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    Twitter and Planet Vegeta 
  • Wouldn't blowing up Planet Vegeta be a 30 year old twitter post by this point? Or does Freeza like reminding people that he blew it up every so often? He probably would, wouldn't he?
    • Freeza, like Cooler, is a massive prick. He's probably the type who'd rub it in the face of the remaining Saiyans on a regular basis.
      • He does apparently like to troll-edit Planet Vegeta's space wikipedia page on a regular basis.
    • Doesn't necessarily mean that it was at that exact moment. It looked more like a quick flashback cutaway.
      • Or maybe Space Twitter has been around longer and Vegeta was taking an Archive Binge.
      • This. After all, it is SPACE Twitter.
    • If thats true, then why did Vegeta work for him knowing he blew up his planet?
      • Because he had no choice. He was forced to do so by Freeza. We also don't know old Vegeta is, so he could have only been a child at the time, and he could have been raised to obey Freeza until he noticed something fishy about it. This could also mean that the planet he was seen leaving at the start may have been some other planet than his own.
      • Because Vegeta was a pre-teen Saiyan elite standing against someone who genocided an entire race with his FINGER.
      • ...You've never seen Bardock: Father of Goku, have you?
    • Maybe that was the last twitter post Freeza ever made.
    • Look at the other twitter posts. The cutaway was a flashback.
    Kannassa, now Freeza Planet 419
    @ Cooler, you're a prick.

    Krillin getting owned after the Saibaman 
  • Why wasn't Chiaotzu telling Krillin that nobody cared that he destroyed the Saibaman counted as a point on the Krillin Owned Count? If they can do it when Master Roshi told Krillin to shut up after Krillin blamed him for not rescuing Gohan, then they should have done it there.
    • The acts canceled each other out, maybe?
    • That or because Chiaotzu was an idiot who killed himself on the assumption he would be brought back when he clearly couldn't and thus didn't have the ABILITY to even be worth noting on the own count.
    • Given that Trunks "accidentally" gave Krillin a jolt with his aura without Owning him, I'd say that the Krillin Owned Count requires Krillin to be humiliated to work, not just beaten or insulted.

    Dodoria being "in the now" kind 
  • Dodoria being an "'in the now' kind of guy" despite being outed as a girl after the Bardock special is just a mite curious in hindsight.
    • The line "now you know my terrible secret" indicates that she had been lying about it the whole time.
    • Then why did both Freeza and Zarbon seem to know?
      • I'm not convinced Freeza did know. His shock at hearing "She's dead" could be from either word. Zarbon on the other hand is a peer, someone she works with on a regular basis and can relate to.
      • Except Freeza's never heard calling Dodoria a man, except for general terms like "one of my best men (aka minions)" Yes, doing so would've spoiled the joke, but it also gives weight to the view that he knew she was a woman. Plus, he reacted much more shocked (and referred to it in a later episode) when Zarbon was revealed to be straight, so I think he must've known her true gender.
      • Freeza did call Dodoria a fat bastard at one point, so unless Dodoria was born out of wedlock Freeza most likely assumed that she was male this whole time.
      • Maybe Dodoria's gender is more of an open secret.
    • "Guy" can be used as a gender-neutral term.
      • Usually in a sense of plurals, not singular.
      • Depends on region and person. Besides, it would have spoiled the joke otherwise, and if it was a "terrible secret" it's not like Dodoria would've been dropping words that explicitly stated the truth.
      • Dodoria could have been sarcastic, acting like Vegeta was literally the last person to find out.
      • Alternatively, Dodoria could have been acting like it was a TERRIBLE secret in order to try to earn sympathy points, because moments later she is cowering and saying anything (like "we can rule to together as husband and wife") in order to not get wasted.

    Chiaotzu, Bulma, and Roshi shitting on Krillin. 
  • Why is it that people like Chiaotzu, Bulma, and Roshi threaten Krillin and make fun of him for being a weakling when he can kill them in like 3 seconds?
    • Probably because he's also an Extreme Doormat.
      • Pretty much. He shouldn't have lost any of that money, either. After all, he could just hover up and go "Bitches, I can cut space emperors with energy I fire from my hands. What the fuck do you think you can do?"
    • Roshi can own Krillin just by snapping at him. Obviously his status as teacher overshadows anything worthwhile about Krillin.
    • Why? Krillin is one of the GOOD GUYS. Why would he threaten to dismember/kill his friends just for giving him a hard time?
    • Being the strongest human, doesn't equal out to being the best warrior. Roshi is still the expert combat master, Chiaotzu has Tien to hide behind, and Bulma has money, influence, and technological know-how, factor in Krillin's low self-esteem issues...
      • Barring that, let's give Krillin some credit for not resorting to disproportionate retribution over what amounts to playground bullying. As mentioned below with 'why can't he just pull a King Piccolo', Krillin is a mostly decent person deep down. Even if he didn't have to worry about the stronger fighters stopping him, his own morals would prevent him from murdering his friends/becoming the next King Piccolo and terrorizing Earth.

    Space (thing) 
  • In space they have everything, from Skype to Australia. Apparently, since Vegeta didn't know about them, they don't have space condoms. Why?
    • Given Freeza's policies, the rest of the galaxy probably doesn't want to not have kids, so they can replenish after the occasional genocide. Also, no reason to assume the 'penis goes into vagina' model is universal, or even common.
    • They were phased out centuries ago in favor of the space pill.
    • No space rubber so they skipped.
    • Do you REALLY think Vegeta is the kind of person to pay attention in sex ed class?

    Zarbon having a girlfriend 
  • How do we know Zarbon is straight? It could be a Girlfriend in Canada situation. Or even if he does have a girlfriend, he could, as he said in Episode 14, go both ways.
    • Because of his shock and disgust of what Vegeta insinuates.
    Zarbon: What? NO! God NO!
    Zarbon: What, you thought I was single?
    Zarbon: ...What?
    • And so on.
    • Freeza doesn't buy it. He's convinced this "girlfriend" is named Chuck. For all we know Zarbon could have been acting shocked and disgusted to Vegeta's insinuations.
      • Actually, from a pic I saw on Deviantart which I can't find now since it was apparently removed, his "girlfriend" is actually Abridged Maximillion Pegasus. Go figure.
    • Or he might have just been disgusted to be accused of molesting an unconscious person. Also, a bisexual might not like people thinking he's entirely gay, which would account for a lot of his indignation over that topic.
    • Here's my headscratcher why are so many people determined to not believe that Zarbon was Camp Straight ? (there's a reason we have that trope, after all) Aside from the "in the now kind of guy" joke, I don't see many people trying to disprove the whole Dodoria is a woman thing ("Dodoria was originally a guy but got a sex change, or vice-versa" "Dodoria's biologically male but identifies as female" ect.), so why is this such a big deal?
      • Because she was voted the most beautiful, and fertile woman on her home planet. People who receive sex changes are incapable of reproduction.
      • It's an alien race, they might be able to change gender while retaining the ability to reproduce.
      • Because it's fucking funny, that's why. Up until that point Zarbon was a thundering cacophony of gay stereotypes. Everything pointed toward him being gay. Finding out that he was actually straight all along is hilarious.
      • Human-looking Zarbon might have a girlfriend. While transformed Zarbon has "Chuck", he could, as he said in Episode 14, go both ways. Maybe each form actually does go in the other direction. Transformed Zarbon would have raped Vegeta, while Human Zarbon won't.

    Your mom joke to Cui 
  • Vegeta makes a Your Mom joke, Cui responds with "my species reproduces asexually." Funny, but... does that really negate the joke? After all, if Cui's species reproduces asexually, then Cui still must have one parent, and what would you call that one parent if not the mother? Certainly not the father.
    • Piccolo would not appreciate the insinuation that he is his own mother.
    • He probably implied that his species did not have sexual intercourse.
      • Except a couple episodes later, where he says the same Your Mom joke to Vegeta.
      • ...and he completely didn't get that having sex with someone's dead mother is not done. Because he is totally unfamiliar with sexual activity.
      • Based on the tone with which he said, "I know!" when challenged that Vegeta's mother is dead, it sounded less like he didn't understand, and more like he knew how horrible the necrophilia would make it, and used it for added effect. Remember, they weren't using Your Mom as a joke, they were using it to be offensive to each other; necrophilia just makes it that much more so.
    • What would you call that one parent? Parent.
    • Remember the joke? "Off to plow your mother!", if his species reproduces asexually, basically he is his own mother. So, Vegeta said that he went to have sex with Cui himself. At least that's how I got it.
      • Err, no. Asexual reproduction does not make you your own parent; it makes you the parent of your offspring. The only way Cui could be his own parent is if he and said parent were the same organism. Granted, they could be genetically identical (and with some forms of asexual reproduction, even that's not the case), but they're not physically the same being.
    • If Cui's species reproduces asexually then (depending on exactly how they reproduce) it should be physically impossible for Vegeta to plow his mother. For instance, if Cui's people reproduce by budding then Cui's gender-ambiguous parent wouldn't have a vagina for Vegeta to fuck.
    • On the other hand, you can MAKE a hole... On the other OTHER hand, on Earth we have a species of lizards that are all biologically female, but for some odd reason produce clones of themselves. It could be a genetic throw-back to when female organs were in use. On the other OTHER OTHER hand, Cui could simply be lying to try to make Vegeta look like an ignorant idiot. Any way you slice it, this, like all the jokes, are simply Rule of Funny.
    • Cui's not great with insults, anyway. Note that his Your Mom insult is basically just Vegeta's turned on its head, and since Cui (probably) doesn't have any genitals, any comment on his part about "plowing" make no sense whatsoever. The entire thing is one big No, You moment, and every add-on to it ("My mother's dead." "I know.") is basically just him kind of rolling with the details of it.

    Goku freaking out over Popo in the hospital 
  • When Goku saw Mr. Popo while in the hospital, he freaked out something fierce. But... he encountered Popo on the lookout when he was heading towards the Saiyans. Why didn't he freak out then?
    • He was capable of movement and self-defense on the lookout.
      • Goku didn't actually see Popo as Popo was too busy making and buttering toast.
      • In the hospital, Mr. Popo came to Goku with a purpose. If Mr. Popo gets off his lazy, evil ass and comes to you, then you're fucked. If you go to him and he's busy, you be polite, don't break anything, and run away before he's no longer busy. Besides, Mr. Popo doesn't like to do work, so why would he molest/attack Goku while he's in the middle of mission that would most certainly fall to Kami and Mr. Popo if Goku is incapitated? Dude just wants to be buttering that toast.

    Recoome's introduction 
  • What the hell does Recoome say in the Ginyu introduction scene? I can't understand it no matter how much I listen. All I hear is "And Pops some hay!" Wat.
    • Sounds like "and bust some heads!" to me.
      • Yep, it's "and bust some heads". However Recoome's voice does make it easy to mistake what he's saying.

    Vegeta, Freeza, and Namekian Dragon Balls 
  • How does Vegeta and thus Freeza learn about the Namekian Dragon Balls? Goku tells him the Earth Dragon Balls are useless with Piccolo dead, but he never tells him where to find alternative balls.
    • Space Google. Presumably, previous surveys and researchers visiting Namek have heard about the Dragon Balls but assumed them to be legend or mythology, and left the references buried in reports. Freeza has enough money and underlings to look up if there's any other appearances of the dragon balls, and thus find the erroneously-assumed-to-be-legend report.
    • Also, if one Namekian can create Dragon Balls, it's likely another Namekian can, too.
    • In the original, didn't Vegeta recognize Piccolo as a Namekian on sight? The exact specifics are a bit fuzzy to this troper's memory, but by the time he had left Earth he knew where he was going and what he was looking for.

    Guldo's rant 
  • "You all mocked me!... THE WHOLE WORLD STOOD THERE AND MOCKED ME!"

    ...really, Guldo? How in the name of Yemma can he equate "Vegeta made fun of me and threw dog treats at me sometimes" with "The whole world stood there and mocked me"? I mean, we never see the rest of the Ginyu Force pick on him; hell, even Freeza seems to respect him, and he loves to abuse his henchmen!
    • He's just overreacting.
    • Judging by the fact that none of them cared that he was dead, Vegeta's treatment of him probably isn't unique. He's a nerdy little guy hanging out with a bunch of big, muscular, douchebags. Figure it out.
    • Three big, muscular douchebags and a not-so-big muscular guy from Space Australia, to be fair.
      • Jeice still has noticeable muscles, he's just kinda short. And a Space Aussie.
    • Vegeta was probably the one that picked on him the most. All the interactions the two were shown having have Vegeta make fun of Guldo somehow, and even in the one exception, Vegeta says he threw a Dog Treat at Guldo afterwards.

    Popo's flying carpet and Bulma 
  • This exchange between Popo and Bulma while on the flying carpet (the dialogue may not be entirely accurate, but the gist of it is true):
    Popo: This carpet gets about 10,000 miles to the soul.
    Bulma: What?
    Popo: The gallon.
    • The thing is... why did Popo change his statement? It's not like he's afraid of anyone.
    • Most likely Rule of Funny.
      • He probably just didn't want to have to deal with her screaming like a Krillin at the realization.
      • Or he was covering up the fact that he just used Bulma as fuel.

    Cold's orders over Freeza 
  • Why Ginyu takes King Cold's orders as overriding Freeza's is patently obvious, but why do Cooler's orders also override Freezas, if Ginyu is part of Freeza's personal elite?
    • Because he's a prick.
      • Cooler or Ginyu?
      • Yes
    • On a slightly more serious note, maybe Cooler is the older brother? I don't recall whether he is in canon, but that would probably put his authority over Freeza's. EDIT: Okay, just checked the Dragonball Wiki, and it says that Freeza is, in fact, the younger brother.
      • Ginyu states that he's contractually obligated to perform the dances. It was probably slipped in without him knowing about it, and Cooler pointed it out to him at some point. Rather than change his contract, he just goes with it.
    • Cooler is older and therefore outranks him. That's canon.
    • Also, possibly Asskicking Leads to Leadership. Cooler is much stronger than Freeza.
    • The Ginyu Force isn't Freeza's personal elite here. Right before they take off to deal with Vegeta, they make reference to being "King Cold's army's strongest force." Any orders given by King Cold and Cooler to the Ginyu Force would, naturally, supersede Freeza's, because they are further up in the hierarchy.

    Song playing during Gohan trying to talk down Recoome 
  • What is that song that plays when Gohan tries to talk down Recoome before he knocks him out?

    Vegeta's Episode 19 rant 

    Solar Flare's image part 1 
  • "Oh, my eyes! Oh, God, it's like walking in on Freeza in the shower! Wait a minute Freeza's always naked! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!": Except Vegeta had only seen Freeza's first form at that time — a form that wears both black underpants AND battle armor.
    • He was wrong about Dodoria being a man and Zarbon being gay too. Maybe he was wrong again
    • I always just assumed that the armor was designed based on Freeza's body, and that he was still always naked.
    • If Dragonball Xenoverse is canon to TFS (or the source material, for that matter), then Freeza's battle armor is actually a biological construct. Some item descriptions for Freeza Race exclusive clothes state that what appears to be standard Freeza empire battle armor is part of their bodies. It makes a lot of sense that an egotistical tyrant like Freeza would model his troops' uniforms in his own image.

    Zarbon and being mistaken for 
  • I can understand Zarbon acting stereotypically gay, and yet still having a girlfriend. What I can't understand is the fact that he doesn't understand why everyone thinks he's gay! Why is he so oblivious?
    • It's just funnier this way.
    • Maybe acting stereotypically effeminate by our standards is considered very masculine on his planet (and in hindsight, most of his innuendos would seem to be oblivious)? That his behavior makes people think he's gay would then be more like Values Dissonance.
      • I'd go with the latter explanation above, while adding that no one ever seems to call him on the way he's acting. Every time he says something suggestive, it goes more or less ignored - the closest anyone ever got to pointing out the innuendo was during that awkward moment with Appule, in which case Zarbon seemed to figure it out for himself before making a quick leave. So, if indeed he came from a planet were acting like that was normal, it seems quite believable that he could've gone on being totally unaware of everyone thinking he's gay, as nobody ever says it outright.

    Movies before Team Four Star got together 
  • Are the two movies made before TFS got together (Dead Zone and World's strongest) supposed to be canon in this universe? Every single character seems to be exactly the same... except Gohan. Gohan was less intelligent in those two movies (Ox King even says that he goes to "retard classes") but in the series he's one of the smartest of the bunch.
    • I don't think so.
    • Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask, but where can these movies be found?
    • Space Youtube.
    • Perhaps Gohan's "retard classes" are to make him retarded? That way, since he's only mentioned to have taken them in the movies, he could have either not "learned" to be retarded in the main TFS series or just plain forgotten his teachings and become intelligent again.
    • In World's Strongest, Goku swore often and was very snideful. In the main series, Goku never swore. Did Goku hit his head again?
      • Yes, on a bottle of bleach...
    • As of the remake of Dead Zone Abridged, it seems that they're not canon.

    Krillin Owned Count during Ginyu Force 
  • Did Team Four Star forget to keep track of the Krillin Owned Counter? It's turned 13 twice in a row now. Did the first 13 (Seizure Procedure) not count? Or is it a setup for a joke later?
    • In Episode 25, when Freeza gores him, it turns from 13 to 15.
      • Then he gets repeatedly owned, taking it all the way up to 25. One for every episode. Team Four Star saw their mistake and corrected it.

    Guru's death 
  • As funny and within character as Guru's dick move was, it creates a tiny little problem. Since his death is a suicide and not being a victim of Freeza, how is he supposed to be revived by the Dragon Balls?
    • If I remember correctly, Popo is the one who finds the dragon and wishes everybody to life. That's your justification.
    • Didn't look like a suicide to me... I just thought he died of old age and Guru thought it would be a dick move to stop fighting it.
    • His voice sounds weak and weary through the whole scene- he probably was dying already, and just decided that it would be funnier to go right when he did.
    • I interpreted it as him whispering to himself about how much of a dick move it would be to die when they just summoned the dragon. When he decides to do it, he just holds his breath until he dies from lack of oxygen.
    • Just to clarify, in the regular canon, Guru dies of grief over the massacre of his people so when they use the Earth Dragon Balls to wish back the people that Freeza and his minions killed, Guru comes back as well because his death was a result of that. The question is, how Guru will come back if it's obvious his death wasn't in grief. I figure it's an easy enough solution for the Earth balls to be used to wish all the Nameks back to life, not the victims of Freeza.
      • In canon, Guru's death is considered to be because of Freeza because he wouldn't have been so heartbroken if Freeza hadn't killed his men. Well here he decides to die in the middle of the wishes that were being made not just to restore the people Nappa killed but to fix all the damage Freeza did. If it weren't for Freeza, they could have gotten their one wish and been done with it. So he wouldn't have stopped his heart then to be a dick if it hadn't been for Freeza and therefore it is at least partially due to Freeza that he died.
    • The problem with the Namekian revival theory is that Vegeta, who is not a Namek, is on Freeza's killed list. I think we should just go with the Popo theory.
    • Or maybe the dragon is so happy at someone other than the Z warriors summoning him that he just does whatever he's told.
      • Well, now we know - Guru stopped his own heart, and it's quite possible he somehow managed to restart it right at the same time everybody else came back.
    • Easy: Freeza DID shorten his life span. Guru was exposed to NATURAL LIIIGHT! and was weakened enough for him to die.

    Voice actor leaving Team Four Star during Namekian Saga 
  • So, is Vegeta 3986 still on Team Four Star? In the Namekian saga, Yamcha was interrupted before he could say anything and Kami had a completely different voice actor.
    • Nope, he's left the team.
      • What happened?
      • To be more precise, there was no "drama" to it. Vegeta 3986 had become distant from the team and they decided they'd rather carry on with certain characters in different directions, at a quicker pace. There was no drama to it, merely recasting to make things easier for everyone.

    Symbol in corner 
  • In episode 21 when right before Vegeta finishes Recoome, there was a symbol in the corner, what is it?

    Freeza knowing about the parts he wasn't there for 
  • How did Freeza know about the parts he wasn't there for?
    • Nappa, I'm guessing.
      • The Scouter was on the entire time. The entire time.

    Slug's soldiers shooting Gohan 
  • I'm sorry, 'how about one-hundred?' This is Gohan we're talking about here. Those pea-shooters are weaker than your normal ki-blast, which Gohan can deflect. Not buying that. Sorry.
    • What? No, seriously, can you be more specific as to what you're talking about?
    • In Lord Slug, Gohan gets shot down by a bunch of mooks with blasters. To answer the question, Gohan can deflect the blasts- but they were all shooting at him at once, so that at least some got through.
    • For a more appropriate answer: They're working with the material they have. DBZ filler arcs and movies play so loose with continuity that you're lucky they're getting the characters' names right.
    • For further reference on how movie continuity is not our earth continuity, see also Talking Movie Bubbles, Piccolo's christmas present, and Vegeta's "This is so non-canon it hurts."

    Lord Slug Abridged's ending 
  • Speaking of LSA, why did Goku say at the end He could now revive Chiaotzu, Master Roshi and Krillin? The first two didn't appear in the special and the third seemed more kinda tacked on.
    • It's a reference to King Piccolo's arc from DB. According to Lanipator's review, it was because Lord Slug is basically a rip off of the said arc.
    • OP: thanks, that helps
    • Also from LSA, Why is Krillin Mr. Pink? I got pretty much all the other references, but this flew over my head.
      • It's sort of a cross-reference, Reservoir Dogs via Armageddon. In the previous scene, Dr. Briefs says "get me Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi" in reference to the latter movie, and Buscemi played Mr. Pink in the former.
    • Again, from LSA, if Slug is Guru's good half, why did he try to freeze the whole planet, killing all its inhabitants and use the planet as a vessel while Guru, despite being a massive jerk tries to be helpful to the heroes? (even unlocking Krillin and Gohan's full potential, no matter how little potential there was to unlock?)
      • The original Namekian Slug and Guru split from must have been a real piece of work. Though I wouldn't say that Guru was trying to be helpful for the sake of being helpful- he probably just thought it was amusing, and may well have figured they'd all get killed by Freeza anyway. And letting himself die in order to kill the dragon and interrupt the wishing was fairly evil...
      • They probably don't know which one of them is the evil half so to save the effort of actually figuring it out, they both act evil.
    • Revealed in Episode 30. He caused a civil war that wiped out the albino Namekians, and drove his species to near-extinction, to cover up that he drank the planet's water supply. That's horrible...

    Nail knowing how Dende passed Freeza 
  • How did Nail know Freeza passed by a little Namekian on his way to Guru's?
    • They were right in front of Guru's when they passed, so he probably saw it happen.
    • Even if they weren't right in front of there, Nail probably heard the exchange due to Namekians' super-hearing.
    • Not to mention that Nail knew that Dende was going to wherever the Dragon Balls were, and since Freeza came for technical support for the Dragon Balls, they'd have had to pass each other in order for them both to take the shortest, straight-line path.
    • Which raises another question. Can't the Namakians sense energy? At least the non-fighters can, like Guru for example. Why would Dende go the way Freeza was coming from? Did he have a death wish? We're talking about the kid who became the guardian of Earth and created Dragon Ball's. You would think he would have the ability to sense energy like Kami...
      • He probably new Frieza wouldn't kill him. Remember how he calls him a douche in Namekian? Either Dende is one cocky little Namekian, or he knew that Frieza wouldn't react...
      • Dende is implied to be completely suicidal throughout most of the saga. He doesn't give a damn about his own life, and has only one goal left: troll Freeza until he gets killed.

    Gohan's fault for Piccolo's death, then rage at Goku 
  • Gohan told Chi-Chi it was his fault that Piccolo sacrificed himself, so he wanted to go to Namek. Later, when Ginyu steals Gokus body, Gohan exclaims "you send me to space, and you aren't even you anymore!"., that is a head scratcher. Why does Gohan claim Goku was the fault of him going into space? That isn't a rage inducer, that's a childlike misinformation. Gohan wanted to avenge Piccolo sacrificing himself. Goku had nothing to do with Gohan traveling into space. His rage is unfounded and uncharacteristic.
    • He's unleashing pent up aggression toward his father, and he's only five. In his mind, the logic went like this.
    Daddy got killed fighting Uncle, making Mister Piccolo take me away to train me for a year.
    Daddy didn't get to the battle with the Sayians fast enough, so when the big burly guy tried to kill me, Piccolo had to step in.
    Daddy got the crap beaten out of him, he was too injured, so I had to go.
    Therefore, all of this is Daddy's fault.
    • Was Gohan's line, "you aren't even you any more!" referring to his dad's body switch or his personality shift due to brain damage?
      • The first one. In Gohan's rant, he mentions Goku losing his body right before the "you aren't even you anymore" line, whereas Gohan doesn't even mention Goku's brain damage in his rant.

    King Kai wanting the Z-Fighters to leave 
  • Why does King Kai so worried about the Z-Fighters not being able to leave? Aside from the fact that he can kick their asses, the only reason they're there is for training purposes. They'd probably leave and go to another part of the afterlife if he threatened them hard enough. And yet he acts like he's stuck with them for all eternity.
    • His big plan had just (apparently) blown up in his face and he wasn't thinking things through.
    • He's also a lonely guy, as evidenced by his reaction after Goku's departure; he's torn between his loathing for these doofuses from Earth, and his desire to have someone other than Bubbles, Gregory, and Bojack to talk to.

    Guru not dying after Slug's death 
  • If Guru is Lord Slug's evil half, why didn't he die when Lord Slug died?
    • His movie is so non-canon, it hurts.
    • Yeah, the movies take place in their own universe (see also: Talking Movie Bubbles). In the movie-verse, Guru probably did die with Slug.
    • It could be that Guru is so skilled in Namakian mystic arts that he could cleanly separate himself from Slug unlike Kami who arrived on the planet as an infant and thus wouldn't may not have all the knowledge the Namakians had. This would be especially true in the abridged series where Guru is a dick who killed half his species and hold book burnings and withhold information for the sheer fun of it. Hell, he could have been the one to send Kami to Earth in the first place for all we know. It's not like he had time in either series to state it. (I could be wrong and it could be stated some where). Besides, the split could have occurred before the calamity that befell Namek. Look at the people, they're all farmers. Where did that inter-galatic space ship technology go? Probably lost to the ages seeing as how no one is smart even to leave Namek or even send a single Dragon Ball out into space when Freeza starts slaughtering everyone.

    Revive everyone who was killed by Freeza and his men, but what about Yamcha? 
  • If the wish to revive everyone who was killed by Freeza and his men included Nappa... why didn't it include Yamcha?
    • Probably because Yamcha was killed by the Saibamen. And if Nappa doesn't count s one of Freeza's men working under Vegeta than the Saibamen probably don't count either.
    • A better question would be why it didn't include Krillin.
    • That wish was from the Earth Dragon Balls, which can only revive you once. Krillin had already died and been brought back once. As to the Saibamen, why wouldn't they count? Working for Vegeta means they're working for Freeza too.
      • During his conversation with Vegeta, Nappa explicitly points out that technically, he was working for Vegeta when he killed people, so no one he killed was brought back. If Abridged Canon accepts that logic for Nappa, there's no reason the same would not hold true for the Saibamen.
    • The only Saibamen that was killed by one of Freeza's men was Vegeta jr.
      • So there's a Saibaman running around in the wastelands somewhere?
      • Probably not - Saibamen only really have the ability to selfdestruct as a combat mechanism. Considering the farmer's reaction to Raditz landing, it's pretty likely that while Vegeta Jr. did wander around a little, he probably got killed by the military or something. Or Vegeta hunted him down again off-screen.

    Song parody and Tien 
  • Why did Tien wait until the Lady Gaga parody had already started before telling him he wasn't going to do it? Why not when they were setting it up?
    • He probably said over and over that he wouldn't do it but they (whoever "they" are) assumed he would do it anyway once the cameras were rolling.
    • He even says as much: "You talked. I said no."

    Wish back everyone, and limits 
  • Forgive me if I'm misremembering, but as far as I recall the wish to bring back everyone killed by Freeza or his men didn't have a time limit, which is how Nappa came back despite being killed by Vegeta about a year earlier. If that's the case, wouldn't that mean every sentient being Freeza or his minions have ever killed across Freeza's entire lifespan was revived? Including the entire Saiyan race?
    • Some, possibly. Given that the wish works ostensibly under the principle that a person revived returns to life at the place where they died (a fact the series brought up regarding reviving Goku after Namek, then immediately forgot as soon as they started reviving everyone else), then some, such as the Saiyans, may have popped back into existence at the place they died, ie. in the middle of space where a planet should be, only to die again almost immediately after resurrecting.
    • Actually, I do seem to recall that there was a time limit of one year when resurrecting someone with the Dragon Balls, though that may just be fanon or my sketchy memory. If so, Nappa was only killed about a month or two before the wish was made (again, sketchy memory, but I believe the trip to Namek took about a month, and the events on Namek only took about a week or two), so he'd be well within that time limit. However, that should mean that the minions Freeza killed as distractions should've been revived as well, and subsequently moved to Earth as per Dende's last wish, but since we don't hear from them again, they probably just died again when Namek exploded.
      • Freeza only killed a couple of his minions. It's possible that they were revived and moved to Earth, but being just two mooks who were killed by their boss, resurrected and teleported by unknown circumstances, and are now on a new world with no idea where they are or what they're doing, they probably just faded into the background rather than cause trouble.
    • To be clear, the wish to bring back everyone Freeza and his men killed was made with the Earth Dragonballs and Shenron does have the year time limit. Nappa had only died about two and a half to three months before Freeza's death; a month or two(I don't remember exactly) between the battle with the Saiyans and Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan leaving earth, a month for them to reach Namek, and about a week on Namek before the final battle. However, Resurrection F establishes that Shenron's year limit thing is more a guide line; he can bring someone back who died past that limit, but they'll come back wrong, specifically in the exact state they died in. This rule hadn't been established at the time TFS made the show, obviously, but I wouldn't be surprised if TFS find a way to include the implications of this in a joke about the saiyans being revived only to die horribly somewhere down the line. Given that within the next two or three episodes we'll be seeing Dende become guardian of Earth and reforming Shenron, it'll be as good a time as any to address it.

    Icarus dying in LSA and Cooler's Revenge 
  • So in Lord Slug, Chi-Chi made dragon soup out of Icarus. Yet he's completely fine in Revenge of Cooler until Goku eats him again. Yeah, it was a minor joke, but what gives?
    • They Killed Kenny. Poor dragon's never gonna catch a break in the movies.
    • Lord Slug is presumably non-canon, like its unabridged counterpart. What confuses me more is that Icarus is introduced in "the Christmas Tree of Might", which even the characters in the movie point out is non-canonical, but Icarus is still around in "revenge of Cooler", which seems to be canon, AND takes place after Goku tells Gohan that Vegeta was the one who killed Icarus.
      • None of the movies are canon.
      • Not in the regular DBZ, but given all the references to Cooler throughout the abridged series, it may be different in the Abridged series.
      • There are also references to Broly and Bojack. The Abridged series does a decent job foreshadowing the films, but that doesn't change the fact that most of the films take place at a point in continuity that does not actually exist. Cooler's Revenge takes place at a point in time after Goku killed Freeza, but before Goku returned to Earth in full control of his SSJ transformation, while also requiring Goku to be on Earth at the time. It also has to take place prior to Trunks killing King Cold, which happened immediately before Goku's return to Earth, because Cooler's only seeking revenge for his brother, not his father. On top of all that, it blatantly contradicts established canon: Freeza transforms down, not up. We're explicitly told that the base form for Freeza's race is the Final Form; the transformations are intended to nerf them and help control their powers. Thus, the existence of a FINAL Final Form that Cooler has directly contradicts that fact. There can't be another transformation beyond the Final Form, because Freeza Transformations don't work that way. This may be different in the Abridged series, but the timing isn't.
      • Cooler the character may be canon, but the events of the movie probably aren't.
      • It's pretty likely that at best, Cooler's Revenge Abridged is Broad Strokes - if Team Four Star wanted to make the movies canon (which is unlikely, since they wouldn't have had Dead Zone Abridged be an in-series movie written by Krillin), they would edit as much as they could and add dialogue to explain continuity snarls (i.e., having Goku and Gohan explain that they stopped going Super Saiyan for the interview to get into college during Broly Abridged, having Goku say that they left Trunks behind to watch over Earth in Return of Cooler Abridged).

    Cooler trying to kill Goku 
  • Why is Cooler trying to kill Goku? In the canon series his reason was that even though he hated Freeza he anybody that killed someone from his family still needed to die, but here he doesn't even seem to care and isn't even angry at Goku for it.
    • Good question. I guess maybe Cooler wanted to prove that he was better than his moronic brother by killing Goku. He had no real grudge against the guy. Just a "I'm better at everything, including killing you." so he went with it.
      • Basically this. He wasn't really doing anything, just chilling on one of his planets when word of Freeza's demise came in. It probably just seemed like a good way to kill some time.
      • Again, he's a prick. The fucks he gives. It's just an excuse to him. Plus, he's evil and doesn't want a Saiyan running around that can kill him. Furthermore, he may have wanted to see his brother's killer then mock Freeza further by killing him which would add insult to injury since he's a prick. Plus, he was looking for a fight and wanted to prove that he was "cooler" than his brother and that he wasn't like his selfish, whiny brother. If it was before King Cool is killed, then it would also be to cement himself as his brother's better and give him control of the galaxy thus proving his worth through action and not mindless blather his brother relied on. Then he realizes as he dies that he is just like his brother. That his just as selfish and childish as him, but he concludes that he is indeed "cooler" which comes from him being a prick.
    • This (slightly modified) quote from Die Hard fits "There's a difference, you know, between not liking one's brother and not caring when some dumb Saiyan Monkey drops a spirit bomb on him."

    Planet Plant proto-Saiyans and Chilled 
  • Okay, guys. Episode of Bardock. Why are all the proto-Saiyans named after rappers? And why do they all sound like Kermit The Frog? I've never watched any non-abridged Dragon Ball, so I'm not sure if there's something in it that they're making fun of, or if TFS are just going through a Widget Series phase.
    • Just the whole Rule of Funny thing. Same reason that the Namekians speak Klingon.
    • From the same episode, what did Bardock say Chilled looks like? A giant purple and orange... something. Kinda hard to hear with his face buried in the ground.
      • Tampon.
    • Actually at a panel TFS said the joke was that they felt the entire premise of the original special was nonsense to begin with (Bardock's rant before going Super Saiyan makes that pretty clear too), so for the abridged version they just thought of the most random characteristics they could give to the proto-Saiyans and Chilled and ran with it.
    • Minor point, but they're actually called Plantians. Canonically, the Saiyans aren't from Planet Plant, they crashed on it and started living alongside the native Tuffles, a species of Human Aliens. It is unknown if the Tuffles are decended from the Plantians, or if they wiped out the Plantians, but we do know the Saiyans aren't related to either (while Bardock does impregnate one by kicking it, Chilled kills it shortly afterwards). And besides, that whole episode was All Just a Dream.
    • In canon, they may be Plantians, but in Abridged-verse, Doctor Dre explicitly refers to them as Saiyans, meaning they are the direct ancestors of the monkeys.

    Freeza not going back to Namek 
  • Why doesn't Freeza just go back to Namek post-mechanization, and post-revival of the planet? Who could there possibly be to stop him, especially if he goes with his dad? And isn't he stronger post-cybernetic revitalizing?
    • Well, it remains to be seen if the Abridged series will address this, but in the original, as far as Freeza knows, the planet Namek exploded and all the Namekians are dead. Why would he go back to the dead area of space where a planet used to be?
      • In the original series they just found another planet to live on with King Kai's help. So even if Freeza went to where Namek was there, it'd still be a freaking asteroid field.
      • Besides, you all forgot the reason Freeza went to Earth: revenge. He probably wasn't thinking so much of obtaining immortality as making Goku suffer.
      • Also, as a cyborg Freeza may be effectively immortal anyway.
      • Any goal he could accomplish on Namek could just as easily be accomplished on Earth - get revenge on the Saiyans? Going to Earth would allow him to do so without having to wait for them (since he doesn't know about Instant Transmission, and Goku is the only one who knows it). Use the Dragon Balls for immortality? The Earth's Dragon Balls can accomplish that as well.

    Goku not being wished to Earth in Abridged 
  • How come Goku wasn't wished to Earth with everyone else? In this version Goku had no knowledge of the wish and thus had no reason to make Dende let him stay to fight Freeza.
    • Because if Goku was wished to Earth too, then Freeza would be left alone on Namek. Dende had already shot himself in the foot with that by telling Freeza that the humans were from Earth, so that would be Freeza's next destination. If Freeza came to Earth, there is a risk it wouldn't even be a fight; he could just blow the planet up from orbit and kill everyone. As Goku was the only one who had any chance of defeating Freeza, and without defeating Freeza, everyone's dead anyways, Dende opted to leave him behind.
  • Simple; he didn't think too far ahead. All he wanted to do was screw over Freeza, he likely didn't think that Goku would have wanted to evacuate.
  • It's likely that Porunga can only move someone who's alive if they wish to be moved - most of the people who were moved from Namek to Earth either wanted to get off the earth (pretty much everyone except Vegeta, Goku, Frieza), or didn't have time to decide if they wanted to be warped off the Earth (Vegeta).
  • Dende never actually met Goku prior to making the wish, if I'm not mistaken - he died before Goku arrived, and at most, he saw Goku but never learned his name. His wish was probably something like "Warp all the Namekians and everyone I've encountered other than Frieza prior to making this wish to Earth!", which would exclude Goku (but not Vegeta).

    Law against inheriting your own life insurance after being revived 
  • Is there actually a law against inheriting your own life insurance policy if you're brought back from the dead?
    • That was kinda the point. When you die, the money goes to your living relatives, not to you, since you're... well... dead. As far as they were concerned, Krillin:
      • Lied by saying he had a twin brother named Juan Sanchez.
      • Faked his own death.
      • Re-appeared again to collect his own life insurance money, presumably under his brother's name. That makes more sense to them than the "I went to space, got killed by a evil galactic warlord and was brought back to life by a dragon." story.
    • Even if you were allowed to collect an insurance policy against yourself because resurrection is a known quantity, Krillin still left the money to a non-existent person and faked being that person.
    • Life insurance is there to provide loved ones with compensation for loss of income and emotional anguish; if you're going to get better that doesn't apply, and the legal comparison most apt would be debilitating (but recoverable) injury (presumably, the hypothetical legal ruling would be to treat death as a life insurance qualifier until provable resurrection, which nullifies the life insurance and triggers retroactive disability insurance). And as he's sorta unemployed and disability insurance is typically calculated directly from income (if not provided directly by employers and/or workman's comp), that amounts to jack and squat. So, the legal issue is, in addition to the aforementioned fraud of identity, claiming of insurance for which he no longer qualifies.
      • Incidentally, it'd really be for the best if he helps establish the legal precedent for this now, before the planetary resurrection at the end of the Buu saga causes a mass bankruptcy of the life insurance industry.
      • Not sure exactly how that would work when the industry gets wiped out - and brought back - at the same time as everybody else on the planet.
      • Like that would stop certain types from suing to get that life insurance money. Sure, in the grand scheme of things it'll be a Frivolous Lawsuit, but Hanlon's Razor and Grey's Law exists for a reason. (And lets face it, we'd probably get examples of both laws.)
      • It would be relatively easy for insurance companies to shut down any claims like that. They don't just take people's word that someone died - they'd tell whoever is trying to collect to produce a state-issued death certificate or demonstrate that they were declared dead in absentia.
    • Let's say you're not allowed. What the hell is going to prevent a man who can fly, shoot energy beams, cut anything open with discs made by his hands, and punch a mountain open from doing what he wants? None of the Z Fighters will stop him, and seeing as Vegeta can become a public figure after killing a city, it's pretty much proven that the physical gods are above the law. Krillin might be weak, but compared to all of humanity, he is a god. At this point, he's stronger than Nappa. Nappa already decimated the military.
    • Krillin will prevent it. In order to do that, he would become a tyrant, and Jerkass tendencies aside, Krillin is a good person. He's not willing to go to war with the government and terrorize the entire country/world even though he could kick their ass.
      • Also, if Krillin was to snap, the other Z-Fighters (except for Yamcha, possibly) would be able to stop him. So Krillin probably knows he can't do anything to gain power and has just accepted it.
      • And why would he even entertain the thought? As established, he’s a very decent person basically. Even if he ‘’could’’ get away with becoming the next King Piccolo, even if he didn’t have to worry about any of the Z-fighters (chiefly Goku for obvious reasons) stopping him, he wouldn’t do it. Vegeta, sure, because that’s who he is. Krillin is the exact opposite of that.

    Freeza pissed over Super Saiyan speech 
  • So, Freeza hears so many heroic speeches dozens, sometimes hundreds of times, and somehow Vegeta's Super Saiyan speech is a Berserk Button for him after hearing it twice.
    • Freeza's mad at other things, "I'm just a little bit absolutely livid".
    • Also Freeza usually didn't hear the same one from the same person, word-for-word, multiple times.
    • Because unlike: "I will f*** your face!", Frieza is actually afraid of a Super Saiyan.

    Asking about where Gohan and Krillin are from, forgetting about the word Earthlings 
  • Freeza asks where Gohan and Krillin are from and Little Gre-, I mean Dende, tells they're from Earth. Freeza didn't seem to know that yet. But an episode earlier, Nail said to Freeza that "The Earthlings have the password." Apart from the fact that it's weird he knows where a planet with no real interstellar contact is by name, he couldn't guess Earthlings came from Earth?
    • Nappa had been talking on his communicator for over a year so at some point he would have spoken about Earth when he and Vegeta were going there so he could have knowledge (then again this is all coming from Nappa) of Earth. Other explanations: he wanted to mess around with them (which reveals the weak link of Dende) or he was so angry at the time he had forgotten that important piece of information. Former makes more sense.
    • Don't forget though, there are several planets named Freeza number whatever. The Saiyans come from planet Vegeta, which used to be called planet Plant. If Freeza hadn't been informed by Little Green, all he would have found is some place called Ee-arth. And who knows what the hell that little dirt ball is good for?
    • Think of it like this, during the first war in Afghanastan (the Soviet one), we "fucked up the end game" but no providing them money to rebuild. The people who refused to send money said, "who cares about sending money for schools to Iraq" or something along those lines to which Charlie Wilson responded with, "Afghanastan" and he got blank looks from it. To Freeza, Earth is just like some dirt-poor, hell hole Mid-Eastern space country that he doesn't give a crap about. The term "earthlings" went in one ear and out the other. When he was pissed off, THEN he cared enough to remember the name so that he could look it up, find it, and wipe it out out of frustration. Yeah, he didn't even think of it as keeping for monetary value. That's how little he thought of it. Guess he didn't realize Earth was a mineral-rich planet.

    Gohan being powerful after Nappa and Vegeta? 
  • Wouldn't Gohan be super powerful in his fight against Nappa and Vegeta? Think about what his training was. He got the crap kicked out of him on a daily basis. As everyone knows, Saiyans become immensely more powerful everytime they almost die. So wouldn't Gohan be much stronger than he actually was if he was nearly killed that many times over and over?
    • In canon, the power-ups are kinda extremely random (see Goku nearly dying repeatedly only bringing him up to Ginyu's levels, then doing it one more time made him equal to a playing-around form four Freeza, or Vegeta going from Zarbon+ to stronger than Form 3 Freeza in one jump). In DBZA, well the power-ups only happen from recovering from near death experiences and Piccolo doesn't have any healing abilities or artifacts, so he'd have to smack Gohan around enough to hurt without endangering his life.
    • Also, just because he was beaten doesn't mean he was ever 'near death'. Even after being thrown face first into a mountain, he still managed to cry rather loudly and next scene was only lightly injured.
    • To quote Vegeta, Power Levels are bullshit
    • He's a five year old. He WAS super powerful for his age. He's still only five.
    • As the first thing said, when it says near means NEAR. DEATH. It's "legally dead, heart stopped", or one step from it. It's "I see Mr. Popo laughing at me welcoming me to hell." It's "Claw your way out of your own grave". Piccolo never went that far.

    Nappa using a Pokeball and in Episode 10, but not few episodes earlier 
  • Okay, so in one part of episode 10, we see Nappa use a Pokeball on Chioutzu. Why then, did he not use one several episodes earlier on Arlia to capture the Rancor?
    • The Rancor's not a Pokemon.
    • He probably figured that the Rancor would be like Pikachu, and wouldn't stay in a Pokeball if the Rancor was a Pokemon anyways.
    • He asked Vegeta if he could keep it as a pet - so he didn't think it was a Pokemon.

    Goku losing fury and False Super Saiyan 
  • Why is it that when Goku is told by Lord Slug that it isn't Christmas, he loses his fury and False Super Saiyan transformation? Sure it's not Christmas right now, but Christmas would still die if Slug wins. Because there wouldn't be much of a Christmas to celebrate if everyone is dead.
    • Why do you expect this to occur to Goku?
    • It's established in Christmas Tree of Might that Christmas is not exclusive to Earth and that whatever may or may not happen on Earth, Christmas will keep on going without it. Turles made himself an enemy of Christmas specifically and conquered Earth as a means to that end. Slug just wants the Dragon Balls and the planet, and has no beef with Christmas as a whole, even though Goku assumes he does at first because of what happened last time.

    Jockstrap incident 
  • So we can all agree that the Jockstrap Incident involved a lot of people dying and being buried in dug up holes. Freeza implies that he needs to dig holes for all the deceased (Zarbon, Dodoria, The Ginyu Force). What doesn't make sense is why he needs to dig up holes if almost everyone exploded (Burter's neck was cracked and Frog!Ginyu was squashed under Vegeta's foot)
    • Before claiming that the deaths of Zarbon, Dodoria, and the Ginyu Force were like the Jockstrap Incident, Freeza states: "This has been one giant mess." It could be that the events were similar due to being such giant messes, rather than due to people dying.
      • Yes, but Freeza even asked Vegeta if he's any good at digging holes (besides the one he's in fighting him of course).
      • All Freeza knows is that they died, not the COD for each of them. When his guys killed someone there was a body.
      • I always assumed the hole(s) were to bury the eponymous jockstrap...
      • Maybe the holes were intended as a honorable burial to his men, and even if they were exploded, maybe he could find enough pieces of then to bury, with the super speed of the 4th form, it would take a minute tops to check the whole planet anyway.
      • The holes were possibly meant to be the heroes graves. Basically, Freeza was indirectly asking Vegeta to dig his own grave.
      • I never assumed the holes were for graves. Typically, you say "dig graves" not "dig holes" when you are talking about graves. The holes are just another Noodle Implement element of the Noodle Incident.
    • Given that Vegita comes to the conclusion that the Dragon Balls would be buried due to the "Jockstrap incident" I think it's safe to say the holes weren't for bodies.
      • The holes were for the bodies of the witnesses of the whole Jockstrap incident, so someone like say maybe, Cooler couldn't repeatedly troll him over it in the future. King Cold seemed to be the only other person who knew about it given that he didn't want them to be "boxed in".

    Nappa becoming a producer 
  • How did Nappa become a Hollywood producer with a CHILD PSYCHOLOGY Major?
    • The same way he did it in four months without any legal identity, experience living on the planet, or record of said major or earthen accreditation of the university that gave it, of course.
    • Still makes him more qualified than some producers.
      • And that, essentially, is the whole joke. He became a Hollywood producer despite being completely unqualified in every conceivable way, not to mention a Psychopathic Man Child, thus implying that (A) the job is so easy anyone could do it, and (B) he fits right in with all the other Hollywood producers.
      • So, Truth in Television, then.
      • Saiyan University probably has different degree requirements than an Earth university - assuming he was able to prove his records, he probably qualified for a different major on Earth.
    • He either had an AWESOME pitch for a movie...or he happened to get ridiculously rich doing something. Probalby 'million dollars to anyone who can survive a hit from Hercule.'

    Abridged!Dr. Briefs and Bulma 
  • If Abridged!Dr. Briefs is such a chauvinist based on the way he acts around his wife, then why was Bulma raised to be so smart and free-willed?
    • Rebellious Princess? Except the civilian version.
    • Or it could be a personal Double Standard . He sees all women as subservient, but his daughter is special in his eyes. He sees the same genius that he sees in himself, or something to that effect?
    • "Bulma honey, go help your mother in the kitchen. The lab is for men." Now, what happens when you tell a teenaged girl NOT to do something? Also, given a father with that attitude, wouldn't it make sense that she tries to impress him so he will pay some attention to her?
    • Plus, not only did she spend her teenage years running around with Goku and pals, but, according to the manga, she was a genius from an extremely young age and helped out Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.

    Freeza, Zarbon, and Space Skype 
  • Okay, this one's a bit out there, but, hold on... When Freeza was talking to Ginyu on the Space Skype, Zarbon came in and asked if he could use the phone. Now, Skype needs Broadband to work at all, and Freeza's ship does have other communication modules, so... Why would Zarbon ask if he could use the phone to call his girlfriend? Does Freeza have Space Dial-Up or something?
    • Actually Freeza's ship may not have other communication centers. Or at least, not ones that connect to Space Skype. Basically Zarbon is asking Freeza to quit hogging the computer.
    • Zarbon is Freeza's second in command and Freeza is having a minor WTF moment upon the reveal that Zarbon has a girlfriend. There's also enough time for Freeza to let Zarbon make his call and then call Ginyu back before Ginyu arrives on Namek.

    Super Kami Guru's death 
  • So, why is Vegeta horrified by seeing Super Kami Guru get eaten if he's done the same thing to other aliens himself?
    • Because it's not cannibalism if Vegeta does it.
    • Probably horrified by the brutality of them eating him alive. Vegeta at least killed and cooked the other aliens first.
    • Alternatively, he just didn't expect that sort of brutality from them. He might be brutal, but seeing a bunch of space vegans do it is shocking.
    • In general, there's not a lot of blood and violence in both the source material and the Abridged series. They made the scene a lot more Bloodier and Gorier.

    Freeza's spelling 
  • Okay, so this one didn't really bug me until Episode 33, but what's with Team Four Star's insistence on spelling it "Freeza?" The official English spelling is, in fact, Frieza. With an i.
    • DBZA is based mostly on the original Japanese Dragon Ball Z. So the joke is about the differences between the JPN and Eng. spellings.
      • Pointed out by Trunks himself.
    Trunks: "You must be Fry-za."
    Mecha-Freeza: "Actually, it's FREEZA."
    Trunks: "Then why is there an 'i' in it?"
    Mecha-Freeza: "There isn't."
    • I had assumed that it was in part to make it closer to "Freezer".
      • "Freezer" is only said by Goku in the abridged series, and in the fanbase it's a common mistake by most people who insist on the Japanese spelling but still manage to get it wrong. Making the Idiot Hero say it might be saying what Team Four Star thinks of people who say "Freezer". The official spelling in Japanese is actually "Freeza", which is why it's insisted upon in the abridged series. The abridged series tends to poke fun at all the things that the American dub changed, anyway. Also notice how the abridged series uses "Tenshinhan" and not "Tien Shinhan".
      • But they go with the English Dub names for everyone else. Kakarot instead of Kakarotto, Krillin instead of Kuririn, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, and Guldo instead of Jheese, Butta, Rikurimu and Gurd, and so on...
      • They don't like weaboos.
      • To explain with a legitimate reason; Rikurimu, Gurd, Buuta, Kuririn, etc is more a Japanese pronunciation. While Kaiser *does* have 'Kuririn' in the script, he does know it's supposed to be said 'Krillin'. Much like whey they don't call Freeza 'Furiza'.

    Cold offering 2. 5 planets 
  • In the fight between Trunks and King Cold, King Cold offers to give him two and a half planets. How exactly can you have two and a half planets? Did he mean the third planet would be split between him and Trunks? Sorry if it were obvious.
    • He panicked at the last one, also it's kind of hard to concentrate when you have a warrior of legend standing before you with the intention of killing you.
    • And he was probably losing a lot of blood due to, y'know, the big gaping hole in his chest. It's a wonder he was even able to string two words together.
    • Answer is really obvious, actually: The same way the Russian Federation currently owns 1/10 of a planet and the United States owns 3/50 of a planet, etc. Divide up the land area.
    • Actually, given that this IS King Cold, I could seriously see him just slicing a planet in half and giving it to Trunks.

    Space Australia 
  • In episode 19, Jeice told Krillin that he was from Space Australia, or more specifically Space Brisbane. Go Space Broncos! And in episode 21, Jeice blurt out many Australian terms, which caused Krillin to blurt out, "We get it! You're from Space Australia!" But in episode 23, Krillin falsely said Jeice was from Space New Zealand. Did Krillin forget already that Jeice was from Space Australia?
    • I assume it's a joke about how people always get Space Aussies mixed up with Space Kiwis, and vice-versa.
    • Probably. Krillin is pretty dense. He didn't know Dende's name despite Dende repeatedly telling him, nor did he notice Team Three Star was getting people to threaten him.

    What is Hetap? 
  • So. What WOULD Hetap be anyway? Water? Canned coffee? Their version of Tab? Your thoughts?
    • My initial thought was just a generic branded soda.
    • My guess is a brand of beer, given the comments about it being a little early to be drinking.
    • Since Trunks mentions it separately from the beer and soda (he says "I've got soda, beer, and Hetap") I'm guessing it's neither of those. Probably a brand of fruit juice or non-carbonated fruit drink.
    • Isn't it obvious? Hetap is liquid swag! Just look how much more confident Krillin became after meeting Trunks for the first time. Also, think about Krillin and 18 after the Cell Games. HETAP THAT!!

    Bulma not noticing... 
  • Why didn't Bulma notice that Vegeta wasn't wearing a condom?
    • Considering how intense their... "session" was, I doubt either of them were paying attention to anything else.
    • She probably asked Vegeta if he was wearing protection. Vegeta probably assumed it meant his armor.
    • In real life, condoms are incredibly thin. Considering that in Dragon Ball, there are capsules that can contain houses when expanded, a dragon that can grant wishes, and humanity having developed the ability to travel into space, I don't think condoms that are so thin that they feel as if they aren't being worn are out of the question. She probably assumed he was wearing one of those.

    Goku not IT'ing in Abridged fight with Cold and Freeza 
  • So, in canon Future Trunks's timeline, Goku instant transmissioned straight from his space pod to Earth to fight Freeza and Cold right away. When Future Trunks went back in time, Goku sensed the new, powerful being and decided to wait it out a bit. However, in the Abridged series, Goku's excuse for not teleporting in straight away is that he wanted to give everyone else a chance. Since nobody was killed by Freeza in Future Trunks's timeline, how did they all survive Freeza being on the planet for over three hours?
    • Presumably Vegeta went Super Saiyan a bit early via anger and frustration at his own inferiority to the third-class Kakarot.
    • Or Freeza simply chose not to kill them. Assuming the Power Levels are similar to what they were in traditional DBZ and taking into account the only thing we know about King Cold's Power is that instead of trying to transform FIRST attack SECOND a being who'd just taken Freeza's best shot and then killed him that his 2nd form is roughly on par with Freeza's final. If that's true all the Z Fighters combined were no threat. I can easily see Freeza strap on a Scouter look around casually and smirk before speaking.
    Freeza: Oh lo lo lo lo look Daddy. Some rats are hiding on that r-r-r-r-r-ridge.
    King Cold: Shall we head over and kill them?
    Freeza: Not yet, I want them to still be warm when the monkey gets here.
    • Or Goku sensed that the Z Fighters were losing badly and decided to teleport in at the last minute.
    • Or the obvious answer stated in the question. Goku used Instant Transmission as soon as Frieza and King Kold landed. The only reason he didn't do that was he sensed Trunks and decided to wait and see what happened.

    Yardrats feeding their sick 
  • So when Goku said the Yardrats kept feeding him their sick, did he mean their sick people or their sick (as in vomit)?
    • ...Yes?
    • The former. In the US, "sick" is only used as a noun to refer to people who are sick.
    • England too. However, "sick" is also American slang for vomit. Primarily used by children in most media. Goku is essentially played up as an eight-year old in a man's body, so, as disgusting as it is, he probably was referring to the latter.
      • No. "sick" is not slang for vomit in America. It was without that Goku was definitely referring to they were feeding him their sick (as in dying) people
      • Actually, "sick" is indeed used as slang for vomit in America. Generally by more genteel people who think words like "vomit" and "puke" are too vulgar. And if Chi Chi has a problem with Goku saying "butt", she might also have a problem with these.
      • America is a large and varied place that doesn't have any one uniform slang. It could be commonly used slang in, say, a county in Pennsylvania and completely bizarre in a city in Nevada.
      • Uh no. It's not used in the northeast. Also, it's not even like that anymore. The Internet has made American slang nationwide.
      • How does that make any sense? If "the internet has made American slang nationwide" then that means at some point "sick" meaning slang for "vomit" could've caught on enough for at least some Americans to adopt the meaning. Like the above commenter said, America is a large and varied place. You're going to have to specify which part of American slang you're saying spread everywhere instead of assuming the entire country is a hivemind that talks in the same way in every region when we don't.
      • It's not slang, it's an official definition of the word, as shown here
    • Just so everyone knows: He's referring to their sick PEOPLE. As in, those who were dying and couldn't be saved.
    • Confirmed in Episode 59. Goku states that he got it from "eating sick aliens."
      • Also confirmed as meaning "sick people" by Kaiser Neko in the Creator Commentary for Episode 34.

    Gohan and MM Os 
  • How does Gohan know what MMOs are when his mother basically buries his head in books every waking moment of the day?
    • She doesn't literally keep him glued to books without any outside influence at all. That would just be stupid.
    • But this is the type of woman who would castrate a man for bringing her bad news - Oh, nevermind. Fine. Okay, how does Vegeta know about MMOs in spite of needing Nappa to explain the concept of a video game to him in the first installment of Two Saiyans Play? For that matter, how does Vegeta know about Warhammer 40000 judging by how he constantly chants the time honoured "DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA" when firing in general. Unless of course Warhammer's real in his universe and he's actually met the Orkz in the flesh...
      • Two Saiyans Play isn't canon with the regular series. Also, Warmammer 40,000 is also a table-top game and a HUGE series of books series. You don't need to play Dawn of War to know what Warhammer 40K is. Or it could be SPACE Warhammer 40K table-top games and that only Earth is really the only society went down the video game development line. It does seem Nappa intergrated with Earth society much faster than Vegeta did.
      • And now comes the true question. If there's SPACE Warhammer 40K, what's SPACE Warhammer Fantasy?
      • Possibly a Warhammer done in the style of Spelljammer.
      • Age Of Sigmar
      • Exactly the same as regular Warhammer Fantasy, except that every unit, model, and technical term has "space" in front of it.

    Why wear the pink shirt? 
  • Vegeta doesn't like his pink shirt. So why wear it? Tien shows up in an undershirt, so it's not like it was cold or anything.
    • Like a lot of things in the Abridged series, Rule of Funny. It could be that Vegeta actually really likes the pink shirt but is so homophobic and insecure about being manly that he acts like he hates it while wearing it anyway.
    • Bulma ruined his regular dry-clean-only Saiyan clothes and she gave him nothing else to wear. So he had the choice between "awkward pink shirt" and "awkwardly shirtless". YMMV which choice was the lesser of two evils.
    • And Vegeta being royalty might also explain it. He might consider being dressed gaudily less of a faux pas than being half naked.
    • He couldn't wear his saiyan suit, so he probably figured he might as well go in what he's wearing. Odds are that if he had known just how the others would react to said shirt, he would've grabbed something else.

    Goku not teleporting to stop Freeza and Cold 
  • So, when Yamcha asks him why he didn't use his teleportation powers to stop Freeza and his father, Goku replies that 'he wanted to give them a chance'. Fine, I buy that. Hell, given the source material, I expect this kind of impracticality. But, Goku explains his power works only if he can imagine where it is he wants to be, technically, he's never been on King Cold's ship and therefore doesn't know what to imagine. So, he can't teleport onto it even if he tried. Why not just use this excuse that no one can fault him for?
    • Goku's kind of spacey.
    • Two reasons, first Instant Transmission (at least in the standard canon) doesn't work like that. He has to be able to sense someone's energy which is why he's able to go to New Namek once King Kai points him in the right general direction. Even if he can't teleport to the ship however he could easily have teleported to say Kami House or the Look Out. Probably to Capsule Corps when Vegeta was still there. Ultimately other than because he wanted to let other people have a chance to fight there is no excuse either in abridged or in the canon for why he didn't show up. . .which leads to an interesting problem in DBZ.
      • The official explanation for mainstream DBZ is that Goku was about to zap down and thrash Freeza, but then he sensed Trunks was there and doing the work for him.
      • Well, I just brought it up because in this version, Goku seems to be unaware of that Freeza's dead by the time he reaches Earth (Guys, we don't have much time! Freeza's coming!), and certainly doesn't know that Trunks is on ground beforehand. When Yamcha asks about why he didn't kill Freeza sooner, I assumed he was referring to on the way, where this excuse I cooked up might have actually worked...

    Nappa being brought back to life 
  • Nappa was brought back to life because he was killed by Vegeta, who, according to him, was still working for Freeza at the time. But Nappa and Vegeta went to Earth to gain immortality and overthrow Freeza. Wouldn't he not be working for Freeza anymore the moment he decided to go to Earth?
    • Officially, he would still be working for Freeza. Vegeta probably wouldn't announce his plans to overthrow Freeza until after he receives immortality. If Freeza knew about his plans in advance, he would put a stop to it immediately, or try and grab immortality for himself which is what he did when he found out about the Dragon Balls.

    Vegeta being ordered to get a job 
  • Why would Bulma tell Vegeta to get a job to help raise Trunks? Bulma is the daughter of one of the richest families in the world and is presumably a Capsule Corp executive herself, while Vegeta has no educational record or job history that Earth governments would recognize. His job prospects are slim, and Bulma doesn't need the money anyway.
    • Bulma probably doesn't want to support a deadbeat.
      • Or she doesn't want to continue living under her dad's roof. Besides, Vegeta's job prospects are GREAT. How many guys do YOU know that could personally replace a heavy industrial crane? If he's paid even half of what it costs to ship, operate, and maintain one of those things, he'd be living on easy street for something that's about as strenuous to him as carrying a few shoe boxes to you.
      • Vegeta is far from a dead beat as the above Troper mentions but that's beside the point. Bulma is heir to an empire and a genius in her own right. This isn't like some regular person having to work double time to support a lazy punk, this is Paris Hilton (Okay that's cruel, this is like the hypothetical daughter of Paris Hilton and Bill Gates) refusing to take in her baby daddy even though she owns an island she could loan him and then forget which one she put him on.
    • That may be true, but Vegeta only cares about locking himself in a room and training all day until his body just about breaks. Bulma thinks he ought to do something to contribute to the family that he a) volunteered to live in and b) whose daughter he's currently married to and whose child he's currently fathering. She doesn't want him to just run off and leave all the family stuff squarely on her shoulders. He's not a deadbeat guy who lounges on the couch all day, but he certainly isn't doing anything to support the family. I mean, the guy shot himself into space for a year after they had their spat about his contribution to the family.
      • As an above troper points out there is no evidence that Bulma needs any help at all financially. She's always presented as being incredibly rich. Forcing Vegeta to get a job is going to make him more likely not less to spend any time with her and their child. Best case scenario he actually goes to work and then comes back and trains, more likely he just leaves the planet for long periods of time. We aren't given any reason to believe that Vegeta has any truly marketable skills by comparison to Bulma. Without wanting to get overly political here in real life Bulma who can fairly be compared someone like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs makes more money per year than the majority of construction (since people have mentioned Vegeta's super strength would be good for that.) workers combined. She's making him work on principle not for any truly logical reason.
    • It was partially Vegeta's fault that she got pregnant in the first place. Bulma just wants him to take some responsibility for his actions by helping to support the child.
    • For what it's worth, as of episode 50, she's apparently long gotten over it and realized that between the fact that she's filthy rich and Vegeta's Vegeta, the situation actually worked out for the best.

    Freeza not dodging the Spirit Bomb 
  • When Goku threw the Spirit Bomb, why didn't Freeza DOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDGGGGEEEEE!!!!!!?
    • In his own words? He completely forgot about it.
    • In the original series, which I assume counts as canon for the Abridged except when explicitly stated otherwise, it's implied that the Spirit Bomb is too big to dodge which is why Freeza tries to catch it. Yeah we've seen Freeza easily cover enough distance to dodge something that large but that's the implication.
    • A WMG in the canon version theorized that massive ki attacks have a gravitational pull to prevent targets from moving out of the way. Goku propelled himself with a Kamehameha to dodge Freeza's large energy blast, and used Instant Transmission to evade Cell's Kamehameha. Also Ki attacks a few times were to home in on their targets, so even if Freeza were to dodge, Goku can just redirect the Spirit Bomb onto him.
    • Frieza likely viewed Goku beneath him at that point, and fleeing the spirit bomb would likely mean that he's admitting Goku is an actual threat to him; he didn't dodge it because he thought he could take it.

    Yamcha surviving a hole, but Goku dies from the chest wound 
  • How is it that Yamcha can survive a hole in his chest caused by Doctor Gero, but Goku died from his chest wound back in episode 2?
    • Canon reason, the hole Piccolo drilled through Goku's chest probably hit a vital organ and Krillin was too late to heal him, whereas Yamcha probably didn't get hit anywhere too vital and got help right away. Abridged reason? Yamcha didn't have a hole in his esophagus.
    • Yamcha was able to go toe-to-toe with a Saibaman, and those are canonically exactly as strong as Radditz. Ergo, Yamcha at that time was stronger than Goku was during the fight with Radditz. Since then he has undoubtedly become even stronger than that. Not strong enough to challenge any of the other Z fighters (maybe not even Krillin) but definitely stronger. From this it can be inferred that Yamcha was (somehow) strong enough to survive the chest wound that Gero gave him.
    • He didn't go 'toe to toe' with the Saibaman, the Saibaman just latched onto him and blew up...
    • Two things: Word of God says Krillin is the strongest, full human and that Yamcha was stronger than the Saibaman, but he was careless. The only reason he lost to it is because he didn't dodge the self-destruct. Remember, Power Levels are bullshit which is why Freeza could have beaten Goku if he blew up Namek and that Cell could kill Gohan via a self-destruct. You don't have to be the strongest fighter to win. If that doesn't convince you, Fat Buu is stronger than Kid Buu, but Kid Buu lacks the restraint of Fat Buu which is why he beats Fat Buu in a fight. Imagine the stronger warrior has a gun and doesn't use it while the weaker warrior has a knife and DOES use it. That gun is useless unless you use it.
      • Those aren't reasons why power levels are bullshit. Those are reasons why power levels aren't everything.
      • Also not to nitpick, but technically Kid Buu didn't fight the original Fat Buu before he expelled his evil, he fought the pure good "Mr. Buu", who lost a lot of his powers when he separated his evil to create Evil Buu. So Kid Buu was a lot stronger than the Good Buu he fought.
      • The hole in Goku's chest wound was caused by what was Piccolo's strongest attack at the time. Yamcha got his hole in his chest simply as a result of Gero using his hand like a knife. The latter is probably not as powerful as the former.

    Bardock breathing in space 
  • How is Bardock capable of breathing in space?
    • Because he's Batman.
      • Kinda walked into that one, didn't I?

    Vegeta becoming a Super Saiyan 
  • ...Vegeta became a Super Saiyan by... whining about wanting to become a Super Saiyan? How?
    • In the original series, emotion played a HUGE part in going to Super Saiyan. Getting unbelievably angry could help someone go Super Saiyan.
      • Rule of Funny?
    • It's pretty much a Flanderized version of what happened in the original show. In the original it was his rage at being surpassed by Goku and his own inferiority that prompted the Super Saiyan transformation.

    Bulma's heart medicine's flavor 
  • If Future Bulma made the heart medicine specifically for Goku, why would she make it grape flavored?
    • Why would ANYONE make medicine grape flavored. To make it taste better. Besides Goku is a moron who thinks with his stomach and he may not take his medicine if it tasted terrible.
    • It's a joke about A) what an idiot Goku is for caring more about the flavor of the medicine than the fact that it will save his life, and B) pharmaceutical companies who continue making pills in flavors that people hate.
    • It's a Mythology Gag. In the anime, (the English dub, at least) Goku notices the label is purple and excitedly assumes that it's grape-flavored.
    • I think the question here is why did Bulma, who would have presumably known about Goku's dislike/allergy/whatever it was of grapes from having known him for so long, make medicine specifically designed to be given to Goku taste like grapes?
    • Most likely she didn't know. Goku clearly didn't go around advertising that he doesn't like grapes, he just avoids eating them. We know Master Roshi knows, but he had to volunteer the information to other people when Goku started sweating purple.
    • That raises a question - does Goku dislike all grapes, or does he only dislike purple grapes? Because there are green grapes.

    Blonde haired Saiyan turning Super Saiyan 
  • What would happen if a Saiyan was naturally blonde and turned into a Super Saiyan? Would his hair turn black?
    • There is no such thing as a naturally blond saiyan. All pure-blooded saiyans have black or dark brown hair. If a human-saiyan hybrid were hypothetically blond, then becoming a Super Saiyan would make their hair glow and turn spiky(ier). And their eyes would turn green.
      • The Xenoverse games and Ultimate Tenkaichi answer this with the Future Warriors, who can have blonde hair. Their hair shifts to a golden hue due to the immense surge in ki energy and spikes in the case of Ultimate Tenkaichi, but oddly remains the same shape in Xenoverse.

    Yamcha changing personality after voice actor change 
  • Is it just me or did Yamcha's personality completely change with his voice actor? Before he was a hot-headed, arrogant, all-talk-no-bite kinda guy. Now he's more calm and reserved, and one of the few sane characters.
    • His freak out in Episode 32 notwithstanding?
    • Two reasons. Either it's because of the voice actor changes. The arrogant, all-talk-no-bite version of him was voiced by Vegeta3986 and his new voice in episode 29 is by Faulerro. Or, it's because it's not a well written character. Honestly, most, if not all of Vegeta's characters are boring. I actually liked Yamcha more after he stopped voicing him.
    • Another possibility is simply the fact that Yamcha died between his "all talk and no bite" version and his current incarnation. Not just died, but he was killed by the minion of the subordinate of a guy who's been in the same room as him for the majority of the third season, so he's forced into a scenario where he is easily, demonstrably the weakest guy (barring characters who don't have action roles, like Paur or Turtle) in the room and the bravado means absolutely nothing. Also, following his death, he's faced some degree of ridicule even from his friends on the team, his girlfriend left him (in favor of the guy who indirectly murdered him, no less), and he got into a game of Misery Poker with Krillin and won. He has basically no way to justify his ego or bravado any more, so he just doesn't.

    Eo B and the Proto-Saiyan's names 
  • During Episode of Bardock, we learn that all of the Plants/ Proto-Saiyans are named after rappers (Dre, Tupac, Ice Cube, etc.). Okay, a little odd, but Rule of Funny covers that. But then we get to the end and learn that Gohan was dreaming the whole thing, meaning that the whole episode was a product of his subconscious/ imagination. Here's my question: isn't it kind of strange that Gohan knows who Dre and Tupac are? He lives a pretty sheltered life, and I seriously doubt that Chi-Chi would let him listen to gangsta rap.
    • You don't have to listen to rap to have heard the names. I know all those names and I've never listened to any of their music.
    • This is slipping into WMG territory, but maybe he learned about them from Piccolo? We know that Piccolo likes rap enough to start singing "Dodge, bitch! Get out the way!" while going on a joyride. Maybe Piccolo likes listening to rap while he trains, and Gohan got exposed to it that way?
      • On top of that, he was on a ship with Krillin and Bulma for ages, and his only friend is Krillin, although he's also around Roshi and the rest. All of those could be good explanations for where he's picked it up from.

    Gero picking a fight with Piccolo 
  • In episode 37, why did Gero decide to pick a fight with Piccolo while wanting to avoid conflict with the much weaker Tien or Krillin?
    • He doesn't know that Piccolo got a massive power boost from his fusion with Nail. Say it with me: SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE F*CK IS NAMEK!?
    • In the original series it's more a matter of risk to reward ratio. Tien and Krillin don't have enough energy to be worth attacking and he might get spotted. Gero on the other hand believed (incorrectly most likely) that draining Piccolo would put him over Vegeta who was his final percieved threat. (Though as the above says SERIOUSLY WHAT THE F*CK IS NAMEK!?)

    Why didn't Bulma talk about Gero's lab? 
  • Future Trunks raises a good point: if Bulma -and by extension Future Bulma- knew where Gero's lab was, why did she never tell him so he could just fly right there and take him out after dealing with Freeza?
    • Maybe the future Trunks is from is more different that originally thought. Trunks never dealt with Freeza via time travel, which avoided a Butterfly Effect. Gero doesn't make himself into an Android to fight on his own, 17/18 are activated and kill him in his lab, and the two terrorize the world with no visible explanation to the Z Fighters. Why Trunks time traveling determines Gero's status as an Android and anonymity, I have no idea.
    • Bulma knows where Gero's lab is, but Future Bulma never knew Gero was involved with the Androids, because she never saw him.
      • Calling bullshit. Trunks reveals that Dr. Gero is the madman behind the androids during his expositional onslaught in the source material. The only way Trunks could have known about Dr. Gero is if his mother had told him. Furthermore, this leaves open a bigger plothole: Why didn't Trunks just find Gero's lab himself and kill him/prevent him from creating the Androids/getting blueprints for an off-switch. Timeline 3 (Cell's timeline) Trunks at least brought back an off-switch to his future. Wtf, Hero.
      • That is not the only way or even the most likely way he could have found out about Dr. Gero. Gohan could have (and most likely did tell him) and in addition as much as the Androids despise Dr. Gero they are fairly chatty and 17 in particular has no problem boasting that he's Dr. Gero's greatest creation. Trunks didn't/wouldn't even if he'd known where to look, kill the Gero/unfinished Androids because it wouldn't do him any good. He doesn't really want to save our world, he wants to save his. And it's stated that changing things in this time won't retroactively fix his. In one timeline that is unseen Trunks does take the off switch and return home and use it. That's Cell's timeline. The one where Trunks had "dealt" with the androids via unknown means but clearly didn't get the ROSAT training because he's easily killed by Imperfect Cell. After training he's trouncing Semi-Perfect Cell. It's easier if you don't think of DBZ as time travel and instead alternate universes that happen to be years in the past and mostly identical.
    • DBZA should be assumed to be the same as DBZ unless it's specified to be different. Trunks doesn't actually time travel so much as slide into an alternate universe that closely resembles the past of his world. Killing our Androids doesn't destroy his retroactively. He doesn't come to the past to save the our heroes from the Androids, he comes back because Bulma's still hot on Goku after all those years and filled Trunks' head with the idea that if Goku had been alive he would have found a way to defeat the androids. That's what Trunks is actually after. Killing the Androids while they were sleeping wouldn't give him the knowledge he needed to defeat his androids which is what he was actually after.
    • Pretty much. Just like in the original, Trunks' plan is to now keep everyone alive for as long as possible until Goku gets better and come up with a plan to defeat the Androids.

    Krillin being a loser 
  • I'm assuming TFS is making Krillin a loser(probably a virgin too) who has rotten luck. Problem with that is he gets married to an attractive blonde and has a kid with her later on. Wouldn't that ruin the whole "Krillin is useless" gag if that is what they are going for?
    • They'll probably figure out a way to make it work. Have faith in them.
    • Wouldn't Krillin retiring from fighting entirely, becoming clearly subservient to a glorified toaster who leaves him with the baby so she can go off on adventures (Bio-Broly) ruin the concept that Krillin is useless? Seriously the only impressive thing he has left to do in the entire series is successfully not being killed by Cell despite fighting him one on one. He's hardly even a factor in the Buu Saga which will get in the way of the running gag of Krillin being useless.
    • The "Krillin Owned Counter" is getting less and less use in recent episodes, probably because Krillin is, canonically, the strongest full human (but is surrounded by aliens with superhuman strength and/or abilities) and he gets owned less and less as the series progresses. According to Word of God, the only reason they chose Krillin and why it isn't the "Yamcha Owned Counter" is that Krillin gets more screentime.
    • Having a hot girlfriend/wife does not make you any more, or any less of a wimp. Neither does being a virgin. (not entirely sure why Krillins sex life is relevant here...) So, in the end, why should their joke necessarily conform to general sitcom-esque stereotypes? Besides, as said above, Krillin gets less and less screen time towords the end.
    • His sex life is relevant because he couldn't score a girl in the early years. TFS makes him off as a loser who gets sh*t on by women. Heck, Maron screwed him over in this version and the anime. In the Cell saga, he finally meets a girl who cares about him. That is what the troper is saying.
    • Maybe that's the joke. He retires and, besides for still being broke, he's got a badass hot blonde wife, a pretty cool park ranger brother-in-law, an army of gods that get rather pissed when you mess with him, and an adorable kid. Also, they hate Broly. Like, hate him. Who knows if they'll even adapt that?
    • They've already started playing up the connection 18 and Krillin have (better than the actual series ever did). But just because Krillin has some good luck in his life doesn't prevent him from still having a butt-monkey status. He can still have bad things happen to him. Also, I don't know why people are bringing up Bio-Broly. 18 doesn't leave him, she just followed Satan to make sure he pays up. Presumably she goes right back to Krillin afterwards.
    • Now canon. 18 and Krillin blew up the Krillin Owned counter.

    Pre-TFS Goku 
  • Goku seems smarter in the abridged version of Dead Zone and World Strongest. In the series, he has the same IQ as Homer Simpson. What gives?
    • The original two movies were written way before the series began and, both technically and practically, are not Team Four Star material. The only writer from TFS involved in the writing was Lanipator, and his input in the scripts wasn't as extensive as it is in the series (of which he writes with Kaiser Neko and Takahata 101). Thus, while the movies share a writer and a few actors, they are not considered (by the team) to be part of the series. This is why you'll see a vastly different characterization for both Gohan and Goku, and varying differences with the rest of the cast. It's also why they do not call their latest movie release, Dead Zone, a remake of the original; though it does contain a single reference with a minor character.

    Nappa's scouter being on 
  • I like the part where Nappa stupidly left his scouter on while they were talking about the dragon balls. This begs the question....did the saiyans know Frieza was listening in on their conversations in the manga? If you're planning to double cross your boss, wouldn't it be a good idea to turn off the transmitter part before discussing it with your partner?
    • You're thinking Nappa would be smart enough to actually turn his scouter off. The guy is just that stupid. Vegeta was smart enough to turn his off just in case, but Nappa? He would've thought it was a good idea to paint "Going to double cross Frieza, ha ha ha" on the back of his space pod.
    • In the original it's not entirely clear who knew what when. Those always on scouters are odd because Frieza clearly didn't know anything about the Dragonballs on Earth which is why Vegeta and Nappa were allowed to go unchallenged instead of Frieza showing up himself like he did when he learned about the balls on Namek. Frieza at least in the Anime seemed to have suspected all along that Vegeta might turn on him someday but considering that Vegeta quite possibly would have lost to his first form (Vegeta was getting destroyed by Frieza's second form) Frieza just found it amusing. DBZA Frieza certainly seems the type to keep Vegeta around just so he could take a twice monthly bath in his tears.

    Yajirobe being spared by Popo 
  • When Mr. Popo is training Tien, Yamcha, Krillin and Chiaotzu, Yajirobe is with the group, yet when they're sent to an 'unsafe' place, why didn't Yajirobe go with them, given how brutal Popo is? Is Yaji smart enough to Know Whento Fold Em, or did he go through his own harsh training, given that he's unable to use ki like the rest?
    • Yajirobe helps Korin grow the senzu beans. Popo may be evil incarnate, but it pays to not piss off the neighbors, particularly when not pissing off the neighbors gets you access to magic beans (that can probably be used to get high in some fashion, given how much of a druggie Popo is).
      • Popo doesn't torture...cats. Korin is a cat. Yajirobe is Korin's soulmate. It all adds up.

    Gero designing 16 
  • Why did Gero design 16 with a more advanced speech synthesizer than 19? The strength difference is simple, a product of the differences between infinite energy models and energy absorbing models and Gero's mistaken assumption that the tactical advantage of absorbing would more than make up for the power disparity, but why use such realistically primitive tech for 19's voice when compared to the monotone-due-to-AI-crudeness-but-otherwise-voiced-like-a-human 16?
    • He was more or less like this in canon too. Probably 19 was an experiment and Gero put less effort into him because it was just an experiment in energy absorbing robots to test it before he made one for himself.
    • Or maybe 19 was still in beta, and he'd get all the bells and whistles like a better voice once it was in a more final stage.
      • In the original canon, 16 was modeled after Gero's dead son. He made him strong, but also made him gentle so that he wouldn't get hurt by trying to go out and fight people (outside of the kill Goku mission). 19 was originally made to be a proof-of-concept for absorber models, and then he had 19 remove his brain and put it into his android body. 16 was meant to be a Replacement Goldfish while 19 was purely a servant. Also neatly explains how he did take his brain out and put it in an android, and might explain his seeming memory issues...

    Cell singing Mr. Sandman 
  • This isn't a complaint because it actually really added to how creepy the scene was but I do wonder why Cell was singing "Mr. Sandman" of all things when he was introduced. Is there some connection or reference I'm missing?
    • It's a reference to Back to the Future's "Mister Sandman" Sequence.
    • Actually, it's more of a reference to Halloween 2's use of Mister Sandman as a semi theme for Michael Myers. I mean, Cell's introduction felt like a slasher movie villain with his victim and Back To The Future is anything but a slasher movie as far as I know.
    • It's not a slasher movie, but the context here also includes the fact that Cell, like McFly, is from the future and got here in a time machine.

    Namekians not having genitalia 
  • How does Krillin (and DBZ fans) know that Namekians don't have penises? When was this stated?? Wasn't it confirmed by Akira Toriyama that they do? I think he mentioned that Piccolo can impregnate a human girl if he wanted to.
    • It's because the Namekians are a asexual species who all looked male and reproduced by spitting eggs (like the Yoshis). Also, in a previous episode (Episode 8, I guess) Nappa mentions that Namekians don't have penises, which is why Krillin knows why those guys are fake.
      • In Japan, there's a series of DBZ Encyclopedias that act as Word of God, and Toriyama gives extra details, like 16 being a Replacement Goldfish of Gero's son.
    • Nappa identifies Piccolo as a Namekian in episode 7, and immediately remarks "That means he doesn't have a penis. Right, Vegeta?"

    Cell mentioning Kami 
  • In Episode 43 during his fight with Piccolo, Cell mentions that Piccolo's shriveled arm makes him look like Kami. But how would he know what Kami looks like? In his time, Kami was long dead, as was anyone who would know what Kami looked like, and in the present he hasn't had a chance to interact with anyone who would know.
    • He would still have retained all the memories of the Piccolo of his timeline, so I imagine he would know just from that Piccolo's memory who Kami was and what Kami looked like.
    • In Dragonball Z your DNA has memory. That's why Cell knows all the moves in the game, it wasn't the computer. Which is why he knows Frieza's homing Destructo Disc even though Goku is the only person on Earth to have seen the technique and it's a major plot point that Dr. Gero's survelience didn't follow to Namek in both cannon proper and here. I mean WHAT THE FUCK IS NAMEK?! So the computer couldn't have taught Cell that move. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out that Cell knows the names and faces of everybody anybody in the main cast plus Frieza and King Cold ever met and maybe a fair bit of extra information.
    • Two words: Genetic Memory. This is why birds can fly or why human toddlers can walk without being taught by mothers, it's because of this. Assassin's Creed points this out, and further.
    • Both the original and abridged canon take the concept of genetic memory way too far. The above example about birds and children come from millions of years of evolution. The memory of what a person looks like (or fighting techniques for that matter) are not something that can be carried in your DNA. Toriyama has approximately the same grasp of genetics as Hideo Kojima.
      • Remember, Cell is a Bio-Android/Cyborg. He is ultimately an organic computer, hence why he keeps referring to Dr. Gero's data and has such a vivid memory of the techniques. There had to be a reason why 17 and 18 specifically triggered his transformations too:programming.

    Kami and God 
  • Vegeta had no idea what Kami meant, though he obviously knows what God means, even though they basically mean the same thing. How come a sayian who knows nothing about Earth apparently knows about Earth religion? For that matter, how does any of the aliens who says the words "God damn it" or "I swear to God" know about it?
    • Most likely a combination of Translation Convention on the part of DBZA and "Blind Idiot" Translation on the part of the original manga and anime. Kami is really a title, like Kai or Kaoshin. Not a name. As is touched on when King Kai and Kami speak, ("Are you arguing with God?" "Are you?") The title applies to multiple entities in the DBZ canon. Vegeta could easily have been swearing to King Kai or whatever Saiyan Deities may exist and the same goes for all the various aliens. While Kami (The Namekian Guardian of Earth) is unique to earth King Kai controls an entire quadrant and plenty of planets could have Guardians of their own using whatever titles they choose. (Such as Super Kami Guru who obviously holds a similar rank on Namek and later the Elder Namek and currently Dende.) Dende is probably properly referred to as Kami Dende but everybody he deals with is on a first name basis by that point. Likewise Kami probably had a proper name, logically it would be whatever name he and Piccolo couldn't recall upon fusing and he'd just gone by Kami for so long he forgot his real name.
    • Alternatively, Space Christianity.
    • In addition to the above, more broadly, God, proper noun, isn't all that particular as religious beliefs go.

    Namekians throwing up 
  • How can Namekians throw up if they don't eat?
    • You can throw up liquid. What do you think people who drink too much throw up in the bathroom?

    Vegeta not knowing what is a condom 
  • Vegeta doesn't know what a condom is, right? I doubt he was a virgin before he met Bulma. Does that mean he impregnated other women back on Planet Vegeta? The scary part is, the planet and everyone on it are dead.
    • Vegeta doesn't seem like the kind of person who would care about that in the least. He was a child when planet Vegeta exploded and he was Frieza's bitch longer than that. I don't see how even if he had been old enough why that would be any scarier than the genocide of his entire species.
    • And even despite that, unprotected sex is not guaranteed to result in conception so it's not impossible that, through pure luck of the draw, Vegeta just never had a kid with any woman before Bulma.
    • Besides, considering Vegeta's line of work prior to meeting Goku and the rest, it could be entirely possible that he just straight-up killed any other women he might have impregnated through sexual intercourse, consenting or otherwise.
    • And that's not even accounting for the fact that most aliens are probably not going to be compatible with other races anyway, considering how closely their genomes would have to match up to have viable offspring. The fact that Saiyans can reproduce with just one other race (Humans) is already pretty extraordinary.
      • On the other hand, between saiyans in general, Jieze, Salza, Recoome, a dozen or more Frieza soldiers, the race on the mirror ship, and Bojack & crew, Human Aliens and Rubber Forehead aliens seem to be as common or almost as common as completely alien aliens in the DBZ verse and by extension, DBZA. Now, granted, we don't see them without clothes and therefore can't accurately describe how anatomically compatible they really are, and TFS is certainly not above making jokes to that effect - their lets plays are full of jokes at how saiyans could have multiple peni and that their genitals could be retractable for all we know.
    • Here's a thought; Space Society lacks soap because they've developed the (presumably more advanced) Cleansing Powder. It's possible that Space Society lacks condoms because they've developed more advanced forms of birth control/std protection that don't require a physical element to them. Vegeta just assumed Bulma was on the Space-Pill.
    • Vegeta is from a race whose entire purpose was to go out and fight. I doubt they EVER designed birth control because their mortality rate was probably pretty damn high. Even if it wasn't, it's not like they had to worry about overpopulation or lack of resources because so many of their people were off-planet and they probably pillaged what they needed. Therefore, there's really no reason for their society to have restrictions on procreation.
    • As royalty, Vegeta would have probably (if he had been old enough to do so on planet Vegeta) used to one-night stands with women and letting them deal with the consequences. What are they going to do? Take the prince/king to court?
    • Since Vegeta seemingly hadn't reached puberty yet (Though Saiyans look younger than they are) when his planet was destroyed, he likely didn't sleep with any Saiyans. Since the Saiyans think of themselves as above other species and because Vegeta isn't shown to have any xenophiliac tendencies it's possible he never had sex (consensual or otherwise) with any of the people from the planets he massacred. So, this troper thinks it's very plausible that Vegeta was a virgin at that point. Our culture tends to correlate "male badassery" with "sexual experience and prowess", but that doesn't need to be the case.
    • On top of all the above points, let's not forget Vegeta was raised by Nappa.

    Slug and henchmen knowing about King Piccolo 
  • How do Lord slug and his henchmen know about King Piccolo? All of Piccolo's crimes happened on earth. It's possible that Slug knew Kaimi's original form since they were from the same planet, but there's no way he would have known about his evil half.
    • Space Google.
    • Space Crunchy Roll?
    • They knew about the Dragon Balls on Earth. It's not a stretch to assume that he heard about King Piccolo as well.

    Bulma's mother's clones 
  • What's the deal with Dr. Brief and the mom clones? Is it TFS's explanation as to why Bulma's mom still looks frigging young? It kinda make sense.

    Piccolo's placement on pecking order 
  • So, did Piccolo replace Kami on Popo's pecking order by fusing, or is there now nothing between "Popo's stool" and "Popo"?
    • Given that he's not obligated to work with Piccolo, I'm guessing he's on the bottom. At the highest, tied with Popo's stool.
    • Judging by Popo's behavior towards Piccolo in the first place Popo may not have even considered them different people to begin with.

    Ginyu's death and not being seen with his team 
  • Vegeta killed Ginyu in his frog form. So why did the other Ginyu Force members journey to King Kai's planet without him?
    • They all died before Ginyu, so I guess they had already set off down Snake Way before Ginyu arrived at the afterlife check-in.
    • Here's my theory. If I understand correctly, in Dragon Ball Z proper, when you die you are a spirit, and if you manage to obtain a physical form, it's actually your body from life. DBZA has confirmed that's not true, since Yamcha's corpse was still around, however, it means it likely copies the body you died in. Since Ginyu died in a frog body, (or maybe because his alien body was still alive at the time) he can only recover said frog body in the after life, which is why he didn't make it with the others.

    Guru hating natural light 
  • Why does Super Kami Guru hate natural light? Isn't he a photosynthetic being?
    • All we know is that he survives off water. Considering he's been living in that dark room for who knows how long, he's not used to having natural light.

    VA question 
  • A meta question: Why the hell aren't Team Four Star being grabbed by VA studios? Hell, why hasn't Toei cashed in on DBZA and licensed a deal with them for a DVD/Blu-Ray set?
    • Well, a few of them have gotten VA roles, even in other anime, recently. And as for DVDs, it might be a bit difficult seeing DBZ is a Japanese production, whereas DBZA is pretty much only popular in English-speaking countries.
    • Well, Christopher Sabat might be a troper, going by Dragon Ball Xenoverse's English Voice 8.
    • Toei treats Dragon Ball with a lot of reverence, and the butchering of it by Fox made it even moreso. The president of Toei-Japan has stated that no Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z live action movies will be made unless it's by Japan. So it's likely that that same reverence is preventing anything from happening. Also, we are likely over-estimating the monetary value behind their talent.
  • Your wish is granted. Team Four Star was hired to do an official dub of Hell's Angels

    Gohan talking to Piccolo in History of Trunks Abridged 
  • In the History of Trunks Special, Gohan talks to Piccolo every now and then. Is he really talking to Piccolo in his head (similar to what Piccolo does to Nail and Kami), or has Gohan lost his mind?
    • Gohan's death scene makes it pretty clear he's gone a little batshit.
    Gohan: Well, this is it, Mr. Piccolo. But at least we still have Trunks. I trained him just like you wanted.
    Piccolo: You know I'm not actually here, right?
    Gohan: Aw... crapbaskets...

    Toriyama the talking bird 
  • Now, I normally know better than to over-think the joke, but just humor me here - if the Cooler movies are non-canon, then what prompted Toriyama to teach a dinosaur to ride a ball?
    • Because no one messes with a talking bird named Toriyama. Not even dinosaurs.
      • Also it could be argued that Cooler's Revenge is canon, as it is implied to take place within the 3 years the Z-Warriors spent training to fight the Androids, so that Call-Back with Toriyama is quite valid. The same can't be said for the second Cooler movie, however.

    Cell making so many double entendres 
  • What's with Cell making so many double entendres? Did a bit of Zarbon's DNA find its way to Earth somehow?
    • I think he just likes creeping his victims out to get a little fun before absorbing them.
      • Foreshadowing for Perfect Cell. Other examples? "Bitch! I do what I want!" and "Bitch... I drink people." Add in how he sounds after absorbing 17, and it's pretty likely that Perfect Cell is going to be an Alucard expy.
    • I think it's more about him being imperfect. As he becomes more perfect, his manners become more perfect as well. Imperfect cell, creepy psycho < Semi-perfect more polite but still mean and angry < Perfect Cell, calm and happy and friendly.
    • It's not that confusing, really. Canon Cell is extremely creepy and predatory and there's a lot of sexual and rape imagery with him. He hunts down his victims sadistically and penetrates them with his stinger to absorb them. He obsessively stalks the androids and brutalizes them, leaving them beaten and terrified when he attempts to absorb them. TFS just takes most of the "sub" out of the rape subtext that was already in canon and made Cell fully aware of the parallels.

    Jeice needing help 
  • Why would Jeice, who's strong enough to smash a mountain with one punch, need help moving a piano?
    • He lost the keys?
    • Because strength means little to nothing without balance. Punching the mountain is trying to break the mountain; you want to move the piano without breaking it, so you need somebody on each side/end.
      • Also, in the context of the line, it was most certainly being moved indoors, which would've required two people to make sure that it doesn't get stuck or break.

    Who cares about death anymore? 
  • Why exactly does anyone care about any death whatsoever? Cell drinks a bunch of people? Afterlife confirmed, who cares? Vegeta slaughters tons trying to kill androids? Afterlife confirmed, who cares? Everybody dies? Afterlife confirmed, who cares? Human life is meaningless. Alien life is meaningless. All life is meaningless once the afterlife is confirmed. You're functionally immortal. Hell, if you swing by Yardrat, you can teleport in and out of the afterlife at will by eating their sick. So, why does anyone care?
    • The afterlife being real doesn't mean that people don't want to live. You know. Raise a family, be with their friends, all that stuff? The vast, vast, vast, vast, vast majority of people aren't going to take, "Well, you will exist in some state," to mean they shouldn't care about what's happening to them on this world.
    • DBZA should be assumed to be like DBZ except when specified to be different. Which means the afterlife really isn't a place where you live on, you essentially get recycled into a new body with no memories of your old life. Kid Buu is the only being we see capable of simply popping between dimensions. Goku does it once in a movie but the movies are non cannon.
    • Have you seen DBZ's afterlife? Unless you're a good-natured martial artist, it's boring as shit. You don't get to keep your physical body, you're just a little cloud fluff being judged by a raging ogre who's obsessed with his desk.
    • And as Yamcha and Krillin said, death is still a haunting experience which gets worse the more times you die.

    Cooler's Revenge Abridged retcon 
  • Why is everyone saying that Cooler's explanation on why he didn't shoot baby Goku down (that if Freeza's gonna bitch about ruling the galaxy, he'll have to deal with the consequences) is a retcon of him saying he's a prick? That honestly sounds like something a prick would say.
    • Because the fact of the matter is that the exact words that came out of Cooler's mouth were changed. By definition, that's a Retcon.

    Guru not giving Nail a power-up 
  • During the part where Guru gives Dende his unlocked potential, it's claimed that Guru never gave Nail the power-up in the original version. How do we know Guru didn't already give the power-up to Nail behind the scenes prior to s*** going down? And no, don't go "well, he could have just as easily NOT have given Nail the power-up behind the scenes, let alone at all, which is why Nail points it out in the Abridged version", because that's not a good excuse.
    • It may not have been possible to give Nail or given the chance Goku or Vegeta the 'power up' because it's not a power up. Guru refers to it it the same way Elder Kai does. It unlocks your full potential. Gohan is shown consistently through out the series to not be fighting anywhere near his full potential through a combination of not liking to fight and being convinced his father is stronger than he is. Krillin just has an inferiority complex and is apparently a lot stronger than he gives himself credit for. Nail by contrast is probably actually fighting at capacity.
      • That does not stop Nail from requesting a power-up from Guru, though (and it's justified given the comparison to the official release). It may be technically "unlocked potential", but you still also get more powerful because of it... so it's a power-up.
    • It's safe to say that it was simply a plot hole in the original release, which is why Nail is pointing it out in the Abridged version, because there was no reason to not give it to him, especially since he is Guru's personal bodyguard, which is also safe to say that Guru never gave Nail the power-up, both in the official and abridged releases.
    • "Turns out our elder is a giant green asshole." It's pretty clear Guru treats Nail like a Butt-Monkey, so he probably thought it was hilarious to give the power-up to two humans and Dende, but not to the one guy who could probably, actually need it the most. Remember, this is the same guy who went, "...So I see they've finally summoned the Dragon. Would be a real dick move to die right now. *urk*" He's an asshole.
    • Most likely the reason is that Guru is just a dick who likes making things harder for Nail. If we're digging for reasons beyond that, Nail could have reached his full potential on his own through personal training (he is the personal bodyguard of the Namekians' grand elder, after all, that's not a job you give to somebody who can't fight well); if that's the case, Nail might not realize he's at his limit while Guru can sense that Nail wouldn't get any benefit out of the power-up.

    More Androids show up, act surprised 
  • Why does everyone always act so surprised when more androids show up, even though their names all have numbers? The highest number they've faced so far is Android 20. So, it doesn't really take a genius to figure out that there's probably at least 20 of them in total.
    • Because when Trunks came to warn them, he said there were two androids to worry about. They're annoyed that the guy from the future gave them such faulty information.
      • But as soon as they found out the androids names, they should've realized what the numbers meant. It's just so obvious.
    • Calling something Android 20 doesn't mean there's 19 of them still running around, anymore than calling an operating system Windows 10 means that Windows 1 through 9 are all still in active operation.
      • Nor does it mean the other 18 are any threat. Granted 16 is stronger than 17 and 18 never argues when 17 claims to be the strongest of the androids but generally speaking the higher the number the more advanced. So the other androids could easily have been jokes. Also there is no Windows 9 or 1-6 for that matter. And Cell could easily be considered Android 21. Names are fickle things.
      • Your point is mostly valid, but Windows 1-6 do exist. Windows 1.0 came out in 1985 and Windows 2.0 in 1987 and neither were very widely used, so you might be forgiven not knowing them, but Windows 3.11 was the first major GUI operating system to widely catch on. Windows 95 was the marketing name for the first release of Windows 4 (followed by 98 and ME), Windows 5 was Windows 2000 and XP, Windows 6 was Vista and (ironically) 7 and 8. 7 and 8 were only ever marketing names so they technically were skipped along with 9, but 9 is the only version number never used in any form.
    • To be fair, Trunks did not know about 13 through 15, 19, 20, and Cell. Trunks is surprised because he is making the connection that there are more androids laying dormant in his timeline. Vegeta is keeping score, Piccolo and co. are surprised there are MORE powerhouses. It's not so much they are astonished that Trunks gave them incomplete info, more that they are getting sick of dealing with the androids.
      • Also, Trunks never told them the names of the androids that were causing trouble in the future - otherwise, Goku would've mentioned Android 8, who he does know in canon, and that would've tipped Trunks off to the fact that there were more androids.

     Krillins voice 
  • Most of the character voices in DBZA are imitations of the Funimation cast, but why does Krillin sound completely different from the American dubs? He sounds nothing like Sonny Strait.
    • Lanipator wasn't aiming for an imitation, but rather a voice that emphasizes both weakness and cowardice, Notice how KaiserNeko originally was going to voice Cell during the breakdowns, it was a straighter imitation than Takahata101, but at the same time, Takahata101 puts a better spin on it.

    Kochin leaving his keys at Slump's 
  • How could Dr. Kochin have left his keys at Dr. Slump's? Senbei Norimaki can't be older than late fifties to early sixties by now, he wouldn't have been worthy of note fifty years ago.
    • Dr. Kochin is a complete idiot, it wouldn't be out of character for him to have done so or believe he did so.
    • Just because he might've left his keys at Slump's doesn't mean he did it 50 years ago. He was without a house for 50 years so for all we know he's been staying at Slump's while searching for the Dragon Balls.

    Goku giving a different vibe 
  • Is anyone besides me getting a He Who Fights Monsters vibe from Goku lately?
    • In what regard?
      • Well for starters, the whole 'you can't kidnap your own kid' line. Frankly, that sounds like something an Abusive Parent would say. Sure, we could brush it off as Goku being stupid but he's shown signs of Obfuscating Stupidity before. And then there's World's Strongest, where he didn't even bother to listen, just seemed so eager to kill a man that he never considered the possibility that he was innocent.
      • Considering Goku is so used to villains being, well, villains, he's probably gotten a little jaded. In canon, Goku doesn't have a nesting instinct like humans do, while in abridged, Goku honestly tries to be a good father, but his idiocy makes him prone to messing it up. He didn't see him grabbing Gohan for training as kidnapping, while Gohan brought up by technicality that it was.
      • Maybe. I just still have the feeling that canon!Goku would have actually LISTENED to abridged!Wheelo. But then I'm trying to mix mediums here.
      • He did listen to Wheelo, the first time he just believed being a brain in a jar was admitting brainwashing and the next time was when he yelled I will have a body while beating the tar out of his friends and needing him to go pass his kaioken limit to cool him down. Unlike Gohan who was just predisposed to believe a man of science can't be bad Goku judges Wheelo by what he does which is villainous. Also while his you can't kidnap your son sounds abusive he didn't kidnap Gohan. Picking your kid at kindergarten is less kidnapping than that at least the kindergarten doesn't go to a place androids are going to destroy. He even told Chi Chi about this so it's not like no one knows where he took Gohan.

    Cell knowing about 18 and Vegeta's fight 
  • How did Cell know about 18 breaking Vegeta's arm?
    • My memory is vague, but I think he'd absorbed 17 by the time he first met Vegeta so he probably remembered seeing it via 17's memories.
    • To put it in a Cell-esque terminology: He likes to watch.
    • Though I believe this contradicts the original canon, it's possible he'd been keeping tabs on the Androids (after having found them via "mundane" methods rather than ki sense) and was waiting to build up power before confronting them. However, when he sensed large powers (whom he probably recognized because of "genetic memory") headed towards them, he was worried for their safety and/or was hoping to get a chance to ambush one of them when they were weakened.
    • The ladybug spy machine wasn't destroyed yet (Piccolo broke it afterward)
    • Actually the ladybug was destroyed in the fight versus the Saiyans. Cell was asked about knowing things he wasn't around for and just said "that's a story for another time" so it might be connected to that. Otherwise, it's probably absorbing memories from 17 and 18.
    • Cell is 18% Goku. One of Goku's tricks is bullshit learning of things he shouldn't know about, i.e. "I'm reading your mind now!" and "I learned it in my pirate dream!"

    The Arena's tiles 
  • Why didn't Cell just fix the errant tile(s) in episode 54? Why did he have to create an entirely new arena every time?
    • He's a perfectionist. He has to get the entire thing correct.
      • He did patch the hole in Episode 55, so he did seem to get over the 'do it all one one go' thing.

    Hyberbolic Time Chamber time spent (Piccolo) 
  • In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Piccolo has been training so hard that he starts to see a hallucination of Cell, who informs him he (and Nail and Kami) have been inside the room for 3 days. Was that 3 days in HBTC time, or 3 days in normal Earth time?
    • Probably meant to be 3 days HBTC time.

    Ghost Book 
  • A minor one, but what was with that ghost book in 56? A joke that flew over my head or something else?
    • As far as I can tell, it was a weird animation glitch in the footage that they decided to poke fun at.

    Strongest fighters that Krillin knows 
  • I don't get the joke on "Episode 54". Who are the strongest fighters Krillin knows, and who is the fourth?
    • Goku, Gohan, and Trunks, with Vegeta implied to be the fourth, which is why he got mad.
      • Doubles as Fridge Brilliance when you remember that Krillin explains that he knows when someone is holding back due to being a Butt-Monkey. He can tell exactly how much power Gohan still has hidden within him, which explains how he would know Gohan is stronger than Vegeta and Trunks; even though hes still in the Hyperbolic Time chamber at the time of his joke.

    Porunga not bothering to bring Goku back to Earth 
  • At the end of the Frieza arc, Porunga tries to send Goku back to Earth, but Goku refuses. So, apparently, Porunga can't transport anyone from one planet to another without their consent. But wait... if that's the case, then how did Porunga use Krillin's wish to bring Piccolo to Namek, when Piccolo clearly didn't want to go?
    Porunga: Bringing four people back from the dead and creating a new planet has left me a little tuckered out.
    • In other words, Porunga just didn't have the energy for it after enacting five other miraculous events already, when he's only supposed to do three. "You don't want to come back? Fine, whatever. I'm too tired for this crap."

    Super Kami Guru being brought back to life 
  • What exactly brought Super Kami Guru back to life? Mr. Popo's wish was for everyone who was killed by Frieza and his men to come back to life, but Super Kami Guru killed himself to screw over whoever summoned Porunga. Why did he come back?
    • It's most likely coincidental timing and he was going to come back to life at that moment regardless. He specifically says, "I stopped my heart for a couple minutes there."
    • "It would be a real dick move to die right now." Yeah, it's pretty clear that Guru intentionally killed himself just to fuck with everyone because he's the evil twin.
      • Porunga likely interpreted Mr. Popo's wish as "bring back everyone who was killed because of Frieza and his men". Guru wouldn't have stopped his heart on purpose had Frieza not come to Namek.

    Light Yagami being incompetent 
  • Is Light Yagami incompetent in this universe? He went straight up to Cell in order to kill him. For other, combat-oriented characters it kind of makes sense, but Light could kill Cell comfortably from his own room. Sure, he might've wanted to personally watch Cell die to be absolutely sure, but then he could've just waited till the Cell Games are broadcast, presumably live. Is there any reason to that, other than "it would've ended the plot right there"?
    • It's more a limitation in the narrative, if Light wasn't physically present, Cell would have just regenerated from the damage without as much as saying a word about it, and Light had to be in front of Cell to make the connection. Plus, the Death Note requires you to a), write a person's name down, and b), know what they look like, in order to kill them - Light would probably turn the TV off after he saw Cell die. Plus, unlike every time in his home series, there was no punishment for Light if he killed Cell, so he figured that this would be the one case that he could reveal himself and use the Death Notenote .

    Dog treat and Android 15 
  • Anyone not understand why Android 15 gets a dog treat, or is it just me?
    • He's the short, weirdly-colored one of the bunch. He reminds Vegeta of Guldo.
    • He also did it to 19, so it could just be that beheading his foes reminds Vegeta of Guldo, so that's what he does.

    Getting hit in the dick 
  • During The Return of Cooler, Vegeta is shown getting hit multiple times in the dick and Trunks's existence isn't affected at all. But during Super Android 13, Goku gets punched once, and it's enough to erase Goten from the future. Why is that?
    • Trunks was already born.
      • Fair enough. But if that's the case, why didn't we see a scene with Bra fading away when Vegeta got hit in the dick?
      • He probably ate a Senzu bean and cured his dick like Goku did.
      • Maybe Cooler's strength wasn't big enough to break the laws of reality while 13's was?
    • Vegeta has an indestructible dick.

    Vegeta berating Trunks for letting Dr. Gero get away 
  • Are we supposed to see Vegeta in the wrong? On one hand, Vegeta is being a jerk, except he's right and Trunks showing up did allow Gero to get away.
    • It’s because he’s being a jerk about it. Also almost immediately afterward, he begins insulting Trunks by saying, “I don’t listen to bastards...”, “And are you [the fact that Trunks is his son] just as disappointed as I am?”, “Wow, you’re the Grand Central Station of disappointment, aren’t you?” We’re not supposed to be sympathetic to him at all at this point.

    "How many Gokus have you beaten?" 
  • So, did everyone forget that Vegeta actually won his fight with Goku? The whole scene is treated like a burn where Tien points he actually defeated Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament, except his victory was dumb luck. Vegeta actually defeated Goku cleanly with his Oozaru transformation.
    • Technically, yeah, he won. He would’ve won outright had he not gotten cocky and just killed them right then and there. At the end, his pride got the better of him and he found himself crawling on his chest back to his ship, bloodied, bruised, and broken.
      • Not to mention if it wasn't for Goku telling him to stop Krillin would have killed Vegeta before he could get away.
    • Technically Vegeta has won the fight, but Vegeta is a extremely prideful prince. So when a low-class dumb Saiyan forced him to transform into an Oozaru form which is supposed to be a last resort, he has lost.
    • I'd view it like this, Vegeta lost the overall battle, the fact Gohan and Krillin and Yajirobe were involved doesn't mean much to him cos he still lost, while in comparison Tenshinhan equaled/beat and could have killed him if he hadn't warned Goku to dodge his attack, so Vegeta is gonna be nettled with a reminder he needed to resort to his secret weapon to 'win' and even then Goku was still participating in the fight, taking out an eye, giving Krillin the spirit bomb, ETC, so how much he 'won' would be up for debate and for Vegeta that might as well be a loss, as he explained to Kiwi.

     Vegeta and Tien's Hateboner 
  • So, why hasn't Vegeta just kicked Tien's ass after all the barbs he's been throwing his way? I mean, yeah, Tien's explanation is that it would make Vegeta look petty, or something along those lines, but...when has Vegeta ever cared about "being the bigger man"? He's pretty much always worn his short fuse on his sleeve, maybe even moreso than in canon. He obviously has no problem beating up Yamcha for making cracks at his expense, and that probably makes him look even more petty, since nobody takes Yamcha seriously. I could understand the dynamic if it was made clear that Vegeta has beat Tien up before off-screen, and Tien's always refused to back down or be intimidated regardless, but I don't think that's ever been clarified.
    • Because none of the Z Fighters would want him around if he beat up Tien. And though it would kill him to admit it, Vegeta knows that ever since the Freeza arc, he can't go it alone. He needs Goku to save the day for him, and it just eats him up inside that he's second fiddle to the lowborn idiot, who actually would kill him if he did something to his friend.
    • Also, beating up Yamcha or Krillin is easy for him. To the point that it's a no-effort slap-down that would only serve to show Vegeta's dominance. Tien might not be on Goku's level, but he's strong enough that he'd be able to make an actual fight out of it, and that risks Vegeta having to put in real effort to beat him. It would, in a way, force Vegeta to acknowledge Tien as something approaching an equal or at least worth fighting.
    • It's essentially an unspoken competition between Tien's ability to get under Vegeta's skin vs. Vegeta's self-control in not murdering Tien. If Vegeta ever did snap and kill him, he would lose. By extension, Tien loses every time Vegeta doesn't kill him, but he's unlikely to care if it lets him insult Vegeta all the time.
    • If the idea is supposed to be that Vegeta can't get away with beating up or killing Tien because the others (and Goku) would come after him, that's one thing. If the idea is supposed to be that Tien isn't afraid of him like Yamcha and Krillin are and on some level Vegeta has to respect that, that'd be another thing. But if the idea is supposed to be that Vegeta cares about looking like he has self-control, then I don't really buy it. Vegeta (and especially abridged Vegeta) isn't proud in the sense of "I am above such base emotions as anger", he's proud in the sense of "I always get my man". He only ever backs down from avenging insults to his honor when he knows for a fact he's outclassed (like with Perfect Cell or Mr. Popo), and sometimes not even then. Beating Tien might take more effort than he'd like, but it certainly wouldn't be impossible; if anything I'd say Tien hits a sweet spot of being strong and antagonistic enough to be on Vegeta's radar as a competitor, but weak enough that beating him would still be feasible. What with Tien needling him regularly, I just find the idea that Vegeta hasn't tried to teach him some manners at least once in the past at odds with his Hair-Trigger Temper characterization.
    • Because again, as mentioned above, Vegeta would have to deal with a very pissed off Goku if he blasts Tien to oblivion. As much as Vegeta hates to admit it, Goku is a lot stronger than he is and could easily give him a severe ass-kicking, if not kill him outright. Vegeta may have a Hair-Trigger Temper, but he isn’t stupid.
    • During the Android Arc, Krillin made a reference about that. Tien replies that if Vegeta give in to his anger and kill him, then Tien would have the last word. As he said "At this point, it's a game". So their mutual hate-boner is at a stalemate
      • Basically, it's not so much about his own pride or control, so much as not giving Tien the satisfaction.

     Freeza's post immortality "full tyrant" plan 
  • When Freeza was flying to Guru's place, he was talking to himself about how in the first century he'll go easy on them, lure them into a false sense of security, go full tyrant in the second century, disappear for a millenia and then come back and kill them all. Who is he talking about?
    • The people he rules.

     Gohan not wanting to fight=coward? 
  • Okay, in Episode 60, Piccolo reveals to Goku that Gohan, shockingly, doesn’t want to fight — all he wanted to do was spend time with his dad whom he never gets to see much on account of his dad being off training, dead, or doing both. Toward the end of the episode, we see 16 giving Gohan a big Reason You Suck speech by accusing him of being a coward who essentially lets evil win because he’s too afraid to throw a punch and let go of his pacifist nature. Now hold on, I get his argument of: “If you’re a fighter, yet you stand there and let evil persist, you’re a coward” but a pacifist who was ‘’forced’’ to fight Cell due to his father. What’s wrong with wanting to be a pacifist and not yearn for a fight?
    • I think the point was more along the lines of 16 pointing out that Gohan clinging to his pacifism even when he's the one person who could stop Cell at that point (as he was the only one actually strong enough to do so - as Goku was exhausted from the earlier bout, no longer had any senzu beans and possibly didn't have Super Saiyan 2 either) was cowardice, regardless of the circumstances that put him in that position. Comes Great Responsibility and all that. 16 even (brutally) points out that the 'pacifist' who lets the world burn just so he could say he stuck to his guns is a coward, and that for all his bluster about pacifism, Gohan is really just more concerned with himself than everyone else, while, as Cell rightly points out, they're all still out there fighting even though they know they don't stand a chance in the long run.
    • (OP here) Ah, so it was more of the ‘you have the power to stop Cell, yet you refuse’ thing. Gohan spent the whole episode basically feeling sorry for himself rather than manning up, accepting his situation and dealing with it. That’s what made him a coward?
    • Essentially, yes. To quote Holland’s Spider-Man: “When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen? They happen because of you.”
    • Or to quote Android 16, "The good man doing nothing," (referencing the famous quote "All evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.")
    • There was an interview with Masako X, both explained solo by him and talking with a Youtuber named Mozilla Vulpix about how Gohan wasn't actually a coward, only that Cell perceived him as such, and that how Gohan raged towards several villains in defense or grief of a fallen comrade. It's only when Gohan got older and became a Super Saiyan is where his fear of becoming a monster was at its greatest. Unfortunately, the interview talk done by one the TFS crew was taken down due to "copyright" for whatever reason.
    if Krilin hated team 3 star, why was he willing to die for it 
he keeps calling them team 3 star even when vegeta theaten him with death, it was later revealed Krilin hates it himself
  • Because he didn’t want to admit it to the others, as it would’ve resulted in no end of mocking from Vegeta.
  • He came up with the name, threw it out there, regretted it, but didn't realize that nobody else liked it (Season 2 Krillin is kind of oblivious), so went along with it thinking "I think it's a stupid name, but if everybody else likes it, I'll go along with it."
    Piccolo's Hypocrisy and retconning previous episodes 
  • While I've been enjoying Episode 60 for the most part but one thing has been bothering me, Piccolo and the fact you have to ignore a lot of previous events to make his and Cell and 16's speeches work. Let's start with Piccolo and how he blames solely Goku for being a bad father and stating that he himself "Has done nothing wrong". This irked me so much because it completely ignores that PICCOLO HIMSELF CAUSED MUCH OF THAT! He chews out Goku for dying despite the fact it was he who murdered Goku in episode 2, unlike canon, it wasn't a heroic sacrifice, Piccolo flat out murdered Goku to get him out of the way and then kidnapped Gohan and tortured him for a year just so he could make him his puppet to take over the Earth, the only reason he stopped was because Kami warned him of the Saiyan attack (also really? We're blaming people for dying, really?). Same with the training, funny how Piccolo didn't raise a single concern during the training for the Android and cared more about cars than Gohan falling in a rock slide or ignores that he again tortured Gohan via his dodge "training" back in season 1. And again it completely ignores that thanks to Goku's training (learning the Instant-Transmission, x100 gravity, Kaio-Ken and spirit Bomb especially), he's been able to save Gohan countless of times in the movies and shows and has told him to get out of danger's way many times, hell Goku's training saved Piccolo from Semi-Perfect Cell, again something Piccolo conveniently forgot.

    And then the whole "Gohan is a coward who has always found a way to get out of fights" which is nonsense. Episode 1, Gohan ran to Goku's protection when Raditz attacked him, same in episode 2. During the fight with Vegeta, Gohan came back to help Vegeta (against Goku's request) and was the reason Vegeta was beaten. Gohan on his own initiative chose to go to Namek against Chi Chi's wants (despite claiming to be "forced" later on once they started pushing the whole Goku the bad father joke) and during that did heroic things like save Dende (while Krillin was a coward) and stood up to Guldo, Reccome, Ginyu, Vegeta and even damn Freeza. He was again ready to fight Freeza on Earth and was the first to go and warn the others about the Android being able to suck energy (again when Yamcha was being a coward). Their speeches don't work because it completely ignores the rest of the series and relies on just adding traits right their and then because he was never a Pacifist.

    And I just don't get it, why go out of the way to retcon the rest of the show, it honestly made me dislike Piccolo the way he was acting.
    • On the first point, Piccolo isn't saying he's never done anything wrong ever. He's saying when it comes to Cell, the situation that Goku is referring to, Piccolo has done nothing wrong. And Piccolo isn't just calling out Goku for going off and training, he's calling him out for doing it with a complete disregard for his family — Goku has looked at every opportunity to train with such glee that he seems to outright forget that he even has a son. It would be different if Goku had, for instance, said something like, "I'm sorry Gohan, I wish I could be there with you, but the safety of the world dictates..." but no, it's just "Bye!" and barely looking back. And then, after Namek? Goku could have been wished back to Earth instantly but instead chose to stay away and train.

      On the rest of the points: Character development. Gohan in episode one is not the same character he is in episode 60. Yes, when he was a toddler he rushed off to attack in a rage. He went to Namek because he knew he was one of the only two or three people who could possibly have helped. Since then, he's grown up since then into an actual person with wants and needs besides "Get strong and punch things."

      Characters addressing how a character is acting now doesn't retcon anything.
      • And if Goku did choose to go back, they'd been all been screwed without the instant transmission technique, that's the thing, most of that training has saved Gohan, Piccolo and the lot of them so many times. And it really does rub me the wrong way Piccolo had the nerve to chew out Goku for dying because 1. He didn't have a choice in that, 2. He died trying to save Gohan and 3. Piccolo was the one who flat out murdered him then kidnapped and tortured Gohan.

        And with Gohan, it just doesn't feel like natural development of the character, even in season three he wasn't a pacifist, like I said when he found out about the Android could drain energy, he didn't do the cowardly thing like Yamcha tried to, he went instantly to battle. Even in Episode 59 he really wasn't like his inner monologue about beating Cell with attrition.
    • It wasn’t like Piccolo moseyed up to Goku, shot him with the Makankosappo and yoinked Gohan. That was their plan, and their only plan at that — Piccolo’s internal desire to murder Goku notwithstanding. Yes, he *did* kidnap Gohan and attempt to brainwash the kid to the desire of taking over the world, which was evil itself but as far as Piccolo is concerned, Goku screwed up worse because (1) that’s his son and (2) he forced said boy to go fight a monster without any regard of whether or not the boy wanted it.

      Gohan said it himself — he was afraid of what would happen when he snaps. That all he can think about is the slow torture and killing of whoever he’s mad at. THAT was what he was terrified of, that he might potentially have a sadistic monster lurking around somewhere inside him. Any good-natured person would be horrified at the thought that somewhere, deep down, they might actually want to torture and kill their enemy. It wasn’t fighting he was afraid of, it was the whole ‘I’m not done ripping the wings off this butterfly’ thing.
      • Goku dying wasn't part of the plan, Piccolo flat out murdered Goku then stole Gohan. What Piccolo did was way worse then anything Goku ever did including forcing him to fight TWO MONSTERS in Nappa and Vegeta, only not going that way because Piccolo had traumatized Gohan to such a point that he was suffering from PTSD from the "training" when he summoned to fight Nappa.
    GOKU: Piccolo!
    PICCOLO: Ready!
    GOKU: Good! Just make sure you give me a signal before you fire that thing! I’m right behind him!
    PICCOLO: Oh sure; I’ll give you a signal. It’ll be the last signal you’ll ever get!
    (scene shifts to Goku as Piccolo laughs evilly offscreen)
    GOKU: Well, okay. As long as we’re clear on that.
    PICCOLO: MAKANSA—... MAKAKASAPOP—... MEKKASAPPA—... (groans) Oh, to hell with it. SPECIAL BEAM CANNON! (fires the Special Beam Cannon at Goku and Raditz
    GOKU: Is that what you’re going to yell out when you— (Special Beam Cannon pierces through both Goku and Raditz) OH GOD!!!"

    • OK, rewatching it now — Piccolo doesn't say "Goku's a bad father because he died." What he says is that Gohan went into the Time Chamber to spent time with Goku, who spends most of his time either dead, training, or both. What he's saying is Gohan was taking advantage of one of the few times Goku's actually around, not saying Goku dying was his own fault.
    • Also worth commenting, is that Gohan has done absolutely no fighting in Season 3. He's helped out others, and played taxi. And he's trained. The only attack he does is to free Piccolo from Dr. Gero, and then lets Piccolo do the fighting. He even stated that he thought the training was to get Goku stronger, not himself. So Gohan has become a pacifist over the years.

    • The thing is, Piccolo was a villain when he pulled his stunt with Gohan, he's grown and changed and doesn't want to throw Gohan into danger for his own ends anymore, which is what Goku more or less just did in his eyes, hence calling him out for it.
  • Yes it is hypocrisy on everyone else's part about lambasting Goku for manipulating events, and sending Gohan against Cell. Except for maybe Yamcha. They all did it first, and they are all just trying to save face for dragging an underage child into a battlefield, against hostile aliens, or killer cyborgs. While all of them can claim it was for the greater good of the world, Goku did it for the greater good of both the world, and Gohan. Gohan is powerful enough to protect Earth, and no one will kidnap him, or try to use him for their own ends now or abuse him now.

    16's fate 
  • The credits of episode 60 show that 16 managed to go to heaven thus showing that he had a soul. But shouldn't he have been revived in that case?
    • Goku's dead and 16's in heaven surrounded by birds, so maybe he didn't want to come back.
      • The Episode 60 breakdown confirms this: 16 chose not to be revived.

    How are the women not killed during conception? 
  • Is the joke that the ki blasts are coming from Krillin and Vegeta's man hoods? If so, then how are the women not dead? Those scenes should have ended gruesomely. The energy blasts would have to go THROUGH the girls' BODIES for it to shoot up to the sky.
    • Because that isn't the joke.
    • The beams aren't shot from their penises, they're shot from their hands.
    • It's a metaphor, dude.

    Piccolo suprised by Cell's 2nd form 
  • Why is Piccolo suprised by Semi-Perfect Cell during the fight against Gohan ? Didn't he and Tien see the whole fight against Vegeta on the lookout ?
    • They didn't see it. They were sensing the energy and following the fight that way.
    • Then how did they know that Krillin actually broke the remote in Episode 51 ? Besides, in Episode 59, Dende clearly said he can't see the fight because of "god stuff"
    • It was established that Piccolo has super hearing back in the Namek saga. He may not have seen this, but he sure as hell heard this (notice Tien's reaction after Piccolo telled him about Krillin's screw up. Also, Piccolo's ears hurt him when Vegeta yells "OH YOU MOTHERFUCKER" despite being in the other side of Namek). This also explain why Piccolo's the first one to react when Vegeta did his screw up; He heard the banter between Cell and Geets.
    • IIRC, Piccolo was surprised by his lips. Maybe he wasn't paying attention to them before.
    • Piccolo never knew what Cell looked like in his second form because he was knocked out/on the Lookout during that time. He could only sense and hear the android and since no one else brought up Cell's lips and how fat they were, Piccolo had no way of knowing.

    Vegeta knowing about Frieza's transformations 
  • On Namek, Frieza is surprised that Vegeta knows about his ability to transform. But back on Earth when Goku hit him with the solar flare, he goes "wait a minute, Frieza's always naked...AUGH!!!" which could only be referring to his fourth form. If Frieza was always walking around naked in his fourth form, doesn't that conflict with the idea that his transformations are a secret? For that matter...wouldn't the fact that Frieza, Cooler and King Cold all look different tip people off?
    • Actually, this is because the species Frieza is a part of is able to mold their biomass into armor and clothing. Frieza isn't actually wearing any armor, just molded biomass. This being known doesn't reveal anything about transformations or suppressed power so there's no reason for Frieza to hide it.

     "If you are reading this..." 
  • In the Episode 60 epilogue, before Android 17 executes the old man who shot him, the latter says "If you are reading this..." Is this a reference to something this troper missed?
    • The only thing I can think of, is the country song of the same name. When you know of its existence, the old man does in fact seem to be singing rather than speaking. The song lyrics are about someone who is going to die (quite fitting with the scene). Also, the old man surely remembers country music before the Androids got rid of the genre in this alternate timeline, and he could even be aware that they hated it. If there are further meanings/readings into this line, I sure don't know about them.

     Cell being part Freeza 
  • Throughout the DBZA Cell Saga, Cell makes numerous references to having Freeza's DNA, as in canon. However, in DBZA, Dr. Gero's spy droid was destroyed during the Saiyan Saga, and Gero himself had no knowledge of the events on Namek, meaning that it should be impossible for Cell to possess Freeza's genetics.
    • Remember Freeza's visit to Earth? It's possible there was at least one spy droid that survived and grabbed Freeza's DNA while he was busy trying (the operative word being 'trying') to kill Trunks.
    • Or, maybe TFS has overlooked this detail which resulted in a plot hole. Like how they manage to resurrect Krillin back on earth despite how, in the original canon, they needed to transfer his soul first if he didn't want to die in the vacuum of space.
    • There were parts of Freeza's body lying around after he was chopped apart. One even hits Krillin. Gero could easily have harvested DNA from those remains.
    • The Abridged Series doesn't show it, but the droid used to harvest the DNA was different from the spy droid that was destroyed earlier. The spy droid looked like a ladybird, the... Cell-droid looked more like a praying mantis. They didn't need to show it, being a small enough detail to be left out of an Abridged Series.

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