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Uncle Dane the Engie Main.

Uncle Dane is a Team Fortress 2 Youtube Personality who specialises in creating informational videos on the game that largely center around The Engineer class from that game.

The name comes from an old skit of his; Uncle Danes' Famous Hot Cocoa that, according to Dane himself "just sounded right", and they used as their handle when starting out making Team Fortress 2 videos online.

Has a secondary channel; the memetically titled 2uncle2dane and Whatever We Want, a sketch comedy channel also featuring Dane and his friends.

Compare with Lazy Purple, a fellow TF2 Youtube star who focuses on giving tips and tricks to all classes in the game, rather than just the engineer, and Team Service Announcement, an SFM skit series that gives An Aesop to educate new players of the game.


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(in green): Makes you a badass in every imaginable way possible
(in red): You will drown in pussy.
  • Ascended Meme: The thumbnail for this Q&A video has the words "I use RaysHud Thanks for watching". A common question in his comments is what HUD Dane uses.
  • Author Avatar: His videos have him represented by the Engineer wearing the Danger Gold Digger beard and the Insulated Inventor, all painted in "An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge" (A.K.A: White).
  • Bilingual Bonus: The title for "新入り! You Underestimate The Power Of 短絡 !" is partially Japanese. When translated, it reads: "Newcomer! You Underestimate The Power Of Short Circuit!"
  • Boring, but Practical: The "Stock Engineer Weapons Trilogy" of videos has this as a running theme:
    • The Shotgun really is quite powerful, but not many people use it as the engineers' other secondaries are simply more beneficial to you and allies. The Rescue Ranger lets you heal buildings from afar, while the Panic Attack can be used for its consistent bullet spread (which is disabled on shotguns in casual servers) to hit players reliably, meaning the basic Shotgun essentially becomes disused, and anyone using it is invoking Underestimating Badassery in Danes' eyes.
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    • The Pistol is overshadowed by The Wrangler, which lets people take manual control of their sentry (as well as giving the sentry more damage resistance as it has a shield when active). The two benefits of the pistol are useful, but boring; It's accurate, even at a fairly long range, and it has functionally infinite ammo (200 bullets!) so you can kill people just by spamming lead into their torso.
    • The Wrench is simply outclassed by every other option, even the Jags' downside of taking an extra swing to remove sappers isn't much of a downside. He even recommends using the Southern Hospitality as while it cannot do random crits, it can apply a bleed effect on cloaked spies, making them easier to track down.
  • The Cameo: Dane has on several occasions collaborated with other TF2 stars:
  • Failed a Spot Check: During his second video on Ninjaneering, Dane is able to more effectively teleport behind enemy backlines thanks to the Eureka Effect's teleportation ability, which allows him to travel to the teleporter exit even if there isn't an active entrance. Not only does this mean the teleporter isn't glowing at all times, it also doesn't even generate any effects when he appears (and thus Dane simply blinks into existence), so nobody ever seems to notice where he even came from.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In Machete Mechanic, he berates another player for building a sentry gun on Watergate because, as he claims, doing so is against the rules. So how does he punish them? By using his own sentry against theirs with his Wrangler.
  • Not the Intended Use: He's tackled a gameplay style he calls "The Ninjaneer", where rather than playing Engineer as a defense class who creates sentries to create a fortified backline, he sneaks behind enemy lines and plants down a teleporter and level 3 sentries to catch the opposing team violently off guard. The strategy is even crazier with the Eureka Effect as all he has to do is place an inactive teleporter exit down, and the wrench's teleportation ability allows him to blink back and forth between his spawn room and the exit nonstop as long as the enemy can't find the teleporter exit.
  • Parody:
  • Shoutout: TF2 Maps (Actual Size) has a thumbnail parodying Mr. Worldwide.