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That smile prompts some gamers to hate him more than the original Scrappy.

"I hate that fucking dog! Whoever says he never wanted to shoot him is a liar!"
JdG (about the Duck Hunt Dog), Joueur du Grenier

Here are the list of video game examples that many wish to be able to kill even when they're not villains or enemies.

For characters that have a decent personality but are hated for being too weak, see Low-Tier Letdown. If the character is hated for being too strong, see High-Tier Scrappy. For hated enemies see Goddamned Bats or Demonic Spiders. For hated bosses see That One Boss or Goddamned Boss. For hated aspects of gameplay, see Scrappy Mechanic.

  • Alone in the Dark: Sarah Flores in the 2008 reboot, considering how annoying and useless to the plot she is.
  • Animal Crossing:
    • Gracie, the fashion designer giraffe manages to be this throughout the series for acting like a smug, self-absorbed Jerkass that will berate your sense of style and even insult the player character to their face simply because their style doesn't match hers. She also clashes with the nice, relaxing atmosphere generally carried by the cast of characters, since whereas most rude characters in the Animal Crossing series, like the Cranky or Snooty villager type, Phyllis, or Resetti, are a Jerk with a Heart of Gold on some level, Gracie never stops being rude and condescending to the player, not even when they help her set up a permanent shop in New Leaf and are looking to buy things from her. She's actually even worse in the Gamecube version, where she will only give you anything if you play a horribly unfair Button Mashing minigame to wash her car first that was almost impossible to do without a Turbo Controller (and was actually possible to fail even with one).
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    • Wild World introduced Lyle, an insurance scammer who would appear outside of the player's house on Saturdays. If talked to, he would force the player to pay him to buy insurance from him. If the player ignored him, he would try to follow them around until they talked to him and bought insurance. This combined with his annoying personality, the fact that he would continue to harass the player even if they gave in and bought insurance from him, the fact that you cannot refuse his insurance offer (unless you don't have enough Bells for it), and that his insurance was generally worthless note  made many players despise him. Possibly due to this, in City Folk, Lyle has lost his job as an insurance salesman and now works at the Happy Room Academy, a job he absolutely hates, and frequently talks about how his dreams have been crushed. By New Leaf he seems to have grown to like his new job, though.
  • Atelier Meruru:
    • Rorona. She got turned into an eight year old between games, acts her new age, and her memories have become complete mess. Though her Alchemic skills are still intact, she mainly refuses to use them willingly. A very large portion of fanbase is not pleased. This is apparently because Gust couldn't stand to see her in her 30s. "Who wants to see a Rorona in her 30s? Not me, that's for sure!"
    • Astrid herself receives almost as much heat for doing the deed. Two of the endings make it worse! In one ending where you make a Youth Potion that restores her normal age, Astrid sabotages it to only age her back to 14 with her memories still a wreck, with Astrid delivering the above message. In another, Witch's Tea Party, she forcefully renders all 3 Arland protagonists and herself to be 14 forever, citing it as an "ideal age". Some fans even treat the endings as the Moral Event Horizon. Gust must have caught on, as the Vita remake has an ending where you successfully restore Rorona's true age and her memories WITHOUT Astrid's sabotage.
  • Banjo-Kazooie:
    • Back in the day when the game was first released, Bottles the Mole got a lot of attention as The Scrappy of choice. Many gamers were boggled by the first scene of the game (not counting the intro) being him popping out of his hole and speaking in his bizarre voice. In the sequel, Banjo-Tooie, Rare must have been aware of this, because Bottles is killed off right at the beginning and replaced by his brother, Jamjars, as Banjo's mentor, though Jamjars himself ended up being a Base-Breaking Character at best for those who were fans of Bottles. However, Bottles winds up Back from the Dead at the end of the game, which potentially satisfies his few fans.
    • In Nuts & Bolts, nearly all of the new characters get some hatred for being associated with a controversial game, but the two biggest scrappies are probably Trophy Thomas, simply because he's a Jerkass, and L.O.G., for being the face of Banjo's shoehorning into the new style of game.
    • Canary Mary in Banjo-Tooie. She and her races are utterly reviled by gamers to this day for the rage she induced through her Rubber-Band A.I.-based cheating. It says a lot when L.O.G., a fellow scrappy from the same series, even taunts you about her during the Nuts & Bolts loading screens.
  • Marumaro in Blue Dragon. He's got an annoying, grating voice, and is a particularly dumb character in an story with enough idiots it's no small feat.
  • In Brothers in Arms, Private Leggett, in-universe and out, especially with his original voice actor and after the deaths of Allen and Garnett. He's awkward, annoying, and far more aggressive towards his fellow squad-mates than towards the Germans. After his Heroic BSoD moment, some squad members mutter that "that skinny prick better not cross [their] path." A new voice actor and some fleshing out make him more popular in later installments, though.
  • Bubsy himself is infamous for being one of the most unlikeable characters in video game history. He's disliked for a number of reasons such as his personality, his voice, his fragility, and the general mediocrity of his games and cartoon pilot. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't have any fans. In fact, if you search on deviantArt you'll find all kinds of fan art, though you'll likely find some art in which he is either being humiliated or tortured.
  • Almost everyone who has played Cel Damage seems to dislike or hate B.T. Bruno and T. Wrecks. Bruno is hated due to his boring and bland personality, and for having little to no funny lines, while T. Wrecks is hated because of his god-awful voice and his douchey, pompous, bragging personality and lines.
  • Chrono Cross:
    • Poshul gets a lot of hate for being an obnoxious pink dog-thing and being nigh-useless in battle.
    • Korcha is also widely hated, for wearing nothing but a red speedo and being, again, awful in fights. Also for his utterly unwarranted "The Reason You Suck" Speech if the player opts for the non-Always Save the Girl path.
    • Mel attempts to make up for being an awful combatant (noticing a trend?) with a repugnant Bratty Half-Pint personality. Suffice to say, it doesn't work. Other characters with Mel's killer combo of "irritating" and "weak" include Sneff, Skelly, Pip, NeoFio, Turnip, Pierre, and Van. Further compounding the issue is that many of these characters have very little development outside of brief quests to get their top Tech (if that), which makes them feel very flat.
  • The cat from City Connection has earned the hatred of many players for popping up out of nowhere and costing them lives. Judging from how frequently this occurs, it's like he's actively trying to make you lose.
  • Civilization:
    • Leaders in the games tend to get this when controlled by the AI. Isabella of Spain in Civilization IV gets on a lot of players' nerves for her incessant attempts to push her religion on you—up to and including declaring war at the least provocation—and Montezuma of the Aztecs annoys players by attacking them the first opportunity he gets even if you have good relations and he hasn't got a snowball's chance in Hell of winning (Shaka Zulu and Alexander of Greece do this sometimes, but not nearly as much as Montezuma).
    • The annoyingness of the leaders in Civilization got turned up to eleven in Civilization Revolution, where they speak in obnoxious gibberish and constantly do flamboyant gestures that often times block the text they are saying.
    • V has the usual warmongers (most of which will act friendly before going to war with you thanks to the new mechanic that allows the AI to feign friendship), and also Ramkhamhaeng of the Siam empire, who has a pissy AI who will act friendly one minute and denounce you the next; he has no patience for "warmongering" (including retaliation against warmonger civs), hates civs that are doing too well, always asks for stuff from civs he has made a declaration of friendship with and hates them if they don't accept, and regularly drops by to insult you if he doesn't like you.
    • Let's not forget, any time you want to trade for something, odds are they'll demand something about eight times as valuable in return.
    • Alexander in V has earned his reputation as one of the most hated leaders in the game with his backstabbing tendencies, his warmongering attitude, his insane competitiveness over city states as well as his jealousy over you trying to compete with city state favours, his insane tendencies to expand and build wonders, and for being a smug pretty boy.
  • Darkstalkers:
    • Rikuo, the Bishōnen fishman of the monster-fighter, seems to be incredibly disliked by the fandom. Apparently, Capcom got the hint and took him out of one of the Updated Rereleases... along with Jon Talbain and Sasquatch. A review of the series describes Rikuo as so:
    "Apparently the last member of his disgusting aquatic race, Rikuo (Aulbath in Japan) desperately searches the world in hopes of finding a hideous mate so he can repropagate his loathsome species. Yes, I am biased."
  • Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot, DmC: Devil May Cry, is notorious for its bad characterization of Dante and Vergil. The former has been criticized for being a Jerkass who often makes childish insults, has an awkward facial expression, constantly dropping F-bombs, isn't found to be funny at all, and even makes fun of the Big Bad after he is shocked for the loss of his heir and wifenote . Vergil is considered even worse for barely doing anything in the game other than giving orders, abandoning an ally, making a famous joke about his genital size, and his Face–Heel Turn at the end of the game for no other conceivable reason than that was the point when the writers remembered the original Vergil was a bad guy. The scene in which Dante kidnaps a pregnant woman to use her as hostage and Vergil kills her is probably the most hated part from the entire game as the series' original message that even demons could care was aborted, not to mention Dante's comment afterwards
    Seeing the look on her face as her baby exploded into wet chunks...priceless.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: Ada Laird, the NPC that walks around the Driftwood marketplace in a circle talking to the various vendors in Act II quickly became infamous among players for her extremely repetitive, irritating dialogue. She walks to each one and says the same voiced phrase, without breaks, over and over again, every single time the player goes to the market to sell whatever vendor trash they've accumulated. It's not uncommon for players to hear one too many "Keepin it togetha Bree?"s and quicksave so that they can turn the entire market into a fiery inferno. Many guides point out the non-violent solution of blocking her path with boxes to stop her dialogue.
  • Donkey Kong:
    • Donkey Kong Jr, from his self-titled game, befuddled some gamers by arguably being a playable villain out to save the Big Bad of his game's predecessor, and seemingly killing Mario, the biggest gaming hero ever, at the end. (Fortunately, it was a Disney Death.) Then he also got some snide remarks about his goofy appearance, and some gamers preferred killing him and watching his funny death animation to actually playing through the game. It says something that Donkey Kong Jr. hasn't even been seen in years since the era of the Nintendo 64, not even acknowledged by his father, who has since been retconned as Cranky Kong, the grandfather of the modern Donkey Kong.
    • Kiddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! - they could have just used Donkey Kong if they wanted a stronger Kong to counterbalance Dixie Kong. Not to mention he has floatier controls and a dodgier wider hitbox than Donkey Kong that effectively makes him "Donkey Kong except worse". Not to mention that awful crying sound he makes when he loses a life.
  • In the .hack series, there are a few Scrappies, but generally at the top of the list is Piros III in the first set of games: An over the top Lord Error-Prone twit with a grating voice and is one of the slowest characters to have in the party, and the tendency to call the main character "He Of Fair Eyes", and other Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe doesn't help to endear him to the party. Nor does his tendency to fall for Mia's tricks at least three times. Some think his GU version is a case of Rescued from the Scrappy Heap with his awesome theme music, and thankfully much more amusing antics.
    • Saku of the Sakubo duo is another one, a condescending Tsundere that borders on Yandere that is obsessed with the resident pretty-boy, and is nothing but a jerkass to Haseo over an imagined rivalry - especially after Endrance declares his love for Haseo, and was one of the hardest characters to boost relationship values, and that at first she seems to bully the much sweeter Bo. The fact it turns out she is Bo's second personality and her genuine concern when he gets in trouble softens the impact.
    • Atoli tends to fall into this often as well, though more often in the Western fanbase than others. Opinions range from her being The Woobie, to her being an Extreme Doormat.
    • Gaspard. More pointless sidetracking with a loud, whiny, useless, pathetic, and all around unlikable piece of garbage. Even his appearance is obnoxious.
    • Sakaki started off as one of many pretty boys with a voice similar to another well-liked pretty boy (Balmung) and a cool samurai theme. He had no problems being liked until he becomes Sakaki <Zenith> and then transforms into a psychotic shit who gleefully takes advantage of a girl he earlier found on a suicide website to a point of mentally and emotionally manipulating her, has little to no care of endangering/destroying other people's lives (online and offline) and pretty much caused a good number of his would-be fans to abandon ship long before the <Zenith> portion rubbed off.
  • Duck Hunt: The dog is hated by many players who played this game for one simple fact: It does a mocking laugh if you fail to shoot one duck. It is meant to be the player's hunting companion who drives the ducks out of their hiding spots and collect the dead ones for you. Normally, you expect the dog to be disappointed or sad since its efforts was all for naught (and thus makes you feel guilty). But instead, it laughs at you for missing and given that each round has the ducks fly faster and more sporadic, you will experience this moment eventually. This led many players wanting to shoot the dog for being a poor sport, and some even believe the dog was never on your side, instead conspiring with the ducks to make your life miserable.
    • There is even a Nintendo commercial where the dog appears alongside Bowser and other villains to mock the viewer. Interestingly enough, in the arcade game Vs. Duck Hunt, it is possible to shoot the dog in a bonus round.
    • This video hilariously shows the dog getting his just deserts.
    • This awesome video hilariously and epically shows the dog getting owned, by none other than Master Chief!
    • College Humor also made this beautiful video. Even with a terrible price, revenge is sweet.
    • Dorkly's take on giving the dog some well deserved karma.
    • There's also a more sinister outlook on the dog.
    • There's a song called "Why Can't I Shoot the Dog?".
    • And there's an entire VR game, Duck Season, revolving around this premise. It plays as a normal VR version of Duck Hunt, unless you shoot the dog. If you do that, The Dog Bites Back.
  • Dungeon Maker II: The Hidden War has the Magic shop owner's apprentice, Niko. He's a most definitely underage boy (he appears to be 10 or 11 at the oldest) with a crush on an older man - the player character no less - and he is not shy about letting you know it. Even if you don't find his advances creepy, there's one point that pisses off everyone at least a little bit: that being when he makes a comment about how your character should throw your apprentice (a nice girl who is far more popular than Niko is) out onto the street so that he can move in with you. He quickly backpedals, explaining that it was only a joke and he's otherwise polite to the Apprentice, but many fans nonetheless found his "joke" unamusing.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Fargoth, Gaenor, Glarthir, Maglir, the Adoring Fan... the list of hated Bosmer (Wood Elves) goes on and on... (The latter two are likely intentional, at least.) At least subsequent Bosmers in Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online are much more well received.
    • Skyrim:
      • Delphine is a rude abrasive Jerkass who, despite claiming that Blades are created to serve the Dragonborn, constantly orders the latter around. But the biggest source of the fandom's ire comes from the Paarthurnax quest, where she orders the Dragonborn to slay Paarthurnax (who is shown to be nothing but helpful towards the Player Character throughout the whole game and is the reason humanity is free from the Dragon's oppression), completely refusing to help them otherwise unless they do what she ordered (in spite of everything the player did to help her rebuild the Blades). To add insult to the injury, the game does not give the Player Character the opportunity to call her out on this or even murder her instead as she is marked as essential the whole game, with no other way of resolving the quest unless you murdered someone who did more than she did for you. As a result, many of the game's most popular mods involve either adding an alternate resolution to the quest (usually involving the Dragonborn intimidating her to back down) or simply removing her and Esbern's essential status once the quest has started.
  • Endless Space 2: The Awakening DLC is reviewed very negatively, all thanks to the revamped Academy system, and its newly prominent leader, Isyander Shumèd. In the normal game, the Academy is a non-faction entity with a home planet, from which you can essentially buy Heroes, which are vital for political maneuvering and general development and warfare within your empire. Awakening goes and turns it into an outright faction always controlled by the AI, complete with its own diplomatic interactions... and, unfortunately for you, Isyander is a ruthless expansionist that will both take territory away from others and barge into other nations' territory to raid them. You wanna fight back? You're gonna have it rough, as Isyander's got plenty of Lost Technology to make his ships stronger than any other faction's. You win anyways? Bad idea, the game and Isyander both consider this an act of aggression, and not only do the diplomatic penalties for this apply, but he'll stop you from having any interaction with the Academy until you've paid him reparations for your "mockery". You want to befriend him? You can't even begin diplomatic relations until you find the Academy, which is often lost as hell within the map. Finally found it and managed to befriend him, through the common donation requests he makes every ten years (which you cannot do until reparations are covered, and which is needed to keep an edge) and other diplomatic tricks? It's pointless anyways, because he'll outright forget these interactions, go back to Neutral, and start raiding you again. Occupied his home system to teach him a lesson? More reparations, including you giving him back the system without further ado. You'll be tempted to blow the place up even if it means denying everyone Heroes just so he'll finally piss off. All in all, Isyander and his Academy completely monopolize gameplay in Awakening by becoming an unbelievable pain in the ass that you and everyone have to appease if you don't want to get stomped into the ground and left trailing behind.
  • Fallout:
    • Fallout 3:
      • Roy Phillips. Okay, was Mr. Tenpenny a jerk? Yes. But was setting insane ghouls on basically innocent people, many of whom are merely misinformed about or downright sympathetic to ghouls, really the best way to go about this? And keep in mind, he will do this even after those people decide honestly to make amends and to invite him and his ghouls to live in Tenpenny Tower. And even after this is done, when he's standing in a pile of the corpses of people who offered him hospitality, killing him is still bad karma. You know, for a guy so determined to improve the situations of ghouls, he sure does give people a lot of good reasons to hate them.
      • Sticky's Escort Missions are annoying enough to begin with, but Sticky makes it worse with his incessant blabbling.
      • The anonymous Megaton villager who, almost every single time you enter Megaton or exit a building in Megaton, tells you how much everyone loves you and offers you a near-worthless item. At least Cromwell is easily ignored by walking straight past the ambient noise of his Word Salad Philosophy. This woman's appearance completely locks your movement the moment you walk through the door and you have to wait for the camera to slowly move in front of her and go through the exact same dialogue menu every single time. Makes the Talon Mercenaries much more likable in comparison, especially when it comes to high Karma punishments.
    • Fallout 4:
      • Marcy Long, a foul-tempered Jerkass who often goes out of her way to bitch at the player with the same four lines of dialogue over and over again. Her husband Jun claims it's her way of mourning their son's death, but a terminal in Quincy implies otherwise. What players especially found irritating upon the game's release is that when they finally snap and unload a shotgun into her face, both she and her husband are marked as essential despite contributing absolutely nothing to the story (unlike Sturges and Mama Murphy, who are also essential for the most part but actually have some use). Their essential status was later removed in a patch nearly a year after the game's release, but the hate still lingers.
      • Preston Garvey also gets some hate for the constant stream of Fetch Quests involving helping out settlements (frequently located on the other side of the map). To make it worse, he gives out a new quest as soon as soon as you turn an old one in. In addition, his lines are somewhat Narmy after you romance him. However, this was later mitigated in a patch. Now most of the fetch quests that Garvey gave out are now given out by listening to Radio Freedom, and Garvey himself gives out quests far less frequently. Despite making him more agreeable, any goodwill towards him that this produced was quickly thrown out the window by the Nuka-World expansion, in which he becomes an Accuser of the Brethren to the player for wanting to play through the questline they paid for.
  • Fatal Frame:
    • Fatal Frame II: Mayu Amakura is hated for mainly being The Load. She cannot do anything during the game, partly because a knee injury hinders her physically and because she cannot resist the spirits' influence mentally. She causes the game to become nothing but an Escort Mission whenever she is with Mio, but otherwise prolongs the game by constantly running off and getting in trouble, because she is being possessed by the game's Big Bad. The other reason for hating her stems from the fact that she is a Manipulative Bitch, who purposefully fell and injured her knee to guilt her twin sister enough to never leave her side.
    • Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water: Rui Kagamiya also suffers from The Load problem. Players hate her because she is repeatedly used by the spirits at Mt Hikami and similar to get her in trouble and have Ren save her. Outside of that, her lack of any deep personality beyond being Ren's (Secret) Satellite Love Interest makes the first part worse.
  • While Balloon Boy from the Five Nights at Freddy's games is a bit of a pain in-game, the fandom utterly revile him for his refusal to leave the player alone when he finds you. The sheer irritation caused Redditors to call him "Fuckboy" at many an instance, and it helped to coin the infamous catchphrase "inhale my dong enragement child".
    • From the spin-off Five Nights at Freddy's World, you have Chica's Magic Rainbow. This character was designed to be an obnoxious Jerkass, but she accomplishes it a bit too well. Not only is her minigame designed to be a Platform Hell, but she mocks the player every time they die, attacks them at certain points of the game, and kills them and ends the game if they die too much. Not even trying to silence her with the voices off button works, as she kills the player if they try to shut her up. Things get far worse when she decides to replace the indented True Final Boss and carries over the aggravating nature of her game into her fight, having a Zerg Rush of clones and a three minute time limit before she overkills your party. The only good thing about the Rainbow is finally beating her, upon which she, while dying, accuses the player of cheating and threatens to go after them, too.
  • Omitsu from Ganbare Goemon is loathed by the majority of the Japanese fandom. While a good amount of the hatred is for shipping reasons, rabid fans of Action Girl Yae firmly believe she doesn't deserve to be called the series heroine. Hiroshi Obi's deliberate transformation of Omitsu into a dumpy, frumpy, status-seeking harpy in his manga adaptations of the games doesn't help matters any, either.
  • The Santa Claus class from Ghouls vs. Humans was particularly unpopular, apparently mainly because it was too silly. The author saw this coming and announced Santa would turn into the Engineer (inspired by Dead Space), who is essentially Santa's re-skin, once Christmas was over.
  • Gothic had Mud, a pest who latched onto the hero if you walked by him. He'd constantly pester you by initiating pointless dialog, but should any enemies get near, he'd run away... until you defeated them. Then he came back. The only way to get rid of him was to beat him up. Very cathartic, actually.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:
    • Many consider Zero to be this, largely because of his infuriatingly hard missions, and partly because of his Serious Business attitude. And let's face it, because he was voiced by David Cross.
    • Also, OG Loc. The fact that Carl is willing to spend so much time helping him instead is out of character, but when Big Smoke betrays you, Loc sides with Smoke. And then after chasing him all over the place in a Scrappy Level, CJ lets him live.
    • Sweet, CJ's brother, also gained considerable backlash for bitching non-stop about CJ "running away" when it was their mother's idea in the first place to give him a better life and indeed, CJ turned out better for it as he's much more rational minded than Sweet or any of the Grove Street Gang members are. Regardless, in most of the mission Sweet gives CJ no end of grief over this. And when CJ later in the game offers him a much better life than living in "da hood" can bring, he has the nerve to chastise him for it despite all the crap CJ went through to bail him out of prison.
  • Guild Wars: Prophecies had Prince Rurik. While a reasonable character, his tendency to charge headlong into combat and leave players behind during his Escort Missions led to many people developing an extreme disliking for him. His death was generally well-received.
    • Guild Wars: Nightfall had Kormir. The leader of your mercenary group, she gets blinded a little ways into the campaign. She promptly spends the rest of the campaign doing absolutely nothing. Not to mention the fact that she's the one who woke up the god you're fighting. In end, she gets to become a god for her trouble. This video sums it up nicely.
    • Guild Wars 2 has Trahearne. He's nice enough when you meet him as part of the sylvari personal storyline. Later in the campaign, though, all races meet him. When the Pact is created, he takes on the position of Marshal, despite being a scholar who has repeatedly said he doesn't want to lead. The fact that he completely steals your spotlight (and only lets you lead right before the final battle) have cemented his place as a Scrappy. His voice certainly doesn't help.note  And it also doesn't help that for non-sylvari, he's introduced in the same mission where your mentor dies, making him somewhat of a Replacement Scrappy too.
      • Even worse is Scarlet Briar, the villain from the Living Story. The most charitable description of her that you will find on the forums is "bad fanfiction villain", seeing how she's accused of having just about everything about her backstory defy logic and preceding lore. Let's leave it at that.
  • Halo 4:
    • Many fans are annoyed with Commander Sarah Palmer, and some outright hate her for shooting Dr Halsey. Her portrayal in Halo: Escalation hasn't done Sarah any favors either. On the other hand...
    • The Didact, a Generic Doomsday Villain who indulges in eloquent speech (that might remind you of Gravemind), instead of, you know, killing his enemy. The Chief and the player do not even get the satisfaction of beating him in a boss fight, instead he gets beaten in a Quick Time Event. WatchMojo even described him as the General Grievous of videogames, in the sense that his origins and motivations are only explored in secondary material but in the main event he comes off as bland and unoriginal.
  • Harvest Moon: Sandra from A New Beginning is not popular with fans. Her store hours are crazy, and she demands a ridiculous amount of specific, high-quality items that aren't that special. Actually going out of your way to get the items yourself is usually easier than waiting for her store hours and paying him.
  • The text adventure of The Hobbit boasted, as a special feature, that its NPCs had minds of their own. They would wander off, pick up and drop objects and get into fights all on their own, and wouldn't always obey your commands. This was as annoying as it sounds, but the worst offender was undoubtedly Bard of Dale:
    A massive red dragon appears in the sky!
    Nothing happens.
    The dragon is getting closer.
    Bard says "No."
    The dragon fills the sky to the East!
    Bard sits down and starts picking his nose.
    The dragon opens its mouth. The blood drains from your face as you stare down its gaping throat.
    Bard tells you about attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
    The searing white flame of the dragon's breath is the last thing you feel as the flesh is stripped from your bones.
  • In Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2:
    • Ram is this for the playable characters. Too whiny, too much of a Clingy Jealous Girl to Rom when Nepgear was only trying to help out Lowee's problems when it's their nation, tells Rom that they should only play while Rom insists that they help Nepgear to fix the problems of their nation, and does a Leeroy Jenkins moment to try and snap Rom out of her Brainwashed and Crazy state, only for her to be in the same state (being low in faith is easy for a Face–Heel Turn, in-story at least).
    • For the NPC characters, it's usually Trick and Mina who are outright despised by fans. Trick is the reason why the U.S. got a Mature rating to the game in the first place (being a pedophile with a really long tongue), and Mina is a female version of Trick who is also Ram and Rom's caretaker. One chirper moment was all it took to hate a bland character into the worst pedophile character in the game (and Nepgear hopefully thinks Mina was just joking).
  • The iDOLM@STER 2 brings us Jupiter, a boy band amidst the otherwise-all-femalenote  cast of characters in the series. Not surprisingly, male fans give them a lot of shit, dismissing them as nothing but Yaoi Fangirl fodder.
  • inFAMOUS:
    • Trish. She treats Cole like absolute dog shit for the majority of her screen time. Yes, a radioactive sphere he was holding exploded, giving Cole superpowers at the cost of thousands of lives, one of which was Trish's sister Amy but Cole didn't deserve it because it was an accident. Few players liked her and some were glad to see her die.
    • Moya, for being a heartless bitch who uses Cole to accomplish her goals with no regard for his well being as well as lying about being John White's wife to appear sympathetic and wants to Cole steal the Ray Sphere for her own uses. She's pretty much devoid of any redeeming qualities and to anyone who hasn't read the inFAMOUS comics, a Karma Houdini.
    • Zeke for being an annoying, fat hick who praises Cole's new powers while secretly wanting them for himself. The straw that broke the camel's back was probably when he activated the Ray Sphere, killing several thousand more people in an attempt to get powers of his own, only for it to fail because Zeke doesn't have the Conduit gene. Then he betrays you and sides with Kessler because of a second chance to get powers. Needless to say, many hated him for it. He was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap in inFAMOUS 2 due to the fact that he was deeply regretful of his past actions, became more mature and Took a Level in Badass.
    • Nix in inFAMOUS 2. Although she is intended to being a Jerkass Woobie, few players seem to feel any sympathy for her. She grew up in poverty by the bayou, Joseph Bertrand killed her family with a Ray Sphere and now she's forced to live as a freak with pyrokinetic powers. Depressing, right? Wrong. Nix is downright sadistic, showing little concern for anyone who isn't Cole (and she was probably only using him) or her "pets" (Corrupted Swamp Monsters that she had tamed) with most of her Evil Karma suggestions being dumb and dangerous (running a street car full of explosives into a mansion full of forced Conduits as a diversion, for example). The only reason she decided to side with Cole against The Beast was because her pets died in one of The Beast's Ray Field Blasts and because she didn't want him creating more Conduits since, if everyone had super powers, she wouldn't be special anymore. Sucker Punch have made it very difficult to like her.
    • Hank Daughtry in Infamous Second Son for being everything that the public believes a "Bio-terrorist" to be: an unrepentant criminal who uses his powers for evil. He also sells out Delsin to Augustine, which results in her killing Reggie. Even some of the most devoted Good Karma players were tempted to kill him. His only redeeming quality is the love he has for his daughter.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit: Lori Jackrabbit is a bit of a Scrappy for some players because she was just generally tacked-on. She has no real personality beyond being female (admittedly, all she really has to convey this with is her Idle Animation, but given her brothers' animations, it seems like Epic could have tried harder) and wearing a sports bra. The other factor is her poorly chosen moveset; she uses Jazz's helicopter ears and Spaz's flying kick, which means that she has no way of increasing her jump height from a standing start, which makes certain levels almost, if not actually, impossible to beat when playing as her. The fact that the earliest incarnation of Lori was as anote  love interest to Spaz before she officially became his sibling might rub some people the wrong way too.
  • Killzone:
    • Rico, who's a loudmouthed, annoying Jerkass who does a nice job breaking things and is generally disliked by the fandom. Of course this could be intentional - to offset Sev's measured approach, and ultimately show the futility of aggression for aggression's sake.
    • Probably intentional, but he's still completely unforgivable for getting Garza killed and turning everything to shit by killing Visari.
    • And then, one of the first screens released for Killzone 3 is Rico. And the fandom raged. Thankfully, they dialed down his most annoying traits in the game itself.
  • Bao from the NESTS saga of The King of Fighters, for being a relatively uncharismatic Cousin Oliver.
    • Ash Crimson has been hovering somewhere between this and Creator's Pet for a large part of the fandom. Although he does have his own following, and some fans seem to be slowly warming up to him.
      • Hey, guess what? Ash Crimson has been Killed Off for Real! He killed off his own ancestor and essentially made sure that he will cease to exist. This qualifies as an Alas, Poor Scrappy!
      • And then, KOF XIV teased a return for the next game which became confirmed. His return from the dead and new design has made him Rescued from the Scrappy Heap for a good portion of the fandom. Also helps that he's much less grating in XV (as his Special Intro with newcomer Isla is one of the few times we've seen him Pet the Dog) and has one of the most touching endings in the series.
    • In a whole-company scale, the staff at SNK Playmore seems to hate the Eolith-created K9999 very much and replace him with Nameless (or so we were led to believe), since K9999 was made into such a Captain Ersatz of Tetsuo by Eolith's own admission that this did not sit well on SNK Playmore. Which is okay, because most fans didn't like him either for the same reasons as well as being very obnoxious.
      • Like Ash above, K9999 has also been pulled out of the heap in XV as Krohnen McDougall, his new identity that he took up sometime after the events of KOF 2001. His redesign that tones down the AKIRA references, being much less of a needlessly edgy Jerkass, his Pet the Dog moment in both his team's ending and in another one involving him, Ryo, and Angel, as well as being an Only Sane Man around other Jerkasses like Iori and Gato have definitely won some fans over.
    • In his time, replacement protagonist K' was seen as a Replacement Scrappy to some.
    • To some extent, Li Xiangfei also applied: Annoying Transplant from another series. Check. Grating personality. Check. Cheap super move. Check.
  • In King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!, Cedric was massively hated for his useless advice (screaming "watch out" or some variant thereof when it's already too late to prevent the danger from killing you), cowardice and annoying voice in the CD version. So much so that in Space Quest IV, hitting him in an arcade game earns you points, and the narrator spoofs him in Space Quest VI.
  • Left 4 Dead 2:
    • Rochelle gets a ton of hate from the fans simply because she doesn't always have something witty to say like the other survivors or how her voice actor is "bad." People have even gone as far as replacing her with Zoey via modding. When The Passing campaign was coming soon, many fans hoped that Valve would replace Rochelle's VA with a new one and redo all of her old lines.
    • Valve ended up not doing that for the DLC, however, though the DLC did in fact add a lot of interesting dialogue between her and Francis, including mimicking Francis' hating things. Even if they did not rewrite her lines and replace her VA, many fans still agree that the Passing successfully managed to get her Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.
  • Most of the characters in Legacy of Kain are either popular enough to have their own fanbase or minor enough that no one really cares about them. The exception is Umah from Blood Omen 2. The majority of the fanbase hates her for one reason or another, several seeing her as a Satellite Love Interest, a Faux Action Girl, and a Ms. Fanservice in a series with a very large, active, and vocal female fanbase.
  • If there's one character who manages to be the scrappy in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, or even any of the Trails Series in general, it's Elise Schwarzer, adopted younger sister of the protagonist. It's mostly thanks to her Brother–Sister Incest storyline that was poorly executed compared to the better and more popular Estelle and Joshua adopted sibling romance, her terrible stats and skills, and at least 75% of Rean's angst issues comes from him wanting to protect her. That and she barely gets any screen time as to why she's even crushing on him in the first place.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:
      • Navi is the arguable Trope Codifier for the Annoying Video Game Helper, since she was supposedly given to Link to give him "advice", which means telling him something that he already knows and being extremely intrusive about it with an obnoxious cry of "Hey!" and "Listen!". Besides, she has almost zero purpose in the story and many are baffled that Link bothered to go search for her. Nintendo addressed these concerns in the sequel by having Tatl be not only relevant to the story itself but also replacing her cries of "Hey!" and "Listen!" with a bell-ringing sound effect that is far less intrusive or distracting and doesn't appear nearly as often.
      • Kaepora Gaebora, the Motor Mouth owl who shows up on the overworld after Link completed a mission is probably the second most hated character in the game, next to Navi. Mostly because he bombards the player with a Wall of Text that is automatically triggered when the player walks near him, as opposed to pretty much every other NPC in the game where the player initiates the conversation. His information ranges from "Mildly helpful, but nothing I couldn't figure out by myself" to "I already knew that!". The real kicker is that, when the player tries to skip his tedious monologue with the "A" button, the cursor defaults to "No" when asked if the player understood what he said, or "Yes" when asked if the player wants to hear what he said again. Shall I Repeat That?
    • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:
      • The monkeys, particularly the one that "helps" you in the Forest Temple. As the game suffers from a very long Prolonged Prologue and Forced Tutorial which takes a couple of hours to complete before you can even reach the temple (and you still haven't even been to Hyrule Field yet), this initial temple should have been your first opportunity to freely explore a large area. Instead, this monkey Rail Roads you through a large portion of the temple and never stops chattering or hooting at you, even when you're giving in and following her.
      • Malo, one of the Ordon children introduced early on in the game, creeps out a significant portion of the fanbase for being a toddler with eerily mature mannerisms.
      • Illia is not well-liked due to being introduced by chewing out Link for something the player had no control over and being connected to a particularly annoying Escort Mission. It very much doesn't help that she's a one of the lazier attempts the series has for an Implied Love Interest, as she spends most of the game without her memory, doesn't have much beyond basic Girl Next Door characterization and is largely insignificant to the plot overall. Given this, she's also subject to a lot of Die for Our Ship for those who prefer Link with Zelda or Midna (or both).
    • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:
  • LEGO Dimensions:
  • Like a Dragon:
    • Kyohei Jingu from Yakuza is one of these. While he's supposed to be hated, the hatred fans have for him tend to go beyond his evil actions, due to being seen as a weak antagonist who lacks the complexity of fellow main villain Nishiki. Not helped by the fact that his boss fight is considered by many to be one of the worst in the series.
    • Yakuza 4:
    • Yakuza 5 has the minor NPC Tatsuya, a chef based on the real life celebrity chef Tatsuya Kawagoe. His writing comes off to many as Character Shilling, seeming more or less like a walking advertisement who appears in every story in the game despite lacking any particularly interesting characteristics. It's not helped that the person he's based on had gotten himself into hot water soon after the release of the gamenote .
    • Nonomiya from Yakuza: Like a Dragon is supposed to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but because his kind acts happen entirely offscreen and are only revealed after he's already dead, while his time onscreen only ever portrays him as needlessly cruel and even predatory towards his workers, he's seen as an unlikeable scumbag rather than the multi-faceted character the game makes him out to be, and is overall considered one of the game's weaker points in its writing.
  • Mack and Cooke from Lost Odyssey are seen as annoying little brats who take away game time from much more interesting or better-developed characters. And the cherry on top is that they were almost useless in battle aside from teaching skills to other (better) characters.
  • Metroid: Other M: Adam Malkovitch is widely hated for his cold, careless behavior, and for imposing the now infamous authorization mechanic on to Samus, sharply contrasting how he was built up as a noble man in Metroid Fusion. His treatment of Samus disgusted many players, as she views him as a father figure while he is mostly indifferent or emotionally abusive to her. Compounding this issue is the fact he is repeatedly described as a tactical genius, despite regularly making terrible decisions that ultimately result in the demise of his entire squad save Anthony. The game nevertheless ends with Samus revering him as a flawless leader, and the postgame focuses on her risking her life and battling Phantoon to retrieve his helmet.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2:
    • Qara is often cited as the worst companion in the game. She's a pyromaniac sorceress who has a severely overinflated sense of importance due to the fact she can spontaneously cast spells and refuses to study anything or refuse to take responsibility for her actions (believing she had a right to set fire to a stable because someone verbally mocked her). Any attempt to reign in her Pyromania or her tendency to want to do the most destructive action possible only nets negative influence. There's VERY little attempts for the player to get her off the high horse and mature. It also doesn't help she has a rivalry with the much more popular Sand who she belittles needlessly because he's a Wizard. It also also doesn't help that Qara's pyrotechnics have a nasty habit of destroying loot-containing chests, which in this game wrecks the better items inside. And as a final nail in her coffin, unless you go out of your way to get her approval (i.e., suck up to her as much as possible), she is the only companion who will almost always betray the party and side with Garius during the finale. Oh, and getting her approval means Sand will betray you instead.
    • In close competition with Qara is Grobnar, the resident Spoony Bard. Who is also a gnome. Many players would love to tell him to get stuffed when he announces his intention to join the party... but when anybody wants to join your party in NWN2, Thou Must Accept Them. The only thing keeping him (slightly) above Qara is the fact he's occasionally funny.
    • Elanee and Casavir aren't nearly as hated as the above two, but they're still considered two of the worst companions. The former because of her creepy romance arc, stick-in-the-mud personality, and generally being a stereotypical haughty elf who gives condescending Green Aesops. The latter mostly just because he's a fairly boring and generic paladin, thanks to a lot of his Hidden Depths and storyline getting Dummied Out. Notably, even the developers seem to have hated Elanee; she's the only companion you can kill prior to the finale.
  • Nintendo Land has Monita. Her tutorial speeches are several minutes long, and boring. They've been known to put some gamers to sleep.
  • Jasper Batt Jr. from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is immensely hated by fans due to his annoying voice, ridiculous fashion sense, the fact that he lets his henchmen doing all of the killing for him, and for being a Final Boss that goes from easy, to That One Boss (complete with being absurdly cheap instead of legitimately hard). It's easily arguable that this was the point, since part way through, Henry says its just too ridiculous and leaves Travis to finish the fight alone. All in all, Jasper seems intended to be as unsatisfying a final boss as possible by being both cheap and too ridiculous to provide a desirable capstone to the story. And while it drives the point home of revenge as a whole being unsatisfying, it's still something you have to put up with in the first place.
    • Million Gunman from the same game is near-universally hated for being a very uninteresting assassin thematically (even the whole Bond villain motif isn't particularly unique), being one of the more obnoxious fights in the game, the poor platforming required to beat him and the screams of "DO YOU LOVE MONEY LIKE I D-I'M NOT GOING TO GO EASY ON YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE A GIR-DO YOU LOVE MO-FUCK YOU" he makes. Next to Jasper Batt Jr, his boss fight is likely the most disliked of any in either of the games.
  • Manpuku from Ōkamiden is the only partner in the game who receives any degree of hate, and they hate him hard. Being the final partner in the game, you'd think he'd have something that would actually be comparable to Kurow's flight, but all he does is serve as a source of fire, whereas there could've simply been conveniently-placed torches instead. People are also annoyed by how unchanged his character is by the end of his arc; the reason why he got dragged into the story is simply because he ate too much, and you'd think that by the end of the story he'd stop, but no, you're greeted by a scene of him gorging himself during the ending. Just look at any fanart of Chibiterasu and his partners, they leave Manpuku out of them most of the time, they hate him that much.
  • Rowland from The Orion Conspiracy. He has an annoying, little-kid-like voice. He is also fat, and admits to being a Basement-Dweller (did you hear Unfortunate Implications?). He is selfish, lazy, whiny, and none of the other characters in the game seem to like him very much. In fact, his supervisor has to constantly push him into working on stuff. He does not care about top secret stuff, and he only cares about eating chocolate. He has to be bribed with a blueberry pie before he tells Devlin anything. He is also a hypochondriac. The final blow comes when he happens to overhear Devlin and Meyer's conversation about damage to the engines. He reveals himself to be a Dirty Coward who essentially says Screw This, I'm Outta Here and takes off in a ship leaving everyone else behind. Guess what? Devlin has to go to the laser cannon and shoot to kill Rowland. Take That, Scrappy!! A conversation between Devlin and Meyer reveals that Meyer would have happily shot down Rowland, and that if Rowland had not been shot down, the alien cocoons in the ship would have hatched and killed him anyway. Rowland was obviously a dead man the minute he got into that ship and took off. His death could be considered Alas, Poor Scrappy.
  • MADAGASCAR in the Pandemic games for being very hard to infect. It's a country with only one way in (sea ports), and they're very fast to close the ports as soon as your plague becomes apparent anywhere in the world - which makes the game unwinnable, since the goal is to infect every country in the world.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 has the shop NPCs in charge of grinding gear and making them stronger. The higher you grind an item, the greater the chance of potential failure and loss of grinds (especially in rare weapons). Each NPC is hated for their own reasons: Dudu, who works on odd-numbered blocks, has a condescending personality and seniority, being hated by players since day one (enough that a room item was released in the form of a punching bag bearing his visage); while Monica, who works on even-numbered blocks, is a Moe Cute Clumsy Girl Shrinking Violet who cries every time she fails a grind. There are some that actually hate Monica more than Dudu, who has become more of a character one loves to hate, as opposed to the seething loathing Monica receives.
  • Plague Inc. has a few hard-to-infect countries, but the most notorious is Greenland. With only one single port in or out, and with so few ships going there, if it closes before your plague hits their shores, the game is rendered unwinnable. And even if you do get there, you have to evolve Cold Resistance to maximum, or any infected populace will quickly heal.
  • Kinta Kokuin of the Power Instinct series. It's not hard to see why he's considered among the worst fighting game characters ever, considering he's not only an Ethnic Scrappy—he's a Japanese sumo wrestler who doesn't wear underwear, for no other apparent reason to be gross—but an underaged one. So essentially, you get to see a kid display candid portions of his anatomy during the fight. It's disgusting.
    • Oume and Otane Goketsuji have also started to wear out on some of the fans. Either one or both of them have been in every Power Instinct game, while some of the fan favorites never appear again. The fact that they're usually really good in most of the games doesn't help at all.
  • Both Puyo Puyo Fever and its sequel have Hoho, Tartar and the Frankensteins, three very unpopular characters that are hated for their obnoxious Verbal Tic (the Frankenstein kid's "freh" and "Daddy says...", Tartar's "-(na) n da na", and Hoho's "hoho" or "mmm-hmm" in English) and unappealing designs. As a result, after Puyo Puyo Fever 2 those characters were quickly Put on a Bus, and even when they returned in Puyo Puyo Quest their presence is heavily downplayed.
  • Until Insomniac Games saved him in the sequels by toning down his attitude, Ratchet of Ratchet & Clank was this to many reviewers, who claimed that only Clank's presence in the game kept them putting up with Ratchet's Jerkass tendencies; some even said that the sequels should have focused solely on Clank, leaving the poor Lombax out entirely.
    • In terms of Mooks, the most hated enemy in the franchise is the Y.E.T.I. from Going Commando because they're too overpowered. Not only is each of them a Lightning Bruiser but the Y.E.T.I.s will relentlessly chase after you when you get near. There are burrows where around 5 Y.E.T.I.s spawn, one after the other, let alone how their spawn points are so close to each other. The enemy is so dangerous that even the most powerful weapons have trouble taking these things down before running out of ammo.
  • Rayman: Globox's cowardly, idiotic tendencies overshadowed his good nature for many. While players could get their revenge in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, where his poor judgement is used more comedically, it didn't do much to rectify the character. However, he improved a lot following Rayman Origins: because of his endearing animations and focus almost exclusively on his positives, he's one of the most popular characters to play as.
    • The Rabbids are hated for their screaming, lack of variety and shifting the series' focus from platformers to party games. The series eventually went back to platformers and gave the Rabbids their own games, but fans remain indifferent at best.
  • Resident Evil:
    • Resident Evil 4 has Ashley Graham, the President's hapless daughter and unfortunate kidnapee. She's defenseless, whiny, and in constant need of rescue. Not to mention her constant cries of, "Heeelp! Leooon!" began to grate on many gamers' nerves.
    • Helena Harper of Resident Evil 6 is the least popular of the six protagonists, mostly because she's not only boring personality-wise, but is also arrogant, very short tempered, and does a lot of whining. The revelation that she replaced Claire Redfield only made her even less popularnote .
    • Without a doubt though, the number one scrappy of Resident Evil is Steve Burnside of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica. Alternating between whiny Emo Teen and arrogant Jerkass, sending Claire on fetch quests to get him Cool Guns that he promptly wastes all the ammo for, wrecking the crane you've just finished fixing because he was staring at Claire's ass, and trying to justify it all with some truly wangsty cutscenes, you won't find a lot of Steve fans out there. The devs seem to know this as the game ends with the implication that he'll be Back from the 2000, and he hasn't been seen since.
    • Claire likes to collect them apparently, as in Resident Evil 2 she had Sherry, a 12-year-old girl who would whine in almost every scene she was in, run off like a brat at the drop of a hat, and didn't have any means of protecting herself when the game forced you to play as her. To top it off, she would curl up into a ball in the sections where she accompanied Claire if you ran too far ahead of her, too far ahead being about ten feet away.
  • Rune Factory:
    • The main bachelorettes of the franchise receive a lot of heat for the way that the game favors them and tries to nudge you in their direction. Mist is much more regularly involved in the plot, images of Kyle and Mana hanging out hog the mass majority of Rune Factory 2's first OP, the second OP of Rune Factory 3 shows Micah running up to Shara in her wedding dress and twirling around with her while holding hands regardless of who you actually married, they get flirty dialogue very early, etc.
    • A bit of clarification on Shara, the heroine of Rune Factory 3: despise being a legitimate sweet girl, helping whenever she can, being the official sunny smiles of the town of Sharance... Once married, she sours up something horrible! She develops a bit of an attitude, all her lines display hints of jealously... it's like the Shara you knew before marriage was faking who she was for the express purpose of making the player hers and nobody else's. For this reason, many many players deliberately avoid marrying her, if anything to keep her personality.
      • Kuruna, from the same game. Guess that they needed someone to play the role of the JRPG elf and yell about how Humans Are the Real Monsters since the actual elves are too busy living amongst the humans and being amiable. Her racist attitude combined with fact that she resides in an out-of-the-way location makes her one of the least popular marriage candidates in the game and easily the most hated.
  • The Sawmill Operator from RuneScape; Fan Nicknames include "Thief," "That Bastard," and "the Richest Man in RuneScape."
  • Saints Row:
    • Shaundi fell into this role by the third game, having changed from snarky cheerful stoner chick into a super serious, ultra-violent loudmouth only occupied with taking revenge, to the point where the Boss seems reasonable. The fourth game rescued her by explaining that a combination of new responsibilities and stress from being a Reality TV star, Survivor's Guilt from Johnny's supposed death and self-hatred over being known as The Load lead to this drastic transformation and she gradually becomes less bitchy. It helps that Shaundi as she appears in Saints Row 2 (named Fun Shaundi) is also in the game and a big part of Shaudi's aformentioned character development comes from her interacting with her past counterpart and coming to terms with it.
    • Also from Saints Row the Third, the former wrestler Angel De La Muerte is widely hated by the fanbase. First he deems the player character (the Boss) too weak to take on his former tag team partner Killbane and his gang of armed luchadores, ignoring that the Boss has already wiped out 6 similarly strong gangs and a paramilitary security force in previous games, mostly alone. This is in addition to their long list of impressive feats, along with regularly taking on an entire police force. Second, he makes a big deal out of having to "earn" his wrestling mask back in the ring instead of stealing it... only to shoot up the casino it is in and actually steal it after wasting your time with other missions. Third, he convinces the player character to agree on helping him to have a rematch with Killbane instead of just killing him as the player character suggest, with his reasoning being that him humiliating Killbane on live television is worse than just killing him, only for the player character to finish the fight for him, then Angel calling him/her later saying that they have to kill Killbane. Overall, he appears as a massive cowardly hypocrite in addition to having an overinflated ego. Being voiced by Hulk Hogan of all people also likely doesn't help.
    • Killbane himself is also one of the most disliked antagonists in the series mainly for being forced into the role of the main villain despite being the most shallow and uninteresting of the bad guys.
  • The Soda Poppers from Sam and Max became hugely hated in the fanbase. In a Moment of Awesome, Telltale Games made it turn out in the second season finale that they were really evil, and that they were trying to use their Scrappy-like annoyingness to take over Hell and cause The End of the World as We Know It. And then killed them off by dumping gallons of molten lava on them in the final scene. Now that's how you please your fans!
  • Shantae: The Mayor of Scuttle Town, Mayor Scuttlebutt is loathed by the fanbase. This is mostly due to his habit of repeatedly firing Shantae on the stupidest imaginable pretexts. It doesn't help that at one point he sells the entire town to the Ammo Baron, just so he doesn't have to deal with the Baron's forces and Risky at the same time, and gets away with it.
  • Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri:
    • Sister Miriam Godwinsson. What Isabella is to Civilization IV, Miriam is essentially the game's version of Isabella. As an annoying bible-thumper with a crippling research deficiency who is incredibly warlike and inevitably ends up stepping on the toes of every other faction by complaining that they're not embracing Christian fundamentalism. Most players of Alpha Centauri tend to be immediately alienated by her fluff alone and make it a point to eradicate her some point down the line with their inevitable technical superiority.
    • She's also something of a Low-Tier Letdown. If you play as Sister Miriam's faction in-game, your only hope of winning is attempting to conquer every other faction as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the bigger the technology gap gets, so there's no room for anything else but pure conquering from the very start. And in hands of AI she's even worse, since AI will pick Fundamental as social choice, getting even bigger research penalty and having a reason to start all-around war with everyone.
    • She's also hated in-universe, as her ideology puts her against every single faction in all ways: game mechanics, novelisation fluff and GURPS setting. It says something, when even Morgan, who is willing to trade even with inhuman totalitarian police states for resources doesn't want to have anything in common with Miriam.
  • Silent Hill: While the series is full of polarising characters, only two characters seem to be all but universally hated.
    • Of all the Silent Hill characters, none attract such utter loathing as Laura from Silent Hill 2. In every one of her scenes with James she regularly insults him, goes out of her way to be unhelpful, and at one point locks him in a room filled with incredibly suggestive monsters. While entirely justified from her own side, her final scene where she rages at James at the worst possible time is the metaphorical final straw for many. Whilst Word of God is that Laura doesn't see any of the things that James does, meaning that, to him, he's being locked in a room full of monsters, but to her, she's just playing a prank on the old fartface who was mean to Mary and hardly ever came to visit her on her deathbed, this is incredibly vague in-game and so the creator's comments are soundly ignored by much of the fandom. The fact that the very best of the game's Multiple Endings features James adopting Laura does not help - if anything, it incenses her sizable Hatedom.
    • Henry Townshend of Silent Hill 4 is soundly disliked, with many complaints leveled against his lackluster, emotionless dialogue, his "dull" backstorynote , and the lack of any perceived Character Development or deeper investment in the mysteries surrounding him. He is considered perhaps the worst protagonist of any Silent Hill game so far. Whilst it's a minor element, the fact he's responsible for spouting many of the game's dumber lines certainly contributes to the dislike people have of him..
  • Wren Insurance from Sim City 4 has a lot of hate, due to a programming glitch that caused it to spawn more often than it needed to in the cities. There's a mod to fix this, as well as a mod to completely remove it from the game (as well as the rest of the Maxis buildings).
  • The Yeti/"Abominable Snow Monster" in the 8-Bit Windows game SkiFree is also hated due to appearing out of nowhere and eating the player who was just minding their own business skiing down the hill, and tops it off by jumping up and down victoriously over eating the player, mocking their inability to escape him or kick his ass. He's getting like that Duck Hunt dog, only with less publicity, and everyone who played SkiFree hates this guy.
  • Danica Patrick in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, hated because: 1) She's a real person in a Sega crossover game, 2) She's a NASCAR racer, and 3) She looks completely out-of-place.
  • Patroklos, the main character of Soulcalibur V is easily the most hated character in all of Soul Series. He has a downright horrifying Establishing Character Moment where he cements himself as a full-on Jerkass by killing an innocent man in cold blood, a quasi-incestuous relationship with his sister, and implausibly forced Character Development that makes it near-impossible for most fans to recognize any growth from him. He also needs literally everything spelled out for him and is a bigot who claims to be a holy warrior. Add this to his status as a clear Designated Hero that the game practically forces players to accept and the fact that the rest of the cast, even the returning characters and newcomers are all Demoted to Extra so he can hog all the screen time, and you have yourself a character so reviled that he was completely written out of VI with nobody missing him in the slightest.
    • To give you a better idea of just how hated Patroklos is, the official Facebook character popularity poll had Patroklos placed 37th out of 45 characters with only 32 votes cast for him... out of 10,000 votes cast total. Patroklos had far fewer votes than Hwang, Lizardman, Rock, Li Long and Dampierre, and only slightly more than Leixia, who is considered a bad Moveset Clone of fan-favourite Xianghua. Project Soul later did revisions to the characters' lore and tweaked minor elements of their biographies, and used the chance to utterly slam Patroklos in his own entry as a right bastard who knew deep down that he has completely failed to uphold his heroic mother's legacy, though his arrogance would never allow him to publicly admit it. This came to a head in VI when Cassandra learns from her Original Timeline!self that the events of V are a Bad Future for her family that she must prevent ever coming to pass; while Patroklos is not mentioned, it's a clear signal that the new direction for Soul is pointed as far away as V as possible. Even people who did not feel strongly either way about Patroklos will admit that the game severely bungled an otherwise-promising Coming of Age Story where a boy's love and desire for revenge led him to become an Unwitting Pawn for the machinations of both swords.
  • Zealot NPC empires in Spore. They start with a "We Distrust Strangers" negative relation bonus, ensuring they hate you from the get go. Most of their messages amount to "Pay us 5,000,000 Sporebucks or DIE UNBELIEVER!", ensuring that you'll either go bankrupt, go to war, or run yourself ragged trying to get them to like you so they stop. To top it all off, some, if not most, positive relation bonuses diminish over time, so if you're not careful, you could start back at square one. Want to make it easier on yourself and ally with them? Get ready to have to defend them every five minutes since they're more than willing to declare war on others at the drop of a hat. Woe be unto you if they attack another ally of yours, forcing you to choose who you want to defend and who you want to annoy by not helping.note 
  • Star Ocean: Till the End of Time:
    • Farleen, both for having an annoying voice and for mostly being a plot device who, along with her partner Tynave, gets held captive and beaten up in order to give Nel all the more reason to hate Airyglyph. At least she's just an NPC.
    • Roger is disliked for being a Bratty Half-Pint and being completely useless in battles. His only saving grace is once you're forced to choose who you want to permanently join your final party, he's usually the first and easiest choice to leave out.
    • Adray is considered by many to be an unnecessary addition to the Director's Cut/overseas versions. This is due to him being shoehorned into the plot and is forced into your party, which prevents you from recruiting all of the characters that you want. His subpar and overall awkward combat performance also earns him a lot of hate. The fact that he joins you instead of the actually-important fan favorite Clair or the similarly-liked Nel and Albel only makes things worse.note 
  • The Parrot from Starship Titanic.
  • Star Trek Online:
    • Tovan Khev, the Romulan captain's first Bridge Officer. Unlike K'Gen and Elisa Flores, his counterparts for the KDF and Federation respectively, Tovan is forced upon the player, his story about finding his missing sister takes up most of the game, you can't dismiss him afterwards and, until a later patch, couldn't even modify his looks!
    • Koren, the captain of the Klingon Cool Ship I.K.S. Bortasqu' When players got to first see her, they felt she was a pretty awesome character, seeing as she was the counterpart for the Federation's Cool Ship captain, the Andorian Va'Kel Shon (who's captain of the Enterprise-F), who players felt belonged here instead. However, her subsequent appearances changed people's tunes as it was shown that she only had two personality trats: Rage and Homicidal Rage. Not only that, her appearance in the mission "Surface Tension" made her out to be a Spoiled Brat, whining about how the Federation were cowards for not showing up to save Qo'noS from the Undine.
  • It took about 15 minutes since the midnight release of Street Fighter IV for Rufus to show up on this page. Take that for what you may. He tends to go in and out of this depending on the week - initially, fans warmed up to his goofy Fat Bastard personality and Acrofatic fighting style, but his cheapness in combat soured them right back. The fact that Capcom likes to push him (particularly in Street Fighter X Tekken, where he became Zangief's tag partner over any of the characters that Zangief is actually friendly with) just makes things worse.
    • As The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard page puts it: "Seth Seth Seth Seth FUCKING SETH." People despise his generic design, his lazy moveset, and being cheap as all get out. Even the game's producer admits to putting Seth at the back to torture people.
    • Twelve from Street Fighter III ends up on many players' shitlists for his bland design, lack of personality, and being incredibly weak.
  • Super Robot Wars:
    • Lee Linjun, The Neidermeyer captain of the Shirogane, is a stuck-up Jerkass perfectionist who has very little concern on his subordinates and always look down on Tetsuya Onodera, always giving him his frustrations while in practice, his high and mighty attitude always lead to disaster; and then, he got caught by stupidity, then turns traitor. Right after that, he crosses the Moral Event Horizon by killing Daitetsu Minase. From that point on, it doesn't matter if he had a sad past of losing his wife, all of his negativities eclipsed all of them, and there was much rejoicing when he met his end by charging like an idiot towards Tetsuya... who's commanding the battleship Kurogane...with a drill on its bow.
      • Much to everyone's surprise, Lee survived all those (the remake made it that he retreated after all) and returned in Second Original Generation, still acting like a pompous ass and sided with Arteil Stenbuck/Euzzeth Gozzo, but... that game sheds the possibility of him getting Rescued from the Scrappy Heap when in the end, he admitted how pathetic he has become and rammed his ship in a suicide attack against Euzzeth, freeing Ing Egret from Euzzeth's grip and eventually letting the good guys win against Euzzeth. While some would point out that Lee still acted out of pride rather than admitting his mistakes, him actually helping the good guys after a long record of being The Load kind of gave him a better light and response.
    • Wilhelm von Juergen, the "supposed" Big Bad of the OVA and makes an appearance later in the games. When you look at him, things seems normal: a candidate Anti-Villain, perhaps, and he only got over the top for overreacting on the loss of his family against the Aerogaters, with intentions in re-building the ODE System clearly justified. But in process of that, he manages to be a unrepentant massive Big Bad Wannabe, who caught Lamia Loveless only by luck, and when she made it clear that her mind cannot be overridden that easily with the ODE System's programming, he crosses the Moral Event Horizon by shooting her while she's battered, defenseless and naked, making it look like she gets Killed Off for Real and suffered a huge case of Chickification. Fortunately, this is just a teaser to Original Generation Gaiden, which is thankfully rectified in this Gaiden Game sequel, as she turns up Not Quite Dead and Juergen's killed immediately afterwards by Duminuss for outliving his "usefulness". Yet despite that, all his sympathy points are shot to hell, and players look at him with A LOT of contempt. However, it's less than likely you'll find those who are vocal in their hatred towards Juergen when compared to Lee's, because every one of Juergen's appearance is in a No Export for You format (the very small number of western players that DO know about him, they just can't find it in themselves to like him in any way). It also doesn't help that the Bartolls, which use the ODE System, are massive Goddamned Bats in Original Generation Gaiden.
      • Juergen might be getting out of this because he gets even more obscure for people to care about, and Second Original Generation reveals that there's someone worse in terms of in-story personality (though expected): Kaoru Tomine, who used his ODE data along with other systems' data to create even more dangerous things consciously (when at least Juergen was too driven by grief) and when he died, he had a Villainous Breakdown stating that he's supposed to be on higher levels compared to other scientists, including Juergen. Kaoru himself isn't a Scrappy, but he kinda helped vindicating Juergen's status storywise.
    • It's uncommon to find an SRW protagonist for players to dislike, but it's even rarer to have a protagonist become outright despised. Enter Mist Rex of Super Robot Wars K. Where to start? He's an idiot that can't read the mood: when everyone is surprised at the Overdevil disappearing, he just goes "Man, that was a tough enemy, huh?" for no reason. He speaks of things like the slavery back on his home planet nonchalantly, even if it involves friends of his. His recklessness forces him to attack stronger villains without thinking twice about it...repeatedly. Worse, he's in a Love Triangle with two other heroines that aren't all that interesting either, but manages to overtake a decent chunk of the plot, including pushing aside the better Love Triangle from Godannar. To cap it off, his Humongous Mecha is ugly as hell and when combined with the robot of his chosen girl, it becomes even uglier, if that's possible. In Mist's defense, the previous Nintendo DS SRW, Super Robot Wars W, had some of the most popular and beloved originals, so he suffers a bit from Tough Act to Follow, but even with that aside, Rex is just bland and uninspired, to the point where fans want him to NOT appear in Original Generation, or if he even appears, the first thing to do is have his personality fixed, through rewriting or some heroes calling out his bullshit (and judging by the record of how the OG Saga do variations nearing Fix Fic, it's highly possible, if Mist is in at all). The hatedom surrounding Mist has since elevated him into Memetic Mutation: occasionally when there's a new SRW announced, Trolls start picking up his scrappiness and photoshop Mist into said game, just to annoy people.
    • Although as of late, the Meme is kind of dying, but even then, unlike Lee and Juergen, Mist hasn't seen the chance of being redeemed in the eyes of the fans, unless he's confirmed to get into the OG series, reboot or not, and gets a rounded personality fix.
  • A newcomer of Tekken 7, Lucky Chloe, has turned out to be this. Many people despise her for her high pitched voice, Gratuitous English, her character design, and being a Japanese idol with Cat Girl motif, meaning that she totally and deliberately caters to the Moe crowd, and even her moveset. She gained some fans once people actually got to play her, but she remains a divisive character, and the vocal hatred towards her from the U.S. Tekken fanbase reached such levels that the writers made it canon and it was written into her backstory.
  • Terranigma:
    • Perel, the annoying stereotypical black 90s skateboarding kid, who for some reason gets to be one of Ark's closest allies on the surface world.
    • Meilin also annoys quite a few players, and she gets even more screentime.
  • Terraria:
    • The NPC known as "Guide" who appears in every world upon creation, runs around and will move into any house you build. He's supposed to give tips to new players, but there's no way to get rid of him; even if he dies, he respawns within a minute. But the worst of all is that he often opens your house's front doors during night when there's zombies outside, so it makes them able to enter your house and kill you. Even the creators themselves find him incredibly annoying: they walled him in and trapped him in their Let's Play (which doesn't help anyway because he can teleport). Redigit even added an item called the Guide Voodoo Doll, which summons The Wall of Flesh if thrown into the lava pits of the Underworld.
      • Since 1.0.5, he has become much more useful as he can show you everything you can craft with an item if you show it to him. Crafting is no longer a guessing game, and it certainly makes the world a whole lot kinder to new players who try to experience the game without immediately resorting to a wiki.
      • Lampshaded in the Steam card for him. "He thought it would be funny to open your door and let zombies in, you thought it would be fun to feed his soul to the lord of eternal nightmares."
    • As of 1.2.4, The Guide's Scrappy-ness is quickly being eclipsed by The Angler, who is the only child character in the game...which is a title he tarnishes by being an utterly infuriating Spoiled Brat. He's bossy and demanding, he treats your character like dirt, and is constantly pulling "pranks" on the other residents, such as putting undead fish into their furniture and piranha teeth into chairs. And you can only do one of his fishing quests per day, which is especially aggravating when you're trying to get the rarer rewards which have an already infuriatingly low drop rate. Even worse for those who want to give him the same treatment as The Guide, Improbable Infant Survival is in full effect, even lampshaded somewhat. If his HP is ever reduced to 0, he simply poofs away in a puff of smoke, with the chat log "<Name> Has left." This being in a game that contains voodoo magic, bloodthirsty organs, and hell itself.
  • Zip and Alister from Tomb Raider: Legend gained this status among a large portion of the fanbase, and many others for that matter, very soon after the game's release with their constant non-optional, hint-giving, atmosphere-breaking waffling.
    • Natla in the Crystal Dynamics games - she appears more than once as the main villain, and simply won't die no matter what you do to her (even after seemingly being obliterated). This goes so far as having its own scrappy song.
  • If you played Disney's MMORPG Toontown Online a lot and hanged out at the forums, chances are you'll often hear players lamenting about a particular NPC called Lil Old Man. More than often players doing his tasks (and even those who have moved on to the unlocked playground) will wish him death. Surviving the tasks he gives is basically a rite of passage to the final playground, but those tasks tend to be impossible to do solo and are practically time consuming.
  • The Total War series:
    • Both Medieval: Total War and Medieval II: Total War put you in the unenviable position of having to deal with The Pope. The annoying bloody idiot who will Excommunicate you for not suing for peace with your enemies when they started the war, and are currently besieging your settlements. Even worse is when your political maneuvering put the ungrateful git in the position to excommunicate you in the first place.
  • Angie is the pariah of the Trauma Center community because of her self-righteous attitude, constant criticizing of Derek (though he does admittedly deserve it sometimes) and the fact that she almost never calls Derek by his first name despite being his partner and supposed love interest.
    • Many fans found it extremely hard to forgive Angie for telling Linda Reid, a depressed, suicidal, teenage patient, that "she should just die".
    • People were even more furious at Angie for blaming Derek for Emilio's death by saying that he became arrogant and negligent by relying on his Healing Touch. This is in spite of the fact that Derek had three patients infected with GUILT to go through before he could even get to Emilio. This consequently leads Derek into a depressive spiral that makes him lose his Healing Touch for a whole chapter! Worst of all, Angie is almost never called out for her incessantly bitchy behavior or the fact that she more often than not makes things much worse.
  • In the MMORPG Trickster Online, we have the implacable trio of Genius Cochma, Frog Shaman, and Lethos. Each of the three asks for items that are hard to obtain to begin with, in five sets of five... sometimes going so far as to ask for four different collections of items. Lethos isn't as bad as the other two (usually), and Cochma at least is the warmup NPC for a given region. Still, say "Frog Shaman" to anyone and they're most likely to complain about the latest version of his 20 Bear Asses quest.
  • While almost all of Undertale's many unique characters are well-liked (except Jerry, who's meant to be hated) So Sorry, who is one of the game's Bonus Bosses, falls into this. Like Muffet, he was included as a backer's Kickstarter reward, but he has received significant hate for quite a few reasonsnote . Nearly any YouTube video of the fight with him is an explosion of disdain that leads to flame wars, and has noticeably more dislikes than other Undertale videos. Even players that don't care about his character find him to be a Goddamned Boss with frustrating attack patterns and difficulty in being spared/killed.
  • Valdis Story: Abyssal City: Sezzi, the leader of Ishk, sends you into one of the game's most notorious That One Levels in the name of retrieving his hammer. Once you've done this and (apparently) gained his trust, he tells you that he had all the divine keys destroyed when the enemy showed up. He then asks you to storm two separate enemy bases and kill the generals inside, which is about as hard as it sounds, so that he can get the materials to forge a new key. Upon doing this, he pulls a divine key out of his pocket, meaning that the past couple hours of gameplay were entirely pointless. If you're playing as Wyatt, add the fact that he knows Wyatt's father and still gave him the runaround, and if you're playing as Reina or Gilda, add blatant misogyny coupled with a "Just Joking" Justification. All three of these characters echo the player's frustration by giving him a death threat, which you sadly never get to follow up on. Well, unless you have his entire village freeze to death, that is.
  • Valkyria Chronicles: Cezary, a Darcsen-hating Jerkass of a sniper who always seems to look out for himself only, and got quite a few Kick the Dog moments in the manga. It doesn't help that he's considered a low-tier sniper, especially compared to people like Oscar, Catherine or Marina.
  • Valkyria Chronicles III:
    • Oh, Imca... even if she has a very genuine reason to have angst, you would sometimes wishes that she keeps her priorities straight and steer clear from being a Wangst-ball. It gets worse. Due to PTSD, simply seeing a Valkyria triggers murderous reaction from her, and one of your party member (guess which one!) is a Valkyria. When she finally gets over it, she just have to rush into Ghirlandaio to kill the Valkyria that actually did her wrong, powerlevel difference be damned. Which results in a ridiculously difficult rescue mission. She's either the poorest kitten that needs a hug, or a big ball of issues that hurts the team more often than not.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War : Soulstorm has Indrick Boreale, the Space Marine commander. Why is he a scrappy? Oh, he only gave the stupidest, most Narm-ridden Rousing Speech ever. Watch here. He was so much derp and fail that the sequel, Dawn of War II has a Take That! against him. However, the fact that said speech turned him into a Fountain of Memes has caused the more jokey portions of the fanbase to accept him with open arms.
    • Another example: Autarch Kayleth from Dawn of War II: Retribution, the main protagonist of the Eldar campaign. An arrogant bitch who's continuous mouthfuls of condescending snark caused many players to cry "Screw You, Eldar!" The other Eldar characters, Ronahn and Veldoran were much more well-received, and Kayleth gets very slightly better after a Break the Haughty moment via Azariah Kyras.
      • The Eldar in general were a notorious Game-Breaker back in the original Dawn of War and its expansions Winter Assault and Dark Crusade.
    • The Chaos character for Winter Assault, Crull, wasn't exactly well-liked either, since he was kind of low on personality next to all the others. Bale had an odd-couple relationship with Sindri and sounded like Dinobot, Eliphas was devious, talented, and surprisingly intimidating, Carron was so narmy and bad at his job that it was almost impossible to hate him, and Araghast was downright psychotic. Crull, by comparison, was just kind of the standard Khornate Chaos Lord, and didn't really do much but shout "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" and get killed by Gorgutz.
  • There may be quite a few people who'd like to shoot the host of Wii Party because of his voice and ugly looks.
  • Todd "Maniac" Marshall from the various Wing Commander games. He's the lowest-ranked pilot in the squad, but always likes to brag about how he's hot stuff. You're not supposed to shoot down your wingmen, but we doubt the COs would mind if someone "accidentally" fired a few "warning shots" in Maniac's direction just to get him to shut up. In the first mission you fly with him in the original game, during the mission briefing, Col. Halcyon gives specific permission to the player character to blow Maniac out of space if he causes any trouble, and advises the PC to use guns to do it, and save missiles for important targets (The look on Maniac's face at this part is priceless).
    • Despite the fact that he was unbelievably obnoxious, almost universally hated by fans, and even the other characters almost universally loathed him, Origin either hates players, or never quite got the message, as he manages to survive all the way until the last game. And it's not that they don't kill off major characters - it's an Anyone Can Die series, where significant and beloved characters die frequently, often in particularly meaningless ways.
    • His status as a Scrappy is softened somewhat in the third game, as the actor playing Maniac is none other than Biff freakin' Tannen himself, Thomas F. Wilson. Still, in a game where you can take damage from friendly fire, Maniac was the one most likely to do it, usually at the worst possible time in a dogfight.
    • Reversed in Prophecy. After a certain and rather ironic turn of events, Maniac becomes an extremely hammy Boisterous Bruiser and one of the Midway's elite circle of pilots (led by the player). He survives, while Christopher Blair aka Maverick aka YOU from the preceding games who was worshiped by the Kilrathi doesn't!
  • Wizard101 has Nolan Stormgate, the Myth wizard you're trying to help in Cyclops Lane early on. He is a Narcissistic Jerkass who outright questions why you're at Cyclops Lane when you first speak to him, and boasts about how important he was to that street's questline despite contributing jackshit (claiming that the player couldn't have defeated General Akilles without his "brilliant planning").
  • From Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tatsu is derided as an unfunny Tagalong Kid with a single joke: being mistaken for food. His main problem is that he never actually does any fighting with the party, and often only manages to get the party into trouble. His horrid voice doesn't help matters either.