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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

The Transformers' physical weapons are partially irrelevant - It's all just Energon Power.
The weapons used by the Transformers are not based on their physical hardware alone, but on using the physical hardware as a channel for Energon power (the same stuff that gives them a Battle Aura), much like speaking aloud spells which can be used through thought - it helps to concentrate them to their purpose. The more power you have, the more you can do with it. Scattershot is clearly shown firing Frickin' Laser Beams from the end of missiles (as well as lasers from his wrists with no visible blasters on them). On the rare occasions he actually shoots these missiles as missiles, they always return/respawn to his body offscreen. Many such incongruities are displayed by many characters. The lasers/missiles are just blasts of Energon energy, and could theoretically be fired from the palms of the Transformers' hands, it's just easier (and Cooler) to use the physical weapons, especially if they're a BFG. As the series' power levels increase, Transformers are shown to use Energon energy for purposes their physical bodies clearly are not capable of, such as Starscream's telekinetic rocks shortly after his Awesome Moment of Crowning. The most clear demonstration of this is Megatron/Galvatron. At the beginning of the series, he can shoot lightning bolts of pure Energon power from his bare hand, which have the same effect as the series' lasers. Much later, during his final battle against Optimus Prime, Galvatron modifies a small part of his transformation sequence to form an impromptu Chest Blaster Wave-Motion Gun out of several pieces of armor. These are inert pieces of metal. In the same battle, later again, he is able to Ass Pull a BFS clearly made of pure energy from thin air. It's the same color as his aura. Go figure.
  • This can also explain why Transformers so rarely show physical damage, and when they do it's a big deal, even if it's a single short circuit or a small amount of lost armour. Optimus Prime loses a wingtip and is seemingly nearly killed by it. Scourge begs for death after "being defeated" when he is bruised by a very high-powered attack. The Cybertron Defense Team lie dying with only cracks in their armor and still full structural integrity. My explanation is that Transformers' armour is either augmented by their Energon power, or protected by an energy shield of Energon power. When attacks actually deal damage to them, it showns that their shields have been overwhelmed by the attack, and in fact means that their "health bars" are nearly depleted. They also would have used up most of their power trying to block the attack, so even though when the attack finally got through it did minimal damage, the real damage was done before the attack struck.

Scourge has a phobia of girls.
  • Lori is able to intimidate him (despite being tiny and completely unthreatening to him; even if he wouldn't want to attack helpless humans, he has no reason to defer to her unless he's afraid of/threatened by something about her) as is Thunderblast to a lesser extent. He also fights with unusual venom against Override - as if he's got something to prove... In the same instance, he says that "[Override] is nothing next to [Lori]" despite Override being stronger and more effective in just about every way than Lori - but Lori is much more feminine.
    • This would make his secret weakness... Magical Girls. Imagine that...
Lori's brother is in college.
  • In Fallen and Inferno (The first episode and the last one detailing other things that happened at during the first one) Lori establishes that the shirt she wears with the Omega Symbol on it is her brother's, despite there being no references to him elsewhere in the show. The TFWiki states that this means she doesn't have a brother, but what if the truth is a lot simpler. What if her brother is simply at college. It'd explain why he's not mentioned, normal people don't necessarily talk about relatives they don't see all the time (I'm pretty sure that Tim isn't mentioned until he shows up) so perhaps he just never comes up. As for Lori borrowing the shirt from him, t's likely that he didn't take everything and the shirt's just something he left behind in his room.

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