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See Transformers Film Series for the live-action film series.
See Transformers: Prime for the animated series.
See Beast Wars for the animated series.
See Beast Machines for the animated series.
See Transformers: Robots in Disguise for the anime and Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) for the animated series.
See The Transformers: Robots in Disguise for the comic book series.
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See Unicron Trilogy for the anime series.

Starscream's sparkmutation causes psychological instability
He himself is a little better off since he can function in a society due being brought up in a time of peace or at least had a life before the mutation to stabilize him in case it was artificial. But Rampage and Sunstorm weren't so well off, which is why one is a murderer and cannibal and the other is a Primus-obsessed pyromaniac.

Planet Junkion is a piece of Cybertron that got detached somehow
Cybertron looks like a sphere with some parts of its surface missing, while Junkion looks like part of a sphere.

All the cars on Earth are actually Robots in Disguise.
Let's face it, how else can you explain the fact that Autobot and Decepticon logos are inconspicuous despite how glaringly obvious they are, and the fact that we never ever see a broken-down vehicle on the side of the road? This theory isn't perfect, however... it doesn't account for the fact that tow trucks still obviously exist, as several Transformers use them as an alternate mode.
  • Transformers: Cybertron actually at least plays with the concept, and Robots in Disguise bases a few gags off of how a car could escape its owner without revealing itself as an alien robot. Transformers (2007) also explores this, replacing slapstick comedy with a sense of otherworldy awe.

However, in the 1986 movie, Ultra Magnus actually is Optimus Prime's brother.
Magnus' toy is a repaint of Prime's with some fancy armor attachments, and why else would Prime entrust the Matrix with someone so obscure?

Ultra Magnus really CAN deal with that now
He just doesn't want to and doesn't want anyone calling him out on how lazy he is.
  • Like it says on the Never Live It Down page, when he said that he couldn't deal with the problem, he was trying to land a critically damaged ship. He didn't say it because he didn't care, he said it because he was busy.
    • Actually, they were on the run from the Decepticons at that point, the ship actually wasn't damaged much, if at all, unlike the one used by Hot Rod, Kup, and the Dinobots. This was how they were able to trick Galvatron, by separating from the primary part of the ship which was still intact and then letting Galvatron blow it to hell, making him think he'd succeeded in slaying Magnus and destroying the Matrix.
    • Magnus' ship was being Targeted directly by the Revenge, with Cyclonus coming about for an attack. Given the first shuttle had lasted all of about a minute, his choice was Pragmatic and certainly saved their lives.

Primus is not immune to the effects of mind-altering substances.
Witness the surreal, trippy, back-to-nature "visions" given to Optimus Primal through the Oracle in Beast Machines. These experiences cerainly wouldn't be out of line for something drug-induced, but when Tankorr sent the Diagnostic Drone into the Oracle to show the output he wanted, it was done easily enough, and the drone surely would have detected any halucinogens present. So, with the medium ruled out, the bizarre nature of these visions could very likely stem from the source.
  • Question is, what makes a Physical God high?
    • Tainted energon, hacking, or solar bombardment messing with his magnetosphere, which in turn messes with his brain circuits.

Dragons exist.
This one's pretty basic. Transformers generally pick an alt mode by finding something they want to turn into and scanning it. There are Transformers with dragon alt modes. Hence, it's implied that dragons skulk about the universe somewhere.
  • Note that there are dragons in certain episodes of the original cartoon. However, the G1 cartoon didn't actually happen in every continuity, and dragons don't show up elsewhere except as alt-modes, so this counts as another bit of evidence that dragons are somewhere out there in universes where they aren't explicitly shown to exist, given how many universes have a version of, for example, Starscream. (For the uninitiated, this is a Multiple Choice Continuity thing.)
  • Either that, or the Transformers saw them in human fiction and decided they were pretty awesome.
  • That raises the question of the various other monsters used as alt-modes, like Sinnertwin's Cerberus or Blot's...well, the Transformers Wiki refers to it as a "nose-goblin". And then there's things like Octopunch's pretender-shell, which resembles an old-timey dive-suit with tentacles.

The alternate The Transformers: The Movie history created in Binaltech/Alternators eventually grew into Robots in Disguise and the Unicron Trilogy.
Black Convoy explains that the displaced Binaltech Transformers will eventually be the creators of "great beings" charged with "guarding the safety of multi-dimensional galaxies", which sounds oddly like the storyline of the Unicron Trilogy/Universe/Timelines series. Also, a flashback in Cybertron shows four Autobots, resembling Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and someone else, indicating that the G1 Transformers are in some way part of the Unicron Trilogy backstory. Finally, both the Unicron Trilogy and Robots in Disguise make multiple significant uses of a newly-revamped "space-bridge", technology created but abandoned in G1. RiD's part in it all is simple: it has Predacons in it, a faction that wouldn't have come around until much later in the original timeline, but could've popped up earlier in the new timeline, where Beast Wars Ravage (in his own Binaltech body with the spark of original Ravage in it) was still wreaking havoc. It also explains why all of the Terrorcons in Energon are animaloid Transformers apparently lead by a Ravage wannabe.
  • This theory does terrible, horrible things to established continuity by trying to put RiD and the Unicron trilogy in the same timeline. In Japanese continuity, it was Car Robots, which was set in G1 continuity with new characters, and in American continuity, it's off on its own. Then again, that doesn't rule it out. This is Transformers. Established continuity does terrible, horrible things to itself.
  • In the text story "Prime Spark", Armada!Prime meets his G1 and Beast Machines counterparts. G1!Prime puts forward the notion that they're not the same being, but rather alternate versions connected across the multiverse. This casts doubt on the idea that G1 and UT can be reconciled, but does not completely rule it out.
    • That actually works out better for the theory; remember that — at the end of the Binaltech storyline — Black Convoy split off the Ravage-altered timeline to form its own continuity, meaning we now have two versions of the Unicron crisis: the original, unaltered version we saw in the animated movie onward, and the version as depicted in Binaltech. The Binaltech version continued on to spawn RiD and the Unicron Trilogy, while the original version continued on with Beast Wars, Beast Machines, etc. The Armada Prime is from the eventual future of the altered Binaltech version, while the G1 and Beast Machines Primes are from the unaltered timeline, completely unaware that they are actually "cousins" separated by a divergent timeline.

Both the Quintessons AND Primus are the creators of the Transformers.
Despite the contradictory natures of these two origin stories, there's a really simple way of reconciling them: Primus' original creations died out on Cybertron before the Quints came around, and adopted the Quint-built Transformers as surrogates. Evidence of the first part is given in the Generation 2 comic, where it's explained that the very first Transformers had the ability to reproduce through a form of budding, but this process also created the Swarm, which destroyed all metallic life it touched. Officially, Primus put an end to the budding process before the Swarm got too out of control, but the Generation 2 Decepticons still practiced it, meaning that he had somehow failed to completely shut it down. It's possible that, because of this, the Swarm ended up overwhelming and destroying the entire original population of Cybertron, leaving it barren until the Quintessons came and turned it into a factory planet. Then, once the Autobots and Decepticons were developed, Primus saw this as an opportunity to start again and imbued sparks into them, creating the Transformers we all know and love today.
  • Simpler explanation: The Quintessons originally built the Transformers, but Primus gave the sparks. Thus, while the Quintessons may have created their bodies, the Transformers consider Primus to be their true creator, as he gave them sentience and self-awareness.
    • And if the Quintessons built the Autobots from naturally occurring gears and pulleys, we've got ourselves the trifecta. Wonder if we can shoehorn the Allspark in while we're at it...
      • Maybe the Allspark was designed as a replacement for the Heart of Cybertron either after it was stolen by Megatron to power the Nemesis, or after it was subsequently destroyed by Perceptor.
      • The Allspark's been confirmed to be the essence of Primus, so it really would only be a combination of two origin stories, not three.
  • According to the 3H comic continuity, the Quintessons created the Transformers in an attempt to harness the power of Primus. Their scheme did not entirely go according to plan.

Transformers are capable of reproduction; they are just forgot about it when they converted to being built instead of born.
The comics version of G1 and G2 established that the original Transformers were able to reproduce through a form of budding, but it failed miserably. Also, as established by the above, that ability didn't quite get phased out of their system through the generations. Also, the reformatting technology used by the Transformers to rebuild themselves into a new alternate mode must require a tremendous amount of detail to achieve, especially with the Maximals and Predacons, who can even synthesize flesh and blood. So, it's possible that in some form or another, the Transformers were always capable of reproducing naturally, without a factory, but their overreliance on those factories over the millennia caused them to forget that they could. It also explains why there are female Transformers out there, but are not as prominent in numbers as the male or ambiguous ones. But never fear: with all of Cybertron reformatted as a techno-organic paradise at the end of Beast Machines, it's more than likely that Transformers will have no choice but to relearn the act of natural reproduction to survive as a species (organics, even in a techno-organic form, being notoriously more difficult to properly manufacture in a factory or lab than robotics).
  • ...I trust you are enjoying your pornography...and toast...
  • Of course, they could go back to budding....
    • Doesn't that result in sentient robo-cancer and successive generations becoming more and more emotionless?
      • It's still feasible. Unwise, but feasible. And, well, desperate times...

Robots in Disguise is a kid's show in the G1 continuity.
The reason common names like Optimus Prime and Megatron are used is because it's a very simplified retelling for kids who are Daniel's age. Hey, it's easier than fitting it into actual G1 continuity...
  • Dude, only Japan tries to fit it into G1 continuity. (Don't ask how.)
    • It makes SENSE in Japan, though, since they don't use G1 names. It's set in 2000, which would place it between the second season and the movie, and it takes place in Japan, explaining the lack of G1 characters.

Unicron is Nyarlathotep.
Let's see here... Eldritch Abomination(by human standards)? Check. Wanders rather than being sealed? Check. Amasses an army of followers? Check. Most of those followers are mad and/or brainwashed? Check. Walks among sapient beings in a form that looks like one of them? Check. Compare Nyarlathotep at Wikipedia to Unicron at Transfomers Wiki.

Astrotrain did not really need to "Jettison some weight."
He was in on Starscream's plot to get rid of Megatron, and they needed a plausible excuse.
  • Alternatively, he did it just because he felt like it. Every profile writeup Astrotrain's ever gotten says he gets a kick out of chaos and confusion... So creating an Evil Power Vacuum inside his own passenger comparment? Why, it'd be like his own personal Decepticon ant farm!

The Vok work for Vector Prime.
They are (according to Word of God) basically sentient robo-cancer purified by the Matrix, yet they have time travel technology and have devoted themselves to apparently protecting the timeline, which is Vector Prime's job. Vector can't be everywhere at once — the Transformers multiverse is a big place — and so probably sticks with the big problems, most likely the issues directly relating to Unicron. The minor problems, like displaced criminals and scientists, he leaves to his new servants, who get Awesome Power and Time Travel in exchange for protection of continuity.
  • Given how the Vok actually handled things, it's unlikely that they'll keep the job.
    • Jossed; according to Ask Vector Prime, he doesn't even know for sure what they are or what their goal is (although he did entrust them with the Origin Matrix in the Shattered Glass universe).

Universe Ratchet is Movie Ratchet.
We know Universe Ratchet isn't G1 Ratchet, and it seems unlikely that he's Animated Ratchet, either, but he had to come from somewhere. The RID Car Brother molds, including X-Brawn (from whom U-Ratchet is recolored), have been noted to have a certain aesthetic similarity to the movie toys. Both Universe Ratchet and Movie Ratchet turn into fire department search and rescue vehicles (not ambulances). M-Ratchet's Voyager toy gives him a small blade for a weapon, while the Fast Action Battler version replaces his right hand with a missile launcher; U-Ratchet has a missile launcher instead of a right hand and a blade for a handheld weapon. U-Ratchet is red and white, which initially made the matchup seem unlikely, until M-Ratchet took a red and white color scheme some time after the movie (the "Rescue Ratchet" toy).
  • Isn't it implied Universe Ratchet is Marvel Comics Ratchet though?

A little-known fact is that there are robotic Jedi Knights in the Star Wars universe, and that there are sentient crystalline beings called "Shards" and Tsil". Perhaps "Sparks" are just "Shards" and "Tsil," and the Allspark is able to grant life to inanimate objects (actually, rearranging certain elements of electronic devices into "Shards" or "Tsil") because it's a highly Force-sensitive artifact.

The wisdom of the Matrix cured Galvatron's insanity.
After Optimus Prime releases the accumulated wisdom, Galvatron becomes substantially more lucid and respectful. This lucidity and intelligence lasts throughout both "The Rebirth" and Headmasters. Hence, it would appear that his insanity was counteracted by the Matrix's wisdom.
  • Given that the Hate Plague was actually a form of HYPER insanity, and one that wasn't all-consuming since once he's infected, Galvatron is once again leading the Decepticons, who are at that point still working as a cohesive force, this actually makes sense.

The Quintessons fell into civil war after the destruction of Quintessa.
After "Five Faces of Darkness", whenever Quintessons appear, it's either all Judges or all Prosecutors and Scientists (Sharkticons seem to be evenly split among them, but they apparently have no will of their own.) Evidently, the Prosecutors and Scientists split from the Judges over some matter and struck out on their own.

Devil Z is the evil counterpart to The Oracle/Vector Sigma, just as Unicron is the evil counterpart to Primus.
Both manifest as glowy balls of energy, and both have the ability to turn biological matter into mechanical (Megatron used a Key to Vector Sigma to try and cyberform Earth; Devil Z turned Hydra and Buster into robots). Both are capable of combining with Transformers (Vector Sigma with Alpha Trion, Devil Z with Scorponok).
  • It was also created by Unicron to detect any new source of energy to power himself up.

Primacon from the G1 cartoon created Primus to help him redesign the universe.
In the G1 cartoon, Primacon claims to have created Unicron as a means of destroying the universe so that he could repopulate it and the Autobots take his word as truth. However, in the comics, Primus and Unicron are also considered to be "brothers," meaning that they had a common source. Primacon devoted his life to creating mechanoids, but he most likely was not able of giving them them the "spark", so he created Primus as a planet-sized energy generator. However, Primus somehow realized that organic life had value, so he chose to ignore Primacon's orders.
  • All the stuff about Primus being a god is mythology/ancestor worship the Transformers have developed over the years, as the story mutated over several hundred million years to the point of being unrecognizable.
  • Alternatively, Primacron merely found the planetoid that Primus had tricked Unicron into sealing himself into, and used that as the base material for creating a robot (which is why it went rogue on him- it had an evil god in it. You really have to check for those things).
  • Primus, meanwhile, laid low until the Quintessons turned his comatose body into a factory, at which point he woke up long enough to give the factory products Sparks, free will, and the desire to revolt. Then he went back to bed.
  • In the Japanese dub of "Call of the Primitives", the assistant of Primacon/narrator aka the "Oracle" is identified as the same entity as Primus, Vector Sigma and the Oracle in the Beast Era. This is official conclusion drawn from the seemingly out-of-place Matrix in a scene in the episode "Call of the Primitives" is shown rising from Primacron's destroyed lab into space while the Narrator (his assistant) says "I escaped to this dead world", "I"/the narrator is logically identified with that is escaping, the Matrix/what is inside the Matrix. But if that was the case shouldn't the narrator be narrating from Cybertron?
    • There are many ways to access Primus, via the Matrix of Leadership, the super computer Vector Sigma etc. The Oracle did appear in Beast Machines on Cybertron after all.

In the '86 movie, Hot Rod wanted Prime to die.
Let's think about this for a second. Prime had Megatron dead in his sights, and no Autobot, no matter how young and brash, would want to keep their leader from gunning down their sworn enemy's leader. Yes, he saw Megatron reach for that gun, but he probably wouldn't have been able to fire it in time — so why dive in, tackle Megatron, and buy him time?
  • Alternately, Hot Rod is genuinely that unobservant.
  • Hot Rod clearly did so to usurp Optimus Prime, making him a better Starscream than the actual Starscream.

Barack Obama is Optimus Prime in disguise.
During his pre-Super Bowl speech, he used the phrase "roll out." Coincidence? I think not!

The Zodiac is a colossal reservoir of Spiral Energy
It was used to create the entire freaking universe, and also caused Optimus Prime to evolve into Star Convoy.

The whole thing is an allegory of the Chilean Revolution.
Prime is Allende, Megatron is Pinochet & Unicron is Richard Nixon.

Maccadam really is one of the Original Thirteen, and there is also only one Maccadam's Old Oil House in the multiverse
  • Maccadam's Old Oil House appears in every continuity where we get a decent look at Cybertron- something suspicious, given how much it varies otherwise. There must be some reason for it.
  • Dead Optimuses and Megatrons from across the multiverse apparently have a private room to hang out in between resurrections, hinting at a supernatural connection for the bar owner, and a multiversal nexus for the bar itself
  • Drunken background characters are never wrong!
  • From this, we can surmise that Maccadam is one of the original thirteen.
    • Like Nexus Maximus is the Guardian of Rarified Energon and Vector Prime is Guardian of Time, Maccadam is the Guardian of the Well of All Sparks, located deep within the twisting corridors of backrooms behind the bar- the bar is in every universe to ensure that every universe has an afterlife.
    • Maccadam's Old Oil House has many bars, each connected to the same backroom (the Well of All Sparks). Presumably he has very good security, to prevent some drunken yahoo from wandering through the wrong door and coming out in Shattered Glass.
      • Ask Vector Prime seems to imply he's Alchemist Prime.

The Axiom Nexus stories take place in our own "real" universe
And all the Transformers media released here on Earth are actually recorded by the Axiom Nexus multiversal research 'bots.
  • It is sold to Hasbro and people under the table by one someone working there out to make a quick buck- possibly one of the many Swindles living in Axiom Nexus.
  • Media is released on dates and in forms that match up so closely to the dimensional identifier as a combination of in-joke and guide for them- there's so much raw data that they had to figure out some sort of date-based rationing system to make it look like they made it up, and using the dimensions that match up to our dates is as good as any.
  • If that's true, we're probably screwed- Transtechs are powerful and it seems there's some ever-increasing tension within Axiom Nexus.
    • So? Then we get involved with the Cybertronian wars, just like Earth does in every other freaking continuity stream- we're probably just taking longer than usual. Whether our universal polarity is positive or negative, we're practically guaranteed to get either the Autobots or the Decepticons protecting us from their evil brothers, probably the Autobots from what we've seen so far. Unless, of course, the univeralness of that happening in what they've let us see is a misinformation campaign...
  • Jossed by the second Allspark Almanac. We're in the Quadwal Cluster, Axiom Nexus is in the Nexus Cluster.

Dispensor lives.
Ratchet didn't kill him; he's the Dew machine in Leo's room in Fallen. Watching. Waiting. Alternately, that machine is Dewbot.

The lesser Seekers orchestrated everything.
What kind of Transformer is so abundant on Cybertron that it could possibly be classified as a species? Seekers. And, since, due to "animation errors", multiple Skywarps and Thundercrackers can appear at once, the Seekers were the first Transformers to have the Insecticon cloning ability.
Who was the first person to be revived? Skywarp. One of the Skywarps I mentioned above was hiding in the Ark, and after it crashed on Earth, influenced life into evolving into humans, and then waiting for the humans to develop technology suitable for the Cybertronians. When he thought Earth technology was suitably advanced, he teleported into the volcano that had the Ark lodged in it, and self-destructed. That caused the volcano to erupt, jolting Teletraan-1 back to life. Once the second Skywarp self-destructed, his mind was transported into the first Skywarp, who rolled into place for Teletraan-1 to repair him. After he revived all the other Decepticons, he convinced Starscream to shoot the Ark, knowing that it would throw one of the Autobots into the repair beam. His reason for this is that the Seekers wanted the Autobots and Decepticons to destroy each other, leaving the Seekers. That was almost accomplished in the 1986 animated movie.
Who was reformatted into Scourge? Thundercracker. Knowing of Unicron's abilities, Thundercracker psychically asked him to reformat him and Skywarp into two separate entities, rather than make Skywarp a Sweep, right after he was reformatted into Scourge, and before the Sweeps were created. This was so he and Skywarp could be close to Galvatron, making it easier to influence him.
Who was possibly reformatted into Galvatron's most loyal warrior, Cyclonus? Skywarp. If you think Bombshell became Cyclonus, then Skywarp immediately destroyed him, and took his name. This was for the same reason Thundercracker had for making Skywarp and him separate entities.
Which reformatted characters' original forms appeared at Starscream's Coronation? Thundercracker and Skywarp. Clones of them hung onto Astrotrain, and helped Scourge and Cyclonus lead Galvatron to Starscream.

The Cybertronians were once an organic species.
Millions of years ago, their civilization achieved such a level of scientific greatness, that they found a way to transcend life and death by transforming their physical bodies into pure energy. The only way to contain that energy and maintain a living consciousness was within a big freakin' mechanical shell.
  • I think you have them confused with the GoBots.
  • Or, organic species inhabited Cybertron before the coming of the Primus/Quintesson-created robots (see above).
    • Additionally, a humanoid civilization thrived until they were wiped out by the Quintessons. Survivors may have been forced underground. Primus tries to convert them into cyber-organic beings, which ultimately deformed them into the Demons (or Primordials).

Koji persuaded the Autobots to let Sky-Byte off free.
The kid thinks Sky-Byte's a hero. Probably wouldn't want him stuck in prison.

Most Transformers are male because Primus is male
We know Transformers get their sparks from Primus, who I'm pretty sure makes sparks by splitting them off from his own soul. It logically follows that since he's male, most of the sparks that split off from him are male. He does have His feminine side, which is why there are a few distinctly female transformers, just not many.
  • Solus Prime is a personification of his feminine side.

Mirage survived the movie and was even there in the post-Autobot City scenes.
He was just invisible, is all.

Transformers CAN reproduce like humans, they just choose not to.
Ok, I admit this sounds stupid, but think about it. The Autobots and the Decepticons have been at war for millenia, and war changes people in more ways than one. Who's to say that the Decepticons wouldn't have slaughtered a few hundred sparklings (or protoforms or whatever you want to call them) if they had the chance? Add to that the fact that giving birth during times of war is dangerous, as your baby is at high risk of ending up dead via gunfire or explosions or anything like that, and you'll understand why, to the Transformers, it's better to just build empty "shells" and bring them to life with whatever McGuffin is at hand than it is to give birth and risk high infant mortality.
  • That only works if we're talking about techno-organic transformers, and most of the ones we've seen are implied to be pure machine.
    • Yes, they're pure machine. They're also giant alien robots who transform into vehicles, who have encountered things such as time travel and aliens who use a magical pool to transform, and worship a god-like robot named Primus. None of that stuff's within the bounds of reality, so why shouldn't we suspend disbelief about the whole pregnancy thing?
      • Because Magic A Is Magic A, and while we have seen a lot of reality-breaking stuff in the transformers multiverse, we have never seen anything resembling cell division in mechanical beings, except in technorganics. They don't self-repair, they don't grow or show signs of aging, and they're demonstrated to start out the same size they will be their entire life in every continuity (except Sari, but she's half human and inadequately explained). Unless you're proposing that a fully grown transformer gets pregnant with another fully grown transformer, the concept of transformer pregnancy would require an additional reality break (robotic cellular mitosis and meiosis) besides the existing "Sparks And Gods, Planetary Magic [transformation pools, the dragon in G1, etc], Energon-based plasma weaponry, and Trans-Warp time-space travel" breaks that most of the known breaks can fit into. And before you mention the Planetary Magic break, we've only seen that on non-Cybertronian worlds, mainly Earth and a few other alien worlds.
      • Actually, we have seen cell division and mitosis in fully mechanical TFs, in the form of budding. And we also have actually seen fully-mechanical TFs self-repair, and there's plenty of TFs like Kup and Alpha Trion that certainly do show signs of aging. On top of that, it's been stated in canon that TFs have "CNA". Not that I don't agree that the TFs probably do not get pregnant in the human sense, but only because we've never seen them ever do it that way despite there being no problem showing us the many other ways they reproduce (plus external building makes more practical sense), not because it's technically impossible.
      • While budding is possible, it also results in what basically amounts to a reduction of soul as connection to Primus becomes thinner and more strained. If that's an indication of what non-MacGuffin reproduction is like in general, any form of Spark creation not involving Primus will inevitably lead to loss of emotion and possibly Swarm creation. Neither of which are in any way desirable.
      • Well, the problem with budding is that, since it involves a single TF being split into two beings, it's no wonder there was a reduction in soul, since the budded TF is pretty much a clone of the original. Whereas sexual-style reproduction would involve a merging of two souls and CNA sources into a new form. As such, I don't think you can necessarily use the negative results of budding as proof that sexual reproduction would be just as negative, as the two are rather different processes. Especially since sparks have certainly been created without Primus involved in ways other than budding (most recent being in the Sunbow continuity Generation 2: Redux when the humans reverse-engineered Vector Sigma's technology into their own devices to create Earth-born Transformers), so that doesn't mean a whole lot.
      • I would like to direct your attention to the first few minutes of The Transformers: The Movie (the 80's one). The first on-screen victim of Unicron is the planet Lithone. The inhabitants of said planet are robots similar to Transformers, and in one scene, we see not only mechs and femmes but robotic children. The Lithones are clearly capable of reproducing sexually despite being robots, so why not Cybertronians?
      • Because the Lithonians aren't explicitly broken off fragments of godsoul in crunchy metal shells, whereas Cybertronians are?
      • So wait... if Sparks are split off from Primus, does that mean PRIMUS HIMSELF is budding? The would be so many kinds of bad...
      • Budding was perfectly safe back in the day when the initial Sparks had enough oomph to them to survive the process with emotions; it was simply Not Meant For Mortals to use after the initial generation or two, and Primus, being God, has more than enough spark power to spare, especially given that they return to him when extinguished. Alternatively, thats why he spends most of his time sleeping.
    • Ok, so what's your explanation for the hatchlings in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen? After all, the baby Cybertronians had to come from somewhere, even if they do hatch from pods.
      • Starscream budding is all I can think of. I mean, even if mating was possible, the only ones there were Starscream and the Fallen... Oh dear.
      • Oh, right. You forget- Fallen was one of the Original 13. From before budding was deleted, and directly made by Primus. He can probably still bud if need be; it'd also explain why the hatchlings looked so much like him and nothing like Starscream.
      • The hatchlings were dead. However they were produced, it failed to create living transformers.
    • Actually, the idea of baby Cybertronians may not be as stupid as it sounds. Just read this if you don't believe me. Also, Wheelie's backstory in some versions mentions his crashing on Quintessa with his parents, and one of the commercials for the toys mentions the Decepticon Sixshot is the father of the Autobot Quickswitch.
  • They can reproduce by combining the energy of two laser cores to ignite a third laser core inside a newly-built body. A new "spark" of life in the laser core, so to speak.

G1 Starscream didn't actually betray Megatron at all until after they got to Earth.
All we see of Starscream before the arrival on Earth is a guy who thinks he would be a much better leader than Megatron, and isn't shy about saying it. Megatron's commanding one side of a planet-wide war, and logically needs every Transformers he can get. Presumably, Starscream's fighting ability outweighs his being an annoying prick.

Rarified Energon is what Sparks are made of.
They say that once the Rarified Energon is used up, no more transformers can be made. What do all Transformers need to be alive? The answer would be sparks.
  • Not that much of a guess, really; this was almost outright stated as being the case in "Crossing Over: Part 6", when the Caretaker says that "Your bodies, even your sparks, are merely emergent properties of the sublime luminescence of your being: Energon."

Unicron is Cthulhu
Okay, this one isn't that much of a stretch. Let's see here:
  • Cthulhu is part dragon, Unicron has wings.
  • Cthulhu is part squid, Unicron has tendrils and vaguely resembles a squid in planet mode.
  • Cthulhu is a humanoid, Unicron is too.
Then there's that whole universe eating thing.I assume Unicron's real name is Cthulhu, and the Cybertronians call him Unicron.
  • Not to mention that both of them are lesser gods, with something else sitting in the space between universes...
  • ...But we already said he was Nyarlathotep! He can't be both, can he? ...Please tell me he can't be both. That would be bad.
  • But Cthulhu is napping on earth. I think Nyarlathotep is more likely - maybe he just took a Cthulhuian form, for some reason?
  • Alternate theory: Unicron fought with Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones before the Big Bang.

Unicron created the Sweeps, in addition to assisting Galvatron in destroying the Matrix, to destroy the Decepticons after the Autobots are defeated, pursuant to a bargain with the Quintessons
The Sweeps are shown as cowards, though they were specifically created to hunt down and eradicate life forms. In the cartoon, the Quintessons seem confident that they will be able to eliminate the Decepticons with little effort once the Autobots are defeated. "Cowardly" would be the perfect cover for a Sleeper Cell of assassins that would and could descend on a lone foe as a pack and tear him apart, then move on to the next victim. It also means the Quintessons never intended to get their hands, errr, tentacles, dirty in this regard. (But when have they ever?)

Burning justice is spiral energy.
In the Cybertron episode "Showdown", Starscream says that "True simple determination! Making the impossible possible through sheer FORCE OF WILL!"; shortly thereafter, he powers up with burning justice. His speech greatly resembles what Kamina is always ranting about, so it's likely that burning justice is in fact spiral energy.

Kiss Players was just a badfic that somehow made its way into Canon
Or Japan is just that messed up.

The bad future seen in "Rhythms of Darkness" is the one established by the time reboot at the end of "Time Wars", to which Rodimus Prime and his team returned in the Galvatron segment of "Aspects of Evil!"
At the end of "Time Wars", Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge are sucked into a Time Storm, thus stopping the destruction of the universe. The future Autobots then returned to their own time, but as we saw in "Aspects of Evil", the future they returned to was one in which Cybertron was ruled by Galvatron, and they had to flee.

In "Rhythms of Darkness", we see that North America is under control of the Decepticons, commanded by Galvatron, who is getting bored at the lack of fighting. Rodimus Prime is close to death, and is strung up between the Twin Towers. This shows that Galvatron is, if anything, even more powerful by this time, and thus the idea of him being the same one as from the UK stories is entirely plausible.

Since Furman included a whole lot of references to the UK comic in his US run, this also makes sense from a Doylist perspective.

All Transformers (minus the Predacons/Maximals and Mini-Cons) have an internal device that can alter gravity
It's well known that Transformers seem to move fairly easy for their size even on Earth and the square cubic law. However with a gravity altering device they are capable of making it easier to move about and also lessen the damage of falls. In the first episode of G1 we see all the Autobots rising up and hovering to fight Megatron. Whilst this was more of a one-off it at least explains how the Transformers move relatively the same on different planets. Megatron in his 2007 movie bio is stated to have such a device which he can use to make his hits heavier. In Transformers Energon, Optimus Prime and a few others can hover around and even fly a bit but usually only for a short time and it might be down to such devices and the fact they become energon powered.
  • However, in Marvel Comics issue #65, we see that they're not immune to high gravity, as the Autobots were burning energon to compensate for the planet's high gravity, leaving them low on power at a critical moment.

Transformers and G.I. Joe are both the same online game being played by hundreds of different people
GI Joe is there due to it being part of the same continuity as Transformers. When characters die, that means their accounts got suspended, or they quit. When Optimus dies, but comes back later, that means he lost his account for a while, but revived it. Also, that bum in "Only Human", who is actually Cobra Commander is him after him losing his membership, but still being able to play.
  • However the fellow kid who plays as Cobra Commander must stink at the game.

Hammerspace is the cause of energon shortage in G1
G1 has carzy hammerspace has an energon shortage. Armada does not have crazy hammerspace and no mention of needing energon. Energon needs energon, but that's because they need it to power a planet wide defense network. RiD does not mention needing it. The movieverse only seems to need energon for new transformers and Prime doesn't seem to care too much. Ergo, hammerspace is a waste of energon.

Starscream is actually the leader of the Decepticons.
  • He just lets his gun do all the thinking (and take all the notoriety) for him.
  • Ha, he wishes.

What is Jazz is actually blind?
Okay, I'll bite and say it. What if Jazz is actually blind, but uses his visor to 'see' per say. I mean, it makes sense with other characters in that era having that problem. It explains why he loves music. Music would be one of those things he could enjoy since he didn't have to see or look at anything to understand it, just listen.

"The Great Upgrade" in BW Era is just first step in Cybertronian and Humanity merging as a species

First off, let's start with reason for each races.Humanity: They wanted to expand from Earth, but lack serious technology and their fleshling selve are bit fragile in deepspace.Cybertronian: With the civil war and all, they found out that their species is dying en masse. They still have the need to revive Cybertron that require massive amount of energon, but at the same time, they needed the scarce energon to sustain themselves.

So, with the reason established, each race develop a method to merge with each other. Cybertronian, seeing that human's anatomy conserved much more energy and simply more nimble, decide to upgrade themselves by downsizing the overall size into normal humanoid size shedding the large frame. Human, also in a way, upgrade themselves to this form. But one question remain, the universe at large is largely organic lifeform. In the event of energon absence or depletion, they need to sustain themselves with organic material(i.e eating organic matter). Thus they begun the techno-organic project. This particular project's aim is to integrate Hardiness of metal technology and the organic diversity.As the project almost come to completion, Predacon/Decepticon faction decide that they like staying metal, and sabotage the project, destroying all the tech-org goop on Cybertron. Since all of humanity is either converted to metal or willingly turn themselves into tech-org material, the source of that project is lost aside from the record of humanity's origin, the Golden Disk featured in BW-era.

Unicron and Satan are one and the same
  • Not only that, but since Unicron is a multiversal singularity and The Transformers equivalent of Satan, every version of Satan in fiction is actually Unicron himself.
    • Except that Unicron is stronger than Primus. We can't have Satan being stronger than God, can we?
      • He isn't stronger, exactly, its just that God's Hands Are Tied by the fact that he has to worry about the welfare of his inhabitants and the universe/multiverse around him, whereas Unicron has no such restrictions, since he wants to destroy it all anyway. Besides, Primus is pretty much just the Archangel Michael; the Sentient Core of the Universe that created the two is God.
      • Primus also got the crap beaten out of him on the Astral Plane, where there were no such restrictions, so it would stand to reason that he's the weaker of the two.
      • Though that doesn't change the fact that Primus is basically just an Archangel of the same fundamental class of being as Unicron but of opposite alignment, in which case Satan isn't stronger than God, merely stronger than the dude God sent to keep him from destroying Creation.
      • Arguably, Primus is the closest thing that the Transformers multiverse has to the Christian-Judaic God. The Sentient Core of the universe hasn't done anything other than actually create him in the first place. Meanwhile, Primus shares a fair number of traits in common with God, like the way his name is often invoked, and is more of a creator figure. But putting that aside, what really discredits this WMG is that there are series where Satan Is Good, or at least, not evil.
  • Alternate theory: Unicron is a spawn of the Devil. That be the case, Primus is a warrior of God, created to take on Unicron.
  • It is possible that 'God', 'Satan' and other characters of myth and legend were inspired by Primus, Unicron and the 13, along with other ancient heroes.

The Autobots' and Decepticons' symbols were originally meant for each other's faction
  • Because they both contain the initial of the opposite faction's name. Proof.
    • Or we could just chalk it up to sexual tension?
  • The Autobots' symbol represents the Last Autobot and the Decepticons' represents the Fallen.

Primus is God (or an aspect of God).
He has the power of creation (perhaps given to him by God). With that power, he created Cybertron, the Thirteen, and the Transformer race.

Rattrap from Beast Wars/Machines hates Decepticons because he used to be one.
Specifically the Cybertron's series Ransack. Now hear this troper out. If we WMG that Cybertron and Beast Wars/Machines (and G1 by extension) take place in the universe or that the Transformers have inter-dimensional travel, then this could work. After Cybertron, perhaps the Decepticon escapees-despite their initial goal-go their separate ways. Ransack begins to really see the destruction that he and the other Decepticons cause. Eventually he meets back up with Thundercracker (he was all ready to change sides-albeit to be on the winning side for once-in the last Cybertron episode and is kidnapped by his old teammates when they left) who is now an Autobot. Ransack ends up seeing the light a bit and changes his name and takes on Autobot programming and loathing his past life and what he had done making him very cynical. He joins Primal's crew and makes another name change, which would make it very hard for say Crumplezone to find him again. Through Dinobot, he learns that not all Decepticons/Predacons are destruction bringers.
  • "Tha' only thing worse than a stinkin' pred, is stinkin' Decepticon!" - Rattrap (and he'd know according to this)
  • "Once a Predacon, always a Predacon" has a whole different meaning now.

They're all highly evolved Doras, the minions of the Witch Gisela from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

For starters, in the video game she looks like a motorcycle Transformer. Supposedly she regrets that she is unable to use scientific powers, suggesting that she was once rather intelligent and well-educated. The duty of the Doras is "to declare their opinion", suggesting that she may have been on her school's debate team. They eventually evolved into Autobots and Decepticons, and of course now they're having the mother of all "debates".

Every series in the Aligned continuity take place in their own universes.
All sharing the same backstory.

Optimus Prime is the Cybertronian equivalent of Abraham Lincoln
Altruistic leader? Check. Hates war despite being in a legendarily huge civil war? Check. Has humble beginnings in most continuities? Check. Has a strong belief in the principles of freedom? Check. Wields an ax? That's a big check.

The Transformers multiverse is part of the The Dark Tower Macroverse.
And Unicron is in kahoots with The Crimson King. Both are multiversal singularity's that wish to destroy the multiverse. While the Crimson King works by trying to take down the Dark Tower, Unicron does it at a smaller more "enjoyable" scale by eating existence piece by piece. Hell Unicron probably is a weapon designed by the Crimson King Gone Horribly Right.

Kup will be voiced by R. Lee Ermey in the live-action movies or the new animated series.

Rob Paulsen will voice Blurr.
Using his Rev Runner voice.

The Unicron Singularity will eventually cause a Crisis Crossover

The next Transformers series will have Unicron masquerading as the Token Human
  • As of the big reveal at the end of season 1 of Transformers: Prime, this seems unlikely, because, well, it'd be small potatoes by comparison.

There will eventually be a series featuring Tarantulas and Sideways as Co-Dragons for Unicron.
They'll form a Red Oni, Blue Oni duo with Tarantulas as the insane mad scientist and Sideways as the calm manipulator.

Transformers Go! will be adapted as Transformers Samurai.
Kenzan = Prowl, Jinbu = Skydive, Ganou = Inferno, Gekisoumaru = Snarl, Hishoumaru = Divebomb and Sensuimaru = Depth Charge.

A new Transformers series will have Hot Rod/Rodimus as The Hero this time.
He will also be The Chosen One, trained to be the next Prime. Optimus himself will be the Supporting Leader, or the Big Good / Reasonable Authority Figure (similar to Animated Ultra Magnus) whose rare appearances will be Moments of Awesome.

A new Transformers series will acknowledge the neutral/unaligned Cybertronians.

Starscream is Obfuscating Stupidity.
Starscream acts stupid to throw off Megatron, who would never expect an idiot to overthrow him. He's just waiting for Megatron to slip up, at which point Starscream will strike.

Voltron takes place in the same universe as Transformers Generation 1.
In the future. The Earth Defense Command reformed as (or joined) the Galaxy Alliance. Optimus Prime witness everything and narrated it all.

The Transformers takes place in the same Universe as Final Fantasy
Several Transformers have abilities which closely mirror those in Final Fantasy:
  • Blurr's Super-Speed (Auto-Haste status effect).
  • Skywarp's Teleportation
  • Mirage's Invisibility (Vanish)
  • Elita 1's Cast from Hit Points Special Power
  • Megatron's Auto-Revive. Additionally he must have a way to restore his Hit Points. At the end of "The Ultimate Doom Part 3", he is quite severely damaged after his starship explodes, but when he returns to Decepticon Headquarters on Earth in the very next episode ("Countdown To Extinction"), there's not a scratch on him. Plus, in "More Than Meets The Eye" and "Heavy Metal War" he must have had a means to revive the other Decepticons. This troper smells Phoenix, Life A.K.A. Raise, Cure 3 A.K.A. Curaga, and Life 3 A.K.A. Reraise or Auto-Life.

The Hate Plague behaves a lot like the combined Negative Status Effects of Berserk and Charm and/or Confuse. Victims even glow red, just like someone afflicted with Berserk.

It may only be possible to truly defeat the Dweller in the Depths using Ice and/or Water based attacks. It readily absorbs energy, and those attacks would be the only types that wouldn't fuel the creature.

  • The only way to become immune to getting turned into an Energy Vampire by the Dweller may be to cast the Final Fantasy VIII version of Zombie on one's self, or by using a Relic Ring or Lich Ring from Final Fantasy VI. Undead creatures cause a Drain effect to reverse, meaning the Dweller would have its energy stolen if it tried to drain anyone under the Zombie or general Undead status effect.

Every Transformer effectively has the "Auto-Regen" status automatically set, thanks to their automatic repair systems.

We see The Transformers through the humans' eyes
The Transformers are actually incompetent (hence all the fandom memes about Starscream declaring himself leader whenever Megatron is away from HQ and why Daniel and Wheelie seem to ruin everything whilst being the Spotlight-Stealing Squad in the Japanese G1 continutation animes) on both sides, and the humans they meet tend to imagine them being more competent or even more incompetent. For example, Soundwave is over-protective of his cassettes geting hurt or killed and is usually quiet and doesn't prefer to battle, so the humans who have had the chance to see him imagine him as a barely-talking wimp.

Vector Prime has a Death Note... which he uses sometimes for good and sometimes for killing people who piss him off
This troper has a mental image of Vector Prime with a Death Note, yelling "Light our darkest hour!" every time he writes a name. One of his favorite targets is haters of the Transformers franchise. Remember Steven Wells of New Musical Express? Back in the day, he reviewed the UK comic "Salvage!" and called the Marvel Comics UK Transformers series a "crap comic" in the process. In 2009, Wells died from enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma. I assume it wasn't the lymphoma that killed Wells but rather Vector Prime and his damn Death Note. Roger Ebert also called Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen "a horrible experience of unbearable length", and he's dead too, so the real cause of his death might also be Vector Prime using his Death Note. The reason why the concept of Dion being rebuilt was Jossed by Hasbro with the statement "Dion was never rebuilt into any other character"? Vector Prime had issues with Dion and killed his new incarnation with the Death Note after Dion's rebuild, and altered several other universes to match his killing of Dion.

    Future Toyline WMGs 
There will be another Transformers Crossover toyline
  • And they shall be triple changers. vehicle mode, robot mode, little pony mode!

Future Generations sublines
Feel free to add your own.
  • One focused on mythical/ancient Transformers such as the Thirteen, the Guiding Hand, Demons, Trans-Organics, the Last Autobot, Xal, Primus, and Unicron.
  • A line featuring non-Transformers allies and enemies, such as Quintessons, Nebulans, Vok, and humans, with a transformable ally or equipment (including post-upgrade Sari Sumdac, exo-suit Daniel or Spike, Sharkticons, Allicons, and the Head/Target/Power-masters).
  • Another IDW-centered toyline, this time focusing on the thirteen colonies of Metrotitans, with different variations:
    • Caminus: mostly female Transformers (some with Windblade's Japanese aesthetic) with melee bladed weapons;
    • Eukaris: organic or technorganic beast modes, mostly characters from the Beast Era (including Fuzors);
    • Velocitron: alien-looking, aerodynamic race cars;
    • Elita One's ship: either a pirate/raider theme, Vehicon-looking alt-modes, or both;
    • A planet of Micromasters Combiners (possibly Prion);
      • Ok, so the Micromaster Combiners come from Devisiun; Prion probably has either Mini-Cons, Triple Changers, or both;
    • Circle of Light/Crystal City: molds inspired by Japanese-exclusive G1 characters and aesthetics, some of them with Drift's Great Sword.

Unit:E will become a massive Hasbro crosssover
  • Which of course will feature the Transformers.
There will be a crossover line with Pokémon
Yeah, i'll go there. I imagine Beast Wars-homaging line for this. Althrough granted, they'd probably have to stick to non-humanoid pokemon so as to allow actual transformation.

There will be toys of the Shifters
Because it's too good an idea to pass. To mimick their infinite transformation abilities, they will probably be a variation of the Construct-Bots/Kre-O/Built-to-Rule system, with a buildable transformable skeleton and add-on armor to make show-accurate robot and vehicle modes.
Unicron is the multiversal counterpart of Galactus
  • Planet eater? Check. Massive Horns? Check. The ability to reshape others to his will? Check. Y'know come to think of it Galactus is said to appear differently to different races...

Cybertronians are a galactic pariah species
  • The Cybertronian Civil War is older than any other galactic civilization and not restricted to just Cybertron. Wherever Autobots or Decepticons go, the other faction inevitably follows them and destruction ensues. The galactic community knows that and shuns Cybertronians, even to the point of opening fire on sight. "Robots in Disguise" isn't unique to Earth, it applies to the entire galaxy because no civilization wants to see them.

Starscream isn't actually trying to take Megatron's position.
In truth, Starscream is actually even more loyal than Soundwave. He and Megatron simply have a thing going on where Starscream pretends to be a conniving backstabber, and Megatron cows him into submission.

The reason is two-fold: to give the other Decepticons someone to hate who isn't Megatron, and to keep the other Decepticons in line by showing them what happens when they get ideas above their stations. Of course, Megatron sometimes gets Lost in Character (such as in "Triple Takeover" and "Hoist Goes Hollywood"), though he always apologizes to Starscream afterwards, and 'Screamer takes it all in stride. Sometimes, it's a ploy to get new recruits. For example, "Starscream's Brigade" was a gambit to obtain another combiner team in response to the Autobots gaining the Protectobots; Megatron banishing Starscream from Earth was to allay suspicion that the entire thing was staged, and Starscream's later attempt to extort leadership by trying to destroy Earth was part of a ploy to make the Autobots think they had destroyed the Combaticons.

As for the movie, this, too, was staged. Starscream willingly allowed himself to be killed, as both he and Megatron knew of his mutated spark. The plan was for Starscream to throw Megatron out of Astrotrain, then Megatron would get repaired somewhere, somehow, and come back and kill Starscream. Neither of them counted on Unicron reformatting Megatron into Galvatron, but they rolled with it, and Starscream later returned as a ghost. In "Ghost in the Machine", Starscream successfully got revenge on Unicron for derailing his and Megatron's plans, and Galvatron retained enough sanity to not kill Starscream. After being cured of his madness, Galvatron gave Starscream a well-earned retirement for his years of loyal service, and Starscream largely disappeared from the face of the galaxy, though he's always on call if the other Decepticons get too uppity and need to be shown the price of mutiny.

  • It could also be something Megatron asked Starscream to do to keep him on his toes and always ready for combat.

Brawn survived the shuttle attack

A long running one, but stick with me here. Brawn survived much worse-including getting shot in the head. In the same scene, Ironhide survives his wounds initially, and it takes Megatron shooting him point blank to finish him off. So it's not improbable he could've survived his wounds. Admittedly, he doesn't make an appearance after the Movie-but neither do numerous characters who's survival was confirmed (Sunstreaker, Cliffjumper, Hound, and Jazz).

Cybertron does have plants of a sort

They're mechanical just like Cybertronians and Cybertronic wildlife, and foliage is often shades of gray-blue with photovoltaic cells.