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To the surprise of few, it turns out fan works have a tendency to reference their source material.

Works With Their Own Pages

Other Works

  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse)
    • Chapter 16, the Christmas Episode, is titled "Beebo Day", referencing the stuffed toy Beebo from Legends of Tomorrow. Kal even receives a Beebo toy as a gift from Ruby.
    • Nathaniel Adam, Bette Sans Souci's deceased fiance, is the secret identity of Captain Atom, Plastique's husband in the comics.
    • The title of Kal-El's Birthday Episode is "For the Boy Who Has Everything", in reference to the famous comic story that also dealt with Superman's birthday.


  • After her spiritual conversion to Catholicism in Angel of the Bat, Cassandra Cain wishes to give up the Batgirl mantle and start fresh under the name of "Angel of the Bat" (usually Angel for short). After retiring from her original costume, Stephanie Brown briefly wears it in her place and mentions she'd like to take her place with her blessing, and that the costume could use some purple. These were all references to Batgirl (2009) which, in this continuity, didn't/hadn't taken place.
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  • Kate Kane is a champion professional boxer in Eight Count, similar to how her main canon counterpart was a boxing champion at West Point.
  • The Redemption of Harley Quinn:
    • Harley's twin girls are named Della and Deirdre Dennis, who were Harley's twin granddaughters in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
    • Selina names her and Bruce's daughter Helena, same as the original Huntress.


  • Along Came a Spider has a couple For Want of a Nail moments that refer to canon events obliquely, such as Kai confronting Dr. Lear after a fight triggered by her calling him a murderer and son of a murderer, as Kai's father's killing her father involuntarily during a Solaris VII duel was a sticking point between them in canon, but the two never form their canon relationship.


  • In the Contractually Obligated Chaos series, Lydia at one point realizes that her ability to communicate with animals, something she was canonically shown doing in the Animated Adaptation, is proof of something stated earlier in the fics. She then dryly comments that this ability makes her an "actual Disney princess." BJ asks what that makes him, to which she replies that he's "Something from a Tim Burton movie, of course." The fic takes place in the cartoon verse, meaning that the movie never happened.

The Black Cauldron

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • In Xendra, while Buffy is in LA after staking Angel, the other Scoobies have to take down a vampire coven run by an overweight teenage vampire going by Lestat, a nod to Buffy meeting Dracula in canon and mentioning having killed several overweight pimply vamps calling themselves Lestat.

Calvin and Hobbes

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

  • There are a few fanfics featuring Clarice, the female nightclub singer chipmunk from the classic Chip 'n Dale cartoon "Two Chips and a Miss". Of all the Chip 'n Dale cartoons, this one is by far the most similar to Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, being the only one without any larger character (such as Donald Duck or Pluto), the only one featuring another rodent character, the only one in which rodents regularly wear clothes, and the only one which hints at a rodent society. Rangerphiles sometimes even refer to "Two Chips and a Miss" as Episode Zero.
    Nonetheless, "Two Chips and a Miss" is from 1951, and Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers aired from 1988 to 1990. Fanfic authors who include Clarice have to deal with this Time Skip of almost 40 years in some way.
    • The Midnightverse: Diamonds In The Desert relocates the events of "Two Chips and a Miss" to 1983. Nonetheless, some time has passed since then, seeing as DITD takes place in 2007. This Mythology Gag even stretches into the story itself when Clarice asks Chip and Dale to redo their routine from back then as an encore to her own musical revue.
    • Of Mice and Mayhem takes a somewhat different approach; Clarice herself doesn't appear, but Monterey Jack and Zipper have taken over the Acorn Club at which she used to perform after busting its previous owner, Rat Capone. Chip and Dale themselves come back to perform at the Acorn Club like they used to do.
  • The Nowakverse: In Under the Bridge, Widget a.k.a. The Gray Mouse channels her hatred for her twin sister Gadget into the destruction of dolls modeled after the latter. These are in fact the infamous "Gadget Plushies" (plastic head and paws, otherwise fabric, no actual plush involved) made by Applause in the early 90's, best known today for being among the best Gadget merch — and outrageously expensive. Kapitänleutnant Jürgen even asks The Gray Mouse whether they should go back to Orlandonote  and get some more.


  • The Naruto/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi has Raphael in a tag team with Hyuuga Neji against Kidomaru, a sound ninja who has spider-like properties, referencing how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)'' antagonist Spiderbytez was a result of Raph's anger problems.
  • In The Captain of the Virtual Console, the Pokemon arc, despite being an adaptation of Pokemon Yellow, has some post-Gen 1 elements, like Berries and Johto Pokemon.
  • There are several in Necessary to Win, more often to the Saki side of the story as a result of the fic taking place primarily in the Girls und Panzer world.
    • Hisa vaguely references Yasuko losing to someone younger than her in the past, a reference to Yasuko's defeat against Koromo.
    • Toki, while hospitalized during the match between Pravda and Black Forest, wishes that she could use astral projection to help Ryuuka know where to go in order to win, much like Ryuuka's ability in the captain match of the semi-finals of Saki.
    • As the Saunders team discusses how to deal with Oarai, Mairu suggests that they could afford to make some sacrifices to gain the advantage, not unlike how she favored giving up the vanguard match by placing someone who wasn't good enough to win but wouldn't go under 0, and having the stronger players recoup the losses. Kirame, the said sacrifice from canon, suggests that it would be a way for them to help the team, but Himeko, who, in canon, had reservations about the plan, tells Kirame not to sell herself short.
    • In Toki's final scene, it's pointed out that she can't see the future, a reference to her ability in Saki.
  • Fist of the Moon: Ranma shows off her Gender Bender Mode Lock to try to quell a hostile girl's gym class she's been assigned to, protesting that she is just as much a girl as they are. Akane ends up adding her two cents by saying, "and better built to boot", something Ranma used to insult her with in the first volume of the manga.
  • In Wizard Runemaster, after Dobby saves the group from Aran, Onyxia warns him that if he saves her again, she will eat him.
  • In Sekirei? Is that some new species of little sister?, Naruto and Uzume do a "Lee! Gai-sensei!" style hug, yelling "Bro!" and "Little sister!". Naruto even uses his god-like powers to create an ocean at sunset for fun.
  • In The World's End, Angel wonders if Xander (Who's gained the powers of Trunks) could catch an attack even while meditating. He throws a shield at Xander, who gets hit in the face and starts cursing.
  • There are several nods to both Super Sentai and Power Rangers in Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers: The Liveblog.
    • Radiguet's monsters' naming schemes take from the naming schemes from the Rangers in several Sentai shows, such as Himitsu Sentai Goranger and Dai Sentai Goggle Five.
    • In Quest 25, Rika tells Takeru, "But don't worry, M!Takeru. You still have Haruka to fall in love with, too, you damn playboy!", and she mentions that Okelampa may likely be grumbling about a raise. Both are based on the gag sub for Maskman.
    • Task 30 has Rika say that Justin losing his powers to save the Turborangers is dumber than the old lady saying that there are no such things as monsters in "Trakeena's Revenge" and all the times Tommy sacrificed his Zords.
  • In the Danny Phantom/Beetlejuice story Say It Thrice, the events of the Beetlejuice cartoon never happened. The fanfiction is based on the film version instead. That doesn't stop Lydia from ending up with the red spiderweb-patterned poncho that she wore in the cartoon.
  • In Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless , while battling the Egg Wyvern, Sonic teases Eggman by using his taunt lines from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Sudden Contact: Kerrigan gives Legion its name. Both she (In Starcraft II) and EDI are voiced by Tricia Helfer.
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • Shinji calls his pet hawk "Horus".
    • After her Eva attacks her best friend, Asuka calls herself "Asuka the Betrayer". Kharn the Betrayer was the greatest mortal Champion of Khorne.
    • Asuka thinks that eight is a nice number. Eight is Khorne's sacred number.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl crossover The Vampire of Steel:
    • Kara mentions she used to live in California, a few hundred miles from Sunnydale.
    • She also tells Buffy about her boyfriend problems with her high-school sweetheart Dick Malverne, Jerro the Mer-Boy and Brainiac 5.
    • She also brings up her time playing "Margo Hatton" in "Secret Hearts".
  • In A Subtle Knife, the protagonist absently advices to a Robin fanboy to steal the Batmobile's tires if he wants to audition for the job. The kid is named Jason. Do the math.
  • Le Commencement du Diable Blanc shows Mr Sinister telling a young Gambit he can help him with his Power Incontinence, a reference to him doing exactly that in the comics. Since he's Obviously Evil, Remy's dad instead goes to Pr Xavier who decides to put psychic blocks on the boy's powers — the same thing happened to Jean Grey in the X-Men Film Series, with the nice little bonus that Gambit legitimately had the potential to become as bad a threat than the Dark Phoenix.
  • My Huntsman Academia loves to indulge in this, with many scenes in it being tweaked versions of scenes from My Hero Academia.
    • Izuku first uses One For All when he has Tenya throw him into the sky to punch out the Giant Nevermore and save Pyrrha, mirroring how he first uses One For All in his home series to save Uraraka from the giant zero-point robot.
    • Weiss ends up on the same team as Pyrrha, a reference to Weiss' plan in the original RWBY. The kicker is that she's still not the leader, Izuku is.
    • Izuku's desperate fight against Katsuki has lines and actions taken word-for-word from the Heroes vs. Training Exercise, including Izuku's extremely narrow victory over him.
    • Izuku is forced to break all ten of his fingers by using his mouth to break his thumb for a Smash during his fight against Yang, which is extremely reminiscent of Izuku's battle against Todoroki during the Sports Festival arc.
    • Denki calls Izuku a "lucky curly haired smooth talkin' son of a bitch" after learning that he's dating Yang, a reference to his reaction to finding out that Izuku was alone with Camie Utsushimi, a girl whose Quirk renders her naked.
  • Avenger of Steel sees a few of these mentioned when Clark is traveling with Thor, Loki, Sif and the Warriors Three, such as the time Thor wore a dress and posed as his mother to retrieve a lost Mjolnir (as it turns out, even most Asgardians were unaware of the myth that Loki is the mother of Sleipnir, Sif admitting that she started that rumour to get back at Loki for taking her hair).
  • Avenger Goddess: The first time Clint Barton meets Diana (unaware of her true identity), he observes that half the problems that occurred in Greek mythology are the result of Zeus being unable to keep it in his pants.
  • In Walking in the Shadows, Xander Harris makes an offhand mention that he wears a mouthguard to bed to make sure he doesn't mutter Latin in his sleep, a nod to season four of canon when he accidentally sets a book on fire by speaking Latin while holding it.
  • Squirrel Girl's penchant for defeating the biggest baddest Big Bads while the narration is busy elsewhere is very much present in The Institute Saga.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: To the Danny Phantom theme song. In Danny and Phantasma, Phantasma is described as "much more unique than the other gals".
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron
    • Suzaku's Bayard takes the form of a katana (albeit one with a European hilt/crossguard). Suzaku did indeed wield a katana with great skill in Code Geass: Tales of an Alternate Shogunate.
    • Just like with Pidge in Legendary Defender, Kallen's mental picture is of herself and her brother, though this time around, the team assumes that Naoto is her boyfriend (since Kallen isn't hiding her gender).
    • Kallen's Bayard takes the form of a clawed gauntlet, just like her Guren's Radiant Wave Surger. Later events in The Rise of Voltron indicate it actually is a mini-version of the Radiant Wave Surger.
    • Milly comments on Allura's bust size, just like she did with Shirley in Episode 3 of Code Geass. In another Call-Back, Shirley's hair stands on end (as does Kallen's) when Milly starts the comment, knowing exactly what is about to happen.
    • When he decides to leave the Paladins, so he can return to Earth to overthrow Britannia, Lelouch muses that Allura could likely be one of the Paladins and take his place as the leader of Voltron. Allura did become one of the Paladins in Season Three of Legendary Defender.
    • Charles' plan to defeat Voltron hinges on Lelouch abandoning his allies to rescue Nunnally, exactly what he did at the end of R1. This time, though, his friends manage to calm him fast enough to allow for him to consider a better plan of action.
    • Shirley's confrontation with Viletta in Chapter 26 is highly reminiscent of their confrontation in canon at Port Yokosuka.
  • In Heroes Never Die It's Hero Time, the starting number of aliens Izuku Midoriya has in the Omnitrix is nine, a reference to how in the original work, he is the ninth holder of One For All.
  • In Struggle and Strife, after Cloud Strife is reborn as Jaune Arc, the only non-sword weapon he's willing to use is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and filled with nails, a Lethal Joke Item from the game.
  • In Justice League Rebellion, Lelouch (this world's Batman) eventually uses a Knightmare named Azrael, who in DC comics was an Anti-Hero that took the cowl after Bruce Wayne was injured by Bane.

Darkwing Duck

  • In the fanfiction series Negaverse Chronicles, events in the Negaverse are shown rather than those of the regular universe from the show. In Bushroot's backstory, Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson start jokingly teasing him about how the potato Bushroot has been experimenting on is his new girlfriend, that it might start sucking his blood like a vampire, and that russets are evil. All of these things refer to an episode of the show, "Night of the Living Spud," where the normal universe's Bushroot tried to create a mutant potato girlfriend for companionship.

DC Universe

  • Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts series:
    • "Wayne Manor" contains a bunch of references to events from the lives of other versions of Batman:
    • In the Scrapbook Story "Bad Publicity", a photograph identified in-universe as "the mansion from that made-for-tv movie [about the Wayne family]" is Wikipedia's photo of the mansion that represented Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises.
    • In "Christmas in Kansas", there's a scene where Bruce reflects on the way re-enactments of his parents' murder have settled on a standard narrative that is actually inaccurate in several important respects; as described, it's the version established by Frank Miller and copied by most subsequent retellings, complete with the evocative detail of Martha's necklace breaking.
    • In "Arm Candy", Clark goes gooey over one of Dick's puppies, and Dick decides they should name the puppy Kryptonite — or maybe shorten it a bit... (He settles on naming it "Kay".)

Death Note

Doctor Who

  • In "Game of Doctors" the planet the 9th Doctor starts on is called Maladoom, after the planet the 20th anniversary special was originally going to take place on.
    • The fanfic series of this writer also has a race called the Petrans, first appearing in Beginning of War named from and based on the enemies of the Daleks that would eventually become the Movellans in "Destiny of the Daleks".

Dragonball Z

  • When Beerus shows up during Bulma's birthday party in Vegito's Harem, Bulma complains that they're ruining her 28th birthday, referencing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods where she claimed to be 38. Lampshaded by Krillin who points out that she's older than Goku who had Gohan in his twenties and Gohan is currently in his twenties.


Final Fantasy

  • The Tainted Grimoire has two:
    • One is Kain Kimahri, whose name is made up of Kain and Khimari, from Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy X, respectively.
    • The other is to do with Clan Tourneys. The Clan Tourneys shown are one-on-one duels, unlike the six-on-six shown in the games. It is mentioned that the Clan Tourneys used to be like the games but starting with the one we're shown, a format change was made to give smaller clans a chance against the larger ones.
  • Us and Them:
    • At one point, Rufus finds Jessie, Aeris and Tifa at or near tears as they're playing a video game. Rufus notes they must have finished the first disc.
    • Some of the books Aeris likes to read are Wild Rose, Quest of the Paladin and Melodies of Life, which the author has said are Final Fantasies I, IV, and IX respectively.
    • Rufus mentions he was considering becoming an anonymous donor to AVALANCHE at one point.

Food Wars!

  • In Nouvelle one of Erina's assistants happens to be a character from the original one-shot pilot chapter.


  • Kaiju Revolution:
    • The Rodan female is named Radon after one of the titles made for the American release of Rodan.
    • A large number of the Kaiju's stories in their entries are based on the films they appeared in:
      • Godzilla's backstory combines Godzilla (1954) (Godzilla is mentioned obliterating Odo Island and leaving Tokyo in a "sea of fire"), Godzilla (2014) (the Castle Bravo tests were really an attempt to kill Godzilla and he first attacks Japan in 2014), Shin Godzilla (Godzilla changes forms through-out his attacks and attacks Tokyo again in 2016) and The Return of Godzilla (the Shockirus are mentioned as parasitising Godzilla and humanity attempts to dispose of him via bombing a volcano so he would fall in). As a bonus, all of these films are also the first movies for each of their respective eras.
      • Just like in his original film, Rodan has a mate, is found alongside the Meganulon and he and his mate make a nest atop a volcano before being bombed and thus tumbling into the Earth. Radon is also initially found on Isla de Mona, Rodan's location on the MONARCH Sciences tie-in website for Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019).
      • Anguirus being an old enemy of Godzilla who fights him in Osaka is akin to his original role in Godzilla Raids Again. His battle with Godzilla in Honolulu may be a reference to Godzilla (2014) and Anguirus regenerating just from his tail, which burrowed into the ground after a battle, could be a reference to King Ghidorah's defeat in the Cretaceous and eventual return in Rebirth of Mothra 3.
      • Mothra resides in the Temple of the Moth in China like in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), and was initially discovered in 1961 surrounded by vampire plants just like in Mothra. The Shobijin being derived from humans living in isolation with Mothra is a reference to the Houtua from Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle.
      • FATHOM's exploration of Skull Island is essentially just Kong: Skull Island but with the Vagnosaurus in place of the skullcrawlers and the added motive of finding Carl Denham's film reels. Speaking of which, Carl Denham and his crew are the first to discover Skull Island and only a sailor and a film actress (clearly Jack Driscoll and Anne Darrow) survive the trip, referencing King Kong (1933), and Denham's son is named Vincent Denham just like in the Kong: King of Skull Island novel.
      • The story in King Ghidorah's entry is heavily based on Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, with too many references to that to say, but also references Rebirth of Mothra 3 again (via Ghidorah being defeated in the Cretaceous by Mothra's species and also being responsible for the KT extinction) and Destroy All Monsters, due to Ghidorah being a malevolent alien force who makes the world's Kaiju attack various locations across the planet via mind control
      • The current story arc is shaping up to be mostly a remake of Invasion of Astro-Monster.
    • There also references to past films and other media where certain Kaiju debuted in the rogues gallery's entries:
      • Zilla and Komodithrax's friendship is a reference to their romance in Godzilla: The Series. Zilla is also mentioned as sinking a Japanese vessel off the coast of French Polynesia in 1998 and attacking New York City when Mu awoke, referencing his debut, as well as being initially mistaken for Godzilla like in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.
      • The Yongary feed off of oil and gasoline, referencing Yongary's original film Yongary: Monster from the Deep. It's also heavily implied that a Yongary burrowed beneath South Korea in 1967, referencing both the initial film's year of release and Yongary's country of origin.
      • The intro to Ogra and Gorgo's profile is one big reference to Film/Gorgo, as it takes place in the film's year of release (1961), mentions dead mutant fish which were seen in the original Gorgo (a particularly ugly specimen, maybe one of the fish or just another unfortunate creature, is taken to a carnival, which is what happened to Gorgo in the original film too) and focuses on a volcanic eruption on Nara Island, upon which Ogra is worshipped as a protector deity just as in the film. Ogra is also mentioned as rampaging through London like in the film too in the actual story section.

Harry Potter

  • A Friend Indeed has Harry wonder about why Rita Skeeter hasn't written any articles lately, and whether "Maybe she hacked someone off and they threatened her enough that she's stopped writing for a while." In fact, he accidentally stood on her beetle form after the Yule Ball.
  • Knowledge Is Power: As is customary for the author, Mr and Mrs Granger are called Dan and Emma.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality:
    • Hermione starts a club named SPHEW.
    • A sixth-year Gryffindor attacks a sixth-year Slytherin with a curse without knowing what the curse does.
    • A second-year witch in Beauxbaton brews polyjuice and gets cat hair in it by accident, turning her permanently into a cat-girl.

How to Train Your Dragon

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • In Queen of All Oni, Jade creates a set of magic fans she can use in battle, a reference to the series' opening sequence, where she has a pair of fans.

Kingdom Hearts

Kung Fu Panda

  • In The Vow, Lord Shen is revealed to be the one who invented the acupuncture restraint used to immobilize Tai Lung for twenty years. This is a reference to Po's comment about the chi disrupting cuffs used on him and the Furious Five during the second movie by Shen's soldiers being based on the same technology as Tai Lung's restraint.

Lyrical Nanoha

  • In Power Games Alicia mentions a story about a princess who slept for centuries after her kingdom was destroyed, which is referencing Ixpellia and serves as Foreshadowing for her early appearance in in the story.
  • In the Service makes a huge number of them. A Material-S reference dies at the hands of Vita in the second chapter; Isis Eaglet is a Combat Cyborg based on early fan speculations from her resemblance to Subaru and Ginga Nakajima; Uno and Signum discuss a world called "Lamia" and Uno describes it as "the loveless place" referencing Signum's status as an expy of Lamia Loveless; people who encounter Cypha of Huckebein tend to compare her to Signum though the two never meet in this continuity, referencing their fight in the canon.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • In Chapter 43 of Turning Tables, Spider-Man is suffering from a Mushroom Samba and is scrambling to find a cure when he is given an injection of Scorpion's venom like in Spider-Man (PS4).
  • An almost literal example occurs in If I Could Start Again when Thor and Loki are discussing Asgard versus Norse mythology with some mortals. Loki comments that Norse mythology is a combination of prophecy and "very drunken" fantasy, before remarking that Sleipnir is older than he is. In Norse mythology, Loki is the mother of Odin's eight-legged horse Sleipnir.
  • The Devil's in the details: Whenever Matt isn't available, Peter would have Karen Page forward messages for him. What makes this ironic is that Peter's canon-counterpart has an AI named Karen that does similar errands for him.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • A pilot video for the series, which didn't end up becoming canon, had a slightly different looking Ladybug holder, named Bridgette. In Spellbound, Bridgette is a former Ladybug holder who lost the earrings and was taken by the fae, losing her memory of her own name and becoming a shapeshifter with a ladybug-themed native form.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

  • Wings to Fly uses the line "apparently the gravity screws with their heads, or some such spacenoid propaganda", sending up much of Zeon philosophy from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

My Hero Academia

  • Cheat Code: Support Strategist: The written portion of the Support entrance exam requires Izuku to write an essay analysing two different Quirks. Izuku recognises the first Quirk to belong to a (retired) Hero named Glimmer, a nod to a one-off Original Character who featured in Mastermind: Strategist for Hire, another fic by the same author.
  • A Green Dragon's Hoard:
    • Manami Aiba's screenname is La Brava, her villain alias from canon.
    • Ochako's appearance and Quirk are based of her prototype design, back before she was split into Yu Takeyama and Ochako Uraraka.
    • Ojiro's status as The Generic Guy is played up to the point that nobody remembers him from the entrance exam except Hagakure.
    • Yamato's last name is Kozuki, reflecting her desire to be Oden Kozuki in canon.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Equestria: A History Revealed is practically built upon the whole concept, with references from large past events to the minute historical details brought up in the show. The author even slips in some references to past generations and fanon material. The Bibliography itself should be prominently mentioned in this, with tiny jokes and details regarding background characters and historical books brought up once in the show.
  • There's so many in the fic Rainbow in the Dark that the author and editor released a special chapter full of trivia and extras.
  • Anthropology: Lyra's birth name was Heartstrings, but she preferred the name Lyra, since it was more of a human name. A reference to the fact that when her toy first came out, it was named Heartstrings, but the fans preferred the name Lyra, and thus she renamed as such.
  • Tealove's Steamy Adventure has a scene where a Mad Scientist tries to change Tealove's eye color. This is a nod to Tealove's inconsistent color in the official tie-in media: the original Tealove toys had pink eyes, but she suddenly had blue eyes when she appeared in the IDW comicbook.
  • Bad Future Crusaders: There are a few nods to previous generations of My Little Pony:
    • Sonhos Vale, the country where Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon grew up after leaving Equestria, is Portuguese for "Valley of Dreams".
    • Pavel, the gryphon who Apple Bloom was friends with in her youth, was from a country or town called "Grogary Gorki", which is Russian for "Grogar's Mountain"
    • There is also a filly at one point who shares a color scheme, interest in being an environmentalist, and a father who works for the paper, with a pony from My Little Pony 'n Friends. Since it's actually Bright Eyes the changeling in disguise, he also shares the same name.
  • At one point in Harmony Theory, Rainbow Dash disguises herself by dyeing her coat and mane pink and purple, the same colors as Fire Fly the generation one pony she was based on.
  • A couple ponies from past generation appeared in minor roles in Asylum:
    • Silver Glow is a pony from both G2 and G3, though considering she's a unicorn she's likely based on the G2 incarnation.
    • Toola Roola, an artist pony from My Little Pony (G3) appears as the art teacher, in-charge of the arts and crafts room at the asylum.
  • Stroll: Two episodes from Season 5 are referenced:
  • Pinkie Tales: In The Little Mermare, Pinkie's coat and mane inexplicably change from pink to white and yellow, when she first transforms from a sea pony to a pegasus, the same colors as Surprise, the Generation One pony Pinkie was based on, who was also a pegasus. Though her coat and mane are back to normal after she transforms into a pegasus for good at the end.
  • Elementals of Harmony: From multiple stories in the series:
    • Elementals of Harmony: A few:
      • Quoth Applejack, "Ah'm bein' a silly pony, ain't I?"
      • In a nod to Faust's preliminary designs, Fluttershy's full name is Fluttershy Poseysfilly.
      • In a similar vein, Pinkie's father comments on how much she takes after her grandmother, calling her "a little surprise."
    • Sideboard of Harmony: Multiple:
    • The chapter about how the universe was made, is called "How Pinkie Pie Got Her Cutie Mark.".
    • No Such Pony, No Such Zone has a reference to Pinkie Pie yelling 'Oatmeal? Are you crazy?!' in The Ticket Master from the original show:
      "Anyway, the point is that you promised Twilight that you'd find a hole in all our schedules and she'd go full-on Cream of Wheat if she wasn't there for the rest."
      "'Cream of Wheat'?"
      "Even crazier than oatmeal."
    • Chrysalis and her tribe used to be the Flutter Ponies.
    • Rainbow Dash's love of telling scary stories is indirectly referenced when Ditzy tells Dinky and the CMC a ghost story that used to scare the down right off her as a filly back in Cloudsdale.
  • The Petriculture Cycle: In the first story, Petriculture, the use of Surprise, a character from an previous My Little Pony show, My Little Pony 'n Friends, in the story, as the pony who would become Pinkie Pie, and was Twilight Sparkle's imaginary friend.
  • Flash Fog: From September 2 – 12:30 PM, when Twilight remarks on Fluttershy's competence, it references the Keep Calm and Flutter On episode of the original show, where Fluttershy does handle Discord:
    In fact, if Discord ever shows his face around here again, it might be a better idea to put you in charge."
    "Okay, now you're just being silly."
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • In chapter 17, Twilight and her friends visit the Big Apple Orchard in the Packlands. This was one of the original names intended for what became Sweet Apple Acres in canon (the other was "Big Apple Farm").
    • Chapter 21 namedrops Skydancer, Queen of the hippogriffs; she shares her name with two G1 ponies — the Summerwing Pony Skydancer and the similarly named pegasus Sky Dancer (who predates her).
    • In chapter 2 of the sequel, Diplomat at Large, Queen Remigium mentions that Chrysalis had plans to harness the power of the Secretariat Comet to give herself a tremendous magical boost, but was locked away by the other Queens before she could do so. Using that same comet's magic-enhancing power was part of Chrysalis's scheme for revenge in the first arc of the IDW comics.
    • Chapter 6 mentions another event from arc 1 of the IDW comics; namely, Rainbow Dash's reveal that she suffered a sugar-induced memory blank of the wedding.
    • In chapter 6, Discord says of the Storm King that "this fool seeks to unbalance the cosmos. And believe you me, she's already unbalanced enough as it is!" This references Cosmos, main villain of the 43rd arc (issues 75-78) of the IDW comics, an alien entity obsessed with Discord.
    • Chapter 8 reveals that Squirk, a monstrous octopus from the G1 cartoons, also exists in this setting and has been imprisoned for millennia.
    • Chapter 1 of the second sequel, Diplomacy Through Schooling, mentions an incident from centuries ago in which an Abyssinian sorceress, Catrina, based on the G1 character of the same name (who was also an anthropomorphic feline), had a conflict with the wolves of the Packlands. Unlike her Witchweed-addicted counterpart, this version focused on gender-bias, leading a pride where males of their kind had no rights until the Abyssinian central authorities stepped in and defeated her.
    • In chapter 4 of Diplomacy Through Schooling, Trixie mentions a former Sadist Teacher of hers named Hydia, after the lead witch from My Little Pony: The Movie (1986).
    • Chapter 5 features a brief appearance by Long Play, Vinyl Scratch's older brother, and references the events of the comics arc "Neigh Anything", in which he debuted and in which Vinyl is shown getting her Cutie Mark.
    • In chapter 8, Lavan (another G1 villain) gets referenced, and is confirmed to have been destroyed by Luna and Celestia's mother and some other alicorns.
      • Aputsiaq, Lady of Winter and former Lady of Hatred in this continuity, shares her name with Snöflinga's niece in the Doa-verse.
    • In chapter 14, during Twilight and Magic's talk about improving the butterfly wings spell from the episode "Sonic Rainboom", Magic explains where this upgraded version came from — specifically, the Suspenders-verse (an M-rated series of fics that are part of the Powers-That-Be multiverse). Shortly afterward, Twilight quotes a certain animated movie, which was also quoted in the third story of that series.
    • Featured in The Diplomat's Life:
      • In canon, little Princess Flurry Heart's Crystalling was carried out before her paternal grandparents arrived. In this version, they're present from the beginning... so her maternal grandparents are the ones who show up late (albeit for unspecified reasons).
      • Rainbow Dash's Element test is based off the events of Friends Forever issue #36, when she has to repair Spitfire and Soarin's friendship because he's tired of her disrespecting him when he's been nothing but loyal to her.
  • Escape From the Moon:
    • In chapter 19 of the sequel story The Mare From the Moon, Celestia mentions a Miss Hackney, who was teaching the day Lemon Hearts got her head stuck in a flask (as seen in a flashback in the episode Amending Fences), and who shares her name with the girls' teacher in My Little Pony Tales.
    • In chapter 2 of the side-story The World Left Behind, Twilight tells Sunset Shimmer about one of the alternate universes she viewed with her fellow Princesses, wherein "Blueblood was so detestable and offended every single pony in Ponyville, to the point where Luna broke free from Nightmare Moon on her own because she was so tired of being compared to somepony like him just because they were both royalty." She's describing the events of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Deviations comic.
  • Sunsplit Saga: Sunspawned: "I expected many things, but this is a complete surprise.": Referencing the Mirror Pool of the episode, "Too Many Pinkie Pies":
    I suppose that there was that one hedge-witch seven hundred or so years ago, if her ramblings about a 'mirror pool' were correct
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In chapter 21 of the sequel, Picking Up the Pieces, Hidden Dagger mentions one of her Executive Directors, a Ms. Hackney, who shares her name with the girls' teacher in My Little Pony Tales.


  • In the fic Dead Garden, where instead of Naruto, is Sakura the one with the Nine Tails sealed within her Chapter 2 states that both Sakura and Kakashi are fans of the "Gutsy Shinobi" books series, and Naruto hating them all 'cause people keep comparing him with the Naruto from the book (which ironically would be the canon Naruto since one of them is titled "Gutsy Shinobi Clash in the Land of Snow") It has become some sort of Running Gag given that these books are mentioned at least once in every chapter afterwards.
  • Several such gags abound in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox. One of the earliest ones concerns the code-names that the Kyuushingai use to identify each other — these are references to the Bijuu each of them hold in the main series, more specifically, the Biijus' actual names. For example, Naruto is known as "Kurama the Fox"; in the main series, Kurama is the name of the Kyuubi, whose form is that of a fox. Naruto lists off all the names in Chapter 3 to prove he is a former member of the Kyuushingai.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: After the end of second chapter Misato promises fanservice after giving a preview of the next chapter.
  • The Child of Love:
    • In the preview for chapter 2, Misato promises fanservice.
    • In chapter 2 Hikari asks Shinji giving a stack of printouts to Asuka… right like she asked Touji giving a heap of printouts to Rei in canon.
    • In chapter 4 Kaji gives Misato a variant of his old line: "May I trust your hormones or your words?"
  • Evangelion 303:
    • One of the plug suit designs is modeled after the ones from Rebuild Of Evangelion.
    • In this scene Shinji tells "Sorry" and Asuka gets angry with him because she does not believe he is sorry at all.
    • Rei slaps Shinji as she did in episode 5 of the series.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion:
    • Four-year-old Ryuko tells Asuka: "Mama! Mama, look at me!"
    • When they met again, Gendo greets Shinji saying: "It's been a while."
  • HERZ:
    • When Shinji goes down to Terminal Dogma, Kurumi stops him pressing a gun against the back of his head. It is a reference to the time Misato tried to stop Kaji in the original series.
    • After the Final Battle, Shinji and Asuka wake up together on a beach.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide has a rather sly one. As Shinji discusses the fact with Asuka that she is is his room, on his bed, he wonders if he is dreaming. Asuka jokes that he might be; suggesting that what is happening might just be a result of him being stuck inside his Eva again, or that he is a Ordinary High-School Student dreaming about being an awesome hero with a hot roommate. Both suggestions are very popular Fandom Specific Plots.

One Piece

  • In This Bites!, after riding a T-rex on Little Garden, Cross justifies himself to Usopp and Luffy by declaring it a "man's romance".
    • In Chapter 22, Cross creates the Strawhat Broadcasting Station, which he abbreviates as SBS.


  • Pokémon: Clefairy Tales has so many that to list them all as the series progresses would require it to have its own page.
  • We Are All Pokémon Trainers:
    • Pentigan's original Trainer Title, MYSTERYMAN, was the title of Eusine in Crystal.
    • When deciding a name for their Exploration Team, Crochet mentions both Team Go-Getters and Team Poképals from the PMD anime specials.
  • Pokémon Story: Sinnoh Journey
    • Ian is introduced on Sinnoh's Route 205 where the Hallowed Tower is located. To make the reference clearer, Ian places an Odd Keystone in the tower and nets himself a chance to catch a Spiritomb.
    • Game Pokedex entries say Tangela can harmlessly regenerate their vines. Scizor is forced to tear some off, while apologizing, to escape its clutches.
    • Aaron's hometown, Metropolis Town, is located in Orre.
    • The "white hand" joke from Lavender Town is used by Ian on Dawn.
    • Ash's Pikachu beats Aaron's Steelix, the evolution of Onix, by using water to make it susceptible to electrical attacks. Just like all the way back in Pewter City with Brock.

Power Girl

  • In A Force of Four, Power Girl is called the Blonde Blockbuster at one point. A title used by Earth-One Supergirl but no by Earth-Two Kara.

The Powerpuff Girls

  • In the fan fiction series Home in Townsville by PerkyGoth14, Original Character Kenny calls Buttercup by the nickname of Bud. Bud was originally Buttercup's name in the actual series.

Real-Person Fic

  • In The Beatles fantasy The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, the four are convinced to go questing to save the life of a baby when a priest channels a god who quotes lyrics from "Help!" at them. Later, a minstrel attracts their attention by singing "Norwegian Wood." Again, this is a message from a god.

Resident Evil

  • The Progenitor Chronicles has a bunch:
    • The MC's dream sequence at the very beginning of the fic consists of scenes symbolic for each of the mainline games. For Resident Evil 5, though, all he sees is a boulder.
    • Amy, after backhanding Tom for laughing off their ordeal in Terragrigia:
    • Rebecca jokingly rebukes the MC for calling her Becky:
    • The chapters immediately following the events of Resident Evil 6 are called The Rise of Hell and The Reign of Chaos, referencing this line from in-game:
      Carla Radames: "Hell will rise and chaos will reign!" *proceeds to laugh maniacally
    • Rebecca mentions they're studying Natalia's hand, which (unbeknownst to the MC, whom she's talking to) was ripped off by a missed bullet, prompting this response:
      The MC: "… Natalia's hand comes off?"
    • There is a character named Doug who jokingly names a virus "George Bush," which allows a reference to this famous video:
      The MC: "In less than five minutes, George Bush will be released into the atmosphere."
    • When the MC arms the Regia Solis, the time it'll take for the satellite to begin hitting Terragrigia? Seven minutes.
    • Claire references her line at the end of Resident Evil 2 right before shooting Illumina with a rocket:
      Claire: "You LOSE, little girl!"

The Ring of the Nibelung

  • The Cliff:
    • Literally. Mime and Brünnhilde's son is called Regin, the name of Mime's counterpart from Norse mythology. The latter was Wagner's main source of inspiration for the Ring cycle.
    • Regin is enormously like Mime in looks and personality, barely having any resemblance to Brünnhilde. In Siegfried, Siegfried muses that if Mime ever had a son, the latter would look exactly like Mime.
    • Gunther jokingly says that if Mime wasn't so skilled with a hammer, he would have married Brünnhilde, which is what he does in The Twilight of the Gods.


Sailor Moon

  • In A New Order Zoicite dies when he's reduced to a charred, blackened skeleton. This was what happened to Jadeite in the manga.

The Smurfs

  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf : Narrator in "Empath's Wedding" recites a modified version of his Gargamel battle sequence speech from The Smurfs during a similar one in the Imaginarium, with Grouchy reacting the same way.
    Narrator: There comes a time when every Smurf must stand up for what is good and cute and blue in the world. And on this very night before Empath and Smurfette's wedding, that time is now!
    Grouchy: Hey, seriously?
    Narrator: Sorry, it's kind of what I do.
    • In "Gargamel's First Catch", which is an adaptation of "The Smurfnapper" from the comic books, Duncan tells the fallen Gargamel that he would have made haggis from his innards, which is what Gutsy said to Patrick Winslow in The Smurfs movie.
    • Jokey in "Empath The Bandit Smurf" (an adaptation of "The Jewel Smurfer") lampshades that he should have been the one who was lost and taken instead of Empath, since that's what happened in the original story.
    • Grouchy and Duncan McSmurf in "A Vision Of The Blue Moon" (a retelling of Baby Smurf's origin) intercept Clumsy from joining in the Blue Moon Festival Dance and get smacked in the face the same way Clumsy does to Grouchy and Gutsy in The Smurfs movie.
  • In Raven Child's "How Things Smurf" from her The Smurfette Village series, there is a Synthetic Plague that wipes out the Smurfs and Smurfettes known as "The Blue Plague", named for one of the episodes in The Smurfs.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • In Robb Returns, Benjen meets Coldhands in his ranging when he seeks a wight hand to show what's going on. Benjen is a candidate for being Coldhands in the books — and some characters imply he will become his successor.
    • Bronn is promised a keep. Unlike Tyrion, Jon Arryn manages to deliver very soon.
    • Daenerys gets her three dragons after a fire burns three people (one that wanted to protect her, the other to kill her and the latter having nothing to do with the attack) while she is in the fire.


  • In the original Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker would sometimes sarcastically observe that "the old Parker luck is running true to form" whenever his Butt-Monkey status came back to bite him. In Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light, Mary Jane Watson is much more of a Butt-Monkey than Peter, and so she makes the same references to "the old Watson luck" when things go badly for her as well.

Star Trek

Steven Universe

  • In What Might Have Been, when Rose asks if Garnet can foresee any possible futures if the Diamonds are planing any retaliations. She sees two; they corrupt everyone on Earth instead of Rose and two gems next to her, or the creation of the Cluster.


  • In Hellsister Trilogy:
    • Kara mentions she once made Lois believe she was married to Superman in Lois Lane #55.
    • Satan Girl references several former Supergirl's adventures: Red Kryptonite making Supergirl grow a second head in Action Comics #283, the birth of Satan Girl in Adventure Comics #313 and the appearance of Nightflame in Adventure Comics #421.
    • The Spectre states it's the second time he rescues Kara after the events of War World
    • In the third story, Kara mentions her meeting with Lightning Man in Action Comics #289.


  • In the Earth-1 fanfic Superman Family: The Legacy, Supergirl's ex Salkor explains how he and Kara could have a child without her knowing by telling Superman that on his world babies are grown in Uterine Replicators, even using the exact phrase "birthing matrix" from Post-Crisis portrayals of Krypton. Bronze Age Supes thinks the whole thing sounds cold and clinical.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

  • In The Chronicles of Karai Getting Her Shit Together, when Raphael's lack of interest in pursuing a relationship with a human becomes apparent, Leo cites that his type must be "out of this world", referring to his relationship with Mona Lisa in-canon.

Teen Titans

  • New Tamaran:
    • The future revealed in the epilogue has characters from Kingdom Come, Batman Beyond, and Earth-Two.
      • Slade's new apprentices include Galatea.
    • Supergirl calls Lex Luthor a diseased maniac.
    • The iconic scene from Crisis on Infinite Earths of Superman screaming as he's holding Supergirl's corpse is recreated with Wonder Girl in Superman's place.
    • The warden of Arkham, and later Belle Reeve, is none other than Lyle Bolton.
    • Bumblebee was a sidekick for the Atom, just like she was in Young Justice.
    • Wonder Girl reveals that Kyle Rayner made her a heart-shaped necklace from green ring light, just like he did in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #78.
    • The end of Justice Returns is a Shout-Out to the beginning of Divide and Conquer, the first Teen Titans episode.

Tolkien's Legendarium

Tweeny Witches

  • "The Reason He Lies": Sigma mentions Jestor, the best scientist among his people, as another example of how not even a warlock in the majority is safe once he offends the dictatorship even in the slightest way. Jestor is the posthumous antagonist of "The Secret of Dragon House" in The Adventures, the OVA spin-off of the original series, and he was accused of high treason in canon just like Sigma's father is in the fic.

The Walking Dead

  • Shane's reaction to murdering Rick in Better Angels is a lot colder than Rick's reaction to murdering Shane in canon. However, there is a sentence that references the scene where Rick blames Shane for taking things this far, where Shane imagines Rick's corpse shouting this at him.
    Rick: You did this! Not me! NOT ME!


  • Wyvern: As the story goes on, it's shown that Taylor got Lung's canon ability to turn into a dragon, while Lung was the one who got Taylor's canonical bug control power. During a fight, this results Lung (in this universe called Inago) nearly killing Vicky the same way that canon Taylor killed Alexandria.

Young Justice

  • A brief mention is made in the beginning of Universal Constant of an incident in which Superboy — suffering from a breakdown after discovering M'gann had tampered with his mind — attempted to run away to Honolulu, only to be caught by Superman, who then took him to his parents farm in Smallville to help him heal. In the 90s Superboy comics, the titular character spent the beginning (and for the majority) of the comic living in Honolulu, and in the very last issue, Superman brought him to live with the Kents after a traumatic event.
    • In the same section, Kon reminisces on how he managed to piece his ears before Superman caught him. The Kon-El Superboy used to be frequently depicted with pieced ears in his first appearance and throughout the 90s.


  • There are a LOT of them in Arc-Ved Protagonists, to all throughout the various Yugioh installments
    • In "Coming right back": When Yugi is explaining the story of Dark Magician, he states that he waited 3 or 5 millennia to meet his friend again, forgetting which one. In the 4Kids dub of the original Yugioh, it was 5 millennia, but originally it was 3. Also, when Yugi comes in, he is described as wearing his jacket like a cape, something Yami did back in DM with the Domino High school uniform, Yuya makes note of this, thinking it looks cool, referencing that he is seen doing the same thing with his school uniform in Arc-V.
    • In "Synchro Testing": Yusei summons monsters from both the anime and the manga, as well as monsters from neither. One monster he summons is Cosmic Blazar Dragon, which was supposedly used by an alternate version of him from the time line Z-one originated from in 5Ds. Furthermore, Akiza is stated to be a doctor and even patches up Yugo's broken arm, referencing how she chose to become a doctor to help people by the end of 5Ds.
    • In "Reluctant Choice": Atticus puts on a small black mask that only covers the upper half of his face, just like the mask he wears when taking on the powers of Nightshroud (aka Darkness) in GX. Also, the last turn of the duel has singularities with the last turn of the first duel in Arc-V, where Yuya/Yuri is able to summon their Ace Dragon, after getting a slight boost from Zarc when their field is empty and they have seemingly bricked, and attacks with it to win the duel with the help of the dragon's effect.
    • "Dark Fusion", being the longest of the stories, has more then the rest:
      • The monsters Sora summons when facing Jaden are the same ones he summon when facing Shun in Arc-V, even summoned in the same order and with the same materials.
      • Whenever someone fusion summons without needing to activate a card effect first, Jaden refers to it as Contact Fusion, the term used in GX to describe when he did just that with the Neo-Spacains.
      • The outfits Syrus, Bastion, Hassleberry, and Chazz all wear after switching out of the Duel Academy blazers are based on alternate outfits they wore in GX. For Syrus Hassleberry, and Bastion, it is what they wore before joining Duel Academy, and for Chazz, it is what he switched to when he temporarily transferred to North Academy.
      • When Super Dark Fusion is first activated, the situation is similar to when Super Polymerization is first used in GX. In both cases, Evil Hero Infernal Gainer just returned to the field from it's own effect, and was then Fused to the only monster the opponent had out on their field thanks to the quick-play spell cards, and then the monster summoned from them latter made the last attack to end the duel.
      • During the last chapter, Jaden scenes the 4 Dimensional Dragons in Yuya's deck in a way similar to how his cannon self sensed the Egyptian Gods in Yugi's deck during the last episodes of GX.. Furthermore, some of what he says to Glow Moss latter on echo what his thoughts in that duel were.
      • Also, the ending of the last duel shares singularities with the ending of the last duel in season 1 of GX, Where Jaden plays Battle Fusion to power up his monsters when his opponent attacks it, only for the attacking monster to get stronger despite this, causing Jaden to play Final Fusion to end the duel in a Draw.


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