewing at the Hightower.
  • Willas and his brothers arrive at Oldtown, meeting their uncle Gunthor Hightower. He tells them that Mace and the Septons of the Starry Sept are meeting, and they have to reach the Hightower before they do.
    • Crossing the water, the group arrives at the Hightower right as Mace and the Septons, led by Septon Alyston, demand entrance to "cleanse" the gate under the tower. Leyton Hightower reluctantly lets them through, and warns Willas about the troubling influence it has on anyone coming close and how the effect is strengthening.
    • When they reach the gate, Alyston and his acolytes try to pray and invoke the Seven at the artifact, but one acolyte flees in fear and the other collapses. Mace Tyrell rushes to rescue him, but ends up needing to be rescued by Willas. In the process of rescuing his father, Willas discovers that wielding Otherbane in his hand renders him immune to the influence of the gate entity.
    • Septon Alyston manages to get the closest to the gate - until he dies of pure fright. But then his corpse rises up, and the entity on the other side of the Gate begins to push through. Willas kills the risen corpse with Otherbane and temporarily forces the entity to back off.

Chapter 124

  • Tyrion watches as Jaime writes his confession and Maester Luwin admonishes him for not eating. When they are left alone, Jaime asks Tyrion to see if he can expedite his travel to the Wall - as he doesn't want to face their father. Tyrion tells Jaime that he will have make an oath on the Fist of Winter, telling him of Willem Bootle. When Jaime still makes light of the conflict at the Wall, Tyrion tells him angrily that the threat of the Others is all too real, and that he needs to stay alive and at his best for all their sakes.
  • Luwin checks up on Catelyn's pregnancy, suggesting she take Sansa to learn how to run a house.
    • Selyse Baratheon comes, believing she might be pregnant, a suspicion Luwin confirms. Selyse fears the child will be stillborn like almost all her others, but Luwin posits that her previous problems may have been caused by the gases Dragonstone's volcano emits and that she should remain in Winterfell to give birth - although, as he tells Catelyn after Selyse leaves, the cause may have been poison or simply that she has more problems in bearing children than most.
    • Catelyn asks for an update on Cersei and her children, and Luwin tells her that, while Tommen was disconsolate and Myrcella is sharp enough to understand her new situation, both Cersei and Joffrey are still delusional and believing they are in a position of power.

Chapter 125

  • In Oldtown, Willas thinks about the consequences of his encounter with the entity behind the gate: the Septon his father rescued is dead, the one that ran away had to be restrained and sedated, and his father suffered greatly, falling into a coma. Loras comes to him to tell him grave news: their father is dying, and wants to speak with him.
    • Mace Tyrell is awake, but fading fast. With the last of his strength, Mace Tyrell apologizes to Willas for being so prideful, and warns him that the entity behind the gate is a mad god that will try to return and blight the harvest, and that Ned Stark is the only one that can kill it with the Fist, before expiring, leaving Willas as the new lord of the Reach.
  • Oberyn Martell arrives at King's Landing, taking notice of the changes amongst the Goldcloaks with Davos Seaworth leading them. When he meets him, Davos informs him that Lord Arryn wants to speak with him.
    • After discussing Alster Dayne's passing and Lysa's treachery and capture, the topic of the Call is brought up. Jon Arryn brings Oberyn to see the wight's head in the throne room, and Oberyn is stunned when he sees that it is real and not a trick.
    • Quill suddenly bursts in, bearing scrolls from Stannis Baratheon. Once Jon Arryn reads them, he orders Quill to prepare to lock down the Redcloaks in the city, for the Lannister siblings have been caught in the act and arrested. After Oberyn reads them, Jon offers to let him in on the operation. Oberyn accepts, but excuses himself first to laugh himself to tears.

Chapter 126

  • Ned works on his paperwork, thinking about his need to travel to Barrowtown to deal with the mysterious fog gathering there, as well as the potential succession troubles with the Dustins.
    • Tyrion comes into his solar and asks if he can be considered for Dacey Surestone's hand. Tyrion comments that his standing, both as an individual and as part of the Lannister family, is not very high and that he would be willing to swear on the Fist, but Ned points out that he has been proving himself quite well in the last weeks and that he will consider him favorably.
    • Conversation turns to Tywin and his reaction when he learns what has been going on, and finally Tyrion leaves - mentioning to Ned's astonishment that he has deduced Robb's secret about falling through time.
  • Tywin and Kevan sail upriver towards Torrhen's Square, and Kevan notes the growing signs of activity among the Northerners. When they arrive, Tywin has Kevan start to gather information about the events that have taken place since they started their travel
    • Suddenly, Lord Gawen Westerling arrives with a bad message: Cersei's incestuous relationship with Jaime has been discovered and Robert has divorced her. Kevan offers to return to Casterly Rock to call the banners, but, surprisingly, Tywin decides he must get the truth from Winterfell as soon as possible, because none of the witnesses (Stark, Stannis or Selmy) are known for being liars, and he still remembers how Joanna had told him about the twins' "experiments" when they were nine. When Kevan asks him what he will do if it turns out to be truth, Tywin cannot give an answer.
  • Robb, Jon and Theon are training hard and discussing Valyrian steel weapons (with Theon wishing he had one) when Ned arrives. Ned tells them that Tyrion has figured out Robb is the boy who died and fell through time, and Robb promises to discuss things out with him later.
    • When Robb returns to his rooms, he is suddenly attacked by a drunken Joffrey wielding a Valyrian steel dagger, who manages to catch him outside his room without his weapons or Grey Wind. Val arrives and throws Robb a knife, and they manage to subdue Joffrey.
    • Ned and others arrive, drawn by the noise, as well as a bloody Sandor Clegane, who Joffrey bushwhacked with a bottle. Ned orders Joffrey to the cells, while Robb wonders where he got the dagger.

Chapter 127

  • Jon rushes to Robb's room, where Ned explains to him what happened. Robert arrives shortly after, and after Ned has Arya and Bran leave, Robert apologizes. When Luwin mentions the Valyrian steel knife, Robert (who explains he won it off from Baelish) realizes that Joffrey stole the knife from him several months ago.
    • After Robert leaves, Robb tells his father that it is the knife used in the attempt to murder Bran, and Ned also notes that Littlefinger's comment about it belonging to Tyrion Lannister was another of the man's lies. Maester Luwin notes that Joffrey seems to be touched by madness, and the boy's punishment is discussed: the Wall or execution. Robb points out that they have to wait for Tywin's arrival, as they don't want to alienate him by humiliating his family any further.
  • Daenerys' plight in Pentos continues as it becomes increasingly obvious that the Pentoshi magisters' are intent on keeping her prisoner so as to use her dragons in a war against Braavos. Varys appears all of a sudden, with grave news: Braavos has, rather smartly, decided to launch a preemptive strike against Pentos before the dragons are fully grown, and Varys intends to help them escape before it is too late. Guiding her through several passageways and onto a waggon, Varys takes Daenerys out of Pentos, moments before the Braavosi make their attack. Now relatively safe, Varys tells her their destination: Andalos.

Chapter 128

  • The Small Council meets to determine the actions to take in the aftermath of the incest being discovered and the Redcloaks confined to their barracks. Pycelle tries to deny the truth of the news, but the rest of the Council firmly puts him in place.
    • Several messages from Winterfell arrive, warning about the wildfire caches under the city. Oberyn Martell and Pycelle, both familiar with wildfire, decide to lead search parties.
  • Tyrion is summoned to Winterfell's godswood by Robb, who confirms to him that he is the boy who died and fell through time. Robb tells him about what happened in the original timeline and about the War of the Five Kings, leaving out a few personal details. Tyrion is horrified by Robb's revelations, especially after hearing about Joffrey being king and that the war left Westeros completely unprepared against the Others. Tyrion then asks Robb if he can stand being related to a Lannister after his marriage to Dacey, and Robb replies that he could, as Tyrion is a good man who fought alongside him and knows what's at stake.

Chapter 129 (Omake by Sardar)

  • In Dorne, young Daeron Vaith, Lord of Vaith, receives a letter from his cousin Edric Dayne in the North, warning him about the Lannister twins being caught doing the deed, the Call and the threat of the Others, much to the surprise of a skeptical and dismissive Maester Horenn. Daeron begins to plan to move for the North.

Chapter 130

  • Robert wakes up after yet another dream of Lyanna where he almost reached her, and goes about his day, exercising, working through matters of state with Stannis, and watching his bastards, while thinking about how much of a foul woman Cersei was and how he has to solve the matter of his heir soon.
    • Robert and Ned have several sword spars, during which Ned counsels him to stop brooding and become the Storm King of legend they need.
    • Later at the Godswood, Robert joins others in witnessing Jaime Lannister swear his oath to the Night's Watch on the Fist of Winter. When he does, the Old Gods possess Ned to witness the swearing, challenge Jaime to stay true to his oath or perish with the consequences (during which Robert notices that both Stormbreaker and Rocktooth are glowing), and then tell Robert to trust himself and his blood.
    • That night, as Robert falls asleep, he has that dream of Lyanna being pulled away once again, but this time, he finally catches her.

Chapter 131

  • After a long day of work, Oberyn meets again with the Small Council, with the final terrifying tally of more than a thousand barrels of wildfire (some of them leaking) placed beneath the city's main points on Aerys' orders, more than enough to destroy the whole city. Oberyn reveals his suspicions that Aerys intended to use it as some sort of sacrifice to become a dragon, and laments that the odds of his sister Elia's survival was much lower than he thought. It becomes obvious that the wildfire must be removed, and Jon Arryn says that he has a potential idea.
  • Having managed to catch up to Lyanna, Robert marvels at his lost love, but Lyanna explains to him that she was brought here by the Old Gods and has little time before the Others find her. She tells him that the Others plan to outflank the Wall on the West, and that Robert needs to fully become the Storm King by letting go of her memory and the past and keep moving forward. Finally, Lyanna tells Robert that Rhaegar raped her and got her with child - a boy that now lives as a Stark. She begs him to not harm the child or blame Ned for the deception, and Robert promises to protect him.
    • Just then, the Others manage to find them. Robert stands between the Others and Lyanna, and he manages to hold them off with lightning coming out of his hands and a sword made of light, while Lyanna's spirit escapes back to the Old Gods.
    • Robert awakens, and Ser Barristan tells him that Stormbreaker was glowing and hovering in the air. Robert has Ser Barristan and Ser Arys Oakheart prepare a meeting with Eddard in the crypts.

Chapter 132

  • Ned wakes from a nightmare of the Tower of Joy fight, when a shaken Ser Barristan asks him to meet Robert now. Along the way, Ser Barristan describes what he saw with Ned, and says he'll have to check his family history for anything similar.
    • Ned finds Robert sitting in front of Lyanna's statue in the crypts. With Ser Barristan as witness, Robert swears an oath to never harm Lyanna's son or allow him to come to harm, and to never reveal his existence to others. Robert recounts what happened in the dream and what Lyanna told him to pass on to Ned, still shaken by the fact that people thought he would have actually killed Jon. Robert tells Ned that he only laughed at the corpses of Rhaegar's children as a way of not showing fear in front of Tywin Lannister, although Ned retorts that he never knew that at the time and had hid Jon because he wanted to protect his much-reduced family.
    • When Robert mentions Lyanna's revenge by bearing Rhaegar a son instead of a daughter for his prophecy and the treachery of the Kingsguard, a stunned Barristan comments on how they changed as Rhaegar became more obsessed with his prophecy, reveals how he became more melancholy after his visits to the Isle of Faces, and how Rhaegar had seemed to seek death after that final visit.
    • Ned tells Robert that Jon hates his lineage and wants nothing more than to be Robb's bannerman, to which Robert offers any financial aid if needed. Before they leave, Robert asks Ned about Lyanna telling him that the Old Gods still weren't strong enough to bring her back like they did Robb, and Ned arranges for them to meet with Robb in the morning to let Robert in on the secret.
  • Willas remains in Oldtown, acutely aware of how his presence is the only thing that may keep the entity behind the Gate at bay. When Alerie and Olenna arrive, he brings them to Mace's funeral in the Hightower's sept, as Willas fears the Faith Militant may have become too strong in the Starry Sept, telling them of the events that led to Mace's death.
    • While Alerie stays with Mace's body, Olenna demands to see the Gate that got her son killed, and Willas brings her down.
    • Afterward in Leyton's solar with his aunt Malora, Willas states his belief that the creature behind the Gate is the Drowned God. Leyton Hightower shows them books of magic that, much to his frustration, show nothing of the Hightower's history or how to face the God. Willas shares his plans of writing to Ned Stark so as to request his help in finishing off the Drowned God, while he himself remains in Oldtown both to help hold off the Drowned God and keep an eye on the Starry Sept.
    • A messenger arrives just then, with a message from King's Landing noting the discovery of Cersei's fornication with her brother and all the consequences.

Chapter 133

  • Bronn inspects the crypts of the Foxhold, seeking potential weak points, when Ursula finds him with news of King Robert's divorce. The two discuss some of Bronn's old jobs, the fact that the Cawlishes are linked to the Mudds, and Lysa, with Bronn hoping he can get her out of the Foxhold as soon as possible.
  • The Lannisters ride at top haste from Torrhen's Square for Winterfell, with Tywin coldly enraged and seeking any news, and Kevan trying to keep an eye on Gregor Clegane. On the way, they find a keep that belonged to House Redstark being rebuilt under the leadership of Lord Rickard Redstark, who wishes the group a safe travel.
  • Robb finishes telling a stunned Robert and Stannis of the events that took place in the other timeline. Stannis is resolved to have Melisandre killed should she appear, while Robert points out that Eddard has pretty much gotten "revenge" on everyone that screwed him and his family in the previous timeline (Domeric Bolton and Theon Greyjoy renouncing their parents' ways and Jaime Lannister sent to the Wall).
    • The King asks Theon to come in, and after a quick discussion of his motivations, Robert grants him his wish to become Theon Greymist, sworn lord to House Stark. Theon leaves, and Eddard mentions everyone else who knows the truth about Robb.
    • In the meantime, Randyll Tarly has finally arrived to Winterfell and requests an audience with the King. Randyll tells the King about the discovery of Otherbane and his mission to ascertain the needs for the future campaign against the Others, and Robert requests his former enemy to tell him everything he can about the Reach.
  • Theon begins to make plans over the future of his new house, with Robb and Rodrik Cassel joining the new Lord Greymist for an impromptu celebration. This becomes interrupted when a party bearing House Harlaw's banner arrives to Winterfell, led by Asha Greyjoy. Robb asks "Lord Greymist" to help him escort Asha to the King.
  • Edmure prepares to execute Blackfoot, who manages to wake from his madness just long enough to make a cryptic reference to something that is coming, requesting to be killed. Edmure does so, and joins Patrek Mallister for a round of wine.
  • Asha feels intimidated by Winterfell and the direwolves as Robb and "Lord Greymist" guide her to meet with King Robert, who is informing Randyll of the current state of things alongside Stannis and Eddard. Asha gives the king her uncle's letter, requesting the aid of the Crown for those Ironborn who have heard the Call, pointing out his likely plans. Robert points out that Balon's actions are pretty much exactly what he was told not to do, and also states that Asha is now her father's only heir. Asha fears Theon is dead, until "Lord Greymist" reveals his old identity.
    • Stannis offers to be the King's representative, and Robert points out Balon could have someone else attack to get around the Guest's Rights, but overall agrees with Stannis' plan.
    • Maester Luwin appears then, with a message from Castle Cerwyn: Tywin Lannister will arrive within a day.

Chapter 134

  • While practicing her sewing with Sansa, Myrcella reflects on her new status as a bastard and her family's reactions to the events, from her mother's insistence on not accepting the truth to Tommen's decision to become a Maester. Sansa offers her assistance, but Myrcella replies negatively. When she then asks about Septa Mordane, Sansa answers that she is having a crisis of faith and has lost favor with her father.
  • Tywin and Kevan arrive to and stay a night in Castle Cerwyn, half a day from Winterfell. The following day, Lord Medger Cerwyn mentions the cages sent by the Night's Watch, but when Kevan is confused, Cerwyn invites them to view a wight cage that had arrived recently. Tywin is skeptical, but Lord Westerling is unnerved due to a letter on the subject from his son.
    • When shown the cage containing a wight's head, Tywin remains calm, but Kevan can tell that he, too, has been shaken by the proof that wights exist. As they leave the room, Kevan notices the Mountain staring warily at the head.
  • Varys is taking Daenerys across Andalos towards a hiding place Varys and Illyrio called Bolthole, built in a place the local Andals refuse to go. Varys explains to Daenerys some of the history of Andalos, particularly about Theon Stark's raids, and it becomes apparent why the locals avoid the area. Bolthole is near the place where the First Sept stood, now replaced by a mound 70 feet tall and 300 feet long covered in earth and sod - and formed by the heads of all the inhabitants of the region.
  • Jaime prepares for his new role as a Brother of the Night's Watch, while Tyrion helps him through giving him information of use. Jaime tries to tell Tyrion something, but Ser Barristan interrupts, giving Jaime a pouch with the ashes of his burnt white cloak and telling them about the wildfire barrels found under King's Landing. Gerion later comes and tells Jaime not to lose the pouch, because it will help him to redeem himself.
    • As Jaime leaves, Dacey arrives, and Tyrion asks if she would want to marry him - which she does.
  • With Tywin approaching, Eddard tells Robb, Jon and Theon to be careful how they act around the Lord of Casterly Rock, particularly pointing out that Gregor Clegane rides with him and how murderous the Mountain can get.
    • While they watch as the rest of the family gets prepared, the three teenagers wonder what the King will do about his heirs, but they are interrupted when Ygritte comes, angry about having to wear a dress - but not smallclothes, which prompts Jon to take her to Catelyn while Robb and Theon laugh behind him.
    • Finally, the men in watch warn that the Lannister caravan is arriving.
  • The Lannisters arrive at Winterfell amid much tension. After being welcomed, Tywin requests to speak with the King on the matter related to Jaime and Cersei. Kevan stays behind to speak with his son Lancel, who reveals that Gerion is still alive, much to Kevan's shock.
    • Gerion arrives and, after introducing his son Allarion and telling him that Allara has given birth to twin sons (Tytos and Tyrek), offers to guide his brother to Stark's solar, for what promises to be a tense meeting.
  • Ned, Robert, Stannis, Tywin, Kevan, and Gerion convene in Ned's solar. Tywin and Kevan are informed of the events of why Jaime and Cersei were arrested, the true heritage of Cersei's children, and the truth of why Jaime killed the Mad King. Tywin then decides to speak to Cersei, but is told he needs to talk to Tyrion first about the Call.

Chapter 135

  • Tyrion has finally finished his report on everything he has seen and done in the North, right on time to meet with his father. Tywin immediately asks him if he knew about Jaime and Cersei, but Tyrion says he only suspected, pointing out that Tywin would have never believed him without clear proof, which Tywin concedes. Tyrion then summarizes the events that have taken place ever since he left Casterly Rock, such as helping Dacey Surestone (whose father Tywin often consulted on matters of First Men laws), his finding of Rocktooth and the Warnings and the fight at the Black Gate and ending with his proposal to Dacey. Tywin ruefully laughs and admits that Tyrion has done well before deciding to meet with his grandchildren, forewarned about Joffrey's actions. Gerion congratulates Tyrion and says that his mother would be proud.
  • Robb observes Sarella as she practices her archery with dragonglass arrows, and Val joins him, asking about her, her family and Dorne. Leaving, the two find Mance Rayder trying a new tune in his lute, and the two men comment that the resurgence of the skymetal weapons must mean something. A guard interrupts their conversation, requesting the three of them go to Eddard's solar.
    • There, they meet him, the King, Stannis, the Redwyne twins (Horas and Hobber) and a man of the Night's Watch - who have brought the ice drake eggs found in Hardhome. Val mentions how her grandmother once saw something that might be a dragon, and Robert remembers that he still has the dragon egg his grandmother, Rhaelle Targaryen, gifted him when he was young, somewhere in Storm's End.
    • At this point, Tywin Lannister comes, bringing Joffrey Hill with him. Joffrey accepts the guilt of his attempt to kill Robb and requests to be allowed to take the Black, although it is obvious he is doing it at his grandfather's behest. The King and Eddard accept, and Tywin thanks them before going to talk with his daughter.
  • Cersei is planning how to make herself look good to her father when he talks with her, but when he does, Tywin silences her, absolutely furious with his daughter for ruining his plans and hopes of a dynasty that would outshine the Targaryens. He reveals to her what has happened and will happen to her children (Joffrey to the Wall, Tommen to the Citadel, Myrcella just hopeful she will be able to marry someone nice), Jaime's confession and the irony that Tyrion is now the heir because he's the only one that has acted like he hoped a Lannister would. Then he tells her that he will not do anything to help her, because she has ruined the name of House Lannister even beyond what it was before the Rains of Castamere - an event that also caused Tywin no end of problems. Telling her the only reason he won't kill her because it would add the 'kinslayer' label to House Lannister, and that she can best hope to be sent into exile, he leaves, having never allowed her a word in.

Chapter 136

  • After a dull conversation with Lollys Stokeworth, Renly muses on all the marriage offers coming his way. Jon Arryn meets him and brings him to the Small Council chamber.
    • Once they get there, Oberyn reveals that the pyromancers have a means of temporarily dulling the wildfire and making it safe to move, and Davos has proposed some modifications for ships to more carefully transport such unstable cargo, so they can ship the wildfire North.
    • A message then arrives, announcing the death of Mace Tyrell.
  • Daenerys is reflecting on her new dwelling in Bolthole when Varys summons her to his solar, revealing that they've received a message from Aemon. Daenerys is confused at how Aemon could have written it himself when he's blind, only for a perturbed Varys to fill her in on how the Old Gods restored his sight, as well as the existence of the wights.
    • Another message arrives, this one exposing the Lannisters' incest, the existence of the wildfire and why Jaime killed Aerys. Daenerys is shocked to learn of just how mad her father truly was. A now deeply unsettled Varys then leaves to return to King's Landing.

Chapter 137

  • Eating dinner in the Great Hall, Theon notes Tywin, Ned, and the Baratheons going over plans for supporting the Wall. He then goes outside and reflects on his new lordship. Asha joins him, and they discuss his rejection of the Ironborn culture, including him telling her about his dreams. Theon decides to attend the parley so that he can confront his father directly.
  • Robb joins Jon for breakfast the next morning. The two discuss learning how to warg, Ygritte's interest in Jon, and their futures.
    • The Green Men's party arrives at Winterfell. Robb is surprised but happy to greet Brynden and Brienne, and when the Green Man greets Robb as "the Boy Who Died and Fell Through Time", he agrees they all need to talk.
  • Cressen explores Dragonstone's library, while he and the other inhabitants of the castle try to make record of anything Patchface may have said in the past. He also ruminates on the lack of any record of the island's godswood, and questions if the Green Man buried there hid it because he foresaw Shireen and Gendry finding it.
    • One of the men comes in and says that they have found a set of ancient cave paintings — paintings that show the Pact of the Isle of Faces between the Children of the Forest and the First Men, as well as the Others and the wights. When he gets to the cave, Cressen starts working on copying it all.
  • Barristan observes Tywin being filled in on the upcoming war against the Others and offering his own counsel in return. Robert brings up the subject of the succession and requests counsel on his actions. Tywin, Ned, Stannis and Jeor offer their suggestions, and Barristan affirms that the Kingsguard will serve his heirs loyally no matter their background.
    • Ser Greenfield brings in Robb, Jon and the Green Man's party. Ned welcomes Brynden, and both Barristan and Tywin are stunned when they see Ser Duncan the Tall.

Chapter 138

  • Archmaesters Perestan and Ebrose discuss the Hightower gate and how much they want to understand it. They also discuss Samwell's progress on translating the runes on the Gate, and how he's invented a new type of foodstuff, pieces of ham and cheese held between slices of bread, that are very popular with the Maesters and kitchen staff, to the point they're being called "Samwells" after him. Ebrose comments on how so much information about the Others has been lost to time, and how learning that they're real has upended, or added to, everything they believe in.
  • Tywin Lannister asks how Ser Duncan survived the disaster at Summerhall, and the former Kingsguard explains the events: Aegon V had planned a safe ritual that might have awakened the dragons, but one pyromancer made a mistake that caused the wildfire used in the ritual to burn out of control. Ser Duncan managed to save Rhaella and helped her give birth to Rhaegar, and then he returned to aid Aegon, but the injured King ordered him to leave. Thanks to a servant's passageway, Duncan managed to escape into a nearby river, but in shock from his injuries and the loss of his friend and liege, he wandered the land until he reached the Isle of Faces.
    • Ser Duncan then discusses the Others and Hopemourne, the latter being a fortress that already existed when the Children of the Forest arrived to Westeros. The fragile balance between them both ended when the First Men arrived and the war started, and the Others discovered that humans could be turned into wights, unlike Children; this would prompt the alliance between the First Men and the Children of the Forest against them. Though the Others grievously lost the war, they have been slowly replenishing their numbers thanks to the Night's King, who was once a Stark and brother of one of the heroes of the Last War. Ser Duncan ends his intervention with a warning that war may come from an unexpected direction, and that Westeros needs the dragons of Daenerys Targaryen.

Chapter 139

  • Edmure is practicing his archery while Patrek looks on, lamenting how his combat skills have degraded and how he needs to improve in order to face the coming war with the Others.
    • Lord Hoster arrives, and he and Edmure discuss House Frey's change in leadership, the search for the Riverlands' shield of the First Men, and how Lysa is soon to be moved back to King's Landing to stand trial.
  • After the others leave, Bryden and Brienne pull Robb aside and let him know that they're aware of how he was brought back in time. Robb wonders what he's supposed to do now, as Ned, Robert and Stannis all go off on their own missions, and the Blackfish tells him that there are things in Winterfell he still needs to uncover.
  • Catelyn notes the changes brought to Winterfell's atmosphere by the Call and the arrival of the Court, when her uncle Brynden arrives. After talking about Robb and Walder Frey, Catelyn asks Brynden about the Old Gods, and the knight states that both him and Brienne have seen things that make him lean towards them. After an oblique mention to Jon, Brynden joins the banquet, and Catelyn makes her best to enjoy what time she has with her family before war is again upon them.

Chapter 140

  • Sandor watches the current situation around Winterfell, including the new visitors, his brother and the Starks, and wonders what he would be doing next, now that he is no longer sworn sword to a prince.
  • Tyrion and Tywin discuss the vast amount of un-mined gold in the Westerlands, Joffrey's pending taking of the Black, and options of what to do with Cersei.
  • Robert thinks about the Green Man's words, and wonders how to become Storm King with Stormbreaker like the legends say. When he dreams that night, he seems to be looking for something.
    • A frustrated Robert starts his workout early the next day. There, Ser Barristan admits that he wants to consult the Green Man for advice with the Kingsguard, but is worried about the response. Robert tells him that any criticism should be leveled at him, the King who was too lazy to care at the time.
    • Robert later watches Joffrey Hill swear his oath to the Night's Watch in the godswood.
    • News arrives later that day from the Hightower, containing the events of the Gate, Mace Tyrell's death, Lord Willas's rise, and the potential threat of blight in the Reach. Convening with Lords Stark, Tarly and Lannister about the news, Robert advises Ned to detour to the Reach after his visit to Barrowtown.

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