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    Code Geass 

    Dragon Ball 
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Babidi has a hatedom, despite the fact that you're supposed to hate him because he's evil, a lot of fans disliked him because of his frequent outbursts and grating voice, and he's considered a "bad" villain because he got other villains to do his work for him.
    • While Broly (pre-Super) was already a Base-Breaking Character, his clone, Bio-Broly, is universally despised by even the most die hard of his fans. Viewers hate him because of his unappealing design (which many have compared to Swamp Thing on steroids, and Team Four Star unfavorably labeled it the love-child of Swamp Thing and a Muk), being a mindless brute that only screams "Kakarot" (which was already an issue with the original Broly starting with his second appearance), having none of the original Broly's badass capabilities, and for his humiliating anti-climactic defeat from getting submerged in water. All this made Bio-Broly considered to be the worst Dragon Ball movie (animated, that is). To put it in perspective just how unpopular he is, despite the regular Broly's Wolverine Publicity when it comes to supplementary material, Bio-Broly rarely gets any official merchandise and he has only appeared in two video games to date since the movie's initial release in 1994, the lowest of any Dragon Ball Z movie villain.
  • While opinions on Dragon Ball GT and its villains range wildly, the most hated of all its villains tends to be Super Android 17. This mainly stems from his origin and concept being completely inexplicable: his creators built a robot on par with Goku and carrying a connection to 17 that allowed them to remotely control him and open a portal to his location, with no discernible explanation for where they got the resources to do so while in Hell, and they can fuse into a being stronger than Super Saiyan 4 Goku... somehow. He also has the shortest arc, and displays very little personality or unique traits across that arc, with him being under mind control for most of the arc and his fighting style coming across as a retread of past Androids. And being under mind control, it means 17, an already underutilized character, is effectively written out of the series in an arc where he's the focal character—something that became even more widely mocked when Super managed to make 17 important in a much better-received fashion. To drive it home further, the arc barely puts any focus on either Android 17 for quite some time, instead preferring to drag its feet by dedicating itself to the heroes defeating every villain in the series with little fanfare before finally getting to the main threat, meaning 17 is wasted even more. Pretty much the only positive things fans tend to say about him is that he has nice hair, Hell's Storm is a cool attack, and he prompted one of his sister's very few spotlight moments in that series. It doesn't help that his status as an Arc Villain ensures he'll show up whenever a game wants to make a nod to GT, and games that include every major antagonist in this series will inevitably include him as a playable character.
  • Dragon Ball Super:
    • Goku Black's manga incarnation is not as well-received as his anime version due to holding the Villain Ball multiple times and is far less competent who tends to lose his cool rather easily. He also never fights or have a proper interaction with Goku despite stealing his body in the first place.
    • Infinite Zamasu is easily his most-hated form (especially the version in the anime). Lots of fans see said form as the cheapest Diabolus ex Machina in the whole franchise, and the main cause of the Future Trunks Saga's widespread Ending Aversion.
    • The Kamikaze Fireballs/Maiden Squadron of Universe 2 is given a lot of hate, not only from Dragon Ball fans, but also fans of Magical Girl series in general. Most of the hate is geared towards Brianne de Chateau/Ribrianne. Her Ribrianne form is incredibly off-putting (While Kakunsa and Rozie look reasonably normal, Ribrianne is incredibly chubby and is constantly showing off her bloomers because of her costume's design), but her attitude is the complete antithesis to what a magical girl is as she's a warrior whose idea of The Power of Love is disgustingly superficial and hypocritical. Rozie seems to avoid this though, and is considered an Ensemble Dark Horse.

    Others A-M 
  • Akame ga Kill!: Prime Minister Honest. He's the Big Bad in a series where the single most popular character by an intensely wide margin (Esdeath) is merely The Dragon to him, which is surprisingly easy to forget about. This wouldn't be bad enough to label him this trope, if only he weren't one of the single most narmy villains people could think of. Every single scene with him has him straddling the Moral Event Horizon in some way, yet he comes across as nothing more than an annoying, over-the-top and flat Big Bad Wannabe. In a fictional example of X-Pac Heat, instead of viewers wanting to see him get his comeuppance, they view him as a waste of time at the expense of other, mostly more popular antagonists and want him to go away.
  • Assassination Classroom:
    • Hiromi Shiota, Nagisa's mother, was instantly hated by the fans when she was introduced in Chapter 112. She uses Nagisa to live her life anew, denies him control over his own future so as to not make the mistakes she made, refuses to acknowledge his gender, and immediately goes into a rage when he makes any sort of defiance against her. The next few chapters with her show just how deluded she is about the whole thing. She's so detestable that she would easily qualify as a Hate Sink instead of The Scrappy, if not for the way Nagisa handled things in the end, making her a massive case of Karma Houdini and Easily Forgiven, so it's unclear if she was actually intended to be hated as intensely as she is. While she did mellow out after her introductory arc, it's hard to forgive how she treated Nagisa and the fact that she attempted arson.
    • A good part of the fandom used to see Kayano as this, at least to the extent that she was just there all the time and not very interesting. Then chapter 128 happened.
  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts:
    • Mizuki Himeji. Receives the most attention from the main character, but is generic and mildly notorious at her best and terrifyingly psychotic at her worst. There's something wrong when her most prominent role is to routinely put people on the edge of death with her attempts at cooking.
    • How about Shouko Kirishima? She abuses Yuuji numerous ways, including chaining him to her with a pillory, tazing him, poking his eyes out when he even takes so much as a glance at other girls (and Hideyoshi), and tries to force him into a marriage. Not only are all Yuuji's friends totally okay with this, they actively try to get the two together. It doesn't help that she is quite possibly the biggest Karma Houdini in the series; when she looks like she might finally get some comeuppance, she always comes out smelling like a rose. Notable in that her backstory does not excuse her actions at all.
    • Miharu Shimizu is not only loathed for being absolutely insane when it comes to Minami, and almost always showing up to reaffirm her One-Sided Affection. She is also the pseudo-antagonist of the 2nd season arc where she sets Akihisa and Yuuji up by scapegoating them for peeping into the girl's baths and making Minami and Himeji rather unlikable by pretty much turning them into Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Material. Matters are made worse when she gets no comeuppance for this incident and a hypocritical "Reason You Suck" Speech to Akihisa about how he treats Minami.
  • Baki the Grappler: Big Bad Yujiro Hanma himself is pretty despised (and not in a Love to Hate way) by quite a few fans for being such an Up to Eleven Invincible Villain — and him also being such a cruel Jerkass (especially to his own wife and son) certainly doesn't help, either. Even more so when he ultimately remains a Karma Houdini after his final battle with Baki and consequently cements Hard Work Hardly Works as a major theme, which has just caused some fans to outright jump ship out of sheer Too Bleak, Stopped Caring. Until he met Miyamoto Musashi who managed to make Yujiro bleed.
  • An unnamed middle school boy from Bakemonogatari only appears on-screen for about five minutes, and yet the fandom LOATHES him. Although when you consider he cursed Nadeko Sengoku, nearly killing her, over something as petty as a rejection and tried to beat Kaiki to death with a baseball bat because being the source of the cursing charms apparently means he's the one at fault when they are used improperly. It didn't help that this moment followed Kaiki's Character Development and was seen as a pointless Shoot the Shaggy Dog by the fans.
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Baron is the show's scrappy. He's an idolizing twit who looks like a strong man but has a voice that is higher pitched than his three year old sister. He's generally incompetent, and mocked as the worst character even on the show. Still, he's done nothing to earn himself any pity.
  • Bakuman。:
    • Takuro Nakai. Initially well-received by the fanbase because of his continuing determination to get serialized despite consistent failure in the past, Nakai lost any love from the majority of the readers when a little success went to his head and he began behaving like a complete Jerkass towards his former friend Aoki Ko, trying to pressure her into being his girlfriend when she needed his help. After leaving for a while, he's come back in an even harder to like position, as an assistant to the Smug Snake Nanamine who is extremely rude to the other assistants unless they're cute girls and doesn't seem to care about much except for the free space and pizza Nanamine is providing him with. There are still little glimmers of the nicer guy he used to be underneath the self-pitying Jerkass, especially when he gets back on the road to working toward his dream as Hiramaru's assistant. Until the mandatory redemption, this was probably an Intended Audience Reaction, but said redemption did in the end not waver many.
    • Another series scrappy is Miura, Takagi and Mashiro's second editor; unlike the wise and talented Hattori, an Ensemble Dark Horse, Miura is new, inexperienced, and not very good at what he does while Takagi and Mashiro are working with him. While he's worked to improve himself, his first impression as an incompetent Replacement Scrappy to such a popular character earned him a lot of hate, presumably influencing Hattori returning to being Ashirogi Muto's editor for PCP.
    • Shun "Dog boy" Shiratori, a rather spoiled would-have-been woobie who was the cause of a second breaking up of the lead team or so it would seem. The creators may have caught on with this one, because past his arc, the character is never seen or heard from again, unless one counts the hand wave cancellation of his series.
  • Battle of the Planets: 7-Zark-7 is hated violently by even die-hard fans. Actually a Western addition, since a change was rendered necessary by Moral Guardians when its parent anime was translated.
  • Ben-To:
    • Class Representative Ume is intensely unpopular among fans of the show because she's a bland Psycho Lesbian archetype who harasses and abuses Satou for utterly ridiculous reasons.
    • Orthros (Kyo & Kyo Sawagi), because how incredibly overpowered they are. It's not that the Worf Effect was in well, full effect, but that they curb stomped the much-loved Yarizui, and as a result, she does nothing in the series' climax.
  • Berserk: Nina, the young prostitute and secret pagan cultist of the Conviction arc. Many hate her for being a Dirty Coward, for the way she treated Joachim and for being completely useless to people who are protective of her, while she is too selfish and scared to help them back. She is written as very aware of her faults and really trying to help, and has very good reasons to be afraid (among them the nightmare-inducing torture chamber she gets led into at one point). But it's handled very poorly by the writers.
  • Bleach:
    • Kaname Tousen is hated for many reasons, first and foremost, for being a total hypocrite who betrays Soul Society for extremely flimsy reasons: wanting to walk the path of the least bloodshed toward peace... by siding with the egomaniacal traitor whose entire plan revolves around starting a bloody war and who is perfectly fine with murdering his own allies just because they're of no use to him anymore. Another reason fans hate him is for initially being the blind man in the Blind and the Beast with Komamura, then insulting by calling Komamura ugly to his face the second he regains his sight. He's also hated for holding one of the most blatant examples of the Idiot Ball in the series history in his fight with Kenpachi, where he traps Kenpachi in his sensory deprivation Bankai, then just stands around taunting and lecturing him (which, as noted, Kenpachi can't hear anymore) instead of just finishing him off, which he ends up losing the fight because of.
    • The Modsoul trio of Ririn, Noba, and Kurōdo were reviled during their debut in the Bount Arc for their individual traits. Ririn's sometimes loud and arrogant, Noba's too shy, and Kurôdo talks too much for the audience's taste. By the end of the Bount Arc they were not only reduced to comic relief, but allowed to leak into the canon material of the Arrancar Arc, quickly increasing their earlier hate.
    • In the The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai Filler Arc, Rurichiyo Kasumiōji is a spoiled brat of a rich kid who's prone to being kidnapped just to keep her unpopular Filler arc going. Fans also find her Third-Person Person quirk annoying to listen to, and just plain don't like how useless she was in said arc.
    • In the Gotei 13 Invading Army Filler Arc, Nozomi's existence was justified by rewriting canon character backgrounds, stealing unique canon abilities, reducing Rukia and Orihime to bit-roles that consisted solely of shilling her, removing Ichigo as The Protagonist to turn Kon into her Love Interest, and making her more powerful than even Yamamoto.
  • Captain Tsubasa: The Street Team from Captain Tsubasa J, especially the PSX adaptation video game. Not only that they are a whole team, not just a character, of Canon Foreigners, but their super shots in the game are almot unstoppable even by Wakashimazu (the best available goalkeeper at the time), let alone by Morisaki in the second match. And yes, you had to play against them twice. If that's not bad enough, they wear black uniform and their super shots are all evil-themed (skull, demon, snake, etc), as if to show that they are, well, evil. Considering that Captain Tsubasa is a sport series, their mere existence is just hilariously narmy and unnecessary Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • Cross Ange: Jill gained quite a bit of a negative reception for her actions such as doing a painful cavity search on Ange; pulling off a really huge Idiot Ball moment by sending her out into the frontlines when she just wanted to escape. By the time "Conclusive Ocean" aired, fans cheered when Ange finally kicks Jill down.
  • Date A Live: Ai, Mai and Mii — but especially Mii. Their only purpose so far has been an unfunny Running Gag where they interpret Shido's (and sometimes other people's) actions in the worst way possible, and fans find Mii's constant "gross" (changed to "That's so lame" in the FUNimation dub) — her only line — to be incredibly grating and unfair to Shido.
  • Death Note: Kiyomi Takada. Whenever fans talk about her, it's either that she was a informed intelligent fool who easily fell for Light's charms or a stuck up jerk, particularly on how she treated Misa. She even gets plenty of flak from fangirls who swore to exact their revenge on her for killing Mello - though it's hard to imagine a worse fate for her than the one that actually transpired.
  • Detective Conan:
    • Sonoko Suzuki has her fair share of haters, who accused her of being a Rich Bitch who is selfish, perverted, and arrogant to the point where she makes Shinichi look humble.
    • For the love of god, INSPECTOR YAMAMURA. Yamamoron (as he's nicknamed by fans of the show) is so incompetent that he manages to make KOGORO seem like an excellent detective in comparison. Not helping matters is the fact that he refused to acknowledge Conan's genius in his debut episode, and that he's commonly featured in filler cases outside of the Tokyo area (at the expense of the Nagano Trio: Yamato, Morofushi, and Uehara).
  • Digimon Adventure tri. has Yggdrasill/King Drasil, the main villain. This is hardly his first incarnation, and he's already a Base-Breaking Character for his increasing prominence as an antagonist, but tri's version of him is easily considered the absolute worst of his appearances. Not only is the character incredibly poorly-defined as a consequence of never properly appearing onscreen and preferring the Mysterious Man/Dark Gennai to do all the work, but the motivation he does receive comes across as complete nonsense. He wants to protect the Digital World from evil humans... when every recent threat the Digital World has faced resulted from evil Digimon, and most of them were thwarted by good humans. It leads you to wonder where he was when the likes of Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, the Dark Masters, Millenniummon, Diaboromon and the Daemon Corps were running amok, let alone actual human villains like Ken and Oikawa who were manipulated by Myotismon anyway. It doesn't help that Yggdrasil's plan, which involves reviving all of the dead Digimon, also includes the aforementioned villains. Furthermore, he's in competition with other villains (both the leftover ones from the original series, and the new-blood villains tri established), pulling away their screentime and relevance in favor of this boring jerk and also removing any suspense from his own agent. In the Mysterious Man's case, it tricks the viewer into thinking that either Ken is the Digimon Emperor again, or that Gennai suddenly turned on everyone, before revealing that he served Yggdrasil all along. He's also a Recycled Script of his Data Squad incarnation, who was already divisive but at least some reasons to dislike humanity, seeing what Akihiro Kurata was capable of by himself. Speaking of past incarnations, he's also stripped of all of his lore elements; the Royal Knights that serve him don't exist as a group in this continuity, and none of their members serve him aside from a very different Alphamon, meaning he doesn't even have the benefit of faithfully representing the Digital World's ruler.note  And to cap it off, he gets taken down offscreen by Homeostasis, so there isn't even any satisfaction out of him finally being defeated. Bottom line, tri. Yggdrasil was easily the weakest villain in the franchise and many agree that his presence was not needed.
  • Elfen Lied: Yuka, due to the fact that she is in love with her cousin (which isn't a huge deal in Japan, but is considered gross in America) and physically beats him up for no reason. Plus the fact that she goes into Wangst over things which are comparatively minor, in contrast to almost everyone else on the show - even when you have positive traits, being selfish in contrast to the other members of the cast is not the way to go with a character... Though at least Lucy's Moral Event Horizon crossing wasn't her fault at all.
  • Most fans of Eiken dislike Komoe for her squicky character concept (an elementary school student with very large Gag Boobs). There are many people who refuse to watch/read it because they're so grossed out by her.
  • Eureka Seven:
    • Those Goddamn kids. Linck in particular. They cry in almost all of their appearances, are completely spoiled, and their continual cries of "Mama!" can become annoying in the series. Maurice shows his Scrappy colors later on, when they're lost on Earth. "Only love me, mama! No one else!" And then Renton and Eureka just have to go and be so damn understanding about it.
    • Holland's general treatment of Renton during the first half of the series is downright brutal at times. The fact he uses Renton as a punching bag on multiple occasions, basically taking out his own inadequacies on a kid, and that he used to date Renton's sister and even recognized Renton as her younger sibling only adds insult to literal injury... More than enough to be loathed by many fans. By the second half of the series, however, he gets Rescued from the Scrappy Heap thanks to him accepting the fact that Renton is The Chosen One and eventually reconciling with him.
    • Most of the Gekkostate members get this treatment due to their cruel mistreatment of Renton, Moondoggie and Talho (After she Took a Level in Kindness and began calling Holland out) being some of the few exceptions.
    • In the sequel Eureka Seven Ao: Truth is this for being an Outside-Context Problem with Combo Platter Powers in a series where there is no superpowers. at all. Not to mention his randomly killing people and other things. Ironically, Archetype!Truth is looked upon more favorably and the lack of focus on him is considered a case of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
  • Fairy Musketeers: Viewers almost unanimously hate Ringo. Her negative traits are even pointed out in the show, when her friends in her own world note how harsh she is toward her friends. When everyone else begins to trust Gretel, Ringo is, not surprisingly the only one against it, angrily at that. One episode even goes out of it's way to make her see that she's dead weight. Her aggressive personality isn't too surprising, considering she's voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
  • Food Wars!:
    • Asahi Saiba gets a lot of hate from virtually everyone. He is obsessed with possessing Erina Nakiri at any cost. He is a bad case of an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy and deeply resents Soma just for being Joichiro's only biological son. He doesn't have any interesting personality trait or conviction and his tragic orphan past is seen as a license to be a Jerkass. His Cross Knives ability is far too implausible and flawless to exist because it allows him to instantly master and combine the styles of many master chefs as well as easily surpass them without any real practice. Also he can easily defeat characters who were previously established as consummate chefs (Joichiro and Eishi), making him an Invincible Villain. The fact that he is easily let off after all he has done, only makes things sour.
    • Courage and Decora, the two World Gourmet Organization examiners whom the Big Bad brings in to serve as judges for the final bouts of the Régiment de Cuisine. Not only do they replace the better-liked judges, Histoire and Charme, despite being members of a prestigious organization, they are completely wrapped around the villain. The fact they are more visually sexualized than any other judge preceding them makes the two come across as nothing but Fanservice without offering any particularly new insight.
    • Mana, the Bookmaster of the World Gourmet Organization and overseer of the BLUE tournament: similar to the final Arc Villain, this character had a bland, neurotic personality, whose relationship with Erina elevated her already Spotlight-Stealing Squad status since the Central saga, thereby pushing the latter a head above Soma, whom the narrative was originally focused on. The fact that the Bookmaster was introduced into the last Story Arc a few chapters before the series' climax didn't sit well with readers.
  • Louis El Bridget from Freezing is, without a doubt, among the manga's most hated characters. He regularly abused and molested his half-sister Satella, causing her to develop a crippling phobia of being touched and kick-starting a great majority of her issues. It was bad enough that, since he couldn't have his way with Satella anymore, he molested and raped his own Pandora Holly Rose because she looked like his half-sister. And the hatred for him only solidified during the Bali arc, in which he tried to make Satella come back to him, and gave Kazuya a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown when he stood up to Satella, not to mention treated poor Holly Rose like garbage. The fact that he was Easily Forgiven by Satella and had a Heel–Face Turn after pulling a No One Could Survive That! didn't help.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Noah from The Movie of the first anime, Conqueror of Shamballa, is pretty disliked. It's fairly telling that she was heavily teased as a possible love interest for Ed, and yet everyone ships him with Alfons Heiderich instead.
  • Fushigi Yuugi:
  • Girls Bravo: Kazuharu Fukuyama, an obnoxious pervert with no character development, compared to his superior sister. Even The Cartoon Hero picked him over her to be in his Top 10 Most Hated Animated Characters list.
  • Guilty Crown:
    • Souta turns into this after his stupidity gets Hare killed.
    • Arisa and some students after they stabbed Shu in the back. After he succeeds in breaking them out of the enclosing wall that would have doomed the city.
  • Hajime no Ippo:
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire, being an epitome of Tastes Like Diabetes and having gotten quite the screentime in the anime, have garnered their fair share of haters throughout the run of Hetalia. Some of it is plain boredom and annoyance at two "stupid babies" being a Spotlight-Stealing Squad, but some of their detractors can get quite nasty. Especially with the idea that Holy Roman Empire just might be a younger version of Germany, which somehow makes Germany less of a "real man" (or just goes against their idea of history). The other younger versions of the characters have gotten hate and ridicule in spots, but nothing as extreme as some of the vitriol that a baby Italy and the one crushing on him can generate.
    • The Principalities of Wy and Seborga instantly generated fan backlash due to not being based off bonafide countries, coupled with them being portrayed as young children/adolescents and buddies of the Bratty Half-Pint Sealand. Wy's mouthy personality also hasn't helped her status.
  • Himegoto: The student council members 18+, Unko, and Bell are disliked by nearly every fan depsite being major characters. They constantly harrass and bully the main character and are almost never called out on it, and they have very few non-negated Pet the Dog moments. All three of them also suffer from bland characterization. 18+ gets the most hate for her perversion and the fact that she's pushed as the main love interest for no real reason.
  • Hunter × Hunter: As evidenced by the Chimera Ant and Dark Continent arcs, even narrators aren’t safe from scrappy status. During those arcs, the amount of narration was significantly increased causing a significant portion of the fanbase to dislike the narrator.
    • Genthru the Mad Bomber was rather bland and annoying to many and lacked the Evil Is Cool factor of other villians. It also didn't help that he became a Karma Houdini after his defeat.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Fans hate Shippo for being a smart-mouthed, whiney, useless Bratty Half-Pint.
    • Also Jaken for being sycophantic, jealous, and the annoying and useless member of Sesshomaru's team.
    • Myoga the flea makes three The Load scrappies in the same series. An unfunny and un-Lovable Coward who manages to be even weaker and more useless than the other two.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Stardust Crusaders:
      • The Runaway Girl (named Anne in the anime), the girl who tags along with the Crusaders during the early arcs of the Part, is rather disliked by fans for being completely useless in battle and regularly having to be saved by Jotaro, seemingly only existing to replicate the Tagalong Kid characters from the first two Parts. However, the additional scene added in the anime of her being sent home did cause a few fans to warm up to her.
      • Just about every minor villain in the series has at least some sort of following. The only exception to this is Arabia Fats. He's the only villain to not show even a little bit of personality, he doesn't make an appearance until after he's been defeated and knocked unconscious, his Stand, The Sun, is considered one of the less interesting and creative Stands in the series, and he wasn't even given a name until it was revealed in supplementary material (granted, a lack of name is a problem among many of the early villains of this Part). Not helping matters is that the arc he's the villain of is quite possibly the most boring arc of the entire series, consisting almost entirely of the Crusaders sitting around in a single spot until the end. In fact, he's so pathetic that Kakyoin, Polnareff and even Jotaro started laughing their asses off when they figured out how to defeat him.
    • Tamami Kobayashi and Toshikazu Hazamada from Diamond Is Unbreakable are disliked for rather similar reasons. Both are Jerkasses (with Hazamada being to near sociopathic levels), their actions and abilities cause a lot of Fridge Horror, and they're both Easily Forgiven with rather flimsy Heel-Face Turns.
    • While most are indifferent to Stone Ocean's Kenzo and D an G, their respective Stands, Dragon's Dream and Yo-Yo-Ma, are two of the most hated Stands in the series, for similar reasons as the previously mentioned Arabia Fats. Because of the nature of both Stands, their respective fights end up being rather boring and overall feeling like a complete waste of time. The fact that they're fought back to back right after the much more well liked Planet Waves fight certainly doesn't help.
    • The Boom Boom Family from Steel Ball Run are disliked for the same reasons as Arabia Fats, Dragon's Dream, and Yo-Yo-Ma, but with the addition of just being straight-up unpleasant characters to be around.
  • Kämpfer: Natsuru has scrappy status among fans for being incredibly dense.
  • Kiddy GiRL-AND: Ascoeur draws a lot of flak for her high-pitched screaming and childish behavior throughout the series. She barely gets her act together as the show progresses, which many viewers regard as way too late.
  • Kotoura-san:
    • Hiyori is nearly universally hated by fans due to her (mis)treatment of Haruka. She's Manabe's Hopeless Suitor, but he and Haruka are the Official Couple.
    • The unnamed old woman who takes the stray cat Haruka had been feeding to a shelter gets a special mention; she has collected many death threats from fans just by saying a few words to Haruka.
  • Yoshiko Tanaka from The Legend of Black Heaven is an example of this category, compared to everything that goes on in the series. She is also the reason for her husband, Oji Tanaka's initial mid-life depression.
  • Maburaho: The members of Kazuki and Yuna's class (and the two class representatives in particular) may be collectively the most petty and selfish class in anime, putting Kazuki on trial and trying to mete out punishments simply because he is friendly with Yuna. They even go so far as to sabotage a collaboration with another class just to spite Kazuki.
  • Macross Delta:
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid: Miura is really not liked within the fandom, being a sudden awesome prodigy of the Wolkenritter who, when she shows up for the Tournament Arc, trashes Vivio. Not only does she trash Vivio, she trashes her with a kicking version of Nanoha's Starlight Breaker. Maybe it wouldn't of been so bad had this been near the end or the absolute end of the tournament, but no, she defeats Vivio at the near start.
  • Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force:
  • March Comes in Like a Lion: Hina's homeroom teacher during the bullying arc, for being Adults Are Useless incarnate and for victim-blaming Hina for the bullying.
  • Maria Watches Over Us:
    • Touko (Drill-chan) is disliked by a fairly large part of the fandom because of her bitchy attitude, despite all the efforts of the creator to present her in a more positive light. The fact that Yumi keeps relentlessly pursuing her as her petite soeur only adds to this, since a lot of fans think that there are more suitable candidates— Kanako, for instance.
    • Compounding this is the fact that Kanako is called out for her initial bad behavior while Touko is never told to stop either by Sachiko or Yumi herself.
  • Metal Fight Beyblade: Team Garcia, for mixing Combat Pragmatist with Dirty Coward. Not even their backstory, which averts Heartwarming Orphan, is enough to earn them a pass for most of the fanbase.
    • To some, it's the fact that they tried to pull off the Heartwarming Orphan routine to justify their acts. Because having a sympathetic backstory is supposed to make you instantly forgivable, right?
    • And among the whole group, Enzo stands out due to bratty personality and the nerve-grating "Amazing,huh?"
  • Monster brings us Otto Heckler, a supposedly Lovable Rogue shoehorned into the animated version. He's so poorly integrated, there are numerous scenes they could have done without him. His 'comedic antics' do not fit in with the dark, compelling nature of the show, even his wide, cartoonish features look out of place. His incessant chatter does not help matters, if there's no one else around, he'll even talk to himself! He gets worse during the attempted arson of the Turkish district. While everyone else is trying to save lives, his only concern is pawning an expensive rug, which just comes off as despicable.
  • My Hero Academia: Mineta Minoru gets a lot of hate. Many see him as a Flat Character, existing only for pervert jokes that have been done to death in other shonen manga, without any other personality traits or characteristics to build on. Some viewers go so far as to accuse Mineta of being a serious sexual predator, for reasons including invoking Jail Bait Wait on a traumatized six-year-old girl. Even fans who don't mind the pervert jokes get frustrated that Mineta's so completely one-note about it, never showing any other personality traits besides being a pervert. His quirk (generating adhesive spheres from his hair) and design (a cartoonish midget whose choice of costume has some kind of metal diaper) are seen as lame and fairly ugly. Possible redeeming characteristics such as his high intelligence remain Informed Attributes in favor of his more unpleasant sides. The fact that Mineta was chosen for the Heroes' Course above Shinso, a far more popular character, doesn't help. Mineta tends to be at or near the bottom in popularity polls for My Hero Academia, and stories where Mineta gets expelled or replaced by Shinso are so common on Archive of Our Own that there are dedicated tags for both kinds of stories. He's practically entered Love to Hate territory for a lot of the fanbase.
  • My-HiME:
  • My-Otome: Sergey gets a lot of hate in some circles, because his interactions with Arika and Nina make him come off as a paedophile at times, even though it's Nina who takes the initiative, and also because he reminds some fans (visually) of Yuuichi (see above).
    • Far more Scrappy than the "pedophilia" part, as both Nina and Arika were around 16/17 in the series, rather than young children (making this not even an oddity among Japanese anime series), was his treatment of Nina, not only encouraging her obviously twisted fantasies of love while simultaneously being her adopted ''father'', but also forcing her to go through with the plan which involves turning her into a mass murderer of innocent men, women, and children. All while toying with Arika, refusing to standup to Nagi, one of the most sadistic, murderous villains in fiction, and in general, being useless aside from making bad situations worse. And in the end, he can't even accomplish his revolution without getting shot in the head, put into a coma, where he remains useless for the rest of the series and through the OVA as well.

    Others N-Z 
  • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water: King is thought of as being the series' default Scrappy due in a small part to his cartoonish traits in a setting that doesn't quite fit with them, and partially for being the driving force of many of the Filler episodes during the Island and Africa arcs, which most of the fans, and even the director himself, like to pretend were never included in the first place (with the exception of episodes 30 and 31). The fact that he has almost no impact whatsoever on or involvement with the main plot of the series also adds to his Scrappiness.
  • Naruto:
  • From Nyatto!, Anzu. Her introduction, which draws many complaints the manga taking a turn from an unique story of a guy growing a relationship with his long-time pet kitty turned into a prissy catgirl that wants to turn him into her butler, to your standard harem series where the main character is always a Butt-Monkey, as well Anzu often beating up, berating and punishing Shigeru for his perverted antics...when she is as much of a pervert as he is and yet Anzu always gets away with her own antics.
  • Ojamajo Doremi:
    • Since Pop wasn't given much of a role in the first place and was mostly a Bratty Half-Pint Annoying Younger Sibling for almost two seasons, she tends to be disliked by the fanbase. Most of her detractors claim that her presence in the story was unnecessary, and her personality pre-Character Development didn't help either.
    • Hana is also considered one of the least favorites of the fan community due to her qualities of being a "cute" Clumsy Girl (read: causes trouble), and somewhat of a Bratty Half-Pint when she gets upset (read: causes more trouble).
    • Out of all the classmates, Tamaki is probably liked the least. She brags about how her father never punishes her as opposed to the other girls in her class and thinks that punishing your child is "barbaric". She makes fun of Momoko and Hana during their respective first days of school, Momoko for technically being a foreigner and Hana for acting like a toddler.
    • Other than Tamaki, some of the male classmates were scrappies for one at least one episode. Notably the SOS Trio for teasing Naomi, and for the idiotic strategy they used to "beat" Mutsumi in a wrestling match.
  • One Piece:
    • Absalom, a lecherous, misogynistic Jerkass who's a complete waste of a cool Devil Fruit power, and who's only accomplishment of note is sexually harassing Nami. Even Eiichiro Oda hated him; not only did he appear as little as possible after his introductory arc, but his only post-Time Skip appearance is getting unceremoniously killed off by Blackbeard and his crew, with his power getting transferred to the far cooler Shiryu.
    • Hody Jones is widely considered the worst Arc Villain of the series, mainly because he's identical in motive and gimmick to Arlong, but with none of the depth or coolness. Making matters worse was his miserable performance in battle, most embarrassingly losing a duel to Zoro while they were both underwater, where Jones — being a Fishman — had a huge advantage and no excuse for losing.
    • Momonosuke has a role similar to Vivi, Shirahoshi and Rebecca as royalty who needs the Straw Hats’ help to save his home. Yet he’s far less popular than any of the three, for reasons ranging from Dirty Kid antics to being a mostly helpless child given a lot of importance, although his moment of courage when he's about to be executed saved him in the eyes of some fans. He ranked at an abysmal 180th place in the global poll, despite being with the crew since Punk Hazard and the poll taking place in the middle of the Wano arc where he's most important.
  • Ookami Kakushi: Isuzu too to an extent—she didn't get as much hatred as Hiroshi (and some of it lightened up when she was temporarily Put on a Bus), but not everyone found her clingy, stalker-ish habits amusing.
  • Osamu Tezuka's Reused Character Design: Ham Egg. Whether he's a nasty circus manager, a poacher who killed off the hero's parents, or an organ smuggler, he's found to be a total Smug Snake by fans.
  • Otogi Zoshi: Kintarou looks like an example of the Bratty Half-Pint variety. Most of the characters are fairly serious, and then you throw in an obnoxious, super-strong kid.
  • PandoraHearts:
    • Jack Vessalius. When he first appeared, he was a mysterious, kind benefactor who wished to protect the amnesiac girl. Now, when it is quite likely that he has been the cause of the tragedy of Sablier and the true evil villain all along who manipulated everyone else all along. More than likely, many people will not love him anymore.
    • Vincent Nightray, for being a selfish, abusive sociopath who uses the hero's little sister's feelings for him to his advantage, and manipulates everyone. He also cut out a cat's eyes with scissors and mocked Alice simply out of jealousy.
    • Duke Barma. It's all for the sake of love does not make up for the fact that he is a general jackass, speaks in Ye Olde Butchered English, communicates by creepy illusions, and will switch sides to suit his purposes. He has had one goal for the past fifty years, marry the Morality Chain. She hasn't said yes yet.
  • Pretty Cure:
  • The Prince of Tennis:
  • Prison School:
    • Shingo is the most hated of the five boys among the Prison School fandom due to his hypocritical and selfish behavior.
    • Early on, Mari is perhaps the most hated female character among the Prison School fandom, especially during her turn as the main antagonist in the first story arc. She had redeemed herself in much of the fandom's eyes after going through some character development in the 2nd story arc though.
    • To a lesser extent, Chiyo gets flak for being a Nice Girl who stood out among the entire cast like a sore thumb, more due to being boring instead of actual dislike of the character.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Hitomi gets a lot of flak from the fanbase because she told Sayaka that she has 24 hours to tell Kyosuke her feelings (Locked Out of the Loop about why this wouldn't work for Sayaka aside, this is far too little time for such a decision), or else she will confess, or simply they think Sayaka would be better with him.
    • You'd be very hard-pressed to find a fan who likes Kyosuke. At best, fans are neutral towards him. At worst, people loathe him for being a male in a show full of yuri subtext and being an "obstacle" to Kyoko/Sayaka, not telling Sayaka that he got out of the hospital, or being a "dense idiot" who didn't deserve Sayaka or Hitomi's love. Fans gained more reason to hate him when he reacts poorly to Sayaka's appearance in a Bad Ending of the PSP game, which ironically also has a situation where he ends up with her. Aside from that, people who don't hate him tend to find him a very bland and underdeveloped character (even his character design is incredibly nondescript), which makes it rather painful when a major narrative beat has to hinge on a major character being willing to sell her soul for him. Even Sayaka herself, by the time of Rebellion, seems to have been happy to move on in hindsight.
  • Ranma ½: Happosai. A large number of fans have a serious dislike for him, some even going so far as to avoid watching episodes/reading chapters in which he plays a prominent role. People have literally stated that they dropped the series because of how often Happosai appears, and how annoying they find him. The reason generally stems from the fact he is the Miniature Senior Citizens equivalent of a Dirty Old Man and a Panty Thief, while also being an evil Fair-Weather Mentor Old Master, notable as being childish, selfish and immature, even compared to everyone else in the series. Generally, if Happosai shows up, he's going to either be groping and harassing every female (born or made) in sight, causing trouble because he's a Jerkass, trying to get revenge on Ranma for interfering with him being a nuisance, or some combination of the aforementioned. It certainly doesn't help matters that most episodes with Happosai end up as a Karma Houdini for him. Most of the terrible things he does either goes unpunished because Genma and Soun are too cowardly to stand up to him without Ranma, or Ranma gets the blame when it's more obviously Happosai's fault. Not to mention that Happosai is one of causes of the series having a Bittersweet Ending, if not the definite cause. Mistaking the Jusenkyo water sent to the Saotome household for sake, and drinking it all up before any of the other characters can use it to cure their respective curses.
  • Reborn! (2004): While it's unclear where he stands in the Japanese fandom, Naito Longchamp was near-universally despised by a large percentage of overseas fans due largely to his goofy appearance and rambunctious personality. This only applies to the manga, however; the anime wound up writing him out of the plot entirely. However, this may be undergoing a reverse process — fans have claimed that Longchamp appearing may be the only thing that can save the show.
  • Rent-A-Girlfriend: Nobody likes Mami. Not only does she come off as a blatant manipulator who toys with people's feelings, such as how she abruptly broke up with Kazuya after just a month and told him to his face that it's because she met someone she likes more, which is later revealed to be a lie, but fans are further put off by how cruelly she treats him, viciously insulting him and deriding him as a pervert in front of Chizuru, which her and Kazuya's friends find very uncomfortable despite their own tendency to rib on him, and even going as far to demand Kazuya apologizes on her behalf when Chizuru defends him and calls her out on it. Fans are also extremely put off for her motives for trying to break Kazuya and Chizuru up, which isn't because she still likes Kazuya and wants to get back with him like most instances of this, but out of spite over the fact that Kazuya apparently found another girlfriend so soon after she dumped him. While a large part of this is intentional due to her being a Hate Sink, the author ended up going a bit too far, where instead of being a character that readers/viewers Love to Hate, she became a character that people just want gone from the story entirely.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Nanami Kiryuu is an Alpha Bitch, a Clingy Jealous Girl and a prominent face in the series' filler episodes, which causes many viewers to write her off as either an obnoxious nuisance or pointless comic relief. While it's been alleged that members of staff disliked her (supposedly the reason she only got a very limited role in The Movie, and as a cow at that) director Kunihiko Ikuhara is quite fond of her; apparently, she was modeled after a girl he liked when he was younger, but who never gave him the time of day. She wasn't integral to the movie plot, and Chiho Saitou was in charge of the manga (where she only appears in a single photograph) hence the discrepancy in her appearances between each adaptation. However, Nanami does become Rescued from the Scrappy Heap for many fans once episodes 31 and 32 roll around, in which she becomes just too pitiful to hate.
  • Robotech and Super Dimension Fortress Macross has Lynn Kaifun. Whereas Minmay's actions can be seen as those of a confused, emotionally needy Naïve Everygirl attempting to survive in a ruthless world of adults, Kaifun comes off as less sympathetic and much more of a straight-up, abusive Jerkass. Not to mention that he kept railing on the military for being warlike murderers. While giant aliens are actively trying to kill the lot of them. He gets even worse in the final arc of Macross, when the Earth is trying to rebuild after being decimated, turning into a spiteful drunk who emotionally (and sometimes physically) abuses Minmei because she isn't in too big of a demand (and can only pay in paultry gifts for her singing), and just leaves without any real retribution for any of his crap. Also for a self-proclaimed pacifist, he sure does know how to do spinkicks, something lampshaded in the Robotech novel adaptations. Also, he was trying to get together with Minmei... his cousin. For many, this was quite squick-worthy.
  • Ronin Warriors: Depending on which segment of the fandom you ask, this role could be taken on by any combination of Natsuti/Mia, Jun/Yulie, Lady Kayura or Suzunagi from the OAV.
  • Rozen Maiden: Hinaichigo and Kanaria are easily the two least popular of the dolls, especially because they're seen as "less mature" than the others. Still, it's kinda sad watching Hina slowly wind down to her inevitable death (anime) or being strangled and eaten by Kirakishou (manga). The biggest reason for the hate toward Kanaria is the fact that Ensemble Dark Horse Suiseiseki performs a Heroic Sacrifice to let her escape, which she responds to by foolishly going back and getting killed like an idiot anyway, rendering her death pointless.
  • Sailor Moon has Chibiusa aka Rini, who isn't very well liked, especially in the 90s anime incarnation where the character comes off as an annoying Bratty Half-Pint and somehow, even after becoming a Sailor Soldier, Sailor Chibimoon, as The Load. Her becoming the defacto main protagonist in Sailor Moon Super S didn't help.
  • Saki: Teru Miyanaga, the eponymous main character's older sister, attracted a fairly sizable hatedom after it's revealed that she has, when asked, refused to admit that she has a sister, when Saki had seemingly done nothing to deserve this. Quite a bit of the fandom wants Teru to get her comeuppance, rather than reconcile with Saki, even though the narrative remains sympathetic to Saki's goal.
  • Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi:
    • Chiaki, for his stupidity that can only go so far in a yaoi series, to his insensitive nature (tell your best friend whose obliviously in love with you to go hook up with someone else after you already pissed him off with lying to him (which by the way is implied to be Yanase's Berserk Button as well as breaking your promise to hang out with him) and finally being a huge brat about everything despite being at least 29. Sure he has his Woobie moments especially in the novel where he was brutally raped by his other best friend Hatori but that goes out the window when 1. He forgives said friend in an unrealistic fashion and 2. Took a Level in Jerkass as a result of going out with him despite what Hatori done to him. So with each episode, you want to strangle Chiaki and it reaches its climax in the last episode concerning him where he rejects Yanase one last time and this time, he breaks down crying because Chiaki refuses to take him seriously. And what does he tell Yanase despite this? I'll call you back later. You're my friend after all. WHAT THE HELL CHIAKI?! Alas, it will be really hard to find someone who likes Chiaki after that episode.
    • Hatori, Chiaki's Yandere boyfriend, isn't any better. Despite having fans (who look past his faults and puts it straight into the Draco in Leather Pants territory), his actions in the series has turned a lot of people off and made people call him despicable human being. What did he do? Mentioned above he crossed the Moral Event Horizon for a lot of people when he brutally raped Chiaki all because he thought Yanase was going to win in the battle of love. The worse part is he's a Karma Houdini and gets to hook up with Chiaki. But it doesn't end there though. Hatori is possessive to the point that he tries to get Chiaki to cut ties with Yanase and their constant fighting HAS caused a rift between Chiaki and Yanase as shown in later episodes. There whole relationship is a Masochism Tango. The part that made people seal the deal was the same episode that made people hate Chiaki episode 16 where he apparently cheats on Chiaki with his ex-girlfriend (he didn't but that doesn't change the fact that he let her touch his hair in an affectionate manner) and because he met with her though, he cancelled the date that Chiaki was looking forward to because it was the last time the movie he wanted to watch was airing in theaters. However, the minute he finds out that Chiaki went over to Yanase's place, it is implied that he threatened over the phone and then broke into Yanase's house just to punch him in the face. Mind you, Yanase didn't fight back because he broke from Chiaki's confession and Hatori made it worse. Again, Hatori is a Karma Houdini despite his Kick Them While They Are Down moment and is the only one who is really happy at the end of the episode.
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX is a divisive season, but the one part that sees pretty much universally bad reception is main character Hibiki's father, Akira, better known in the fandom as "Top Dad." He's near-impossible to like in most of his showings, being a Dirty Coward, an Entitled Bastard, an implied Abusive Parent, a guy who abandoned his daughter because she was traumatized and bullied... All that would make for a pretty decent Hate Sink, except the series seemed to be under the impression that after learning all this, the audience would want Hibiki to forgive him, make him change his ways, and reunite their family. Instead, the audience wanted Hibiki to put herself as far away from him as possible, preferably by punching him into space. It didn't help that her arc of angsting about him got old very quickly, taking up far too much time in a season already notorious for poorly managing its characters' screentime, nor that he was the third plotline in that season to revolve around a girl's father in some way, nor that the arc seemingly placed the burden of repairing their relationship on Hibiki. As a result, while he did show signs of redemption later on, it proved far too-little-too-late for the audience to swallow the final shot of the season being the seeming reunification of their family. The following season took notice of this and wrote him out entirely, later arcs confirming Hibiki's parents to be at most Amicably Divorced as of XV.
  • Sgt. Frog: The anime is known for Flanderization, adding several new recurring characters or expanding their roles. One of the most despised anime-exclusive characters is Joriri, an unshaven bum who first appeared in the Chibi-Kero Flashback episodes. Basically a Perma Stubbled Expy for Adult!Keroro, he serves as a bad role model for the young tadpoles and engages in lots of scene-stealing antics. His first appearance bore a striking resemblance to one manga chapter focused on Giroro's relationship with his brother, leading fans to label Joriri a Replacement Scrappy. (The chapter was later adapted faithfully, but by then it was too late, and they'd found other reasons to hate him.) His frequent reappearances have him verging on Creator's Pet, particularly after he abruptly showed up on Earth and shacked up with the Platoon.
  • Shakugan no Shana: Kazumi Yoshida. Aside of the Die for Our Ship and Real Women Never Wear Dresses factors, there's the fact that people think she's shallow, boring, clichéd schoolgirl-in-love-for-a-classmate, steals too much screentime for her little romantic-anime antiques and, for the final blow, her impact to the overall plot is almost null. A quick Google search turns up comments on her such as "The single greatest flaw with this series is that she isn't dead yet." That said, at least some people saw her as Rescued from the Scrappy Heap during the events of Final.
  • Shaman King:
    • Pirika, since many feel her character is useless and annoying.
    • Lyserg and the rest of the X-laws (mostly Marco though out of them, but they all are still generally not liked AT ALL) are not very popular with the Shaman King fans, because they come off as self-righteous and Hypocrites... then there is the fact that they kill people they deem evil-rather viciously. Marco and Lyserg are the most hated out of all of them. Lyserg for whining all the time about how he's gonna get revenge for Hao killing his parents, then leaving Yoh and Co. for the X-laws, and continuing from there after acting like a preachy brainwashed, hypocritical idiot. Marco for being a bigoted, hypocritical ass who looked down on everyone not in the X-laws. Though this is mostly how it was in the anime, and where the hatred comes from. The X-laws and Lyserg show their character development much sooner in the manga than in the anime, therefore they grew better on the fandom, in the anime however, this character development only came near the last few episodes.
  • Slayers: Pokota, the Bratty Half-Pint prince who is almost as powerful as Lina yet remains rather bullheaded until the final few episodes. Even compared to the earlier secondary protagonists, even Sylphiel, he's either ignored or disliked.
  • Strawberry 100%: The author stated that many of the fanletters she got said "I hate Chinami!". Considering Chinami was an incredibly superficial Attention Whore during most of the series' run, the hatred is somewhat justified.
  • Sugar Sugar Rune: Waffle. The title of episode 30, "The Annoying Witch Waffle Makes her Appearance", is already a bad sign, and things just go downhill from there. She's a Bratty Half-Pint with a one-note personality (her obsession with Houx), and is always either getting into trouble herself or causing trouble for the main characters. Worse yet, she's an anime-original character. So fans know that any episode that features her prominently is guaranteed to be Filler that will not advance the main storyline.
  • Sumarin Kanojo-tachi seems to almost be a social experiment in making the main character this. It stars a salaryman with a five-year-old daughter and a loving wife... whom he is cheating on with three different women. The manga portrays the trouble this brings him entirely sympathetically. He makes an occasional token effort to stop having affairs, but not very hard, partly due to being spineless. The first chapter opens with him about to jump in front of a train, then jumps back thirty days to explain how he got to that point, and almost everyone who reads it is hoping he is not prevented from going through with it — "School Days Ending" has become something of a meme among readers.
  • Tamako Market has Dera, the animal mascot comic relief. He's contributed to many a viewer dropping the show with his antics.
  • Tenchi Muyo!: Sakuya from Tenchi in Tokyo gets a lot of flack for being a Replacement Goldfish despite being part of Yugi's Evil Plan, due to a number of things, mostly the fact that many people preferred the established "pairings".
  • Tenkai Knights has Orangor and the Beast King, Scorpidon, for basically being one of the main reasons for causing a Hostile Show Take Over Filler Arc lasting 5 episodes (about 1/5th of season 2) that is seemingly completely irrelevant to the show's Myth Arc. Orangor has a shrill high pitched voice and a Reality Warper that comes off as more annoying that funny. He usually ends up having the Knights and Beag chase him around and doing pointless contests, which leads to them and Vilius's troops trying to entertain the Scorpidon. Scorpidon is disliked for dragging out the arc by finding a way to keep changing the rules, thus causing them to start over. Ends up with a Take That, Scrappy! that in the Arc's Final episode the Knights and Villius get fed up with it and decide to just beat them up.
  • Tokyo Majin: Aoi Misato. It's bad enough she is totally useless, and doesn't really help the other main characters. However, she constantly runs into danger trying to fight despite having no offensive powers and her friends telling to stay away. It gets worse when the characters begin to claim Aoi as courageous, despite her not really showing this trait. Also, Aoi wants to save everyone, including the enemies who have committed mass murder. Even worse, Aoi wanted to save the main villain (a person who committed a lot of murders), claiming "he didn't hurt anyone."
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: Berry completely stole the spotlight from all of the main characters in the A La Mode manga. (Unsurprisingly, a lot of fans want to forget that ever happened, which is easy because Reiko Yoshida, the author, was not involved with A La Mode anyway.)
  • The official manga of the Touhou Project series, Silent Sinner in Blue, introduced two Scrappy characters, Watatsuki no Yorihime and Watatsuki no Toyohime. The fandom had already, based on characterization and despite their antediluvian history and Magitek prowess, portrayed Lunarians as some of the worst monsters available in a series that makes other man-eating monsters affable; but the fans still didn't expect to find them so insufferably offensive. They didn't even win sympathy points when it was revealed that they were the fools buried at the bottom of everyone else's schemes. Possibly because, as far as manga readers were concerned (but not novel readers), they only very slightly suffered from the whole thing because all they lost was a single, even if a thousand years old, bottle of sake.
  • Tower of God: Paracule. He betrays his team with a idiotic strategy and when one of his team members follows through with it, he turns his back at him because he doesn't trust him or his strategy at a crucial moment. He calls everybody trash and means it, sucks up to those more powerful when he immediately needs them, acts like he is in charge and has no sense of dignity whatsoever.
  • Transformers Armada: Of the human children in this iteration, all but Alexis are largely hated and seen as creator's pets. Rad namely for being rather generic, Carlos for being a Hispanic Ethnic Scrappy, Billy for being a generic bully, and Fred for being whiny and a walking fat joke. Alexis however largely avoids this due to her role in Starscream's character arc and being the Only Sane Man. Tellingly, their roles in Energon would be largely reduced, but Alexis would have the most prominence of the three as a representative of the Earth Federation, whereas Rad's reduced screen time combined with his maturity and dynamic with the Jones' would get him rescued. Carlos meanwhile would have a much more reduced role even in comparison to his friends, while Fred and Billy don't even get mentioned.
  • Transformers Energon:
    • Kicker. He's annoying, hates Transformers for stupid reasons, constantly complains, abuses the shit out of poor Ironhide, is often The Load for the Autobots, and is treated like God's gift to the universe. It doesn't help that he's never called out on his actions.
    • Most fans were on the fence about Cyclonus, an incompetent, lazy Decepticon with an annoying voice, but upon his reformatting into Snow Cat, he amassed an entire hatedom due to his constant, unneeded, nerve-grating yodeling.
  • The anime adaptation of Twin Star Exorcists introduced Kinako, a familiar for Benio. Kinako is nearly universally hated by both fans of the original manga as well as anime-only watchers because he's entirely superfluous to the plot. His appearances tend to consist of some combination of him berating Rokuro, fawning over Benio-sama, or shouting "Oh no! A Kegare has appeared!"
  • Urusei Yatsura:
    • Sakuranbo, aka "Cherry", is widely disliked for being a gluttonous mooch who, despite claiming he intends to help, usually ends up making things far worse for our cast instead. The tone is set literally from the first page of the manga, where he tries to "save" Ataru Moroboshi from jumping off a bridge after being dumped... and instead barges into him and shoves him into the river himself! As an indignant Ataru points out, he wasn't even remotely feeling suicidal. Interestingly, he's actually a Scrappy In-Universe as well, with everyone in the cast loathing him and seeking to avoid or harm him when he shows up. Not even his own niece likes him that much!
    • Mr. Fuijinami, the man who has been trying to force his daughter to pretend to be a boy for her entire life and is willing to physically beat her into the role, is likewise loathed for being hands-down the most crazed, irresponsible, abusive and obnoxious parental figure in the series... which is already pretty scathing in its depiction of adults as selfish jerks and mindless gossips. His treatment of his daughter, despite being Played for Laughs, is actually rather hard to swallow, and the fact that Status Quo Is God means he never gets any real punishment for being such a creep. His negative reception has only gotten worse as time has passed on and people have become more sensitive about gender-related issues, to the point he's actually considered something of a potential trigger for viewers/readers with gender-related issues.
  • Uta No Prince Sama:
    • Haruka (at least for fans of the anime) for not being as interesting as her male co-stars.
    • Cecil is hated by both the anime and game fandoms for how out-of-place he feels.
  • Wa ga Na wa Umishi: Rintarou. Hated from day one, even within the manga, he has scarcely gotten any better.
  • Wandering Son:
    • Fumiya gets a lot of hate from fans. He likes Chiba, which is already a bad part since Chiba is popular with shippers. He has a manipulative streak and is too clingy for Chiba, who isn't interested. Then he started dating Chiba, which hasn't sat well with a majority of the fandom since it seems like an Ass Pull. Even prior to that he outed Nitori without her permission and without even knowing her.
    • Momoko is fairly disliked by a majority of the fandom. She only exists to be clingy toward Chizuru, and to get on characters bad sides. Unlike most other characters in the series, she has no Hidden Depths, despite having been in the manga for several years.
    • Maho gets a lot of hate, especially from anime fans due to scenes where she's shown to care for Nitori are excluded. She's seen as a Bratty Teenage Daughter who constantly bullies Nitori.
  • Yoriko from You're Under Arrest!. She comes off as a whiny, scaredy-cat load who does more trouble then good. What bugs the fanbase more is that she gets one or two episodes a season all about her, compared to more popular characters like Aoi.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Keiko is disliked by many fans, largely because she's a (mostly) Neutral Female whose personality revolves around Yusuke. In the manga, however, Keiko does have more of a personality and interests that don't involve her boyfriend.

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