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Imotchi is Memetchi in disguise.
Jossed. There have been instances where both characters have been seen together in the same room. Imotchi only looks like Memetchi because she's her little sister.

Ura Mametchi is quite mean.
Justified by his antics. He is the class clown, unlike his serious counterpart, Mametchi.

Himespetchi's crush on Mametchi is made to resemble the stereotype that girls love cats.
Think about it. Himespetchi is somewhat humanoid in appearance, and has a crush on Mametchi, who happens to resemble a cat (like Himespetchi, he is also humanoid, but with Fingerless Hands).

Kiramotchi has been adopted by Kiraritchi's family.
She has white fur while Kiraritchi and her parents have apricot fur and she acts comparatively less civilized than them.

Tamaptchi is a pedophile.
TAMAX-TV's chief director gives off some very questionable vibes when around Lovelin/Lovelitchi, who like her peers in the anime is a 4th grader at most. He also kinda looks like a stereotypical pedo, especially with his sunglasses on.

Pianitchi's parents are divorced.
They live in completely different areas of Tamagotchi Planet and hardly ever interact.

Madamtchi is a possible ancestor to Miraitchi and Clulutchi.
She looks pretty similar to their father Dr. Future and her interest in clothing is similar to the twins leading to the thought that they take after her in that aspect.