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Shout Out / Dead by Daylight

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A list of references to other media in Dead by Daylight.

  • The Spirit's real name, Rin Yamaoka, is a shout out to the composer of the first five games in the Silent Hill series, Akira Yamaoka.
  • The quote for one of the perks, Plunderer's Instinct, is "The pioneers used to loot these babies for hours."
  • The Plague's bright green projectile vomit is very similar to the infamous scene from The Exorcist.
  • Feng Min's eSports team are the Lazer Bears, a reference to Naughty Bear, one of Behaviour's older games.
  • The Deathslinger has several little traits that point to one game in particular. He has a wide-brimmed hat, he uses a gun, he has a slightly old-west feel to him, he's driven by revenge, and most tellingly, his name is Caleb. The similarity to Blood is uncanny.
  • David King's perk, "We're Gonna Live Forever", takes its name from the lyrics of the song "Live Forever" by a rock band from Manchester, Oasis.
  • On the main menu, with Pyramid Head selected and visible on the screen, inputting the Konami Code will unlock a charm of Vic Viper from Gradius.
  • The way some of the survivors ended up being abducted by the Entity by way of getting lost in the woods, and the implication that it tampered with the geography so that even people who put down trails (Claudette) or have actually lived in these woods (Jake) can't find their way back is very reminiscent of the Blair Witch.
  • During the Tome VII event, Gnome Chompski can be found during the Endgame Collapse, allowing players to stomp on him for a new Charm (though they then have to survive the collapse).
  • The Fold, the Cult formed by Otto Stamper that ultimately resulted in the birth of The Dredge, contains elements similar to Jonestown. A group of disillusioned people were brought together to land isolated from the outside world, tempted by the promise of forming a utopia free of negative and dark thoughts. The group's leader controls every aspect of his followers' lives, prohibiting any type of negative thoughts. A person from the outside arrives and attempts to reveal the truth about the leader to the followers, only to be killed. The half-crazed followers are pushed to the breaking point by the leader, resulting in everyone ending up dead. The only difference is that Stamper survives the incident (though he does end up getting killed by Herman Carter later on).
  • One of Ash's line's in the menu is, "Kiss my grits!"
  • A couple in The Ghost Face's tome: