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Cell: You know, if you want my personal opinion, "Kikoho" is a pretty sad choice of last words. But to be fair, it's far from the worst decision you've made today!
Tien: Kiko-f*ck yourself…!
Cell: Aw, see? That's the spirit!
— "Episode 48: Advanced Geometry"; close, nonlethal demonstration after Tien keeps Cell from absorbing 18

This page covers Famous Last Words in Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

Lots of characters die—some repeatedly—in Dragon Ball, and the abridged series is no exception. Team Four Star just makes said dying moments usually a whole helluva lot funnier.


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    Main Series 
Saiyan Saga
  • "DAMMIT I VOTED FOR BUSH!" the Farmer
  • "Oh, a smartass huh? I don't appreciate smartasses. Prepare yourself for my signature attack! DOUBLE SUN—" Raditz in first voice right before Vegeta3986 argues with Lanipator over the attack name and obtains the mic.
  • "I sort of have a hole in my esophagus…" Son Goku. He got better
  • "Welcome to Oz, bitch! That's right; you, with the spiky hair! You're going to be my bitch! I'm going to sell you for a cigarette, but not before I violate you, because YOU'RE MY BI— Arlian prisoner; presumably, he was killed when Vegeta blasted himself and Nappa out of prison. Unfortunately, Nappa wouldn't let him hear the end of the incident.
  • "I love that so— AAUGHWRRGH!" King Moai, getting "Rocked Like a Hurricane"
  • "You have freed our race! You two are the greatest heroes known to our planet! We shall erect statues of you. Out of our dung." Atla, before Vegeta blows up Arlia
  • "So are you guys alie—" Random Guy in East City
  • "That's right! Don't worry, guys; we worked ourselves half to death with our training! So I know that as long as we stick together, we'll take on these Saiyans, and WE WILL WI— AUGH!" Yamcha. He got better
  • "Wait, wha—?" Chiaotzu, after Tien tells him he can't be wished back twice. Despite this, he still got better
  • "You stupid… ugly… son of a bitch… his name… WAS CHIAOTZU! KIKOHO!!!!!! Tenshinhan. He got better.
    • "Right... Right behind you, Chiaotzu." Tien's last thoughts.
  • "Why… didn't… you… DOOOOOOOOODGE?! (bleh)" Piccolo. He got better.
  • "But… I… well then… Goodbye, my friend!" Kami. He gets better, though this is an interesting case due to the fact that it's the last time we hear Vegeta3986's voice for the character.
  • "Aw, and I totally killed that guy. Oh well, at least we still had fun getting here, right, Vegeta? Vegeta? Remember the bug planet? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? VegetAAAAAAAAAAAAHH…!!!!" Nappa, after Vegeta discovered that Piccolo's death means the Dragon Balls don't work. He got better due to the Exact Words to revive everyone killed by Freeza and his men.
  • "Yarrgh, I bet 50 gold doubloons on the short one." Bojack, since the Abridged version of DBZ Movie 9 has been canceled
Namek/Freeza SagaGarlic Jr. Saga
  • "No, please! Leave us alone! We were just renting this house; we never meant to—" random village person
  • "I am the usurper of this once proud throne your worthless guardian holds so dear. I am Garlic Jr., returned from the wretched abyss known as the Dead Zone, and I have come for what's rightfully mine— what's going on? I don't remember releasing the Black Water Mist just ye— OH GOD NO NO GET IT OFF ME!!!" Garlic Jr., before Mr. Popo sends him and the Spice Boys to the fuck box.
Android/Cell Saga
  • "YES, SIR!" several Freeza soldiers
  • "He just turned an entire squad into a pile of limbs!" Straw; doesn't immediately die, but these are his last words onscreen before Trunks makes short work of the rest of the soldiers.
  • "…well, that ain't right." Chayote
  • "Lord Freeza… the f*ck?" the one soldier Trunks didn't kill was finished off by Freeza. Speaking of which…
  • "If you're trying to be clever, you're sorely lacki— huh? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA—" Mecha Freeza; the scream is interrupted by a literal Villainous BSoD. Time will tell when he gets better.
  • "…I'm a haggler?" King Cold, after unsuccessfully trying to bargain planets with Trunks.
  • "Jerry, you ALWAYS think it's terrorism. You think your house gettin' TP'd is terrorism!" Tom
  • "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Marcel Marceau! If that's what you're lookin' for… It's gonna be thirty dollars an hour. Fifty if you want it weird." Jerry
  • "Please put that back. I kind of need that to flee from you…" car driver
  • "Huh? JESUS CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII—" semi-truck driver
  • "Your thirty day free trial has expired. Would you like to… purchase… Win…RAR." Android 19
  • "So, uh… could one of you spare one of those Senzu Be—" Dr. Gero
  • "Just a moment, someone is approaching! Excuse me, you terrifying-looking gentleman; what are your opinions on the legalization of— OH MY GOD!!!" Flash Stormwood; he got better
  • "Hmmm. I didn't think so…" Kami, in response to Piccolo not falling for the "lower" gag before they fuse. Like Nail, he now lives in Piccolo's mind.
  • "I will now continue to use the horn until you politely move!" Roger; he got better
  • "The East City Westmen!" Bucko; he got better
    • "HOO HA!" the rest of the team; they also got better
  • "But today, we'll make an exception for you, killer!" The Wombat after Cell requested "Video Killed the Radio Star", which isn't even in the top 20. He got better
  • "Please don't kill me!" caller from The Stinger of episode 44; he got better
  • "TOO LATE!!!!!" Imperfect Cell's last words before becoming Semi-Perfect. While he's still alive, this is the last appearance of his Imperfect Form.
  • "Oh god, this is totally disgusting! This isn't how it's supposed to work, I'm not supposed to die like this, I'm too cool! Someone pull off his tail! I'm too cool for this! I'm too cool—" Android/Cyborg 17, getting absorbed by Cell. He died later, when Cell self-destructed, then got better.
  • "Bro, if you love something, you have got to set it free!" Different Tom; he got better
  • "Do you think it's inadequacies in the bedroom?" Sally; she got better (BTW: her comment is specifically the reason why Different Tom, Harry, and Richard also died.)
  • "I think I'm pretty involved!" Harry; he got better
  • "Can we please go back to talking about this!?" Richard; he got better
  • "Look after the little guy…" Android/Cyborg 18, before being absorbed by Cell. She technically doesn't die, but she's out of commission until he pukes her out.note 
  • "And as you can see, every dog has its— AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" WHN Reporter; he got better
  • "Hey, get your ass moving! Some thing is tearing its way through the compound! We gotta go!" the soldier who tells Gero's son about a younger Goku's raid
  • "Uh, okay, sorry about this Dad. Gotta run. Love you. Good luck with your cyborg—" Gero's son, in a recorded message to his father shortly before getting killed by Kid Goku's Kamehameha
  • "Oh. Well, thank you for your time, Perfect Cell." The unfortunate journalist interviewing Cell, killed for not calling him Mr. Perfect Cell. He got better
  • "Coming at you live from the Cell Games Arena, it's Piiza,"
  • "Good day to you, my faithful subjects! It has taken over a thousand years, but we have finally repopulated our new Arlia! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I shall now make love to my HOT. BUG. WIFE. Who is also my SISTEEER! INSECTXUAL!" King Moai XXVII, 1,000 years after Cell's stray Kamehameha leaves the Earth. The rest of his sounds are obscene bug noises.
  • "Cell was right. You think you're better than everyone else. But there you stand, the good man doing nothing. And while evil triumphs, and your rigid pacifism crumbles into bloodstained dust, the only victory afforded to you is that you stuck true to your guns. You were a coward. To your last whimper. Of fear and love, I fear not that I will die, but that all I have come to love, the birds, and the things that are not birds, will perish with me. So please… Gohan… Stop holding back. And hey. If we do make it out of this, please pick up my head and beat your father to death with—" Android 16. Though the end of Episode 60 demonstrates he did indeed have a soul, he chose not to be revived.
  • "Daaaaaaaad!" One of the Cell Juniors. Their father's no helicopter parent.
  • "HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE CELL GAMES; BYE, EVERYBODY! GOOOO F*CK YOURSELVES!" Cell, preparing for his Taking You with Me Earth-Shattering Kaboom. He gets better thanks to one cell surviving.
  • "Goku. For the sake of your friends, your family, your planet, you gave yourself. I'll see you soon, my friend." King Kai, final thoughts before Goku teleports in with the exploding Cell. He didn't have enough time to say anything else before Cell blew up. And no thanks to Yamcha, he did not get better. Not that it matters, since he lives in Other World anyway.
  • "I'm proud of you, Gohan. Bye, son." Son Goku's last words on Earth before dying the second time.
    • "Hey, King Kai, what should I do with Cell?" Goku's actual last words on King Kai's planet.
  • "Help... Help...! Someone... help... me... I... Plea— Bluh-hagh!!" Future Trunks. He gets better.
  • OH, SHIT! Cell's final spoken words, after Vegeta's last-ditch attack gives Gohan an opportunity to permanently destroy every last cell with his Kamehameha.
  • "This is Alpha Leader Wombat, comin' at ya live from Parsley City. We've got our special guests, the Cyborgs, and they are TEARING! IT! UP! I've already lost five men, I'm running out of ammo, and I'm holed up in the bank! Looks like this will be ALW's last report. Watch out, TJ! I'm comin' home, brother!" Maybe Future Wombat, but we don't know if he's actually killed before Trunks kills 17 and 18.
  • "If you're reading this—" The old man in the car, who was saved in the nick of time in the original series, but eats a bullet before Trunks arrives here. Trunks really could've microwaved that tea.
  • "Wait..." Future 18
  • "Go... ku Jr.?" Future 17, after Trunks asks for his master's name. It was the wrong answer.
  • "♪And noooooow, the end is neaaaaaar!♫" "Oh god damn it shit!" Future Cell. He didn't do enough to even get through the first verse of the song.

    Movies and Specials 
Bardock, Father of Goku
  • "I'M ON FIRE!" Toolo
  • "Sorry." Toma, in response to Bardock realizing it was Dodoria who kicked his team's asses
  • "Alright, guys, let's hit the sho—TELLMYBROTHERAPPULEILOVEHIM!" Eachpei
  • "NOW DIE!" Mahngo
  • "What the fu—WAHAA! God dammit Mahngo, you team-killing f*cktard!" Lemi after getting punched through by Mahngo before Bardock finishes them
  • "Yeah, take that—" Freeza Soldier 1
  • "Ay yo, Bardock, I'm real happy for ya, and I'ma let you finish, but--" Freeza Soldier 2
  • "Seriously! We're not with him!" Freeza Soldier 3, shortly before Freeza kills everything in front of him
  • "Now… take this, Freeza! THE POWER OF THE SAIYAN RACE! HYAAAAA!" Bardock… or so we thought.
Episode of BardockChristmas Tree of Might
  • "We all had eggnog and Christmas fudge!" Amond/"Slay"
  • "Nope, wasted them like figgy pudding." Daiz/"Reese". Moral of the story: you never waste figgy pudding.
  • "Droid!" Cacao/"S.N.O.W. Man"
  • "What the hell? What is this sudden burst of joy!?" Turles
    • "No! So much… Joy! AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!" Turles' last thoughts
Lord Slug
  • "Hi, Jesus!" Jesus Guy 2
  • "We love you, Jesus!" Jesus Guy 1
  • "YOU listen here! King Piccolo is on borrowed time! We-uh… oh! I-I, uh… I am so sorry! That was a total slip-up on my part, please forgive me, King Piccolo! I did it again." Zeeun
  • "How long will it take? Well, King Piccolo, I believe it will take… No wait, I said it because he did, Isaiditbecausehedid-AHHH!" Gyoshu
  • "Oh my god, are you Batman—NO!" Slug Soldier
  • "Wha-?" Wings, offering a high five to Piccolo, who responds with "down low, too slow"
  • "Suck 'im dry, boys!" Medamatcha, not killed immediately, but definitely killed upon landing on Goku's hand
  • "You little upstart PRICK!" Angila
  • "If I'm gonna die, I'm Taking You with Me!" Lord Slug; it obviously didn't work.
    • "Why didn't I wish for IMMORTALITYYYYYYYY?!" Lord Slug's last thoughts
Revenge of Cooler
  • "Eh? Oh no! No no no no no! No no! No no no no no no! NO!!!" Doore
  • "GRAAAARRGH, EVERYTHING IS BURNING!! I really am just like my brother…!" Cooler, although the next we see of him he's been technically reduced to a head.
    • "But at least I know… I'm… still… cooler." Cooler's last thoughts.
  • "Hold ze f*cking frog legs! *evil laugh* You may have defeated Monsieur Cooler, but now you face ze wrath of Sauza!" Sauza
Dead ZoneCooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge, The Reckoning
  • "Beep." every single cycloid and the Big Gete Star.
  • "I am no one to judge. But I do decide your fate! Kill him slow… slow… slooow… slooooooooow… Drop The Bass!" D.V.E.D
  • "…Really?" *Sigh* Cooler, responding to Goku's Incredibly Lame Pun. This time, his death is permanent.
The History of Trunks
  • "Byeeee, soooooooon…" Future Goku
  • "Hey, girl, how you— WAH! MY EYES!!!" Future Krillin
  • "But on the brighter side, Wombat's getting married!" Future T.J., of T.J. and the Wombat. He doesn't die immediately, but it is explicitly noted he is indeed dead by the time the Epilogue of Episode 60 takes place.
  • "If you'd like to get on the rides faster, we do have a fast-pass system that's only 7,900 zen—" Super World attendant
  • "No! This isn't where my story ends!" This is where Future Gohan's story ends.
Super Android 13
  • "Did you just throw a mother*bleep*ing dog—" Android 15, getting the Guldo treatment
  • "By metal, my life was given. By metal, it has been stripped away. No dreams before or after. Only the end." Android 14, though it came out as distorted static.note 
  • "14 and 15 have been destroyed?! …Good!" Android 13, before using the aforementioned androids' batteries to become Super Android 13. He actually dies later, but this is his last line of dialogue before becoming a Silent Antagonist, much to Dr. Gero's delight.
  • "Well, that was a total bust. I suppose I'll just continue nursing Plan B… What's another 17 years? I'm not going anywhere! Wait, what is that noi— oh, no…" Dr. Gero, for real this time.
The World's Strongest
  • "Prepare for combat!" one of the Biomen
  • "So dark… and cold…" *sobs* Misokatsun/Blub-Blub / "The Bouncy Butcher"
  • "I'm the Electrocutioner now!" Kishime/Zap-Zap / "The Electrocutioner"
  • "Then electrocutionate him, I don't give a f*ck!" Ebifurya/Brr / "Freezer"
  • "Fair enooooooough!" Dr. Kochin
  • "Thank you, everyone. Now I can live a normal life again." Dr. Wheelo's last words onscreen before the next movie reveals he died of brain cancer.
Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan
  • "Oh, nononononono!" Paragus, as Broly "hugs" him inside his Saiyan Pod
  • "KA… KA… ROOOOOOT!" Broly, obviously; at least for now… maybe
Plan to Eradicate Christmas
  • "Holy—!" Ornament Turles
  • "Why didn't you?" Ornament Lord Slug
  • "I'm sorry, dear brother, but I thought it was all about you." Ornament Cooler
  • "Oh stop being a prick." Ornament Freeza
  • "But for the rest of you, and this un-salvageable planet, the only present I have is—" Santa Claus' first form (Dr. Raichi in the original)
    • "Ho, Ho, NOOOOOOOOO!" Santa's second form (Hatchiyack)

    DBZ Kai Abridged 
  • Episode 1
    • "I'm taking your son." Raditz
    • "And now I am the dead. Bleh." Goku. He got better
    • "I'm the only serious character in this show. That's the joke." Tenshinhan. He got better
    • "12 months have passed, let's go find Saiyans!" Piccolo. He got better
    • "VEGETA, WHY?" Nappa, because Vegeta's a monkey. He got better
  • Episode 2
    • "Hey, Vegeta." Cui
    • *Wilhelm Scream* Cargo. He got better
    • "But the thing!" Moori. He got better
    • "I have a thick… meaty… vagina." Dodoria
    • "Maybe I'm gay, or maybe stereotypes are bullshit! Mmm, PUSSY!" Zarbon
      • Technically, Zarbon's last words were "Mmmm!"
    • "And together we are…" Captain Ginyu
      • "THE GINYU—!" Burter, Jeice, Recoome, and Guldo
    • "Probably not." Super Kami Guru, first death
    • "Wanna see something cool?" Nail, technically
    • "Hey." Dende. He got better
    • "He's a Super Saiya—" Vegeta. He got better
    • "What happened to the third form?" Krillin. He got better
    • "I am hilarious… and you will quote… everything… I… saaaaaayyyyyyyyy." Super Kami Guru, second death
    • "That… way…" Freeza. He temporarily got better
  • Episode 2.9
  • Episode 3
    • "That's right, buttholes! This is my resurrection! And you're all about to get F—" Mecha-Freeza
    • "FILLER—" Crying anime filler child
    • "Fa-a-ther, I wish to be a real b o y..." Android 19
    • "No, don't wake him up for some reason!" Dr. Gero
    • "You had me at 'killing teenagers'." Kami, technically
  • Episode 3.5


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