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Drinking Game / Tamagotchi

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Drinking Game for Tamagotchi. Warning: You will get very drunk.

Also see the page for Tamagotchi Video Adventures.

  • Whenever Kuchipatchi says "yah-tchi", drink.
    • Anytime Kuchipatchi is hungry, take a drink.
  • Whenever you hear a Verbal Tic, drink.
  • If Pipospetchi talks, drink.
  • Drink when Mametchi cries.
    • Drink twice when he screams.
  • Whenever Mametchi giggles, drink.
  • Whenever Mametchi says "you guys" or "guys", drink. ONLY do this if you are watching the English dub.
  • Take a shot any time you see Himespetchi having a daydream about Mametchi. Take another shot if you also hear her saying her Catchphrase, "Gigakyun!".
  • Whenever Coffretchi does something crazy or starts talking a lot, take a drink.
  • Take a shot anytime Pianitchi is seen playing the piano (which includes her Smapi as well) or has her mind on Smartotchi during the Miracle Friends episodes.