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  • Approval of God: Many of the voice actors of the original English dub of Dragon Ball Z have expressed approval of the series, even quoting the show's lines in-character. Takahata101 was even hired to use his Nappa voice for one of the player voices in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Christopher Sabat, in particular, is close friends with the team; he's let them crash his panels, he's provided cameos for various videos (under pseudonyms), and he attended the opening of the TFS studio after their successful Patreon campaign.
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  • All-Star Cast: Imagine the series in its heyday and premiering for the first time: the series boasted a cast list consisting of various Abridgers from all across Youtube, some of whom were working on their own Abridged Series while they provided their voices to this one. It can be taken for granted nowadays due to everyone generally being associated with TFS now, but if you were a fan of those individual series the voice actor lineup was practically star-studded.
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • In TFS Play: Dragon Ball Xenoverse episode 32, Lanipator confirms the fan theory that their created character Dumplin is a young (well, younger) Mr. Popo.
    • In the second TFS Podcast, KaiserNeko confirms a fan theory about the muffin button: the starship Dr. Briefs built was the same space pod in which Goku first landed on Earth, just massively restored and upgraded. He kept a lot of the original technology without necessarily knowing what it did, and that included the muffin button.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • KaiserNeko regrets the Black Comedy Rape joke in episode 19, which a number of fans took issue with. During the anniversary marathon, the scene in question is talked over and ignored entirely.
    • KaiserNeko also regrets how Dodoria's Unsettling Gender Reveal was handled, feeling that it comes off as transphobic in hindsight. He says that Vegeta's disgusted reaction should be taken as him being a Politically Incorrect Villain, not expressing the views of Team Four Star themselves. He also would've liked to contrast Vegeta's reaction with Krillin's and Gohan's, which, keeping in-character, would've been more accepting and tolerant.
    • The guys have commented on their dissatisfaction with some of their earlier episodes, and even dedicated a good portion of the "TIBA Dishonorable Mention" video thrashing the hell out of episode 1. During the 57th episode of their official podcast, they even stated that if they had the chance, they would gladly redo the early episodes to fit with the show's later style.
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    • They seem to not have held the "Team Three Star" Running Gag in high regard, given this line in the second Kai episode:
      Vegeta: That's not funny! It's never been funny! IT'S NEVER GOING TO BE FUNNY!
    • When announcing the abridged version of Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, Lani mentions putting that film at #8 on their "Best Movies & Specials" list, only for the team to rethink that placement as too generous after trying to abridge it. They called the film nearly unworkable for parody, particularly with its Generic Doomsday Villains. They hated the process of abridging the film so much that they felt they could not prevent that hatred from showing in the final product, and thus decreasing its quality.
    • The entire team, most specifically KaiserNeko, have expressed immense frustration with the series being treated as Better Than Canon by their fans, claiming they put "Please support the official release" before each episode for a reason. After an article on The Mary Sue by Princess Weekes called the series the definitive dub for Dragon Ball Z, the team publicly spoke out against it, and when asked by someone if they should watch the original on Reddit, Kaiser absolutely lost it.
    • Scott admitted on the Patreon post announcing the end of the series that one of the reasons the team decided to end the series after episode 60 was that they didn't want to reach a point where they came to resent working on it.
    • In the first "Behind The Scenes" video, Lanipator and KaiserNeko state that in hindsight, Ghost Nappa didn't really add anything to the show, and was done because they knew that Nappa would be the series' Breakout Character. They do, however, credit the Running Gag for helping set up Piccolo, Nail, and Kami's Sharing a Body dynamic going forward.
  • Creator Breakdown: Burnout was cited as one of the major reasons for pulling the plug on the abridging of Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, as well as Season 4 of the show itself.
  • Creator's Favorite: Several team members voice characters they particularly like:
    • Lanipator has admitted in various gaming streams that Piccolo is one of his favourite characters from Dragon Ball, if not his absolute favourite, and that Piccolo was one of the first roles he auditioned for when DBZA was in its early stages.
    • KaiserNeko has said many times that Future Trunks is one of his favourite characters. His casting isn't an intentional case of Promoted Fanboy; he insists that he auditioned other people for the role, but the team liked his performance the best. It certainly helps that he has a passion for the character.
    • MasakoX has stated that Goku is his favourite character.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Taka, Lani, and Kaiser have confirmed that Episode 42 is one of their favorites in terms of writing, because it has a little bit of everything: Gohan acting as detective, Krillin fawning over 18, the dramatic fusing of Kami and Piccolo, and Cell's introduction.
  • Creator's Pest:
    • Team Four Star loathes Icarus, to the point where he dies (and is usually eaten by another character) in all of his appearances.
    • Team Four Star has been pretty clear from the beginning that they absolutely despise Broly and considering him the embodiment of everything wrong with Dragon Ball. Going by their Top 24 Dragon Ball Villains, they think his fighting scenes and Legendary Super Saiyan transformation are awesome but wasted on a lackluster character. In Broly Abridged, they use Vegeta as an Author Avatar to directly address their feelings on him. They did speak positively of his Continuity Reboot incarnation in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, believing him to be a much more compelling character than the original.
      Vegeta: I don't know what's going on anymore. He's so cool... but he's so goddamn dumb! [...] The Legendary Super Saiyan is motivated by a crying infant! He is a literal giant f**king baby!
    • KaiserNeko hates Mr. Satan's students Caroni and Piroshkii, and his manager Piiza; they don't appear in the manga, their jokes take over screen time, and they're generally just really annoying. He made it a point to have Cell kill them almost as soon as they show up and to edit them out of any subsequent scenes.
      KaiserNeko: I would rather put in the effort to edit them out of every single shot they appear in than actually take the time to write jokes for them.
    • Due to just how much frustration they went through attempting to work with Bojack Unbound, their views have significantly decreased of the movie, eventually turning into outright hate due to the immense struggle they had in addition to their burn out. It got so bad that their hate for the movie would have been plain as day in their writing, much like Broly and his movie, but to a more vitriolic degree.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Chiaotzu and Puar are both voiced by Megami33.
    • Dodoria also counts, although you'd be forgiven for not picking up on it.
  • The Danza: A minor example — one of the Cell Jr's is named Curtis, and thus shares a name with his voice actor Takahata101.
  • Development Hell: The finale of the Cell Saga. Episode 59 was released in June 2017, but the first part of Episode 60 didn't come out until August 31, 2018, with the other two parts coming out on a weekly basis. They were heavily focused on other work at the time, including the dub for Hells, new episodes of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, a new season of Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged, and a brand new YouTube channel. Some suggested that this was a case of Screwed by the Lawyers, given their YouTube channel's frequent struggles with copyright claims from Toei Animation. Either explanation is plausible for the eventual cancellation of the show following Episode 60.
  • Doing It for the Art: TFS does its best to make the episode look as presentable as possible. They even fix original animation errors in editing.
  • Executive Meddling: Despite their being friends with Funimation and many of the official DBZ voice actors, TFS can't cast any of them in Role Reprises because of their contracts. No matter how much fans might want to hear Vic Mignogna play Abridged!Broly (and no matter how much Vic himself might relish the chance to skewer the character), he's legally barred from doing so.
  • Fake American: MasakoX is British, but affects an American accent when playing Goku and Gohan, even though neither of them are American (or even come from a universe where the U.S. exists).
  • Flip-Flop of God:
    • In the tenth anniversary stream, when they get to Yamcha's first scene in the first episode, TFS gives conflicting answers about whether or not it was Puar that Yamcha was caught sleeping with when Bulma walked in on him. Lani insists that his and Taka's two votes for it outweigh Kaiser's no.
    • The team's stance on whether Episode 60 would serve as the Series Finale has gone back and forth. They didn't tip their hand either way until the episode was released. The Stinger makes it explicit that DBZA would return for season 4 and cover the Buu Saga, and Lani also implied that the team was mulling over doing something with the Otherworld Tournament as well. They went back on that for a number of reasons: copyright issues, wanting to work on other projects, concern over avoiding Seasonal Rot (the Buu Saga was not a high point in the original, and they shut down Bojack Abridged out of frustration with the source material), adjusting to new production schedules and techniques, and just general burnout. It helped that Episode 60 had a sense of finality to it and was a good place to end it. But they held out hope for a bit, until Scott finally made it official on Patreon.
  • God Never Said That: As mentioned under Development Hell, the series ending after the Cell Saga. There was a lot of speculation in the gap between episodes 59 and 60 as to whether the series would continue after that, and although TFS didn't tip their hand either way (here's Kaiser on Reddit saying that the series ending was a "possibility"), fans were convinced that episode 60 would be the end. The Stinger for episode 60 explicitly said that the show would continue partly to assure the fans of their thinking — at least until TFS changed their minds and decided to end it after all.
  • Hire the Critic:
    • Grant Smith (a.k.a. Master Wuggles) hates Dragon Ball Z Abridged and its style of comedy. However, Team Four Star invited him as guest for their gaming content, and he eventually became a full member of TFS. He would later contribute to DBZA himself, first by playing Brock and James for one of the Cell Vs. videos, then as a Bit Character in the last episodes of Season 3 of the series proper. He seems to have softened up to the series a little bit, but he clearly still isn't a fan of it.
    • Kirran Somerlade (a.k.a. LordMoonstone) is another critic of the series who nonetheless joined Team Four Star. He even joined the main trio (KaiserNeko, Lanipator, and Takahata101) as one of DBZA's main writers.
  • I Knew It!:
    • After Freeza's comment on how Guru can be so fat when Namekians only live on water, many started to believe that Guru caused the great drought by simply drinking it all and framed the Albino Namekians for it. They were right.
    • That the Garlic Jr. Saga would be covered in only one episode.
    • That Kami, like Nail, would retain his personality as a part of Piccolo. And that he would try the "lower" joke (but Piccolo wouldn't fall for it).
    • Jeice was predicted to be specifically from Space Australia.
    • Guldo is "The Raditz" of the Ginyu Force.
    • Believe it or not, Ghost Nappa was planned from the very beginning. The fans guessed that it would happen, and they were right!
    • The Tom in episode 49 is the same Tom that is (or was) MySpace friends with Piccolo.
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  • In Memoriam:
    • History of Trunks was dedicated to Monty Oum, TFS's original choice to play Future Gohan, not long after he passed.
    • Plan to Eradicate Christmas was dedicated to Bulma's Japanese voice actress Hiromi Tsuru, who had passed away a month earlier.
  • Insistent Terminology: Freeza's name is spelled "Frieza" in the official English dub, but "Freeza" in the Abridged Series. This is deliberate, and it's lampshaded in the show. Goku constantly calls him "Freezer" and once guesses that Broly's Berserk Button is "Freezer with an I". And Trunks first pronounces it "Fry-za" because it's spelled with an "I", and when Freeza tells him it's not, he says, "Huh... gonna have to fix that when I get back, then." In fact, KaiserNeko has been known to do that on this very page, editing "Frieza" to read "Freeza".Note to editors: 
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • The Stinger of Episode 16 was originally not uploaded on the YouTube version due to the video time limits set in place back in 2010, and it could only be found on TFS's website. Since the videos were removed from their website, the clip was considered lost for a long time. However, the full version of the episode, including the stinger, can be found on both YouTube, as seen here, and TFS's Twitch channel, as seen here.
    • The brief teaser for the now-cancelled Season 4 was removed from the Grand Finale, only existing through mirrored versions.
  • Old Shame:
    • Lanipator and MasakoX consider the Neighborhood Cluck Productions versions of the first two Abridged movies to be this.
    • In his tenth comments replies video, MasakoX states that he does not feel that he really turned out a good performance as Goku for episodes 14 to 26, apparently due to some undisclosed Reality Subtext that made his life difficult and affected his performance. In particular, his "Ginyu as Goku" role in Episode 23 was hit by real-life frustrations.
    • Kaiser regrets the occasional use of the word "retarded" as synonymous for stupid in some of the earlier episodes.
    • Kaiser seems to regard Season 1 fairly poorly; on the TFS podcast, in response to a Twitter user asking if the team would redo the show's early episodes if they could, Kaiser gave a wholehearted Big "YES!". Additionally, the "TIBA Dishonorable Mention" is the first episode of the series, implying that they view it as an Old Shame.
    • If the TeamFourStar tenth anniversary stream is any indication, Kaiser is embarrassed by the "Where'd that scouter come from?" scrolling text in Episode 3, saying that if he was better at editing back then, he would've just removed the scouter entirely.
    • This trope was invoked on the "Casual Friday" stream a few days before the marathon, with Lani telling fans to make sure to tune in early to witness their reactions to the first season.
    • According to KaiserNeko, the whole of TFS considers their exaggerations of the "Goku is a bad father" meme to be an old shame to an extent, especially given how it affected fans' perception of the character in the original. They did as much as they could to undo this by the end of the Cell Arc. Whether or not they succeeded is up for debate.
    • The DBZ Movie Marathon revealed Taka isn't fond of the voice he used for South Kai in the Broly movie, saying it sounded kind of racist. He even implied if they ever tackle the Otherworld Tournament, he'd change the voice entirely. His two scenes in the film as South Kai feature him burying his face in his hands.
  • One-Scene Wonder: The Farmer who first encounters Raditz has only three or four lines, but they're all comic gold.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Vegeta3986 replaces Lanipator as Raditz in the middle of the first episode. As of Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged, Lanipator has gone back to playing Raditz since Vegeta3986 left the show.
    • Starting in the Bardock special, LittleKuriboh replaces Lani as Freeza, which is subtly indicated when Freeza starts off with Lanipator, coughs mid-line, and switches voices when he starts again.
    • This happened with Chi-Chi's casting behind the scenes. The original plan was for Whiteash to handle the character, but she backed out due to life issues before Chi-Chi's first appearance. Then Krisrix voiced her for the first season. Then she was replaced by Hnilmik, a veteran of many popular flash animations, machinima, and adaptation projects, as well as voicing Ms. Fortune in Skullgirls. Pick your favorite.
    • Because Vegeta3986 left the series, everyone he played in the series thus far has been replaced as of episode 24. Kami is now voiced by Remix, Lanipator has gone back to voicing Raditz (whenever he appears, anyway), Yamcha is now voiced by Faulerro from Nullmetal Alchemist, and Garlic Jr. and Oolong both went to KaiserNeko.
    • Master Roshi is voiced by MasakoX in Seasons 1-2 and Lanipator for Season 3.
    • KaiserNeko played Cooler in the Abridged version of the original Bardock special, but decided not to reprise the role for Revenge of Cooler Abridged and its sequel because he felt he couldn't give the character the proper "majesty". So TFS got GeneralIvan to play the role instead.
    • When he appeared in Christmas Tree of Might, Santa Claus was voiced by Kyle Hebert. Assuming that it's the same character, Santa's appearance in Plan to Eradicate Christmas is this, since there he's played by Kamran Nikhad.
    • Kaiser has said that, outside of one scene in Season 3, he'd never voice Kid Trunks longterm.
  • Queer Character, Queer Actor: Yajirobe, Korin, and Burter, who were all made gay in the series, are voiced by the gay KaiserNeko.
  • Quote Source: The show's quotes populate this site so much that it has its own page.
  • Reality Subtext: In episode 60 Part 3, Goku gives a speech about not wanting to be brought back to life, which is framed in such a way to bring up the real life rumors that DBZA would be ending. TFS wasn't certain what they were going to do, so they wrote the episode as a possible Series Finale in case they decided to end it there. It was designed to needle the fans. Although episode 60 was the end of the series, that wasn't the plan when it was released; only much later did they pull the plug on the show.
  • Recycled Script:
    • Parodied in-universe in Lord Slug Abridged. Several of Slug's henchmen get fried after they accidentally refer to him as "King Piccolo", and even the Dragon finds his wish very familiar. It's similar enough that even Goku figures it out.
    • Much to his disdain, characters notice this about Cooler when it comes to Freeza.
    • In The World's Strongest Abridged, everyone (even their creator) confuses the Bio-Men with the Saibamen who came down with Vegeta and Nappa. One of them blows up Yamcha in the same way, except he survives this time. Piccolo also adds to his Running Gag of how the Quirky Miniboss Squad in the movies is always the same: Dumb Muscle, Pretty Boy, and freaky alien with the weird powers.
  • Role Reprise:
    • After more or less putting Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged on permanent hiatus in 2011, Lanipator reprised the roles of Yusuke and Kuwabara in 2017 for a video short where they challenge Cell to a fight in the days leading up to the Cell Games.
    • Yami Yugi is voiced by none other than LittleKuriboh.
    • Taka pulls double duty voicing Wolverine and Cell at the same time.
  • Schedule Slip: The release of History of Trunks was given a teaser trailer that promised a February 2015 upload. It didn't come out until March 19th.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: As with many Abridged Series, DBZA has been hit with copyright strikes and various other troubles, particularly in its latter years. This ended up being one of the reasons (along with the usual creative burn-out and desire to do original work rather than parody an existing one) that Season 4 was ultimately cancelled, as by then TFS had grown exponentially as a business with its non-DBZA projects, and all of it could have been lost if they pushed their luck too far.
  • Talking to Himself: Even though the cast is significantly larger than that of most Abridged Series, multiple performance is still unavoidable.
    • Lanipator has it the worst, voicing Krillin, Popo, Piccolo, Master Roshi, and Vegeta.
    • Like the original Japanese version, Goku and Gohan share the same voice actor, MasakoX. He manages to make them so distinct that he can even pull off young Goku in flashback, who sounds kind of like Gohan but not enough to be mistaken for him.
    • Recoome and Jeice are both voiced by Ganxingba. And as two members of the Ginyu Force, they are often talking to each other.
    • Takahata101 runs into it whenever Dende speaks with either Guru or Porunga.
    • Even though KaiserNeko mostly played supporting or peripheral characters before Trunks' arrival, he still ran into this with King Kai and Gregory along with Korin and Yajirobe, who live with each other in the former's tower (and who were upgraded to a romantic pairing in the Abridged Series). Additionally, it happens when George Takei interrupts King Kai's telepathic calls.
    • Lampshaded at Youmacon 2009, where Lani introduces himself as playing Chris Sabat.
    • In "Black to the Future", a Dragon Ball Super short, MasakoX plays both Goku and Black Goku in the same scene.
  • Throw It In: KaiserNeko mentions in a few Episode Breakdowns a number of unscripted things that were added in:
    • In Kai Abridged Episode 2, Goku getting interrupted in mid-sentence by Vegeta dying is a result of MasakoX flubbing his line. Freeza Flipping the Bird was also ad-libbed.
    • GanXingba mentioned on Twitter that he ad-libbed a lot of Android 17's dialogue.
    • When Cell meets the East City Westmen in Episode 44, his head turns in a quick, unnatural fashion. This was originally a fluke, they but kept it because it looked, fittingly for Cell, disturbing.
  • Trolling Creator: As explained under Reality Subtext, the entire final act of Episode 60 part 3 is played up as the Series Fauxnale for all it's worth; they didn't intend for it to be at the time, but fans were speculating that it would be. It did turn out to be the real Series Finale, but over a year after the episode was released.
  • Vaporware:
    • The abridged version of Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound was teased in Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan Abridged in January 2017, and was officially promised in several update videos and social media posts. It was officially cancelled in September 2019.
    • The Season 3 finale of DBZA, released in 2018, ended with a teaser card promising a Season 4. Multiple update videos and social media updates throughout 2018 and 2019 made promises about the release window, with the timeline being pushed back every time. In October 2019 an off-hand reference was snuck into an update video that the team was considering making Season 4 with original 3D animation rather than the repurposed anime footage the series was known for. In January 2020, KaiserNeko made a Twitter post that noticeably said that if Season 4 was made, it would be done with 3D models. After being bombarded with questions by upset fans, the team finally admitted that Season 4 was cancelled in February 2020.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • LittleKuriboh posted his audition video revealing that he originally auditioned to play Captain Ginyu. TFS ended up loving the Freeza voice more and requested a second audition tape. Lanipator was originally supposed to play Freeza with a Linda Young impression, but TFS dropped it once they decided to cast LittleKuriboh (it's referenced in Bardock: The Father of Goku, with Lanipator briefly playing Freeza before coughing and switching to LittleKuriboh's portrayal). Interestingly, LK was auditioning for Freeza all along, but knowing that Lanipator was already penciled in for the part, he snuck in his impression by auditioning for Ginyu instead.
    • The breakdown for History of Trunks reveals that there was quite a debate about whether Gohan should actually take Bulma up on her offer, though everyone's happy they wimped out. But just in case you're not happy they wimped out, thanks to a fan effort, you can see an alternate take on the scene, where Gohan accepts Bulma's offer.
      Gohan: I need an adult?
      Trunks: You are an adult.
    • RWBY creator Monty Oum apparently wanted to voice Future Gohan in History of Trunks, but he sadly passed away before getting the chance. The special was dedicated to his memory.
    • History of Trunks was going to have a plot point where Trunks actually died and the one who came back was a clone, but it was dropped.
    • The breakdown for Episode 51 reveals that KaiserNeko was originally going to play all three versions of Cell. But he wanted to play Trunks instead and felt Takahata101's interpretation was "too much fun to pass up".
    • The original plan for Android 17 was that he would speak in Totally Radical fashion, but this was quickly deemed annoying and dropped. The gag was later used when Cell impersonates 17 to try and convince 18 to let herself be absorbed, with the goofy speech patterns proving that Cell knows nothing about either of them.
    • According to their Budokai 2 playthrough, TFS's initial script for the Buu Saga had Mr. Satan as a Conspiracy Theorist who, rather than stealing the credit for defeating Cell, was desperately trying to convince the world that the Alien Superbeings who did so are real.
    • In a livestream after the release of Broly Abridged, Lani said that they wanted to cast Markiplier and JonTron as Broly and Paragus respectively, but it didn't work out because of Mark and Jon's incredibly busy schedules. He also said that they've been speaking with Mark about playing a number of roles, but it probably won't happen for the same reason.
    • There was some consideration to skip abridging Broly's movie entirely, likely due to most of the team hating him, but they went through with it.
    • A tweet released during the Cell Games shorts seemed to hint at a possible appearance by Yang Xiao Long, but sadly never materialized.
    • A couple of days after Plan to Eradicate Christmas premiered, KaiserNeko clarified on Twitter that the special was significantly different from what was originally planned. According to him, rather than being a Christmas-themed parody, it would've been a more straight comical pastiche of Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, with the main gimmick being that it'd repeatedly shift between the 1993 and 2008 versions of the OVA due to Dr. Raichi's machine causing a tear in the space-time continuum. The special was eventually retooled into a Christmas episode both due to time constraintsnote  and because of the surprisingly apt timing of its production. The original plan for the special did end up getting an allusion in the form of a brief sight gag when Goku and company encounter Santa Claus and he accuses Trunks of messing with the space-time continuum, and Trunks insists that the continuum is fine — while shifting between the modern and 1993 versions mid-sentence.
    • During the 10th anniversary livestream, Kaiser said that he initially wanted to give the role of Future Trunks to GanXingba while he played Android 17. However, the rest of the team insisted that Kaiser was better as Trunks (and that Gan was perfect as 17), so they ended up with the roles as they are today.
    • TFS wanted to make an Abridged voicepack mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ, but dropped the idea after Arc System Works patched the game so that mods are disabled during online play, which effectively rendered the entire idea meaningless.
    • When the 10th anniversary livestream got to Nappa's scene in the Season 2 finale, Lani and Taka revealed that they considered including lines implying that Ghost Nappa was just a hallucination on Vegeta's part and that he was crazy and doomed to be haunted by hallucinations of ghosts, with Ghost Guru being Ghost Nappa's successor.
    • In the original DBZ, Freeza says it'll take five minutes for Namek to explode, which becomes laughable considering how many episodes it takes. Team Four Star briefly considered making the final Goku and Freeza fight actually five minutes long, but quickly realized that would be impossible, even for an abridged series. They compromised by Goku questioning if Freeza even knows how long a minute is.
    • The crew mulled the idea of the Cell Jr. fighting Yamcha being noticeably weaker than the others, as a means to explain how Yamcha could hold his own when the others are leagues ahead of him and doing just the same. They eventually just cut that bit when they couldn't figure out how to make it fit.
    • The song Cell sings as he dies went through a few permutations. They were all set to make it "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn, but KaiserNeko rejected it and pointed out that Cell and Gohan never really do meet again. Takahata101 was the one to suggest the song eventually used: "My Way" by Frank Sinatra.
    • The entirety of Bojack Unbound Abridged is a case of this. Lani blamed it on scripting difficulties, while Kaiser went more in-depth and explained that the movie had so little story and such a boring villain that it was impossible for them to abridge it to their usual quality; all the jokes they could think of were shallow, uninspired, or mean-spirited. Their experience with this was one of several reasons why they decided to cancel the series as a whole after episode 60.
    • With the ending of the series, TFS's planned adaptation of the Buu Saga leaves many ideas on the cutting room floor:
      • Gohan was planned to model his superhero persona on Superpower Lottery winners like Superman, and Videl would provide a contrast by being a Badass Normal like Batman or the Question.
      • As revealed in their playthrough of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Mr. Satan would have attempted to rebrand himself as "Hercule" to be more "family-friendly", reflecting the original's Dub Name Change for the same reason.
      • The team considered continuing the series in the style of Dragon ShortZ to get around YouTube's notoriously strict copyright rules, but that would have required even more time and expense than the previous seasons, and they were already dealing with some serious burnout. They were also concerned that such an Art Shift would negatively affect the series' quality.
    • The DBZ Movie Marathon on Twitch revealed the script for the Broly movie was originally much longer and included things like Goku and Broly's first fight, but they realized that would serve essentially as filler and wouldn't mesh with the characterization of Broly they were going for.
  • Word of Dante:
    • Some fans use TFS's Fanon about the canon series, especially with regard to The Multiverse. The Abridged Series itself refers to Alternate Timelines as "universes", in keeping with the use of the term in Dragon Ball Multiverse, but Dragon Ball Super established a whole different definition of a "universe" that directly contradicts TFS's explanation.
    • The original Dragon Ball Z never depicts how Gero's son was killed, and Akira Toriyama said in supplemental material only that he was killed in battle by an enemy soldier. The Abridged Series includes a scene which shows that Gero's son was killed (along with many others) by Goku himself in the course of the original Dragon Ball. Many fans now adopt the Abridged Series version as Fanon.
  • Word of Gay: Several characters voiced by KaiserNeko are gay, but not all of them are. He's had to clarify on Tumblr that they're not gay because he's gay, but because it would have been funnier; Korin and Yajirobe were a perfect Odd Couple, and Burter having no obvious indicator of his sexual orientation made it funny for him to be outed. But Oolong, Turtle, King Kai, Gregory, Zarbon (surprisingly enough), and Future Trunks are not gay.
  • Word of God:
    • Kaiser mentioned in a podcast that he considers all the Abridged Movies Alternate Universes where certain events from canon branched off. Cooler and Broly's debut movies, however, are seemingly set up by and edited to fit in with the main series. As for Cooler 2, however, KaiserNeko went full self-admitted Soapbox Sadie, ranting that it had too many continuity errors to even try and make it fit in the timeline. Amusingly, the concept of the movies taking place in alternate timelines is canon thanks to Xenoverse 2.
    • After Episode 55 came out, some fans interpreted the scene at the end as Chi-Chi raping Goku in order to conceive Goten; some were upset, while more disturbingly, some found that interpretation hilarious, and it got to the point where TFS had to add "rape" (and all variations thereof) to the word filter in their YouTube comments. Kaiser stepped in both online and in person at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016 (the weekend after 55 was released) to clarify that it was not rape, that Goku knows about sex, and that everything that happened was consensual. Episode 56, released soon after, clarified it further, with Goku explaining to Krillin that he knew perfectly well that he could say no; he just can't back down from a challenge (and it feels good, and maybe Krillin should try it sometime). His real problem is that he didn't know that sex makes babies.
    • After Episode 59 came out, fans complained on Reddit that TFS had gone too far in perpetuating the "Goku is a bad father" meme by having him force a reluctant Gohan to fight a recovered Perfect Cell. Kaiser went on Reddit to clarify that they don't think that Goku is a terrible father; he's just not mentally equipped to do the job properly (which is pretty much exactly what Akira Toriyama had to say on the subject).
    • According to Kaiser, Mr. Satan received the lifetime supply of Hetap for "winning" the Cell Games.
  • Write What You Know: During the 10th anniversary marathon on Twitch, Taka explained that Guru's "Party Pooper" song was something his father used to sing when he was being melodramatic. He added that when his dad saw the episode, he jokingly asked, "When do I get paid for this?"


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