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It's Hero Time

One would think that in a world where everyday people possess impossible abilities nothing would really be a surprise. Izuku Midoriya, who upon the age of four was diagnosed as Quirkless, was denied of his dream of becoming a hero that can save everyone with a smile. But fate gives him a chance; allowing him access not one but a universe of powers and abilities.

Heroes Never Die It's Hero Time (alternate link to Archive of Our Own here) is a crossover between Ben 10 and My Hero Academia by CreateGunner1209 in which instead of gaining One For All Izuku Midoriya discovers the Omnitrix and becomes a hero with the powers of aliens.

Currently stands at 37 chapters and one bonus chapter.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Actually Pretty Funny:
    • Thirteen holds this view towards Zim's antics, which is why he doesn't arrest him. That, and the fact that Zim has been failing to take over the Earth for literal centuries.
    • Henzu thought this of Stain attacking Shikagari which the latter was not amused by.
  • Adaptational Badass:
    • Thirteen in cannon was a rescue hero with very little to no combat experience. Here due to their job as a Plumber, they are much more capable in combat due to experience fighting aliens.
    • Uraraka Is the Ninth wielder of One for All. Her powers boost to the point that she can fly and make Anti-gravity fields.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance:
    • Thirteen appears in chapter 2 investigating and interrogating Izuku after he saved Bakugou
    • Uraraka meets Izuku at the mall months before the UA entrance Exam
    • Gang Orca debuts during the internship arc as the Hero Izuku is interning under.
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    • Hisashi Midoriya appers after the Stain arc while in cannon he hasn't made an apperance
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul:
    • Izuku and All Might never go past a teacher-student relationship in the story with All Might believing that Izuku got his powers from All for One.
  • Adaptational Superpower Change:
    • Izuku has the Omnitrix rather than One For All.
    • Uraraka is the Ninth wielder of One for All which increases her gravity powers exponentially.
    • Downplayed with Dr. Animo. Here his ability to mutate animals comes from his quirk rather than technology.
    • Hex and Charmcaster's magical abilities are changed into Quirks.
  • Ascended Extra: Thirteen in the manga was a minor character who only had a minor appearance in the USJ arc. Here they are Izuku's mentor figure and a Plumber.
  • Big "WHAT?!":
    • Izuku's reaction to discovering that aliens exist is to freak out and panic.
    • Stain has this reaction when SixSix is imune to his quirk
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Not often but some characters do break the fourth wall. A great moment comes at the end of chapter 32, when SixSix is about to enter Japan's Plumber base. In fact, several of his translated statements break the wall.
    SixSix: Tysa ndetu eadr srreeda. (Translation: Stay tuned dear readers.)
  • The Cameo:
    • Many aliens from other series appear in the background of Mr. Baumann's shop, one of the most notable being Zim and Gir.
    • Several of Kouhei Horikoshi's other Characters from Oumagadoki Doubutsuen appear as Gang Orca's sidekicks.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: Izuku's advice towards Uraraka leading her to unlock her One For All abilities against Bakugou.
  • Clarke's Third Law: According to One-One, aliens visiting Earth is how stories of god-like figures and fairytales got started, with the Charms of Bezel really being incredibly advanced alien tech.
  • Curbstomp Battle: After being the instigator for many years, Bakugo gets to be on the receiving end of the curb stomp by his former victim, Izuku in his Water Hazard form.
  • Decomposite Character: Grandpa Max's role is divided between Hisashi Midoriya and Thirteen.
    • Thirteen takes on Max's role as the mentor figure teaching the wielder of the Omnitrix.
    • Hisashi Midoriya is a Plumber and has Grandpa Max's history with Vilgax.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Izuku invokes this at the U.A. Sports Festival, engaging in a Badass Boast that all classes must beat him to prove their worth. This is Midoriya's attempt at not only further motivating his classmates to perform better but also encouraging every alien across the Universe to stand up for themselves against tyrants like Vilgax.
    • Even though Izuku loses to Uraraka, everyone has a clear idea that they must be both skilled and powerful to take the former down otherwise they'll be toast.
  • The Dreaded:
    • As per canon both Vilgax and All for One are portrayed as this.
    • Played for laughs with Megawatts. They are considered one of the worst assignments that a Plumber has to deal with.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado make an aperance in chapter 20 as class 1A are leaving the school's gym.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Due to having no knowledge of Aliens or the Omnitrix and knowing that Izuku is Quirkless, All Might initially believes that Izuku got his powers from All for One. He later amends this to believe that his absent father was the one to make the deal with Izuku being none the wiser, since Izuku doesn't fit the profile of someone who would make such a deal.
  • Enemy Mine: Defied, with SixSix's presence in Hosu does not unite Stain with Izuku, Shouto, Ochaco, and Tenya but turns it into a three-way fight.
  • Expy: Henzu is obviously one to Kevin Levin.
  • Face of a Thug: Initially to Midoriya's dismay, many citizens are afraid of his transformations because of how monstrous-looking they look. However as Midoriya continues to use his transformations to do good, many people start to accept them.
  • Fantastic Racism: The main reason that Aliens don't reveal their extraterrestrial nature is fear that people from the Earth will hate them.
  • Fastball Special:
    • Shoji helps launch Midoriya to rescue Uraraka.
    • Midoriya returns the favor by using Water Hazard to propel Shoji towards Kirishima.
  • Flat "What": Uraraka simply says that explains a lot when she hears about the Omnitrix and aliens.
  • Foil:
    • Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka. Both are HumbleHeroes who have been given incredible powers; Izuku possesses the Omnitrix while Ochako wields One For All.
    • Katsuki Bakugo and Henzu Uuichi. Both are Quirks users, are close friends to Izuku Midoriya until they left him to pursue their own goals, and later developed an antagonistic relationship with him. However, Bakugo chooses the path of a Pro Hero and only becomes The Rival to Izuku while Henzu Uuichi chooses to join the League of Villains and becomes an Arch-Enemy to his former friend.
    • All for One and Vilgax. Both are The Dreaded who are unable to act due to injuries who wish to gain more power by using something that is not theirs, the Omnitrix for Vilgax, Quirks for All for One. Vilgax is a Front Line General who leads his planetary conquests from the front, while All for One is content to manipulate his to the top from the shadows.
  • For Want of a Nail:
    • Iida is unable to escape the U.S.J. and get help because of him getting sucked into one of Kurogiri's portals. He instead replaces Mineta as the third member of Izuku's group.
    • Izuku's use of the Omnitrix helps him and his classmates to push back the League Of Villains, preventing All Might from getting injured like in the canon story.
    • Having Shinso be part of Izuku's team helps him earn his Character Development way earlier than in canon.
    • Uraraka being chosen as the new wielder of One For All helps not only beat Bakugou but also win the U.A. Sports Festival.
    • SixSix's true form is revealed before the wielder of the Omnitrix goes into space.
    • During the Hosu incident Izuku is given permission to use his "quirk" to fight against the villains by Gang Orca. Due to this he is given credit for defeating Stain.
  • Gratuitous English: Despite taking place in Japan every character from Ben 10 has their English name.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Stinkfly's odor has been the source of ridicule throughout a large portion of Chapter 33 but proves itself useful in incapacitating Clancy.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Due to Quirks being a common phenomenon, most aliens can actually walk among human society without being suspected.
  • In Spite of a Nail:
    • Izuku still cleans up Dagobah beach.
    • While their teammates are different Izuku and Bakugou still fight in the battle trial with Izuku winning.
    • Izuku did manage to defeat Todoroki but he still lost at the final portion of the U.A. Sports Festival.
    • Despite interning with another hero Izuku still ends up in Hosu, fights Stain, earns Stain's respect by revealing himself to be a true hero, and is rescued by Stain after being captured after the fighting was assumed finished.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Mr. Baumann, while having a bad history with Midoriya, roots for him during the U.A. Sports Festival.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Most Pro Heroes don't know about aliens, with the only exceptions being those who are also Plumbers like Thirteen and Nezu. All Might is specifically kept out of the loop because his Chronic Hero Syndrome would get even worse if he learned about extraterrestrial crises that he could help with.
  • Made of Iron: Petrosapiens can tank attacks from the USJ Nomu. Downplayed in that they still feel pain from the attacks.
  • Magic from Technology: The Charms of Bezel are actually a higher form of technology that can perform feats similar to magic.
  • Man of Kryptonite:
    • Water Hazard is this to Bakugo. His hard shell and ability to produce water are both natural counters to Bakugo's abilities.
    • Due to their crystalline nature Petrosapiens are immune to Shigaraki's decay.
  • Mecha-Mooks: Just like in cannon Vilgax likes to use robotic drones to achieve his goals while recovering from his injuries.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Midoriya starts with 9 aliens instead of 10, reflecting how he was the Ninth holder of One for All in MHA canon.
  • Off with His Head!: Bakugou unintentionally does this when he attacks Deku as Lodestar. Thankfully, Lodestar can regenerate and pull himself back together.
  • Outside-Context Problem: Alien technology is this to Pro Heroes. It's shown to be far stronger and versatile than what the average Pro Hero is used to. Tetrax was able to fight both Shoto and Ururaka at the same time keeping them both on the defensive using only bounty hunting gear and not his alien abilities.
    • Alien biology as well with SixSix's blood making him immune to Stain's quirk, which caused the latter to briefly question what SixSix even was.
  • Phlebotinum Overload: Zombozo tries to force Izuku into laughing so he can absorb it. Izuku obliges while transformed into Buzzshock. At first, the clown is gleeful until the many, MANY Buzzshocks prove too much to handle that he explodes, reducing him to a pathetic skeletal state.
  • Pungeon Master: Izuku becomes this much to his fellow students' ire.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Because of Quirks aliens on Earth can walk around in the open simply by pretending to be humans with mutant Quirks.
    • Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi's quirk tells him if someone is lying to him, so when he questions Izuku who is hiding both aliens and the truth about the Omnitrix his quirk goes off.
    • Tetrax's desire for the Omnitrix confused both All Might and Naomasa as they don't see why someone would risk breaking into the USJ for a student's support item.
    • Due to having no knowledge of Aliens or the Omnitrix and knowing that Izuku is Quirkless, All Might knowing that only All for One and One for All can grant new power to someone, albeit in different manners, suspects that Izuku got his powers from All for One. However, as he realizes Izuku's sincerity in being a hero he comes to believe that Izuku's father made this bargain with Izuku being none the wiser.
    • Instead of jumping into the fray to help Gang Orca fight against the Nomu, Izuku freezes in surprise upon realizing that more Nomu actually exist.
    • Upon finding Izuku SixSix's first move was to prevent Izuku from using the Omnitrix by encasing it in a metallic sphere to make the bounty hunter's job easier.
    • Not being human allows for SixSix to be immune to Stain's quirk, something that not only took the latter off guard but burned his tongue when he consumed the former's blood.
    • SixSix's hyper-focus in acquiring the Omnitrix, combined with knowing Tetrax sought it as well, has caused Shouto to want answers. This also has affected his response to Nezu's fabricated evidence of SixSix being an assassin from another country hired by the League of Villains. While he does believe it, his body language conveys that he still wants answers as to why Tetrax and SixSix sought Izuku's 'support item.'
    • Like in My Hero Academia canon Chief Kenji Tsuragamae points out that the students could get in legal trouble if the truth about the Stain fight came out. However, as Nezu points out technically only three of them broke the law as Izuku received official permission for combat from Gang Orca when the Nomu attacked, fought Quirkless against Stain, and was actively defending himself due to being targeted by SixSix. Thus Tsuragamae declares that credit could be passed on to Endeavor or Izuku can officially claim credit for defeating the Hero Killer. And when Izuku declined the offer, Shouto, Ochaco, and Tenya went behind his back and ensured he publicly received credit, earning him a fan club, and the admiration (ex: Kirishima) and/or jealously (ex: Bakugou) of his classmates.
    • Due to believing that SixSix is an international assassin, Tsuragamae covers up his existence as the League of Villains having the resources to possibly hire an assassin to kill an up and coming hero from U.A. would cause a massive panic.
    • Izuku and Ochaco are surprised that a non Plumber like Gran Torino knows about aliens. However as the later explains: "I'm just your average pro hero, who just so happened to find out about aliens a little late into his career and has been lending a hand here and there.”
    • Due to All Might's drive to become the Symbol of Peace to save everyone, neither Nezu nor Gran Torino informed him about aliens existing as they felt he would put even more pressure on himself to become the Symbol of Peace for the Galaxy instead of just Earth.
    • While Inko was excited by Hiashi returning after his long absence, Izuku didn't recognize him until his father spelled it out for him.
    • the second bonus chapter shows Izuku trying to learn how to use his hoverboard. He crashes multiple times. Skateboards are hard to master even without flight involved.
  • Refuge in Audacity: How does Nezu prevent aliens from invading earth? Every year he broadcasts the U.A. Sports festival across the Galaxy to show how powerful and varied humans are.
  • Second Place Is for Winners: Even though he comes in second place at the U.A Sports Festival, Izuku is still being acknowledged and praised for his performance there. When Midoriya gets to school, he learns that he has the most internship offers out of his entire class because many Pro Heroes are very interested in his Combo Platter Powers that can solve any situation.
  • Ship Tease: Izuku and Uraraka have several moments where the two seem to have the spark.
  • Start X to Stop X: Midoriya accidentally accesses Big Chill and Heatblast to counter Todoroki's ice and fire abilities. And the aliens prove to be far superior over that Todoroki can dish out.
  • Stealth Mentor: Gang Orca actually helps Midoriya to improve his powers by having him do various chores that'll make him pushes himself further or think creatively.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Izuku admits that he actually feels sorry for Clancy, knowing full well what is like to be pushed around by others. Gang Orca agrees with this but then says that it is still no excuse for what the villain is about to do and expresses relief that Izuku rises above the temptation in lashing out against his tormentors.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shikagari and Henzu have shades of this.
  • The Talk: Ochaco and Izuku briefly think that Shouto is asking them for this due to how he words his first question to them when he tells them about his backstory and how they made him break his vow not to use his fire.
  • Villain Has a Point:
    • The villain Henzu might be a member of the League of Villains but he is not wrong in how unfair society is.
      Henzu: "This society will bend over backwards to please those that they view as perfect... as hero worthy. And they'll trample anyone who doesn't fit that mold."
    • Rojo also brings up a good point about pro hero's even Uraraka admits she is making sense.
      Rojo: "Those heroes out there are not here to save you. But to make themselves look good so they can become famous, get a fatter paycheck, and with that comes power. That's also why they won't risk coming in here. Because if they fail then that's bad press, with bad press comes a loss in popularity, which equals a real loss of money"
    • Like in My Hero Academia canon Stain chastises Iida's need for vengeance, rather than trying to focus on helping Native, a fellow hero Stain injured.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 6: Midoriya's friendship with Henzu is shattered and Henzu, having using his Quirk on the Omnitrix has absorbed all of Midoriya's aliens' abilities.
    • Chapter 26: Uraraka wins the U.A. Sports Festival.
    • Chapter 36: Izuku is given credit for defeating Stain while Vilgax sends Psyphon to contact the League of Villians.
    • Chapter 37: Hisashi Midoria returns from space.
  • Weaksauce Weakness:
    • Bakugo may have one of the strongest quirks in 1-A but because nitroglycerin is water-soluble if he gets wet he loses a lot of power behind his explosions.
    • Like a real turtle if Terraspin is knocked on his back he can't get back up.
    • Ripjaws needs water to breathe and can barely function on land without water to prevent him from gasping for breath.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Henzu was Izuku's only friend in middle school but they had a falling out after Henzu wanted to use Izuku's powers to commit crimes.


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