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The fan reception to Jar Jar summed up in one image.
It's a big galaxy and not everyone's going to come off smelling like roses.

Original Trilogy

  • C-3PO didn't have a bad response in the original Star Wars, but after The Empire Strikes Back... well, in an interview, George Lucas said some people considered the android "the worst character ever". It's kind of hard to fault them for thinking so due to him gaining characterization in Empire by being a shrill worrywart that never shuts up and constantly rattles off unfavorable statistics about their current situation. However, most fans have since warmed up to the character over the years.


Prequel Trilogy

Expanded Universe


  • Jaxxon from the 70s Marvel Star Wars is one of the earliest characters in the franchise to be derided by the fans, largely due to him being an alien Rascally Rabbit in a Flash Gordon-esque spandex. The fact that he speaks rabbit puns, pilots a spacecraft called the Rabbit's Foot, and having a romance with the human Amaiza Foxtrain has made him into the poster-boy of the campiness that many Star Wars fans wanted to forget. Frequently, he's been ranked in the polls of Star Wars magazines as one of the goofiest additions in Star Wars Legends, with many equating him to Jar Jar Binks. It isn't helped by the fact that Lucasfilm seems to hate the character as well,note  with a skeleton of his species being featured in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a variant cover of Star Wars 1: Skywalker Strikes featuring the OT cast trying to prevent Jaxxon from getting into the new Disney canon.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic has some companion characters that make the player base wish BioWare kept in the "kill companion" option.
    • Skadge (Bounty Hunter) is a one-note Psycho for Hire whose Establishing Character Moment was torturing someone for a laugh—and implying he's going to rape said character. Worse, he makes skeevy remarks about fan-favorite (and potential girlfriend for male hunters) Mako as soon as he comes aboard, leading many a hunter to ask the boards about how to introduce him to an airlock. Likewise, others aren't too thrilled with being told But Thou Must! when it comes to picking up "Gault," seeing that he was your target, not an ally, and a first-rate pain in the ass to capture.
    • Doc in the Knight's story gets a lot of heat for being a shameless man-whore who hits on the female Knight in a not-very-classy way and has a little trouble with "no" as an answer. Others, especially Sentinel players, are just irritated that it takes until the start of chapter 2 for the Knight to get their healer companion, and think the very first line of his very first companion conversation quest feels a little too much like a taunt:
      "Looks like ol’ Doc got here just in time. How have you survived with a droid and Little Miss Uptight as your only friends?"
    • The Jedi Consular (particularly Shadows) appear to be this on the official boards. Complaints range from thinking the storyline isn't "cool" or "too slow" or just "boring" (Consular is mostly a behind the scenes type), the companions being hard to gain affection with or bad fits for a Jedi class, rushed romance arc, spiky mechanics on the Shadow Tank (you're a tank in light armor, hope your rolls for shield mitigation are good) and burst DPS (you do insane amounts of damage or barely a scratch - little between)...
    • Supreme Chancellor Saresh quite possibly accumulated one of the fastest hate-doms in Star Wars history thanks to her role in the expansions. While she presented herself as a Reasonable Authority Figure, she really ends up causing more trouble than she's worth, as she refuses reasonable or practical solutions in favor of stupid ones that cause lots of damage, displays a disturbing lack of sympathy for the lives lost in the war, and refuses to admit the slightest possibility of being wrong. Many, many fans, even Republic players, express the opinion that they'd like nothing more than to kill her already.
    • The Big Bad himself, Sith Emperor Vitiate, is often derided as just a For the Evulz Flat Character (in contrast to most of the other, more-developed Sith), a blatant and Up to Eleven copy of Darth Nihilus, and — worst of all — an infuriating Invincible Villain who's even responsible for the sheer Trauma Conga Line and Worf Effect on Revan, of all people.
  • Pretty much nobody likes Callista. Though she was hardly the worst or dumbest part of her books, the idea of her being Luke Skywalker's One True Love was something that nobody wanted, mostly due to her Relationship Sue status and general poor writing. Her only appearance after her series was getting eaten by an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Admiral Daala is widely mocked among the fandom thanks to the massive amount of Informed Ability she has going, constantly claiming to be a genius prodigy held back only by sexism right before charging her fleet against a weaker opponent and slinking back home after having lost three-quarters of it. They tried to rescue her by having her finally show some talent in Legacy of the Force, but her appearances came off as contrived and silly, and her plans working due to every single character involved grabbing the Idiot Ball. When a tactical genius getting retconned to have brain damage has most of the fandom shrugging and saying "That sounds about right," you know you've messed up.
  • The Sun Crusher is perhaps unique in all fiction for being a starship that qualifies as The Scrappy, garnering a hatedom by fans because of how ridiculously overpowered it is. While there are many superweapons capable of destroying entire planets, they usually have clearly defined weaknesses (sluggish mobility, slow fire rate, vulnerable to attacks by small fighters, and so forth). The Sun Crusher however lacks any real weaknesses and its offensive firepower surpasses even those of both Death Stars. This small starfighter carries torpedoes that can destroy an entire star system, as opposed to a single planet like all other superweapons. The Sun Crusher was also shown to be Nigh Invulnerable as it could ram through a Star Destroyer without a scratch and survive a hit from a planet-shattering superlaser similar to the one used on the Death Star. For many fans, the Sun Crusher was considered an overpowered plot device whose capabilities destroyed any sense of balance while outshining the iconic Death Stars. That and it has a derpy appearance. It proved to be so troublesome that even its creator couldn't think of a way to effectively destroy it and just had to dump it into a black hole and hope that did the trick.
  • Rosh Penin from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is not well-liked due to his annoying voice, recklessness, and blatantly telegraphed Face–Heel Turn. That killing him right before the end is how you pick your ending indicates he was supposed to be annoying, but the developers did too well - rejecting the opportunity to cut him down is a test worthy of a true Jedi Knight.


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