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  • When Tony is kidnapped by bandits, they brand him on the chest with a mark that looks similar to comic Tony's Arc Reactor.
  • A Lannister loses a hand because they tried to save someone. Cersei takes a blast by Iron Man to protect Joffrey.
  • A Stark parent swears unholy revenge against the Lannisters after helplessly seeing their eldest child from the opposite gender dying in front of them. Beware Ned Stark's fury.
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  • Greatjon Umber leads the Northern and Riverlander lords in naming the head of House Stark as King In The North. This time, though, Ned is the recipient of said naming.
  • The "life-for-a-life" thing from the books becomes true here again. When Logan carries a still living Khal Jhaqo with him into the bonfire Daenerys makes, this proves to be enough to unlock a mutation in the two of them, giving Logan his comic book powers and Daenerys the ability of Playing with Fire.
  • The man that meets Varys as Nikolos Fury is blonde and light-skinned, and Varys mentions the person under that name he met before was dark-skinned and bald. The mysterious Council that appears to be behind Varys and Fury suggested the latter to recruit Antony in on their group with the "You just entered a bigger world" speech. Arguably a double one, since the first Fury claims that the other only wears an eyepatch to copy him, resembling the fact that he is based on the original version of Fury, while the other is based on the Ultimate/Cinematic version.
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  • When Robb's marriage with Walder Frey's daughter is finalized, they plan to have the ceremony held in camp, rather than at the Twins. To which Robb comments that it feels like it would have been a bad idea to have had the wedding there.
  • In MCU canon, Asgardians keep calling Phillip Coulson "Son of Coul" due to not understanding modern Earth naming conventions. When Coulson's counterpart in this story, Phylup, shows up, it's stated that his father actually was a man named Coul.
  • Jon is betrothed to Black Widow, meaning he's once again romantically paired with a red-haired woman.
  • It's highly unlikely Squirrel Girl will make an appearance, but we do at least get Jaime joking that next he'll be told about a girl and her army of squirrels.
  • Varys' riddle to Tyrion about who has the power when a king, a septon and a rich man meet in a room and try to convince a sellsword to kill the others is posed by several characters, each of which has a different interpretation of the answer.
  • During the second book, Oberyn suggests that Tony build a chariot race track at Iron Point. Wouldn't be the first time Tony dealt with a race track during the second part of a series. And Vanko is in this one, too.
    • And Vanko showed up at this race, too.
    • Vanko manages to escape when someone fakes his death and gets him out.
  • Arya and Gendry end up in Harrenhal, with Arya being taken in by Tywin Lannister as his cupbearer.
  • After meeting Roslin Frey, Jojen Reed tells her she's better off married to Robb Stark than his uncle Edmure Tully.
  • Tony quotes a sellsword he met who had a flair for the dramatic and a very warped sense of humor, whose Catchphrase was "Maximum effort". Clearly Deadpool has a Westeros counterpart. He appears in a vision of Jorah Mormont's future.
  • Tony notes to himself that, while he'd prefer not to race in an outfit that looked like his Iron Man suit, red and gold are his colors, and he can't just go around wearing Westerlands colors. The colors of House Westford are blue and black, the same colors as his racing outfit in Iron Man 2.
  • Rhodey favors a Braavosi fighting style called War Machine.
    • In chapter 31, he finally puts on an armor that resembles the War Machine armor.
  • In reference to Stan Lee's numerous Creator Cameos in the MCU, a man matching his description shows up in Chapter 20 of A Crack of Thunder, in a scene that echoes the "Tony Stank" joke from Captain America: Civil War.
  • In Tony's research on Vanko's whips he has found writings from Maester Mordo and an etching of Omega Red who is described as the North's whip wielding boogieman.
  • Roslin makes mention of meeting a Ser Thomus Cassidy, who's strangely obsessed with his godswood. This is a clear reference to Marvel villain Black Tom Cassidy, who is known for his control over plants.
  • Jon is told to "kill the boy and become the man". Unfortunately for Tony, Jon was more than capable of firing down all of his arguments and deliver a few of his own back at him.
  • Bruce saves his cousin from dying by giving her something that turns her into She-Hulk.
  • Brienne saying that her secret is that she's always angry.
  • While exploring Harrenhal, Arya recalls the story of how a previous ruler of the castle was killed by an assassin called Erik the Blade, and notes a statue of Dormammu.
  • Tony was nearly forced to marry a then 3-month-old Wynafryd Manderly "to secure White Harbor", much like Tyrek Lannister was forced to marry a recently born Ermesande Hayford so the Lannisters could claim House Hayford's lands. Unlike Tyrek, though, Tony left before the wedding could go through.
  • When finally introduced, Magneto dismisses some soldiers attempting to attack him with the line "You mortals and your arrows", which is clearly based on his famous "You Homo Sapiens and your guns" line from X-Men.
  • The Vulture King, the Dornish bandit warlord who plagued the early Targaryen regime, is mentioned to have had a wing harness, obviously making him a precursor for the Spider-Man villain the Vulture.
  • At one point, Bran has a dream vision of Jon and Dany fighting the Night King at the canon Battle of Winterfell, though Jojen tells him that the changes in the timeline mean that this will never happen now.
  • Since this version of Jon and Dany will likely never get together, the Surprise Incest moment instead comes when it's revealed that Jane is Loki's daughter, meaning she and Thor are actually niece and uncle (albeit not blood-related).
  • Apparently there was an incident in Vanaheim in the year 616 that Thor is embarrassed by. 616 is the designation of the prime Marvel Universe that the comics take place in.
  • A reason why Loki enjoyed so much his Midgardian life as Davos Seaworth was because it forced him to change. Comics Loki bluntly expressed he "would rather die than not change".
  • In a literal Mythology Gag, the venom Loki uses to torture and deform Amora is the same poison that he's tortured by during his imprisonment in actual Norse myths.
  • When the Guardians of the Galaxy show up, Rocket reveals that (with the exception of Star Lord), they're spirits who have taken people's forms shortly before they died. Gamora actually did this in the original Infinity Gauntlet comic, along with Adam Warlock.
  • When the wildfire explosion at the Battle of the Blackwater unleashes power enough to start mutating people, one of the afflicted is Lord Marcos Specture who claims he can hear the moon speak to him. One of Marc Spector's major dilemmas was wondering if he truly was serving the moon god Khonsu or was just batshit insane.
  • Brienne's knighting near the end of A Crack of Thunder is very similar to her canonical one from Season 8, though still quite different.
  • Rickon is shown dancing on his own while listening to "Come and Get Your Love", like Peter Quill in the title sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy.
    • Similarly, the Guardians first show up to the "Ooga Chaka" of "Hooked on a Feeling," the same song that played for the trailers of their films.
  • Steve Rogers chastising someone on their language.
  • A fight scene is scored to "Come a Little Bit Closer" just like in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and during the fight Clynt whistles before killing somebody with an arrow, a nod to Yandou.
  • Deadpool's first proper scene (as opposed to appearing in a vision) also features Ajax and Black Tom, who appeared in his movies. He mocks the former's true name of "Francis" and treats the latter's death as a hate crime (despite not actually being black), reflecting jokes from the films.
  • Our proper introduction to Spider-Man sees him interfering in a robbery carried out by criminals wearing masks styled on Targaryen kings whom he playfully pretends are the real thing, then pretends to just realize that they are imposters, just like the scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming where he confronts the bank robbers wearing Avengers masks.
  • In their introduction chapter the story for the first time has the characters break the fourth wall by giving the readers the Into the Spider-Verse introduction of who they are.
  • Since instead of Arya having a kill list like in canon (instead focusing on remembering her loved ones), that list is instead recited by Sansa, in order to maintain her mind after her spirit wargs into Lady's body.
  • Our introduction to this universe's version of Sam Wilson (named Isamalwi Iso Malsosla here) has him approach Jon from behind while saying "On your left."

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