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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

See Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight for those specific movies.

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The Seeds and the Allspark are different stages in the evolution of the "Creators'" technology
The Seeds can create "transformium" from any available matter, but that's it. The Allspark, on the other hand, can imbue electronic/mechanical devices with Sparks, which then transmute the devices into transformium, but cannot affect complex organic matter the way the Seeds can. The Allspark most likely started off as a way to refine the functionality of transformium-made devices but was developed (or developed on its own) into creating greater products than was originally expected.

Think about it from everything we've seen, the Allspark can imbue electronic/mechanical devices with Sparks, but where does the devices come from. History shows us that all mechanical devices are made by organic creatures, so some organic race must have lived on Cybertron at some point to make those first devices for the Allspark to make into Transformers.

The two film series somehow merge together
The whole prequel/reboot dilemma with Bumblebee is quite confusing. But when this troper heard that Hasbro/Paramount is gonna make another movie that ignores Michael Bay's movies and uses BB as a launching pad, he came up with an idea. What if it's a multiverse deal, and the events of Bumblebee occurred when the two universes somehow spliced together? In that movie, Bumblebee came to Earth, met Charlie Watson, and scanned a Camaro for his alternate mode. Right after, the two universes split off again, and in the Bayverse, Bumblebee went off to find the Allspark while the other Bumblebee went to do...whatever he does in the upcoming movie.
  • Or the films from Bumblebee onward are an Alternate Timeline created by Bee after going back in time following an offscreen failed battle with Unicron that resulted in Earth's destruction.

    Transformers (2007) 

Brawl/Devastator and Blackout in the 2007 film were part of Starscream's Brigade
Or some tiny subgroup thereof. Sure there's evidence in the comics that Blackout challenged Starscream's leadership, but in a G1 episode of the same name Starscream creates his own brigade (after being thrown out by Megatron, it should be noted)—made up of the Blitzwing-inspired Brawl (Captain Ersatz much?), and a Helicopter named Vortex—which was one of the early drafts for what was going to be Soundwave and ended up being Blackout.

In the 2007 movie, Optimus Prime is not Megatron's brother
.No less a source than Prime himself explains that he and Megatron once ruled Cybertron side-by-side, Prime's compassion balancing out Megatron's strictness, until Megatron grew power-hungry and attempted to take the power of the Allspark for himself. As well, the line in which Prime calls Megatron his brother comes after Megatron's death, as a solemn regret, so its meaning could easily be more symbolic than literal; brothers-in-arms rather than actual siblings.
  • Note that this is exactly the interpretation used in the comic book version of the movie.
  • However, in the DS game adaption, they repeatedly call them Brothers. But, on the other hand, the game isn't canon.
  • The new lore presented on the official app for Transformers: The Last Knight (and presumably the new official lore going forward) confirms this interpretation; with Optimus (then known as Orion Pax) and Megatron working together "like brothers" to try and change Cybertron for the better before their inevitable schism.

The events at the end of the movie were orchestrated by Barricade or one of the other surviving Decepticons.
Think about it. Dismantling the agency responsible for dealing with alien invasion, after it has been proven that aliens exist. Not to mention disposing of the bodies of the aliens themselves, which had been previously described as the source of all modern technology. Why Barricade, and not, say, Starscream? Well, for starters, Starscream was involved in the final battle, while Barricade is seen on the highway before the Bonecrusher vs Optimus fight, then disappears from the movie. Also, in the movie tie-in novels, as well as any profile of him anywhere, Barricade's portrayed as just the sort who would do that kind of thing, just so he could make anyone who trusted him feel really dumb about it.
  • It's been confirmed, at least, that Barricade will return in the sequel, having been revealed to have escaped destruction.
    • Half-Jossed: Barricade was said by the creators to be alive, but he does not show up in Revenge of the Fallen.
  • In the companion novel for the first film, Barricade was killed in a fight with Optimus right after Bonecrusher.
"There followed a flurry of furious action that ended only when Optimus flipped the machine clinging to him against a steel-and-cement freeway pillar. The impact cracked and bent the column. It did worse to Barricade, who lay twisted and unmoving."
  • Twisted and unmoving doesn't equal death. Rather heavy damage/injuries so even in that case, Barricade might have survived, albeit in a stat that required a long regeneration (reason for him not being in ROTF?).

The events leading up to the 2007 movie, from Megatron growing power-mad to the Allspark being shot into space, resulted from the device itself becoming corrupted somehow.
How else could you explain that everything that the Allspark gave life after its arrival on earth turned out to be homicidal?
  • There is an explanation for that, actually. Keep in mind that all modern technology in the 2007 movie's 'verse is reverse-engineered from Megatron himself. It is possible, as a result, that his malevolent or corrupted Spark has infused all Earth machines, and thus upon becoming sentient they become channels for his evil. But these aren't necessarily contradictory theories, either. Considering that the Autobots themselves view the Allspark as a thing to be feared and destroyed or sealed away, it's possible that it itself has become corrupt.
    • The official explanation for the Allspark-robots' behavior is that they're non-sapient robots, i.e. Transformer wild animals, simply acting on instinct. Even for someone higher on the intelligence scale, all the robots we saw were in situations where a panic reaction would be reasonable... especially since they suddenly sprang into existence with presumably no memories of any kind.
    • Wouldn't you break into a homicidal rage if you found out you were created just to amuse another species?

Movie-Starscream was the first jet to fire on Megatron at the end.
Starscream has a little fun with the F-22s, bumping them around (at Mach something) and such, before falling back into formation flawlessly, somewhere about three jets back. When the F-22s strafe Megatron, we only see two come into frame while a third, off screen jet, fires the missiles that begin the barrage.

The All Spark from the movie came from Unicron and he's been using Megatron to try and reclaim it.
The All Spark is actually a prison Unicron used to trap the souls of the people on the planets he ate so he could continue to feed on their suffering. At some point, somebody managed to steal it from him and used it to create the Transformers, presumably with the intention that they would one day confront Unicron and destroy him once and for all. Unicron found out about this, but for whatever reason he was unable to attack Cybertron directly, perhaps because that would risk destroying the All Spark. Instead he contacted Megatron and convinced him to start a war over the All Spark, which would ultimately lead to it being sent into space where Unicron could retrieve it. Also, Megatron was used to recover the souls that had escaped the cube. In the novelization & drafts of the film's script, Megatron is shown eating the sparks of his victims. In fact, the idea for destroying the All Spark by pushing it into Megatron's own spark may have been the result of disinformation planted by Unicron, with the true intention that Megatron would become the All Spark and eventually be absorbed back into Unicron when his mission of death and destruction was complete.
  • Jossed. The new official Movie lore reveals the All Spark was created by Primus and Solus Prime and is connected to the Well of Sparks.

Consuming the All Spark will transform Movie-Megatron into Galvatron.
Optimus Prime was rather insistent that he be the one whose chest they stick the cube in. Why? Because he feared Megatron absorbing all that power. Great work there, Sam.
  • This does have credence. Michael Bay has said that Megatron will not feature in the film. But designs for tank-form Megs have been around the internet for months, and he was featured on a recent Hasbro display. Bay is either terrible at being a Lying Creator or playing Exact Words with us.
  • Writer Roberto Orci has stated that the only reason that Tank-Megatron is not called Galvatron is for the sake of general public.

Optimus' broadcast at the end of the 2007 movie will reach Unicron.
This easily ties in with the theory that the sequel will essentially be an adaptation of the animated movie. The fact that the Fallen, Unicron's first servant, is set to appear in the sequel seems to suggest that they have plans to involve Unicron in the film franchise, even if he's not in the second movie.
  • Despite the sequel to the live-action movie being called Revenge of the Fallen, it's not been confirmed that the Fallen is going to be in it. The "fallen" of the title may refer to the Decepticons, who have fallen and can't get up.
    • Apparently it refers to both; the Decepticons are indeed fallen and seeking revenge, but a character called The Fallen is going to show up. His toy has been leaked, complete with an instruction leaflet that shows his name as "The Fallen"; furthermore, it's his face on the "Revenge Is Coming" poster, and he appears in the full-length teaser from the Friday the 13th remake.
    • The Audi R8 being recently revealed as Sideways, who is traditionally a Unicron related character. Or they just liked the name.
    • No hints of Unicron in the second film whatsoever. Jury's still out on the third film, however... we'll have to wait and see for 2011 or 2012.
    • Well... subtle hints, if you believe one of the later theories here.

Dispensor is the living embodiment of Primus
Bow and worship before His refreshing selection of beverages, and beware, lest you incur His fearsome fizzy divine wrath.

The Matrix is the new Allspark
The novelization mentions that it has absorbed all the Allspark knowledge that was stored in Sam, and not only does it have more than enough stored energon of its own, Fallen mentions that the power of the allspark can only be transferred as well- the most likely receptacle being the Matrix. We know from Optimus that it has the power to bestow life, and with the knowledge stored on the Allspark, it now knows how to make new life. Presumably it can now be used to give life to new Transformers, and perhaps even resurrect Cybertron.

Optimus Prime is under the delusion that he's the Highlander
Would explain why he keeps going for the head and face of his enemies. And you could call the Dynasty of Primes the "Princes of the Universe".

Optimus Prime has a fetish for heads and faces.
In the first move he cut Bonecrusher's head off and tried to tear off Megatron's. In the second movie, he Blew Demolishor's head off, tore Grindor's head in half, blasted half Megatron's head off, and tore the Fallen's face off while screaming "GIVE ME YOUR FACE". The bot's obsessed.
  • Either that, or, you know, it's more effective. Or said fetish has rubbed off on Bumblebee by the end of Revenge of the Fallen...
  • Clearly he mounts them on the walls of his hangar.

Sam and Mikaela's relationship is held together almost entirely by adrenaline.
It's been scientifically proven that action and danger cause arousal. And I really shouldn't have to explain the rest.
  • Mikaela causes arousal all by herself. So it only needs to be a one-sided adrenaline rush.

The Cybertronians are run on Spiral Power.
This is why Sam can reform the matrix, and why he was able to use the allspark to kill Megatron (as opposed to bring him back to life like it should have) similarly, the Allspark, Sparks and the Matrix (and possibly the Primes?) are all vessels of Spiral energy, however, they are limted in their capacity, which is why humans like Sam are so useful, they're living MacGuffins.
  • It naturally follows that Primus is actually a Spiral Knight, and Unicron is an Anti-Spiral.
    • Reverse that, Unicron is a being that will consume entire planets to power it's impossibility, while Primus and the autobots call for moderation and peace, while not quite the anit-spirals, they're closer too them than Unicron. Interestingly, this also follows both sides from a design point.

Sam Witwicky's car is really Bumblebee.
He started off with a beat up 1970's Camaro, but it suddenly became a shiny new 2009 model? Whenever Bumblebee's onscreen, you never see his car? Something's up here... (tradition, I know...)
  • Confirmed.

In The Movie, Humans are also created by the Allspark
It can seed life on a barren planet. Enough said.
  • - Except there was life on Earth (Human life even) long before the arrival of the Allspark.
    • Whoever said when it landed here last, that was the first time it was here? Our first life was 2 billion years ago or so, whereas Cybertronians were still under the rule of the original thirteen seven only two million years ago. Plenty of time between the start of life on Earth and on Cybertron; we just took longer to arrive at a sapient species.
    • If this is true, that means the "good guys" just destroyed the possibility of creating more sentient life in the universe.

Herbie was a Decepticon
He was sent to search for the Matrix of Leadership, but grew to like Earth, and deserted.

Every new vehicle spotted on the film set can be any G1 character, regardless of faction or alternate mode.

Armageddon (1998) took place in the same universe as the Transformers film series.
Hence the guy's 'million times cooler' comment in the first film: presumably the asteroid crisis is generally referred to as Armageddon, following the President's example.
  • As a corollary: the Texas-sized asteroid did not originally belong to the asteroid belt - it was hurled against the Earth from outside the solar system by Unicron (the only transformer big enough to manipulate an asteroid of that size)

Several scenes in the film were inspired by the song Dare To Be Stupid
This video and the song match too well to be a simple coincidence. Also (not shown in the video), the dog's name is Mojo ("Get your mojo working now") and Frenzy stares at some goldfish in a scene ("It's like spitting on a fish").

Each Movie after the first one is part of Optimus Prime's Dying Dream.
In fact, Sam listed to Optimus and pushed Allspark into his chest, killing him in the process. But before Prime died, he went to stasis and had a dream about his future potential adventures. This is why after Mission City, everything revolves around him. Why Optimus Prime can beat (almost) anyone so easily, and why everything is great for him in the end. It's because Prime's cautiousness created him a world where he would love to live.

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) 

Optimus Prime is Dead
He died in action some time between the first and second movies. Most of the Autobot team wasn't present, however, and Grimlock scanned the body and replaced him to keep the loss from crushing Autobot morale. This is why Optimus turns into such a Blood Knight in the later movies. Granted this doesn't explain the whole "Only a Prime can kill the Fallen" bit, but it's possible that's just misinformation, thrown out by the Fallen himself as an attempt at a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Grimlock doesn't care about prophecies, only ripping off faces, so t works.

Earth and Cybertron have a bigger connection than the obvious
Think about it. The Allspark was thrown into space, and drifts for thousands of years, and what planet does it land on? The planet where there just happens to be a Cybertronian Sun-exploder. Where a massive robot civil war was fought and, in fact, probably started. Where the corpses of most of the original Cybertronians form a tomb for another Cybertronian MacGuffin. This cannot be coincidence.
  • this one actually makes sense. the cybertronians at least know of the place, since they fought there with the fallen over sun harverster thingie. and in the third film, it is revealed that in the last days of the war, sentinel prime traveled to earth with the pillars, in order to poof cybertron to earth afer the war was over and use humans as slave labour in the reconstruction while working togehter with the decepticons. it is probably just a footnote in there history and a speck on their star maps, but they know earth exists. and since they knew about earths existence, and that it was inhabited, maybe prime send it there on purpose?
  • Seemingly confirmed in the first trailer for the fifth movie where Anthony Hopkins' character reveals he knows why the transformers keep coming to Earth.

really is..When Alice revealed her self to be a Decepticon pretender, we didn't get any other information on who she really is, here are my guesses:
  • She's Frenzy's sister, who is seeking revenge on Sam because she thinks he killed her brother, instead of him killing himself.
  • She is a Decepticon prostitute on Cybertron, hence the flirty girl attitude.
The official movie adaptation comic says that Alice was created from a Decepticon scanning an Alice in Wonderland animatronic figure.
  • She's really meant to be a Shout-Out to Terminator, in response to Salvation having Transformer-like robots (the motorcycles, giant robots).

Soundwave Is Decepticon Mission Control
Soundwave's alt mode in Revenge of the Fallen is a satellite, which isn't particularly threatening. Yet, what other form would be better for coordinating a worldwide Decepticon invasion? It's also in character for Soundwave, he who let his cassettes do the fighting, if he shows up with dozens of Decepticon protoforms and starts slinging them at the proper targets - A city, the desert, a carrier group - while he stays in orbit and runs the show.
  • This would be pretty close to G1 canon too. If Starscream was Megatron's right hand, Soundwave was his left, and Soundwave's job was always reconaissance and being frakkin scary enough that the other Decepticons wouldn't risk crossing him (seriously, dude was scary. Scary awesome.). It'll be really cool if they give us a taste of a bitter power struggle between Starscream and Soundwave.
    Starscream: I am the leader of the Decepticons now!
    Soundwave: NEGATIVE.
    • this would be an interesting fight though, since starscream is the only decepticon, save megatron, that can actually fly up there and fight soundwave. epic battle in earth's orbit, anyone?
  • A further note - according to an anonymous tipster on, Soundwave is acting as Teletraan-1 to the Decepticons - he's been in orbit for quite some time before the sequel begins, and has been scanning altmodes for the incoming invasion force, so the 'Cons arrive on Earth combat ready.

  • We shouldn't leave out possible Kill Sat capabilities.
    • Dude, didn't you see the trailer?! It's pretty much confirmed Soundwave is a Kill Sat; slinging and detroying US marines from orbit...
      • Oh man, that's an understatement. Soundwave is absolutely terrifying, given what role he actually plays.
      • Where's Inspector Gadget wend you need him?

  • This one is confirmed.

  • Also, if his toy is any indication, he is also a threat on his own; he a triple changer, and his third form is a jet. Soundwave can fight.

The Fallen Will Be On Fire
Because ya gotta do it.
  • Or at least have energy pulsating through him like it was fire. He is supposed to be one of those "supernatural" Transformers with abilities that isn't quite explained through technology.
    • Jossed.

The 2007 Movie's Sequel will tie into the Animated Movie's storyline.
Think for a second. There has to be a sequel to this, and you can't have Transformers movies without both Megatron and Unicron. The solution? Try taking the first movie, add in a few Unicron references, then paste everything in the G1 movie starting at the point where Unicron finds near-death Megatron. Voila, instant plothole filling.
  • Jossed.

The climax of Revenge of the Fallen will be a three, maybe four-way battle
We'd have the Autobots vs. the Fallen vs. Megatron and the Decepticons loyal to him vs. Starscream and the 'Cons loyal to him. Keep in mind this is only if traditional roles are kept.
  • Jossed: Autobots & humans vs. the Fallen & his Decepticons (including Megs & Scream). No Decepticon infighting yet.

Springer will show up in Big Damn Heroes moment
Springer has both a Legends class, and more damningly, a Robot Heroes toy. So if a green Osprey shows up, get ready.
  • Botcon Jossed, apparently - Springer was going to be in the movie, and was designed (hence the toys), but was dropped for reasons of whatever.

Dispensor will appear in the climax of Revenge of the Fallen in a Big Damn Heroes moment
He's too popular and awesome not to! It doesn't matter that he was killed off in a prequel comic either; according to the Axiom Nexus classification system, comics are in a separate (though related) continuity stream from live action movies.
  • Sadly, Jossed.

The whole "drain a sun" thing was an elaborate setup by the other seven Primes to test Fallen
Goes along with the above theory. They suspected that he'd defected to Unicron, but didn't know for sure, so they set up a test with a very Unicronian modus operandi- mass destruction for energy- to see if he would destroy even something with life, in which case he'd be confirmed as defecting (its also possible that they were simply gauging how much he enjoyed destroying stuff). He caught them off guard, as they didn't expect him to stab them in the back.
  • Alternatively, they did expect it, and faked their death, jumping to a nearby continuity stream and leaving a message for Sam on the local Matrix, then picking up new bodies from whatever makes new transformers where they jumped.
    • Since none of them are named, it is possible that, if they survived, they went on to be known by other names (such as The Last Autobot and Liege Maximo, who got too many ideas watching Fallen).

The Fallen survived
Unicron saved his spark. He put it into a new, even more fiery body, and sent it into the Primax time stream cluster/ continuity cluster- aka, G1 stuff, where he was eventually trapped in a sub-dimension by a black hole.
  • Confirmed and jossed by Word of God. He survived due to taking advantage of differences in time flow between dimensions- if he periodically spends time in reverse-time universes, he can somehow survive fatal events on a regular basis.

The Mountain Dew machine that appears in Revenge Of The Fallen is Dispensor
When he was badly injured by Rachet in the comics (something he no doubt survived), he retreated to bide his time and fight smarter, not harder. He was hanging around promising places in his alternate mode, trying to gather intel and figure out which side he should go with and what to do to avoid being almost killed again.
  • remember, it is a mountain dew machine. this might be simplified illogical thinking, but putting "mountain dew robot" and "bide his time" in the same sentence just feels wrong.
Michael Bay accidentally displaced the name of Rampage and Bonecrusher
  • Think about it:
    • In G1, Bonecrusher is a Constructicon.
    • G1 and Beast Wars Rampage HATES everything.
  • Now you see why Bonecrusher hates everything; he didn't even properly named!

Frenzy was originally an Autobot.
His eyes are blue, whereas all the other Decepticons we see have red eyes. Revenge of the Fallen reveals that Transformers can choose to switch sides. It seems likely that Frenzy was born an Autobot but - being a homicidal little creep - defected to the Decepticons the first chance he got. Frenzy is arguably the most loyal of the Decepticons, which makes perfect sense if he consciously chose to become one.
  • However, it could go deeper than that: The Revenge of the Fallen prequel comics had Megatron with white eyes, at least until The Fallen (in artifact form) converted Megatron, the latter's optics becoming red. Since the other Decepticons have red optics, and it can be assumed that they 'received' theirs from coming under Megatron's influence, what about Frenzy prevented that color-change? Was he 'born' too late, after the war had gotten underway? Then why do newly-created Decepticons born from the Allspark have red optics?
    • OR he's a neutral. It's just that he works for the decepticons more often.
      • OR he's actually one of Soundwave's "cassettes" (Like his G1 namesake) and has blue optics so he could go unnoticed among large groups of Autobots and act as a spy. Obviously this function isn't as useful with the galaxy-wide population of Transformers reduced to the point where they all seem to recognize each other on sight.

The Primes were created by the 40K Necrons.
Seeing the Fallen it makes sense: Egyptian feel, skeletal appearance, drains stars for energy, sounds like they were originally created by the Necrons. In this case though, they may have rebelled-with the Fallen being the only one still loyal to his creators.
  • So, does this make Primus a rogue C'Tan?
  • The Fallen DOES seem to prefer teleportation to walking or flying anywhere in his last battle.

The Twins are just using Obfuscating Stupidity.
Could two uneducated hicks really take on Devastator and survive the experience? They just act stupid to throw everybody off.

Prime DOESN'T have a creepy face fetish.
The original Primes all seem to have Egyptian-style faces like the Fallen. After betraying his brothers, the Fallen was no longer worthy to wear this symbol of the Primes, hence "Give me your face!" His other face attacks are actually humane - they send the victim into stasis lock without permanently destroying its spark.
  • or he just want to kill them and goes for an vunarable yet vital part, the head.

The Twins died at the hands of Devastator.
Owing to the massive controversy surrounding these two characters, it's highly unlikely that they'll be back for the third film. So the writers will probably just say that Devastator got them off screen.

The Twins are victims of the war, having spent their entire childhood during it.
...which is why they're so socially inept and utterly stupid. They're clearly very young- the Cybertronian equivalent of thirteen at best. Likely, they were sparked just before the Allspark was jettisonned. As a result, they grew up as Child Soldiers, with no formal education or genuine childhood experiences, resulting in the emotionally stunted illiterate buffoons we see in the movie.

The "drain the sun" thing was a plan to recreate the Allspark

The Shanghai clash had NEST resources being misdirected
The original plan was to intercept Sideways using Arcee and the Twins, while Ironhide, Sideswipe and NEST's human forces dealt with Demolishor and Optimus was left in reserve. However, since Skids and Mudflap screwed up, Sideswipe had to be diverted to assist Arcee, leaving Ironhide and the humans understaffed against a robot who probably qualifies for Person of Mass Destruction status by sheer dint of size alone. Once they failed to contain him, the reserve gets brought in.

Sideways might even have been supposed to be captured alive. (But hey, Sideswipe.)

Optimus Prime is a dorf.
From Artistic License Geography:
I know Optimus Prime's pretty awesome, but punching an opponent so hard he flies five hundred miles or so?
Now who else do we know of who can do that sort of thing?

Revenge of the Fallen has set things in place for the coming of Unicron.
In four points:
  • Point one - Sam Witwicky is studying astronomy. What better way for the hero to find out about the coming world eater? Imagine if he were to discover a new star and name it for, say, his mom, only to find out what it is. "OH GOD! JUDY IS GOING TO EAT US ALL!"
  • Point two - the Decepticons have a base further out in the solar system. This gives Unicron something to eat and will serve to show just what a serious threat he is.
  • Point three - the Fallen, as a character, is often associated with Unicron. They don't seem to have done much with that, but they could surely retcon something in.
  • Point four - we have the Matrix of Leadership now. All the better to kill him with!

Sam Witwicky IS Unicron
  • Humanity has made contact with an alien race that is sharing all non-weapon discovers with them. Sam studying astronomy. Since he is unlikely to discover anything new he must be looking for something (his body probably).
  • Jetfire said that Sam must have a noble heritage. If Sam was an autobot Jetfire would have told him so, or at least given him more hints.
  • Revenge of the Fallen had a subplot where he couldn't tell his smoking hot girlfriend that he loved her. Meagan Fox won't be returning for Transformers 3. Making that plot line either completely pointless, or a demonstration of Unicron failing to keep up his masquerade.
  • The Deceptions haven't killed him dispute him being very easy to kill.

Movieverse!The Fallen (and by proxy, the Fallen PERIOD) is an avatar of Nyarlathotep.
Let's think; he's alien, he's manipulative, he's supernatural, he's extremely powerful and ancient, he works from the shadows, and he's a multiversal singularity. Not to mention his ties to Egypt and his more-than-passing resemblance to the Crawling Chaos's "Black Man" avatar.....

SAM is the true leader of the Autobots, not Optimus.

The ghosts of the Primes said that the Matrix of Leadership is earned, and Sam earned it when he was resurrected. Optimus only had it from then on because Sam gave it to him, much in the way Optimus gave it to Ultra Magnus in the cartoon movie Ultra Magnus was not chosen for it, so while he had it for a while it eventually when to Rodimus Prime.

The Fallen had a reason for the harvester being on Earth
It was for for gathering energon to awaken Unicron, who is the Earth!

Optimus' line "Give me your face!" is not bad writing, it's a character trait.
Optimus Prime is terrible at coming up with pre and post-mortem one-liners. Think about it. In his fight with the Fallen, he says two really bad lines; "Give me your face!" and "You fall, I rise." within minutes of each other. And in Dark of the Moon, he weakly says "You die." after killing a Decepticon.
  • Age of Extinction also gives us the zinger "I will kill you!"

The miniature Insecticon that located Sam and Mikaela in Egypt was Waspinator.
He/it looked like a wasp, was tiny and got scrapped 1 second after showing on screen. Oh, and it emitted a sad beep upon death. Naww, why universe hate Wazzzpinator?

Alice wasn't actually a Decepticon
Nothing presented in the movie actually depicts her as a Decepticon, she has no symbol, and doesn't really seem to fit with their other motives when it comes to chasing Sam. Previously, they tended to be more overt in their attempts to get his knowledge, it's very possible that Alice was simply a third party trying to gain the information from Sam.

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) 

Sentinel Prime's real name is Galvatron
eh makes sense Leonard Nimoy is Sentinel's voice over actor also they could have made Megatron and Galvatron 2 separate characters for this new movie universe anyway.

Daniel will either appear or be hinted at in the third movie
  • You know Sam and Mikaela were getting it on in the end, and you also know that there is no chance Sam had a condom on him. Nine months and a shotgun wedding later, young Daniel is born!
  • Alternatively, Sam and Mikaela will marry in the third movie, and Daniel's conception will be hinted at then.
    • Jossed now, considering Mikaela was not even in the third film.
      • Well considering it was Carly who was Daniel's mother...that is still a possiblility for their future.

The next movie will end just like the original 1985 movie did
Unicron attacks, incumbent Prime unleashes the Matrix on him, causing Stan Bush to play and Big U to go boom.
  • Where there's Fallen there's Unicron, the guy who made him Fall.
  • The Matrix is now in Optimus' hands, and fully charged with the knowledge from the Allspark
    • And the original Matrix of Leadership in G1 was stated not to be a mighty artifact due to power, but due to accumulated knowledge.
    • This particular Matrix is already established to be related to large-scale weaponry
  • A corrolary is that the events of both movies so far were a gambit on the part of Primus and/or the twelve faithful Original Primes to create the fully loaded Matrix of Leadership, so that they have a weapon against Unicron.
    • Or a more straightforward plot by Unicron to destroy the Matrix before it could be used... the failure of which will lead to more direct intervention by Unicron in the next movie.

Jetfire will be back in the 3rd film.
The Autobots & humans now possess the Matrix, which, as demonstrated on Optimus, can bring deceased Transformers back to life. Furthermore, when Jetfire ripped his Spark out of his own chest, it looks like it remained intact. The Autobots could concievably(sp?) grab his Spark, keep it on "life-support", and pull out another SR-71 out of human storage, or just find him a new altmode, and then use the Matrix's power - and Ratchet's skills - to change the vehicle into a new body for him and then implant his Spark in it. Plus, Jetfire was so awesome that there's no way he won't gain a respectable fan following, which would be incentive to bring him back for Film 3. (Then again, this might all just be wishful thinking on this Jetfire fan's part)
  • One of the more unsettling theories this editor's heard suggest that Jetfire will be rebuilt into Prime's trailer, as a God-Ginrai/Armada Prime homage of unimaginable creepitude.
  • Despite being a humongous Jetfire fan herself, she has to admit that resurrection would be hard considering that unlike Optimus or Megatron, Jetfire doesn't even leave a corpse. That, and the spark might have been dying anyway thanks to Scorponok...
    • in the Super Bowl trailer for the third movie Optimus appears to have the Jetfire wings at one point so this may be possible in some way
    • Well Optimus seems to keep his parts handy around for combat...but I'm pretty sure Jetfire is dead for good.

The Twins will have different voices in the third film.
Somebody will point out early on how offensive they are, & it'll become a running gag that everytime we see them they're trying out new voices, with different ridiculous accents. Good way to throw in Shout Outs to all the other silly accents that have been used over the years (Mudflap, Blitzwing, etc.), complete with the original voice actors in cameo roles.
  • This troper's personal vision involves the Twins finally honking off Ironhide to the the point he tells them to knock it off... with his guns.
    • The twins don't show up at all-at least not to have a speaking role.

Transformers will take at least partially on Cybertron and an consist of an Enemy Mine.
Recent interviews state that Shockwave will be the villian of the third movie. Traditionally, Shockwave stayed behind on Cybertron while the other Decepticons ventured forth for whatever they needed to do in that particular continuity. The third movie will involve Optimus and Megatron and thier respective bands teaming up to battle Shockwave, who has gone round the bend due to prolonged isolation and has... oh, moved Cybertron close to Earth, is Cyberforming Earth, something big and explosiony.
  • Well an Enemy Mine briefly happens...but no battle on Cybertron.

After Transformers 3 milks Unicron for all he's worth, Michael Bay will move on to milking the Beast Wars.

There's no way he's going to abandon the cash cow franchise after the third movie is finished, and the beast era would be the next place to take the film franchise. Since the beast era lacks Puny Earthlings that get in the way of the bot-carnage, Michael Bay can take his explosion lust to new levels. Maximals and Predacons? Boom! Alien Stonehenge? Kaboom! Mountains of raw energon? Kaboom boom!! Waspinator? Kaboom every three minutes. Vok Superweapon? Earth-Shattering Kaboom!!! Optimus Primal? Kaboom-Revive-Kaboom again. Of course, this will ruin Beast Wars forever, but what Hasn't been Ruined Forever by this point?

  • You don't seem to get Michael Bay...did you see the bit on the main page about how he didn't want to do a movie series to sell toys, and that he was talked into Doing It for the Art? Hardly the sorta guy who's going to "milk it for all it's worth."
    • Blame Executive Meddling on someone other than Michael Bay then.
    • No cynical Troper, this is Jossed. No mention of him at all.
    • Michael Bay is leaving the franchise, and rumor has it that any future Movieverse installments would be directed by Steven Spielberg. Any Transformers movies he makes would definitely be more "critic-friendly", so cheer up. Plus, unlike G1 with its episodic format (which required the writers to make up their own equally nonsensical plots for the Movieverse), Beast Wars has a well-established plot that would be easy to adapt for a movie. Had Bay adapted Beast Wars in the first place rather than the G1 cartoon, the movieverse would probably be overall better-received (except for possible interference with the Writer's Strike, a likely cause for why ROTF is so horrible for those of you who don't want to blame everything on Michael Bay just because people hate him).

Sam will gain the nickname Spike in the third movie
By climbing up a giant Decepticon and stabbing it in multiple weakspots with a spike until it dies
  • The above troper is either precognitive or is one of Michael Bay's people, because the latest TV spots show Sam leaping onto Starscream and stabbing him in the face.
    • If this (the nickname) actually happens then I demand to know where you got your phychic powers from.
  • The troper who made the guess is named The Knower. Make what you will of that

Earth's moon is actually Unicron in disguise
We know that the title of the third movie is "The Dark of the Moon", and it wouldn't be the first time he's taken a nap while disguised as the natural satellite of his next target. Presumably, the title refers to something on the Dark Side of the Moon that can wake him up again or reveals who it is- maybe his gaping maw?
  • That may explain why we only ever see one side of the moon from Earth: Unicron doesn't want to be found...yet.
  • I foresee mythology gags to the Planet Buster, which was also disguised as a moon of Earth.

If the rumors that Skids & Mudflap now have more black in their colors is true
They will, at some point, start singing "Back in Black" by AC/DC.
  • Considering they don't get a speaking part...and barely a cameo (Bay offered a reward to anyone who can find them)...I'm going to say jossed.

Grimlock will be a major character in the third movie
Consider Alice from ROTF, also known as the Pretender. According to the tie-in comic, that form was scanned from an animatronic Alice from a new (fictional) Disneyland attraction. So there is a precedent that Movieverse Transformers can take on Altmodes that at least LOOK Organic. Remember that Steven Speilberg is involved in this movie.After crashing on Earth, Grimlock will scan the animatronic T-Rex used in Jurassic Park.And it will be AWESOME.
  • That does sound awesome! Sadly...jossed.

In Dark Of The Moon, Megatron will be killed by either Starscream or Shockwave

Isn't that what happened to The Empire Strikes Back, which received similar mixed reviews upon release? Anyway, audience reaction for DOTM seems to be much more favorable compared to critics' reaction than for ROTF - while most people who enjoyed ROTF admitted that they just wanted to watch 2 hours of explosions, many people are outright praising DOTM. Now, the movie has enough flaws so that it'll never be respected on ESB's level, but 20 years from now DOTM will probably be remembered as an overall good movie and maybe even a "pseudo-classic" similar to the Predator movies.

Mikaela went to jail
Her bad girl tendencies caught up with her again, which is why Sam has her dog despite them breaking up.

The human bad guy spends practically the entire second half of the movie operating out of Trump Tower. You think Donald wouldn't notice that one of his major property pieces is crawling with decepticons. Trump is the secret human Big Bad of the series.
  • Maybe him winning the 2016 Election wasn't due to Russian hackers, but Decepticon hackers. Megatron would at least see the value in having one of his human puppets as President. Perhaps this is why Cemetery Wind was able to hunt down Autobots easily; Trump was in on Megatron manipulating them into building him a new body and army, thus Cemetery Wind mopping up the remaining Autobots and Decepticons (who Megatron would likely view as traitors and cowards for fleeing the battle of Chicago) was all part of the plan.

Carly is a Pretender
She was planted in the British embassy to learn political secrets, but when she happened to meet Sam at the White House the plan changed and she was ordered to get close to him. To do this, she was got a job from Dylan, the human ally of the Decepticons. At some point, she either fell In Love with the Mark (or Bumblebee) or she didn't trust her supposed human allies enough to drop her cover after being kidnapped. She was never in any real danger until she ended up surrounded by a bunch of human mercenaries. That's also why Megatron didn't kill her when she called him Sentinel's bitch - she was on his side!
  • This will most likely be revealed in the a later film, causing the huge plot-canyon that is Alice in ROFT to finally close up (it's a major detail never brought up again, unless you count the IDW comics which are known to bend canon). This later film will be a much more grounded take on Transformers, with more humans being badass and killing Decepticons in hiding, while the Autobots-team has been disavowed by Decepticons who have gone undercover in major political roles (perhaps even President) over the whole world.
  • If Carly is a Pretender, especially if she's the Pretender from ROTF then that does put her technically replacing Mikaela in a much more petty perspective, considering who ran that Pretender over with a car.

People are going to make Laserbeak/Jerry Wang slashfics very, very soon.
Because let's face it, eventually someone's gonna do it.

After the planned Decepticon takeover, humanity would be used as not as slaves, but as breeding stock for future slaves.

Considering the size of Cybertron as seen in through the space bridge (at least as large as one of our solar system's gas giants), it seems improbable that a mere six billion defiant, untrained, and physically puny humans would be much good for the surely hazardous slave labor in reconstruction.

It seems more likely that the existing human population would be used to breed a conditioned population of slaves, over the course of several thousand to a couple of million years (a perfectly reasonable timescale, given Cybertronian lifespans), more than enough time to crush their cultures and any concept of resistance (save, perhaps, for a class of human Quislings used as overseers), and work in any biological adaptations through deliberate husbandry or natural selection that would better suit the fleshings for work under their Decepticon masters.

Afterwards, once their usefulness has been fulfilled, they could simply be exterminated like any other vermin, or possibly kept as domestic pets, or to be hunted for sport.

  • Alternately, the Decepticons always intended to exterminate humanity, but only claimed they wanted us as slaves to keep their human collaborators obedient and to discourage the rest of humanity from getting so desperate that we'd nuke Chicago outright, rather than lose the whole planet.

Mikaela ran off with Arcee

Sam and Mikaela's relationship seemed pretty rock-solid for her to simply "dump him," and only a short time after the end of ROTF. Perhaps it took something as extreme as her, er, switching teams...and phyla...and carbon-based biochemistry...

Also, Michael Bay booted 'em both off the series, so they already have one thing in common.

After a chance meeting in the aftermath of Egypt, a little Florence Nightingale Effect, and a whirlwind few weeks of introspection and coming to terms with unexpected new feelings the two took off on a journey of bonding, romance and self-discovery on the open roads. Probably involving that "riding bike with no handlebars" pose like in City of Angels,, not like that.

Resurrection via Matrix of Leadership gives a powerup
Making the resurrected individual measurably more effective in battle. This is why the newly revived Optimus could curb-stomp Megatron in ROTF despite being outmatched in the first movie; unfortunately, Sentinel got the same powerup, which was why he was able to outmatch the powered up Optimus.
  • Another possibility is that the powerup is temporary- by the time of the Optimus-Sentinel throwdown, Sentinel still had a fresh powerup, and Optimus' had worn off.
    • Temporary? The 'bot fucked the driller AND Shockwave. Plus he was already kinda trashing Megs in the forest in the second film before the Decepticon called in reinforcements.

Mikeala left because...
...Sam cheated on her, for reals this time, with Carly. He was shown flirting with Carly the second he got his medal, which must of happened only shortly after the end of ROTF. He was still clearly with Mikeala at the end of the second film, so its likely he and Carly transformed and rolled out while still with Mikeala, and she left when she found out. For the sake of his relationship with his parents, they agreed to not tell them the truth, which is why they were so nice to Carly. Also, the reason Wheelie stuck with Sam was because in Cybertron, monogomy is rare and an unusual practise, and having mutliple 'mates' is normal to them, so Wheelie didn't understand why she got so mad about it and stuck with Sam.

Sentinel Prime wanted so desperately to rebuild Cybertron because he knew Cybertron is Primus
Being a Prime, it's likely that if anyone was aware of this, Sentinel was. However, the information was never passed on to Optimus because everything during the war happened so abruptly and there was no time to do so. He wanted to make sure that Cybertron/Primus was at his full power, just in case Unicron decided to show up. Robot God probably wouldn't be at 100% after millions of years of his body being battered by war. Sentinel Prime didn't initially want to enslave anyone to rebuild Cybertron, but as the situation became more desperate, there wasn't any better or faster solution, and he became obsessed with getting the job done that he crossed the Moral Event Horizon. Consequently, his lines about the Transformers being gods on Cybertron were more literal than they seemed, since the Transformers are Primus's children. And the "needs of the many" bit wasn't just an example of Actor Allusion and Sentinel Prime viewing humans as insects, since there are more Cybertronians than humans in the first place. If Cybertron isn't rebuilt and Unicron decides to eat it, it would probably threaten the universe as a whole. There are almost certainly way more lifeforms in the universe than just humans and Transformers. Furthermore, the Autobots destroying the Space Bridge will be a massive Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, since it seemed like it either took out a huge chunk of Cybertron or got rid of the planet completely. For those thinking that this idea would contradict AllSpark background we've already been given, they could always just go with the idea that it's just an object with Primus's power that he set up to create the Transformers in the first place.

The switch to handheld weapons was for simplicity and to conserve energon.
All their previous weapons used energon from their sparks to fuel the ammo. With the Autobots residing on Earth and assisting the humans in their conflicts, they've learnt that weapons which share their ammo with your lifespan isn't a good idea, and switched to instead limiting their ammo to seperate storing, in the form of handheld weapons, in order to avoid draining their sparks through constant warfare.

Optimus Prime's trailer is actually Jetfire.
In the second movie, Optimus Prime uses Jetfire's parts as a jetpack. In the third movie, Optimus Prime is suddenly sporting a trailer that turns into a jetpack. Ergo, Jetfire is the trailer.

The Transformers film trilogy/series actually takes place in the Shattered Glass universe.
  • The Shattered Glass is the typical 'morality flip' universe done for Transformers: the Autobots are evil, the Decepticons are good, etc. This very lengthy analysis of the first three films demonstrates that there seems to be a LOT of stuff going beneath the surface that suggests, as the Weird Al song goes, everything you know is wrong, and that the true villains all along were the Autobots and Prime. Age of Extinction raises some extra questions, but does not do anything to overtly DISPROVE the theory presented in the link. Though considering how overtly flipped everything is in the original Shattered Glass universe, this may be a more subtle version of it.
    • Considering the direction that the fourth film took, and the promotional material revealed for the fifth film, it may be that this is slowly becoming a Shattered Glass universe, and once that happens, the new writers room will create an expanded universe by crossing the SG universe with the non-SG universe. This will also allow them to incorporate GI Joe (an alternate to NEST?) and other Hasbro franchises, which they've wanted to do all along.

Soundwave was an Autobot who defected to the Decepticons
In this universe, the two different factions are shown to look different, take a look at the Autobot Protoforms and the Decepticon Protoforms. Now, take a look at Soundwave. He resembles an Autobot far more than a Decepticon, and (correct me if I'm wrong) but I don't believe we ever see a Decepticon symbol on him. In fact, we only ever see an Autobot symbol on his minion, Laserbeak.

    Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) 

Optimus Prime will be Killed Off for Real, and Bumblebee will become Leader of the Autobots.
Out of all the characters that have appeared in the trailers and TV spots, Optimus Prime is the only one with the same shots and dialogue repeated over and over. Coupled with the transcript of Prime's leaked voiceover, him not making it by the end wouldn't be that out there of an assumption.
  • Bumblebee taking over as leader would not only finalize his mascot status in the franchise, but it would also tie in with his role in the Aligned continuity spinoff.
  • Optimus does take off into space for at the end of the movie, and it's unclear who is left in charge, though it's likely Bumblebee.

Age of Extinction will finally have the theme song play
At least during the credits or as an instrumental remix. Because, come on, it's been three movies and we've never had the themesong play in any of the actual movies.
  • Jossed

Unicron will be in the fourth movie and so will Galvatron
  • Unicron will use his dark god-like powers to teleport Shockwave, Starscream, Megatron, and Soundwave's bodies before him in space. He will then force their bodies together and then create a single being with their bodies. GALVATRON. A unity of the four most powerful Decepticons. Hell, maybe he'll throw in the Fallen, just to make Galvatron even strong.
    • Alternatively, he'll use them and a group of mooks to make the full set of Galvatron, Scourge, Cyclonus, and new mooks, for toy-selling opportunity if nothing else.
    • Galvatron is Confirmed
      • And he is a man-made Transformer that Megatron put himself into during production.

The fourth movie will be a flashforward, and the protagonist will be Daniel
Whether it follows the plot of the '85 movie to any degree remains to be seen, but Shia LaBoeuf has expressed no interest in returning to the series- a timeskip is the perfect way to recast him, and the fact that he just hooked up with Carly is the perfect segue into introducing a new teen progagonist in the form of Daniel.
  • Jossed. None of the human characters is related to Sam Witwicky.

The next movie will involve a threat great enough that Optimus will need to use the Matrix to revive Megatron
Either because Megatron is the only one with knowledge to stop it, or he's the only fighter good enough when at his peak. Naturally, this will enable him to escape at the end and lead to even further sequels.
  • Jossed. The matrix is never seen nor spoken of, and it is the U.S. Government and KSI that revive Megatron (Albeit unknowingly).

The protagonist of the fourth film will be female.
Specifically, she'll be an actual Action Girl and have a really nice gun.
  • Tessa gets a few action moments, but her father Cade is the most badass of the humans.

In the fourth film, Sideswipe will of officially taken over the role of The Lancer to Optimus
As Ironhide did in the second when Jazz died. Since Ironhide died and Sideswipe is the most similar to those two (Being a sleak and shiny sports car like Jazz and a detirmined and battle hungry soldier like Ironhide), it's only natural he would take the helm as Prime's number 2. Plus he could use the extra spotlight.
  • He already seems to be doing this in DOTM. He seems to be the one leading the other Autobots when Optimus isn't around during the final battle.
    • Jossed. He's not in the main group of Autobots at all and probably won't appear at all since his car was never shown on set. If he does end up appearing it will likely be only a brief cameo and even then it might just be to kill him off.
    • If anyone, Hound has taken up Ironhide's role.

List Decepticons who are likely to appear in the fourth movie.
  • Thunderwing: One of the Decepticons who took control of one Decepticon factions that formed following the deaths of Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and Shockwave at the battle of Chicago, may secertely be a descendant of one of the original 13 Primes.
  • Darkmount/Straxus: Another Decepticon warlord who is trying his bid for control of the Decepticons.
  • Bludgeon: A potential candidate for the leader of the Decepticons following Megatron's death and could be the big bad for the movie.
  • Ratbat: One of the Decepticons who took control of the Decepticons in the Marvel Transformers comics.
  • Deszaras
  • Skywarp
  • Thundercraker
  • Blitzwing
  • Lugnut
  • Lockdown
    • Confirmed.
  • Thrust
  • Dirge
  • Sunstorm
  • Mindwipe
  • Smolder
  • Chopster
  • Sky-Byte

List Autobots who are to likely appear in the fourth movie.
  • Grimlock
    • Confirmed.
  • Hot Rod
  • Warpath
  • Breakaway
  • Air Raid
  • Hound
    • Confirmed.
  • Trailbreaker
  • Prowl
  • Ultra Magnus

The fourth film will be a P.O.V. Sequel following Mikaela and/or Leo.
This way, we'll be able to see what the were up to during the events of Dark of the Moon.

Transformers 4 will end with Dylan Gould's father visting his grave and swearing to avenge his death.
  • Jossed

The villains of Transformers 4 will be the Cybertronian Empire lead by either Nova Prime, Jhiaxus or Liege Maximo.
  • They'll come to arrest the Autobots for the destruction of Cybertron.

Wreck-Gar will appear Transformers 4 or in the later sequels.
He'll be a Composite Character of himself (G1 and Animated) and NUL-A. Like his Animated counterpart, he reveals to have been created by the AllSpark in the first movie. And like NUL-A, he's been living on a garbage dump ever since. This troper thinks Jim Carrey can do a perfect job voicing him.
  • Jossed.

Megatron will be revived as Galvatron.
  • Confirmed

There will be a G.I. Joe / Transformer crossover.
I seem to recall a cartoon episode of the original Transformers akin to this. They are, anyway, owned by the same company.

Sam will become a HEADMASTER
And of course Bumblebee will be his master partner

It has been said that there will be controversy regarding the Argosy vehicle's identity
Perhaps, the vehicle is introduced as Ultra Magnus (one that the rumored company creating Transformers in the film possibly created), but later on is revealed to be a revived Megatron/Galvatron since he is heavily rumored to appear in the film?
  • He's confirmed to definitely be Galvatron. But whether or not he's Megatron revived or a different character entirely is unknown.

Cade's wife died in Chicago
  • Jossed. Cade's wife apparently died earlier in Tessa's life.

The Dinobots start out bad, but later switch sides
In the teaser, Grimlock had red eyes, which is the key trait of a Decepticon. So, perhaps the Decepticons reprogram them to fight against the Autobots, only for the Autobots to undo the reprogramming before the final battle.
  • Grimlock has a brief fight with Optimus over whether or not the Dinobots will follow his command. Aside from that, they don't seem evil, and they go quietly at the end of the movie.

Ratchet and possibly other returning Autobots will die early on.
We see him in the trailer getting hunted and fired at by humans, and he has no figures, nor was his prop car ever seen on set. He'll probably only briefly show in that scene where he's killed. Maybe not even with any lines. If Sideswipe Dino and the Wreckers show up they'll likely have similar fates, since only Optimus and Bee were confirmed to have major roles and fight in the big finale in China.
  • Ratchet is killed by the CIA and Lockdown and harvested for Transformium early on in the movie.

Sam, Lennox, Epps. and the other old human allies were killed.
We see the government officials beating up Cade's daughter and pulling out guns at the drop of a hat. Since the world has turned on the bots and it's not likely Sam and friends would just let the Autobots run off, and the humans hunting them would probably figure they'd have info on them...well it probably wouldn't end well for them. Sam especially since Bee seems to have definitely been caught at some point. And its confirmed none of the older human characters will show up in any capacity.
  • While this would work with Sam and the civilians, Lennox and Epps are both high(er) ranking military personnel. Killing them off would be incredibly difficult, especially if it's made to look like an accident.
  • Possibly supported by Bee's all black paint job at the start of the movie since that's the closest he could get to mourning clothes.

Lockdown is working for Unicron.
  • Jossed. Lockdown appears to be working for the Quintessons.

The Dinobots were the products of the secret human organization.
Michael Bay had stated a disinterest in including the Dinobots in previous films, implying that he did not think they had a logical reason to come into existence in the film universe. Well, aside from scanning animatronic theme-park dinosaurs, this seems like the best way to bring them in. Also the lack of facial features on the toys' robot modes (rare for a movie-verse Transformer whose name doesn't end in "-wave") lends credence to the hypothesis that they were created as drones.note 
  • Jossed. They just look weird. Optimus calls them "Legendary Warriors" and upon seeing Grimlock in Lockdown's ship he says "The Legends are true!". Which obviously means the Dinobots are very, very old. Possibly as old as when the Transformers creators were mucking around with Earth, 65 million years ago.

The Dinobots will retain their speech patterns from the original cartoon.
  • The Dinobots never speak in the film proper, but in the video game, Grimlock has his normal speech and voice actor.

Lockdown is working for the Quintessons.
Seems like a slam-dunk given Lockdown's line to Optimus in the most recent trailer: "You think you were born? You were built— and they want you back". Given Ehren Kruger's apparent fondness for the G1 cartoon (based on DOTM's plot), the Quintessons are a perfect match for this description.

The reason Harold Attinger hates Transformers is because his wife was killed in Chicago during the events of Dark of the Moon.

Drift was hiding in Japan before the Autobots were called back together.
He has a helicopter form, so it stands to reason he could cross the ocean with ease. And there's a throw-away line in the beginning of the movie about a few other countries getting a hold of Cybertronian technology, one of them being Japan. It's possile Drift decided to hang out there, maybe made a friend or two, and developed a very strong fondness of the culture while he was there.

The AllSpark came from the Creators.

The Creators are not the Quintessons.

Bumblebee meet up with Sam and Carly after AOE.
It's a heartwarming reunion, and Sam is glad to know Optimus is still alive. And they have a son named Daniel.

The U.S. government shuts down Cemetery Wind.
But some members went underground and will continue to be enemies. They will reform into a terrorist organization similar to MECH.

Seymour Simmons went into hiding.

    Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) 
The Megatron in the film will be Beast Wars Megatron.
The picture of Megatron seems to show beastal features, so I think Megatron will be the Beast Wars Megatron, and Decepticon Megatron will still be Galvatron.

    Theories for the 6th and 7th films 
The sequels will mostly take place in outer space.

Hot Rod will join the main cast.
  • He's sent by Optimus Prime himself while he's still searching for the Creators.
    • He's joining it in the fifth film.

the Big Bad of the new trilogy will be Unicron

Autobot X will make a appearance
Using salavaged pieces from deceased Autobots (e.g. Ratchet, Ironhide, Jazz, etc.), a Frankenstein Monster-esqe Autobot will appear.

Combiners will become more frequent

Some of the characters that have been killed off will be revived in the sequels made without Bay's involvement.
Okay, so I'm kind of bitter about Michael Bay killing off Arcee for no reason other than despising her, but Optimus Prime hasn't been the only Transformer to be Back from the Dead in the various incarnations of the franchise, so there's no reason Optimus Prime should be the only character in the franchise to be able to come back to life after being killed.

And with the news that Transformers 5 will be the last film made with Bay's involvement for real, whoever calls the shots from now on might have free reign to bring back at least some of the characters that were unceremoniously killed off.

Jeff Bridges joins the cast as Alpha Trion.
And only Hound and Daytrader are old enough to know why they should defer authority to him.
"Alpha Trion abides."

The Bumbleebee spinoff will feature Stan Bush's song ''The Touch'' from The Transformers: The Movie
Seeing how it will take place in the mid-1980s, when the G1 movie came out, it may make a good Easter egg. Like at one point Bee could play it out on his radio.
  • Confirmed

The Bumblebee spinoff will also show us how he lost his ability to speak.
The battle in which his vocal processors were damaged will be seen in this movie.

Cade will be killed off.
Mark Wahlberg has stated he won't return to the Transformers series in the future and in The Last Knight it's stated that Sam Witwicky has been killed off after his actor left the franchise, so it's possible that Cade may suffer from this as well.

Barricade will be the Big Bad of The Bumblebee spin off.
He's typically portrayed as Bumblebee's rival.

Casting ideas for Unicron

    Books, comics and other supplemental works 

The Decepticons from "The Veiled Threat" and the Decepticons from "Alliance" are the same guys with different names
Think about it. Comics!Incinerator and Novel!Ruination turn into the same thing, and Ruination survives the novel to die in the comics. Comics!Gunbarrel/Novel!Payload and Comics!Reverb/Novel!Blademaster have the same altmodes thing going on as Incinerator/Ruination, as well as ambiguous fates to match up with the fact that Reverb and Gunbarrel aren't shown dying.

Still working on Swindle and Deadend (they died in the comics before the novel starts). Maybe Swindle is Fracture and Deadend is one of the other Dead Ends from the ROTF toyline?

The whole "13 original transformers" thing from the comics still applies; they are still multiversal nexuses
  • Until now, only six of the thirteen have been identified. Prima the First, who died vuons ago; Vector Prime, who guards and repairs continuity reality from outside the time streams; Nexus Maximus, who came to pieces some time ago, Logos Prime, aka Soundblaster from the Unicron trilogy, whom I don't know much about; Fallen, 'nuff said; and Maccadam the Bartender, who is not confirmed to be one of the Originals but come on, dead Optimuses hang out in a multiversal singularity in one of his private rooms.
  • Until now, the other seven Original Primes have not been revealed.
  • Aparently, the reason we haven't seen any of them is that back In The Beginning, when the Primes scattered throughout the multiverse, eight of them stayed in the Tyrann time stream cluster- aka the movie continuity family. Likely, the seven besides Fallen stayed behind to keep an eye on him, and he turned before they were ready.
  • The drain a sun thing seemed suspicious...

Alan Dean Foster (the author of the novels) screwed up his scale chart for the Decepticons
In Ghosts of Yesterday, Bonecrusher is described in the prose as fucking enormous (my words). Barricade is implied to be huge as well, as he fights both Ratchet and Bumblebee at once. Blackout, on the other hand, is not indicated to be particularly large. Roughly, compared to the scales in the movie proper, movie!Blackout should be about the same size as novel!Bonecrusher, movie!Bonecrusher should be about the same size as novel!Barricade, and movie!Barricade should be about the same size as novel!Blackout. Somehow, this has not been rectified in Veiled Threat, where Barricade is indicated to be the size of Optimus Prime. Is this one of those cases where a guy makes a mistake, refuses to admit it, and makes himself look silly in the process of acting like he's always been right?