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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

The Rainbow Dash Special Effect Failure was intentionally screwed up by the animators because they don't like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Sam and the other good human characters were murdered by Attinger's thugs prior to the movie.
  • Plus, considering how over-the-top evil they were, they most likely forced Sam to watch as his parents were gunned down. You know, For the Evulz.
    • Supported by Bumblebee's black coloration in the first half of the film. He may have changed colors as a way of showing that he was in mourning.
    • Sam is implied to be dead in The Last Knight.
    • Simmons, Lennox, and Morshower are still alive as of The Last Knight. Epps is also possibly still alive since he was meant to appear in that film as well.

Ratchet will return.
  • His spark is intact, and what with the timeframe after the lab was compromised, it's unlikely KSI got a chance to finish melting him down (assuming the Autobots didn't take his remains when they left). Joshua and the Autobots will try to rebuild him, and he will make an epic return in the fifth film Fort Max-style to save everyone, because...

Lockdown will return.
  • You have to admit he had an atypically clean death, far less gory than those of the Fallen, Megatron, or Sentinel. Because of his face-gun's emplacement, his spark and brain module might not be centered in his body, allowing him to survive Optimus' attack. Granted, he probably sustained huge damage from that, and very possibly from the grenade strike that took out the drones. In order to survive, he'll be forced to take parts from other Cybertronians to survive, giving him his far more familiar patchwork appearance.
    • Why would the face-gun ensure his survival? We've seen from multiple Autobots and Decepticons that their spark is in the center of their chest, somewhat akin to the placement of the human heart. Optimus may have bisected Lockdown's face, but the stab wound-turned-bisection started by impaling him in the chest. And it looked like a direct hit to the spark to me...
      • I think he's implying that the way his gunface transforms (out from his neck/chest and onto his face) may have placed his brain module and spark in unusual locations.
      • Exactly what I meant. Even if the writers didn't intend for him to survive, it would be possible to Handwave his survival because of his popularity.
  • Considering Optimus used one of Lockdown's grenades to destroy what's left of Galvatron's army, it is likely the explosion incinerated Lockdown's corpse and extinguished his spark. Lockdown's return seems unlikely.

The Transformers have (or had) a database of forms.
  • All of the Transformers have the ability to scan new forms for themselves, which we've seen several times. It makes logical sense that ages ago, before Cybertron was destroyed the Creators of the Transformers decided to create a database full of schematics on all sorts of alternate forms. This database could hold information on land vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, and even animal-like forms based off of other planets. Any Autobot, Decepticon, or neutral party could download forms they liked, or upload forms for others to access (though they could also keep a form they scanned to themselves for personal use). This would explain how the Dinobots have forms resembling Earth-based dinosaurs. Someone on the ship from 65 million years ago thought they would make a neat alternate mode and created a database entry for the creatures, which the Dinobots eventually downloaded.

The Creator(s) mentioned are not the Quintessons...

  • But Unicron. Remember, in most continuities, Cybertron is the alt form of Primus, his brother, which was destroyed in the previous film. With his brother Primus dead, Unicron is free to consume the universe as he pleases. This is something he can do easily on his own, but the process would be simpler with an army of his own, hence Lockdown and the hunt to reclaim or destroy any transformer that may interfere.

The Red Car sliced in half by Galvatron was an Autobot .
  • Probably Dino. He decided to change his form to a something low-profile, so humans won't be able to hunt him down too easily. While Optimus become reactivated and reunited with the others, he was on his way to the other Autobots, but he was recognized by Galvatron and killed before he could do any action.
    • If so, then why didn't he avoid Galvatron and transform?
      • The same reason why Sideways didn't - "because who cares?". Or Galvatron's attack was completly unexpected, and much faster than it appears in the movie.

There are more Decepticons in hiding on Earth .
  • A LOT of Decepticons came through the space bridge, and not all of them were at the battle of Chicago. Plus, with all of the KSI-created drones destroyed, Galvatron's army in the 5th film will have to come from somewhere.
    • Possibly confirmed. A number of Decepticon protoforms appear seemingly out of nowhere during the climax of the fifth film, so this could explain their presence. The fact that Barricade survived the battle of Chicago also implies other Decepticons survived as well.

The Autobot symbol is a mark from The Creators
  • In the movie, we can clearly see that Slug, and possibly the other Dinobots, has an Autobot symbol on his head. This is possibly a branding symbol from The Creators to identify their creations, but Optimus uses it as his faction's symbol.

The Creator(s) might be the same beings who created Allspark.
Transforming like the KSI bots is significantly more renergy intensive than the more traditional methods.
Breaking everything down, then building it back up again? Seems like it would take more energy than just rearranging some parts. Plus, with out versatile it would be, there has to be a good reason why the Cybertronians would choose not to do it.

The reason why Cade doesn't allow Tessa to date is because he's afraid of her having a Teenage Pregnancy.
  • Tessa was born when Cade was still a teenager. It would be understandable for him to not want her to go through the hardships that he and his wife did.