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Quotes / Tamagotchi

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Mametchi: (moans) I have to say it's an honor to be invited!
Memetchi: You're doing just fine!
Mametchi: I'm..doing..just..fine!
Kuchipatchi: What he's trying to say is that we're hungry as lions-tchi! (pretends to roar like a lion)
—From the Let's Go! Tamagotchi episode Gotchi King Doesn't Laugh?!

Lovelitchi: I think a Tama-Friend is someone...who doesn't lie or keep secrets from his or her friends.
Mametchi: (gasps in excitement, along with Memetchi) I think the same, I can't believe it! (everybody else gasps in excitement) Me and my friends have the same opinion!
—From the Tamagotchi! episode Lovelin's Big Pursuit and the episode It's A Secret! Mametchi's Birthday

Mametchi: So this is all my fault...oh my!
Tanpopo: Wait, Mametchi, come back!
Mametchi: IT'S ALL MY FAULT! IT'S MY FAULT!! (cries)