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  • Big Name Fan:
    • Dyrus loves Dunkey's videos, occasionally borrowing Dunkey's catchphrases during his stream and even playing together with him from time to time.
    • In his second AMA video, Sky Williams was asked his opinion on Dunkey. He called himself a fan and said he'd like to collab with him. The two have since started playing together and appeared in each other's videos.
    • Philip DeFranco has shouted out Dunkey on several occasions, including some of his videos in his "Today in Awesome" segment, praising his videos as consistently good and stating that new Dunkey videos genuinely excite him.
  • Colbert Bump: Occasionally. Comments expressed interest in buying Rust and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons after he made videos for them. Additionally, after his LISA video was uploaded, the game quickly made it to the top sellers list on Steam.
    • The relatively low-profile Hardcore Hip Hop group Naughty By Nature has seen an increase in traffic on their YouTube channel thanks to Dunkey's use of "Here Comes the Money" in some of his videos, most famously those related to Knack.
    • Steam user "IKON Co-Leader - Les Lions" saw a massive influx of comments on his steam page after he showed up in "Rocket League: Dunk House." The clan also suddenly turned into a mini-meme, and all of its Discussion threads are dunkey-related things.
    • After he covered Zero Ranger, it resulted in the game (up to this point mainly known in shmup circles) to get a lot of attention from people with people citing Dunkey introduced to the game.
  • Follow the Leader: Ever since Dunkey garnered hundreds of thousands of subscribers, many Let's Players have attempted to clone his balls-to-the-wall style of humor for better or for worse. Interestingly, he has quite a number of high-profile fans from the Dark Souls community, some of which not only sneak in a few of his Catch Phrases in their own videos on occasion but have also taken to emulating his unique manner of speech and bizarre in-game antics.
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • Dunkey made a dance party video for each 10,000 subs he received up until 60,000.
    • He then made 100k and 200k videos.
    • "Escape from Hell" was his 500k video.
    • He also made 600k and 700k videos.
    • He then made another dance party for when he hit the big million.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • The main theme in his Draven video, where he voiced the 2 commentators named "Bobby Tortilla" and "Dyrone Tonk". The video ends with them screaming at each other.
    • In "Did He Ryzed?" he voices both himself and a few annoying kids in the background.
  • Writer Revolt:
    • Microsoft apparently paid Dunkey $700 as part of a deal to review four Microsoft games for the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade, starting with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. When Dunkey asked what the guidelines were, he was told he could do whatever he wanted. Microsoft clearly did not know a thing about Dunkey, as he proceeded to make an absolute mockery of the game and even spoil the ending without warning.note  This lead to the video becoming unlisted, and eventually it got removed entirely. Fortunately, this channel managed to reupload the video for all to see. This eventually culminated into an entire video where Dunkey explains why Microsoft sucks, for more reasons than just the Brothers video removal.
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    • After he got suspended/banned from League of Legends on the grounds of being toxic, he made this video detailing his issues with the game, Riot as a company, and why he won't be making any more League vids.

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