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Members of Stingray Industries, as well as the Stingray Security Services, which operates in the Core Timeline.

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     Stingray Industries (As A Whole) 


(Working To Improve Your Future)

One of various Mega-Corporations which has risen from the ashes of the Pre-Vanishing world, S.I. has a particular clash: it is very much on the side of angels, but a lot of it carries the look of an Eighties Cyberpunk corporate joint. Led by an Alternate version of Sylia Stingray (of the 2033/Eighties version of "Bubblegum Crisis"). Runs a private security army, "Stingray Security Services", of which the Champions are a sub-division of.

Tropes For Stingray Industries As A Whole

  • Corporate Warfare: See down on "Silly Reason for War". The result: S.I. has become quite good at it.
  • Heroes "R" Us.
  • Mega-Corp: Well, duh.
  • Not So Different: With rival Mega-Corp Genom Corporation, or at least this is what S.I.'s detractors like to paint it as. In reality... well, Genom is pretty much run by sociopaths and S.I. is not. And S.I. is trying to help people, and Genom does not. And there's all the Galactic Empire imagery on Genom as of recently, which S.I. doesn't has... so in reality it's very much a Dissimile.
  • Private Military Contractors: Stingray Security Services.
  • Silly Reason for War: Sylia had to wage a mini-corporate war against Stark International and Stane International early on because, as far as both of the jerks running those companies cared, There Could Be Only One company with "S.I.". The big war stopped, but the occasional a-hole version of Stark and Alternate of Stane come out of the woodwork to try to keep it going.
  • Undying Loyalty: Says a lot when the "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!" plan of one security team is to prevent the company from being besmirched from any potential acts they need to do to protect it (and it's not the only team with such a plan in place). Whatever else the Company may be believed to be just because it's a Mega-Corp, employees willing to abandon it when all shit is piling up is not one of them.
  • We Have Become Complacent: The "Reipe" (the first contact with the Nobody Dies universe, which had their version of Rei running around doing goofy, highly humiliating (for the company's personnel) stuff and then got worse, ending with SSS being deployed to NERV for some muscle-flexing for the sake of intimidating the Ikaris into giving Rei some kind of punishment and essentially ending up re-enacting the Battle Of Mogadishu (with SSS as the Americans)) was the first time in a while that S.I. had been put through the wringer (and for a double-whammy, the first time in a while that an encounter with NERV was a full-on borderline Curb-Stomp Battle on NERV's favor). Sylia swallowed her pride, apologized to the Ikaris, and vowed to do her damnedest so it didn't happened again.
    • The events of one story have Genom taking over multiple members of The Champions via mass-cloned variants of Shinji Ikiryo. Some of the following stories show that protocols have since been set in place to trigger a manhunt for potentially missing members if they don't make contact or arrive from patrol in a certain period of time.
  • We Sell Everything: Firearms, cybernetics, lighters, cars... you name it, S.I. builds it.

Sylia Stingray ("The Chief")

You don't have to worry. Leave it all to us.

An Alternate of the 2033 (OVA) version of Sylia Stingray, who is now the CEO of her self-named Mega-Corp. The boss of many of the characters introduced so far, she remains (for the most part) as mysterious as her canonical counterpart, with an aim to help the world.

  • A Mother To Her Men: Provides full benefits to her employees. Willing to go to war on anybody who dares even scare them (hence why "The Reipe" went From Bad to Worse).
  • Berserk Button: The standard Corrupt Corporate Executive "money-before-human-lives" sociopath tactics and "We Have Reserves" mentality regarding use of soldiers (while she is pragmatic enough to accept that casualties will happen when (not if) Murphy shits on A Simple Plan no matter how many countermeasures are thought of, she is not willing to simply toss away people's lives like they were nothing, nor lying to said people who will be put at risk for the sake of manipulating them into accepting the mission (see Coulson's reaction to Hand sending agents (his agents) on an apparent Suicide Mission on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 E7 "The Hub" for an example of how Sylia would act)).
  • Benevolent Boss.
  • Big Good.
  • Borrowed Catch Phrase: She has had no issue giving out explicit orders to "search and destroy" some problem.
  • Composite Character: Has elements of her OVA self (both Crisis and Crash) and the Adam Warren Grand Mal comic-book, with some crossover elements of another character played by Yoshiko Sakakibara, Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing.
  • Foil: Again, thematically, to Sir Hellsing: while Integra is one to bark out her orders to her soldiers (in a fashion that detractors accuse of being a (possibly unwilling) Large Ham), Stingray delivers them in a Tranquil Fury fashion. And then there's the "people who dislike her think she's a demented Knight Templar that has allowed her attack dogs to pull lots of Van Helsing Hate Crimes" vs. "people who dislike her think she's a Corrupt Corporate Executive just biding her time to do something that will prove them right".
  • Good Is Not Soft: She is on the side of angels. Wants to help save the world. She is an Iron Lady coming from a hard-core Cyberpunk universe, and thus is not afraid to deploy her private army to do so, nor play around with other "stereotypical Cyberpunk Evil Mega-Corp" tactics to obtain the better results for a happy ending if necessary (and she is thankful that it has not become 'that' necessary constantly).
  • Handicapped Badass: Is a paraplegic (the reasons for this not yet explored), needing a wheelchair to move around. Leads one of the more powerful corporations in the world, and not even Batman nor Alucard can scare her.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: As much Good Is Not Nice as she could get, she is not the sociopathic profit-seeker that is people like, say, Quincy (or Mason) or the Weyland family (or Tony Stark at his most Jerkass). Or as slaughter-happy as Sir Hellsing (well, when it's not justified, at least...).
  • Iron Lady
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: She is mentioned in passing on "Legends Of The Fourth Of July" to have not allowed The Champions to get a bar on their headquarters (while the Infinite Avengers Tower has one on every other floor). The reason? People like J. Jonah Jameson are constantly hunting for reasons to drive the team's PR through the floor (on top of constant blasting for them being a Corporate-Sponsored Superhero group), and knew that said bar (with a well-known (if now trying to cut down) alcoholic being Commander of the division, among other people) would be the equivalent to swallowing active uranium (that bar on every other floor thing? Mostly used by Starks. And the Starks who don't drink have an uphill battle to get good PR because of this).
  • Super Wheelchair: A Day In The Life of Sylia Stingray has the Forge giving her one of these, that can transform into a M.A.N.T.I.S. style Powered Armor that allows her to walk again when active.

Ahsoka Simmons (nee Tano)

I'm sorry, but The Chief is not available to hear your little terrorist threats. (ignites lightsabers) Maybe I can help you, instead...?

Alternate version of Ahsoka Tano who has become the personal assistant of Sylia Stingray. Retired from the Jedi Order, she still has the experience of having waged one of the ugliest wars (her) Galaxy had ever fought, knowledge of training in the ways of the Jedi and a pretty rambunctious temper that waging said war did not completely wiped out...

  • Action Girl
  • Alternate Self: Among other things, this version of Ahsoka made it all the way to General and stayed with the Jedi Order up until Order 66 (still decided to quit the Jedi Order in the aftermath of arriving to the Core Timeline and other events happening).
  • Amazonian Beauty: In comparison to her regular design, she showcases some pretty hefty gym time results.
  • Appropriated Appellation: She once called Sylia "The Chief" as a one-shot gag Shout-Out to Get Smart. Soon enough, everybody in the corporation is calling her that.
  • A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil: She is not evil, but you can guess some of the more hard-core Alternates of her friends still on the Order don't see it that way...
  • Battle Butler: Personal assistant to Sylia Stingray. Still knows how to use lightsabers and Force Push and blasters and high explosives and has no problem using any of that to protect her.
  • Combat Medic: Minor version: She bolstered what medical skills she got from Jedi training (and some particularly harrowing experiences during the Clone Wars) with some teaching from Matt. She is good at treating wounds... or inflicting them with efficiency.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Typical trait of a Star Wars character.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: In-Universe, in the light of her canonical personal timeline (as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels) and her own personal timeline being different, to not mention what both Ahsokas did upon retiring from the Order.
  • Dual Wielding / Gun And Sword / Guns Akimbo: As needed during combat.
  • Information Broker: Turns out that she has used the grand confusion that came from the multiple Alternates of Ahsoka Tano running around on both the Milky Way and 'Wars' Galaxies to build her own, smaller version of the Fulcrum network, which she has used for both business (providing officially 'under-the-table' intel to SSS operatives and support for them on missions on the GFFA) and personal (getting GFFA-native stuff that would be *very* hard to get otherwise for The Chief) motives.
  • Interspecies Romance: She married a Chicago paramedic called Matthew Simmons (a human).
  • The Maiden Name Debate: Uses her maiden name as a "Stage Name" for work and operations-some of the more hard-core Jedi would give even more grief upon finding out that she is married, and she doesn't wants to paint a big(ger) target on Matt's back for her enemies to shoot at.
  • The Nicknamer.
  • Pop-Cultured Badass: Been binging on Coreline and GFFA fiction like crazy. Result... for starters, there is the origin of "The Chief" nickname. Or the jokes about the LucasArts and Marvel purchase by Disney. And pointing out every cliche on the SW movies with pin-point accuracy.
  • Super Senses: Force-augmented senses and a Togruta's native augmented spacial awareness and hearing. Kinda comes in handy when she needs to pretend to be Radar.

Michael Garibaldi

(After being asked 'what's the situation?' in the middle of a CHIMERA attack): “What’s it look like? We’re under attack and the wall’s been breached!

An Alternate version of Michael Garibaldi that is the Chief Of Perimeter Security of the Stingray Industries Chicago campus. First appears on the fourth chapter of "Operation: ENDGAME".

"Lufy "Riff-Raff" Hawkins, Callsign 'Attacker'".

"Coming in hot, fellas!".

An Alternate version of Lufy (from a universe inspired by Fred Herriot's "Gall Force: The Day After" fan fiction, with some crossover with Gunsmith Cats) that is part of Stingray Security Forces, both as a driver and pilot. Chases, tactical defense, bombing runs, starfighter encounters, dropship driving and armed combat — she's your gal.

  • '80s Hair: A "punk" hairdo with a natural green fleck.
  • Action Girl: A veteran ace pilot with a hundred and fifty registered starfighter kills before the beginning of Gall Force and a hell of a lot more (including a Death Star rip-off) by the time the first OVA trilogy ended. She's gotten many more since. And on the ground she's no pushover, either.
  • Always Someone Better: Kevin "Ace" Koss is her "someone better". But considering that the man is Fred Perry's Author Avatar...
  • Animal Motifs: The wolf. Dangerous solo, even more dangerous as part of a pack. Fights fiercely for anybody she has decided to protect, but for those she considers Close Companions she's gonna go Up to Eleven and rip apart entire armies or die trying.
  • Badass Driver: Very impressive as a tactical driver. Normally used for getaways.
  • Cool Car: Her modified 1966 AC (or "Shelby") Cobra 427.
  • Composite Character: Of two characters with the very same design made by Kenichi Sonoda: Lufy the Solnoid Attacker (from Gall Force) and "Riff-Raff" the courier (from Gall Force). There's a little bit of the Battlestar Galactica reimagining's Kara "Starbuck" Thrace and Corporal Colette Ferro from Aliens in there, too.
  • One-Woman Army: To showcase, she once managed about twenty enemy casualties on the first film of the Gall Force series while wearing a Powered Armor that is essentially her star-fighter's Ejector Seat. Put her behind the controls of a plane or a powered armor and watch all hell break loose.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A small part of her hair is green. It's natural (and draws a pretty hefty amount of attention considering she's a blonde).

     Stingray Security Services (SSS) 


Stingray Industries' private security force-slash-army, they are the sledgehammer and the dagger to The Champions' (and on a previous life of Ms. Stingray, the Knight Sabers') sword and shield. Applied effectively, taken from all walks of life, trained (and sometimes retrained) to their full potential as One-Man Armies, the SSS may be seen by the Corporation's nay-sayers as a typical Mega-Corp Redshirt Army... and in doing this, they are very, very mistaken.

Tropes For SSS As A Whole:

  • Badass Army.
  • Badass Creed: "Nos Nemo Impune Lacessit (No one attacks us with impunity)" (which is based on Scotland's Real Life Badass Creed) and "Terror For Foe, Honor For Friend."
  • Badass Crew: Any of the Services' Teams-even the damn accountants and lawyers have combat training, because it's unknown when they will need to pull their weight in the middle of a gunfight.
  • Crazy-Prepared: There are SSS dead-drops, bolt-holes and "secondary" depots of equipment and information all over the place.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Stingray Security Services. Those who are detractors of the company (like some Alternates of the Knight Sabers) add the "I" of "Industries" to the acronym to make it "S.I.S.S-ies". (crosses over with Lame Comeback / Giver of Lame Names, because SSS is a well-demonstrated Badass Army).
  • My Greatest Failure: "The Reipe" is this (again, a re-enacting of Black Hawk Down with SSS standing in for the Americans and the Nobody Dies version of Tokyo-3 standing for Mogadishu). The events of Rise Of The Extraordinary Avengers imply that the events of Legends Of The Fourth Of July are also this for the group in general (and The Champions in (POV-wise) specific).
  • Private Military Contractors.
  • Squad Nickname: Rather common. Some have a peculiar punny reason to exist (like the "Winter Soldiers", which are led by an Alternate of "Bucky" Barnes) while others are just there for Rule of Cool.
  • Standard Sci-Fi Army: High-numbers Corporate Army, standard soldier could be considered an Elite Mook, application of combined-arms warfare (with the caveat that on this setting the term "armored cavalry" has started to apply to Mecha) with various types of vehicles and the occasional superpowered being.
  • Super Soldier: Although there are many examples of SSS soldiers being pretty much this in spirit via being equipped with top-notch tech and being from badass Fiction races, a more regular example of this Trope exists in the Hellsoldier Project.
  • Undying Loyalty: SSS soldiers would die before abandoning the company (the "Ghost Protocol" mentioned below is a typical plan amongst SSS teams... and it's there to prevent the Company from being any more besmirched with any acts that may need be done to protect the Company or if/when "It's Personal" has been stretched to its most brutal limits). This obviously means that people who diss S.I. think of the Services as a bunch of fanatical madmen.

     The Watchers 


"Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le sacre mercenaire." ("(Long) live death, (long) live war, (long) live the blessed mercenary." (unofficial motto, cribbed from "The Dogs of War").

Stingray Security Services Assault Team Seven (Squad Nickname "The Watchers") is just one of the Teams that the SSS fields... a collection of twelve Badasses, split in three Fireteams, willing and able to kick ass.

Tropes For The Watchers As A Whole:

"Captain" Grey Leonidas Shard (Lunarian Army, Retired), Callsign "Big Tin", "Watcher One".

Just so we're clear and nobody's confused-are you listening? Good!- : We didn't started this mess... you can be damn sure we are going to end it.

A former member of the Rival Relief Office (one of various "relief offices" on Asgard, with the duty of fulfilling the wishes and helping those who were worthy), Shard is a veteran of a great many, many years in various fields of "grey" and "black" ops, anything from infiltration to outright war.

And he got sick of being the Butt-Monkey of his little corner of the multiverse. So when he arrived to The Line and entered SSS, his mission in life was "never again"-by any means necessary. So far, he has succeeded.

Commanding Officer of The Watchers, leader of Fireteam Able.

Adapted from the "Bet" story series by Gregg "Metroanime" Sharp.

"Lieutenant" Roger Nathan Hackett (Hellsoldier Unit 001), Callsign "Hardware", "Watcher Two". Real Name: Simon Peters.

What is that "Rupture" spell supposed to do, kill me? That's not going to work. I know. We tested that.

A man who got a bad rap and pissed off a very powerful individual, the man known as "Roger Hackett" (so the name said on his forged papers) was killed on a one-star hotel on Las Vegas while he tried to escape to Los Angeles and a safe place (a Running Man Bet) alongside his fiancee.

Fate, unfortunately, had other plans. As a carrier of the newly-appeared "Pariah Gene" (an incredibly powerful Power Nullifier mutation), "Roger" was taken by Stingray Industries as the prototype of its "Hellsoldier Project", attempting to create a Super Soldier with the most advanced mixture of equipment that Fiction made possible (and also trying to find out how many implants could be placed within a Pariah Gene carrier before the Gene started losing power... which turned out to be on the level of "persists even after full body replacement").

The resulting prototype of the "Hellsoldier" series was placed on the newly formed Team Seven, and Roger Hackett now roams the streets as a soldier of fortune.

Executive Officer of The Watchers, leader of Fireteam Baker.

"Corporal" Shinji Ikari (United Nations Special Agency NERV, Retired), Callsign "Misery", "Watcher Three".

"I am... crazy. It's official. There's paperwork on it. There's graphs and tests and records that I got my brain poked through and everything. And let me tell you, it's a real load off my mind. Being insane allows me to be who I want to be. There are no longer any rules..."

Formerly a Pilot (a "Child") for NERV, Shinji Ikari suffered like few people suffered, by being forced to loop, to live his life again and again, unable to do anything to make his life (nor that of anybody he loved) any better.

And oddly enough, when he arrived to the Core Timeline, the fact that he had been driven out of the loop was what completely broke him. He spent a long time on a mental asylum in upstate New York, the so-called "Crime College", and it was here where Sylia Stingray found him. She managed to speak to him on one of his brief returns to sanity to offer to personally foot the Psychosurgery and therapy bills, with his approval. If he wanted to afterwards, she would be interested in him entering her Security Services, but if he refused, well... he would be back to sanity, and he could probably be able to find a life to live outside the College's walls.

Shinji accepted her proposal and entered the Security Services, unhesitatingly. And then went through the most hellish training that he could get his hands on-multiple fields of Humongous Mecha and Powered Armor piloting, survival skills, infantry warfare techniques...

The result: a specialist in armored cavalry, a Mecha and Powered Armor pilot that could deliver exactly what he promised, be it a time for a Hold the Line action or the exact thing he was called for...

"Sergeant" Ranma Saotome (Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard, Retired), Callsign "Witch-Hunter", "Watcher Four"

"You have just insulted my girlfriend, so I expect you to apologize. Choose your next words and actions with exceptional care, Miss Aoyama. You don't want them to go to waste."

An Alternate version of Ranma Saotome, born and raised on a Brighthammer universe, trained as a Storm Trooper by his father and the Imperial Guard of his home planet (a Fortress World). While he is (as many other members of the Brighthammer universes) much more open-minded about things, he still is a member of the Imperial Guard, and he fights for Stingray with the same unrelenting temerity as his battles against the enemies of the God-Emperor...

  • Badass Normal: In comparison to other Alternate versions of him (which could easily be described as "Supernatural Martial Arts Physical Gods"), this version of Ranma makes do with top-of-the-line equipment, being Properly Paranoid, using unrelentingly brutal combat tactics, and having a will of iron (and utter fearlesness) in the face of absurd odds, imminent death, and unearthly horror).
  • Bayonet Ya: Has a preference for long-guns with a bayonet option.
  • Berserk Button: While Brighthammer-verse Fictions are more open-minded about things, there is still a line drawn in the sand. And with him...
    • You do not insult anybody he likes (like his girlfriend), you no not insult his unit (or Stingray Security Services in general), and you do not insult the God-Emperor of Mankind (you may get away with it if you insult the Alternate and "False" Emperors like the Canon and the S&40K "Emperor". Still, you may with to choose your wording with exceptional care...
    • And try to do what Ranma ½'s Tatewaki Kunō does and denigrate Ranma's victories over you by labeling them as the work of "witchcraft". Go ahead, please try.
    • And needs be said: do NOT even think of summoning the Ruinous Powers around him.
  • Chainsaw Good: This Ranma is a master chainswordsman, and on those occasions where a Chainsword is not heavy-hitting enough (or probably too Awesome, but Impractical), he has a Power Sword lying around.
  • Determinator: Par on the course for an elite Imperial Guardsman. Also look at "Not Afraid to Die" and "What Does She See in Him?" below-this is a man willing to raise all kinds of hell before accepting that what he has with his girlfriend may be a bad case of Star-Crossed Lovers.
  • Insistent Terminology: Calling hostile aliens "Xenos" is normal for him (example: Xenomorphs). He may use the term as Malicious Misnaming if the alien (or believed-to-be-alien) in question is a complete asshole (example: Haruo Nijima).
  • It's Raining Men: Full Drop-Trooper certification (the whole team is, in case of "deep-strike" operational necessity, but part of his Combat Pragmatist mentality comes from trying to figure out how to do the most destruction with the less resources wasted (like the Elyisian Drop Troops)). Not really weird to see him carrying around a Jump Jet Pack or a Grav Chute just in case, either.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Averted Trope: Regular Imperium sword designs lean more towards the European fashions, and his custom weapons mostly resembles a Marine Officer's Sword.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: More like "My Species Protests That Its Parent Species Is Too Damn Brutal In Its Protesting."
  • Not Afraid to Die: This is a guy who could (and has) call(ed) an artillery strike on a martial arts bout, turning it into a game of chicken (first to run away from the incoming explosion and leave the fight zone, loses). Battlefield actions don't differ much, either.
  • Odd Friendship: From the POV of a regular, "canon"-verse 40K-er, Ranma has this. His unit alone is loaded with heretics, mutants, Xenos and what are essentially Heretek servitors. And then there's Miu...
  • Officer and a Gentleman: His particular brand of Chick Magnet.
  • Properly Paranoid: He pretty much also has the "Paranoid" Talent (read: benefit) on his Dark Heresy sheet. With threats like Alternate versions of every enemy Ranma Saotome has ever had (and Miu Furinji has ever had) coming out of the woodwork to get him, as well as other threats on and off-duty, and being brought up on the freaking Imperium Of Man (a nicer version, and yet still), can you blame him?
  • Religious Bruiser: He's willing to be open-minded and a Nice Guy, but be a servant of Chaos (or just plainly a colossal asshole) and you will see what even the nice version of the Imperium Of Man can breed in terms of warriors...
  • Seen It All: This kid pretty much has the "Insanely Faithful", "Jaded" and "Unshakeable Faith" Talents on his Dark Heresy character sheet. The only way that the Ryōzanpaku "Scare Off With Sudden Burst Of Killing Intent Aura At Full Power" trick would get a rise out of him would be if it suddenly turned them into Daemons... and he would just try to fight them, nevertheless.
  • Sergeant Rock.
  • Sword and Gun: Typical CQC package for him.
  • What Does She See in Him?: His girlfriend is an Altenate of Miu Furinji. He is (by all means and purposes) a Professional Killer and an Old Soldier. She is... not (in all seriousness, they would look less of an Odd Couple if he was more like his canon self, and even then most of her Alternates are Kenichi-sexual). Her family knows this, and have done their damnedest to scare him off. His response was to challenge them for the right to date her and then pull off the artillery stunt mentioned above (he won, by the way. By the very specific rules of the challenge, Hayato "The Invincible Superman" Furinji was the first to flinch). They are still planning on scaring him off (and pairing her with Kenichi or Ikki or even Sho (Kano)), but knowing how far he could go to protect her...
  • Would Hit a Girl: Some of the deadlist monsters on his home universe (and the Core Timeline) are female. He knows this. If there is a threat, he takes care of the threat, by any means necessary-and to Hell with what the threat's sex was.

"Corporal" Jack Lauren, (United Nation Special Agency NERV, Retired), Call Sign "Swamp Wolf", "Watcher Five" (Formerly Kaworu Nagisa/Tabris).

A bad reincarnation, stuck on a post-apocalyptic hell-hole a hundred-plus years after World War III (on Louisiana, no less)... bad things for the former Angel of Free Will. There were some blessings, though: not recalling his previous life and the hell it was, loyal companions, a nice man that he could (in a way) call "father", a wife, a kid... all of it brutally taken from him, be it by the raiders or by appearing on the Core Timeline.

Appearing on The Line brought him more issues: his Angelic powers reappearing, the better part of his memories as Tabris/Kaworu coming back with the roar of a nuclear explosion, his family coming back to him, his child now a half-Angel, needs that he didn't had to deal with before (like paying the bills)... he entered the Stingray Security Services out of need, not duty.

At least at first. He has forged himself a group of loyal Companions again. And it will be hell on Earth if he is forced to lose them again...

"Gunnery Sergeant" Ryōga Hibiki (United States Marine Corps, Retired/Direct Action, Retired), Callsign "Bulldozer", "Watcher Six".

"Any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives. The trick is not to be around when they go off."

An Alternate of Ryōga Hibiki that comes from a timeline crossing over with the Eclipse Phase Role-Playing Game. Without the capacity (or at least the knowledge) for Ki powers that his other closer-to-canon Alternates had access to, he became a Transhuman, a citizen of the United States, and then a Marine, in that order. And everything looked good for him... until The Fall happened. Killed in action, re-sleeved off-world, poor, he became a member of the mercenary group "Direct Action" and performed quite a lot of unsavory things for the sake of keeping the peace throughout the Solar System for some time...

...and he appeared on the Core Timeline, entering the Stingray Security Services for the sake of doing what he knew best, but for someone unquestionably on the side of angels.

An expert in the art of demolitions and "leg-breaking" tactics, he is a real (and literal) one-man wrecking crew.

"Private" Mackenzie "Mackey" Stingray (Knight Sabers, Retired), Callsign "Top Gear", "Watcher Seven"

"Oh, man, what did you do now? The poor thing's suffering! Park it over there, will ya? I wanna see what I can do to fix it."

An Alternate version of Mackey Stingray (the "2040" Voomer version of him) who has entered the Services. While Sylia feels enough of a connection to him to not wish him harm, nevertheless his luck has been to find himself on the regular adventures of a front-line combat unit, whether she tries to reassign the unit to "low stress" situations or not. His powers of "machine whispering" have made him the unit's primary mechanic.

  • Accidental Pervert: Happens to him often. At the very least, he's been (so far) quite capable of showing that it's accidental rather than him actually looking to do lecherous things.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: So prone to this (and so lethal at this) that he seems to have inherited his sister's bipolar disorder (he didn't. Doesn't stops this from being the most regular "joke" reaction).
  • Geek: Mechanical version. Doesn't helps that the Machine Whispering makes him feel things from the engines that your regular motor head can't.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: When he's using the Machine Whispering at high power.
  • Identical Stranger: His passing resemblance to Makoto Mizuhara and Shinji Ikari (to not mention sounding like Shinji Ikari) has been used for infiltration missions and decoy purposes a few times.
  • Mr. Fixit: The unit's primary field mechanic. As expected of his role, the one who most consistently pulls miracle repair jobs.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: A "Voomer" (bio-mechanical robot), pretty much near-unrecognizable from a regular human teen except for some things like being unable to grow up or the occasionally glowing eyes or how Boomers seem to have "Do Not Shoot This Guy" hard-wired into their brains.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": It's "Mackey," not "Mackie" (the 2032/1980's OAV version's nickname). And then there's the "Boomer/Voomer" thing...
  • Technopath: Called "Machine Whispering" by the rest of the unit. The main difference between his version and Tieria's version is that Mackie's version works with any mechanical machine, regardless of whether it has computers or not-and depending on the circumstances probably won't be able to "hack" it, but will definitely know the best way to fix it for optimum performance. It also pretty much insta-hacks Boomer C.P.U.s and has a constant "invisibility" passive effect, which is kind of handy when the enemy deploys the things.

"Warrant Officer" Nicol Amarfi (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, Retired), Callsign "Piano Man", "Watcher Eight".

"Well, this looks like a pretty good crowd for a Saturday..." (Dramatic Gun Cock) "Let's play."

An Alternate version of Nicol Amarfi who, after surviving nearly being cut in half by a Mecha-sized Laser Blade, both Valentine Wars and all miscellaneous kinds of hell, appeared on the Core Timeline and quit the ZAFT Armed Forces.

...alas, combat was a drug for him, and while he had seen the horrors that man could inflict on man for the sake of the stupidest of causes, he didn't wanted to (completely) quit, so he entered the Stingray Security Services.

As a Coordinator, and a former ZAFT "Red Coat", Nicol is one of various members of the team who knows how to use Humongous Mecha, the so-called "Gundams".

Third-Generation Italian immigrant to the P.L.A.N.T.s, Second-Generation Coordinator of his family line.

"Warrant Officer" Rusty MacKenzie (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, Retired), Callsign "Hawkeye", "Watcher Nine".

"Got it, Big Tin. Target sighted. Damn, he's moving FAST..." (BLAM!) "Eliminated. Piece of cake.".

An Alternate version of Rusty MacKenzie that appeared on The Line after the gunshot that supposedly killed him on the first episode of the show (to the point that he did not know at first whether he was dead or alive). Eventually he adapted, got some additional training, decided to make his own path (finding some issues with ZAFT)... and also developed a knack for impressive marksmanship, equal to that of the assassin "Bullseye" or some versions of "Hawkeye".

The team called him the latter, much to his initial displeasure.

Currently, he's the team's primary sniper (with a bit more experience in dealing with the Grid than the rest of them, as well), and has developed a rapport with team-member Tieria "Vowels" Erde. He has also married an Alternate version of Quorra.

Third generation Scottish immigrant to the PLANTs, second-generation Coordinator of his family line.

  • Ace Pilot: Has less of a Mecha-on-mecha kill count that the rest of the Mecha pilots on the team, however he is still highly qualified with Mobile Suits.
  • Archer Archetype: When he bothers to use bows, he is extremely adept at them.
  • Badass Longcoat: A more regular raincoat on green colors on normal days, his ZAFT coat when he feels like wearing a "honor uniform".
  • Brave Scot: This version of Rusty has a (kind of faint) Scottish accent when he talks, and is a third-generation space Scotsman. Can become a Violent Glaswegian if you piss him off too much.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: At least at first, he was not keen to "Hawkeye" (expecting issues with Alternates of Barton). His wanted callsign, "Bullseye", probably would have brought the same trouble (so very snarky asshole vs. murderous psycho... the lesser of two evils, most probably. A real big one).
  • Expy: In-Universe, people notice facts about him (his UK descendancy, his sniping expertise, his friendship with an Alternate of Tieria Erde) and immediately think "Lockon Stratos" (usually in the way of "Tieria is using him as a Replacement Goldfish", which pisses the whole team off).
  • Fiery Redhead
  • Friendly Sniper.
  • Happily Married: With an Alternate of Quorra (who first appears on the short story "Shooting Skeets At Night").
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Tieria and the rest of the ex-Le Creuset Team members.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: How "improbable"? He has an orbital marksmanship qualification — meaning that he can shoot things on and from Earth orbit, at the closest (depends greatly on things like available weaponry, of course). He can also kill things with anything he can throw or flick, even fingernails.
  • O.C. Stand-in: There are exactly seven things that are known about the canonical Rusty MacKenzie: that he was a Red Coat, that he was part of the Le Creuset Team, that he was a redhead, that he had blue eyes, that he was a Nice Guy, that he got some of the highest marksmanship scores of the team (and on some versions, the highest), and that he was the first of the team to buy it, all the way on the Heliopolis raid/first episode of SEED. This is The Constant between versions of Rusty throughout the Multiverse-everything else can change. And this version of Rusty is not exempt.

"Warrant Officer" Tieria Erde (Celestial Being, Retired), Callsign "Vowels", "Watcher Ten".

"Greetings, Nabiki Tendo. I just hacked your computer, so unless you want to lose everything you have been working on for the last year and a half, and make sure people believe you are not worthy to be a human being, I will ask you to at least bother to listen to what I have to propose...".

An Alternate version of Tieria Erde who defected from Celestial Being and became a member of Stingray Security Services, "Vowels" (as he was nick-named) is incredibly loyal to his team. Being cut off from the VEDA super-computer in punishment for his betrayal came with an unforeseen fringe benefit: it kicked in a mutation that turned him into a Technopath, capable of hacking computers with his mind.

Currently dating an Alternate of Canal Vorfeed.

  • Ace Pilot: And now pretty damn deadly outside of the Gundam, too.
  • Adaptational Muscles: Training from Hell to be up to the level of other frontline members of the Stingray Security Services and qualify for soldier work means that he has gained some more muscle on his frame that the regular Tieria Erde Alternate (although he remains pretty wiry-think Bruce Lee). Has not done much to stop him from looking "girly", though.
  • Artificial Human: An Innovade (vat-grown gene-modified humanoids meant for the Schenberg Plan).
  • Ascended Fanon: In-Universe, the usage of his Fan Nickname as his Watchers callsign.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Has used his (admittedly girly) looks as infiltration material a few times.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Having no connection to VEDA is seen as a Fate Worse than Death by Innovades like Ribbons and a lot of Alternate versions of Tieria. He gained powerful Technopath abilities out of the deal.
  • Badass Bookworm/Genius Bruiser: He's one of the best-read members of the team, and an Ace Pilot qualified with (and having caused countless kills with) the GN-005 Gundam Virtue and the GN-008 Seravee Gundam (which would be better described as "The Heavy's Dream Gundam" if not for the existence of the Heavyarms and its variants).
  • Berserk Button: While he is distrustful of Celestial Being nowadays, he still believes in its cause of world peace (like many Gundam characters do) and Blood Knight, "the world is better if it's an eternal battlefield where Humans Can Be Bastards Forever"-types will get a punch to the gut or at least a Death Glare. Also, for the love of God, do not insult Neil Dylandy (or his memory-not even being his brother will get you a pass). Like the rest of The Watchers, threatening the safety of each other or SSS is a good way for them to close ranks.
  • Death Is Cheap: Like the other members of the team, he has an implanted Cortical Stack, has his memory backed up, and his Technopath powers guarantee that his mind will be entering any computers nearby if killed. His typical route to resurrection (memory going to VEDA) is cut off to him.
  • The Determinator.
  • Full-Name Basis: Or "rank and last name" basis. Takes being acknowledged as a friend to change from being called in this fashion all of the time.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Rusty MacKenzie and the rest of the team. Sometimes shoots into Odd Couple territory (as demonstrated in the story "Two Men And A Lightning Rod").
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: Hunts down Alternate versions of Ribbons on his spare time (at the very least, by providing information of their whereabouts to other people). This Trope has expanded to having to occasionally deal with Celestial Being (and Alternate versions of himself) during operations.
  • Playful Hacker: To his team. To his enemies (especially to his enemies), he's The Cracker (and proud of it).
  • Pro-Human Transhuman.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He still wears his pink cardigan when on civilian clothes and still wears his purple Celestial Being piloting suit (with some additional modifications like concealed armor plating).
  • The Spock: One of the members of the team more driven to maintain a logical mindset at all times (although not to the point of being a "cold son-of-a-bitch", though. Just play "Devil's Advocate", as expected of the Power Trio Trope (with the rest of the group switching between The Kirk and The McCoy, depending)).
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Eyes glow gold when he's using his Technopath powers.
  • Technopath: The power he (technically) had in the series with his connection to VEDA, now expanded into a full-blown example of this Trope after being cut off from VEDA.

"Warrant Officer" Suzaku Kururugi (Britannian Army, Retired), Callsign "Wildcard", "Watcher Eleven".

"Respect is the ultimate coin. All the power and respect of being Zero was not worth much if I couldn't face myself in the mirror. Sooner or later I'm definitely going to see the price for what I have done... before that, though, you'll forgive me if I decide to not sit around wallowing in my misery. Who knows? Maybe I'll make myself useful."

An Alternate of Suzaku Kururugi (Post-"Zero Requiem") who appeared on the Core Timeline and defected to the United Kingdom (becoming a naturalized citizen), eventually being hired by Stingray Security Services. Formerly Knight Of Seven, Knight of Zero, and then Zero himself, he's the team's prime source of knowledge on Lelouch Lamperouge and Britannian hardware (and prime procurer, with some contacts with Alternates of Lelouch and the Britannian underground), as well as a brutal close-quarters combat expert and a Geass/Code "dowsing rod".

His mentality is... complicated. For the most part, he has left behind most of the things that (he felt) made him a horrible human being from his time as a Britannian (emphasis here, "most"). On the other hand, he has sacrificed a lot because of it, and he knows pretty well that (whether he wants to or not), someone or something will bring him to task for the sins he committed (as is wont to do on places like this)... to not mention still compartmentalizing Lelouch and Zero as a friend and a foe (made easier/harder because of the many Alternates of Lelouch and Zero running around, some good as a whole, some very evil).

  • Ace Pilot: Behind the wheel of any Knightmare Frame (especially a Lancelot-Class), he is a terror worthy of his Red Baron nickname, the "White Grim Reaper".
  • Anti-Hero: Sliding Scale Level 2.5, (Knight In Sour Armor, Pragmatic Hero on justified events).
  • The Atoner: He knows pretty well that he has bloody hands. Doesn't stops him from trying to do good.
  • Berserk Button: Racism in general (and "social" racism in specific (read: how "Elevens" were treated)) anger him. He also gets angry with people mistreating the Lamperouge siblings and Euphemia (if they are "good" Alternates).
  • Byronic Hero.
  • Composite Character: Has some backstory elements of the TV Series and the "Suzaku Of The Counterattack" manga (killed father, man was thinking of making the Japanese fight to the last... but to buy time to save his own skin).
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Impressively powerful on a physical level. It is still unknown how much of this is just absurd training in general, Supernatural Martial Arts, good genes or some influence of the Geass (it varies from Suzaku to Suzaku, anycase).
  • Death Seeker: No longer actively looking for it, but he pretty much acknowledges that the Theory of Narrative Causality may force him into Redemption Equals Death whether he wants to or not.
  • The Determinator.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: The group can be this any time they want, but Suzaku uses "old-school British" rules: Hates Everyone Equally, Cluster F-Bomb, calling the Training from Hell "trying to give you a heart attack", etc.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: On top of the insane physical skills he has, the "connection to the Geass" that the first season of Code Geass seemed to imply (although it became an Aborted Arc by the second season) activated upon arrival as a "sense" that allows him to detect Geass and Code users (and people affected by the Geass) in a limited range. Also he has gotten his "Live!" Geass erased and rewritten, so he cannot be compelled by Geass again (unless this new Geass is removed by means like the Geass Canceller) and it no longer has the "commit war crimes to survive" part. This has happened to some other Alternates of Suzaku.
  • Identical Stranger: He resembles the two versions of Li Syaoran (three, if we count the clone) and Masaki Ichijou. This has been used for infiltration repeatedly by the team.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: Surviving the events of Code Geass does not a saint make. Still tries to fight the good fight-someone has to, after all.
  • To Know Him, I Must Become Him: In being Zero for an unknown amount of time, he became knowledgeable of all of Lelouch's tricks. He cannot out-think Lelouch if he goes into Xanatos Speed Chess mode, but he certainly has a good guess (and sometimes, the best guess) of what tricks he may pull when the team encounters him.
  • The McCoy: The other members of the team may do what their hearts and minds tell him, but he's the one who is most prone to espouse the "Honor Before Reason", "Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!" part of the equation (if nothing else, because someone has to play "Devil's Advocate" to it).
  • Nice Guy: Has become much nicer since appearing on The Line.
  • Noodle People: He is very thin (he was designed by CLAMP, after all-this thinness is normal amongst CLAMP Fictions, as well) but absurdly wiry with muscle (think Bruce Lee).
  • Playing Card Motifs: The Ace of Spades (his Britannian Ace Pilot status), the King of Hearts (the "Suicide King", for his (former) Death Seeker mentality) and the Joker (The Fool), his call sign representing himself as a "Wild Card". Deliberately changed into this motif to get away from the Chess Motifs of Code Geass canon.
  • Powered Armor: Classified for use of Centurions Assault Weapons Systems.
  • Redemption Demotion: Invoked Trope, with him starting to use his old rank as a Warrant Officer (when the Watchers bother to try to use rank and not seniority) rather than the "Knight" he climbed all the way up to in Britannia.
  • Still Wearing the Old Colors: His piloting outfit (and standard A.W.S. Exo-Suit) shares color designs/schemes with his old Lancelot pilot suit.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: 5 feet 9, Mr. Fanservice in CLAMP way.
  • Translation Convention: In-Universe - On his version of the Code Geass universe (as well as some others), the whole "Great Britain Conquers The World" thing means that everybody who speaks English speaks with The Queen's English. In his case, he speaks with a Received Pronunciation accent. It's a double-barreled convention: Japanese to English and differing types of English.
  • You Are Number 6 / Ironic Nickname: He's the eleventh member of The Watchers (in order of becoming part of the team). The only way he will accept being called "Eleven" is if you are referring to this alternate callsign.

"Commander" Athrun Zala (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, Retired/ORB Union Defense Forces, Retired), Callsign "The Judge","Watcher Twelve".

"You know, I am not here to discuss about the rights and wrongs of war. Where I come from, people have discussed that hard and long enough to fill entire books." -phht!- ''"Entire LIBRARIES!. I am sure of one thing at this moment: We want peace to come, we want to try our best for peace to come? Then kicking your ass all over this fucking room will be a good start!"

An Alternate of Athrun Zala, survivor of two Bloody Valentine Wars and coming to a world that provided him with no peace in body or mind and even less resources to survive. In a bit of desperation, he signed off to work for the Rossum Corporation, where he worked on its "dollhouses" until it was smashed on a Corporate War against Arasaka and the subsequent clean-up operation by the Los Angeles government. With his memories back (and checked thoroughly that he did not had "presents" left behind), he entered Stingray Security Services.

The time as a Doll left behind a peculiar bonus: photographic reflexes and an incredible capacity for mimicry and being used to Body Surf technology, as well as an ease to learn other skills which he has adapted into a mastery in disguises and tactical adaptation, becoming an Envoy.

Third-Generation Hungarian immigrant to the PLANTs, Second-Generation Coordinator of his family line. Leader of Fireteam Charlie.

  • Ace Pilot: One of the deadliest pilots that both Bloody Valentines had (although there were even more deadly ones, without the benefit of a Gundam, in their defense). Skills have not been lost at all.
  • A Birthday, Not a Break: Not explicitly shown on-screen (yet), but his birthday (October 29th, two days away from Halloween) means that he has had to deal with Halloweed-related supernatural threats on a regular basis since arriving to The Line.
  • Appropriated Appellation: His callsign, "The Judge", is because two out of his three signature Gundams had the word "Justice" on the name.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis.
  • Bio Punk: Out of the whole group, he's the biggest sufferer (for good and bad) of the genre, starting with his genetically modified Coordinator body and the Rossum Body Surf technology, continuing with Eclipse Phase and Takeshi Kovacs-verse techs that have made death absurdly cheap for him...
  • The Determinator: Already has pretty high on this in canon, Envoy training has made him this to the point of resisting all but the most inhuman (or applied-by-OP-empowered-people) of tortures.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Good with gizmos, Envoy training has made him deadly with MacGyvering. Unusually enough, canonically he has invented various "drones" (The Haros, Torii) and yet on The Watchers he's not the drone specialist. Turns out that he's got a liking for robots with Artificial Intelligence... and sometimes in combat the word for drone use is "Zerg Rush" (expendable, cheap, unthinking).
  • The Grinch: Unusually, he (sometimes) is this, but for Valentine's Day. Justified Trope-both SEED-verse wars were called "Bloody Valentines" for a reason-and he lost his mother on that day, as well.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: He fights on the side of angels. God knows he tries to be happy about it constantly.
  • Leit Motif: "The City Surf", by Jamin Winans.
  • Master of Disguise: His capacity for mimicry and additional training has turned him into the team's primary "face".
  • Not Afraid to Die: Death Is Cheap for him now, so why worry?
  • Mr. Fanservice: Well, the SEED canon doesn't shies from showing his good looks (and there is a reason why he was hired by Rossum for the Dollhouse). He has lost most of his shyness about using said looks to achieve what he needs.
  • Power Copying: His memory allows him a version of the Taskmaster's ability to copy people's moves (although it takes some time for him to analyze the move (a few seconds to minutes to hours, depending on how complicated the move is and other factors like whether it is a Ki attack)-it is not immediate).
  • Photographic Memory: Athrun holds a more "regular" photographic memory that assists him on his infiltration missions.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: Ironically, he's even more of a transhuman than Nicol and Rusty (also Coordinators) nowadays.
  • The Scrounger: The whole team has expertise with "field acquisitions", but Athrun has an uncanny ability for it that has made him the primary specialist in this of the group.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Although has recovered from it nicely... still has no problem playing the "borderline demented vet" card if needed for an infiltration, though.
  • Super Mode: S.E.E.D. (Superior Evolutionary Element Destined) Mode.
  • Voice Changeling: His capacity for mimicry includes a capacity to change his voice and copy another person's (although he sometimes uses more regular gadgetry because it may approach that person's voice closer with advanced voice recognition, it is a skill useful to have on an emergency).

    Stingray Industries-Other Personnel 

Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy

An Alternate version of Leonard "Bones" McCoy that is one of the chief doctors of the Stingray Industries Chicago Headquarters' Medical section. As is typical of Alternates of him, he is cantankerous and belligerent and doesn't particularly likes the fact that he has to deal with people who get hurt a lot and are going to remain in harm's way no matter how much he orders them not to.

Not really that different from his Starfleet days, actually... and just like always, medical miracles are his specialty. Even if he would like all of his times saying otherwise to be true.

First appears on the third chapter of Rise Of The Extraordinary Avengers Coreline.

Quorra MacKenzie

An Alternate of Quorra, currently married to SSS Team Seven ("Watchers") member Rusty MacKenzie and who works for S.I.'s IT department. Her personal timeline is no different from that of the canon Quorra, up until the point she entered the IO beam with Sam Flynn and left the Grid... appearing on the Core Timeline instead.

First appears on the short story Shooting Skeets At Night.

Britanny Elin Diggers ("Cheetah/Autogirl").

An Alternate version of Britanny Elin Diggers that was/is Roger's girlfriend (and now is "alpha haremette"). Killed alongside Simon Peters, her soul was literally ripped out of Heaven several years after the fact and placed inside of a Soulcatcher Chip manufactured by Aztechnology, which was then put in an "Eraser"-a Terminator-style infiltrator. Once said Eraser body was destroyed, the Soulcatcher was placed inside of a mini-computer and reunited with Simon (now called "Roger Hackett"). She is Roger's appointed "Muse"-an assistant Artificial Intelligence that helps him run his many cybernetic augmentations and provides battlefield intelligence, as well as other types of support.

First appears on Gideon 020's stories (most important being "Eraser", parts one and two), followed by "The Gravity Falls Run" and onwards.


I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't do that.

An Alternate version of the HAL-9000 computer that is the Administrative Artificial Intelligence of Stingray Industries Secondary Depot #46 (a.k.a. "The Bookstore"). First appears on the short story Blizzard And Bookstores.

  • AIISA Crapshoot: Defied Trope: Knowing pretty well what he did on its home universe, an important part of Washu's modifications went into making damn sure that he would not be able to do that, including giving it the capacity to handle the need to not be truthful all of the time (otherwise the constant need to lie in order to keep The Bookstore's cover would drive him crazy).
  • Creepy Monotone: Like in the movie/universe it came from, HAL's voice is constantly calm and polite, which may sound pretty creepy at times, but relaxing in others.
  • Computer Equals Tape Drive: It's mentioned that HAL's processing unit has a tape drive on the story he first appears on. Highly advanced tape (Holo-Tape), sure, but tape.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Inverted Trope on his first story: after making an extensive analysis of Roger's mediocre performance at chess (by HAL's standards, including a Ludicrous Precision projection of how many games it would take for Roger to improve), he decides that driving Roger to quit in frustration because of his inability to win would be bad (noticing that Roger started trying to play chess to be nice to HAL) and so he decides to "worsen" his game a little more.
  • Cyber Cyclops: The lone red camera lens is still a central part of its core processing system.
  • Expositron 9000
  • Master Computer: His official designation as part of the Bookstore's personnel is "Administrative Artificial Intelligence".
  • Sapient Ship: "Sapient bunker in the middle of Chicago", actually, but it still kind of fits.
  • Servile Snarker: Even with his constantly polite tone of voice and vocabulary, occasional acts of Trolling may ensue (his first story has him delivering his iconic line to Roger in response to a request and waiting a Beat before explaining that he literally cannot do that because of a malfunction).
  • Smart People Play Chess: "Blizzards and Bookstores" explains that it is HAL's favorite game, and being a super-computer, it is incredibly good at it.
  • Touched by Vorlons: Does "Modified out the ears by Washu Hakubi" counts as this?
  • What a Piece of Junk: The highly modified HAL-9000 processing unit is described as a "Frankensteinian" hodge-podge of computer technology from all over the real-world and Fictional technological levels, anything from holographics and 3D Printers up to punch cards and clockwork. Still, the result is a version of HAL that is more advanced than the standard 9000-series computer by leaps and bounds.
    • It also turned out that said Frankensteinian hodge-podge of computer systems saved him from being hacked by PROGENY, because many of them had literally hard-wired computer code and thus were impossible to corrupt.

    Stingray Industries-The Forge 


A Stingray Industries facility that specializes in research and development, as well as experimenting with salvaged artifacts that have landed in the Core Timeline. Overseen by Susan Ivanova, there's no telling what exactly will be created by the geniuses who work at the Forge. All that can be certain is wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of it.

Susan Ivanova

"[[Quote To Go Here]]"

An Alternate of Susan Ivanova, who is in charge of the Forge. It's her responsibility to keep track of the many projects and experiments the scientists working there are cooking up. And while her former duties on Babylon 5 prepared her for some very strange things...she still finds herself baffled by the innovations being made on her watch..

  • Beleaguered Bureaucrat: Has experience as one because of her time working for Earthforce, but it gets really annoying for her having to deal with all of the comic-book super-mad-science that Forge experiments create... and cause damage with.
  • Iron Lady: Pretty much a necessity in her current position. Especially since she never knows what innovation her people are going to come up with next. Let alone what will happen if it doesn't work quite right.

Dr. Benton Quest

"[[Quote To Go Here]]"

An Alternate of Dr. Benton Quest that is Head Scientist of the Forge. He puts his considerable intellect to reverse-engineering alien technology, combining various sciences, and overall coming up with various technological miracles for the benefit of Stingray Industries. Sadly... they don't always work out as envisioned.

  • Badass Bookworm: He might be more comfortable working in a lab than being out in the field, but he's no stranger to being in physical peril. And using his considerable smarts to get out of it.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: It probably would be easier to list the amount of scientific fields he doesn't has at least some knowledge about (let alone is good at).
  • Papa Wolf: Seriously, don't ever try to hurt his son Jonny (or any other kid he's come to like). He'd probably be three-quarters of the day into going Heisenberg on your ass before he actually starts feeling doubtful.

Kanami Yuta

"[[Quote To Go Here]]"

An Alternate of Kanami Yuta who lives at the Forge. Her Alter power was mutated, giving her the ability to dream of artifacts that will eventually arrive in the Core Timeline. As such, she's kept away from the world as much as possible, because her power makes her a tempting target for the greedy and cruel.

  • Dreaming of Things to Come: She has this power in addition to her canonical abilities, and can predict when things of value are about to arrive in the Core Timeline.
  • Nice Girl: A little girl that is pretty lonely and says so, but still is pretty polite and soldiers on.

Jeremie Belpois

"[[Quote To Go Here]]"

An Alternate of Jeremie Belpois who lives at the Forge.

Roger "Race" Bannon

"[[Quote To Go Here]]"

An Alternate of "Race" Bannon that is one of the assistants, best friends, and chief bodyguards of Dr. Quest. Veteran spy, soldier, pilot, and all-around badass, Bannon is someone you want on your side in a scrape.

  • Brains and Brawn: He's the brawn to Benton Quest's brains.
  • Papa Wolf: His own kid Jessie and Jonny and Hadji primarily, as well as any other kid he's befriended. He will kick ass on their behalf and he's very good at it.
  • Red Shirt: As defied as it can get. His signature clothes include a fire-bus-red shirt and he's an immense badass that has survived a lot of crazy stuff even before being Dr. Quest's bodyguard or Emerging on the Core Timeline.


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