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This is the character sheet for the Gundam series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

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A space colony in the Moon's orbit at the L3 Lagrange point, Heliopolis is part of Orb territory, and is thus neutral in the conflict between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance. Unfortunately for them, Heliopolis is secretly building mobile suits for the Earth Alliance, they're attacked by ZAFT in a raid to steal them, and the colony is eventually destroyed in an ensuing battle. A number of refugees end up on board the Archangel, and become Earth Alliance crewmen after later enlisting, despite being citizens of a neutral nation.

    Kira Yamato 

Main mecha: GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

Voice Actors: Soichiro Hoshi (Japanese), Matt Hill (English original series dub), Max Mittelman (English HD Remaster dub)

"If you just did nothing because you thought it wouldn't help, than you'd end up doing less than nothing. Because nothing would change."

The main character, who was attending a technical college on Heliopolis when the series began. Naturally, he ends up Falling into the Cockpit of the Strike Gundam. He's a Coordinator, which he attempts to hide at first, but it quickly comes out into the open. Kira undergoes the most Character Development of anyone in the series; starting as a somewhat goofy but generally normal kid, he forces himself to become cold and nearly mechanical in order to deal with the realities of war, but eventually breaks out of this and becomes much more idealistic (but no less determined) before the series ends.

  • The Ace: Several characters have noted that even amongst fellow Coordinators, Kira stands out as being on a level above them in talent, both in studies and in combat. This is because he was intended to be this as the Ultimate Coordinator.
  • Ace Pilot: He's the main character in a Gundam show. So of course he ends up achieving this status, and quickly at that. By the time he gets his hands on his first Bigger Stick, he is among the most skilled pilots in the entire series, both in SEED and Destiny.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: As a Coordinator, Kira is genetically modified to have faster learning abilities than Naturals. His most impressive feats using this trope are the battles in the desert, where he was able to adjust the Strike's settings for desert combat and execute impressive combat strategies against more experienced soldiers.
  • Badass Bookworm: Before he was a mobile suit pilot, he was an engineering student and he stills mainly relies on his brains in battle.
  • Battle Boomerang: The Sword Strike has one mounted on its left shoulder armor.
  • Beam Spam: The Freedom is equipped with a multi-lock targeting system, allowing Kira to make full use of all of its ranged weapons (a beam rifle, a pair of wing mounted beam cannons and another pair of hip-mounted railguns) at once. The spray of red, yellow and green beams this creates is one of the most iconic images in SEED.
  • BFG: The Launcher Striker's 320mm Agni hyper impulse cannon and the Freedom's MMI-M15 "Xiphas" Railguns and M100 "Balaena" Plasma Beam Cannons.
  • BFS: The Sword Striker's anti-ship sword, which is over fifteen meters long.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Being a Coordinator, Kira's a lot stronger, faster, and more agile than he looks, so trying to pick a fistfight with him is a bad idea.
  • Big Damn Hero: Plenty of times, he swoops in like an angel to save someone, and he does this even more after receiving the Freedom.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Has a negative example at the start of his troubled relationship with Flay.
  • Bigger Stick: His Gundam, naturally. The Freedom in particular is a top of the line machine that won't be outclassed until the latter stages of Destiny.
  • Born Winner: Not just a Coordinator, but the Ultimate Coordinator, and also capable of activating SEED mode.
  • Broken Ace: Despite being possibly the best pilot in the show, he isn't able to save everyone he attempts to save and experiences a lot of trauma because of it.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Deconstructed. His refusal to tell Flay about his feelings for her (she was already taken at first, but even after she began to manipulate him he still didn't say anything) results in pain for him, especially when they finally reunite and Rau immediately kills her before Kira can say anything.
  • Category Traitor: Aside from the non-military Lacus, almost everybody Kira meets has something to say about Kira being a Coordinator fighting other Coordinators (and fighting for the people who range from not liking Coordinators to wanting them all dead), even though he emphatically does not want to join ZAFT, either. (Cagalli calls him out for being an Orb national fighting for the Atlantic Federation.) Kira is well aware of how fighting for "the other side" looks, and the desperation of his choice to protect the Archangel and his Natural friends, and it contributes to his unhappiness for the "Strike" part of the show. In effect, for much of the show and even the next, Kira's always felt alone and unwanted.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: Mitsuo Fukuda said in a 2003 interview that Kira was based on Tatsuya Fujiwara, the actor who played Nanahara Shuuya in the live-action film adaptation of Battle Royale.
  • Death from Above: The Freedom is the first Gundam shown to be capable of full-flight capabilities under the atmosphere in mobile suit mode in SEED (most Mooks and the first Gundams have to use sub-flight lifters).
  • Dual Wielding: Although most Gundams in the series possess two beam sabers, Kira only really starts dual-wielding with the Freedom. The beam sabers can also combine into a Double Weapon, but Kira only does in the final battle.
  • Falling into the Cockpit: Actually thrown in by Murrue Ramius in order to save his life during the ZAFT commando raid on Heliopolis.
  • Foil: Of Amuro Ray, the original Gundam pilot. They're both technical geniuses, emotional characters, and protagonists, but where Amuro only had one real friend initially, Kira has several who are very important to him. Amuro infamously fought with his CO and deserted; Kira was nothing but supportive of Murrue and the AA and vice-versa. A distraught Amuro spent the series deciding against a Relationship Upgrade with his good friend Frau; a distraught Kira made the decision to sleep with his crush Flay very early on. The vast difference in temperaments and reactions between them outweigh the few glancing similarities.
  • Forgiveness: Forgives both Athrun and Yzak, even choosing to spare the latter (who shot down a shuttle full of civilians) in the middle of a battle.
  • Forgotten Childhood Friend: Athrun, downplayed. Kira has Birdy with him constantly, yet hasn't been in touch with Athrun at all since they saw each other a couple of years ago. He might not have been so surprised Athrun was in ZAFT, otherwise.
  • The Gloves Come Off: Against Athrun after Tolle dies. One could make the case that it happens again when Le Creuset guns down Flay in front of him.
  • Happily Adopted: His parents are actually his aunt and uncle, but he doesn't find out until much later. Still, he seems quite happy with them and well adjusted before the war breaks him.
  • Heartbroken Badass: During the final battle, he fails to save Flay. Despite it obviously effecting him, he goes on to take down the Big Bad.
  • The Hero: A kind-hearted young man who wants to protect his friends and bring peace.
  • Hero Killer: To ZAFT, as he managed to kill several ZAFT aces (most notably, Miguel Ailman, Andrew Waltfeld, and Nicol Amalfi) as the Strike's pilot. In fact, Athrun gets the highest military award simply on the virtue of being the sole ZAFT pilot to have taken him down.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: In the beginning of the series, Kira has an obvious crush on Flay which later blossoms into a full fledged sexual relationship, but it just gets ugly from there. His final love interest has pink hair, which might or might not qualify their relationship for this trope.
  • Heroic Safe Mode: He lives one during the middle part of the series, as he shuts his emotions down in order to cope with the ravages of the war.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: During the series' mid-point it doesn't matter how good Kira is or how much the others praise him: he can't live up to the only person whose standards matter to him, namely, his own.
  • He's Back: When he and the Freedom interrupt the Battle of JOSH-A, it signals that he has recovered from his Heroic BSoD as a new man (with a new suit of armor)
  • Honor Before Reason: He realizes that although stopping one's enemies without murdering them may be difficult, but doing otherwise would breed more hatred and thus not bring an end to war. Of course, as his aim is so good and his arsenal so large that against anything other than a top ace and the fact that he shoots to disable rather than destroy really makes no difference at all.
  • I Am a Monster: In the added post-credits scene of HD Remaster of the episode he learns of his origins as the Ultimate Coordinator, as expected, he begins to buy Rau's accusation of being a freak born of hubris like him, thinking he shouldn't have been born, making him feel even more alone and unwanted than being considered the Category Traitor for the first half of the show. Lacus lovingly assures him of his right to exist and be his own person, the person that has made her happy and wants to be with.
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: Flay's death really hits him hard, and all the more so when she is killed right in front of him during battle. To a lesser degree, the shuttle that Yzak shot down also haunts him.
  • Ironic Name: "Kira" comes from the Japanese Ranguage pronunciation for 'killer'.
  • It's Personal: With Athrun after Tolle's death and Le Creuset after Flay's.
  • Jerkass Ball: Grabs this to deal with Sai after sleeping with Flay, twisting Sai's arm behind his back and telling Sai he has no chance in a fight with him. (Remember Sai was a far better friend to him than Flay, originally.) Only somewhat justified given the major PTSD Kira was going through — as he said, Flay was the only one who was kind to him and held him.
  • Knife Nut: The Strike's basic form is armed with two Armor Schneider knives, and nothing else. They come in useful a bunch of times though and some of his most critical victories with the Strike are made with them.
  • Lady and Knight: The White Knight to Lacus Clyne's Bright Lady; he is a noble individual who is fighting on her behalf in a suit of armor she gave him to protect others and bring an end to the war.
  • The Lady's Favour: Lacus gives Kira her mother's ring before the final battle.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The Freedom, which more or less combines two of the Strike's modes (not counting Sword) into one Gundam plus some.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Both the Strike and the Freedom feature a shield. Kira makes extensive use of both of them. The Sword Striker's shield has an added feature of being able to fire a grapple line.
  • Mad Scientist's Handsome Son: Averted. While his father, Ulen, is definitely a Mad Scientist, he didn't grow up with him; nor even know him, and thus never betrayed him.
  • Martial Pacifist: He'd much rather talk things out than fight over it. This being Gundam, it doesn't work out that way.
  • Mecha Expansion Pack: The Strike, which is near-useless without one of its three Striker packs.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: The Strike is outclassed by the Freedom.
  • Multiform Balance: The Strike. Aile Striker is more or less a Jack-of-All-Stats, while the Launcher Striker is a Mighty Glacier with heavier weaponry but less mobility, and the Sword Striker is a borderline Lightning Bruiser (not quite as fast as the Aile, but faster than the Launcher) balanced by the fact that it lacks ranged firepower.
  • Nice Guy: Kira earnestly tries to do his best to help everyone, no matter the situation or how he's feeling.
  • Not Quite Dead: To the ire of his enemies and the relief of everyone else is that he never dies even when he appears to.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: There's a few of these around, but Kira's the most notable example, fighting to protect his Natural friends from Coordinator soldiers from the earliest episodes of the show.
  • Prone to Tears: Kira cries a lot, sometimes very loudly. It extends from other people characterizing him as a crybaby to him discussing the matter with both Flay and Lacus.
  • The Protagonist: The main viewpoint of the series, with Athrun coming in second.
  • Psychic Powers: Downplayed and subverted. He starts being able to "sense" Rau the way Rau and Mu sense each other, but it's at the very end and really doesn't affect anything in this series. He also can't make any kind of emotional connection with Rau or hear Flay after she dies.
  • Reluctant Warrior: He really doesn't like fighting, but if the alternative is letting innocents suffer, then prepare for ass-kickings.
  • Rescue Romance: His relationship with Lacus originated when the Archangel picked up her escape pod. In fact, they both traded roles of rescuer and rescuee in some points.
  • The Rival: Serves as Athrun's rival until after their reunion post-final Strike vs. Aegis fight where they become friends again.
  • Robot Buddy: Birdy/Torii, his robotic bird.
  • Say My Name: Many, many fights he is involved in tend to have him shout the name of his opponent, usually Athrun's. Also happens after he witnesses a loved one die, such as Tolle and Flay.
  • Separated at Birth: With Cagalli, his twin sister.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: The war has a very detrimental effect on Kira's mental health, causing him to hit rock bottom around the series midpoint. He recovers to a degree, but is still intensely dazed by the "Interphase" midquel.
  • Sibling Seniority Squabble: Unlike Cagalli, he does not seem to care which of them is the elder twin.
  • Skilled, but Naïve: Like most Gundam protagonists, he starts out rather naive (in his case he follows Honor Before Reason) but serves as the main reason the Archangel got as far as it did.
  • Super Intelligence: Most Coordinators are smart, but Kira rewrote the operating system for a complex war machine in under a minute, pushing him into this territory.
  • Super Mode: SEED mode increases his combat ability by overclocking his mind.
  • Super Reflexes: Like most Coordinators, Kira possesses reflexes that are notably superior to those of regular humans. This is one reason why he's able to operate the Strike better than pilots who trained for years to do it—he doesn't require the clumsy OS that would enable a Natural to operate the system.
  • Technical Pacifist: After getting the Freedom and going through a lot of soul searching, he aims to disable MS and spare the pilot, rather than destroying them outright. He will break this rule if he has to though, most notably against Le Creuset who couldn't be stopped any other way.
  • Teen Genius: As a Coordinator this is the norm; he has greater intellectual potential than Naturals and has developed it extensively for his age. As the Ultimate Coordinator, he takes it even further than the norm.
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: From Ep 31 of Seed HD Remaster: "I am sad."
  • Their First Time: Abruptly has one with Flay, which becomes an ongoing relationship.
  • There Are No Therapists: There are none, officially, and Kira tends to agonizingly suffer because of it. Downplayed, however, because Lacus effectively fills the role for him.
  • Tragic Keepsake: The origami flower he was given by a little girl he'd helped protect and who was later shot down by Yzak.
  • True Companions: Eventually the entire Archangel crew becomes extremely tight. Athrun is included once they are on the same side.
  • Unlucky Everydude: He starts the series doing piles of extra work for his college professor and with an unrequited crush on Flay. His fortunes do not improve.
  • Unwitting Pawn: He gets seduced by Flay and throws himself into working and fighting for her, and he never does find out her originally malicious intent for him. Kira eventually subverts this by ending the relationship.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Has Yzak at his mercy in Episode 35. He knows Yzak is the one who gunned down the civilians (which traumatized him greatly) and due to their positioning he can kill Yzak and no one will ever know it was murder. Instead he saves Yzak's life by sending him out of the blast radius.
  • Worth Living For: In response to Rau's In Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves speech regarding the world:
    Kira: So what!? This world is still worth protecting!
  • Would Hit a Girl: Gives Cagalli a pretty hefty slap after she took a swing at him and kills Aisha during his battle with her and Andrew.

    Miriallia "Miri" Haw 

Voice Actors: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Anna Cummer (English original series dub), Cassandra Lee Morris (English HD Remaster dub)

One of Kira's friends from Heliopolis. Dates Tolle and serves as Kira's Mission Control, Miri is probably the most level-headed of the press-ganged civilians.

    Sai Argyle 

Voice Actors: Tetsu Shiratori (Japanese), Bill Switzer (English original series dub), Lucien Dodge (English HD Remaster dub)

A friend of Kira's and Flay's boyfriend. He seems to be the unofficial leader of Kira's social clique — he's the cool, confident guy with the hot girlfriend. Between Flay's issues and Kira's rising importance, this is slowly Deconstructed over the first half of the series, though Sai's resilient enough to bounce back from it. During the second half of the series, he reprises his leadership role, acting as the unofficial first-among-equals for the bridge crewmen.

  • Love Hurts: His "romance" with Flay doesn't do anything for him.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: Soon after Flay dumps him, he attempts to steal the Strike. Being a Natural trying to pilot a machine tuned by and for a Coordinator, he can't even leave the hanger before the Strike topples over from his inability to properly use it.
  • Megane: A male with glasses.
  • Mission Control: He typically works with Miriallia in CIC.
  • Nice Guy: Which is one reason so many people hate Flay for what she puts him through.
  • Non-Action Guy: Sai's not a fighter.
  • The Resenter: Briefly has an intense dislike Kira due to Kira's greater ability. He gets over it fast.
  • Romantic False Lead: A more sympathetic one than usual. He was engaged to Flay, who Kira also has feelings for, then Flay starts seducing Kira as part of her desire to have him fight until he dies. This results in Sai getting dumped, and Kira grabs the Jerkass Ball because of Flay's manipulation and attacks Sai to cement that he has no chance with her.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Following Kira's apparent death, Sai takes command of the bridge crew, tells Flay exactly where she can stick her issues, prevents she and Miriallia from killing Dearka, and essentially becomes one of the most important people on board the Archangel, all without ever changing his rank or official job.

    Tolle Koenig 

Main mecha: FX-550 Skygrasper

Voice Actors: Takayuki Inoue (Japanese), Richard Ian Cox (English original series dub), Colin De Paula (English HD Remaster dub)

One of Kira's friends. Dates Miriallia and looks up to Kira. The one to come up with the idea to join the Archangel's crew, he's always looking to make himself useful. One of the Bridge Bunnies at first, he eventually spends enough time in the simulator to graduate to Skygrasper pilot, and begins to help Kira and Mu in battle.

  • Beta Couple: With Miriallia who he's been dating since before the series started.
  • Bridge Bunnies: Is initially another member of the bridge crew. He primarily worked with Neumann on navigation.
  • Cool Plane: He becomes the pilot of the Archangel's second Skygrasper after Cagalli disembarks.
  • Good Counterpart: To Nicol (who admittedly isn't villainous by any stretch); both are loyal friends that provide much needed moral comfort — Nicol reminds Athrun of the peace they strive to fight for while Tolle joins Kira in battle on the bridge and later as the pilot of the second Skygrasper, helping Kira see that he and the rest of his friends are truly with him.
  • Hot-Blooded: Tolle is certainly the most enthusiastic of the Heliopolis crew, and constantly pushes to improve himself. Over the course of the series, he goes from refugee, to bridge crew, to combat pilot!
  • Ironic Name: Amuro Ray's voice actor is ''Tohru'' Furuya. Koenig means "king" in German, like "Rey" does in Spanish. Tolle is a very loyal friend to Kira and tries to be a hero and gets Killed Off for Real, very gorily and dramatically, and thanks to flashbacks, repeatedly. It's a pretty effective Stealth Insult.
  • Nice Guy: Perhaps the friendliest member of Kira's peer group, and the one who most readily rushes to the defense of the others.
  • Off with His Head!: The Aegis's shield decapitates poor Tolle as it hits the cockpit. Yikes.
  • Oh, Crap!: When he sees the Aegis's shield flying right at him...
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: Once Tolle is killed, Kira finally begins to fight Athrun with killing intent.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Becomes the pilot of the second Skygrasper.

    Kuzzey Buskirk 

Voice Actors: Yasuhiro Takato (Japanese), Keith Miller (English original series dub), Eddy Lee (English HD Remaster dub)

One of Kira's friends, he's something of a minor character compared to the rest of the Heliopolis crew. He's the most average of the clique, lacking any outstanding quality comparable to Sai's confidence, Miriallia's warmth, or Tolle's determination. When the Archangel deserts the Earth Alliance and returns to Orb, he decides not to stay on.

    Flay Allster 

Voice Actors: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese), Tabitha St. Germain (English original series dub), Erica Mendez (English HD Remaster dub)

"Why didn't you save him? It's because you're a Coordinator, too!"

Living on Heliopolis at the beginning of the series, Flay is the daughter of the Atlantic Federation's Vice Foreign Minister, George Allster. She'd recently begun dating Sai at the beginning of the series, though Kira had had a crush on her for some time. A fairly air-headed type, the war is not kind to her.

  • Beauty Is Bad: Flay is very pretty and stylish and presented as anxiously vain and self-centered about it, then uses it as a weapon, and is not at all a nice person for most of the series.
  • Becoming the Mask: Pretends that she loves Kira because she blames him for her father's death and wants to make sure he'll die as punishment, but later she finds herself really falling in love with him. Sai says it to her directly.
  • Belated Love Epiphany: Flay and Kira share a very unhealthy relationship wherein she basically tries to manipulate him onto a path of self-destruction (blaming him for her father's death), but it's not until Kira is seemingly killed by Athrun that Flay realizes she has fallen for him for real in the meantime. That particular subplot doesn't end well at all.
  • Bridge Bunny: Gets upgraded to this when she works with Natarle in the Dominion.
  • Broken Bird: The poor girl has, politely speaking, massive issues due to her father's death.
  • Character Development: While her Becoming the Mask phase happens earlier on, the more obvious development happens very late in the series, after Rau brings her to ZAFT and she spends time with him and Yzak, seeing the conflict from the other side.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She really doesn't like Kira spending time with Cagalli, and huffs when one of Cagalli's caretakers walks her off the Archangel after putting her into a princess dress. Justified, since she's using Kira and doesn't want anyone interfering with her control over him.
  • Custom Uniform of Sexy: Grade A Zettai Ryouiki, and she even has a tank top instead of the standard t-shirt underneath. (Subverted later in the series, when she no longer wears this and has the more modest standard ZAFT and OMNI uniforms instead.)
  • Daddy's Girl: Flay speaks rather fondly about her father. Also why she takes her father's death so badly.
  • Dead Person Conversation: Played with, as while there is a scene that invokes this trope, it's framed in a way that makes it clear Kira can't actually hear what she's telling him, so no true conversation is actually happening between the two. Subverted in the manga, where Kira and Flay do have a conversation.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: She accuses Kira of pitying her for her father dying (he didn't go to visit his parents) and snaps back at him. There are two interpretations: that she doesn't want pity from Kira, and also that she cannot stand that he is still being so nice to someone like her. Or both.
  • Drama Queen: Flay's hysterics (and whining, pouting, and death threats) are a recurring theme, especially because she's the only one having them. Even when she encounters Large Ham Rau, in some ways her Spear Counterpart, he comes off as calm and rational and easily talks his way out and breaks her by talking.
  • Enfante Terrible: Downplayed. Flay is an awful, bloodthirsty teenager, but one who makes the most of her pretty and helpless appearance to the full. Also, despite being the worst, she is the youngest of all the Heliopolis students — which might play into it. She has nothing else to do with her traumatized self but connive.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Flay has a few of these moments, but most strongly in the Don't You Dare Pity Me! scene with Kira above. It's what causes him to break up with her.
  • Evil Redhead: When she tries to manipulate Kira hoping he'll die. More horribly messed up than evil, but she's not portrayed particularly sympathetically at all for the first three-fourths of the show, before or after her father's death.
  • Expy: Appears to be a more sympathetic and less villainous version of Katejina Loos. Her first kiss with Kira is deliberately photocopied from the one between Amuro Ray in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and his similarly attractive and unpleasant girlfriend, Beltorchika Irma.
  • Fallen Princess: From spoiled Daddy's Girl to the wreck she spends most of the series as.
  • Fantastic Racism: She had issues with Coordinators even before the war, to the point that she agrees with Blue Cosmos' views on the issue. Her father's death only made things worse. Finally overcomes it towards the end to the point where she's horrified seeing Azrael's genocidal mania.
  • Fille Fatale: Only fourteen and already seducing Kira into doing what she wants.
  • Foil: To both Lacus and Cagalli, with her general bitchiness, immaturity, and self-centredness contrasting with both Lacus' forgiving nature and Cagalli's insistence on joining the fighting. She's the Fallen Princess to Lacus' All-Loving Hero and Cagalli's Rebellious Princess.
  • Freak Out: After her father's death, she goes into a downward spiral of depression and manipulation. It lasts for most of the show.
  • Gilded Cage: The time she spends with the Le Creuset team; even though she's a prisoner she's given a lot of privileges (she's allowed to attend military briefings, is given a uniform, and is implied to have regular quarters).
  • Heel Realization: It started around the time she realized she was really falling for Kira, then was even further developed during her time as Rau's captive and saw what it was like from ZAFT's side. Meeting Azrael and seeing his plans firsthand cemented it. Notably in the manga adaptation Azrael asks her "The war will end when the Coordinators die. That's what you believe, isn't it?" Flay remembers her previous attempt to murder Dearka and breaks down in tears of disgust.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Takes her uniform jacket off and ties up her undershirt to divert Kira's attention away from Cagalli.
  • It Meant Something to Me: Flay tries to deny this and Sai has to point out that, yes, she did (and does) have real feelings for Kira.
  • It's All About Me: See Lack of Empathy. Her self-absorption is a defining trait, ranging from mild or increasing vanity to the point where she immediately threatens to kill Lacus in desperation to save her father and really does try to kill Dearka, assuming because he's an enemy Coordinator that Miriallia must want him dead as well.
  • Jerkass: Spends the first portion of the series as a Manipulative Bitch and Spoiled Brat. She gets better.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: She angrily blames Kira for her father's death, believing he held back in the fight where it happened because he was fighting against other Coordinators. Kira was in fact not going all out, though not for the reasons Flay believes.
  • Kick the Dog: She rebuts Sai's attempt to talk by revealing that she was sleeping with his best friend, and then is rather dismissive of him.
  • Lack of Empathy: Fuels things like her Don't You Dare Pity Me! scene with Kira, whom she finally taunts for suffering. Flay isn't very capable of understanding or caring that especially since it's a war, other people are hurting just as badly as she is. She explicitly acknowledges this after she dies, telling Kira she "couldn't understand anything before".
  • The Load: Despite having volunteered, Flay has no significant role aboard the Archangel, and while she does do things like laundry, she spends most of her time hiding in Kira's room, complaining about things like a lack of hair care products, and causing emotional trauma in Kira and Sai. She herself acknowledges this during her time on the Dominion, where she insists on becoming a part of the bridge crew, and makes a genuinely heartfelt effort to be useful to Natarle.
  • Love Hurts: Her feelings towards Kira; notably there's a scene when Birdy lands on Sai just like how he landed on Kira and Flay's visibly cringing at the comparison.
  • Love Redeems: It's growing genuine feelings for Kira that ultimately start her on the path towards redemption.
  • Manipulative Bitch: She pretends to love Kira because she wants him to die in battle as punishment for not being able to save her father. She phases this trope out later on.
  • The Mentally Ill: Flay's just this side of going completely insane. She starts to recover near the end of the series, though she's never able to fully rebuild herself.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Exploited. She's aware of her charms and uses them to seduce Kira as part of her plan to have him die in battle.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In the manga adaptation Azrael mentions how the war will be over when the Coordinators die and then asks "That's what you believe, isn't it?" This prompts Flay to remember her attempt to murder Dearka, and break down crying while saying "No, I don't."
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Her name is Flay as "flaying". The original kana is also a match for "fray", as in a fight, or "coming apart".
  • Parental Abandonment: Her mom died when she was a child, then her dad George died in front of her.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: She wears a pink dress before wearing her Archangel crew uniform, and was something like an idol on Heliopolis.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Flay's attempt at doing the right thing comes too late in the series to save her.
  • Rescue Introduction: Saved at Alaska by Rau. Flay has many, many regrets, but due to her massive Daddy Issues it's only after meeting him that she finally (eventually) calms down and starts acting like a better person.
  • Rich Bitch: Rich girl who acts like a Spoiled Brat and manipulates Kira because she wants him dead.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: Flay accuses Kira of holding back in the fight where her father got killed because he was battling against other Coordinators. Kira did in fact avoid going all out in the fight against another Coordinator but it was because said Coordinator was his Childhood Friend Athrun.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Tries to warn the Archangel of Azrael's attack, despite being a member of the Dominion's crew, and Azrael having a gun trained on her and Natarle.
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: She stops wearing her pink OMNI Custom Uniform of Sexy when she stops using her sexuality and It's All About Me immaturity. Lampshaded by Rau about how it didn't suit her, she never wears it after that.
  • Sixth Ranger: She was a last minute addition to the crew of the Dominion.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Flay in North America, originally Fllay.
  • Spoiled Brat: At one point they're in the desert and are low on water. Naturally, Flay wants Kira and Cagalli to buy luxury beauty products while they're shopping incognito for necessities.
  • Stepford Smiler: Pretends to love Kira and be a supportive girlfriend; secretly wants him dead. Gets subverted when she both ends up really falling for him and breaking down and screaming.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: To Rau Le Creuset, who reminds her of her dead father, despite the fact that she tries to shoot him twice from fear. It's also played with, in that if she hadn't been abducted she would have died in the activated Cyclops System at JOSH-A and no one would ever have known, so it's really a Rescue Introduction. Le Creuset also treats her perfectly politely, much better than a POW has a right to expect, and once he points out that she's not a soldier, she stops playing with guns, and has some exposure to Coordinators, Flay actually ends up much healthier and saner than she was on the Archangel.
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: In the final battle, Rau notices that Kira is trying to protect a shuttle that is transporting Flay. He shoots it just to cause Kira grief.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Of the Heliopolis students. The show justifies it if you look closely enough: Flay is the daughter of a high-ranking Atlantic Federation official; all of the others are Orb citizens. Given what we see over the course of the entire show, of course she's going to be openly racist. And not much of a token, given the rest of the Atlantic Federation...
  • Their First Time: Uses hers with Kira to subsequently try and control him.
  • There Are No Therapists: Although the Archangel still has medical staff. She could have used one as badly as her boyfriend.
  • Tragic Villain: Despite being horrible, it is to be remembered that she's a scared kid who lost her dad. It becomes more pronounced when it's clear that she DID love Kira despite her protestations otherwise.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Granted it's only for a few episodes but during the episodes on the Archangel before being transferred she keeps Birdy around because he reminds her of Kira.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Has one in Kira, who has no idea of the depth of her dark side or how that plays into their relationship. Is one for Le Creuset, who uses her to deliver the plans for the N-Jammer Canceller to Azrael.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Downplayed. Before anything happened, she was seemingly a normal, nice enough teenage girl who was the object of Kira's admiration. After the destruction of Heliopolis but before her father's death, she's portrayed as variously vain, shallow, spoiled, racist, airheaded and panicky, very much the Token Evil Teammate – but still more sympathetic than the Yandere she becomes.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Her emotional breakdown in episode 28 where she starts accusing Kira of pitying her; despite having seduced him to get him killed she unwittingly ends up falling in love with Kira for real; seeing Kira show her pity (or so she thinks) when she's trying to get him killed forces her to face her own cruelty, which prompts her to break down crying and screaming at "how can you pity me?"
  • Yandere: She starts off using Kira, but comes to love him for real, which just makes her mental state worse.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Bonafide Grade A. Unlike Miriallia's 'purer-looking' Grade B yellow mini and white stockings, Flay has a "sexier" black skirt/acid-green stockings combo.

Earth Alliance

A military alliance consisting of the nations who funded the construction of the PLANTs, formed when the Coordinators living there declared themselves independent. Devastated by ZAFT's mobile suits, they develop the Gundams with the aid of neutral nation Orb in order to counter this. Initially presented as the more sympathetic faction of the war, they're still no barrel of laughs, conscripting several of the Heliopolis refugees to crew the Archangel. As the series progresses, they become less and less sympathetic as the true nature of the leaders running it is revealed.

    Murrue Ramius 

Voice Actors: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Lisa Ann Beley (English), Carrie Keranen (English HD Remaster dub)

"It's becoming more and more difficult to understand who or what we're fighting for."

A Lieutenant stationed on the Archangel, she's forced to take command after the ZAFT attack on Heliopolis. Though uncertain of herself at first, she eventually grows to be a capable officer and a dangerous opponent to ZAFT. She keeping the Archangel in one piece through space, reentry, and all over Earth.

  • Badass Normal: Probably the best ship commander we meet in either show, capable of outmaneuvering both fellow Naturals and the genetically superior Coordinators.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Between her and Mu, in episode 38. Based on the reactions of the crewmembers who witnessed it, it was really something.
  • The Captain: Of the Archangel. She gains the title following her promotion.
  • Expy: A young lieutenant who initially comes off as unfair and overbearing is forced to take over a brand new assault carrier. They gradually grow into the role of Captain and leader, eventually becoming one of the most respected officers in the fleet, while striking up a romance with one of their senior officers. Are we talking about Murrue Ramius, or Bright Noa? She's practically his Distaff Counterpart.
  • Field Promotion: Lieutenant to Captain.
  • Gainaxing: You know the Archangel's taken a nasty hit when Murrue gets bouncy.
  • The Good Captain: Acts as the Team Mom and genuinely cares for her crew.
  • Her Heart Will Go On: Twice. The second time was ultimately suvbverted in SEED Destiny when it was discovered Mu was alive.
  • The Leader: Of the Archangel crew, Type IV. Ramius is a capable officer and has the full respect of everyone working for her.
  • It Has Been an Honor: With the Archangel crew whenever a time came when they would be reassigned, but they remained a team throughout the series with a few exceptions.
  • Lady of War: Calm, collected, feminine, and the best battleship captain in the EA Navy.
  • Military Maverick: Though kinder and gentler than most, Murrue doesn't hesitate to trample all over military regulations as necessary in order to protect the people on her ship. This causes problems for her with her Number Two, Natarle Badgiruel.
  • A Mother To Her Men: Definitely shows her loyalty to subordinates, even dismissing Kira's Coordinator heritage and looking for Cagalli rather than leaving her as "Missing In Action" when she went missing in Phase 23 and 24.
  • Official Couple: Starts a relationship with Mu La Flaga.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: In episode 35, "The Descending Sword", Mu tells Murrue of the Cyclops System and what he believes is the Earth Alliance's big plan (which, to be fair, isn't hard to see). After hearing Mirialla's breakdown, Murrue decides that if the objective was to lure ZAFT closer to JOSH-A, then mission complete, let's get out of here. It's almost downright Picard-ian.
  • Shoot the Dog: Holds Kira and his friends at gun point and drags them aboard the Archangel due to them having witnessed the Strike, thereby making them a security risk to the Alliance war effort.
  • Shout-Out: Murrue's story is a bit too similar to another Captain Ramius in command of their military's latest, most advanced vessel who becomes disillusioned with their superiors and defects for their last names to be coincidence.
  • Team Mom: As the Archangel's commanding officer, she also steps in as the surrogate mother of the partly teenage crew of her ship. This means caring for them beyond her duties as an officer.
  • Took a Level in Badass: As the show progresses and she gains both confidence and ability.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Her locket. It's a memento of her previous boyfriend, a mobile armour pilot.
  • You Are in Command Now: La Flaga pushes her into command after the Archangel's commanding officers are killed in Le Creuset's surprise attack. He could have taken the position, as he has seniority, but Murrue is more familiar with the ship and better-suited to the position, while Mu, as the only available pilot other than Kira, is better off not tied to the bridge.

    Mu La Flaga 

Main mecha: TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero, FX-550 Skygrasper, GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

Voice Actors: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), Trevor Devall (English), Tom Wayland (English HD Remaster dub)

"I'm the man who makes the impossible possible."

One of the few mobile armour pilots to survive the war long enough to appear in the series, he's also lucky (and good) enough to survive the initial ZAFT attack on Heliopolis. Surprisingly laid back for a guy who's been on the brink of a messy death for months at a time, he provides much needed advice and experience for the Archangel's rookie crew. Provides support for Kira and Murrue most specifically — he outranks them both, but having no experience as a ship's officer and being unable to pilot the Strike, he prefers to leave the lead roles to them. Has a rivalry with ZAFT commander Rau Le Creuset, which predates the beginning of the series.

  • Abusive Parents: Al Da Flaga was an asshole, all right, and his mother seems to have been a relative non-entity.
  • The Ace and Ace Pilot: Everyone agrees, in universe and out: Mu is awesome.
  • Alertness Blink: Experiences a Newtype Flash whenever Rau Le Creuset is within a few kilometers. It's one of the few things that point to their having newtype-like abilities.
  • All Your Powers Combined: As of the HD Remaster, he's the first (chronologically anyway) to use a 'Combined' Striker Pack (the Perfect Strike).
  • Archenemy: Serves as one for ZAFT Ace Pilot Rau Le Creuset, his genetic dad.
  • Attack Drone: Has four wire-controlled gun pods on his Mobius Zero.
  • Badass Normal: Made even more badass by his status as a Natural in a series where most of the awesome is reserved for Coordinators. Occasional implications throughout the series that he has Newtype abilities may mean he's a subversion, but it's never entirely clear what the extent of those abilities are beyond his instinctive awareness of Le Creuset's presence, and being one of only a handful of pilots between the anime and the Astray who can use Mobile Suits/Armors with Attack Drones unassisted.
  • The Big Damn Kiss: Between him and Murrue, in episode 38. Based on the reactions of the crewmembers who witnessed it, it was really something.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Serves as Kira's, providing him with advice and support during the series.
  • Broken Ace: A milder version than some, but his affable behavior conceals quite a bit of mental and emotional damage, which he willingly acknowledges.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: One of the most laid-back and goofy characters in the show, but still extremely competent at what he does.
  • Cain and Abel: He has a lot of violent conflict with Rau Le Creuset, his father's clone.
  • Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest: Averted! He's clearly into Murrue from the beginning and boy does he make it clear.
  • Catchphrase: Of the Badass Boast variety. "I am a man who can make the impossible possible!"
  • Char Clone: Based off of Char's "Quattro Bageena" persona as a Big Brother Mentor and Ace Pilot.
  • Coming in Hot: Mu does this several times, with the Mobius Zero and the Skygrasper. He's in the middle of doing it with the Strike when he intercepts Azrael's parting shot.
  • Commanding Coolness: Literal. Mu is later promoted to Lieutenant Commander and still remains one of the most relaxed officers.
  • The Confidant: He's the one Murrue often consults with about their various situations (e.g. being stranded in enemy territory and consorting with neutral factions) as well as the one she usually confides to on matters like crew morale and stress of being in command. They eventually get a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Cool Plane: When the Archangel moves to Earth, he switches to a Skygrasper fighter, which is compatible with the Strike Gundam's Striker Packs.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: He meets his end blocking an anti-matter cannon aimed at the Archangel's bridge while invoking his catchphrase one more time.
  • Expy: He's basically a combination of Sleggar Law, Quattro Bajeena, and Jamil Neate.
  • A Father to His Men: Especially to Kira, but play as kind-figure to the younger crews.
  • Famous Last Words: "Didn't I tell you I'm the man who can make the impossible possible!" Or so it seemed...
  • Go Out with a Smile: We can't see his face, but we can hear him laughing.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: During the final battle, Mu takes a shot from the Dominion's Lohengrin antimatter cannon intended for the Archangel.
  • Field Promotion: Lieutenant to Lieutenant-Commander.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The Perfect Strike is shown to be this in Episodes 36-38 when it destroys dozens of Earth Alliance units.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: His childhood had him get rejected by his father who went on to try to clone himself for his next son.
  • Loophole Abuse: After his....bold declaration of his interest in her, Murrue says she doesn't date mobile armor pilots. With his typical cockiness, he claims he is a mobile suit pilot note . It's clearly a joke on both sides because they kiss again immediately afterward, and longer this time.
  • The Kirk: To Murrue's McCoy. He's an experienced soldier who is at home with military regulations, but also understands that there are situations in which one has to look past regulations and make a more practical call. He tends to be the pragmatic midpoint between Murrue's idealism and Natarle's meticulous adherence to protocol, though overall he leans more toward Murrue's side.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Both inverted and Played Straight. When the Archangel touches down on Earth, he is no longer able to use his Moebius Zero due to the fact that it is a Space Fighter and won't work in atmosphere, so he settles for a Sky Grasper fighter jet instead, which is a capable craft but lacks the Attack Drone capability of the Moebius. The trope is played straight later on, when after abandoning the Earth Alliance, he gets to pilot the Strike Gundam.
  • Mildly Military: Despite being the senior officer present for most of the beginning of the series, Mu's not really one for standing on ceremony.
  • Not Quite Dead: Loses his memories in the process and is captured (and brainwashed) by the Earth Alliance in Destiny.
  • Not Too Dead to Save the Day: The Strike was already heavily damaged but still came through.
  • Official Couple: He and Murrue start a relationship.
  • Only a Flesh Wound: Gets shot by Le Creuset and keeps chasing him.
  • Parental Abandonment: His father disowned him when he was a child, locked him in a Big Fancy House and had himself cloned in order to create a more satisfactory son. Then both his parents died in a fire.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Wears a purple pilot suit and is one of the most skilled pilots in the show.
  • Psychic Powers: While it's never given any real focus, he's essentially the closest thing the Cosmic Era has to a Newtype. What this means within the setting is not entirely clear, but it does make him able to sense when Rau Le Creuset is nearby, and vice versa.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: Played with when the Archangel arrives in Alaska and Mu receives a reassignment that will have him teaching pilot candidates instead of fighting on the front lines - ostensibly. We never find out if this was going to be his real assignment or was simply an excuse to have him leave JOSH-A before the Cyclops system is activated, since he abandons his orders and goes back to the Archangel.
  • Red Baron: The Hawk of Endymion.
  • Sole Survivor: Of his Mobius Zero squadron during the Endymion lunar campaign during his backstory, and of the Earth Alliance pilots during the attack on Heliopolis — though neither really affects his personality much.
  • Space Fighter: His Moebius Zero is a space-use fighter plane with wired gun pods.
  • Super Prototype: The Mobius Zero, which is vastly superior to the mass production Mobius in terms of armament and speed. Justified in that only a very few pilots had the level of skill and spatial awareness required to operate the Zero and its Attack Drones effectively.
  • Super Reflexes: His enhanced spatial awareness, an extremely rare ability among both Naturals and Coordinators, which allows him to control Attack Drones.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: A poignant scene towards the end of the series has Mu sympathizing with Rau le Creuset in a conversation with Murrue; Mu is the only character who seems to fully consider what effect his past had on him. He does, however, state firmly that what he's doing can't be excused.
  • Taking the Bullet: The fact that it doesn't just go straight through him and hit its target anyway is thanks to Mu's raw badassery.
  • Team Dad: Shares this role with Murdoch as he helps the Heliopolis students adjust to being on the Archangel and being a part of the chain of command.
  • Tempting Fate: "I'll be right back, with victory in hand." His mobile suit is vaporized, and Murrue doesn't see him again for quite a while.
  • The Unfavorite: To his father, Al. Oddly for the trope, there is no favorite; Mu was an only child, but he looked too much like his mom. So Dad locked him away and cloned himself. And treated the clone like crap as well.

    Natarle Badgiruel 

Voice Actors: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese), Sarah Johns (English), Lisa Ortiz (English HD Remaster dub)

Originally an Ensign on the Archangel, she graduates to Murrue's Number Two after the attack on Heliopolis. Harder and more pragmatic than Murrue, Badgiruel remains loyal to the Earth Forces, and is eventually named captain of the Archangel's Evil Counterpart, the Dominion. A professional soldier, she buries any doubts she has behind her ironclad faith in the military, even when forced to work with Muruta Azrael and his squad.

  • Badass Normal: In much the same vein as Murrue Ramius, proving that as a ship captain she's more than capable of taking on supposedly superior Coordinators.
  • The Captain: Was briefly acting captain of the Archangel, before passing the role to Ramius. She later becomes the actual captain of the Dominion.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: She ultimately rises up against Azrael, trapping him on the bridge of the Dominion with her after ordering the rest of the crew to abandon ship.
  • Endearingly Dorky: Whenever she's placed out of her depth (aka out of regulations and military decorum) she immediately starts stuttering and even blushing at times.
  • Everyone Has Standards: She does end up caring for Kira despite herself, and is somewhat uncomfortable when Sutherland tries to blame Kira for Heliopolis (to say nothing of her disgust towards Azrael).
  • Fantastic Racism: Downplayed. She is leery of coordinators but still doesn't buy into Blue Cosmos ideology (and she does care for Kira whether she wants to admit it or not.)
  • Field Promotion: From Ensign to Deputy Captain.
  • Going Down with the Ship: Stays aboard the Dominion to make sure that Azrael goes down with it.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Smiles as Ramius opens fire on her and Azrael.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: See Taking You with Me below.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Most of her more abrasive moments are the result of having to make a snap decision in a moment of crisis, especially in regards to Murrue's early indecisiveness. There's also the moment after the crew rescues Lacus when she calls out Murrue's hypocrisy about not wanting to involve her due to Lacus being a civilian when she had already involved Kira and his friends.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Very principled and by the rules, but often shows worry or sadness for those hurt or in danger. See her reaction to finding herself the (apparent) sole survival of the Heliopolis attack on the Archangel and her concern for Kira in episode 4 despite showing misgivings about him being a Coordinator and civilian just the previous eps. She also shows a soft touch for children in episode 18. Her "caring commander" aspect is most probably why she turns on Azrael when he hurts Flay.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: She visibly becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the actions of the Earth Alliance under Blue Cosmos, but remains a loyal military officer.
  • Sudden Principled Stand: After being a good soldier for much of the series, she turns on Azrael after he assaults Flay.
  • Taking You with Me: She locks down the bridge of the Dominion, trapping both herself and Azrael as it's destroyed.
  • Tragic Hero: Had to side against the Archangel because she kept following orders, and was killed by it because Azrael wouldn't quit.

    Arnold Neumann 

Voice Actors: Isshin Chiba (Japanese), Philip Pacaud (English), Ben Pronsky (English HD Remaster dub)

The soft spoken helmsman of the Archangel, Mr. Neumann is one of the unsung heroes of the show. Taking on a leadership role among the ship's NCO's in times of crisis, Neumann's greatest contribution to the survival of the Archangel is without a doubt his insane piloting skills.

  • Badass Normal: The best helmsman of the Cosmic Era, Natural or Coordinator.
  • Do a Barrel Roll: Neumann has pulled off some pretty sick maneuvers with the Archangel, but arguably his crowning moment was when he pulled off an actual barrel roll with the hulking vessel. Under gravity. This move later becomes instrumental in the Archangel's victory over the Minerva in the final battle of Destiny.
  • Field Promotion: From Chief Petty Officer to Ensign.
  • Hidden Depths: Neumann keeps to himself and rarely speaks, but when the Archangel is in lockdown aboard Artemis, he's the one who rallies the crew and organises the breakout. Supplementary materials suggest that he may have had a crush on Natarle Badgiruel as well.
  • Improbable Piloting Skills: Good Lord yes! This man flies a several thousand tonne battleship as though it were a freaking fighter plane. Doing a barrel roll to point the ship's guns down or circumvent an enemy battleship? No problem. Recovering from a botched atmospheric re-entry? Not even worth a mention. Dodging beams and guided missiles alike between the time they are fired and the time they reach his ship (many times maneuvering so quickly it looks like the crew would surely be turned to red paste against the walls)? All in a day's work.
  • Love Hurts: In some of the video games based on SEED it is revealed that Neumann had a thing for the Archangel's Number Two, Badgiruel. This means that he had to help kill her when Ramius ordered the Dominion sunk. Ouch.
  • The Quiet One: Mostly keeps to himself.

    Kojiro Murdoch 

Voice Actors: Toshihiko Nakajima (Japanese), Brian Drummond (English), Patrick Seitz (English HD Remaster dub)

The chief mechanic of the Archangel.

  • The Engineer: He's primarily responsible with coordinating maintenance and repairs to the mobile suits and mobile armors aboard the Archangel.
  • Team Dad: Shares this role along with Mu (whose more of a Big Brother Mentor), taking an unoffical parental role to Kira and his friends after they join with the Archangel's staff crew.

    Lewis Halberton 

Voice Actors: Naoki Tatsuta (Japanese), Richard Newman (English), Marc Thompson (English HD Remaster dub)

"Firing on retreating men? You're a damn disgrace, Le Creuset."

The commander of the EA's 08th Fleet, Admiral Lewis Halberton was the commisioner and mastermind behind the G-Weapons' project that created the Gundams. A capable battlefield commander, and a mentor Captain Ramius, Halberton is one of the few high-ranking OMNI officials to have any sympathy for the Coordinators, and Kira Yamato in particular.

  • Badass Baritone: Courtesy of Richard Newman's deep voice.
  • Badass Moustache: Sports a very impressive moustache and is one of the EA's most renowned admirals.
  • Badass Normal: Like all EA personnel not named Kira Yamato, he's a Natural.
  • The Brigadier: The first officer we meet to have any sympathy for the Archangel, and one of the rare OMNI personnel to understand Kira's position.
  • Expy: He's a more active take on Mobile Suit Gundam's General Revil.
  • A Father to His Men: Leads his troops in person from his flagship, the Menelaus, and will not demand they make any sacrifices he isn't willing to make.
  • Four-Star Badass: A world-famous admiral who leads from the front.
  • Frontline General: A fleet commander who puts his flagship in the thick of the action.
  • Going Down with the Ship: Goes down with the Menelaus.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Sacrifices his ship to buy the Archangel time to escape.
  • Meaningful Name: Not Halberton himself, but his ship, the Menelaus, which is named after a Greek king, whose wife was kidnapped, starting a war. Given that SEED opens with the G-weapons that Halberton had built being stolen, it seems likely that this is more then a coincidence.
  • The Mentor: To Captain Ramius, who was one of his students at the military academy.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: Acts a mentor to Ramius, and dies fairly early on in the series.
  • Mutual Kill: With Captain Zellman of the Gammow, as it and the Menelaus sink one another.
  • Officer and a Gentleman: He tries to be one anyway, and regards officers like ZAFT's Le Creuset as the lowest of the low.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Assists the Archangel crew, and is notably the only member of the Earth Alliance High Command to do so.
  • Token Good Teammate: Most of the Earth Alliance's high-command consists of pretty messed-up people, but he is an exception who shows sympathy for Coordinators.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Is killed during the same sortie that we meet him.

    Muruta Azrael 

Voice Actors: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese), Andrew Francis (English original series), Todd Haberkorn (English HD remaster)

"Misunderstandings create enemies, and when you have enemies, you shoot them."

The leader of the anti-Coordinator terrorist group Blue Cosmos and a powerful figure in the Atlantic Federation. Boyish. Charming. Takes his evil Up to Eleven. He joins the crew of the Dominion with his squad of modified soldiers, more or less subverting Badgiruel's position as captain.

  • 0% Approval Rating: While he ostensibly acts as an observer on Natarle's ship he quickly assumes a captain-like role, only allowing her to make tactical combat decisions. The uncomfortable looks the bridge crew give him make it clear that he's not popular, least of all with Natarle or Flay. When Natarle orders the crew to abandon ship nobody even hesitates before abandoning Azrael to his fate.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: He rarely considers a retreat. Justified after ZAFT fires Genesis and he wanted his recuperating forces to keep fighting, before ZAFT fired on Earth.
  • Ax-Crazy: You get hints about just how crazy he is throughout the show. Then the last few episodes hit and holy crap.
  • Bad Boss: Controls Shani, Clotho, and Orga through drug addiction, and everyone else through fear. Really starts to show after his Villainous Breakdown.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: A truly nasty—and very competent—one. He's the real leader of the Earth Forces and seems to be heading the war opposite Patrick Zala, is stated to have been responsible for the nuking one of the PLANTs. However, Rau Le Creuset is really playing both of them. It's still worth noting that of all the contenders for this title in the series he is without a doubt the most evil.
  • Bishōnen: Which accounts for his ridiculous popularity with the female fanbase.
  • Blood Knight: To a much greater degree than his Coordinator counterpart, Patrick Zala. When nukes are obliterating Boaz he looks positively gleeful.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Azrael's motivation to kill all Coordinators stems from the fact that he was bullied by them as a child.
  • Dub Name Change: The HD Remaster dub changes his given name from "Muruta" to "Multa"
  • Driven by Envy: Heavily implied by his backstory. He's less angry about the Coordinators being better than humanity than he is about them being better than him.
  • Evil Is Petty: A condescending sexist and all around jerk, as well as a genocidal madman. Better yet, even his genocidal intentions are rooted, not in ideology, but in childhood grudges. He's petty all through.
  • Evil Laugh: Gives an epic one when he receives the plans to ZAFT's defenses and N-Jammer Cancellers.
  • Evil vs. Evil: With Coordinator-supremacist Patrick Zala.
  • Expy: While it is not as obvious as with Patrick, Azrael's charismatic personality, dynamic leadership, public popularity, and utter sociopathy are all derived from Mobile Suit Gundam's Gihren Zabi. They even share a passion for overkill and Weapons Of Mass Destruction. In the meanwhile, his appearance, enthusiasm, excitableness, creepy interactions with women, and manipulation of the Extended, all call to mind Gihren's clone/bastard son Glemmy Toto
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: The page picture should nicely demonstrate both sides of that; a handsome face and shining blonde hair, but that sinister expression reflects something ugly.
  • Fantastic Racism: His motivation. Worst of all, he can't understand why everyone else doesn't feel the same way he does.
  • Faux Affably Evil: His polite mannerisms and excitable personality only serve to enhance how much of an arrogant psycho he is.
  • Final Solution: Plans to nuke the Plants, ending the war, and killing every Coordinator in existence in the process.
  • Freudian Excuse: The reason why Azrael wants to destroy all Coordinators is because he was bullied by them as a kid, and when he asked his mother why he wasn't born a Coordinator, he was slapped and told that she would never have her son to be a "monster" like them. It is inverted in that it is intended to make him more despicable, not less.
  • Hate Sink: At the end of the day, Azrael is a psychopathic, misogynistic xenophobe with the personality of a murderous teenager. He's there to make Patrick Zala and Rau Le Creuset look sympathetic by comparison.
  • He-Man Woman Hater: Has some aspects of this. He's openly contemptuous of Badgiruel after finding out she's a woman, condescends to her because of her gender ("Listen to me, woman!") and is the only character in-series to use the word "bitch" to describe a female character.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Genetically modifying fetuses to create Born Winners is evil! Using drugs and mental torture to create Super Soldiers out of children is not! It's also hinted that his hatred of Coordinators is a case of Driven by Envy, making him an even bigger hypocrite.
    • He calls Coordinators barbaric monsters for the use of the GENESIS cannon. Not only is this the same person who killed thousands of Coordinators using nuclear missiles hours earlier but he also attempted to use them against space colonies full of civilians twice. Azrael also ordered the nuclear missile fired at Junius 7, causing the entire war.
  • Improbable Age: He is a successful businessman, the head of a global terrorist organisation, and The Man Behind the Man to the entirety of OMNI at the age of thirty.
  • Karmic Death: Dies knowing he's lost, at the hands of a woman he's just murdered, and another woman whose boyfriend he has killed. It doesn't get much more karmic then that.
  • Kick the Dog: His first scene is about how "unfair" it is that Orb claims neutrality in the war and how the "fair" thing to do is to push it off the fence or burn it to the ground. He kicks more dogs as the series continues.
  • Knight of Cerebus: His appearance in the series kicks off a new level atrocities as he shows he will go to any lengths and destroy anything to get what he wants.
  • Lack of Empathy: Orb is neutral? Burn them to the ground for convenience sake. My super soldiers are in pain? Good, it'll convince them to fight better.
  • The Leader: Of Blue Cosmos in name and the Atlantic Federation (and therefore OMNI) in everything but. He's a Type Charismatic personality, ruling through charisma and fearmongering.
  • Light Is Not Good: Has a religious name and wears a white suit, but he's a genocidal madman.
  • The Man Behind the Man: To the Atlantic Federation president. Think of him as a very powerful businessman and lobbyist... who just happens to head a combination KKK and Nazi Party.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: His fashion sense is one of his few redeeming qualities. Come to think of it, it's about his only redeeming quality. He does look good in that blue suit.
  • Muggle Power: His mom didn't make him a Coordinator, so no one gets to be one.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: He's named after the Angel of Death.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Here's a hint people—if it looks like a Nazi, and talks like a Nazi, and acts like a Nazi, chances are, it's a Nazi.
  • Non-Action Big Bad: Toyed with. He's no fighter, but he's certainly willing to go to the front and place himself in the line of fire.
  • Not So Different: From Patrick Zala. It's lampshaded by Uzumi Nara Atha that they driven by the same ideals, i.e. "exterminate the other guy".
  • Nuke 'em: Tries to fire nukes at the PLANTS twice.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Calling female characters "bitch" purely for their gender is the least of his problems.
  • The Political Officer: Practically his role on the Dominion, is to make decisions that further his agenda but make no sense on the battlefield, thus making sure his plans are fulfilled.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Azrael's smarter then most characters of this type, but still has the attitude, reacting like a spoiled child when he doesn't get his way. "You'll pay for treating me like this!"
  • Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter": Azrael is taking a little too much enjoyment in watching people get nuked.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Prioritises destroying the Plants over stopping Genesis, and you know, saving the human race.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Azrael's always dressed to kill.
  • Shut Up, Kirk!: Played with. When Badgiruel offers a surrender to the Archangel, he mocks her for making such an attempt and says everyone's just better off shooting at each other.
  • Skewed Priorities: Discussed. Upon acquiring the data for N-Jammer Cancellers he's eager to launch a nuclear attack against ZAFT. The OMNI board suggests using their regained nuclear technology to solve the energy crisis on Earth but Azrael shoots them down. His irrational hatred of Coordinators overrides any sense of priorities.
  • Smug Snake: Ungodly arrogant, and self-assured to the point of suicidal overconfidence. It's worth noting that simply holding a conversation with him can be a trying experience for characters like Badgirel.
  • The Sociopath: Hits every requirement on the checklist. Heck, just read the page quote. He moves reeeaaalllly quick from "difference of opinion" to "murder".
  • Sore Loser: Goes out ranting and screaming about how he always wins.
  • Stepford Smiler: Type C. An odd example in that he's not hiding his evil (which is public knowledge), but just how unstable he is.
  • Straw Hypocrite: It's heavily implied that Azrael's muggle power rhetoric is just that; his real motivation is jealousy and childhood grudges.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Why settle for defeating your enemies through strategy when you can just Nuke 'em? And then there's putting an entire magazine into Natarle.
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: Does it to Flay. While backhanding her.
  • Throwing Down the Gauntlet: After mocking Badgiruel in her attempt to negotiate with the Archangel, he declares war against it.
  • The Unfettered: There is nothing Azreal won't do. He will start wars against countries populated by Naturals if he thinks it will aid his goals.
  • Unwitting Pawn: He didn't realize that he was being used by Rau Le Creuset until it's too late.
  • Villainous Breakdown: By the end he's a screaming, ranting mess.
    "I can still win. I always win!"
  • Villain Has a Point: Despite his racism and fanaticism, Azrael's correct about the threat that GENESIS poses to Earth and he's not wrong in calling out ZAFT for condemning nuclear weapons as "barbarous" while being willing to use GENESIS.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Played with. His racism is well known and publicized, but in the Earth Forces, anti-Coordinator sentiment is hardly uncommon. He's all but worshiped by the OMNI high command, and is a well-respected figure in the Atlantic Federation. What he's hiding from everyone is what an utter psycho he is, and the fact that he couldn't care less about individual Naturals.
  • We Have Reserves: Azrael doesn't give a damn about casualties, and goes so far as to classify Shani, Cortho, and Orga as equipment, rather than soldiers, making them totally expendable. After GENESIS is revealed, he still prioritizes destroying the colonies over stopping GENESIS and saving the world.
  • Western Terrorists: Blue Cosmos got its start as a terror group that assassinated prominent Coordinators, and despite Azrael's public legitimacy, he's still one of these at heart.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Is putting it very lightly. He bitch-slaps Flay, tries to strangle Badgiruel, and then empties his gun into her.

    William Sutherland 

Voice Actors: Minoru Inaba (Japanese), Ron Halder (English original series), Mike McFarland (English HD remaster)

"For the preservation of our blue and natural Earth!"

A member of the OMNI General Staff and a card-carrying member of Blue Cosmos, Captain Sutherland is a key member of Azrael's network and provides his link to the upper echelons of the Earth Forces' military. The mastermind behind the use of the Cyclops system at JOSH-A, Sutherland sees to it that the worst of Azrael's proposals are made a reality by the military.

  • Armchair Military: Surprisingly, no. Sutherland is every inch the Obstructive Bureaucrat in terms of personality, but at the Battle of Jachin Due he's on the frontlines in the Earth Forces' flagship, The Doolittle.
  • The Captain: Though as a General Staff officer he wields far more authority than the title would imply. He becomes a more traditional example after taking command of the Doolittle.
  • Character Death: When Yzak destroys the Doolittle.
  • The Dragon: He's the closest thing that Azrael has to one, being of the "detail-oriented administrator" variety.
  • Evil Genius: As Blue Cosmos' strategist and a member of the General Staff he does double-duty as both this trope and The Dragon to Azrael.
  • Expy: To Bask Om and Jamitov of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
  • Fantastic Racism: He's a member of Blue Cosmos, and is part of Azrael's plan to exterminate the Coordinators.
  • Final Solution: He's the one who approves the use of nuclear weapons at Jachin Due; like Azrael he wants every last Coordinator reduced to radioactive ashes.
  • General Ripper: Absolutely. He fully supports Azrael's agenda and works to make it a reality.
  • Insane Admiral: He's quieter about it than say, Patrick Zala, but yeah, he's still a madman.
  • Knight Templar: The most charitable interpretation of his character. Unlike Azrael (who's Driven by Envy) he genuinely seems to believe that the Coordinators need to be exterminated in order to save the Naturals.
  • Muggle Power: Blue Cosmos is dedicated to wiping out Coordinators in order to "protect" the Naturals.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: In the same way as his boss.
  • Non-Action Guy: He's a General Staff officer, so he doesn't become personally involved in combat. His willingness to go to the front captaining The Doolittle keeps him out of Armchair Military territory though.
  • Nuke 'em: Commands the nucelar attack on ZAFT.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: He acts as one during his initial appearance, where he heads the investigation into the Archangel's actions, and even after his Insane Admiral status is unveiled, clearly has the heart and soul of a pencil-pusher. The absolutely banal nature of his evil provides for a sharp contrast with his flamboyant boss; he's essentially Adolf Eichmann to Azrael's Adolf Hitler.
  • Oh, Crap!: Immediately before being blown up by Yzak.
  • The Political Officer: Crossed with Obstructive Bureaucrat. He acts as Azrael's man on the General Staff and enforces Blue Cosmos' bigotry on everyone else.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: A racist jackass, just like his superior.
  • Rank Up: By the time of the last few episodes, he's been promoted to Admiral, as shown in Episode 47.
  • Smug Snake: Much like his boss, though with less Axe-Crazy and more Obstructive Bureaucrat.
  • The Strategist:: All those horrific plans you see the Earth Forces implementing? Blame this jackass.
  • Villain in a White Suit: Wears a white EA uniform, which we find out means he's in with Blue Cosmos.
  • Weapons Of Mass Destruction: He's the one who decided to use the Cyclops system, and turns the key to activate it, while giving a little speech about preserving the Earth's purity.
  • We Have Reserves: Like his boss, Sutherland doesn't care too much about individual lives. At JOSH-A he deliberately sacrifices the lives of thousands of his allies in order to halt ZAFT and weaken Eurasia's influence.

    Clotho Bauer, Orga Sabnak, and Shani Andras 

Clotho's Voice Actors: Hiro Yuki (Japanese), Andrew Toth (English original series), Tony Azzolino (English HD Remaster)

"How should I know!? I only kill because otherwise I'll be killed! That's my ONLY reason!"
Main mecha: GAT-X370 Raider Gundam

Orga's Voice Actors: Ryohei Odai (Japanese), Ted Cole (English original series), Chris Jai Alex (English HD remaster)

Main mecha: GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam

Shani's Voice Actors: Shunichi Miyamoto (Japanese), Richard Ian Cox (English original series), Jon Allen (English HD remaster)

Main mecha: GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam
Right to left: Shani, Orga, Clotho

Three "biological CPUs" brought in by Azrael to pilot his shiny new Gundams during the attack on Orb, Clotho Buer, Orga Sabnak, and Shani Andras are the Earth Alliance's most powerful weapons during the final weeks of the war. Fed a steady stream of drugs that are both performance enhancing and highly addictive, it's unclear whether this is what drove them nuts or if they were always that way. Regardless, the trio are capable of taking on Coordinators in superior mobile suits toe-to-toe and coming out on top more often than not, despite being completely and utterly psychotic. Clotho pilots the Raider; his primary hobby outside of battle is playing Shmups, and he's fond of shouting gaming-inspiring phrases like "game over!" in combat. Orga is assigned to the Calamity; outside of battle, he's usually found reading paperback novels. Shani pilots the Forbidden, and spends his downtime ignoring the rest of the world by listening to music on his headphones. He cultivates his Peek-a-Bangs to hide his heterochromia.

  • Ascended Extra: Clotho to an extent. He tends to get the camera focus in combat, actually manages to disable Kira one time, manages to outlive the other two and even Azrael for at least one episode, and is the only one of the trio to actually attempt to speak to Kira and Athrun. Granted all he really does is reiterate to Athrun that he's totally nuts but still.
  • Ax-Crazy: At least in combat; outside of battle they tend to ignore everyone around them. Shani is probably the worst.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: The hell that Blue Cosmos put them through has left them unstable, psychopathic wrecks.
  • Berserk Button: Okay, they're all pretty unstable, but Shani's even more likely to snap than usual if someone whom he considers weak tries to stop him.
    "Who's that guy taking a shot at me!?"
  • The Berserker: Any one of them can snap at any time in battle if they get ticked off at the wrong moment.
  • BFG: The Calamity is a flying artillery platform, and after the Buster, features the largest cannons seen in series.
  • Blood Knight: Clotho treats war as a game and the other two just love destroying things.
  • Boxed Crook: In their original backstory they were death row prisoners, offered a reprieve if they agreed to be experimented on.
  • The Brute: The three of them serve as Azrael's Brute squad, providing the Earth Forces with vicious, expendable muscle.
  • Catchphrase: Orga loves to say "Hey, hey, hey!" when firing at Mecha-Mooks.
  • Chest Blaster: The Calamity's energy cannon.
  • Creepy Monotone: Despite how Axe-Crazy he is, unless he's really riled up, Shani's normal voice in battle is almost completely devoid of inflection.
  • Death from Above: The Raider and the Forbidden are both flight capable. Typically Clotho provides fire support, while Shani closes with the target.
  • Deflector Shields: The Forbidden's shield which doesn't absorb beam damage, but bounces it away at another angle.
  • Dragon Their Feet: Clotho outlives Azrael but he's left a broken, insane mess, who just gives one last ditch effort to kill the heroes before dying himself.
  • Drama-Preserving Handicap: Shani's Forbidden has a field that deflects beam shots. This makes him a perfect counter for the new Freedom and Justice with their unlimited energy and powerful beam weapons since Shani is immune to it and can shield the other two preventing Kira and Athrun from just wasting them with firepower like they do most other enemies late in the series. After Yzak finally kills Shani, Kira and Athrun are easily able to close in and destroy Orga without the former to shield him anymore
  • Drugs Are Bad: Psycho serum is, anyway.
  • Epic Flail: The Raider features one in mobile suit mode.
  • Evil Laugh: None of them are afraid to indulge in one.
  • Evil Redhead: Clotho is a redheaded enforcer for a racist hate group.
  • Expy: Not as individuals, but as the group the pre-Extended trio have a lot in common with the Cyber Newtypes of the UC era.
  • Flawed Prototype: They manage to be this and Super Prototype at the same time. While it's true that they have far superior combat skills to their successors in the Extended, they're also highly unstable emotionally, cannot be trusted with any jobs outside of piloting, and have a two hour time limit on combat that is absolutely crippling when it comes to usability. The later versions essentially swap out the better piloting skills for increased loyalty and versatility, and a far longer time limit (they only have to be maintained once a day).
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: They're all easy to set off, but for Clotho, that may as well be 'permanently enraged'. He even gets mad at Orga for requiring to ride on his flight-capable Gundam to escape from battle.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Orga is bisected by Athrun.
  • Horror Hunger: The withdrawal symptoms are fatal, and exceedingly painful.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Shani, courtesy of Yzak.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: A Laughing Mad Clotho tries to attack the disabled Buster towards the end of the Jachin Due battle.
  • Lack of Empathy: All three have got it bad. Clotho views it all as some sort of real-life video game, Orga doesn't care who he mows down with his BFGs and Shani... Shani's an out-and-out psycho who kills enemy soldiers for fun.
  • Laughing Mad: Clotho following the deaths of Shani and Orga is left a laughing, Empty Shell.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me:
    • Shani's Gundam, the Forbidden, in the form of a pair of shields attached to the superstructure that redirect beam weapons away from his Gundam.
    • The Raider and the Calamity both have an arm-mounted shield with a built-in range weapon.
  • Minor Injury Overreaction: Shani does this for his Gundam, going ballistic when it's damaged to the point where Orga has to cool him off.
    Shani: But... but that guy!
    Orga: We have to leave right now! Do you want to feel that pain again!?
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: The Calamity, The Raider, and The Forbidden? I think I'm going to be... somewhere else for a while.
    • The three of them have the surnames of demons in the Ars Goetia, a tome of demonology. Clotho is based on President Buer, Orga on Marquis Sabnock, and Shani on Marquis Andras. Notably, Marquis Sabnock is a lion-headed soldier who constructs towers full of weapons, a reasonable description of the blond Orga piloting the Calamity, while Marquis Andras is far and away considered one of the most dangerous, unpredictable, and violent—pretty evocative of Shani.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Shani actually considers nuclear explosions to be dazzling, which he says in an awed voice, and later says they're too pretty while defending the Peacemaker forces carrying the nukes.
  • Non-Uniform Uniform: All three have customized their uniforms: Shani wears his top unbuttoned and with ripped jeans instead of the normal uniform pants, Orga's has no sleeves and a popped collar, and Clotho's looks more like a crop top than anything else.
  • Not a Game: Clotho seems to have trouble understanding that he isn't playing a video game. He keeps right on killing, not out of patriotism or loyalty, but because he hates to lose.
  • The Quiet One: Shani's this outside of battle. During battle he's a cackling lunatic.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: Substitute "quirky" for "psychotic and persistent" and you've got them.
  • The Pawn: They're well aware Azrael is using them for his profit, but are happy enough to continue being Blood Knights.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Shani's help to enhance his rather emo appearance when he's out of combat.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Clotho and Orga both view fighting as nothing but a game; Clotho in particular also states that he only fights because he hates losing, and has an absolutely horrible temper, while Orga seems to treat the whole thing as child's play.
  • Psycho Prototype: It's revealed in the sequel that they are the forerunners of the Extended program. The Extended might have issues, but compared to these three, they're pillars of stability.
  • Psycho Serum: Used partly to increase combat performance and partly to ensure loyalty; the effects of withdrawal are fatal, precluding any attempt at desertion.
  • Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter": All of them, but especially Shani, love laughing in combat.
  • Restraining Bolt: Their Psycho Serum serves as one. The effects of withdrawal are fatal, firmly anchoring their loyalty to Azrael.
  • Sanity Slippage: A little crazier with every episode as their Psycho Serum does its work on their minds.
  • Say My Name: Shout each other's at regular intervals (typically because one of them has just tried to shoot the others).
  • Screaming Warrior: Clotho tends to yell constantly at the top of his lungs whenever he's fighting.
  • Sinister Scythe: Shani's Forbidden Gundam features the Nidhoggr Heavy Scythe, designed for slicing battleships and mobile suits.
  • Slasher Smile: All three, but most frequently Shani have this mad battle lust grin.
  • Slave Mooks: They're only loyal to Azrael because they will die without frequent doses of Psycho Serum.
  • Sociopathic Soldier: Type II. Despite being virtual slaves, hating their boss, and being designated as equipment rather than personnel, they still really enjoy their work.
  • Sore Loser: Clotho, who rants about how much he hates to lose at one point. Clearly the boy has spent too much time around Azrael.
  • Super Prototype: To the Extended of Gundam SEED Destiny. They have a better combat record, but with such mental liabilities that the Extended dialed it back.
  • Supersoldier: Chemically-enhanced soldiers intended to take on the Coordinators.
  • Teens Are Monsters: If you go off of their original backstory, they were already monsters long before they became Sociopathic Soldiers.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: None of them are team players, which occasionally devolves into them fighting each other instead of their enemy. Orga is rather careless about what he's shooting at, Clotho hates it when his teammates need to hitch a ride on his flight-capable Gundam, and Shani prefers to ignore his teammates' existence entirely during combat. Still, when they do cooperate, it really sucks to be the other guy.
  • Transforming Mecha: Raider switches between a normal MS mode and an almost bird-like flight mode, while The Forbidden features a retractable superstructure and deflector shields.
  • Unfriendly Fire: On several occasions Orga comes very close to hitting his partners.
  • Verbal Tic:
    • Orga's "hey, hey, hey!!"
    • Clotho's fondness for shouting video game battle phrases.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When they start to go through withdrawal, it gets ugly. Clotho gets worse after losing Shani and Orga.
    Clotho: You know what...? I'm gonna...!
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: They may not like each other very much, but they hate the rest of the world far more, and are pretty dependent on one another for emotional stability. When Shani dies, the other two freak.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: The best pilots the Earth Forces have to offer, they've essentially traded in their emotional stability for the ability to fight at the same level as the Coordinators.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Clotho has orange hair, while Shani has light green.


The group representing the Coordinators living in the PLANTs, its military arm is the primary antagonist at the beginning of the series. Fighting for independence from the Earth nations that built the PLANTs they live in, their fight is far more complicated than an idealistic crusade against tyranny. Their presentation changes drastically during the course of the series, managing to become both more and less sympathic at the same time.

    Rau Le Creuset 

Main mecha: ZGMF-515 CGUE, AMF-101 DINN, ZGMF-600GuAIZ, ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam

Voice Actors: Toshihiko Seki (Japanese), Mark Oliver (English), Kevin T. Collins (English HD Remaster dub)

"Suspicion, ignorance, prejudice, the dark emotions directed at those who can be loved. If love is the brightest light, then are these emotions created from the shadow it casts? Things that are different, things we don't understand, differences that foster anxiety, leading to hatred, and ultimately...confrontation."

Athrun's commanding officer and Patrick Zala's right-hand man, Le Creuset is a feared ZAFT ship captain and mobile suit pilot, renowned for his ability and his ruthlessness. He is assigned to hunt down the Archangel, and is later given command of the assaults on Alaska and Panama, and the defence of Jachin Due. Always masked, Le Creuset is an enigmatic figure with a grudge against Mu La Flaga, and his own agenda, which he keeps entirely to himself. A very dangerous man.

Le Creuset is a spoiler-heavy character, so read with caution.

  • Accent Adaptation: Gets a nice transatlantic one in English from Mark Oliver to go with his formal manners and theatrical tastes (and a very fine dub performance).
  • Ace Custom: Flies several high-end mass production mobile suits, all of them painted silver. These include a GINN High Maneuver Type, a CGUE command suit, a flight-capable DINN, and one of the new production GuAIZ's, which had just come off the line, and incorporates an OS based on the one in the stolen Gundams. The only exception to the rule is the Super Prototype Providence Gundam.
  • Ace Pilot: One of the few snipers in Gundam, he fights all of his battles from a distance to lethal effect, and unlike other pilots who seem to focus solely on ranged battles, Rau is fully capable of taking on very strong Coordinators like Kira in close range combat provided his mobile suit could keep up.
  • Affably Evil: His courteous and thoughtful nature is real. Considering he was likely raised to be exactly the opposite, it's both innate and his choice. The darkness he throws himself into and the damage he causes are equally real.
  • Alertness Blink: Experiences a Newtype Flash whenever Mu La Flaga is within a few kilometers. It is one of the few things that point to their having newtype-like abilities. Interestingly he also receives it under other circumstances than Mu's arrival, suggesting that his Newtype powers are stronger than Mu's.
  • Archenemy: To Mu and later Kira.
  • Archnemesis Dad: Rau was cloned from La Flaga's father, and meant to serve as a replacement son, he could easily be seen as fullfilling either trope.
  • Artistic License – Pharmacology: It's never explained what Rau's pills are supposed to be doing. However, given the way he takes a bunch in a bad momentnote , it heavily slants it to some kind of painkiller or dope (almost nothing else works that fast), rather than a true medicine specifically related to the issues with his cloned genes.
  • Attack Drone: The Providence features the DRAGOON System, which is basically this trope. The Gundam possesses 3 large pods and 8 smaller ones, the former equipped with 9 beam guns each for a wideshot, the latter with 2 beam guns each for a normal shot. Together, the Providence carries a total of 43 beam gun nozzles.
  • Ax-Crazy: Post Sanity Slippage. Given that his series-long plan of destroying all life is about to come into fruition, why hide it anymore?
  • Badass Normal: He may be a clone of Al Da Flaga, but that doesn't give him any special abilities- aside from the hints that he and Mu may be Newtypes (see Alertness Blink above). Yet he is still good enough to fake being a Coordinator.
  • Beam Spam: The Freedom's Beam Spam is so famous that it's easy to forget that Rau's Providence is the true king of spam in SEED. The suit itself has one oversized beam rifle and a pair of beam guns built into its shield, and is fitted with a DRAGOON system that lets it remote-control eleven Attack Drones - three large, eight small. The small ones have two beam guns each, while the large ones have nine, giving the Providence a grand total of forty-six beam guns that it can fire from a dozen different directions at once. Most of the Final Battle consists of Kira trying to find a way through Rau's curtain of beam fire without losing too many important parts of his suit's anatomy in the process.
  • Berserk Button: Do not try to take off (or shoot off) his mask. We're looking at you, Mu.
  • Beta Test Baddie: He is essentially a byproduct of the Ultimate Coordinator project, created by Dr. Hibiki in order to secure the funding needed to produce Kira.
  • Big Bad: He's the one pulling both the strings of both Azarael and Patrick Zala, to drive them against each other in war of mutually assured destruction because he believes all life is meaningless and thus should be wiped out.
  • Bigger Stick: The Providence, which is from the same line as the Freedom and the Justice.
  • Bilingual Bonus: It's very subtle, but there are a couple of linguistic things in Japanese that point to Mu and Rau being related, even with the totally different personalities and without the bigger hints: they still both "Oi, oi" and "yare, yare" a couple of times, and there's Rau's "ojousan" versus Mu's "jouchan".
  • Biseinen: His mask obscures it, but he is quite the pretty boy.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: The Providence's beam saber is built into its arm-mounted shield.
  • Break Them by Talking: Rau makes a habit of this — particularly with Flay, Mu, and Kira. His effectiveness varies.
  • Broken Ace: A villainous example, to say the least.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: He is not so much "quirky" as he tends to act on his own initiative more than his superiors might wish. There is also the whole "constantly wearing a mask" thing. Damned if he doesn't get results, though.
  • Char Clone: A blond Ace Pilot with an agenda, alias, and Cool Mask who is also The Rival? Check! Gundam contractual obligations fulfilled.
  • The Chessmaster: He beautifully orchestrates events so that the Earth Alliance will fire nuclear weapons and ZAFT will fire GENESIS.
  • Clone Degeneration: Rau's telomeres are too short, leaving him effectively dying of old age at 25 years old. He is forced to take increasingly large doses of drugs to stabilise this, and is subject to seizures at irregular intervals as his body breaks down.
  • Cloning Blues: More psychological than anything else, though see above. He believes that he has no real identity, and a result his sense of self-worth is more than a little damaged.
  • Commanding Coolness: Like most ZAFT officers he holds the generic rank of "commander".
  • Cool Mask: He is a Char Clone, after all.
  • Cultured Warrior: Rau philosophizes like crazy, has the most skilled rhetoric in the show, and states he doesn't want to be mocked by future historians. He has a fierce intelligence and is clearly interested in more than being a soldier.
  • Cynical Mentor: To Athrun and Yzak. He's the opposite of idealistic, yet still rather sympathetic to unhappy, cynical Athrun and also saves hotheaded Yzak from getting killed at Alaska.
  • Darth Vader Clone: Well, aside from the Truly Single Parent, poor health, lethality, constant face covering, Dragon with an Agenda and the fact that it means "dark father" (and the Luke, I Am Your Father moment)... Both Rau and Anakin were perfectly willing to acknowledge, respect, and even love the good in the world. They just both ultimately believe that hatred is stronger. This even manages to spill over into the next series. Militarily, Le Creuset's commanding authority (and political position) is also comparable to Vader's zenith as Supreme Commander as of The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Dark Is Evil: As an iconic 'evil Gundam', his Providence uses a much darker version of the traditional red, white, and blue colour scheme (the red and blue stick, but the white is replaced a very dark grey). It makes a striking contrast with his earlier silver-gray suits, too - the fact that he starts piloting it shortly after being revealed as a nihilistic Omnicidal Maniac is almost certainly not a coincidence.
  • Death Seeker: Wants to die, with the caveat that everyone else goes first.
  • Dehumanization: An extension of his Cloning Blues above. He's physically, mentally, and emotionally suffering from the consequences of the war as well as his own body breaking down — the scene where he needs his pills after Mendel makes him seem more animal than human — and in the end claims not to believe people will ever stop trying to kill each other. He also loathes Kira for several reasons, two major being getting to live without any comparable consequences and also that Kira's true existence IS likely to set off waves of greed and violence, just like George Glenn's — not to mention the dehumanizing and philosophically horrifying ramifications of being born "exactly how someone else wants you to be". It takes Lacus's countering kindness to keep Rau's initial Breaking Speech to Kira from sticking.
  • Double Agent: Both Patrick Zala and Muruta Azrael think he is working for them. He is manipulating both to his own ends.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Rau is perfectly happy to dole out cheerful Breaking Speeches in the midst of battle. Particularly jarring in the last episode, but this may be due to his questionable sanity at the time. Mu is fond of sticking lampshades all over this.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: He acts as Patrick Zala's right hand man, though he's really the series' Big Bad and Patrick wouldn't have gotten anywhere without Le Creuset pulling his strings.
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: Upgrading to the Providence in time for the finale.
  • Enigmatic Minion: To Patrick Zala. From the beginning it is clear that Le Creuset has his own agenda, but just what that agenda is remains a secret until the end of the series. He actually remains with Zala for a surprisingly long time, only leaving after asking if he should kill Athrun, and being told it didn't matter.
  • Establishing Character Moment: He's a complex guy so he gets a few.
    • First is when he orders anti-fortress equipment used on Heliopolis, showing that he is both fine with and actively willing to destroy things.
    • Then there's the point where he talks about Athrun returning sobbing with Lacus's dead body. Not only does it flash his dark side, Athrun ended up doing exactly this in the sequel with Meer, who certainly counts as "Lacus's" body — Rau tends to be right about a lot of things...
    • And then there's the famous moment he stops going after the Archangel after Lacus yells at him and tells him off, even though someone like him could (apparently) have easily brushed her aside. Even he has limits and a continued willingness to listen, however surprising those might be.
    • Finally, the Clip Show he originally narrates has him thinking way more about people and why they are doing what they're doing than (possibly barring Lacus and certainly onscreen) any other character in the show. It's worth noting that unmasked and alone here, he is very sane and rather fond of the truth, despite later appearances.
  • Evil Counterpart: To no fewer than three characters: Mu (as his cloned "brother" and fellow Mentor), Kira (they're both results of Genetic Engineering experiments, with Le Creuset showing how badly Kira could have turned out if he hadn't been raised by the right people), and Lacus (on a purely philosophical level).
  • Evil Is Bigger: While it is the standard height for a military mobile suit, his Providence is the bulkiest Gundam in the show, with a backpack to emphasise its imposing build. Even its other weapons such as beam rifle and beam saber are larger than the standard, with a beam rifle the size of a beam ''bazooka'' and an arm mounted beam saber that is as long as an anti-''ship'' sword. Even the Freedom and the Justice, which comes from the same line of Gundams, look positively delicate next to it.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Rau is rather understated at the beginning of the series; it is not until his real plans come out that he starts Chewing the Scenery.
  • Expy: So there's a guy. Constantly wearing a mask, having issues with his health and identity and the rest of the world since birth. Manipulating a couple of jerks, perfectly willing to use threats, psychological pressure, and violence, and the only thing that seemingly has any hold over him is a little soprano ingenue with a Scandinavian father... oh, yeah, and there's also the reasonably decent guy she's engaged to. Rau's dislike of copying is probably the only reason he didn't change his name to ''Erik''. He still makes a hell of a chandelier crash shooting a light fixture at Mendel. note 
  • Faux Affably Evil: With Patrick Zala, yet he still doesn't betray him to his face. To always speak so highly of "His Excellency" and only show infrequent internal signs of displeasure, means the former may not have been entirely an act. Also that Rau is a superlative Stepford Smiler. Downplayed.
  • Foil: He shares a few things with Char Aznable: masked blond aliasing villainy. However, their personalities, goals, and methods are so different that it's Color-Coded for Your Convenience with a complete and total lack of Char's infamous red around Rau. The sequel is both a surprise and another story, yet still foiling him against the original Char. He and the Frost brothers would also have a lot to talk about.
    • Mu. Rau's negative skepticism constantly plays off Mu's easygoing willingness not to question much. It's almost a case of Sibling Yin-Yang.
    • Athrun. Patrick Zala treats him like the favored son and shows Athrun what amounts to zero kindness. Due to his own past and probably because of this, Rau's generally quite sympathetic to Athrun. He's also somewhat more interested in Athrun's fiancee than Athrun is...
    • Both he and Lacus are The Philosopher with a knack for good manners and Break Them by Talking. She's accused of being a traitor and a spy; he really is a Double Agent. Neither of them is at all happy with the current state of the world and each looks for channels outside conventional government and warfare to deal with it. Rau even ends up with a pale-purple and white pilot suit that's very similar to her general color scheme. However, Lacus wants people to stop killing each other — Rau no longer believes they're capable of it.
  • Freudian Excuse: Rau was illegally cloned by an irredeemable rich jerk of a businessman whose first words upon seeing his new son were "This is me, right?" Said biological template went on to abandon and possibly abuse him. Add in his Clone Degeneration, and the fact that he is a dying man at twenty-five, and his actions become much more understandable, but not excusable.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Well, he did think everyone else was going to be following along shortly.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: As much Fantastic Racism there already is with one side wanting to destroy the other, his hatred is focused on all sides of the conflict. In his own perspective, both Natural and Coordinator alike deserve what he believes to be their inevitable fate for all the crimes that they're capable of. This is by no means a positive example.
  • Hero Killer: Even when he doesn't pull the trigger he racks up quite a body count. His manipulations lead to the deaths of both Mu La Flaga (at the time) and Natarle and he directly kills Flay. He'd have killed Lacus and Dearka had Kira and Yzak not been able to intervene in time.
  • In Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves: Part of his philosophy; he believes he is just speeding up the process.
  • Insane Admiral: He masks it well, but at the end Le Creuset is either this or doing a damn fine imitation.
  • Kick the Dog: He gets a gun-toting Flay to put down her weapon by totally destroying her self-esteem with a well-aimed "The Reason You Suck" Speech. He subsequently kills her, just to hurt Kira.
  • Kill All Humans: His goal is to destroy humanity, be it Natural or Coordinator.
  • Large Ham: It's partly Mark Oliver's accent and performance in the Ocean Group dub, but considering Rau is basically The Phantom of the Opera IN SPACE!, he is fond of theatrical gestures and dramatic lines and monologues right from the get-go, with Mendel probably his best performance.
  • The Last Dance: The entire plot of the series is revealed to be winding down to his.
  • Light Is Not Good: He wears white, pilots mostly white mobile suits, has a name meaning "The Crucible", and eventually pilots The Providence. Definitely not a good guy.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Or rather, Mu, I am your father's clone; Kira, this is all your father's fault for getting involved with the guy and you're the lab experiment my existence paid for.
  • Malevolent Masked Man: Constantly wears a mask and is one of the worst people in the series.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Beautifully manipulates everyone, from his subordinates to his superiors to his enemies, to further his goals.
  • Mask of Sanity: Throughout the series seems to be a calm, efficient Reasonable Authority Figure who just happens to be working for the bad guys. This made the revelation of how seriously twisted he really is all the more shocking when he started ranting and raving in front of Kira and Mu. And then he goes right back to being calm and collected in public after said confrontation. Bonus points for actually wearing a mask all the time, and it only comes off when he's at the height of his crazy episode.
  • Meaningful Name: "Le Creuset" is French for "crucible". Doubly meaningful, as he chose the name himself once he discovered what he was.
  • Mercy Kill: Seems to believe he's performing one on the human species as a whole.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Le Creuset upgrades his suits throughout the show, starting with a Ginn High Maneuver Type, than flying a CGUE, a DINN, and the first of the new GuAIZs. It's not until the finale, however, that he gains a Gundam, in the form of the Providence.
  • Mighty Glacier: The Providence is pretty bulky and thus not as agile when compared to the Freedom and Justice, but the DRAGOON Attack Drones move with enough speed to counterbalance this defect, and as his sword fight with Mu and Kira shows, the suit's still quick where it counts.
  • Misanthrope Supreme: Firmly believes that Humans Are Bastards, and therefore, need to die.
  • Morality Pet: Lacus. He praises her effusively without an obvious reason, remembers words she said months later, and she's the only one he's ever shown to listen to, even when she does it by playing dirty and threatening a This Is Unforgivable! in front of his whole command. Her status to him as a sort of Barrier Maiden means he still tries to kill her to usher in the apocalypse.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: At Alaska, Rau tipped off Mu to the Cyclops System; Mu promptly went running to save the Archangel crew. Without Le Creuset, they would have been painfully vaporized. What keeps this from being straightforward is Rau later saying "I dearly hope the legged ship will make it out," meaning he wasn't just taunting Mu about a horrific realization, but did it deliberately.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: His life, such as it is, has left him thoroughly convinced that we've all got to go. He may only be trying to Kill All Humans, but it's quite omnicidal in context.
  • Parental Abandonment: Briefly hinted at in the anime; brought up explicitly in the adaptations.
  • Parental Substitute: Downplayed with Athrun, but he's still a more reasonable alternative to Patrick. Played straight and invoked on him by Flay, who claims he has her father's voice at their Rescue Introduction. He ends up protecting her and looking after her for quite a while, before subverting this by using her as a courier of chaos and finally killing her at the end.
  • Pet the Dog: He's kinder, more appreciative, and more understanding to Athrun than Athrun's father is, and saves both Yzak's and Flay's lives, even managing to restore Flay's equilibrium to a point where she's more stable than she ever was on the Archangel. Subverted when he nonchalantly shoots her escape shuttle just to cause Kira grief, though it's unclear if he noticed she was inside the shuttle.
  • The Philosopher: See Straw Nihilist + Breaking Speech + Establishing Character Moment.
  • Playing Both Sides: Sells information to the EA while acting as one of ZAFT's top commanders.
  • Rage Against the Reflection: Catching sight of his reflection is enough to send Le Creuset into a murderous breakdown. Seeing the face of the man you hate most does that kind of thing to you.
  • Rescue Introduction: With Flay. Since the choice was "bring her" or "leave her to die", it's not really a kidnapping. Despite still being quite afraid, her time with ZAFT is the first time in the entire show Flay begins to show things like calm, propriety, and concern for others, as well as getting over the worst of her Fantastic Racism, so it doubles as an emotional rescue. Even Rau being responsible for her death doesn't change the fact that without him, she would have been equally dead without having accomplished anything.
  • The Resenter: Towards La Flaga, Kira, and the entire human race.
  • The Rival: To Mu at first, though Kira gets added eventually.
  • Sanity Slippage: In the last six episodes.
  • Self-Made Orphan: His flashbacks rather heavily imply that the fire that burned down Al Da Flaga's home was not an accident.
  • Stepford Smiler: Rau's as polite and concerned as they come. While he does give frequent vent to his internal pain and dark side, it's hard to know just how much he's really screaming unless you are Mu and Kira and trapped in a creepy lab. Lampshaded by this, when he goes from full-throttle rage and breakdown to smiling at Flay, in seconds, and earlier, when he goes from full physical breakdown to speaking pleasantly on the phone with Patrick, almost instantly.
  • Suicidal Cosmic Tempertantrum: He wants to die, but he wants everybody else to go first.
  • Straw Nihilist: His life has more or less convinced him that all existence is fundamentally meaningless.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Tall blonde and snarky anyway.
  • 13 Is Unlucky: The ZGMF-X13A Providence.
  • The Unfettered: He wishes for the extinction of the human race, and manipulates both sides of the war to do so.
  • The Unreveal: Done in the televised show whenever he's shown maskless, even when the protagonists get to see his face. Even in the Compilation Movie, his face is only ever shown in one shot, and for just a few seconds at that. There isn't even anything odd about his face, which is the point. He only wears the mask to cover the face of the man he was cloned from, the man he despises most in the world.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Inverted. Previously calm and collected, Le Creuset suffers from some serious Sanity Slippage in the final episodes, due to his belief that his plan has succeeded. After all, if it's all going to end, why pretend to be sane anymore? It's also implied that his degeneration is causing him to break down biologically.
  • Villain in a White Suit: His uniform is white, he flies pale mobile suits and there's something very off about him.
  • White Mask of Doom: That white mask doesn't signify anything good.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Le Creuset's been hurt so badly that he's convinced that we all gotta go.
  • Younger Than They Look: Quite possibly. We don't know how much his condition has sped up his aging and maturation.

    Fredrik Ades 

Voice Actors: Yasuhiko Kawazu (Japanese), Michael Dobson (English original series), Ray Chase (English HD remaster)

The captain of the Vesalius, Ades is Le Creuset's right-hand man and a capable officer in his own right. Sometimes taken aback by Le Creuset's penchant for acting without orders, Ades nevertheless follows his superior's instructions loyally. Despite his secondary role on the ship, he seems to command the respect of the Le Creuset team's pilots.

  • The Captain: She serves as the captain of the Vesalius.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Stands on the bridge, saluting Athrun, Yzak, and Dearka as the Vesalius is engulfed in flames.
  • Going Down with the Ship: Stays aboard the Vesalius while the rest of his men make their escape.
  • The Good Captain: Ades seems like a pretty good guy, despite who he's working for, and gets along well enough with his crew.
  • Number Two: Ades may command the ship, but it's Le Creuset who determines how the missions progress.

    Athrun Zala 

Main mecha: GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam, ZGMF-X19A Justice Gundam

Voice Actors: Akira Ishida (Japanese), Samuel Vincent (English original series dub), Chris Hackney (English HD Remaster dub)

"I can't exactly fight a war with a big smile on my face."

Kira's Forgotten Childhood Friend and one of ZAFT's elite pilots, he spends the first half of the show trying to capture Kira and the Strike. Much more cynical than Kira, he considers himself the realist of the two, and believes Kira is being manipulated by the Naturals. He too grow progressively darker and more bitter as the series progresses, culminating in a brutal fight between he and Kira in the middle of the series.

  • Ace Pilot: Like Kira, he quickly reaches this status, he is in fact the only one who can match Kira toe to toe for most of the series. It's also worthy to note that he is the pilot with the most potent SEED Factor, being the only one who can activate it at will in SEED, and has never even been defeated once he activates it.
  • Anti-Villain: Though not a bad person by any stretch, he's still trying to capture Kira and destroy the Archangel, until he joins the heroes later in the story.
  • Armed Legs: In addition to the ones on his arms, the Aegis has a beam saber mounted on each foot.
  • Arranged Marriage: With Lacus Clyne, as set up by their respective fathers. They both seem okay with the arrangement, even if it does end up becoming a moot point when they both fall for other people.
  • Battle Boomerang: The Justice has one mounted on each shoulder.
  • Best Friend: Despite ending up on the opposite sides of the barricades, Athrun remains the closest friend Kira has ever had. Whenever they team up, they move mountains together.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Le Creuset comments that Athrun is too soft for his liking and indeed it shows because Athrun never tried to fully engage Kira trying to talk with him to join the Coordinators instead. Until after the battle when Kira kills Nicol, Athrun is able to effectively ground the Archangel and go one on one with Kira, and actually destroys the Strike.
  • BFG: The Aegis's MA Attack Mode is essentially the Gundam's whole body transforming into a large cannon.
  • Big Damn Kiss: After being rather hesitant to kiss Lacus earlier in the show (and nicely doing it on the cheek), he initiates a zero-gravity one of these with Cagalli, just before the final battle at Jachin Due. It's so damn big, it's gorgeously lampshaded with Earth in the background behind them.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Rather than hand-held, the Aegis's primary beam sabers ignite direct from its forearms.
  • Char Clone: Shares the other attributes of ''MSG''-era Char Le Creuset doesn't have, like piloting red mobile suits and a rivalry with the hero. Until he switches sides that is.
  • Combining Mecha: The Justice is comprised of two units - the main Gundam and a glider unit backpack, which gives it full-flight capabilities in Earth's atmosphere. It is armed with two beam cannons and two pairs of machine guns and can be remotely deployed to attack enemies on its own. The Justice can ride on it for high-altitude flight, and Athrun loves to ram it directly on his opponent's face in combat.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: His status as a ZAFT soldier and doing as his father wishes conflicts with his friendship with Kira and his desire of actually ending the war peacefully. He sides with Kira when he saves the Freedom with Big Damn Hero moment during the battle of Orb.
  • The Cynic: Bitter, unhappy, and convinced things are only going to get worse.
  • Dead Sidekick: Nicol, the only member of Team Athrun to show respect towards it's commander and a personal friend of his.
  • Death from Above: The Justice's backpack allows it to fly under Earth's atmosphere, and if it is riding on it, it can fly at even higher altitudes.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: From the little we know of Lenore, she was apparently lovely, kind, intelligent, and supportive, with the only criticism from her son while she was alive being that she worked too much (which let him spend plenty of time at Kira's house). In contrast with the very-much-alive, cold and brutal Patrick, it's no wonder Athrun remembers his mother so fondly.
  • Deuteragonist: Easily the most important character after Kira.
  • Disposable Fiancé: Ends his engagement to Lacus himself when he thinks she prefers Kira. Of course, he's had more chemistry with Cagalli the entire time, and they become an Official Couple.
  • Double Weapon: Although the Justice carries two beam sabers like other Gundams, Athrun almost always combines them together into a double-bladed beam saber.
  • The Dragon: Is Number Two to Le Creuset for most of the series' first half.
  • Dual Wielding: The Aegis features beam sabres in both wrists and both ankles, enabling it to not just dual-wield but also quad-wield.
  • Expy: The purple haired son of the Zeon-expy dictator? He's clearly one for Garma Zabi with some elements of Char thrown in such as a predilection for red mobile suits and status as The Rival.
  • Forehead of Doom: The omake Super-Deformed Character Theatres even poke fun at it, in them he doesn't seem to mind though.
  • Forgotten Childhood Friend: Kira, downplayed. Athrun still has a bulletin board full of photos of Kira, but despite being his Childhood Best Friend, they haven't been in touch at all since Athrun returned to PLANT from the Moon a couple of years before. Kira doesn't know about Athrun's engagement or the death of his mother, let alone that Athrun's in an elite part of ZAFT. It causes some nasty shocks and drives much of the initial plot.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Created the Haros and Birdy.
  • Giant Squid: The Attack Mode Aegis vaguely resembles a mecha-mollusk and its only accessible weapon in this mode, the "Scylla" Multi-phase Energy Cannon, is named after a Greek mythological sea monster.
  • The Gloves Come Off: Against Kira after Nicol dies.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After Lacus plants some doubts about ZAFT's (and, more to the point, his father's) end goals and practices in his head, he decides to see for himself what the proper course of action is to take. This ends with him joining Kira and the crew of the Archangel.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Athrun attempts to do this when he plans to use the Justice's self-destruction to destroy GENESIS, but Cagalli talks him out of it. It's implied there's a bit of Sins of the Father in his actions.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Downplayed. He makes no protest when Lacus apparently chooses Kira. However whether it's Lacus he wants to be happy or Kira is another story.
  • Jade-Colored Glasses: Athrun has meaningful bright green eyes and a very hard time seeing the best in other people. His father is a rather odd subversion, where Athrun desperately wants to believe Patrick is better than the monstrous General Ripper he seems to have become, and ends up taking a bullet from him just to disprove his faint hope.
  • Knight in Sour Armour: Big time. He's bitter, cynical, and depressed, but he really does want to make the world a better place.
  • The Lancer: To Kira, post-Heel–Face Turn
  • Lightning Bruiser: With the Justice, which is optimized for close range combat, with two beam boomerangs to complement its arsenal.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Both the Aegis and Justice have large shields. The Justice's shield is a bit more practical as its laminated coating makes it's more effective in protection against beam weapons.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Athrun is Arabic, derived from the Greek erythron, which means red. He is a CHAR after all.
    • His surname is a pun of "Zara", the first heavy cruiser of its own class.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: The Justice.
  • Military Brat: His dad is the head of the ZAFT military.
  • Missing Mom: Killed in the Junius 7 incident. Her death forms a major part of his motivation.
  • Moral Myopia: Athrun goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on Kira after he killed Nicol in self-defense. Kira had repeatedly told Athrun that he has friends and people he cares for aboard the Archangel, the ship that he's been pursuing and had been trying to sink. He gets better after Cagalli calls him out for it.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Makes the most of the shower and shirtless scenes that he's given.
  • Mutual Kill: Narrowly averted during his and Kira's midseason throwdown.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Subverted. He thought he could just continue following orders until the war was over then realized that wasn't going to happen unless he made an effort to seek it out, which is why he joined Kira.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Though he "wins" the final fight against Kira and the Strike he was very shaken up by the event and it caused him to begin questioning what he was really fighting for. Eventually, this leads to his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Official Couple: He ends up falling in love with and being saved by Cagalli.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Athrun rarely smiles.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: Eventually comes around to this viewpoint.
  • Ramming Always Works: Subverted. A feint tactic Athrun likes to use with the Justice is to charge the subflight unit at an enemy to briefly stagger them before derailing the backpack to let him or Kira follow-up with another attack.
  • Redemption Earns Life: Survives the war after switching over the Three Ships Alliance.
  • Reluctant Warrior: The quote says it all really. Though it needs to be said that in contrast Kira's vocal protests, Athrun generally opts to suffer in silence.
  • Romantic False Lead: For Lacus. Rau (of all people) lampshades this by being a lot more enthusiastic about her and calling him cold.
  • The Rival: Kira's.
  • Say My Name: Like Kira, he does this a lot.
  • Sky Surfing: When not attached to its back, the Justice rides its subflight unit like this.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: He's quieter about it than Kira, but yeah. The war slowly wears away at the better aspects of Athrun's personality, and by the time the sequel comes along he is pretty damn broken.
  • Shoot the Dog: He reasoned that he had to kill Kira because he couldn't convince him to join his fellow Coordinators and Kira was killing his comrades.
  • Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!: Repeatedly accuses Kira of being impressionable and idealistic, and refuses to believe that his and Lacus' idealism will solve anything in the long run. This changes after the revelation that he's the one being used.
  • Super Mode: SEED mode, which he can even activate at will. Athrun is effectively invincible with it active.
  • Tears of Remorse: When he cries over killing Kira because Kira killed Nicol.
  • Throwing Your Shield Always Works: During his final battle against the Strike, Athrun does this to destroy the Skygrasper (and beheading its pilot, Tolle) when it attempted to intervene.
  • Transforming Mecha: The Aegis can turn into a cruiser and attack mode because of its special frame.
  • True Companions: With Kira.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Shown in flashbacks and invoked by Lacus. The bitter and cynical Athrun we all know and love is rather different from the nice kid who believed Earth and the PLANTS would never go to war.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: While he sincerely wishes to end the war with as few victims as possible, he also fights to earn the approval of his father, whose own agenda is much less benevolent. This clouds his judgement from time to time. Lacus calls him out on it towards the end of the series.

    Yzak Joule 

Main mecha: GAT-X102 Duel Gundam

Voice Actors: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Michael Adamthwaite (English original series dub), Daman Mills (English HD Remaster dub)

"Come out and fight, Strike! Or else this pain I feel will never go away!"

A member of the Le Creuset team, he's the most bloodthirsty and callous of the group. He has little respect for anyone he considers weak, and absolutely zero respect for Naturals as a consequence. He's close friends with Dearka, who shares many of his views, and has a developing rivalry with Athrun. He has no particular hate for the Earth Alliance (just contempt) until he's wounded during a battle with the Strike. After the resulting scarring, he develops a massive hate-on for Kira. Extremely temperamental and impulsive, he's the member of the group most loyal to ZAFT as a whole and Le Creuset personally.

  • Ace Pilot: Understated, but Yzak remains one of the best pilots in whole series (mostly held back by his lack of Bigger Stick), particularly following the finale.
  • Always Second Best: Back in his days in the military academy, he was this to Athrun.
  • Anti-Villain: He's a Jerkass, but his worst Kick the Dog moments aren't intentional, and he does really care about his friends.
  • Armour Is Useless: Averted. The Armour Shroud saves Yzak's life during his final run-in with Shani Andras.
  • The Brute: Of Le Creuset's Five-Man Band: he's the most aggressive and bloodthirsty of the team.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Subverted. The Duel is spec-wise a Master of None, but Yzak's headstrong and aggressive nature means it sees a lot of melee action and was the most prone to engaging the Strike in beam saber-to-beam saber combat early on. After acquiring the Assault Shroud, which gave it far more weapon options, the Duel primarily shifted to mid-range combat until purging the armor in the final battle.
  • Disappeared Dad: We never see his father. Given that his mom apparently got knocked up at 17, this is not exactly surprising.
  • The Dragon: To Le Creuset, following Athrun and Dearka's defections.
  • Dual Wielding: Didn't engage in this as often as one might think, but when he does, hoo boy, Yzak is beast.
  • 11th-Hour Ranger: Though he remains loyal to ZAFT for the longest of the Gundam pilots he starts growing disillusioned and horrified by ZAFT's increasing fanaticism and genocidal intent as early as the Battle of Port Panama. In the Final Battle he eventually chooses to aid the Three Ships Alliance and starts fighting alongside Kira and Dearka rather than ZAFT.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: While not very high standards, he still has them. He is ok with shooting down a fleeing enemy shuttle (after all, the enemy that runs away will come back to fight you another day), but shooting down the enemy when they are helpless and trying to surrender? That makes him frown.
    • He's genuinely upset in the sequel when he discovers that the shuttle he thought was filled with fleeing soldiers was actually filled with civilians, commenting that he should have been executed as a war criminal for that.
  • Expy: His character design bears a striking resemblance to Henri Claytor from another one of Fukuda's series Future GPX Cyber Formula (sans the red streak on the strand of the bangs). He's also got a lot in common with Zeta Gundams Jerid Messa, in terms of his characterisation as a Hot-Blooded pilot who Can't Catch Up, and has the personality of a stereotypical Jerk Jock. Also like Jerid, Yzak initially serves to remind us that his side are the villains with his aggressive, vicious behaviour, only for the situation to change so much that by the end, he's serving as a reminder that some of them are human beings.
  • Fantastic Racism: Probably the most racist of the Le Creuset team at the beginning, but starts to grow out of this near the end, especially after Dearka's defection.
  • Give Me a Sword: Give Me A Gun, more specifically — during the final battle, Yzak loses his beam rifle while protecting the disabled Buster and Dearka from a completely manic Clotho. Just as the Raider closes in to finish them both, Yzak grabs the Buster's {{BFG]} and just under the wire puts the crazed pre-Extended out of his misery.
    Yzak: Gimme that thing!
  • Grenade Launcher: The Duel's beam rifle has a single-shot grenade under the barrel.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He can go from calm to extremely angry at even the slightest provocation. He starts calming down after the Battle of Panama shows him the cost of war.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Downplayed. He aids the Three Ships Alliance, but only against the Earth Alliance.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Dearka
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Much of his attitude towards the rest of the team is this, especially as the show progresses.
  • Hot-Blooded: Of a particularly vicious sort.
  • How Dare You Die on Me!: Towards Nicol. Despite not having much respect towards him, he is still outraged that his comrade was killed.
  • It's Personal: With Kira and the Strike.
  • Karma Houdini: Downplayed. He didn't get punished for shooting down the civilian shuttle, but he's anything but relieved that he didn't. In the aftermath, he did get tried for the crime and supposedly sentenced to death, but got pardoned by Durandal. He's certainly sorry about it and doesn't think he deserved to be spared the punishment, if nothing else. And unlike most cases of the trope, he tries to atone and do better since he got to live.
  • Keeping the Handicap: He gets a rather nasty scar fighting against Kira and swears to keep it until he defeats the Strike Gundam. By the time of the sequel, though, he's gotten over his grudge, made peace with Kira, and had the damage surgically repaired.
  • Kick the Dog: He has a few, such as mocking Nicol as a coward early in the series. His biggest is undoubtedly when he destroys a shuttle full of refugees during atmospheric reentry for being in his way, though in his (partial) defense, he didn't know it was filled with civilians. Word of God is that he was horrified when he learned the truth.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: The Duel features a shield. Yzak's not a big fan of it but it saves his life during his encounter with Shani.
  • Magnetic Weapons: The railgun attach on the Duel's shoulder. Astray supplementary material reveals that the Duel was also suppose to be equipped with a 350mm "Gáe Bulg" Rail Bazooka, but this weapon was taken during the Heliopolis raid to be used by the Astray Gold Frame.
  • Master of None: The Duel Gundam has no specialized features and is the most ill-equipped of the GAT units because of it. ZAFT developed the Assault Shroud to help improve its performance.
  • Mecha Expansion Pack: The Duel is later equipped with an "Assault Shroud" armor that greatly increases its combat versatility.
  • Mighty Glacier: While the Assault Shroud gives the Duel more weapons and protection, there's a trade-off in decreased mobility, especially under Earth's gravity.
  • Military Brat: His mother Ezalia is a member of the PLANT Supreme Council.
  • Murder by Mistake: The reason behind his biggest Kick the Dog moment. He thought the shuttle he shot down was filled with fleeing OMNI personnel, not civilians. Word of God states he was horrified when he found out about this after the war.
  • My Beloved Smother: To a slight degree, though mostly justified by the fact that the few interactions we see between them is just after Yzak has returned from the front lines and will be heading back into combat soon.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: A possible interpretation of his Even Evil Has Standards. After all, if you kill surrendering enemies, the rest will fight to the death, making your job much harder and costing you more casualties.
  • Pet the Dog: His reaction to Nicol's death helps to humanize him. He later yells at the Freedom and the Justice to get out of the way of Genesis' blast.
  • Physical Scars, Psychological Scars: He keeps his disfiguring facial scar to remind himself of his need for revenge on the Strike and its pilot. By the sequel he's had it removed.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: He's certainly picked up some of his mom's Fantastic Racism. Unlike Ezalia, however, Yzak's manifests more as contempt for the Naturals than out-and-out hatred, and when he finds out about the Final Solution she and Patrick Zala have cooked up he's less than happy. By the sequel he's over it.
  • Redemption Earns Life: In Destiny.
  • Screaming Warrior: Most often, epic instance when he defeats Shani.
  • Sociopathic Soldier: A borderline Type I. He gets better by the sequel.
  • Sour Supporter: Of Athrun. He hates the guy's guts, but he did accept Athrun's transfer to a more elite unit after defeating the Strike with an approving, if begrudging, handshake.
  • Teens Are Monsters: Early on, before he realizes the true horrors of war.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Seeing the horrors of war at the Battle of Panama shocks Yzak, at which point he starts noticeably calming down. Despite remaining loyal to ZAFT for most of the series he becomes far less hotheaded and impulsive, reacting to problems with annoyance rather than the outbursts that he was known for earlier in the series.
  • Unknown Rival: To both Athrun and Kira. The former seems to be unaware that Yzak heckles him out of jealousy, the latter knows him only as the pilot of the Duel.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Played with: The Duel on paper looks like the lowest-spec Gundam in the series, lacking any special role (Artillery, Stealth, Agility, Multi-Role), and its normal weaponry is basically the Aile Strike minus the maneuverability boost. However, the lack of gimmicks is due to the fact that it's the first of the Gundams ever produced, and is in fact Seed's version of the RX-78-2, and as a result of lacking special features and being a testbed for the other 4 suits, it both carries no weaknesses overall and is incredibly physically powerful in comparison to its siblings. And the reason for it's limited armaments? It's main weapon (an incredibly powerful bazooka) was stolen by the pilot of the Gold Frame (who fired the aforementioned bazooka and not only tore open a hole in the colony, but tore off the Gold Frame's right arm in the process. Note this is something the Duel is built to be able to withstand firing repeatedly). And when the unit is upgraded with extra armor, it barely gets slowed down by the excess weight. Despite that it's clearly outclassed by its sibling units and becomes woefully underpowered during the course of the series, Yzak gives Kira no end of trouble in the first half of the series, and takes out two of the Alliance's Super Soldiers (the very same ones that could fight Kira and Athrun on even footing). The Duel eventually becomes the only one of the original five Gundams to survive the war in one piece.

    Dearka Elsman 

Main mecha: GAT-X103 Buster Gundam

Voice Actors: Akira Sasanuma (Japanese), Brad Swaile (English original series dub), Johnny Yong Bosch (English HD Remaster dub)

A member of Athrun's team, he, along with Yzak Joule, formed the crueler half of the foursome. Nearly constantly snarky and condescending, Dearka still often has to act as his more impulsive best friend Yzak's conscience. An artilleryman at heart, he prefers to engage his opponents at range, while mocking their inability to touch him.

  • Ambiguously Brown: We don't see Dearka's mom, and as a second-gen Coordinator he wouldn't have been deliberately engineered. We can presume she's a Dark-Skinned Blonde like him, since all his colleagues seem to resemble their mothers, but his dad Tad is unambiguously white.
  • Anti-Villain: Like the rest of his team. His main problem seems to be that he's forgotten that Naturals are people too. When he's reminded of this, he makes a Heel–Face Turn.
  • BFG: The Buster is an artillery mech after all.
  • The Brute: He shares this role with Yzak in Le Creuset's Five-Man Band (although he's more cocky rather than temperamental) and later becomes the heroic version in the Three Ships Alliance. With his BFG and heavily armoured mecha, Dearka is set to do some serious damage.
  • Combo Rifle: The Buster Gundam is equipped with a beam rifle and a railgun, either of which can be powered up by plugging the other gun into its back — the beam rifle becoming a beam Sniper Rifle and the railgun becoming an anti-armor shotgun.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: Dark skin, bright blond hair.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Unfailingly surly and sarcastic, especially early on. He's still this after his Heel–Face Turn but it loses its edge.
  • Did Not Think This Through: Makes a cruel jibe about a boyfriend dying in war in front of Miriallia, whom he'd already specified was "always crying", without bothering to think that she might not be stable or what came out of his mouth might be true.
  • Endearingly Dorky: Surprisingly enough for such an abrasive jerk. Once he and Miriallia become more cordial with each other he awkwardly stutters whenever he's around her. It seems all of Dearka's time in the military left him unsure of how to deal with girls.
  • Everyone Has Standards: When he realizes that Miriallia's boyfriend had just died even he's rather ashamed at how tasteless his crack about the "stupid Natural getting himself killed" was.
  • Fantastic Racism: He and Yzak were the blatantly racist ones of the Le Creuset team, though compared to his friend, Dearka seemed to have just forgotten that Naturals are people too. He starts to realize this after Mirillia's Freak Out.
  • Heel–Face Turn: He joins Athrun in his desertion of ZAFT, having similar doubts about ZAFT when he's told what they've been up to.
  • Heel Realization: Seeing Miriallia's Freak Out followed by her saving him from Flay makes him realize what a tool he had been and that he doesn't really know what he's fighting for.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: It wasn't Dearka fighting on the front lines that almost got him killed, it was his tasteless manners, inability to keep his mouth shut, and disregard for other people.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Yzak.
  • Jerk Jock: With his high opinion of himself, low opinion of everyone else, willingness to make fun of everything, and tight partnership with fellow "mean guy" Yzak, was basically this before his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's pretty nasty until he almost dies not in battle, but in enemy captivity as a direct result of his big mouth. Then he gets better.
  • Long-Range Fighter: The Buster is basically a blunt instrument. It can obliterate opponents from a distance with its powerful long range weaponry but it suffers in close quarters combat or direct engagement with other mobile suits.
  • A Match Made in Stockholm: His relationship with Miriallia has shades of this. She tried to stab him with a knife, but then seconds later had a My God, What Have I Done? and saved him from getting shot by Flay. Once Dearka makes it clear that he wasn't the one who killed Tolle, they start warming up to each other.
  • Mighty Glacier: With the heavily armored, heavily armed, but slow-moving Buster, which often makes him an easy target for Mu in his more mobile Moebius Zero and Skygrasper.
  • Military Brat: His father is a member of the ZAFT Supreme Council.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Miriallia almost stabs him when he's restrained, also when Rau turns all of the Providence's cannons on the Buster in the final battle. He lives through both, despite the Buster's extensive damage.
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot: He has a hard time reading the situation and knowing when to keep his mouth shut. It nearly gets him killed when he unknowingly insults the recently-deceased Tolle in front of a grieving and unstable Miriallia, prompting her to attack him with a surgical knife.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Though his racism largely extends to agreeing with Yzak's remarks. Once he meets some Naturals he starts to get over it.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: After losing the worst of his racism.
  • Shoulder Cannon: The Buster can fire a salvo missles from its shoulders.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: He's one of the tallest characters on Athrun's initial team and one of the tallest teen-aged characters. He's also always got a quip ready.
  • UST: One possible interpretation of his relationship with Miriallia post-Heel–Face Turn.

    Nicol Amalfi 

Main mecha: GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam

Voice Actors: Mami Matsui (Japanese series), Romi Park (Japanese Compilation Movies), Gabe Khouth (English original series dub), Casey Mongillo (English HD Remaster dub)

"Mother... my piano..."

The youngest and most sensitive member of the Le Creuset Team. He looks up to Athrun, but is often bullied by Dearka and (especially) Yzak. He pilots the Blitz, and pulls his weight in combat despite the fact that he's not as skilled as the rest of the team. A genuinely Nice Guy, Nicol's only real character flaw seems to be his belief in My Country, Right or Wrong.

  • Nice Guy: He lacks Yzak's brutality, Dearka's surly nature, and Athrun's bitterness, generally presented as the most even-tempered, pleasant kid on the team.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Subverted. The Blitz has a red-and-black color scheme with its Phase Shift on, but Nicol is very much an Anti-Villain.
  • The Smart Guy: Comparatively. Between the rest of his teammates, Nicol is easily the most sensible and collected. His Gundam, the Blitz, was also constructed specifically to handle special equipment (i.e. Mirage Colloid) and blitzkrieg tactics that require more strategic thinking and level-mindedness to be effectively utilized.
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: Athrun decides that Kira must die after he kills Nicol.
  • The So-Called Coward: Yzak calls him a coward and he's mostly quiet, self-effacing and unsure of himself as well as more reliant on technology than the others, but he soloed Artemis by himself. Yes, he earned that red uniform.
  • Token Good Teammate: He lacks Athrun's cynicism, Dearka's snark, and Yzak's anger issues, making him the only member of the team who's even remotely capable of being objective.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: How Athrun thinks of him afterward.
  • Villains Out Shopping: Nicol is an avid piano player and wishes to perform in a symphony one day. It'll never come to pass.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Green hair.

    Rusty Mackenzie 
One of the elite pilots of Athrun's team, he only has a few minutes of screen time as he is killed in the first episode.

  • Boom, Headshot!: How he is killed.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: He goes in with several ZAFT Commandos and Athrun's team which he is a part of during their raid on the Colony of Heliopolis. He only has a few minutes of screen time and is killed by an Earth Alliance soldier, Athrun does avenge his death by killing said soldier however.

    Lacus Clyne 

Voice Actors: Rie Tanaka (Japanese), Chantal Strand (English dialogue, original series Dub), Jillian Michaels (English singing, original series dub), Stephanie Sheh (English HD Remaster dub)

"I'd like you to inform them: from now on, Lacus Clyne will be singing the song... of peace."
Her classic look, with Pink-chan.

The daughter of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Siegel Clyne, Lacus is an extremely popular singer and ceremonial figure for her country, and is Athrun's fiancée. Early in the series she is picked up by the Archangel and meets Kira, an event which will come to define the entire course of the war. The eventual leader of the "Clyne Faction" (those moderates who support her father's policies), Lacus is a pleasant, friendly, idealistic girl, who is a heck of a lot smarter than you'd think.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: Lacus is so beloved in PLANT that people are in agonies of confusion when she appears to be an OMNI spy and traitor. Rau discusses this when he points out how difficult she's making the lives of Patrick and Ezalia, telling Yzak and the rest of the team that's exactly why the opposition has her. In English he explicitly says "people believe she can do no wrong". It all ends up as quite a bit of Foreshadowing for the next series. However...
  • Accidental Murder: She certainly can make mistakes. She wasn't wrong to take a stand against Patrick, but her vigilanteism and, perhaps, never exonerating her father from it, inadvertently made her a Self-Made Orphan. Lacus is (eventually) incredibly upset Siegel was killed, but we never really learn how she feels to have paid such a heavy price for her actions. Even her Exact Words, "My father died", rather than "was killed" or "murdered" are a bit vague and distant. Notably, of all the characters in this show with dead dads, the virtuous Lacus is the only one who is indisputably responsible for one.
  • Adrenaline Makeover: Twice. Her outfit at the theater to confront Athrun and her Eternal commander look for the last act are completely different than her earlier, "normal" look, and both are done when she and everyone around her are in great danger.
  • All-Loving Hero: She holds no grudges and instead shows compassion to everyone.
  • Arranged Marriage: With Athrun Zala, only child of her father's best friend, before the war broke out, though in the end it's rendered moot when they end up with different people.
  • Badass Long Robe: She wears a sleeveless gold-trimmed white one over her Purple Is Powerful wrap minidress when commanding Eternal, a foil to ZAFT's Badass Longcoats.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She prefers to be friends with everyone, because you do not want to make an enemy out of her. See Break Them by Talking. Given how the show establishes her ability to engineer the collapse of murderous dictatorial regimes, Rau was probably wise to be seen putting this into practice.
  • Big Fancy House: It's especially a sign of high status in the PLANTS which are man-made habitats.
  • Big Good: Inherits the position after her father is assassinated and she uses his power base combined with Orb's to Take a Third Option in the war between OMNI and ZAFT.
  • Break Them by Talking: Does this to Athrun, very dramatically, and to the other master of this, Rau, in a much earlier and shorter fashion.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: Mitsuo Fukuda said in a 2003 interview that Lacus was based on Audrey Hepburn.
  • Commanding Coolness: She hijacks and runs the Eternal in the last arc, and debuts her own purple outfit and white-and-gold long coat to go up against ZAFT, as Rau's analog, though Waltfeld is actually The Captain.
  • Cry into Chest: After her escape from ZAFT and her father's demise, she collapses in tears into Kira's chest.
  • Dangerous 16th Birthday: A slight variant. In PLANT, the age of majority is 15, and Lacus's 15th birthday prior to the series is also what's known as The Tragedy of Copernicus — a massive bombing on the Moon that killed most of the UN, would have killed her father if not for a delay, and generated OMNI. It kickstarted the war and provided the basis for the Bloody Valentine nine days later. Downplayed with her 16th birthday, which she spends in Earth Alliance custody onboard the Archangel — far from an ideal situation, although the day itself is uneventful.
  • Disposable Fiancé: She becomes very close to Kira despite being engaged to Athrun, though it's shown her relationship with Athrun was friendly, but awkward and strained.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Her calm and unruffled nature becomes this at a couple of points, notably at White Symphony when people are being shot all around her, and she doesn't blink or flinch.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Two very important ones early on in the show. First, asking Mu if he knows who her father is because he mentioned his name, giving us the impression she is ditzy and a little too innocent. The second, and far more important, happens two episodes later, where she reprimands Rau of all people for trying to start a battle, showing us that she is more than she appears.
  • Excellent Judge of Character: She proves to be this despite her young age, in addition to being an inspirational political figure. Throughout the series, she has entrusted power to several unlikely individuals (most notably, Kira, a soldier who had fought against her country and her people), but has yet to experience a serious betrayal of her trust.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: Lacus wears her normal Rapunzel Hair in giant pigtails to confront Athrun at the White Symphony theater, complete with a different hairclip. Her command outfit for Eternal involves an elaborate ponytail with a braided crown, and we don't see her hair down again for the rest of the series.
  • Expy: The daughter of a high-ranking government official who espouses her family's pacifist beliefs, has a strong relationship with the lead character, and is an inspirational figure to the general public? She's a more idealized, active, and cunning Relena Darlian, if Relena was also a popular singer instead of an actual princess.
    • She's also the daughter of the local leader, tends to explore and "float" around a lot, has a beautiful singing voice, something permanently in her hair, dresses which feature "fins" (as seen above), a big dramatic moment sitting on a rock, and another one after which we see She's Got Legs. She has strong shades of The Little Mermaid, and it continues in the sequel. She's basically a Disney Princess in a Gundam show. Somehow, it works.
    • It should be pretty obvious that her status as an idol-singer is more or less inspired by Lynn Minmay from Super Dimension Fortress Macross, something Fukuda attested to.
  • Foreshadowing: Orders Le Creuset of all people to stand down during her rescue, providing an early hint as to just how much steel she has in her.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Birds flock to her hands, both in her music video and while she's having tea.
  • Giving Them the Strip: Has to put on a spacesuit in order to escape the Archangel. Which requires removing her elaborate multilayered dress. Which she nonchalantly does... in front of Kira. Taking her clothes with her ended up getting her Mistaken for Pregnant.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: It tends to be overlooked in all the pink, but her iconic first outfit has multiple shades of this, her resistance dress appears purple-trimmed in dim light while she's broadcasting, she wears a purple hooded cape while she's in hiding, and her Commander wrap mindress on Eternal is a pastel shade or two. Certainly also a case of Purple Is Powerful.
  • Guile Heroine: Lacus isn't a fighter, but she doesn't have to be. With her political connections, oratorical ability, and flawless public image she's set to completely upset Patrick Zala's agenda.
  • Hidden Depths: She appears innocent, unfailingly kind, and a bit naive. She really is that kind, but that naive exterior hides a sharp mind and an iron will that few see coming from her.
  • Hidden Eyes: Happened to her in the original version, when she told Kira that her father was killed. Subverted in the HD Remaster.
  • Idol Singer: Very popular in the PLANTS and she uses that popularity to her advantage.
  • Informed Ability: Downplayed. She's said to be the most popular singer in PLANT. Although she does have a beautiful, professional voice, she never performs for an audience, despite speaking of the first time she sang in public. This gets defied to heck and deconstructed in the sequel with her imitator Meer.
  • The Ingenue: She seems sheltered and none-too-bright, at least at first, but there's more to her than that..
  • Keigo: She's kind and has a noticeably offbeat and quirky side, but Lacus speaks incredibly formally and distantly in Japanese. Period. The one exception is her brief monologue in her head at the end of the show. The first English dub attempted some of the same distant effect between her and other people by making her sound much younger.
  • Lady and Knight: She's the Bright Lady to Kira's White Knight. She's his chaste relationship and inspiration. She provides him with a shiny new mobile suit like a medieval romance counterpart might distribute plate mail, although she calls it a "sword". See Meaningful Name.
  • The Lady's Favour: She gives Kira her mother's ring before the final battle.
  • The Leader: Charismatic Type to the Clyne Faction and Three Ships Alliance.
  • Magic Skirt: Despite having a very short skirt (in space) at the end of the series, she only has a Panty Shot in the Compilation Movie.
  • Martial Pacifist: She wants this war over now, and if that means leading her own army against ZAFT and the Earth Forces, so be it.
  • Meaningful Name:
  • Missing Mom: Unlike Athrun's, hers is simply never mentioned. Lacus does bring her up when consoling Kira in the compilation movies.
  • Mistaken for Pregnant: An inadvertent Pillow Pregnancy, as a result of needing to stuff her clothes in her spacesuit. Sai makes the obvious "how far along is she?" bad joke.
  • Mythology Gag:
  • Nice Girl: A pleasant and friendly girl, but Beware the Nice Ones.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: More like "Obfuscating Innocence", her biggest advantage is that virtually everyone underestimates her. While it's never stated, it's hard to believe that she didn't deliberately cultivate that image.
  • The Ojou: Despite being the daughter of a democratically elected leader, she lives on an enormous fancy estate and is treated as if she were royalty, never using anything but Keigo herself. It helps that she's also a national celebrity in her own right.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: The only time Lacus is ever shown as angry in this series, she's about to get Rau to back off the Archangel (and not use her as a pawn, incidentally).
  • Phantom Thief: Fitting for her Guile Heroine status, Lacus is a kind, sweet, very well-bred young lady who manages to mastermind the theft of ZAFT's newest mobile suit, a warship, and her ex-fiancé, surviving weeks of a nationwide dragnet in-between the first two. Unfortunately, her father was not so lucky.
  • The Philosopher: Her question "What is it that one should be fighting [for]?" is picked up by a number of other characters, and becomes largely the Arc Words of the series. She also has a very serious internal monologue brooding about humans, conflict, and bloodshed just before the end, which prompts her to go into Super Mode.
  • Plucky Girl: Going into exile doesn't dampen her spirit. Though she understands the severity of the situation, she doesn't give up.
  • Politically Active Princess: The de-facto princess of PLANT who can influence social events and high level politics with her voice.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: So much that Mu La Flaga even calls her "The Pink Princess".
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: Lacus wants a peace treaty that's good for Natural and Coordinator alike.
  • Rapunzel Hair: She has the longest hair of any major character. It changes a bit Depending on the Artist and medium, but usually starts below her hips. As you can see from the picture, she can easily sit on it.
  • Rescue Romance: Her relationship with Kira developed from this. In fact, both traded roles of rescuer and rescuee in some points.
  • La Résistance: Fights the Zala dictatorship in PLANT and continues to coordinate the opposition when her homeland is no longer a place she can either recognize or accept. She's also the Voice of the Resistance, quite naturally.
  • Robot Buddy: Her pink Haro, nicknamed "Pink-chan"/"Mr. Pink". In episode 20, Lacus has a collection of different colored Haros in her house, including the aforementioned navy-blue Haro. She refers to Pink-chan as her friend, and like Lacus herself, there's a bit more to him than meets the eye — he can unlock doors and later serves as a Hastily Hidden MacGuffin for Athrun.
  • Romantic False Lead: For Athrun. She's a lovely girl, they like each other fine and they're an important genetic match, but they both have stronger and easier feelings for other people.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: She's innocent and naive (at first), and she's definitely nice and sweet. Bonus points for being engaged to blue-haired Athrun before the war.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: The animation opted not to focus on it, but merchandise makes it quite clear her "Mizu no Akashi" performance dress is this. It also has large slits in the skirt that foreshadow She's Got Legs.
  • Shameless Fan Service Girl: While Giving Them the Strip, she does it in front of Kira with absolutely no hesitation. Kira (on the other hand) is quite embarrassed.
  • She's Got Legs: After wearing long or relatively-long skirts for most of the show, she breaks out a minidress to lead Eternal and the Three Ships Alliance.
  • Signature Headgear: Lacus has her distinctive and famous barrette.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Despite her initially seeming to be The Ingenue, she's made of sterner stuff than most of the rest of the cast.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Her relationship with Kira, the knight in gundamium armor.
  • Super Mode: SEED Mode, though the seed-burst animation for her isn't shown, implying that it might be something even more mysterious.
  • Take a Third Option: Runs the Clyne Faction and later The Three Ships Alliance as a counter to Patrick and Azrael.
  • Talking Your Way Out: Athrun once had her at gunpoint and she convinced him not to shoot or capture her.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Girly Girl to Cagalli's Tomboy because of her feminine style of dress and desire to talk things out peacefully if possible.
  • Tomboyish Name: Despite her Girly Girl image, lacus is an unequivocally masculine word in Latin.
  • Übermensch: Begins her trek towards this status in SEED. While everyone else tries to play by the cynical, realpolitik of the Cosmic Era, Lacus flat out rejects the premise, choosing instead to overhaul the series' morality and try for something better.
  • Voice of the Resistance: Under the Zala regime, she sends out messages of hope and defiance. She's seen ushered to and from safe houses by subordinates a couple times.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Unfortunately for the villains, the Clyne family business that Lacus was very devoted to was not singing, but politics.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are:
    • She does this every time Kira hits an emotional breaking point in her presence. First when she encounters him wailing and screaming on the Archangel because of his difficult and loathed position as an OMNI soldier, and she reveals she knows Athrun and sympathizes that he and Kira are both good people and it does make the situation very sad, then after recuperating at her mansion after his duel to the death with Athrun, and again after Rau reveals Kira's dehumanizing origins as the Ultimate Coordinator and his and Kira's Not So Different status as indifferent and mistaken lab products from the same funding stream. The last is made more explicit in a scene in the compilation movies, where she expresses that he has a right to exist and be himself, and she's been made happy by his existence and presence, thus he's his own person and more than Rau's negative summary
    • This is also the gist of her Breaking Speeches. She gets both Rau and Athrun to reconsider what they're doing and temporarily or permanently choose the more moral alternative.
    • She also does this with some success to the entirety of PLANT, repeatedly urging forgiveness and coexistence with the Naturals in speeches while she's underground.

    Patrick Zala 

Voice Actors: Kinryu Arimoto (Japanese), Andrew Kavadas (English original series), Marc Diraison (English HD remaster)

"We Coordinators are very different. We should view ourselves as a completely new species. There's no reason to coexist with Naturals."

Athrun's father, Patrick Zala was one of the founding members of ZAFT alongside Siegel Clyne. At the beginning of the series, he's the head of ZAFT's armed forces. Patrick is a stoic but driven man, throwing himself into the execution of the war to the exclusion of all else — including his son. Patrick's fanaticism comes from the loss of his wife Lenore in the Bloody Valentine tragedy, which has left him with a deep-seated hatred of Naturals. He believes that Coordinators are a new species, distinct from (and superior to) Naturals.

  • Abusive Parent: He shoots Athrun and tries to have him arrested.
  • Archnemesis Dad: To Athrun by the end of the series.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: It's possible to feel some pathos for Patrick as he dies, unable to let go of his hate even in the end.
  • Bad Boss: Don't question Patrick's orders. It won't end well.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: He's the leader of ZAFT and appears to be in a Big Bad Ensemble opposite Blue Cosmos leader, Muruta Azrael but they're both really being played by Rau Le Creuset.
  • Blood from the Mouth: After being shot in the back.
  • Broken Pedestal: For Athrun, as the full extent of his madness becomes clear.
  • Cycle of Revenge: Throws himself into the war effort because of a nuclear attack that killed his wife, only to ultimately become desperat enough to order construction of technology to undo anti-nuclear defenses and create a gigantic nuclear-powered doomsday weapon.
  • Eviler Than Thou: With the Coordinator-bashing Muruta Azrael.
  • Expy: He's a slightly more sympathetic Gihren Zabi, right down to the outfit, the politics, and oratorical skill. The only real difference is that Gihren's Master Race philosophy is a facade, while Patrick's paranoia and bigotry is very real.
  • Fantastic Racism: He really hates Naturals.
  • Final Solution: He intends to fire Genesis at Earth, wiping out all the Naturals.
  • Foil: Against his former Best Friend, the much calmer and more pragmatic Nice Guy Siegel Clyne.
  • General Ripper: What happens when one of them becomes Supreme Council Chairman.
  • The Generalissimo: Continues to appear in his uniform as Chairman, and effectively transforms ZAFT into a military dictatorship, using the army to suppress all dissent.
  • Glorious Leader: Becomes closer and closer to the archetype as the show progresses and he becomes convinced that only he can save his people.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: When his Bad Boss tendencies backfire on him. He shoots one of his underlings for questioning his orders. Said underling, wounded but alive, draws his own sidearm and kills Zala with it.
  • Hypocrite: He rages at Naturals as barbaric monsters after Blue Cosmos orders a nuclear attack destroys the Boaz space fortress. Hours later he kills thousands of Naturals using the GENESIS cannon and was more than willing to fire it at Earth, which could have potentially wiped out all life on the planet. Furthermore Zala admitted previously that they had developed N-Jammer Canceller technology specifically to use Genesis against Naturals in the first place.
  • Insane Admiral: CINC of the army and a genocidal General Ripper.
  • In the Back: Shot from behind by a man he failed to kill.
  • Jade-Colored Glasses: Like Athrun, literally. Patrick's green eyes and worldview are both much, much darker, however.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: They keep setting you up to think that Patrick's going to show his nice side, only to promptly disappoint you.
  • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: First he runs against, and defeats, his old friend and former political ally for the position of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman. Then he has said friend framed for treason and assassinated. It only gets worse from there.
  • Karmic Death: Shot in the back by a wounded man he's just tried to murder.
  • Knight of Cerebus: What we see of both sides of the war made both of them look sympathetic early in the series. When Patrick shows up, we start to see both sides are being led by genocidal lunatics who will settle for nothing less than the complete destruction of the other.
  • Knight Templar: Genuinely believes that only the most extreme methods can save his race.
  • The Lost Lenore: His appropriately named wife.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: He keeps a picture of Lenore and a younger Athrun on his desk while he destroys everything around him in a search to regain some peace, including his relationship with Athrun. Lenore would probably not be pleased by this, to say the least.
  • Love Makes You Evil: His Start of Darkness was his wife Lenore's death.
  • Master Race: Up to Eleven. Patrick views Coordinators as a full on Superior Species, and sees the Naturals as deserving only of extermination.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Brags about Coordinators being a Master Race that deserves to rule the world? Plots the genocide of his Natural adversaries? Wins an election and then promptly suspends the democratic process? Why yes, he is a Nazi. In fact, he's basically Adolf Hitler IN SPACE!
  • Never My Fault: Blames Lacus and her father for his strategy to end the war failing, because he can't admit that Naturals outsmarted him. His pride won't even let him just blame the Naturals themselves.
  • Non-Action Big Bad: Of ZAFT. Patrick may be a military man, but he's never in combat, is only ever shown in a command role and fails to do a proper job the one time he tries to kill someone.
  • Not So Different: From Azrael. Lampshaded by Uzumi Nara Athha.
  • The Paranoiac: From his birth and upbringing as a "hidden" illegal Coordinator in the Atlantic Federation to what we see of him on-screen, everything about Patrick seems to fuel this. From a character only needing three criteria to qualify (and revenge, suspiciousness and being a Jerkass are there from the start), Patrick may hit all seven by the end of the series. Unfortunately, one of the only people he trusts IS betraying him, but it's Rau, not Siegel. So much for those secret late-night meetings...
  • Perpetual Frowner: More so even than Athrun. In his time on screen Patrick never genuinely smiles. Not even once.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Big time.
  • President Evil: The voters wanted a hardline military leader. They got a genocidal madman.
  • Propaganda Machine: Has one that's engaged in a constant battle with Lacus' Voice of the Resistance.
  • Putting on the Reich: All of ZAFT does this, but it's most noticeable on Patrick.
  • Remember the Alamo: Invokes the Bloody Valentine on multiple occasions to justify his extreme militarism. That he lost his own wife in the attack only lends his arguments more gravitas.
  • Rousing Speech: Gives a great one on the anniversary of the Bloody Valentine.
    "Who exploits the Coordinators?!"
  • Smug Snake: Fueled by his Fantastic Racism and belief that Coordinators are a Superior Species.
  • Start of Darkness: He was Siegel Clyne's Best Friend for two decades prior to Lenore's death at Junius 7.
  • Superior Species: Convinced that Coordinators are far superior to "unevolved" Naturals.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Though less of a pawn than most, Rau Le Creuset is using him to help drive humanity to extinction.
  • Villain Has a Point: Prior to the show and at the start of the war, Chairman Clyne already swore to resist the Alliance to the death. When Patrick reminds the Supreme Council members with a Rousing Speech that PLANT was oppressed, then attacked, innocent people died, they need to protect themselves, and they can't do that without fighting, even beleaguered Siegel has nothing to say.

    Siegel Clyne 

Voice Actors: Yosuke Akimoto (Japanese), Don Brown (English original series), Christopher Sabat (English HD remaster)

"You still fail to grasp the underlying truth, Patrick. We [Coordinators] didn't evolve."

Siegel Clyne is Lacus's father. He helped found ZAFT with Patrick Zala, and is the PLANT Supreme Council Chairman at the beginning of the series. Leader of the moderate faction of Coordinators, he and his allies believe in coexistence with the Naturals, but they're steadily losing ground to the radical faction that favours all-out war. Eventually voted out of office and replaced by Patrick Zala, he attempts to remain a voice of reason, earning him the enmity of the radicals.

  • Character Death: Patrick's goon squad guns him down.
  • Beleaguered Bureaucrat: Unlike Patrick Zala, he's a pure politician, not a soldier. His contribution to the war effort is to try to ride herd on the ZAFT Supreme Council's rather quarrelsome members.
  • The Heart: Of ZAFT as a whole since he insists on diplomacy, cooperation and rational thinking as opposed to hatred.
  • Only Sane Man: He is the only one on the ZAFT Supreme Council to realize how the war is escalating, how costly it has already become, and tries to slow things down.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: He thinks favorably of Naturals and wants peace with them. He is, after all, the one that Lacus got it from.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He's the leader of the moderate faction for a reason.
  • The Scapegoat: Patrick blames Siegel for the theft of the Freedom. And has him shot without trial. Although Siegel fled with his daughter, we only see Lacus's part in the matter, and her resistance speeches which only fueled paranoid Patrick's hatred for his "traitorous" best friend more. Siegel's part in everything is quite murky, which makes him very much this trope and probably the Sacrificial Lion too.
  • Superior Species: Averted. He's not sure the Coordinators should even be there, and points out their falling birth rates to Patrick. Patrick isn't listening.

    Ezalia Joule 

Voice Actors: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Alison Matthews (English original series), Cindy Robinson (English HD remaster)

Yzak's mother, and a member of Patrick Zala's faction on the ZAFT Supreme Council, Ezalia is his second-in-command, and is even more ardent than Patrick in her belief that Coordinators are a new, superior species. Proud of her son's military service, Ezalia nevertheless worries about his safety, and can be quite controlling — if well-meaning — in her interactions with Yzak.

  • Dissonant Serenity: Patrick rants and raves about how the Naturals have to be exterminated. Ezalia takes it as a simple fact.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: It's her love for her son Yzak that humanises her and makes her less of a monster than her boss.
  • Evil Matriarch: Her status as Yzak's mom is her one redeeming quality. It doesn't make her beliefs or plans a jot less evil, though.
  • Fantastic Racism: At times she's scarier than Patrick.
  • Final Solution: She fully endorses Patrick's plans for a Natural genocide.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Ezalia's eyes are as cold as her personality.
  • Karma Houdini: Ezalia may have been arrested at the end and disbarred from the Supreme Council, but in the sequel she's apparently living a perfectly normal wealthy life in PLANT, and has a CD drama with amusing interactions with Yzak. Compare what happened to her boss, or the fact that her planned crimes against humanity could and should have gotten her life in prison at minimum, and Ezalia is definitely this.
  • Knight Templar: Only a Natural genocide can save the Coordinators!
  • Master Race: Fully endorses Patrick's agenda believing the Coordinators are this.
  • My Beloved Smother: To Yzak. Which makes her a damn sight better than Patrick.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Her politics are of the same radical bent as Patrick's and she supports his policies wholeheartedly.
  • Number Two: To Patrick Zala. From a political standpoint she's practically The Dragon.

    Andrew Waltfeld 

Main mecha: TMF/A-802BuCue, TMF/A-803 LaGOWE

Voice Actors: Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese), Brian Drummond (English original series dub), Matt Giroveanu (English HD remaster dub)

"At what point do we put an end to [war]? When every single one of your enemies has been destroyed? Perhaps then."

Known as "the Desert Tiger", Waltfeld is a feared ZAFT commander operating in the Libyan desert. He serves as the first major opponent Kira faces other than Athrun and his team, and poses a serious threat to the Archangel and her crew, despite being a pretty decent guy. Meeting him forces Kira to further reevaluate his moral stance on the war.

  • Ace Pilot: His piloting skills make him a feared ZAFT commander.
  • Affably Evil: It helps that he's more affable than evil.
  • An Arm and a Leg: After his fight with Kira, he returns in the final arc of the series missing his right arm and left eye. He has a prosthetic arm attached later on in Destiny.
  • Animal Mecha: Only pilots the nonhumanoid BuCue and LaGOWE.
  • Animal Motifs: He takes his "tiger" nickname to heart, complete with orange and black striped pilot suit.
  • Anti-Villain: He treats all his enemies and opponents with tact and respect, has many interests outside of war, and is both genial and a fan of doing the right thing. He's just not on the protagonist's side...
  • Battle Couple: He and Aisha are this in the LaGOWE.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: He takes his food and especially his coffee very, very seriously. He is however, most effective.
  • The Captain: He runs Eternal for Lacus and serves as her executive officer after helping her steal it. She calls him "Captain Waltfeld", so it's a definite switch from his former Commander title.
  • Commanding Coolness: Another ZAFT Commander, like his model Ramba Ral, he has many deeply loyal subordinates, including his ADC Martin DaCosta, who is simultaneously baffled by and would do anything for him. Waltfeld's clever and easygoing manner ratchets him up to Very Cool.
  • Cool Old Guy: Despite not being that old, he's this when compared to others in the cast, who are mainly teenagers. He has experience, wisdom and steel nerves that they lack.
  • Expy: Of Ramba Ral, fullfilling a very similar role in terms of story and personality.
  • Eye Scream: His battle with Kira cost him an eye.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: After he turns up alive, he has a very visible scar where his left eye used to be.
  • Heel–Face Turn: He joins Lacus after his apparent death. It helps that he was shown to have a similar, or at least compatible, outlook on war to her own.
  • It Gets Easier: He discusses it with Kira and Cagalli. Unlike Mu, he considers it to be a negative thing.
  • Last-Name Basis: Only subverted by Aisha, who calls him Andy. No one else even calls him Andrew.
  • Must Have Caffeine: He is regularly seen drinking and/or brewing coffee. The only exception is inside his mobile suit.
  • Noble Demon: Burns down a town after letting the civillians evacuate, leaves the areas he's conquered in relative peace, lets Kira and Cagalli escape when he could have captured them... it's no wonder he couldn't stomach the Zala regime.
  • No One Could Survive That!: What Kira does to his mech kills Aisha but not him.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: Not very prejudiced, and ends up siding with the Three Ships' Alliance.
  • Red Baron: The Desert Tiger.
  • Shout-Out: To Erwin Rommel. Has a nickname similar to "The Desert Fox", not to mention being courteous and honorable to his enemies. Bonus points for the fact he even gives the civilians of a town time to evacuate before leveling it, which is something Rommel would have done.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": There were many variations such as "Bartfeld" before the official romanization was clear.
  • Trademark Favorite Drink: Coffee. Trying new brews is a running gag with him.
  • Turn the Other Cheek: When he meets with Kira again after their battle, he tells him he doesn't hold any ill will against him at all.
  • Villains Out Shopping: He's constantly experimenting with different coffee brews.


Main mecha: TMF/A-803 LaGOWE

Voice Actors: Vivian Hsu (Japanese series), Fumi Hirano (Japanese Compilation Movies), Saffron Henderson (English original series), Michelle Ruff (English HD remaster)

"You're taking this rather well. This is difficult for you, isn't it? I can tell you're really fond of him."

Girlfriend of Andrew Waltfeld, the Desert Tiger, and a capable gunner in her own right. Just as sympathetic a character as Andy, she's rather friendly toward Kira and Cagalli when they encounter each other.

  • Battle Couple: With Andy, fighting with him in his mobile suit.
  • Character Death: She died in the battle with Kira.
  • Deadpan Snarker: When she's not being sweet and understanding, she's making full use of her snarking abilities. Her best moment is probably her response to Yzak's claim that he and Dearka have more experience against the Strike than she and Waldfeld do: "Losing experience doesn't count."
  • Expy: She's the Crowley Hamon to Andy's Ramba Ral - though he ends up outliving her in a reversal from the original series.
  • Foreign Fanservice: Subverted. Aisha is played by a non-native Japanese speaker, and looks appropriately 'exotic' as a Coordinator from PLANT note , but the odds of Waltfeld finding a girlfriend who can pilot ZAFT mobile suits in the impoverished desert as opposed to bringing her from home are rather low.
  • Hime Cut: Long hair, sidetails and even bangs; yes she looks the trope and her sweet and understanding personality goes along with it.

    Martin Da Costa 

Voice Actors: Akira Sasanuma (Japanese), Brian Dobson (English), Robbie Friedman (English HD Remaster dub)

Waltfeld's second-in-command.

  • Big Damn Hero: He saves Athrun from being arrested after confronting his father and essentially initiates him into the Clyne Faction.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Joins the Clyne Faction along with Waltfeld.
  • Number Two: To Andrew Waltfeld.
  • Undying Loyalty: Again, to the Desert Tiger.


An island nation in the Pacific, Orb has a high-tech industrial base but little in the way of resources; they built Heliopolis primarily as a way to mitigate this strategic weakness. A very idealistic nation, their stance in international politics is one of aggressive neutrality; though they will not attack others, they will vigorously defend themselves against any attacks. The war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT has strained this position to its breaking point, especially after the destruction of Heliopolis.

    Cagalli Yula Athha 

Main mecha: FX-550 Skygrasper, MBF-02 Strike Rouge

Voice Actors: Naomi Shindo (Japanese), Vanessa Morley (English original series dub), Cherami Leigh (English HD Remaster dub)

"That's right, I'm a girl. What is it with you guys?"

The daughter of Uzumi Nara Athha, former Chief Representative of the Orb Union. Also a rebel leader, guerilla soldier, and a capable, if brash, politician. Hates ZAFT and distrusts the Earth Forces. She provides the military backbone of the Three Ships' Alliance.

  • Action Girl: Cagalli is a capable and determined fighter. She runs around, shoots things, leads a resistance cell and later pilots a Gundam. She would love to be nothing more than this. Unfortunately her father and her duty to her home disagree...
  • All Your Powers Combined: The Strike Rouge IWSP, notable for being the first 'Combined' Striker Pack. Subverted though as it doesn't make an appearance in the series, despite being repeatedly teased in the HD Remaster splash images.
  • Badass Adorable: Just watch when she cries or gets angry. It's adorable. She also held her own in gun fights with Coordinators.
  • Badass Normal: Despite being a Natural, she doesn't hesitate to take on Coordinators. Even when they're in mobile suits and the most heavily armed thing she has is a jeep. She was the only Natural who can go into SEED Mode.
  • Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me: A rare non-sexual example. Cagalli does end up being benevolently cleaned, put in a dress and having her hair fixed when she and Kira end up in the Desert Tiger's custody. She even accuses him of deriving some kind of perverse pleasure from it, but she did need a bath and he says the clothes were Aisha's idea. Mostly it's just to show She Cleans Up Nicely.
  • Bathtub Scene: Has one sitting in an elaborate bathtub in Waltfeld's residence blowing bubbles in the original series. It's changed to a Shower Scene for the compilation movies and Remaster.
  • Bifauxnen: Many people thought she was a guy by sight alone. Kira managed to identify her as a girl after hearing her talk. It's flipped around by Waltfeld, who dubs Cagalli in a dress as "the perfect little lady... until she speaks".
  • Big Damn Kiss: With Athrun just before Jachin Due, as they'd been seen becoming steadily emotionally and physically closer before that. She manages to keep the promise she made to him, too. It's also both symbolic and very pretty with the juxtaposition of them floating in space in front of Earth.
  • Broken Pedestal: Has a major case towards her father when she discovers the G-Weapon Project, believing he betrayed the ideals he upheld.
  • Cool Plane: She becomes the (self-)designated pilot of the second Skygrasper until the Archangel reached Orb.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Has gold hair and gold eyes.
  • Cycle of Revenge: Defied — her father imparted this to her when she attempted to rejoin the Archangel and later passes it on to Athrun after he confessed to (seemingly) killing Kira because he killed his friend and comrade Nicol. She gives Athrun her Haumea amulet for his blessings, not wishing for him to die even after what he did to Kira.
  • Establishing Character Moment: While not her first appearance, the first time she does anything meaningful within the series revolves around taking a man-portable weapon in a jeep against a lupine humongous mecha. Things only ramps up when she actually gets a war machine of her own.
  • Expy: Of Sayla Mass from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Though, in a twist, she's actually related to The Hero Kira rather than to any of the resident Char Clones . Cagalli also has elements of Relena Darlian.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Temperaments aside, Cagalli is unflinchingly kindhearted, best exemplified when she saw Kira grieving about having killed Waltfeld and gives him a Cooldown Hug — a sharp contrast to most of their earlier more... abrasive interactions.
  • Happily Adopted: Her relationship with Uzumi is turbulent but supportive, especially compared to what characters like Athrun and Mu have (had) to endure with their actual birth fathers. That being said, Cagalli had no idea she was adopted until Uzumi tells her just before he dies.
  • Hot-Blooded: Cagalli is passionate and always ready to join in the fight against ZAFT. Kira later calls her out for fighting solely based on her emotions.
  • Love Triangle: Subverted. Despite Ship Tease, there's nothing proving Cagalli's interest in and great concern for Kira was anything other than sisterly. She has a rather different romantic relationship with Athrun, just to highlight it.
  • Nice Girl: Violent tendecies notwithstanding, Cagalli is the first person to be unambiguously kind to Kira in the series, without professional distance or ulterior motives; notably in the form of a much needed hug when he was on the verge of a suicidal breakdown. She is also consistently considerate, warm hearted, compassionate, and openly expresses kindness without consideration to maturity or social appropriateness.
  • Nom de Guerre: Only goes by "Cagalli" or "Cagalli Yula" for half the show, since she's desperate (and under instruction) to avoid her full name and true identity getting out.
  • Official Couple: She falls in love with Athrun and saves him from dying in GENESIS at the end.
  • Politically Active Princess: Subverted. Uzumi yells and begs her to become this rather than running off to fight violently again, which he sees as a waste. She does stay home, but we only see her supervising Orb's troops, rather than doing anything political. This ends up haunting her next series.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: Generally averted. She hates both being addressed as a princess and pink, given how she wears none and her room is entirely blue. Downplayed with Strike Rouge. Cagalli didn't pick the color, but also doesn't seem to care.
  • Prone to Tears: Like her twin brother. Cagalli cries very easily and very loudly, though more effectively, no one ever calls her a crybaby, and it never bothers her.
  • Rebel Leader: Leads a cell of Arab freedom fighters against the Desert Tiger.
  • Rebellious Princess: Her father and country as a whole are strict neutral isolationists. She ran away to join a resistance cell halfway around the world.
  • Red Baron: "The Goddess of Victory", to the Desert Dawn fighters.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Deconstructed. Cagalli firmly believes in this trope, and after personally travelling to Heliopolis to confirm the existence of the Gundams she throws her support behind a group of freedom fighters and later the Archangel, taking an active role on the battlefield. However once she returns to Orb her father immediately points out all she's done is help to fan the flames of war, and that if she really wanted to help bring and end to the war she should have stayed in Orb, continued to learn how to rule, and leveraged her political influence as Orb's heir.
  • Separated at Birth: Kira is her brother and she never found out until the final stretch of the series.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Not that she was ever considered ugly, mind you, but get her in a dress and not scowl about it and she goes from cute in a Tomboy-ish way to really beautiful (as the 3rd and 4th Openings show).
  • Sibling Seniority Squabble: When she tells Athrun she's glad to have Kira for a little brother, he teasingly asks her if he might not be her big brother instead. She grumpily insists that she was born first.
  • Super Mode: The only Natural to activate SEED mode.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Lacus' girly girl given her more masculine manner of dress, speech, and more violent manner of problem solving.
  • Tomboy Princess: She has a noted distaste for fancy dresses and formal clothing, preferring simple and practical casual wear. She is also quite at home on the front lines of the battlefield, rather than commanding from the rear as would be expected. In addition, her manner of speech is both quite blunt and rather strictly gender-neutral for Japanese, meaning she can sound more like a guy than a girl.
  • Tsundere: She tends to act like this. She worries about Kira one moment and slaps him the next.
  • Twincest: Subverted. The Yamatos invoke this and worry she's getting too close to Kira for this reason, but they're informed they're brother and sister before anything else happens.

    Uzumi Nara Athha 

Voice Actors: Toru Okawa (Japanese), John Novak (English original series), Michael Alston Baley (English HD remaster)

"We can't leave Orb, or this world, in the hands of those bastards."

The leader of Orb and Cagalli's adopted father, Lord Uzumi is completely dedicated to maintaining Orb's neutral stance. This becomes ever more difficult as the war spirals out of control. Faced with increasing pressure to choose a side in the ZAFT-Earth Alliance conflict, he refuses to compromise his nation's ideals.

  • Ambiguous Situation: What did he know about the G-Weapon Project? While Rondo Mina Sahaku initiated Morgenroete's involvement with the G-Weapon Project as established in Astray, how much he knew about it remains in question. Kisaka certainly claimed that Lord Uzumi was uninvolved but notably Uzumi himself never makes a definitive statement in private. He publicly claimed responsibility and stepped down as Orb's Chief Representative in any case. So whether he viewed the project as a Necessary Evil to maintain Orb's neutrality in the face of ZAFT and the EA's technological advancement is left to the viewer.
  • Cycle of Revenge: Give this one to Cagalli about how her belief in fighting against enemy will bring unending hatred by others. Also a Foreshadowing to eventual death of Nicol and Tolle that further fueled hatred between Athrun and Kira respectively.
  • Defiant to the End: When it became clear that Orb was going to lose its fight against the Earth Alliance, he chose to blow up the very resources the EA had come to the country to seize, rendering their invasion a waste.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: Igniting a self-destruct that blows up Orb's mass driver and himself in the process, effectively trapping the Earth Forces on earth.
  • Expy: Uzumi nearly bears a resemblance to King Peacecraft, with Orb playing a role similar to the Sanc Kingdom.
  • Face Death with Dignity: He shows no signs of panic or distress as he dies.
  • Famous Last Words: "We can't leave Orb, or this world, in the hands of those bastards."
  • The Good King: Or the Gundam Seed's equivalent; he kept the neutrality of the country even with the threat of invasion from Earth Alliance and actually treat his subjects—both Naturals and Coordinators—fairly.
  • Good Parents: He is a loving and understanding foster father to Cagalli, but all the same knows when to be stern and upfront, especially when she gets particularly imprudent.
  • Messianic Archetype: At times he's more this than Kira and Lacus put together because of his insistence on neutral, avoiding the cycle of revenge, preaching goodwill and understanding. He even looks the part. He also makes a heroic sacrifice.
  • Non-Action Guy: Politican, not a solider.
  • Parental Substitute: He and his wife adopted Cagalli when she was a baby
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Consider the amounts of General Ripper and A Nazi by Any Other Name, his benign nature stands out well.
  • So Proud of You: To Cagalli. "I feel very fortunate, to have been your father."

    Ledonir Kisaka 

Voice Actors: Isshin Chiba (Japanese), Adam Henderson (English original series), TJ Storm (English HD remaster)

An officer in Orb military and bodyguard to Cagalli.

  • Ambiguously Brown: Though he may have been from North Africa, but his Japanese last name and Russian first name leave his ethnicity up in the air.
  • Badass Normal: He is a Natural after all but he never matches skill with a coordinator.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: He may bodyguard Cagalli, but she's not your average helpless VIP.
  • Expy: His resistance outfit is based on Rambo.
  • Immigrant Patriotism: He is originally from North Africa but he is loyal to Orb.
  • La Résistance: Part of Desert Dawn until he left for Orb.


Voice Actors:

Cagalli's nanny who has cared for her since she was a child.

  • Brawn Hilda: She's plump but quite strong; She one of the few people who can tame Cagalli.
  • Parental Substitute: More or less the woman taking care of Cagalli's since her adoptive mother passed away some time ago.
  • Undying Loyalty: She is always ready to help Cagalli and her family overall.


    George Glenn 

Voice Actors: Hideyuki Hori (Japanese), Michael Dobson (English)

"I have a body capable of greater strengths and a brain capable of acquiring greater knowledge than a human being who was born naturally."

The original Coordinator, he gained international fame and fortune excelling at basically everything ever (from professional sports to cutting-edge scientific research); he eventually revealed that his spectacular success was largely due to having been genetically engineered. He released instructions for his enhancement process to the public, inadvertently coining the term "Coordinator" at the same time. Eventually assassinated by Blue Cosmos.

In the Gundam SEED Astray side stories it is revealed that his brain was kept alive inside the "GG Unit", a device resembling a very large futuristic boombox, which eventually came into the possession of the Junk Guild. Equipped with a holographic avatar to interact with the living, Glenn now serves as the captain of the salvage ship/Gundam carrier Re-Home.

  • The Ace: A brief overview of the man's accomplishments: earning a PhD from MIT at 17, winning a silver medal at the Olympics, becoming a football star, an ace air force pilot, and a world-renowned aerospace engineer (in that order), travelling to Jupiter and back in a ship of his own design (releasing the information on how to make Coordinators to the public as he left), and designing the PLANTs during his free time on the trip. George Glenn is The Ace Up to Eleven.
  • Alliterative Name: George Glenn.
  • Born Lucky: Because he was engineered to be the best at everything during birth, you could say that his creator effectively rigged the genetic lottery in his favour.
  • Born Winner: A main reason why he and all subsequent Coordinators are hated by "Naturals", as they would be given a head start many people born naturally can never have.
  • Brain in a Jar: More like Brain in a Capsule. When his body was killed, his mind was preserved, deemed too valuable to lose. Fortunately, the capsule contains a holographic projector and the ability for him to speak and see, averting a And I Must Scream situation.
  • Broken Pedestal: George Glenn was Earth's greatest hero and has won the admiration of everyone. After his confession that he was a genetically-engineered human, many people were disgusted and look at him with contempt.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In the Astray series, Glenn expresses regrets over the events he started by revealing the process to make Coordinators. Resulting in racism, war and genocide. He also regrets that people took his term "coordinators" to name genetic engineered humans, since it was never meant to name a race but simply people who can lead humanity into a better future which is not related to their genes.
  • Posthumous Character: In the main series, he has been dead for several years.
  • Renaissance Man: He was skilled at absolutely everything he tried, from Olympic level sports to PhD engineering to the no-doubt extremely complicated process that creates coordinators like himself.
  • Riddle for the Ages: Who were the scientists that created George Glenn and what happened to them after the revelation that he was a Coordinator?
  • Too Cool to Live: An in-universe example. People were so pissed at how awesome he was that they assassinated him!
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: While he expected everyone to aspire to him and the subsequent Coordinator "race" as an example to lead into a better future, instead people resented him and all Coordinators for having a leg up in life that they, by their literal births, were denied.
  • Virtual Ghost: Though technically still alive, Glenn's only physical presence aside from the unwieldy life-support system containing his brain is an Arnold Rimmer-style holographic projection of his old self in a captain's uniform, complete with goofy white skipper hat.

    Reverend Malchio 

Voice Actors: Kazuya Nakai (Japanese), Brian Drummond (English original series), Ethan Murray (English HD remaster)

A blind monk who is one of the few individuals trusted by both the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, he acts as a mediator on the rare occasions that the two sides get along well enough to discuss anything. Among other things, he also maintains an orphanage on Earth. There is a fair bit more to him than meets the eye.

  • Eyes Always Shut: Is never seen without the look of serene bliss on his face.
  • Friend to All Children: He took care of the orphans after all.
  • Good Shepherd: He's one of many decent characters in the show and ran an orphanage on an island near Orb.
  • Hidden Depths: In the exterior as a blind preacher, he is actually a powerful individual with connections and resources from all organizations (Junk Guild, PLANT, and EA).
  • Non-Action Guy: He never takes part in any battle and is often the first one to be hurried off if the conflict comes to him. This allows him to be one of the few mediators between the two sides, as everyone knows he does not have any violent motives.
  • Parental Substitute: To a whole mess of orphans.

    Al Da Flaga 

Voice Actors: Kozo Mito, Toshihiko Seki (Special Edition) (Japanese), Mark Oliver (English)

"Laws can be broken after all. They're only made by humans."

Mu La Flaga's deceased father. He considered his son too weak to be his true heir, and is later revealed to have cloned himself in an effort to gain a more worthy successor. He went on to deny said clone note  any sense of identity, which ended with his death in a "mysterious" fire. Whoops.

  • Above Good and Evil: How he saw himself. If the few quotes we have from him are a fair representation, he honestly seems to have thought he was something more than merely human.
  • Abusive Parent: Anyone who effectively disowns his young son because said son has his mother's genes is not going to win any Father of the Year awards, to say nothing of his treatment of Rau.
  • Control Freak: To the point that he disowned his own biological son for not having the exact same genes as him.
  • Domestic Abuse: Cut Mu out of the will for sharing his wife's genetics. That probably qualifies him.
  • Jerkass: Not evil per se, but definitely a colossal douche.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: Is dressed in a suit and tie in all of his few appearances, such as twisting Dr.Hibiki's arm into illegal cloning through the promise of funding.
  • Narcissist: In fact his abusive style of parenting is what psyciatrists terms "narcissistic abuse." He disowned Mu for daring to be something more than a vehicle for his own ego, and upon seeing his clone, the first words out of his mouth are "this is me, right?" Al seems to have been incapable of viewing people as anything more than extensions of his own personality, and that's without getting into his delusions of grandeur.
  • Parental Abandonment: Of both his sons, one after the other. Jackass.
  • Posthumous Character: Dies years before the series begins, but is nontheless an enormous part of the plot, given that he not only inadvertently created the Big Bad, but also funded the Ultimate Coordinator project, the process that eventually led to Kira and Cagalli's births.
  • Pride: In addition to being a textbook narcissist, Al's hubris knew no bounds. Le Creuset calls him out on it posthumously in a rant to Mu.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Cloning humans is illegal. Al doesn't care.
  • Smug Snake: In contrast to his sons who are respectively The Ace and one hell of a Magnificent Bastard.
  • Übermensch: He certainly thought he was one, but at the end of the day he's little more than a rich creep with an ego the size of a planet.

    Ulen Hibiki 

Voice actor: Eiji Yanagisawa (Japanese), Fred Handerson (English original series), Cam Clarke (English HD remaster)

"The urge to make things better has always driven progress, and then that is what brings about happiness."

A very brilliant, very ambitious, and totally amoral scientist who was behind the Ultimate Coordinator project.

  • Abusive Parent: How abusive? When he needed a test subject for the project, he used one of his own soon-to-be-born twin babies... Kira Yamato.
  • Domestic Abuse: If you think that stealing your wife's unborn child for a science experiment qualifies you, then yes.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Whether it's this or Pragmatic Villainy, he's still the one who points out to Al Da Flaga that cloning him would be illegal. Implying that he only agreed to do so to receive the funding he needed.
  • Evilutionary Biologist: Not only did he work on the Ultimate Coordinator project, but he is also the one who cloned Rau le Creuset and Rey za Burrell.
  • For Science!: His motivation is progress for its own sake.

    Via Hibiki 

Voice actor: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese), Erica Schroeder (English HD remaster)

Ulen Hibiki's wife, also implied to be his scientific partner. She does have standards, though, as she's horrified when he goes too far with his experiments.

  • Give Him a Normal Life: She tells her younger sister Caridad to take Kira and Cagalli in, before she dies alongside Ulen and Al Da Flaga.
  • Motherly Scientist: Her scenes in the anime showcase her maternal concern for the subjects of the Ultimate Coordinator project, beyond the one that happens to be her son. Incidentally, Kira was the only one to survive.

    Caridad Yamato 

Voice actor: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Rebecca Shoichet (English original series), Erin Fitzgerald (English HD remaster)

Kira's mother. Actually, his maternal aunt. She and her husband Haruma raised Kira, who has no idea.

  • Good Parents: Despite not being his real mother and father, Caridad and Haruma loved and treated Kira like their own and were understanding of his reluctance to see them during the Archangel's brief layover in Orb.
  • Parental Substitute: For Kira.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: A very loving and caring mother for Kira, who doesn't seem at all stunned by the horrific war her boy goes through.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Which is one of the first tips she isn't Kira's biological mother. (Plus her husband's hair being black and neither of them having Purple Eyes.)


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