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The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is infamous for having Loads and Loads of Characters across its multiple universes, with every one of them being Base-Breaking Characters in some way. The characters listed here are those that are especially hated.

Sorted by media.

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    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Dulcy and Antoine's statuses as Scrappies carry over from the SatAM series. Although Antoine would later mature as a character and grow into a Cowardly Lion, he's now hated by some for having lost his defining characteristics and becoming bland as a result. The poor guy just can't win.
    • Drago Wolf, the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighter traitor. Not even current writer Ian Flynn likes Drago; Flynn has gleefully stated he only brings the guy out whenever he wants him thrashed by the good guys. Drago is a despicable, misogynistic coward whose only claim to fame was tricking his former girlfriend Hershey into playing the patsy to a murder/frame-up of Sally in a totally illogical and scientifically impossible way. Later joining an anti-Freedom Fighter team that he's contributed nothing to also hasn't helped Drago's status. While the audience isn't supposed to like him, it goes beyond Love to Hate or Hate Sink, since it's not that they want to see him trashed, they just don't want to see him at all.
    • There's also Tommy Turtle. He was originally a one-shot character that revealed that he had given Sonic a life lesson when he was younger and had performed a Heroic Sacrifice to save Sonic from an ambush. However, he ended up returning after a Time Skip, healthy, whole... and attempting to replace Tails and Rotor. When Ian Flynn took over, he compiled a list of characters in the series and arranged them in popularity, finding out that Tommy was still at the bottom. He's promptly killed off during Ian's collection of Author's Saving Throw.
  • Shortfuse the Cybernik from Sonic the Comic. Overpowered, with little personality besides an allegedly short temper which did nothing to make him stand out (everybody hated Robotnik), and a Holier Than Thou attitude. Most fans found him both annoying and tiresome, especially since he told his backstory every time he appeared, sometimes twice in one issue.

    TV and Video 
  • Sonic Sat AM:
  • Sonic Underground:
    • Sonia's vain, germaphobic personality and annoying voice (Jaleel White voicing her was a bad idea) place her squarely in this territory from the get-go. It eventually gets subverted, however; Sonia's bout of amnesia makes her more competent than when she was with her brothers, as well as the fact that she seems to get more character development over Manic and Sonic.
    • Bartleby, Sonia's snobby and cowardly fiance, did not have the approval of many fans either.
    • This show's version of Robotnik tends to be either ignored or outright loathed in comparison to his more popular and well known counterparts in Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Sat AM Garry Chalk giving a weak vocal characterization is often cited as the main reason for this.

    Video Games 
  • Big the Cat, ever since his debut in Sonic Adventure, which had both him and the player sitting through tedious fishing missions in order to make progress. note  His stereotypically dumb behavior and annoying voice (FROGGY!) only serve to sustain his general unpopularity.
  • Omochao gets a lot of heat for basically the same reasons Navi does, starting from his debut in Sonic Adventure 2. Small, needlessly and annoyingly helpful, has a grating voice and damn-near unavoidable at times, especially when you start losing against a boss multiple times. It doesn't help that the quality of Omochao's advice ranges from "possibly helpful the first time you hear it" to "don't let your HP hit zero." Thankfully, it's possible to pick him up and use him as a weapon against enemies, complete with him breaking, momentary as it is. Things got worse when his prominence escalated in future games and the HD remake, where he can now appear on loading screens before the start of a level.
    • Lampshaded in Shadow the Hedgehog, which features the Omochao Gun, one of the strongest guns in the game. What does it fire? Omochao.
    • Sonic Generations makes the issue worse by making its help almost entirely automatic, unlike in Sonic Adventure 2 where it was usually only triggered by movement. Omochao's voice was also changed to be even more high-pitched, which did him no favors. Thankfully, it also makes the issue infinitely better by giving players the option to turn Omochao off.
  • Eggman Nega, due to his design and personality. Considering how Sonic and Tails' parallels in Blaze and Marine had unique designs, abilities, names, and characters, Eggman's is instead a garish recolor with the cliché "Nega" suffix stapled on who acts just like Eggman, but with all his charm and likability sucked out from him.
  • Princess Elise from the infamous Sonic '06 really has the chips stacked against her. Right off the bat, she suffers from being a Damsel Scrappy and very swiftly moves into Die for Our Ship territory with the fanbase. Even people who wouldn't otherwise dislike her for shipping reasons may dislike her from the sheer levels of Squick in Sonic having a human love interest. She got the ax from the franchise right away, and (outside of being referenced and mocked occasionally from the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter page) has not been mentioned since.
  • Marine the Raccoon is another one of the increasingly unpopular Bratty Half-Pint characters in the series. Even with the constant lampshading of her behavior in her debut game (Blaze gets noticeably fed up with her as the game's story goes on), many of her non-fans deem both her and her forced Aussie accent to be obnoxious and find her absence in later games to be almost unnoticeable.
  • The Deadly Six from Sonic Lost World are disliked as a whole for being bland and forgettable villains with unfitting character designs and little explanation for their existence, but two of its members stand out as especially hated:
    • Zavok, the leader of the Deadly Six, is already disliked for being a Bowser ripoff with a generic "evil guy" personality, but fuel was further added to the flames when he started making appearances as a playable character in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games alongside Zazz, as a boss fight in Sonic Forces (whereas more popular antagonists like Chaos didn't get one), and as the playable Power-type member of Team Eggman in Team Sonic Racing instead of more fitting choices like Infinite, to the point of people calling him a Creator's Pet.
    • Zeena, the sole female member, also gets a large amount of scorn as her entire personality revolves around being a sexist Valley Girl stereotype.
  • Going one step beyond his standard Base-Breaking Character status, Shadow manages to land himself squarely here in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. He was stripped of all of his more flawed yet still sympathetic Anti-Hero qualities, and given a flimsy "I hate friendship" attitude. He also has no effect in the story; he just shows up for a random boss fight and is gone for the remainder of the game, aside from a small cameo at the end. So he's not only unlikable, but also completely inconsequential. Shattered Crystal gives him a slightly more justified reason for his attitude — Shadow was brainwashed by Lyric into serving him — and more clarity to his significance (he even takes out Lyric in the ending), but even then, it's not much. Salvaged in the show, however, which drops said I-hate-friendship attitude and replaces it with being The Comically Serious Only Sane Man.


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