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As with the first half of the list, many of these links may be NSFW. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Robert Brockway mentions killing an old woman for her eyeglasses in Fallout: New Vegas, having taken the Four-Eyes trait and didn't find glasses anywhere else; however, the woman sold a pregnant woman into slavery and would have been killed in a quest anyway.
  • The Krampus: Mentioned here.
  • Killing Your Alternate Self: They published a guide entitled So Your Clone Is Trying To Murder You. Proposed solutions including summoning a third clone from one of the bad dimensions and murdering them instead. Averted when the original and the magical murder-clone agree to become housemates, but somehow still managed to end on the line "MY LOVE. MY HEART. WE HAVE ARRANGED FOR ME TO GIVE YOU CRISPY LOVE."
















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