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     Future Episodes: Buu saga 

Ultimate Gohan's voice will be different from his regular voice
When in his Regular Form, Adult Gohan's voice will pretty much be the goofy, high-pitched one we got to see in Super Android 13 Abridged. Meanwhile, when he gets his potential unlocked, he will have the deep, gruff voice Future Gohan had in History of Trunks Abridged.

The World Martial Arts Tournament will be sponsored by Big Green Threads.
With the slogan "Big Green for Little Green!"

Old Kai will make at least one joke about being a Hermaphrodite.
"Do you wanna see my paginis?"
  • Considering that TFS has Creator Backlash towards Dodoria's gender reveal, something tells me that they might not be willing to do something like this.

Someone will say "East Kai, what the shit!"...
...after East Kai reveals that Majin Buu is sealed on Earth and the seal is about to be broken.

When Goku shows Buu his Super Saiyan 3 form, his lungs will let out one looooooong big squeak.

The Kaioshins will be Jerkass Gods who consider the universe and all the people in it their property. And it legally is theirs.
Except Popo because he comes from outside the universe.
  • And is friends with The Supreme Kai of Time.

Kibito Kai/Kibitoshin will be a lampshade hanger and a fourth wall breaker.
"If you fused with that witch...- What the fuck was a witch doing on our planet?!" "I know I should be angry but this fusion gave me enough power to have more fangirls than you." "God...I'm such a puny God...ahahaha...get it?" "It would be a real shame if something happened to Vegetto when he's inside Buu." "Thank Toriyama this is a comedy because otherwise we'd be fucked." "Let's not use the Dragon Balls, says one of the Gods of creation." "If I die during a heroic sacrifice, I won't lose my reputation as a God. Come with me, Dende! Let's be of little use together!"

Nappa will be the director of the movie that completely butchers the story of Cell's defeat.
Either through a quick mention before playing the film or milking the idea for all it's worth, that is simply too good an idea to pass up.
  • Better yet, Nappa will be the one who convinces Hercule to take all of the credit for Gohan's victory.
  • Seems to be confirmed...

Buu will be Popo's unholy Eldritch Abomination offspring.
Seeing as that TFS's (Majin) character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is in fact a younger Mr. Popo, this theory is actually somewhat plausible. With that said, Buu's mother is most likely Majin Lala if Dumplin Popo is his father.

By the time the Buu saga happens, every Z-Fighter will have brain damage.
Most notably Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo and Yamcha. The only ones possibly spared will be Tien and Chiaotzu and Gohan

Popo is the reason Buu will turn into Kid Buu.
When Buu goes up to the tower, Popo throws Dende off the tower right?

Well, in the abridged series, the only reason Popo hangs out with the Kami is because it's the most powerful being he can control. Once Buu comes along, he disposes of Dende, as Buu is more powerful, and allows himself to be absorbed, causing Buu to turn into Kid Buu.

  • Oh my God!
    • And Kid Buu will try to destroy us.
  • Or alternatively, as somewhat mentioned below, Buu will try to assimilate Popo, but the dominant personality will be that of Popo. In short, Kid Buu will actually be Mr. Popo.
    • And it'll be signified with Super Buu turning black as night.
  • In their playthrough of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, one of the show's writers notes that they'll have to edit a certain character out of the scene where everyone on the lookout is turned into candy and eaten. Hmm...
    • Especially since he's a Majin-turned-Demon God from the future.
      • Which explains why Popo won't fight against Buu-he needs to ensure Buu exists long enough to become his ancestor.

When Piccolo and Krillin try to show Goten and Trunks how to do the Fusion Dance...
They will accidentally fuse together into a hideous abomination that will never actually be seen onscreen. Cue reaction shots of the other characters screaming in horror.

Dabura will be Ambiguously Gay just as Zarbon was.
In the original series, he did exhibit a little bit of queerness just like Zarbon did, so why not?
  • Considering Dabura is a rather obvious allegory for Satan, that might not be the best idea...
  • Alternativly, he will be the Nappa to Babidi's Vegeta
  • Alternatively, he'll be a Love Freak. Kind of like how he was after death.
  • Alternatively, he will be The Vamp from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and be voiced by Lord Quadros. (and for extra humor, Gohan will be like Raiden)
  • Alternatively, he'll be Manly Gay
  • Alternatively, he'll be like, terrible at being evil. Just the worst. Like, even as a Majin, he's literally only dangerous because he's a Majin, and he'll be trying to be evil because of it but just be a colossal failure at it. He'll try to sound threatening and fail. He'll try to boast and fail. He'll apologize for kicking people's asses. It would be good foreshadowing for him turning good.

It would turns out that Buu and Popo are childhood (or closest equivalent for near immortal Demonic Djiin
Obiviously since it would be very likely that Popo would be old enough to remember the first comming of Buu and since Buu is easily capable of destroying barriers between diemesons and universes so its likely that Buu is close to Pop's power level.
  • Even better, Popo might have been bullied by Buu in high school!
  • Already jossed. They announced during the Xenoverse Lets Play that Dumplin is Popo. Dumplin is a majin from another universe that consumed all in his own universe. He got changed by becoming a Demon God.

Majin Buu will be an intellectual.
The complete opposite of his Psychopathic Man Child persona in the actual series.
  • Made even funnier if he still talked like his Psychopathic Man Child persona. "Me see no logic in what Babbady say, you stoopid stop being stoopid, Me gonna eat you."
(misspelling intentional)

There will be a Soylent Green joke in the Buu saga
The joke is too obvious to pass up.

Majin Buu will kill Babidi for a different reason.
Instead he'll kill him for busting a fat joke. There can be two or even more possibilities how this will go down.
  • Majin Buu and Babidi will get along pretty good, until Majin Buu makes Babadi angry or Babadi just accidentally makes him mad for hurting his feelings unintentionally by criticizing his weight some how and out of overwhelming rage Majin Buu will murder Babadi.
  • Majin Buu and Babadi's relationship will be the same as it was in the original series or probably even worse. Babidi continuously makes random insults at Fat Buu, Buu either just brushes his petty yet irritating insults off or he just doesn't take them seriously because of his nature, then Babadi will cross the line; most likely after the fight with Goku and Babadi will insult Majin Buu because of his weight and it will cause some sort of break in his innocent child mind or his possible "intellectual" mind and he'll return Babadi's insult with his own life.
  • Nah, he'll turn out to be exactly like Goku. He'll kill Babadi with a "Bored now."

Babidi and Majin Buu will act like Yzma and Kronk.
  • Naturally Buu will kill Babidi when he insults spinach puffs.
    • "Pull the lever, Buu!" *BOOM* "Wrong lever."

Everyone will comment on similarities between Buu and Cell.
  • When Buu eats Dabura, someone will comment "Cell did it!" When Buu does the Kamehameha, Goku will comment "Cell did it!" Finally, when Buu does the Human Extinction Attack, he'll say "Did Cell do that?!" and someone will reply "No... but he probably would have."

Buu Saga predictions
  • Pui Pui is going to be the Raditz of Babidi's henchmen, and it would show in his fight with Vegeta.
  • Freeza will be the new unit of measurement or power levels instead of Raditz.
  • Supreme Kai, or Kibito, would be like Popo, and would say "they were preoccupied" whenever asked why they didn't kill Freeza.
    • When asked why they didn't kill Cell, he might mistake it for something else (i.e., a prison cell), and the Z Fighters decide against pressing the issue further.
  • Vegito will be a Memetic Badass.

Buu will give a brief Villain Song upon turning into Kid Buu.
Because both Frieza and Cell before him introduced their ultimate forms that way.

Someone will comment on how gay the fusion dance looks when it's introduced.
They would have in the original series but the Radars prohibited it for obvious reasons. There's nothing holding Team Four Star back so why not?
  • if that happen, then possibly is going to be Yamcha or Krillin who make the comment.

Goten will be just like Goku
After all, he looks just like Goku, right down to the hair. So why not make his personality the same?
  • Alternatively he'll be completely different.
  • Alternativly he'll be like Vegeta
  • Alternatively, he'll be like Goku, but without the brain damage because both not suffering multiple incidences of brain damage and being raised by Chi-Chi.
  • Alternatively, he'll be a Soft-Spoken Sadist who secretly apprentices under Mr. Popo.

When Goku first meets Goten, the meeting will be a Call-Back to Gohan's introduction in Kai Abridged Episode 1.

Just as Goku got to parody Giant Woman, Gotenks will parody Stronger Than you

Kid Buu will be the true form of Mr. Popo.
Long ago, the Kais split Kid Buu in two halves, the "good" Mr. Popo and the evil Buu. They will combine and return to their original form. Then at the very end of the series...
Goku: Hey guys. This is my apprentice, Uub. He's the reincarnation of Kid Buu. Say hi, Uub.
Uub: (In Mr. Popo's voice) Hi.
Krillin: Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
Uub laughs in Mr Popo's voice. Series ends.
  • Jossed. Popo's the future version of Dumplin so it's probably not gonna happen

Buu will become an Omnicidal Maniac when learning about Mr Popo.
Buu's already unstable in his Fat form. Think about what would happen if a child with the power of a god would react to Mr Popo. Yeah, the results wouldn't be pretty. I wouldn't be surprised if Kid Buu is trying to tear reality apart to make sure Mr Popo will be Deader than Dead. And given Buu can tear down the walls of existence, there's a good chance he'll go after the producers for creating something like Mr Popo.

Chi Chi will get together with Piccolo after Goku dies to Cell (or at least try).
Piccolo is already a better father to Gohan than Goku, and it's pretty obvious that Chi Chi is just about sick of Goku's antics. Odds are that she might try to put the moves on Big Green at some point. Heck, the Ox King would probably give his blessing!
Chi Chi: Daddy, I want to marry this wonderful man here! Will you give us your blessing?
Ox King: I don't know. Does he eat as much as Goku did? Because my budget still can only cover two Saiyan appetites.
Piccolo: Actually, I don't eat at all; just give me a tall glass of water and I'm good for the day.
Ox King: Welcome to the family, son!

Everyone will suggest Chi Chi should hook up with Piccolo.
Only for Chi Chi to refuse because she still genuinely loves Goku. This is followed by someone else asking if it's just because Piccolo doesn't have a penis.
  • Even Goku would suggest it (before he gets wished back to life, anyway).

Babidi will be Affably Evil.
As a complete contrast to his Smug Snake Jerkass canon self, Babidi will actually be a nice, almost kindly elder gentleman who just happens to be interested in universal domination. To add a level of creepiness, however, he'll still dispose of minions no longer needed, but he'll be completely unaware that its a bad thing-much like Majin Buu doesn't know right or wrong.

Alternatively, he'll be a parody of a Smug Snake.
Babidi will be even more of an obnoxious Jerkass who's full of himself, however everyone, minor minions included, will be self-aware at how much of a Big Bad Wannabe he is, and are only working for him because he basically paid them. His minions know that he'll try to dispose of them, but since Babidi is a complete moron they don't think he'll even be able to do that. Which is exactly what Babidi will use, completely unintentionally. Even his own father Bibidi will look down on him because of this. In essence, Babidi will be the embodiment of the Villain Ball, with a distinct "Son, I am Disappoint" theme

Super Buu will out-Popo Mr. Popo.
He is considered the worst of the worst even in-universe, killing people in almost under a minute. Hell, Buu KILLS Mr. Popo, and only an evil greater than Mr. Popo could kill Mr. Popo.
  • I can actually see it now.
    Super Buu: (Kills Popo and tosses him off the Lookout) Enjoy climb back up, BITCH!
    • They've stated that they had to remove a certain character from the lookout when everyone is turned into candy during their playthough of Xenoverse, so while he could be more evil than Popo, doing anything to Popo? Not gonna happen.

Buu won't assimilate Mr. Popo. Mr. Popo will assimilate Buu from within, making him the final enemy.

Blue Popo will be removed from inside Super Buu instead of/in addition to Fat Buu.
Kid Buu came into being when all of Fat Buu's good was removed. Well, because of all the seeming ties Buu and Popo are likely to have, and Blue Popo is the "good" equivalent to normal Abridged!Popo...

Vegeta and Goku will have constant arguments with each other while they share a body as Vegito.
Specifically, they will have a hard time coming up with a name for the fusion. The final name will probably be something ridiculous.
  • Or Vegeta will insist on the fusion being called something like "Super Vegeta" and Goku won't give a crap.

The Old Kai will have the voice of Old Gregg.
Because an Abridged Series would be incomplete without a Shout-Out to The Mighty Boosh.

When Gohan turns into the Great Saiyaman
Vegeta will say "It's feeling Zarbon in here." Once the Fusion Dance is introduced, someone will say "It's feeling Saiyaman in here."

When Gohan becomes the Great Saiyaman, he'll be a full-blown Kamen Rider
Think about it - it's a little more apparent that the Ginyu Force was inspired by Super Sentai here than in the original series, given the fact that the episodes they were featured in felt a bit more like an actual Super Sentai show (look at the intro to them; they even do a mock part where the "sponsors" are shown), so there's a TON of reasons for them to crank up the KR references - reaching it's logical conclusion in the 12th movie, where he sees the deceased Ginyu Force escaping from Hell (or rather, HFIL) and comments "Man, for some reason I feel like I could get along with those guys now".

The reason why Goten and Trunks can turn Super Saiyan is...
Muffin Button.
  • And, to further elaborate: Whenever it's used, the muffin button creates radiation that changes certain genes in the saiyan genome, causing them to lose their tails but unlocking their transformations at a young age. However, it only affects the reproductive organs, which is why Goku and Vegeta had to struggle to unlock their transformations. (This would also be why Trunks can transform, despite having been conceived before Vegeta could.)

Alternate idea for Trunks: He walked in on his parents having sex. Cue parody of the Traumatic Superpower Awakening trope.

During the scene that Gohan dodges rocks that Goten chucks at him, off screen we'll hear Picollo shout "FINALLY!"

The whole "DODGE" thing will come back to bite Gohan hard.
  • After so many years of being taught to dodge, it'll finally sink in the moment Goku throws the earring at him and will be the punchline to the entire gag.
    • Right before he gets absorbed he'll say "Damn you, Pavlov."

Bulma's treatment of Yamcha will bite her in the ass
When Vegeta gets controlled by Babidi and kills the people at the world tournament, Bulma considers leaving Vegeta and uses Yamcha as a rebound.
- Yamcha: You left me for the guy that killed me. Go f**k yourself.
  • Again, here's hoping.
  • Alternatively, Bulma will get a more scathing "Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Bulma: "I can't believe Vegeta would murder a bunch of innocent people."
    Yamcha starts laughing
    Bulma: "Dude, people died Yamcha! That's not funny!"
    Yamcha: "Oh, you're right. That's awful, but that's not why I'm laughing. Pardon my French, but you weren't being fucking serious, were you? You're surprised that Vegeta turned out to not be such a great guy? The guy who used to commit genocide for a living? The guy who came to earth with the intent of using the Dragon Balls to get immortality and tried to destroy the planet when things weren't going his way? The guy who killed four of your friends, including your boyfriend, trying to stop him? The guy who compulsively betrays and murders his allies? The guy who remorselessly slaughtered a whole village of Namekians, who by the way, I'm pretty sure we never wished back, just to get his hands on a Dragon Ball?"
    cuts to Dende at the lookout
    Dende: "Thank you!"
    back to Yamcha
    #18: "Oh, he also caused more collateral damage than me and #17, and that was back when we were still evil and he was on your side."
    Yamcha: "Oh, I wasn't around for that. Thanks for pointing that out. Bulma, as your ex, I say you have terrible taste in men."

Vegito will play the same Memetic Badass jokes Popo does.
It's freaking Veggeto.

Ideas for how Vegito will combine Goku and Vegeta's personalities
  • Same as canon, Goku's laid back nature and Vegeta's arrogance, but more humorous, if possible.
  • Alternatively, he'll combine Vegeta's arrogance with Goku's stupidity.
  • Alternatively, he'll combine Vegeta's anger with Goku's stupidity.
  • Alternatively, Goku and Vegeta will be constantly bickering in his head, much like Nail and Kami have retained consciousness inside Piccolo's head.
  • Goku's maximum stupidity and kindness will even out Vegeta's own exaggerated persona and he'll be just like Canon Vegeta.
    • They'll instead just even out to Canon Vegetto
  • Goku's Innocently Insensitive, Obfuscating Stupidity, and optimism with Vegeta's arrogance, Jerkass tendencies and fondness for boasting, taunting and one liners to create the ultimate Troll that will say the perfect things to get under his opponents skin to make them angry.

Gohan will call Chi Chi out on how she treats Goten.
In canon she not only allows Goten to train but trains him herself.

Mr. Popo will ensure Majin Buu becomes Kid Buu.
Given how the response to Cell was "Well that's f***ing ominous", its implied that Mr Popo is not as powerful as him. Even if this is Perfect Cell he's talking about, Buu is one of the few entities who could make Popo seem like a maggot. Instead, Mr Popo will manipulate the powerful yet stupid Majin Buu to cause destruction and chaos. He'll help out Babidi gain the energy to awaken Majin Buu, and when Buu begins to turn nice, Mr Popo will hire the gunmen to hurt Bee. Or maybe not, since that may be too much. Super Buu will go berserk, but calm down and remain good...until Mr Popo goads Buu into devouring him. Super Buu gains certain personality traits when he assimilates others, so Mr Popo will ensure he remains a psycho. When Super Buu reverts to Kid Buu, the near-mindless shell will be ready for Mr Popo to completely take over as a pitch-black Kid Buu.Most certainly Jossed. If anything to make this at least semi confirmed, Popo would do all that to ensure that Dumplin can exist in the future.

Buu will talk like Venturestein in Venture Libre
Talking reasonably intelligently but completely excluding syntax.

When Gohan smacks Super Buu's attack away he'll quote what Nappa said way back when he smacked his attack away

After Buu destroys the Earth, Chiaotzu will finally get his free sundae

Theories on the state of the world:
  • Goten will have a bizarre combination of his father's ignorance and his brother's intellect, with numerous characters wondering how someone like him can be so naturally talented. The response will invariably be that "He's... special."
  • Whereas Future Trunks was blissfully unaware of his father's checkered past and struggled to be accepted by him, Kid Trunks will be personally trained as an Overlord Jr. by a doting Vegeta.
    • A bit unlikely. TFS stated that if they do abridge the Buu saga (and it appears that they will), Vegeta will be in the middle of a Hollywood Midlife Crisis.
  • Krillin and 18 will be in the middle of a messy divorce, fighting over custody of Maron.
    • Also a bit unlikely. Though this one's just wishful thinking.
      • It's actually rather unlikely they will get divorced, since that would likely lead to the Krillin Owned Counter being used a lot - said counter has been used less and less, seemingly indicating that either they'll retire the gag entirely, or at the very least, have a new one for someone else.
  • The Saiyaman saga will invariably see people comparing Saiyaman and Videl to Superman and Batman.
  • And of course, with Hercule seen as the world's savior, we can expect plenty of "HAIL SATAN" jokes.

Vegeta's scream from Episode 18 will be heard in the epilogue.
  • The epilogue for Dragon Ball Z occurs at roughly the same point in time in the present timeline as Vegeta's scream is heard in Future Trunks' timeline. Knowing TFS, it's too good of a Brick Joke for them to pass up.

When Bee (the dog) gets shot there will be a disclaimer similar to the one that showed up when Raditz smacked Gohan however
This time it'll say "we don't find it hilarious"
  • Additionally, "SHOT THROUGH THE HEART!" will play when it happens right before that as a reference to Hellsing Abridged.

Super Buu and Evil Buu will have Dumplin's voice
Alternatively, Majin Buu will BE Dumplin
  • It's not like TFS to miss out on such a perfect joke. When Babidid summons him, he'll make a reference to how his "skin color" changed and how he is not "Majin Buu" but instead Dumplin. Mr Po Po will be terrified because it could cause a time paradox that could wipe him out. Naturally Dumplin absorbs him and they end up as a paradoxical being calling themselves "Majin Buu"

Vegito's fusion
  • When Goku and Vegeta fuse, Goku will start breaking into song, much to Vegeta's annoyance. The song in question? Stronger Than You.

The saiyans fusion will have a lot of shout outs to Steven Universe.
  • Because the way Gems fuse seems to owe a lot of DBZ. It would be coming full circle.

Chi-Chi will raise Goten as a Replacement Goldfish for Goku.
Since Goku will stay dead following the Cell Games, Chi-chi will find herself missing Goku and, much as she was an Education Mama to Gohan, she'll instead deliberately raise Goten to be a miniature Goku, possibly even depriving or sabotaging any education on his part to make him as stupid as Goku was. Despite this, there may be signs that Goten is a natural genius possibly even smarter than Gohan.

Yamcha will make the Super Spirit Bomb fail by refusing to give his energy.
  • He ultimately decides that if the universe doesn't care about him, he doesn't care about the universe.
    • Alternatively, considering it's Yamcha, he'll try to invoke this, but Kid Buu will just be killed off screen, causing him to try and awkwardly explain his actions.

When Mr. Satan reaches out to Fat Buu, Fat Buu will say "Buu only pawn in game of life."

There will be an Oedipus Complex theme with Gohan.
In canon he falls for Videl, who's a lot like his mother. Add in Abridged!Gohan's issues with Goku, and it'll get pretty Freudian in here. The relationship in the abridged series will be treated as Squick by the characters who think it's a sign of Gohan's attraction to his mother, especially Krillin, however it'll be clear that Gohan's relationship with Videl and Chi-Chi is normal and everybody else has a dirty mind.
  • With the recent Funimation leaks, this might not be too far off.

The episode where Super Buu kills everyone one Earth will have a crowd reading the disclaimer.
Since everyone on Earth dies, it only makes sense that they have everyone on Earth read the disclaimer.

Hercule will be regularly struck by lightning
And suffers for other incidents of bad luck.Because Dende is in love with Gohan and not only did Hercule steal credit for beating Cell but it proclaimed that all Ki users including Gohan were frauds. And you do not fuck with God's beloved even if it's unrequited. Hercule lives because Dende wishes to prolong his suffering.

Saiyaman will happen.
A) It will be mocking Hercule's poses and the public adoration for them ("hey, does this mean Vegeta could have been known as a God-King if he had just posed Ginyu-style when he first came to Earth?)

B) Simply to entertain Trunks and Goten. ("Okay, now next time, pose like this!" "And say this rap!")

C) Saiyaman will seem bipolar swinging for pissed to goofy just to mindfuck people ("Messing with people's brains is oddly amusing")

D) It will be one big sociology experiment, or at least he will claim it is to Chichi ("The results have an adverse effect on my faith in humanity")

E) It will be an homage to 60's Batman. Complete with the over the top comic style effects during the fight scenes. ("Holy Hercule, Saiyaman!")

  • A more likely scenario would be making the thing a full-blown Kamen Rider episode, seeing as how they treated the first episode involving the Ginyu Force as if it was a Super Sentai episode.

Saiyaman will be an entire split personality.
Gohan's dad will be both dead and have been a terrible father all his life, he's traumatized beyond belief, his father figure is an alien who is three people and he's had no contact with anyone his age his entire life. Gohan is due for some serious mental issues. Perhaps after spending more and more time around Piccolo/Kami/Nail it becomes how he copes, creating a self that's a confident, caring and goofy person that saves others. Plus it would give us a Gohan version of the Piccolo situation. Like stepdad like stepson.

Android 18 will abandon her android number as a name, and everyone will refer to her by her birth name.
By then, she will be married and settled down, there is NO reason to not use her birth name rather than her android number, and I dunno, "Lazuli Sanchez" is too silly of a name to miss the opportunity on.

Fat Buu will be played completely, 100% seriously.
Not even like Tenshinhan, who at least plays the straight-man role at times... just completely, 100% deadly serious all the time.

Marron's name
Considering the Marron Krillin knows kind of...well, lied and cheated him out of his do they go about kid!Marron's name? I doubt they'll make Krillin especially bad towards his child, considering how he's a pretty good dad in canon, so if they do decide to keep the name, it'd probably be because 18 thought it was adorable, or something. I just don't see Krillin, especially not this Krillin, to be the kind of guy who would need a name to remind themselves of the past considering he's found someone he actually loves and later has a family with.
  • Random idea: 18 decides to name her daughter after a childhood friend, and it just so happens to be the same exact person. Krillin Owned Count rises.
    • Alternate idea: 18 will look at some of Krillin's stuff, and see a phone book with Marron's name, and comment how she thought it was the cutest name ever. KOC rises.
      • Considering the KOC was destroyed at the end of season 3, while that doesn't joss either of these, it does joss said counter rising.
    • Worse case scenario, they could just change it...

Goten and Trunks will have a friendship that mirrors their fathers
But Trunks tolerates Goten more than his father does Goku

One character will say that they though Krillin was naturally bald

If they abridge "Warriors of the Dead" Freeza and Cell will have a "friendship" similar to Goku and Vegeta

Babidi crying out "Majin Buu! Nooooo!" will be a running gag.
Whenever it looked like Majin (Fat) Buu was destroyed or killed or even fatally wounded, Babidi cries out his name, only to see he gets back up and instantly regenerates, prompting him to backpedal and say "oh, nevermind". By the time Goku fights him at Super Saiyan 3, Babidi will let out a bored "Oh no, Majin Buu" to show that not at all surprised or worried of his creation's supposed deaths anymore.

During the fight between Hercule and Android 18, Keijo!!!!!!!! will be referenced.
Amber Lee Connors, the voice actress for 18, plays the main character.

During the whole thing with Orange Star High School, there will be a Prom.
I'm not exactly sure why or how, but something tells me that if they do the whole Gohan in High School thing, Prom will somehow be involved.

Dende will show hatred for Videl.
Or at least be Passive-Aggressive towards her.

Buu will be an expy of Bill Cipher.
Given that they already made a few references to Steven Universe, it's time that its Disney counterpart got some attention. Bonus points if they actually get Alex Hirsch to voice him.

Supreme Kai will try to Contact Beerus to help fight Majin Buu.
Obviously it won't work since Beerus would still be asleep Leading to Supreme Kai to try and prepare Gohan and the Other Z-Fighters that survive to fight off buu
  • In addition, he'll yell at Whis to wake Beerus up or else everyone will die, and Whis will just say something along the lines of "Not my problem."
    • Whis might even state something like "I could get him to help, but I'm surprised you'd call for us considering what happened with the Old Kai last time".

Dabura will mention his sister Towa at one point.
  • In addition, when he calls himself demon king, a slight reference to Dumplin will occur

There will be a My Hero Academia reference when Gohan goes through his Saiyaman phase
If Justin Briner is still voicing Teen Gohan, the opportunity will be to good to pass up. Possibilities include:
  • Gohan considering "Deku" as his superhero name.
  • Him yelling "All For One" when fighting a bad guy.
  • Piccolo at one point saying "Holy Stinking Super Crap" in response to Gohan's costume.
  • Sharpener calling Gohan a "Damn Nerd." Bonus points if they get Clifford Chapin to voice him.

Gohan will call Videl his "Hot Asian Girlfriend"
Because Call-Back.

Bulma and Dende will comment on how handsome Gohan became as a teenager

During Videl's beating by Spopovich the others will tell Gohan to be calm, like a leaf in a stream
Resulting in him once again screaming F**K THE STREAM

Piccolo and Chi-Chi got married between the Cell and Buu Saga
Because how else better to top off the "Piccolo is a better dad" joke? She's probably used to a husband who's never around anyways.

Gohan will be reluctant to introduce Videl to the others.
Mainly due to the insanity that ruined his childhood. Whether he wants to save face in front of her or wants to protect her, he doesn't want her getting mixed up with them.

Majin buu is a druggie
edit all the candy/sweets he loves with various drugs like marijuana, toke cigars and others ways to get high. Babidi will control buu through his addiction, and Mr. Satan will befriend Majin Buu by helping him overcome it and become a productive member of society.

Dabura and Babidi will have Satan and Saddam's voices respectively
And "Dabura's Power" will be a metaphor for sex.

At some point Saiyaman will try out for the Superfriends
They were established as part of the DBZA world way back in Season 1 after all.

Upon Spopvitch and Yamu's deaths at the hand of Babidi...
There will be some kind of reference to the feelings of a decent chunk of the fandom, mainly that Spopovitch got off too easy and should have been beaten into a pulp by Gohan.
Gohan: "Dammit, how am my supposed to avenge my girlfriend now!"

For his role, aside from diolgue, the Great Saiyaman will be completely untouched.
Because when it's not broken, don't fix it.

Nappa will produce the Cell Games movie shown at the World Tournament
Prompting an epic "God dammit, Nappa" from Vegeta.

The Cell Games movie will feature the Funimation voice actors

There will be a "I need an adult/I am an adult" moment between Gohan and Videl
... during the (in)famous fight in the Anime, when Videl grabs Sayaman's head between her legs.
Gohan: "I need an adult!"
Videl: "You are an adult!"

Videl will have made Harry Potter fanfictions with Gohan as the main character.
Gradually, Videl will grow more and more fond of Gohan throughout his fight with Cell. And she's confirmed to be a huge fan of the series in question. By the time the two formally meet, she'll have tried her hand at writing fanfics based on what she saw on TV, and it'll be a Brick Joke that she doesn't want anyone to know of her hobby.

Buu is actually Puddin.
How, you ask? Please recall Puddin's heritage: A Demonic queen and the Protoform of all manner of eldritch horrors. Also when she was born Puddin was just a shapeless mass of magic so the concept of gender really isn't a thing for her. So what if one day she just got tired of the whole heroing thing? After what has it gotten her? Her parents are on opposite sides, her mother and brother are dead thanks to Goku forcing her hand, and her father is turning into Mr Popo. So one day she's doing her thing and catches the eye of Bibidi who then Palpatines her. As such she changes her name, pigment, even her temperament and gender.

The "DODGE!" joke will return during Super Buu's Human Extinction Attack.
Piccolo: "People of Earth! DOOOOOOOODGE!"
  • Cue unanimous "wait, what?" Before everyone dies.

Vegeta going Majin will be him having a midlife crisis
  • Based on TFS's recent Let's play, Vegeta will turn evil to relive his glory days as he become disgusted with how human his life is.
    • Alternatively, it'll be Nappa that causes him to do so - Babidi will promise to take the blame for killing Nappa if Vegeta just so happens to kill Nappa "accidentally", and Vegeta will do so...thus allowing them to bring back Ghost Nappa!

Ghost Nappa will return!
  • Post Vegeta's Majin Phase, Super Buu turns everyone into candy and/or eats them. One of these people just so happened to be a handsome bald former model turned movie producer. So fast forward to later and King Yemma calls up Vegeta, offering to send him back down to Earth on one teency weency condition.
    Vegeta: Done!
    Yemma: Y-you sure?
    Vegeta: Oh sorry, you a little high up there? I said I agree.
    Yemma: But you haven't even heard what the deal is.
    Vegeta: Hey the last time I was here, you had me strip down before you sent me off to Hell. And for the last however long it's been I've been nothing but a little cloud hanging around a fountain of blood. At this point, there's nothing you could do to me to make my existence any more miserable.
    Yemma: Well... okay. Bring him in boys!
    Vegeta: What's the worst it could be anyway? Am I babysitting one of Kakarot's idiot so-? No. No!
    G!Nappa: See, big guy. Didn't I tell ya he'd be cool with it?
    Vegeta(OS): Nononononononononononononono-
    G!Nappa: Just like the old days, Vegeta and Nappa together again!

Fat Buu's interaction with Goku
  • Unlike Freeza, who couldn't handle Goku, and Cell, who understood Goku and played along with his dumbness, Fat Buu will be the first major villain where Goku gets to be the smart one. Goku'll be played like a big brother or proper dad compared to Buu's toddler sibling or child.

Gohan will be a Big Brother Bully to Goten
  • Due to Goten's resemblance to their father, and the fact that Goku has been dead since the Cell Games, Gohan will bully Goten as a way to cope with his father issues. Alternatively, he might start off being a nice brother to Goten, but turn into a Big Brother Bully once he learns Chi-Chi has been training Goten in martial arts, and accuse her of Parental Favoritism.

Videl and Gohan will bond over their father issues
  • In canon, Videl seemed to be distant from her father due to the fame he gained for defeating Cell, and abridged personalities tend to be exaggerations of the characters rather than new personalities. Since abridged Gohan also has father issues of his own with Goku, this will be a Commonality Connection that could serve to start their relationship.

Tien will get his own owned counter exclusively for Super Buu
  • This will be in reference to the Let's Play Team Four Star did of Budokai 3. The beating Buu delivers Tien will also play on repeat so that it can reach 27, which is as many times as Kaiser died before finally beating Buu.

Dabura will be a villainous Only Sane Man
  • Tying in with the theory about Babadi being depicted as an exaggeration of his Stupid Evil characteristics, Dabura will be the only sane villain, based on how in canon he was actually smart enough to realize that Majin Buu was too dangerous.

Characters who act as the Only Sane Man
  • Piccolo will assume the role most of the arc on Earth. He's the existing character with most screen time and he's shown can be in the role depending on the situation, plus Future Trunks and Gohan won't be around.
  • Vegeta will take over the role by the end of the arc, because he's stuck hanging Goku. How can he not end up in that role?

The Tenkaichi Budokai will be a parody of the Super Bowl
  • Complete with overtly elaborate commercials (which will all be callbacks to previous episodes) that people are mostly watching for instead of the fights and a halftime show by An Azuki

During Videl's beatdown at the hands of Spopovitch, Trunks and Goten have the "Karma conversation" that Krillin and Dende had during Vegeta's beatdown at the hands of Zarbon during the Planet Namek arc.
  • Providing that Videl retains her antagonistic demeanor towards Gohan initially. In response to her initially somewhat-demanding and antagonistic attitude towards Gohan (who, let's be honest, really didn't deserve that kind of mistreatment at that stage in his life considering the majority of his life he's come across cold-blooded murderers, jerkasses and/or extremely overbearing parental figures). Not to mention that for those who found the fight (Videl vs. Spopovitch) to be too gruesome to look at, Trunks and Goten having the "Karma conversation" would sort of be an interesting way censor the fight, with the fight cutting to the kids every now and then.
  • Alternatively, this whole thing would be in response to Hercule's act of taking credit for Gohan's saving the world from Cell. Maybe Hercule thinks that Videl is his daughter and she wouldn't have any trouble against a pushover like Spopovitch. Cue Videl being beaten to a pulp and Trunks and Goten having "the Karma conversation".

Great Saiyaman will take Android 16's advice a little too far
Android 16's "The Reason You Suck" Speech in Episode 60 says that Gohan takes his pacifism too far; he doesn't want to hurt his enemies even though his friends and loved ones will suffer. Then he dies and Gohan unlocks Super Saiyan 2.
This event will reshape Gohan's worldview. Prior to this, Gohan was either pushed into a conflict or he just snaps; he was forced by his fathers to fight the Saiyans and Cell, Freeza attacked him, Dodoria tried to kill someone in front of him, etc. As Great Saiyaman, for the first time he knowingly goes into battle; unlike every other incident, it's not spur of the moment. He asks Bulma to make a costume, even.
And he swings the pendulum too far in the other direction. He fights nonviolent criminals and hospitalizes them because he doesn't know his own strength, tries to solve crimes that the police are better at, etc.

Gohan and Videl's relationship will start off similar to Cloud and Tifa's.
Since they'll be voiced by the same actors (Justin Briner and Sarah Williams, respectively), TFS would have to be high to pass it up. Of course, as time goes on, their relationship will hew closer to canon.
  • To complete it, either Erasa or Angela will be voiced by Kira Buckland.
  • Alternatively, Videl will be a lot more forward about her feelings for Gohan, subverting the obvious Tsundere dynamic.
    • Or perhaps they'll switch the roles and have Gohan be the Tsundere, given that male Tsunderes are rather rare in general.
  • Take a Third Option: Videl will be nice to Gohan (or in the very least, won't be as rude to him as she was in canon), but hates the Great Saiyaman.

There will be a reference to the infamous Prison Rape gag from Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged
Relating to the above theory, Gohan and Videl's relationship will start off like Cloud and Tifa's. There will be a scene that references the Prison Rape gag, as well as the viewer response to it with a side helping of Self-Deprecation. In the scene where Videl blackmails Gohan into teaching her how to fly, she'll bring up that he committed unlawful vigilantism as the Great Saiyaman and could face prison, but the exchange is not how you'd expect it.
Videl: "Do you know what they do to guys like you in prison?"
Gohan: *nervously* "Four men at a minimum?"
Videl: *surprised* "What!? No, you idiot! You'll be kept in a military facility because somebody as powerful as you couldn't be held by a normal prison, let alone a bunch of naked inmates. How the hell did you reach that conclusion?"
Gohan: "Well, you said that so threateningly."
Videl: "So your natural conclusion was assuming I'd use prison rape as an ultimatum? I'm a part-time cop. I don't wish that on actual rapists!"
Gohan: "But you'll use blackmail to get what you want?"
Videl: "I may not be the nicest person to you, but there are lines even I don't cross. Were you just trying to be unnecessarily edgy, or do you really think that little of my character?"
Gohan: "I don't hate you, Videl!"
Videl: "Well, you have a funny way of showing you don't hate me."
Gohan: "I like to think I was deconstructing your character."
Videl: "Deconstruct? What the hell are you talking about?"
Gohan: "Well, I figured the reason for your hostility is that your mom is dead and your dad is an egomaniac who is rarely in your life."
Videl: "So you think my natural response to that is to be a heartless, immature bitch who would threaten somebody with prison rape!?"
Gohan: "You know, now that you mention it, I've had a pretty crappy childhood myself, and I don't act like that either."
Videl: "So quit it with the armchair psychology and stop acting like you know me so well."
Gohan: *Beat* "Was you calling me out for the prison rape crack cathartic enough?"
Videl: "A little, yeah."
Gohan: "Look, I'll teach you how to fly if we just drop this awkward and unfunny subject, okay?"
Videl: "Deal."

Super Kami Guru will appear among the villains in HFIL
If the scene showing all previous villains during the fight with Buu happens, Guru will be edited in to be watching with them due to his Adaptational Villainy.

When Mystic/Ultimate Gohan threatens to kill Buu Piccolo will comment "RED FLAG!"

Super Saiyan 3 will be dubbed "Super De Duper Saiyan"

If Krillin get's owned, the Krillin Owned Counter will return all beaten up and with a negative number

Videl will be a crazy conspiracy theorist who knows her dad didn't save the world and is trying to figure out who did.
  • Alternatively, she'll recognize Gohan from seeing him on TV, realize he saved the world, and go into fangirl mode.

hbi2k's characters will be written out.
Several characters were voiced by him, and instead of recasting them like they did with Vegeta 3986's characters, his characters will all be written out in various ways:
  • Nail (and Kami) will finally fade into Piccolo's subconscious
  • Bubbles will be replaced by Talking Movie Bubbles
  • Mez will be killed by Frieza and Cell, alongside Goz
  • Dr. Briefs will piss off Vegeta, who will kill him by complete accident and panic

The episode where Buu blows up Earth will be called "Earth-Shattering Ka-Buu-m."
Because a pun like that is too good to pass up.

Dabura’s last words will be something along the lines of "Tell Towa I love her!"

They will do a Take That! towards the Potara retcon in Dragon Ball Super
As shown in episode 60, they aren't afraid of taking potshots towards Super, so when Vegito defuses into Goku and Vegeta, they'll do a take that - maybe revealing that the earrings in question were defective or something.

Vegeta's reaction to the Potara fusion plan
Because we all know what the "right ear" means:
Goku: Vegeta! Put this in your right ear!
Vegeta: What? Why?
Goku: Because if we put both earings on one opposite side of our ears, we'll fuse together and become-
Vegeta: No, dumbass! I mean, why the right ear!?
Goku: Huh? Whaddya mean? Mine's on my left ear so you can put yours on your-.
Vegeta: Yeah, but why do I have to use the right ear?
Goku: I dunno, so we can defeat Majin Buu? Why else?
Vegeta: No, I mean... the right ear would mean... you really don't understand, do you?
Goku: Did you forget who your talking to?
Vegeta: Oh for the love of - Fine! [angrily puts earring on right ear]
Buuhan: HA! Gay!
Vegeta: Shut up, Kirby!

Everything in this folder is jossed. There will be no Buu Saga. Ever.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged will return...eventually.


Fusion Reborn Abridged. Gogeta will be the ultimate Deadpan Snarker (From Vegeta), and not even realize it (From Goku).

Like the Buu Sage WMG above, Janemba will be a Bill Cipher expy.

In History of Trunks abridged, when Future Vegeta dies, he will scream in much the same way he did in episode 18
  • Semi Jossed, Vegeta just screams normally, but when Trunks is talking to Bulma near the end of the special, you can hear Vegeta's scream as a callback to Episode 18

There will be one episode based on the Garlic Jr. filler saga.
And part of the Running Gag would be that he has sworn revenge on the Z Fighters for...something, and they don't even know who he is. (Maybe Krillin cut him off in traffic, who cares.)
  • Perhaps he's pissed because his movie is non-canon, and his evil plan is to make it canon.
  • Actually the ONLY thing preventing that movie from bring canon is that Krillin met Gohan in it and should therefore know who he is in episode one. This is easily explainable as Krillin was hit on the head by a falling rock in the movie. Therefore he does not remember it ever happening.
    • So in a flashback we will see head injury induced amnesia, with Krillin Owned -1.
  • Actually, Goku having the power pole in the first movie is also a continuity error, since it should still be connecting Karin's tower with Kami's lookout.
  • Alternative: The Garlic Jr. Saga will only be one minute long. Garlic Jr. will arrive at Kami's lookout, see Popo, and willingly return to the Dead Zone.
    • Perhaps Popo is the Dead Zone.
    • ...confirmed. Well, close enough.
  • Garlic Jr will be an Albino Namekian who escaped the purge by wishing up immortality. Sadly Super Kami Guru found a way around it, which drove the guy insane.
    • Also pretty much jossed: Dead Zone Abridged has Garlic Jr. wish for immortality like he did in the canon movie.

The Garlic Junior Saga will lampshade the Negative Continuity of the movies
Garlic: Hello, Gohan. Krillin. I have returned.
Krillin: Who the hell are you?
Garlic: (Confused) Uhhh, Garlic Jr.?
Gohan: Not ringing any bells.
Garlic: Aw, come on! I kidnapped you once.
Gohan: I only got kidnapped by my uncle.
Garlic: That's right, you're retarded, aren't you? Of course you wouldn't remember me.
Piccolo: "Retarded?" And I guess I was calling him "nerd" for no reason?
  • Jossed, Garlic Jr. invaded the lookout and met Popo. Guess what happened.

Garlic Jr. will be replaced by Guldo.
Super Kami Guru released his hidden potential in Hell, causing Guldo to become the most powerful foe the Z Fighters have yet faced.
  • Alternatively, Garlic Jr will be some poor shmuck who's been possessed by Super Kami Guru. Needless to say, Piccolo will be glad to shove him into the Dead Zone.
  • Jossed, as of Episode 31.

The driving school episode will be in the abridged series.
Cause sure, it's pointless filler, but it's right up the Abridged series's alley and they could have a ball with the race and the psycho driving instructor.
  • Filler never stopped them before. I'd be surprised if they didn't include this.
  • And in it Piccolo wil drive a Dooooodge!!
    • 10 points good sir.
  • Alas, we didn't get a full episode, just a few scenes. Still totally worth it, though.

If Team Four Star were to abridge Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!...
Yes, it's non-canon, but it would be interesting to see what the guys could do to redeem it. So, what could happen?
  • Tarble would constantly embarrass Vegeta with his cheeriness and politeness. He may have been banished for another reason entirely.
  • Some sort of metaphor joke would be used for the radish scene.
  • Tarble will be a Noble Bigot. While he doesn't mean harm, he will annoy everyone with his Saiyan racism to the point where they will ask him to leave and never come back.
  • Gure, Tarble's wife. That is all.
  • Abo and Kado, the villains, would be like Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee in personality, even quoting lines from Alice in Wonderland. When they merge, the resulting creature, Aka, would be a complete Cloud Cuckoolander.
  • Tarble would be voiced by Thornbrain
  • This is starting to seem more likely, considering they did Episode of Bardock. Odds are that they won't do it until after the rest of the series, considering they tend to abridge specials as they arrive in the main series' continuity.
  • Given that the 'three and a half' Saiyans joke in Episode 34 refers to Goku, Gohan, Nappa, and Tarble per this tweet, it's likely they;ll tackle it at some point.
    • Tarble is mentioned to exist in the abridged universe, as of "Plan to Eradicate Christmas"
      • It's implied that they Never Found the Body, so it could be that Vegeta spends the entire episode trying to avoid talking about shooting him down. Or he'll constantly be wondering how Tarble survived.

Lord Slug predictions...
  • Slug will sound similar to Super Kami Guru.
    • Confirmed.
  • After restoring his youth with the dragonballs, Slug will be referred to as Super Piccolo Slug.
    • Jossed.
  • King Kai will comment on how the "Super Saiyan" in the movie looks different than in the series.
    • Confirmed.
  • Krillin will call Slug "Giant Green" or something similar.
    • Green Giant?
    • Jossed, but Bulma does call him "Jolly Green Jackass" at one point.
  • Giant form Slug squeezing Goku will produce the squeak noise.
    • Oh so confirmed.
  • When Slug goes giant, he'll gloat that Goku's clearly never seen a power like that before...until Goku replies that Piccolo used it in Dragon Ball.
    • Semi-confirmed; Slug doesn't gloat, but Goku and Shenron both point out the similarities.
  • The whole thing will somehow be a Thanksgiving special, with a special appearance from the Green Giant, as mentioned above.
    • Josséd.

Lord Slug is still alive.
He's a part of Guru right? So when he so called died shouldn't Guru die with him because their the same being. When Goku hit slug with the spirit bomb it didn't exactly show he body being disintegrated the screen just flashed real white so there's a chance he still could be out there and he will show up in a future episode. It's either this or it's a plot mistake on the creator's part. Don't use the "well the movie's non-canon" excuse because shouldn't Guru died in that universe anyway?
  • Going to use "the movie's non-canon" excuse anyway, simply because none of the DBZ movies come even close to fitting into the series continuity. Gohan is already trained to fight and Goku is alive, so this must be after the Saiyan Saga. But since Piccolo is also alive, it must also be after the Freeza Saga. But after that Guru is already dead, so Slug would already be dead as well. The movie is non-canon because it simply doesn't fit into the canon.
    • That won't matter in the end. It could be explained as him dying the same time as Guru on Namek, and him resurrecting rejoined.
    • Not relevant anymore anyways, since Guru was killed off for real by the Namekians, who avenged the Albino Namekians that he falsely led them to slaughter.

Cooler's Revenge wild mass guessings
  • Someone will say "It's getting pretty Zarbon in here" at Cooler's Armored Squad
    • Jossed. The Armored Squadron is compared to the Ginyu Force, not Zarbon.
  • Doore will have a lisp disorder like Lou Ferrigno
    • Jossed. His accent sounds like it could be Cockney or Australian, but he doesn't lisp.
  • We'll finally learn the whole truth behind the "Jock Strap Incident."
    • The Jock Strap Incident will be source of Freeza and Cooler's Sibling Rivalry.
    • Jossed. No mention of the Jock Strap Incident.
  • Cooler isn't really a prick. He's actually highly cordial and duty-bound, but bloodthirsty. Freeza simply hates his older brother. The only reason Cooler allowed Goku's pod through and said "Because I'm a prick" is because he wanted to spite Freeza.
    • To add to this, he could be Affably Evil to Freeza's Faux Affably Evil. And he'll think that Freeza is a prick.
    • Somewhat confirmed. Cooler is generally more refined, professional, and genuinely Affably Evil than his brother, and seems more into Pragmatic Villainy than For the Evulz. And he certainly seems to think Freeza was a prick, though he never uses that exact word.
  • Pissed that his "prick" older brother got to inherit the throne, and generally was Cold's favourite, Freeza will haunt Cooler. This will motivate Cooler to fight Goku-not because he cares about restoring his family honour, but because he feels wiping out Goku will get Freeza off his back. When not only does he fail but is trapped in the Big Gete Star, combined with Freeza still haunting him, it'll drive Cooler into an insane Villainous Breakdown. His last words will be "Freeza, you are such a prick."
    • Jossed.
  • Cooler's Revenge will be retconned as one of Nappa's movie productions, and Revenge of Cooler will be its sequel.
    • Cooler himself could even be involved in the negotiations for use of his likeness, and have issues with some of the directions taken with his character. He also might not have any issues with Goku upon finding out who really killed his brother and father, and could even relish the idea of making it to Hell someday just so he can rub it in Freeza's face that it was the son of Vegeta that ultimately did him in.

Mr. Popo will be the cause of Broly's defeat
Given that Broly's defeat with Vegeta giving more energy to Goku suddenly allows him to defeat Broly was such an Ass Pull, the energy that allowed him to defeat Broly will be provided by Popo. This may be as a Pet the Dog moment, Popo might actually be frightened of Broly and saw this as the best chance to kill him, or he'll save everyone just so he can torment them himself.
  • Jossed.

Mr Popo will be the cause of Broly's insanity.
He had the power to invade the dreams of other Saiyans...
  • Or it could be that gallon of LSD...
  • Jossed. He's perfectly normal until the word Kakarrot triggers him into rage.

Broly is Mr. Popo's former student.
  • As a matter of fact, he's Popo's best student.
  • Jossed.

Zangya from the Bojack movie was Zarbon's girlfriend
  • They look like they could be the same race, and (correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a while since I've last seen it) she fights Vegeta for revenge.
  • Lucky little bastard, Strange Minds Think Alike.
    • Jossed: The Bojack movie was canceled

Expect Lampshade Hanging on Bojack's accent movie time
  • Even the crew's bound to get sick of the stereotypical 'yargs'. And calling Zangya a wench might earn you a bitchslap.
    • Jossed: The Bojack movie was canceled

There will be a special that is entirely non-canon.
At this point, there are a few potential story arcs like one about Mr. Popo and one about Nappa being alive again. They already pushed the boundaries of canon with Guru becoming responsible for The Great Drought and being murdered by his own people, this can happen too.
  • Well if the ending was any indication...Episode of Bardock was non-canon. It was a weird ass dream Gohan had of Goku telling him this story....unless this is supposed to parody Inception...

Broly will be sedated.
While under the influence of his father, he shall be under constant sedation. Slurring his speech and completely out of it, in a constant state of daze and confusion with every meal served with Xanax. Even when enraged by Goku's presence, he'd be under the effects of Flanderization with hims only saying "KAKAROT!" and being slightly dumber than Goku.

But once out of sedation and mind control, Broly will be a Genius Bruiser and Deadpan Snarker, a complete opposite of Goku and giving out a butt-load of dark humor.

  • Add to this, Broly will speak with a British accent and sound like a perfectly calm and compose gentlemen while beating everyone half to death.

  • And also... Nappa was the saiyan who tried to kill him as a baby.

  • Completely Jossed on the first one but more somewhat on the second one. Nappa gave the advice to King Vegeta to kill Broly while the King did it himself but the knife broke.

Broly will go crazy in his sequel, not from recognizing Goten as Goku, but from recognizing Kid Trunks as Princess Trunks.

Frieza's Golden Form will come from Guru unlocking his potential in hell.
  • It would honestly be funnier if it was unlocked the same way as Vegeta's, except unlike Vegeta, he'll actually be honest about it...only for Vegeta to call him out before realizing what he'd be saying.

The History of Trunks movie will be chock-full of Terminator and Star Wars references
  • Trunks will lampshade the fact that he's mankind's only hope and will call his mother "Sarah" at some point.
  • The Androids will be paper-thin expies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cameron.
  • Gohan will realize midway through that he's Trunks's mentor and gloomily wait for his inevitable death.
    • Also Gohan's training of Trunks will be nothing but "DODGE!"
      • And when Gohan is getting bombarded with ki blasts, he'll say to himself "Why...don't...I...DOOOOOODGE?!"
  • Gohan's death scene and Trunks's ascension to a Super Saiyan will be played straight and will be a geniune Tear Jerker.
  • All jossed expect the death scene.

Broly will speak only in Kakarots.
  • And someone, likely Goku, will confuse him for a Kakarot.
  • Jossed.
    • Semi-unjossed, however, since he does devolve into saying only Kakarot.

During Battle of Gods, Beerus will be woken up by Vegeta's screams from Namek.

When they see what remains of Cooler in the Big Gete Star, someone will comment that he's "20% Cooler."
  • They've made jokes about everything else, why not toss in a Pony joke?
    • I don't think Cooler's head made up 20% of his body.
    • Jossed. Lani, Kaiser, and Taka have generally avoided the topic when asked about My Little Pony at conventions. When asked directly about it at a panel, Lani and Taka made their disinterest clear and politely asked the crowd not to ask any more questions on the subject.

Tapion (from Wrath of the Dragon) will be an Expy of Link.

Beerus will be introduced in a Battle of Gods Abridged as a colleague of Mr. Popo.

Broly will be a Butt-Monkey
  • Team Four Star have already talked about their dislike of Broly. It would be unexpected and really funny if NO ONE takes Broly seriously, even while he's beating them half to death.
  • Jossed somewhat. He's taken just as seriously as the original but towards the end they talk about rather having past movie villains.

In movies 7 and 8, Future Trunks will refer to events in the main timeline and be ignored by the others
  • Even though the movies have their own continuity, Future Trunks will be the one who acknowledges what's going on during the Cell Saga during both movies 7 and 8. As such, he'll keep trying to remind the heroes that they need to be preparing to fight Cell, but he will constantly get interrupted when someone gives exposition to the movie's plot. After a while he'll just give up on trying to remind everyone about the main timeline plot and just go with the flow.
  • Jossed somewhat for 7 (Trunks shows no knowledge of Cell, but he and Krillin go to destroy the basement of Gero's lab after he already died), but confirmed for 8! Trunks calls out Vegeta for checking on his new "kingdom" when Cell is holding the Cell Games.

Android 13's Groin Attack on Goku
That moment is too hilarious to pass up. Here are my guesses on what would happen.
  • Goku will make another squeaking noise when he gets punched in the dick.
  • Goku will spend the rest of the movie sounding like Gohan.
  • A brick joke where Vegeta says that this time he wasn't kicked in the dick.
  • Both 2 and 3 confirmed! Goku's dick is punched so hard, it undoes the existence of Goten until the "Legume ex Machina" heals his balls.

Android #15 was very fuel-inefficient; that was his "defect".
This explains the constant drinking.

During the scene from Broly where he uses Goku as a trampoline
Each impact will cause the "squeak" to happen
  • So sadly jossed.

"To Zanarkand" will play somewhere in The History of Trunks
If the "Hello. My name is Trunks and this is my story" line actually makes it in the movie, this theme will play and we see the aftermath of the Androids' destruction.

The very first thing Vegeta will say upon seeing Androids 13, 14 and 15 will be "DO I HEAR EIGHT?!"
He said "So I'm pretty sure that's three androids you missed now, do I hear four?" in reference to Trunks missing Androids 16, 19 and 20 whilst asking for four in the manner of an auctioneer waiting for a bidder to up the bid to "four". Upon learning of Cell's existence, Vegeta roars "DO I HEAR FIVE?!", berating Trunks again for missing a fourth android while expecting a fifth one to pop up out of the woodwork. Androids 13, 14 and 15 will up the count to seven, and by this point Vegeta will very much expect Trunks to have missed an eighth as well.
  • Sorta jossed! He just tells Trunks that he missed another 3.

When Piccolo meets Bojack and his gang, he'll try to classify them again
  • He'll label Zangya as the pretty one, Bido as the tough, stupid one, and Bujin as the freaky one with the weird power. However, the actual tough, stupid one is Kogu, who Trunks kills before Piccolo arrives. Upon seeing the gang use the Psycho Thread, he'll change his mind and say they're all freaky.
  • And additionally he'll remark that he hasn't done that in a while.
    • Jossed: The Bojack movie was canceled

Future Bulma managed to have sex with Future Gohan while he was recuperating after losing his arm.
She was in the middle of writing her dating site profile, when Trunks came back with Gohan and it was seen that she took his clothes and items when he was being bandaged up. Bulma in this series especially in the future, would make a desperate move like that whether he was awake or not.

In Bojack: Unbound Abridged, Vegeta will be watching the Lord Slug movie instead of the World Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Just to fit into continuity.
    • Jossed: The Bojack movie was canceled

Goku planned for Cooler to capture him and bring him to the Big Gete Star.
Goku's smarter when he's a Super Saiyan, right? During the fight with the Metal Coolers, he figured out that, even if he and Vegeta could defeat a thousand super-strong robots, they were just Fighting a Shadow, and would be too weak to face the real deal. So Goku stratamagized: he threw the fight and allowed himself to be captured. Goku knows that Cooler suffers from Bond Villain Stupidity, and would want time to gloat. Goku also remembered that Dragon Ball computers are prone to exploding when too much power is applied, like the Scouters. So, when Cooler brought them into the heart of the Big Gete Star, Goku seized his chance. Cooler, once again, underestimated Goku. He just assumed Goku was drained and hadn't bothered to install surge protectors, so the resulting energy overload took out his main computers, which in turn disrupted the Metal Coolers hooked into the system, taking out both Cooler's army and his base.

In an amazing coincidence, Vegeta gave it his all, got his ass kicked, and gained a second wind after being partially drained.

Gohan will squeak like a toy during his fight with Bojack in Bojack: Unbound Abridged.
  • Like father like son.
    • "Like father, like Son Gohan." Since the joke was used in the Cell fight, it's possible.
    • Jossed: The Bojack movie was canceled

Wen Broly? After the next DBcember.
  • They said that Broly would come after episode 56, and 56 is out already. So can we expect a Christmas full of "KAKAROOOOOOOOOT!?"
    • Confirmed. Now the meme can finally be laid to rest for another movie or so.
    • ...At least until they get to the second Broly movie.

Broly Abridged will be a Christmas special
In which Broly will be the true Champion of Christmas.
  • Jossed for the first movie. There's still the second movie though (the third movie doesn't really have anything that could fit with the Christmas theme at all).

The end credits song for Bojack: Unbound Abridged will be a sea shanty version of Cha-La Head Cha-La
Or you are a Pirate

Broly Abridged will be a movie directed by Nappa
  • Jossed.

At the end of Broly Abridged Nappa will call Vegeta to reminisce about him time as Grand Vizor
  • Vegeta, pissed and realizing Nappa is why Broly has just beaten him to near death, will sputter in rage before muttering "goddammit Nappa"
    • Jossed

The dictator is Fusion Reborn will sound just like the Major from Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
  • He might even start the "I love war" speech before Goten and trunks interrupt him"
    • Or they'll edit the major in his place
    • If they were to edit the Major in his place, they'd probably wait until after finishing Hellsing Ultimate Abridged - maybe perhaps have the Major say "Well, it was fun terrorizing this universe. Might as well see if I can repeat my success in the next" or something similar right before he is killed off.
    • Or he’ll use voice clips from Film/Downfall.

During Wrath of the Dragon, Vegeta will begin to say the over the top quote from the Anime Labs VHS fansub. . .
but be interrupted before he finishes the first sentence

During Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, Dr Raichi will make an offhand comment about Baby and Dr. Myuu
  • Jossed - Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans Abridged became Plan to Eradicate Christmas.

Trunks will become a legendary super saiyan at the end of the Broly movie
As a reference to his new super mode in Dragon Ball Super and as a result of Vegeta's constant abuse, Trunks will Hulk out like Broly and start chasing his father while screaming VEGETA! just like Broly did.

The Abridged Garlic Jr. Saga did happen in the "Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan Abridged" timeline
While Piccolo's comment about "opening up the Dead Zone and letting out Garlic Jr." rather than deal with Broly implies that he and Kami were Locked Out of the Loop about Garlic's fate at the hands of Popo, remember that TFS has stated in the past that they consider the movies to be their own separate timelines to the show. Here, Garlic Jr. didn't make the mistake of mouthing off to Popo upon arriving to the Lookout, and Popo, partly because the booty call had cancelled at the last minute and he needed something to occupy his time, and partly because he "wanted to see how (Garlic Jr.) would mess things up this time," decided to let Garlic Jr. capture himself and Kami, content in the knowledge he could just break himself out whenever he damn well pleased. Thus, here, the Garlic Jr. Saga Abridged happened in this timeline, featuring such jokes as Krillin fearing upon learning of Garlic's escape that he's going demand royalties for Skygina, the victims of the Black Water Mist being mistaken by Krillin at first as just working off their sexual repression, Popo scaring off the previous Guardians when they attempt to prevent him and Kami from delivering the Sacred Water, and Piccolo lampshading Garlic Jr.'s stupidity for once again opening up the Dead Zone, the only place that can imprison him, to deal with himself, Gohan and Krillin.

Brolly's reaction to Kid Trunks
Somebody will tell Broly that Goku is dead and that Goten is really his son. That will actually make him calm down from his rampage. However, his rampage will continue when he sees Trunks and assume that his "Princess" had a child with somebody else.
  • Alternatively, he could think it's still the same Trunks from the first time and break into a rendition of Reunited by Peaches and Herb where all the lyrics are replaced with him saying Kakarot.

Tarble will be treated as mentally handicapped by Sayian standards
  • Now I know this may be a bit offensive, but hear me out. Table will act like normal person with no aggressive or fighting instinct that Sayian's naturally have and he will be treat nicely by a very supportive Vegeta. Also Vegeta will attack anybody that picks on his brother, because picking on the disabled is evil. Side note Goku's mother Gine is also in the same category.
    • Also Tarble's wife will either be Mr.Popo 2.0 or meek like her canon self.

There will be a running gag throughout the remaining Broly movies (and potentially Super) about Broly himself always coming back.
In Broly: Second Coming after Broly dies, Gohan will say "And we'll never see him again!" The Stinger will show Bio-Broly being created. In Bio-Broly at the end, Krilin will say "And we'll never see him again!" before we cut to Universe 6 with Kale being born. And finally during the Universe Survival Arc when Universe 6 is erased, Piccolo will say "Hopefully we don't see him again when everyone's brought back."
  • The Kale bit is likely jossed, since although TFS have expressed a dislike of Super so far, if they were to adapt it, they'd likely also adapt the Broly movie.

If TFS does eventually adapt the remaining Broly films, his dialogue will only consist of three words: "Kakarot", "Princess" and "Trunks".

"Santa Claus" from "Plot to Eradicate Christmas" really was Dr. Raichi the whole time
It's just that either he was lying to the main cast and the audience to demoralize them both to accept their inevitable demise...or something much darker than was hinted at.
  • Assuming the Tuffles/Tsufruians are still canon in DBZ Abridged, it could be that Raichi used to be one of the greatest Tuffle scientific minds, but unlike canon, actually managed to survive the Saiyan massacre of his race by taking advantage of his resemblance to old Saint Nick, lying to King Vegeta that he was Santa Claus in the hopes that the Saiyan ruler would let him live. To his surprise, Vegeta believed him and allowed him to live, but only if he did his yearly duty of giving presents to the Saiyans, which considering how the real Santa stated back in "Tree of Might" how they were always trying to shoot down his sleigh, was easier said than done. Perhaps the stress of having to keep up the Santa Claus lie for many years just so King Vegeta wouldn't frag him on the spot got to Raichi's head, and he promptly broke down, going mad and starting to believe that he really was Santa, forgetting his Tuffle heritage in the first place and of his quest to avenge his race, instead focusing on punishing all those he considered naughty on his so-called list.
  • The so-called "Star of Deathlehem" was really an abandoned fortress that Babidi and Dabura used at one point before abandoning it for parts unknown, leaving it open for Raichi!Santa to take it and use his unknowing Tsufur technology, combined with Babidi's eldritch spells, to build all the evil weapons and Ghost Warrior summoning orbs he used in the special. Super Santa was really the Hatchiyack super-computer that Raichi had managed to stow away in his private sleigh-starship, and his mutated initial appearance (+) ghostly smoke-like properties was a result of constant exposure to the dark magical substances he used for his tech.
    • Now why the heroes didn't suspect something was off about "Santa" could be due to a variety of reasons: Goku is too stupid to notice the difference between Kyle Hebert!Santa and Kamran Nikhad!Santa, Vegeta could hardly care about any race that the Saiyans have slaughtered over the years, Gohan is still too young, and Piccolo and Future Trunks were too busy fretting about the situation at hand to realize anything unusual about the whole thing.

Nappa will go Super Saiyan off-screen in Fusion Reborn
Specifically, they'll use this to explain the absence of Broly and Cooler - during The Stinger, Nappa will call Vegeta and say something along the lines of "Vegeta! I became a Super Saiyan and killed that guy who isn't Frieza, as well as someone I'm pretty sure I failed to kill!" The scene will either end with a Big "NO!" from Vegeta, similar to his scream from episode 18, or Vegeta sighing and saying "Goddamnit Nappa".

Cell will cameo in Fusion Reborn.
He's trying to set up the 2nd Cell Games, and nobody shows up, so he decides to see what Frieza is doing, only to get blown up by Gohan again.

Bojack Unbound Abridged guesses
Since it takes place in between seasons, TFS is probably gonna abridge this one at some point to tide the fans over (since they've said it won't be until 2020 that Season 4 will air). So, let's speculate as to what will happen.
  • Bojack's dialogue will be entirely in pirate speak. His crew might participate as well, although (with the possible exception of Zangya, who will either be fine with doing so, or won't do so at all) clearly doing so reluctantly (and the heroes will have cases of Got Me Doing It). Alternatively, the movie will be released on Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the entire cast will speak in pirate.
  • As mentioned above, Vegeta will watch Lord Slug Abridged to line up with continuity. Alternatively, he'll watch "Dead Zone Abridged", since in universe, that was just a film Krillin pitched to Nappa (which he didn't get any credit for).
  • The Tournament will be sponsored by the owners of Hetap. And Hetap will be revealed to be owned by the Cash family (the family that's hosting the tournament).
  • Bojack will actually have a reason to kill Zangya this time, albeit an incredibly petty one. Alternatively, he won't have a reason, and it will in fact be an accident this time; however, he'll only feel kind of bad about it, but get over it very quickly.
  • Bojack will be a Genki Guy, excited about escaping King Kai's planet.
  • Goku will constantly try and dodge the topic of teleporting Cell to King Kai's planet just before Cell self-destructs
  • Zangya will reveal that she's the girlfriend Zarbon had mentioned on the phone, as mentioned above.
  • Zangya will flirt with Krillin explanation 
  • They'll treat this more as an unofficial episode, due to nothing contradicting when it should take place (maybe perhaps adding dialogue from Trunks about how he didn't expect to enter a tournament when he came back to let everyone know he had fixed the future)
  • The end credits theme for the movie will be a Bojack themed version of the One Piece Rap.
    • Adding onto this, the Galaxy Soldiers will be parodies of the Straw Hat Pirates. Bojack will be a complete idiot obsessed with meat just like Luffy, Bido & Bujin's relatinship will become Zoro & Sanji's, Kogu will lie about his transformation & try to flee when Trunks is about to kill him and Zangya will be a drop-dead gorgeous Only Sane Woman who is constantly irritated about being Surrounded by Idiots.
  • Kogu's Japanese name literally just being Goku with an A at the end will be referenced.
    • All Jossed: The Bojack movie was canceled

Angela from the Gohan's First Date filler will get called out for her creepy behavior
Considering Videl is a part-time law-enforcement, she'd point out that she committed voyeurism by peeking in the boy's locker room.

Janemba will be voiced by Jesse "McJuggernuggets" Ridgeway.
Since TFS always has other Youtubers guest star as movie villains, he seems like a pretty good fit. He’ll sound normal as Saake Kid, but sound like his portrayal of the Devil as Super Janemba, while he uses his "Psycho Kid" personality for Fat Janemba.

Broly: The Second Coming Abridged guesses
Since Bojack Unbound is being skipped, we might as well move on to guesses for the next one, even though it's a long ways away.
  • Goten will play the part of a fan who doesn't see what the hype of Broly was, continuing TFS's sentiment towards the Z version of him that was shown in the last movie. Gohan will admit that he's not what he's hyped up to be. Similarly, Trunks will have the opposite reaction of his dad, and think Broly is incredibly lame, or he'll wish Broly was different, wishing him to be more like the Super version of Broly.
  • When Krillin, dressed as Piccolo, saves Gohan, Gohan will mishear him speaking as Piccolo for a few minutes.
  • If Broly only speaks in Kakarots, Goten, Trunks and (maybe) Videl will think Broly's name is Kakarot at first. Gohan will reluctantly correct them.
  • At one point, we'll get "Broly-vision" (basically a shot from Broly's POV) and everyone will have Goku's head and voice.
    • And in the Canadian Subtitles, everyone will get their own special nickname (i.e., Videl will be "Female Goku", Gohan will be "Smart Goku", Kid Trunks will be "Princess Goku").
  • The shot of the Dragon Balls scattering will be Adapted Out (since it's left ambiguous if they're used at all in the film). Alternatively, Shenron will grant a wish of another cast member, but it'll be a very minor one.
  • At least one character will lampshade the fact that Bojack Unbound was skipped.
  • Bio-Broly will be deliberately prevented from happening somehow.
  • Maloja will become a Conspiracy Theorist who believes Broly to be Satan. Videl will take offense to that.

Everything in this folder is jossed. There will be no future movies. Ever.

     Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged Episode 2 
Guru will say "I am hilarious and you will quote everything I SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY."
To which Ghost Nappa will say "I told you so!"
  • Half-right. Guru says it as he dies (as he did in the original series), but Ghost Nappa doesn't appear.

It will the same way as the first one.
Nappa: And I'm alive... Or am I?
  • Nappa (offscreen) unsubscribes from Team Four Star in the ending after seeing the episode.

     Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged Episode 3 
Cell will follow in Nappa and Super Kami Guru's footsteps.
Imperfect Cell will say "I am hilarious", Semi-Perfect Cell will say "And you will quote", and Perfect Cell will say "Everything I say".
  • I believe he will say "I am perfect, and you will quote everything I say."
    • Actually, that is what this WMG is suggesting. It's just suggesting that it's split up over his 3 forms.
    • Jossed, it's Android 16 that says this. Kind of.

Android 16 will be the one to deliver the "I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say" line.
  • Or Hercule
    • Confirmed (Kind of). He says " I am hilarious and you will quote everything I-BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS-Goku."

Cell will introduce himself as "terrifying, and a potential rapist", and how he would never say it flat out.

Both of the saiyan sex scenes (and a possible Krillin-18 one at the end of the saga) will just be Bulma/Chi-chi/18 saying "lets do it," Vegeta/Goku/Krillin saying "okay", and a sudden energy wave
  • Krillin and 18 do have sex at the end of the Android arc, but unlike Vegeta and Goku, Krillin Calling Your Orgasm is represented by a Scatter Bullet.
    • Jossed (at least for Vegeta and Bulma).

Semi-Perfect Cell will say "No, Vegata-dono, yamete!" while being clobbered by him.

Krillin will actually destroy Android 18
But Semi-Perfect Cell consumes her remains, becoming Perfect anyway

Gohan will give only one punch to Cell, instantly throwing up 18
Then Say "Prick" then prepare to explode

Who will follow in Yami Yugi and Nappa's footsteps.
Gowasu and Zamasu will be revealed to be watching Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged 3.
  • Just imagine the dialogue!
Zamasu: These filthy NINGEN have no sense of humor.
Gowasu: You're just jealous because your abridged series was so poorly made! I mean, you had good ideas but they were all badly executed thanks to your lack of expertise.
'Zamasu: It was a masterpiece, you just don't understand! (storms off)
Gowasu: (sighs) Teenagers.
  • Alternatively, it'll be Babidi, saying something about unleashing Majin Buu.

     Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged Episode 4 
The episode will have a green tint over it.
  • As a jab at The Final Chapter's...questionable video production.

     Past Episodes 
The episode after Recoome's defeat will feature a gag about everyone's voices changing.
  • As a nod to the Ocean / Funi switchover.
    • Jossed.
    • Although it is worth noting that around this point, a few characters did go a VA change.

Ginyu won't be trapped as a frog.
  • Instead of Goku throwing a frog into the body swapping beam, Vegeta will summon Ghost Nappa to interrupt the body swap. Ginyu won't be able to body swap as a ghost and Nappa won't be able to haunt Vegeta while in Ginyu's body. This will backfire on Vegeta as Ginyu will be haunting him and when Namek blows up Nappa will be a ghost again and go back to haunting Vegeta.
  • If I remember correctly though, Ginyu's body was teleported safely to Earth by Porunga along with everyone else who was on Namek besides Goku and Freeza. That could be pretty hilarious if it gets pulled off though.
    • Ginyu does indeed turn into a frog. Then Vegeta smooshes it.
Everyone in the Ginyu Force has a Stand.
It's already been shown that Guldo has The World. Other possibilities include Recoome having Wheel of Fortune (due to his super strength), Burter having Tower of Grey (due to his super speed), and Ginyu having Silver Chariot Requiem (due to his "Freaky Friday" Flip ability).
  • Jossed, now that they're all dead.

Guru will die because Nail dies.
  • Bugging Nail (and later Dende) seems to be his favorite (or only) thing to do with his time. What is he without that? Note that if the "Revive those killed by Freeza" wish is made as in canon, Guru will still qualify for it; he died because Freeza brought about Nail's own (semi) death.
    • Jossed in Episode 24 in spectacular lampshading fashion.

Once Freeza goes to his 4th form...
  • He'll demonstrate his power by teleporting Popo to Namek somehow and savagely beat (off-screen of course) him and send him back home. Gives Popo a reason to give a crap in this series.
    • As of Episode 27 this has yet to happen. (Fourth form has appeared though)
      • Jossed.

There will be a space version of Facebook called Spacebook.
  • And someone will then say they prefer Space Myspace
    • As of 25, you are correct at least on the first half of that.
    • Wouldn't Space Myspace be redundant?

Vegeta didn't chew the Senzu Bean, and in a couple of episodes a beanstalk's going to sprout out of his stomach.
After all, Goku was right about the Muffin Button, why not the Senzu Beans?
  • And it will sprout out of his body either when Krillin blasts a hole in Vegeta or when Freeza blasts a hole in Vegeta.
    • Or it will be the cause of said holes.
    • Jossed on both parts.

No One will be fooled by Ginyu's body swap.
Krillin will notice Ginyu speaking intelligently, Gohan will tipped off by Ginyu attempting to pass as a realistic parent, and Vegeta will have assumed Ginyu was always going to do the body swap.
  • Plausible to say the least on Gohan's part, he knew Turles wasn't Goku the minute he said something Goku wouldn't say.
    • Confirmed on the part of Gohan, jossed on the part of Krillin.

There will be a montage of all the bodies Ginyu has swapped with in the past.
It will go from most to least recent. The final person at the end? Raditz.
  • And it will incorporate other anime, or more likely other abridged anime. And there'll be at least one girl among them.

Ghost Guru.
Guru is going to die soon, and will haunt Nail. Nail's reason for fusing with Piccolo will be to prefer oblivion rather than listen to Guru forever. Then Guru will haunt Piccolo. Later Piccolo and Vegeta will compare notes on dealing with their respective ghosts, perhaps swapping ghosts for a day.

Like in the original anime, Ginyu will ultimately swap bodies with Bulma.
Unlike the anime, Ginyu will stay in that body for the rest of the series and (s)he will team up with Ghost Nappa to torment Vegeta.
  • And when the eventual TFS/YTAS crossover happens Ginyu-in-Bulma will meet Crump-in-Tea and they will compare notes on what it's like to be men in women's bodies.
    • That means that Vegeta will eventually have sex with Ginyu? Ew... poor Trunks by the way, by the time the Androids arrive, the cutie will be more that broken already.
    • Jossed, thankfully.
      • Somewhat irrelevant, since they'll be able to bring him back whenever they dub Resurrection of F (either the movie or it's arc in Super).

Gohan's Rant in Episode Nine will be Freeza's first original line since Bardock.
  • Specifically, "I'm going to eviscerate you and use your gastro-intestinal tract as a condom while I fornicate with your skull!"
  • Alternately, Freeza could respond with a "2."
    • The Scouter was on the entire time... So "2" is more likely.
  • Jossed. "Awesome! Imma deck you in the schnoz" was a the first new line, by his own admission.

The Krillin Owned Counter is malfunctioning.
In Episode 21 it turned 13 with Seizure Procedure. In Episode 23 it turned 13 again when Ginyu smacked Krillin. If it turns 13 again Krillin will take notice of this, which will cause a Krillin Owned moment that includes the previously uncounted moments, going straight from 13 to 16.
  • Jossed. It went to 15 in Episode 25. Then it went all the way to 25 (and gave Freeza two 1-ups).

The 'Space Duck' joke will resume when Freeza confronts Team Three Star.
When Gohan and Krillin first appeared before Freeza and his gang, Zarbon suggests that they were Space Ducks. Because Freeza has probably never seen humans before, he will assume that's what Gohan and Krillin (Or at least Krillin) are;
Freeza: To think, a renegade soldier and a pair of Space Ducks could foil Lord Freeza's plans like this.
Vegeta: Space what?
  • No, Dodoria said the sound was a Space Duck.
    Freeza: Zarbon... what the hell was that?
    Zarbon: I believe that was the space duck, sir.
  • Confirmed, though not in the way stated here. Instead Krillin tries quacking, but it doesn't work.

When Vegeta takes a nap in Freeza's ship Ghost Nappa will appear.
In canon Vegeta napping is when Krillin and Gohan take the dragonballs to summon Porunga. While the dragon is granting wishes Vegeta just happens to wake up in time to get to the third wish. Here on the other hand Vegeta will be woken up by Ghost Nappa telling him the kids took his dragonballs. Cue The Scream.

When Porunga is summoned Krillin will wish for more wishes.
Or at least he'll try to, thinking that three wishes = a genie. The point will be to wish for personal stuff, or to make a wish for Toei Animation to put the removed episodes back on YouTube. Porunga will either deny the wish (Krillin Owned Moment), or allow the extra wishes but have Super Kami Guru die before any can be used (Krillin Owned Moment).
  • Jossed. Krillin never got his hoagie either.

Vegeta will piss himself at some point in the battle against Freeza, probably when he dies.
Because Vegeta never got to the toilet before going to confront the other members of Team Three Star.
  • Alternatively, Episode 25 will start out with a Call-Back: "Well, Freeza's here, but on the bright side, I no longer have to pee."
    • Jossed, and jossed. (At least as far as we know.)

Freeza is going to have a Villainous Breakdown
The signs have been showing, with him not having anyone to get angry for him anymore, and the way he explodes at Zarbon and Nail suggest that he is starting to lose his cool.
  • Confirmed. Freeza's cool is already pushed by Goku's stupidity, and he has a Villainous Breakdown like in the canon series when Goku goes Super Saiyan.

When Freeza reaches his final form, his voice will be just like Little Kuriboh's.
  • And by that, I mean Little Kuriboh will talk in his normal speaking tone. After all, it's Freeza's true and most powerful form.

The Hallelujah Chorus will play when Krillin dies.
Just because he's The Chew Toy.
  • Jossed. It does count towards the Krillin Owned Count though (28)

When Krillin dies...
Let's guess...
  • Popo will laugh.
  • Freeza will quack to mock him.
    • Jossed.
  • Ghost Vegeta will say "Team Three Star!"
    • Jossed
  • Krillin Owned Counter will explode.
    • Jossed
  • The Krillin Owned Counter will increase by 9001.
    • Jossed. It goes up to 30.
  • Piccolo will say "Dodge!"
    • Jossed
  • King Kai and/or The Narrator will say "About time!"
    • Jossed
  • Instead of somebody saying "Too Soon!", somebody will yell, "Just right!", or something to that effect.
    • Jossed

When Krillin dies, the Krillin Owned counter will be involved in some variation of the "too soon" joke.
i.e. "Krillin Owned Count: 16"
  • "Krillin Owned Count: Too soon?"
  • Well, the "16" is Jossed, at least.
  • Jossed. It's just a standard "Krillin Owned Count: 28"

Why Goku goes Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Abridged.
  • Not because Krillin is killed, but because he is killed while still owing Goku some money.
    • Jossed
  • One too many 'Too soon' jokes, making him snap and kill Krillin himself.
    • The ultimate 'Krillin Owned' moment.
    • Jossed.
  • He transforms when the Krillin Owned Count reaches some arbitrary number (at the current pace, probably 30 or 35).
    • Jossed
  • He ignores Krillin's death and transforms because of something completely different.
    • Jossed.
  • The Muffin Button malfunctions.
    • The Muffin Button works very well.
      • Jossed on both parts.
  • Krillin dies and Goku's fine with it, but then Krillin comes back as GHOST KRILLIN which pisses off Goku.
    • You know that Goku can't be pissed of by something like that.
    • Jossed.
  • Goku really likes the Saiyan armor.
    • Jossed
  • Freeza doesn't kill Krillin at all, he kills the Muffin Button instead.
    • Jossed
  • Goku really wants to go home to get the mouth present from Chi Chi, Freeza doesn't let him. Or Space Denny's, either way works.
    • Jossed.
  • After shooting Piccolo and killing Krillin, that doesn't faze him, nor would threatening Gohan. What would set Goku over the deep end would be Freeza threatening Christmas.
    • Jossed.
  • Because Krillin died. Hey, it's unexpected for an abridged series...
    • This is the reason, as seen in episode 30.
  • Krillin dying and Goku transforming because of it will be played straight. (After all, they played Dende and Vegeta's deaths pretty straight.) The humor will come from Freeza's and everyone else's reactions to Super Saiyan Goku, and from Goku's personality transformation.
    • Confirmed; Goku considers Krillin his best friend, and is genuinely angry with his death.

The more Goku fights Freeza, the more Freeza gets annoyed by him, and eventually loses all of his calm, witty personality, and will act kind of like Vegeta to Goku.
  • Goku already started to annoy Freeza in the first few minutes they met with his stupidity. So why not guess this?
  • He does seem to be slipping as of 28.
  • The last straw will be Goku reciting Vegeta's Super Saiyan speech word for word, with Freeza making ever more futile attempts to interrupt him.
    • Teased, but Jossed.

Popo is going to scare Shenlong into obeying the protagonists again.
Canonically, the next time he appears, Popo is going to do the summoning. The latest, admittedly noncanon, movie shows that he's starting to get resentful of the protagonists. Popo frightens everything. QED.
That wish cannot be...
Granting the wish. Please don't kill me.

  • Or...
    Shenlong: That wish cannot be...
    Popo: Pecking Order.
    Shenlong: Would you like fries with that?
    • Shenlong is happily subservient to Popo, addressing him as "master." Popo, in return, seems to show absolutely no malice towards him. Then again he was also higher than a satellite.

  • Or Shenlong is the only one with the balls to defy Popo
    Shenlong: Y'know I'm starting to get really sick of you assholes...
    Popo: Pecking Order.
    Shenlong: Peck this. *disappears*

  • Or Shenlong doesn't recognize Popo and is grateful that someone NEW collected the dragonballs.
    Shenlong: What the hell, it hasn't even been a year ye... Oh wait, you're not those pussies that keep annoying me. About damn time someone else found those damn balls. So what do you want?
    Shenlong: Sure thing buddy.

  • Or, Both.
    Shenlong: Yeah, I'm thinking "no" you psychotic little dumbass.

    • Along with the enough-balls Shenlong idea, Shenlong will end it by saying "By the way, how'd it feel to touch my balls?" and disappear.
    • Another idea is that Shenlong just ignores Popo's wishes and brings back Guru and the Nameks just to spite him (since bringing them back wouldn't do Popo any good at all)

    • Jossed on all parts.

The wish for everyone killed by Freeza's men to be returned to life will include Nappa.
  • Because if there's one thing that can destroy Vegeta's life better than Ghost-Nappa, it's a resurrected Nappa.
    Vegeta: Where am I? Why are you here? *Dramatic close-up* Where's Nappa?
    Krillin: Didn't you kill him?
    Vegeta: Yes! Of course I did! He's dead. Forever...
  • Important to note: Vegeta was still one of "Freeza's men" when he killed Nappa (in case you were wondering why this is plausible)
    • Confirmed! Now he's a producer in Hollywood

When Goku tries to use Freeza's ship he will find a muffin button.
Because Freeza secretly loves space muffins.
  • Oh so confirmed!

Goku will drop his Manchild status when transforming into a Super Saiyan.

I kinda think this is a possibility. There's two flavors of it too.

Version one: Seeing Krillin get killed will trigger the transformation like normal and he'll be deathly serious, contrasting his normal Manchild status. He will probably also drop a swear in when he tells Gohan to get away. This will end, however, once he isn't in Super Saiyan form and possibly only come back in minor shades since that point.

  • Jossed.
    • Not exactly. He is more serious, seems smarter (which even Gohan remarks on), and almost drops a swear when he yells at Gohan, then breaks Freeza's hand or finger. However, this ends in about 4 minutes.

Version two: Same as above but the change will end up sticking a bit more. Goku will attempt to fool people into thinking he's still his same old self but the incident on Namek would have destroyed most, if not all, of his innocence. He'd eventually get it back, of course. This probably won't happen, given the nature of the series, but you'd have to admit, it'd be some interesting character development if it happened.

  • Or transforming could make him swap Manchild for Hulk Speak.
    • Like when Gohan gets mad?
      • It would be an interesting explanation as to where Gohan gets it from...

Goku will suddenly appear as Super Saiyan out of nowhere.
His explanation: Muffin button.
  • Jossed.

Will be visited by Goku during his year in space after beating Freeza. The Space Grand Slam will be the explanation for Instant Transmission teleporting.
  • Addendum: Yardrat is Space Denny's.

When Freeza says Namek will explode in five minutes we'll get a countdown clock.
  • And it will countdown at varying speeds, stop during exposition, and go backwards when the plot demands for more time.
    • Jossed. Goku does point out that Freeza doesn't really know what a "minute" is.

If the show goes into the dead Z-Fighters Vs the dead Ginyu Force, Guldo will be the leader.
Similar to the Raditz theory, as he's the first to die he'll be the creepy ass tyrant that the others are afraid of.
  • Jossed. They don't seem to have a leader.

The fight between Goku and Freeza will mention the Fandom Rivalry between Naruto: The Abridged Series and Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show.
Since Goku and Freeza are voiced by their respective creators, it's very likely. This will lead to Freeza blowing up Namek.

Super Saiyan Goku: You killed my people, Vegeta, and my best friend. I hate you more than Sasuke hates the log.
Freeza: (Awestruck) Did you just make a Naruto Abridged reference? Are your standards that low?
Goku: Hey, I like Naruto Abridged!
Freeza: Oh, so you're one of the ten fans that still watches that show after the movie, huh? I hope you enjoy Mermaid Melody Fandub jabs and Sasuke getting sueded by Subway Coupons.
Goku: Oh, they only used those jokes once!
Freeza: No, they use those jokes all the time. LittleKuriboh said so.
Freeza: (Getting annoyed) Was that sarcasm?
Goku: Noooo. It's true. I mean, we all know Naruto reminding us 20 times an episode that he smokes is hilarious. And Kakashi being David Bowie, because he looks exactly like him. I mean, why wait until the Fourth Hokage is introduced to make those jokes?
Freeza: You're starting to piss me off!
Goku: Also, brilliant move constantly reminding everyone of Naruto The Abridged Movie's constant delays.
Goku: Settle down Freeza. LittleKuriboh still has Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Granted, it hasn't made me laugh in 20 episodes, but it's still good.
Freeza unleashes a deathball and sends in Namek's core
Freeza: In five minutes, this planet will blow.
Goku: That's not fair!
Freeza: Then you should have kept your mouth shut.

  • Alternatively:
Freeza: In five minutes, this planet will blow.
Goku: Just like LittleKuriboh in general.

  • The above conversation sounds too one-sided against LittleKuriboh. Here's a more neutral version:
Super Saiyan Goku: You killed my people, Vegeta, and my best friend. I hate you more than Sasuke hates the log.
Freeza: (Awestruck) Did you just make a Naruto Abridged reference? Are your standards that low?
Goku: Hey, I like Naruto Abridged!
Freeza: Oh, so you're one of the ten fans that still watches that show after the movie, huh? I hope you enjoy Mermaid Melody Fandub jabs and Sasuke getting sued by Subway Coupons.
Goku: Oh, they only used those jokes once!
Freeza: Yeah, but there's a thousand more jokes like that.
Goku: Naruto Abridged has never relied on catchphrases so much as Yu-Gi-Oh!
Freeza: At least LittleKuriboh can sit down for five minutes to work on an episode. Vegeta 3986 clearly has other plans.
Goku: He works on the show when he has the inspiration, unlike the bland and uninspired bullsh*t LittleKuriboh has been putting out for the past year!

When Freeza kills Krillin, we'll see split-second clips of all the previous 'owned' counts.
Up until Goku goes Super Saiyan, screaming, "THAT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!"
  • Jossed, the Krillin Owned Count just went up one.

When Goku turns Super Saiyan, his dialogue to Freeza will simply be, "My name is Son Goku. You killed my buddy. Prepare to die."
Unless he's talking to someone else, which it'll be; "My name is Son Goku. He killed my buddy. He's going to die."
  • Jossed.

Freeza will use those one-ups.
He got two of them from stabbing Krillin enough times. That's just enough for him to live through Goku's Spirit Bomb and Namek exploding.
  • Ah, but you forget about Goku's last attack. That would mean three one ups.
    • The Spirit Bomb never seems to kill anybody, so Freeza only really needs two.
      • He might've used one offscreen before becoming a cyborg.

Vegeta will haunt Freeza.
  • And will give his speech again when Goku actually goes Super Saiyan.
    • Jossed.

The Freeza saga will only last five episodes.
  • Think of how much filler there is, and how much filler gets cut out of DBZ Abridged. It could easily be condensed that much. After that, two or three episodes on the Garlic Jr. arc and that's season three wrapped up.
    • Jossed as of episode 28.
    • Could be an epic montage of showing the entire fight (including filler) in fast-forward at 10x speed. The characters will then lampshade how it is still taking forever and speed up the montage to 100x. If this is still not fast enough they could ramp it up to 9001x speed and maybe the fight could be in just one episode.
    • Oh, another possible idea, the five minutes until Namek blows up will actually take only five minutes. Not cuts back and forth between planets or other characters. Just a whole five minutes of Goku and Freeza battling.
      • This has also been Jossed.

Goku will accidentally cause a second Saiyan genocide
I could see something like this happen after he'd have made his wish.
Vegeta: Wait... Kakarot, you wished that everybody who's been killed by Freeza would be resurrected ! That includes our entire race! They're all back!
Gohan: Yeah, but... Are you Saiyans able to live in outer space?
Vegeta: No, we're not. So what about it?
*Awkward silence*
*Shot of hundreds of Saiyan corpses, floating in outer space*
  • Except that Goku wasn't the one who made that wish, it was Mr. Po.... Suddenly this seems even MOREplausible.
  • Don't the Dragonballs have a one year time limit on reviving people?
    • Who said it had to be an Earth year?
      • The wish was that everybody Freeza's men killed would return. Freeza killed all the Saiyans on the planet himself, so they wouldn't be wished back. Saiyans that were off-planet (like Bardock's team), on the other hand...
      • Actually the wish was that everybody killed by Freeza AND his men would return. Otherwise Vegeta and Dende wouldn't have come back as Freeza killed them both himself. So that means it was possible that the rest of the Saiyan race could have come back to life, if it wasn't for the year long time limit. Sure, it doesn't have to be an earth year, but it had been 24 earth years since the saiyan genocide when the Z-fighter's headed to Namek. It probably would have been at least one year for any other planet at that point, so they probably still couldn't have been wished back anyway.

When Krillin dies, he'll end up in Hell/HFIL.
He is The Chew Toy after all. When he arrives, he'll go "Oh come on, Bulma was in her underwear for WEEKS!" However, this will be a Brick Joke. Krillin will unite with Vegeta and Nappa, in order to get revenge on Freeza, haunting him until he snaps. While Nappa agrees quickly(hey, Freeza was awfully evil and made him seem foolish), this isn't the case with Vegeta, until:
Vegeta: And why should I help you?
Krillin: Well, if you help, we can use the Dragon Balls to bring you back to life.
Krillin: Still, if you help save the universe by stopping him, you could go to Heaven! Wouldn't that be better being here?
Cut to Nappa doing something stupid
Vegeta: Let's haunt the f*** out of that androgynous bastard!
  • Jossed.

Goku will give Freeza a second chance and also give him some energy because Freeza will say he is "sorry".
Too bad no one else thought of this first.
  • Jossed, at least the part about Freeza saying he's sorry

Some reference will be made to the Bulma/Ginyu filler story that never actually happens in this continuity.
  • Someone, likely Gohan, mentions inexplicably imagining her as a frog.
    • Jossed

     Past Episodes: Android/Cell saga 

There will be an absolute badass Call-Back to Season 1 where...
Cell will push Krillin's buttons in some way about 18, not so much driving him to tears, but rather giving him a stern face of quiet rage, followed by:
Gohan: ...Krillin?
Krillin: (in the biggest dissonance from his usual wimpy voice) Too soon.
(cue amazing beatdown from Krillin on Cell)
  • Jossed. As of this moment, Cell had already thrown up Android 18.

Piccolo will call back to Perfect Cell's line when calling out Goku
Piccolo: Does Gohan know?
Goku: What?
Piccolo: That you let him die?

Cell's revival post Self Destruction will be attributed to Alucard's cells instead of Piccolo's
  • Jossed

Hercule will actually kill Perfect Cell
  • Unsurprisingly jossed. Cell practically NoCells Hercule.

King Kai provide the Rule of Three for 18's running gag when Goku teleports Cell to his planet.
King Kai: Blow yourself up or leave, I don't care which!
Cell: Yeah, okay.
King Kai: Oh sh-!
  • Jossed, Goku teleported and asked what to do with Cell, King Kai could only scream before he blew up.

When Gohan saves Vegeta from Cell's blast he'll do so yelling "DODGE!"
  • Like teacher like student.

Piccolo will lose his shit when Gohan gets his arm broken during the fight with Cell.
  • Confirmed, he was pissed that Gohan risked his life for Vegeta

Gero doesn't use the term Cyborg because his dead son suggested it.

Piccolo will be brought to tears when Super Saiyan 2 Gohan begins effortlessly dodging every punch Cell throws at him.
  • Piccolo is proud of Gohan after the fight, but it's because he won, not because he dodged every punch.

The scene where Cell destroys #16 in front of Gohan will be as dramatic, if not more so, as the original.
Bonus points if the song played will be the same song from the japanese version. "Unmei no Hi: Tamashii tai Tamashii" (Day of Destiny ~ Spirit vs Spirit).
  • Kinda confirmed? An English cover did play (Day of Destiny), but the speech was basically "Stop being a pacifist/coward and fight."

Trunks will go ballistic and give Vegeta a taste of his own medicine when Cell absorbs 18.
  • Confirmed (somewhat)! When Vegeta gave the thumbs up for Imperfect Cell to absorb 18, Trunks blasted him into the horizon (albeit after Vegeta kicked him).

The Androids teasing Vegeta about not being a Super Saiyan will be the final thing that pushes his rage over the edge and makes him go Super Saiyan.
It does take absolute rage besides power, and Vegeta just needs the right nudge to get him angry enough. If not, constant exposure to Krillin should do it.
  • Alternatively, Bulma telling him she's pregnant with his child will make him simply snap and go Super Saiyan.
    • Jossed. He just cried about it and said "I wanna" over and over

Cell will act like a vampire.

Come on!! why hasn't anyone seen this coming, he sucks blood!

  • Convention appearances have hinted that Cell will be fairly close to his counterpart in the source material, though he'll be rather narcissistic in his Perfect form.
    • "though he'll be rather narcissistic in his Perfect form." He might even think something crazy like that seeing how the Saiyans went from weaker than the Androids to stronger than his second form in one day he'll give them ten days to train up to his level!
  • Jossed. He acts like a rapist.
  • Jossed and Confirmed at the same time, actually. He acts like a rapist, yes, but he also acts like a vampire. A specific vampire. And it's only becoming more evident over time.
    • Bonus points for being voiced by Takahata101.
    • "Wanna see me drink this guy?"

Cell's characterization reflects relationship growth.

Cell will be the seme to Freeza's uke
At the end of the second season, when Goku goes to Hell to confront Freeza and Cell, they will sound just like a gay couple, only Cell will be the man of the relationship. Also, King Cold approves. What? I'm the only one who ever wanted to see these two guys as couple?
  • Considering they teamed up in GT, I could see TFS going there.
    • Also consider that this is Cell and Freeza we're talking about. Though I totally see King Cold being a Shipper on Deck to a flustered Freeza.
      • Scene was ultimately unadapted. Doesn't mean they couldn't use this idea later on.

Vegeta with throw a dog treat at Android 16's Head
  • Jossed.

Cell will say "Bitch I eat people!"
They have Takahata101 listed as Cell's voice actor, and given Cell's diet this is too good an opportunity to pass up.
  • Confirmed in episode 47, although Cell uses "drink" instead of "eat"

After Yamcha gets impaled and drained by Android 20, Bulma will let him die.
In the series, after Yamcha goes down, they take him back to where Bulma is waiting around to be given a senzu bean. However, Abridged Bulma, who not only treats him like dirt, but also who has left Yamcha's body where he died to just sit and rot AND threw out his belongings just because, will cruelly leave him on the ground to die and joke about it.
  • Jossed. He got healed off-screen.

Android 18 will say "Know your place!"
As a shout out to Inner Moka (who she shares a voice actress with), #18 will say this as she kicks Vegeta.
  • Jossed: she simply kicks him with silent fury.

Gohan will talk entirely in Hulk Speak when he goes Super Saiyan 2
You know, to at least add some comic relief to an otherwise terrifying scene.

Goku's parenting will be what pushes Gohan over into Super Saiyan 2
  • I've felt like Team Four Star has been foreshadowing a huge Calling the Old Man Out moment for Gohan since the android saga got started. Gohan began the series very chipper and upbeat, but is growing more an more cynical, particularly over Goku with each appearance. And given how much more hell Gohan has to go through this season alone, I think he just might call Goku out on it, and that pent up anger will throw him into Super Saiyan 2.
    • It wouldn't be surprising if getting back at Goku is Gohan's motivation for drawing out Cell's defeat.
    • Expanding on this, 16's last words to Gohan will be used to inform him that Cell is comprised of 10.78% Son Goku's DNA, prompting Gohan to decide these parameters are acceptable.
    • Jossed on all counts. While 16 does talk about Goku being a shitty father in a sense, he also mentioned how Gero made him into an emotionless/soulless robot and Vegeta is way worse as a father. The last words were essentially to stop holding back and stop being a coward/pacifist.

There will be a Marty Stu joke about Trunks
  • Jossed so far.

Vegeta will comment about his hair color change in season 1
During the meeting with Trunks, he will says that Saiyans only have dark hair. He will comment about his Hair color change from Brown to Black.
  • Jossed

Vegeta will be pissed when he returns to Earth because there was no Muffin Button on his ship.
Presumably, Dr. Briefs used up all the salvageable parts from the Saiyan space pods to build Goku's ship, and the ship Vegeta took off in had to be built with off-the-shelf parts, hence the absence of the Muffin Button.
  • Jossed. Vegeta only seemed to care that the valet Yamcha was there to take care of the ship for him.

Something incestuous will happen in the Time Chamber
Yeah... Trunks and Vegeta won't react too well...
  • Unlikely. They usually save that kind of depravity for Hellsing Abridged.

16 will be Spared by the Adaptation and join Nappa
Refer to the last episode of season 2 for more details
  • Unfortunately jossed, if the ending to season 3 is anything to go by.

What might happen during the Cell Games.
  • Team Four Star will make Mr.Satan the most likeable character in the series, even more so than Nappa!
  • Caroni and Pirozhki (Mr.Satan's top two students) will be both voiced by Ganxingba (Jeice and Recoome). Or, Caroni will be voiced by KaiserNeko (Zarbon).
    • Jossed. They're Satan's rivals for the spotlight. And they're dead.
  • Cell will feel lonely and start to speak alone during the ten days of waiting. Just like Piccolo.
    • Not really...considering that they had characters from other series challenge Cell.
  • There will be more Wrestling references during the Mr. Satan Segment. Recoome might even make a cameo.
  • Miss Piza will be Mr.Satan's lover.
    • Jossed twice. She's the presenter for the Y-Network. And she's dead.
  • Goku might believe Mr.Satan can win the fight, and support him!
    • Confirmed. Goku Belives all of Mr.Satan's claims about being a Strong fighter because he is a world champion

Cell's Villainous Breakdown (towards Gohan and probably Vegeta) will involve Hulk Speak.
Freeza did one temporally during his fight with Super Saiyan Goku. You have to admit, a Faux Affably Evil getting enraged and reduced to primitive language is utterly hilarious.
  • Jossed; Cell manages to remain coherent to the end.

The episode in which Trunks defeats Freeza and King Cold will feature a jab at composer Kenji Yamamoto.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Kai, Yamamoto's song "The Ebb and the Flow" was most prominently used in this scene, before getting replaced with the original Dragon Ball Z score. When this scene gets parodied, they will use the song that "The Ebb and the Flow" rips off from, the human theme from "War" from the Avatar soundtrack. This similarity to this and other songs actually led to Yamamoto getting fired from Kai over infringement allegations.
    • They'll probably wind up playing the War theme.
      • Jossed. Not a single mention of it to be found.

When Future Trunks appears, Vegeta's role as Only Sane Man will be given to him.

Krillin will react to Android 18 kissing him with I need an adult!
  • Causing the Krillin owned count to go up too.
    • Alternatively, Android 18 kissing Krillin will cause the Krillin owned count to go down.
    • Jossed on both counts.
    • But surprisingly close on the mark for the second, since Krillin and 18 bang after the end credits for the Arc, which DOES make the owned counter go down. (All the way down, eventually)

Future Trunks will be a Jerkass to Vegeta.
In canon, Future Trunks hero worshiped Vegeta, due to Bulma white-washing his past, and spends the season working to gain Vegeta's approval. Here, Bulma won't pull any punches and tell Trunks how much a bastard Vegeta really was, causing Trunks to treat him accordingly. For extra points, it is Vegeta who tries to get Trunks to spend time as a father and son, bought on by his own missed childhood with his father.
  • Kinda Jossed by the flash-forward seen when Vegeta is screaming. Trunks' attitude towards Vegeta seems positive.
  • Alternatively, he'll think that Vegeta is a great man... Until he meets him.
  • Jossed. All Bulma ever told him about Vegeta is that he was a brooding loner who had trouble making friends, and that Trunks "has his gender". So far, Trunks has been acting like his canon version.

Android 16 will be a Ax-Crazy psychopath with no care for nature.
  • A lot of characters such as Popo or Guru act the exact opposite of what they act like in canon. So why not guess this?
    • The intro for the Android saga seems to support this, as there's a shot of 16 with red eyes
    • Jossed. Aside from an over-obsession with murdering Son Goku, he's just like his canon counterpart.

Cell will have multiple personality disorder.
  • He has the skills of all the fighters he copied. So why not the personalities?
  • Jossed

17, 18, and 16 will be like Nappa, Vegeta and Raditz
  • 17 will represent Raditz by being a Butt-Monkey, 18 will represent Nappa by being a Dumb Blonde, and 16 will represent Vegeta by being an Only Sane Man.
    • Except that the video-game, has the ascending number cyborg as being decreasingly weaker, and regardless, the long-haired 18 should be the equivalent of Raditz, the more bulkily-built 16 should correspond to Nappa, and the dark-haired 17 would then represent Vegeta.
      • Wait...long-haired? You think shoulder-length is long hair?
    • Here's an example of how 17's Butt Monkey-ness might go:
    During the scene where 16's head is crushed by Cell
    16: You hear that, Cell? You have the same power level as 17-Cell responds by crushing by 16's head
    • Very much jossed.

Cell will inherit traits from the characters genes used to make him.
To which he'll demonstrate Goku's utter stupidity in his second form, and notice it.
  • His second form will also have Nappa's ability to annoy the crap out of Vegeta, so much so that Vegeta will insist Cell absorb Android 18 just to make him stop.
  • That's kind of cliché. He did this in the original series so he has no choice to do it in this series, just as Vegeta killing Nappa or Goku becoming stronger after 100X gravity training. It's just too important to not mess with and not tamper the whole entire up and coming story line.
  • Alternatively, he'll have other traits, but only those he considers "useful." They'll include the "comfortable and joking" part of Goku's Manchild personality, some of Piccolo's snarkiness, the sanity of Vegeta and the composure of Freeza. Each form has him harnessing certain traits to help him in battle.
    • Unlike Freeza, Cell will actually "get" Goku's way of thinking. He just won't act like it.
  • Sorta. He's a manchild like Goku, a psychopath like Vegeta, sarcastic like Piccolo, cocky like Freeza, and a bastard, too. Of course, all this adds up to him being an Alucard Expy.
  • All though episode 55 confirms he can guess what Goku was thinking of so B+ at least

Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 transformation will be caused by pent up anger towards his father.
Gohan's resentment towards his dad has already been addressed in both episodes 23 and 24.
  • I see: Goku throwing him to lions (in this case, Cell) will be the final straw. Makes sense.
  • He won't be imagining Goku behind him in the final Kamehameha battle.
  • Alternatively, his first Super Saiyan transformation in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber will be due to this.
  • Jossed.

In The Android Saga, Krillin's attire will be lampshaded.
Another character (Most likely Bulma) will say to Krillin, "Dressing up like Goku won't make you any stronger than you actually are." Thus adding another to his "Krillin Owned" count.
  • Jossed; Krillin's decision to wear the weighted undershirt and boots like Goku's isn't mentioned at all.

How Vegeta becomes a super saiyan
He's been training his butt off for a long time, but it's only after a bit of prodding by Nappa that he just gets so pissed that he finally turns and blasts him all the way from space.
  • Jossed. He gets it after having a tantrum about him wanting to be a Super Saiyan, though he shrugs it off as lots of exercising.

Android #18 will be the Androids' Butt-Monkey
And will come with her own "A-18 Owned" count. And that will lead to Marron inheriting one of her own... leading to all three going off when Super Buu kills all three of them along with the rest of the supporting characters in the Buu Saga.
  • Maybe C-18 instead of A-18. Most dubs call her like that.
  • Alternatively, 18 will have a Win Count. Opposites Attract, right?
  • Basically, Android 17 will be the one who constantly says 'hey, let's go kill Goku for the lulz' and pushing them along to do it while 18 constantly protests. For bonus points, she ends up fighting only because she ends up getting a crush on Krillin at first sight and then hears about how big of a butt monkey he is... It wouldn't end well.
  • Very, very jossed.

Vegeta won't let Imperfect Cell go after 18
This will basically be the one point that he and Paragon Trunks will agree on. Cell can't be allowed to get to Android 18. So instead, he'll use Solar Flare, run off, and eat 18 before anyone can respond in time.
  • Jossed, plays out mostly same as DBZ/Kai.

Dr. Gero and his androids will be based on the relationship of Dr. Frankenfurter and Rocky
I was thinking of this when I listened to Dr. Blowhole's love song to his device and the Charles Atlas Song.
  • Jossed. He was an Evil Brit and nothing like Dr. Frankenfurter.

Cell will start off his first Kamehameha with the phrase, "Bored now!"
Only it'll be creepy...
  • Jossed.

Perfect Cell will have a British accent.
Or he'll have King Cold's accent, but hey that's close enough to a British accent. As for imperfect Cell, he could sound and even more hilariously ironically enough he'll act like Nappa. This could be the reason why Vegeta physically best imperfect Cell instead of the reason why he originally did it, which was to test his powers.
  • Jossed. Taka's perfect Cell is pretty much a higher version of his Alucard, Semi-Perfect Cell has a lisp and a Simpleton Voice, and Imperfect Cell sounds almost exactly like he does in the source material.
  • Confirmed, based on the song he sings!

When Cell changes forms the Pokémon evolution theme will play.

Kami will join Nail inside Piccolo's head.
  • Unless Nail does "fade into (his) subconscious", the two will buddy up and lead to Piccolo awkwardly talking to himself during the remainder of the series.
    • Nail has actually been pretty entertaining, so there's a chance he might not go away completely, or be brought out as a Running Gag. Imagine Kami and Nail playing Minesweeper against each other while Piccolo is trying to fight Cell!
    • Confirmed

There will be a history of Trunks special.
Refer to episode 18 for the evidence.
  • Confirmed.

Cell may be the first villain, who would be considered a potential threat to Mr. Popo
Since Cell contains Saiyan genetics, which makes him considerably more powerful after reviving and that he is capable of fully regenerating from a single cell, which means if allowed to exist Cell could potentially get even more powerful than Popo. So at the end of the cell saga where Gohan manages to kill cell for good, Mr Popo would go out of his way to drag Cell's soul straight to Hell and would make regular trips (once a month) to make sure Cell stays in Hell.
  • Seems to be jossed. Popo was only scared probably because he took a literal gallon of LSD. Plus, a Demon God wouldn't really give a shit.

The Ricola guy from season one will turn out to have been Dr. Gero.
He'll be pissed at the Z-Warriors because they keep blowing up his house. Well, more pissed at any rate.
  • Jossed. They sound completely different, and Dr. Gero makes no mention of it.
    • And his motivation for vengence is Goku destroying the Red Ribbon Army, almost straight out of canon.
      • Actually, it's a bit more complicated than that. It's because Goku killed his son, whom Android 16 was based upon.

Chi-Chi will castrate Mr. Shu off screen with a rusty carving knife.
She lost her chance to do that to Krillin, so she settles for doing that to Gohan's Tutor.
  • Jossed, as Mr. Shu did not appear.

Goku's "heart-disease" will be caused by the muffin button.
Also it'll be cancer. The muffin button leaks radiation.
  • Alternatively, it could be triggered by Goku's apparently high intake of greasy foods, such as his "invention of the double baconwitch," his love for Double Baconators, or a trip to Space Denny's.
    • It's the greasy foods. Namely, bacon. Goku is not pleased.

When Trunks kills Freeza, he'll annoy Freeza by spouting heroic phrases he's never heard of before.
Think about it. What better way to rub it in Freeza's face that he's lost his way than to render his heroic phrase list useless?
  • Zigzagged. Trunks DOES say certain puns like "Looks like you've dropped the ball." and "You should split!" like what one would see in an old Saturday morning cartoon, but Freeza doesn't seem to be too bothered by them (except how he kept repeating the "ball" one.)

Alternatively to the WMG above, Trunks will say the same Super Saiyan speech his father and Goku have said throughout the Namek Saga.
Which, at this point, Freeza doesn't give a damn anymore and jots down how many times he's heard the particular phrase out loud again. Trunks will stop mid-speech and get mad not having his chance to humiliate him like Vegeta or Goku did.
Trunks: Can't you just let me have this!?
Freeza: Hell no.
Trunks: Yeah, well... I'm gonna (bleep) your FACE!
Freeza: Oh my! ...Thirteen.
  • Would've been funny, but jossed.

Nappa will be Hercule's spokesperson.
  • Because he found Hercule according to the season 2 finale. And of course, it would be hilarious.
  • The Cell Games announcer could be Nappa, if he suffered muscular dystrophy coupled with bad eyesight and got hair plugs.
  • Confirmed: Nappa is Mr.Satan's agent.

Dende will stalk Gohan when he becomes guardian of earth.
He already said he loved him and would jump at the chance of seeing him again.
  • Make what you will of the stalking part but 56 confirms that he still has feelings for Gohan and made several advances at him so kind of confirmed.

Goku declined being wished back to Earth because he didn't trust Porunga.
Basically, Goku's picked the worst time to follow the age-old advice of not going with strangers. He had never met or spoken to the Namekian Dragon, so he didn't know him. Then he'll complain that he had to find Earth all by himself because his friends didn't use Shenron to find him.
  • Jossed. Much like in the source material, Goku decides to stay dead because he realized a lot of the threats to Earth (the Saiyans, Freeza, and the Androids) were directly because of him, and he was getting tired of being the "common dominator".

Dr. Gero will sound like Dr. Wily in the American cartoon.
Y'know...that psuedo-Austrian/Russian accent.

Having Nappa and Chiaotzu's cells will affect Cell's personality greatly.
It'll be revealed that Perfect Cell isn't any more inherently powerful than a boosted up Imperfect Cell-however Nappa's stupidity will prevent Cell from having the super-intelligence and focus needed to reach his potential. The reason why Dr Gero made Android 17 and 18 is because he needs to get rid of the inherent stupidity in Nappa. Chiaotzu's genes will be responsible for Cell's Pokemon-esque traits. Cell is a Bug/Fighting type.
  • So Cell is a Heracross?
    • A Heracross with Regenerator.

Krillin will win Android 18's heart by spouting an endless stream of compliments.
  • Because he *cannot* shut up when he's scared.
  • He seems to earn her affection by destroying her self-destruct remote and continually offering to help her escape Cell despite knowing the threat she poses. After he helps carry Android 16, she decides that she wants to have sex with him.

Trunks' identity will get spoiled to the group during his first appearance.
It doesn't hurt the timeline, somehow.
  • Jossed.

A theory in TFS forums is that #16 will be a Brony
Why Not?
  • Unlikely, since it seems that TFS wants to stay uninvolved with that fandom. When asked who their favorite pony was at a Q&A panel, Taka and Lani feigned ignorance.
  • Jossed. He likes birds.

There will be a Brick Joke when King Kai ends up killed by Cell's attempt at self-destruct.
I mean seriously, they all but purposefully set it up with the exchange as to whether or not King Kai could die during the Namek Saga. It would be a crime for them to not do something to follow up when it actually happens.

The Gero Android's draining Piccolo will be turned into Black Comedy Rape
The original scene already had a Bad Touch vibe which could be turned up to eleven in the Abridged version.
  • Ditto for Cell's draining of Piccolo. Someone will Lampshade how all the villains of this saga seem to like molesting Piccolo.
    • Semi-confirmed. Nail snarks at how the situation looks, and George Takei drops an "Oh my!" when Piccolo accidentally connects to King Kai's line.

Mr. Satan will be even stupider
Going with how this series handled the Ginyu Force by taking the Super Sentai jokes up to eleven, they make Mr. Satan even dumber than Nappa.
  • Jossed, more or less canon-like personality, but he was willing to tell the truth about who won.

When Gohan turns Super Saiyan
Chi-Chi will, as opposed to freaking out at the sight of him, will admire how cute he is. When he goes Super Saiyan 2, Gohan will turn evil and become absolute Nightmare Fuel. He will gain a creepy Voice Of Legion, because I doubt his voice actor can sound scary, and he'll swear revenge on everyone that he feels has wronged him, which he will declare everyone, ESPECIALLY Team Four Star for causing the pain he endures and the audience for enjoying it. Then Cell will power up to full strength and punch him the face because he's angry that Gohan is ignoring him.
  • Oh, I think his voice actor can make him scary...just look at how scary Goku was when he went Super'll be all about how the villain reacts to his power.
    "Freeza": Those eyes! They look just like...
    "Goku": ...Pizza...
  • Jossed. Chi-Chi isn't happy about the hair, but is more focused on getting Goku to help her conceive another baby. Gohan doesn't go off the rails either, as he shifts into Tranquil Fury and focuses entirely on torturing Cell after dispatching the Cell Juniors.

Cell will be a Fourth-Wall Observer
And he will the other characters to admit how catchy his Perfect Cell theme is.
  • Jossed

There will be another training montage
We already had one musical for the filler when characters were training, so we'll have another one parodying some other song
  • Jossed

Baby!Trunks will be like Stewie Griffin
He'll be intelligent and caustic, but most of the characters will either ignore this or simply not understand his baby talk. Also he'll loathe Vegeta and have a severe mommy complex towards Bulma.
  • Jossed, so far he appears to just be your average normal baby.

Trunks's famous outburst about the androids will receive a lot of build-up
  • Just like Vegeta's Over Nine Thousand line, they'll at first subvert expectations by having Trunks calmly explain that they need to take out the androids. Only everyone will laugh him off and talk about something nonsensical, making him more and more frustrated to the point where he finally shouts his famous line. Everyone will then scold him for overreacting.
    • Jossed. He nuked the place first chance he got.

Marron will be one of Cell's victims.
And Krillin will amend to the wish to exclude her from revival as payback for lying to him. This "bad boy" moment will turn 18 on to him.
  • She pretty much disappears after the episode she appears in, so jossed unless it's revealed that it happened offscreen.

Mr. Satan will believe The Cell Games is a movie.
Additionally he'll think the Z-Fighters are co-stars and that announcer will be a Documentarian. Hercule will explain the energy attacks as being special effects, but he won't be dismissive of them, and will be genuinely excited to work on this project.
  • He does use the "energy attacks as being special effects" line of logic, and he does seem excited to fight Cell (albeit not any more than normal) but other than that, jossed.

Cell's self-destruct will parody the WTF Boom meme
King Kai will say "What the Fuck!?!" when Goku brings Cell to King Kai's planet, then after the explosion, Bojack will provide the laughter as he finally gets to escape his prison. However, it will be pirate laughing. "Yar har har har!"
  • Jossed, King Kai just screams when it happens.

Goku's Heart Disease is caused by Space Denny's.
One word: Baconnalia.
  • Possible. Bacon is confirmed to have caused it, but not where the bacon came from.
    • Presumably just a lifetime of indulging in his Bacon addiction while on Earth.

The Muffin Button is the reason Goku escaped Namek.
Namely, all those muffins will call a certain derp-eyed pegasus to come flying in, taking Goku and the muffins to Equestria. He'll then learn teleportation from Twilight, which ends up getting called 'Instant Transmission'. The outfit will also be designed by Rarity because why not.
  • Okay, no Equestria or ponies, but as for the Muffin Button being the reason Goku escaped Namek? That's confirmed. It essentially made a spaceproof pod for him to survive in.

When Future Trunks first confronts the androids he will say
Hello. My name is Trunks. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • Jossed. He just nukes the lab as soon as he sees them.

Goku chose not to be wished back because........
  • He was at Spacey's.
  • Jossed, it was the same reason in canon, he stated how everyone who went to Earth and caused problems was because of him and he is tired of being the common dominator.

The Cell Jrs. will basically be Sonic the Hedgehog copies
In Dragon Ball Z Kai, when Cell unleashed them, one of them said "You're Too Slow!"
  • Jossed and confirmed at the same time. Not all of them were Sonic clones but the one fighting Krillin made a reference to him (with Krillin calling him a "Blue blurry bastard"), however, the one named "Vegeta Jr Jr" seems to be a Nappa copy.

One of the Cell Jrs. will kill Yamcha like the Saibaman did
And he'll have to be wished back again. Or not. Or like World's Strongest Abridged he'll survive.
  • Jossed, he survived, no self destruct happened.

Cell will puke Android 18 on top of Krillin
And the camera will zoom from the Earth as we hear Krillin cry, "Yessssssss!"
  • Jossed

[[And then the Krillin Owned Counter goes down 1]]

  • Jossed.

After recovering from the destruction of King Kai's planet, Cell will treat Android 18 like an ex-girlfriend that he totally no longer cares about.
And this will annoy 18 to no end.
  • Jossed, 18 was unconscious, and he was more focused on killing everyone.

When 18 breaks Vegeta's arm...
...Tien will say "Looks like he's been... disarmed."
  • Jossed. Vegeta just screams.

When Bulma finds out Trunks is her son
She will pretend to be calm while screaming in her head.
  • Jossed. She her reaction is "Wow, he grows up to be a cutie, and... Oh my god, I solicited my son for sex."

The Kaio-Ken runnning gag will be replaced at least partially by Super Saiyan.
"Super what?"
  • [Punched]
  • Jossed.

Yamcha will not commit suicide in this timeline because Goku told him that he was his friend.
Yamcha will comment about how he was on the verge of killing himself after learning of Bulma's pregnancy, but will stop when he remembers what Goku said to him years ago. But by this time, Goku will have already forgotten about it and will probably continue to see him as nothing more than The Chew Toy.
  • Not confirmed, but it is implied that Goku's comment might have had something to do with Yamcha's survival.

The medicine is totally grape flavored.
And Goku will complain about it. Yeah, it saves his life, but...grape...

When Piccolo chews out Goku for throwing Gohan right into the lion's den and letting Cell nearly kill him (Which led to Goku's My God, What Have I Done? reaction in canon), he will initially not get to Goku until...
He mentions Chi-Chi's reaction to Gohan's possible death. Goku may be dumb but even he knows how bad it is to get on the wrong end of Chi-Chi's wrath.
Piccolo: Ya know what, I give up. Do whatever the f*ck you like. Have fun bringing the body home to Chi-Chi and explaining to her what happened.
  • Jossed. It was how Gohan doesn't like fighting and everyone agreeing that Goku fucked up.

When Gohan becomes Super Saiyan for the first time..
He will turn into the next Champion of Christmas. Goku did it during his False Super Saiyan moment so Gohan would do the same.
  • Jossed. That scene plays out WAY differently.

Bulma will still keep flirting with other guys even after marrying Vegeta.
She already let Vegeta live in her house before flirting with Trunks. So odds are she is gonna keep at it. Heck she may even go cougar on Teen Gohan.
  • Confirmed in History of Trunks, but Gohan turns her down.

Android 19 will sound and act like Nappa.
Which will be what triggers Vegeta's Super Saiyan transformation.
  • Jossed. #19 is voiced by a text-to-speech program and talks like a stereotypical robot. And Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan by throwing a tantrum about wanting to be one.

Android 18 will be totally Yandere for Krillin.
In the canon, Android 18 flirted with Krillin more or less for shits and giggles, at least at first. As par for the course of an abridged series, this trait will be exaggerated to a ridiculous degree by having 18 walk up to Krillin and describe in detail what she's going to do to him as soon as she's killed the other Z fighters. Cue the kiss and leaving Krillin wondering if he should be terrified or turned on.
  • Jossed. She just says that he's cute and kisses him before leaving. Krillin brags about it to everyone.

Goku won't take the medicine Trunks gave him because...
...he'll find out it's not bacon-flavoured like Trunks said.
  • Confirmed. While suffering the heart virus, he told Gohan he stopped taking the medicine because it was grape-flavoured.

Android 18 will be a parody of Six from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica
She's a blonde, human-robot hybrid who ends up undergoing a Heel–Face Turn and having a relationship with one of the main characters. Bonus points if Krillin starts to hallucinate a "Head-18".

At the end of this saga, Yamcha will finally cut all ties with The Z-Fighters after finally having had enough of all the emotional abuse he suffered from them. As a result, his life will be become drastically better....
His baseball career may skyrocket, becoming an icon around the leagues, super rich and successful and maybe even get a girlfriend or at least friends who actually care about him. If anything, him abandoning his so-called "friends" would be the best thing that ever happened to him. Though, since Goku did call him his friend eariler in the arc, maybe in the next one, the only reason he's even meeting them again is because of Goku...

Alternately, Yamcha still plans to commit suicide over Bulma sleeping with Vegeta.
He just felt he couldn't leave everyone in the lurch when androids were going to attack. They'd take care of them, then he'd off himself. As for future appearances by him...Yamcha's pacifistic twin brother, anyone?
  • And if Yo Son Goku gets abridged, he'll get possessed by Yamcha.
    • Doubtful. TFS mentioned they had a tough time editing one character out of the scene where Majin Buu uses his global extinction attack, and it's all but explicitly stated to be Mr. Popo. If they were gonna kill Yamcha off, they'd probably use that as an excuse to write him out of the Buu saga entirely.
      • Jossed. He does ask Trunks if he could go with him to the future, since Bulma is single in that timeline, but he's still alive.

Goku will survive Cell's explosion, but SSJ2 Gohan will finish the job himself.
His relationship with Goku has been getting progressively more tense, after all. He'll probably snap after he... well, snaps.
  • Jossed.

Cell will have twisted variations of the comedic qualities of the heroes his genes are made from.
  • Cell will have an inverted Krillin Owned counter, called Cell Owns. It will go up whenever he has his awesome moments. That, or he'll have a Cell Owned counter that almost never goes up.
    • Jossed.
  • Because he's part-Chiaotzu, his Imperfect form will have the occasional Pokémon Speak. His transformation will involve the evolution music, and will be mistaken as a Pokemon.
    • Jossed, confirmed in a stinger, and Jossed.
  • Cell will possess Nappa's idiotic comments, but because he's Cell he'll use it as a distraction. Also he'll come off more as a Jerkass than the Laughably Evil Abridged!Nappa.
    • While not said to be based on Nappa, his first form's incessant sexual and rape innuendo is very disturbing and distracting to his opponents.
      • He does spawn a Cell Jr that acts like Nappa though.
  • The Goku genes will give Cell a Big Eater appetite, and the Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies. However the former will give some major Dissonant Serenity when eating people is treated like how Goku eats muffins, and the latter will be an example of The Comically Serious.
    • His appetite is confirmed but not pointed out, and his second form so far has had some kooky moments but only due to the increasingly ridiculous situation. Jossed with the muffins, and basically confirmed with comical seriousness.
  • Similar to Piccolo, the people he's absorbed will be voices in his head. In an inverse of Nails being relatively comfortable and bothering Piccolo, the thousands of souls will be screaming in pain with Cell whistling to the chorus in his head.
    • Jossed so far, but can possibly be used later.

Cell will either reference, or be an Expy of, Handsome Jack.

The Kaio-Ken Running Gag will be retired.
  • Probably by one of the other characters saying something about the Kaio-Ken and Goku's reaction will be "Kaio-What?". The technique is so irrelevant at this point that even Goku doesn't remember it.

Androids 8, 13, 14 and 15 will be mentioned at some point.
Given how Turles, Slug, Cooler and Bojack were all previously mentioned throughout the series, it makes sense that 13-15 would be mentioned at some point. As for where, maybe when Gero activates 17 and 18, or perhaps Cell will mention Gero making three androids that functioned similarly to himself, 17 and 18. And Android 8 will be mentioned as a Continuity Nod.
  • Confirmed! In episode 38 Gero makes a passing reference to Dr. Frappe, and Android 17 mocks Gero for the design of Android 13. (Gero says he was going through "a phase" at the time)

Android 16 is Nappa
Cyborg Nappa. Cue "Million Dollar Nappa".
  • Jossed. Much like Canon, he is based on Dr Gero's son.

Android 17 will be this season's Ensemble Dark Horse character
In the same vein as Nappa and Super Kami Guru. His Faux Affably Evil personality makes it look like this'll be the case.
  • He never did get that boat.

Android 16 will be a Terminator Expy
Come on. The guy talks monotone and has a large jawline in the series. He'll talk in an Austrian accent. He and Gohan will develop a bond, much like with young John Carter. When he learns that the bomb was taken out of him while attempting to self-destruct on Cell, he replies with "So, in other words, I Cannot Self-Terminate?" Finally, before Cell kills him, his severed arm will give a thumbs up to Gohan.
  • Jossed on all counts.

The bird that appears during Gohan's SSJ2 transformation will be Toriyama

Trunks blasting Vegeta after Vegeta was about to let Cell gain his Perfect Form will actually earn Vegeta's respect
As the Fridge page pointed out, Vegeta finds Bulma's bitchiness attractive because, as a Saiyan, he respects any and every form of violence. Trunks finally attacking him head on will make Vegeta have a So Proud of You Moment.
  • Sort-of Confirmed. Too bad it's BURIED UNDERNEATH ALL THIS UNYIELDING RAGE!!!

Kami and Nail will be BFFs
They're both pretty similar as Deadpan Snarkers who've have to put up with awful, psychotic, and immensely powerful beings.
  • Also when Piccolo is getting drained by Imperfect Cell, Kami and Nail won't notice, as they'll be too busy chatting, playing pool, or something.
  • Jossed. Nail even points out on how Piccolo should do something on how Cell was drinking him.
    • Unjossed and confirmed for the original WMG though, since they get along perfectly.

Sometime after Piccolo and Kami fuse, there will be a Deadpool reference.
  • Kami will be the logical voice while Nail will be the silly voice.
    • Nothing so far (Nail and Kami have basically just been themselves), but they've still got the rest of DBZ to go.

Gohan's lessons on cellular biology will be a Chekhov's Gun
  • After all, they're fighting a villain named Cell whose special abilities includes ultimate regeneration. I smell another Genius Bonus!
    • Jossed.

Mr Satan will be the complete opposite of his canon counterpart.
The previous two sagas introduced a character who's the complete opposite their canon counterparts(Mr Popo and Super Kami Guru for the Saiyan and Namek Sagas respectively), so why stop now? Instead of being an idiot blowhard, Mr Satan will be a genius who knows how screwed he is, but will try anything to stop Cell. Nobody will take him seriously.
  • Unlikely. Team Four Star loves his canon personality.
    • And jossed.

Cell absorbing the Androids will be the biggest case of Nightmare Fuel in the series.
Given Cell's status as the first villain to be taken seriously, once he absorbs an Android, it will be played up as sheer horror (with the Android in question breaking their usual self and screaming and crying for help as if they were about to be killed), and any jokes or quips made will instead add to the horror of both the Android "dying" and becoming part of him, and the fact that the already terrifying villain is about to get even worse.

Vegeta's Final Flash against Perfect Cell will actually be his rage breaking again.
'Super' Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans, beaten by a giant green bug man, tell me he wouldn't lose it over that.
  • It was a challenge on hitting him as hard as he can, so jossed.

After absorbing Androids 17 and 18, Cell will be able to hear them inside his head like Piccolo can still hear Kami and Nail.
Just like how Kami and Nail don't fade into Piccolo's subconscious in this series, both 17 and 18 will both be just as part of the initial Cell fight as the main characters. They'll make general observations about characters and snark at Cell, but their presence will add comic relief to the fight. And when Cell vomits 18 out, we'll still be able to hear 17 inside of Cell.
  • Alternativly, it'll be 17 and an unconsious 18.
    • Jossed
      • Maybe they'll start talking to him while he's waiting the 10 days till the Cell Games
      • The Cell games have started, and they're both quiet. Jossed.

Of course, when Goku pulls his Heroic Sacrifice and Cell is destroyed initially (and this in turn kills 17), we the viewers will stop hearing 17 when Cell returns. Their lack of input on what's going on will cause a major shift of tone in the fight and it will turn completely serious.

  • Completely jossed.

Perfect Cell will have no idea what to do with his life.
Cell's entire life has been devoted to achieving perfection. He probably hasn't given a single thought to what he'll do after he finally gets it. The Cell Games will be his attempt at finding some sort of purpose to his life.
  • Confirmed-ish? Certainly Trunks asking And Then What? inspired the Cell Games.
    • He does ponder during the Cell Games about what he's going to do after he destroys Earth.

Krillin will start calling the Androids by their real names
As of episode 44, Krillin knows the names of Android 17 and 18 as Lapis and Lazuli respectively. So from now on he's going to call them by their real names, which he think will impress Android 18. However, 18 won't really respond to the name Lazuli, though Android 17 will react negatively to being called Lapis.
  • Jossed. Even after learning their real names, the next time Krillin sees the Androids, he still calls her 18.
    • That gag sounds like a better idea for a one-time joke - namely, after getting married to 18, Krillin asks if he can call her Lazuli, and Android 18 says no in some way that owns Krillin (but it would be the only time she'd own him).

Cell will creepily state that "there are no strings on him"
With the rise of the Age of Ultron trailer out, it seems fitting enough for Cell.
  • Jossed.

Android 16 will Heel Face Turn and side with Goku because Toriyama the bird asks him to.
Toriyama will tell 16 what happened during the first Cooler movie and Android 16 will think they have a common bond in birdwatching.
  • Jossed, he still wants to kill Goku up until his death.

Yamcha will help defeat Cell
When Cell and Gohan are clashing their Kamehameha waves, Vegeta's blast will have little effect. When Yamcha tries to attack, Cell won't take him seriously because of his Butt-Monkey status. His cockiness will lead to him lowering his guard, allowing Yamcha's blast to weaken him enough for Gohan to land the finishing blow.
  • Jossed. Unless you count bringing towels as helping.

Goten is conceived because Goku tells Gohan that education is very important right in front of Chichi.
The basic idea was that hearing that from him turned her on so much, she drags him off for private time, but Episode 45 pretty much Jossed that.
  • And it's entirely jossed as of 55 and 56.

The three grades of Super Saiyan will be called Mega Saiyan, Ultra Saiyan, and Maximum Oversaiyan
When Vegeta mentioned reaching a level beyond a Super Saiyan, Tien jokingly suggested those three names. And there are three levels (Ascended Super Saiyan, Ultra Super Saiyan, Full-Power Super Saiyan). Either Vegeta will call the first form a Mega Saiyan out of hubris, and Trunks and Goku will unknowingly make the rest of it true, or Tien will insistently refer to the forms as such simply to piss off Vegeta.
  • Jossed. Nothing was said on SSJ1 Grades and SSJ2 was called Super Duper Saiyan, while SSJ3 was called Super De-Duper Saiyan, for now at least.

The Final Episode For the Android Saga Will Show Trunks Being Haunted by Ghost Nappa
Thus keeping the final episode trend alive. Trunks will either mutter "Goddammit, Nappa" like his father, or treat Ghost Nappa like his lovable sidekick.
  • Jossed. Nappa's still alive.
  • Maybe he'll be haunted by the Ghost Nappa of his timeline?

Android 16 is a Morality Pet for 17 and 18
  • He was oddly absent in the Future Trunk's timeline. Maybe him being destroyed was their breaking point?
    • Confirmed. It was 16 who convinced them to turn good... Before Cell ruined the moment.

Nappa will go SSJ during the Cell Games causing Vegeta and Cell to mutter "Goddammit Nappa"
Nappa will come to Cell Games as Mr Satan's manager and go SSJ when Cell curb-stomps him.
  • Jossed, no sign of Nappa.

Trunks' Ultra Super Saiyan form will cause him to Hulk Out
And, of course, we'll be treated to a nice Call-Back that furthers his similarities to Gohan:
  • Sadly Jossed.

Imperfect Cell will constantly refer to Android #18 as "Juuhachigo."
  • Jossed, seeing as Cell went Semi-Perfect before they could meet. Doesn't mean Semi-Perfect Cell won't though.
    • Oh look: Jossed again. Seeing as how, you know, he absorbed Android 18 before he got to doing that.

Vegeta's Final Flash will blow up a planet, probably Kanassa.
In a vague callback to when Freeza's blast that Goku deflected into space blows up the planet with the cutesey animals on it. The Kanassans will also spoil the new movies.
Trunks: Good thing he didn't blow up any planets
*cut to Kanassa*
Kanassans: I can see the future! Gohan and Videl have a kid! Goku and Vegeta become gods! The new Super Saiyan is blue! Freeza has a golden form! Whis is the strongest in the universe but still doesn't do crap!
*planet then blows up*
  • This is Jossed. Kanassa does not blow up.
    • New Arlia, on the other hand... though that wasn't from Vegeta's Final Flash either.

We'll see Goku call his orgasm.
Vegeta did it in Episode 34 and the making of History of Trunks episode showed that Gohan would have done it, that means it's now hinted that this is a Saiyan trait. Goten still needs to be conceived. Do the math. (And yes, it's probably gonna be a Kamehameha fired through the roof.)
  • Alternately, he'll instead say "Everyone, please, give me some of your energy!" Which could serve to show how Goten could already go Super Saiyan.
  • Confirmed as a Kamehameha in Episode 55.

We'll see Krillin call his orgasm.
Because why should the Saiyans have all the fun? We know 18 and our favorite Baldy hook up and have Marron. That just leaves the question of where... Oh. Oh sweet mercy no. Kame House.

18: Ohhh~hhh! Oh yeah, yeah yes! Yes! Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes! *continues*
Krillin: Kiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeennnzzzz-AAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! *rapid-fire chain destructo disks*
Roshi: ...Heh! Heh! Heh!
Both: AH!
Krillin: Dammit Roshi get out of here! And get rid of that camera!
  • No mention of Roshi and no Destructo Disk, but confirmed that he does call Scatter Bullet. Which destroys the Krillin Owned Counter.

Perfect Cell will play with his nose.
  • After absorbing Android 17, Semi-Perfect Cell started making motorboat sounds with his lips. Likewise, when he absorbs 18, he'll notice he got a new nose and use it to whistle.
    • Looking likely to be jossed, since episode 60 is where the Cell Saga ends, and Cell hasn't done anything of the sort.
    • Jossed.

Shenron will throw Yamcha a bone and make him rich, no strings attached
  • Yamcha joked about the wish idea in canon, but here Shenron would be honestly surprised to hear someone wish for money (much like Garlic Jr.'s wish for immortality). Krillin beats him using his wish to help 18, but the dragon likes Yamcha's moxie and gives him his new fortune as a freebie.
    • Alternatively, someone will suggest that Yamcha try and become a pro athlete (he mentions he is a baseball player, but he doesn't say if he's pro or not), and this will lead to him being a star baseball player (it happened in canon, and when he plays baseball again in Super, he goes back to his old hairstyle, so this would be a perfect chance for Team Four Star to use the footage).
    • Jossed. Yamcha only barely realizes he has a chance at a wish before Krillin jumps in. As for his baseball career, he was concerned about it after a Cell Jr. broke his arm, but he did get a senzu bean afterward, so that's up in the air.

Gohan will become a Super Saiyan because...
  • In the original series, Goku tries to get Gohan to feel the rage/despair required to unlock Super Saiyan mode by telling him to imagine Goku getting killed by Cell (or, since Gohan's never seen Cell, Freeza). It doesn't work, but it helps. Here, due to Goku's Parental Neglect, Goku telling him this will do nothing. Then when he tells Gohan to try imagining Piccolo getting killed instead, he'll immediately go Super Saiyan.
    • As of Episode 52, this is Jossed. Gohan's transformation is instead triggered from his deepest fear of there being no one to come save him when he needs it the most.

A Super Saiyan is "Pure of Heart"...
  • So when he goes SSJ2, Gohan will be "100% death", calling back to one of his lines from the Freeza battle.

Krillin and Chiaotzu will both get free sundaes after being killed by Buu

When Trunks dies, Vegeta will be pissed off... that he didn't get the chance to do it instead.
  • Jossed. He's pissed at Cell for killing his "baby boy", and Gohan is irritated that he finally picks that moment to start being a parent.

Future Trunks will attempt to kill #18 instead of telling her to run away like in canon, only to be kicked away by Vegeta before he can.
Jossed. He just repeated Tien's "Blow yourself up or leave" line.

Mr. Satan will be treated exactly the same as in canon
He's so absurd already there's nothing left to exaggerate.
  • Looks like it so far as of Episode 56.
  • Confirmed more or less, except he seems to be more likable and was willing to tell the truth about who won, until Jimmy told him about calming down his rioting fans.

Vegeta's defeat at the hands of Cell will be a severe Break the Haughty moment.
So much so, this could jumpstart an actual Heel Realization for Vegeta. That or he'll force himself to apologize to Trunks a la Nathan Explosion.

Cell will throw a dog treat at 16's head before stepping on it.
It has been a Running Gag having Vegeta throw dog treats at his victim's severed heads, and since, Cell has Vegeta's DNA, it would be a shame not to put that in.
  • And Krillin will try and throw a Senzu Bean at him
  • Jossed on both.

Cell's last words will be...
"I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say!"That joke comes from the Kai Abridged episodes, so it's possible if/when they do Kai Abridged episode 3.

Goku won't give Cell a Senzu bean
Instead, Cell will ask for a Senzu bean immediately after Goku, and Krillin will throw one to him without thinking.
  • Jossed. Even worse, he did it while stealing Krillin's line!

Tenshenhan's ultimate victory over Vegeta...
At the end of the Cell Saga, Vegeta has finally warmed up enough to Trunks to treat him with some degree of respect...and then we find out Trunks has actually given up on winning his father's affection, thanks to the shitty treatment Vegeta put him through over the course of the season. Instead, he found a new father figure, someone who treats him with kindness and respect: Tenshinhan. This will make Vegeta snap about as badly as he did back on Namek. For bonus points, this can also tie into the eventual abridging of Bojack Unbound, since Trunks and Tien fight each other in that tournament and show a healthy respect for one another.

Hercule/Mr. Satan will act like Mister Torgue.
They're both voiced by Chris Rager and they're both hammy characters.

This saga will last until the 60th episode.
Season One lasted 10 episodes. Season 2 lasted 20 episodes. It only makes sense that Season 3 will last 30 episodes.
  • Unfortunately, jossed.
    • Un-Jossed. According to this video the Cell Saga will end with a three-part episode lasting 90 minutes in total - which will be Episode 60.
    • Does this mean that the Season 4 (presumably covering the Buu saga) will be 40 episodes? Because I kind of have a hard time seeing them getting that much content out of the episodes unless they either shorten the episode length or pad things out.

During the Kamehameha battle between SS 2 Gohan and Cell...
The theme playing will be "Save The World" from Undertale.

Cell's reason for destroying the Cell Games arena here will be because someone notices the missing half-tile and points it out
  • Jossed. He patched it up in Episode 55.

When all the Z Fighters join in to distract Cell...
It will be because they all remember Chi-Chi's threat from Episode 54.
  • Seems unlikely considering how Team Four Star has taken to portraying emotional moments with the same gravity they had in the original.
  • And jossed, only Vegeta helped.

Cell and/or Gohan will sing "Mahna Mahna" while charging their final attacks
  • Jossed, though Cell does allude to the five-minute charge time.

Future Bulma will create a Vegata clone
Like Father like Daughter>
  • And she's program it to actually have a respectful personality that loves Bulma and his son. Trunks will prefer Clone!Vegeta to the real one +9000 times.

Krillin's Sex Scene
In it, Krillin will be at Kame House doing 18. He will launch a Solar Flare implying he came early, this will add a plus one to the Krillin Owned Counter.
  • Alternately, to complete the rule of three, him and 18 will be moaning in unison with squeaking bedspirngs, followed by Krillin yelling out and launching a beam 10 times the size of either Vegeta or Goku's, and the counter resets with the implication.
    • Sort of Confirmed, the blast isn't bigger, but the implication's there.
    • Vegeta will learn about this and develop an iadequacy complex about Krillin, of all people.
      Vegeta: Stay out of this, green man, you don't even have a penis.
      Picollo: Yeah, well compared to Krillin...
      Vegeta: I SAID STAY OUT OF IT!
      • Alternately, 18 will be the one to shoot off the blast.
  • Krillin's going to throw a Destructo Disk. Master Roshi will complain.
    • Jossed. It's a Scatter Bullet. And Roshi isn't heard at all.
  • As for the Counter, it's confirmed destroyed, and Word of God is that it's gone for good.

After Future Cell Death
After killing the androids and Cell of his time, Trunks is going to make a Rousing Speech of how the future is saved forever and peace is restored now that the androids are gone and the only way is up with much rebuilding to do. Naturally, Black will appear the moment he finishes.

After Gohan makes him spit 18 out and revert back to his Semi-Perfect form, Cell will pull an If I Can't Have You… when he attempts his Earth-Shattering Kaboom.
It justs fits SO WELL with how possessive TFS made Cell when it comes to 17 and 18.
  • Kinda confirmed, he gets pissed over losing 18 and says since Gohan caused that, he will take everything away by blowing up the planet.

Dende is acting so evil because he has unlocked his true potential
Dende seems more messed up after getting his potential unlocked by Guru and seems to have started emulating him.

Goku's last words before taking Cell to King Kai's will be a heart-wrenching "Bye Son"

The Southern Kai's ex is Shub-Niggurath
Seriously, name another female cosmological abomination could make a god shit his pants. Apparently the Southern Kai is a little bit kinky.
  • Isn't it East Kai? Or is East Kai Shub-Niggurath?

Other Abridged Series characters who'll show up during the Cell Games countdown
With the short of Yuskue and Kuwabara showing up to try and participate, it's likely that TFS will have other The Abridged Series characters show up to challenge Cell. Here are a few guesses on who'll show (feel free to add your own guesses):
  • Alucard: Just for the sheer humor of Takahata101 Talking To Himself.
  • Yami Yugi: He'll mistake the Cell Games for a Duel Monsters tournament. Cell will mock him over Yugi's recent taking by the Seal of Orichalcos.
    • Confirmed, although Cell trolls Yugi by using the official trading card game rules.
  • Monkey D. Luffy: His insanity combined with Cell's smug attitude could result in tons of laughs.
  • Sailor Moon: TFS recently invited Megami33 to play Shantae with them so this seems likely. Given Cell's status as a Memetic Molester, he could start cracking jokes about how a 14-year old girl in a really short skirt is facing him.
    • Maybe she'll use here moon tiara frisbee attack but it fails
  • Kirito: He will confront Cell, not for a challenge, but to offer a sponsorship deal for the Cell Games with the Kirito is Always Right Foundation. He will then be rejected due to Cell's deal with Hetap. Reminder that Takahata 101 took part in this series
  • Ash and Co.: Ash will do something similar to Kenshiro and seemingly defeat Cell. Also Brock will somehow breed Cell creating the Cell Jr.
    • Somewhat. Ash catches him in a Master Ball, which is then sent to Oak's because he has too many Pokémon, and Cell is mistaken for Celebi and made into the GS Ball.
  • The entire cast of Code MENT. I suppose just Lelouch or Suzaku would do, but with the exception of C.C. every single person in that series is batshit insane. Imagination Cell's growing aggravation as one idiot after another walks into the ring spouting ever growing nonsense until he just blows it up in a rage-induced bout of sanity preservation.
  • So far, it's looking unlikely that any more of these will be made, since episode 59 ends in the middle of Cell's fight with Gohan (before Gohan snaps and starts to curb-stomp Cell). Doesn't mean they can't go back and make more at some point.
Cell's self destruction on King Kai's world will be a fart joke.
  • Jossed

The DBZA version of Cell includes Mr Popo's cells.
Just look at the way he messes with Vegeta and Trunks after reaching his perfect form. His disregard for human life (I drink people!) sadistic sense of entertainment and humor, and twisted personality traits weren't programmed by Dr Gero, they're inherited from Popo's genes.
  • Jossed.

Mr. Satan might be dead in this version.
There's no way you can hit a wall, bleed out that badly, and still be perfectly okay afterwards. Either he's dead, or way more resilient than canon. Plus, Light Yagami (and possibly Kenshiro) ended up dying in their respective fights, so it's not an impossibility. Also, he read the disclaimer.
  • Not to mention they could wish him back with the rest of Cell's victims so he'd be around for the Buu Saga. It'd also make everyone in the series die at least once.
    • They do still need him to bring 16's head over to Gohan to make him go SS 2, though.
    • They could probably come up with another way; they came up with the Muffin Pod, remember?
    • Possibly jossed as the description says "Support Mr. Satan's medical bills", so he may still be alive, just in critical condition.
    • Jossed on both ends; he's perfectly okay.

Android 16 will be Spared by the Adaptation
  • I can see it now - when 17 goes off to be a park ranger, 16 will join him, just so he can watch the birds.
    • Jossed. If they were to bring 16 back, it would probably be a reference to FighterZ, with a duplicate 16.
      • Depends on your definition of Jossed. On the one hand, he's dead. On the other, he doesn't suffer from Cessation of Existence.

Cell is trying to butter up Yamcha
Cell has been noticeably nice to Yamcha. That's because he's trying to get him to turn to his side, using the way his friends treat him as motivation. This will lead to Yamcha becoming a Fake Defector and catching Cell off guard before Gohan finishes him off.
  • Jossed. He just kind of feels sorry for Yamcha being the resident Butt-Monkey.

The Stinger for the saga will have chibi Videl
She'll be watching the Cell Games back home on TV with a servant. We won't see her face, just her from behind with the pigtails from the Saiyaman saga. While she'll marvel at how awesome her dad was, noting that it'll be another stretch where he isn't home for a few days, she'll also comment how the boy at the tournament was kinda cute.
  • Semi-confirmed. Young Videl appears in the stinger for Episode 59, watching the fight on television. We actually do see her face, and she only says three words: "Huh, sweet hair", in reference to Gohan.

Mr. Satan is becoming increasingly aware of the outlandishness of Goku and Cell's fight.
He knows that the stuff going on in the arena isn't natural, but chooses to stick to his guns so as to assure the audience that none of it is real. He is based on wrestlers, after all, so it makes sense; not only would his job be eclipsed by the knowledge that fights like this exist, but if the people at home try this in-universe, it'd look increasingly bad. Especially since one of the fighters accidentally came off as an "orange wife beating hillbilly"; nobody wants to imitate that.
  • Pretty much confirmed; in episode 59, he stops making up explanations and starts avoiding the questions asked of him. In episode 60, when he was asked about what happened and the camera was FUBAR, he said "I have no f*cking idea."

Goku will be The Atoner come Episode 60 part 2
As we all know, Goku will sacrifice himself to try and kill Cell. Here, it will at least partly be because he wants to make up somehow for all the less-than-desirable parenting he's done (Including trying to force Gohan to take his place).
  • Confirmed. He apologizes for not understanding his own son and says that the time spent in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was the best time he had.

Everybody will know that Gohan killed Cell but they'll still give Mr. Satan the credit
Because they like him more than the "son of that orange wife beating hillbilly"
  • Appears to be jossed, at least as far as the general public is concerned; they're willing to take Mr. Satan's claim of victory at face value. The only group so far who knows the truth is King Furry and his guards, but the General near Furry says that the world may never know the truth.

Episode 50 will be dedicated to Hiromi Tsuru.
The recent death of the Japanese voice actress of Bulma is a huge blow to the entire fandom, and TFS would be heartless not to do a tribute to her.
  • Do you mean episode 60? Because not only has 50 aired, but it aired before her death.
  • Jossed either way. The dedication was in the Plan to Eradicate Christmas special.

Cell or someone else will reference Android 21 at some point in episode 60
Either he'll wonder if he could become even more perfect by absorbing her, mentioning that he saw another pod in Gero's lab that had been opened (only to reveal that 21 is extremely pacifistic, just peacefully reading at a library or something), saying "Ultra Perfect Cell...I like the ring of that!" or he'll wonder if there's any more androids for him to absorb, and 16 will say "Don't even think about 21!".
  • And of course, Vegeta will butt in. "Android 21, eh? So, boy, do I hear nine?"
    • Jossed. 21 isn't mentioned at all.

There will be a nod to Mai in the finale
  • In canon (or possibly just the dub), when Trunks sensed that Cell was near and told Bulma to go back in the house, she asked if he was going to see a girlfriend. Trunks will respond accordingly.
Trunks: Mom, you should go inside.
Bulma: Why? Don't want me to be a third wheel?
Bulma: Wait, why does that name sound familiar?
  • Trunks probably would've mentioned something like that if he was already in a relationship with Mai...although that doesn't mean that TFS couldn't show them meeting (even if it's just offscreen and we only hear them).

Bulma swapped Goku's DNA in Android 16 for someone else's
Android 16 never attacks Goku despite his programming. Bulma and Dr. Briefs can't take out the 'KILL SON GOKU' program inside of him, so the next best thing is to switch the target to someone else.
  • Jossed.

Some choice lines in the finale will be...
  • After Gohan tells Cell about his temper issues and such, Cell says thus:
    Cell: Funny thing is, I know you're playing me.
    Gohan: I'm really not...
    Cell: But you're right!

  • Also, when Cell prepares his final Kamehameha, he taunts Gohan and mentions dodging it, which triggers Gohan and sets him up with his own Kamehameha.
    • Jossed on both counts.

When Cell kills 16
Cell will claim that 16 can't be brought back with the Dragon Balls because he's a machine. Gohan will claim he's lying. Cell will point out he's never lied before.
  • Also before Cell crushes 16's head, Gohan will beg him to do it. Cell will mock Gohan for thinking that will work and state it only encourages villains like him.
  • Jossed, he just says how 16 isn't going to a better place because he never had a soul, a Double Entendre of 16 being a machine and ginger.

There will be a Call-Back to Tien's remark about what a form beyond Super Saiyan
This series loves to make Call Backs to other jokes, and everyone will be so speechless they will just drop ideas, also a reference to how the term for it didn't come about until after the Cell saga ended.
  • Jossed, Goku calls Super Saiyan 2 "Super Duper Saiyan."

Toei will have episode 60 removed from youtube within a week of it being uploaded
Because they're that predictable and petty.
  • Part 2 did get hit with a claim, just a few days after Part 3 went up.

Hercule will get a Pet the Dog before throwing 16's head
We've had a hint him being Jerk with a Heart of Gold sooner than in canon, so we'll get another one. When 16 asks Hercule to take him closer to the fight, Hercule will, partially because of his own cowardice but also because he isn't heartless, point out how dangerous that is and that Cell will likely kill 16. 16 will point that he's been reduced to a head so he's damaged beyond repair anyways.
  • Semi confirmed. He helped 16 because he wants to save Videl.

Turning Super Super Saiyan 2 will cause Gohan to experience Adaptational Jerkass, possibly even Adaptational Villainy
For purposes of making him scarier, the transformation will do more than make him sadistic.
  • Adaptational Jerkass, he is only saving members of the cast he actually likes, such as Piccolo or possibly Trunks. Everyone else he won't care about only saves them because he wanted to kill all the Cell Jrs. When one of them using Krill as a shield, Gohan will dare them to go ahead and kill him saying he means nothing to him.
    • His reaction to Krillin being in that situation seems unlikely, as it's shown that his alternate future self does care for Krillin quite a bit in History of Trunks.
    • Confirmed. He talks shit to basically everyone. He told Trunks to forget that he's half-Vegeta and to try to not fuck it up, states how it's a daytrip if Krillin dies, and is shown to be completely sadistic.
  • Adaptational Villainy, the transformation does to Gohan what the LSSJ did to Broly, only Gohan is a Genius Bruiser instead of The Berserker. When Gohan saves the main cast from the Cell Jrs, it will only be so he can later kill them himself.
    • Jossed.

Goku not saving himself from Cell's self destruct with either be lampshaded, or justified by his idiocy
King Kai will point that Goku could just escape the blast, and Goku will admit he forgot that. Or Goku will deliberately stay behind, feeling that if King Kai is going to die because his actions, it is only fair that Goku dies along with him.
  • Alternatively, with a darker spin, tying in with the theory of Gohan turning Super Saiyan 2 causing him to want to murder the cast, Goku will not escape because Gohan said he wanted to kill him. So Goku decides to grant his son's wish and dies along with Cell, and Gohan breaks down seeing his idiot of father die just to make him happy.
  • It could also play out as a Call-Back to Piccolo's Heroic Sacrifice in the Saiyan saga, with Goku trying to think about how he could escape before Cell abruptly explodes.
  • Jossed: Cell explodes the second Goku arrives.

The cast reacting to Hercule taking the credit
Chi Chi will be mad as hell like in canon, others won't care. But somebody among the rational characters will point that Hercule taking credit for saving the world means he's basically dug his own grave since it means that the world expect him to save them the next time a crisis rolls around and he'll be in over his head again.

Krillin will finally get his 3 foot hoagie at the end of the saga
  • Jossed, but does he really need it (assuming it's not a hot dog)? 18 seems to like what she saw.

The saga will end with a call-back to Episode 34
Android 18 and Krillin have sex, then after they're done, Android 18 will turn out to not know what a condom is in the same vain as Vegeta. Cue the Krillin Owned meter going up.
  • Jossed big time. They had sex at least 38 times in one day, with the counter going down before being destroyed.

When Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2, the "You're not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore" speech will return.
  • Jossed.

The series will end with the Cell Saga.
Just as it says. Since they needn't take the Buu saga into account, the writers will wrap things up with an alternate ending. Goku stays dead, Gohan keeps training and becomes Earth's champion. Krillin may or may not actually hook up with 18, who was eaten alive and is probably suffering some PTSD. Alternatively, they end up as friends and go to therapy together. Vegeta, crushed by his rival's death and by being surpassed by a child, gives up training and turns into a couch potato.
  • Jossed. In the ending to episode 60 part 3, they explicitly stated that the Buu Saga is next.
    • In light of recent events, this has been confirmed, with the Buu Saga teaser removed and multiple statements regarding its closure.

Gohan's first words after reaching Super Saiyan 2 will be a Call-Back to his threat to Nappa
Cell will (in trying to recover from being completely struck dumb for the first time by the transformation) be joking around and trying to taunt Gohan, not fully taking what happened seriously before Gohan cuts him off with those four magical words: "I'M GONNA SKULLF*CK YOU!", with the sheer whiplash from how he was acting before actually shutting Cell up for a second time.
  • Jossed. His first words as a Super Saiyan 2 was the definition of filicide.

Android 16 wasn't revived because he's a machine

That wasn't Android 16 in heaven, rather it was Gero's son.
In the ending shot of 16 in heaven, we see him surrounded by birds. However, it would also seem that Android 16's idea of heaven would have at least one dead Goku. Gero's son quite possibly didn't know who Goku was, as neither did anyone else in his platoon know who he was.

Vegeta is being possessed by Melvin's ghost
Why else would he perform the "Melvin, NO!!!"/"Melvin, YES!!!" Shout-Out not once, but twice?


Vegeta will suffer Sanity Slippage.
He already went (temporally) batshit insane in episode 18, and he actually started crying in 27...

Nappa isn't really The Ditz.
  • He just likes to screw with Vegeta's head. While he was alive, the best way to do this was with Obfuscating Stupidity. Now that he's a ghost, Nappa has become less subtle, and seemingly more intelligent. He no longer feels the need to hide his intelligence, now that Vegeta can no longer hurt him. As for his appearance in Vision of Escaflowne Abridged, he was just pretending to be "special" because of Van's mom.
    • Basically Nappa is a Troll. This makes so much sense.
    • Somewhat confirmed in the Two Saiyans Play videos. He's smarter than he is in the show, just a total Cloud Cuckoolander

Nappa could turn Super Saiyan.
  • He used the ability to change his hair/eye color to further his precious modeling career. Learning this will result in Vegeta becoming a Super Saiyan. The Brick Joke seems like a good enough reason for it to be true, considering the series.
  • Jossed. He threw a tempter tantrum.
    • Technically, the original WMG was for Nappa being able to go Super Saiyan, which hasn't been outright jossed or confirmed yet - if you consider Xenoverse 2 and Super Dragon Ball Heroes canon, he does possess the ability to go Super Saiyan (heck, in the latter, he can go up to SS 3). However, it's rather unlikely this will be addressed anyways, since at the moment, Nappa doesn't seem interested in fighting. If they were going to have Nappa go Super Saiyan offscreen at some point, the most likely case would be during Fusion Reborn Abridged, having some of the undead monsters attack him offscreen and he transforms to defend himself (maybe perhaps using this to explain the absence of Cooler, Broly, and some of the other villains not present) - and in a postcredits scene, have him call Vegeta and say "I finally turned Super Saiyan! And I defeated that guy that looks like Frieza!"

Dende will be Batman.
While on Earth Dende will pick up a comic book and realize that Super Kami Guru's comparison was correct. Then after taking over Kami's job Dende will get bored and become Batman just for something to do.

Hercule. That is all.
  • Oh dear me, Hercule. Perhaps the biggest Ensemble Dark Horse of the entire series. How will they go about characterizing him?
Let's make a list of options. Feel free to add.
  • Exaggeration of canon personality.
    • This is the most likely possibility.
  • Actually badass.
    • ...without anyone seeing what he does. Poor guy's gonna' get even more flak than Krillin.
  • Reincarnation of and/or Possessed by Ghost Nappa.
    • Likely Jossed due to Nappa discovering him in the stinger of episode 30
  • Repeatedly killed by characters, only to come back in the next episode.
  • Exactly as in canon, but taken seriously by the heroes.
    • Or by all the heroes except Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, or Tien.
    • Or he's only taken seriously by Yamcha
    • Goku would be the biggest fanboy.
  • Exactly as in canon, but not taken seriously by anyone.
  • Deranged or Drunken hobo.
    • On a more detailed, considering The Stinger at the end of season two With Nappa talking about bringing an actor into play with the name Mark Satan and thinking of changing the first name to Hercule, it's possible he's not a real fighter, but just an actor who plays one on TV and is convinced that he CAN be a real hero. Everyone around him just kind of goes along with it. Or the camera crew filming him is doing it for a documentary of some kind.
      • Maybe he's like the Steven Segal of the setting, an actual martial artist who's become more of a joke as time went on.
  • Canadian
  • The Ultimate Warrior as done by The Spoony one.
  • An Accidental Hero that stumbles around trying to maintain his image while actually doing awesome things just like Ciaphas Cain HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!
  • Sean Connery!
  • The Only Sane Man. It would be quite ironic.
  • A red neck.
  • A....tan-ish? Samuel L. Jackson. (I think he's tan. Certainly darker than the tournament emcee.)
  • The token fourth wall breaker. (The one that's aware he's in an abridged series.)
  • The most eloquent character on the show, proper British accent and everything.
  • Texan. Which is not the same as redneck.
  • Tommy Wiseau
  • Made even stupider than Nappa.
  • A nervous, pathetic softy who realizes Cell and the Z-fighters powers are real and a lot worse than the people he fought in the world tournaments (when he didn't bribe them), but is coerced by Nappa to act tough and big like his canon personality, all while he constantly regrets his decision of letting Nappa be his boss

Goku will be an even more of a neglectful parent to Goten.
  • To the point where he repeatedly forgets he exists.
    • Alternatively, he will give all the attention he can to Goten, which would make Gohan feel crushed.

Mr. Popo is BEN.
It would definitely explain his utter scariness. As well, DBZA didn't come out until long after BEN got online.

Guru caused the Great Drought.
  • Freeza notes that he's fat for a member of an entirely water-sustained species. So, Guru took all the water right under his people's noses, then 'lead' them through this 'strange natural disaster' by 'finding' water. He probably did it just because he was tired of rations.
    • One place to 'find' water in a water-sustained species is inside other members of that species.
    • Confirmed. He also blamed the drought on the albino namekians. Once the other namekians found out, things went about as well as you would expect.

Zarbon's girlfriend name is Chuck... lina.
That's right, Chucklina, a regular female of his species, she works for Freeza as mission support or something like that, though Freeza don't even know that she exists, now how is this?

Raditz will be the true villain of the series.
Remember all the back to episode three, where Yemma said that Raditz escaped? That will come back to haunt them all, when it turns out that he's been training since the Sayian Saga. After fifteen years, he's now a Super Sayian 3, capable of becoming a Golden Ape/Super Sayian 4 and will end up killing the entire cast. Krillin, however, gives Raditz one final blow after his Limit Break meter is filled, and his Owned Count will disappear.
  • Better yet, he shows up near the end of the series, announces he's been training since season one and how much more powerful he is... and gets bitch-slapped by Goku before he can even throw a punch.
  • Worse still, he may get bitch slapped by Krillin...because at least their Radtiz is still stronger than our Raditz...
  • The Golden Ape/Super Saiyan 4 is unlikely, as TFS has made it pretty clear that they're not fans of GT. Even Super Saiyan 3 would be a stretch, considering they wouldn't actually be able to show it on-screen, due to them being limited to pre-existing footage.
    • Though recently they've been using more original footage but nothing too extensive
  • They could probably cheat a bit to give Raditz an SS3 form and merely recolour his hair. Maybe get rid of his eyebrows too, for the extra mile. Especially if it was something like just one or two shots of him, like:
    Raditz: Kakkarot! It is I, Raditz, your brother! I have returned from the dead to kill you, and I am far stronger than ever! I have even become a Super Saiyan, one on level with your own power!
    Goku: Huh! ...Neat!
    *Punches Raditz once and he goes down*

Raditz is named after the Dragon Ball Abridged universe equivalent of the dollar.
When Bardock saw his first son, he realized his power was insignificant and unremarkable. Accordingly, he was named after the same basic unit of currency that can get you a small sundae at Spacey's.
  • Actually, it's the cost of a double sundae.
  • As of Episode 28, at least partially confirmed, if not in this context. Apparently, a game of Pinball costs '1/2 Raditz', implying a 'Raditz' as the basic unit of currency.

Trunks in the show won't be a planned child
Bulma will "forget" to take her pills in hopes of making Vegeta less likely to go back to being an evil dick.
  • Self-jossed. If she does it on purpose, wouldn't that make him a planned child?
  • Or, alternately: Ahahah! Her puny Earth contraceptives are no match for Vegeta's Saiyan sperm! Except, you know, put in a better way.
    • And before anyone asks why Goku and Chichi don't have more kids if Saiyan sperm is potent, well, given Goku's personality, I'm surprised Gohan was conceived.
  • So apparently it was just that they didn't even use protection. Mostly cause Vegeta doesn't even know what a condom is. So I'm calling it Confirmed.

Possible Ensemble Dark Horse for later sagas
The Saiyan Saga had Nappa and the Namek Saga had Super Kami Guru.
  • Cell Saga:
    • Android 16- Instead of being peace-loving, he'd be a lazy Jerkass who makes up excuses not to fight.
    • Android 19- Ridiculous voice you can't help but mock
    • Dr. Gero-I noticed both Nappa and Guru were voiced by Takahata 101, so I figure there might be a pattern.
  • Buu Saga:
    • Spopovich- He'd be the Nappa to Yamu's Vegeta.
    • Hercule!
    • Imaginary Bibidi- The original Bibidi died long ago, but was reborn as an imaginary friend of Buu to occupy his time being stuck in the capsule. To contrast the Jerkass Smug Snake that is Babidi, Bibidi is/was an Affably Evil Cloud Cuckoolander who sees Buu as a son. Babidi picks on Buu because Bibidi paid more attention.
    • Vegetto.

Why all the people Nappa killed weren't wished back by Shenron when Mr. Popo made the wish in Episode 30 Part 1
In episode 30, when Vegeta finds out Nappa was brought back due to himself being one of Freeza's men at the time he killed Nappa, he asks Nappa about what happened to all the people he killed. Nappa dodges the question, but it's potentially an easy answer: it only extended to those directly under Freeza. Technically, Nappa worked for Vegeta, not Freeza. If that weren't the case, Tien would've definitely been revived at that point, and Yamcha might also have been revived if the Saibaman counted under that logic as well.

Yamcha washing King Kai's car will be a Chekhov's Gun
Just like he thought, the Karate Kid method ends up making him a better fighter, having him kill a future Big Bad.
  • Unfortunatly it will be offscreen, so no one will believe him.

Gohan is gonna be more scarier than Popo.
He already told off his own psycho of a mother, odds are sometime during the Cell Saga he will scare Popo.
  • I don't think this can be answered in its entirely. But the part about scaring Popo is definitely Jossed.

SSJ2 Gohan will be far scarier than Popo.
Reason? SSJ2 Gohan was a total Ax-Crazy maniac, personifying Beware the Nice Ones. Given Abridged Gohan has a habit of being quite aggressive when pushed too far, its only fitting for SSJ2 Gohan to make Mr. Popo look harmless by comparison. There'll be an equivalent to Vegeta's scream, in which we hear everyone's reaction.
Krillin: I think my soul just died...
Cut to Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo: Strange, I didn't think I could feel a chill up my spine.
Cut to Hell
Freeza: Excuse my words, but WHAT IN THE NAME OF YOG-SOTHOTH'S F***HOLE WAS THAT?!
Tristan: Holy *** on a *** sandwich!
Yugi: Did you just hear that?!
Tristan: Yes. With *** as topping, *** as an appetizer and fear as dessert!
  • Add to this, Gohan will speak in a creepy Voice of the Legion will only save everybody saw he can kill them himself. He will also swear revenge on everyone, especially the viewers and Team Four Star.
  • Jossed. He didn't go Ax-Crazy, and his ire was directed primarily at Cell and Goku. With one stray pot shot at Vegeta.

When Dende becomes the new Guardian of Earth...
  • He'll beat up Popo (who might not want a new Guardian cramping his style) and be on top of the new pecking order. Because he's the goddamn Batman.
  • Or maybe Popo will see something he likes in Dende and happily adopt him.
    • They have a mutual disdain for Krillin, which has been established (thanks to Bulma) as a trait Popo particularly admires.
      • Well, this happened:
    Popo: I'm going to call you Little Green.
    Dende, glaring: Your funeral.
    Popo, grinning: I like you.
    *** So them becoming best buddies is looking very likely.
    • I don't think Dende was actually adopted, but Popo certainly likes him. Semi-confirmed.
  • He will demand to be referred to as Super Kami Dende.
    • At least as far as Krillin is concerned, this is Confirmed. He certainly won't be calling Dende "Little Green" anymore.

Nail will become a good version of Ghost Nappa
  • Where Nappa is annoying Nail with be helpful, where Nappa is humorous Nail is serious.
    • Jossed in episode 26. He's annoying but he does have Minesweeper.
      • And a pool table.
      • Still not as bad as Ghost!Nappa, though.

Nappa was a Mole working for Freeza.
In episode 25, after the flashback about Freeza killing King Vegeta, Vegeta asks how he knew about the parts he wasn't there for, right? Well someone had to have set this up. After all, Freeza seemed too prepared about King Vegeta's arrival. Then, Nappa telling Vegeta that their planet was destroyed seemed rehearsed. Then, Nappa intentionally left his scouter transmission on the entire time, notifying Freeza about the Dragonballs. Finally, Freeza ordered Nappa to keep Vegeta in check, and the best method was "stupidity." Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if this was revealed.The Jafar hat just spelled it out loud for the rest of us.I haven't figured out a reason why he'd do this, yet...
  • Didn't he say outright whole wearing the Jafar hat that he likes Freeza's style?
    • Maybe he did it for money to go to Dairy Queen?
    • But shouldn't mean that character he killed on Earth would be revived by the wish Popo made on Shenron?

Goku will start trying to be a proper dad after the Freeza Saga
Obviously, for this, the Super Saiyan Transformation will give him an epiphany of sorts and he'll actually try talking to Gohan and taking care of him for real. However, he still wouldn't understand sarcasm and when Piccolo suggests sending out Gohan to fight Perfect Cell as a sarcastic response...
  • Alternatively, he'll bring Gohan into the Chamber of Time not to train him, but to 'have some father-son bonding time'.
    Gohan: We're going to an empty void.
    Goku: Sometimes there's fire!
    • As far as we've seen, this has been jossed.
      • In fact, he doesn't realize he's a bad father until Episode 60.

Gohan would be a guest star on The Big Bang Theory.
Well not literally, but he would fit right in with the cast. Plus if he can't outsmart Sheldon he can blast him.

After Freeza kills him, Nappa will annoy him while he's in hell non-stop. To avoid this, he becomes a good guy so he'll never see Nappa again after death.

Mr. Popo is the only male Jynx in existence.
The resemblance is pretty uncanny.

Bulma actually IS a virgin, for the sake of setting up a blood joke.
Contrary to Roshi's claim of "Bulls**t!", Bulma actually was saving herself for Yamcha. Only she'll dump him before actually doing the deed so Team Four Star can make a joke involving the, er, blood-letting with Vegeta after Baby!Trunks is born.
  • Well, she did dump Yamcha before having sex with Vegeta. However, jossed on the grounds that her virginity was never mentioned, but if she was a virgin prior to having sex with Vegeta, she's not anymore, and no such blood joke was made.

#18 will marry Krillin because she thinks that bald is sexy.
She will choose Krillin because Tien's third eye freaks her out, and and Piccolo don't come with all tools.
  • Well given the Episode 60 ending where it's revealed Krillin's well hung, I don't think that'd be her only motivation for marrying him.
    • Given how much she appeared to enjoy their Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex, I think using that as the reason is Jossed.

Grandpa Gohan dropping infant Goku on the head did more than erase most of his Saiyan instincts.
It's the cause of his Manchild status in general. After the fight with Vegeta it was heavily implied that Goku's mental capacity dropped because of brain damage, correct? Well the brain damage he suffered when he was a baby basically retarded him and not just his Saiyan ambitions.
  • I don't think this can ever be proven. It was established in Episode 11 his fight with Vegeta caused (more) brain damage. So that could also have contributed.

Krillin actually is an Albino Namekian
  • Many reasons. One, everyone who has seen albino Namekian's thinks he is one. Also, he took offense to being called a Namekian back in Episode Seven, and that's just the kind of call back you'd expect from Team Four Star. Finally, everyone in this show is an alien.
    • How is he going to have a kid, then? Unless Albino Namekians reproduced sexually instead of asexualy. Maybe that's why they were killed...?
      • Maybe that's the real reason Super Kami Guru killed them: they had (large) penises, and he was jealous. But likely not.
  • They were killed because Guru used them as a scapegoat.

Mr. Popo is Nyarlathotep.
I say this because, like Nyarly, Popo has a black avatar, is sadistic, and is wrong despite looking like a person. Plus they're both Nightmare Fuel. This may explain why even the Kami's are wary of him. It also would make Popo even more terrifying.

When Goku blows up King Kai's planet, he will be revealed to be a Not-So-Harmless Villain
Goku: Come on, King Kai, its not like I wanted to kill you
King Kai: I'm not mad. Now that I think of it, you know who I taught waaay back before you?
Goku: Who?
King Kai: Popo.
  • It seems more likely that they're setting him up as knowing that Goku will likely cause his death; it's more likely that he'll be upset with Goku for blowing up his planet.

Mr. Popo is Kami's Angel of Death.
And that's how he knows when people are going to die. Alternatively, Reality may just be bending to his wishes. When he says someone is going to die, The Universe makes it so. Why?
Mr. Popo: It just knows better.

Guru's death wasn't as much of a dick move as you'd think.
  • More of an observation, but he stayed alive long enough to wish Piccolo back and get him to Namek, and then died before Vegeta got immortality. It could be that he just didn't want Vegeta to be immortal, for the same reason Dende didn't want to heal him. But there's more to this: he didn't just prevent Vegeta from gaining immortality, he stopped Freeza, who was on his way over there, from getting it as well. So he kinda saved the universe in a very roundabout way.
  • While all of that is may be true, one thing has to always be kept in mind; it's the thought that counts. Guru did that to screw over the good guys for a practical joke. So in that case it was a dick move.

Mr. Popo additionally posseses the same abilities as a Ju-on.
This would clearly explain his ability to be so mentally overwhelming without even trying. As well as the ability to assimilate people as he demonstrated on Blue Popo, his ability to appear out of nowhere for no logical explanation and the ability to overshadow inanimate objects such as the moon as seen in Make a Man out of you. This would most importantly explain why literally every little thing is absolutely terrified of him and last but not least his permanent death stare.

Mr. Popo will turn out to be the true villian in this series.
Because he seems a little bit to evil to be a good guy, it wouldn't be surprising if it turned he is the evil puppetmaster in the show.

Zarbon's girlfriend will appear
And just like Freeza suspected, her name is Chuck.
  • She'll be a walking Butch Lesbian stereotype and her full name will be Charlene.

Sarcasm/sardonicness/insensitiveness runs in the Namekian race
It just a little bit more than a coincedence that every namekian on here in stuck-up snivy and touche, that part where that namekian village was nice to Vegeta could of been to just set up a joke( the kind of look at that fine young man then that fine young man terrorizes the place joke). In addition to them being so reserved as in the original series they are slightly snobby.

Other besides seemingly invincible super villains Vegeta also possesses an additional fear in this series.
And it is real annoying people, not really counting Krillin because he isn't that much annoying.

Mr. Popo is Parallax
After all, Parallax is the embodiment of fear, and Mr. Popo is practically fear incarnate.

Explaining why everyone appears to be more self aware especially in an abridged series. Mr.popo has been shown to break through the fourth wall during the show not just during promo skits, because he's the only one supernaturally enough to do that and has that luxury with him being the most mystical character on the show too. However the characters can't make this apparent for the show's sake or at least clear enough.

Gohan will become a slacker
  • It's turning out more that Gohan respects Piccolo more as a father figure than his own father. So come the timeskip to the Buu saga Gohan will focus on appealing to Piccolo over Goku. Piccolo's biggest gripe about Gohan was his tendencies to be a *ahem* NERRRRRD! So how does he fix it? Brilliant, but Lazy. He'll intentionally do poorly in Orange Star High School and bite his tongue when he starts on a tanget.

18 with a flirt
They'll exaggerate that scene where she flirts with Krillen and build her personality around, and Krillen will fall in love with her at first sight.
  • Jossed

That line Popo said about 'giving them a couple hundred years' isn't just a throwaway line.
Dragon Ball Abridged will end with a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue incorporating scenes from Dragon Ball GT (I seriously doubt they want to try actually abridging that) and it will end with Popo looking down, seeing Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr., going 'fuck this', and they lay waste to the earth (again, using clips from GT with Popo's and Shenron's laughs thrown in). Granted, the time between Popo's wish and Goku Jr. is more like 120-something years than two hundred, but his patience could run thin...or he's running on different year lengths than us. Hell, 120 Earth years is roughly 196 Venusian years, so close enough.
  • The time between Popo wishing on the Dragonballs and Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr.'s battle is 127 years. In Venusian years that would be about 206 years, so still plausible that Popo's running on different year lengths. And I will also leave open the suggestion that he's actually waiting for Goku Jr.'s birth as a sign of the apocalypse that Popo and Shenron will cause.

Popo is now immortal
Assuming that Popo's assimilation works like that of Cell's and Buu's, Popo has likely gained immortality by assimilating Garlic Jr.. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • Given DBZA's backstory on Mr. Popo, he probably already was immortal.

Trunks (or at least Future!Trunks) will be gay.
Vegeta will make more jokes that come off homophobic, and Trunks will out himself offhand flippantly.

Nothing much is made of it except by Vegeta adding it to the list of issues that tick him off about Trunks. (Possibly out of past experiences coughprisonbitchcough). But by end of Cell, he's gets over it alongside realizing he actually sort of likes his son.

  • It follows that this will become a Brick Joke relating to Kid Trucks in the Buu Saga.
    • Likely jossed, since they've made nods to Super, which has Future Trunks and Future Mai become a couple. At the most, he's bi.

Roshi has Alzheimer's.
He was trained by Korin decades ago, but was completely surprised by the fact that he was a talking cat at the beginning of Season 2.

Don't get me wrong, he's definitely a genuine idiot. (Pocket bacon, anyone?) But he plays up his idiocy to an insufferable degree. It's managed to drive both Freeza and Vegeta into a Villainous Breakdown. His real intelligence is what we see when he enters his Super Saiyan state, to show that he's not playing around anymore. He's still stupid enough to fall for Freeza's pizza offer though.

Yamcha will snap sometime in the series

Future!Vegeta was completely different to Present!Vegeta
Goku says that he left Freeza and King Cold to the rest of the group meaning that they managed to beat the two without him. During this fight Vegeta gained respect for the other Z fighters and tore Goku a new one on leaving Frieza and Cold for them to handle. After this he ended up sleeping with Bulma in a victory celebration which culminated in Yamcha's depression peaking and his suicide which Vegeta expressed sincere regret over. When Goku died of a heart attack he trained Gohan and occasionally checked in on Chi Chi to see if she was alright. This leads Future!Trunks to believe that Present!Vegeta is similar and he's going to be pretty upset about it.
  • jossed given how future bulma talks about him in flashbacks he was the same as his present counterpart
Mr. Popo is a Super-Human
Vegeta was right: Those other slackers just haven't been trying hard enough.
  • Jossed. Majin that assimilated his entire universe, got wished into this one by Time Patrol Trunks, did a bunch of work there, became a Demon God, and then just kept getting more powerful and evil. Xenoverse Lets Play.

Trunks will call Vegeta out
  • Trunks will eventually call Vegeta out for being a rude and terrible person and a neglectful father either during the hyberbolic time chamber or when Cell attempts to absorb 18 and yell at him that if he's the kind of person he turned out to be he's glad he's dead in his time. Vegeta at first will laugh him off and call him a bastard again only to realize when Cell kills him what a horrible person and father's he's been.

Semi-Perfect Cell will be like a cross between The Kurgan and Dr. Frank N. Furter
  • He'll be less creepy than Imperfect Cell, but so much more menacing and very flamboyant. Android 18's last words while being absorbed will be screaming for him to shut up.
    • Well, I was wrong. He's much more sophisticated than I thought he would be. True, more menacing, but also more reserved. Fair enough.

Videl will be an expy of Asuka Langley Sohryu.
She's arleady a classic tsundere to begin with, so why not take Videl up to eleven?

Gohan and Piccolo suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and Lima Syndrome respectively.
Their relationship started off with Piccolo kidnapping Gohan with the intent to train and brainwash him into being a weapon against him father. It's obvious that Piccolo cares for Gohan, and Gohan cares for Piccolo, but given how their relationship started out, it's probably more than a little dysfunctional once you scratch the surface.
Android 18's Voice Actress doing the woman moaning for TJ and the Wombat, has an in-universe explination.
Prior to Gero's kidnapping she used to work for them.

Krillin is Aquaman
They have the same voice and we never see Aquaman in the flesh, so it seems like a given. Krillin also lives on an island and practices turtle-style martial arts.

Cell was also created with cells from Mr. Popo
Why else does nearly everything he says sound like it has an innuendo to it?

Yamcha will be killed again, in a way not in canon, and stay dead.
Likely during the Cell Jr fight if not later. Considering the writing staff's vocalized loathing of the Z Fighter, and Kaiser's previous experience in 'erasing' characters from scenes, it seems simple for them to write off a no-longer relevant character in the most cruel, depressing manner possible. With Faulerro's evident retiring from Abridging, it would also make sense as a "send off."
Krillin: "Finally! Now let's wish back Piccolo, Tienshinhan, and Chiaotzu!
Gohan: "What about Yamcha?"
  • Just asking, but where have TFS said they dislike Yamcha? They make him the Butt-Monkey, yes, but Icarus is the only one associated with the Z Fighters that members of TFS have expressed dislike for, if I'm not mistaken.

When Kami was dying, Popo wasn't shivering.......
......he was consuming the remains of Kami for himself.
  • It's so terrible but I can picture this being a thing. Maybe that's why Mr. Popo didn't sound all that sad when Kami was gone: you are what you eat, so Kami wasn't really gone.

Part of Gohan's Parental Abandonment issues stem from Piccolo brainwashing him
Piccolo wanted to turn Gohan into a living weapon against his father, so turning him against Goku would be part of his training. However, Lima Syndrome kicked in and Piccolo started actually caring for Gohan, forgetting his original purpose. Unfortunately, some of that brainwashing is still in effect, and Goku's bad parenting skills only serve to amplify Piccolo's initial brainwashing.

Pikkon's Voice
When TFS does the Other world Tournament saga or Fusion Reborn (which ever comes first), Pikkon will have WeeklyTubeShow's Piccolo voice.

Goten will be nicknamed Mini-Me by Goku
This will facilitate the aforementioned overbearing love Goku will display towards Goten, further aiding in pissing off Gohan.

Android 16, SSJ2 Gohan, and Birds
We know that Android 16 loves birds almost as much as he wants to kill Goku. Interestingly, what is it we see fluttering across the screen when Gohan snaps and becomes a Super Saiyan 2? It may be that he subsequently adopts part of Android 16's desires, including killing Son Goku. Cell is partially Goku, so that's within acceptable parameters.

Dende will drink all the world's water and blame it on the albino earthlings.
Dende is already in doesn't give a crap mode with regard to humanity, and seeing the vast oceans and lakes and seas and rivers that Earth has, proceeds to drink them. He then follows in his homeworld's predecessor's footsteps and blames the local albino population. Chiaotzu will find himself on the receiving end of many a witch hunt as a result, until they use the dragon balls to restore the oceans.
  • Or he'll stop drinking it because of how salty the oceans are.
    • Alternatively, he'll consider the idea for a second, then realize "eh, Gohan wouldn't like it", and change his mind.

Tien becoming more a jerk was because he's frustrated that he Can't Catch Up
  • Going by the start of the Z era, yeah, Goku had surpassed him, but Tien likely believed going through the same training, or in the case with Popo, torture session, would allow him to say on equal footing. And he keeps getting proven wrong, getting upped by the Saiyans, Namekians, and others, time and time again. So he's gotten angry about it and likes to snark at the expense of others to vent his own frustrations.

2nd Form Freeza killed the Narrator and took his voice.
Okay, this is one of those theories that is written totally for fun and obviously 100% outside the realm of possibility.Obviously, 2nd Form Freeza and the Narrator sound very much alike (they're both voiced by Little Kuriboh). If you think about it, we don't hear the Narrator after Freeza transforms (even for several episodes before that) except for on King Kai's Planet, where people go when they die. We hear the Narrator again on Earth after everyone is revived by the Dragon Balls.

Gohan hates fighting because of Pavlov
Pacifistic nature aside, every time he fights and/or hits someone, he's brutally beaten in return.

Nappa is actually a Manipulative Bastard who was teaching Vegeta how to be a proper Saiyan.
What if Nappa isn't stupid, he's just teaching an otherwise-unteachable Vegeta by pretending to act like an idiot and nudging Vegeta to act in very specific ways? From the very beginning, most of what Nappa says and does encourages Vegeta to act more like a Saiyan would be expected to, constantly provoking him into the kind of violent outbursts and destruction that Saiyans are known for. After landing on Earth he blows up a city immediately, ensuring that they will get the attention of whoever killed Raditz right away, then stalls Vegeta to give Goku time to show up so Vegeta has to fight the strongest enemy, again just like a Saiyan. In combat he's shown to be extremely competent, thrashing all the Z-Warriors easily and only getting a beatdown from Goku when Vegeta gives him bad information. Finally, after he's thoroughly broken by Goku, he teaches Vegeta a final lesson that it's better to die than be crippled by provoking Vegeta into killing him. Ghost Nappa continues to go on and provide advice during important moments after that, but Vegeta proves he's learned all his lessons by acting exactly like a proper Saiyan and has the motivation to continue to improve all on his own because he wants to beat Goku. Once the group gets back from Namek, Nappa drops the Obfuscating Stupidity altogether by becoming a wildly successful movie producer who not only effortlessly finds out the specifics of the wish that brought him back but also gets Vegeta's phone number and calls him while he's there to troll him one last time. Vegeta's final 'Goddammit Nappa' sounds less like frustration at Nappa still being around and more the realization that Nappa was leading him along the entire time.
  • Adding to this, Nappa isn't just a movie producer. He single-handedly turned a random possibly-homeless guy named Mark into the world's biggest celebrity, Hercule Satan, and acts as his agent too. Hercule is also legitimately one of the strongest martial artists on Earth outside of the main cast, showing Nappa has a talent for training fighters as well.
  • An additional sign that Nappa might actually be a genius is that of all the prominent characters in the series he is by far the most successful, on par with Dr. Briefs in terms of income and resources, and he got that way by getting a job and being frighteningly good at it. Most of the other characters are either living off someone else's money or prize money from tournaments, lacking any kind of stable income, residence, or job. By contrast, Nappa is extraordinarily wealthy, works as the agent and manager of the world's biggest celebrity, possibly owns his own studio (if the 'You're not on my board' comment is taken at face value), and has enough connections to get the number of the phone on the spaceship Dr. Briefs built for Vegeta, and he did all this in only a few years. He's also able to screw Krillin out of his movie royalties because Krillin didn't read the whole contract, and apparently got himself appointed Duke of All Saiyans by realizing Vegeta's dad didn't read anything before signing it.

Hercule Satan wasn't Hercule's original name.
He used to be named Mark Beast.


When Freeza kills Vegeta, Ghost Nappa will appear saying 'Now who am I going to haunt?'

Cell will be haunted by Ghost Nappa.
It's likely that Ghost Nappa is all in Vegeta's head. So since Cell has Vegeta's genes, he'll se Ghost Nappa also, being annoyed with Vegeta.
Vegeta and Cell: '''Damnit Nappa!
  • Probably jossed, seeing as how Nappa is revived, and no longer Ghost Nappa.

When Vegeta dies he will become a ghost and haunt Freeza.
Vegeta killed Nappa, so Nappa haunts Vegeta. Freeza will kill Vegeta, so Vegeta will haunt Freeza. Vegeta will use this to distract/piss off Freeza during his fight with Goku.
  • And Freeza will blow up Vegeta and send him to the afterlife. Only for Ghost Nappa to pester him.
    • Jossed.

When Vegeta dies he will become a ghost and kill Ghost Nappa.
Then Ghost Ghost Nappa will haunt Ghost Vegeta.
  • Jossed.

Ghost Nappa is all in Vegeta's head.
Earth screwed him up so badly that he has created a voice for all his frustration when he's unconscious or has just lost it. And that voice is Ghost Nappa.
  • Jossed, as of the end of episode 30.

Vegeta turns Super Saiyan because of Ghost Nappa.
  • Look at how many things have happened by Ghost Nappa annoying Vegeta.
    • That's actually really likely.
    • Most likely Jossed, seeing as how Nappa is no longer a ghost.
      • Fully jossed - he threw a tantrum.

Cell will cause Vegeta to use final flash by talking like Nappa.
  • He talks like 17 and he has Nappa's cells...
  • Or he'll do it to annoy Vegeta so much that he'll be able to absorb 18.
  • Or Ghost Nappa will get pissed at Cell for stealing his act and then he possesses Vegeta to do the final flash himself.

Future Trunks will be haunted by Ghost Nappa.
With Vegeta not around in the future timeline, Nappa will need someone else to bother (because haunting is far too much fun to give up), and what better choice than his former hauntee's son? Ghost Vegeta will be nowhere to be seen because he's avoiding Nappa.
  • This will, in fact, be the real reason for his traveling back in time- to foist his Ghost Nappa off on Vegeta, who will then be haunted by both.
  • [[Spoiler: Yeah, this one has pretty much been jossed - Trunks has traveled back and Ghost Nappa has not returned.]]

Future appearances of Ghost Nappa.
Will include the following:
  • Vegeta's "almost dead" moments between having Krillin shoot him and Dende healing him.
    • Jossed.
  • When Vegeta dies.
    • Jossed.
  • When Goku hallucinates various Saiyans encouraging him to keep fighting.
    • Jossed.
  • When Vegeta is wished back to life.
    • Jossed.
  • If they do bring back Ghost Nappa, the most likely scenario is when Buu kills everyone on earth. Except he'll haunt Vegeta for a few minutes, before realizing he should haunt Buu instead, since he was "awfully evil for killing the majority of life on earth", and proceeding to do so.

Ghost Nappa will play a crucial part in Freeza's defeat.
When Vegeta is near-death, he won't tell that Freeza blew up his planet(Goku looked it up on Space Twitter), but focus all of his hatred on Freeza. Since Ghost Nappa is Vegeta's inner rage, Ghost Nappa will haunt Freeza. This won't be noticeable to him until Goku turns Super Saiyan, giving Nappa enough rage to manifest. Slowly but surely, Nappa's presence will drive Freeza nuts, causing a Villainous Breakdown that helps Goku beat him. After Freeza dies, Ghost Nappa will die with him. When Cell pops up, due to being part Freeza some of Nappa's personality will be reincarnated in him.
  • Jossed.

Nappa, or at least Ghost Nappa, will somehow be the cause of Vegeta's Majin transformation.
It would be funny as hell seeing Nappa or at least the thought of Nappa pissing Vegeta off so hard that it will be the cause of his second 180. There are two(or even more) possible ways this could undergo.
  • Babidi and/or Dabura will hear about how Nappa pissed Vegeta off so hard when he was alive; after alerted Babadi will resurface Vegeta's memories about Nappa causing him to go into a fit of rage and undergo his ultimate majin transformation.
  • When Dabura tells Babidi about the potential evil Vegeta has, Babadi will unlock Vegeta's evil by resurfacing his memories of Nappa to send Vegeta in a rage and cause him to become Majin'd.
  • Babadi will make one of the characters, most likely Goku appear like Nappa/Ghost Nappa in Vegeta's eyes, causing Vegeta to turn Majin and attack the person who he sees as a Nappa.

Resurrected Nappa will be Mr Satan's manager.
He'll be responsible for Hercule Satan's Fake Ultimate Hero status, and train him in battles. During the Cell games, he'll give the following advice to Mr Satan
Nappa: "Alright Mark, we're dealing with a pseudo-legendary Pokémon." Seems to be a Bug/Fighting type. Do you have an Ultra Ball with you?
Mr Satan: "Sir, I don't have any ball with me."
Nappa: "Well, in that case I recommend a Flying type move."
Mr Satan: "Okay Cell, prepare for my Acrobatics!" (gets pwned by Cell)
Nappa: "OHH-he's got a great Speed stat. And probably Speed Boost."
  • Possibly confirmed by the last segment of episode 54, which shows that Nappa works with Mr Satan - although it hasn't been confirmed if he's MR Satan's manager or his agent.

  • Oh so beautifully confirmed as of episode 54 with Nappa being his manager.

     The Jockstrap Incident 

Jockstraps used to be part of the uniform
  • But they couldn't expand with the armor and a lot of people died of crushed pelvises.
    • To analyze it more than probably necessary, the jockstrap was added to the uniform after most of the Saiyans were killed, when it no longer seemed worthwhile to keep making expanding armor, so the new element was made of cheaper, non-elastic material. However there was a unit of shapeshifters in Frieza's ranks who made the mistake of just attaching the jockstraps to their older expanding armors. To save face, he had Ginyu bury the bodies in secret, and announced that they'd died on some dangerous mission.

     Dragon Ball Super Abridged (if there ever is one)  
Ea will basically be Peridot in Supreme Kai form
Complete with a nasal falsetto voice.

The final episode of DBZ Abridged will end with the screen flooding with comments reading something along the lines of "WEN SUPER?", in a similar fashion to that of "WEN BROLY?"

Zamasu and Goku Black will have a "friendship" similar to that of Goku and Vegeta
Except Goku Black will be like Vegeta and Zamasu will be like Goku.

Instead of Tori-bot, the money will feature either Raditz or the bird Toriyama

Fusion Zamasu will have a Villain Song, the same way Freeza and Cell do
  • A dark reprise of Stronger than you from Steven Universe. I mean, turn probably the sweetest romantic song in that series to describe how narcicistic Zamasu is about himself.

Zamasu will be voiced by Lanipator
  • As a sort of meta joke, considering the same person who voices Zamasu in Xenoverse 2 plays Piccolo in Dragonball Evolution.

Someone, probably Vegeta, will imply Zamasu and Black are gay for each other
Vegeta: How about you go fuck youself?! Oh wait, I forgot who I was talking with!

Battle Of Gods and Resurection F will be adapted here instead of as movies for Z
And while they're at it, they'll skip the recap arcs of Super, possibly including the new scenes from said arcs in the movies.
  • Tying into this, episode 1 will be included as part of Battle of Gods Abridged, and the actual episode 1 will be episode 28.

Beerus will be an Intelligible Unintelligible voiced by an actual cat.

Beerus will be voiced by LittleKuriboh and be an Expy of YGOTAS Marik Ishtar.
  • LittleKuriboh and Team Four Star have been heavily involved in each other's work (Ex. the former voiced Frieza, the latter voiced the Big Five) so it only makes sense.
  • Beerus and Marik have some common elements:
    • Beerus is modeled after a sphinx cat and his design incorporates Egyptian motifs. Marik is Egyptian.
    • Both Beerus and Abridged!Marik are antagonists with silly sides.
    • Marik is out to steal the Pharaoh's screentime. Beerus comes, goes, and steals the scene as he pleases.
  • This video [1].

When Beerus appears, "Cat Loves Food" will be referenced.
  • Self-explanatory.
    • Beerus will either hate it and want to destroy Yamcha (because Yamcha), or love it and beg for his autograph (because Yamcha deserves something).

Dumplin/Popo is actually from one of the universes destroyed by the Omni-King.
In Dragon Ball Super, it's said there used to be 16 universes until the Omni-King destroyed 4 of them. In the Xenoverse play through, one of the origin stories for Dumplin (aka young Mr. Popo) that TFS played with was that ate/absorbed literally everything in his universe. Theory: Dumplin was created by the Omni-King to destroy one of the universes, probably for shits and giggles.

Goku Black is Future Dumplin/Popo
Why doesn't Mr. Popo appear in Future Trunks timeline at all? He's been busy taking Goku and the victims of the androids when nobody was looking and absorbing them, allowing himself to get a little more powerful each time, but never revealing himself to Trunks until the time is right. When Babidi and Dabora get defeated by Trunks, not only does Popo absorb them, but he revives Boo and absorbs *him* as well. Thinking that he absorbed the strongest beings he could, he transforms into a powerful, utterly demonic being, and begins what he calls the "Great Tribulation" of the entire universe...
  • It's more likely that the Androids know that challenging Mr Popo would basically be suicide, so they leave him alone - and Mr Popo can't be bothered to go down and fight the Androids. Piccolo was killed by the Androids (taking Kami with him), and since Mr Popo didn't go down to fight the Saiyans when Piccolo died during the Saiyan Saga, it wouldn't make sense for Popo to go down and fight the Androids.

Zamasu will incessantly refer to every living thing as 'humans' as a play on the mistranslated English subtitles, pissing off Vegeta
The Prince of All Saiyans would never allow himself to be reduced to the level of a mere Earthling, after all.

Zen'O sama will be the child of Mister Popo
Because the joke writes itself.

Actually it's the other way around.
Mister Popo is the child of Zen'o, giving a definite reason why he's so ridiculously powerful. It's also where Popo got his eyes from.

Golden Frieza hell will be the same one he was on in the movie and Super
But he will mostly get mad because he misses Cell, and is annoyed at the fact they put him on the robot armor again.

Freeza's Hell will be Yugioh the abridged series
What more ironic punishment is there then to play a children's card game, endure constant friendship, put up with Brooklyn Rage , Seto's narcissism, what ever Tristian is doing, having to share a body with a human and having his mind alter to feel and embrace friendship, other villain idiocy and all the annoying references.

Goku Black will be a Big Eater like Goku, annoying Zamasu
Their home is basically a food store, he can't sleep well!

Gowasu will be a GodTuber and talk like the biggest internet celebrity of the moment.
Based on one of the most memorable jokes of Super.

Mr. Popo is Zen-Oh's dark half.
No pun intended. This would explain why he's so much more powerful than every other character in the series.

Someone will make an offhand comment about Bra/Bulla
Bulma will say that she's being taken care off, then it will cut to Bra being left at pre-school for 3 years]]

Mr. Popo is an interdimensional criminal.
Beerus and Whis will identify him and try to have him arrested for his millennia of misdeeds but manages to fend them off. It will then be revealed that Mr. Popo was tricked to going to Earth because he was told that humans were similar to Saiyans. As such, he's been trying to turn them into his brutal army of darkness for generations despite most of their insistence of wanting peace and ethics.

Zamasu will be a parody of Social Justice Warriors.
Considering his personality and motives it would make sense.

Hit will be based on Agent 47.
Because the joke pretty much writes itself as it is.

Hit will be the Comically Serious.
Unlike every single character in Abridged, he will be taken seriously, while everybody will call him "A dickhead".

Even Mr Popo fears Zen'o.
They did state that the Omni-King is one of the few that Dumplin cannot surpass. Dumplin is Mr Popo's past self. There's also the fact that seeing Mr Popo of all people terrified would be a combination of hilarious and making the Omni-King terrifying. This is especially apparent when Zen'o basically has the same terrifying aura in canon that Popo has. Not to mention the cost of losing the Universal Tournament, which is the kind of shit Popo would pull.

Zuno is a known shitposter on GodTube.

Gowasu will receive Adaptational Villainy like Guru.
And will record everything for his Godtube account like Chilled did in Episode of Bardock.

When Merged Zamasu appears, this is how it will go down:
Merged Zamasu: My form is perfect, my form is the world. I am the one true god. I am Zamasu. Praise and adore me!
Everybody Else: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Merged Zamasu: Well, f**k you too.

Mr. Popo has been training Android 17.
Android 17 is somehow able to match Super Saiyan Blue. He says it's because he wasn't idling about, but what the hell is there out there that could sufficiently challenge him so he could train? Who else but Popo? Minotaur Milk is a potent psychotropic, which he trades for training (and the minotaur eats the food of the island in order to produce the psychotropic effects). It's also why 17's so adamant about not leaving the island. If the universe is destroyed, then Mr. Popo can't take vengeance on him. But if there's a universe but no supply of Minotaur Milk, then there's a very angry Mr. Popo and an Android 17 who allowed this to happen because he abandoned his post.

Kale is a brony
Her transformation into Super Saiyan Berserk is from Cabba telling her to stop acting like Fluttershy and that MLP sucks, setting her off.
  • Unlikely, since all signs point towards Team Four Star not wanting to get involved with the fandom (see the above guess about Android 16 being a brony). Plus, the term would be "Pegasister" - bronys are male.

The Future Trunks in the abridged version of Super will be a clone.
Specifically, this Trunks is from the timeline where Trunks defeated the androids but was murdered by Cell. Bulma, both as measure of sentiment and unwillingness to be alone, will use Dr. Brief's cloning equipment to create a new Trunks and change his hair color in the process. This Trunks would have caught up in power to where he is in super when Supreme Kai shows up and would probably just lampshade the inconsistencies with this compared to the canon version (chiefly, why another time machine he wouldn't have known about is present in the past).

That or he just died his god-damned hair...

When Kale becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan, there will be a Take That!/Discontinuity Nod at Broly
I imagine the exchange would happen something like this:
Piccolo: Oh my God, I've never seen anything like this before!
Krillin: But what about that Broly guy?
  • I think a much more likely scenario would be that they'd state "We've never seen anything like this before", and giving a Suspiciously Specific Denial.

Mr. Popo could survive Zeno's destruction of the universe.
The universe is where he hangs out, but he predates it. At the very least, he could NOPE out of there. That doesn't mean he could take on Zeno.

Hell will be under new management.

Trunks's hair color will be a result of the Mandela Effect
Everybody will be surprised that Trunks's hair is blue instead of lavender, only for Trunks to point out that it was always blue, prompting Gohan to point out the Mandela Effect.

Saonel and Pirina will be a homage to the Good Brothers
.You can easily imagine Pirina calling Gohan a NERRRRRRDDDDD!!!

  • Goku Black/Zamasu: Judging from the clips that Team Four Star made, at least Goku Black will have a sinister air to him, if him impaling Vegeta is something to go off of. Though the feel is quickly diminished after Goku makes a crack at Vegeta.
  • Hit: There's two ways this could go; He could either be played deadly serious, what with him murdering Goku and all, or he could be a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to Tien. Or Guldo.
  • Jiren: What with his immense power and constant threat to U7, this can also go one of two ways; TFS does what they do best and make Jiren undergo Adaptational Villainy, or he can be played seriously while still being heroic.

In the Universal Survival saga, there will be a direct callback to the Namek saga
Specifically the part where Toppo becomes a God of Destruction and fires a Hakai sphere at Freeza, causing Freeza to either think "Oh, God, this is happening again" or his only regret thought.

Zamasu will take his comically serious traits up to eleven, while Goku Black will be more Genre Savvy.
The abridged versions of the main villains are mostly the same character as their canon selves, so Goku Black and Zamasu will remain their Knight Templar personalities. Rather, a lot of the humor from Zamasu is how he's trying to be a completely serious villain. But since he's in an abridged series, it'll backfire even worse than canon. Goku Black will be Genre Savvy enough to avoid those trappings and be an effective Knight of Cerebus like in canon, by being an enormous Deadpan Snarker. Any levity(this is an abridged series after all) will come from Black ribbing Zamasu. That, or he'll be such a Knight of Cerebus that he doesn't even be a Deadpan Snarker and the heroes don't even try making jokes at the situation.

The Future Trunks arc will be a callback to the Saiyan arc
With Goku Black and Zamasu being substitutes for Vegeta and Nappa respectively.
  • And characters will get "Future Gowasu'd" instead of "Yamcha'd".

Jiren's breakdown at the end of Super will be that he's finally had enough of Goku's idiocy!
Considering how all his foes tend to snap at Goku's rampant stupidity, Jiren will consider it hilarious at first, but by the time both of them get to Ultra Mastered and Full Power respectively, he's finally had enough!

Belmond will be an actual clown
He'll still be a God of Destruction, but he'll be a clown to pass the time. Specifically, he'll be accompanied by circus music, and his first demonstration of his powers will be him telepathically making his nose squeak. He'll even have an incredibly silly high pitched voice, and mention how he had the Universe 11 team travel to the tournament via Clown Car.

During the Resurrection of F arc (or the movie said arc retells, if Team Four Star decides to abridge that instead of the arc of Super), Frieza will accuse Goku of lying about hell
Specifically, he'll accuse Goku of making it out to be better than it actually was, since Frieza didn't have to deal with the two oiled-up German demons trying to wrestle him, having to deal with something much worse instead.

There will be a moment, if not a running gag, where child! Mai or some other character wonders if it's wrong for her to have feelings for present! Trunks.

Android 17's initial wish for the Tournament of Power will be changed to wanting to bring Android 16 back.
Since 16 can't be revived by the regular Dragon Balls due to being a machine, this could give a real sense of tension during the scene where 17 makes his wish, as he would be divided between wishing 16 back to life and reviving the other universes.
  • Well, this idea's impossible because 16 actually has a soul in this series.

If the new Broly movie is adapted it will be because of a wish by Vegeta.
He'll wish that The Legendary Super Saiyan wasn't a manchild throwing an extended tantrum over Goku crying when they were a day old.
  • Possible dialog:
Vegeta: Literally any wish I want, eh? Well I wish the Legendary Super Saiyan wasn't such a pathetic manchild.
Super Dragon: Your wish has been granted.
Krillin: Why didn't you wish to be the Legendary Super Saiyan yourself?
Vegeta: Why wouldn't I just wish to be the Legendary Super Saiyan myself? Look Earthling, keep your stupid questions to yourself. The reason why I didn't wish to be the Legendary Super Saiyan myself... [Eye Twitch] the reason...
Tien: You did say you didn't want the Legendary Super Saiyan to be a pathetic manchild.
Vegeta: There, you see, stupid Earthling, I didn't wish to be the Legendary Super Saiyan because I didn't want the Legendary Super Saiyan to be tarnished by a pathetic manchi-...
Tien: [Snickers]

Ultra Instinct Goku will be the one time in all of DBZA where Goku is completely serious.
Gone will be the goofy, perpetually hungry ditz with the high, chipper voice of MasakoX, and in his place will be a serious fighter with a bottomlessly strong will and Blood Knight-ness out the wazoo, voiced in a far more Schemmel-esque manner. And just like Gohan going SSJ2 against Cell, it will be terrifying.

Kale and Caulifla, like Yajirobe and Korin, will be depicted as a couple.

Possible voice actors for Copy Vegeta if the Potaufeu arc is adapted:

The creation of Fused Zamasu will involve an Evangelion reference.
'Cause of the whole "birth of a world-ending threat with religious overtones" thing. The scene will use, probably not "Komm, süsser Tod" because of copyright, but some other piece of Soundtrack Dissonance to underscore the similarities.

Just like how the ending of The World's Strongest was changed in the abridged version, the same could've been done for the Future Trunks Saga
Instead of an Esoteric Happy Ending where Future Zeno wipes Future Trunks's timeline and Trunks & Mai have to just accept it, the heroes will instead go back in time to before Zamasu wishes on the Super Dragon Balls to steal Goku's body and kill him, preventing the entire arc from happening to begin with.
Future Trunks: (after stabbing Zamasu from behind with his sword) Now look what you made me do.
Zamasu: What?

During the “That’s my Bulma!” scene, one of the characters will say to Beerus, “You pushed the Bulma button. You shouldn’ta did that.”

     Dragon Ball Abridged (If there's ever one) 

Krillin's Owned Counter will be in negative numbers going up
And TFS will plan every instance of it.
  • Alternatively, it'll be a Yamcha owned counter for the majority of the series...until Krillin gets resurrected. Then it'll show the counter appearing with a 0, with Krillin saying "...Why do I get the feeling that something just happened that will haunt me?" (or something similar).

There will be a mention of Dr. Gero during the Dr. Frappe episode
During the flashback showing Frappe building Android #8, Eighter will point out that he doesn't remember being built by him.
  • Maybe Frappe will be established as Gero's assistant.

It will start after the Buu Saga starts
In the States, the original Dragon Ball didn't start airing on Toonami until a few months before they started airing the Buu Saga, so it fits.

Yamcha will be less of a Butt-Monkey
Since during the Saiyan Saga, he was more of an in-universe Memetic Badass, this will show that Yamcha was a legitimate badass before his death at the hands of the Saibamen.
  • Then again, Yamcha was voiced by an entirely different person at that time. It could be that had he started with the VA he has right now, they would've given him the personality he currently has. If anything, it'll be Yamcha that gets an Owned counter, since Word of God states that the only reason Krillin gets said counter is because Yamcha doesn't appear as much.

The gag of "Piccolo is a Yoshi" will become far more prominent when Piccolo Sr. is introduced.
Since the biggest reasons for the original gag were based on traits most associated with King Piccolo, the idea that he is a Yoshi will become a Running Gag. At the very least, he will make Yoshi sounds when spitting out eggs and when dying.

There will be a reference to the Korean live action film at some point.
Probably Nappa making a cameo appearance and wondering why he's here.

Krillin's voice will be Lanipator's Koenma voice
As a reference to how Lani's Krillin voice sounded in the Neighborhood Cluck videos.

The Elephant in the Room about Staff Officer Black's name will be addressed
Black will introduce himself to Goku, and Goku will express confusion about his racially insensitive name. A flashback will reveal that Commander Red called him that because it was the color of his blazer, saying that it was tradition - revealing that his real name is something more mundane (i.e., Alex, John), and it'll be revealed that he does this because he's terrible with remembering names, to the point that other members of the Red Ribbon Army are named similarly just because it's easy for him to remembernote .

The Framing Device for the story will be either Gohan or Trunks asking how everyone met
For whatever reason, they start listening to Cell's story about Goku's past, and either Gohan or Trunks asks, "He's GOT to be making that up, right? ...Right?" And then everyone pitches in and tells the story of how everyone got together.

Piccolo's obsession with dodging originates from how Goku killed King Piccolo.
In the original material, King Piccolo decided to block Goku's attack, even though at the time, Goku didn't know how to fly, and he was so injured he lost the use of both his legs and one arm when he unleashed the attack that killed King Piccolo. If he had just decided to dodge instead of blocking Goku's attack, there would've been no way for Goku to retaliate, King Piccolo would've killed Goku, and thus he would've succeeded in ruling the world.

Devilman no Uta will play during the Fortuneteller Baba arc
The joke is too obvious to pass up.

The story arcs will be Abridged as Specials when TFS runs out of movies to Abridge
Especially since recently, they decided not to do the series anymore.

Dr. Gero will cameo at the end of the Red Ribbon Saga
He'll be visiting his son and will arrive just in time to see the headquarters up in smoke.

When Shenron is summoned by King Piccolo, he will say that he got a bad feeling about this.
But assume that it's nothing and ask what King Piccolo's wish is.


There's an Anti-Goku Club in Hell.
Formed by Frieza himself, this club consists of villains who have had a history with Son Goku. Scenes of this club include the villains discussing their struggles with the Saiyan, or dicking around.
  • We get something like that in HFIL.

The Nameless Namekian's main personality was Kami's and King Piccolo bothered him like Kami and Nail bother Piccolo.
At some point, he decided that enough was enough and split in two. Kami literally didn't want to fuse with him again because King Piccolo was annoying. ...And evil, but that's not important.

Mr. Popo will eventually get his own Self-Demonstrating Article page on This Very Wiki.
I'll just let you maggots get to work on that!

Nappa is responsible for Dragonball Evolution.
At the end of Season 2 it's revealed that Nappa was ressurected with the other victims of Freeza and his minions, went to Hollywood and became a movie producer. What if he heard of Goku's life story and decided to make it a movie, and it ended up an In Name Only adaptation simply because Nappa is an idiot?

There will be a Paragon Interrupt.
Since Vegeta performed a Renegade Interrupt in episode 20, expect to see a Paragon Interrupt later in the series.
  • When Future Trunks shows up, he will perform one. Basically, it would offset him and his dad and, instead of Trunks wanting his dad to look up to him, he'd be upset about him being Renegade. Thus, the two would bicker at any chance they'd get, trying to prove that their way was better than the other.
  • Vegeta will perform a Paragon Interrupt to highlight his Heel–Face Turn in the original series. As Majin Vegeta in the Buu saga, his Paragon Interrupt will be to hug his son just before he sacrifices himself to kill Buu; suddenly, Vegeta will perform another Renegade Interrupt by slapping Trunks unconscious.
  • Goku will perform a Paragon Interrupt on the many remaining occasions (as of episode 26) he shows mercy to villains, including: donating some of his power to a defeated Freeza after their fight on Namek, throwing Cell a senzu bean, and wishing Kid Buu to be reincarnated as a good guy (Uub).
    • At the moment, the only one of the Goku suggestions that could still happen would be Uub's creation. And if anything, throwing Cell a senzu bean would be a Renegade Interrupt.

The series will eventually be cancelled.
  • As good as it is, it's still a fan work. And it's not hard to find a cancelled fan series. For instance, Smashtasm, or Super Mario Bros Z.
    • SMBZ is no longer a valid example of a canceled fan series, since it was brought back.
  • Hopefully this will happen after the Buu saga where they have nothing cool left to parodize, and don't forget episode 26 when all those kanassans were making all those predictions for the future in the series.
  • Word of God states that it will at least make it up to the cell saga.
  • One more thing a high amount of views will stop a show from getting cancelled. In YouTube the videos with one million plus views are in the super very hot section right? well look how many view each episode has then reconsider.
    • Methinks that it's more likely that the series will conclude when it reaches the end of the Buu saga and finishes abridging the 13th movie (maybe 14th and 15th, if Funimation gives TFS the OK to abridge those movies), then TFS will loop back around and abridge the original Dragon Ball.
    • So far it's looking like this is least for the time being - the website lists hbi2k as voicing Dabura, which would mean that they at least have plans to go up until the Buu saga.
  • Confirmed. The initial plans to adapt the Buu Saga have been scrapped, the Cell Saga now serving as the finale.
    • Everything I dont want jossed got jossed, things I dont want Confirmed got Confirmed.
This and Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series take place in the same universe.
It would explain the crossovers, and how Ghost Nappa is Mokuba's father. Either in the past, or is happening at the same time-the other show doesn't notice because they're too busy playing a children's card game to care.
  • Notice how that, unlike Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series, there's clearly a fourth wall. This series could take place outside the fourth wall.
    • Not really. Both Vegeta broke the fourth wall in the Christmas special and King Yemma broke the fourth wall in canon.
      • Yeah, but it's incredibly rare and subdued. There way be another wall in the way, but its pretty thin.

What was terrifying about Super Kami Guru's rule during the great drought?
"Those albino Namekians DESERVED IT!"
  • He caused it. Also, he's evil and the leader of their race. And it's implied he got that title by eating the previous leader. And he directed the killing of every albino Namekian, which may have been family to the green ones.

Earth's layout in Dragon Ball Abridged is like Real Life's instead of Dragon Ball's.
After all, how can there be a Space Australia without... Earth... Australia?
  • Southern Continent is Australia. Perhaps in DBZA it just has an actual name. That said, they've referenced Hollywood and the Americas don't exist in Dragon Ball.

Chiaotzu's Self Destruct foreshadowed what Nappa really was.
In the Pokemon world, Self Destruct is a "Normal" type move. Normal types can not affect Ghost types. Ergo....

purpleeyeswtf (of Code MENT and None Piece fame) will make a cameo at some point
What, I can dream, can't I? Besides, he's already cameoed in one of LittleKuriboh's works and vice-versa, and he seems to be gaining popularity ever since LK gave him the Colbert Bump. Maybe he can voice Hercule?
  • No, BUU
  • Semi-confirmed. He made a cameo in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, but has yet show up in DBZ Abridged.
    • Actually, he voiced Diaz/Resse in The Christmas Tree of Might. So Confirmed.

The currency in the universe is space dollars.
Or space zeni or space moneys. Besides there's a space denny's so why not?

There will be a video of Jeice doing a Zero Punctuation style review
Possibly of a Dragon Ball Z game.
  • Which will promptly be "interrupted" by the appeareance of the real Yahtzee who will kick Jeice's ass "right in the down under" and proceed to rip on the abridged series.
    • Unlikely. Yahtzee has a long-standing dislike of anime-esque character designs, and it's likely he shares a similar distaste for anime. It's quite possible he's never even heard of DBZ Abridged.

The creator of this new series is a big Denny's fan.
Mcdonald's, or KFC is a popular successful and even nutritious restaurant, why else choose Denny's, it's not like Subway, and it's Grand Slam isn't or never was the thing so why it would be so popular in their universe?
  • Because Denny's isn't fast food. It's a sit-down restaurant, and of that category, it's fairly popular. And really, who in their right mind considers McDonald's or KFC nutritious?

There will be a crossover between this series and Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series.
An actual, proper and episodic series. Admit it, it would be awesome.

The scenes where Gohan is being squeezed will make squeaky noises also.
It's just too much for the creators to pass up. To add to this, someone will comment how Goku did the exact same thing when he was being squeezed. Alternatively it will make another hilarious noise like a fart noise or something in that category, or maybe even a disturbing sound.
  • Confirmed in the first season. Vegeta found it hilarious.

Grandpa Gohan's actions will be given a Cerebus Retcon
That fall? Actually GG attempted to murder Goku due to his early Saiyan behavior.
  • It's established in Bardock: Father of Goku Abridged that he drops Goku.

Voice predictions for future characters.
  • If possible, Cooler will be voiced by Little Kuriboh's brother, and King Cold by his father. Cell will be voiced by a LK imposter.
    • Well actually, Cooler already did have a couple of lines in the Bardock special, where he was voiced by KaiserNeko, at a guess I'd say they'd stick with him, and if you look on their channel, the cast list already has voice actors noted for the other two - Cell is to be Takahata 101, and hbi2k is to be King Cold. Of course, this could easily change, as it's still a ways off before we'll be seeing them, so I wouldn't say it's totally jossed, but yeah.
      • Completely jossed now that both Cooler movies are out. Cooler is voice by General Ivan.

Goku's first encounter with Popo was the origin of a certain catchphrase.
  • Note that Popo was feeding the birds. He needed to explain who he was in terms the boy could understand. PECKING ORDER.

Stranger things have happened in Dragonball, and Chiaotzu doesn't exactly look human. In fact, he kind of looks like a diminutive Mr Mime. Maybe he's what happens when a Mr Mime and human mate... This may also explain why him exploding didn't harm Nappa-Mr Mime specialize in Special Attack, while Self-Destruct is physical. As for Nappa, it could either be foreshadowing, he has the Damp ability or his typing is quite resistant against Normal moves. If it's the typing, this means that Nappa may be the equivalent of a Rock/Steel type (he's certainly as intelligent as rock and steel). That may go to explain the utter pwnage he got from Goku-he's severly weak to Fighting moves!

Yoshis were originally native to Namek.
Stupid as he is, Goku did point out that Namekians and Yoshis have a lot of similarities; they both have No Biological Sex, are green, and originate from eggs. Turns out that Yoshis were domesticated by Namekians. However, the drought caused Yoshis to become feral, and in order to find new food, began eating the Namekians. Namekians weren't powerful enough, and they couldn't use their Dragonballs to kill the Yoshis since they wished to be immortal(which is why Yoshi can fall off a clift in the games and be completely fine). The Namekians decided to wish them to a completely different universe to keep them as far away as possible, but in revenge(or because they were dicks) the Yoshis made a quick previous wish for all the 1-Ups to follow them. Any 1-Up that escaped due to a technicality crashed on other planets. Krillin somehow got hold of three 1-Ups: two were taken by Freeza, and the last prevented Krillin from dying due to his horns(yeah, he was healed, but I don't think "impaled by horn" can be healed by Little Green). The Yoshis landed in the Super Mario Bros. universe because Porunga was fond of them.

Cell will kill Nappa.
At the Cell games, Nappa will show up and Cell will get annoyed and kill him, prompting Vegeta to root for him during his fight with Goku. Shenron will also break the rules and revive Nappa just to annoy Vegeta.
  • Unsurprisingly jossed.

The Cell games will also have a bunch wrestling jokes.
It seemed to work well for the Ginyu Force, so why no do it again?
  • Because once is enough. They pretty much milked the wresting jokes dry with Recoome, so doing so with the Cell Games would just end up being stale.
    • Alternately, they might have UFC-style jokes instead.
    • Nothing happened, unless you count the stuff involving Mr Satan, so jossed.

This show is canon and takes place with the actual Dragon Ball Z events. This show is a canon apparently humourous Mirror Universe to the original Dragonball Z show.
A lot of freaky things existed in the original dragonball Z universe to anthropomorphic animals to different dimensions, so what about alternate reality dimensions. This show is really a dimension not showing how things in the DBZ universe could of alternatively ended but a universe showing how things could of happened alternatively with of course the same results. It's a hypothetical/non-hypothetical(Because the end results are still the same) universe of the DBZ world.
  • Another idea: The original Dragonball had more focus on humor than its sequel series. This show may be what may have happened if they managed to keep that humor, plus if the producers decided to go for a higher rating.

Orpheus (Vegeta's spirit animal) will come back in the series.
He will serve to multiple purposes, ranging from pushing Vegeta that one extra mile he needs in fights/training, giving him general advice and, most importantly, serving as last connection to sanity against Ghost Nappa's constant rambling, who knows, maybe Vegeta's heel face turn in this series might be because of Orpheus, and not only contact with Future Trunks.

(before anyone mention his death or the fact he never appear again in the original series, check his entry on the character page, for appearances, he is small enough, shouldn't be too hard to edit him in a shot or two.)

There'll be mention of a Space Netflix.
Think about it. They mentioned Space Hulu, right?

How Nappa got Vegeta's spaceship's phone number.
Dr. Briefs told him as payback for Vegeta stealing his scotch.

Mr. Popo is secretly testing humanity
He needs a dread army, after all.

There will be a parody of "Stronger Than You".
Considering how they already did a parody of the "Giant Woman" song, this they should definitely tackle.

Gohan will date Dende
During one of the timeskips, like the seven year one after the Cell Games Saga. If they do the Videl/Gohan relationship, Dende and him will have broken up due to some reason like mutual separation or something.
  • Puberty kicking in? I mean, Dende can't possibly do his part for Gohan, asexual species and all...
  • It's possible Videl will serve as The Beard. "It's just for appearances' sake, Dende. Nothing has to change between us!"
    • Why not date both? They could just have Gohan be in an open relationship with both Dende and Videl up until some point later on - as of episode 59, Dende hasn't met Mr. Satan; they could have the two get along great during the Buu Saga (since there is a good amount of time where the two stick together), and Dende eventually decides "You know what? As much as I like Gohan, I don't want to upset Mr. Satan by having Gohan dump Videl, so she can have him" (or something along those lines). They need to have Gohan marry Videl eventually regardless of what sequel to Z they plan on abridging next, since Pan plays a role in both GT and Super.

Citizen Nappa will be hugely popular in-universe
Or alternately it will be popular in Future Trunks' timeline but not the main one.

Nappa will be Hercule's manager in the Cell and Buu sagas.
Nappa's already signed him on as an actor, so it'd make sense that Hercule would have Nappa as his manager when he turns to competitive fighting. It'd make sense, as it'd be a great opportunity for Team Four Star to throw in a few Nappa cameos during the later sagas, and because Nappa gave Hercule his stage name.
  • It follows that all the stupid stuff Hercule does will be on Nappa's advice, enabling further Vegeta rage-induced brain-breakage.

KaiserNeko is reading this page.
He is a troper, after all. One gets the idea he's intentionally jossing our ideas for the sake of being original.
  • Or because most of the ideas are terrible.

That'll hit Vegeta worst than the whole Nappa haunting him bullcrap.
  • How is he supposed to do that when he's dead?
  • Maybe he's telling everyone in the afterlife about that. Vegeta won't be happy when he finds out after his Heroic Sacrifice in the Buu Saga.

The "Legendary super swine" will make a future appearance.
He'll be one of the original character's in the series, with the exception of the name change to legendary super swine.

Goku's bad parenting skills will be explored in the third season
For all we know, Goku's bad parenting and Gohan's developing sense of hatred towards Goku will be rammped up during season three. But this will be actually explained as a genetic trait of Saiyans.

To elaborate, Vegeta will find out Bulma's preggers and regale his abusive childhood. Saiyans, being the warrior race that they are, have few kids because their natures don't allow them to raise their children naturally, they see them as competition later on and fight them when they mature. Vegeta confines to Goku that he doesn't want a son for this reason as he just doesn't want to be a father and deduces why Goku doesn't hate Gohan is because of his brain injury.

The primitive Saiyan Bardock impregnated by kicking it was one of his ancestors.
Making Bardock his own ancestor.
  • Jossed because that alien is killed shortly afterwards, and, canonically at least, Saiyans aren't native to Planet Plant (later renamed Planet Vegeta), the Tuffles are. The Saiyans crashed there and established a home alongside the Tuffles. It's not entirely clear if the Tuffles are decended from those creatures (called Plantians) or if they caused them to go extinct, but whichever it is, they're not related to the Saiyans (it's also never addressed what happens when a Saiyan breeds with a Tuffle, but that's a different matter). Though that special was All Just a Dream anyway.

Vegeta meaning of first immortality, then the bitches
He meant he was going to conquer Felarya and assemble a harem of the planet's giant women, then kill the Guardians because they made him angry at some point.
  • Counterpoint: that would involve Vegeta liking Felarya.
    • He's eaten sentient beings himself after killing them, why would he have a problem with giant man-eating women, it's not like they pose a danger to him.
    • Also Vegeta may have a thing for giant women.

The series will have a Season Zero
It will have vastly different versions of the characters like Yamcha being treated the The Ace from early on the main show.
  • If there is a Season Zero, it'll be when they cover the original Dragon Ball.

Popo kicked Kami out of the lookout because he didn't want Kami to see him butcher Garlic and his men.
In addition to the booty call, he knew Garlic was coming. He knew Kami would disapprove of his methods, so he sent him away so he wouldn't have to see him do the horrible things Popo gets off on.

Goku is the reason the Warrior comics series was so short
The Doctor discovered the comic and needing to destroy it and everything related to, he brought the biggest fish he could find on short notice. Knowing threatening Christmas is Berserk Button for Goku, he showed him the entirety of Warrior Christmas, prompting Goku to temporally enrage into a super saiyan 3 Hulk and destroy the Warrior, the terrain of estimate, and every other thing in the comic that shouldn't exist.

Being near the dragon balls causes Popo to get high
That is why he was high when he summoned Shenron.
  • Jossed, Popo was watering pot plants in the episode prior to Shenron's summoning.

Every super-dramatic moment in the show will be played straight at least to some degree
Future Gohan's death, Gohan's transformation to Super Saiyan 2, Future Trunks getting impaled by Cell, Majin Vegeta's sacrifice... All of them will be played seriously. And they will be even more tear-jerkingly awesome than the actual show.

Kami will turn into a Phrase Catcher as a running joke
So far there have been a couple of instances where Kami butts into a scene, prompting the character who had the most lines in that scene to shout "And then there's this" followed by what is intended to be a derogatory remark, but sometimes is used for a Last-Second Word Swap. This will just keep happening whenever Kami shows up to offer wisdom until he's absorbed by Piccolo, after which it'll just happen with Piccolo and Nail once.
  • Jossed.

Mr. Popo's Adaptational Villainy is a Deconstruction of his Memetic Badass status in the regular series
Here me out with this one. Popo not doing anything in canon had an obvious reason, nearly everybody note was stronger than him, but people still made him a Memetic Badass. This series plays those up by making him as powerful as the memes say, but it also has to come up with reason why he doesn't just solve everything in five seconds. The reason, which works out for Rule of Funny, is that he's almost completely heartless and doesn't care one way or another what happens.

King Yemma was referring to Princess Snake
When he hears Vegeta's rage break, he asks if it's his wife, and implying they're divorced.

The Vegeta x Bulma interactions are a Take That! to the pairing.
Vegeta and Bulma in DBZ Abridged seem to have little interest in each other beyond raging hormones and bitchiness, and nothing suggesting a more emotional connection. While this could just be Rule of Funny, it could also be a critique on their canon interactions: Team Four Star considered the two to be Strangled by the Red String, and as such portrays it as nothing more than physical. A similar scenario may also apply to Vegeta being even more of a dick: they had a hard time buying Vegeta's Heel–Face Turn, so he's a Jerkass even by the canon's standards.

Popo summoning Shenron in Episode 30 foreshadowed the end of the series.
This assumes that TFS will do an Abridged GT in the future. But recall what was said when Popo summons Shenron in episode 30. The dragon asked his master if it was time to lay waste to to the world. Only for Popo to give humanity a few more years to sort themselves out. So instead of evil versions of Shenron appearing due to overuse of the Dragonballs, they appear because Popo decided that the world was beyond saving due to all the crap that had happened and now was the time to attack, therefore making Popo the ultimate big bad of the series.

Bra/Bulla will be Bulma's clone
Vegeta took over one thousand shots to the dick in return of cooler. Him and Bulma barely got along outside of one physical fling for Trunks. Bra/Bulla is DBZ abridged's Superboy mostly Bulma but partly Goku to spite Vegeta and give her saiyan blood]
  • I thought the movies were non-canon?
    • Not in DBZA. They mentioned Wheelo quite a few times while Dr. Gero was still alive, and Super Kami Guru acknowledges the existence of Lord Slug ("Leave my brother out of this!").

The reason Mr. Popo has been acting strangely lately.
Blue Popo escaped, locked Mr. Popo in a closet, painted himself black, and took his crass counterpart's place.
  • Eh, I think he's just feeling a bit lonely now that Kami's gone. Bet you he'll go back to normal once Dende becomes Earth's guardian.

Mr. Popo is from a race of Precursors who is monitoring Earth's evolutionary process.
That's why he's so dang powerful and scary: he (or his race) probably created humans. Buuuuuut, he's also a jerkass god that doesn't really care about setting them on the right path.
  • Either that or it's basically a Sims game to him.

Two Saiyans Play is Vegeta's 'job'.
He's a professional Lets Player, like PewDiePie or Markiplier, or (since he and Nappa like making the comparison) Game Grumps. Nappa gave him the idea in the first place and is just doing it for fun, and he roped Krillin into it for the lulz, but Krillin eventually became a professional LPer too.

Zarbon's girlfriend is named Chuck.
Her given name is Charlotte but everyone calls her Chuck. Her parents were fans of Pushing Space Daisies.

Vegeta went Super Saiyan after playing video games.
He has Rage Quit at least five games so far, and at the end of Hotline Miami he delivers an Atomic F-Bomb.

Vegeta and Goku are not bad fathers, by Saiyan standards.
Vegeta seems cruel and Goku neglectful, but that's just saiyan parental instincts. We know Bardock never paid much attention to his kids, and King Vegeta did something to make Vegeta hate him.

If they ever do a Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', someone's going to say to Freeza a "Imma Deck ya in the schnoz!"
Someone who was higher up on the Sorting Algorithm of Evil pre-Freeza's training is going to give him that line. To emphasize his newfound power, Freeza will casually murder him, saying "Two".

Another good joke would be a call-back to "May God strike me down where I stand. Nice try, jackass! Next time, give it your A-Game!"
Beerus, Goku, or Vegeta will cause Freeza to say "Maybe I shouldn't have said that A-game thing."

Yet another good joke would be Vegeta using Cell's line lampshading of the uselessness of Beam Spam attacks from Episode 52
The scene where Vegeta casually walks through Golden Freeza's Beam Spam after ascending so closely resembles Cell doing it to Vegeta, that it would be too good not to use:
Freeza: Why Won't You Die?!
Vegeta: Oh, Freeza. (walks through blasts unharmed) When has this ever worked? (kicks Freeza) No need to answer that.

The reason King Cold spoiled Freeza was because he was absolutely terrified of what Freeza could be if he applied himself.
Given the revelation in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' that Freeza never applied himself, it becomes somewhat terrifying of what he could do if he bothered. King Cold, despite hiding it behind a foppish, overbearing doting dad persona, would crap his pants at the prospect of his boy actually trying, since he could usurp him no problem. That's why he spoiled Freeza: by making everything easy and insisting on having the minions do all the work, Freeza would be content to not apply himself.

There will eventually be a Dragon Ball Super abridged

Goku will do an April Fools Let's Play called "Paragon Till Death"

Mr. Popo's first name is Dumplin.
Yes, it is confirmed that he is an older Dumplin, but he didn't necessarily keep his name after all these eons. Only in this WMG, he did, he just prefers being on a Last-Name Basis with everyone. In fact, his last name in the Xenoverse playthrough is Popo, he just preferred being on a First-Name Basis.

This is actually a comedic Show Within a Show in the Dragon Ball Z universe
The identity of the writer? Tights. Who turned her father in a Mad Scientist and her mother in a series of clones that are continuously killed in revenge for their blatant favouritism.

Dragon Ball Abridged will be told as a flashback
Allowing DBZ characters like Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan to interact with the cast.

The Albino Namekkians were Majin-like beings, and Majin Buu is the Last of His Kind.
Majin Buu is a pink alien creature with an antenna on his head. What are the Namekians? Green alien creatures with antennae on their heads. Going by the canon (manga, Word of God, etc.) he's the only one of his kind, being a primordial God of Destruction prototype, but according to games set all across time with future custom characters (Online, Heroes, Xenoverse, etc.), his malleable body will become the progenitor for an entire race. The story goes that after reading a book about love and wanting to know the feeling, Good Buu creates a mate for himself by splitting in two like he did to expel Evil Buu, and he and the new "Miss Buu" later mix pieces of themselves together and turn the masses of clay into children by hitting them with antenna beams. Fundamentally this is asexual reproduction, similar to Namekians' birthing of eggs, though logically it stands that any number of Majins from one to infinity could have their clay contribute to the formation of a single new one. As for offspring/counterparts looking completely different or even representing a different gender from the maker(s), it's just a greater extension of what Demon King Piccolo did with his spawn.

Buu being alive since the beginning of time yet never doing this before the series makes sense, as Kid Buu was always bent on either sleep or destruction and had no time for such ideas, and even after he absorbed the Grand Kaioshin and first became Fat Buu, Bibidi used his veiny-looking sealed ball to replicate and control the same pattern. But if Team Four Star want to be creative and tie back threads to material they've already introduced in the Abridged series, using the Majin race concept to tie up the narrative thread of the Albino Namekians seems like a slam dunk.

The Vegeta saga episodes will be remastered at some point down the road.
It'll give them something to do between projects, and there won't need to be a lot of heavy editing... it'll mostly just be updating sound and Dragon Box style picture quality.
  • Not to mention fix Early-Installment Weirdness like Goku's smartness, Kami's wheezy old man voice, or making voices consistent.
    • Also the audio quality is drastically different in those episodes.

There used to be a lot more demons in Hell.
But everything down there is fueled by The Power of Hate. When Raditz, who was a Butt-Monkey in life, shows up and discovers this, he wipes out all the inhabitants except for the ogres, who were comparatively Beneath Notice. After all, nobody hates like Raditz.
(Regarding the fountain of blood): IT USED TO BE WATER!

All Saiyans are ditzes from a human standpoint.
Though it may also be due to the series' incredibly cynical nature, it should be noted that just about every saiyan character who has appeared has often lacked all possible semblances of common sense, to the point of seeming stupid. This manifests in different ways, most apparently in Goku's all-around intellectually-special nature. This is because of Saiyan biology being fundamentally different from human biology, despite the two being physically similar.

Team Four Star will dramatically read Dragon Ball Gaiden: Tensei-shitara Yamcha Datta Ken.

At some point we'll get a flashback to Gohan and Videl's honeymoon
Complete with "MASENKO"

The gag subtitles are being written by Deadpool
That's why they're under the Canadian English subtitiles.

The average sayian IQ is much lower in the abridged universe.
We have Goku(Natch,) Nappa(Just listen),Raditz(Biggest joke of all),Broly(Does not do anything unless TRIGGERED and then becomes more stupid). Royalty(Vageta and *Sigh* Vageta)seems a little more smart but only barely.

In the Android 13 Movie, Vegeta and Piccolo accidentally got themselves frozen
They thought they'd laid dormant for thousands of years, until they saw Goku and realized it hadn't been that long.

Dragon Ball GT indeed exists in the Abridged universe...
But it was wiped from existence by Zen-Oh.

Freeza's definition of "five minutes" really is an hour.
  • Freeza, being an alien, uses an alternate time system, and a "space minute" is about 6.7 of our minutes. So as far as he's concerned, the destruction of Namek took five minutes while we saw it take 9 episodes.

Zarbon's girlfriend is frequently mistaken for a Butch Lesbian
Self-explanatory, really.

The My Hero Academia scenes in Kai 3 are a hint.
A hint that TFS wants to do an abridged version of it. After all, they already have Justin Briner voicing Cloud, and Funimation is no stranger to Parody Assistance.

Of course, TFS may also be a bit cautious to make it after the mess with Attack on Titan Abridged.

Zen-Oh erased the Abridged universe from existance
Dragon Ball Z Abridged was a seperate universe from the main universes, but Zen-Oh erased it. That's the real reason it ends after Cell.

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