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Tropes associated with the Meisters:

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    Meisters as a whole 
  • Ace Pilot
    • Setsuna is a steamroller in season 1 and then mixes it up with Bushwacker in season 2.
    • Allelujah is a bushwacker.
    • Lockon is a sniper.
    • Tiera is a plugger.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: None of their names would be give normal human being.
    • Setsuna F[rom]. Seiei can be translated as "A Moment from Eternity". Justified, as it is a code name.
    • Lockon Stratos is a sniper. Again, justified because it is a code name.
    • Allelujah Haptism rhymes with "Hallelujah Baptism".
    • Tieria Erde's name is based off of words from "Earth" and "Angel"
  • Byronic Hero: They all have the lofty goal of ending war, but they each have their own deep flaws:
    • Setsuna is still traumatized by his past and has dedicated himself fully to Celestial Being's ideals to the point where he pretty much has no social skills.
    • Allelujah has a bloodthirsty split personality.
    • Lockon comes off as the most stable of the group, but he has a rather nasty vengeful streak. The second Lockon is not quite as vengeful, but he has an inferiority complex towards his brother that leads to some rather obnoxious behavior on his part.
    • Tieria is (at first) willing to do just about anything to fullfill Celestial Being's ideals and has no tolerance for CB members who perform anywhere less than perfectly.
  • Code Name: Setsuna and Lockon use code names. Allelujah uses his real name, as the closest thing he has to a legal name is just a serial number. Tieria, having never existed independent of Celestial Being, uses his real name.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: All but Tieria. Setsuna is a Self-Made Orphan Child Soldier, Lockon has both dead parents and a dead little sister thanks to a terrorist attack, and Allelujah has Survivor Guilt for killing (and presumably eating to survive) his fellow escapees from the Super Soldier program.
  • Expy: Gundam Meisters share similarities with Gundam pilots from Gundam Wing with the exception of one missing who is converted into 1 being with the other.
  • Female Gaze: The second ED animation, which featured Setsuna and Allelujah in Shirtless Scenes, a close-up shot of Lockon's crotch and a Sexy Soaked Shirt scene involving Tieria.

    Setsuna F. Seiei
"I am a Gundam."
Original Name: Soran Ibrahim
Affiliation: KPSA, Celestial Being
Role: Gundam Meister (Close quarters combat)
  • GN-001 Gundam Exia
    • GN-001RE Gundam Exia Repair
    • GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II
  • GN-0000 00 Gundam
    • GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser

The main character of the series. Formerly known as Soran Ibrahim, Setsuna is a kid soldier who was recruited in a movement to fight in the name of God, under the guidance of Ali Al-Saachez. As a requirement to do so, Setsuna is told to kill his parents and does so. During the ensuing battle, he was saved by a Gundam and after realizing that Ali is bad, he grows to resent him and war in general, and later on swore to become a Gundam: One who destroys conflict. He is later recruited by Celestial Being as a Gundam Meister and pilots Gundam Exia. In the 2nd season, he pilots the titular 00 Gundam.

Setsuna is also neighbors to Saji Crossroad, though his involvement with Celestial Beings strains their normal relationship. He is somehow close to the Azadistan princess Marina Ismail, whom he may consider as a mother or older sister figure. (She happens to look quite a bit like his Missing Mom, and has the same voice to boot.)

Voiced by Mamoru Miyano (Japanese) and Brad Swaile (English)

  • Alliterative Name: Setsuna Seiei. If you don't include his middle initial.
  • All-Loving Hero: As the series goes on, he becomes more and more dedicated to the idea of created peace through understanding as opposed to conflict. However, make no mistake; he fully understands that sometimes the only way to get to that point is through conflict, and isn't afraid to use that contradiction when necessary. In the movie, this is the exact reason he is reluctant to fight the ELS. Despite the threat they pose, Setsuna instantly realizes that logically extraterrestrial lifeforms so far divided from humanity would have little to no way to express their actual intentions (as oppose to other humans, since their actions.are at least translatable), and as such can't bring himself to fight an enemy he can't understand until towards the end of the film.
  • Ascended Fanboy: He has loved the concept of a "Gundam" ever since he was a child... and now he's piloting one.
  • The Atoner: For being a child soldier and for killing his parents.
  • Attack Drone: The 00 Qan[T]'s six blade bits.
  • Bash Brothers: With Saji, in the second season. Saji pilots the 0-Raiser, he docks it with Setsuna's 00 Gundam and both mechas form the 00-Raiser.
  • Berserk Button: Should you a) threaten the well being of his comrades/friends or b) happen to be Ali Al Saachez, he will be not be amused in the slightest, to put it nicely.
  • BFS Beam: The Trans-Am Raiser.
  • Bifurcated Weapon: The 00 Qan[T]'s six blade bits can combine with the GN Sword.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Exia has these.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Okay, he has severe social problems and thinks he IS his Gundam, but that doesn't stop him from kicking ass.
  • Catchphrase: "I AM GUNDAM!", "Exterminating the targets!"
  • Celibate Hero: He develops a close relationship with Marina, but when asked if they are dating, they both matter-of-factly deny it. However, when Feldt gives Setsuna a flower, he implies that he's aware that she is flirting with him and he doesn't reject her advances. However, two years later in the movie, he's mostly oblivious to Feldt's flirting.
  • Character Development: Over the course of the show, he goes from emotionally repressed, to still stoic, but more caring. His aloofness is now more out of being a veteran of combat and he even dispenses advice to both Saji and Lyle that get them out of their respective funks. Essentially, he's cooler.
  • Chaste Hero: First season. He sneaks into Marina's bedroom at night and is unable to understand the implications.
  • Child Soldiers: In a way, this is somewhat a Deconstruction of the typical Gundam protagonist. Here we have a person who's been "conscripted" by circumstance and forced to do horrific things from childhood... and we get to see the psychological damage that it's caused him. Most Gundam leads would fit the UN definition of a Child Soldier, but the shows usually gloss over the specific long-term effects of combat on children and teens; not here.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He was indoctrinated into killing his parents by a psychopath. Said psychopath then sent most of his friends off on suicide bombing missions in foreign countries. When he was ten, he and the remaining survivors were then left to fend for themselves in a battle that killed every other member of the group besides him before he was rescued by Celestial Being. By the time he is introduced to the rest of the gundam meisters at the age of 14, he is already sporting his usual thousand-yard stare.
  • Dead Person Conversation: He speaks with the dead during two separate comas. In Season Two, he has a converastion with Neil, who encourages him to change. In the movie, Neil, Chris, and Lichy encourage him to wake up.
  • Disappears into Light: He didn't die, but he got teleported to the ELS world in the end this way.
  • Dual Wielding: Exia and 00 have this as an arsenal.
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: The Trans-Am Burst which dramatically expands the range of the various abilities of his Gundam in Trans-Am Mode. And, for that matter, Trans-Am itself played something of a similar role in season 1. In the movie, he gets the 00 Quan[T]] for the final battle.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Gradually becomes an Innovator over the course of Season 2, thanks to all the GN particles.
  • Evolutionary Levels: The 00's Twin GN Drive transforms him into an Innovator, the next stage of human evolution.
  • Fanservice Pack: He was visibly short in season 1. But by season 2, he was able to catch up and becomes Tall, Dark, and Handsome.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: He became an Innovator/ELS hybrid in the end.
  • Hates Being Touched: In regards to both himself and his Gundams.
  • The Hero: He is the protagonist and is the most idealistic of the Meisters.
  • Heroic Albino: He seems to have lost all his pigmentation in the Distant Finale, mainly as a result of him being made of metal.
  • Hollywood Atheist: As a consequence of being forced to commit and witness unspeakable horrors as a "soldier of God."
  • Hot-Blooded: He's generally very quiet off the battlefield, but when in combat, he shouts like the best of them.
  • Improbable Age: 16 in the first season, 21 in the second, but still entrusted to pilot one of the most powerful mobile suits in the world. Somewhat justified because of his back-story as a child soldier.
  • It's Personal: He * hates* Ali for what he did to him. This will extends to Ribbons as well after Setsuna learns that his previously-unidentified "hero" from childhood is evil.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: His letter to Marina at the end of the first season sums it up,
    "Marina... Ismail... By the time you read this... I'll already be gone. Armed Interventions to put an end to war... I'm unable to do anything but fight for Celestial Being... You taught me what it means to fight. Back then, just like Gundam. I wanted to know.. Why our world is so terminally distorted? Where did this distortion come from? Why are there people who are unconsciously evil? Why do they not realize that their evil hurts others? Why is humanity an existence that only conflicts with itself? Why are there people to rule, and those who are ruled? Why do we wound each other? In spite of all this, why do people go on living like they do? I wanted to ask you. Please think of an answer, if we may meet again. That being the case, I will seek out the same thing on a different path than yours. Down the path towards mutual human understanding for the answer. I'll keep looking for it, together with my Gundam. Together with... My Gundam.
  • Laser Blade: Exia has four beam sabers.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Both Exia and 00 have one, with 00's being two smaller ones that can combine into a bigger one. The 00 Qan[T] has a HUGE one with six blade bits attached to it for extra offense.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Starts out with the Exia, which gets some new swords after a few episodes. He gets the Trans-Am system late in Season One, upgrades to the 00 Gundam at the start of Season Two, upgrades again to the 00 Raiser about halfway through Season Two, and gets the 00 Quan[T] in the movie's final battle.
  • Mind Rape: When he first tries to use the 00 Raiser to make contact with the ELS, his experiences brain damage due to his brain being overloaded with information and goes into a coma where he suffers from horrific nightmares.
  • Mistaken for Romance: No, he and Marina are not romantically involved, but people tend to assume otherwise anyway. When Mileina asks Setsuna and Marina if they are a couple, the scene is notable for having absolutely none of the expected embarrassment involved; both deliver an absolutely deadpan denial. He emphasized that again when Feldt gave him flowers and thought Marina might be mad about this.
  • My Hero Zero: Idolizes the GN-000 0 Gundam. In season 2, he pilots the titular GN-0000 00 Gundam, which can combine with the GNR-010 0 Raiser to form the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser.
  • Mysterious Middle Initial: What his middle initial of "F." stands for is never properly revealed, although supplemental materials reveal that it is short for "From," which gives his name a prophetic meaning.
  • Mythology Gag: His birthday is April 7, 2291. In the real world, Mobile Suit Gundam was first broadcast on Japanese television on April 7, 1979. Relena Peacecraft/Darlian also shares the same birth date.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: He is named after the main star of Turtles Can Fly, the first film to be made in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. The film is about war orphans.
  • Not Good with People: In season 1 at least.
  • Not So Stoic: While Setsuna rarely shows emotions, he breaks down crying after Lockon dies.
  • Oblivious to Love: Doesn’t seem to notice at first when girls such as Feldt or Nina are interested in him.
  • Only a Flesh Wound: Averted. When he gets shot in the shoulder by Ali he becomes debilitated and eventually looses consciousness.
  • Orbiting Particle Shield: The 00 Quan[T]'s blade bits can also function as such.
  • Papa Wolf: Very much so in season 2. Sensing his comrades all on the brink of death pissed him off to the point that he unknowingly initiates the "Trans-AM burst mode", completely turning the tide of the battle.
  • The Paragon: Seeks to become his ideal of a "Gundam", a being with the power to end all conflict and save everyone. He eventually succeeds.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Both him and Marina consider each other their most important person and they share a nearly spiritual connection, but they like to make clear they aren't romantically interested in each other.
  • Prophetic Names: A Moment From The Holy Eternity. If you translate it to Japanese except the From , which you will remove the other three letters after F, you'll get Setsuna F Seiei. The Director says it represents the moments of revolutions in the long history of mankind, hinting at Setsuna being the true Innovator, the one who is going to bring revolution to mankind. If that is not enough, watch episode 24, where his mobile suit enables global telepathy, breaks the mind control powers of certain Innovators, and reverses the form of radiation poisoning that had been slowly killing several characters. While it was already clear that it could do all of these; it was not clear that it could do it on that scale.
  • Reluctant Warrior: In the movie, Setsuna is reluctant to fight against the ELS, because he realizes that they aren't
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Inverted. He wears one only in his civilian outfit, so he does most of his asskicking when he's not wearing it.
  • Screaming Warrior: Screams with rage when he's fighting in intence battles.
  • Self-Made Orphan: He murdered his family as part of initiation to the KPSA. Understandably, he has never gotten over it.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Saji and him are like this in season 2. Setsuna is calm and composed, while Saji is always worried about his safety and that of others.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: He's clearly traumatized by his experiences as a child soldier.
  • Shipper on Deck: Saji/Louise fanboy in season 2, to the extreme of slashing off Andrei Smirnov's A-Head when he attempted to kill Saji.
  • Shirtless Scene: He and H/Allelujah in the second ED.
  • Shout-Out: His entire characterization has many references to Square Enix games, namely;
    • Kingdom Hearts: For his Relationship Voice Actor with Saji.
    • Final Fantasy VII: For having Exia use the omni-slash against Throne Zwei.
    • Final Fantasy VIII: First for his rivalry with Graham that mirrors that of Squall Leonheart and Seifer Almassy's. Second with his Gundams using GN blades (GN is sometimes pronounced as "gun" in this series, you get the idea). Third with the 00 Raiser's Trans-Am Raiser being identical to Squall's Blasting Zone Limit Break.
    • His personality is also similar to typical Final Fantasy main leads, especially Cloud and Squall
  • So Last Season: In the second season premiere, Setsuna learns the hard way that his Exia Repair is no match for Zinin's technologically superior Ahead.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Is his last name Ibrahim, Ebrahim or Ybrahim?
  • Stalker with a Crush: Subverted. He follows Marina around for quite a number of times in season one, but that's due to him being a Not Good with People Chaste Hero.
  • The Stoic: Generally doesn't show much emotion.
  • Storm of Blades: The 00 Qan[T] has six Sword Bits.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: The GN Sword on Exia, GN Sword III on the 00, and the GN Sword V on the 00 Qan[T].
  • That Man Is Dead: If you mention the name Soran Ibrahim to Setsuna, chances are he'll be shocked. Very, very shocked.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: A trademark skill of his, to the point where his aim with thrown weapons is arguably better than with beam weapons. He's so accurate with throwing his swords and GN beam sabers that he's capable of destroying GN-Fangs in flight just by throwing beam sabers and blades twice their size, and has used this tactic multiple times to down enemy MS. He once even managed to take out the Regnant by throwing a sword partially through it's GN field, then shooting the rest to push it through.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Kind of his default mode.
  • Tyke-Bomb: He's a former child soldier who uses the skills he gathred to fight for Celestial Being.
  • Where It All Began: He ends up destroying the 0 Gundam, the very Mobile Suit that saved him during the very first episode using his original mobile suit, the Exia Gundam. Also, before the said battle took place, he had the Exia descend to battle in the same manner during its debut.

    Lockon Stratos
"Targeted and firing!" note 
Original Name: Neil Dylandy (First), Lyle Dylandy (Second)
Affiliation: Celestial Being, Katharon (Second)
Role: Gundam Meister (Long range combat and suppression)
  • GN-002 Gundam Dynames
  • GN-006 Cherudim Gundam
    • GN-006GNHW/R Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R

The resident sniper of Celestial Being and the pilot of Gundam Dynames. Lockon acts like a big brother towards the rest of the Meisters, and is the most easygoing, accompanied with a Haro. He has a Dark and Troubled Past, as he was a survivor of a terrorist attack (initiated by the Setsuna's faction). Lockon eventually got to know better and directed his anger towards Ali Al-Saachez. Unfortunately, while fighting Ali alone, Lockon was badly wounded and was eventually killed, but not after he shot down Ali's Throne Zwei, severely ruining the machine and putting him out of action for a good while.

Thus was the story of the Lockon known as Neil Dylandy.

In the second season, Neil's twin younger brother Lyle, a member of Katharon, took the name of Lockon Stratos and pilots Dynames' successor: the Gundam Cherudim. He's just as skilled as his predecessor, but at first he tends to act as if he knows nothing about piloting (though later, he shows a more intense and emotional side).

Voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki (Japanese) and Alex Zahara (English)

Tropes associated with both Lockons.

  • Badass Normal: Lockon's teammates are two Tyke Bombs (a Child Soldier and a Super Soldier to be specific) and an Artificial Human. He always manages to hold his own.
  • BFG: The sniper rifles mounted on their Gundams.
  • Catchphrase: "Targeted and firing!"
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Of course the Irish guy would have a green Gundam.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: The deaths of their family at the hands of terrorists. Although Neil keeps his rage and angst to a minimum, it's still there. He subverts the standard of becoming an Anti-Hero, and instead fills the gaps with Celestial Being's members. Lyle, on the other-hand, moved on with his life after the incident.
  • Determinators: Both of them are able to pull impressive showings while either injured or using battered Gundams during their respective battles in each season's finale.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Zig-zagged. Lyle goes out of his way to distinguish himself from Neil in the early parts of S2. He ends up dedicating himself to Celestial Being like Neil, but rejects the thirst for revenge that drove his brother.
  • Expy: His personality is suspiciously similar to Duo Maxwell's.
  • Fighting Irish: While lacking any accent both brothers are Irish, as shown with the Dylandy Family's grave being that of an Irish style Celtic cross.
  • Friendly Sniper: Both of them are very cheerful, although some of Lyle's behavior can be obnoxious.
  • Guns Akimbo: Lockon II, who normally dual-wields beam pistols. Dynames likewise had and occasionally used twin pistols, but Lockon I tended to favor the sniper rifle. One at least one occasion though, he did go Guns Akimbo with one of the pistols in one hand, and said rifle in the other.
  • The Gunslinger: The primary style of fighting between the two, given their Gundams' specialty of long-distance combat.
  • Hypocrite: All of Celestial Being is this, being a paramilitary organization whose plan for world peace involves killing anyone who is an inconvenience to them. But Lockon especially for when he admits that what he's doing is nothing further than continuing the Cycleof Revenge that destroyed his life. And while, he's ready to accept the consequences of his actions after the world changes, the hypocrisy is that the very nature of the cycle ensures that actions like Celestial Being will never ultimately succeed due to others seeking revenge on them for their actions and Celestial Being throwing further fuel on the fire by using violent intervention to force the world to submit to their aesthetics.
  • Legacy Character: The codename Lockon Stratos belongs not to the man, but to the sniper.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: All the Lockons' Gundams are capable of missile barrages.
  • Meaningful Name: In reference to their aiming and firearms expertise.
  • Not So Different: Despite Lyle's claim that he is not like his brother Neil, his time spent with Celestial Being had some instances that parallels him to his twin brother.
  • Revenge: Neil's biggest motivation. Lyle subverts this as he rejects this. He does consider shooting Setsuna to avenge Anew (after beating the daylights out of him), but doesn't. And when he faces Ali he gives him a Last-Second Chance—which Ali promptly squanders, so Lyle shoots him anyhow.
  • Same Character, but Different: Played after the original Lockon (Neil) is killed in action, Lyle filled his role as Lockon Stratos in season 2. Both of them are laid-back and specialty in Long-Range Fighter. But unlike Neil, Lyle didn't fill Neil's role as the team leader of Gundam Meisters since Setsuna take over his position also Lyle can do both long and short range fighter while Neil who favor on Long-Range Fighter. In short, both of them are Lockon Stratos with different mannerism.

Neil Dylandy

  • Always Someone Better: Lyle has an inferiority complex towards him.
  • Berserk Button: He's normally very calm, but he goes balistic when he confronts terrorism. Pointing out that Celestial Being's actions are debatably terrorism tends to make him lose it even more.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Neil is the nice, easy-going and open-minded one. But he is not soft and will never show any mercy to anybody who harms the innocent.
    Neil in Ep.8: I'm not holding back. I'm not giving you any mercy!/Sorry, but today don't expect any mercy from me.
    Neil in Ep.13: I was afraid I might be a little rusty. . . but I guess not.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Serves as kind of an older brother figure for the Meisters. Towards Setsuna especially, as well as Feldt.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: He rather seems to be addressing the audience with his last words: "Hey, are you all satisfied with this kind of world? I... hate it."
  • Broken Ace: A milder case. Yes he is a great and respected team leader to his comrades, but deep inside, he's a guy with huge, unresolved vengeance issues.
  • Celibate Hero: Much like Setsuna, he shown has close relationship with all Celestial Being crew. However, unlike Lyle, Neil never seen if he ever has romantic relationship with anyone or shown any romantic interest with someone.
  • Dead Person Conversation: Manages to tell Tieria to calm down when he's struggling with inner turmoil. He would later do this to Setsuna as well, telling him the past can never be changed.
  • Death by Disfigurement: If he didn't have that blind spot, he probably would have fared better against Ali and might not have had to sacrifice himself to win.
  • Dying Alone: Dies by himself, drifting in space before the GN Arms to explode.
  • Expy: Greatly resembles Duo from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing in personality.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: It's implied that Tieria has a crush on him.
  • Eye Scream: He loses an eye courtesy of Patrick.
  • Eyepatch of Power: He could regenerate his eye, but he elects for the patch because he feels his comrades need him now and regeneration would prevent him from fighting fpor weeks. He wears it until the end of his life.
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: Have this when he engage the battle with Ali Al-Saachez, a sign of his physical condition become worsening due receive another injure since his previous wound still not yet fully healed and the massive stress due overwhelm by his thirst of revenge and overwhelm by angered.
  • Famous Last Words
    "You people down there... are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me... I hate it."
  • Finger Gun: He loves doing this, even when he's dying.
  • Good Counterpart: Neil was the Good Counterpart of Louise Halevy. Both of them are pilots who seek revenge for the deaths of their families, who were killed by terrorists, which becomes their motivation to fight. Neil joins Celestial Being, a heroic organization which has bad international publicity. Besides that, he still wants to help the citizens, change the future to be better, and is caring toward his comrades, proving that he is a selfless and kind guy. Louise is a moody, broken, apathetic and delusional girl who joins A-Laws and the allies of Innovator. She doesn't care about saving the citizens due to her focus on revenge and killingfor peace. She also doesn't mind A-Laws and Innovators extremist sides as long as they can create true peace. Most importantly, Neil is never a villain's pawn and no one exploits his grief to manipulate him like what happened to Louise . Neil also regrets being a revenge-obsessed guy who is unable to move on from the tragedy and fails to change the future.Louise falls into sadness and insanity after feeling how empty revenge is, causing her heart to be completely closed by Ribbons' influence, before she is able to be saved by Saji and Setsuna and redeemed.
  • Grasp the Sun: Right before he dies, he grasps the Earth, then flicks his finger to where Japan where the original viewers are; see Breaking the Fourth Wall above.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Decides to go after Ali despite still recovering from his his eye injury and his Gundam not being fully repaired, leading to his death.
  • Spirit Advisor: Occasionally appears a ghost before the rest of Celstial Being in Season 2.
  • Still Got It: When he uses a regular sniper rifle to take out some terrorists he says that he thought he had gotten rusty.
  • Stupid Sacrifice: Sure, he puts Ali out of commission for a while, but it ultimately killed him, thus costing Celestial being a pilot for the season 1 final battle.
  • Unknown Rival: He hates Ali for killing his family, but to Ali, Neil is just one of thouands of his victims.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Neil refuses to heal his wounded eye, giving him a rather massive blind spot. When Ali figures this out, he attacks Dynames's blind spot, disabling Dynames and forcing Lockon to make a Heroic Sacrifice to win.

Lyle Dylandy

  • Angsty Surviving Twin: Averted. While Lyle was far from happy about Neil's death, he isn't particularly grief stricken about it either.
  • Becoming the Mask: In the finale, he finally embraces his identity as a Gundam Meister.
  • Double Agent: For Katharon; subverted in that his CB comrades know he's a double agent and don't care. If anything, his role as Double Agent mostly meant that Katharon, had a man in a group that they knew had stronger guns than they did, and was pretty much CB's unspoken ally; at no point were CB and Katharon openly at odds with each other.
  • Friendly Sniper: Like his brother, Lyle is a friendly and outgoing man.
  • Gun Kata: He's so awesome at it. VERY Awesome.
  • Large Ham: Sometimes invoked with the Catchphrase...
    Lyle: Just like the name says: TARGETED AND FIRING!
  • Legacy Character: He inherits the name of Lockon Stratos from his brother.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Made even more apparent in 4 months for 2312 where he found out that Anew was an Innovator but neglected to tell her or anyone else.
    • Although that neglect could be an Idiot Ball of its own, since there was already one other Innovade on the crew who could maybe help separate Anew from the hivemind.
  • Shipper on Deck: In the movie, he gets annoyed when Setsuna shows no interest in getting together with either Marina or Feldt.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Is shown smoking a few times to show how awesome he is.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Anew. He's a Gundam Meister of Celestial Being and she's a Innovade deep cover operative. Their romance ends with her tragic death.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Deconstructed. He looks exactly like his twin and has the same fighting style, but their personalities are different and Lyle is not at all happy about being brought in to Celestial Being to replace him.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: The Cherudim's dual handguns have a built in axe for short-range combat.
  • The Unfavorite: Neil was the favorite son of the Dylandy family.
  • Walking the Earth: He, Setsuna, and the rest of Celestial Being at the end of the series.

    Allelujah Haptism
Original Name: E-057
Affiliation: Super Human Research Institute, Celestial Being
Role: Gundam Meister (Hit-and-Run tactics)
  • GN-003 Gundam Kyrios
  • GN-007 Arios Gundam
    • GN-007GNHW/M Arios Gundam GNHW/M

The third of the Gundam Meisters, pilot of Gundam Kyrios, and later Arios. Allelujah is a product of a Super Soldier program, but a failed one. He has another personality named "Hallelujah". While Allelujah is calm and amiable, Hallelujah is a sociopathic person who laughs in the face of deaths... of many of his enemies. In the events of the series, however, Allelujah lost Hallelujah and was forced to continue on his own. He seems to be acquainted towards Soma Peries, another product of that said program.

Voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese) and Richard Ian Cox (English)

  • Alliterative Name: Hallelujah Haptism.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Hallelujah may insane, sadistic and unstable, but he is still part of Allelujah. He may amused to see people suffering and like to finish his enemies in brutal ways, but he does all this because he wants Allelujah to stay alive.
  • Attack Drones: The Harute's scissor bits.
  • Ax-Crazy: Compared to Stoic and Nice Guy Allelujah, Hallelujah is very unstable, brutal and violent. Allelujah is disturbed by how he takes down his enemies while mocking them in brutal fashion.
  • Battle Couple: With his girlfriend Soma/Marie, in the second season. When she returns to action in the GN Archer, she docks it with the Arios Gundam and forms the Arios Archer. In the movie, the two of them co-pilot Gundam Harute.
  • The Big Guy: Allelujah in season 1. In season 2, he became more of a male version of The Chick. Hallelujah on the other hand fights more like The Brute due to being the Token Evil Teammate.
  • Badass in Distress: He was captured and placed in a high security prison, where he was completely isolated, bound in a chair and straitjacket and muzzled for over 4 years due to Celestial Being unable to find him. Thanks to Wang Liu Mei and Nena Trinity’s information, he is finally freed by the other Meisters.
  • Blood Knight: Hallelujah clearly enjoys fighting and killing, to the point it amuses him and makes him laugh.
  • Bound and Gagged: Spends the first few episodes of Season 2 like this.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Allelujah receives a head injury courtesy by Soma Peries, which resulted in him losing his quantum brainwaves and his other personality Hallelujah. This is also affects his skills, which decreased into average level. Exposure to the 00's Twin GN Drive fixes this and restores Hallelujah.
  • Bystander Syndrome: Allelujah fell victim to this in Season 1. When Soma was nearby, he collapsed on the ground with severe pain in his head. People around didn't bother to help him and just continued walking.
  • Child Soldiers: He was raised by a program that experimented on children to create Tykebombs, although he escaped after learning that he was going to be executed as a failure.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: With Marie.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: As stated in the epilogue novel version of season 1, Allelujah was treated inhumanely and was tortured by the A-Laws when he spend 4 years being imprisoned by them.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Hallelujah will do just about anything to win, a notable example being him smacking Hilling's Garazzo around using his beam rifle as a club.
  • Creepy Good: Hallelujah is a psycho that'll do anything to stay alive and enjoys killing people, but he has no problems with fighting to fulfill Allelujah's dream of a world without conflict.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He was raised from infancy in a lab to be a super soldier. He and several other children escaped, but Hallelujah was forced to kill the others to prevent Allelujah from dying from lack of food or oxygen.
  • Demoted to Extra: He got shafted in terms of facetime for the latter part of Season One. He got some spotlight in Season Two due to his and Soma's subplot, but faded into the background again once that was resolved.
  • Destructive Savior: The Meisters all inflict massive collateral damage, but Hallelujah stands apart from actually enjoying it.
  • Man in White: During his time at the HRL Super Soldier program shown in Flashbacks , and when he was held captive by the Federation Force for 4 years where he was forced to wear in a white straitjacket.
  • Men Don't Cry: Averted when Lockon I/Neil died.
  • Normally, I Would Be Dead Now: He received a head injury, was bounded and tortured for over four years, but is physically no worse for ware than eye-bags. Make a good sense since he was a super soldier, he still have good physical condition besides he loses his Quantum Brainwaves.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Whenever Hallelujah emerges, notable examples include episode 10 (poor Adjutant Ming...), and in the finale where he tears Hilling Care a new asshole.
  • Official Couple: After Marie's personality re-emerges from Soma, Allelujah and Marie get together. While their relationship has hit some rough ground when she returns to being Soma after Sergei's death, they ultimately get back together after the final battle.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Always keeps one eye covered with his bangs. Normally, the gray eye is left uncovered, but if the gold eye is uncovered, his enemies best beware.
  • Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter": Hallelujah laughing as he kills people.
  • The Quiet One: Allelujah is the calmest and least verbose of the Gundam Meisters. Hallelujah less so.
  • Real Name as an Alias: He's one of the few members of Celestial Being who is confirmed not to be using a code name. Marie named him "Allelujah", and he uses that name in lieu of a code name, since the name can't be used to uncover his past. His last name seems to be given by Celestial Being since Marie didn't gave him a last name.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Hallelujah does this to his opponents, specially if he's about to kill them.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Duh! His name rhymes with Hallelujah Baptism and, Super-Powered Evil Side aside, is the most compassionate of the Gundam Meisters. Marie named him after a blessing from the Bible.
  • Reluctant Warrior: Not as pronounced as most examples, but he definitely has a thing against killing people, especially if they can't really fight back. He expresses some self-disgust when having to bomb a base and expresses relief when he gets to bomb a crop field. Since Hallelujah is a total psychopath, he has a few moments arguing with himself.
  • Say My Name: Marie. Marie. Marie. Marie. Apparently saying it enough can break years of personality suppression and conditioning.
  • Secretly Selfish: A core character flaw of Allelujah is that he has a bad habit of forcing his own ideals and feeling onto others and then trying to control those around him while coating his words as altruism, all in an effort of self comfort. This is something both Hallelujah and Lyle call him out on.
    Hallelujah: Misery? Misery you say. Those kids in the lab don't think of themselves as miserable.
    Allelujah: But they'll feel that way eventually.
    Hallelujah: Well do you think that girl flying the Tieren feels like she has a miserable life? That's not the case is it. Don't push your own feelings onto others. No matter what pretty words you string together, your kindness is just hypocrisy. You're just pretending to be nice to make yourself feel better.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Allelujah and Hallelujah can be seen as the two in one body. Allelujah is a sensitive person while Hallelujah is a sociopathic tough guy. Likewise, his/their girlfriend/s Soma/Marie can also be seen as a two in one body for this trope's female counterpart.
  • Shirtless Scene: He and Setsuna in the second ED.
  • Sociopathic Hero: Allelujah self was an All-Loving Hero. He was considered as this thanks to his Hallelujah persona.
  • Split Personality: Hallelujah, a murderous split personality that emerges when Allelujah is in danger or is in a situation that requires him to do something horrible.
  • Split-Personality Merge: Allelujah and Hallelujah are capable of temporarily merging their personalities, giving them the reflexes of two super soldiers.
  • Stronger Than They Look: As a failed subject at the Super Human Research Institute, Soma and the HRL Scientist believe Allelujah is a flawed super soldier due to his Hallelujah persona. However, besides being a super Nice Guy and having a sociopathic-Blood Knight Hallelujah persona, Allelujah is still able to be a strong and agile Gundam Pilot and Super Soldier.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: The bloodthirsty Hallelujah seems to be the more skilled pilot of the two personalities.
  • Super Soldier: He was created to serve as a Super Soldier (more enhanced than created) from the HRL, although he fell short of his creators' expectations and fled before he could be executed for having a murderous other personality.
  • Survivor Guilt: Allelujah escaped the Super Soldier facility with several other Super Soldier children, but they ran short on food and oxygen and Hallelujah had to murder the other children so Allelujah could survive. Allelujah is still traumatized by it years later.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: The Kyrios is equipped with a a shield that can also function as a pincer with a retractable heat blade in the center.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Allelujah stands 6'2, has dark hair and complexion and is undeniably good-looking.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Hallelujah stands 6'2, an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight and Crazy Awesome Token Evil Teammate.. And also has dark hair and complexion and is also undeniably good-looking.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Hallelujah is extremely fond of doing this to his opponents.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Hallelujah, the only Gundam Meister to have no interest in creating a peaceful world.
  • Transforming Mecha: His Gundams can transform into a plane-like form for mobility.
  • True Love's Kiss: With Marie once they hook up.
  • Tyke-Bomb: He was raised from childhood to be a soldier.
  • Walking the Earth: At the end of the second season, he and Marie left Celestial Being and wander the earth in order to find the meaning behind their existence.
  • Weapon of Choice: Hallelujah really likes scissors/pincers.
  • The Worf Effect: Allelujah in the second season. Seriously, except for his battle against Revive Revival, he just can't win tough battles on his own. It takes Hallelujah re-emerging to beat the shit out of his opponents.)

    Tieria Erde
Original Name: Base Sequence Pattern 0988
Affiliation: Celestial Being
Role: Gundam Meister (Artillery and support)
  • GN-005 Gundam Virtue
    • GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh
  • GN-008 Seravee Gundam
    • GN-009 Seraphim Gundam
    • GN-008GNHW/B Seravee Gundam GNHW/B

The fourth of the Meisters, piloting Gundam Virtue (and Nadleeh) and later Seravee (and Seraphim). Tieria is known to be able to establish a direct connection to Veda, Celestial Being's supercomputer, and acts aloof and bemeaning towards the rest of the Meisters. This, however, changes due to the interactions he has with Lockon Stratos later on, where he starts to act more human-like. He is serious and pragmatic, but his past is completely shrouded by mystery.

Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese) and Samuel Vincent (English)

  • Aloof Ally: At the start of the series, he treats the rest of Celestial Being with nothing but contempt, although he eventually grows out of it.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Even though he very well compassionate to all male and female ptolemy crew, Tieria never shown any interest to the woman while there is one of ptolemy crew (Mileina)canonically shown have huge feeling at him. However, it's implied that he fell in love with Neil Dylandy, but it's not explicitly stated.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Like most of the Innovades, doesn't possess any sexual characteristics, but he identifies as a man.
  • Armor-Piercing Slap: If he's not the one pimp-slapping people, he is the one getting slapped.
  • Artificial Human: He's an Innovade created to serve Celestial Being.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Departs to join the ELS at the end of A Wakening of the Trailblazer.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: At one point, dresses up as a woman and awes many men at the party he attends.
  • Become a Real Boy: Both adhered to and subverted. He learns to live like a human over the course of the series. He becomes attached to Neil Dylandy, breaks away from VEDA, and adopts parts of the Ptolemaois crew as a surrogate family. For a time he even insists that he IS human. Yet in the end, he gives up his physical body, accepts himself for what he is, and finds fulfillment by merging with VEDA as an AI. His denial is more pertaining to his biological origins, but his actions all the way to the end make him the most human, or rather, humane of the Innovades, not counting Anew.
  • Benevolent A.I.: As VEDA living consciousness, he still help Celestial Being by giving some information, watch over the progress of humanity and the wellbeing of his comrades. Which brings up the philosophical question, which one is Tieria? The A.I. or the 'human' that died by a bullet to the head?
  • Berserk Button: A couple, but he cycles through them. He started out so violently devoted to Veda that if anyone (i.e. Setsuna and Allelujah) messed up its plans he'd lock them in a padded room for a week at best, and try to kill them at worst. After Veda ditches him, he throws all of his affection onto Neil "Lockon Stratos" Dylandy, and God help you if you insult him in front of Tieria.
  • BFG: A trademark of his Gundams are giant beam cannons.
  • Bishōnen: Is beautiful enough that he can easily pass as a woman.
  • Boom, Headshot!: Ribbons shoots him in the head, although he survives by uploading his mind to Veda.
  • Break the Haughty: Revealing Nadleeh too early, being rejected by Veda, and Neil Taking the Bullet for him all do a number on his self-confidence. Ultimately a positive spin on the trope, as it contributes to his defrosting and Character Development.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Tieria uses the trial system in Season One to stop the Trinities's Gundams, but Ribbons manages to override it. The Trial system isn't used again until the final battle of Season Two, when Tieria uses it to stop the Innovades' mobile suits..
  • Cloning Blues: Regene Regetta and Laetitia Erde are the only known clones who share the same DNA pattern as him. However, they have personalities distinct from him and have their own will,even though all of them are loyal to VEDA. Also,Regene was not a combat-type Innovade.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Tieria's Gundam is associated with the colour black and his main theme colors are dark-purple. Aside from his negative persona before his character development in season 1, Tieria was a purely good and loyal character.
  • Death Is Cheap: He can upload his mind to Veda if his body is killed. This comes in handy in the movie, where he self-destructs Gundam Raphael to take out a bunch of ELS that would have killed the other Meisters. While Raphael isn't easily replaced, the death of Tieria's physical body is just a minor inconvenience.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Thanks to his Character Development.
  • Detatchment Combat: Raphael's backback can separate from the main body and transform into the Gundam Seravee II, allowing Tieria to pilot two Gundams simultaneously.
  • Disney Death: Appears to die at the end of Season One, but shows up alive and well in Season Two. Ribbons kills his body towards the end of Season Two, but Regene managed to upload Tieria's mind to Veda, making him nearly immortal. In the movie, he appears to sacrifice himself to take out several ELS, but manages to stay alive through Veda.
  • Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite: While Tieria never shown any concern about relationship, there are two character who shown any interest with him.
    • Micheal Trinity point out Tieria is very cute and really wanted to get him if he was a female.
    • Mileina Vasthi, Ian and Linda daughter, who has a big crush on him. While this probably a Unrequited Love, Tieria never disturb with this and only shown his warm smile and trust at her.
  • Evil Twin: Regene Regetta, Ribbons's right hand. They have the same DNA. Subverted when it turns out that Regene is on Tieria's side.
  • Expy: His anger and morality are similar to Chang Wufei's.
  • Four Is Death: He is the fourth meister. He piloted four Gundams in the series, not counting the 00 Gundam seen in a Flash Back, including the GN-004 Nadleeh. Speaking of the 00 Gundam, it is the only fourth generation Gundam and it's powered by two GN Drives; one from the very first (O) Gundam and the other is from Setsuna's previous (Exia) Gundam that was part of the third generation Gundams (It's 1+ 3=4). In the second season, he is revealed to be part of the Innovades, a group that consist of four pairs. And finally, guess what happened to him near the Grand Finale? Yup, he was killed, only physically, but still killed. Oh, and to be specific, that happened on episode 24.
  • Full-Name Basis: He call others by their full names rather than either last or first ones. He seems to have dropped the habit by Season Two, though.
  • Gender-Blender Name : Tieria is feminine name. Beside He has feminine-looking appearance and presumably he was sexless, Tieria identify himself as a man, even his act and his voice is way too masculine for him. This also shared to both his clone like Regene Regetta and Laetitia Erde.
  • Genius Bruiser: While he is a Badass Bookworm, while fighting inside his Gundams, he can be both The Big Guy and The Smart Guy.
  • Good Counterpart: Tieria serves as this to Ribbons Almark, due both of them being known as proud and strong combat-type Innovade and Gundam pilots. While Tieria used to be proud, like accusing someone of some mistake and refusing to admit his failure due to his ego, he was always being loyal to VEDA and his Celestial Being comrades, which led to his Character Development to be a better person. While Ribbons, who was supposedly still loyal to be Aeolia's plan, betrays the Celestial Being for his own goals, manipulates everyone in the world, causes chaos and mass murder, is absolutely disgusted by humanity and refuses to innovate them to be the true-Innovator, feels he is the most superior being in the world and refuses to acknowledge him as Innovade. Ribbons doesn't care about anyone except himself and his own goal to be ''Messiah''.
  • Heartbroken Badass: Neil's death near the end of Season 1 devastates him, to the point where he welcomes his own death if it means he can see Neil again. Years later, he still cares deeply for Neil, and is enraged by Ribbons insulting him.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He self-destructs Gundam Raphael in the movie. Since Tieria's still linked to Veda, it doesn't kill him.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: In Season 2, he fights against the Innovades despite being one himself.
  • Hypocrite: One of the early episode, he was nearly captured and forced to pull his Gundam's trump card to escape. Once Celestial Being regroups, he chides Sumeragi for her botched forecasting even though she pretty much admits and takes responsibility for the blunder. Lockon calls him out on it and how he's not fessing up to his own mistakes.
  • I Am What I Am: He finally accepted the fact he wasa Innovade, and continue to guide and help his friends to change the future.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: He starts out as a cold, high-and-mighty Jerkass, but when he makes the kind of mistake he calls his fellow Meisters out on, his disappointment in himself is such that he bursts into tears. And as soon as the supercomputer he's so faithful to ditches him altogether, it's revealed that he's too insecure to do anything on his own without it.
  • Ironic Name: Tieria come from word "Tierra" means "Earth", but he states that he hates the earth and prefers to live in space.
  • Judge, Jury, and Executioner: He is the sole operator of the TRIAL System. Once he's judged somebody unfit to be a Gundam Meister, the TRIAL system allows him to shut down their Gundam and kill them.
  • Men Don't Cry: Averted when Lockon/Neil died where he shed the most Manly Tears.
  • Messianic Archetype: He got himself physically killed to save his friends and humanity from Fucking Ribbons by merging with Veda, and then he had his Seraphim Gundam use the Trial system to eliminate Ribbons' minions by emitting a red cross while it's in a Crucified Hero Shot.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Seravee has four BFGs, two on its shoulders and two in its knees. These all are capable of sprouting hands equipped with beam sabers in addition to the Seravee's normal pair, allowing Seravee to simultaneously fight with six beam sabers at one time.
  • My Death Is Just the Beginning: When he is maimed and killed by Ribbons, his consciousness merges with Veda. Then he knocks every last ship he can out of the sky and then schools Setsuna on plans of Aeolia Schenberg, and he does all of this while shot in the head. Easily, Tieria's biggest Moment of Awesome.
  • Mysterious Past: While his origins are revealed in season two, his past STILL remains a mystery.
  • Never My Fault: Due to his pride and Inferiority Superiority Complex, he has a tendency to blame others for things he's at least partially responsible for. Losing this habit is a significant part of his Character Development, and by the end of Season 1 he's learned to take responsibility for his mistakes.
  • Pronoun Trouble: His choice of first-person pronoun in Japanese is indicative of his mental state; masculine "ore" pre-defrostment, more reserved "boku" after he's defrosted, and gender-neutral "watashi" at his most fragile. He once even managed to use all three of these in a row (ore to boku to watashi) when he cried on screen the first time. The English dub drops this due to the English language's lack of gendered first-person pronouns.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His theme color is purple, and he's the heavy-hitter among Celestial Being's Meisters.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: While he's hardly Mr Super Manly Man, that pink cardigan of his definitely counts.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Subverted. He's actually fairly compassionate, though it takes some time for him to learn this himself.
  • Rei Ayanami Expy: While Tieria is not an emotionless man, he has many traits of this expy. He is an artificial human, has odd hair and eye color, has Undying Loyalty to Veda (his creator), feels that he is different from the others, and later earns character development which makes him defrost his cold personality, thanks to the man that he really cares for after he saved him.And it's confirmed that he has a clone that can help him return to help his comrades even though he is now united with Veda, which is pretty similar to how Rei can be cloned if she is destroyed in battle.
  • Sealed Badass in a Can:His consciousness now become one with VEDA.Though he can return physically with his new body.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!:
    • After he refuses to join Ribbons, Tieria pulls the gun in his garter on him and then when that doesn't shut him up he jumps out a window.
    • And later, When he's immobilized Bring Stabity's mobile suit, Bring is sure that Tieria won't strike the killing blow. After all, as Innovators, they're both the same. Tieria angrily retorts that he's not an Innovator, but a human, and kills Bring.
  • The Spock: Tries to act as emotionless and rational as possible, although he later lightens up.
  • Stoic Spectacles: His fairly large spectacles indicate his aloofness.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: His eyes glow gold whenever he links with Veda.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Is tall, broods, and snarks at his teammates prior to his character develoment.
  • Token Non-Human: The one and only Innovade among the Gundam Meisters.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Becomes much more compasionate and friendly as the series goes on. By Season Two, he's practically unrecognizable as the person who threatened to murder his teammates over the mere hint of insubordination.
  • Virtual Ghost: After Regene uploads Tieria's mind to Veda, he exists mostly as data, although he can still create and use a biological body.
  • The Voice: After Ribbons gunned him to death, his mind left his physical body and merged with Veda. The only way for him to make his presence felt is through his voice. Unless you're Ribbons, in which case... hoo boy...
  • Wave Motion Gun: The Seravee's main gun takes a while to charge, but is the most powerful weapon in Celestial Being's arsenal.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Dresses as a woman in episode 8 of season two, complete with fake breasts and long hair extensions... and a hidden pistol in his garter.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: He has purple hair.
  • Younger Than They Look: At first glance, viewer will thinking he probably share same age with Setsuna. Since he was confirmed a Innovade, in prequel novel, there's speculated he was born at 2302.A.D, 3 years before Setsuna join Celestial Being and the same years he was choosen by VEDA.


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