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Intermediate Gods

XJ-0461, God of Awesome Backpacks (Clank, Warbot Defect B5429671; Secret Agent Clank; "Scrappybot", Bolts)
  • Intermediate God, bordering on Greater God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorable robot with a giant form, plays a secret agent on Holo-Vision, fluent in "Nerd" and monkey, son of Orvus and the (former) Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock, adorable laugh
  • Domains: Backpacks, Secret Agents, Time
  • Heralds: The Zoni
  • Allies: Ratchet, Captain Qwark, Aqua, Oerba Dia Vanille, Yuna, Bentley Turtle, Mickey Mouse, Sora, Melody, Jak, Daxter, Lea, Absolnote 
  • Enemies: Dr. Nefarious, Courtney Gears, Gleeman Vox, Lady Tremaine, Clu, Emperor Palpatine
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • Ascended upon Ratchet's request due to their close friendship, and out of envy towards Jak, Sora and Sly being with their friends in the pantheon. In fact, before he ascended, Clank was able to get passed the guards by posing as a backpack, but when he was caught, the gods decided that he more than earned a title and allowed him to stay.
  • Thanks to a recent adventure in which he finds out where he, or rather, his soul came from, Clank has gained the power of "Time". He was suppose to be the Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock, but decided he'd rather resume his adventures with Ratchet.
  • Clank seems to get along with Bentley quite well, probably because they are both intelligent and experts with technology and time. In fact, when Gleeber and Lunk forced them into their Galactic Games, they co-operated in the hopes of being returned to their original worlds.
  • Since Clank's programing allows him to start any ship he chooses, he's often sort out by villains, most noticeably Emperor Palpatine, to gain an advantage on their space battles. Because of this, Ratchet has set up security to insure Clank, as well as everyone else in danger of being captured, is protected.
  • Gets along well with the monkey gods in the pantheon, due to his ability to speak in their "language". He can also speak in Techno Babble (dubbed "nerd" by Ratchet), which is helpful in translating what the more "intelligent" gods (such as Tron) are saying.
  • For some people (including Dr. Nefarious and Courtney Gears), he's best known for playing the titular protagonist in Secret Agent Clank, and is constantly mistaken for said character. Although Clank seems to enjoy the spotlight at first, he begins to regret the show because of this annoying fanbase's constant mistakes, as well as viewing Ratchet (who played a butler named Jeeves until he was fired and replaced with Skrunch) as merely a bumbling sidekick.
  • Once helped Aqua with dealing with Lady Tremaine and her daughters when they and Courtney Gears terrorized Blackwater City and killed it's mayor, and intending to do the same with the Castle of Dreams, while also planning on murdering Cinderella out of hatred. Clank considers the Tremaine family to be "witches", but oddly, has not caught up on the Disney deities, the Kids Next Door, or Daxter calling Gears a "glitch".
  • Despite being good friends with Jak and Daxter normally, this didn't stop him from kicking a RYNO V into their face and unfreezing Rachet during a DEATH BATTLE! they had once. To be fair, he did feel bad about it later, given "Battle Royale: Round 2" hints that contestants are brainwashed during these battles.
  • After the ascension of Melody, the daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric, Clank has began to investigate on a rumor that her arch nemesis, Morgana, might have been a disguised Ursula all along. But the existence of Uma caught Clank by surprise, as there is no way that Ursula could justify the existence of Uma if Morgana is Ursula.
    Clank: First, they say she has a sister. Now they say she has a daughter? Guess they'll next explain that Morgana and Uma are just illusions of her own leaking imagination. Hehehehehe.
    • However, Clank is also looking at the possibility of some timelines being altered to create a Bad Future or a nonsensical one for various Disney characters, because Ariel mentions a timeline where Morgana never existed, which allowed Melody to grow up fully aware of her mermaid heritage. She hopes that one would one day become the canon timeline.

    The Laughing Man 
The Laughing Man, God of Techno Wizards (Aoi)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Laughing Man Logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Techno Wizard, Covering his Face with a Logo Whenever Possible, Obfuscating Disability, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Memetic Mutation (in-universe and out)
  • Domains: Technology, Knowledge, Identity
  • Allies: Lain, Aiden Pearce, Neo, Barbara Gordon
  • Enemies: Dr. Hax, Agent Smith, SHODAN, Samaritan
  • Observed by: The House of Justice, Akane Tsunemori
  • Additional Relations: Motoko Kusanagi
  • Arguably, the Laughing Man is one of the most enigmatic hackers out there. His actions in a futuristic Japan have been a hot topic of that time period, leading Public Security Section 9 to investigate what exactly it is that he wants.
    • The Laughing Man is actually an alias that was originated by a young man named Aoi (in turn, the alias came from a short story by J. D. Salinger) and him discovering a file by chance would be the catalyst for Section 9's adventure due to that alias being used by different people. When it comes to that alias being used in the Pantheon, Aoi isn't sure what to make of it.
  • Not only does the Pantheon presumably contain items that Aoi was able to hack back in his world, it is also housing a number of technological items that could be considered new to him. These new materials have been of interest for him at the moment.
  • Only a handful of people know the identity of the originator, but almost everyone else doesn't see him often. He would prefer to read books, making him a frequent guest at the Library. Still, his temple is quite impressive, consisting of several data servers and a dozen hacked Gibson supercomputers...which he did himself.
  • Even though he is able to hack into computers and related technological items quite effectively, there are some who believe that it is very unrealistic and that number of other people that are following him are doing that. That rumor was debunked just as quickly as it started.
  • The Laughing Man has been known to make visits to online chatrooms on rare occasions. Sometimes, if Motoko Kusanagi is there, they may have share a quick chat with each other as the two are on reasonable terms with each other.
  • He has a level of admiration towards Barbara Gordon's hacking skills. Both of them actually had disabilities involved in some capacity, but whereas Barbara was able to get over her disability, Aoi was simply faking being disabled. Barbara wasn't sure what to make of that despite taking a liking to his hacking abilities.
  • One of his greatest obstacles has been Dr. Hax, a being who is notorious for cracking down on hackers and cheaters. In turn, Dr. Hax hates just how quickly The Laughing Man is able to get through technology to find whatever it is that he is looking for currently. It's not uncommon for the two to get engaged in cyber-combat if they cross paths online.
  • Despite his actions being at least somewhat justified to an extent, the House of Justice still doesn't trust him entirely and they, alongside a number of other investigators and officers, have been keeping track of his actions should anything suspicious come from him again, with the more law-inclined enforcers more willing to go after him sooner than later.
  • Spike Spiegel was once mistaken to have been the real identity of The Laughing Man, due to a couple of reasons. That ended up getting debunked when Spike told the curious party that he had nothing do with anything that hacker. Spike did concede that the Laughing Man is what would happen if Radical Ed ended up getting too much time on his hands.
    • Speaking of which, Radical Ed did mistake Aoi for Spiegel due to the voices at one point. Aoi only showed confusion towards Ed in regards to that, as well as the aforementioned incident regarding Spiegel.
  • The GUAG White Hats once asked him to join their group given his technological skills. Although he declined the offer, he is still quite friendly towards that group.
    • One particular hacker that The Laughing Man gets along with is Aiden Pearce, since the two have a similar level of skill when it comes to hacking technological items for their use. They are also considered criminals in a sense, despite not being truly malicious.
  • It should be noted that The Laughing Man "meme" that happened initially was a result of Aoi's actions being viewed in a good light. This can be considered both a "realistic" meme in the sense that others were trying to replicate him and an "internet" meme in the sense of the logo being used. Monsoon is kind of amused by it.
  • Aoi most likely didn't want to consider himself a terrorist even though The Laughing Man imitators that he spawned could be considered such. He doesn't like a lot of the terrorists in the Pantheon, especially since their actions are likely more extreme than what his imitators have performed.
  • I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. ... Or should I?note 

Lesser Gods

    Abra Kadabra 
Abra Kadabra, God of Technology That Seems Like Magic (Citizen Abra, Dr Petrou, Phillipé, full name: Abhararakadhararbarakh)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His futuristic wand
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Magic from Technology, Puppet Permutation, Due To Being From The Future, Hates The 64th Century, Loves The 21st, Stage Magician, Black Sheep of the Rouges, Wants To Be The Center Of Attention Because He Could Never Stand Out In His Repressive Era, Time Travel, Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?
  • Domains: "Magic", Advanced Technology, Time Travel, Narcissism, Showmanship
  • Allies: Leonard Snart (sort of), Syndrome, Balthazar Bratt
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lord Tirek, Kang the Conqueror
  • Enemies: Barry Allen and the other Flashes, the Teen Titans, Zatanna Zatara, Trixie, the Doctor, Kokonoe Mercury, Yuki Nagato, Felix the Cat, Linkara, Princess Bubblegum, Chronoa, Voldemort, Harry Potter, He Who Remains, the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Opposes: All actual magicians, due to his ego
  • Pities: Argus Filch
  • No relation: Alakazam
  • Abra Kadabra, real name Abhararakadhararbarakh, hails from the far off era of the 64th century. The age was repressive, dull and advanced technology made stage magicians a thing of the past. Because of this, he decided to go back to the 20th/21st century where his technology would be near-indistinguishable from magic. However his narcissism and abuse of "magical" talent got him in trouble with the Flash. Ever since then, he has served as one of the Rouges.
  • While he works with Captain Cold as a member of the Rouges, he's the Black Sheep of them since he doesn't work for money and tries to kill cops and speedsters. Doesn't spend much time with them, but they'll feed his ego if need be. One of his most memorable trick is the time he turned the Flash into a living marionette. The Other Mother is bemused by this trick and wants it, which Abra Kadabra rebuked with "you know a magician never reveals his secrets".
  • His enormous ego makes it difficult to find allies, but there were a couple who's egotism and desire to be noticed could work for his cause-Syndrome and Balthazar Bratt. The latter, he could understand what it was like for society to outgrow his interests and desire to be noticed. The former, his vendetta towards superheroes and ability to match them with advanced technology reminds Citizen Abra of himself. Bratt helps provide proper music whenever he's doing his criminal magic acts.
  • Hates his home era, preferring the age of superheroes instead. However there are some gods that don't appreciate his mucking around with history, such as Chronoa due to when he removed Wally West from history. The Doctor ended up encountering him and stopped his schemes, however from personal experience he completely understands why Abra Kadabra fled his repressive era and isn't going to begrudge him for that.
  • Insists that he is a magician, and deserves to be in the House of Magic and Sorcery. While his technology can get really similar to the magic used there, it isn't true magic and this can be determined at a close glance. All genuine magicians hurt his ego, so he doesn't like the house. He is interested in Lord Tirek due to being able to absorb magic and since he's not truly magical he's not someone to be drained, and hopes to get back at the house. Though even someone as egotistical as him treads lightly around Tirek.
  • Princess Bubblegum correctly assessed that his magic was actually technology, and has a general belief that all magic is just mis-understood science. This got him pretty pissed off and caused trouble to "prove" that he was a great magicians. He dislikes Linkara because he is able to use actual magic and technology together as toys, and his jealousy of this combined with reviewing comics like the ones he is from led him to an Irrational Hatred that Linkara's reviews will expose the secrets of his craft.
  • He wanted Magitek or Magic from Technology, but they were already taken. As such he opposes the holders of these tropes out of jealousy and spite, and wanting to one-up them. He dislikes Felix the Cat for having better tricks than him. Voldemort despises Abra Kadabra as he is a muggle who uses technology to seem like he has magic. It comes off as an insult to his ego and to magic in his twisted world view, due to believing muggles are inherently inferior and muggle technology advanced enough to come off like magic is difficult for his bigoted mind to grasp.
  • Though a narcissist, there is one god he feels sorry for-Argus Filch. As a Squib, Filch grew up in a magical society but couldn't use magic and grew bitter because of this. In a rare moment of kindness he gave him some 64th century tech to mimic the Functional Magic of Harry Potter. That, and he wanted to see him troll Hogwarts for his amusement.
  • Once sold his soul so he had actual magic, but retcons have undone this. He's not going to try making a deal with the likes of the Incubators since he doesn't want to risk it being botched again. Recently he was involved in removing Wally West from history, and almost succeeded at eliminating him. The House of Time and Temporality is keeping a closer eye on him for this.
  • Despite the name, he has zero connection to Alakazam. He does find the Pokemon's psychic abilities intriguing, however. Some of the more benevolent gods in the House of Magic and Sorcery and Technology want him to change his ways, if only due to the technology he uses being beneficial in the present. Unfortunately he doesn't care about making money, just showing off.
  • Despises the GUAL from the bottom of his heart. He's a firm individualist in a society which heavily discourages free will. He believes that their existence is the reason the 64th century is the way it is.
  • Has a hard time working with Kang the Conqueror as while Abra does sympathize with the need to go back to the past to do whatever they want he doesn't much can for conquering the past or controlling people. He'd rather cause chaos while Kang wishes to create order.
    • This doesn't extend to one of Kang's deviants "He Who Remains" as he hates how far that version would go to control people.

    Agatha Heterodyne 
Agatha Heterodyne, Goddess of Steam Punk Machinery (Agatha Clay, Lady Heterodyne, Mistress Heterodyne, the Heterodyne, Lady of Mechanicsburg, the Holy Child)

    Dr. Wily 
Dr. Albert W. Wily, God of Building Robots (Dr. Wily, Mr. X, Dr. Wahwee)

    The Kids Next Door, Sector V 
Kids Next Door, Sector V members , Gods of 2x4 Technology
From Top to Bottom: Fivenote , Fournote , Threenote , Twonote , Onenote 

    Phineas and Ferb 
Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, Gods of Gadgeteer Geniuses (Phineas: Dinnerbell, Phin | Ferb: Man of Action, Ferbalot, Darth Ferb | Both: The Coolest Exponents of Awesome Stupefaction in the Universe, The Beak)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A cross of a wrench and a screwdriver
  • Theme Songs: "Today is Gonna be a Great Day", Quirky Work Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (but can be Lawful or Chaotic if the Rule of Funny demands it)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Artifice, Family, Knowledge
  • Heralds: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Baljeet Tjinder, Buford Van Stomn, Django Brown, Irving Du Bois, Fireside Girls - Troop 46321, pretty much all non-ascended kids from Danville that aren't enemies of them
  • Allies: Perry the Platypus, Dexter, Kim Possible, Steven Universe, all good and neutral aligned deities in the House of Children, especially Dipper and Mabel, Crash Bandicoot, The Kids Next Door, Hope Estheim
  • Enemies: Stewie Griffin, Eric Cartman
  • Rivals: Dennis the Menance, Bart Simpson
  • Fears: Mandy
  • There was a time when Phineas Flynn was the sole holder of the title, with Ferb as his herald. The circumstances of this change almost led to the permanent loss of his divine powers. The GUAE delivered a plan to trap the kids in a timeloop for all of eternity, giving it to Dr. Doofenshmirtz as a Do-Over-inator. The pharmacist had no idea of the implications, and worked together with the boys and Candance to save their world. Phineas decided to give equal powers to Ferb, making them Co-Gods of gadgets. Unfortunately, not even their pleas were enough to bring their friend Isabella into the fold.
    • That hasn't stopped the mortal Candace from trying to bust her brothers whenever they work on their craft. Her efforts fail of course, and not one soul in the Pantheon can figure out how Phineas and Ferb manage to pull it off every time. Some deities are mulling over giving her the title Tattletale, a thought that will be resolved in the near future.
  • Later on, many of their friends became the two's heralds, much to their delight.
  • Fellow Disney deities Kim and Ron Stoppable were relieved that their absence was only a brief one. The three hope to add more of their kind into the Pantheon.
    • None were more worried with their absence than Dipper and Mabel. After piecing together what the GUAE were planning on, the two informed the House of Time and Space to help device a plan to get them out of the time loop.
  • Most kids in general enjoy the inventions the two kids create within their temple. Even Dexter, someone who is notoriously known for being petty towards rival geniuses couldn't help but warm up to the two.
  • This extends to the House of Commerce, who are more than happy to give them the supplies necessary, provided they have the money to do so. More inexperienced shippers would ask them whether they were a little young to buy such equipment. It takes a while for them to get used to it.
  • The two were interested to find out that their pet Perry ascended himself.
  • The kids tried to invite Cartman in one of their adventures. That lasted mere minutes as the boys had to kick him out for insulting their friends. As the God of Extreme Revenge Plots, Cartman hopes to live up to his name in scheming his revenge.
    • That animosity extends to Stewie Griffin after beating up a kid nearly to death for owing money.
  • Their knack for technology has been a godsend for the Kids Next Door, who ask for advice on the integrity of their 2x4 Technology. It certainly got Numbah 2 jealous for a bit before he heard how Phineas and Ferb were impressed with his work. Their friendship was mended moments later.
  • If there is one child god that the two brothers know not to mess with, it's Mandy. It's why all of Billy's adventures have been free of charge, despite all the trouble he can cause.
  • The boys often keep a stern eye on troublemakers Bart and Dennis as their mischief nearly foiled their cover multiple times. It should be noted that those incidents were not intentional; the two gods of Precocious Troublemakers just aren't as good with keeping their tracks as well.

Susanna Patrya Haltmann, Goddess of Technologically Advanced Foes (Susie, Secretary Susie, Suzan'na Famiria Harutoman, Soos)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Haltmann Works Company Logo
  • Theme Song: The Noble Haltmann
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pink Haired Affably Evil Girl, Beleaguered Assistant, The Starscream, Has a Tragic Keepsake, Helps Kirby stop Star Dream since there's no profit to be made at all if the universe is destroyed, eventally turns good altogether but not too much, Revealed to be the daughter of President Haltmann, Calling Parents by Their Name
  • Domains: Technology, Family, Corporations
  • Herald: President Haltmann (Her Father)
  • Allies: The Corpus, Mei Hatsume
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Magolor, Isabelle
  • Complicated Relationships: All good Mega Man deities, Phineas & Ferb
  • Enemies: Void Termina, Star Dream, Porky Minch, Null Sector, The Neuroi, Dawn Bellwether
  • Sympathized by: Simba, Harry Potter, Naruto Uzumaki, Chirin, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Masked Man, Lucas
  • Susie is the secretary of Haltmann, president of the Haltmann Works Company seeking to mechanize Planet Popstar for the sake of profit. Throughout the mechanization, Susie fights against Kirby, siccing the company's most dangerous machines on him. She eventually betrays Haltmann himself and steals the controller for Star Dream itself, intending to sell it for profit and teach Haltmann a "thing or two" (or in the Japanese version, "wake him up"), only for it backfire when the machine absorbs Haltmann's mind, deletes it, and plans to destroy all organic life since it sees no profit in it. Susie helps Kirby put a stop a stop to Star Dream, and although it remains ambiguous if she has reformed (Either still intending to mechanize planets or trying to bring happiness with science), she is still on good terms with Kirby as a friend or foe.
  • It's revealed later that Susie is actually Haltmann's daughter, who disappeared into Another Dimension. Haltmann attempted to use Star Dream to get her back, but the machine wiped out his memories in the process. Haltmann no longer recognized Susie by the time they met again, only hiring her as a secretary based on what little fondness he had for her. This in hindsight seems to explain Susie's motives for turning against Haltmann, likely wanting him to remember her as his daughter. Countless deities, especially those who lost a father (such as Simba, Harry, etc), felt incredible sympathy for her, and admitted that they would have tried to help Susie reunite with her father properly.
  • One day Susie came into the Pantheon, and since she had nowhere else to go, decided to make herself a new home for the time being until she's ready to start business again. She also has a friendly reunion with a surprised Kirby, who wasn't expecting her to make her arrival, and after the Court of the Gods reviewed her case, decided make her the Goddess of Technologically Advanced Foes. Susie is quite proud of her title and position, and hopes to use it to her advantage.
    • While Susie normally acts as an enemy against Kirby, there is no malice in it at all. She acts seems to like and respect Kirby as a foe, and will even team up with him against a dangerous opponent, as was the case with Star Dream and Void Termina.
    • Meta Knight on the other hand, outright dreads Susie, since she robotized him and used him as a unwilling soldier. While he doesn't show it, Susie serves as a living Trauma Button for him. The few times they do work together are Teeth-Clenched Teamwork on his part, since he can't really forget what she put him through.
    • If there is one god she hates the most, it would be Star Dream. That thing is the reason her father no longer recognizes her, and it took him away from her forever. Though she doesn't show it, she hates seeing Star Dream in the Pantheon to the point she will work alongside her enemies to stop it without question.
  • Lucas and the Masked Man aren't thrilled by Susie's actions, considering how Porky had invaded and mechanized their home for no good reason. Susie doesn't let it get to her though. When they do have to work together, the brothers are wary of her.
    • That said, Susie doesn't like Porky at all. She may be willing to mechanize planets, but she at least has a reason for it (even if people aren't willing to accept it as business). Porky is just an immature boy in an old man's body doing whatever he wants.
    • Susie is completely at odds with the Null Sector ever since they invaded one of her father's temples to mass produce killer robots. She had experience with rebellious machines once, and she'll put a stop to them before they get out of control.
  • Susie met the Corpus once and came to form a business deal with them, exchanging resources to benefit each other. This ends up earning her the ire of the Tenno, becoming their enemy as well. Susie, on the other hand, is thinking of a way she can get her hands on the Tenno's biomechanical armor for the sake of reverse-engineering it.
  • SilvaGunner sometimes use her company and father in their music/memes. Susie feels honored to have her theme song sung and represented by someone so famous, while SilvaGunner is pleased to sing a remix of the song to everyone.
  • The Neuroi are mechanical aliens who invaded WWII-era Earth, feeding off the Earth's minerals and took over most of Europe. Despite this, it's clear they're incapable of being allies of Susie, since she is still an organic lifeform and it isn't clear if the Neuroi can be reasoned with. All the same, Susie is interested in capturing one to dissect and experiment on.
  • All of the gods bearing the title of Mega Man, as well as their allies, have a rather complicated relationship with Susie. While she is amicable with them and sincerely offering them a chance to work for her due to her interests in the Robot Masters and their successors, none of them are really comfortable with Susie at all due to worrying she might try to brainwash them. Even the Blue Bomber himself, nice as he is, still cannot bring himself to trust her fully.
  • Phineas & Ferb do have a good relationship with Susie since she respects their skills and the two are nice people, but they wish that Susie could put her talents to a more ethical use. Susie also notes that the brothers shouldn't waste technology on needlessly complex plans, when they could put their skills to a more meaningful use.
  • Mei Natsume and Susie actually strike a kinship with each other, with Mei hoping to present some of her babies to her company. Susie is just as enthusiastic, but does note that Mei needs to focus on working on more practical devices before she can think of a position for her in her company.
  • Susie and Magalor had crossed paths once during Kirby's battle with the Cult of Jamba Heart. While they don't become enemies because of it, they do form a rivalry because of their current relationship with Kirby (Magalor being genuinely reformed while Susie is more of a Friendly Enemy). Regardless, the two do hang out in their spare time to talk about hobbies and plans for the future, with Magalor either challenging Susie to some friendly competition or trying to help her change for the better.
    • Susie also met Isabelle, who is a secretary like her. Isabelle is friendly and polite with Susie, usually inviting her out for some tea and ice cream, even if she doesn't approve of the way of her actions. Isabelle is also sympathetic towards Susie for losing her father. Susie, while a bit dumbfounded by her clumsiness, still appreciates Isabelle's kindness.
  • Susie outright dislikes Dawn Bellwether despite being a secretary like her. Susie finds Bellwether's goal and sadism downright disturbing, even for her. The dislike is mutual on Bellwether's end, who even goes so far as to call Susie a hypocrite because she looked down on other beings she deemed inferior, which she sees as no different from her prejudice towards predators. Susie points out that she can learn to co-exist with people, and she doesn't believe in pointless cruelty unlike Bellwether, who wanted to watch Nick tear apart Judy.

Alternative Title(s): Technologic Experts