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Nightmare Fuel / Dead by Daylight

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Being a game where a group of four people are forced to fight for their lives against blood thirsty supernatural serial killers for the entertainment and hunger of an all powerful Entity, there was bound to be some Nightmare Fuel.
  • Pretty much everything in the game. The situation the survivors are in, the killers, and the killers' backstories, especially the Hag's.
    • The addition of Bill to the cast of survivors while not ignoring his canonical fate in The Sacrifice means that not even the dead are safe from being drawn into the Entity's sick game.
  • All killers have their own special brand of nightmare inducing skills and powers, along with their own twisted backstories.
    • The Doctor, who provides the page image. His appearance is incredibly disturbing, his eyes and mouth being held wide open by grisly equipment with sparking wires popping through the skin of his arms. His ability is also pretty unnerving. He literally turns the survivors insane by shocking them with electricity, causing them to hallucinate and scream out in terror.
      • In life, he was a Yale neuroscience student named Herman Carter, who was fixated on the human psyche from a young age. He joined an advanced neuroscience program that was actually a front for CIA research on interrogation and intelligence; after being taken to a secret black site facility called the Lery's Memorial Institute, he was encouraged by his mentor to go as far as he could with his experiments. Carter quickly began research for "experimental interrogation" - conducting horrific experiments on enemy spies, with electro-convulsive treatment being used frequently. He also carried around "The Stick" for when regular procedures failed. No one questioned Carter's research at first - despite the constant screaming coming from his lab, increasingly flickering lights, and the prisoners begging guards to be taken to any other lab but Carter's - and it was only after the institute went quiet for a week that the government had it investigated, where it was discovered that Carter's interrogation experiments had dissolved to bizarre and incredibly gruesome torture, with numerous patients and prisoners found dead or in vegetative states with all kinds of head trauma; the most horrifying of which was Carter's own mentor, who was found with his head peeled open and all sorts of electrodes and sensors inserted into his annihilated yet still-working brain. Carter himself was nowhere to be found. The government was so horrified, they had the facility completely condemned and all knowledge of it heavily redacted.
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    • The Nurse. Who is Paranoia Fuel incarnate. One second you're repairing a generator, the next she appears right next to you with a well timed Blink.
    • In the same vein is The Hag, whose ability is a consistent Jump Scare. And you never know if that decoy is just that, or if she's close enough to pop to it and start chasing you...
    • The Hillbilly. A hulking, malformed monster of a man. Even scarier is the sound of his chainsaw. One good look, and you can soon have a mountain of angry speeding towards you at ridiculous speed.
    • The Trapper. Roughly as tall as The Hillbilly, but with more meat on his bones. Able to leave traps dotted around the map. Nothing is quite as pants-soiling as him lumbering towards you as you struggle to free yourself.
    • The Shape AKA, Michael Myers. With a Paranoia Fuel power even more unsettling than The Nurse. You may think you're alone. Until that familiar music cue plays. Is he watching someone else from afar? Or is he just out of sight, ready to pounce on you at level 3...Oh yeah, by the way, he’s also immune to most killer-detecting perks at level 1. And his terror radius becomes ridiculously small at that level. Plus, don’t even get us started on what happens when you go up against a shape with perks that make his terror radius drop to ZERO METERS. Have fun!
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    • The Wraith. His Paranoia Fuel power is arguably even more terrifying than The Shape's and The Nurse's powers altogether. The Wraith can render himself invisible with a special bell. Thankfully, he is not completely invisible, since his translucent body can be seen, and he cannot attack you in this state. But since ALL levels take place at night (sometimes with a fog), it may be very hard to notice him until it's too late.
    • The Huntress. Good lord, that HUMMING! There's just something unsettling about that calm, peaceful humming coming from her constantly, getting closer whenever she approaches. Plus, there's her hatchets. She can hit you from across the map with them, and with the right perks can down you in one shot with them. So with that in mind, you'd think hiding in the lockers would be the perfect strategy? Nope, that's where she gets more of those hatchets. NOWHERE is safe from the Huntress!
    • The Cannibal. AKA Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Another chainsaw-wielding psycho with a hammer. Only instead of a charge, he flails about with that chainsaw, meaning he's VERY difficult to dodge. In addition, his running speed is one of the highest, meaning he's very difficult to get away from. If you're in the dungeon with him, then there's very little you can do to escape him....
    • The Nightmare. AKA Freddy Goddamn Krueger. Bad enough him just being there, one of his perks allows the killer to temporarily BLOCK the exit! And he's permanently invisible, the heartbeat replaced by children's humming, until he uses his special ability to pull the survivors, one at a time, into a sleepwalking state that slows down repairing, healing, and sabotaging to half speed. Even if you get away from him, he can see the exact location of sleepwalking survivors outside his terror radius. Even his add-on items are nightmare inducing. Gruesome souvenirs of his favorite prey. Such as a little girls dress and a box of photos of most likely his victims.
    • The Pig. AKA Amanda Young from Saw. She can crouch to sneak up on her prey, and attack from ambush. Thankfully, her ambush attack does the same damage as a normal attack. But she carries Jigsaw's signature reverse bear traps, which she can attach to downed survivors. The timer starts when the next generator is repaired, and when it runs out, the survivor dies as their head gets ripped in half at the mouth. They also go off immediately if they're carried past the exit gates, trapping survivors inside the map. The only way to get them off is to find a key in one of Jigsaw's boxes, or escaping through the hatch if the survivor is the only one left in the map.
    • The Clown. He's one of the fastest killers in the game, with a projectile attack that can stun survivors as they run. As to perks, one of them blocks windows as soon as you vault them. Oh, and that projectile attack? It stacks, and if done often enough you won't be able to run for long. Oh, and of course, he also comes with a perk called Coulphobia, which decreases healing speed if you're near him, on account of him being a Monster Clown.
    • The Spirit. Similar to the Nurse, she has a teleporting ability which means she can be right behind you before you know it. Also, her Finishing Move has her stabbing a survivor from behind with her sword, before brutally hacking them and silently shrieking as she does so. The way she moves is also unsettling: jerky, unnatural and the mangled pieces of her left arm somehow floating as she walks.
    • The Legion. This new Killer is terrifying for one good reason: their unique power Feral Frenzy. When activating this, the killer sprints after the survivors, brandishing their knife like a crazed animal. Even worse: in this state, they can vault the pallets just like the survivors. You think you can use a pallet to slow the Legion down, or a well-timed Sprint Burst to get some distance between you and them? Think again.
      • One of their teachable perks is Iron Maiden, which lets them see the auras of survivors who emerge from lockers temporarily, in addition to inducing the Exposed status effect. This is the same effect as No One Escapes Death. Similar to the Huntress, hiding in lockers isn't a good idea with this Killer. Additionally, Discordance allows them to perceive a generator that has recently been worked on by more than one survivor at a time, making cooperation a potential risk.
      • Their Finishing Move also deserves mention. Once they down a survivor, they stab them four times. Once in the back to stun the victim, once in the arm as the survivor tries to shield themselves from the blow, once in the leg so they can drag the survivor towards them....and the final blow, which sees the Legion straddle the survivor so they can stab them in the heart and drag the knife down to their belly, splitting them almost in two.
      • Their backstory is tragically horrifying for Joey, Julie and Susie. Their alpha, Frank, forced the 3 to participate in the murder so they'd get equal punishment. When they buried the cleaner, The Entity lured Frank away and abducted them as well, when they followed his trail to find him. Now all 4 of them are stuck in one body and are forced to kill again under The Entity's will. Judging by their faces under the masks, they lost their sanity along the way.
    • The Plague. Nausea Fuel doesn't even begin to describe this new killer. Her unique power is projectile vomiting onto survivors, infecting them with a bile that infects them gradually until they get the Wounded status. And it's not just limited to survivors: almost anything she vomits on gets infected, including generators and pallets.
      • One of The Plague's teachable perks is the ability to transfer the terror radius onto the Obsession player in one hit. So if you hear a terror radius, it could be The Plague....or it could be the poor player running around, while The Plague silently creeps up behind you....
      • And then there's The Plague's Finishing Move: she downs the player and offers up a prayer to the Entity, before wrapping the chain of her lantern around their neck, lifting them up and vomiting bile into their mouths, effectively drowning them.
  • Some of the alternate cosmetics can be a bit of Nightmare Fuel...
    • The Trapper's Chuckle mask. It's a mask with one eye hole and a ''giant'' smile that goes over his other eye, allowing you to get a glimpse of his face. The description implies that the mask is made of flesh and bone.
    • The Halloween 2017 update gives us the "Sally of the Lantern" cosmetic for the Nurse, which replaces her pillow case mask for a glowing pumpkin head that looks like it's melting.
    • Leatherface has four unlockable masks; "Athleteface", "Leaderface", "Smartface" and "Survivorface". They are the faces of Meg, Dwight, Claudette and Jake respectively, each unlocked by sacrificing the specific survivor 25 times. Just how was Leatherface able to get their faces?
    • The Hallowed Blight skins. Turning 5 killers (Trapper, Hillbilly, Wraith, Doctor and Huntress) into putrid, glowing monstrosities. The Wraith gets it possibly the worst, with a hole in his midsection revealing his spine.
  • Endgame Collapse. Dear mother of GOD. Its an upcoming new game mode that turns the end of the match into a timed mission. It triggers when the hatch has been opened or when players have popped open one of the powered up doors. You have two minutes to escape, but the time limit can be extended depending on the survivors' condition. The Nightmare Fuel part comes in almost immediately, as the whole map is suddenly covered in pulsating veins. Generators are blocked off by the Entity's tendrils, and if you don't make it out, the Entity itself will suddenly emerge from the ground, pierce the survivors through the stomach, hold them down, then stab them in the head. It honestly makes being hooked more preferable!

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