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This page covers Foreshadowing in Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

  • Meta example, starting in mid-season two, the opening narration would be given to a character about to die during the episode. They would sometimes even lampshade it, such as noting that Krillin's cheque would be sent to his next of kin.
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  • During the Namek saga, anyone who recites the opening disclaimer will die in one to two episodes. The exception is Vegeta, who recited two separate disclaimers before dying because he's that awesome and long-winded.
  • There's also Popo at the start of that same saga.
    Mr. Popo: See you all when you get back! Except... this season... [looks to Krillin] you...
  • Spoofed in episode 7, after Nappa forgot why he and Vegeta came to Earth.
    Vegeta: One of these days you're going to die. Then you'll be out of my hair forever.
    Caption: Epic Foreshadowing
    • Taken to a further level in Episode 9:
    Vegeta: Nine minutes, eighteen seconds... Nine minutes, eighteen seconds... [...] Happiest... moment... of... my life.note 
  • After witnessing Guldo's death, Jeice, Recoome, and Burter decide who gets to tell Captain Ginyu by shouting "Not it!" Jeice loses. Later on, he gets to tell the captain, but after the rest of the Ginyu Force is killed.
  • A subtle one in episode 22:
    Freeza: I'll dispatch of this worm and then I'll be back for you, slug!
    Super Kami Guru: Leave my brother out of this!
  • And another one right at the beginning of episode 30 (part one)
    King Kai: At last, Goku... has become... the ONE... and ONLY... SUPER SAIYAN! ...Right?
    Narrator: Ummm... yeeaaaah.
    King Kai: You hesitated there for a second. [Beat] What?
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  • After being hit with his own attack:
    Freeza: Daddy, I don't want to be on Namek anymore.
  • Trunks asks why Freeza has spare parts sticking out of him. Freeza says he's the ultimate union of science and nature, but Trunks is obviously unimpressed.
    Freeza: Impudent little...! These are not "spare parts"! What you are looking at is the ultimate culmination of science and nature!!
    Trunks: Oh, wow! I've... never seen that before.
  • When asked why he didn't simply teleport to Freeza's ship and stop him on his way to Earth, Goku responds that he wanted to "give everyone else a chance". Piccolo requests that he stop doing that, only for Goku to reply "no promises". This foreshadows Goku eventually stepping down from his fight with Cell to give Gohan a chance, which also puts the Earth at risk
  • At the beginning of the "Episode of Bardock" special, Bardock says a certain character's catchphrase. It's because it was All Just a Dream Gohan had.
    Bardock: Aw, crapbaskets.
  • When Android 18 finds Android 16, she asks if he's Gero's secret project. His answer: "No, he's in the base- I MEAN, YES! Very secret! DON'T TOUCH!
    • Shortly thereafter, Gero says that Android 16 isn't properly programmed; Android 17 responds by referencing Android 13 and his Southern accent.
  • In Episode 39, when Vegeta catches up to the androids and lays some smack talk, Android 18 provides some of this. Particularly funny because it directly references what happens in the actual series.
    Vegeta: Well if it isn't Faggoty Andy and On The Raggedy Anne.
    Android 18: I'm going to break his arm.
  • In episode 43, Cell spits out a baby's pacifier, commenting on how it's not even the right hole. Later, Android 18 is going to get out through the same path.
  • When Semi-perfect Cell sees Piccolo recovered from wounds that should have killed him, he asks how durable Piccolo is, then how durable he is. This question gets answered after he blows himself up trying to kill everybody with him, and is able to recover from that, which even he didn't realize he would survive.
    • He also is surprised by Goku's ability to teleport and makes a note to look into the techinque later. When he self destructs, Goku takes him to King Kai's planet to minimize the damage. Cell returns to earth afterwards by using Instant Transmission.
  • In the Super Android 13 movie, Android 15 scans Goku and identifies his groin as a potential weak spot. Later, Super Android 13 defeats Goku with a Groin Attack.
  • In episode 53:
    Trunks: Is this all just a GAME to you?!
    Perfect Cell: A game? Hardly! If this were a game, I'd be having fun. Or killing Goku. Now THAT sounds like a good time.
  • A minor example from the Broly movie: At the beginning, Chi-Chi refers to herself as "a teacher first and a mother second. Also a wife." At the end of the movie, Chi-Chi tells Goku she wants a divorce, in part due to how his behavior negatively affected Gohan and his chances in college.
  • Prior to the Cell games, King Kai remarks that "Goku will be the death of [him]".
  • In episode 58, Gohan is the only one of the gang who doesn't have trouble following Goku and Cell's fight.
  • During Goku's pep talk to Gohan from the other world, he remarks that he isn't even CLOSE to Gohan's strength...yet.
  • In episode 60, Goku telling his friends that he's going to stay in Otherworld is underscored by an instrumental version of "We Were Angels", the ending theme for the Buu Saga. Too bad that's never going to happen with Team Four Star canceling Season 4.


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