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The Scrappy / Transformers Film Series

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The Transformers films by Michael Bay offer quite a few Scrappies:

The films in general:

  • Sam Witwicky himself is this to a fair number of people, largely for being as whiny as Daniel Witwicky at many points, and for taking time away from the Transformers, the whole point of the franchise. He becomes increasingly something of a Jerkass as the films go on, and he's a Pinball Protagonist, with most of his roles in the films amounting to "hold the MacGuffin of the minute and run around with it for a while." Being played by Shia Labeouf doesn't help. It's telling that him being written out in the fourth film and implied to have died in the fifth met almost no fanfare or outrage whatsoever. More than a few readings of the films have suggested that even Bay doesn't seem to like him, as he's consistently framed with a contempt normally reserved for a Hate Sink.
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  • Though a Badass Adorable extraordinaire and far from one of the worst offenders listed here, a lot of people seem to be agree that Bumblebee's radio talk gimmick is becoming tired, especially as the disability that require him to talk through the radio was rectified in the first film, meaning he does it... just because. He also gets flack for being a bit of a Spotlight-Stealing Squad and the staggering amount of merchandise he's engendered.
  • Sam's parents, Judy especially, are loathed by just about everyone for drawing even more attention away from the Transformers with their pointless escapades and serving to shoehorn in some of the most inane, lowbrow, and unfunny comedy in the series. Its says a lot when you trail behind Skids and Mudflap in heroic acts and overall likability.


Revenge of the Fallen:

Dark of the Moon:

  • Soundwave is almost universally considered a step backward from the previous film, where he at least managed to be a serious and threatening presence as the Decepticons' ace in the hole. Here, his personality inexplicably does a 180 from a stoic badass into a gleeful sadist, and his actual fighting ability is shown to be terrible. In the end, Bumblebee takes him and several of his Mooks down in maybe 30 seconds.
  • Starscream, for his utterly pathetic death. When Sam Witwicky can take the second-in-command of the Decepticons out, something might, just might be wrong. It didn't help that Starscream's reaction throughout the ordeal is the epitome of Narm.
  • Shockwave was heavily hyped up as a force to be reckoned with before the film was released... and then he turns out the living embodiment of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character. He does hardly anything. In most Transformers media, Shockwave is a cold, logical Mad Scientist who wouldn't hesitate to take control of the Decepticons if he thought it was the logical thing to do. The idea was that fans would draw their attention to him instead of Sentinel Prime, the real Big Bad. The final result is a Shockwave that lacks the intelligence that made him popular, and whose only major contribution to the film is the Driller, a creature that affects the story and has more screen presence than its owner.
  • Jerry Wang (hoo hoo). Hey, an Asian-American, so there's some diversity-oh wait, he's an Ethnic Scrappy that acts unappealing and helps set up a gay joke.

Age of Extinction:

  • Tessa gets a lot of flak for constantly blaming her father and the Autobots for nearly every bad thing that happens to her even when they are attempting to keep her safe from Lockdown. Being played by Nicola Peltz does not help.
  • Ditto for her boyfriend Shane, who is equally despised for reminding Cade of his relationship with Tessa even when they are under attack. The fact that he carries a card with a description of a law that authorizes his relationship with a seventeen-year-old girl in his wallet like a condom certainly rubbed viewers the wrong way. Saying lines like "I'm not here to save your daughter, you're here to save my girlfriend" make people side with Cade on wanting him away from Tessa.


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