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Get comfortable — you're probably going to be here for a while...

  • His entire karaoke video in which he constantly changes the lyrics to the songs in the most surreal ways possible. For example, "Home" by Michael Bublé becomes a threat to hit the listener with a shoe, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer" becomes a story about Santa and Tim McGraw recording a Christmas album, and "Dream On" culminates in Dunkey repeatedly screaming the song title instead of the actual lyrics.
    • His lyrics for "My Heart Will Go On":
    Near, far, wherever you are
    Leonardo DiCaprio, you stole my Django
    You're here, there's nothing to fear
    This ship is unsinkable
    Watch out for that ice cube!
    Whoever made this ship is a dipshit.
  • From "Hitman Goes to The Book:"
    Dunkey: "Wait a minute, there's been a murder...Hitman killed one maid!"
    • Some context: He killed almost everyone in the hotel. And the room is full of dead maids, while the one in question was killed by someone else.
    • From the same video.
    Blake Dexter: Yee-ha! Lemme tell ya, I don't ordinarily yee-ha. But that was a fuckin' yee-ha! Fuckin' Christmas! (Game pauses)
    Dunkey: Did I write the dialogue for this game?
    • His other Hitman video. He talks about how he's trying to get the Silent Assassin rating on the levels, which involves making the kill look like an accident.
    Dunkey: To get Silent Assassin you gotta make the kill look like an accident. Okay? So I gotta go up here. (Takes out two pistols and begins firing like crazy) Oops! Oops! Oops, an accident! Look at what I did on accident!
    • Him crawling around on the ground in plain sight, much to the confusion of the police officers.
    Officer: Sir, do you have something to hide?
    Dunkey: I'm Hitmaaaaan.
    Officer: Are you intoxicated!?
    Dunkey: I'm will never find me.
    Officer: Eh...I've seen worse.
    • Him randomly interrupting the video to startle the viewer with a picture of a squirrel.
  • It's hard to pick out individual moments in his Happy Wheels series, but special mentions are:
    Dunkey: All right, I made a horrible decision.
    • Part 10, as Irresponsible Dad he launches his kid off the bike as he rockets down an incline.
    Dunkey: Off the bike, dead weight! Ladies, if you like my parenting techniques, be sure to add me on League at "pussyfucker69". And, uh, there's not sixty-eight other people named pussyfucker, you know what I'm saying.
  • Dunkey's Top 100 games, which includes almost every Shrek game ever made because Dunkey is afraid of being scolded by Donkey, as well all the Dynasty Warriors and Madden games in a row.
    • Not to mention Crazy Taxi. Many times over.
    • When he talks about Pepsiman, his voice and the music are both muffled when Pepsiman is shown walking around with a trash can on his head.
    • "Welcome to Jurassic Park! Visit my park! Pet my dinosaurs! And as a bonus hilarious joke, I've released the tyrannosaurus rex!"
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    • "Furby... Furby... Furby... KILL!!!"
  • His parodies of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One reveals.
    • Dunkey having Andrew House (Or as Dunkey refers to him, Fredrick Playstation) call Yoshinori Ono "Jackie Chan." And having a lost and completely confused Shinji Hashimoto enter and exit to Dunkey singing Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting."
    Shinji Hashimoto: Thank you!....Thank you...thank you....where am I? Where am I...who am I?.....Thank you. Thank you very much!
    Andrew House: We found him wandering outside the nursing home.
    Don Mattrick: And I am Don...Cheadle! But you can just call me...Robert Xbox, if you know what I'm sayin'!
    • From the same video, when Yusuf Medhi gets introduced.
    Robert Xbox: Now introducing, my best friend, Yusuf from Gay Tony
    (Loud and silly music starts playing as Yusuf walks onto the stage, which continues into his speech, making most of it inaudible)
    Yusuf: -to mention that the new Xbox doesn't actually play any- any video games whatsoever, but we can watch my favorite movie, The Hobbit. Xbox...turn on Hobbit! Turn Hobbit on!
    (A still image of Ori appears)
    Yusuf: There he is!
  • The E3 2013 video, especially the Microsoft conference.
    • Metal Gear Solid V
    Robert Xbox: Wow, doesn't that just look amazing folks, I'm Robert Xbox, and Metal Gear Five is coming exclusively to the Xbox One, isn't that right?
    Hideo Kojima: Uh, no. Actually it's also coming to Playstation 4 as well.
    Robert Xbox: I look like an idiot right now. Get the fuck off my stage. Get the fuck out of here.
    • Forza Motorsports
    Announcer: Now, ladies and gentleman, introducing, the president of Microsoft.
    (The Forza Motorsports car begins rising from the stage)
    Car: Hello everyone. I am a car, and Bill Gates.
    • From the Nintendo conference.
    Dunkey: Reggie, all these games are multiplayer focused, will we be seeing online play.
    (Slow dramatic zoom in on Satoru Iwata)
    Iwata: Nope! Goodbye everybody!
  • From his Spy Fox video.
    Spy Fox: I have a feeling that I'm about to do something really...predictable.
    Dunkey: EEEEEEEE-
    Subtitles: [Yeah, sure, I'm abusing my position to make long subtitle jokes. Can you blame me? He's still beatboxing back there, it's not like you're missing anything. You don't like it, go find another pre-2014 video to sub. I'm having fun. Alright, thanks for listening. He's almost done, then the subs will continue as normal. We cool? We cool.]
  • Dunkey's various prank calls in Papa John is a Fraud.
    Dunkey: Is this Pizza Hut?
    Woman: Yes it is.
    Dunkey: More like Pizza Butt! (Laughs)
    (A caption appears saying "First time I ever called here.)
    Dunkey: Ha-ha, gotcha! And I better get my damn pizza too.
    • Dunkey has a stroke of absolute genius and uses Skype to call two Spaghetti Factories and having them talk to each other.
    Amy: Thank you for calling The Old Spaghetti Factory, this is Amy, how may I help you?
    Man: (Barely audible)
    Amy: Sorry?
    Man: This is The Old Spaghetti Factory.
    Amy: Yes.
    Man: Can I help you?
    Amy: Sorry?
    Man: Can I help you?
    Amy: You just called me.
    Man: I didn't call anybody.
    Amy: Oh, I just answered the phone. (Giggles)
    Man: Okay.
    Dunkey: You guys are in love now!
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  • In his 60k milestone video, Dunkey tries to have an online Chatroulette dance party with someone. As Dunkey's dancing, the man proceeds to silently pull out a gun. What does Dunkey do? He keeps dancing.
  • In his 20k milestone video, he can't get anyone to do anything beyond just blankly staring at him. He then ends the video saying, "It's just a bunch of assholes on there!"
  • At the end of his 50k milestone video, the person who Dunkey's dancing with suddenly ends up slipping and falling.
  • Dunkey donning a curly-haired Weird Al-esque wig for his 1 million milestone video.
  • The description for his Beyond Two Souls video reads, "In the next youtube update you have to solve 8 puzzles to post a comment." Most of his fans consider this to be a CMOF better than the video itself.
  • His Ackbar Flash videos is a series full of Crowning Moments of Funny that epitomize Early Installment Weirdness.
  • In "Dunk Souls", Dunkey does a hilarious inversion in which he chases a boulder. Him singing the Indiana Jones theme as he's doing it makes it so much funnier.
    • And then, when he gets to a treasure chest, the Zelda item acquired theme starts playing... it's a Mimic. Cue Freak Out.
  • In Sneak Mouse, when Dunkey adds captions to a Turkish donkey plush commercial, it makes the ad 20 times funnier.
    Mint condition dunkey
    from sbarro pizza
    women love him
    but what do kids think of dunkey?
    Girl: Fuck you, dunkey.
    Dunkey plush (echoing): Fuck you, dunkey.
    dunkey chunk
    chunk motherfuckers
    but don't dip him in the milk
    someone ruined this kid
    comes with shotgun
    don't tell your parents who gave it to you
    Girl: dunkey!
    Dunkey plush (echoing): dunkey!
    59 cents off with coupon
    but watch out
    if dunkey finds out you used the coupon
    he will gun your entire family down in front of you
    (commercial ends)
    Actual Dunkey: What the fuck was that?
  • Dunkey annoying people playing Counter-Strike by advertising his Website/YouTube channel. All is going according to plan until...
    Dunkey: You know, after getting stabbed in the back, that reminds me, go to
    Player: You actually sound like Dunkey.
    Dunkey: Uh oh...
  • Dunkey playing BioShock Infinite, and reacting in absolute horror every time he drinks a tonic and Booker's hands start morphing. He does this four times until finally...
    Dunkey: (Pops the top off of the tonic) I will never learn! (Drinks tonic, and Bookers hands start becoming covered in wind) AH! AAAAA- Oh, this one isn't that bad, actually.
    • Dunkey's treatment of the Voxophones in the game.
    Dunkey: These tape recorders are really important, you gotta get these to learn the story.
    Comstock: As a boy...I had a dog named "Bill."
    Dunkey (As Comstock): My favorite ice cream was always strawberry.
    • Then at the end of the video, as Booker is drowned by a load of Elizabeths from different multiverses, and his life begins to fade away, the last words echoing in his mind are "As a boy, I had a dog named "Bill."
  • His singing in Cho Graph.
    Don't need no Derby!
    Don't need no Herby!
    Don't need no Furby!
    Don't need no Chirby!
    Don't need no Kirby!
    Don't need no Burby!

    Zed please come back here!
    Brett Farve is Packers!
    I like graham crackers!
    Don't need no baba!
    Don't need no chacha- YOU BITCH!

    Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door!
    Knock, knock, knockin' on dickem's doooooooor!
    Ehhh, ehhh, ehhh, AHHHHH SHIT! He really doesn't mess around...
    • Dunkey torturing an unfortunate Riven repeatedly throughout the video.
    Dunkey: (trying to taunt a Nidalee into hitting him) Shoot me, ya dumb bitch-(Riven comes to gank) oh, what the hell is going on over here? (immediately combos Riven and kills her with ease) JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON OVER HERE, RIVEN?! HUH?
  • The strange Asian fan from his Rust video.
    • Whose voice appears again in his Uh Oh Dinger video.
    • And again in "Backstreet Boys Baby"
  • The Gainax Ending of "Bill Cosby", where the camera rises in what is supposedly heaven as a slew of animated gifs of angels, babies, and Christian symbols fill the sky, all while Dunkey sings "September".
  • Him pretending to be Eddie Murphy in "Eddie Murphy calls Taco Bell". No one falls for it.
    • On the next-to-last call, he goes under the identity of Frederick Dinkledick, and the guy on the other end actually rolls with it.
  • The Steel Man, which is just a showcase of various glitches and bad/silly gameplay from Superman games. At one point, Superman is shown flying, only to suddenly appear surprised. As the music builds, he's revealed to have been looking at a goofy picture of Ori.
  • The start of Hell Jam.
    Dunkey: Man, you look like a Burger King, Burger King, Burger King, Burger King, BU BU BU BU BU BU BU BU BU BU BU BU, Burger King BITCH!
  • From his 100k video, he goes into a public restroom and then screams "A HUNDRED THOUSAND!"
  • His second Lego Star Wars video, when Yoda arrives.
    Obi-Wan: Oh look! It's Yoda! I told you this was Dagobah, guys!
    Count Dooku: Ah, what the fuck...
    Obi-Wan: Yoda's here! There he is!
    Obi-Wan: Classic Yoda, always with the wisecracks, this guy.
  • From his Special Offer video, he asks viewers to click the subscribe button on his new website, saying "No pressure." Cue a bunch of annotations popping up saying things such as:
    "I will stab your son"
    • He also mentions a Dunkey Gold Membership for those who can't get out of Bronze which is absolutely free...for only $100.
    • The testimonial of Bonus Grandpa (which comes with Dunkey Platinum).
    Bonus Grandpa: Before, I was nothing! Now with this terrible, terrible site, I am everything!
    • The Limited Edition Dunkey VIP Pass getting sold out before he can even finish talking about it.
    • During the Mega Dunkle Bonus Wondership announcement, he mumbles the price but it can be seen at the corner of the screen. It costs $8.2 billion.
  • From "Um Jammer Lamma" after Dunkey completes the Chop Chop Master Onion stage.
    Chop Chop: Lammy, look what you have in your hand.
    Lammmy: I don't know. What is it? (clearly a vacuum cleaner)
    • When he fails the Fright Flight level.
    Captain Fussenpepper: Ay! Well, let's see if we can do that again!
    Lammy: Again? But I don't have time!
    Dunkey: Never mind that I just fucking 90-degree nosedived the plane into the fucking ground, I don't have time!
  • How Dunkey utterly loses it when he sees Glover crawling around and doing cartwheels.
    • And again when he sees a hat named Mr. Tip.
  • From his "Arkham City Sucks" video:
    Dunkey: This man is a human tank! He can't see his own feet because his pectoral muscles weigh 300 pounds each! How is he sliding across the ground like a goddamn Olympic ice skater?
    • Dunkey showing himself doing nothing to fight in-game but tapping the triangle button for almost 30 seconds.
  • The entirety of Animal Soccer World, but special mention goes to the Aladdin musical number.
  • His Playstation All Stars Battle Royale video, when he lists a few of the characters.
  • Highlights from his E3 2014 video:
  • During his one million subscriber dance party video, he looks for more people to dance with on his Skype contacts list, and comes across an interesting name...
    Dunkey: "A Serial Rapist"? We gotta get this guy in here. We go-
    (as he doubleclicks, the Skype user's name is actually "FAGGERMAN", and his avatar (presumably a picture of himself) is a dorky looking kid with glasses on. Dunkey bursts out in laughter)
  • Four words: "Fuck you, Tim Allen."
    "OH SHIT, I'M PLAYING ON AN EMULATOR, IT DOESN'T SAVE! "Game over"? Where do I go? (back to title screen) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO--"
  • Who can forget in Saints Row when he held a street guitarist at gunpoint (he wanted him to play "Master of Puppets") completely naked?
  • At the start of his Far Cry video, where he witnesses two mooks getting absentmindedly run over by an onslaught of barrels and bursts into laughter.
    • When he selects "realistic" difficulty, his enemies can shoot him with insane accuracy through walls.
    • He actually has more time struggling on the easy difficulty than the hardest!
    • There's a moment where a helicopter is sent in presumably to kill Dunkey, but it merely hovers a little bit off the ground a few feet in front of him. He decides to chuck a grenade, and the helicopter randomly flies away.
    • When he sees two enemies in a Jeep, he manages to headshot the gunner, but the reaction is so delayed it seems as if "NOOOOOO!" and "Did you see something?" are being said by the same person.
    • Him driving a Jeep into the water thinking it can swim, getting surprised when it doesn't function, and then realizing that he was thinking of a boat.
    • When he approaches a Jeep on the shore of an island, he suddenly almost gets killed by a boat bombing him far away. He attempts to kill the bomber, and when he thinks the deed is done it launches another bomb that kills him.
    • "Did he just call me a wimp? Now I see why this game is rated M for language."
  • The bit in Cutscene 2 where he slows down the footage to briefly focus on a female champion's breasts. "Daaaaaamn" indeed.
  • Wildstar Impressions as a whole, considering the hilariously heinous contrast between the gameplay techniques the tutorial lays down and the actual gameplay itself.
  • In his Half-Life 2 dunkview, Dunkey states that the game "floored" him and that he actually fell through the floor and went to hell. Afterward, he said, "That's one hell of a game."
    • His comparison of modern-day FPS games and milk:
    "But FPS games are like milk. You know, one day, you go to the store, get some milk, you're like, 'Mmm, that's some good ass milk.' And then, uh, two weeks later, you drink the same milk, and you go, 'Wait a minute! This milk sucks balls!'"
    • The Running Gag of Dunkey finding reasons to bump the game's score up while still panning the game. The final score is a 3 out of 5.
    • Near the end, we see Dunkey trying repeatedly to kill Alyx with an assortment of weapons due to him being annoyed by her talking "for 3 hours" and being unable to skip. He then says the whole situation summarizes his feelings on the game: the guns are "completely ineffective".
    • There's a golden bit at the end where Dunkey begins talking about how the game redeems itself with its ending—with a nice shot of Alyx's butt.
  • Dunkey playing Viva Pinata.
    Dunkey: Immediately after the baby hatches, it is ready to mate with its own parents.
    (Caption: This is actually what you are supposed to do.)
    • Dunkey having to sit through all the cutscenes that he can't skip.
    • Dunkey beating a pinata to death with a shovel, when suddenly...
    Dunkey: Enough is enough. Ya piece of shit. You are OUTTA here!
    (Cutscene: Shovel Upgrade)
    Dunkey: Oh—what is— Shovel upgrade? (laughs) Just in time! This'll be perfect to beat the bunny to death.
    • Dunkey's garden.
    Dunkey: So here's my beautiful garden. Just a bunch of dead pinatas all over. Rated E for Kids.
    • In Costolot's store.
  • Dunkey's singing in Wukong Rides Again.
    Still don't need Durkel, hoo!
    Still don't need Urkel!
    Still don't need Furkel!
    Don't need no Gurkel, hoo!
    Don't need no (grunting noise), hoo!
    Don't need no (grunting noise), hah!
    A hundred donions!
    One hundred donions!
    A hundred dollahs, eh!
    A hundred dollahs, eh!
    Don't need no bunson!
    (Stops singing and music stops) But I do need a working internet connection, Time-Warner Cable, godda- OH, TURN THE VIDEO O-
    Other Player: I literally haven't eaten a piece of bread for, like, three years.
    Dunkey: 'Cos you're too scared, ya baby! Too much of a pussy to eat! I bet you won't eat the bread, ya scared baby-
  • League of Legends: Return of the King, starts with Dunkey killing everyone as Fiora... but fails to completa a pentakill because Kha'Zix successfully kited him. The end is golden, since he literally loses his mind while Kaneda's theme is playing on the background.
  • The video Game of the Year starts with Dunkey stating that Operation Flashpoint rightfully deserved to win Game of the Year. This statement is paired up with footage of a soldier clipping through the ground in-game. Not only that, but Dunkey lists several way-better games that Flashpoint apparently beat for the GOTY title.
    • His confusion on three games, all released in 2011, getting GOTY. He asks who was handing all of these titles out...and it then cuts to Jack Nicholson at an award show.
    Dunkey!Jack: And the Game of the Year goes to...Dead Island. And Men of War: Assault Squad. And AFL Live. And Dungeons. And..Two Worlds II?! What the FUCK?!
    [Cut to Dunkey frantically searching up the game on Metacritic.]
    Dunkey: WHO DID IT?!
    [Zoom in on a review made by a user named GamingXP, who gave the game a 90.]
  • The entirety of History of Gaming. "This is 100% real."
    • Concerning what historians call "the Golden Age" of gaming.
    "We saw the release of many classics like Tarzan for PS1. That's it."
  • Dunkey plays "Uncharted 4." Actually, he's playing Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta, a Saudi Arabian developed game that rips off Uncharted and Tomb Raider.
    • Dunkey reacting to all of the things the narrator says in the opening.
    Narrator: Next, on an all new Unearthed...
    Farris Jawad: It's in that cave, over there!
    Dunkey: That was the announcer doing both of those voices!
    Narrator: Danger lurks in every corner.
    Dunkey: Oh my god.
    Dania Jawad: You'll need to sneak in unnoticed. We're outnumbered and outgunned.
    Dunkey: Oh my god!
    Farris Jawad: That's my type of challenge!
    Dunkey: What!? [...]
    Farris Jawad: Oh my god!
    Dunkey: Oh my god!
    Dania Jawad: Watch out!
    Dunkey: What!? Wha-?
    Narrator: Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta.
    Dunkey: Wait a minute...this isn't Unchart-
    (Caption: THREE WEEKS AGO)
    Dunkey: Oh wait, there's more. There's a little more.
    • Farris Jawad, the game's Captain Ersatz of Nathan Drake, gets stuck in a climbing animation, and Dunkey can still freely control him.
    Dunkey: Oooooh. Never mind. This is Uncharted. This is the new Uncharted. As you can see, he's driving his, uh, invisible motorcycle around that he got from Uncharted 2. Um...
    (Farris Jawad teleports 50 feet away into a rock wall)
    Dunkey: Apparently it has a teleporting ability. Must have upgraded it.
    (Farris Jawad clips into a wall and disappears)
    Dunkey: I think he's gone now. I don't see him anymore.
    • Dunkey encounters a huge room where loads of boulders are being dropped and rolled into a pit, Indy Escape fashion.
    Dunkey: Oh damn, this could actually be challenging. So I guess you gotta dodge the-
    (Runs head on into several boulders. They bounce off of him)
    'Dunkey: Oh, no. The boulders don't hurt you at all I guess!
    • The gunplay.
    Dunkey: Here we are with another stealth part. I'm gonna take him out with a stealth takedown. Alright, here we go!
    (Pulls out shotgun and fires at an enemy's head. It does absolutely nothing)
    Dunkey: Oh. Of course, the shotgun is completely ineffective at close ranges.\\
(Begins killing guys much further away with the shotgun)
Dunkey: It should actually be used to snipe guys thousands of feet away from you.
  • From Dunkey's Best of 2014:
    • Dunkey's anger at the Speedrunners game including every Youtuber but him as a playable character.
    • Dunkey replacing a gunshot in Far Cry with a self-made sound effect.
    • The fact that you FUCKING PUT SHOES ON A LADDER in Broken Age.
    • Dunkey bequeathing the aforementioned game with a Kids Choice Award, showing a picture of Will Smith holding a KCA blimp award.
    • His, er, "walkthrough" of Super Mario Sunshine, showing how Nintendo Hard the game is (for example, some tasks take several years to accomplish if he is to be believed).
    Dunkey: The lilypad
    (zoom in on a sign with a skull-and-crossbones on it)
    Dunkey: NOOOOOO
  • Worst Game Yet, a Let's Play of Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks, a very poorly-made game Dunkey bought on Amazon for $6. Highlights include:
    • The sheriff driving him all the way back to where his truck started off, forcing him to spend 25 minutes walking back the way he came.
    Sheriff: Now let's go get your little truck...
    Dunkey: No, we just did that. We just- There's the- There's my truck! You're running into it! We just did that! My truck is literally stopping you from going to my truck! YOU IDIOT! STOP! STO-
    • After an interminably long vehicle section, Dunkey finds he can't climb a staircase without the speed-boosting moonshine powerup.
    "Oh God... No, not stairs! I forgot! You can't climb stairs in this game without the moonshine! Oh my fucking GOD you can't climb the god- I just drove- I just drove for thirty minutes in the goddamned boat to get to this fucking shitheap, and I CAN'T GET UP THE STAIRS!"
    [laughing] "I guess I'll just have to drive back!" [manic cackling]
    • Dunkey gets back to the dock, only to find his path blocked again.
    "I am just watching my life go down the- [sees another staircase] No. No. NOOO- Wait a minute. You can jump. See? [barely noticeable vertical movement] You guys see that? You can jump in this game."
    • The main character is supposed to be called 'Steve Earl.' Dunkey insists on being called 'Steve Urkel' instead.
    • The video starts off with the wagon ride hilariously pathing on top of a barn and completely screwing the first person camera up with the game's Ragdoll Physics, all while Dunkey is singing the mod's praises.
    "Hey fellas, I'm here with the new game Skyrim, it just came out." (Camera begins spazzing uncontrollably.) "This game is getting great reviews, I've heard some GREAT things about this from Joe Youtube...It's a first person shooter"
    • Dunkey choosing to play as...Sanic, of the Sanic race. Even funnier? Check Sanic's racial ability and disability. They are, respectively, "GO FAST" and "GOTTA GO FAST". Not to mention that its description is "CUMON STEP IT UP!!!"
    • When Dunkey winds up being sentenced to execution, motherfucking Thomas the Tank Engine comes in flying from the sky Deus ex Machina-style and fus-ro-dah's his executioners away.
    "Ladies and gentlemen, Skyrim is here to save us."
    • After this, we see Thomas picking someone off the ground and dropping them at a high height, complete with Wilhelm scream.
    "What have I done?"
    • When we see him fighting someone as Sanic, we see Sanic sliding around wildly, swinging his weapon randomly.
    "You can't hit what you can't see, Rudolph, you red nosed piece of SHIT. Get the fuck—"
    • named and designed after Tommy Wiseau. He even puts in the famous "Oh hi, Mark." sound clip.
    • Him and Tommy being attacked by a giant Tails, and Tommy dying in the battle. "YOU AH TEARING ME APART, LISA!"
    • Fus-ro-dah'ing farting. Followed by another NPC pleading him to stop his "shouting".
    • From 2:19 to 3:19 is pure and undiluted hell of the greatest variety. It lacks words strong enough to truly describe it in a way that gives it proper homage. You just have to see it for yourself.
    • A loading screen.
    Loading Screen: The horses of Skyrim are lazy pieces of shit that can somehow scale a 90 degree vertical incline but lack the ability to run faster than 12 mph.
    • Out of everything that has happened in the video, Dunk finally decides to leave when he sees a random crab in a top hat and monocle.
    "Come on, Master Chief, let's get the fuck outta here."
  • The montage in San Andreas where Dunkey attempts the infamous "Wrong Side of the Tracks", using various means such as a modded car flying at the gang members, sniping, a tank and even taking a motorcycle jump on the train to dispatch said enemies. What ensued was a string of "ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, CJ!" After trying once more later on in the video, successfully motorcycle jumping and gunning down all but one before falling off and failing again, he gave up and just left the motorcycle and Big Smoke on the track to get run over by said train.
    • And letting Smoke get run over by the train was enough to pass the mission.
    • "Shut the FUCK up Cee-Lo Green!"
  • Six-word summary for Da Sims: Dunkey is parent of the year.
    • The video stars Kanye West as a child...who, for some reason, is white. (Reverse Michael Jackson syndrome?).
    • Kanye's dad being portrayed as a black, overweight man with yellow eyebrows and a yellow mohawk. To add more, Dunkey gives him the "dislikes children" trait.
    • "Now, I ain't saying he a gold digger...but I'mma make this guy a gold digger."
    • The image of Kanye's dad thinking about money in his sleep.
    • All of the terrible things that Baby Kanye goes through thanks to his father.
      • When Baby Kanye's excessive wailing wakes his father up, we see that Baby Kanye's sleeping on the roof.
      • Immediately afterwards, we see the dad trying to flush his son down the toilet while his son glitches through the bottom of the toilet.
      • Baby Kanye. Crawling. On fire. Unaware.
      • Dunkey hates Baby Kanye so much that he has the dad put him in a small, featureless, and doorless room just outside of his own house. He even gives him placing three stoves in the room with him.
      • How does Dunkey deal with a hungry, crying Baby Kanye? Sealing him away in the oven.
    • Baby Kanye and his dad sleeping together...while sharing a room with a fire. Once it spreads, Baby Kanye's dad is the first to get engulfed in flames, and he's the one that's incoherently crying. How does Baby Kanye react? INNOCENT LAUGHTER.
    • Just before the dad's birthday, the Grim Reaper pays a visit. Not only does he steal the dad's mac-and-cheese, but he trashes it in the sink under running water.
      • Dunk then gets his comeuppance when he has grown-up Kanye break the Grim Reaper's neck, effectively killing Death itself.
    • Dunkey (acting as Yeezy himself) upgrading all of his old appliances in his new house by replacing them with cars. Then Dunkey zooms out on the house, revealing that the house is completely surrounded with a cluster of cars.
    • How does Dunk deal with an annoying houseguest? He smacks her, picks her up by her feet, and smashes her into the floor. Disproportionate Retribution much?
    • "Should've been Yeezus, bitch."
  • "GoatZ Simulator", based solely around Dunkey's Unstoppable Rage when he does a perfect goat dive, only for one of the judges to give him a nine.
    • The one guy that just won't stop pissing through his pants. Not even the Dead Man's Float will stop him from freely urinating.
    • When Dunk's goat starts glitching like crazy through the city on an omnicidal rampage.
    "(imitating a car engine) Niiiiiine...niiiiiine. It shoulda been a teeeeen."
    • "I'm really gonna impress the judges by jumping offa this skyscraper. This is at least worth a 9.1!"
    • To further escalate his retribution, Dunk goes into Katamari mode, taking a sentient clusterfuck of zoo animals and sidewalk decorations, taking said clusterfuck into a parking lot, and blowing everything up.
    "You ruined my career, I ruin your car. 's only fair. Fuckin' shoulda at least been a 9.4... for the technique alone!"
    "A fucking 9, a goddamn 9, are you kidding me? (crashes boat) (muffled) A fucking 9.
    • Dunk's standup about Will Smith. Of course, all hell breaks loose when Dunkey mentions that Smith has recently had his ninth child.
    "I'm bleeding from my head! Someone call an ambulance! (rimshot and laugh track)"
  • His review of Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
    "Play as the world's first and only pro skater, Chad Muska, as he performs death defying tricks in exchange for VHS tapes. (Collects VHS tape) Oh, wow, Land Before Time, cool!"
    • He goes on a tangent comparing game developers that add numerous features before finishing the core game to ordering a pizza with everything except cheese. He ends up ordering the "abomination," and it costs 60 dollars.
  • Witcher 3: Wild Guy
    Geralt: Took off his boots and went into the water. Probably wanted to cover his trail.
    Alfred: (Via radio) Hello, sir. Have you retrieved the cure from Mr. Freeze?
    • When Dunkey is searching for an arsonist who burned down someone's hut, the footprints lead to a goose, leading Dunkey to exclaim that the goose did it.
    "In this game you play as an all-powerful Bitcher, in a race against time to save the entire world. So here I am playing hide-and-seek with eight-year-olds."
    (Battling a knight) "Aaaaand my sword broke. Aaaaand the blacksmith took off today [...] Okay, this guy is charging me more money than I've earned in my ten hours of playing this game to fix my sword. So I'm just going to sell everything that I've acquired so far, and now I can barely afford it. Okay."
    "So here I am, finding a lost goat. (SNAP!) Oh. Aaaaand my sword broke."
    (Geralt summons a Botchling, which looks like a weird fetus thing. Dunkey cracks up) (SNAP!) And my sword broke!"
    • Dunkey goes to "Bear Village", a place teeming with angry bears.
    • Dunkey spawning hoards of angry bears in a room during a cutscene.
    • The video ends with a Brick Joke: Dunkey sees that the town is on fire, and when looking around wondering who did it, he sees the Goose flapping its wings on the ground.
  • E3 2015
    (Showing footage of Math Blaster) "The Division was hit with a graphical downgrade, as usual. Uh, it looks great for kids, but I just don't see the multiplayer holding up."
    • An EA executive talks about how excited people are to play Madden NFL 16, which prompts an applause from maybe ten people. The exec's awkward "Go Madden." becomes a running gag throughout the video.
    • Dunkey talks about how Overwatch is just a rip off of Team Fortress 2, while the Team Fortress 2 theme increases in volume and drowns out what he's saying. He still asks for access to the alpha.
    Adam Boyes: Now many years ago, Square Enix released a groundbreaking title, that went on to become one of the most beloved games in Playstation and video game history! Tonight, I am proud to announce that by popular demand, we have a very special treat for everyone!
    (Cuts to underwhelming footage of World of Final Fantasy, with no music)
    EA Executive: Go Madden.
    • Sony talking about Project Morpheus, as an image of Morpheus from The Matrix fades in.
    Iwata Peppy: Hey, Fucks, do a bear a role.
    Reggie Falco: Yeah, c'mon, Fox, do a barrel roll!
    Iwata Peppy: Yeah!
    Miyamoto Fox: Barrel roll? I can do better than that! Check this out!
    (Cuts to underwhelming footage of World of Final Fantasy, with no music)
    • Dunkey is so excited for The Last Guardian, that he demands they give him the game right now while threatening Sony with a shotgun.
    Rare Employee: One of the things that Rare has done consistently over three decades is evolve as a studio.
    (Images on-screen go from Rare's classic titles like Banjo-Kazooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day to their much maligned Kinect Sports games)
    Rare Employee: Rare has redefined genres with its own special formula, and we're ready to do that again. This is by far the most ambitious game Rare has ever created.
    (Cuts to underwhelming footage of World of Final Fantasy, with no music)
  • Duck Game:
    Dunkey: And now for tonight's main event. THE WORLD. CHAMPIONSHIP. MATCH! In this corner, Richard Killface! Born into a life of pain and brutality! Haunted by the voices of his past! And in this corner, Murderfucker! He killed his own parents when he was four years old! Now, he thirsts for the blood of the innocent, as his life spirals into the bowels of HELL! And in this corner, (dramatic music stops, Dunkey's voice stops being dramatic) a retarded frog. [the Frogs? duck quacks, dramatic music resumes as a new level generates] WHICH OF THESE LEGENDS WILL WALK AMONG THE GODS? [they all Net Gun each other out of the arena at the same time]
  • Dunkey playing H1Z1.
  • Dunkey's Metal Gear Solid video
    Snake: *watching Cyborg Ninja bang his head against the floor* "What's happening?"
    Dunkey: "I think he's trying to comprehend the story."
    • Dunkey faces off against Revolver Ocelot, which leads to these gems:
    Ocelot: This is the greatest handgun ever made...
    Dunkey: ...The Desert Eagle.
    Ocelot:"I love to reload during a ba--" *gets shot by Snake*
    • He completely breaks the landmine sequence wherein Meryl walks a winding path that the player must follow to avoid getting blown up—by running straight ahead from his starting position.
  • Dunkey plays MGSV
    • Nobody is safe from the box menace.
    Dunkey, looking at a "Caution" sign warning people of falling boxes. How're you gonna get hit in the head with a bo— (Snake gets knocked out by a falling box, complete with cartoony spring sound effect)
    Dunkey But which one is the real Solid Snake? He may never know.
    • Dunkey does it again with twelve and a very confused guard.
    Dunkey This man's mind has been torn in two. He will never find me now. *Guard is alerted and starts shooting* Oh. He found me.
    • Dunkey calling in air support while also having the helicopter blast the title theme from Cruis'n USA over its speakers as it aids him.
  • MGSV: Gun Eater
    • The tendency of each chapter's opening credits is lampshaded with the use of a fake one:
    Guest Starring
    Ocelot (Big Boss's Father)
    Dunkey: "Are you fucking kidding me? That's his dad?note  That doesn't make any sense!"
    Also Starring
    Big Boss dies and Hideo Kojima as Metal Gear Hank
    "Okay. This is the least dramatic way to find this out. This is the worst."
    • Snake's rocket-propelled bionic arm punching soldier after soldier in the face as Guile's Theme plays.
  • MGSV: Final Slam
    • The beginning of the video starts with Dunkey holding up a guard, until...
    Dunkey: -and I better get it too, ha ha ha ha!
    <two flying Sahelanthropuses come into the scene>
    Dunkey: Oh...? What the fuck is this? What is this?
    Dunkey: The infection is spreading rapidly. By the end of the week, this entire continent will be Metal Gears. Unless I use an advanced medical technique!
    <shoots one of the flying Sahelanthropuses>
    Dunkey: FFFFFFFUCK YOU IDIOT!! HA HAAAAAAAAAA! You'll never kill me alive.
    • All of the attempts to make the killdest guy of all time, but special mention goes to this one:
    Dunkey: Now guys, I know before I said that those other guys were the most killdest guys in the world, but for real this time, and I really mean this, now watch.
    <Dunkey chucks a magazine at the middle of a road near a guard, drawing him to that position>
    Dunkey: For real, this guy is going to be the most killdest guy, in the whole galaxy universe FOREVER INFINITY.
    <a convoy truck drives right into the guard, killing him on impact and knocking him several meters away, to which Dunkey laughs>
  • Extreme Mario Maker
    Dunkey: This level is by uh, Ross from Game Grumps or as I like to call them "Game Chumps" *giggles* cuz, cuz' like look at this, look at this it's like watching their videos; there's no effort, no effort at all was made.
    • die bich
    • Giga Bowser's Reckoning: all of it, but the real catcher is when he encounters Bowser for the first time.
    Dunkey: What next...are you fucking kidding me? Bowser?! You have to f-this is an HOUR LONG level! It never ends, this is an endless gauntlet!
    • Dunkey's "challenge" to Bowser during their final battle:
    Dunkey: Hey Bowsa! Fuck you, suck my dick n' bawls.
  • Dundertale
    • Early in the video, Dunkey makes a list of what the colored tiles in Papyrus' trap do, but tosses it away in his computer's recycle bin after the puzzle solves itself. When the same trap shows up again in a more legitimate form later on, Dunkey digs out his list from his recycle bin. It only helps a little bit.
    • Dunkey's accidental murders shouldn't be this, but his comical shock elevates these instances above pure tragedy.
    • His attempt to humor Asgore's dreams of domestic bliss after killing his wife at the start of the game by accident.
    • "Dunkey continued to pet the dog until it's head hit the moon and it died.
    • His fight entire fight with Photoshop Flowey.
    Videogamedunkey: What the {Jump Cut} FUCK?! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT THE FUCK?! {Jump Cut} OH SHIT! HE HAS A FLAMETHROWER?! {various screaming} I'M SORRY, THUNDERSNAIL! I'M SORRY! {at the end of the fight} That's it, you son of a bitch... It's time... for my DUNKEY Atomic Fireball. BLAST! {revving noises} Beep-boop {continues revving noises} Have I truly learned my lesson? Nope! Get the FUCK out, Flowey!
  • Papa Strikes Back
    Dunkey: I would like one large pepperoni pizza.
    Man: Okay, for delivery or carry-out?
    Dunkey: That's gonna be for delivery. Calling for Donkey Kong Country, and if you don't have it I'm gonna tell my mom on you.
    Man: Okay, I'll see if we have that. (Beat) No, it is just gonna be from our website, so you'd come in the store, we'd order it from there and we'd ship it to your house.
    Dunkey: Uh, yeah, that's not gonna cut it, I'm telling my mom on you.
    Man: Okay. Well, I hope she's not too upset with me.
    Dunkey: She's pissed. (In a gruff voice) Hello!? It's me! I'm his mudder!
    Man: Oh, wow, hey.
    Dunkey: (In a gruff voice) I'm furious! He just wants Donkey Kong Country 1 for the Super Nintendo! (Talking normally) Hey, it's actually me still. (Laughs)
    Man: Oh, man, you tricked me. You got me good.
    Dunkey: I gotcha man!
    • Dunkey manages to break people after saying only one thing to them.
    Dunkey: Hey, this is Mr. Doodoocaca Weinerpants, I would like to order one large doodoo pizza.
    Man: Oh lovely! Now would you like that with a- (Gives up and hangs up)
    Woman: Thanks for callin' Papa John's, could you hold a minute please?
    Dunkey: I'm a beaver.
    (Beat) (Hangs up)
    • Dunkey may have fooled a Little Caesar's employee named Dalton into doing something incredibly silly.
    Dalton: Thank you for calling Little Caesar's, how can I help you?
    Dunkey: Hey, it's Rich from head office, who is this?
    Dalton: Uh, this is Dalton.
    Dunkey: Alton?
    Dalton: Uh, Dalton.
    Dunkey: Oh, Dalton, okay. Dalton, I need you to go in the back room for me quick, do you guys got a printer?
    Dalton: Uh, we do.
    Dunkey: I'm gonna need you to go in that back room and I'm gonna need you to print out a nice big 10 by 10 photo of a giraffe, and I'm gonna need you to tape that to the front door. Okay? It's a part of a new policy we're doing this week.
    Dalton: Uh, okay. I'm takin' a picture of what?
    Dunkey: I just need you to go on Google images and look up just any picture of a giraffe, and I'm gonna need you to tape that to the front door. We're just doing this for all the stores this week.
    Dalton: Okay, uh, I can do that.
    Dunkey: Right, thanks.
    • Dunkey talks to a Party City employee named Christina.
    Dunkey: Hey, do you guys got Super Mario stuff?
    Christina: Yeah, we do.
    Dunkey: Yeah, I hate Super Mario. Do you guys got Jurassic Park?
    Christina: Yup.
    Dunkey: I hate Jurassic- I hate Jurassic Park. Um, how bout The Avengers? Now, I like The Avengers.
    Christina: (Giggling) Is this a joke?
    Dunkey: Do you guys have Avengers stuff?
    Christina: Yeah, we do.
    Dunkey: I HATE AVENGERS!
    Christina: (Laughing) Who are you?
    Dunkey: What about Star Wars?
    Christina: Do you hate Star Wars?
    Dunkey: Do you guys got Star Wars?
    Christina: Yeah.
    Dunkey: (Whispering) I hate Star Wars.
    • That call is immedietely followed by this.
    Dunkey: Hey, you gonna go see the new Star Wars?
    Man: Heck yeah.
    Dunkey: Me too, man. I love Star Wars.
  • Backstreet Boys Baby
    Every year, fifty people jump off this bridge and die; it's not funny.
    [A body lands right behind him]
    Nobody laugh at that.
  • GTA V Dunkview. Good lord.
  • Don't Kill The Baby: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Hilarity Ensues.
    Leah: Where did you put that Windex?
    Dunkey: I put it out of a baby's reach because I am a responsible father.
    *Gilligan Cut to the baby crawling out of a low kitchen cabinet*
    Pbat: I drank the bleach, the soap, and the Windex.
    Dunkey: God damn it. laughing Stop drinking bleach! What is wrong with you?!
    • The jokes write themselves since the game's premise is essentially Dead Baby Comedy.
    Pbat: (inside a heating oven) Everything is blue.
    Dunkey: Nuh nuh no, trust me, this is how you win.
    *cuts to the baby's dying animation with a ta-da sound effect*
    Dunkey: See? The baby wins.
    Pbat: I fuckin' win, you're the worst father.
    • Leah tricks Dunkey into giving her back a fork he took from her. She promptly heads for the nearest outlet. The result has both of them in stitches.
  • Dunkey's Best of 2015, where he promises us that Super Mario Brothers 2 won't be on the list.
    Dunkey: Number 10, let's git it started...SUPER MARIO Maker. Super Mario Maker.
    • Dunkey's reasons for Duck Game being his number 9.
    Dunkey: Quack.
    Dunkey: It took me a while, but eventually I said "You know what, Donkey Kong, FUCK YOU!" Beat the shit out of this game, got out of my seat, walked up to the pilot, said "Thanks for the airplane, dickhead!", punched him out the window, and then they lost my luggage.
    • Dunkey's example of why the voice chat in Counter-Strike is the best part of the game.
    Dunkey: I don't care what anybody says, I love the community for this game, hands down my favorite feature is the voice chat.
    Player: Yo, somebody fucking help me.
    Little Kid: I'll help your mother get, uh, have another baby.
    Player: What the fuck?
    Dunkey: Coming from League to Counter-Strike is like walking out of Kindergarten into Vietnam, you're gonna get shot. The guy who killed you will take your gun and shoot you with your own gun next round, you're gonna get called the n-word by a ten-year-old, but the beauty of it is if that kid is on your can just team-kill him! Hahahaha, it's a masterpiece!
  • Dunkey's hilarious trolling in Cat Jumper 2000.
    Dunkey: Jesse just quit out.
    Sky: ...Why?
    Dunkey: I dunno, I was helping him win and he just, he quit.
    Sky: Did he get mad?
    • Dunkey standing next to the level exit and forcing Sky to beat the level himself.
    Sky: Goddamit, Jason, just beat the level.
    Dunkey: Come on, man. If I beat the level, what do you learn by that? You know?
    Sky: (Dies) Oh my god, it's been so long!
    Dunkey: It's only been two and a half hours. On this specific level. You got this. You almost got it, there you go! Here, let me show you how to do it!
    (Dunkey jumps down to where Sky is, causing him to mess up and die)
    • Dunkey moving deliberately slow while Thundersnail plays in the background.
    Dunkey: Turbo mode, activate!... Here I come!... I'm comin'... Engage turbo thrusters...
    • At the end of the video, the links to his and the other players channels are needlessly labeled as "white guys" and "black guys".
  • Dunkuza 3, his Yakuza 3 video.
    • The start of the video perfectly establishes the contrast of the main story and side activities.
    Dunkey: (to a dead Kashiwagi) "I will avenge you... My brother. (Jump Cut to crane machine with cat plushies) I'm going for the grey one. C'mon. Come to papa... You little bitch. (crane misses the grey one) Gaah! Goddammit I was so-"
    • The above example happens twice more.
    Dunkey: (Over Rikiya's dead body) "Rikiya... I will avenge you." (Cue montage of side activities and fighting set to Jackie Chan's Movie Star)
    (In the middle of the montage, Joji Kazama is shot and the music stops)
    Dunkey: : "Dojima! I will avenge youuuuuuuuu-" (Jump Cut to Kiryu carrying ice cream and walking slowly across the street with music)
    • His summation of the game and, by extension, the entire series.
    Dunkey: So in this game, every man, woman, and child in Japan is a total asshole. So you have to fight them with a bicycle to gain respect on the streets.
    • His reaction to the old lady scooter flip Revelation.
    Dunkey: "I didn't know this was a good game."
    • His take on Rikiya's introduction.
    Rikiya's Subtitles: "I have a big tattoo! It symbolizes my violent lifestyle! It's of a dog, my favorite animal!" (Takes off his shirt, revealing a viper tattoo)
    • Dunkey meets some familiar faces.
    Dunkey: "They brought in "Middle-Aged Woman"? That's my favorite character from Sonic '06!"
    Dunkey: "Man Looking for Lion Dog Statue"? That's my favorite character from Sonic '06!" (shows a clip of Big the Cat)
    • Dunkey receives charcoal enough times from Random Encounters that he talks over a Yakuza meeting to make it about the charcoal industry instead.
  • THE JONTRON RANT is a satirical rant video making fun of drama that occurred between the YouTube channels LeafyIsHere and h3h3productions. It makes fun of both parties involved in the drama by Dunkey pretending to be mad at JonTron and using supposed "evidence" of Jon appearing to be "two faced." And the ending revelation? JonTron is actually Jacques (the bird), with the human being an actor.
  • Dunkey plays Youtuber Simulator.
    Dunkey: I'm gonna catch you, monkey! I'm a Dunkey, monkey!
    Dunkey: (After headshotting someone in Counter-Strike) Oh, that's a big headshot!
    (Video ends)
    • The in-game equivalent of Microsoft wants to do a deal with Dunkey to help pay for his expensive $5000 per-month New York penthouse. They don't pay him.
    Dunkey: Turns out this is a very realistic game. Uh, it's hitting close to home.
    (a warning pops up that a video has been hit with a copyright claim)
    Dunkey: Aaaand a copyright claim. Okay so... (pays the fine and resolves the issue) Oh. It's already resolved? Okay, this game is completely fake.
    • Dunkey encounters a level entitled "beware the spiks".
    Dunkey: I'm not saying that.
    (level loads to reveal an obstacle with spikes)
    Dunkey: Ohh! Spikes!
  • Worst Hanzo Ever
    • Throughout this video, various players try to tell Dunkey to switch off the hero he's playing only for him to cut to footage of him kicking ten kinds of ass to prove them wrong. The exception is Bastion. He can't make Bastion look good.
      • One player's reaction to Dunkey's asskickery is pretty golden.
    Luzulis: Could we, could we not have a Widow?
    Sickmoocow: So bad!
    Cue Dunkey wiping the enemy team as Widowmaker
    Sickmoocow: Alright nevermind.
  • Dunkey, on video game Remakes and Remasters.
    Dunkey: You can karate chop people. You can shoot 'em with a silenced pistol. You can shoot 'em with a silenced karate chop. (does just that)
    • Several times Dunkey tries to call Nintendo to complain.
    Dunkey: Hello, Nintendo? What the fuck is this aiming?
    Support Lady: "The aiming"? I would... I would not know, sir.
    Dunkey: (matter-of-factly) This game is made by monkeys.
    • He says that basic graphical remasters are lazy, but that sometimes a game is good enough that a visual bump is all it really needs, citing Wind Waker. Counterpoint? Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Dunkey hardly noticing when it switches between the original and the remaster.
    • He calls again to admonish Nintendo for making the remastered Skyrim just prettier instead of more functional.
    Heather: This is Heather speaking.
    Dunkey: Skyrim Remastered? Come on, Nintendo, what do you think you're pullin' here?
    Heather: (beat) Dunkey, what are you doing calling here?
    Dunkey: Oh shit-(hangs up)
    Dunkey: BUT! Most importantly: Knack HD. Okay Nintendo? Knack HD.
    Support Lady: Sir? This is Walgreens.
  • Dunkey's Best of 2016:
    (Dunkey stands in a room full of dead bodies)
    Man: You know what happened? Who did this?
    Dunkey: Nuh-uh.
    Man: Wouldn't be you, would it?
    Dunkey: Wasn't me.
    • Dunkey reminisces about some other good games he played, listing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 before holding back laughter and showing its Metacritic page.
    • During his breakdown of Halo: Combat Evolved, he gets cut off by the title theme every few words.
    • When talking about Donkey Kong Country's soundtrack, one of the songs is the Halo theme.
    Dunkey: When it comes to being a good video game, Donkey Kong Country is not monkeying around.
    (beat, followed by a gunshot)
    • The ending, after Dunkey finishes his discussion on the ending to Inside:
    Dunkey: Which is why the actual game of the year... is Knack 2, baybee! Just kidding guys, fuck you Knack, Super Mario Brothers 2 wins it again, baybee! Once again, the champion! But Knack 3 though, that's gonna be the one.
  • The Captcha video. The whole thing will have you in stitches, but the best is the very end:
  • His Breath of the Wild video. Just the whole thing.
    • The ways in which he plays with a Hylian Retriever is both adorable and hilarious to watch.
    • Dunkey's interactions with lightning in this game:
    Dunkey: What'd they say, always hide under a tree, 'cause that way you can't get hit. <lightning strikes a nearby tree, which falls over and whacks Link in the head> ...The fuck-]
    Dunkey: Uh-uh, don't you blow that horn, uh-uh, <lightning strikes a nearby treasure chest, killing the bokoblin and moblin next to it> don... don't you get struck by lightning, fall in the river and die.
    • Discovering that the moblins have a special ability:
    Dunkey: Whatcha gonna do now, dumbass, you don't have any weapons-
    <black moblin picks up the nearby bokoblin and chucks it at Link>
    Dunkey: Oh, wha- <incredulous laughter> WHAT!? <continues laughing>
    • Making the new most killdest guy ever.
    Dunkey: Now just one more and we're all do- oh, he woke, he's dancing! Ha-ha, he's so happy! If only he knew the reality of his situation. Goodbye! <KA-BOOM> Bye-bye!
    • At several points, he tries to make objects fly by attaching several Octo Balloons to them, with the short-lived success accompanied by the "Great Sea" theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
    Dunkey, as he makes a raft fly: Yes! It worked! Set sail for adventure, ladies and gentlemen! I christen this ship the SS... [Octo Balloons pop and the raft falls from the sky as the "Great Sea" theme stops] Fuckin' piece of shit!
    • Perhaps the best one, his utter frustration over trying to kill a Guardian Scout III.
  • While Mess Effect is a mostly uncharacteristically serious video about his sheer disappointment of Mass Effect: Andromeda, his comparison of the animation quality to the original trilogy replaces the Andromeda footage with clips from Foodfight!. Hilarity ensues.
    Dunkey: At first I tried to make my custom guy look like this [shows guy with a sky blue Funny Afro, shiny lipstick and weird facial tattoos], but after hours of trial and error I realized I just couldn't beat Bioware at their own game. The default female character's face has been mathematically perfected by a team of elite genetic scientists to be the dumbest fucking face achievable by humankind.
  • Dunkey's attempted recreation of what JonTron's role in Yooka-Laylee could have sounded like.
    JonTron: "(unintelligible gibberish) DANNY DEVITO!"
  • In Super Slambo Boys, as Dunkey plays Everything, he and his group of flipping sheep come across a tiger.
    Dunkey: Oh hai, tiger, would you like to join us?
    The Tiger growls.
    Dunkey: RUN!
    Dunkey and his group of sheep flip away.
    • Later, Dunkey comes across a node that plays an audio log that goes on for over 6 minutesnote , much to Dunkey's annoyance.
    • At one point, Dunkey complains about how it's always snowing, so he takes control of the planet and sinks it into the surface of the sun. Cut to him playing as a boat in a virtually endless ocean:
    Dunkey: I think I fucked something up.
    Dunkey: How can this get anymore fucked up? Honestly?
    The narrator from Everything begins speaking.
    Dunkey: NO! WHAT?
    • The introduction to the Snake Pass segment is also hilarious.
    Dunkey: Ha ha ha, thanks Richard. Our next game is called Snake P-
    <cut to Noodle falling off a pole and into a bottomless pit>
    Dunkey: -ASS! KISS! MY SNAKE! ASS!!
    <cut back to the title card>
    Dunkey: Just an adorable little game.
    • Dunkey's Deformers experience just amounts to making silly noises while having his Form flop around, before cutting to the next game.
    Dunkey: Deformers? This game costs 30 dollars.
    <cut to the character creation screen with an adorably derpy Form>
    Dunkey: What, are you serious with this? Looks like a fucking idiot.
    <exchanges the top hat for a sombrero>
    Dunkey: There we go. NOW he's fixed.
    • In the end, Sky returns once again to challenge Dunkey to BrawlOut, then loses:
    Dunkey: You know, that kind of reminds me of the time I beat Sky in that other game, that's pretty much the same game as this. I forget what it's called though.
    • All of Dunkey's shenanigans in BrawlOut. All of them. Special mention goes to the moment where two Pacos are trying to grab onto each other to keep themselves from falling, which leads to both of them trying to reach the top of the screen.
  • Draw My Life - Dunkey. Highlights include getting assaulted by a pirate ship led by Johnny Depp (who was preparing for his Pirates of the Caribbean role at the time), getting shot out of a cannon and drowning into the lost city of Atlantis, fighting a gorgogon/googoogon on the moon and getting his head kicked off so hard that it flies into the sun and lands in Sun Land (this all apparently happens while he was still a baby), and returning to the moon and killing the gorgonite with his spaghetti move. Near the end, Dunkey runs out of ink, so he trashes his whiteboard and uses his computer from Atlantis to finish the rest of the story.
  • Dunkey's video on the Grush, the world's first and only gaming toothbrush.
    Narrator: This game, Monster Chase, instructs children in proper brushing technique by having them wipe out strategically placed monsters.
    Dunkey: Yeah, but can it play Knack, though? Huh?
    Pitchman: We have achieved what we call tooth-to-tooth navigation.
    (Dunkey tosses Knack into the garbage)
    • When asked about if adults could use it too...
    Host: Do you think this is something adults could use as well?
    Pitchman: This is our adult game.
    (Cut to footage of a childish looking game, but with harsh strip club style electronic music)
    (Cut to Dunkey throwing away The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Grand Theft Auto V, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Mass Effect 2, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4)
  • The Difference of Japan, where he analyzes the differences between video game marketing in the US and Japan. Special mention goes to the baby fighting game.
    Dunkey: (after being told to select a baby) No. You can't make this.
  • While the whole video is full of great moments, the ending of Dunkey's video on Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is pure gold. After spending the entire video being destroyed by Red Shells and losing races, Dunkey has taken the lead in the final lap as Chance the Rapper's "Finish Line" swells triumphantly. Just as he takes the final jump before the finish line, a Blue Shell blows him up in slow motion, and a somber song replaces it as he is overtaken. The look on Donkey Kong's face as he turns to face the camera while slowly driving away is what really sells the moment. He then gets hit by yet another Red Shell.
    Dunkey: What is wrong with this game?
  • His Roblox video. The whole damn thing, but special mention goes to the ending where Dunkey rides a giant dragon before being informed by Leah that he accidentally spent $50 in real world money to do that. And no, this wasn't scripted.
  • His Injustice 2 video.
    Dunkey: Buckle up, guys, it's about to get crazy. Batman versus Superman. Who will win?
    (Cut to Batman punching Superman in the groin 12 times in a row)
    • Dunkey dubbing over the dialogue, even changing the subtitles.
    Batman: Robin, let him go!
    Dunkey: (As Robin) Fuck you I'm gay!

    Black Canary: Next stop, Gorilla City.
    Dunkey: (As Green Arrow) What the fuck?
    • Dunkey commentating on a fight between Flash and Reverse-Flash.
    Dunkey: Who will get onto the hot dog first? Boom! Slams him onto the Toyota! Boom! It's the fight we've all been waiting for, ketchup versus mustard!
    • Dunkey's disappointment over Captain Cold showing up instead of Mr. Freeze.
    Wonder Woman: Give up your code of honor, Snart?
    Dunkey: Okay, so he's the exact same thing as Mr. Freeze, except he's called "Snart". Okay. Look at the guy at the bar. "Woah! Is that Wonder Woman fighting Mr. Freeze!? Oh wait, that's Snart. Okay, whatever."
  • E3's back for 2017, and the Dunk has things to say.
    We got a lot of feedback. A lot of it positive (single So Okay, It's Average review pops up with a "ding"), and a bunch of it constructive (screen is drowned under hundreds of awful reviews with machinegun sounds)
    • "Speaking of crossovers. Who's responsible for this? Hitler 2000, perhaps?" He's even more flabbergasted that the game actually looks decent.
    • Apparently, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was missing only one thing that the sequel luckily provides: a comic relief Shrek-lookalike.
    • The Xbox One X conference is summarized in a montage of all the times the announcers say "4k" or "9/11", before finally showing "what this monster can do": Minecraft footage.
    • He makes an extremely goofy noise when Knack 2's release date is dropped. And then he starts making fun of a Youtube comment that said there would be nothing good in 2017.
    • Immediate Self-Contradiction is fun!
    "I'll be honest with you guys, I don't really care about Monster Hunter at all-"
    cut to over-the-top Monster Hunter World footage
    "-Monster Hunter has always been one of my favorite franchises."
    Dunkey: What remains to be see is how they handle the story. Will it be some choppy adaption of the new movie, or something more interesting, like an Arkham Asylum deal, where he takes on a bunch of villains, you know, Rhino, Green Goblin (Audio plays of Dunkey's version of Green Goblin's "Me and you can rule this city, Spider-Man!" speech, before being cut off by the next entry), Venom, Carnage, y'know, Doc Ock, Mysterio, Scorpion, Sandman, Plantman, Kangaroo, Typeface, Frogman, Fence-Eater Man, Big Wheel, c'mon, you can't have a Spider-Man game without Big Wheel.
  • "Game critics fuckin' suck, right, guys?"
    • According to Dunkey, the only difference between Youtube comments and professional game reviewers is that the latter guys get paid to say stupid shit.
    • "But you know what's dumber than RPG's? Anime. Unless we're talkin' this guy, you need to get this bullshit out of my face."
    • Dunkey explains the legend of Armond White.
    Dunkey: This dude is the ultimate contrarian. Both of his parents were white, his name is Armond White, so he said "Nah, fuck you, I'm black." According to Armond White, everything that is good is bad, and everything that is bad is good. Does this make him useless as a critic? Not at all. When Armond White tells you that Man of Steel is the Godfather of superhero films and calls it his movie of the year, then you as a viewer understand "Okay, so this is the worst movie yet created." Some films transcend even Armond White, though. And then you have a movie like Suicide Squad that is just such a piece of fucking shit, even this guy who likes fucking video game movies, when even he doesn't like it, that's when you have fucked up.
  • Tom Clancy's Battlegrounds, playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with Jesse and Leah:
    Leah: Please don't shoot me, I need help! [whispering] Guys, it's a mind game.
    Jesse: Are you trying to play "girl" right now?
    Leah: Yeah, look, I'm gonna kill 'em all. [approaches the enemy] Can I join your team? My team got [gets shot] YOU ASSHOLE!!!
  • A meta CMOF from his Splatoon 2 video: someone had a Splatoon 2 ad play right before the video began, resulting in this.
  • Nidhogg 2:
    • In one clip, Dunkey kicks Jesse and somehow gets him stuck in the ceiling, prompting Dunkey to stop and come back to put him out of his misery.
    "Wait, what the fuck is this!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is so unfair!!"
    • Jesse unsuccessfully tries to get past a rapier while Dunkey just stands there, readjusting the position of his blade each time.
    Dunkey: Now this time, try to do that, but try to not die at this time.
    • Jesse manages to get killed by Dunkey while the latter is AFK.
    • The many clips of Dunkey just walking into his opponent with his weapon brandished and killing them without stopping. In some cases, his opponent tries to jump in only to meet the end of his blade and die. The music just adds to the experience.
    Dunkey: Here I come! Excuse me! Excuse me!
    • The very end of the video has Dunkey try the same trick only to get his rapier knocked away by a broadsword swing.
    Dunkey: ...oh boy. <runs away> WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
  • In Comedy Night:
    • Someone in the audience is way too into Dunkey's joke about working at the zoo. And this is before he even delivers the punchline.
    • Someone tries telling a joke about fish, bears, cats and crackers, only for an audience member to keep requesting it to be translated into Spanish.
    • "Hey, it's me, Elmo."
    • Someone straight up just sings "All by Myself" instead of making jokes.
      • "American Idol's down the street!"
    • Dunkey tells a joke about ducks, with the punchline being him honking through his microphone. One audience member has a less than enthusiastic reaction.
    Audience Member: He went "Honk", huh? Real fucking funny.
    Dunkey: It is funny, you fucking piece of shit!
    Dunkey honks through his microphone.
    Audience Member: Yo, you wanna fucking honk?
    Proceeds to honk through his own microphone.
    Dunkey: Yeah, I'll honk, fucker! I'll beat the shit out of you!
    They proceed to honk over the next person's routine.
    • Later on, another one of Dunkey's jokes falls flat on the audience.
    Dunkey: So, uh, what did the pirate say when someone said an inappropriate joke to him? "Arrrgh you kidding me?"
    Cue Chirping Crickets.
    Dunkey: LAUGH! LAUGH!
    • George Lucas takes the stage to make Star Wars jokes... only to immediately leave the stage when someone in the audience points out "You don't own that anymore."
    • Someone comes on stage and is booed for saying "Spaghetti and meatballs!". Dunkey comes on stage, and gets a standing ovation for saying it.
    • Everyone pretending to be Hideo Kojima.
    Atomic Fireball: I love how it went from awkward comedy to fucking e3 2017
    Gungar: Hey guys, it's Todd Howard here. Um-
    Audience Member: (cutting Gungar off) No, it's not! Todd, we're not buying your game!
  • In his dunkview of Knack 2, Dunkey reveals that one of the reasons that Knack became a Running Gag was because of it being one of the only next-gen exclusives during the Playstation 4's launch.
    Interviewer: I wanna talk about the development of Knack, and why, why, this game had to be next generation?
    Mark Cerny: Fuck.
    • Dunkey on kids drawing Knack: "You look at Mario and Sonic, their design is so simple and iconic that even if a four-year-old drew them, you would know who they are. Knack, on the other hand, is 2000 little rocks that sort of shape into this some fuckin' weirdo troll, good luck drawing that shit, kid."
    • "There's even a part in the new one where they make fun of Knack for only having two moves."
    Ava: It's hard to believe you saved the world. All you know are three punches and a kick.
    Lucas: He can jump, too.
    (Fog horn)
  • Dunkey's playthrough of The Last Guardian in which the annoying puzzles and Trico's (the "dog") AI only succeed in infuriating Dunkey. Highlights include:
  • In his dunkview of Metroid: Samus Returns, Dunkey points out how prior to the game's release, Another Metroid 2 Remake came out, with the title implying that everyone else wanted to remake it for some reason. Dunkey's theory on this?
    • Dunkey's depiction of a player near the endgame with every single upgrade and weapon is him flailing his 3DS around.
  • When he plays Guns of Icarus with several well known Youtube personalities. He ends up on Angry Joe's team and volunteers to pilot the airship. Cue Dunkey ignoring the game to play Star Fox 64 instead, only occasionally reopening the Guns of Icarus window whenever his teammates seem to be getting excited over something. They win.
    • At the end of the video, he links to the main video of that match that followed every team, promising that the Yogscast crew start screaming racial slurs on theirs when they lose, (they don't). The entire comments section of that video are Dunkey's fans commenting on this lie and on Dunkey's gameplay video.
  • His Battlefront II review.
    • Dunkey's showcase of the single player campaign involves him standing in one place as the Artificial Stupidity puts forth a pitiful effort to attack him, with one guy just standing around shuffling his feet while looking in the wrong direction.
    • "A wise man once said 'There are no bad controls. Just bad players.' He was later revealed to be the creator of Bubsy 3D."
    • Dunkey points out the pointlessness of the vehicles.
    Dunkey: Once again, these are technically part of the game, but they don't always feel like it. There are maps where you might be able to shoot somebody on the ground if you're lucky, but in my twelve hours of playing this game, I have never once been killed by a pilot while I was on the ground, but I have seen people try. Here comes a guy now.
    (A TIE Fighter crashes into the ground)
  • Dunkey is constantly Distracted by the Sexy when playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2...not because he finds it arousing, but because he finds it really annoying.
    (Shots of gorgeous landscapes)
    Dunkey: Ooooh, what!? What!? This is incredible. This- Oh my god! Oh my god, this is incredible! Holy shi- Ooooooh! Ooooo-
    (Pyra shows up)
    Dunkey: Aaaand ruined. Why? Why? Why are her boobs bigger than her head? You can't make the character look stupider than that if you tried. You can't.
    (Dahlia shows up)
    Dunkey: Japanese people, what the fuck is wrong-
    • Dunkey keeps getting interrupted by tutorials, over 16 hours into the game. Then, just when he thinks the game is about to get started, he's interrupted by a cutscene.
    Dunkey: Oh my god! I'm playing the game! I'm playing the ga-
    Bana: MEH-MEH-MEH!
    Dunkey: Aaaand cutscene.

    Pyra: Now place your hand on my chest.
    (Dunkey pauses the game)
    Dunkey: What the fuck.

    Dunkey: Great voice acting.

    Dromarch: That's Morag, the Flamebringer! The most powerful Driver in the Empire...and the weilder of Bhrigid, the most powerful Blade.
    Rex: So together they're like...ULTRA powerful?!
    Dunkey: I HATE YOU!
    Dunkey: Better question; Why is there a level 80 guy in the baby starting area, and you can just aggro him from anywhere on the map?
    (Territorial Rotbart notices him from offscreen)
    Dunkey: Oh, there he is now, hey!
    (Rex dies instantly)
    Rex: Darn...why here?
    Dunkey: Hey that's a good question. Why are you here?
    Dunkey: How are you gonna fight the most powerful guy in the universe? You can't even beat the level 5 bunny outside of the starting town. Cause you suck so much ass. WHAT THE FU- I'm winning!? I'm beating her! I just beat the most powerful guy in the universe!
    (Rex loses anyway)
    Dunkey: Ah, damn! You see what she did there? She pulled the old "Lose in the game, win in the cutscene anyway" trick. I hate when they pull that shit.

    Dunkey: I'm beating something! I'm beating another guy up! I'm beating him in the game! (Gasp) I killed him!
    (Pyra loses anyway)
    Dunkey: What the fuck!? What's the point!? What's the point of beating anybody, they just kill you in the cutscene anyway, regardless, every single time!
  • Dunkey plays GTA 4 with Tony Pizza Guy. He spends most of it driving straight into the ocean despite Tony's protests.
    Dunkey: Alright, now ya gotta agree there is no physical way for me to make it to the ocean from here.
    Tony: Statue of Liberty here we come!
    Dunkey: Yes, here we go... Ocean though, right? [Proceeds to drive into a river that leads out into the ocean]
    Tony: NOOOOO-
  • From VR Chat (2nd Second Life):
    Bubsy: Is there a veterinarian in the house?
    Dunkey cracks up once again.
    Cut to Dunkey in Comedy Night.
    Dunkey: So great to be here, you guys. Hey, is there a veterinarian in the house?
    Person in audience: Yep. Yeah, that's me.
    Dunkey: Shit.
    • In Human Fall Flat, Dunkey waits for Jesse to respawn so his character can land on a catapult and launch Dunkey over a wall. Jesse lands a few feet away from the catapult with an anticlimactic thud.
    • In VR Chat, while hanging out at Firelink Shrine, Dunkey is dared to jump down into a well. He is then greeted by a bunch of other players down there along with the Souls series' signature "You Died" text. Shortly after, player "Prepare Thy Anus" jumps down, and then climbs back up.
    Prepare Thy Anus: Psyche, bitches, you can't kill me!
    Dunkey: Everyone! Beat the shit out of Garfield! Kill him! Get in there!
    • Shortly after, Dunkey witnesses the upper body of Marcadius 6AF8's Solid Snake avatar spinning around rapidly.
    • And then, Dunkey and his gang chase around one Hank R. Hill.
    Hank R. Hill: Somebody contact the authorities!
    • Player Shuun constantly repeats a story about Chili's. Leah then later eggs him on.
    Leah: Need...Chili's...Bye.
    Leah's avatar falls to the ground with a thud.
    Shuun: Funny story, 'cause, um, one time I was at a Chili's...
    Dunkey: They did really good on this one, I gotta say.
    • There's also a Windows 95 avatar present. What's on the inside of its model? The Blue Screen of Death.
    • Dunkey is suspicious of a Shrek avatar due to its overly sized head. With a pop, "Shrek" turns out to be Garfield again, prompting Dunkey and his gang to chase after him once more.
  • In the LISA playthrough:
    • "Holy shit. Terry Hintz joined me. Out of everyone playing this game right now. What kind of information do you have for me, Terry? 'You can save the game!' Wow. Incredible, Terry."
    • Dunkey's re-analysis of Terry Hintz's usefulness is abruptly interrupted when he accidentally walks off a cliff and gets an immediate Game Over. This happens three times over the course of the video.
    Dunkey: ...Why is that a feature?
    Dunkey: What did I even have in my inventory? *Checks inventory* Beef jerky and a diet coke. Yeah, I made the right choice.
    • Dunkey's reaction after Nern finally ends his story.
    It's over. I think it's actually over. please. Some jokes, they just... they just go on too long. And I hope the developer will know how people... (leaves the area only to see Nern sitting right next to him in the next area) ...You FUCKING game!
    • Nern's story is pretty funny itself, since Dunkey adds in several instances of implied zoophilia.
    • Dunkey identifying the Work Harder grunt as Delin's in Shenmue 2. Which is promptly followed with him editing a video clip of Delin and Ryo moving a box whenever the grunt plays in the background.
    Dunkey: This UH-HUH is the most annoying UH-HUH fucking game ever UH-HUH created UH-HUH by man.
  • Dunkey saying in his Best of 2017 that What Remains of Edith Finch was basically a video game adaptation of Gone Home.
    • Dunkey playing Dark Souls III, walking around a dark room with loads of bodies hanging from the ceiling.
    Dunkey: I don't need any cutscenes to tell me this isn't the McDonald's parking lot, okay? This is clearly the Burger King parking lot.
    Dunkey: Hollow Knight is pretty much just Dark Souls.
    • The number one spot goes to Super Mario Odyssey, and Dunkey spends some time listing the games in the Mario franchise, starting with the Good Games, then the Really Good Games, then the "Mastapeece Zone", and finally "The Big Boys". Having put a lot of thought into where Odyssey belongs on that list, Dunkey feels confident putting it up with The Big Boys.
    Dunkey: Yep. beat And then of course you have SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2!!! (Mario games list becomes "Dog Shit" and "Only Game That Fucking Matters")
  • Dunkey plays Monster Hunter: World. Hilarity ensues.
    Dunkey: See, I learned a valuable lesson, I learned that he has a move that one-shot kills you but also the hitbox is bigger than the entire level. That's valuable information to have.
    • Dunkey finally manages to beat a large monster, but is then harassed by both a Great Jagras and an Anjanath as he tries to carve it.
    • Dunkey carries away a monster egg right in front of a Rathalos, resulting in him going up against it, a Rathian, and another Anjanath.
    Dunkey (While carrying a Poogie): I'm just gonna make some bacon instead.
    • Dunkey repeatedly flip-flops from despising the Nintendo Hard gameplay to being in love with it all because of how charming the Felynes are.
    • During his final rematch with Nergigante, Dunkey once again tries the plunging attack only for it to fail yet again.
    • Dunkey seemingly beats the game after slaying Nergigante, only for him to end up getting defeated by a Kirin
    Dunkey respawns at his camp after being defeated.
    Dunkey: Here We Go Again!
  • His analysis of the Smash Bros 5 trailer is a goldmine:
    Dunkey: In the next shot, if you look very carefully, you can just sort of make out that there is a gigantic Smash logo engulfed in flames.
    • Among his many guesses for the identities of the shadowed characters present in the trailer are: Zelda, Jimmy Neutron, and Bert and Ernie. Then:
    Dunkey: The next guy is Kirby. (Beat) And then next to him...
    • After confidently guessing the identities of many of the less clear silhouettes, he comes to the prominently featured shot of Mario.
    Dunkey: That could be anyone, to be honest, I don't want to make any reaching, speculative comments in this video, but uh, if I had to guess, I'd say that it's probably Tony the Tiger. From cereal.
  • Dunk Souls Remastered:
    • Dunkey avoids making many of the same mistakes he did when he played the original Dark Souls, only to fall off a cliff shortly after dodging a flaming barrel.
    • While facing off against the Taurus Demon, Dunkey and it end up falling off the arena at the same time, both killing Dunkey and resulting in his victory at the same time.
    Dunkey: So, uh, that's how you beat Taurus Demon, thanks for watching everybody.
    Dunkey: Thank you Dark Souls: Remastered.
  • Dunkey's review of Spider-Man 3, which was initially posted as yet another supposed return to League of Legends on April Fools' Day.
    • Dunkey makes Spider-Man out to be a completely Designated Hero, with him clotheslining Harry (who Dunkey only refers to as James Franco) down an alleyway for no reason and killing Sandman just for trying to save up enough money for his daughter's surgery.
    • Dunkey's version of the infamous pie scene.
    Waitress: How's the pie?
    Harry: AUEGHH
    • The scene outside the cafe where Harry vanishes after a truck passes by has Dunkey wondering where he went in such a short timeframe, which results in Dunkey realizing that Harry's actually hiding underneath the table he was just sitting at, complete with Dunkey drawing sightlines on a background character to make it seem like he's looking at Harry under the table.
    • When Peter under the influence of the Symbiote craves for some cookies with nuts in them, Dunkey interprets this as Sam Raimi signifying that Peter has gone nuts.
    • Dunkey analyzes another one of Emo Peter's scenes.
    Dunkey: You have the scene where Spider-Man is pointing at various women on the sidewalk, now look at the gestures he's making with his hand. He is saying to these women "You're safe now, but in Spider-Man 4, I will shoot you with a pistol."
    • At one point, while summarizing how far off the deep end Peter is in the movie, Dunkey shows an interview clip where Tobey McGuire says he pushed for this darker interpretation of Peter. The joke is that the original context of the interview is that Tobey was complaining about how Sam Raimi didn't make Peter dark enough in the film.
    • In what is arguably the most beautiful part of the video, Dunkey goes off on a speech on how this movie was made back during a time when filmmakers knew how to take risks... while showing the infamous clips of Peter dancing.
    • The ending, where Dunkey misattributes Uncle Ben's With Great Power speech with Alfred while using a photo of Alfred Hitchcock.
    Dunkey: Like Alfred said - "With big power, comes big responsibility."
  • The funniest moment in his CS GO: Source video isn't by Dunkey. It's by a random player on the server named "pattycakes" who in response to a very young sounding kid talking about Kylo Ren "looking like a baby" responds in such a vitriolic laced tirade that even Dunkey is left speechless.
    pattycakes: Just like you, you fucking troglodyte, shut the fuck up you pre-pubescent mother fucker."
  • In CS GO : Rip King, there is a young kid who whines about "not ruining his KD" and another player, not Dunkey, comes on the voice chat like he's a goblin to taunt the kid to the point that both Dunkey and the kid who was originally whining start cracking up.
    • Dunkey also takes the piss out of a scrub who claims among other things that he has "600 twitch subscribers and has only been streaming a month" when he has none, and that he is "a force to be reckoned with when he wants to". Firstly, Dunkey and his friend annoy the scrub by making nonsensical callouts for map positions "Shoelace, Sea Urchin, Carpet", then Dunkey rips him for being 3rd on the leaderboard despite the scrub being a self proclaimed top level competitive player. Outside the video, if you follow the players twitch site address, you find out he's been banned from Twitch for violating the terms of service.
    • Dunkey gets what should be a useless boost to a higher area from a team-mate, and proclaims "It's the greatest boost ever!" as three enemy players all fail to kill him.
    • Dunkey creates a soundboard of himself, it's so limited that he "ran out of sound" and keeps having to spam "I'll have the spaghetti and meatballs". All the other players sarcastically exclaim "that's the real Dunkey" obviously not realising it's just him with a soundboard.
  • Masters of CS:GO, Dunkey trolls his team as they try to help him kill the last enemy, then when he decides to actually find the enemy he gets immediately killed.
    • One of Dunkey's team-mates blocks him while he camps in a store, and keeps pestering Dunkey over chat to buy a cheeseburger while the enemy shoot at them. The same player then later tells Dunkey that after he appeared in a previous Dunkey video "he became a millionaire", and that "he saw a homeless guy on the street, and he gave me money".
    • The last scene is Dunkey being saved from death when one of the chicken props on the map walks out into the hallway and blocks a shot fired at him. He kills the enemy, walks out of the apartment only to get team-killed with the last line being his team-mate saying "Oh dear god I'm sorry! Fuck."
  • CS GO : Wonder Chicken, after his entire team buy AWP sniper rifles he exclaims "We cannot lose", Dunkey starts by accidentally team-killing a friendly, is immediately shot by an enemy sniper, the guy next to him gets taken out by another enemy and the fourth & fifth players on his team get taken out seconds later to lose the round.
    • After a montage of no-scope AWP kills, a team-mate complains about him no-scoping, Dunkey says "You can scope with the AWP?!" Cut to next-round, dunkey scopes in and team-kills the complainer to end the video.
  • All of Dunkey's Super Smash Bros. videos are absolute gutbusters.
  • When doing a video about Spider-Man (PS4), he congratulates IGN's reviewer for lasting a whole thirty-eight seconds before dropping the "makes you feel like Spider-Man" line.
    • Dunkey rates the game 0 out of 5 because of no Bonesaw or Big Wheel.
    • When Norman Osborne makes his appearance:
    Norman: Fuck you Spider-Man! I'm the boat you rode on! Ahahahaha!
    Octavius: Oh god. Dear God. Shut up.
  • Dunkey explaining Kingdom Hearts.
    • The Master is a character that doesn't matter.
    • The entirety of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was actually an elaborate Dream Sequence had by Tigger.
      • Also, adding to the magic is Dunkey explaining Birth By Sleep's placement in the narrative by saying "that game was fake".
    • The Big Bad of the entire series is actually Pumbaa. Or maybe it's Eeyore.
    • Really, the fact that the two jokes above make up about half of the comedy content in the video. The rest of the insane, almost non-sequitur-esque summary is the actual plot of the series.
  • The conclusion of The Sad Year:
    Dunkey: Nintendo is run by Shark Tale, ladies and gentlemen—just a DVD copy of Shark Tale sitting in a chair.
  • Spyparty, contrasting the trailer's explanation of the gameplay with Dunkey and Fluppy's "methods":
    Narrator: The spy mingles at the party like everyone else, but their true goal is to complete missions undetected.
    Fluppy: Wait, I gotta "bug ambassador", "swap the statue", "contact double agent"...
    Dunkey: And, uh, you have to tell me which guy you are. Are you this guy?
    Fluppy: [coyly] I don't know. Is it?
    Dunkey: He looks like a gay vampire. You're that guy! That's gotta be you, come on!
    Fluppy: I'm the, uh... I'm the bald one.
    Dunkey: ...Wait. Are you-? Fluppy, no. You're not actually supposed to tell me who you are!
    Narrator: The spy's most vital skill: blending into the crowd.
    Dunkey: Oh my god, you actually are the bald guy.
  • His review for Red Dead Redemption 2 has a Running Gag where Dunkey gets a bunch of his horses and donkeys killed by running them into rocks and fences.
    Dunkey: Well, what can I say? When you lose, you lose you FUCKING CHEATING BASTARD!
    Dunkey proceeds to shoot everyone at the table as it cuts to him standing Atop a Mountain of Corpses of police officers
    Dunkey: What the heck, cops? What the heck, he was cheating! Clearly these police are not familiar with the standard rule set of poker.
    • When Dunkey is listing the main cast of characters and their motivations.
    Dunkey: Red Dead Redemption II is a game about characters. A gang of outlaws struggling to find refuge in a rapidly changing America, guided by their idealistic leader Dutch Van Der Linde. There's Hosea Matthews, the older and wiser right hand man to Dutch, and their surrogate son, the protagonist, Arthur Morgan, the hot-headed and violent Bill Williamson, Sadie Adler, a traumatized widow who transforms into a merciless gunslinger, Uncle, who constantly demands that Jackie Chan retrieve the talismans...
  • His Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu videos. In his Pokemon Let's Go Eevee video, he speaks rather glowingly of it, with a lot of (intentional) errors (i.e. Calling Onix "Graveler" and "Geodude", calling Pokemon Let's Go Eevee the first 3D Pokemon game, etc.). In his Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu video, he bashes it really hard, calling it "every other JRPG". In both videos, he bashes on Fortnite and Octopath Traveler.
  • His prank calls in BEEG BEEG YOSHI.
    • Calling a Gamestop as Dracula.
    Dan: Pre-order your copy of Kingdom Hearts III here at Gamestop, this is Dan, how can I help you?
    Dunkey: Ah ah ah! It's me, Dracula! Ah ah ah ah ah! I'm calling to see if you have the new Dracula video game.
    Dan: Um, I'm not familiar with the Dracula video game, which one would that be?
    Dunkey: You play as Dracula. Explore over three levels!
    Dan: Uh, do you know the name of the game?
    Dunkey: (Stammers then Switches back to his normal voice) Hogan's Castle.
    • Dunkey cracking himself up so much in one gag that he breaks character and has to hang up.
    • Calling a Gamestop as Jack Nicholson.
    Landon: This is Landon, how can I help you?
    Dunkey: Hey Landon, it's me, Jack Nicholson. I'm on set right now for the movie The Departed, and I'm looking for the game Hogan's Castle, do you guys have that?
    Landon: I do not, Dunkey, but I might have spaghetti and meatballs if you ask nicely.
    Dunkey: Uh ooooooh...
  • Sekiro : Dunkey Dies 489 Times:
    • Dunkey says that stealth is important in Sekiro just before he accidentally steps on multiple explosives.
    • His attempts to exploit Artificial Stupidity by attacking an enemy above him while hanging off a cliff and not drawing any attention only for said enemy to be alerted to Dunkey's presence and then proceeds to back up out of his range.
    Dunkey: Wait, come back! You're ruining my play style!
    • Dunkey makes fun of a Chained Ogre until it breaks free from its shackles and makes a beeline for him.
    • Dunkey tries to get past the Great Serpent on a bridge while the latter is apparently asleep, but the beast wakes up, aggros him and quickly destroys the bridge, in-between Dunkey's terrified screams and impersonation of the Armored Knight's "Roberrrtttt!". Dunkey then says "But remember, I can come back" and revives himself at the bottom of the valley, shortly before the Great Serpent aggros and oneshots him again, at which point Dunkey simply stays silent.
    • Dunkey takes part in a little gloating after massacring a group of monkeys only to walk into the Guardian Ape's den.
    Dunkey: *Laughs evilly* Ah, yes, my monkey booze! I think I shall partake, for I truly am the king of all monkeys. *Guardian Ape turns around* ...Who is that guy...? *Ape roars and charges* Oh—oh fffffffffuck!
    • Tensions are clearly running high as Dunkey hurls insults at the Guardian Ape and suffers from some cases of "Talk shit, get hit".
    "YOU WANNA FUCKING GO!? TAKE—*Grabbed*—PUT ME DOWN! NO! NO NO NO!!! *Dragged, thrown, and dead* AGH!"
    "Show me what you're made of, you goddamned cock-smoking monkey bastard! Reject Donkey Kong looking motherfucking—*Smashed and killed*—bitch-head...! Damn it! I hate this guy! He's too hard!
    • After the brutal fight against the Guardian Ape that concludes with Dunkey chopping off its head, he revels in his well earned victory and once again declares himself the true king of the monkeys. At least until the Ape comes back to life and picks up its decapitated head and sword. Dunkey's reaction has to be seen to be believed.
  • Dunkey returns to Sekiro with a vengeance.
    Dunkey: Here I go for the speedrun. Course, that is- that's some video game lingo. Uh, what speedrun means to video gamers is that the character moves three times faster than supposed to. That's what that means.
    • While attempting to break a poor sap's posture meter, he decides to take a break to backstab a different enemy before coming back to kill him.
    • Dunkey throws a ceramic shard around a corner at an enemy to attract him... then decides to throw nine more.
    Dunkey: Who did that? Who keeps throwing those? Who ke- Who keeps- <breaks down in laughter> Who keeps throwing a hundred pots at you? Who's doing that? Hah? Who do- Who's doing that? Where is he? <STAB> Here I am. I did that. It was me.
    • Dunkey decides to take a nice stroll to kill a boss, ignoring everything else along the way, not even giving a single fuck when he dies once and has to resurrect. Then he leaves the way he came in, taking two hits as he exits without breaking stride.
    • His rematch against the Folding Screen Monkeys.
    Dunkey: Hahahahahahaha... the fucking monkey part. At last, I shall have my revenge. <takes off and proceeds to run and jump at breakneck speed> VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR- <gets stuck against a section of the roof> SHIT! SHIT! <gets unstuck> PSHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMVRRRRMMMMMMRRRRRRRRR—get the fuck over there monkey—BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-
    Dunkey: <while wildly grappling all over the place> Where you at, fucking monkeys? You think you can beat me this time, huh? You think you can fucking—heh, there he is! WHERE YOU GOING, HUH? WHERE THE F-
    <Dunkey dashes over to the orange monkey and slashes it to death>
    Dunkey: Goddamn monkey!
    • And then his much-needed catharsis in taking down the Guardian Ape again.
    Dunkey: Alright, dickhead. Rematch! <turns into a human blender and tears down the ape's vitality and posture meters> -fucking Donkey Kong piece of shit, throw doodoo at me? You wanna throw doodoo at me? I'll cut your goddamn head off, I don't even gotta be up there!
    <Dunkey performs a glitchy execution that has Wolf land on the ground seconds before the ape's head magically pops off>
    Dunkey: Now get back up, see what happens.
  • His video on Metal Wolf Chaos XD is hilarious...and he barely even makes any jokes, instead just laughing constantly at the game's sheer insanity.
  • "Metal Gear Solid Explained".
    • How is Otacon described? A "peeing man".
    • The reason why the Patriots created the simulation was to serve as a microchosm of society entering the digital age, as they feared access to the Internet would make society fixate too much on trival matters, such as overly complicated video game plots.
    • Dunkey makes an admirable attempt at explaining Metal Gear, a story almost as convoluted as Kingdom Hearts. But there's one part he doesn't even try:
      Then in Metal Gear Solid 5, you play as Venom Snake. ...Metal Gear Solid 4!
    • During Metal Gear Solid 4, the vampire working for Liquid throwing Big Boss' comatose body into a fire is explained as him forgetting the plot of the series.
    • As Dunkey points out, the plot twist of Snake being infected with the Foxdie virus as to infect Revolver Ocelot in the final battle falls apart because they shared a cigar earlier in the game, "and [the writers] forgot".
    • The kicker? According to Dunkey, the game ends with Big Boss revealing that everything had been staged by a group known as the Shadow Patriots.
  • One from his 2018 Halloween special. Stumbling around in pitch black in a haunted mansion, Dunkey thinks he's finally found a light switch.
    "The cow says, moooooo..."
    Dunkey: "Oh god damn it."


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