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    The Anti-Monitor 
The Anti-Monitor, God of Crossovers by Cameo and Harbinger of Cosmic Retcons (The Monitor (as he refers to himself), Monty, Marshmallow Man, Guardian of Fear, The Anti-God, The Great Destroyer, Mobius)
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Greater Gods

    George Lucas 
George Walton Lucas Jr., God of Altering One's Own Work (The Maker, The Flannelled One)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Lucasfilm Ltd. logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Auteur License, Occidental Otaku, Determinator, Genre Throwback, Merchandise-Driven, Creator Breakdown, World Building
  • Domains: Creation, Writing, Technology, Merchandising.
  • Followers: Dave Filoni, J. J. Abrams, the new Star Wars fanbase.
  • Underlings: All Star Wars deities, Indiana Jones
  • Best Friends: Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Francis Ford Coppola
  • Allies: Flash Gordon
  • Enemies: The old Star Wars fanbase, The South Park boys, Grand Admiral Thrawn (formerly)
  • Arch-Enemy: Mr. Plinkett
  • Ascended after completing the Star Wars saga with the original and prequel trilogies. Not only that, but he also mentored Dave Filoni to take care of the Star Wars mythos, trusted J.J. Abrams and new directors to make the Sequel Trilogy, and finally donated the 4 BILLION dollars he revived from selling the license to Disney for education.
  • "Art is never finished, only abandoned."- Leonardo da Vinci. George's mentality in a nutshell about his work.
  • Hollywood thought that Star Wars was going to be a disaster. So they sold the movie and merchandising rights to him. When the movie became a hit they thought they were making millions, only to remember they gave the rights to Lucas.
    • With the Star Wars brand in his possession, he built his own company to rival Hollywood. Complete with perfect visual and sound technology along with a merchandise empire. George got the last laugh.
  • He also builds the company Lucasarts that made many great point and click adventure games. And many of the great games of that genre from other companies can be traced back to this one.
  • His tendency to re-update his finished work got some bad blood even before he started making the Prequels. Mostly they are only visuals, but some are more divisive.
    • Greedo shooting first, which didn't happen in the original. Making him gain some IQ points for trying to kill Han before he kills him, but lost some marksmanship points for missing him point blank range. And that's just the start.
  • After making the Prequels his fanbase got VERY divisive.
    • At the beginning there are two kinds of Star Wars fans. Those who hate the Prequels and those that do not (which are mostly the ones who were born with them).
    • To make things right George built a new company "Lucasfilm Animation" and hired Dave Filoni to make the TV show called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The show became so good that fans of the Original trilogy begrudgingly admit that it made the Prequels much better. Some say that the show is what the Prequel movies should have been.
  • Successfully mentored Dave Filoni in the ways of Star Wars. George trusted the franchise on to Dave. Then he sold the rights to Disney, who then made the Star Wars old EU non-canon (made some fans very angry) except the 6 movies and The Clone Wars TV show. He later suggested giving the directing of episode VII to his friend J.J. Abrams, along with bringing all the stars of the Original trilogy back for Episode VII. After that, he left his own company to ascend the Pantheon make Indy projects.
  • In the Pantheon he suggested to up-date the Houses. Knowing his reputation they made a contract that basically said, "Yes. You can update, but after you talk with the representatives of each House and agree with them which works for the House and which doesn't." Lucas has no problem with that (since the Pantheon is not his creation).
  • After a week in the Pantheon he received a present with a note that reads: "When I heard that you ascended I wanted to give you something. Thankfully, I had a relic I found a year ago that will grant the user only one wish. So I hope you like the wish I made for you."
    • When George opened the box he found a puppy. Not just any puppy, but the reincarnated dog he knows and loves. When he picked the pup up Lucas found another note that reads: "From the man who made your friends name here his very own"-Indiana Jones.
  • One day George had a knock on the door. When he opened it, he found none other than Indiana Jones and every Star Wars Character telling him that Grand Admiral Thrawn has made him the #1 person to kill for not protecting him and having Disney make him non-canon, and thus non-existent.
    • So, they all made a treaty. Light and Dark side can fight each other to their heart's content, but the moment Admiral Thrawn makes a move against George Lucas they will protect their creator as allies.
    • In addition, Vader and Luke sent proven soldiers from their ranks to serve as bodyguards for his home. Despite not liking his ultimate fate under George, Palpatine also agreed to share intelligence from the Imperial network keeping an eye on Thrawn.
    • In the middle of all of that George managed to separate Luke, Ahsoka, Obi-wan, Padmé and Vader from the rest of the group so that they could have a moment alone without House and alliance politics breathing down their necks. After all, what kind of creator couldn't give his "kids" some alone time?
    • With the new season of Star Wars Rebels, it has been revealed that Grand Admiral Thrawn has not only been officially restored to the Star Wars canon but has also claimed the spotlight as the main antagonist of Season 3, with all of his characteristics that defined him as an incredibly intelligent and dangerous enemy of the Rebels carefully preserved. Incredibly pleased with this turn of events, Thrawn has decided to abandon his vendetta against Lucas not because he has set aside his grudge, but because his time and intellect would be better utilized on more important matters than enmity with a source that has been rendered meaningless.
  • While Lucas has managed to escape most of his criticism in the Pantheon, Mr. Plinkett is adamant on making sure that he never hears the end of his Prequel reviews. Lucas once tried to kill Plinkett in his sleep, but he survived, much to Lucas' chagrin.

Malal, Chaos God of Discontinuity and Ruler of Retconnian (The Outcast God, The Lost God, The Renegade God, Malice, The One Who Doesn't Exist)

Pikkon, God of Canon Foreigners Made by the Creator (Paikuhan, Paul Kuhan)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The gi of the West Kai
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (may have been a different good alignment in life)
  • Portfolio: Canon Foreigner Created By Akira Toriyama, The Stoic (Usually), Worthy Opponent, Piccolo Equivalents, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, The Comically Serious, The Hyper Tornado And Thunder Flash Atack, Graceful Loser
  • Domains: The Afterlife, Combat, Heroism, Power, Tournaments
  • Followers: H.E.R.B.I.E, Wybie, Isaac McDougal
  • Heralds: Maraikoh and Tapkar (his Other World teammates)
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: The House of Combat!, good-aligned Death Entities
  • Rivals: Hit
  • Enemies:
  • When a noble soul dies in the Dragon Ball universe, they get to keep their body in the Other World as a reward for their heroic deeds. In a certain continuity of that world, when Goku died for the second time, the Grand Kai was offering a tournament for the fighters in the afterlife. One of the main fighters was the West Kai's champion Pikkon, a stoic yet proud fighter. Despite his appearance, he's not a Namekian, though was heavily inspired by Piccolo.
  • As an Otherworld fighter, he is in a rather unique situation when it comes to the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon-he was dead on ascension yet is still able to be active, and remains such in the pantheon. Unfortunately, this means that if he's killed as he is, he'll cease to exist. Fortunately, he's a lot more durable in his "dead" body and more than capable of defending himself.
  • Made his debut owning Frieza, his father and even Cell when they attempted a revolt in Hell. Owning Frieza is a bit confusing given the free-roaming Filler Hell contradicts the canon stuck in a cocoon Hell Frieza was in, but he's pretty pissed either way. Upon learning the tyrant had obtained a new level of power, Pikkon plans to train further to catch up to both him and Goku.
  • While a Canon Foreigner, he was developed by Akira Toriyama as the Piccolo-like character of the Otherworld Tournament. And just like Piccolo, he's really popular despite his ultimately minor role. Some have noticed that Hit from Universe 6 has a number of similarities to him; they ended up confronting each other in the Pantheon, during which Hit tested out his abilities and found his unique skills intriguing. Regardless, he's not a fan of the purple assassin due to his career choice. Malal seems interested in the idea of using his extracanonical status to escape the Retconnian and take revenge on the canonical series, but Pikkon isn't having any of it. Malal can't even render Pikkon Deader Than Dead since anyone in this state will arrive in the Retconnian anyway.
  • No-one's quite sure how Pikkon died, and for how long. Or how strong he was at death compared to what he is now. Some believe that he was killed by Broly, though it's unknown if the West Galaxy was ever targeted by him. Broly was called a rampage on Hell at least, which Goku and Pikkon had to deal with.
  • When it comes to issues of the afterlife, he'll help protect the balance. He believes that Danny Fenton's half-ghost abilities will make him a great asset to fighting off rogue spirits. He opposes the Satan from South Park due to his invasion of Heaven, though it's not that serious since he's not that impressive. He was interested in Kenny due to how he directed the fight in Heaven's favor during one of his many deaths.
  • Considers Lord English to be a massive threat. Usually the dead aren't allowed to get involved with the affairs of the living except for 1 day, but English doesn't just want to destroy the living world-he wants to kill people's ghosts and destroy the afterlife, becoming known as the angel of double death. He's an even more dire threat to Otherworld than Majin Buu. Amatsu-Mikaboshi is also a massive threat due to targeting the many afterlives of the Marvel multiverse, not just the physical realm.
  • Usually seen sparring in the House of Combat!, given he lives in what amounts to a Warrior Heaven. He was interested in Thor due to the existence of Valhalla, which given the dead are revived for further combat means he can go all-out without fear of his opponents or himself suffering a Cessation of Existence. He also likes to fight and prove himself with Hercules and Asura, and while he lost both accounts it's only motivated him to get stronger.
  • Also doing work in the House of Life and Death due to his position in Other World. Most of the various grim reapers don't seem to mind him. Even Dhuum doesn't seem that bothered since he doesn't interfere with the mortal realm and cheat death. Only Nekron really makes a fuss about it, and that's mainly because exceptions are made to visiting the living world when the universe itself is on the line. The Lord of the Unliving has not made his opinion about other realms of the dead clear yet.

    Space Dandy 
Space Dandy, God of Negative Continuity (Dandy, The Dandy Guy... in Space, Blockhead, Human, D-N-A-)

    Walt Disney 
Walter Elias Disney, Divine Protector of Softened Up Adaptations (Walt, Uncle Walt)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Disney Company logo.
  • Theme Song: "When You Wish Upon a Star" (a shortened version of it serves as theme song to The Walt Disney Company)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, although some people think he is a varying shade of Evil.
  • Portfolio: Softened up adaptations (Trope Namer), Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant (surprisingly), All Animation Is Disney, really likes slapstick, HATES UNION, Dark and Troubled Past, Control Freak, Mickey Mousing (Trope Maker), Mistaken for Racist, Rags to Riches, really likes railroads, unclear job description.
  • Domain: Animation, Cinema, Theme Park
  • Herald: Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Allies: All characters created by him and his company or been made famous by him, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, any actors employed by his company, Don Bluth, Stan Lee
  • Rivals: All characters created by Warner Bros. (such as the Looney Tunes) and DreamWorks Animation.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ed Wood, George Lucas
  • Enemies: Abusive parents, Judge Doom, Grimm
  • Opposes: Marion Crane, Melody, Sam Flynn, Maestro Forte, Cassim
  • Admired by: All characters created by Pixar; all characters that took inspiration from his works; every and all anime characters.
  • The creator of the Disney multimedia empire, the man who gave birth to Mickey Mouse and his cast, pioneer of theme park industry by proving that it can turn in a huge profit, the person who proved that animation can be feature films and are more than paintings and helped influence both Western and Eastern animation in the early 20th century, Walt Disney returned from retirement in the 2000s after a period that was dubbed the Disney Revival. Not wanting to compete with Don Bluth for the temple, Walt accepted his position as the god of Disneyfication that is named after him. While Walt isn't particularly proud of a few movies that helped him to get his title, he is still grateful for the position because he gets to reunite with characters he and his company created ever since.
  • Because of his long years in the cinema world and his vast legacy, Disney has created an enormous amount of characters belong to his studio. All of them had a tearful reunion with Walt when he ascended. After all the dust has settled, the Pantheon witnessed a few characters with… special connections with Disney and his company emerges:
    • Disney deities with deceased or absent parents (which there is a lot) poured in a big crowd in front of his temple to figure out why is that is so frequent in works made by him. He told them about his own Dark and Troubled Past with his own parents, resulting in no dry eyes left in the house and led to a massive depression by Disney characters within a period of several weeks.
    • Was overjoyed that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, his very first creation that was taken away from him by Charles Mintz, has been returned to the Disney company. After he ascended, Oswald and Mickey engaged in a rivalry for a while to see which one is his favorite until Disney personally asked them to stop because he can't answer that question.
    • Despite being on bad terms with her author P. L. Travers to produce the movie to his vision, Walt is still excited to see Mary Poppins again. With his return and ascension, Mary can finally have an excuse to play her theme song because it was his favorite.
    • Has a personal hatred for sequels and live-action remakes of his animated movies to the point that he disowns any character created by them. This brought Melody to run away in tears after Disney refused to meet and acknowledge her. Fellow sequel protagonist Sam Flynn also mentions having been given bad treatment despite not even being animated.
    • Blacklisted Judge Doom from his temple after Doom showed up in disguise the day Disney ascended in order to kidnap and attempted to kill Walt for "creating" Doom as a Toon actor. The fact that Doom has hatred for his own Toons species and wants to kill them for profit is just the final nail in the coffin for Walt.
    • Was very surprised when characters from Frozen and The Little Mermaid appeared in the Pantheon because he had failed to bring those tales to the big screen when he was mortal. While he is a little wary because both finishing products are so different from what he envisioned, Disney still acknowledges the change was necessary for their films to be a success and welcomes them to his temple.
    • Knowing his legendary hatred for sequels, deities from Kingdom Hearts were surprised when Walt doesn't disown them. Walt explained that he's flattered to the fact that a company is such a big fan of his works that they were willing to make a crossover featuring his characters and respected his original vision. Nevertheless, they choose to side with Sam and Melody and acknowledge some of the sequels.
  • Met Stan Lee and George Lucas after hearing the news that their companies have become divisions of his own. Disney got along fine with Stan because of their images as Cool Old Guys, but has a disdain for George Lucas for altering his works significantly after release, something Walt disapproves from his own companies. Disney still respects both men's work and acknowledges that, like Walt himself, both their companies took huge risks that pay off fantastically.
  • He and Hitchcock got along well with each other because both of them share an admiration for each other's talents in film-making. However, Walt refused to acknowledge Marion Crane's existence, calling her movie "disgusting" to the point of refusing to let Hitchcock using his theme park for filming.
  • Because of their shared love for slapstick, their long-time friendship when they were mortals and Disney took inspiration from him, Walt is grateful to see Charlie Chaplin again.
  • He is also incredibly respected by every anime and manga characters ascended to the Pantheon because of his influence on their works through his that allowed the industry to cut cost without sacrificing the emotional impact of their works and the fact that one of their pioneer authors Osamu Tezuka's adoration of Disney to the point that he watched one of Walt's work Bambi more than 80 times.
  • Was annoyed to see Ed Wood because of how terrible his finishing products are and the fact that the bio based on Wood's life distributed by his company didn't turn in a profit. While Walt can't deny that the man has passion for his job, he refused to let Wood touch any of his property.
  • Annoyed when someone asked whether or not Walt's body was placed in a cryostasis chamber under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, Cinderella's Castle at Disney World or Epcot, and is working furiously to debunk it by stating that he was cremated.
  • Can be seen spending a lot of his free time around the House of Travels because of his love for trains.
  • Was at first excited to hear that Grimm ascended to the Pantheon because Walt took them as inspiration for many of his work. He was then severely disappointed when finding out that not only this isn't the Brothers Grimm, but the antithesis of everything his temple represents. This Grimm is also blacklisted from his temple.
  • Do NOT mention the perception that Disney is pro-Nazi or anti-Semitic in his temple. While Walt Disney himself would just peacefully decline the rumor and cite that he did a lot propaganda cartoons for the US during World War II and that two of his favorite collaborators—the Sherman brothers—are Jewish, the same CANNOT be said about his creations, followers, or people who admired and were influenced by him.
    • Also declines Seth MacFarlane's entry to his temple after the latter accused Walt of being pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic and frequently portray him that way in his works.
  • Deities who have encountered people with similar appearance and various exaggerated traits of Walt's personality are unnerved to see the real man ascended in the Pantheon. After clearing some misunderstandings, they were very excited to see the real Walt because a lot of the works they ascended from are influenced by him and his company.
  • Sometimes footage of the time Disney presented an anthology series as a mortal can be seen floating around and circulating within the Pantheon. When asked whether or not he will return now that he is ascended, Walt just laughed and declined with the explanation that he is enjoying managing his own temple and is satisfied enough with the hands that are managing the new series.
  • Was not amused when saw his less than flattering portrayal during a rap battle between Jim Henson and Stan Lee. Reasons were given that Walt thinks the portrayal doesn't say anything about Walt himself personally and is just a mash-up the worst stereotypes of his company, unlike the other participants.
  • Also has a seat in the Main House.

Intermediate Gods

    Chaos Insurgency 
The Chaos Insurgency, Divine Group of Varying Characterization (The Insurgency, C.I., Red Right Hand)
The Chaos Insurgency Logo
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Their Logo (Pictured above)
  • Alignment: Unknown, but tethers between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Nebulous Evil Organization that is Shrouded in Myth, Villain with Good Publicity, Evil Foil to the Foundation, Multiple-Choice Past
  • Domains: Secrecy, Variance, Backstory, Evil, Investigation
  • Allies: Lucifer and The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, HYDRA, The Chaos Gods, The Illuminati, Keel Lorenz, Spooky, Senator Armstrong, The Dark Brotherhood, Albert Wesker
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, YHVH and The Grand United Alliance of Law, The Men in Black, The Question
  • Interested in: All ascended SCPs, Frisk, Flowey
  • Opposes: The House of War
  • Originally devised as a splinter group of the SCP Foundation by the O5 Council to handle the ethically questionable elements and other black op related operations, the Chaos Insurgency actually went A.W.O.L. in 1924 and managed to retrieve several elements from the Foundation, including many SCPs, and set up as a separate group. Widely considered the more evil Foil of the SCP Foundation, the Chaos Insurgency is shrouded in mystery, since their goals are not clear to both the Foundation and even their own members, constantly changing on the go. They've been lurking in the shadows ever since the Pantheon was created, but their presence has been since outed by The Question, who managed to catch on to their activities, forcing them to officially reveal themselves to the Pantheon and gain a spot.
  • Many can agree that the Chaos Insurgency seeks to dissolve the SCP Foundation and they even have SCP of their own. Unlike the Foundation, C.I. uses them for investigation and possibly other more harmful activities, after all they don't shy away from terrorism. When asked why they want to take down the SCP Foundation, the Insurgency insists that they are going to reveal all their lies and make humanity stronger by the use of anomalous items.
  • Naturally pledged their allegiance to Lucifer, who wholeheartedly approved of their methods and welcomed them to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, ironically as their own splinter group. Their insertion to the group caused a boon to the Insurgency, allowing them access to more items that could benefit their cause and while the Foundation is not aligned with the Grand United Alliance of Good, they nonetheless have contacted them to plan for countermeasures.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Law considers them a huge problem for them considering they could have equal resources to that of the Foundation and given their ties to GUAC, it could prove troublesome for the goals of absolute order, not to mention that a group called the Chaos Insurgency is blasphemous for them. YHVH in particular seeks to terminate them in its entirety but is wary of how to approach considering that they have been able to imprison divine entities before.
  • It is widely believed that they are behind one of the Foundations biggest containment breaches by having a mole on the inside (and it seems he met an unfortunate end at the hands of SCP-106). It is possible that they ended up capturing one particular D-Class that has mysterious properties but nobody is sure if that's what actually happened.
    • What caught the attention of CI the most was that the strange powers that D-9341 exhibited could be replicated in the pantheon. Mostly, a variant of it called "Determination" was used by two deities: an ordinary human child named Frisk and a living flower named Flowey. Attempts at further investigating and experimenting with the child have been proven unsuccessful since he was heavily protected by all his allies while the Flower has been more cooperative with the CI except results have also been fruitless, since Flowey prefers to just mess with them.
  • The Foundation wasn't the only secretive group that opposed the Chaos Insurgency, having also received some opposition from the Men in Black groups, particularly agents J and K. The CI overtime grew more interested in alien lifeforms which eventually made them a huge target of the former groups, but attempts at neutralizing them have failed.
    • It seems in an attempt to not being the undone, the GOC decided to crack down on the CI influence, not really out of any altruistic motive or even just to destroy dangerous SCPs like they usually do, but because they don't want to be outdone by the SCP Foundation and the Chaos Insurgency proved to be close enough for them to get their job done. Even with all their power, they were unable to successfully shut down the CI and only managed to destroy a couple of their SCP they used. The backing of GUAC had made the CI much bigger than they used to be to the point that the GOC endless UN funds weren't enough to wipe them off.
  • Often works alongside other big Nebulous Evil Organizations, most frequently with the likes of HYDRA and SEELE since their goals, shrouded in mystery as they are, often align with their interests. The Illuminati is also closely studying the CI methods to understand how they operate but remain on friendly terms with the group.
  • Some versions suggest that the Chaos Insurgency is a Well-Intentioned Extremist crew that seeks to end war by conquering the world and eliminating any opposition in order to achieve true piece (hence the motto). While this side of the CI is not well regarded among its GUAC peers, Senator Armstrong saw them as the ideal group that could fulfill his wishes of a truly great USA where War as a business no longer exists. The CI and Armstrong have made a stable alliance ever since, with the CI and the Desperado PMC working closely together on some unknown new schemes.
  • The Chaos Insurgency and The Dark Brotherhood made a truce shortly after the former established itself in the pantheon. Apparently, in an attempt to secure certain key anomalous entities, the CI saw the Dark Brotherhood as a perfect way to drive the attention away from them. The order has for the most part fulfilled most the contracts the CI have requested but that had the side effect of the SCP Foundation becoming aware of their actions and their ties to the CI. The only reason that the Brotherhood still works for the Insurgency is because they have been providing them with useful tools and a good stable payment to carry on their work but some rumours suggest their relation has become strained overtime.
  • A more unlikely partnership formed when they learned of a ghost girl who got on the wrong side of the Foundation after she attempted several times to steal some SCP from her mansion. The girl in question, Spooky, was aware that the Foundation had powerful enemies and sought the CI to propose a truce to take down the SCP folks. They agreed on the grounds that they would take over the overseeing of the Specimens that Spooky holds in her mansion and she agreed on the condition that she still has the final say on how things go in her home. They begrudgingly agreed after she was insistent on her conditions.
  • Their logo is often confused for a Umbrella Corporation offshoot but they time and time again have shot down any connection to the former. That said, Albert Wesker turned out to be another of their allies after he himself was sought out by the CI himself, interested in trading information about B.O.W. and Wesker was happy to share the info in exchange on some of the SCP the CI had stolen.
  • "Creating Logic out of Illogic"

Charmcaster, Goddess of Suddenly-Changed Characters ("Caroline", Princess, Sweetie, Beautiful, Hope)
20 Years Old
21 Years Old (no, really)

Lilith, Goddess of Canon Compliant Fanwork (The First Woman, The First Wife of Adam, Mother of the Lilin, Mother of Monsters, The Conjuress, Bat Zuge, Kiskillila, Queen of Evil, The First Vampire, Mother Of All Vampires, Mother of Demons, Queen of Hell, Bride of Lucifer, "Creation's most exquisite lie")
Artist's depiction of Lilith, more modest than usual

    Powerpuff Girls Z 
The Powerpuff Girls Z members , Goddesses of Characters Who Are Not Related In The Adaptation (Momoko: Hyper Blossom, Miyako: Rolling Bubbles, Kaoru: Powered Buttercup)
Left to right: Kaoru, Momoko, Miyako
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddesses as a team, Lesser Goddesses individually
  • Symbol: Their respective weapons
  • Theme Song: The first opening of the anime
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Beauty, Brains and Brawn, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Fighter, Mage, Thief, Town Girls, Adaptation Personality Change
  • Domains: Magical Girls, Heroes, Adaptations
  • Heralds: Utonium Kitazawa, Ken Kitazawa, Peach
  • Allies: Blosson, Bubbles and Buttercup (well, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Buttercup), Professor Utonium, The Mayor, Bunny, Magical Girl Sisterhood, most child deities (they are mostly closed to Momoko and Miyako)
  • Enemies: Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, HIM, Amoeba Boys, Silico
  • Admires/Admired by: Every Bishounen in the Pantheon (by Momoko)
  • Pitied by/Pities: Arthur Read (by Momoko) The Subhouse of Medical Conditions (by Miyako) 
  • Opposes/Opposed by: Homura Akemi
  • After school, a trio of three normal girls (a boy-crazy gal obsessed with sweets, a fashionista popular with boys, and an athletic tomboy) who never knew each other were hit by a white light that turns them into magical girls. The redhead and the blonde eventually met and fought a manic mutated monkey before being found by a father and his son, while the brunette was furious by the transformation. The two earlier mentioned girls eventually found the third girl and found out that the Kitazawa family caused them to transform and other victims, who were hit by a black light, into pure enemies. As such, the three girls are tasked to protect Tokyo City and became the Powerpuff Girls Z!
  • After their final battle with HIM, the girls have arrived at the Pantheon. At first, it seems the general public doesn't like them, but as time pass, they started to like this show in a new light and with the arrival of the 2016 reboot and unsurprisingly, they deemed it as horrendous, the Court of Gods allowed them to ascend. The girls were chosen this trope due to the fact they are not sisters and are not Professor Utonium (named Utonium Kitazawa)'s daughters, with them having their own family members and Utonium Kitazawa having a son and a pet dog instead named Ken and Peach.
  • The girls were surprised to meet an alternate reality of themselves where they are created by Professor Utonium and are not created using Chemical Z. They do get along with Blossom and Bubbles, except for Buttercup herself, because she is not fond of the idea of her sisters and especially HERSELF being magical girls.
    • They eventually do get to meet Professor Utonium and The Mayor and maintained allies with the two. While the former is shocked to see that they are not sisters and his daughters, he still acts like he's their father.
    • One day, they were surprised by the arrival of their counterparts' sister, Bunny. While hearing her story, they are saddened how her story went and wanted to comfort her, though Bunny stated that it's all in the past and that she is better now. 
    • They eventually get to meet their counterparts' villains and realized just how much more competent they are than the ones in their world. While they feel pity for Mojo's reasons for going to villainy, that doesn't excuse the crimes he commit.
  • The GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood asked them to joined their team because they are fascinated over the fact that these versions are like them and their weapons are different than the usual ones. The girls accepted their request with no hesitation, with Momoko being hugely excited being she is a magical girl fangirl.
  • When they heard the name of Peach, they thought the dog ascended, but the name that they heard was actually the princess of the Mushroom Kingdoom. They do managed to get along, with Kaoru being impressed that she was able to play sports despite being a feminine princess, Momoko sharing Peach's obsession with sweets, or in Peach's case, cakes, and Miyako due to their popularity and sense of fashion.
  • Due to Momoko's and Miyako's weapons being a yoyo and a bubble staff, most child deities would hang out to play with them. It helps that they both love children. For Kaoru, she gets along with Amy Rose for having a similar mallet and it also helps she has an adventurous and tomboyish spirit, although a little bit put off with her obsession with a certain blue hedgehog, but is glad she mellowed down a bit with her crush.
  • The girls oppose Homura Akemi because she stripped down Madoka's powers and caused a huge incident in the Pantheon because of it. While Homura showed remorse later on, the girls are still wary of her, with Kaoru wanting to take her down, althought Momoko and Miyako didn't approve of her methods.
    • Momoko:
      • Momoko is known for being boy-crazy, obsession with sweets, and is a big fan of superheroes and magical girl and seinen shows.
      • Because of this, she tends to get along with superheroes, even if they were a little bit put off by her attitude. She also frequently seeks out every bishounen in the Pantheon.
      • She frequently went to the House of Food to eat desserts. As such, she became a regular customer of the KiraKira Precures' bakery and managed to established a great friendship with them.
      • Momoko has a younger sister, whom she considers an annoyance to her daily life. As such, she pities Arthur Read because he also has the same situation as her, but she's happy he still cares for her.
    • Miyako:
      • Miyako is the team's residential fashionista. Aside for that, she is extremely popular with boys at school and ia a rich girl by her motherly grandmother
      • Because of her lifestyle and personality, she manages to get along with Charlotte LaBouff and the two occasionally went shopping together.
      • While Miyako is really popular with boys, she only has eyes for her childhood crush, Takaaki, who has a lethal heart condition, being trapped in the hospital for years. And when he was hit by the black light, he became anwerewolf because of his desire of freedom. Because of this, she feels pity to the deities of Medical Condition because she feels they suffer the same fate (in terms of health) as her crush.
    • Kaoru: 
      • Kaoru is one of the school's biggest athletes and is a bit of a tomboy. This is because she was raised by her father and her brothers in her entire life. As such, she hates being girly, but has to do her job as a result.
      • As such, Kaoru established a Friendly Rivalry with the good-aligned deities of the House of Sports, but manages to struck up a friendship with them, but doesn't get along with the evil-aligned deities there.
      • Kaoru manages to get along with Asuka Kazama because she likes her feisty attitude and agrees to go beat up bullies with her.
      • Kaoru is impressed that someone like Hinagiku Katsura manages to become an athlete, is academically smart, and became the student council president. While they became rivals, they do manage to get along one way or another.

Lesser Gods

    Glitchy and Glitchy's Mario 

Someone's first time reading the SMG4 profile.


Supermarioglitchy4 and Glitchy's Mario, Godly Bringers of Escalating Nonsense (Glitchy's Mario: Mario Sexy the Plumber, Mario is not gay, Master Mario (By Toadsworth), Stupid Mario, Red. SMG4: Glitchy, Luke Lerdwichagul)
SMG4 and Mario during one of their saner adventures. No, really.
SMG4's Human Form 

    Grimm (American McGee
Grimm, God of Grimmification (Dark Man, The Bad Man, Dirty Man)
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: His smiling face on a coin
  • Theme Song: The Hearse Song, but sung by himself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Corrupter, Crapsack World, Evil Brit, Walking Wasteland, Groun-Erm, Butt Stomping, Abusing absolutely ANYONE, The Pigpen, Spoof Aesop, Sophisticated as Hell, Villain Protagonist
  • Domains: Grimmification and mean spirited morals
  • Herald: The Master Thief
  • Followers: Kaori Yuki, A large amount of Red Riding Hoods, American McGee himself!
  • Allies: The Cryptkeeper, Rod Serling, and R.L. Stein, Herr Drosselmeyer
  • Rivals: Discord, Chrysalis
  • Enemies: Many of them, pretty much everyone unlisted in his profile, but ESPECIALLY those who believe in the forces of good and love
  • Friendly Rival: Wario
  • Friendly Enemy: Alice Liddell and, oddly enough, Fa Mulan
  • Respects: The Grim Reaper or any personification of death (with exception of Light Yagami)
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Almost anyone working under the Disney Banner, Sora, Roxas
  • Conflicting Opinion: Grimm DESPISES weddings, as well as luck and bowdlerization
  • High Priest: Gregory Maguire
  • Grimm ascended upon conquering both the world of fairy tales and comic books, tearing genres asunder to the horrified reactions of those within. When first ascending, he did a number of things such as turning Superman into a villain, giving Maleficent even more power, and wilting all the flowers in the gardens. Thankfully, it was determined that Grimm's abilities only worked on those from print and its various forms, allowing him to be quickly dispatched.
    • Many fear what would happen if Grimm were to gain his powers over other forms of media, but the likelihood of this has been determined to be "stunningly low" by the most intelligent of the pantheon.
  • Grimm is not allowed near children. Ever.
  • Grimm and Wario often compete at... being gross. It's a sight to behold, assuming you have a bucket nearby.
  • With so many enemies many wonder how he ascended in the first place. Many are quick to point to the house of villainy, but oddly enough, Grimm seems to prefer heroes to win over the villains, but only if they do it without dumb luck or cop-out powers.
    • Others say the gods of his world just plumb got sick of him meddling with things and tossed him to another multiverse.
  • Grimm hates weddings, but loves ruining them.
  • Grimm has an unusual relationship with Alice. On one hand, Liddell and him get along fine due to their similarities in tone and understandings of the world. On the other, Kingsleigh represents everything he HATES in modern storytelling and he will go out of his way to turn her to his preferred version of her should their paths cross.
  • Despite his preference to harm children, Grimm avoids Billy and Mandy due to A. There being nothing to corrupt and B. They just plain scare him.
  • Rumor has it Grimm also has a way to turn good, as well as more cutesy.
  • Grimm has attempted to find a way into the World of Remnant, after all Fairy Tales ARE his domain. Whether he has been there before has yet to be determined.
  • Grimm has found interest in his corrupted of Fa Mulan, finding her tale of destroying the huns and outsmarting all the men of China rather attractive, much to the conventional version of Mulan's disgust.
  • There are many, many, many Grimms, try not to get him confused any of them. ESPECIALLY The Brothers Grimm, who he blames for the Bowdlerisation of Fairy Tales.
  • Gods are advised if they ever spot Grimm trying to corrupt something to throw any form of liquid at him (anything, even vomit, will do). He can't stand it.

    Kirito and Asuna (Abridged
Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki (Abridged), Dual Deities of Canon Improvement (Kazuto: Kirito, "Kurt", xVx_K1r1t0_xVx_KillMe, xHeroOfAincradx. Asuna: Asuna, "Ass", Titania)
Don't ask.
  • Lesser Deities (Quasideities in their real life forms)
  • Symbol: Asuna's face with cat whiskers drawn on it
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Jerkass (Trying to be Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Gamers, Virtual Reality, Parody, Douchebaggery
  • Allies: Yui, Sora and Shiro, Rodin (Kirito Only), The Yandere Squad (Asuna Only)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kei Shirogane/Shiroe, Shizuka Hanekura/Akatsuki
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Mordecai Heller (Kirito Only)
  • Complicated Relationship: The Canon Cast of Sword Art Online
  • Annoyed By: The Narrator (Kirito Only), Nappa (Kirito Only)
  • 20 Minutes into the Future, there exists a game known as "Sword Art Online", a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game based in Virtual Reality where players have to make their way to the top of Castle Aincrad in order to beat the game. Unfortunately, due to the machinations of a game developer known as Kayaba Akihiko, 10,000 players have found themselves trapped within the game until they reach the 100th floor, and should they die in the game, they die in real life as well. One of those trapped players turned out to be Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, who, having lived their life as a antisocial nobody, found himself as a god amongst men within the virtual world of Aincrad. Together with Asuna, a fellow player who matches Kirito in terms of skills and sociopathy, the two hope to ascend the castle's floors in order to escape to the real world... preferably without killing each other first.
  • Their interactions with their canon counterparts have been... complicated.
    • Abridged Kirito and Asuna's first encounter with Canon Kirito and Asuna didn't exactly end well. While it started off hopeful with the four sitting down for a friendly chat to discuss their differences, it ended with Canon Asuna pulling on Abridged Asuna's hair whilst calling her a bitch repeatedly as Abridged Kirito attempted to disembowel Canon Kirito in the hopes that he can turn Canon Kirito's body into a makeshift meat toboggan. Thankfully, the four were broken up and a resolution was reached: namely, Abridged Kirito and Asuna are not allowed within fifty feet of their canon versions and vice versa. Whomever violates either sides' perimeters will have the cops called on them.
      • Although their relationship with their canon versions is rocky at best and violent at worst, Abridged Kirito and Asuna do share their canon counterparts love for their adopted daughter, Yui. To the point where Abridged Kirito and Asuna are currently engaged in a legal battle with Canon Kirito and Asuna over who gets custody of Yui. Nobody knows who exactly will emerge victorious, but they do know that Yui is receiving so many presents from both sets of parents in an attempt to win her over to their respective sides.
    • Their relationship with the rest of the canon cast has not fared much better. While Canon Sinon and Canon Yuuki consider the two to be irritating jackasses, Canon Suguha has tried to maintain an alliance with the pair. Abridged Kirito and Asuna were even initially willing to befriend Canon Suguha, especially since she doesn't beat the everloving crap out Kirito like her abridged counterpart... only to learn that Canon Suguha is in love with Kirito. For the next few weeks, Abridged Kirito and Asuna were physically incapable of making an expression that didn't involve a dropped jaw and shrunken irises.
    • All of this said, the abridged pair and the canon cast has agreed to put aside their differences whenever it comes to dealing with Canon Nobuyuki, who is overjoyed that there are now two Asunas for him to play around with.
  • The two have obtained a somewhat shaky alliance with the likes of Sora and Shiro, who themselves live in a world where violence was outlawed and disputes were settled with games. Asuna wondered what kind of pathetic loser would want to live in a world like that only to find out that her husband was outside their temple, demanding that he be let into the world of Disboard.
    • The two have an even shakier alliance with Shiroe and Akatsuki, whom, being allies of the original Kirito and Asuna, consider the pair to be absolute pain to be around. The feeling is mutual on the couple's end, especially since Shiroe helping Akatsuki out with her avatar situation has made Asuna self-conscious of the fact that Kirito left her to her own devices rather than help her open a menu, which has led to many arguments about who actually gets custody of Kirito's Badass Longcoat.
  • It did not take long for Kirito to reopen the "Kirito is Always Right" foundation, and soon enough, this advertisement was airing on every single television screen within the pantheon. So far, the "Kirito is Always Right" foundation has attracted little to no potential investors, but it did once convince Ed to donate all of the Ed-boys' jawbreaker money to the cause. Eddy's screams of anger were heard from across the pantheon on that day.
  • Asuna has inadvertently gained the approval of the GUAC Yandere Squad after she burned down Lisbeth's shop when she thought Lisbeth was "flirting" with Kirito. The members didn't even hold it against her when Asuna burned down each of their respective temples when she heard rumors that they were also "flirting" with Kirito, noting that they would have done the same thing if they were in her place.
  • Convinced that Mordecai Heller is secretly aligned with Don Fluffles, a cat that somehow learned how to play Sword Art Online and founded a mafia inside it, Kirito immediately stormed out to Mordecai's temple, planted his sword in the ground, and swore that he would spend every waking hour of his time opposing whatever evil schemes Mordecai plans to inflict upon the pantheon in the name of Sachi. Mordecai, having hailed from a decade where the concept of video games didn't even exist, had absolutely no idea what Kirito was even talking about.
  • Kirito can often be seen heading into the Gates of Hell to buy weapons from Rodin. While some believe that Kirito frequents the bar because Rodin reminds him of his friend Tiffany, the truth is that Kirito frequents the bar because unlike Tiffany, Rodin won't try to sell him broken equipment. It has gotten to the point where Kirito has dubbed Rodin as "the cooler Tiffany".
    • Rodin, for the most part, doesn't seem to mind Kirito. Asuna, however...
    Asuna: Heeey, R-dawg. What is up in dis... hizouse?
  • Kirito would be lying if he said he wasn't at least mildly interested when he heard that there was another deity within the pantheon that takes after their abridged characterization more than their actual canon characterization. His interest quickly transformed into a fusion of disappointment and horror when he realized that the deity happened to be the exceedingly stupid Nappa, whose childish antics proved to be too much for Kirito to handle:
    Kirito: [Groans sligtly while blood trickles down their nose]
    Nappa: You ok Kirito?
    Kirito: Yes, just... just an aneurysm out of sheer stupidity.
    Nappa: Wow... didn't think you were that stupid Kirito.
    Kirito: [Screams]
  • During a stroll the pantheon, Kirito ended up encountering The Narrator, who tried to guide Kirito like he does with Stanley and others. The results were predictable:
    Narrator: Kirito was trapped in a game of life or death, where the participant either lived or died.
    Kirito: Oh, WOW. What brilliant insight. It's so deep it loops right back around to being stupid.
    Narrator: Kirito ranted at noone in particular before it slowly dawned on him how alone he truly was.
    Kirito: Wait, what was that?
    Narrator: Kirito asked the sky, like a preacher to his silent gods.
    Kirito: What gods? What are you talking about?! It's all bullshit metaphors with you.
    Narrator: Kirito was fat and ugly, and really really stupid. He probably only got his position in the Pantheon through some sort of family connection, that's how stupid he is. That, or with drug money. Also, Kirito is addicted to drugs and hookers.
    Kirito: Narrator off.
    Kirito: Dick.

PlasmagicaMembers , Goddesses of Anime Adaptations of Video Games
From left to right: Chuchu, Cyan, Moa, Rotoree

    Sei Iori & Reiji 
Sei Iori & Reiji, Heralds of Recursive Canon (Reiji: Mr. Meatbun, Aria von Reiji Asuna)
Sei is on the left, Reiji is on the right
  • Theme: Nibun no Ichi; Gundam Build Fighters!
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their Build Strike Gundam
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with Reiji being closer to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hot-Blooded, Red Oni, Blue Oni
  • Domains: Gundam, Sports, Friendship
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino (although he's not involved in Build Fighters; Sei also admires him)
  • Allies: All Heroic Gundam Deities (especially Tatsuya Yuuki (with a Friendly Rivalry going on as well), Aila Jyrkiäinen (Reiji's Custom Tsundere, later, his wife), Team TRY Fighters, Amuro Ray, Setsuna F. Seiei, Domon Kasshu, Kira Yamato), Ryuko Matoi, Mako Mankanshoku, Simon the Digger, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Kouta Kazuraba, Naruto Uzumaki, Excel, Chihiro Kosaka, Rana Linchen
  • Enemies (half of them moreso in Reiji's case): Kogane, Jervis Tetch, Yuri, Anyone who threatens women, Griffith, Ragyo Kiryuin, Arthas Menethil, Prince Hans, The GUAE Mecha Cohort (Ali Al-Saachez and Rau Le Creuset in particular), Ryoma Sengoku, Handsome Jack, Skull Face, Darth Nihilus
  • When you think of the word Gundam, you think of mecha battles, political intrigue, and worlds where it would be safe to say that life sucks living there most of the time. Also there are numerous timelines with their own pilots and mecha. In the timeline where these two originate from, Gundam is a work of fiction and Gunpla (Gundam translated as a figurine) battles are a thing. Sei Iori is a skilled Gunpla builder and when he encounters the unusual Reiji, the two decide to take the world of Gunpla battles by storm, meeting a slew of contestants along the way. Living in that timeline actually doesn't suck compared to most other ones.
    • That particular timeline is known as Anno Domini (or A.D). And before you ask, no. Other than having Gundams involved, it has nothing to do with that other A.D. timeline.
  • Aside from these two and their successors Team TRY Fighters, there was another group of kids who have gotten into Gunpla battles. It can be argued they probably didn't exist in the same timeline as them, but then again, both Sei & Reiji (and the TRY Fighters by extension) were more active in the Gunpla-battling endeavor.
  • Sei has found the House of Craft to be the perfect place within the Pantheon to help spread the art of Gunpla battles. Classes have opened up there, as well as the School house, for other deities to try out building Gunpla and battling with them, with Rana Linchen often attending these classes. Serious Gunpla competition would sometimes take place in the Sports zone.
    • The Gunpla battles that occur in the Pantheon utilize both the 3-on-3 battles that Team TRY Fighters followed and the previous battle types that were featured in Sei & Reiji's Gunpla run. For the 3-on-3 battles, Aila has thought about joining Sei & Reiji's team for these occasions.
  • Even though they aren't victims of mind control, both Sei and Reiji have a noticeable dislike towards villainous deities who specialize in mind control given what had happened to both Aila and Meijin when the duo fought them at separate rounds at the tournament. There's a stronger dislike in regards to Jervis Tetch and Yuri since the devices that Sei & Reiji noticed on Aila and Meijin during the tournament look like items that either Jervis or Yuri could have designed.
  • Reiji is praised as one of the few Gundam protagonists to ever save their Newtype lover (or at least someone that is as close to a Newtype as one can get from his timeline) from a terrible fate. When asked about this, Reiji just shrugged.
  • The Arian prince is a frequent visitor to the House of Food and likes to check out the offerings that are present there. The first time he visited that place, he saw Aila there, and was left in awe. They both proceeded to bicker at each other, though Aila seemed to enjoy the argument more. Every god within the House of Food had a major league WTF reaction to their argument.
  • As the prince of Arian, Reiji decided to see what some of the other princes in the Pantheon were like. Unfortunately, there were some evil princes that he found and did not take it well. Reiji notably hates Prince Hans quite a bit over using a girl to achieve a selfish goal.
  • Since one of the main obstacles of their journey was a company chairman that was willing to use underhanded tactics to ensure their defeat, Sei & Reiji are not fond of corrupt company leaders who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their selfish goals. The two also dislike those who play unfairly and have made sure that these kinds of instances never happen in a Gunpla battle.
  • Ryoma Sengoku has earned a considerable amount of ire from both Sei & Reiji (the latter moreso) given how he takes a look at information and uses that for villainous means.
  • In what shouldn't be considered a surprise given his interests, Sei freaked out that when he learned that the Gundam pilots from the animés were real here. He fanboyed so much that Bright Noa had to slap him, but it turned out to be a bad idea because it only made him fanboy harder. Thus was recorded an extremely rare instance of when the infamous Bright Slap failed.
    • Of course, this also meant that a number of the various Gundam villains in the shows that Sei has watched also exist in the Pantheon. The most that he and Reiji can do at the moment is to keep their distance from the baddies.
  • The two have come to learn of other mecha pilots that didn't originate from Gundam after Sei heard about some events that some Gundam pilots got involved with (him and Reiji aren't likely to get directly involved with these at the moment). Naturally, they (Sei moreso given that he's the Gundam fanboy) have gotten along with these additional mecha heroes.
    • One non-Gundam mecha pilot that Sei & Reiji get along with is Simon the Digger, due to the latter's Hot-Blooded energy whenever he takes control of his mecha. Both Sei and Simon can relate to how they were able to become more badass in their respective adventures (though comparing the scale of Simon's to that of Sei's is like saying skyscraper-tall robots are bigger than teddy bears).
  • Sei was in for quite a surprise upon learning that the man responsible for bringing Gundam to life, Yoshiyuki Tomino, had a spot in the Pantheon. Although Tomino doesn't have a whole lot to say about Sei & Reiji, Sei is quite thankful for Tomino's work (even if these works can get very dark compared to Sei & Reiji's adventures) and if it weren't for Tomino, who knows if Gundam would actually be a thing (or even a word).
  • Due to their interest in a sport (though Gunpla battles aren't really considered a traditional sport), Sei & Reiji have been targeted by Kogane. Luckily for the duo, Kouta Kazuraba is serving as something of a bodyguard for Sei & Reiji whenever Kogane is on the offensive. Kouta and Sei & Reiji all respect each other for their determination in achieving their respective dreams.
  • Even though he's already in a relationship with Aila, Reiji being quite friendly towards Sei has gotten a few deities shipping the two with each other. Sei's attitude towards Reiji at times can be further evidence of the pairing thing.
  • Given how much of a Serious Business Gunpla battles have been amongst those who partake in it, the activity has been seen by others falling under E-Sports. Regardless of where Gunpla falls under, both Sei & Reiji are thankful for the fact that Gunpla battles are picking up popularity in the Pantheon.

    Shere Khan 
Shere Khan, God of Being Stronger in Adaptations (Lungri, The Lame One, The Burned Beast)
The Burned Beast 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His crippled hind leg or his scarred eye
  • Theme Music: Shere Khan Attacks/Stampede; Shere Khan's War Theme; Shere Khan and the Fire
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil bordering on Chaotic Evil (a dark shade of Lawful Neutral as a businessman)
  • Portfolio: Cats Are Mean, A Name that Means "Tiger King" in Hindi, Faux Affably Evil, Highly Capable Tiger, A True Threat to The Jungle
  • Domains: Tigers, Viciousness
  • Allies: Scar, Koba
  • Enemies: Mowgli, Baloo & Bagheera, Tigress, Tigger, Incineroar, Simba, Mufasa, Caesar, Tarzan, San, Hareta, ascended gunslingers (especially animal hunters)
  • Very Mixed Relations: Kaa, David Attenborough, Steve Irwin
  • Fears: All ascended pyromancers
  • Of the various denizens of the jungle that Mowgli has encountered, Shere Khan has been consistently a threat to the man-cub and his friends. In the original Jungle Book, Shere Khan had a crippled leg and was given a derisive nickname by others because of it. When Walt Disney adapted the book to an animated film, Shere Khan's limp leg was no more. Well after that had been released, subsequent works released by Walt's company made the tiger more of a threat than before. One of these later works included making Shere Khan the ruthless and cunning head of a company during the time Baloo was a pilot. When Disney's company decided it was time for The Jungle Book to get another shot at film, Shere Khan became far more violent and dangerous than his animated counterparts could ever be.
  • Rumors began to spread throughout the Pantheon of some sort of a highly valuable mythical tiger statue that got the attention of various explorers and treasure hunters. This got the attention of a few Disney villains, who believed that one of their kind was trapped inside of it and they sent out a few subordinates of theirs in order to intercept the treasure hunt. The attempt to derail that treasure hunt didn't completely work out, so the Disney villains decided to bide their time for another chance to get their hands on that statue. That time would come when someone attempted to steal the tiger statue and in the fight, the statue got flung far away and into the hands of Captain Hook, who brought the tiger statue to Maleficent. With a bit a magic, they were able to free Shere Khan from his former prison. It became clear that the tiger wanted nothing more than to get revenge of Mowgli and his friends and while he doesn't work with the group of Disney villains that much, he still checks in with them from time to time.
  • To a more pronounced degree than Mowgli and the rest of the jungle animals he's encountered, Shere Khan's exact appearance and behavior has varied quite a bit according to eyewitnesses. As mentioned, Shere Khan had a crippled leg before Walt Disney got involved and changed that leg and gave him a more suave, if still sinister, attitude. Other times, Shere Khan stands on two legs (despite his stated hatred of humans) and is more composed whenever he's a business-tiger and as The Burned Beast, he has a scar over his eye and becomes much more violent. This isn't getting to some who have claimed to have seen him as a white tiger.
  • While he has remained consistently antagonistic towards Mowgli and his friends (though there might have been one exception to this), his relation with Kaa has been rather shaky for lack of a better term. For the most part, whenever both are Disneyfied, Kaa is the beleaguered lackey to Shere Khan, who sometimes loses patience with the python. However, whenever Kaa is a female, she apparently doesn't like Shere Khan and considers him to be problematic. That said, most of their interactions tend to occur whenever they are Disneyfied.
  • Of the Disney Villains, Shere Khan has taken a liking to Scar and the lion shares the same opinion of the tiger as well. Scar had been hoping to find additional deities to help him reclaim his position as king and Shere Khan has quite a bit of strength to help Scar in that regard. Shere Khan has also requested Scar's help in getting rid of Mowgli for good and the lion is willing to help out whenever he isn't busy with his primary goal. It didn't sit well with Simba and Mufasa, who see the tiger as not much different from Scar in terms of behavior and both are making sure that Shere Khan doesn't get far in his alliance with Scar.
  • Koba managed to find a potent ally in Shere Khan, more specifically whenever the tiger appears as The Burned Beast. Both animals have had bad encounters with humans and have a scar on their eye as a sign of how much they despise humans in general. They are also violent creatures who claim to follow the rules, but are more than willing to break them if it means advancing further in their goals. Koba more than liked Shere Khan's strength and is willing to use it alongside the primate's skills to get rid of humans entirely. Word of Koba's alliance with Shere Khan reached Caesar, who was already friends with Bagheera and willing to protect Mowgli, and he wasn't to thrilled to hear about it to put it lightly. This only gave Caesar more of a motivation to ensure the saftey of Mowgli and his friends.
  • If there's one thing that Shere Khan hates just as much as humans, it's fire and how "The Red Flower" (as fire has been referred to in his own world) brought about his undoing. What unnerved him even more was that there were a multitude of deities who have control over fire, giving the tiger much more of a reason to detest humans. Of those that have used fire, Shere Khan considers pyromaniacs and those wanting to start fires out of amusement to be the worst of those fire-users, with him describing The Pyro in particular as a delusional freak.
  • Guns are another thing that Shere Khan despises and he sees these weapons as another reason to hate humans. As was the case with fire, guns are much more widespread and varied in the Pantheon and the tiger has added various deities who specialize in gunplay to those he hates. Not helping matters is that there's a number of animal hunters that are willing to go after Shere Khan for a good amount of reward money.
  • Many of the other ascended tigers don't have anything positive to say about Shere Khan, if at all. While Tigger is justifiably terrified of him, Tigress of The Furious Five sees Shere Khan as enough of a threat to try and stop him if the latter's regular arch-enemies aren't around to do so. She has even mentioned at one point that Shere Khan is what would happen if Tai Lung managed to become much worse than he already is in terms of behavior. Shere Khan found the idea of a tiger using martial arts mildly amusing, though she's made it clear that she doesn't want any association with him whatsoever.
    • While Incineroar isn't explicitly classified as a tiger, the Pokemon is as much of a big cat as Shere Khan is, only that it's standing on two legs most of the time. Although Incineroar doesn't use fire as often as a lot of other pyromancers in the Pantheon, Shere Khan still sees a big cat with an association with fire as problematic. Incineroar sees Shere Khan as a threat towards others and fights between Incineroar's wrestling-like moves and Shere Khan's bestial attacks have happened on a semi-regular basis.
  • San, Tarzan, and Hareta, deities who are associated with nature and jungles, all hate Shere Khan for his attitude regarding humans and his predatory traits that he's willing to use to enforce his power in the jungle. The tiger's hatred of humans is something the three have taken significant issue with and San in particular is upset with it and doesn't want to imagine what would happen if she ended up being raised by someone like him. Tarzan and Hareta have also taken it upon themselves to protect Mowgli from Shere Khan whenever the man-cub's friends isn't around to do so.
  • Whenever he's a business-tiger, Shere Khan has generally done his best to keep his cool and keep his hatred of humans in check. He's been able to talk to some businessmen in the Pantheon and make a few deals with them to advance his company further. That said, his business deals have happened irregularly since he is more focused on getting rid of Mowgli and for the most part, that doesn't really involve a lot of corporate matters.
  • As much as Shere Khan hates humans for a number of reasons, there were a couple of humans that ended up testing his own mindset. Both David Attenborough and Steve Irwin are known to document the beauty of nature and advocate in keeping it alive and after the latter learned of another animal who hated humans, Irwin decided to meet up with the tiger and see how things will pan out. Shere Khan was surprised to see a human try to reach out to him as Irwin proceeded to talk about nature and Attenborough, with the conversation going into detail about what makes nature beautiful and the efforts humans can do to keep it that way. Shere Khan understood where Irwin was coming from given how he sometimes advocates in keeping the law of the jungle in check (though knowing Shere Khan, he didn't mention anything about himself breaking it), but insisted that there were still humans who are willing to pose a threat to the jungle and other natural habitats. Their conversation ended up being civil, if a bit tense at times, with the most Shere Khan doing is saying he'll leave Irwin and Attenborough alone, but still won't hesitate to attack humans that threaten his jungle home. Irwin remains optimistic that he'll be able to curb Shere Khan's aggressive attitude should another meeting happen between them.

    Yondu Udonta 
Yondu Udonta, God Of Being A Lot Different In The Adaptation (Cap, Old Man, Drama Queen, Blue Doofus, Mary Poppins, David Hasselhoff)
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Zilla, Avatar of Extremely Loose Adaptations (Godzilla, American Godzilla, Godzilla In Name Only, G.I.N.O., Trizilla, Tuna-Head, Cyber-Godzilla, Cyber-Zilla)
  • Theme Song: "Come With Me" by Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page
  • Lesser Deity (Intermediate Deity as Cyber-Zilla)
  • Symbol: A sihoulette of itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Lawful Evil as Cyber-Zilla)
  • Portfolio: Fragile Speedster, Capable of Making Many Offspring, Monster Is a Mommy
  • Domains: Iguanas, Distinction
  • High Priests: Aki Ross & Dr. Sid
  • Followers: G-Crew, Jonathan Hunter
  • Rivals: Godzilla, King Kong, Indominus Rex
  • Enemies: Lucas, Monster Hunters, Pokemon Hunter J, Any deity associated with militaries
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Siskel & Ebert
  • Source of Interest for: Evil members of Grand United Alliance of Machines, Hircine, Zonda & The Seven
  • A nuclear test off a distant island results in a reptilian nest being exposed to high levels of radiation and one of these creatures growing to an enormous size and unleashing plenty of destruction in its wake. This creature is...not Godzilla, but rather a giant iguana known as just Zilla; certain military personnel believed that Americans confused this creature for the real Godzilla when it initially attacked their shores. It is known to have a preference towards eating fish and tried to lay a lot of eggs in New York that would hatch into a lot of monsters later on. It's surprisingly agile and has some degree of intelligence for a creature of its size despite lacking most of what the real Godzilla has.
    • Sometime after its death, it ended up being rebuilt as a cyborg weapon by aliens and ended up fighting against its sole offspring after Zilla Jr. broke free of the aliens' control. This cybernetic form has plenty of upgrades that regular Zilla doesn't have such as a reflector and heat-ray.
  • Another night in the Pantheon would bring yet another unforeseen threat into the place. This time, it was another giant monster that some deities originally thought was Godzilla, but didn't really look like the real thing and was more of giant mutated iguana. That didn't stop select deities from coming in to stop whatever rampage the monster was causing. It took a bit of time, but Zilla ended up being subdued by multiple missiles and sent to a contained spot in the Pantheon before it could recover. The eggs had to be taken care of as well after some deities found them, believing that if something hatched from them, then dealing with Zilla again could be worse.
  • It ended up getting into a fight against the real Godzilla as a result of being used by a group of aliens hell-bent on dominating Earth (those specific aliens are not related to the ones that created Cyber-Zilla). That particular battle did not end well for Zilla to put it mildly. A later fight that happened between them under different circumstances did have Zilla fare better than it did under the aliens' control, but within the Pantheon, fights between Godzilla and Zilla don't happen too often.
  • Zilla stumbled onto Skull Island at one point, getting itself into a violent encounter with King Kong. Zilla resembled some of the giant monsters that King Kong fought against back on his island and the giant ape did fight against Godzilla in the past. It also didn't help much that both King Kong and Zilla have gone on different rampages through New York. Their fight got violent enough that some deities had to be called in to stop it and send Zilla back before the damage done to Skull Island became drastic.
  • During its rampage, Zilla ended up attacking someone named Mayor Ebert and an assistant called Gene. The real Siskel & Ebert did not enjoy Zilla's rampage then (even finding the perceived jab at them to be not that effective) and even in the Pantheon, the two still find the mutated oversized iguana to be very ridiculous. Even if by some weird circumstance Zilla ends up meeting the two, it couldn't care less about them at all.
  • Both it and Indominus Rex are genetically altered lizards who became who they were as a result of different circumstances. Given Indominus' bloodthirsty nature, it's a fairly common occurance for her and Zilla to get into fights. Things get a bit deadlier whenever Zilla's eggs and offspring are involved and there have been a few instances of Indominus fighting against Cyber-Zilla, with a lot more damage done to their surroundings in these circumstances.
  • As someone who has experience in going after strange and unusual creatures, Hunter J saw Zilla as yet another target to go after. She initially thought that this creature was related to the real Godzilla, but was quickly told otherwise. Compared to Godzilla himself, Zilla is a bit of an easier target for Hunter J, but she's still going to need a fair amount of effort in order to have a chance of capturing it. Cyber-Zilla will more than likely end up being a bigger challenge for her should Hunter J encounter it.
  • The Monster Hunters are among those who are willing to keep Zilla and her offspring in check should it go on another rampage. Given the good amount of hunters present in that group and their overall skill level, their fights against Zilla haven't been too difficult. Cyber-Zilla on the other hand has proven to be more of a challenge for the group overall. Some of the more experienced Monster Hunters will step in to stop Cyber-Zilla's rampage, but due to the big weapon and technological gap present between them and Cyber-Zilla, they're likely going to need some outside help in bringing it down.
  • Zilla's eggs and potential offspring have caught the attention of Hircine, seeing them as potential new game for the hunts that he arranges. He's even interested in gifting his offspring lycanthrophy similar to what he tried to do with the weredeadroth and is also hoping that these offspring won't suffer an embarassing death comparable to the weredaedroth killing itself while trying to rake a songbird.
  • Lucas is very terrified of this creature, especially when it comes to Cyber-Zilla, which has some level of resemblance to the Mecha-Drago that killed his mother. To make things even nastier for him, Zilla is considered to be a mother due to its ability to create a lot of offspring. Unlike the Drago creatures (that the Mecha-Drago was part of) which are generally friendly, Zilla can get pretty destructive and its behavior is even worse as Cyber-Zilla.
  • On its own, Zilla is generally seen as a quick creature that can go down easily with enough hard hits to it. Cyber-Zilla on the other hand is seen as a more dangerous problem due to it posessing more power than what the regular Zilla has. Some evil members of the GUAM have expressed interest in capturing Zilla and turning it into a Cyber-Zilla that they can use. Given the kinds of weaponry that the GUAM has, there's a possibility that their version of Cyber-Zilla might be even more dangerous than before.
  • While looking for more allies in their fight against humanity, Zonda and The Seven learned about Cyber-Zilla and saw some use for it in their future plans. When they managed to get ahold of Zilla at one point, Asroc used his powers over machinery after converting it into their own version of Cyber-Zilla to control. There have been a few instances of Cyber-Zilla being uncontrollable that prompted Desna to use her hair powers to force the kaiju to stand still and have Teseo digitize the mechanical parts to put Cyber-Zilla back in control. Even then, the creatue ends up breaking free of their control more often than not as a result of it fighting against other deities, prompting the group to think of additional ways to ensure better control of Cyber-Zilla.
  • Even if some have mistakenly referred to it as "Godzilla", this technically isn't the Godzilla (and generally isn't referred to as such anyways) due to certain factors. Since it's still a giant monster, deities who see it should still run like it's the actual Godzilla even though it technically isn't.


    Donald Love 
Donald Love, God of Unknown Fates (Don, D, DL)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Love Media Logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Corrupt Corporate Executive, A big insane in the early days, Bastard Understudy, Faux Affably Evil, Cannibal and a fan of Morgue Parties, Based on Donald Trump, Strawman Political
  • Domains: Money, Crime, Fates, Politics, Corruption
  • Allies: Claude, Tommy Vercetti, Dimitri Rascalov, Patrick Bateman, Ethank Roark Sr. and Jr., Polpo, Lionel Starkweather, Hannibal Lecter
  • Rivals: Herbert Garrison
  • Enemies: The House of Justice, Niko Bellic, Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, Mike Haggar, The Son, Giorno Giovanna
  • Opposed by: The House of Undead, The Good deities of the House of Love
  • While he may seem a mellow and successful businessman on the outside, Donald Love is anything but a good person. Having started as Avery Carrington's protegé in the 80s, Love established Love Media in Liberty City and pursued a career in politics to become major, using underhanded tactics like assassinating the then-current mayor, commiting fraud and even getting innocent caught in gang wars, ultimately losing the battle after people caught up to his connections with the Leone family. After getting his revenge on those that wronged him, years later, his company and him resurfaced around 2001, becoming one of the biggest people in Liberty City. Having met Claude thanks to a contact of his in LCPD, Love tasked Claude with a few missions involving gang wars and mysterious packages, even making him act as a decoy for his associate to escape. After succeeding, Claude returned to Love's penthouse but he was nowhere to be seen and his fate was left unresolved...until now.
  • Donald Love formally entered by bribing his way in, having learned that the Court of Gods does indeed have some members that are willing to work on his conditions and so he was allowed a very respectable temple modeled after his penthouse in liberty city. Given the mysterious circumstances behind his dissapearance, Love was given a title reflecting that. Whatever happened to him hasn't been elaborated by the man himself but one thing is certain, it doesn't mean good things for the pantheon.
  • Notably one of the few employers that never attempted to double cross Claude, even though there was a chance he would have, but thanks to Unfortunate Implications, that never happened. Claude is alright with working for him again since he does pay very well, but hopefully this time he doesn't use him as a decoy again.
  • One of his favourite activities is to instigate Gang Warfare so the real state prices go down, something he learned from his mentor, Avery Carrington. He infamously got Yakuza leader Kenji Kasen killed by a Colombian Cartel strike (actually Claude in disguise) to instigate conflict between both factions. Certain ascenders members of each group, as well other unrelated gangs, have taken notice of this practice and have tried to go after Love in retaliation.
    • Kazuma Kiryu and his partner Goro Majima have personally visited and beaten the crap out of Love and his security as a warning that if he tried this again, they wouldn't be as lenient and kill him. Donald Love, enraged about this assault, has sworn that he would make both men pay with their lives.
    • He also ended up being a target for Giorno Giovanna and his friends for trying to create a beef with his gang and the other mafias. This may stem from Love's connection to Polpo, who he met one day after trying to recruit the man for his company. Both share a hedonistic lifestyle but Polpo is only interested in a casual business relationship and nothing more, with his boss Diavolo having no interest in Love whatsoever.
  • In the search of new potential partners, he came accross an old face in Tommy Vercetti, having encountered the man back when he was still learning under Avery Carrington. Tommy was surprised to learn of Donald's evolution and how he ended up icing old man Carrington back in Liberty City. Vercetti and Love later ended up agreeing to work together and for Tommy's crew to protect Love from any future intrusion by any third party
    • He also ended up meeting Dimitri Rascalov, the russian mobster pulled some strings to convince Love for a partnership. Donald is aware of Dimitri's notorious betrayal record and so he has kept an eye on him but given the fact that the Mafiya could allow him to expand his influence in the house of Crime, he ended up accepting. This created the unfortunate consequence of getting on Niko Bellic's shitlist, since besides the fact that he is working with Dimitri, Niko also has a lot bad memories about power hungry businessmen like Donald Love.
  • Him and Patrick Bateman hit it off instantly. Both highly succesful businessmen with a sociopathic streak and not strangers to murder, that and possibly that both men are Karma Houdinies. A partnership began the moment they met and Bateman tend to visit Love and hang out with his and his old asian friend, frequently talking about their wealth. Outside of business, Patrick usually likes to hides the victims he murders in Love's temple, since the latter likes to use them for his "Morgue Parties" or just to feast on them.
  • Unknown to many, Love likes to eat human meat, usually comparing to raw chicken. He is also said to be a necrophiliac, which instantly made him a persona non grata for the House of Undead. This depraved behavior instantly caught the attention of Lionel Starkweather, a powerful man like Love would be an excellent backer for his films, which Love approved the moment he found out, possibly out of his hidden sadistic nature.
  • Being part of a Vice City (Well, not the actual Vice City but he's been there), Donald Love and Ethan Roark Sr. had similar goals and interests, so both ended up becoming allies and Roark even suggested that Love could become the mayor of Liberty City again if he had Roark backing him up. Love is also depraved enough to get along with Roark Jr., often using him as an enforcer and even inviting him to his Morgue Parties.
  • He is acquiantanced with another Serial Killer, this time being Hannibal Lecter. Both men being notorious cannibals, he finds that Lecter is a outstanding chef and his dishes have been the best he has tasted. That and he is trying to protect him from the pantheon authorities however he can.
  • Given his surname, Love-themed heroes and Love Freaks despise him for being a Corrupt Corporate Executive and being nothing but a depraved human being. Love just chuckled at their remarks, feelign that they focus on arbitrary things and are getting angry for nothing.
  • No, he is not related to Donald Trump. Even then, he and Herbert Garrison have butted heads numerous times, calling each other a shameless rip-off of the other and even getting physical. Since both of them are powerful men, a conflict between both would prove devastating and so the GUAG has tried to moderate each men to avoid any high impact incident.

Escargon, God of Canon Foreigners (Escargoon)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Snail's Shell
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Villainy, Canon Immigrants, Butt Monkeys, Deadpan Snarkers, Jerks with Hearts of Gold, Villain Protagonists
  • Domains: Troublemaking, Selfishness, Mischief
  • High Priest: Sally Acorn
  • Allies: King Dedede, Wario, Waluigi, Team Rocket, Mr. Burns, Dr. Eggman, Mojo Jojo, King Dice
  • Sometimes Opposes: Kirby, Children (Even in the Pantheon)
  • Sometimes Opposed by: Teddie, Mario, Luigi, Cuphead and Mugman, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Natsu Dragneel, Luffy, Naruto, Pit, Donkey Kong, Link, Finn the Human, Jake The Dog, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, AiAi, Pinkie Pie, Muse, Most deities in the House of Love and Friendship
  • Pities: The Ice King, Bloo, Daffy Duck
  • Escargoon grew up in a small house on a farm with his mother somewhere on Planet Popstar. When he grew up, he left home, promising his mother that he'd make her proud. Unfortunately, the real world was harsh, and he ended up working for King Dedede in Dream Land.
  • He has two distinct sides to his personality. There's the part of him that helps Dedede with his schemes and tricks, but he seems to have a genuinely nice side to him that only appears in extreme situations. Unlike most of the other residents of Cappy Town he does not dislike King Dedede, though the latter often whacks him with a mallet.
  • Escargoon's mannerism gives the impression of someone past his youth, and tends to get grumpy with the children of the village. He can be mean and naughty towards people in general, using his status as the King's assistant to lend him the right to boss people around or threaten them with the death penalty (in the Japanese version only). It is not clear whether he really is mean and only acts nice when he needs something, or if he has a good side of him that does not show because he is perpetually helping Dedede with his schemes in order to gain his approval. Since his mother says Escargoon is cowardly and would never hurt anyone, it would seem that the latter situation is more likely.
  • Escargoon is most often in the company of King Dedede as his assistant and he tries to ensure the King's well-being and happiness in any way he can, sometimes to the detriment of his own. His duties are numerous, from cooking to cleaning to giving back rubs to being Dedede's personal punching bag when the King is angry. Sometimes Dedede pulls pranks on him and scare him just because he can. He does care about Dedede but understandably hates his treatment of him, and tries to get even when he can, throwing subtle insults right in Dedede's face which the King isn't nearly bright enough to catch on to - though on the rare occasion he still gets hit anyway just for talking when Dedede is mad.
  • There are several deities who oppose him because of how loyal and helpful he was to Mr. Burns and King Dedede, Meaning the heroic deities such as Mario, Sonic, Cuphead and Mugman, banded him from their temples.
  • Pities good troublemakers, The Ice King, Blooregard Q. Kazoo and Daffy Duck because of some of the ignorance people give them. Escargon likes trying to help them with their awful schemes and such.
  • Surprisingly, He became opposed by most deities in the House of Love and Friendship because of how much trouble he and King Dedede will cause and how badly he and the king torments and will torment Kirby in so many ways and they think he has no love. And because of his evil selfishness, They will stop at nothing to keep him from joining their temple.
  • Because he and Team Rocket are known for troublemaking and winning, They developed a friendship along with Dedede and can have revenge on the protagonists.
  • Wario and Waluigi would definitely befriend him to eliminate Kirby and the other protagonists. He IS similar to how evil and troublesome they are to Mario, Luigi and other deities of Super Mario.

    Dr. Kawashima 
Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, God of Works Based on Advice Books
Kawashima in Real Life
Kawashima's virtual avatar 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His virtual head
  • Theme Music: Brain Age Menu
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Edutainment Game, Specs of Awesome, Having a Virtual Talking Head of Himself
  • Domains: Neuroscience, Edutainment
  • Opposes: Baldi, Dr. Zomboss
  • Intrigued towards: Alakazam
  • Frustrated at: Billy
  • Dr. Kawashima is a reknowned neuroscientist and expert in brain imaging, with mapping regions of the brain to various faculties such as memorization and cognition being a notable research topic of his. He authored a successful book known as Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain and wrote a follow-up book later. When it comes to video games, Kawashima (or rather, a virtual head of him) appears in Brain Age, a game series inspired by the aforementioned book where in addition to a variety of puzzles related to math, puzzles, and concentration, the games also measure how well someone's brain is doing via "Brain Age".
  • As a person, he actually isn't seen in the Pantheon that much. Rather, his virtual avatar is what's more often seen by others. The real Kawashima is still busy with his research (the House of Knowledge is where he tends to do his studies in addition to his normal temple) whilst the virtual avatar goes around helping others improve their brain with training exercises whenever they need it.
    • Some of these training exercises involve Kawashima's virtual avatar taking on a decidedly more devilish look. It has more to do with these concentration exercises being generally harder than normal than anything serious, though some find it a little surprising at first.
  • One of the weirder things that Kawashima's virtual avatar has done was showing up as an Assist Trophy during various fights between Nintendo characters. He doesn't really attack others; rather, a bunch of numbers show up and whoever summoned him will be able to use them to create larger numbers. Numbers higher than 10 will explode and if it's exactly 10, then a more potent explosion will occur. This led some to wondering if incorporating Kawashima's other brain exercises with more strenuous activity is possible.
    • Arguably stranger than that is a specially designed Mario course named after Kawashima and even a special mushroom that lets Mario take on Kawashima's virtual avatar's appearance. Some who enjoy designing levels for Mario to go through have used that special mushroom for some courses, though Kawashima's virtual avatar hasn't had much, if any, say on these course aside from the initial one.
  • Being in the Pantheon meant that Kawashima's work was only going to get weirder and more complicated due to what's present there, mostly different people whose intelligence varies wildly between them. And then there's the fantastical species, many of which are more likely than not to have differing brains from regular humans.
    • Trying to work with Billy has actually proven to be very frustrating. It's one thing to have his negative intelligence befuddle Kawashima, but his overall stupidity has made it very hard for Kawashima to understand what is even going on inside that kid's brain. Even trying to get Billy's IQ up by just a few points has been challenging to put it mildly.
    • Alakazam has been something that Kawashima has been trying to understand for a while given it's extreme intelligence. Not only that, it's an entire species and not just a regular being, meaning that Kawashima has a lot to figure out when it comes to what their neurological functions are like and if there's a thing or two holding it back.
  • Studying brain activity is important for Kawashima, but his job in the Pantheon led to a few unexpected and weird obstacles with it. Dr. Zomboss has been a major inconvenience for Kawashima, especially given the zombie's habit of trying to get his army to eat living brains. This isn't even getting into the fact that Zomboss' brain looks abnormal compared to what Kawashima has been used to.
  • Having been a university professor before at the university where he was a student at prior, Kawashima saw the Pantheon's School to be a great opportunity to place his works there. Not only does he function as a part-time professor for the older students that attend, he also has his books and Brain Age games there as well for those looking to improve their IQ. He is a bit weirded out at some of the more eccentric students and teachers and kind of upset at hearing about some of the crueler teachers and students that go there though.
    • One teacher who particularly earned Kawashima's ire was Baldi. Mercilessly punishing someone over an incorrect answer is something the neuroscientist finds completely unacceptable, and this isn't even getting into the fact that the notebooks Baldi hands out contain what's practically an unsolvable problem due to it looking very messed up.
  • The Brain Age games aren't the only edutainment games that Kawashima has had a hand in; a mobile game as well as a game involving mild physical exercise to answer questions also featured him. That said, the virtual avatars in them are not the same as the ones from Brain Age and haven't been used as much in the Pantheon overall.

    Tod and Copper 
Tod and Copper, Gods of Relationship-Altering Adaptations
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their collars lying next to each other
  • Theme Song: "Best of Friends"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Tod, Lawful Good for Copper
  • Portfolio: From impersonal enemies to best friends through adaptation, a fox and a hound who are Childhood Friends torn apart by society
  • Domains: Friendship, Beasts, Adaptations
  • Heralds: Big Mama, Dinky and Boomer
  • Allies: Many good Disney deities, especially Pongo and Perdita, Lady and Tramp, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Rowf and Snitter, Duck Hunt Team, Nature Preservers, Kairi and other Keyblade wielders, Off the Hook, House of Friendship, Mr. Fox
  • Enemies: Cruella de Vil, Gaston, Pokemon Hunter J
  • Complicated Relations: Don Bluth, Mrs. Brisby
  • Tod is a fox who lost his mother to hunters as a cub and ended up adopted and raised by a kind elderly lady. He met a bloodhound puppy called Copper who lived next door and the two became best friends. At that time they didn't know that, as a fox and a hound, they made a most unusual pair. As they grew up, they started realizing what roles they were expected to take and that they couldn't go back to how they used to be. After Tod accidentally harmed Copper's mentor Chief, the bloodhound swore revenge. They fully took on their roles of hunter and hunted and seemed disposed to fight to the death, until a bear attacked and Tod nearly sacrificed himself to protect Copper, who protected Tod from his master in return. They had to go their separate ways forever, though their friendship was reaffirmed and they'd always have their memories.
  • Cruella de Vil, while researching undiscovered animal-centric worlds, set her eyes on Tod's mate Vixey's remarkably smooth and bushy fur and got it into her head to have a fox stole made out of her. Vixey was kidnapped into the Pantheon, and Tod was utterly alarmed and confused as it seemed to him like she just disappeared into nothing. Tod instinctively rushed to Copper's place to tell him what was going on and ask for his help, and Copper, though surprised, stepped up to aid his friend. They were still at a loss as to how to get to Vixey, but by that point the Pantheon had taken notice of what was going on and Pongo and Perdita showed up to open up the way for them. Tod and Copper successfully saved Vixey from Cruella's clutches and were inducted into the Pantheon to ensure no deity tried to harm their world or anyone in it again.
  • The trope they rule over is Adaptation Relationship Overhaul, which they didn't understand why until they were told of a timeline where they were never friends and Copper chased Tod until the latter dropped dead, only for the hound to be shot by his owner shortly after (amongst a bunch of other horrid stuff Tod and Copper couldn't even imagine). This revelation was deeply shocking for both of them (they even had nightmares about it) and it strained their friendship for a while. The House of Friendship then intervened by summoning Tod's mother figure Big Mama, who, after properly introducing herself to Copper and vice-versa, knocked some sense into their heads by reminding them of the bear incident and what they were willing to do to protect each other, and there was no point in worrying about whatever happened in some alternate reality out of their control because they are themselves and no one else. With these words, Tod and Copper became more at ease and gained new confidence in their friendship. So they accepted their position in the Pantheon and, to thank Big Mama, asked her to be their Herald. Dinky and Boomer were also appointed to the position at Big Mama's behest.
  • It didn't take long for them to realize that the Pantheon is a haven for them to be and do as they want; they were constantly reminded in their world, even by Big Mama, that their natural roles would make their friendship impossible in the long run, but in the Pantheon there are many deities who are actually supportive of what they have between them. The deities in the aforementioned House of Friendship are their biggest supporters, particularly Off the Hook, an Inkling and Octoling duo. Inklings and Octolings being traditionally antagonistic, Off the Hook see something of themselves in Tod and Copper, and both duos are glad for each other that friendship ultimately prevailed over prejudice.
  • Another close ally from the House of Friendship they have is the Keyblade wielder Kairi, who feels for their story as someone who has two dear childhood friends, Sora and Riku, that she almost lost when they got older and their rivalry tore them apart before they reconciled. Sora and Riku eventually paid their own visits to the new Disney deities, but Tod and Copper's bond with Kairi remains stronger, especially after an incident where Heartless invaded Tod and Copper's world and they worked together with Kairi to clear them out.
  • Get along well with their fellow good-aligned Disney deities. Pongo and Perdita, as already mentioned, were the first ones they met. Through them Tod and Copper met Lady and Tramp, and the two friends were quite taken in by Tramp's street-smarts, thinking it'd be useful to learn some tricks from him in order to get by in the Pantheon better. If Tod and Copper are to be sincere, they feel the Dalmatians and Lady are a bit coddled. But they do value them as friends and will stand by their side against the likes of Cruella and other villains that want to make a fashion accessory out of their and other animals' hides.
    • As a prey-predator friendship, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are also interesting to Tod and Copper. Both duos talked at length about the former's old misgivings about each other and how they were able to overcome their prejudice to become true friends. Judy actually finds Tod and Copper's childhood innocence about each other to be inspiring. Tod is also glad to finally meet a fellow fox in Nick, who's glad to teach the somewhat sheltered Tod a few of his tricks. Judy ad Nick have asked them if they'd be interested in doing police work, which Copper as a scent hound would be pretty well-suited to, and Tod's natural cunning would be a welcome asset. The two are considering it for now.
  • Have complex feelings for Don Bluth, technically one of their creators. He feels similarly in regard to Tod and Copper, since he sees them as products of a company that was a shell of its former self. He also caused quite a bit of trouble for them when he suddenly left to make his own stories, leaving Tod and Copper in a slump. To Tod and Copper it feels a lot like seeing a father figure happy with some other family, and so they don't have many positive feelings for Bluth-created deities, especially their direct rival Mrs. Brisby. Not that they'd attack her or any of the others; they just avoid them.
  • They still remember that time when Copper was seriously considering becoming a singing dog at a fair instead of a hunting dog, leading to friction with Tod as Copper seemed to put their friendship second. It was a weird episode in their childhoods that they're faintly embarrassed by. For the record, Copper has no interest in pursuing that career in the Pantheon. However Tod thinks certain events would have been avoided if Copper had done so, in hindsight.
  • Even though their temple wasn't placed there, they spend a lot of time at the House of Beast for the familiar animal companionship, which they don't get at their home in the House of Narrative as much. From there, they've become particularly good friends with Rowf and Snitter, two dogs who've lived a rather wild life. They weren't that surprised at Tod and Copper's friendship, since they were friends with a fox, who helped them out a lot, themselves. Though Rowf, ever leery of humans, is surprised that Tod had a human owner who he sings praises for.
  • Though dismayed at how much of a Jerkass his alternate self is, there is one thing Tod wishes he had from him, which is his craftiness that led to him being called the Great Fox. Tod is relatively new to living wild, so he hasn't had time to hone his mind, but he visits every fox in the Pantheon he can to see if he can learn something from them. Nick Wilde is one of them, as already mentioned, though he may not be completely ideal given his anthropomorphism. But there is also Mr. Fox, who's made a livelihood out of stealing chickens from farmers to feed his family. He's willing to teach the greenhorn Tod all he can to better live in the Pantheon and provide for Vixey.
  • Try not to associate with hunters too much, despite some of them trying to rope Copper into serving as a scent hound, but for the sake of his best friend, who also lost his mother to hunters, he just can't (if anything it makes Judy and Nick's offer of police work more tempting). They have a special dislike for Gaston for displaying his kills as trophies, and Pokemon Hunter J for poaching and cruel treatment. Tod and Copper will often aid the Nature Preservers in stopping their and any other evil hunters' plots to harm wildlife for motives of vanity or greed. At least Amos did it because it was a living.
  • They may sometimes be found hanging out with the dog and duck of the Duck Hunt Team, a prey and predator pair who somehow put aside their differences to participate in the Smash tournament. Tod and Copper think their teamwork is impressive, though Copper thinks it's rather disgraceful how the dog openly laughs at his hunter's failures.

Wishbone, God of Allegory Adventures and Kid-Friendly Adaptations (The Little Dog with a Big Imagination)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Music: What's the Story, Wishbone?
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Dog, "Reading Is Cool" Aesop, Whole Plot Reference, Having Adventures take Place in both Real Life and the Setting of a Certain Story he's Reading, Compressed Adaptation (a number of them, in fact)
  • Domains: Dogs, Storytelling, Imagination
  • Heralds: Joe Talbot, David Barnes, and Samantha Kepler
  • Allies: Mr. Rogers, Barney the Dinosaur, Curious George, Sherlock Holmes, Miyuki Hoshizora, Clifford, Jake the Dog, Pluto the Pup, Pongo & Perdita, Hachiko, Krypto the Superdog, William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Quasimodo, Edmond Dantes, The Time Traveller, Odysseus, Snoopy, Droopy, The Pagemaster, The Storyteller
  • Odd Friendship: Faust, Lemony Snicket
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Cruella de Vil
  • Avoids: The Narrator
  • In a rural Texas town, there lives a Jack Russell Terrier known as Wishbone, alongside his three human companions. Whenever something of interest happens, Wishbone is often reminded of such things through various literary classics. His imagination allows him to play out these stories in his head, with the dog playing some sort of role in it, be it a major character or someone with not as much importance. Given the family-friendly nature of these adventures and the fact that they occur within a very short timeframe, the stories that play out in Wishbone's imagination are much shorter than the source material, but the more important parts of the original stories are, for the most part, still intact.
  • After settling down in the Pantheon, Wishbone was very excited to hear that the many literary characters from the works he read were indeed real. The dog even got to play a select few of these characters such as Robin Hood in the former's imagination, something that these particular deities find a bit interesting. Although they had to get used to the fact that their stories would have to be significantly shortened to accommodate Wishbone's adventures, they didn't take much issue to it since the parts that made their original stories important are more or less kept.
    • He was also told that there were many more stories besides the ones he initially read back then, including various other forms of books such as manga. Wishbone took it as an opportunity to read these books whenever possible and is rather interested in those who tell stories for fun.
  • Despite having a lot of thoughts in his mind and the fact that the characters in his interpretations of classic stories are able to talk to him normally, he isn't really a talking animal and some deities initially didn't understand him. A special collar that allowed others to understand him whenever he "speaks" (not actually opening his mouth to talk, but the "speaking" occurs if something's on his mind at the moment) was made and given to him, thus making it easier for him to communicate with others.
  • Being a dog, Wishbone got himself acquainted with others of his kind. In particular, he is very friendly towards other dogs that originally came from books. He likes to hang out with Snoopy frequently due to having an imagination just as good (and maybe more inventive) as Wishbone's. He also got to read some of Snoopy's made-up stories from the beagle's typewriter, though he found them a bit odd to say the least.
    • Through them, he was also told about Napoleon, a noted enemy of dogs (at least, to most of the dogs that are in the Pantheon) due to what the pig did back then. Since the pig was originally from a literary work, Wishbone decided to read up on it and determine just how bad Napoleon really was. Wishbone had every bit of reason to agree with the other dogs after finishing that story.
  • Authors of books weren't the kind of people Wishbone expected to meet given what he goes through whenever he isn't imagining a story featuring himself, but he was willing to take up the offer even if he hadn't got around to reading their books yet. Following visits with J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and even George R.R. Martin, Wishbone opted to read their stories when possible. The stories they've written are quite long to say the least (and dark in the case of King and R.R. Martin).
    • Of those kinds of people, he initially thought that Lemony Snicket was just another author after reading his books, but he later found out that Snicket was much more than that during a chance encounter. Snicket learned that the dog had plenty of adventures, albeit nowhere near as bleak as what Snicket went through, and that Wishbone is an avid reader. Snicket ultimately has no issue with Wishbone, though he'd prefer that the dog not get involved with things that could prove beyond troublesome.
  • Wishbone was happy to hear that William Shakespeare was present and paid the Bard a visit, especially since the dog covered a handful of Shakespeare's works prior. Shakespeare, on his part, was thankful to have a stable admirer of his stories, even if said admirer was a dog. Wishbone also attends performances of Shakespeare's plays when they happen in the House of Theater.
  • He managed to find a sort-of unlikely friend through Miyuki Hoshizora as someone who enjoys stories. Wishbone found it a bit weird that rather than imagining herself as a character in different stories, Hoshizora and her friends ended up in a world that owes a lot to fairy tales and had superpowers to get through whatever conflict was going on there.
  • More than once did Wishbone not only imagine himself as Sherlock Holmes, but had often involved himself in various mysteries. Droopy, who has done part-time work as a detective, is willing to help Wishbone with being a better detective by allowing him to follow Droopy during his detective stints. Most of Wishbone's mysteries outside of the story world aren't really dire, but he's more than appreciative of Droopy's help even if the cases the latter tackles are more ridiculous than what Wishbone is used to. Wishbone being able to find out if someone is up to no good (such as when Cruella de Vil decided to take a bunch of dogs for herself for something she insisted wasn't related to fashion) helps quite a bit.
  • While Wishbone isn't really a storyteller, he made good friends with a couple of other deities who had that role, mainly Barney and another person simply known as The Storyteller. Wishbone likes their tales, especially the ones from the latter. Given that Barney is able to transport others to a storybook world whenever he tells a story, it came as a shock to Wishbone at first when he realized that he was actually in a story and not just imagining it.
    • In addition to Barney, Wishbone is also associated with Mr. Rogers and Curious George, thanks to being associated with edutainment. The dog has also made a few visits with Mr. Rogers whenever the latter has a story planned.
  • As much as he loves a good story, even Wishbone has a bit of an issue with The Narrator. Telling a story about someone's life is one thing, but it's a whole other issue to use that narration as a means to force someone to follow a fixed path to the point of being antagonistic if it doesn't go his way. Even if Wishbone doesn't mind a good tragedy in the books he reads every now and then, he just can't agree with The Narrator's mindset and prefers to stay away from him even if the dog's reaction to things going crazy in certain stories is more confused than anything critical.
  • It's very likely that Wishbone has been reading books since he was a young pup and even picturing himself in whatever it was that he read back then, such as when he read the story of Hansel & Gretel and imagined himself as the former.
  • Whoocha!


    Fuuka Akitsuki 
Fuuka Akitsuki, Goddess of Adaptational Survival
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A silhouette of herself with wings. Alternatively, her bunny-shaped Cellphone Strap Charm, adorned by her red headphones.
  • Theme Song: "Fair Wind" by The Fallen Moon. Alternatively, "Climber's High" by the Hedgehogs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Blue Hair, Ms. Fanservice, Genki Girl, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Excellent at Songwriting, Surviving in the Anime despite having been killed in the original source Manga, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Unexpected Survival, Music, Romance
  • High Priestess: Shirley Fennette
  • Followers: Kana Ushiro, Jorgun, Balinbow, Kidd, Iraak, Zorthy, and Makken, Happy Hogan, Michalis
  • Allies: Yuu Haruna, Azura, Mei-Ling Zhou, Corrin, Yoshino, Symphogear users, Elan, GUAG Support Staff, Optimus Prime, Chihiro Kosaka, the Hoshimori Classroom, Honoka Kousaka, Mayuri, Ashi, Lisesharte Atismata, Raphael of the Seven Heavenly Virtues
  • Enemies: Anyone who uses music for evil
  • Mentor: Sheryl Nome
  • Pities: Tenri Ayukawa
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Anyone who complains about her surviving in the anime, Heinz Windermere
  • Fuuka amazed her followers when she barely survived getting hit by a truck, which was, according to the Houses of House of Life and Death and Narrative, where she was supposed to die. Surprised by this sudden development, the Court of the Gods offered Fuuka a place in the Pantheon and she enthusiastically agreed.
  • Most of the time, Fuuka goes to the House of Music to improve her singing and songwriting skills. Seeing her potential, Sheryl Nome took her as her protegé.
  • Because of a truck was the cause of her death in the manga, Fuuka was asked by the House of Justice to make a PSA about the importance of obeying the laws of traffic, to which she reluctantly accepted.
    • This brought about some awkwardness when she met Optimus Prime. After she was killed by a truck in the manga, and he is a truck. Fortunately, they got over it fairly quickly and became friends.
  • Given their similar voices, she is good friends with Azura, Lisesharte Atismata, Raphael and Mei-Ling Zhou. Some bystanders have noted that Fuuka's singing voice is the same as her speaking voice, but Azura's voice changes while singing, much to Azura's confusion. And before you ask, yes, she does covers of "if ~ hitori omou" (Internationally: "Lost in Thoughts All Alone").
  • Her unexpected survival caused a small schism in the House of Narrative in regards to the course of her story. Some believe that averting her death in the anime makes her story unpredictable and her death in the manga was controversial anyway. Others hold the opinion that her death was a crucial moment in the manga and her survival becomes superfluous anyways with her leaving Fallen Moon. Fuuka just facepalms at the whole thing and dedicates herself to the her godly work.
  • Occassionally gets offers the House of Sports to join their events; after all, her parents were star athletes in their youths. Flattered as she might be, Fuuka has declined, as she shows no notable athletic skills. At least she can throw a mean punch.
  • Very good friends with Chihiro Kosaka, as they both share a passion in music and found themselves in similar situations with Yuu and Keima. At the same time, Fuuka cannot help but feel sorry that Tenri Ayukawa sacrificed her affection for Keima so that he could be happy with Chihiro; because that's exactly what Koyuki Hinashi did for Yuu.
  • Befriended Ashi and Mayuri, who shared the tragic similarity of dying before their hero could save them. Fuuka does point out that she survived in the anime adaptation, something that makes Mayuri and Ashi a bit jealous. Nevertheless, they remain good friends.
  • Used to be friends with Heinz Windermere, who thought of her as a Cool Big Sis. They practiced singing together and she came to visit him whenever he felt sick. Fuuka was horrified that Heinz used had his singing to hurt people and spread a disease on a galactic scale. The end of their friendship was one of the most heartbreaking tales in the Pantheon.
    Heinz: "I cannot take back the things I've done. The deaths I've caused will be on my conscience. But I do know you still mean a lot to me, Fuuka. I don't want to lose you. I ask you to find it within your heart the strength to forgive me. Can you do that for me?"
    Fuuka: "I can't. Even if I did, you are no longer the Heinz I knew. You're a totally different person to me now. Things have changed... forever..."
    • Fuuka and Heinz haven't spoken to each other ever since.
  • On a brighter note, Yuu had ascended a few weeks later. Fuuka was overjoyed and ran to his temple to greet him. Suddenly, as soon as she reached him, she lost her footing and fell to the ground. Yuu tried to catch her and ended up grabbing her breasts. Everyone present suddenly burst in laughter, to the embarassment of the two youths.
  • Also present in Manners of Survival.

    King Lear and Cordelia (the Shakespeare edition) 
King Lear and Princess Cordelia (the Shakespeare version), Patron Deities of Those Who Received Death by Adaptation (Lear: Leir of Britain; Cordelia: Cordelia of Britain)
  • Symbol: A man sitting on a throne asking for a declaration of love from three women.
  • Theme Song: "Suite"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (for Cordelia), True Neutral (for Lear)
  • Quasideities
  • Domain: Family, Royalty, Love, Death, Narrative
  • Portfolio: Death by Adaptation, Downer Ending, Kill Them All
  • Allies: The good-aligned deities in the House of Family,
    • Cordelia: Every deity who loves their parents
    • Lear: Tintin
  • Enemies: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth
  • Complicated Relationship with: British loyalties like King Arthur, King Richard III of England
  • Opposes:
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • The famous father and daughter duo whose deaths by Shakespeare was incredibly unexpected, the duo was brought back to life thanks to the influence of their superior and bring into the Pantheon
  • Sometime the two can be seen as Japanese Warlords named Hidetora and Saburo.
  • Macbeth and his wife were at first tried to have contact with the two because hearing that they are also usurpers but was rejected violently by both Lear and Cordelia due to how evil and a bad ruler he is. The fact that the four of them have many look-a-like and one of Lady Macbeth's High Priest is Lady Kaede doesn't help.
  • Due to the fact that the entire tragedy started because of Poor Communication Kills, Cordelia and Lear have been trying to rebuild their relationship and establish clear communication with each other. It isn't easy because Lear has gone insane due to grief of seeing his daughter beheaded, but Cordelia determines to not stop trying. Her effort moved many deities in the Pantheon who love their parents.
  • Due to her status as an exile, married to the King of France and led a coup against the English throne to reinstall her father, Cordelia has a tense relationship with other British royalties like King Arthur and Richard III. They sympathize with her situation but not her action of threatening the crown. They also have problem with the fact that Cordelia knows that her father isn't the most stable ruler and try to re-install him anyway.
    • Their relationship with Richard III is especially on bad term considering the fact Lear and him have many look-a-like.
  • Being a relatively popular work that has a long history, the duo has encountered many interesting interaction thanks to their incarnation:
    • Every mutants in the Pantheon are creeped out by Lear due to the fact that he sounds like a Sentinels that hunt them. Lear knows this and usually appear under one of his counterpart that looks like Magneto.
      • On the other hand, Tintin really warms up to Lear after meeting him due to the fact that his voice sounds like his good friend Capt. Haddock.
    • Lear is NOT pleased when discover that he looks like one of Jack Sparrow's pirates Capt. Barbossa and has been avoiding Sparrow ever since.
  • Chrom at first thought that this Cordelia was one of the Pegasus Knights in Yllise because of their similar names. Cordelia was sadden to hear about how the other Cordelia had to lose her entire squad in order to warn him about the capital's fall and (unknown to Chrom from other sources) how Cordelia never confessed her to him.
    • She met that woman upon her ascension and that Cordelia found her story to be very tragic.


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