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  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Every single elderly character is hilariously unpleasant. Except possibly Kami and Dr. Wheelo.
    • The radio personalities from Episode 44 (TJ and the Wombat) are portrayed as pretty obnoxious (though Cell's absorption of them still comes off as horrific). It's taken Up to Eleven in the History of Trunks special, where they're actually aware of all the chaos that the Androids have been causing, but choose to maintain their personas, even after Wombat comments on how his fiance has just been killed in one of the attacks. He even notes in a positive light that this makes him single, although this may be a case of Angst? What Angst?. Trunks' commentary also suggests this may just be a coping mechanism for living in a world in which killer cyborgs can randomly show up and destroy cities and nobody can do anything about it.
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  • Accidental Innuendo: Krillin's line after Trunks Badass Boast was "Badass." However, what a lot of viewers heard was "That Ass", which admittedly made an awesome moment into a funny moment.
  • Adaptation Displacement: Lampshaded by Piccolo in DBZ Kai Abridged Episode 1.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Is Nappa really evil, or is he just too stupid to know right from wrong? Alternatively, is he really dumb or does he actually understand things, but maintains a fool's guise to distract Vegeta from the mass genocide of their race?
    • Also, is Goku really as dumb as he lets on?
      Goku: We have to wait on the Hypertonic Lion Tamer!
      Mr. Popo: That one was on purpose!
      Goku: Coulda been.
      • Also this little bit.
        Goku: I've got one more attack, but I need you to distract him while I charge it.
        Piccolo: That doesn't seem so—
        Goku: For five minutes. And seeing as how bad he was kicking my butt… Eh, I'm sure you'll be fine.
        Piccolo: D-Did you just hold a grudge?
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    • The ending shot of either Android 16 in heaven or Gero's son in heaven. No one's certain as to who it is.
      • It could be Android 16, who simply refused to come back to life- similar to how Goku chose not to return to Earth despite the wish on Porunga at the end of the Namek Saga. Burdened for so long with all the things that were programmed into him, having died valiantly, and surrounded by birds... it's understandable that he wishes to simply be at peace. That would nicely wrap up any plot holes around him being in heaven.
      • The Episode 60 breakdown supports this theory.
    • Mr. Satan, like in the original, takes the credit for defeating Cell. His reasons for doing so are a bit more ambiguous here, however. Is he, like in the original, a Glory Hound who's just taking advantage of the debacle to make himself look good? Or is he just trying to ease the worries of the panicking people of the Earth? Note that Mr. Satan seemed unsure of how to respond when asked what happened to Cell, and only took the credit after Jimmy Firecracker stressed to him that his fans were rioting.
  • Angst? What Angst?:
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Garlic Jr., despite his build-up for his arc, is killed immediately by Mr. Popo without any effort. Freeza and King Cold followed suit.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Goku and Chi-Chi's sex scene in Episode 55 was criticized for coming across as borderline rape (on Chi-Chi's part). Come the next episode, Krillin lampshades this and Goku makes it clear that Chi-Chi has his full consent and that he enjoys it. He equates it to an endurance test.
    • As mentioned on Broken Base, some people didn't like the way Goku's and Chi-Chi's marriage was portrayed on the Broly special, as it broke the assumption that - despite her complaining - Chi-Chi and Goku loved each other. Episode 57 begins with a heartfelt talk between Goku and Chi-Chi that proves that They Really Do Love Each Other, implying that the films are not set in the same canon as the main series.
    • For some, the reversal and utter annihilation of the Krillin Owned Count once he and Android 18 get together and have sex was this, as some fans felt the joke was getting too old and cruel, especially as it kept coming up in inappropriate and otherwise heart-wrenching moments (like when he tried to protect 18 from Cell).
    • Some fans were disappointed that the Garlic Jr. Saga was intentionally glossed over in the series as they thought that, while it was filler, it still had potential for good jokes. Dragon Ball Kai Abridged Episode 3 (or more precisely Episode 2.9) is actually a more proper abridging of the Saga.
  • Awesome Art:
    • A fair bit of the original art that Team Four Star has done to fit in with the series, including Ghost Nappa, Revived Nappa as a Producer, but the most impressive was Kid Videl in Episode 59.
    • The minute-long plothole filler video that gives us the origins of Android 16 in Episode 56.
    • Plan to Eradicate Christmas features a lot of original art of the main characters in completely new poses rather than simply taking and editing existing footage.
  • Awesome Ego:
    • Vegeta's heart is pure, unadulterated badass. Well, so he claims - he went Super Saiyan by throwing a temper tantrum.
    • Perfect Cell is even more smug than Vegeta, but he manages to make it work.
  • Awesome Music: Has its own page.
  • Better Than Canon: Some fans have argued this due to the series' faster pacing (which was one of the main sources of Arc Fatigue), witty dialogue, Continuity Nod to the Expanded Universe (particularly towards the movies), voice acting that rivals and sometimes even surpasses the original dub, and the fact the series tends to make fun of certain glaring plot holes in the canon series and sometimes justifies a few of them in the abridged series.
    • In the Android arc, some scenes were either fleshed out more or just created to flow the story better. Notable examples includes Kami's final discussion with Piccolo before they merged, and Gero's last recorded message from his son, who in this series, was killed during Goku's assault on Red Ribbon HQ instead of a stray bullet. The Androids themselves are given an overarching theme of free-will, and Eighteen and Krillin are given some very believable chemistry, rather than Krillin just being a Dogged Nice Guy.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Episode of Bardock seems to be a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in-universe.
    • The ending of Episode 12 where not only Krillin wonders whether he is in a dream and got scared by Mr. Popo, but also a live-action sequence of KaiserNeko being frightened of Mr. Popo. This is never referenced again in the next episode.
    • When Kaiser decided to have Cell Scat (the type of singing, not...other things) out of nowhere in the episode breakdown, which is especially jarring since the humor in breakdowns tends to be accidental or technical, not intended.
    • Episode 45 starts with Goku accidentally throwing Chi-Chi into space just after a heartwarming reunion, even combusting during it. The next scene, she's fine with no explanation, Lampshade Hanging nor even any mention of this incident.
    • A particularly chilling example in the epilogue of Episode 60. As Android 17 starts calmly taunting an old man about his attempts at killing him being futile, he starts to talk in a Voice of the Legion. This is for no reason, and it's never brought up again.
  • Can't Un-Hear It: Quite a few viewers have reported imagining dialogue in TFS's voices rather than those of one of the official dubs, which is quite a feat, given how well-established the latter are.
  • Character Rerailment: An Abridged version to the point of Flanderization. Goku's personality is mostly based on the manga counterpart's tendencies of being a Blood Knight by always seeking challenges while knowing it could risk the Earth for the sake of a good fight, which according to Akira Toriyama, is a slip of poison to his character. Anime!Goku is similar, but he comes off as more heroic than he actually is, especially when friends and family are risked. Abridged!Goku is heavily emphasized by his manga personality, but is a lot more interested in fighting than proper quality time with Gohan (a flaw that Piccolo points out). It isn't until Gohan's torture by Cell that he realizes that he went too far. As KaiserNeko points out, it's not that Goku isn't a bad parent. He isn't mentally-equipped to be one.
  • Crack Pairing:
    • Intentionally with Bulma and Vegeta, to make fun of what an unlikely pairing they were in the original.
    • History of Trunks has Bulma and Adult Gohan, though it's one-sided on her part. note 
    • Starting with the first Cooler movie, DBZA have made Korin and Yajirobe into a couple, even creating original animation for the Broly movie so they could have a wedding reception.
    • Also, in the Broly movie, DBZA gave us Broly and Future Trunks, although it's a one-sided crush on Broly's part.
    • Perfect Cell and Goku, with the two displaying Foe Romance Subtext and their dialogue often seemingly like flirting. This is especially the case with Cell who has a deep obsession with Goku and seems to want him in an intimate sense.
  • Crazy Awesome: Goku might be much dumber than his canon counterpart, but it makes him no less badass, or times actually more so.
  • Creepy Awesome:
    • Freeza has a very sadistic sense of dark humor, yet he retains an air of sophistication but is also downright terrifying with how he kills.
    • Cell, especially in his Imperfect Form. On top of being a people eater, loves throwing in rape innuendos as he absorbs others. His Semiperfect form isn't much better in this regard where his obsession with Android 18 borderlines on being a Stalker with a Crush.
    • Mr. Popo. Everyone is terrified of him. The cast has confirmed that only King Zen-o is above him in terms of power.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • "We here at Team Four Star do not condone child violence. We do, however, find it hilarious."
    • The Christmas Tree of Might special is especially full of this, between all the rape/molestation jokes (three words: "I raped Rudolph," and Krillin saying the only mall Santas worse than Slay are the ones that molest kids, with Slay replying that that makes him the worst mall Santa).
    • Goku trying to wake his son after Recoome has snapped his neck with a kick:
      Maybe if I shake him some more?
    • Freeza effortlessly tearing off Nail's arm is scary. Freeza letting Nail grow it back and then doing it again, with a cheerful "Yoink!" is hilarious.
    • Freeza impaling Krillin (and raising Krillin's "Owned Count" to 15). At first, it's gruesome. Then it gets funny when it hits 20 and Freeza begins getting one-up points from it.
      Gohan: Krillin, stop, you're making him stronger!
      Krillin: I... CAN'T... HELP... IT!! GAH!!
    • Freeza taking on Vegeta does this rather frequently.
      Freeza: Kidneypunch, kidneypunch, kidneypunch, kidneypunch, and pause... kidneypunch!
    • Freeza desperately trying to keep his organs inside of his body after getting cut in half. Crosses even further when Goku unleashes a Hurricane of Puns.
    • Krillin's Chiaotzu impression before he gets blown up by Freeza in a deleted scene.
      Krillin: Goodbye, Tien!
    • The Yamcha from Trunks' timeline hanged himself, which is either this or just plain tasteless. Also Bulma and Vegeta having audible sex later in the same episode. Especially the aftermath.
      • Even better, the alternate take reveals that TFS originally had it so Future Yamcha used Future Puar as the rope!
    • Any and all interactions between Vegeta and Future Trunks in the Android / Cell saga tend to have at least an element of this, given Vegeta's hilariously abusive treatment of his son. It takes a special kind of asshole to tell your own son to his face "I don't listen to bastards", and hearing it prompts a final shift from Piccolo being a Drill Sergeant Nasty to Gohan to basically being a better father to him than Goku, just so he doesn't turn out like Trunks and Vegeta.
    • Chi-Chi reading the disclaimer while Goku is screaming in agony in the background.
    • Cell coughing up a pacifier is horrifying. Complaining about how embarrassing that is and that it came out of the wrong hole is hilarious.
    • Making an abortion joke out of killing Baby!Cell, then having Krillin brag about it.
    • This exchange with Android 18 after she plants a kiss on Krillin's cheek:
      Android 17: If you wanted to piss off Mom and Dad, why didn't you just date a black guy?
      Android 18: Oh my god...
      Android 17: Oh, that's right. They're dead.
      Android 18: Oh my GOD!
    • In the History of Trunks movie, TJ and the Wombat announce that Wombat's getting married, only for Wombat to reveal that his fiance is currently in the city that the Androids are attacking, and that she's almost certainly dead. He follows this up with a segment of Chopin's famous Funeral March being played on an organ, which is cut off by a highly suggestive female moan (which had been interspersed throughout the radio segment)— followed by cheerfully announcing that he's single again.
    • Krillin openly declares "That line has been crossed!" after Semi-Imperfect Cell gloats about how Android 18 is "practically asking to be absorbed".
    • Hetap sponsoring the Cell Games. Yes. Hetap is sponsoring an event that could possibly end the world. Even ''Cell'' is surprised!
      • It seems to be their speciality. A few episodes earlier, one of their commercials shows a man murdering another (thankfully off-screen) to take his Hetap.
        Announcer: "Hetap! Come on, you've killed for less."
        Vegeta: [thinking] "That's not untrue..."
    • Mr. Satan's inevitable and humiliating defeat. If it was anyone else being smacked into a plateau with a visible blood spatter, it would've been horrifying. But after all the egocentric hype he built up, it's just hilarious.
    • The notion of Goku abusing his wife would be horribly unfunny in any circumstance, but when Goku unintentionally implies that he's done thisnote  in front of the entire world while he's innocent and cheerfully oblivious saying this all, it's funny for all the worst possible reasons. Bonus points for Chichi lampshading the Unfortunate Implications when it's worded that way.
    • In Plan to Eradicate Christmas, the Z-Fighters kill Santa. And Vegeta apparently spent every Christmas Eve of his childhoodnote  firing ki blasts into the night sky in the hopes of killing Santa Claus, not even caring that the one time he thought he succeeded he'd actually killed his own brother Tarble.
    • After Gohan kills all of the Cell Jr.'s, Cell announces that he's going to start referring to Gohan as "whooping cough" because he "just devastated [his] children".
  • Cry for the Devil:
    • Cooler's sibling rivalry with Freeza. Even Goku can't help but to pause their fight to show him pity for how his father treated him.
    • Dr. Gero's obsession with killing Goku becomes somewhat more understandable when Bulma finds out that his son (whom he built Android 16 to resemble) was among the many Red Ribbon Army soldiers who died when Goku destroyed the organization's HQ.
  • Designated Hero:
    • Vegeta's status as this in his fight with Android 18 is perfectly lampshaded. First we have this brilliant gem.
      [The Z-Fighters are flying to the scene of the battle]
      Future Trunks: [thinking] I can't believe he's taking them on alone! He has no idea what kind of destructive force they pack! The Androids are humanity's greatest threat!
      [Cue the part of the battle that happens on a freeway, where Vegeta's haphazard attacks on Android 18 result in multiple cars being blown up and everyone inside them likely dead]
    • Bardock in Episode of Bardock. Team Four Star does not give him the heroic traits randomly assigned to him by the canon series, instead keeps him the genocidal bastard he always was. The only redeeming quality is that he's pointed (mostly) at Chilled and away from the young Saiyans, so he comes across as heroic only to those who don't know better.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Downplayed; Nappa still does what he did in canon, but unlike his canon version, he seems to be completely unaware of what he's doing is bad, and is Played for Laughs.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Nappa. It says a lot about the popularity of the character that they're bringing him around post-mortem (and then back to life, though out of the way) solely because of how much he pisses off Vegeta. Lampshaded in Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged with this quote:
      Nappa: I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say.
    • Mr. Popo, whose re-characterization as The Dreaded had fans in stitches.
    • Dodoria, or at least his/her portrayal as an Faux Affably Evil Good Ol' Boy, seems to be getting remarkably popular for such a relatively minor character.
    • Zarbon eventually fell under this category, especially after what Episode 17 did to him. He even does the disclaimer opening!
    • Pretty much all of the Ginyu Force. Guldo for being an endearing Butt-Monkey who gets picked on by Vegeta, Jeice being from Space Australia while being best buds with Burter, and Recoome for being just as overly top hammy as he is in canon.
    • Super Kami Guru. Also lampshaded in Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged Episode 2 with his last words:
      Guru: I am hilarious... and you will quote... every-thing.. I... s-a-y...
    • Despite getting his ass handed to him in the fight against Freeza, Nail still managed to be completely badass and is one of the few people to actually piss him off and live. Well, sort of.
    • Cooler. His dislike for his younger brother has never been more understandable in any other version. And of course his line:
    • Android 19 is extremely loved. He appears to have the voice of Windows LH Michael and his dialogue is very full of computer jargon, while making constant jokes of computer technical problems, which is absolutely hilarious. Not to mention his voice is a lot less annoying than canon.
    • Android 17 and 18 retain everything that made their canon counterparts likable, being more neutral rather straight out evil, while also being childish and wanting to have fun. However, 17 and 18 are also given a level of snark often at each other, that gives them even more charm than their canon counterparts.
    • Android 16 is especially popular. Remix absolutely nails his robotic personality. He's also given an exaggerated over-obsession with killing Goku and being a Cloud Cuckoolander who's Literal-Minded while being over interested in birds. He gets even funnier after his circuits become damaged where he starts thinking everyone (who isn't Goku or Cell) is a bird.
    • Tien, who was made into a Memetic Badass in this series. Kikoho-ing Cell is hailed as one of the most badass moments in the show, then there's him being a constant troll to everyone. All this made Tien into a fan favorite.
    • Yamcha, believe or not, as of season 3. At first he was just written as an arrogant, all-talk-no-bite kinda guy, but lately he's much more calm and reserved, and one of the few actually sane characters in the show. Not only that, but most of the others always treating him like shit, even worse than Krillin, to the point that he was Driven to Suicide in Trunks' timeline, earned him some major Woobie points. Many viewers are clamoring for him to get a win for once.
    • Despite not having "officially" appeared in the abridged series, Goku Black is getting immensely popular thanks to MasakoX's short but evil role thanks to this line:
      Goku Black: Because Vegeta, a rose by any other name—- [stabs him] is still Goku.
    • Dr. Wheelo. His Adaptational Heroism turned him into a genuinely (and strangely) likable Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds Anti-Villain.
    • After Videl's Early-Bird Cameo during The Stinger of Episode 59, a number of commenters mentioned how adorable she was.
    • Douchebag is fondly remembered from the Neighborhood Cluck videos. So much so, that in the Team Four Star version of Dead Zone, Ginger (who he was based on) references him as his Famous Last Words.
  • Ear Worm: "Vegeta geta geta geta geta geta geta geta geta geta geta."
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan Abridged. Sure, Goku kills Broly and avenges the South Galaxy's destruction, but is South Kai happy? Of course he isn't, because his entire galaxy is still gone. All King Kai can do is offer a halfhearted apology since there's no Dragon Balls that can wish that many people back to life. Or, well, there weren't at the time, since the Super Dragon Balls had yet to be revealed.
  • Evil Is Cool: Cooler due to being highly intelligent, assuming that Goku is still alive because his henchmen Never Found the Body, and much stronger than Freeza.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Bulma has an insane infatuation with Zarbon the first time she lays eyes on him. And... then he transforms and she is less enthused.
      Bulma: KILL IT WITH FIRE!
    • Vegeta. In spades. Just read the Youtube comments on any given episode.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Freeza toward Goku. Well, Goku thinks so anyway.
      Goku: Are... you coming on to me?
    • Not that some of Freeza's comments don't encourage such thinking, mind you....
      Freeza: Dirty monkey... Huh? Where— [Goku appears in front of him, two heads higher and with his abs in front of Freeza's face] Oh my God, you could grind meat on th—[stumbles back] AH!
    • Goku also thinks Vegeta has a thing for him. After he escapes from having marathon sex with his hot Asian wife...
      Goku: [teleports onto Kami's Lookout] Please tell me no one here wants a piece of me.
      Trunks: Well, when Dad gets out of the [Hyperbolic Time] Chamber, he'll probably want a swing at you.
      Goku: ... I knew it!
    • Goku and Cell. Goku pretty much admits that he's completely distracted by how handsome Perfect Cell is in his final form. The feeling is mutual, and the two actually flirt with each other before and during their fight — as only they can...
      Cell: So, you gonna take a swing, or you just gonna stand there, staring into my eyes?
      Goku: Hmm? What was that? I was busy staring into your eyes.
      Cell: Oh, you beautiful Saiyan bastard, just punch me already!
    • Tien insults Vegeta so much that Yamcha refers to his incisive hatred towards Vegeta as a "mutually-sustained hate-boner."
      • And it looks official as of Episode 59: Yamcha now refers to it being a "hate-boner triangle" between Vegeta, Tien and Cell.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Jeice is not fast enough with the "Not It" to tell Captain Ginyu about Guldo's death. After Goku and Vegeta get through with the rest of them, Jeice would have had to inform the Captain anyway.
    • When Freeza meets Guru, he is shocked over how fat he is since Namekians survive entirely on water. In Episode 30, it's revealed it's because he drank so much water that he caused the Great Drought, framed the Albino Namekians for it and ordered their genocide.
    • Android 16's "Kill Goku" mantra takes a whole new level of "dark": Gero's real son sends a video call to him, who he hasn't seen for a long time, with him suggesting "Cyborgs" to be a preferred term rather than "Artificial humans". However, near the end of the video, kid Goku attacks the Red Ribbon base, with him being a casualty. Given what Dr. Gero did to avenge his death makes Gero's real goal even more disturbing... yet also more understandable at the same time.
    • The Krillin Owned Count started as an amusing gag about how ineffective he is. It gets a lot more depressing when the count keeps increasing as he's trying to protect/avenge Android 18 from Cell.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • The Namekian language spoken is actually Klingon.
    • Piccolo saying that a group of Namekians is called a "cornucopia" might seem like they picked a random word for the sake of humor, but that's the actual term for a group of slugs.
  • Genre Turning Point: Prior to DBZA, most Abridged Series tended to run on wacky No Fourth Wall humor, general disregard for the actual plot of the series, Shout Outs, exaggerated Flanderization of characters, being often devoted to making Take That's at whatever official dubs of the series exist. In contrast, DBZA (from the second season onwards) instead moved towards more low-key, character driven humor that tried to retain most of the drama of the actual plot while making genuine attempts to improve upon the original. Nowadays, modern abridged series, such as Sword Art Online Abridged, use this formula instead.
    • Not only that, but this shift in writing and tone inspired their friend and fellow castmate, Little Kuriboh, to do similar changes in Season 3 of Yugioh Abridged. He's even said so himself on social media. That's interesting, considering he was the person who started the Abridged Series.
  • Growing the Beard: Dragon Ball Z Abridged doesn't just grow the beard, but it grows it over and over again, getting just a bit longer every time.
    • The series started off as a simple flanderization of several characters, with the occasional fourth wall-breaking and one-time gags. Ever since season 2 however, the characters became more distinct, the jokes became more structured and original, and the fourth-wall breaking stopped. Not to mention that the editing and voice acting have greatly improved. Season 3 then goes above and beyond with every episode making a sincere effort to retain the drama of the original story while still being funny, even including some quite moving original material like Kami's speech about exactly why he's so hesitant to rejoin with Piccolo.
    • Also mentioned in the awesome page. The World's Strongest may be the crowning achievement of this evolution. They did a good work while editing and dubbing it, managing to change most of the plot, including the ending, and going to extensive effort to make sure the changes blended almost seamlessly with the original footage. The movie also features some genuinely sad moments, as well as some heartwarming ones (the biggest example may be Gohan being able to convince the woobie Anti-Villain Doctor Wheelo to do a Heel–Face Turn and then the gang gathering the Dragon Balls to give him a new body). Although History of Trunks could also qualify.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In Christmas Tree of Might, Gohan mentions to everyone, Yamcha included that suicide rates go up during the holidays. Then they all laugh about it. And later it's revealed that Yamcha committed suicide when he learnt of Bulma's pregnancy by Vegeta in the Bad Future.
    • During the Freeza Saga, Freeza has a minor tantrum about being reminded of his failures, with Piccolo snarkily replies with "What, your failure in killing me?" Guess what happens in Dragon Ball Super?
    • Speaking of Super, Korin and Yajirobe's relationship is very sweet and remains that way for this series. However, the aforementioned Super reveals that Yajirobe was one of the people who survived in Future Trunks' timeline, but Korin didn't. Poor guy...
    • Yamcha taking his own life is horrible enough as it is, but it becomes even worse when you consider that since nobody cares about him… nobody would even gather the Dragon Balls to wish him back. Not that it would change anything.
      • Even if they did, who's to say he'd want to come back? Considering this is a universe where you can apparently refuse a wish a dragon attempted to grant, he would definitely refuse to be sent back to a group of people who made it clear they didn't care about him.
      • And even if they did somehow care enough about Yamcha for him to want to come back, the Dragon Balls were already used up by the Pilaf Gang when they wished to be younger. Because of this, the balls were inert for the six months leading up to the android attack anyway.
    • Bulma's nightmare (dream?) about Vegeta threatening to rape her. She ends up sleeping with the guy later.
    • Towards the end of Bardock: Father of Goku and beginning of Cooler's Revenge, there's a scene where Cooler, watching Freeza destroy Planet Vegeta, sarcastically comments "Killing off a bunch of monkeys; any liquored-up hillbilly with a shotgun could have done that at the zoo." After the 2016 death of Harambe the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo when animal control were forced to shoot Harambe when a child fell into the gorilla enclosure, this joke gets a whole lot darker.
    • When Trunks leaves in Episode 34, he makes a comment about wanting to know his father better. This is before we see how abusive Vegeta is to him (and before he spends a year with him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.)
    • Shortly after the release of Super Android 13 Abridged containing a few jokes about terrorists, came the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris.
    • We have pretty much a world record with the Dragon Ball Super short "Burning Blue" with Trunks cleaving Merged Zamasu in half with his Spirit Sword. Shortly after, Zamasu is Not Quite Dead and kills mostly everyone in Future Trunks' timeline. Though if you want to be really dark about it…
    • Yamcha being treated as an in-universe Memetic Badass before becoming a full-on Butt-Monkey is eerily similar to Vegeta3986 (who previously voiced Yamcha) suffering from a similar fall from grace with the poor reception of Naruto: The Abridged Movie. Adding to it was Yamcha's treatment getting worse after Faulerro took over.
    • Broly's sexually aggressive remarks towards a clearly non-receptive Trunks can be uncomfortable nowadays, since Broly's English VA in the official dub, Vic Mignogna, is currently facing accusations of sexual misconduct.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight:
    • Dr. Gero's oddly protective attitude towards Android 16 takes on new significance with the revelation that the android is modeled on his dead son.
    • Early on in the Saiyan Saga, Nappa mentions that everyone important to (Gohan) is dead, totally dismissing Krillin. Come "History of Trunks" Abridged, and Krillin is one of the people Gohan remembered fondly enough to go Super Saiyan when he died.
    • Vegeta is noted to be proud of Future Trunks as he acted out of his own will rather than harping after Vegeta. The abridged version follows the canon in that Vegeta went absolutely ballistic over his son dying by the hands of Cell, even calling him his baby boy. In the canon, Vegeta hardly acknowledged Trunks as his son, till the above scene.
    • If what Cell said about Mr. Satan is true, and he used to be homeless, then Nappa picking him up and making him a star becomes this. He essentially took a random nobody and turned his life around.
  • He Really Can Act: Everyone as Season 3 proved with its much more dramatic atmosphere with particular mentions going to MasakoX, Lanipator, KaiserNeko, Takahata101 and GanXingBa.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Has its own page.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Putting aside the Tien/Chiaotzu innuendo that prompts Yamcha (and once, Krillin) to say "gay", and ALSO putting aside ALL the Zarbon innuendo particularly since he's Camp Straight, Episode 30 had Dende confess his love for Gohan. And then promptly bolts (along with the entire Namekian race) when he sees how stunned Gohan is.
    • Dende's one-sided crush on Gohan is back in full force for Episode 56. Seeing Gohan immediately calms Dende down from the sudden teleportation to Earth, and he never stops flirting with him from that point onward.
    • In Episode 55, Goku sizes up Cell and they both have a surprisingly pleasant rapport, with Goku being very impressed, and Cell lamenting having to kill him. When Goku returns to the lookout, he can't help but to gush over how handsome Cell is.
    • TFS came out with a short from Super that really cements in the Ho Yay between Vegeta and Goku.
    • Goku's fight with Cell in Episode 58 is full to the brim with this. It's left ambiguous whether Goku is doing it on purpose or not. In Episode 59, when Goku gives up and tells Cell that they "both know this was only a fight" Cell's response is a furious "You bitch." line, like a jilted lover.
  • Jerkass Woobie: There's a lot of assholes that, at one time or another, someone can feel sorry for;
    • Vegeta's a horrible man to be sure, but the sheer amount of abuse he gets put through in the name of comedy, and the fact that the series suggests just how broken his formative years with Freeza and Nappa left him earns him a few sympathy points.
    • In the Ginyu Force. They all are mercenaries who gleefully work for Freeza and do his dirty work. However…
      • Burter is revealed to be deeply insecure, believing that he has absolutely nothing that makes him unique, and just wants to be special. He claims that he's the fastest in the universe because without it, he's just "that big blue snake guy". Becomes sadder when we learn that this is why Ginyu had him on the team: a tall blue guy to balance out Jeice's short red guy.
      • Jeice becomes this after the death of his best friend Burter.
      • Guldo is looked down on by everybody and, unlike the two former, doesn't even have a friend to show him support.
    • Krillin acts insensitively, as well as awful at times, towards a lot of people, but that's because the world is constantly out to get him.
    • Then there's Piccolo, who acts cold and aloof but is so insecure and desperate for friends that you kind of feel bad for him. Of course, he has Nail, but he doesn't do anything to help in the most dire of situations.
    • Cooler, who's shown to be more responsible, powerful and much less needlessly homicidal than his younger brother, yet aside from his minions is rarely given the respect he deserves, be it from the main characters or his own family. Even Goku expresses pity for him.
    • Raditz if you think about it. His father paid little to no attention, his planet was destroyed and he was treated with ridicule by his fellow remaining Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta, due to him only being as powerful as a Saibaman. Even after he dies he still doesn't get any respect.
      Raditz: I... hate... all of you.
    • Dende. He tells Freeza the heroes are from Earth for a petty reason, turns out to be as narcissistic as Guru (Super Kami Dende) and can be a vengeful one but you can't help but feel bad for the kid who lost his family once and then got kidnapped by Goku, separating him again from his family.
    • If you aren't completely turned off by Satan's It's All About Me attitude, you may feel a little sympathy for him in a Jerkass Woobie kind of way. If Cell really was accidentally telling the truth during his brief "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Mark "Hercule" Satan used to be a homeless man who started his career in Bum Fights. He still managed to become a famous star nonetheless. Now, he may be an Attention Whore, but he's also Lonely at the Top and the only person who may genuinely still love him is his daughter. Then comes the Foregone Conclusion of his "fight" with Cell, and the outcome is way more graphic than in canon.
      Cell: "Do you have any actual friends? Any relationships at all that aren't about your money or your position?"
      Mr. Satan: [weakly] "I have a daughter..."
    • Tien is far more a Jerkass than in canon, his personality more so resembling when he was a villain, but fans can't help but sympathize with his frustration over how he Can't Catch Up with the Saiyan characters, a sentiment the audience shares.
  • Love to Hate: Freeza. His pompous overconfidence and casual demeanor make him very punch-worthy, but is he ever hilarious while being so.
    • Also Cell. Depending on the situation, he can be even more of a jerk than Freeza, but he's downright hilarious when he does it, usually.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Scary or not, one has to admit Mr. Popo is quite powerful. This one has seeped into the main Dragon Ball fandom and people treat canon Popo as godlike as well.
    • Yamcha early in the series serving as a reverse Butt-Monkey, with everyone commenting how awesome he is. Gets completely averted later on where he becomes a bigger Butt-Monkey than Krillin.
    • Tien due to a combination of mocking Vegeta and getting away with it as well as his performance against Cell.
  • Memetic Mutation: The show is a Fountain of Memes in the Dragon Ball fandom, but there are some specific jokes for Team Four Star and the show. Some notable examples include:
    • "GODDAMIT NAPPA!"explanation 
    • "Pecking order!"explanation 
    • "WEN BROLY?!/WEN X" explanation 
    Broly: But now is Broly... Now Broly!
  • Memetic Loser:
    • Krillin combines this with Lovable Coward. Krillin Owned Counter, anyone?
    • Yamcha is never able to live this down.
    • Guldo. Vegeta throwing dog biscuits at his face doesn't help.
    • Raditz. Having the same power level than a Saibamen does that. Also Krillin and Cell brings up how for being Goku's brother he has basically zero impact on the narrative aside being a Starter Villain. Bardock's friend even make fun of how he turned out to be.
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Vegeta is slowly turning into one of these as of Episode 18, possibly subverted that he MIGHT have been acting at the time. And then in Episode 24:
      Vegeta: Now both of you. STRIP.
    • Mr. Popo as well.
      Mr. Popo: I'm terrifying and a potential rapist, but I'll never say it flat out.
    • Cell, being a Knight of Cerebus, milks it for all it's worth.
  • Memetic Psychopath: This series is the root cause of Mr. Popo becoming one. He now has his own page on the villains wiki as a result.
  • Memetic Troll: Goku, if you're of the belief that he's intentionally playing up his dumbness. There's times when he shows unexpected Hyper-Awareness which leaves the implication that he's intentionally riling up everyone around him.
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • Many fans were upset during the Broly Abridged movie when Gohan casually revealed that Doctor Wheelo died of brain cancer in-between movies with many feeling that it was a cruel Happy Ending Override for the man. However Kaiser stated during the Team Four Star podcast after the movie was out that the ending of World's Strongest Abridged wasn't supposed to be happy in the first place and Wheelo getting stuck with a giant head was meant to be seen as a dark joke.
    • Much like Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, some fans watch under the impression that the show is meant to be an insult and criticism towards the original series and that the creators don't actually like the show. On many occasions Team Four Star has made it clear that they love Dragon Ball (but still recognize its flaws) and that they would never abridge something they didn't like since it would be little more than a Hate Fic.
    • On the flipside, there are also people who believe the show to be the definitive version of Z, despite the fact that it's first and foremost a parody, due to the team retaining the overall story of the original while also adding in Fringe things that haven't been confirmed in the canon series itself and also pointing out the absurdities with the original series. The rewritten characters and voice acting are also considered reasons for this.
      • TFS has said they do not consider themselves as trying to replace the official version and often instruct their fans to support the official release.
  • Mis-blamed: A common misconception was that Vegeta3986 left Team Four Star on bad terms, or that Naruto: The Abridged Movie's poor reception either got him fired or he quit abridging out of shame. The true story was that he got a teaching job in Japan and he wasn't able to commit to schedule.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Freeza's absolute relish when he kills Dende (which is not Played for Laughs). He goes even further during his savage No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Vegeta, which is arguably worse than in the original. At least then he had the excuse of being royally pissed but in the Abridged series, you get the impression that he's torturing Vegeta for fun.
    • It's also implied that Freeza destroyed planet Vegeta just for fun in this series.
    • Cell crossed it before his first appearance when he drank an entire town. To make it worse, he keeps doing it after that.
      Piccolo: How... How many people?!
      Cell: Enough.
      • If for whatever reason you didn't think he'd already crossed it, Cell crosses it with absolutely no chance of returning when he stomps on #16's head, killing him mid-sentence and callously delivering this line.
      Cell: I'd say he's gone to a better place, but... We both know he never had a soul.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • "Urgh. I just got here and this planet's already annoying me." — Vegeta's reaction to Krillin's epic screaming fit at the start of Episode 13.
    • Any time Nappa goes into Broken Record mode.
    • Fans found GanXingBa's Chilled voice to be extremely irritating.
  • Narm Charm: You wouldn't expect "eat that horse" to sound so epic in the context of the Father-Son Kamehameha, but somehow... it works!
  • Never Live It Down: In-Universe, Vegeta never lets Trunks forget how he keeps missing Androids.
    Vegeta: (after learning of 13, 14, and 15's existence) Three whole Androids, huh? Pretty sure that makes eight. Hmm, never letting the boy live this one down.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Now has its own page.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • Even though Mr. Popo is made out to be terrifying, some of his quotes can easily negate this; like "I'M SO F**KING HIGH RIGHT NOW!" and "CAUSE IT WAS NOTHIN' BUT GARLIC!"
    • In Episode 40, he's completely whacked out on a gallon of LSD. And it is hilarious.
    • Surprisingly, Cell at times. Keywords being at times.
  • No Yay: Cell lives and breathes this trope with nearly everyone he interacts with, especially Androids 17 and 18. In fact, he claims that Android 18 is "practically asking to be absorbed," and the image depicted in his Solar Flare is a cropped illustration of him raping her.
  • Older Than They Think: "Find me in the Alps" comes from a Bowdlerization of The Big Lebowski that changes "This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass" to "This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps".
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • GanXingBa as King Yemma. And his (mahogany) desk.
    • And the nameless farmer from Episode 1 (the one with the marijua— I mean, "carrot" patch).
    • Toolo from Bardock: Father of Goku. Of course, he knew this would be on the page— HE CAN SEE THE FYOOO-CHURRRR!!!!
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: A lot of characters get this, especially Maron, who's revealed to have acted stupid to get Krillin to confess to insurance fraud,, and Lord Chilled, a very uninspired villain in canon whose Abridged incarnation is beloved and immensely quotable for his foppish hamminess and hilarious voice.
  • Ron the Death Eater:
    • Both Porunga and Guru refer to a race of albino Namekians that were eliminated in "the purge" and based on their reactions to Krillin, they clearly performed that purge. Guru is also shown to be a sociopath and implied to be something more sinister.
    • Mr. Popo is just plain scary.
    • Chi-Chi went from being a strict mom to an Ax-Crazy psycho, although the latest episodes tend to downplay it.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Deliberately invoked at the start of Bardock: The Father of Goku. The opening scene shows Bardock and his crew transformed into Oozarus and conquering a planet in the name of Freeza, but because "Dare" by Stan Bush is playing over it you can't help but cheer them on.
  • Signature Scene: The whole series is a Fountain of Memes, so there's a lot:
    • Mr. Popo explaining the pecking order.
    • The battle between the Z-Fighters and Nappa, thanks to Nappa's dialogue.
    • Vegeta retreating from earth, and the introduction of Ghost Nappa.
    • Vegeta's Rage Breaking Point in Episode 18 that causes him to scream across time and space.
    • Jeice getting repeatedly punched in the face.
    • Bulma hitting on Future Trunks, much to the latter's horror.
    • Bulma and Vegeta's having sex, and the Precision F-Strike that follows.
    • Kami's speech about his reluctance to fuse with Piccolo.
    • Tien using a Desperation Attack against Cell because he's frustrated that he Can't Catch Up.
    • Vegeta repeatedly getting kicked in the dick in Cooler 2.
    • Goku getting punched in the dick in Super Android 13 so hard that Goten is erased from existance.
    • Future Trunks finding Gohan's corpse in Future of Trunks, thanks to being played completely straight.
    • Vegeta's breakdown over Broly's ridiculous motive.
    • Gohan's transformation into SSJ2, recreating the moment from the actual series perfectly, with its spot on English cover of "Day of Destiny."
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • During the scene when Freeza is watching Captain Ginyu's "Wheel Of Death" TV show, they forgot to edit out the Dragon Balls nearby despite them being stolen from him earlier. Additionally, they forgot to remove the GalacTV watermark from the first cut to Freeza.
    • Earlier, when Kami is dying, Mr. Popo shows cold indifference, however, right as this happens, you can see canon Mr. Popo shivering in sadness as Kami disappears due to Piccolo's death.
    • After Freeza's scouter blows up in his fight with Vegeta, it appears and disappears randomly in the following scenes.
      • Vegeta's own scouter had a habit of appearing and disappearing in the first season, especially noticeable when multiple shots are used of Vegeta for lengthy monologue sequences.
    • When Maron tells Krillin the truth the background constantly changes between sunset and broad daylight.
    • Dr. Gero's severed arm somehow keeps reappearing at points during the scene in his lab.
    • Super Android 13 Abridged opens with Dr. Gero's death from Episodes 38-39. However, it's easy to tell where the TV footage ends and the movie footage begins thanks to the shading on the androids.
  • Squick:
    • How everyone reacts when learning that Cui/Kui/Kiwi's race reproduces asexually.
    • A Running Gag is that an image of this type appears for a split-second whenever someone uses Solar Flare:
      • When Krillin blinds Dodoria with a Solar Flare, there's a shot of Freeza in the shower. When Krillin uses it on Freeza, it's the other way around. It's a shot of Dodoria as a fat woman in lingerie.
      • In Kai Abridged 2, when Krillin uses it on Dodoria we get this shot of Lanipator as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
      • Imperfect Cell's Solar Flare flashes a close-up image of flies mating.
      • Semi-Perfect Cell's Solar Flare flashes a (mercifully cropped) picture of Android 18 and Cell porn. Extra squicky given Cell's obsession over absorbing Android 18 throughout the episode.
    • After The Reveal that Dodoria is a woman.
      Dodoria: And that's why I was considered the most beautiful, and fertile, woman on my home planet. Before Freeza blew it up.
      Vegeta: He tends to do that, also huh-uugh.
      • Kai Abridged 2 kicks it up another notch.
        Dodoria: I have a thick... MEATY... VAGINA.
        Vegeta: [annihilates Dodoria] Huh-uuugh...
    • Trunks gets freaked out when Bulma (his mother) comes on to him. When she finds out that he's her son from the future she is likewise disturbed. Even worse is that before she found out, she explicitly tried to solicit sex from him by saying "I'll be your mommy." Yikes.
    • Cell absorbing his first victim, complete with close-up shots and sound effects. In-universe, Nail throws up watching it.
    • Android 17 and Android 18's reaction to Android 16 tearing off Cell's tail.
      Android 17: [looking shocked] I was not ready for today.
      Android 18: [also shocked] I don't think any of us were.
    • An extreme example in Episode 47.
      Cell: Hello... brother.
      Android 17: Come again?
      Cell: In a moment. And hello, my beautiful sister. [suggestive slurping noises]
      Anrdoid 18: Oh, fuck no.
    • Cell literally talking out of his ass. Vegeta is even disturbed by it.
    • The birth of the Cell Jrs is portrayed completely realistically as a childbirth, complete with Cell complaining his stinger is going to be spasming for the rest of the day.
  • Superlative Dubbing:
    • Lanipator nails Vegeta and Piccolo perfectly, with some even thinking he does a better job than Christopher Sabat himself. Especially Piccolo who has a bigger voice range than Sabat's portrayal. Lani has even managed to pull off Brian Drummond's version for Kid Vegeta during Bardock the Father of Goku abridged.
    • Also, MasakoX's Goku is somehow the perfect synthesis of Masako Nozawa, Sean Schemmel, and even Peter Kelamis' previous portrayals… And, like Nozawa, he does double duty as Young/Old Goku and Gohan… and manages to make Young Goku and Gohan sound distinct from each other.
    • Taka's Nappa received critical acclaim, which even got noticed by Christopher Sabat. He even got a role in Dragon Ball Xenoverse as male custom character voice 8.
    • As said above, LittleKuriboh as Freeza is absolutely amazing, managing to sound sinister, uppity, polite, bored, irritated, funny, and at times genuinely horrifying.
    • Many fans have already started agreeing that Kaiser as Trunks is done amazingly well, having more emotion and versatility than the gruff voice of canon Trunks. And not just the voice but the dialogue as well.
    • Taka has somehow made Cell both hilarious and way more terrifying than the official dub.
    • Many of the minor characters also get this. For example, Lord Chilled in Dragon Ball – Episode of Bardock was transformed from an unmemorable Frieza clone with the same voice to a hilariously foppish and hammy cloudcuckoolander thanks to GanXingBa.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • It's no secret that TFS hates Broly, to the point where in the first Broly movie all the characters start to say that they would rather fight any other of the past movie villains than hear him say "Kakarot" again. Vegeta even suffers a Heroic BSoD over how cool Broly's concept is but gets cancelled by HOW DUMB his motivations are.
    • Mr. Satan's students, who are disliked for being pointless filler characters during the Cell Games, get unceremoniously killed by Cell before the games even start.
    • TFS has also been vocal about their distaste for Dragon Ball Super's Jiren, calling him a completely boring non-character who only exists to be an obstacle for Goku, with Lanipator in particular nicknaming him "Superman Uchiha". In the Season 3 epilogue, Future Cell says that he considered naming himself Jiren, but decided against it because of how boring it sounds.
  • Ugly Cute: Guldo crosses into this, thanks to the endearing voice Takahata101 gives him.
  • Uncanny Valley: With Team Four Star using Goku's Super Saiyan skin shading with his black eyes of his normal form in Episode 54, with Cell having his face, there's something that… doesn't seem right about it.
    • Goku's "pirate dream" where his face is on Luffy's body. Goku's face that is meant to be on his much bulkier body on Luffy's skinny body just looks off.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Despite being a villain and Butt-Monkey, Raditz does get more than his fair share's worth of crap. It doesn't help that Bardock was a pretty negligent father.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Gohan when it comes to his problems with his father, since he's shown to be angry with Goku for being absent since was four and sees Piccolo as more of a father for being around more, but he seems to disregard the fact that Goku was dead during that time because Piccolo killed him which unlike canon wasn't a Heroic Sacrifice— it was flat out murder. However, it's worth considering that he didn't see what happened, and had to rely on whatever Piccolo told him.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Same as in canon, but taken Up to Eleven. To the fanbase, Vegeta's egocentric penchant for irreverent sass is awesome and hilarious and he's the most popular character in the series. In-universe, he's so hated by the others that to associate words like "love" and "friends" with him at all is to make too many assumptions.
  • Values Dissonance: The characters usage of the word "retarded" in the first two seasons, as a synonym for "stupid" or "dumb." Today, however, it's considered an unbelievably offensive and ableist term use to describe someone as intellectually disabled, to the point where later episodes no longer use it, and Kaiser admits his regrets for using it.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion:
    • Freeza, of course. Gohan inadvertently breaks it to Krillin at the beginning of Episode 14 when Gohan admonishes Krillin for calling Freeza a "fag," which to Krillin means a "Freaky Alien Genotype," not a derogatory term for a homosexual.
      Krillin: THAT THING'S A GUY?!?
      Goku: Haha, that thing was a guy.
    • And now as of Episode 15, Dodoria.
    • Fridge Brilliance, once you add in the fact that Zarbon is Mistaken for Gay, the three primary villains of Season Two before the Ginyu Force show up are all subject to other characters being baffled by these revelations.
  • Vindicated by History: Not for them, but they do play a major part in repairing Dragon Ball's reputation as a whole for anime fans.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
    • The credits sequence for History of Trunks Abridged - with Future Trunks' time machine acting as the TARDIS from the 2005-2008 Doctor Who intro while a mashup of the theme and Cha-La-Head-Cha-La plays.
    • The very well done animation used for Dr. Gero's son's final video that Bulma finds in Android 16's hard drive.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit!: The use of a "We Are Number One" remix during Episode 59 comes off as this, given how the meme's popularity had almost entirely fizzled out by the time the episode was released.
  • What an Idiot!: Goku, of course, but it reaches new levels when he gives Cell a Senzu Bean in Episode 59. This move was already idiotic in the original, and it's just as bad here. Much like that same scene, everyone present was in sheer disbelief.
  • The Woobie:
    • Dende. His entire family is killed in front of him, he is mistreated by both Krillin and Vegeta, he watches his only friends beaten to near-death, he experiences the pain of death, and, to add insult to injury, his Anguished Declaration of Love to Gohan blows up in his face. Even if he's a bit of a whiner, can you blame him?
    • Also Gohan himself, enduring all the stuff he did in the canon series and more, while also have the problems of being the Only Sane Man.
      • Future Gohan has it even worse. First Future Goku dies for good, then everyone else dies against them and he's left all alone and he hallucinates Future Piccolo as he tries to kill the Androids and fails each and every time until he ends up dead.
    • Future Chi-Chi, who only has her father since Future Goku is dead and Future Gohan never talks to her and for all she knows, he's dead. And without knowing it, she's outlived her son.
    • Yamcha in season 3, especially in Episode 35. He's treated poorly by almost everyone, and actually killed himself in Future Trunks' timeline after learning that Bulma, his ex-girlfriend, had a baby with Vegeta, the former enemy who killed him.
    • Much like in canon, just poor poor Trunks. Wanting so badly to meet his father, and then Vegeta treats him like absolute shit. You can't help but feel really sorry for the kid.
      • Vegeta treats Trunks even worse here. At least in canon he never flat out called Trunks a bastard to his face.
    • Episode 42 earns Kami some woobie points. He's been trapped up on the lookout for hundreds of years and now his duty as Guardian of Earth demands that he fuse with Piccolo, effectively surrendering his free will to someone he doesn't like and rid himself of centuries ago.
    • Surprisingly, Doctor Wheelo becomes this. He's gone through a pretty severe case of Adaptational Heroism so now instead of being actively malicious, he's just a poor man helpless to watch as his insane assistant turns all his peaceful inventions into evil weapons. By the end, he breaks down crying over the fact he is now trapped in a robotic body. And then he dies of brain cancer between movies. Poor, poor man.
    • 16. He tried to keep 17 from being absorbed by Cell, failed, then got a chunk of his head blown off. He once again tried to protect 18, but was powerless to save her from Cell. And Cell has the audacity to try and befriend him.

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