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Funny moments from DBZ Abridged. WARNING: You might be here a while.

Moments from Two Saiyans Play can be found here. Moments from Dragon ShortZ can be found here. Moments from HFIL can be found here.

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    DBZ Abridged - Episodes - Other 
  • The *POP* sound that accompanies each time Goku uses the Instant Transmission technique.
  • Nappa's year-long Are We There Yet?, which at first seems to come to a rather anticlimactic end ("Yay!") only to be brought back in a wonderfully unexpected way: "Is he here yet?"
  • They turned Recoome into a pastiche of pro wrestlers, most prominently The Rock, in one ball of wrestling hilarity. And apparently, as episode 20 shows, Goku is Hulk Hogan.
  • And then there's this:
    Gohan: I swear, I don't even know what's going on anymore.
  • Guru has two words for everyone.
    Guru: Drop it!
  • In their trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, they pose the question of whether or not they will abridge it. No. No they won't. After citing the many characters that the abridged series hasn't gotten anywhere near (the entire Buu saga), they add that Toei would probably kill them.
    • However, maybe they can do the Hatchiyack special.
  • "Hey Vegeta, Happy Freeza Day". Nappa and Vegeta get together for old times sake to bring Freeza Day to the survivors of the bug planet. There's also Nappa convincing Vegeta to celebrate Freeza Day with him... by calling him at 3 AM.
    Nappa: (over the phone) Aw, come on Vegeta! Just one more Freeza Day together for old time's sake! I hear the survivors of the bug planet colonized a new one!
    Vegeta: ...well, it has been a while...
    Nappa: (bursts into the room) That's the spirit!
    Vegeta: HUAAAAAAAAAA(cut off by title card)
  • Set most any episode on YouTube to subtitles of the language "English (Canada)". There, you get lots of jokes and funny stuff. Such as what Vegeta really said in his Hurricane of Euphemisms in the Stinger for Episode 19.
    • Frequently, the attributions for quotes will change the names of characters to insults just made of the characters.
  • Goku and Vegeta contribute to the "feral hogs" meme.
  • Masako does a dub of this comic in his Abridged Goku and Gohan voices, where Goku of all people is doing taxes.
    Gohan: Dad? Are you doing taxes?
    Goku: Yeah. Don't tell your mother I know how to do this.
    Gohan: Huh. Now I've seen everything.
  • In DBZA Creator Commentary: Best of Season 1 just as Piccolo lays dying after protecting Gohan from Nappa things get... weird.
    Piccolo: Why... didn't... you... DOOOOOOODGE!? ...You know, like it says on that guy's shirt over there.
    Lani: (Suddenly wearing the "DODGE" t-shirt) The fu...? When did I put this on!?
    Kaiser: When did—I know—I always see when you take your shirt off!
    Lani: And... (Addressing the video) Hold up, were you just talking at us?
    Piccolo: Yeah. Why, is that weird?
    Lani: Dude, our video is talking at us...
    Kaiser: Ohhh, it's breaking the fourth wall! This is so season one!
    Lani: Oh my fucking GOD, Piccolo, you're so cringe.
    Piccolo: You're calling me cringe, but you're wearing me on your chest.

    DBZ Abridged - Cell Vs. 
  • Cell Vs. Yusuke Urameshi Yusuke and Kuwabara drop in to challenge Cell... until he asks which one of them can vaporize an entire planet with their weapons. They wisely pack up and leave.
    Yusuke: (muttering) Pompous green asshole, I'll show you what my middle finger can do...
  • Cell Vs. Yami Yugi has the King of Games challenge Cell... and end up cutting the wind out of Cell's sails when Yugi's boasts end up building up to a card game. Cell actually thinks he's getting Punk'd!
    Cell: Which one is it - Ashton or Jamie?! Oh, please don't let it be Bam Margera...!
    • Cell's actually napping when Yami arrives.
    • When Cell realizes that Yami Yugi's challenging him to a children's card game, he almost immediately agrees to play and tries to learn the rules despite the Cell Games being a martial arts tournament.
      Yami: I'm trying to duel you! ...In "Duel Monsters"?
      Cell: "Duel Monsters"?
      Yami: It's a children's card game! Ancient Egyptians loved it!
      Cell: (cheerfully) F*ck, I'm down! How do we play?
    • Yami Yugi legitimately thought it was a Duel Monsters tournament and is sincerely confused that Cell doesn't have a deck of cards to duel him with.
      Yami: Where's your deck?
      Cell: My d-d-d-d, d-d-d-d-deck?
    • Cell applies a heaping dose of Surprisingly Realistic Outcome on Yami Yugi by being a Rules Lawyer in actually dueling Yugi, citing real life Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game tournament rules that prevent him from playing all his overpowered cards like "Pot of Greed" and any of the God Cards. note  Then he starts pointing out their choice of venue when Yugi objects. Yugi gets fed up and leaves.
      • It becomes Hilarious in Hindsight in February 2018 when 2 of the cards Cell mentioned as being banned were unbanned. (Monster Reborn was brought back to 1 and Brain Control was moved off the list entirely)
  • Cell Vs. Ryu and Ken shows Ryu and Ken picking a fight with Cell in a short guest animated by DasBoSchitt of The Gmod Idiot Box fame.
    • To reiterate the guest animation aspect, the video opens to Cell examining his now three-dimensional hands.
      Cell: Hmm? I feel different.
    • Ryu being the Comically Serious.
      Ryu: The only way warriors can truly communicate is with our fists.
      Cell: What about our... mouths?
    • Ken fights Cell. This goes as well as you'd expect.
      • The interface that appears during so names Cell Mr. P. Cell while Ken's named Weirdface Ken.
      • Ken's Super gets parried (with [TECH BONUS] notifications popping up in the subtitles). The subtitles refer to it as the inverse of EVO Moment #37 (Moment 1/37)
    • Ryu tapping into the Satsui No Hado is normally a serious matter, until we see it from Cell's view and without the dramatic music or aura, where it just looks like Ryu is squatting and twitching awkwardly.
      Cell: ...Have you tried praying it away?
    • Evil Ryu attacks Cell, causing the screen to go black with impact flashes all over. The next shot is Evil Ryu on the ground unconscious.
      • Cell's reaction to the whole thing is hilarious since that means that he countered the Raging Demon accidentally.
    • Ken drops down in a cloud of dust as the announcer declares Perfect Cell the winner, with a perfect no less.
  • In Cell Vs. Sonic & Knuckles, the Blue Blur and Rad Red speed into the arena to take on Cell, again animated by DasBoSchitt.
    • The video begins with Cell humming "Escape from the City" to himself before the challengers arrive.
    • Cell defeats Sonic's speed with copious use of the Multi Form Technique and Instant Transmission, making it look like he's fast enough to even sell chili dogs while fighting people.
    • After Cell demonstrates his power by spiking Knuckles into the ground (and in an obvious turn of events), Sonic has little other choice but to use the Chaos Emeralds to go Super... only to end up pulling out nothing.
      Cell: (chuckles) You mean the Chaos Emeralds? (the Emeralds begin to rotate around him, set to Sonic CD's USA Boss music)
      • When Sonic tries to summon the Chaos Emeralds, there's a very faint The Legend of Zelda "item acquisition" jingle that peters out when nothing happens.
      • Even funnier (or scarier) with the knowledge that Cell later transforms into Super Perfect Cell...
      • But what makes this especially Hilarious in Hindsight is this post from the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter that stated they didn't want to participate because they didn't want to make Cell jealous of their "Super Sonic Swagger". Turns out Sonic didn't even get the chance to show off his swagger in the first place!
    • With that, Sonic realizes just how out of his league he is and bolts, leaving Knuckles behind.
      Knuckles: Wait, hold on! You're my ride! Aw, man! (looks up at the Cells and laughs nervously) Sorry, I'm, uh... not as... fast as him. Uh, hang on. (jumps, then glides before sliding along the ground; repeat until he finally leaves) I really... UGH!... wish I could do more than glide...
    • The ending? The start of the infamous Sonic Says PSA regarding sexual harassment. After he casually throws away the Chaos Emeralds.
      • Particularly notable is that he stops at "Nothing more cool than being hugged by someone you like". This being Cell, of course he stops there.
  • Cell Vs. Kenshiro has the master of Hokuto Shinken briefly battle Perfect Cell.
    • Cell lampshades how Kenshiro is "a man of few words", only to get cut off in the middle of his sentence.
    • Kenshiro's shirt tears off when he flexes, but after Cell explodes the first time, it's magically back on.
      Cell: [watching his shirt rip off] Okay, but why though?
    • Kenshiro manages to use his signature "Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken" attack on Cell. Since it doesn't seem to do any immediate, Cell laughs it off at first, before he explodes... only to quickly regenerate himself to express his pain.
      Cell: ARGH! CHRIST! Did anyone ever tell you you're already an asshole?!
    • It turns out that Kenshiro isn't interested in stopping Cell's plans, but rather, he just wanted to eat Cell's "bug meat".
      Kenshiro: Are you going to eat that? (points at Cell's hand on the ground)
      Cell: NO. NO, I AM NOT.
      Kenshiro: Well... May I?
      Cell: Sure. Make it your last meal. Because after that, you're dead.
      Kenshiro: No, you are. Already. Again.
      Cell: (yells in pain as he explodes a second time)
    • This observation from the YouTube comments:
      Fun observation: in his past fights, Cell's opponents attempted to win using showy displays of sheer force (Final Flash, Spirit Gun, a children's card game, etc.). While possibly the weakest opponent so far, Kenshiro inflicts actual damage-and pain-by attacking when Cell's guard is down and striking pressure points for maximum effect. In short, Ken proves the most effective fighter in a martial arts anime because he fights like an actual freaking martial artist.
    • There is also Ken's Funny Bruce Lee Noises that end with what the subtitles onomatopoetically expresses as 'Awa-wa-wa-wa-wa' when he finishes his attack.
    • When Cell first explodes, Kenshiro (with his torn clothes regenerated) gets sprayed by all his gore, but is clean in the next shot... only to be sprayed by more gore when Cell explodes again.
    • This particular short has generated the fan theory that, if these shorts are canon, then it's Kenshiro's fault that Goku can't defeat Cell. note 
    • Thus far, Kenshiro, without any magical powers, super modes, ancient artifacts, or demonic energies, is the only person in the Cell Vs. series to defeat Cell. Hell, he's the only one that's made him feel any sort of appreciable pain. Way to go, normal guy.
  • Cell Vs. Light Yagami, A.K.A "Suicidal Overconfidence the Fight."
  • Cell is really losing his patience when Saitama and Genos show up.
    Cell: Oh my-I'm a sundial for pests! ...I needed to be specific. I needed to be way more specific with my message.
  • Cell Vs. Ash Ketchum
    • Cell is at his wit's end as Ash and his friends approach, complaining about everyone else who dropped in.
    • Misty proves to be a major Deadpan Snarker here.
      Pokédex: (upon not figuring out who Cell is) Data not found.
      Misty: And technology has failed us again.
      • To add to that, the Pokédex displays a Missingno when failing to scan Cell. Technically he really is a "Missing Number", after all.
    • Cell's silent disgust as Brock corrects Cell that Charizard is not a Dragon-type Pokémon. And after Cell was legitimately delighted that Ash had a Charizard, too.
      • Even funnier since this seems to be implied to be the early Johto team (Squirtle and Charizard are still there, Brock knows what a Steel-type is, etc.), meaning they haven't discovered Mega Evolution, which would have made Charizard part Dragon-type.
        Cell: Hold on, is that an actual dragon!? Because, I'll be honest, that's pretty metal!
        Brock: Actually, it's neither a Dragon-type, nor a Steel-type.
        Cell: [silent frown]
    • Cell sends Team Rocket blasting off again before they finish their intro scene. Misty and Brock don't actually care if they're okay. Of course, knowing this is Team Rocket, they probably are.
    • Cell is completely in the dark about Pokémon, wondering what they are and how their name, Pocket Monster, doesn't really make sense as they are on Ash's belt and should therefore be called Ball Monsters or Duel Monsters. Which leads to him directly comparing Pokémon to Duel Monsters.
    • At the very end, when Mewtwo flies by:
      Cell: Is that f*cking Freeza?
  • Deadpool vs. Cell?! Whoo, boy...
    • Right away; the medium used to showcase this showdown? Garry's Mod. Presumably because Deadpool hadn't appeared in anything that meshed well enough with Dragon Ball Z's visual aesthetic. The animator being DasBoSchitt, a prolific comedy-centric Garry's Mod shows particularly well, turning blood-soaked violence into complete and utter slapstick.
    • How does he enter? He sneaks up behind Cell, and asks "Did you know the mitochondria is your powerhouse?"
    • The Merc with a Mouth has been contracted to kill Cell! Who is the person behind it? Nappa. Just so he can have his crossover movie with Spider-Man.
      Nappa: (After hanging up) All right, Mr. Lee, it's happening.
      Stan Lee: Excelsior, Ghost Nappa!
      Nappa: I'm not a gho— (exasperated sigh) It-it's been like a season, dude, come on.
      • The picture Nappa gives to Deadpool? Meruem.
    • At one point, Cell blasts Deadpool, counts down from five and then blasts him again while humming Hollaback Girl to himself. Then this happens.
      Deadpool: GOD DAMN IT! Now listen here, you overgrown Bad Dragon toy... (Cell blasts him again)
      [Captioner's notice: Kids, don't Google that.]
    • Just the way Deadpool trolls against Cell is friggin' hilarious.
      Cell: So you're, so you're one of those X-Mans.
      Deadpool: Ohhh no. No no no no no no. I mean, sure, I help them out from time to time, but that's like, when the world's in danger!
      Cell: Zero to pissed in a moment, my goodness you have talent.
    • When Deadpool mentions he's being contracted to kill Cell...
    • Case in point, the Running Gag of Deadpool slicing off Cell's arms, Cell blasting Deadpool repeatedly in the head and the Merc with a Mouth getting back up more pissed each time.
      Cell: Swords? Buddy, I've got a boy with lavender hair who can give you a rundown on how poorly that's gonna work out for- where is my arm? (sees Deadpool waving his own arm at him) I stand corrected. Also lopsided.
      Cell: It's not even that funny. So how about you take your swords, your guns, (camera pans out to show him missing both arms when trying to do Air Quotes) and your "references" and— (Late to the Realization that his arms are gone, with Deadpool using them as a chair)
    • Cell repeatedly beams Deadpool in the head to "kill" him, only for Deadpool to come back each time and keep staining the ring with his blood. While this doesn't kill him, being shot in the head repeatedly still makes Deadpool angry:
      Deadpool: OKAY! THAT DOES IT! (teleports closer to Cell) I'm pretty sure I'm losing memories of my childhood now! And while I'm more than happy to part with my dear memories of Uncle Mickey and his van, I can't risk losing the first time I touched a boob at chess camp!
    • How does Deadpool exit? He gets called by Logan on a Code Phoenix. And Deadpool is very fed up with this, saying it comes up almost every month. Deadpool goes so far to as to tell Wolvy not to kill her this time, to the latter's confusion and annoyance.
      Wolverine: What the FUCK did you just—
      White Text Box: Do you think he remembers X3?
      Yellow Text Box: Nobody remembers X3.
    • Before leaving, he assures Cell that he can be reached on both Tinder and Grindr, and Yelp! With the Grindr profile containing a number of great jokes before capping off with this.
      About: Sodomy? Sodomyou! If you're looking for a good time, I've got 7.5 reasons to hit me up! If you're tall and green, that's a plus! (Except the Hulk. Never the Hulk. Not again.)
    • How does the fight end? Deadpool casually slicing off Cell's head.
      Deadpool: One for the road!
      Headless Cell: UGH! I HOPE YOUR SEQUEL BOMBS!
      Deadpool: (bluntly) It won't.
      • A bonus note: The audio mixing on Cell's line is arranged to sound like it's coming from the severed head laying on the ground.
      • On another bonus note, right before Deadpool decapitates him Cell muses about if Bea Arthur is still alive or not. The implication seeming to be that Deadpool decided to behead him just for that.
      • For anyone wondering, Deadpool 2 boxed $733.2 million, so safe to say it didn't bomb.
    • And in Marvel fashion, there's a post-credits scene with Takahata101 Deadpool arguing with Xander Mobus Deadpool, as Taka wanted to "go toe-to-toe with himself".
  • Two and a half years since the last Cell VS. battle, it's "Cell VS. Bobby Hill"

    DBZ Abridged - Specials 
  • We end up getting to see Episode 2... kind of.
  • Subscriber Special: After hearing there were at least 9k subscribers, the usual question was asked, however, this happens.note 
    Nappa: You mean?
    Vegeta: It's...
    Nappa: It's (getting excited)
    Vegeta: It's over...
    Nappa: It's over? (really excited)
    Vegeta: It's over 8000!
    Nappa: What? 8..(gets confused), wait, what? Vegeta, you didn't do it right.
    Vegeta: Yes I did, Nappa. Yes I did.
  • The Halloween Special:
    Professor: Well, what's your costume?
    Popo: Oh, I'm not in costume. Yet. Hold on. [cut to clip of the Cloverfield monster, with Popo's maniacal laughter]
    • From the same special Nappa's costume:
      Nappa [Dressed as Broly]: I'm Vic Mignogna! Ah, my poor vocal cords!
  • Four Words: Banana on a tricycle unicycle.
    • Heck, the entire FAQ is one big CMOF.
    • The obnoxious salaryman... er, fan. That is all.
      Salaryman: Can I be Hercule?
      Vegeta: No, now go away!
      Salaryman: What about Cutter?
      Vegeta: I SAID GO— wait, what? Who the hell is Cutter?
      Salaryman: You guys suck! I'm gonna go complain about it on my LiveJournal.
      Vegeta: Oh yes, I'm sure your mother reads it religiously.
      • (For those wondering, Cutter is the name of the leader of the Space Orphans that appear at the beginning of Episode 12.)
    • Also-
      Obnoxious Fan: Can I be Oozaru?
      Vegeta: I DON'T KNOW! LET'S ASK HIM!
      Oozaru: ROAR! (Fires blast of energy from his mouth at the Obnoxious Fan.)
      Obnoxious Fan: Owww!
    • Finally, he wants to be Vegeta, so Vegeta finally humors him, and he emulates Brian Drummond of Ocean Group.
      Obnoxious Fan: Ahem... Let's see what you've got, Kakarot! Galick Gun FIRE!!!
      Vegeta: Oh, GO F*CK YOURSELF!
    • Nappa answering the question of who writes and edits the show.
      Nappa: Well, it's edited by the Tiger Kitty!
      Vegeta: KaiserNeko, Nappa!
      Nappa: Kaiser Cat!
      Vegeta: Neko!
      Nappa: Meow! (pair of cat ears pops up on his head)
  • There's also the second FAQ special. Yamcha tries to answer a question, and is blown up by a Saibaman.
  • The Blooper Reels. Both of them.
    • Krillin may be motivated with the Spirit Bomb on the outside, but on the inside...
  • The AWA special:
    Nappa: Hey. Vegeta. Check out that cosplayer over there. They're hot!
    Vegeta: Goddamnit, Nappa, stop breaking the fourth... whoa, wow, she is hot.
    Nappa: I'm talking about that guy over there! The L cosplayer!
    Vegeta: Nappa, that's just a guy in a white sweatshirt.
    Nappa: Yeah, like I said. L.
    Vegeta: Are you telling me that counts as a cosplay?
    Nappa: Yep!
    Vegeta: F***ing cop-out.
    • Later:
    Nappa: Does this mean we've offended everyone?
    Vegeta: One second let me think... Dragonball the Movie.
    Nappa: (laughs) Ah, high school.
  • In the middle of the ConnectiCon 2011 announcement.
    Announcer: ...Wait a minute, this is missing something. Hey, Nappa, say something funny.
    Nappa: My parents died in a tragic space accident when I was only a child. That's why I can never grow up.
    Announcer: Ha ha, oh Nappa.
  • Nappa and the other bald characters' parody of Lady Gaga's Born This Way.
    • After the music stops, some of the reactions are priceless:
      Nappa: Tien, what are you doing?! That was your line!
      Tien: Yeah, I'm not doing it.
      Nappa: I thought we talked about this.
      Tien: Yeah. You talked. I said no.
      Nappa: Look. It took a long time to put this together. Piccolo's in the outfit!
      Piccolo: (covered in plush Yoshis) I'm in the outfit.
      Tien: That's because you have no friends.
      Piccolo: (stops smiling and runs off sobbing offscreen)
      Nappa: What the f***, Tien?
      Krillin: Oh, geez!
      Tien: I am. Not. Doing. Your stupid. Song. Parody.
      Nappa: Why?!
      Tien: F*** you, that's why.
  • The Anime Evolution 2010 promo;
    Guru: Nail... Naaaaaail!
    Nail: What is it, Lord Guru?
    Guru: Do you know what I love about Canada?
    Nail: ...Sir, there's nothing to love about Canada.
    Guru: Nail...
    Nail: No, seriously, it's the only place more boring than here-
    Guru: Nail! None of that.
    Nail: (Sighs) What is that you love about Canada, sir?
    Guru: I love... their moose!
    Moose: Hurr!
    Nail: (Makes a surprised yelp)
  • Ladies and gentlemen. We present to you: "Captain Ginyu Style!"
  • Takahata101 attending a Dragon Ball Z Kai panel at Sakura-Con:
    Takahata: Dragon Ball Kai is Dragon Ball Z essentially, right?
    Chris Sabat: You could say that.
    Takahata: It's shortened, correct?
    Chris Sabat: Right.
    Takahata: It's redubbed, right?
    Chris Sabat: In a way, yes.
    Takahata: It's partially rewritten, correct?
    Chris Sabat: It is completely rewritten, yes.
    Takahata (Nappa voice): Way to be four years late to that party!
  • At the 2014 Anime Midwest Convention, a fan asked Lanipator to perform a hypothetical meeting between Vegeta and Mr. Popo. Watch it here.
    Vegeta: What the hell is that?
    Mr. Popo: Oh hello, didn't realize they stacked crap that high.
    Vegeta: Listen here, you son of a-(gets punched off the lookout) BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr. Popo: Bye, maggot! Enjoy the climb back up! (laughs)
  • The alternate takes of Krillin's death at the hands of Freeza.
    Krillin: YOLO! (boom)
    Krillin: Someone set me up the bomb! (boom)
    Krillin: I've heard of an explosive temper, but this is ridiculou-(boom)
    Krillin: Hey, guys! Look! It's my Chiaotzu impression! Goodbye, Tie-(boom)
  • The alternate take from episode 30's ending.
    Dr Briefs: Finally, we're rid of all those dang ni-
    Bulma: DAD!!!
    Dr Briefs: I was gonna say Namekians!
    Bulma: **Beat** ...No you weren't.
    Dr Briefs: No I wasn't. **He was about to say Yoshi.**
  • The alternate take of Goku escaping Namek. He presses the muffin button, but gets a cookie instead. The result is a Big "NO!" as the planet explodes
  • The alternate take of Yamcha's suicide. The rope he hung himself with? It was Puar using his shape-shifting.
  • A deleted scene from episode 43, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea tries to save the day with their military. Keyword being tries. Their missiles launched and... proceeded to all malfunction at the same time and fall back down, causing the PRK army to run in the name of the glorious People's Republic.
    • Cue jokes from from the fandom that North Korea's weapons are so out of date that this is exactly what would happen in real life.
  • The deleted scene from Episode 44 had Yamcha take the Idiot Ball in full by saying that, yes, Goku and Gohan both would go fight the evil, killer androids in the presence of resident Mama Bear Chi-Chi. Oolong tries to get him to stop.
    Oolong: Yamcha, as the man-pig that's known you for longer than everyone else in this room... shut up!
    Chi-Chi: (Sweetly) Hey, Yamcha? When you fall asleep tonight... don't fall asleep tonight.
    • There's also Gohan's reply to Chi-Chi telling him that they're not going to fight the androids, but instead go back to living their nice and peaceful life while Gohan becomes a doctor/lawyer/scientist.
  • Celloween: Krillin using his (pen)ultimate attack, SOLAR FLARE.
    Kid: We on a plane, mama.
    Krillin: *Smiling, then realizes, thinking* Wait, that's not my ultimate attack, I thought the Kienz... AH GODDAMMIT EVERY TIME.
    • The fact that Cell avoided Krillin's Solar Flare by blinking.
    • And the ending, it turns out to be a dream, and guess who is at Kame HouseNote .
      Krillin: Oh man, I had the craziest dream! Cell was there!
      Piccolo: Well the androids are here! *points towards 16, 17, and 18*
      17: Yo.
      (Krillin shrieks)
      • Made funnier in Episode 45 where it turns out the dream is influenced by the news that Piccolo was watching while the others were sleeping. Krillin even murmurs some of his dialogue from the short in his sleep.
    • The sheer audacity that literally everyone but Cell is voiced by Lanipator.
  • The April Fools joke episode, "Broly", which is actually the Abridgimon Movie.
    • What made it funnier was that it was spelled "Brolly".
  • In their second batch of DBcember 2016 villains, the cast inevitably gets to Nappa, so they tied up and gagged Taka in the storage room for the duration. Naturally, he breaks free before they can finish.
    Taka: (in Nappa voice) There is no Taka, now. There is only Nappa.
  • For their tenth anniversary TFS sat down and binged Episodes 1 through 59. Laughs are to be had all throughout, especially in the beginning where the guys are often cringing at a great deal of old shame, but one very early on features in Episode 3 where Bulma is wearing the scouter she absolutely should not have yet. Lani and Taka get hyped up seconds before it happens and when the scene cuts to her they start cheering wildly blasting stock airhorn sounds (and in Taka's case running around the room) while. Kaiser can only bury his face in his hands out of sheer embarrassment as Lani and Taka chant at him.
    Lani: Oh shit! HERE IT COMES!
    Kaiser: Nooooo! I hate you all! (The scene cuts to Bulma)
    (Lani cackles as Taka runs around the room and sits down)
    Kaiser: (Trying not to laugh) I just didn't... have the... tools to remove it...! [...] Oh my god, we're three episodes in! Oh my god, what have I done? What have I done!?
  • When Totally Not Mark was doing the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament/Piccolo Jr. review, he teamed up with Team Four Star on Kid Goku meeting Mr. Popo, resulting in this:
    Goku: Um, are you..God?
    Mr. Popo: Ha! Not the one you're looking for.
    • Popo then tells Goku in order for him to see Kami, he must go through Mr. Popo's training:
      Goku: Training? I love training!
      Mr. Popo: Good. Now, let us establish the pecking order.
      Goku: Oooh, I love chicke-
      (Popo punches Goku off the Lookout and laughs as Goku falls off, screaming)

    T-shirt Commercials 

    Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged 

Episode 1

Episode 2

  • Kai Abridged 2 ramps it up even more, covering the Namek arc which is (in)famously known for its length.
  • Freeza reads the disclaimer.
    Freeza: This is a parody. Buy the fucking show!
  • Freeza's introduction:
    Freeza: Hello, I'm Space NapoleHitler. Give me the thing.
    Mouri: No!
    Freeza: Give me the thing!
    Mouri: No!
    Freeza: Kill his kid! (Kid dies with a Wilhelm Scream) Give me the thing.
    Mouri: Here.
    Freeza: Good. Kill him!
    Mouri: But the thing! (Neck Snap)
  • Instead of Freeza or Dodoria in the shower, the Solar Flare gag instead has Lanipator dressed as Dr. Frank-N-Furter at TFS' first 18+ panel at Youmacon.
  • Vegeta's infamous scream is so powerful this time that it crashes the Adobe Flash plugin. And then he smashes through the error screen.note 
    • Prior to this, Vegeta's continuous maniacal laughter as he breaks out of Freeza's ship, steals Freeza's Dragon Balls as he leaves, kills Zarbon, and takes the Dragon Ball the good guys had. With what is most likely music from Jonny Quest in the background.
    • Second place goes to Krillin, which manages to keep his scream going for the entire time Vegeta is at their cave.
      Krillin: AAAAAHHHHHHH-No seriously though. Where's Gohan?
  • Vegeta: Hey guys, you remind me of some assholes I'm about to kill!
  • Goku's arrival takes out the Ginyu Force in a massive explosion. Unfortunately, his ship crashing on top of them also took him out of commission - what're the odds?
    Vegeta: Put him in... (turns head) The Pod.
    (cue zoom in as a dramatic musical sting plays before the scene abruptly cuts to Goku inside of the pod)
    Goku: (thinking) I wonder if this'll become a trend?
  • When Porunga is summoned:
    Gohan: So, what are we—
    Krillin: Bring Piccolo back!
    Piccolo: Yeah!
    Krillin: Now bring him to Namek!
    Piccolo: NOOOOO—(Poof!)—OOOOOOO!!
  • Vegeta threatens to kill Dende's parents if he's not made immortal.
  • Porunga dies right before Vegeta can get his immortality.
    Vegeta: ...Wait, am I immortal?
    Freeza: I don't know! Let's see...
    Krillin: Oh ho ho, he's pissed!
  • Goku and Vegeta when grabbed by Freeza:
    Goku and Vegeta: No, Freeza-dono, yamete! Translation 
  • And what follows...
    Freeza: I'm sorry, what were you on about before?
    Vegeta: I'm a Super Saiya-*CRACK* *WUNCH*
    Freeza: Apologies, still can't make it out.
    Vegeta: (slurring) I'm a Super Saiy- (Freeza throws him into a nearby plateau)
    Freeza: And now to finish the-
    Goku: Hey! Let that Vegeta alone!
    Freeza: What the hell is he?
    Vegeta: (slurring) He's a Super Saiya- (cue Death Beam)
  • When Goku starts charging the Spirit Bomb:
    Freeza: Stop it.
    Goku: No.
    Freeza: Stop it!
    Goku: No!
    Freeza: STOP! IT!
    Goku: (blows raspberry)
    Freeza: That's it! Stopping it myself! (Goku throws the Spirit Bomb) What the—
    Unreal Tournament Announcer: DOMINATING!
    Freeza: Eep!
  • After the Spirit Bomb.
    Gohan: We won, dad!
    Goku: And we didn't even lose Krill— (Krillin explodes with a "QUACK!") Aw, swizzlesticks!
    Freeza: JK, not dead, LOL.
  • Piccolo gets shot by Freeza ("Agh, right in the tit!"), leaving Gohan to say Piccolo's line instead.
    Gohan: Piccolo... Why...didn'!?!?
    • In the Episode Breakdown, KaiserNeko refers to the line as "the biggest missed opportunity in the entire series".
  • The running gag of referring to the Dragon Balls as "things". Which may or may not be a reference to Krillin's off-hand comment about Freeza's metaphor about Old Space Yeller.
    Krillin: How is that a thing?!
    • The title for the episode is DragonThing Z Kai: Episode 2.
  • Kami collects the Dragon Balls and informs King Kai.
    Kami: King Kai, we have the things.
    King Kai: Do the thing!
  • The entire exchange between Freeza and Super Saiyan Goku. Goku punches him exactly once, Freeza calls him a prick and proceeds to destroy the core of the planet.
    Goku: Uh oh, spaghetti— [BOOM]
  • The Overly-Long Gag with Guru's name - he instead wishes to be called "Super Mega Ultra Alpha Omega Hyper-" getting drowned out by Nail saying he'll be at it for a while. He finishes off with "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut Guru".
    • It starts at 1:47 and continues on to Gohan's arrival at 2:35.
  • And Guru's last words:
  • Freeza's wish for immortality being thwarted.
    Freeza: Make me immortal!
  • Freeza using the "Kien-structo Disc" to hit Goku... only to cut himself apart immediately after throwing it.
    Freeza: How!?
    (Freeza's dismembered body lands on the ground)
    Goku: ...Soooo, which way's your ship?
    (Freeza's severed left arm lands next to him, pointing)
    Freeza: (weakly) That... way.
  • Dodoria's death scene.
    Vegeta: 'Sup, Chubs McKenzey, any last words before I kill you?
    Dodoria: I have a thick...meaty...vagina.
    (stunned silence for two seconds, then Vegeta obliterates Dodoria and gags)
  • Cui's appearence.
    Vegeta: I'm on Namek now!
    Cui: Hey, Vegeta.
    Vegeta: Hi, Cui. (blasts him) Bye, Cui.
    • As a bonus, Krillin can still be heard in the background, screaming "We're all gonna diiiiie!"
  • Dende getting a Borderlands-style intro screen which says "Little Green: White Mage", and then saying "My parents are dead!"
    • Said intro screen also had The Heavy's "Short Change Hero" playing in the background.
    • With a few exceptions, all of his lines being, "Hey" in the same tone of voice, with half-lidded eyes. Usually directed at Gohan.
  • Goku turning Super Saiyan:
    Goku: This...ruffles my jimmies! (turns Super Saiyan with the rib-crushing squeak)
    Goku: [Stands there in mortified silence.] ...Take Piccolo and leave.
    Gohan: Right.
  • And then Freeza's reaction to it:
    Freeza: ...OK, so what's going on here?
    Goku: (powering up) I AM A SUPER SANDWICH!
  • Zarbon says only two things — rather effeminate "mmm" sounds, and this:
    Vegeta: Hey, it's the gay one.
    Zarbon: Maybe I'm gay. Or maybe stereotypes are bullshit. Mmm... (transforms) PUSSY!
    Vegeta: OH NO! (gets his ass kicked)
  • After Freeza lost his chance at immortality thanks to Dende.
    Freeza: You (bark)ed me. You (chicken sound)ed me you monkey (monkey sound)ck!
    Goku: Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.
  • Their summary of King Kai's part in the Namek Saga:
    Yamcha: Hey King Kai, can you teach us the—
    King Kai: NO!
  • When Dende brings back Piccolo on Earth:
    Piccolo: Welp, I'm confused.
    Gohan: It looks like the dragon brought every person on Namek to Earth!
    23rd World Tournament-era Piccolo: ALL OF THEM?!
  • Since there was a secret backwards message in the special, some kind soul decided to post a reversed version of the entire episode. Besides being able to hear the backwards message, you also get to see Freeza knit his body back together, Goku squeaking as he goes from Super Saiyan to regular Saiyan and then he starts screaming, and Vegeta's Evil Laugh, only it sounds like he's barking.
    • Plus, amidst the babble that is backwards-speaking, some words can still be made out, and are hilariously appropriate for the situation. Examples include Goku talking to Freeza and apparently calling him a "wwuuuusss", while Guru re-appears from the dead with a "yeees?", and Gohan meowing shortly after (before?) Piccolo dies.
  • In a meta-sense, consider that, despite cutting out the entire Ginyu Force sub-arc, this episode is twice as long as the previous Kai while going at the same pace. That is how long the Namek arc takes.
  • The ending in which Goku uses the Muffin Button so much, he turns Namek itself into a giant muffin.
    Goku: (giggles) Yay!
  • The Reveal that Nappa had watched the whole thing.
    Nappa: Aaaaaaand unsubscribed.

Episode 3 (2.9)

  • The long-awaited Episode 3 turns out to be Episode 2.9, doing a more proper abridging of the Garlic Jr. Saga that was intentionally glossed over. All as an April Fool's joke. The 2.9 is also done in the style of Kingdom Hearts II.9, the opening prologue of Kingdom Hearts III, which the TFS boys expressed immense annoyance over in their playthrough.
  • We finally see Gohan's abusive tutor.
    Tutor: (while wielding a whip) LEARN! LEARN! LEARN! (stops whipping) ARE YOU LEARNING YET?
    Gohan: (exasperated) I don't know. Did Caligula get his comeuppance?!
    Tutor: GOOD! IT'S WORKING! (starts whiping Gohan again) LEARN! LEARN! LEARN! LEARN!
  • The reactions to Tard's name.
    Krillin: Excuse you?!
    Tard: Like "Mustard"!! Come on, guys! Don't make a big deal out of this, it's cultural, okay?!
    Vinegar: Pff. I shorten Vinegar all time, but you don't hear me calling myself
    Spice: Vinny! Dammit, you're going to get us in trouble again! Don't make us kick you out like we did with Baby Spice.
    (cut to Baby Spice, or rather Baby)
    Baby Spice: Whenever I go out of town on business, I like to do my research on where I'm going. What are the local hotspots, the bar scene, age of consent... Make the best of my time, you know!?
  • According to Kami, the Black Water Mist was created by Mr. Popo for drug purposes. The mist is then used on Piccolo, who turns into a rabid dog. He also mentions that according to Popo it's great for vape pens and butt chugging.
    Garlic Jr.: Ew.
  • This entire bit.
    Enema: Time to get the shit out! (punches Gohan across the floor)
    Krillin: Gohan! (Tard punches him in the stomach) FUCK! note 
    Tard: You and I are gonna have a real gas!
    Krillin: The long-term effects of mustard gas on soldiers in World War II was horrific, why would you—
    (Tard knees Krillin in the face for a long while before tossing him to the ground)
    Krillin: Finally!
    Tard: By the way, it was World War I.
    Krillin: Right, I know. You just, like, you just start saying "World War" and you just kinda wanna say "II." You know, it's like The Terminator. Everybody knows there's a first one, but everyone's always talking about the sec(gets an energy blast to the face)
  • Vegeta's cameo appearance as he searches for Goku.
    Vegeta: Alright, I've checked everywhere except for Planet Yardrat and Vampa. Wait a minute, am I floating in space? Man, it's a good thing I'm in a part of the galaxy where there's air.
  • The wonderful sequence when Garlic Jr. unleashes Piccolo on Gohan...
    Vinegar: Spice! Release the cokehead.
    Spice: (holding back a still struggling Brainwashed and Crazy Piccolo) Sic 'em, boy! (lets go)
    Piccolo: (growls and lunges forward)
    (the scene pauses, and then cuts to live action, inside Team Four Star's office, where KaiserNeko is writing the script, while Lanipator snorts cocaine off the coffee table and Takahata101 lounges on the couch while shotguning a carton of Franzia wine)
    Kaiser: (with a Face Palm) Guys, what should we do with this scene?
    Lani: (straightens up with a loud gasp and blood dripping out of his nose) Weshoulddoadodgejoke! We haven't done one in forever, people fffffffucking love them and WE MADE THE GODDAMN SHIRT! (careless desk slam) WE FUCKING DO IT! (gawks at his spilled pile of cocaine)
    Kaiser: ...maybe? I dunno, Kurt, what do you think?
    (Pan over to Takahata101 who keeps drinking from the box of Franzia wine while a trembling Lani looks at him)
    Taka: (silently gives a thumbs-up, not stopping his drinking)
    Kaiser: (sighs) Alright. "Dodge!" joke it is.
    Lani: FUCK YEAH! (slaps the box of Franzia out of Taka's hand)
    Taka: (gawks, then lunges over and slaps Lanipator in the face)
  • Piccolo is strangling Gohan, and Gohan's response is... not what they anticipated.
    Gohan: Harder!
    Piccolo: (shocked) WHOA!
    Garlic Jr.: (just as shocked) WHOA!
    Vinegar: BRO!
    Spice: WHAT?!
    Krillin: Jesus, WHAT?!
    Gohan: (strained) Fight it... harder... Mr. Piccolo!
    Piccolo: Oh! Thank Kami.
  • Once again, cocaine is discussed at length...
    Gohan: Please, Mr. Piccolo! Don't let the Black Water Mist control you!
    Spice: No, no, we gave him cocaine; did you not hear us?
    Gohan: Wha...?
    Spice: It's a spice...
    Vinegar: Spice of life.
    Kami: Mr. Popo leaves it lying around. I made French Toast the other week and it was a bad time. Well, at first, it was a very good time. Very productive day. But then... it wasn't...
    Garlic Jr.: ...I want some coke toast...
  • Garlic tells Piccolo to finish off Gohan:
    Garlic Jr.: Alright, Piccolo! Make like an anti-vaxxer and murder this child!
    Spice: ...Getting a little heavy-handed with the social commentary, aren't we?
    Vinegar: Art should be controversial, man.
  • After Piccolo squeezes his own neck to the point of bleeding causing Garlic Jr. to vomit and Gohan kills Spice, Vinegar just decides to leave.
  • Garlic Jr's line "I'm a strong independent demon who don't need no henchmen!"
  • When Garlic Jr. prepares to eliminate the heroes by opening up the Dead Zone, he realizes that he's done the exact same thing that resulted in him being Hoist by His Own Petard the last time he fought the heroes. When he states he'll close the zone and kill them himself, in comes Alucard to shoot him and send him flying back to the Dead Zone.
    Alucard: Kept you waiting, huh? (cut to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate style splashcard reading "ALUCARD GOES FOR A WALK!")
  • Immediately after that, Gohan awakens and realizes it was All Just a Dream and indirectly tells viewers to Please Subscribe to Our Channel before his tutor starts whipping him again.
  • The Stinger reveals that Vinegar became the best-selling author of "The Fault in Our Makyo Stars". And the host closes by calling him "Mr. N*bleep*", prompting Vinegar to timidly remind her that he goes by "Vinny" instead.
  • "Man, I'm glad we skipped this the first time."

Episode 3 (The Real One)

  • The disclaimer, read by Android 16.
    Android 16: Physical media is forever! Buy LaserDisc!
  • The Seinfeldian Conversation Yamcha, Bulma & Krillin have about stolen music, obviously a reference to Kenji Yamamoto's plagiarizing for the DBZ Kai score. And of course certain others (Piccolo, Krillin) mention the US Bruce Faulconer music.
    Yamcha: I'm just saying, I know it was stolen but it was good music, right?
    Bulma: Yeah, because it was stolen from better artists.
    Krillin: What about the dub score?
    Yamcha: Oh, yeah, let's start that flame war...
    Vegeta: FREEZA'S HERE!
    Krillin: F**K!
    Piccolo: OH MY GOD!
  • Freeza's pun-tastic return:
    Freeza: (as everyone freaks out) That's right, buttholes! This is my resurrection! And you're all about to get F— (gets cut into by Trunks' sword, which gets stuck on his metal bits, then sprays blood all over Krillin)
    Krillin: (while covered in blood) Whoo!
    • It's also a bit of a Stealth Pun, but there's a sound like metal on rock when Trunks' sword gets stuck around the place where, were he conforming to human biology, Freeza's heart would be. note 
    • The sheer fact that Freeza's death by sword is done very slowly. The "Canadian Subtitles" even poked fun at it...
  • If you listen very closely during the title sequence, (which, keep in mind, is about two seconds long) you can hear the Instant Transmission 'pop' sound effect.
  • Trunks claiming that he's come because they have no female fanbase, followed by Bulma flirtatiously saying they do now. Since they used a soundfile from Dragon Ball Fighterz, it also leads to KaiserNeko briefly turning into Eric Vale.
    Trunks: YOU NEED TO BE STOPPED! (cue explosion)
  • When Goku returns, he is greeted by stock applause.
  • "Only saw Z, who dat?"
  • Trunks telling everyone to laugh at Vegeta's pink shirt when he leaves.
    Tien: More like Saiyan "pride parade", am I right?
    Vegeta: I'm now going to breed the nearest female just to prove you wrong.
    Bulma: Oh, cool.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants-esque "Three years later" time card followed by footage of a destroyed city and an innocent lonely child being crushed by flaming debris.
  • This Call-Back to the first Kai short, which also becomes a Brick Joke when Goku has his heart attack.
    Goku: Guys, it's A SET of Androids! And Yamcha's here.
    Yamcha: I am? (gets impaled by Dr. Gero)
    Goku: Yamcha's dead!
    Yamcha: (muffled and pained) No, I'm not!
    • It then turns out Dr. Gero's arm got stuck in Yamcha:
      Dr. Gero: Come on you—! (attempts to pull his arm out)
      Yamcha: (yelps in pain)
      Dr. Gero: (still attempting to wiggle his arm loose) Blasted ribs got caught on my sleeve!
      Yamcha: (broken whimper)
  • When Vegeta shows up to destroy 19.
    Vegeta: DO YOU AFRAID?!
    Gero: Kinda!
  • Android 19's new last words.
  • Vegeta prepares to kill Gero.
    Vegeta: And now, to put the old man in a home! (close up on Vegeta's face) A funeral home! I—
    (zooms out, to show Gero is gone)
    Vegeta: Ah, shit. Damn, he runs fast for an old guy.
  • Dr. Gero prepares two more Androids, the original ones who were always a part of the story. From the very beginning.note 
  • When 18 attempts to wake up 16, Gero's response speaks to a bit of Fridge Logic from the scene:
  • Of course, a character gets to say "I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say." It's 16 this time, but he screws up partway through.
    Hello I am Android 16. I am hilarious and you will — BIRDS BIRDS BIRDSGoku.
  • Vegeta calling 18 a cunt is taken up a notch here.
    Vegeta: Hey, c(bleep)t!
    Trunks: Whoa, dad!
    Vegeta: What? She's a c(bleep)t! A c(bleep)ty c(bleep)t! Whatcha gonna do it about it you big ol' c(bleep)t?! Gonna c(bleep)t all over me with your c(bleep)ty face and your c(bleep)t boots and your.....VAGINA?!
    (18 takes a deep breath before she breaks Vegeta's arm, cuing a "We'll be Right Back" card)
  • After 18's done dismantling Vegeta.
    17: 'Ey... don't bang my sister.
    Krillin: Oh.
    18: (kisses Krillin's cheek) He might~.
    Krillin: (eager) Oh!
    17: But don't.
    Krillin: (disappointed) Oh...
    16: He wants pussy like I want Goku.
    17: That sounds a little gay, dude.
    16: It is a little gay, dude.
  • When Piccolo goes to fuse with Kami:
    Piccolo: You know who could use some character development?
    Trunks: Gohan.
    Tien: Gohan.
    Krillin: Gohan.
    Vegeta: Kakarot's brat!
    Piccolo: MEEEEEEEE!
  • Piccolo fuses with Kami and...
    Piccolo: I'm THREE guys now!
    Kami and Nail: 'Sup.
    Internal Kami: Do you think this joke will get old?
    Piccolo: Nah, it's not Ghost Nappa.
    • Piccolo convincing Kami to fuse with him. Made better in that Popo sounds like Krillin.
      Piccolo: Kami, we have to kill some teenagers! Also, we cool now?
      Kami: You had me at "killing teenagers".
  • Rather than having the Pirate and Ninja Dreams while bedridden from his heart problems, Goku is having what seems to be a Hero Dream, rendered in 3D...
    Goku (in Izuku's outfit): I'm gonna be the greenest Goku ever!
    Vegeta (in Bakugou's outfit): F**K YOU, DEKUROT! KILL YOURSELF! WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
    Goku: God, you're such a deep character!
    Vegeta: (grabs Goku) F**K ME!
    (cut to outside the dream)
    Goku: Man, I wish I was All Might...
    Gohan: I wish my dad was All Might...
  • Instead of singing "Mr. Sandman" to himself, Imperfect Cell debuts by whistling the tune from "All Star".
    Piccolo: Who?
    Cell: SOME
    [cue "To Be Continued" title card]
  • Just before this, Kami and Piccolo are having a discussion that could both be a continuation of the soundtrack discussion from the beginning of the episode, and (depending on your musical tastes) a comment on the song that Cell starts singing immediately afterward.
    Piccolo: Look, I'm not saying it was the best music, but American kids grew up with it, y'know?
    Kami: That doesn't make it good, it just makes it nostalgic.
  • Nappa as All Might:
    "And remember, when you say 'Plus Ultra' you really got to say it like a Japanese dude. PURASU URTURA! Got it? Good. Cause I gotta go bang Dekurot's mom. Straight up Professor Oak-ing that bitch!"
    • The fact Dekurot's mom could refer to Gine brings two funny implications: chubby Gine, or the weird pairing of Nappa and Gine.
    • Then there's the other implication about Nappa being All Might: that means he gave Goku/Dekurot his powers.
  • The fact that this arc is SO LONG they're going to need at least two Kai episodes to cover it, as it cuts off right as Cell shows up.

Episode 3.5

  • The disclaimer for this episode:
    Perfect Cell: Give money, receive Dragon Ball.
  • The episode begins with Cell finishing up All Star. And after he does so, he calls Piccolo daddy, and pukes up a live baby instead of the pacifier:
    Imperfect Cell: Fine! (drinks the baby instead)
    Piccolo: NOOOOO!!! MY BABY!!!
    Kami: He's getting in your head! And your arm!
    • On top of this, the fact that Cell didn't start of the episode with "--body!" to finish the joke set up by the last episode as would be expected. Instead he's all but stated to have sung the entire song in the interim period between episodes.
  • Why does Cell keep calling Piccolo daddy?
    Imperfect Cell: Because I'm NINE guys, burgers and fries!
  • Krillin getting sidetracked by how Cell's groin looks so much like his mouth before getting another Solar Flare. The image this time? A Freeza bubble blowing toy.
    • Even better, Cell plays the finger game and his dick-mouth starts talking.
    Krillin: AH, DICK IN MY EYES!
  • Goku saying "Plus Ultra!" when he fetches Gohan.
  • The introduction of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
    Vegeta: (Sound-Effect Bleep)'s that mean?
    Vegeta: NANI?! (door closes on him)
  • Although Goku says that he only gets involved when things are getting bad, he and Gohan decide on waiting for Vegeta in unison.
  • When the Androids attack Kame House in search of Goku, there's a "no soliciting" sign next to them.
  • This scene during the fight between Piccolo and 17 where they gut punch each other so hard their backs seem to billow out.
    Android 18: And suddenly we're in Looney Tunes.
    Android 16: I like the Road Runner.
    Imperfect Cell: And I like Pepé Le Pew!
    Piccolo: I'm a fan of Sam Sheepdo(gets punched)
  • Android 17 seeing Cell for the first time.
    Android 17: Cyborg Jesus, what is that thing?!
    Imperfect Cell: I'm your onii-chan! (slams Android 17 onto the ground, with the word "POMF" appearing)
    Android 17: What are we going to do on the ground, onii-chan? (camera zooms in on the inside of Cell's tail as the Fairy Tail "Wow!" sound effect plays)
  • Android 16 revealing that anime sound effects are interchangeable!
    Android 16: (as "Gallant Char" plays) GUNDAM SOUND EFFECTS! (Rocket Punch launches off to the SFX of a beam rifle)
  • Cell absorbing 17 is portrayed even more dirty than usual.
    Android 17: Wait, you can't do this! We're related!
    Imperfect Cell: Not by blood~.
    Android 17: Oh cool. That's fine then. (Cell absorbs him, and it's shown off as a P-Hub video titled "GUY TAKES ALL OF HIS STEP BROTHER IN HIS GAPING HOLE")
    • On the topic of P-Hub, the recommend videos are "'Hot Twunk Gets Fisted By Older Man" (Dr. Gero punching a hole in Yamcha's chest), "Hot Young Guy Splits F.A.G. in Half" (Trunks slicing Mecha Freeza in half), "Teen Girl Gets Pussy Pounded" (Goku touching Bulma's panties as a kid to check for balls) and "Spying in Girl's Bathroom" (Master Roshi using a shrinking device to peep on Bulma in the bathroom)
  • Cell abruptly shapeshifting into his Semi-Perfect form, which is followed by Tien's Shin Kikoho in the style of Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Complete with Tien's side showing a KOed Piccolo and 16 on his team.
    Tien: HEY DICK-LIPS! This is the last cool thing I'll ever do. There is no joke.
    Cell: Respecc- (gets Kikoho'd) AW BEANS!
    Tien: (uses all his meter on a raw level 3) HO! HO!! HO!!! (falls down, weary while Justin Briner shouts "DOWN!") Merry Christmas, mother f**ker...
    Cell: And Happy Hanukkah to you.
    Tien: Thanks.
  • Just as Cell is about to kill Tien after he's wished a merry Christmas, Goku suddenly appears to pick him up.
    Goku: Did someone say Christmas?!
    Tien: Now you show up!
    Semi-Perfect Cell: Oh hey, Goku—
    Goku: You're gonna (Dragon Radar beep)ing die! (POP)
  • Cell decides to just Perfect, only for Super Vegeta to get involved.
    Super Vegeta: I'm gonna do you a f*ck!
    Cell: 'Scuse me?
    Super Vegeta: NEVER! (kicks Cell into the dirt) Look how yoke'd I am. (spits) Straight up cock diesel!
    • Followed by Cell doing some Politeness Judo.
      Cell: (face buried in dirt) Can I just absorb the androids?
      Super Vegeta: No.
      Trunks: (relieved) Yes!
      Cell: Pleeeease??
      Super Vegeta: Yes!
      Trunks: (despairing) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    • Which is immediately followed by Cell anticlimactically absorbing 18 before anyone can realize what's just happened.
  • After Cell becomes Perfect, we get this required scene:
    Perfect Cell: I am perfect... and you will quote everything I say.
  • Cell's Curb-Stomp Battle with Krillin and the Saiyans is even worse:
    Krillin: YOU ATE MY GIRLFRI—! (gets bitchslapped) —oh...
    Vegeta: And now, you'll feel the wrath... of SUPER VEGE— (gets bitchslapped, cutting off "Saiyan Blood") —augh...
    Trunks: I won't let you destroy another fut— (gets bitchslapped, cutting off "The Lone Warrior") —ungh...
  • Krillin befriending 16, which 16 himself lampshades.
    Krillin: We're friends now!
    16: But I want to kill Goku!
    Krillin: Most of my friends did!
  • Cell carves up the giant chunk of rock to make... a giant stone Dickbutt. While humming "Megalovania".
    Cell: Mmm, this will age well.
  • Goku and Gohan step outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to find the Lookout in flames and littered with debris (and somewhere in the afterlife, Gine is crying)
    Goku: ...Vegeta. What'cha do?
    Vegeta: (looking extremely guilty) Nothing...
    Goku: Vegeta! What did you do?
    Vegeta: (petulantly) Nothing!
    Goku: What. Did. You. Do?!
    Vegeta: I F*CKED YOUR MOM!!
    Goku: I don't have a mom!
    Vegeta: (distraught) ...Neither do I.
    (Vegeta starts crying Manly Tears with a Lonely Piano Piece playing in the background)
  • Gohan shows off his new power to Piccolo:
    Super Saiyan Gohan: Hey, Mr. Piccolo! I'm Super Saiyan!
    Piccolo: NO, YOU'RE ME! (clothes beams some demon wear onto Gohan who admires it while "Fashion Killa" by A$AP Rocky plays.)
    Gohan: Cash.
  • Goku retrieving Dende in this version.
    Trunks: By the way, we don't have Dragon Balls anymore, so-
    Goku: But then what are we in?! (POP, brings back Dende) Goku fix.
    Dende: Okay so I'm God now?
    Mr. Popo: Bet.
    Dende: Sick.
    Goku: Tournament time!
  • Alucard drops in for a cameo appearance:
    Alucard: Hey, we still doing those Vs. videos?
    Cell: Nope.
    Alucard: Eh, no worries. (teleports out)
    • What makes this one even funnier is that Takahata101 is voicing both Alucard and Cell, which at the end of the last Vs. video, Deadpool was complaining about in terms of missed opportunities.
  • The entire Cell Games bracket (sponsored by Hetap) is solely one match between Goku and Cell.
    Trunks: Wait, how is that a tournament?
    Mr. Perfect Cell: Hey, don't hate the Cell Playa... hate the Cell Games.
  • Both Cell AND Goku telling Mr Satan to shut the fuck up.
    Satan: Eh, they didn't really change my character anyway.
  • Goku gets hit once and immediately quits, pushing Gohan onto the stage.
  • What pushes Gohan to go Super Saiyan 2 in this version? Goku telling him that his fight with Cell won't be resolved for another year.
  • Cell complaining about how they skipped over the fight with the Cell Jr's, only to get bitchslapped by Gohan.
    • What's even funnier is the fact Gohan bitchslapped the Perfect out of Cell, with the damage sound effect from Super Mario World.
  • Semi-Perfect Cell does not like losing his perfect form or Gohan calling him a dingus.
    Gohan: Get lost ya dingus.
    Semi-Perfect Cell: I'm no dingus... YOU'RE A DINGUS!! (inflates to "Big And Chunky" by
    Gohan: Oh god, I killed us all!
    Goku: No, Gohan... just me. (pops himself and Cell away with the same dramatic balloon burst as in the original Tear Jerker moment)
    Gohan: NOOO!
    Freeza- sorry, Perfecter Cell: JK Not dead LOL
  • Cell's Wrong Genre Savvy Villainous Breakdown after killing Trunks, especially the both Self Deprecating and Critic-Mocking reference to their somewhat controversial ranking placement of fan-favorite Cell in their Top 24 Dragon Ball Villains Special during DBCember 2016:
  • Cell once again goes out singing "My Way", except this time he sings the Limp Bizkit song. And after he holds the last "WAAAAAY" note, he dies with one last Fred Durst "CHYEAH!"
  • A scene that encapsulates Death Is Cheap;
    Krillin: Gohan beat Cell!!!
    Piccolo: But at what cost?
    (Shenron is summoned)
    Piccolo: Oh right, no cost. Hooray!
  • How does Shenron greet the Dragon Team this time?
  • Goku decides to stay dead, much to Gohan's frustration. His reasoning?
    Goku: (as his ghost fades into the distance) You're Goku now!
    (Goku pops back into frame)
    Goku: I-I mean, for now.
  • Gohan... doesn't take it well that it's all downhill for him after beating Cell.
    Gohan: Wow! I wonder what's next for me...
    (Piccolo puts his hand on Gohan's head and smiles; long pause)
    Piccolo: (smile changes into a frown) You peaked.
    Gohan: What?
    Piccolo: You peaked.
    Gohan: You're kidding! After all that!?
    Piccolo: Yeah, sorry.
    Gohan: But... B-But I get stronger though, right?!
    Piccolo: Yeah, but... no.
    Gohan: ...oh.
  • The episode ends with Android 16 randomly walking across the screen, turning to the viewer smirking and saying.
    • That particular moment is also framed as though he has suddenly become giant-sized for no explicable reason.
  • The "Canadian" subs (aka the joke subs with commentary) spends a good amount of time with the subtitlers freaking out over how sexual the jokes are. Also, they have a field day with nicknaming Cell, including "Alabama" and "Vore Enthusiast". Perfect Cell's introduction includes a dad joke, his Villainous Breakdown involves the subtitlers having way too much fun with the formatting, and the confusion when none of them get the Fred Durst reference.

    Dragon Ball Super Abridged shorts 
  • The team has done a few minis based on Dragon Ball Super: Wannabe, Black to the Future, Deadly in Pink, and Burning Blue.
  • Vegeta's reaction to Trunks' new blue hair.
    Vegeta: You think you're f—king smart?! I've become Super Saiyan Blue and you just dye your goddamn hair?! I'LL SLAP YOUR SHIT, BOY!
  • The entire conversation between Goku and Black Goku:
    Black Goku: You're good Goku. And I'm Black Goku. Goody-goody two shoes. Goody-goody two
    Goku: You're not black.
    Black Goku: (confused) Huh?
    Goku: You're, like, white. Or Asian. Or whatever we are, I dunno.
    Black Goku: You're taking it too literally. Or... not... literally enough?
    Goku: I'm just saying, I expected Black Goku. [image of a dark-skinned Black Goku with an afro] And what I got was Dark Goku. Nega Goku. Ukog.
    Black Goku: (disgruntled) You done?
    Goku: Goku is the new black. (gets punched in the stomach)
    • Personally, we prefer Blackarrot.
  • When Goku Black stabs Vegeta:
    Vegeta: HOW?! How are you so much more powerful than me?!
    Goku Black: Because Vegeta, "A rose by any other name...
    [Vegeta is stabbed]
    Goku Black: is still Goku."
    [Vegeta falls]
    Goku: Huh, different timeline, same result, eh best buddy?
    Vegeta: Fu—(blood spurts from stab wound)—ck you!!
  • Finale to the Zamasu fight + G Gundam. It fits a little too well... Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    Trunks: The future... the future is burning blue! THIS SWORD OF MINE BURNS WITH AN AWESOME POWER!!
  • Goku and Vegeta receive "Fight Counseling" from Whis. It's played like marriage counseling and it is HILARIOUS.
    • As a commenter put it:
      Timothy Davis: I don't know what's more ridiculous, the fact that Goku's a worse husband to Vegeta than he is to Chichi, or that he's more willing to go to counseling with him than he is with Chichi.
    • Goku hiring Hit to kill him being played like a man cheating on his wife by hiring a prostitute.
    • The implication that Goku and Piccolo went through a similar thing when Vegeta came along. And allegedly, Piccolo wasn't nearly as jealous.
  • "Pineapple Pizza": Goku, Beerus, and Whis talking pizza after some training. Turns out Beerus isn't fond of the concept of pineapple on pizza.
    Beerus: "Hawaiian"? I'm unfamiliar with that variety of pizza.
    Goku: Ooooh, it's so good! It's ham and pineapple.
    Beerus: (Beat) Excuse you and your entire race?
    Goku: Ham and pineapple.
    Beerus: That is disgusting. Why would you ruin perfectly good pizza with pineapple?
    Goku: What!? Nah, it's the best! It just plays so well with the ham and the tomato-
    Beerus: It's an abomination, and I now believe Zamasu did nothing wrong. Why would you put sweet and juicy fruit on top of a salty, delicious pizza?
    Whis: Well to be fair, Lord Beerus, tomato is a fruit.
    Beerus: Don't you play Dabura's advocate here, Whis! Lest you suggest we start filling calzones with raspberry jam.
    Goku: (awed) That sounds delicious.
    Beerus: (grabs Goku by the face) Of course you'd say that! I'm an epicurean. You wolf down Big Macs like Tic-Tacs!
    Goku: Oooh, I want a burger now. Can we do burgers, instead?
    Beerus: (lets go of Goku) Hmmm... now that you mention it, I could blow up a planet for some WhatABurger. No, In-N-Out! NO, SHAKE SHACK!
    Whis: I've a preference for Hopdoddy's, personally.
    Beerus: I'll take a double-bacon cheeseburger, caramelised onions, lettuce, chipotle mayo, and ketchup! (voice drops menacingly) No pickles.
    Goku: And I'll take the same, but with grilled pineapple!
    (Beerus' Planet explodes, Whis and Beerus can be seen looking over the destruction)
    Beerus: Ah, dammit, I want a fajita plate now. Whis, rewind.
  • And now we have Vegeta's Bingo Dance. Summed up in just one line.
    Krillin: What the hell is Vegeta doing?
    • And remember: they did not change anything! This is the closest thing they've done to a straightforward fandub of the source material.

    Episode Breakdowns 
  • In the Breakdown for Episode 40, KaiserNeko reveals a cut scene where Krillin has a cocker spaniel's head for his reply to the "cocker spaniel" line.
  • KaiserNeko's reasoning in the Breakdown for Episode 44 why one of the football players has a censored head:
    KaiserNeko: If I remove the mosaic, my video gets taken down for obscene content.
  • In the Breakdown for Episode 45, Kaiser accidentally gives Mr. Popo Blank White Eyes and starts screaming at the sheer creepiness of it.
    Kaiser: In this shot, I posted a shot of Gokū from an earlier scene. And moved Mr. Popo's eyes, making a separate laye—
    (Popo's pupils disappear)
    (Scene shifts to Kaiser speaking normally about another scene)
  • KaiserNeko's breakdown during the... episode breakdown for Cooler 2 about how the movie has so many plot holes and inconsistencies with the canon, as well as horrible artwork and inconsistent key frame animation, leads him to temporarily drop his normal happy-go-lucky speaker voice, and instead repeatedly stating "F*ck this movie!" in an utterly exhausted voice.
    • And at the end, he starts gushing at The World's Strongest, and mentions wanting to abridge that as well.
    • Kaiser comments that most people think that they got David Eddings, the voice of Claptrap, to do the voice of the Service Droid, but explains that the voice was done by someone named "Lee Rastus", and encourages people to google that name if they wish to know more. Of course, most people who actually tried searching "Lee Rastus" quickly discovered that it is pseudonym sometime used by David Eddings.
  • His reason for Freeza flipping the bird in DBZ Kai Abridged Episode 2
    I did this because I'm twelve years old...
  • According to the History of Trunks Breakdown, the team was that close to actually having Gohan accept Bulma's proposition. And they recorded the lines anyway. Seems Saiyans have similar sex habits.note 
    Future Bulma: Right there, yes, yes, YES
    Future Gohan: (grunting) MASENKO... HAA!!!
    (ki blast pierces the roof)
    • This is also preceded by his using a bit of quote mining.
      KaiserNeko: You know that scene where Bulma propositions Gohan for his, uh...
      Gohan: Mister Gohan would!
    • Also from the History of Trunks Breakdown, KaiserNeko wonders why he decided to edit out Yamcha out of both his scenes. And at the moment where he remembers why he did such edits:
    KaiserNeko: (has seen the corpse of Yamcha hanging on the ceiling) Oh... Oh, right... b-because in this timeline... huh...
    • Again from the History of Trunks Breakdown, KaiserNeko's, uh, increasingly hysterical reactions to the length of the breakdown.
    • Kaiser letting us know that the moaning sound in TJ and The Wombat's scene was created by the same actress that voiced 18... then doing a montage of clips of 18 making that sound.
  • Episode 48 Breakdown: "Hey look! It's the KOC!"note 
  • Episode 50 Breakdown: Kaiser, continuing the joke of Cell's ass talking which he found hilarious, decides to give him a new line. And him switching to the next scene of Tien with a sweatdrop on his face may or may not have been intentional since you can still hear Cell scatting.
    Skabadebaldbabababababab *suddenly switches to imperfect Cell's voice* I'm a scatman! Skobedelapabababa.
    • Early in the breakdown, Kaiser is completely flabbergasted when he realizes that the series has been going on for seven years.
      • After listing all their creations over that time period with a title card for each flashing, Kaiser pauses to take a breath. At the same time a title card for Attack on Titan flashes briefly with a note that it is cancelled and never coming back.
  • The Super Android 13 Abridged breakdown has a quick bonus as Kaiser talks about an animation error concerning Trunks's nose. If you look closely at the left side of the screen you can see the image name pop up as "Fix That Fucking Nose.png".
  • In the breakdown for Episode 52, KaiserNeko accidentally mispronounces Goku's name as "Cuckoo" at one point. This mistake is amusing when considering the fact that the previous breakdown began with him talking about some people getting upset over how he usually insists on pronouncing the name as "Son Gokū"note  because it's more accurate to the original Japanese.
  • In the Episode 60 Breakdown (a livestream for Patreon patrons later released on YouTube), Kaiser notes he loved writing SS2 Gohan as "this dark, venomous creature who is just 150% done with everyone's shit."
    • He reveals Takahata101 actually recorded a full cover of "Suddenly" by Billy Ocean.
    • He says he would've preferred not having to censor the F bombs in Gohan's burn on Vegeta while telling Trunks to pass out the senzu beans.

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