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Tear Jerker / videogamedunkey

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  • Both of his Crappy Company videos epitomize this.
    [drunk] "So, ahhhh, if you guys stop postin' all da mean comments, uhh, so I don't kill myself, dat'd be appreciated."
    • In the first video, he laments about a rocky relationship with a Korean girl that turns out to be an ungrateful jerkass, talks about the struggles of living alone, badmouths Machinima, talks about problems with maintaining weight, and much more.
    • In the sequel, he laments about a bad deal with Microsoftnote , complains about problems with YouTube, rants about Nintendo's copyright enforcement, and talks more about his weight problems.
      • Not only that, but in the videos he seems to play worse than he does normally...
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    • Fortunately, the video following those two is MUCH more upbeat, and actually comes with a few jokes. Dunkey talks about his relationship with Leahbee, talks about some new games he's been playing, and he mentioned that he's been eating a lot healthier.
  • In "Eddie Murphy calls Taco Bell", Dunkey finds out that he has won $100, but his address does not show up and he doesn't get the money. You can actually hear him crying, and you know that he's devastated.
  • The ending of Halo 3: Recap Resolved can be seen as this.
  • His tribute video to Robin Williams.
  • Dunkey unintentionally murdering Toriel, Papyrus, Dogamy, and Dogaressa during his Undertale playthrough. Suffice to say, it makes his post-battle interactions with Asgore kind of awkward.
  • During his review of Metal Gear Survive, Dunkey explains how the whole Kojima/Konami situation struck a nerve.
    "This situation really hit home with me because during this, my mom and my aunt were going through the exact same thing. Both of them dedicated their lives to their jobs, and after years and years of putting up with dumbass shit and working past the clock, the second they got a little fed up with the system, BOOM! Fired."
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  • The Game Dev Tycoon video, for all of it hilarity, actually has a depressing downward slope of an ending, as Paul Beenis Games fails to keep up in the game industry and fades into obscurity and bankruptcy. This is particularly sold by the miserable drop in Dunkey's voice in the last minute of he video, and the ending implying that Paul Creenis/Dunkey has commit suicide.


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