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Nightmare Fuel / Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

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In a span of two seasons the Gundam SEED franchise proved to be one of the darkest incarnations of Gundam.

  • SEED was the first Gundam series to be broadcast in high definition, and to celebrate, the producers apparently decided to up the gore and horror content beyond anything previously attempted. Yikes.
  • Several death scenes deserve special mention:
    • Yzak Joule destroys a spacecraft carrying Heliopolis refugees including a little girl that befriended Kira. This scene became more disturbing in the HD rerelease of the series where we see the people inside the spacecraft a second before dying.
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    • Nicol Amalfi jumps out to save his friend Athrun from Kira's BFS. He succeeds in a sense, but is not only bisected by a massive beam sword in the process, he has enough time to tell Athrun to run away with the sword still in his gut before blood fills his visor, and his Gundam explodes.
      • For even worse speculation, his head may have burst open from heat from the beam part of the sword. In addition, the next episode still have his charred corpse seen by others.
    • Tolle Koenig tries doing the same thing for Kira, only this time in a plane. It accomplishes little, but he gets the gruesome honor of dying via a Gundam shield getting boomeranged into his cockpit and decapitating him.
  • The ruins of Junius Seven are pretty gruesome. It's implied to be a lot worse than shown, but one scene shows the corpse of a mother still futilely shielding her baby's body even after they've been drifting in space for nearly a year. Given just how many people lived on the PLANT, there were probably entire regions littered with scenes like this.
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  • The Cyclops self-destruct system (a high-powered microwave weapon) and gamma ray Kill Sat GENESIS. Microwaves heat water, and given that the human body is about 60% water by weight, you can imagine what it does to people caught in its area of effect. GENESIS is basically Rule of Scary. When it's fired into the Earth Alliance fleet in episode 48, you get to see the crews of the ships screaming and writhing for about a second, as their space suits expand and pop. It's even worse when the weapon hits an Alliance lunar base, as we get to see several Bridge Bunnies at their communications stations, clutching at their chests before blood sprays from their mouths and nostrils, and then they burst like balloons.
  • The end of the Battle of Panama, the ZAFT soldiers, still enraged about JOSH-A, begin killing the surrendering OMNI prisoners. The screams of the helpless soldiers getting shot up by GINN rifles and small arms is pretty sickening, along with a few images of their mutilated corpses for added effect.
    • The corpses we don't see are going to be even worse. Considering that the GINN's assault rifle fires 76mm rounds, we're well into Chunky Salsa Rule territory here.
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  • Mendel. Dear Lord, Mendel. That place is implicit horror through the roof. The experiments held there, the blind ambition of the scientists that caused them to basically slaughter children For Science!, and the still functioning artificial wombs, still showing the embryo ultrasounds, is just sickening to the core. It doesn't help that it's Rau Le Creuset who is narrating just what went down here, managing to make himself look more like a victim than a villain, once he recounts how he was born.
  • And that's without getting into just how terrifying the villains on both sides are. Or Rau Le Creuset who is one of the most chillingly realistic Omnicidal Maniacs ever presented by a TV show.

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