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Ian Flynn (born May 31, 1982), also known by his Internet pen name Ian Potto, is an American freelance comic book writer. He is mostly known for his work on Archie Comics' version of Sonic the Hedgehog, where he took over as head writer from Issue #160 until the comic's cancellation. His writing on the comics being generally well-liked, he returned to the position for the next incarnation of the comic after it performed a Channel Hop to IDW Publishing. Aside from this, he has also wrote the official tie-in comics for some of the Sonic video games. Besides Sonic comics, he is also known for his work on the comic versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mega Man, as well quite a few of Archie Comics' other series.

A Promoted Fanboy, Flynn's early work was in Fan Fiction, most notably the Sonic Fan Web Comic, Other-M. Being a fan of most of the properties he writes for also means that his works tends to often feature Mythology Gags (at times really obscure ones) and Ascended Memes.

His Twitter account can be found here, and his personal webpage can be found here. He also hosts a bi-weekly podcast covering all forms of geekdom called the BumbleKast alongside his friend Kyle Crouse.




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