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  • Acceptable Targets: Misogynistic and racist Muruta Azrael is the show's only Hate Sink and runs a discrimination-based terrorist organization.
  • Adaptation Displacement: Some of the scenes from the HD Remaster that originate from the Special Edition release are often mistaken for being created for the former.
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Flay, after her emotional breakdown and ensuing Redemption Equals Death.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Flay is a Base-Breaking Character in the west. Not so much in Japan, where she's generally well-liked. Which is ironic since the director had actually thought she'd be the type of character to appeal to Western audiences, but things ended up reversed.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Flay is a polarizing character. She spends much of the first half of the show being manipulative for a sympathetic-but-unjustified reason, and later attempts to make up for it. Either she was a Jerkass Woobie who redeemed herself in the end, or a selfish asshole too wrapped up in her own problems to empathize with anyone else and her later actions were too little too late... with a third option being that yes, she's a selfish, broken asshole and this is a substantial part of the point, with this interpretation being that she's an example of a somewhat catty rich girl whose entire world is shattered by the war violently entering her life and who is a hopelessly broken victim of the war long before her death in combat.
    • Lacus, given her status as an idol singer, which some fans feel doesn't fit really well with the series' tone (this having long been a staple of the rival Macross franchise). Her turning out to have a large amount of political clout while being a teenage idol singer also pushes Suspension of Disbelief a little thin. Her worst critics argue that she comes off as a hopelessly naive person who lucks her way into victory and power. However, there are plenty of people who feel that her portrayal as a Relena Peacecraft-esque alternative political figure works fine, and even some who don't mind the Idol Singer angle.
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    • Kira himself. For everyone who hates the "Jesus Yamato" angle and finds it makes him overbearing and boring, there's someone who finds him awesome and likes that at least one Gundam protagonist is willing to actually stop killing people instead of doing it and then endlessly Wangsting about it. In 2018, Kira scored high for both the best Gundam character poll, and the worst Gundam character poll, so it's pretty hard to find a consensus on him.
  • Broken Base: The HD Remaster has also spawned this several times over.
    • First is the matter of Nicol's death, which was retconned in the Remaster to make it appear largely accidental. In the original, he attacks Kira and dies when Kira reflexively counters. In the remake, he attacks Kira and dies when Kira dodges, because the attack carries him into Kira's sword anyway. Here's a comparison video. The base is split over whether this is an example of Adaptational Self-Defense and an attempt to make Kira less responsible for his death, or whether it's a minor choreography change that doesn't really mean anything.
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    • When it was announced in 2017 that the HD Remaster was being dubbed with an entirely new cast, the fandom split into three general caps. The first group is excited for the new dub and the new cast, the second is okay with HD Remaster getting a dub but would have preferred the original cast, and the last is annoyed that Gundam Seed is getting a second dub when there's still half a dozen classic Gundam shows that haven't gotten any dub (including Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, After War Gundam X, and ∀ Gundam).
  • Catharsis Factor:
  • Complete Monster: The sociopathic Muruta Azrael, leader of the terrorist organization Blue Cosmos, wants to kill all the genetically engineered Coordinators and takes delight in their slaughter, making the omnicidal Rau Le Creuset seem sympathetic. A raging hypocrite who uses drugs and brainwashing to turn children into the Extended, while claiming that genetic engineering is a sin, Azrael is behind both the Atlantic Federation and the Earth Alliance Forces, whom he manages to corrupt and goes out of his way to make sure that neutral nations are co-opted or destroyed. Having started the war by launching a nuclear assault on the Coordinator homeland, Azrael hopes to end it the same way, willing to blow up his own men to do it. The side-story Stargazer adds some further atrocities to his name, showing that he regularly took children from their parents, put them through brutal training and brainwashed them with anti-Coordinator propaganda in an effort at creating pilots who could match Coordinators in combat but without the drug problems of the Extended. A man moved by hate, Azrael's sole motivation is that he was bullied by Coordinators when he was a kid.
  • Critical Backlash: Some of the hate for this show's sequel has seeped back to this series, leading to a great deal of Mis-blamed.
  • Die for Our Ship: If you like Kira/Lacus, Flay is a rapist whore. If you like Kira/Flay, Lacus is annoying. There is NO middle ground.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • Muruta Azrael. Some fangirls either downplay or handwave his atrocities in the show because he's so pretty and hot. Also note that his Freudian Excuse is supposed to make him come off as more monstrous rather than less.
    • Shani, Clotho, and Orga get the same treatment. Yes, they're Slave Mooks forced into the war by Azrael, but that doesn't make them any less vicious or insane.
    • Do we even need to bring up Rau Le Creuset and the leather pants fangirls give him? Some people actually view his being an Omnicidal Maniac as a positive, on the logic that the show is filled with horrible people and humanity deserves to be wiped out in the Cosmic Era timeline... which ignores his own efforts in feeding and escalating the conflict in the first place.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • Evil Is Cool:
  • Evil Is Sexy: The fangirl opinion of Azrael. Feel free to be ill.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With fans of Universal Century Gundam series. UC fans tend to view this series as an easy target for deriving too much from the first series, while fans of SEED tend to either prefer their series' take on the events and concepts or simply don't appreciate the heavy bashing UC fans sometimes give the show.
  • Foe Yay: Kira and Athrun of course getting this for being childhood friends turned into enemies. The Foe Yay disappears in the second half though.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Flay hating the genetically-modified Coordinators becomes rather ironic when you realize that her English voice actress also voices the genetically engineered super-soldier Soma Peries.
    • Clotho's Japanese voice actor dubbed Stan Marsh for a while. Can you now say OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED CLOTHO! at the end of the series?
    • One of the earliest casualties is a ship called the Ptolemaios.
    • Remember the "Super Strike Gundam" combination in the SD Gundam BB Senshi kit? It became a canon configuration 10 years later.
    • Takehito Koyasu as Mu La Flaga became this as one of his characters he played after this show being Dio Brando, who tried to manipulate his adopted father into accepting him just to steal his money and torment his adopted brother, an ironic twist for Mu La Flaga who was sidelined by his "brother" Rau Le Creuset.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: The first half of the series retreads many plot points of the original 1979 series, and the Cosmic Era is the AU that is the most like the UC shows. This makes it a frequent target from UC fans.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some fans admit to finding Mu La Flaga to be the best part of the show and say that they would have preferred for him to be the main character.
  • Love to Hate: Rau Le Creuset, who is incredibly popular due to his brilliance, badassery, and ability to give a speech.
  • Magnificent Bastard: No one hides their true intentions quite like Rau Le Creuset, ZAFT Commander and defective clone. Lacking his own sense of identity, and seeing the face of his "father" every time he looks in the mirror, Le Creuset believes the rest of humanity is suffering just as much as he is, and sets out to put the entire species out of its misery. Playing the role of Patrick Zala's right-hand man, Le Creuset sells ZAFT secrets to Blue Cosmos headman Muruta Azrael, prolonging the Bloody Valentine War, and ensuring that the conflict ends with mutual attempts at genocide, as Azrael tries to nuke the ZAFT colonies and Patrick fires his Wave-Motion Gun at Earth. Successful at masking his encroaching madness until the very end, Le Creuset dies smiling, convinced that the entire world will shortly be following after him.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Arnold Neumann, the helmsman of the Archangel, thanks to his Improbable Piloting Skills.
    • In a rare derogatory example: Kira Yamato is often called "Jesus Yamato" with frequent Plot Armor jokes. Moreso for the sequel.
    • According to some fans, Mu La Flaga can single-handedly take on the Gundam multiverse with his Moebius Zero and win.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Gundam SEED: Directed by Michael Bay. note 
    • Bloody Valentine/FOR THE PRESERVATION OF OUR BLUE AND PURE WORLD! explaination 
    • Bow before your savior, invokedJesus Yamato. Explanation 
    • "Nicol was fifteen! He loved the piano!" Explanation(spoilers)  Occasionally rendered as "HE LOVED TO PLAY THE PIANO."
      • Subtitled version: "Nicol loved to play the piano. And he was only 15."
      • Parodied here.
      • Kira swung first! Explanation(spoilers) 
    • Freedom Gundam: Taste the rainbow. Explanation 
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • Azrael is written as a Hate Sink who exists to make the other major villains in the show seem sympathetic in comparison, but considering some of the tropes we have him under here, that didn't quite work. His successor, Lord Djibril, seems to have been written with this in mind by having him lack Azrael's competency and charisma while retaining all of his worst traits.
    • As far as some fans are concerned, Rau Le Creuset is right about humanity in the Cosmic Era and him wiping out everyone is a good thing. Ignoring how we are shown that many of the soldiers on both sides are sympathetic and just happen to be working for madmen, Rau's intervention is what escalated the war to near-extinction levels of destruction.
  • Mis-blamed: As mentioned many times on this page, many of SEED's detractors take Destiny's flaws and put them onto SEED instead of focusing on SEED's own flaws. In fact, even though there were a lot of changes in production just like Destiny, they improved the overall quality of the series.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Rau Le Creuset pretty much gives Kira every reason to make an exception for his Technical Pacifist practices once he nonchalantly uses his DRAGOONs to kill Flay (who had grown attached to Rau and by this point redeemed herself) and everyone else aboard her escape pod for no reason other than to hurt Kira.
    • And then there's Patrick Zala shooting Athrun, his own son.
    • Azrael crossed it long before we even met him by arranging for the attack that caused the Bloody Valentine Incident, killing 243,721 civilians.
    • Captain Sutherland and the Earth Forces as a whole crossed it after the incident at JOSH-A with the Cyclops system.
    • Depending on who you ask, some members of the fanbase feel that Yzak Joule crossed this when he shot down that shuttle. Even taking what he thought was going on into account, he still believed he was firing on fleeing soldiers, a less than admirable act. This is possibly the reason why in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, that scene was modified and the civilian shuttle was shot down by random ZAFT pilots, rather than Yzak. As well as even him seeing it as such by the time Destiny happens.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • If the fandom is to be believed, then Kira's a bad pilot and Flay's an irredeemable bitch.
    • The series having a lot of Clip Show episodes to it is a complaint you will see quite often, especially on this page. A complaint which naturally is not helped by heavy use of Stock Footage and flashbacks throughout the series. However, truth be told the number of clip shows during the initial run was at most three episodes and the HD Remaster cut two of them and incorporated new information introduced into them in the following episodes, leaving only one remaining.
    • Nicol's death. There's the original in how overwrought with drama the entire event and its consequences were, to the point that "His name was Nicol! He loved to play the piano!" is an oft-spouted Memetic Mutation among the fandom (and haters) for all the wrong reasons. And then there's the HD Remaster, where altered context for the scene resulted in them charging cockpit-first into Kira's sword by accident due to the latter's awkward dodging, causing the character to get labeled as Too Dumb to Live and drew more than a few comparisons to a very specific Shmuck Bait in I Wanna Be the Guy.
  • No Yay: It isn't hard to interpret Azrael's interactions with Natarle Badgiruel as an attempt at hitting on her. Squick!
    • Flay towards Kira when she is pretending to be in love with him. She seduced him into having sex, and the pride she had afterwords made her come off as a sexual predator. Her later attempts at seducing him are no less disturbing, especially when she kisses him against his will.
  • One-Scene Wonder: The Perfect Strike in the HD Remaster. Only appears in two episodes (the Battle for Orb) and is never seen again (despite being edited into all of the openings besides the first).
  • Ron the Death Eater: Flay starts out manipulative and bratty, but eventually realizes the error of her ways and redeems herself. Yet a very large number of fans act as if her redemption never happened, or paint her bad actions in even worse light than the show itself did.
  • Rooting for the Empire:
    • ZAFT is pretty much the show's equivalent of Zeon, who already have a huge following for this trope. What do you expect?
    • While the later conflict is meant to be a case of Evil vs. Evil with the protagonists trying to put a stop to it all, some fans ended up rooting for the Earth Alliance because of the insane disparity between the kill ratios between the Alliance and ZAFT. Especially since many sympathetic POV shots indicate that most of those poor Earth Alliance bastards getting killed are just doing their jobs at the behest of raging bigoted lunatics instead of being raging bigoted lunatics themselves. The fact that the EA soldiers and pilots are also all normal people while ZAFT is entirely made up by what the show directly states to be genetic engineered super humans further enhances this feeling. It also doesn't help that the first high-ranking Earth Alliance official we really get to know, Admiral Halberton, was a pretty cool guy who shot down Natarle's suggestion that they conscript Kira into the military. He ended up dying tragically with his command, the 8th Fleet which was completely wiped out except for the Archangel.
    • Alternatively, some people want Rau Le Creuset to kill everyone and destroy both ZAFT and the EA. Given the outright depressing nature of the Cosmic Era and needless evil actions of the different factions, some fans see Le Creuset's plan as both merciful and karmic. This is ignoring the fact that Rau himself was complicit in many factors that led to the Evil vs. Evil nature of the war, one of which involved secretly leaking information to both sides on JOSH-A; which led to Patrick Zala's increasingly authoritarian rule to vent out the disaster on opposition, and the annihilation of moderate members in Earth Alliance led to the stranglehold of Blue Cosmos over their command.
  • Slowpaced Beginning: The series is rather slow-paced for the first 30 or so episodes (basically, every episode generally follows the ZAFT-attacks-Kira-saves-the-day routine; that these episodes are more or less a remake of the original Gundam series doesn't exactly help), but after a few Wham Episodes SEED finally escapes this routine and sets off on a path to its own original, epic Grand Finale. To its defense, the first episodes do a good job of familiarizing and endearing the characters to the audience.
  • Special Effects Failure: While the Remaster is generally successful when converting the series into HD, there are some instances in which eagle-eyed viewers will be able to notice a slight blur in the lines. In a bit more of a less subtle example, there will be times where the outlines for the cel-shaded CGI doesn't react to the filter at all and you can see every pixel that makes them up.
  • Tear Jerker: Grab a pack of tissues and click this link.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The Remastered version is by and large the same, but there are small touch-ups and additions of scenes here and there. One notable instance is in episode 36 which adds a shot of Shinn and his family trying to flee the fighting. Probably the bigger change is in the ending themes: the first ending theme was remade and sounds somewhat different, while the original 2nd ending theme "River" by Tatsuya Ishii is omitted entirely and replaced with a new song by FictionJunction. Predictably, some fans of the original run have reacted much in the same vein as "Han shot first." And that's not even getting into the Broken Base above.
    • And if you are really picky, you will notice that some of the music cues have been changed as well, including the end of the first episode. In the original, the vocals of "Anna ni Issho Datta no ni" start as the Strike Gundam rises, but in the HD Remaster, the intro is much longer and the vocals don't start until several seconds into the credits.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Several viewers thought Nicol was a girl based on his looks, voice, and gentle mannerisms.
  • The Woobie:
    • Iron Woobie: Go ahead life. Torture Kira. He'll get over it, eventually.
      • Athrun Zala can also be considered this. Lost his mother in a nuclear strike, has to fight his long lost best friend, watches two of his closest friends and allies die due to his hesitation to fight Kira, has a General Ripper for a father, and is too socially arkward to emote or channel any of this grief until it boils over the top and he breaks down. Yet, he still manages to be possibly the best pilot in the series.
      • If you're charitable to Lacus, she fits in like a hand to a glove. She's sheltered and ultra naive. — but when the chips come down, she does her best to gather her resolve and do what she can to help. Only once she breaks down, and that's when she cries in Kira's arms while telling him about her dad's death.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Flay Allster, especially once she has her Heel Realization and tries to redeem herself. On one hand she's a self-absorbed, prejudiced and flawed Fille Fatale who's hellbent on revenge and manipulates the hell out of Kira. On the other, she's also a desperate girl who pretty much lost everything and barely knows how to handle herself in the world until her Character Development kicks in.


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