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    Future Survivors/Killers 
Whether they be licensed or original...

  • A Slenderman Expy as a killer.

  • Frankenstein's Monster. In addition to being in the Public Domain and thus not needing to be licensed (although they would be unable to copy the exact design that Boris Karloff made famous), the Frankenstein Monster more than perhaps any other "classic" horror character most fits with the more slasher-style killers of DBD, and would add a more "pure brute" character that uses no weapons at all.
    • With Victor Frankenstein as a survivor.

  • A corrupt prison guard as a killer.
    • With a reformed ex-convict as a survivor.

  • A notorious convict as a killer.
    • With a heroic prison guard as a survior.

  • A vampire. Bonus it if comes with a Haunted Castle stage.
    • Or, how about one original character that is a vampire as one of the killers, plus Count Dracula himself, as another one of the killers (since Dracula is Public Domain)?
      • Only in the United States. Everywhere else (as far as I know), Stoker's estate still retains copyright. Meaning if they want to release it anywhere outside the States, they'd have to pay to do so.
      • I see. In that case, I suppose Dracula can be a DLC character exclusive to United States copies of Dead By Daylight.
    • With the added bonus of Johnathan Harker and Van Helsing as survivors.

  • The Director: A man who produced snuff films that carries a video camera everywhere he goes to record his murders and upload them to the dark web.
    • The survivor would be an up and coming actor/actress who mysteriously vanished from the set of their first role in a horror movie. Said movie set could also be the new arena.

  • A Monster Clown. Bonus if it comes with a new Circus of Fear or Amusement Park of Doom realm.
    • Nominating Pennywise the Dancing Clown for that slot, especially after the new film. His realm could be a combination of the above and the fetid sewers of Derry, complete with his trophy pile and stage.
    • Also nominating one of the Losers, Georgie Denbrough, Henry Bowers, or Patrick Hockstetter as a survivor.
      • Or, an original Monster Clown as one of the killers, and Pennywise as another one of the killers (since this game already features an Expy of Leatherface as well as Leatherface himself).
      • Partially confirmed. He's not Pennywise, but he's a different Monster Clown. Apparently, the devs changed their minds about the "no killer clowns" rule and have finally decided to add a Monster Clown as one of the killers.

  • A Pirate who sailed the seas during the colonial era whose lust for gold drove him mad. He slaughtered innocents without remorse in his pursuit of riches, even butchering his own crew when they questioned him or his methods. They mutinied and marooned him on a remote island where he'd have no hope of escape, save for being recruited by The Entity. Both his obsession with gold and mastery of the seas could factor into his playstyle. His weapon would be a cutlass, of course. He might use whirlpools or anchors to inhibit survivor mobility and the survivors could find gold coins that would give certain benefits the drawback of being revealed to The Pirate. His realm could be an Island of Mystery or abandoned harbour town that looks like it was hit with a tsunami.
    • A more mentally-stable pirate (possibly a former crewmate) or a member of the British Navy as a survivor.

  • A Shell-Shocked Veteran who, traumatized by what he experienced in Vietnam, never truly left the war mentally. He grew up poverty-stricken in Chicago and enlisted in the hopes that it would give him some purpose in life. It did, and he made a close group of friends while deployed. Unfortunately, that was all taken from him by the Viet Cong. Enraged, he went on a killing spree, massacring everyone he could find. Combatants, innocents, men, women, children, to him they were all responsible. He was court-martialed and due to be executed for his crimes, but he killed his guards and escaped, vanishing into the jungles never to be seen again. The Entity found him and gave him his own realm of a desolate jungle village. It feeds into his delusions by making him see every survivor as a member of the Viet Cong, prompting his drive to kill each and every one of them. His primary weapon is a combat knife, a standard issue for U.S. soldiers. He can go prone, severely limiting his movement speed but rendering him almost undetectable, which he can use to his advantage with a surprise getup attack. His other ability allows him to set remote explosives that can put a survivor in a dying state instantly at point-blank. He can only carry 1 explosive at a time and he needs to reload at closets much like the Huntress.

  • A Predator. He's been licensed out to to several games, and even shared screen-time in a Mortal Kombat game with Leatherface. Being able to hunt for all eternity for the Entity would likely appeal to the Predators- although they may have some issue with how it isn't a fair fight- although perhaps he'd be willing to put aside his ranged weaponry to make it more sporting. He'd also add a truly sci-fi character, which would make some sense since why would the entity simply stay on Earth to find victims and killers?
    • Except the Aliens/Predators EU quite firmly establishes that they DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, hunt or harm children, which most survivors appear to be-Predator law states that viable Prey must be of legal age and physical maturity.
    • It could be one of the eviler Predators from the movie Predators (so evil, even other Predators condemn them).

  • A Badass Preacher survivor.
    • Or, a Badass Preacher Villain Protagonist. Christianity has some beliefs that through physical suffering and pain, one can achieve a closer bond to God. It wouldn't be hard to imagine a priest covered in scars, nails poking out of his skin, a mask that causes him pain just to move, barbed wire around his limbs so even moving is agonizing. He has a severe decrease in speed but some sort of extremely powerful ability.

  • The Joker as a killer.
    • With Batman as a survivor.
    • Alternatively, Jason Todd as The Survivor
      • With the Batcave as a realm.
    • The Joker's playstyle would be an inversion of the Clown's: The Clown lobs bottles of anesthesia at the survivors which slows their movement and distorts their vision. The Joker would lay down traps that explode into a cloud of Joker gas whenever a survivor gets too close. The gas gradually deals damage to them over time and causes them to uncontrollable laugh until it wears off, allowing the Joker to track them more easily.

  • Batman Who Laughs as a Killer.
    • With Nightwing as a survivor.
      • And a bloodied Justice League Watchtower as a realm.

  • Chucky. They'd probably have to work around his size, but the whole soul swapping and stealing could make him unique. Maybe he can take over other survivors to disguise himself? Andy Barclay could be a survivor and the Good Guy Doll Factory could be an arena.
    • For Chucky, I had the idea of him using "drones" via his soul splitting ability in Cult of Chucky. The premise is that Chucky starts as a single doll. But littered around the map are empty Good Guy dolls, which Chucky can interact with to start a ritual. Once the ritual is complete, Chucky gets an AI-controlled ally, which he can switch with on the fly, unless the drone is in a chase. This 'drone' can't attack the survivors, only chase them. However, once a survivor is in a drone's POV, their Aura is revealed to the player-controlled Chucky. To counter this insane mobility, a single Chucky is unable to vault windows or pallets, but a second Chucky can help him do this. Pallets don't stun Chucky - they trap him, and one of the other Chucky dolls has to interact with him to help him escape, which destroys the pallet in the process.
    • Chucky could "carry" survivors, by possessing nearby dead bodies that only he can access that are at least roughly the same size as most survivors and carrying them while in those dead bodes, or carry them by dragging the survivors' bodies to the hook, possessing the survivor's body, then controlling the survivor's body so that they end up effectively hooking themselves.
      • To balance this out, if they use the former, survivors can burn the dead bodies enough to the point that Chucky can no longer use them, and if they use the latter, survivors can get some sort of small voodoo artifact that prevents them from being possessed by Chucky.
      • And Chucky can also either pick up the voodoo artifact or just destroying it to prevent survivors from using it.

  • A ruthless, violent jewel thief as a killer.

  • The Babyface Killer.
    • With Tree Gelbman as a survivor.

  • Ash Williams as a survivor.
    • With the added bonus of having Deadites serve as a bonus enemy while also avoiding/fighting the killers.
    • Confirmed. But no Deadites.

  • A Resident Evil protagonist as a survivor.
    • With Nemesis or a Tyrant (most likely Mr. X) as one of the killers.
      • Perhaps maybe even William Birkin as a killer, with a perk involving his continuing mutation.
      • And Raccoon City as a realm.

  • Remake!Jason Voorhees as another killer.
    • Since they have Remake!Freddy Kruger as one of the killers.
    • With Clay as a survivor.
    • A possible reason for this is that thanks to Victor Miller's lawsuit, the developers of Friday the 13th: The Game can no longer add any new content to their game, or even do anything else major for that matter, therefore, they can no longer compete with the developers of Dead By Daylight anymore.
      • Besides, I suggested Remake!Jason Voorhees and a Remake survivor to keep it different from Friday the 13th: The Game.

  • The Dead Rising Protagonists as survivors.
    • With some psychopaths as killers.
      • And the added bonus of zombies being another enemy for the survivors to deal with.

  • Wolf as a killer.
    • A bit of cross-promotion with a sister game series never hurt anybody.
      • If this WMG ever comes true, this would also give the developers extra incentive for the below-mentioned firearms DLC WMG.

  • Eventually, the developers will finally have full copyright licensing of Ghostface, and add other Ghostfaces as playable characters in the same slot as The Ghostface, with the explanation that they formed a cult similar to The Legion's gang.
    • To make things even better, each of the Ghostfaces will have a unique power, unlike The Legion.
    • Jossed; Ghostface has been added as a killer, but is an original character wearing the mask rather than any of the killers from the Scream series.

  • Jacket from Hotline Miami as a killer, and Evan Wright from the second game as a survivor.

  • A Jennifer Check Expy as one of the killers.
    • Alternatively, Jennifer Check herself as one of the killers.

  • A Xenomorph as one of the killers.

  • The other Left 4 Dead survivors as, well, survivors.

  • Brandon Breyer as a killer. And unlike the other killers, he'll have 5 powers.

  • At least one of the Left 4 Dead Special Infected as a killer.

  • The aliens from A Quiet Place, with Lee as the survivor.
    • The aliens could have their claws be their weapon of choice. Their power could be their bite that weakens survivors (sure, they don't eat their victims, but that does not mean that they can't eat their victims), and their perks could be their natural armor that's part of their body making it harder for survivors to struggle when carried by them or when they are about to be hooked, their super senses that allow them to track survivors easier, and their strength which allows them to hit survivors harder.
    • To balance things out, the Entity could leave items that make loud sounds to use against the aliens (as in weaken their natural body armor.
    • Also, the aliens' weakness to sound could be manipulated by the Entity in that he would alter their abilities a bit, weakening them to the point that even a somewhat loud noise could weaken the armor that is literally a part of their bodies.
    • Plus, the aliens could try to destroy the sound-making items, while the survivors try to repair them.
    • Presumably, survivors taught each other how to do repair such sound-making items or the Entity granted them that knowledge while giving the killers knowledge of the survivors.

  • One of the Marvel Zombies as a killer.
    • With 2149!Nick Fury as one of the survivors.

  • The Maniac Cop as one of the killers.
    • With Frank McRae as a survivor.

  • Candyman as a killer, With his lair in Cabrini Green as a level and Helen as an added Survivor.

  • Zombie!Flash from DC: House of Horror as one of the killers, complete with Super-Speed.
    • With (a gadget-less) Batman as one of the survivors.

  • Vampire!Batman from the Elseworlds Batman: Vampire Trilogy as one of the killers (it would be from the point where he goes insane in Crimson Mist).
    • With Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon as survivors.

  • William Afton, Big Bad of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, as "The Mascot" or, like in the third Five Nights at Freddy's game, "The Springtrap", with a Crowbar, Bonnie's Guitar, or a Pipe Wrench as his weapon. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza could be a realm, and Micheal Afton could be the Survivor (provided Scott Cawthon is willing to give him an official design, though he could just use a Foxy animatronic as his body, if he's the Big Brother Bully from 4).
    • For those unfamiliar, Afton is a serial child murderer who lured his victims to their dooms by wearing a rabbit mascot costume. When the spirits of his victims came after him, Afton took refuge inside his costume. However, the costume utilized special spring locks that allowed it to be used as either an animatronic robot or a costume. These spring locks triggered and mutilated Afton within the costume. His body remained where it fell for decades before being found by people wanting to use his actions for a haunted house attraction. It was there that Afton, his body still trapped within the animatronic, was reborn as Springtrap to continue his reign of terror until old enemies finally ended him in fire. It is at this point the Entity took interest in William Afton, giving him a new killing field rather than the deepest pit of hell his foes had expected.
    • As a Killer, the Mascot could have a mechanic similar to the Pig: Stuffing overlarge costume heads onto downed survivors. These heads are large and brightly colored, making it harder for the survivor to hide. These heads can possibly also periodically make noises to alert the Mascot to their location, much like how one of Springtrap's mechanics was using the sound of children to lure him to other rooms. Add-ons can also inflict status effects like Blindness, Mangled, or Hemorrhage. His Mori would be to shove a head on his victim then cause a spring lock failure to kill them.
      • While keeping the Spring Lock Mori, his ability could be using a camera system to keep track of the whole map as a flip on FNAF's usual gameplay, along with using lockers like suggested below, and having a crouch ability like the Pig or the Ghost Face, at the cost of a relatively slow movement speed (about as fast as the Nurse), meaning that his play-style would revolve around stealth and ambushing the Survivors, while tracking them down on the cameras. Add-ons can increase video feed clarity (as an example, an Iridescent Lens allows the cameras to see the Survivors' aura, even if they aren't obstructed) and add more cameras (provided the camera locations are randomly generated, which is likely).
    • In keeping with the jumpscares that make up the FNAF series as a whole, the Mascot could potentially utilize the lockers, hiding in them and jumping out at Survivors that wander too close, potentially one-shot grabbing them much like when a Killer finds a Survivor inside a locker.
    • Michael Afton could be a survivor, even if a weird one, seeing as he would most likely be a zombie.
      • The survivor could be Michael Afton before he started looking zombie-like (to avoid being confused as a killer by other players if one of the players is playing as Michael Afton.)
    • Seemingly jossed by the gameplay programmer, L Mclean. Quote, "I don't know what the fuck Springtrap is. Because I'm not 10."
      • He's a single programmer though, so this is Word of Dante at best.

  • Some of the Animatronics themselves, also from Five Nights at Freddy's, as killers.
    • Adaptational Badass will be required for this idea.
    • If nothing else, they could easily be cosmetics for Springtrap. Some could even have a different base model similar to The Legion?

  • Zombie!Batman from DC: House of Horror as one of the killers, with blood-soaked Batarangs as his weapon of choice and his "power" being gas pellets (yes, Adaptational Badass and Broad Strokes would be used to make Zombie!Batman at least a bit smarter). His three perks would be based on his persistence.
    • With a ring-less Hal Jordan as one of the survivors (it's most likely that the Entity took away Hal's ring).

  • Pyramid Head from Silent Hill as one of the killers.
    • It would have to be the Spear version, the ones carrying the BFS are rather slow.
    • To be fair, even if Pyramid Head does get his Great Knife, The Entity could just give Pyramid Head a slight speed boost to even the odds (The Entity can warp reality to a degree.)
    • Confirmed, Pryamid Head was added in chapter 16 with Cheryl Mason as as the survivor.

  • The Governor from The Walking Dead as one of the killers.
    • With his split personality of Brian Blake/Phillip Blake playing some kind of role in his "power".

  • The Demogorgon from Stranger Things, with Steve, Nancy, or Hopper as the survivor.
    • Confirmed, with Steve and Nancy as survivors and Hawkins National Lab as a location.

  • Naughty Bear as a killer.
    • Naughty Bear was developed by BHVR just like DBD, and he just so happens to be a psychotic killer.

  • Boris the Wolf as a Survivor and "The Angel" (AKA "Alice Angel" AKA Susie Campbell) as a Killer. Joey Drew Studios would be their Realm, and props would have unique models and/or textures to better fit into the toony sepia tone environment.
    • Boris could have the unique trait of having black ink in place of blood.
    • Or maybe Sammy Lawrence as "The Musician" or something like that.
    • Oh please, give us the Ink Demon himself!note  Also, Allison as a Survivor.

  • Not Important as another killer.
    • With his misanthropy used as one of his gameplay mechanics.

  • Negan as another killer, with his rage (rage mode) and his charisma (in that he can call for one of his Saviours cult to help him) playing a role in his two "powers" (yes, unlike other killers, Negan gets two powers), and Lucille serving as his weapon.
    • Alternatively, or along with Negan, Shane Walsh could be a killer, Shane's power being his shotgun and his weapon being a fire ax referencing his melee weapon of choice from the comics.
    • Either Glenn Rhee or Rick Grimes will be a survivor. Or both of them.

  • Clementine as a survivor.
    • With Carver as a killer, his power being calling for one of his goons to attack survivors.

  • Carl Grimes as a survivor.
    • With a Whisperer as a killer, his power being calling for a zombie to attack survivors.

  • Rip and Grinder as killers.
    • With The Hobo as a survivor.

  • The NWA as killers.
    • With Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman as survivors.

  • A cult that worships the killers as killers.

  • A cult that worships The Entity as killers.

  • James Sunderland of Silent Hill 2 as one of the killers.
    • Alternatively, James Sunderland can be one of the survivors.
      • Or, better yet, a James Sunderland when he remembers killing his wife as a killer, with a James Sunderland who does not remember killing his wife as a survivor (the Entity can pick survivors and killers through time, remember?).

  • Paxton Fettel as a killer.

  • Red Mist as a survivor.
    • With The Motherfucker as a killer (remember, The Entity can pull survivors through different time periods.)

  • Hit-Girl as a survivor.
    • With Mother Russia as a killer.

  • Big Daddy from Kick-Ass as a survivor.
    • With Frank D'Amico as a killer.

  • Kick-Ass as a survivor.
    • With Eddie Lomas and Rasul as killers (who's to say that alternate timelines aren't a thing in the Dead By Daylight Universe?).

  • Duke Nukem as a survivor.
    • With a Pigcop as one of the killers.
      • And Duke's mansion as a realm.

  • Bit of a copyright nightmare, but every monster from Cabin in the Woods as killers.

  • Big Daddy from Land of the Dead as a Killer.

  • The alligators from Crawl as Killers.

  • One of the Hunters (the Poacher is most likely) from Deathgarden as a Killer, and a disarmed Scavenger as a Survivor. It wouldn't hurt to use Dead by Daylight to advertise it's sister game, after all.

  • A politician (that's not based on any real-world politician) as a killer.
    • With, ironically, a former supporter of said politician as a survivor.

  • A batshit crazy conspiracy theorist (that's NOT based on any real-world conspiracy theorist) as a killer.
    • With a more reasonable conspiracy theorist as a survivor.

  • A thug who happens to be black (that's NOT based on any real-world criminal) as a killer.
    • With a black businessman as a survivor.

  • A crooked American cop (that's not based on any real-world cop) as a killer. His power can be a revolver.
    • With a noble-hearted American police officer as a survivor.

  • A crooked RCMP officer as a killer. His power can be a hunting rifle from a civilian that he murdered.
    • With a good RCMP officer as a survivor.

  • A Bad Santa or The Krampus as a Killer.
    • With a teenage kid who happens to celebrate Christmas as a survivor.

  • A deranged Man in Black as a Killer.
    • With a heroic alien as a survivor.

  • An evil alien as a killer.
    • With a heroic FBI agent as a survivor.

  • A non-powered supervillain as a killer.
    • With a non-powered superhero as a survivor.

  • Fredderick George Abberline as a Survivor, and Jack the Ripper as a Killer.
    • With Victorian London as a Realm.

  • Professor Moriarty as a Killer, With Sherlock Holmes as a Survivor.
    • Which is another reason to have Victorian London as a realm.
    • Sherlock's uncanny detective skills could play into his perks, like the ability to briefly see the auras of everything on the map, with a lengthy recharge time (each rank increases the seeing time and decreases the recharge), and another that gives the Killer scratch marks (each rank increasing how long the scratch marks last).
    • Moriarty's power could be a revolver from the 1800's, with his weapon being his cane.

  • Edgar Allan Poe as a survivor.
    • Alternatively, a fan of Edgar Allan Poe as a survivor.
    • I’m surprised no ones said the physical manifestation of the plague (or whatever the hell it is) from The Masque of the Red Death.
      • Alternatively, both the physical personification of the Plague as one killer and a duo of a demonically-cursed cat and a demonically-cursed crow as another killer.
      • To add a dark fantasy twist, a demonically-cursed cat (based on his story the The Black Cat) and a demonically-cursed crow (based on his poem The Raven) as killers. They could even work as a type of Stance System, a la Carter's Spark.

  • Cujo, the rabid dog from the book of the same name, as a killer.
    • With his rabies being used as a power.
    • His weapons of choice, of course, are his bite and his claws. These would count as one weapon as they are a part of his body.
    • His perks could be using his senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing to track down survivors, a perk that increases his running speed, and lastly a rage mode that makes his bite or scratch a one-hit kill for survivors.

  • Abraham Lincoln as a survivor.
    • With John Wilkes Booth as a killer.

  • The Crimson Bolt as a survivor.
    • With Jaques the Drug Lord as a killer.

  • Libby from Super as a survivor.
    • With her "superhero" identity, the violent and sadistic Boltie as a killer (Boltie really does NOT deserve to be called a "superhero". And again, The Entity can get survivors and killers from different parts of time).

  • Jack, Marguarite, or Lucas Baker as a killer.
    • Out of the Bakers, Lucas seems most likely. He was fully lucid for most of his crimes, after all. He'd be the easiest for the Entity to corrupt.
      • To be fair, considering that The Entity is a reality warper, it can corrupt all three of the Bakers.
    • The Baker Family Ranch as a Realm.
    • Ethan and Mia Winters could be survivors.

  • Zombie Forrest Speyer as a killer.

  • Albert Wesker as a killer.

  • Still de-powered versions of the superheroes from All Superheroes Must Die as survivors.
    • With the supervillains Manpower, Sledgesaw, and Rickshaw as killers.

  • Piggsy from Manhunt as a killer.
    • With James Earl Cash as a survivor. His perk could potentially be a sneak attack that briefly stuns the Killer. We could maybe make it apparent that the Killers are relying on their supernatural powers to stand against him, because without said abilities it'd be a Curb-Stomp Battle

  • Leo Kasper from Manhunt 2 as a killer.
    • With Daniel Lamb as a survivor (split personality being separated thanks to the Entity's reality-warping powers, anyone?).

    • And Leo's power could be a strength and speed boost triggered after he kills at least one survivor.

  • A clown survivor, to serve as another good counterpart to oppose Kenneth Chase.

  • Dr. Proton as a killer.

  • The Dawnbreaker, The Devastator, The Drowned, Red Death, Murder Machine, and the Merciless as killers.

  • A reformed murderer that the Entity intended to be a Killer as a Survivor, with perks reflecting this (like the ability to see the scratch marks of other Survivors, or seeing the Killer's aura from a certain distance away in a sort of reverse-Leader, or seeing their aura when they kick a Gen, vault a Window, or break a Pallet.
    • A hidden psychopath (boom, instant codename) that the Entity thought would be a Survivor as a Killer.

  • Dwight's boss as a Survivor.
    • Alternatively, Dwight's boss would be a Killer, with The Entity using it's reality warping powers to take advantage of his hostility towards Dwight and using it to corrupt Dwight's boss into something even worse than he already was.

  • One of the intelligent zombie kids from Cooties as a killer.
    • With the teacher Clint as a suvivor.

  • A mafia kingpin as a killer.
    • With some poor schmuck that he once made a deal with as a survivor.

  • Courier Six as a Survivor. It would be easy to hide their identity with the NCR Ranger Combat Armor note , and alternate torso cosmetics could allow you to change their gender in a somewhat similar manner to how you can play as different Legion members through body cosmetics.
    • Their perks could reflect gameplay aspects from New Vegas, such as the ability to see all auras within a certain distance while sneaking, based on the Pip-Boy's Map and Compass, or A Light Shining In Darkness, which can stun Killers but only has 2/4/6 rounds a match, or a Stealth Boy that turns you invisible and obscures the Killer's ability to see your Aura and scratch marks for a short time, but it's limited to only 1/2/3 uses.
    • A member of the East Coast Enclave in a suit of Black Devil Power Armornote  as a Killer, with a power based on the Plasma Rifle, and a Super Sledge as their weapon.
      • They would have a slower movement speed to compensate for their ranged ability, but certain add-ons and a perk, Grim Reaper's Sprint (basically Killer's Sprint Burst), can help to somewhat alleviate this. The Plasma Rifle's shots would need to be slightly slower than the Huntress's hatchets, for both balance and accuracy to how plasma weapons work in the Fallout games, and have a slow (once-a-second) rate of fire, as well as a small pool of ammo (say, 5), both of which can be increased with add-ons (or decreased to one with the Ultra-Rare variant, in exchange for Insta-Downing Survivors) and a long recharge time (45 seconds should suffice) that can be reduced by unstackable add-ons.
    • Goodsprings, the New Vegas Strip, the Adams Air Force Base, Raven Rock, and (the Entity's take on a) Vault (with a unique Vault Door Exit Gate) as locations under the American Wastelands realm.note 

  • Bryan "Rookie" Welsh from the realistic version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
    • His perks could be based on the Ghost Traps (Stun), Slime Mines (Slow), and PKE Meter (tracks killer's aura while in their Terror Radius and for a time after leaving the Terror Radius).
    • Ivo Shandor the Architect as a Killer.
    • The Sedgewick Hotel, the City Streets, the Central Park Cemetery, the New York City Public Library, and the Manhattan Museum of Art as locations under the Manhattan realm. Negatively-charged slime can serve as the Exit Gates, in a manner similar to Hawkins National Lab's unique Gates.

  • The four main Ghostbusters from the first two movies as survivors.
    • With either the Librarian Ghost, Vigo, the Scoleri Brothers as killers, or an Entity-corrupted Slimer as killers.

  • A T-800 or a T-1000. Possibly even both. If it's the latter, it'll be able to use it's shapeshifting abilities to impersonate survivors, allowing it to get the drop on them. In either case, they won't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Robert Patrick to avoid pricey licensing fees, with the explanation that they're different models from the ones seen in the movies. T-1000's weapon of choice would be it's police pistol.
    • If it's the T-800, it's power will be it's inhuman strength and durability, with perks being it's self-surgery, tracking ability, and it's persistance. It's weapon of choice would be it's iconic mini-gun from the climax of Terminator 2.
    • Alternatively, the T-800's weapon could be a shotgun, with limited range and a slow rate of fire to keep things balanced. The T-1000 won't need a weapon, instead it'll shapeshift it's hands into extending blades to stab Survivors.
    • I could even see both the T-800 and the T-1000 being the first two killers to have two weapons of choice. As for the T-800's mini-gun, it could be balanced out with it's own limited range, a cool-down effect, and limited ammo.
    • The weapons could operate on a tier system similar to Michael Meyers, with the Terminators gradually upgrading their arsenal as they hunt down the Survivors. For example, the T-800 starts out with the shotgun, but gains an assault rifle to dual wield as it progresses and then finally receives the mini-gun after that. Once the mini-gun's ammo is spent, the T-800 goes back to just using the shotgun and start over again.
    • With John Connor and Sarah Connor as survivors.
    • Kyle Reese as a Survivor as well. Levels could be based off the post-Judgement Day future, strewn with piles of human skulls and wrecked Terminators, and the police station from the first movie.
    • T-1000's weapons could operate on a tier system as well, with T-1000 starting with it's pistol, then upgrading to blade arms, then finally the throwable metal spear that is made from it's own body.
    • The T-800's mori would be a recreation of how it killed the biker in the first movie: it lets the Survivor stand up before plunging it's arm into their chest and ripping out their heart. The T-1000's would be based on how it killed the security guard in the second movie, by turning it's finger into a spike and extending it through it's victim's skull, complete with inquisitive head tilt.
      • T-1000 could even make his own hooks using liquid metal from his body.
    • Both Terminators would have a unique HUD based on the red-tinted Robo Cam seen in the movies.

  • Yamaoka Rin/The Spirit's father as a killer.
    • With an added bonus of having Yamaoka and her father fighting each other along with hunting down survivors at the same time. Evil vs. Evil, anyone?
    • Considering how manipulative The Entity is, I would not put this past it to do something like this.
    • Alternatively, Rin will be a Survivor. It'll be explained that after killing his family, Rin became overcome with remorse and tried to atone for the crime by committing suicide, but instead got captured by the Entity and is now endlessly pursued by the daughter he murdered and his violent ancestor.
    • Or alternatively, Mr. Rin can still be a killer, due to The Entity taking advantage of Mr. Rin's insanity. Then, he will pit Yamaoka against her father, just for it's own amusement and to see what it would be like if two of the Killers fought against each other, killing each other repeatedly.

  • John Rambo as a survivor.
    • With the corrupt sheriff as a killer.

  • Evil Ash from Army of Darkness as a killer.

  • Adam Taurus as a Killer, possibly called "The Extremist" or "The Fanatic", with Pyrrha Nikos as a Survivor (who had her ability to access her Aura and Semblance locked off by the Entity.)
    • Pyrrha's Aura and Semblance could also be relegated to Perks.

  • Walter Sullivan as a killer, using a pipe as the weapon. He is a much better candidate than Pyramid Head because he's an actual serial killer instead of an Anti-Villain punisher. Walter's special ability is placing halo symbols on the ground that will summon a ghost and injure the player when they get near. Every survivor he kills in a match gives him another ghost to summon. His Mori animation is him beating a survivor to death then writing a string of number on their corpse.
    • Eileen Galvin as a survivor. Henry canonically kills him, so it wouldn't make much sense for him to be the survivor.
    • To be fair, Pyramid Head can still be a killer, because some of the Killers in Dead By Daylight are not serial killers (eg. The Demogorgon is a mindless monsters that's basically a wild animal, Adiris is an Ancient Evil who acts more like a terrorist in that she uses unlawful violence for political/religious means, in her case religious means).

  • One of the zombies from DCeased as a killer.
    • With Harley Quinn as a survivor.

  • R.J. MacReady from The Thing as a Survivor.
    • The Thing itself as a Killer. It's perks would revolve around negating Survivor perks that let them track each other.

  • A completely FICTIONAL fascist from a made-up faction (who is NOT based on any real-world fascists and their faction is NOT based on any real-world organization of fascists) as a killer.
    • With a person of an often persecuted fictional race or ethnicity (which is NOT based on any real-world race or ethnicity) as a survivor.

  • A completely FICTIONAL communist from a made-up faction (who is NOT based on any real-world communists and their faction is NOT based on any real-world organization of communists) as a killer.
    • With a fictional kind-hearted businessman as a survivor.

  • The Zombieland protagonists as survivors.

  • Gaslight Joker as a killer.
    • With Gaslight Batman as a survivor.

  • BJ Blazkowicz as a survivor.

  • The Sasquatch from Suburban Sasquatch as a killer.
    • With Talia from that same movie as a survivor.

  • One of the semi-intelligent soldier zombies from Planet Terror as a Killer.
    • With a peg-legged Cherry Darling as a survivor.

  • Needles Kane/Sweet Tooth as a Killer.
    • Carl and Jamie Roberts as Survivors.

  • Twisted Metal's Calypso as a Killer.
    • With his weapons working on a tier system. First, he starts off with the bladed glove from Twisted Metal Black, then his pistol also from Twisted Metal Black, then his sniper-rifle from Twisted Metal: Head On, then finally his sub-machine gun from the Lost cutscenes of Twisted Metal 1.
    • Since his wish-granting is useless in combat, Calypso's power would be to summon his bodyguards to attack survivors instead.

  • The Homelander, A-Train, the Deep, Black Noir and Translucent as killers.

  • A Popclaw heavily doped up on Compound V as a Killer.

  • Billy Butcher, The Frenchman, Huge Campbell, and Mother's Milk (TV show versions, that way they will NOT be too OP for Dead By Daylight survivor standards) as survivors.

  • Two-Face from DC Comics as a Killer.

  • Victor Zsasz from DC Comics as a Killer.

  • Jason X as a Killer.

  • Most of the characters from Twisted Metal Black as Killers.
    • Except for Twisted Metal Black's Raven, who could be a survivor.

  • Travis Touchdown before his redemption as a Killer.
    • With, to emphasize just how sociopathic towards humans The Entity is, a weakened and unarmed Travis Touchdown after his redemption as a survivor.

  • Captain Martin Walker from Spec Ops: The Line as the killer while 1st Lieutenant Alphonso Adams or Staff Sergeant John Lugo as Survivors.

  • Super-Zombie Albuquerque and Super-Zombie Flaggstaff from Zombieland as Killers.

  • The Punisher as a survivor.

  • The monster version of Kal-El from the DC horror short story "Bump In the Night" as a killer.

  • A radical feminist as a killer.
    • With a moderate feminist as a survivor.

  • Gustavo "Gus" Fring, "The Kingpin", as a Killer with his box cutter as his weapon. His power could have something to do with his intelligence or his patience, like getting stronger as the game goes on or being able to fight the survivors more directly. His perks could tie into this as well.
    • With Jesse Pinkman as a survivor, with his perks revolving around working better with other survivors present.
    • And Season 1 Walter White (ugly mustache and all) as a survivor with Season 5 Walter White, "The Cook", as a Killer.

  • A literal demon as a killer.
    • Nothing specific, just an original Dead By Daylight monster that happens to be a demon.
    • And an Exorcist or Badass Preacher as

  • A corrupt angel as a killer.

  • A corrupted Agent 47 as a killer.
    • With Penelope Graves as a survivor. Any target will do, really, but Graves is field-oriented (rather than business-oriented), modern, sympathetic, unarmed, modestly dressed and relatively well-known and well-liked with fans. And her being "saved" from the slurry pit would be a good backstory as to how the Entity recruited her.
    • Alternatively, Agent 47 as a survivor and one of his revived, vengeful targets as a killer.

  • Villanelle as a killer.
    • With Eve Polastri as a survivor.

  • A Genestealer cultist or a Necron Warrior as a killer.
    • An Imperial Guardsman or Hive Scum could be a survivor.
      • The realm could be an Imperial Hive City. Endgame Collapse can possibly involve an Inquisitorial Fleet performing Exterminatus.

  • The rest of Leatherface's family as individual killers.
    • With Sally Hardesty as a survivor.

  • Alex Browning as a survivor.

  • A survivor from The Blair Witch Project.
    • We already have a Heather and a Michael, so, I guess, Josh?

  • How do you get an iconic representative for creepypasta internet horror stories while desperately disguising the potential cringe and maintaining the appearance of higher standards? Easy. You license Marble Hornets.
    • The Operator as a killer.
    • Jay or Alex as a survivor.
    • Masky as a costume for The Legion.
      • Alternatively, Masky could be another killer too.

  • Scooby Doo costumes for some of the free characters.
    • Dwight is Shaggy.
    • Claudette is Velma.
    • Meg is Daphne.
    • Jake is Freddy.
    • Cheap rubber masks of classic Scooby Doo monsters for a handful of killers.

  • The Repo Man from the Genetic Opera as a Killer.

  • The two Repo-Men from Repo Men as a duo of Killers that work together as a team.

  • Mary Mason either as a survivor or a killer.
    • Mary Mason when she was eccentric and friendly as a survivor and Mary Mason after her Face–Heel Turn as a killer.

  • Erin Harson from You're Next as a survivor.

  • Cole Johnson as a survivor.

  • Carmen Sandiego as a survivor.

  • Ellie and Joel as survivors.

  • The Angry Video Game Nerd as a survivor.
    • With a deranged fanboy as a killer.
      • Better Idea: Board James.
      • This would make a great April Fools Joke.
      • Alternatively, it could be played as serious, if The Entity uses it's reality-warping powers to de-power the Angry Video Game Nerd.

  • The Shark from Jaws as a bonus obstacle for survivors to avoid in a map near a sea or near the ocean.
    • Not sure who the killer would be for this, or who the survivor for this would be, though....

  • The Butcher from Dead Island as a Killer.
    • With Xian Mei as a survivor.

  • As mentioned in the scary clown discussion, Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Except, the DLC represents the general Stephen King shared universe, rather than just It.

  • Ronny Barnhardt at the end of Observe and Report as a survivor, with Ronny Barnhardt when he's at his most insane as a killer.

  • Ryder White as a killer, with his power being his super-zombie transformation.

  • The Screamer from Dead Island Riptide as a killer.

  • Bill Foster from Falling Down as a Killer. His nickname could be "The Bad Father".

  • Sidney Prescot from Scream as a survivor, added to the existing Ghostface DLC. The Ghostface killer already in the game will remain how it is and continue to have no relation to any of the killers from Scream.
    • With Woodsboro as a realm.
      • One map would be Woodsboro from the first Scream. The other map would be the movie set version of Woodsboro from Scream 3, using many of the same assets and landmarks but rearranged.

  • Spider-Man as a survivor.
    • Spider-Man has appeared in some Marvel stories that are NOT for kids.
      • Also, Spider-Man would be a survivor that has perks based around rescuing other survivors from the killers.

  • As an alternative to the Duke Nukem-related guess I originally suggested, Duke Nukem could be a survivor, but he has perks based around rescuing other survivors from the killers.

  • The Creature From The Black Lagoon as a killer.

  • The Mummy as a killer.

  • The Invisible Man as a killer.

  • A werewolf as a killer. Bonus points if it's a famous one like Lawrence Talbot or David Kessler.

  • Booker DeWitt as a survivor, with the version of Jack from the first Bioshock's Bad Ending as a Killer named 'The Splicer.'
    • Booker's perks would be based on Vigors (Bucking Bronco, Shock Jockey, and Undertow are good candidates) and the Deflector Shield he gets from the Lutece Twins.
    • The Splicer would use his iconic Wrench as his weapon, his perks could based on various Tonics, and his power would be Electro-Bolt, with some add-ons replacing it with other Plasmids, like Incinerate or Cyclone Trap, while other add-ons are based on other Tonics. The Power would work as a Stance System, with Jack putting away his Wrench and holding up his left hand like in the first Bioshock, and the Splicer would have to pay attention to his EVE, as he only has a few fistfuls of lightning per EVE Hypo, and only three spare Hypos per match (though a few more can be found laying around the map, and while they can be destroyed by Survivors, they can also respawn after a bit). Some add-ons could decrease Electro-Bolt's EVE cost, increase how many Hypos the Splicer starts with, increase how many extra Hypos can be found, or how fast they respawn.
    • Rapture and Columbia both serving as realms, with the later's Hooks being based on the Freight Hooks that are used to get around Columbia at certain points in Infinite.

  • Both Good and Evil Cole MacGrath as a Survivor and Killer, respectively, with their Conduit powers playing into perks and the latter's Power. Evil Cole's nickname would either be The Infamous or The Beast.

  • Cassie Hack as a survivor.
    • With the healing factor that she temporarily got from Samhain's blood playing a role in one of her perks.
    • She will be the start of a new category of survivor who CAN directly fight back against killers and even rescue other survivors from killers.

  • Some saveable Dead Rising survivors as survivors.
    • Heck, it can be for an entire Dead Rising-themed DLC pack.

  • Bounty Hunter Patty Mayo as a survivor.
    • His perks can be his extendable baton which can stun killers for 3 seconds, an assault rifle that fires pepper rounds that can stun killers for 9 seconds, and a shotgun loaded with rubber bullets that can stun killers for 13 seconds.

  • Deputy Patty Mayo as a survivor.
    • His perks can be his taser which can stun killers for 5 seconds, a pistol with live ammunition that can stun killers for 20 seconds, and his third and final perk could be deputizing survivors and giving them a walkie talkie so they can contact him (seeing each other's auras so they can help each other) and a pistol that can stun killers for 3 seconds.

  • Rick O'Connell from The Mummy (1999) as a survivor.

  • Fiddlesticks as a Killer. Using its ability to mimic sounds to trick Survivors into coming near, then striking with a burst of speed.

  • The original incarnation of Godzilla as a Mechanically Unusual Fighter revolving around his titanic size, as Godzilla (1954) was more of a horror movie than the later sequels to the film.
    • Daisuke Serizawa as a Survivor.

  • A robot gone haywire after attempting to study the Entity's realm as a Killer.
    • The robot's creator as a survivor.

  • Chloe Decker as a Survivor and Malcolm Graham as a Killer.

  • A Well-Intentioned Extremist Nazi as a Killer. He'll be a sympathetic villain, so that players will not feel too bad about playing as him. His codename will be "The Brainwashed" emphasizing that he's behaving the way he does because he was figuratively fed propaganda.
    • With a Jewish man as a Survivor.

  • Hannibal Lecter as a Killer.

The Entity is a general God of Hope.
This is the reason why Hope seems to be a major theme of the game. Hope of the survivors that every escape will be the that finally releases them, or every death will be the final one; and Hope for the killers, as each of them give sacrifice to the Entity to give them power and/or easing of their pain. The Entity runs entirely on Blue-and-Orange Morality, being either good or evil depending on the morality the beings worshiping it and the amount of will they possess. Unfortunately, the beings right now worshiping are a gaggle of murderous psychopaths, so the chances of the Entity being nice in any way are relatively slim......

The Entity is a True Fae from Changling: The Lost
Kidnaps people, check. Places them in treacherous games, check. Feeds (awards bloodpoints) for creativity and excitement, check and mate.

How each of the Killers first encountered the Entity.
In the universe of the game, worship of the Entity seems to be rather widespread despite it being unknown to the general populace, possibly taking several different forms and denominations, even hiding under the guise of an offshoot of a mainstream religion. From this common source, it is easy to guess how each Killer found themselves doing the bidding of the Entity.

  • Both the Wraith and the Hag come from communities that directly worship the Entity as a God while the Huntress must have picked up the religion from her mother, all three having already been acquainted with the being's kind and compassionate side, and then resorting to more violent and murderous worship as they went insane. The three continue to seek guidance from the Entity as they continually kill the survivors. While the Hag and Wraith did so in order to seek solace, the Hag from her horrifying experiences that led to her becoming what she is now, and the Wraith, ironically, to help ease his own guilt of being an unintentional mafia hitman, the Huntress merely saw it as her chance to actually gain some benefit from her hobby of hunting down fellow humans for fun.

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  • The Trapper more than likely picked up the religion from the workers that the Estate had hired, fully devoting himself to the darker aspects of the religion after the infamous mass murder he committed and subsequently killed his father. Same could said about the Nurse, who in life might have treated a couple of patients who worshiped the Entity to help them through their time in the asylum, and picked up after her murder spree.

  • The Hillbilly, Leatherface, and Micheal Myers were people with stunted intelligence, the first two due to a birth defect and the latter due to his sociopathic tendencies and lack of professional help to curb it. Because of their simple minds, the Entity might have been able to ensnare all three to do its bidding despite them not knowing anything about it. It was especially prevalent with Leatherface, as the Entity merely manipulated his intense fear of everything into serving it.

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  • The Doctor found out about the Entity after hearing one of his victims speaking of it and decided to torture them for further information, finding about the power and knowledge it could grant him. He is the only killer to worship the Entity for purely selfish gain.

  • As for Freddy Kruger? The Entity may very well be one of his benefactors, the Dream Demons, or a newfound partner who's proven to be the most helpful and like-minded ally he's ever had.
    • Or it could be tied to the Necronomicon, as there are two Freddy Kruger gloves seen in Evil Dead 2 (one in the work shed, one in the fruit cellar). This indicates that Freddy may have been at the Knowby cabin at some point and encountered the Necronomicon (as he was seen dragging Jason's mask into Hell in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, and that film features the Necronomicon).
    • Quentin Smith's backstory implies that he summoned the Entity, or at least that it came in response to his ardent wish to see Freddy gone from their world forever.

There will be a special game mode where survivors CAN directly fight back against the killers.
It will have gameplay similar to Resident Evil for anyone playing as a survivor.
  • This mode will have a new character category called "saviors". Saviors have to protect other survivors from the killer, and there can only be one savior in a game. It is possible for the savior to be killed, of course, but a more durable than survivors, and can of course fight back, even having their own weapons and add-on-modifiable powers, as well as perks geared towards the sort of role they'd play. They'ed be in first person, like the killers.
  • Guesses for saviors can be added here:
    • Duke Nukem
    • BJ Blazkowicz (Hatchet, LaserKraftWerk)
    • The Doom Slayer (Super Shotgun, Meathook)
    • Lo Wang
    • Bombshell from the eponymous video game of the same name.
    • Chris Redfield (Knife, Samurai Edge)
    • Jill Valentine. (Same as Chris, but with her own add-ons for her Samurai Edge)
    • Leon S. Kennedy. (Knife, Silver Ghost)
    • Ada Wong. (Knife, the Crossbow from RE6, with several types of Trick Arrows as add-ons, including the Pipe Bomb Arrows)
    • Frank West.
    • Chuck Greene.
    • Nick Ramos.
    • Carrie White.
    • A Predator - the Yaujta have a strict code of honor against killing defenseless people, especially children, thus would be more interested in taking down the Killers instead. Even going as far as forming truces with survivors a'la the first Alien Vs. Predator movie.
    • Cassie Hack - she hunts down and kills serial killers and monsters, so she'd definitely be fine with hunting down and killing the Killers.
    • Spider-Man.
    • Wolverine.
    • Captain America.
    • Batman.
    • Superman.
    • Wonder Woman.
    • Courier Six (Knock-Knock, A Light Shining in Darkness)
    • Cole MacGrath (The Amp, his conduit powers)
    • Booker DeWitt (Broadsider, the Sky-Hook and the Charge Vigor, and some other Vigors being add-ons and perks, and the magnetic shield being a perk as well).
    • Billy Butcher from the comics (Yes, from the comics, so he gets his Compound V superhuman strength and durability for this).
    • Deputy Patty Mayo.
    • Bounty Hunter Patty Mayo.
    • Ash Williams updated as a savior.
    • Bill Overbeck updated as a savior.

The game takes place After the End...
  • ...of Cabin In The Woods. The Entity is one of the old Gods who still wanted some entertainment, so he reached back in time and started pulling victims and victimizers into its realm. Death is not an escape, because there is literally nothing left to escape too.
    • Since the Old Gods are a metaphor for set-in-their-ways horror movie fans who will tear apart any movie that deviates from their expectations, the Entity represents another of their behaviors: clinging to the past.

The killers and survivors have backstory involving each other
There are several survivors who appear in a killer's movie; Laurie Strode was the protagonist of Halloween and Michael Myers the antagonist, Quentin Smith was Deuteragonist of A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) and Freddy Krueger the antagonist, and David Tapp was a heroic character in Saw I where Amanda Young was experiencing her Start of Darkness. Judging by the pattern of introduction with these three examples, we can speculate the following characters also appeared in the same "movie" in backstory:

  • Nea Karlsson with The Nurse;

  • Ace Visconti with The Hag;

  • Feng Min with The Doctor;

  • David King with The Huntress.

The killers were almost definitely the Big Bad - or considering Amanda, at least a villain - of their "movies". The survivors might've been the protagonists of these movies, like Laurie - or maybe secondary heroic characters or allies to The Hero, like Tapp and Quentin, respectively (though Nea and Feng stand higher chances of having been the main protagonists of their "movies," given the Final Girl stereotype). Bill Overbeck and Leatherface (Leatherface) don't fit the pattern of villains and heroes from the same movie introduced together, but we can assume either a character from the same movie is offscreen or yet to debut, or they might just cancel each other out.

That leaves The Trapper, The Wraith, and The Hillbilly, with Dwight Fairfield, Meg Thomas, Claudette Morel, and Jake Park all unaccounted for in terms of a matching killer. As the survivors share a similar backstory of disappearing into the woods and The Trapper's level is the only place with woods, it's possible they all came from the same "movie" - especially since they were introduced together in the same way the above examples were. Maybe The Wraith and Hillbilly didn't have interesting characters in their "movies."

A future DLC will add firearms for the survivors to use
However, the challenge is that ammunition is scarce, meaning that survivors will have to conserve their ammunition.

A future DLC will add melee weapons for the survivors to use
However, the killers can pick them up too, so as to keep them away from the Survivors.

Or alternatively, there will be a balanced way for both survivors and killers to use any such obtainable melee weapons in a hypothetical DLC.
  • There would be unique perks with the weapons.
    • Survivors get their own new perks that the killers won't get with such weapon perks being shared among survivors when picking up said weapon.
    • Killers get their own new perks that the survivors won't get with such weapon perks being shared among the killers when picking up said weapon. That way, both sides will have their own benefits that go with wielding the weapons that can be picked up.

A future DLC will give the survivors their own signature weapons of choice to use
As a Good Counterpart to the Killers' signature weapons.
  • To balance this out, the survivors' signature weapons would have their own perks to go with them, while the killers' signature weapons get their own perks to go with them.
    • If this happens, then Steve better get his nail bat.
    • Exactly. Other examples include:
      • An assault rifle for Left 4 Dead's Bill.
      • A chainsaw hand for Evil Dead's Ash Williams.
      • Halloween's Laurie Strode gets her own kitchen knife because Laurie Strode once used a kitchen knife to defend herself against Michael and the Entity loves to even the odds.
      • Saw's David Tapp gets his police pistol.
      • Stranger Things' Nancy Wheeler gets a Smith and Wesson 10 revolver.
      • If Benedict Baker becomes a playable survivor and this WMG comes true, his weapon would be an 1800's revolver.
      • Cheryl Mason's weapon of choice would be a pipe.

The Entity is a Beast.
And all the Killers are Slashers The Entity has formed Kinships with. The Entity's realm is of course their Lair, all of it, with various new maps being added as the Entity's Lair increases and they incorporate different parts of the world associated with their Kinships.The Entity themselves is an Ugallu Predator who primarily feeds off of watching their Slasher kin hunting humans they've trapped in their lair, while the killers are as follows;
  • The Trapper and Micheal Myers are Masks.
  • Freddy Kruger, The Wraith, and The Hag are Legends, with the latter two having started as Avengers.
  • The Hillbilly, The Huntress, and Leatherface are Freaks.
  • The Nurse is a Psycho.
  • The Doctor and Amanda Young are Geniuses.
  • As an add-on, I'll say the Clown is a Genius too, since he's primarily using chemicals, traps, and wishes to kill others to add to his collection of things. He's probably friends with the Entity's human identity, since they work together for his mechanics.
  • The Plague is actually not a Slasher, but a Fire-Touched who refuses to shapeshift during the religious ceremony of a match.

If Benedict Baker Will becomes playable...
  • It will be a new game mode, where he hunts down the Killers.
    • His time spent dealing with them has made him one of them, but not in the way expected.
      • Would be a nice reversal. Unlike the other survivors his prey would be able to effectively fight back.

  • Alternatively, all that time in the Entity’s realm caused Benedict Baker to snap and he’s a playable killer.
    • A killer called “The Survivor.”

  • Alternatively, Benedict Baker is still a survivor, but he provides weapons and/or methods of fighting back to other survivors via perks.

Alternatively, if Benedict Baker does become playable, he will be a reinforcement to help other survivors as he can fight back against the killers.
  • He can only be contacted by survivors using either an old 1800's phone or 1800's radio.
    • The other survivors can use this old technology because the Entity granted them that knowledge.
      • To balance things out, the killers can destroy the phone or radio to prevent the other survivors from contacting Benedict Baker.
Basically Tommy Jarvis from 'Friday the 13th: The Game''.

The survivor that comes with the Ringmaster is a clown
I believe the devs said no to a killer clown due to that hitting a little too close to home to real life fears, but they never said anything about a clown survivor. It would be a nice subversion with a thematic link to the villain.
  • Given they added a clown, Jossed; the Clown is a killer, his Survivor is a singer, to tie with their mutual theme of birds.

The Entity is Pennywise.
Both are beings with similar Modus operandi and have an apparently spider like true form. And Drawing at straws but “(Dead) by Day(Light.)”

There will eventually be a less humanoid killer.
With beings like the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park and the Xenomorphs there is certainly precedent for a bestial killer. And they may be easier for The Entity to control.
  • The xenomorph could definitely work as a Killer.
  • Confirmed; the Demogorgon from Stranger Things has been added.

The Entity doesn't snag its victims and killers entirely, it snags COPIES of their victims and killers.
This would account how characters like Leatherface and Michael Myers are in the Entity's Realm while they also continue to exist in their respected realities. This also explains both Michael and Laurie still looking like their 1970s appearances, as Michael and Laurie continued to live past that Halloween night in 1978 in all various sequels (including the upcoming Halloween film to be released in October 2018, as well as the original Halloween II, which was originally meant to be the end of Michael, but was brought back and in a coma at the start of Halloween IV).
  • Seems to be jossed, as several backstories mention that the related character had disappeared.
    • This could strictly apply to the licensed DLC characters like Leatherface, Michael Myers and Ash Williams, while the game's original survivors and characters may have simply been removed from their realities.

The Dead By Daylight story takes place in a multiverse

The game is a test for the KILLERS, not the survivors.
The Entity wants to find or make the perfect killer to let loose on the world. Accordingly, it is bringing killers into its world to test them, and has captured humans with a strong desire to live, lots of experience in deadly situations, good survival instincts, or all of the above. The Entity throws obstacles in the killers' way — survivors can heal, help each other, etc. — to give the killers more of a challenge.

Why no one talks in the Entity's Realm
Why don't the survivors talk to each other to help escape faster or when waking each other up, or the killers talk to their victims to taunt them (especially more sadistic killers, like Freddy)? Either:

  • They've all spent so much time in the Entity's realm that no one sees a point to it anymore and they just go through the motions without bothering or even remembering how to talk, or,
  • They literally can't speak in the Entity's realm. After all, real spiders don't have vocal cords and the Entity is a spider-like Eldritch Abomination. Maybe speech is such a foreign concept to it, that speech is impossible in its realm or it purposefully took speech from its victims because it couldn't understand them anyway.

Either way, yikes, poor survivors don't even get that comfort.

  • Survivors talk at the campfire — how else would Teachable Perks work? — but in the matches they've learned that speaking only alerts the killers faster. Alternatively, they're in a kind of "no-exit hell-is-other-people" mode and they don't want conversation.
  • Jossed. The Plague speaks in her native language when praying in her Mori, and Ash Williams has some dialogue here and there.

The Entity is pregnant.

The "Purge" event that occurs once a year and the "Blight" that The Entity goes through is actually her yearly reproductive cycle. Once a year, she produces grotesque growths with flowers on them that are actually her eggs. She needs her eggs to be pollinated for them to develop properly into babies and hatch. So, she entices survivors and killers to collect nectar from her flowers so that they can be pollinated. Once her eggs fully develop and hatch, she will send out her little "Entity Babies" out to feed on hope and fear throughout other parts of the universe.

The Killers are Sealed Evil in a Can

The Entity has summoned the killers to its domain to take them out of the real world. The survivors are there to distract and/or amuse the killers so they won't turn on the Entity itself (there's probably overlap with Sealed Evil in a Duel in some cases), while the Entity puts the survivors through its test and feeds on their emotions so it will remain strong enough to keep the prison running.

The Entity is only pulling survivors into it's domain to prevent the killers from targeting other innocent people outside said domain. In other words, the Entity believes it is sacrificing a few people in order to save millions more.

YOU'RE The Entity

You're the one putting the Survivors through this, and forcing - or setting up - the Killers to kill them. It's you who plucks them away from the safety of the campfire for your amusement, you sick, twisted, evil bastard.note 

As for why The Entity eats the survivor when you lose, if it's you? You're eating a loss.note 

There will be a new gameplay mode which portrays an all-out war between survivors and killers.

If a connection to the plot of Cabin In The Woods is revealed, the accompanying new Killer will be the most unspeakably, mind-wreckingly horrible monster mentioned in the film...

Freddy's power:
Now that Freddy is confirmed, speculation on his power may commence!
  • Disguising himself as a survivor. Just like Leatherface is so much like the Hillbilly, Freddy shares the Wraith's stealth playstyle, appearing to be a fellow survivor until he de-cloaks and lays the smackdown.
    • Jossed. Freddy's power in this game is to put people into the dream world after making them sleep.

A future DLC will make a straight-up crossover between Dead By Daylight and Mortal Kombat.
  • With the Legendary skins that change a Killer's entire model, this possibility has become more likely.
    • Scorpion, the face of Mortal Kombat, as a skin for the Deathslinger. Just to hear him tell a Survivor to "GET OVER HERE!"
    • Kotal Kahn (in his Blood God variation) as a skin for the Oni. A big guy empowered by the blood of his victims and his furious rage.
    • Dark Raiden as a skin for the Doctor. The power of lightning exposes Survivors to his fury.
    • Mileena as a skin for the Bag. Her teleportation and cannibalistic tendencies, plus her terrifying jaws, make her a natural fit.
The Dead By Daylight Killers and Survivors may someday guest star in other games outside Dead By Daylight.

A future installment would be a straight-up crossover with Brightburn
  • With the plot being Brandon trying to encourage the Killers to form a truce with him and his fellow supervillains and help him overthrow The Entity.
    • Alternatively, a war between the Killers and the Supervillains, with the survivors and possibly even superheroes caught in the middle.

The Observer is Ash Williams
Thus explaining why his voice clips play sometimes when you visit the Archives.
  • Partially Jossed; Ash is in the game as a Survivor.

The Entity is one of The Dark Powers.
  • It's pulled the killers out of normal reality and into an inescapable recurring hunt-stalk-kill, but their victims never truly die (and indeed, they are forced under most conditions not to kill them personally, instead letting the Entity do it). This is rather an Ironic Hell for many of these characters, who love killing. Essentially, the game all takes place in one very bizarre Domain, the killers as a whole are its Darklord, and to escape they would have to accept that killing is wrong and help the survivors truly survive and escape. . . but if any of them were capable of that, they wouldn't have become Darklords in the first place. It's heavily implied the Dark Powers can reach out and pluck anyone from anywhere in the multiverse, even from worlds not normally connected to the Dungeons & Dragons cosmology. Like, say, our world. And the survivors, locked in the endless cycle of painful, torturous death? Just another example for how the Dark Powers don't give a shit about the people living in the cans with their sealed evils.

By letting in the forces of Silent Hill, The Entity has undermined it's own power.
Silent Hill itself is a supernatural force of undetermined, but considerable, power.And by letting another power into its realm, The Entity has made a mistake.

It's implied that Silent Hill, despite its harshness, is not fully malevolent and tries to teach the ones drawn into it a lesson, letting them go if they succeed.This would likely make it at odds with The Entity and its sadistic, emotion eating, game.

Incensed at The Entity taking its things for its own use, Silent Hill has turned them into Trojan Horses of sorts.

While Cheryl Mason can control The Entity to a certain extent, Pyramid Head is unknowingly weakening the Entity's Realm by carving his trails in the ground. And Silent Hill can further its influence trough its own map.

All the Survivors need to do now is Hold the Line and not lose hope.

The Entity is Death.
  • Or rather, Death is a manifestation of the Entity attempting to expand its understanding of the human world. It creates a system with arbitrary rules, similar to the game, in order to give the survivors false hope while manipulating them into situations where they can be killed. It uses these Rube Goldberg-esque situations as a way to experiment with everyday objects in order to make its realm more convincing, and then takes the people it kills as new Survivors.
The reason why even the most tragic of Killers goes after the survivors is because The Entity tortures or mind rapes Killers when they are unwilling to follow its demands.
  • Essentially, the individuals who the Entity brings in all have a history of murder, whether it was intentional or not. However, not every Killer has much of a reason to actively participate in the Entity’s game. The Wraith is a good example; he was horrified upon realizing he had killed a bunch of innocent people, and only murdered his boss in a fit of rage. So why would he, otherwise a normal man, be willing to kill the Survivors? He wouldn’t, so the Entity tortures or mutilates Killers that are unwilling to follow its rules.
    • All of the Guest Killers, who are already established murderers in their own franchises (Freddy Krueger, Mike Myers, etc), act and look virtually the same way they usually do, because they don’t need to be convinced to murder the Survivors.
    • Interestingly, when a Killer was previously involved in tragic events that could make them even mildly sympathetic, they seem to become more physically mutilated or distorted and emotionally unstable (The Spirit, The Oni, The Wraith), likely because the Entity is literally forcing them to do what it wants by reminding them of their past pain. It’s likely that they are trapped in the moments of pain they felt previously; The Oni is filled with the rage he felt towards the lord when he murdered him, The Spirit is fueled by revenge for her mother, and The Wraith is angered by his boss’s betrayal at the moment he killed him.
    • The Legion is a special case; 3/4 of its members technically didn’t murder anyone, but were brought in by association, so their punishment is their current state of being.
    • Individuals like The Clown, The Doctor, ie. people who had already willingly murdered people of their own volition or due to circumstances outside of the Entity’s doing, don’t need too much convincing to murder others; therefore, they still look and act the same as they always have, with any changes being due to their own twisted mind.
    • Religious characters such as The Hag and The Plague are willing to follow the Entity’s orders due to a mix of their devotion to the Entity as a deity and earlier trauma of being surrounded by death and horror.
    • As for the individuals with very tenuous grasps on reality, may not be fully competent, or individuals who don’t have any real motivation to go along with the Entity’s plans, such as The Nurse, The Hillbilly, and The Deathslinger, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that the Entity was able to convince them to continue their murders in other ways.

The Entity is a demon-angel hybrid.

Chapter 18
Recently, Behaviour Interactive has released a teaser for the next chapter, and there have been a few suggestions being thrown around. Let's try and predict which it is before they reveal which it is.
  • An original chapter.
    • A zombie.
  • A licensed chapter: While we'd probably tell if it was a licensed chapter from the trademarks, keep in mind that the teaser for the Saw chapter had no such trademarks before its reveal. It could be:
    • An Until Dawn chapter. The visuals of the teaser and the limb that we see is very similar to the Wendigo, and the tweet quote they used seems to fit in line with Until Dawn as a whole.

The reason why The Spirit is NOT intangible despite being a ghost is because the Entity took that power away from her so as not to make it too easy for her to kill survivors.

Alternatively, The Spirit IS still intangible, it's simply not shown because of Gameplay Story Segregation.
It's VERY hard to complete that special effect for a video game, plus it would be hard to balance it.

The Resident Evil Chapter
Welp, as of this WMG, it's finally happening. Resident Evil is getting its very own chapter in Dead by Daylight. The question is, what will it contain?
  • The Killer:
    • Mr. X (The Silencer)
    • Nemesis (The Tyrant)
    • Lady Dimitrescu (The Countess)
    • Albert Wesker (The Progenitor)
    • William Birkin (The Mutant)
  • The Survivor:
    • Chris Redfield
    • Leon S. Kennedy
    • Jill Valentine
    • Claire Redfield
    • Ethan Winters
  • The Map:
    • Raccoon Police Department
    • Castle Dimitrescu
    • Baker Family Household

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