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WMG for Transformers: Prime. For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

Please help to sort WMG's into their proper folder if possible. Be aware WMGs under "I Knew It" may lead to spoilers.


Transformers Prime is set in the same universe as The Incredibles, Megamind, the Jurassic Park trilogy, Green Lantern: The Animated Series and more
With the rest of the Aligned Continuity now not being canon especially Robots In Disguise, the series is done in such a slick but darker style, look and feel that it'd fit right in with others that share its same storytelling approach, same animation style or same tone.

Transformers Prime is set in the same universe as all of the following...
The Incredibles

Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park Trilogy

Stephen Sommers' The Mummy

Zack Snyder's Dawn Of The Dead

Peter Jackson's King Kong


There will be a crossover between Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Cybertron.
Vector Prime and Primus appeared in the latter, and they exist in this series as well. Given that the two apparently exist in the same multiverse, and with Vector Prime and Starscream fighting in a different dimension, this will be a great excuse for a crossover.
  • The next best thing! While not an actual crossover, The Multiverse means what exists in one series may have counterparts in any other. Transformers: Cybertron elements have suddenly leapt to the front with the last relic-hunting episodes revolving around four keys that can revitalize Cybertron. Though they apparently don't mean it in the exact same way. It's even been revealed that the Omega Keys go into an Omega Lock. Crossing fingers for Override to show up...
  • Considering Override DOES show up in the novels, it's not outside the realm of possibility, along with Aligned continuity versions of Velocitron, Ransack, and Clocker (but Clocker is...slightly different).

The Masquerade is going to break wide open.
Megatron is reviving all of Cybertron's dead and space-bridging them to Earth. It's hard enough for merely five Autobots to stay under the radar and the zombie robots won't care if humans see them. Cue Mass Panic as people fear everything mechanical transforming into zombie robots.
  • Definitely seems likely. But odds are it'll be saved for a season finale, which will then lead to the following season possibly revolving around anti-robot movements from people.
  • Unless he can pull them from whatever happens when a bridge collapses mid-transport, they're probably not going to be a problem.
  • It may lead to a similar plot from the G1 episode "Megatron's Master Plan" and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Jack, June, Miko, and Raf will show their support to the Autobots despite being branded as "traitors" or "robot lovers". Then the Earth governments banish the Autobots from Earth.
  • The summary for "Grill" is thus: Agent Fowler has some explaining to do under the threat of military tribunal and Team Prime's termination. Given it comes straight after Nemesis Prime...
  • Possibly confirmed as of "Darkest Hour".
    • The government kept it under wraps, as shown in "Darkmount NV".

Jack's father is dead.
We only see his mom, and he never refers to his dad. When Arcee talks about what she's lost, he says she's not the only one who's felt loss. Arcee assumes he's talking about his girl troubles, but that's not what it sounded like. Given how concerned his mother was about him driving, I'm betting his dad died in a car accident or something.
  • Maybe he was killed by a Decepticon and Fowler made it look like a car accident.
    • Or better, maybe he was killed by a Decepticon and Fowler made it look like a car accident... I like the theory, too. Myabe, we will discover that Fowler is Jack's father replace.
    • Jossed, she specifically said that he "left."
      • She could just not want to tell him that he died, since she's still in denial about it. Or something.

Undead Primus
Megatron did hit Cybertron with a ton of Dark Energon. If the planet is Primus, that'd be one big zombie. Alternatively, new Unicron.
  • Or both - Unicron possessing his little brother's body, weird as that sounds.

There will be a human doing a Face–Heel Turn
Or maybe he always was with the bad ones...but the point is that he will ally to the Decepticons against humanity.
  • There's the new MECH organization that attacks the Autobots. Whether or not they team up with Decepticons is yet to be seen.

At least one of the humans will get (a) toy(s)

The humans are Hasbro's interpretation of the Transformers Fandom.
Agent Fowler represents the G1 fans, treating Giant Robots as Serious Business and doesn't want kids getting in the way. Jack represents the Beast Wars fans, fairly serious and somewhat respected. Miko represents the Unicron Trilogy fans, being "made in Japan" and is crazy about Giant Robots. Raf represents the Animated fans, the "youngest" of the Fandom.
  • This... actually makes a lot of sense.
  • So what does that make June Darby? ...A G2 fan?
    • She's a Movieverse fan, since the films give the parents more attention than any other continuity. And before anyone brings up Silas, he's the Shattered Glass fan, being a genuinely evil and competent human villain.
  • Miko is energetic and over-the-top in such a way that she might represent the Robots in Disguise fans instead of the Unicron Trilogy fans (or possibly in addition to them.)

Ironhide will appear later in the series, to make up for not putting him on Team Prime.
  • They did the same thing with Red Alert in Transformers: Animated- she was originally slated to be on the main cast, but was replaced with Ratchet instead. She later appeared on Rodimus's team.
    • Pretty much confirmed at this point. He's getting a toy in the Cyberverse class, and a design was revealed at Botcon 2011.
      • The writers mentioned that they didn't have any plans to put him in the series even though a toy of him was designed. However, they did note that it didn't mean he wasn't going to show up.

Future characters will include Wingnut, Dingbat, and Skyguy.
Just so that Fowler can say I Knew It! regarding Decepticon names.

This show exists in the same universe as Assassin's Creed.
The energon harvester is an Autobot scaled Apple of Eden. The "ancients" who built it that Optimus refers to are the Precursors from that game whom Autobot ancestors may have interacted with. MECH is a splinter group of templars who disagree over how to control the human population. Subject 16 is Jack's missing dad.

(Continuation from 'Raf the Android') Raf had been an experiment in which human DNA was coupled with technology.
Also one of his parents is a scientist working for MECH or one of their supporters and willingly gave Raf to them to be experimented upon.Raf also says that he could understand digital code since age three,which means that his parents possibly gave him to MECH as he was very young possibly an infant or toddler.
  • I'd say this is a high possibility. After all, doesn't Raf seem a little smallto be 12? And also his name: Rafael Esquavez. He sure doesn't look very Hispanic...

Megatron can still control Bumblebee.
  • If Megatron's possession of Bumblebee is anything like the suspiciously similar possession of Blackarachnia by Tarantulas then there is still a psychic link between them. Megatron will refrain from using it until a critical point in a future episode, where it will let him win.

Skyquake will show up at the most inconvenient moment.
We last saw him still zombiefied and wandering around that parallel dimension, along with Starscream's arm. By accident or design he will somehow come back to cause trouble.
  • That would make an awesome last minute plot twist.

This series will put an end to Unicron once and for all.
After all, Jeff Kline did say "When we kill a character, we kill a character", who's to say that they don't plan on THIS series being the death of Unicron?
  • Doubtful - 'Cron's too popular a plot point to get killed off. Besides, if you do managed to destroy his body, he'll just eat/destroy everything anyway. Also, who would replace him? Tornedron?
  • Apparently Unicron was defeated millennia ago which is why the Cybertronians made the space station to house the dark energon.
  • Of course, the Word of God, made referring to The Fallen's survival of a conclusive death in the second film, is that multiversal singularities like Unicron and The Fallen get around death by periodically visiting timelines where time flows in reverse; this messes with progression of cause-and-effect enough that if they die, they get better (probably by snapping back to a concurrent self in the reverse-time 'verse, like a video game character and a save point). Thus, killing Unicron once and for all doesn't really mean all that much in the long run for the multiverse as a whole, as it will only inconvienience him and, depending on how rules of dimensional mechanics work, maybe lock him out of your particular timeline (whether he's locked out or not will be proven by if he returns to the Prime verse).
    • Tl;dr, "permanent" death doesn't mean much to Unicron, other than being annoying.
  • This might happen in the new movie.

Soundwave is aware of the fourth wall
Is he capable of breaking it? Unsure. However, he manages to be hilarious and snarky, despite not having a voice actor. Perhaps the fact that he does not talk has given him the power to see through the fourth wall. He kept believing that Megatron would come back, and never actually seems to believe that Starscream is the actual leader of the Decepticons. It seems likely, then, that he can take the occasional peek onto the vast sea of memes and fanbases that lies beyond the fourth wall. this means he may or may not be a Troper.
  • He doesn't talk because he's One of Us, TV Tropes Has Ruined His Vocabulary, and he's aware that if he spoke, nobody would understand him.
  • Alternatively, he saw through the fourth wall sideways into another Hub show... And he's stopped talking because something there stared back. Something beyond his comprehension. Something with vision far beyond his own. Something... Okay, it was Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie broke his brain.
  • Building on the first theory, another reason he's such a badass Deadpan Snarker and so damn quiet is that he knows it makes him popular, and thus less likely to be Killed Off for Real.

Jazz will show up.
Along with Ironhide, he'd round up the first five Autobots from the Movieverse.

Cybertron will become Unicron's new body... possibly with hilarious results.
Perhaps when Megatron sent Dark Energon to Cybertron, he did more that just wake the dead... and because they keep mentioning Unicron, he's bound to show up, and using Cybertron as his host seems to be one of the most likely answers. The hilarious results being that Primus isn't quite happy with his elder twin snatching his body - thus resulting in them yelling at and arguing with each-other from the same body, possibly with the same voice actor.
  • We can probably call this one Jossed. Unicron's already found another planet to inhabit, and the results are far from hilarious. That planet is Earth.
    • There's always the possibility he won't be satisfied being holed up inside a planet that can't transform and might want to borrow Primus's body. But for now it seems a little unlikely.
  • Unicron appears to have found a new body Megatron's.

Jack's dad worked for MECH.
Silas mentions that he knows things about Jack's family that even Jack doesn't know about. He could have been implying a connection between them and MECH, most likely through Jack's dad. One of MECH's mooks has the same voice actor as Jack, which could be Jack's dad in disguise.
  • What if Silas is Jack's dad? Look at a picture of Jack when he's angry or annoyed. Now, doesn't that look kinda similar to Silas' default expression? (Then again, that may be a effect of the CG style.)
    • This could make sense if we assume June never saw Silas's face. But this also has frightening implications if it meant that he was willing to kill his own wife for tech.
      • Who said they were married, or even if Silas remembers June? For all we know, Jack could have been born out of wedlock because of a affair or just... ahem, fooling around in college.
    • In "Metal Attraction", June confirms that Jack's dad walked out on them; take that as you will.
      • Still betting on the Mook-with-Jack's-voice-actor being Jack's dad.
      • Watch it turn out to be Spike.
  • I was seriously about to post this as my WMG, but for me it started out as a fan fiction idea that seemed somewhat feasible in the scope of the show.
  • This is just something I came up with on a whim, but what if Jack's dad is a MECH assassin?
  • Jack's dad was a member, until he pulled a Heel–Face Turn. He may have become a mole for the U.S. military that Fowler worked with. Silas killed him for his betrayal.

June will be partnered with Ratchet.
She's a nurse, he's an ambulance, and both are older than their respective counterparts in the other Autobot/Human pairings. It's a match made in robot heaven.
  • Except for the fact that Ratchet wouldn't be able to leave the base as often as the other paired bots do. He has to run the machines and stuff after all.
    • So? She has her own responsibilities as a mother and homemaker, and wouldn't have as much time as the other paired humans do, either.
  • It could work, at the very least June is probably someone Ratchet could relate to, both being doctors and greatly familiar with treating wounded. But of course, any major duoship with them will probably be minimal at best. But one can hope for the possible 'stuck with you of all people' bonding episode.
    • A Day in the Limelight? All other Autobots/humans occupied while June just happens to be at the Autobot base and something bad happens? Something in a location that only a nurse and her ambulance can get inside?

Sideswipe will appear at some point, hopefully...
...And like his WFC version, be a Crazy Is Cool Sociopathic Hero who, like his film version, has wheeled feet and uses twin swords. Come on, you know you want that to happen.
  • Here's something to consider; James Remar is known to have been cast for the show, but his role is unknown. However, he very recently appeared as another Sideswipe...could this, perhaps, be a hint of things to come?

There will be both an Autobot X episode and an "Only Human" type episode
Mostly to play up the already ridiculous ship tease going on between the humans and the Autobots. One of the humans will get hurt (most likely Jack trying to stop Miko from getting hurt, though it could work out that Miko got hurt too) and the Autobots best way of making sure they best stay alive with memories in tact would be to do an Autobot X procedure. A season later, or prior, Airachnid could be responsible for turning Arcee human, to chase her down. Either of those plots could also lead to Pretender tech for even more fun later.
  • Silas looks to be getting his brain uploaded into Breakdown's body. But Airachnid's on ice.

The Fallen will be a future antagonist.
Bulkhead made a mention of him, meaning he likely exists in this universe.
  • Doesn't he exist in every universe? And that he's literally the same guy every time? If he appears in this series perhaps we could see him being Wrong Genre Savvy by expecting Optimus to try and take his face.
    • There's definitely some potential here for a great antagonist, especially as a Foil or Shadow Archetype to Optimus or Megatron. Also, a dimension-hopping enemy like the Fallen, a Herald of Unicron and likely able to use his Dark Energon powers, would be an excellent way to bring the (presumably inter- dimensionally scattered) Terrorcon army back.

Starscream's brief use of Dark Energon will have an effect on his spark
In the form of it becoming undying like his G1 counterpart, which was never explained in that series. This will allow for him to make a return in the event he should be killed.

Starscream will become more unhinged and more dangerous with no side to fight on.
Why has Starscream suddenly become a bit less competent? A few theories.
  • Megatron returned and screwed up his plans.
  • The Dark Energon he absorbed has left him possessed by Unicron briefly.
  • He's not used to losing the power he had.
In any case, he'll get used to having nobody to command and bypass this. When he does, prepare for the Villain Decay to suddenly seem so old.
  • Or perhaps, he'll start gathering other "rogues" — neutrals — and start his own fraction. (Starcons? Deceptiscreams? Cobra? Predacons? Seekers?) Alternately, he'll come across several other neutral characters - such as Mr. On Fire and Mr. Nomnomnom - and team up with them. Let's face it - Screamer is not a team player, but he needs people to listen to his rambles and carry out his plans.

MECH will end up creating human supervillains for the Autobots to deal with.
Some of their experiments could go awry causing humans to gain powers.
  • Circuit Breaker could be caused by an experiment to gain control over Transformers.
  • Meltdown could be caused by an experimental acid mutating someone.
  • Alternately — human superheroes or anti-heroes.

The Fallen will show up, and then force Starscream to work for him.
Hasbro has stated that they would like to bring the 13 Original Transformers into the series, and the Fallen is mentioned in "Partners". Since we know Unicron will be showing up in season 2, perhaps this is what will happen: the Fallen will be summoned to Earth in order to free him from his imprisonment (which will form the Story Arc for the season). The Fallen will then recruit Starscream to aid him either by a) bribery, b) brainwashing, or c) beating the scrap out of him until he submits. If it's a or b, Starscream will "serve" the Fallen the way he way he served Megatron, biding his time until he can try to steal Unicron's power, like how Cybertron Starscream stole Primus' power. Then, during the season finale, when he tries to do so, Unicron will seemingly destroy him — except exposure to so much Dark Energon will have corrupted Starscream's spark, and he'll be left as a ghost, like in G1.

Sunstreaker will show up at some point.
Sunstreaker in G1 was fixated on the appearance of his vehicle mode like Knockout. And since TFP is big on the arch enemy dynamic, it's only a matter of time before they have a half-epic, half-hilarious battle with angry shouts of "Watch the Paint Job".
Knock Out: What a drama queen! (the Decepticons stare at him) Relatively speaking, of course.

Dark Energon + Synthetic Energon = How Optimus Comes Back from the Dead.
We're all waiting for him to die like nearly every Optimus does. Dark Energon reanimates the body, and then Synthetic Energon brings back the rest of him. The tricky part will be applying the Synthetic Energon while Zombie-Optimus is running amok.

June and Ratchet will get a comedic Breather Episode together.
Why? I dunno.
  • Well, as of part one of the finale, she does need a new car ...

If Raf wasn't Sari 2.0 before "One Shall Fall", he is now.
Dark Energon does some pretty weird stuff even before adding organics to the mix, like how it brought one of Ratchet's tools to life. The stuff was killing Raf until Ratchet applied normal Energon to negate the Dark Energon. For all we know Dark Energon could behave like the Key to Vector Sigma, turning organics into machines. Negating the Dark Energon stops the process, leaving Raf only partly mechanical on the inside, and thus is technorganic.

Some Beast Wars characters will reappear in Transformers Prime, though with different forms or names.
I got this idea from Airachnid being a technical revival of Blackarachnia. Though one has to ask, who will return, or will there be new Beast transformers?
  • If anyone, Dinobot and Waspinator, because of their Hall of Fame statusnote  making them prime choices for selling new toys. Then there's David Kaye's unrevealed rolenote , which makes Beast Wars Megatron a posibility, yeeesss.
    • Dreadwing looks like Depth Charge, sounds like Tigatron, and acts like Dinobot. So there you go.

Megatron will team up with the Autobots to help stop Unicron
Unicron rejects Megatron and tramples all over his ego. Megatron's going to want revenge and the Autobots are an appropriate means.
  • Confirmed as of "One Shall Rise, Part 2" — the 'Bots even let him inside their base.

Airachnid will piss off Soundwave by abandoning Megatron, and he will kill her for it.
The trailer implies it.
  • See it here: [1].
    • They do fight, since Airachnid attempts to Starscream her way to Decepticon leadership while Megatron is MIA and have the 'Cons leave Earth, and Soundwave...objects. He doesn't kill her, though, just forces her to yield. In front of the entire Decepticon army.

Rule 1: Primes lie.
Prime lied to Jack. He didn't give Jack a key to the Ground Bridge power supply. He gave Jack the Key to Vector Sigma. Since a) The key he gave Jack looks sorta like the Key to Vector Sigma and b) It has some pretty elaborate mass shifting akin to the 2007 Movie's All Spark. That's pretty chic for a mere power supply key.
  • That would be pretty out of character for Optimus to out-and-out lie. I'm not saying you're off-base, just that I hope it's more complicated than that.
    • Maybe they're powering the Ground Bridge via Vector Sigma?
    • Maybe he just didn't think it'd be a good idea to risk the fragile alliance he had with Megatron by announcing that he's giving one of the most powerful and important cybertronian artifacts to someone that a giant alien warmonger could easily retrieve it from.
  • Personally, I think that it's a Chekhov's Gun of some sort. After the battle, one way or another, it seems that Optimus is lost, but then Jack pulls out the key and, lo and behold, it's exactly what Ratchet needs to save the last of the Primes! Or something along those lines.
  • Confirmed in Episode 26 (It aired early in Singapore), it is the Key to Vector Sigma.

Primus is also rising.
Unicron came back online by being at the end of the planetary alignment. If Cybertron is at the other end, it could have a similar effect on Primus as well. While the Autbots are dealing with Unicron, they fail to notice Cybertron's core finishing the purge of Dark Energon. Primus comes back online, Cybertron becomes habitable again, and a race begins to take the planet.

The Key to Vector Sigma will revive Optimus's memories.
It's already clear that it's going to be a Chekhov's Gun of some sort.

The Dark Energon released by Unicron's near-awakening will become a plot point
  • Airachnid may try to use them to create an army of her own.
  • Orion Pax may start wondering why his "friend" is using such a vile substance.
  • Actually, without Unicron the stuff might not even work anymore. Or Megatron can use that as an excuse, since it doesn't have that connection to the Chaos Bringer anymore.
    • It worked just fine when he was asleep, and if it didn't work, it would be likely that Megatron would have died, considering that shard of it's what's keeping him alive.
  • Asleep and dead are two completely different things. Besides, the dark energon was keeping him alive while he was in sick bay. He's been fixed since then, so I don't think that matters anymore.

A character similar to Jerry Wang will appear.
  • He'll be a student in the same class as Jack. He's not only aware of the Autobots and Decepticons, but also the hidden Autobot artifacts buried. He and his family know all the information and gives it to Jack, by doing it in a most awkward, confrontational way.

Ultra Magnus will appear.
And he will:
  • Turn out to be a traitor, in reference to a scrapped plan from the film seriesnote .
  • Be Optimus' replacement until he gets his memory back.
  • Can't deal with that now.
  • Be the leader of a large contingent of Autobots who survived the war, which would make sense as he's the leader of the Wreckers. He'll probably have Hot Rod as his protege, and Wheeljack will bring him to earth. While he'll serve as the leader of the Autobots until Optimus regains his memories, he'll be rather off-putting and quickly start to chafe on Team Prime. He'll be considerably more grizzled, warlike, and generally dickish than Optimus ever was, up to and including lies and manipulation. But he'll also be a complete and utter badass, as if that makes everything okay. He'll hold Optimus in disdain and proclaim him to be "soft," or even challenge him as a traitor, and when he finds out the Matrix of Leadership has been destroyed, he'll be pissed at not getting a chance to have the power of a Prime. However, when he dies in the second season finale, he'll get a Redemption Equals Death Dying Moment Of Awesome.
  • Ultra Magnus may actually be a good-egg and beloved leader. Captured and tortured by Megatron for information (and no doubt his own amusement). When Ultra Magnus still refuses to break, Megatron will infect his brain with something like a shell program, forcibly converting him to the Decepticon cause. Although Magnus will eventually be rescued by Optimus and the Wreckers, the program introduced into his system will act like a virus, slowly altering his personality program to change the leader of the Wreckers into a Manchurian Agent!
  • Confirmed!

Starscream will once again create the Combaticons.
  • This is relating back to what I said earlier. Anyway, Cliff's death was a big emotional plot point, so no doubt it will be manipulated again to screw up Arcee. Anyway, since Starscream went rogue in Partners, he's neutral, roughly, so he'll do what he did when this situation, somewhat, occurred in G1. Create the Combaticons. It fits his style at this point. Can't beat 'em, create your own weapon to destroy them.

Bonecrusher will appear at some point.
And he will hate everything, and be voiced by Vince Valenzuela. He may also be hilarious.
  • Either that, or he'll be voiced by John DiMaggio using his RATH voice. Because what other voice would fit Bonecrusher more perfectly than sounding like a psychotic wrestler?
  • I'm pretty sure the Constructicons were referenced by Megatron, so why not make Bonecrusher a G1-Bayverse fusion Mythology Gag as a demolitions robot who hates everything?

Starscream will attempt to lead a Decepticon revolt in Season 2, but will fail
Starscream likes to use safe politics and plotting more than fighting with brute strength. And over the course of season 1, before he split, he played to Megatron's Lieutenants, trying to intimidate/persuade them into following his lead. When Starscream returns (if he does) to the Nemesis, he will try to get the current Decepticon commanders to join him in a revolt against Megatron, but will get little success due to his absence and several other X factors.
  • Knock-Out was probably Starscream's biggest supporter when they were together. In fact, he might have been the bot who convinced Megatron to spare Screamer, as Megatron noted that "My medical staff predicts you will make a rapid recovery" not to mention how well he treated Starscream in Shadowzone. Heck, he actually became Starscream's commander briefly. However, he'll make some comment about Scream being gone so long that he was able to get back in Megatron's graces with his work on the Experimental energon, and so will decline to join his little revolution.
  • Breakdown will comment that Megatron looks more favorably on him thanks to his work in capturing Arachnid, but admit that his constant failures with Energon missions have lost him points. Ultimately, he might consider at least letting Scream go if Starscream is captureds, as a way to repay his debt to him from Operation: Breakdown.
  • Arachnid will outright plead to be part of the team due to her disdain for being under Megatron's heel, but due to him being bitter from what she did to him in "Partners", this will be one team member Starscream will outright reject.
  • Soundwave has his Undying Loyalty to megatron, and so will never join any revolt, but might actually save Starscream's life by playing back his last confessions on being second in command of the decepticons, showing a shred of affection towards him.
  • Finally, Orion Pax knows nothing about Scream, but will never betray his mentor Megatronus for a nobody.
All these factors will cause Starscream to realize that the Decepticons would never accept his rule unless Megatron was truly gone, leading him to become more like his former counterparts in trying to overthrow Megatron by force with an army of Transformers of his own, in a fundamental shift for his Characterization carried over from his beatdown on Arcee.

The Dinobots will combine
People have been pining for a Dinobot combiner for years. It could be named Magnaboss.
  • Well, one showed up in the comics called The Beast, but no one really liked it.
  • Or they could combine into The Dinobot.

The Mini-Con Prime of the Thirteen will turn out to be Modus Prime
I admit this is a bit obscure, but Fun Publications published a text story on its website a few years back about Mini-Cons built by the Last Autobot from the Marvel comics rebuilding a ruined Cybertron for the absent Autobots, ruled initially by a Mini-Con called Modus Prime, 'First Among Equals' though he gets killed by a rogue Mini-Con who believes Cybertron should belong to the Mini-Cons. Since it's been confirmed one of the Primes is a Mini-Con, it seems to me the thing to do would just be to dust off the name 'Modus Prime' and attach it to him.

Trukk vs Munky will happen at some point.
Bonus points if Gary Chalk reprises his role as Primal.

Aaron Archer said 'Prime' would be about what it means to be a Prime...
  • Now watch episode 26 again. Yeah. That plot twist isn't getting resolved any time soon.
    • It may be resolved sooner than you think. the episode plot for episode 2 of season 2 has been confirmed to be Jack finds a way to restore Optimus's memories. So, yeah.
    • I think it's more meaningful then that. Jack and Smokescreen appear to have been judged by Optimus of being worthy of leadership roles. Maybe the show is showing what a Prime would be like before becoming a Prime?

Sierra will have a bigger role in the next season as the human companion for a new Autobot, most likely Prowl.
"Speed Metal" shows that she's at least interested in cars and racing, even if it may just be for the bad-boy appeal of it. Growing out of said attraction will be part of her Character Development. Certain events will entail her to know the other kids' connection to the Autobots, and she'll act as Secret-Keeper until Prowl shows up. It would fit best if it was Animated Prowl's vehicle mode and personality: Sierra likes cool bikes, the motorcycle mode complements Arcee's form and can foster a growing foundation for Jack and Sierra's relationship; not only that, Prowl's stoic and patient personality would provide a contrast for Sierra's more outgoing demeanor. And really, the mental image of a high school cheerleader with a sleek black ninja motorbike has some appeal to it.
  • Well, given what happened in the season premiere, there might be some subtle foreshadowing beginning.

At some point, the Masquerade will be blown wide open.
How it happens is up in the air. Megatron seems like he would relish a worldwide Kneel Before Zod moment, though.
  • It could very easily be a Shout-Out to the live actions movies, seeing as the Fallen did just that in a Do Not Adjust Your Set moment during the second movie.
    • If I ruled the world, it would be the whammy at the end of the third season, possibly leading into the Big Damn Movie.
  • Possibly confirmed as of "Darkest Hour".
    • avoided for the moment. Fowler managed to convince the people of Jasper that the town was hit by meteors.

Optimus and Megatron become Primus and Unicron.
In the Grand Finale, Optimus and Megatron engage in battle on the latter's new space bridge,which is connected to Cybertron as per Megatron's Evil Plan. The battle causes the bridge to overload, creating a transwarp explosion, the energy of which they absorb, radically transforming their very being, fusing their their essence to parts of the crumbling Cybertron and hurtling them back in time, creating Primus (Optimus) and Unicron (Megs.) When Unicron is cast out by Primus and the Thirteen, he leaves an agent to gradually corrupt Megatronus and send him down the dark path. And in his last moments, Primus grants Orion Pax the Matrix of Leadership, bringing it all full circle.
  • Maybe it's the music I'm listing to right now, but dang if that's not awesome enough to work.
  • Yeah, and in the last scenes of the series, as Primus and Unicron begin duking it out several million years in the past, we hear Peter Cullen's voice reading the last verse in the Covenant of Primus: "And so the seeds of the future shall be planted in the past, so those who are may be, and those who are yet to be can..."...Or something like that. Cue shot of the cosmos that resembles the shot of the sky in the first scenes of the series.
  • It'd need some buildup first, though... Maybe they find super-powerful mutant Terrorcon zombies at the site of the first space bridge explosion that have been dormant for 200,000+ years or something like that... Doubles as Fridge Horror when you remember the three people who can explicitly control Dark Energon Zombies: Megatron, Starscream, and Unicron. Take your pick.
  • This sounds similar to what happens in the draft script of Transformers: The Movie.
  • Seems true with Megatron, don't know about Optimus though.

Soundwave is Megatron/Unicron's aforementioned agent.
As Optimus/Primus and the Thirteen finally defeat Megatron/Unicron, he creates Soundwave as his Mole, with the intention of corrupting his younger self Megatronus's ideals after ingratiating himself in his inner circle. It would happen, because a), it had already happened, and b) Soundwave had either revealed his dark secret or Megatron had figured it out. Megs/Unicron might have had Soundwave not keep his younger self in the loop for fear of messing up his (Unicron's) victory somehow... or, as of Season One, Unicron might be Not QuiteDead, or maybe Soundwave DID kept Megatron in the know because there's some contrived way to bring Unicron back. This would explain Soundwave's Undying Loyalty to Megatron as well as his incentive, because if Megatron is destroyed before becoming Unicron and creating him,Soundwave will never have existed.

The war between the new world order and the newest Silas spoke of is between Mech and Cobra.
Cause it'd be awesome.
  • The new world order might be the Illuminati.

Jack has made some powerful enemies, and it will come back to bite him.
He's been instrumental in thwarting both Silas and Megatron. Both are a little too busy running their organizations for an all-out campaign of personal revenge against one teenager, but if the opportunity for a cheap shot ever presented itself...
  • It's been explored in the comics. In the issue Schoool... Is Out!, Silas went around blowing up schools in an effort to lure Jack out so that he could personally off him.
    • So Jack's trounced him twice, giving Silas double the incentive to really come after him. If this doesn't come up at some point in the series, I will be very surprised.

Soundwave secretly runs Wall St. and along with the entire world economy, not by Megatron's orders but because he felt like it.
He got bored while Starscream was in charge and decided to screw around with the planet as a whole. The second he feels like it he could bring Earth to its knees with the touch of a button. There is no evidence to prove or disprove this.
  • Even better, the "Cassettes" are not present because he used them to replace every major world leader and is just waiting for the Autobots to be out of the way before enacting his master plan.
  • Mech unknowingly works for him. He sent them after Breakdown after he decided he was a weak link in the chain of command.
    • That would be pee-your-pants awesome.
      • Can you please STOP THAT?!
  • The Toy bio of the film version of Soundwave said that if he wanted to end the world, he could just do it. Now, keep in mind which version of Soundwave this is mostly based upon.

Based on the above theory, Soundwave will (at some point) challenge Megatron directly.
For position, for profit or just for the lulz, who knows. The point is ... he'll win.
  • Or in doing that it will be a larger plan to drive Megatron further into insanity causing him to kill Soundwave, thus making him slip even further due to having killed his first and only true loyal soldier. This will cause him to become Galvatron.

Dreadwing is Skyquake's brother.
As a preview for "Operation: Bumblebee" showed, Dreadwing is a Palette Swap of Skyquake, and he declared that "Every last Autobot will pay." Simply put: The Autobots killed his brother and now he wants revenge. Alternately, he's Skyquake brought back to life thanks to MECH and wants revenge.
  • Confirmed. Dreadwing and Skyquake are split-spark twins, and Dreadwing's reason for coming to Earth was to avenge his brother's death.

Dark Energon can be used by humans and give them properties or abilities like that of their "creator" or just make them stronger.
The series has shown that both types of energon can harm humans, but if Dark Energon played a part in the creation of life on Earth then it would make sense that it would benefit Earth based life not harm it. The reason it nearly killed Raf was because it had been tainted by Megatron's "good energon".
  • This was already partially discussed under Headscratchers — by the time humans developed, Unicron and dark energon had been buried so deep, and for so long, that they wouldn't have had an effect either way on us.
  • If the two energons destroy/counter each other on contact, there wouldn't be any "good" energon left in Megatron's system to taint the dark energon.
  • Who's to say the whole blood of unicorn legend ain't a misspelling of Unicron?
  • Maybe Raf is just allergic to the stuff. He was pretty much the only human we see to come into closer contact with it, so at the very least, we have no proof (aside from characters who also don't have proof because let's not risk it saying so) that Dark Energon has the same effect on anyone else.

Agent Fowler and Silas will have an epic gun/combat knife duel on a rooftop or airborne vehicle toward the end of the series. Fowler will pull a Heroic Sacrifice to end Silas for good and will be missing until the next season where it turns out he survived but is in a coma.
Because it would be awesome.
  • They do fight one-on-one in "Nemesis Prime." But it's Silas who ends up almost dead.

Sierra is a Pretender.
The same kind as Alice from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, though she may not be necessarily evil.
  • Alternately her blonde friend is the pretender, them being unnamed and somewhat resembling Alice. Sierra knows.

Sierra is the kid of Silas

Sierra is...
  • A regular, oblivious human girl. Jack will take her out on a date, and hilarity will ensue. She will either a) decide Jack's secret life is awesome and want in; b) decide Jack's secret life is too dangerous and want out; or c) leave with the masquerade intact, but thinking Jack is a flaky weirdo for his efforts to cover it up.
    • According to what I've seen, C is generally how they write off a one-shot love interest, and Sierra has been presented as a legitimate Love Interest for Jack.
      • Oh, and bonus WMG: Airachnid shows up and Hilarity Ensues as she and the Autobots go at it and the latter attempt to prevent their battle from ruining Jack's date.
      • Bonus bonus WMG: Airachnid shows up because she's jealous.
    • Sierra gets mad at Jack due to his seeming lack of interest and starts dating an odd bad boy at their school by the name of Sam Tascrea (a Sparkless drone created by Starscream).

The reason Breakdown is brave and not anything like his G1 self is because Prime-verse Motormaster is dead.
Think about it, MM is a bully and a jerk, Breakdown was a wuss because he was constantly knocked around even when MM wasn't around (due to the gestalt link). When MM died Breakdown was free of him and the Prime-verse Breakdown is Breakdown's true personality finally able to come out and express itself.
  • Having Knock Out to pal around with may have helped too.

Starscream is either the SG Aligned Starscream who got brainwashed by this universe's Shockwave when he traveled here, or is this universe's Starscream who is in the SG Aligned Starscream's body.
  • Explains why Starscream has the red insigna worn by the Shattered Glass Decepticons.

About the Forge of Solus Prime ...
Mr. Chekhov, your office is on line one; Mr. Chekhov, line one.
  • Confirmed.

Cross-Posted from the Fringe page: The entire show is set inside one of Walter Bishop's drug trips.
John Noble plays both Walter Bishop and Unicron. Wouldn't it make sense (and be absolutely hilarious) for a guy on LSD to hallucinate that he's a giant robot that comprises the core of the earth?
  • Fringe mentions a multiverse. A possible cross-dimensional crossover?

Airachnid will finally make her last attempt for freedom, though it will be Starscream who takes her down.
She's clearly not happy being a lackey to Megatron after several thousand years out of the loop and working alone, plus the trailer shows her attacking Breakdown. Not sure how Starscream takes her down, but it would be a fitting way to end a storyline — Screamer left the 'Cons after Airachnid betrayed him, after all.
  • I'd be surprised if they wrote her out without involving Arcee or Jack in some capacity. Or, better yet, June.
  • The betrayal part is more or less confirmed by the trailer, after further analysis and the Hub's official description: "The Decepticon ranks start to splinter following the loss of a key member." So she's either killed someone or done a runner.
    • As of the episode ("Crossfire") airing, it's both, and she got away... but Arcee took her down in "Armada".
  • She's most likly dead after the Decepticons attack on the Autobot Base.
    • She's still alive, but the Con's seem to prefer to keep her on ice. Guess even they aren't all that stupid after all.
  • Sadly a zombified CYLAS freed her and she did make a bid for escape. Thankfully she's now stuck on one of Cybertron's moons. Unfortunately she's now a Terrorcon Vampire. ...The scraps really gonna hit the fan.

At one point, Megatron had to spend an extended period of time with a damaged Transformation Cog.
Since then, he's made sure that he can use his gun without having to transform.

The Insecticons are the Spawn of Unicron or a genetic experiment of Shockwave's.
It would explain why there are so many nesting on the Earth.
  • The novels and FOC explain that they are, indeed, creations of Shockwave's.

Airachnid was an Insecticon.
Once mindless and boorish she developed a self-awareness and her intellect increased. Combined with the WMG above, Airachnid might have been one of Shockwave's more successful experiments. It would explain her "We are almost related" speech. They are — she's an older generation.
  • I think she was referring to a common evolutionary ancestor, not her personal history.
    • Given what we know about the aligned universe so far, I'm willing to bet that said "ancestor" is the unnamed Prime with the beast mode.

A new Breakdown
will be built by MECH.Following MECH's discovery of the original Breakdown's remains, they will use said remains to construct a new version of Breakdown, who, following the show's core rule that "dead characters stay dead" will NOT be the original Breakdown, but a whole new character with his own personality and no memories of the original. And unlike the original Breakdown, he'll be paranoid, and cowardly just as the G1 Breakdown was, and will be used to create the Stunticons (perhaps Nemesis Prime will be rebuilt into Motormaster?). BUT, in an added twist, because the new Breakdown is built from the remains of the old, the new Breakdown will sometimes receive flashes of the original Breakdown's memories and life, and over time, this will cause him to become more like the original, making him, in a way, an Expy of Dinobot II, albeit rebuilt from someone who, while honourable, was never actually on the good guy's side.
  • Or, more likely, it'll be completely devoid of a personality and operated by remote control. MECH has no way to give the thing a spark, and even if they could, why would they want to when doing so might give their creation a nasty independent streak. They'd probably opt for a heavily-armed corpse instead. And it'll be every bit as disturbing as what's basically animatronic taxidermy.
    • Apparently, they have a different plan for Breakdown's remains. It looks like they're going to upload Silas's mind into it.

Unicron physically embodies each of his Mooks
It explains why he can have a conversation, and seriously hurt Optimus with one, yet speaks in unison after spawning many, with the army dying with single hits. If Unicron really is putting himself under strain to do this, it explains why his giant mooks are merely hulking brutes, so his power IS in fact finite!

What do you think will happen if all of humanity knows that Unicron is God
Theologically speaking, Unicron is a god, not the God (who, most religions will tell you, exists outside the physical universe as we understand it). The planet may have formed around him, but that doesn't make him the progenitor of all time and space.

Silas will become a Brain in a Jar.
"Nemesis Prime" ends with him on heavy life support, with the MECH doctor commenting that he's beyond human medicine... but that they fortunately have other means, at which point the camera panels to reveal Silas is hooked up to Breakdown's remains. It seems apparent that they're going to stick Silas in Breakdown's body, which would make his earlier comment about "the perfect melding of man and machine" Foreshadowing.

Megatron wanted to get rid of Skyquake.
First he sends him to assassinate Optimus Prime, while we all know how personal he gets when it comes to Prime, then he isolates him on Earth and does not even consider putting him out of stasis lock... I tell you, Megatron really IS a Bad Boss.
  • When Megatron first got to earth, he was busy with the whole "reanimate Cybertron's dead as an unholy army" thing, and then he got blowed up, and by the time he got better Skyquake was already dead. Starscream, however, was on Earth the whole time. This one's more on him than anyone.

Soundwave completes project Iacon, but the 'Bots get a copy of the information.
The episode description for "Flying Mind" suggests the kids spend some significant time on the Nemesis (and Bulkhead is supposed to spend a good chunk of "Armada" in the same place). At least two episodes after that deal with the Autobots searching for artifacts from Iacon. Hence, it follows that the good guys somehow get their hands on the files. How they get around Soundwave, and why Soundwave lets them get away with it, I have no idea.
  • The Autobots do have some of the files now (post-"Flying Mind"), but the project is far from finished.

Conservation of Ninjutsu will certainly apply in "Armada."
Yeah, so one Insecticon was almost enough to bring Megatron down in "Crossfire". Who's to say that one wasn't just particularly sturdy?
  • Airachnid jammed Megatron's gun early in the fight. The Insecticons are unlikely to fare as well against bots that can just shoot them.
  • Not clearly confirmed or jossed. The Autobots fare well against about five Insecticons, and the Insecticons don't wipe out the Decepticons, but the Decepticons were in the Nemesis and most of the Insecticons survived the episode.
  • Was it me, or when the all started landing, were those insecticons much smaller than Megatron, while the earlier pair were even bigger than Megs?

Unicron is a Cybertronian magnet.
It seems a very odd coincidence that dozens of artifacts that were jettisoned at random from Cybertron all end up on one particular ball of dirt on the other side of the galaxy. Unless Unicron's presence was somehow calling them and pulling them there, either consciously or unconsciously.
  • The artifacts/weapons weren't jettisoned randomly, they were deliberately delivered and hidden. Earth (presumably unoccupied at the time) was already an Energon storage planet and battleground.
  • Still, it doesn't necessarily preclude the notion that Cybertronians being drawn to store their energon and artifacts there subconsciously by Unicron.

Starscream is immortal.
But it will only come up in ways that prolong his suffering. Obviously, he doesn't get enhanced healing out of it, and if he can possess other bodies after his gets destroyed, he'll be stuck with the most worthless ones around.

Optimus will have a crisis of conscience.
I feel Megatron hinted at this in the promo for Flying Mind, when he said, "Optimus has grown ruthless since I last encountered him." Now, "ruthless" and "Optimus Prime" are two things you never see together, but in the past few episodes, he's shown himself willing to shoot Megatron in cold blood. It may be wise and even necessary for Optimus to kill Megatron, and the audience would certainly sympathize with that, especially since Megatron nearly killed Raf. But at some point, he may cross the line while trying, and someone's going to call him out on it. My bets for that someone are on Ratchet, which is especially ironic given his tirade in "Stronger, Faster".
  • After rewatching "Grill", I'm convinced this is exactly why they included that particular clip.

Keeping Airachnid in stasis inside the base will turn out to be a really bad idea.
Because keeping a psychopathic killer inside your home is a totally risk-free scenario even if said killer really has it in for you and your squishy human friend.
  • She probably wont be a problem anymore now that Autobot HQ's been blown up.
  • Sort of confirmed as of "Thirst", she hasn't done any lasting damage yet, but her floating around as a terrorcon will probably bite someone in the aft at some point.

At least one of the Iacon artifacts will be a Transformer or group of Transformers
My money is on the Dinobots.
  • Shockwave. Because he is going to be in the show. My money is on him being the last one.
  • Omega Supreme
  • Smokescreen had one of the Omega Keys hidden inside him.

We will get a Jack and June centered episode somehow involving Megatron.
Megatron will use an avatar, sort of like what Arcee does, to impersonate Jack's father just to be a jerk at a parent-teacher conference. Hilarity ensues.
  • I've been rooting for a Jack vs. Megatron episode for a while now. What's it called when you're a shipper, but with fights instead of romance?
    • Epic Rap Battles of History. But in all seriousness, how would he keep the masquerade up? He barely succeeded to hold it long enough with an amnesiac Orion Pax.
      • Thats the point, he wants Jack to know its him and June knowing is inconsequential to him since she is part of the Team Prime cheerleading squad anyway. This situation would be specifically designed to break the masquerade and put the kids in the spotlight at the same time, Megatron is a bastard like that.
  • Megatron's a real jerk and he'd certainly love the chance to mess with the good guys' heads, but I really don't think that he'd be the type to fraternize with humans in any way, shape, or form. Pissing of the Darby family isn't going to give him much of a tactical advantage, and he's so unfamiliar with human customs that he'd probably mak a total fool of himself if he ever were to attempt to pretend to be one. Although I would love to see him go at it with Jack in a way where they're evenly matched.

The 'Cons or Starscream will get a The Bad Guy Wins moment during the multi-part story. Or possibly both.
This would not only raise the stakes in the 'Cons case, it would also even the playing field for Starscream, who presently is not at his best. Even if the clone attack did come close to succeeding.
  • Confirmed. Starscream manages to make it out of Triangulation with one of the Iacon Relics, the Apex Armor which he managed to steal away from both Dreadwing and Optimus himself!
    • In "Triage", there is a Bittersweet Ending. Soundwave gets the Resonance Blaster, but all the Project Iacon data has been sent to the Autobots.

Miko will eventually go to another planet like she wished.
  • Confirmed, but not like you might have hoped.

Once in Breakdown's body
, Silas will go stone cold crazy.It's not as though it hasn't happened before: In G1, when the same thing happened to Spike Witwicky, it didn't end well. Turns out the human consciousness isn't suitable for digitizing. And for all we know, the technology used to upload Silas could still be experimental or even theoretical - I wouldn't put that past MECH, given what they're capable of.

A Mauve Shirt will appear.
Perhaps a Vehicon will be distinguished, recur, or be named (ST-3V3 would be a nice Fandom Nod).
  • A MECH agent might take off his mask.
    • Maybe Private Daley will do something important.
      • Toxicity shows an Insecticon being named: Hardshell, the copyright friendly name for Bombshell, a G1 Insecticon.
  • Confirmed in the comics. A MECH agent is given a name and a sympathetic story: Novo, who winds up in the body of a Cybertronian before Silas does.

Each faction will end up with one of the four new relics
  • Autobots- They already found the phase shifter.
  • Starscream- He now has the Apex Armor.
  • Decepticons- The artifact in Triage. Come on, Soundwave's the one going after it, there's no way it won't end up in Decepticon hands.
    • Confirmed.
  • MECH- Toxicity's the only one left. Will be used to speed along Silas's recovery.
    • The last one was jossed as no one got it.

Wheeljack will join the cast permanently
The events of "Toxicity" will leave Bulkhead out of commission for at least a few episodes. With Team Prime short a member, Optimus will ask Wheeljack to stay at the base temporarily so they won't be at a disadvantage. Jackie will reluctantly agree out of respect for Prime and loyalty to Bulkhead, at which point he will be partnered with Miko (which neither of them will be happy about). By the time Bulk has fully recovered, Jackie will have developed an attachment to the rest of the team, and will decide to stick around for good.
  • He might in "Beasthunters", if he's alive.
    • He's joined team Prime as of Beasthunters

Nemesis and the Iacon Database
  • The Nemesis was able to decipher the Iacon Database quickly was because it was originally a scientific research station in Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Raf will get his turn to kill a Decepticon too
And he'll do so by playing to his strengths, perhaps by managing to upload a fatal computer virus or something else like that. If Jack and Miko can do it...
  • More specifically, it will be an Insecticon, making this something of a Running Gag.
    • The Continuity Notes on the TF Wiki page for Hurt specifically states that Miko is now the second human to have killed an Insecticon, before stating, and I quote, "So... Raf... No pressure then?"
  • It was Raf who opened the groundbridge into the Shadowzone, thus trapping Soundwave (the most deadly of all the Decepticons) inside the sub-dimension. Way to go Raf!

Vector Prime will make an appearance.
It's been confirmed that, in the Aligned Continuity family, he left their dimension in favor of a pocket dimension after being disgusted by Liege Maximo's actions. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that this dimension's flow of time was different than the "original," making his having lived for so long possible.
  • He died in Cybertron, but it's hinted that he's still alive.

Bulkhead's not out for good.
If the creators really were sure that he won't be around anymore, they would have had him die from the Tox-En poisoning. Keep in mind that Bulkhead has undergone a mild version of a system failure before ("T.M.I.")). However, since a new Autobot is coming in, they will probably keep Bulkhead on ice until the end of Season 2 or into Season 3.
  • Confirmed

Jazz will show up with Sludge's memory core, and the Dinobots will come looking for it.
This will all result, of course, in Sludge being resurrected. Hey, it could happen.

Megatron is going to take an interest in the human race.
Humans have been the key to thwarting his schemes time and again. Just look at the look on his face at the end of Hurt!
  • If nothing else, he's going to realize that humans can be armed with Cybertronian weapons with human interfaces. Miko essentially took down Hardshell with the push of a button. Even if he was assured that only Energon-based weapons could deal with Cybertronians, considering that Autobots have Synthetic Energon and humans don't need to use the stuff to survive and can instead put it in all their weapons, or Autobot-provided ones...

The Autobots are going to make exo-suits for the kids
Assumes the above, that Megatron is going to take an interest in humans now. The kids will need to have some sort of defense if they keep working with Autobots...
  • Ever heard of Optimus Maximus?
  • Like this suit.

We haven't seen the last of Shockwave
This show has never been particularly ambiguous when a character gets Killed Off for Real, so why start now? In a situation like this, you know he'll be back eventually.
  • Considering he's the main villain of an upcoming tie-in comic that's said to lead into Season 3, I'd say it's more than assured that he's still alive.
    • At the end of Inside Job, Knock Out's stuck in a wall to serve as a reminder. Megatron is going to need another science expert...
      • Knock Out got out eventually, but as of Season 3, Shockwave is back. With Predaking.

MECH has not been destroyed
Sure, their leader ended up betraying them and destroyed one of their bases before but it's likely that the organization itself is probably not gone for good. The base that Silas!Breakdown destroyed probably wasn't the only one MECH had and I doubt at that point the organization merely consisted of Silas and the four other guys who rebuilt him in Breakdown's body. In the wake of The Human Factor, they'll most likely go deeper underground to re-organize and regroup before returning in season 3. If the WMGs are to be believed, Silas' replacement as leader might end up being Jack's Dad.

Knock Out will keep Silas alive in his lab to torture him.
In order to exact his vengeance, gather more data on humans, and amuse himself all in one fell swoop, Knock Out will cut Silas out of Breakdown and keep him hooked up to machinery in his lab, barely alive, much like Bombshell did to Hunter in All Hail Megatron. This will result in several humourous scenes of Knock Out idly shocking or probing him for no particular reason while hanging around his workshop, but more importantly, it will also provide an "out" in order to possibly bring Silas back into the action later on.

Someone will Wax Lyrical N.R.G.'s Instruments of Destruction regarding Megatron's new actions.
We've got:
  • Instruments of destruction (the Dark Star Saber)
  • Tools of power plays (Iacon relics).
  • A violent eruption (the Dark Energon volcano).
  • Existence dripping away (what would happen if Unicron woke up).

Megatron stole the arm of Zeta Prime.
Based on my research, there are only two dead Primes, at least, who would be on Cybertron: Solus Prime (who was murdered by Megatronus Prime/The Fallen) and Sentinel Zeta Prime (who seems to have been the only Prime aside from the Thirteen and Optimus). Considering that Zeta Prime was the asshat who instituted the Caste System that enslaved Megatron in the first place, Megatron desecrating his body to subvert the Iacon Relics would probably be a fitting indignity for the Prime who devolved the role of Prime from mighty leader (IIRC, he earned the rank of Prime by driving off a Quintesson invasion and heading up the projects that lead to the Golden Age of Cybertron) to useless, weak-willed bureaucrat (Zeta wasn't the one who came up with the idea, but he didn't oppose the Guilds).
  • This makes lots of sense, as Zeta was the one who brought the planet into the golden age, and created a great many achievements, before losing his way, instituting the caste system and failing at his job. Megatron started out wanting to unite the people and rise above the caste system, but he lost his way as well and soon went at it for personal power. The parallels are neat to see.
  • Solus Prime was on a tomb on a drifting meteor, at least according to the exiles book.
  • Assuming the notes for the "Art of Prime" book are part of the canon, it is true—and they're going the Exodus route of calling him "Sentinel" instead of "Zeta".
    • Jossed apparently by "The Covenant of Primus". It was Liege Maximo's.
Optimus will reforge the Star Saber.
And he'll make it better than new. The next time he and Megatron fight, there'll be a Call-Back to their previous battle except this time his Star Saber will shatter the Dark Star Saber.
  • The "reforged sword" motive is quite common, so it sounds logical. Also, he might use pure energon in the process, just like Megs used dark energon and not some kind of metal (and that is, perhaps, why the star saber broke).
  • Maybe Synthetic Energon will make a return? We saw that it pumped Ratchet up to Megatron levels, what would it do if used as a reforging material for The Star Saber?
    • It'll probably make him high.
      • Confirmed from the teaser for Regeneration; the Autobots get the Forge of Solus Prime (presumably from Dreadwing) and the Star Saber is reforged.

More of Unicron and his agents are to come...
Specifically through the form of their first interactions with humanity, the people that now call the surface of Unicron's prison their home. I see some Fantastic Racism from new Autobots against humanity for this very reason, maybe the Fallen thinking that elite humans can potentially become Unicron's equivalent to the 13 (the key to turning the tide in the war against his brother now that the Cybertronian race is on the brink of extinction), and most-likely singling out the kids. Or maybe they'll go Digimon on us and have Unicron single out ALL of the kids on earth in some way.
  • Maybe in an odd twist they will be unable to harm Humanity due to our "daddy" and will be inherently protective of us like that whole big brother instinct thing but are freaked out by this due to being slaves to chaos and normally being happy murdering all of reality. Hilarity ensues.
  • The video game character Thunderwing is a creation of Unicron, and he may show up during season three.

Megatron is suffering from Sanity Slippage
And its due to his continued use of Dark Energon. I mean, really, Megs? You don't think that maybe holding a sword made from Unicron's Blood to the sky, calling down Dark Energon-fueled lightning, and declaring that you could tear the planet apart, while standing on said planet that CONTAINS UNICRON, might just not make the top 10 list of good ideas for things to do today?
  • One would think this was obvious.
  • Seeing the only change to restore Cybertron destroyed in "Darkest Hour" probably slipped him further.

Airachnid will return.
Starscream saw that she was being held captive in the Autobot's base, and Megatron has Soundwave, his most successful minion, looking for said base. At the end of the season, or in a later season, the Decepticons will find the Autobot's base and hold a raid for Airachnid (and any goodies they can find like the Apex Armor). It just seems to be setting this up given how Arachnid has been seen a few times since her imprisonment.
  • She does indeed seem to be a Chekhov's Gun now.
  • Autobot base has been destroyed in "Darkest Hour", so it's very likely. She may have also been able to go through the groundbridge and followed Jack and Arcee.
  • Three outcomes are possible after the Autobot base got blown to kingdom come in "Darkest Hour." Her capsule could have survived (keeping her in stasis), her capsule could have cracked open with her remaining intact (allowing her to escape), or she got scrapped.
  • She has returned, in her stasis pod, still in stasis. It seems even the Decepticons prefer her that way.

The Star Saber is alive.
It seemed at first that the hilt looking a lot like Armada Sonar's Star Saber hilt mode was just a Shout-Out, or it just making sense that two Star Sabers should look alike much like any two Optimuses, etc do. However, it got shattered... and all that didn't turn to dust was left was the Sonar-looking hilt. Why? Because that's the part that's actually a 'bot. Also, Optimus is still wearing the Star Saber's holder on his back - consistently, not a one-off error - which seems a strange animation choice if we're totally, forever done with the Star Saber.
  • The last part, at least, has been explained by Optimus reforging the Star Saber in "Regeneration".

is purple, depraved, sadistic and able to control Insecticons. She is obviously Shockwave's girlfriend.
  • Or she's Elita One, twisted by his experiments. If that's true, poor Optimus.
    • Or she's both. Originally Elita One, captured and twisted by Shockwave, and now likes him via horrible brain alterations.
    • Hey, that actually makes sense, given her martial prowess and demeanor (she sounds like she's 40-or-something). And if some of the above is true, this will be a very twisted Chekhov's Gun.

Final and Unicron
Due to the 'Cons having the upper hand as of Regeneration, Optimus will order Ratchet to awaken Unicron and ask for his help via Fowler or June.
  • June will go full Mama Bear on Unicron until he gives.
    • One problem: Unicron would sooner see the entire universe destroyed than come to the aid of a Prime.
      • Unless the catch is that Cybertron/Primus is expendable in this situation.
    • "Whoops, our friends/wards are in danger. We have several options, but they're all kinda distasteful and they sound like a lot of work. Let's just call on Satan and have him deal with it." Relatively speaking, it would be like burning down your school because you didn't study for your math final. The stakes just aren't high enough to warrant that kind of action.
      • Burning down the school nothing. That's like ordering a nuclear strike on the school because you didn't have the right kind of pencil (harsh as it may sound, the humans are only three compared to untold numbers of Cybertronians, and this war is potentially older than the human race itself).
  • With the new teaser for "Darkest Hour" it seems we may get Unicron, if this is good or bad for humanity is still up in the air. Though I'm on board with the temporary alliance idea, the Gaia Unicron toy was shown to combine with Optimus in all the promotional material before release.

Cybertron's restoration will fail.
Or else the war will be over, and with it the series.
  • Not necessarily. Really, it would rewind the war a few millennia, with the Decelpticons and Autobots fighting over Cybertron itself. The thing is that whoever is responsible for restoring Cybertron will likely have a lot more support and new recruits.
    • Plus, a planet is BIG and the population ageless. It could take thousands of years to get everything up and running.
  • A third season is scheduled. It will have 16 episodes.
  • And the third season teaser has Megatron sitting on a throne, in front of a Space Bridge. Either Megatron builds a nifty space station around the current Bridge, or...
    • As the camera in the teaser pans out, it shows they are on the Nemesis.
  • Confirmed.

June is going to be pissed off with Ratchet, and maybe Wheeljack
Once she finds out that Jack and the others were kidnapped while on the bots watch, she ain't gonna be happy about it.
  • Not gonna lie. If I were Jack's mom, Ratchet would be in for a very unpleasant time. Speaking of which, Bonus WMG: Ratchet will blame himself for what happened to the kids.
  • Judging by the preview clip, June is too busy gasping in fear while witnessing the cyberforming ray.
  • Actually, given that she might think Jack is dead now, this is going to be one messy story to clean up from, though I assume Jack still has his phone to make contact with eventually.

Cybertron isn't completely doomed
In War for Cybertron, Primus said that he would go dormant while he purged all the Dark Energon. Now, presumably the Omega Lock would have done that instantly, and now that its gone it'll take a while, but he's still down there purging, and eventually, he'll finish and the planet will be restored. Destroying the lock will just make it take longer.
  • Additionally, the Omega Lock was described as being a link to the Allspark. The link is gone, but the Allspark remains, so if a new link can be created or found, they aren't doomed.
  • Confirmed! Cybertron is giving new life by the end of the series.

Unicron is going to start waking up again
Megatron's attempt at cyberforming Earth, even if he only managed to do enough to create his fortress of New Kaon is going to have the adverse reaction of causing Unicron to stir in his sleep, and preventing him from awakening AGAIN is going to be another wrinkle for the Autobots with everything else that's going on. Considering what it took the LAST time to put him back to sleep and the state the Autobots are in this time...
  • And his herald, The Fallen, will show up. And he will be AWESOME.
  • Confirmed for "Predacon Rising".

Season 3 will have Triple Changers
And one of them will be Springer. Resulting in Arcee/Springer. She'll resist out of belief that he'll get killed. And then they'll end up being paired.
  • Blitzwing could also show up.
  • Miko and Wheeljack are managing to things a little funny.

Smokescreen will become Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, or at least his Expy.
Since Ratchet really isn't (pardon the pun) prime leadership material.
  • Optimus seems to think Smokescreen could be the next Prime.

Related to above, the new Prime's name will be...
So, let's take some guesses on what the new Prime's name will be:
  • Smokescreen Prime (probably not)
  • Guardian Prime
  • Nova Prime
  • Sunrise Prime
    • Infernus Prime?

Lazerback is an upgraded form of Laserbeak
Ravage replaces Laserbeak as Soundwave's minion for the Beast Hunters Soundwave toy.

Starscream, Airachnid and Dreadwing are/were fans of gladiator Megatronus.
Starscream yelled for Megatron to retreat in the five episode pilot and seemed hesitant to take his role as leader more than usual. He and Airachnid competed over gaining respect from their leader. Dreadwing's toybio claimed he was jealous of Starscream for being Megatron's right hand man and rubs it on his face in Trianglulation, the only reason he betrayed Megatron was finding out what Starscream did to his brother. After all, who's not to say being second-in-command isn't an excuse for being with your hero.

Breakdown suffered Death by Sex.
Breakdown was hauled up into a tree, where neither the viewer nor Dreadwing could see. When Dreadwing comes back, Breakdown's severed head falls to the ground. Some spiders bite the head off of their mates.There was some hinting (and plenty of speculation) that he liked her, at least a little, after all.

Starscream's memory reel in "Patch" left out something very important...
Somehow, Starscream kept away the fact that he'd traded information to the Autobots in exchange for medical treatment. This wasn't just news about the weather, either - Starscream told them the location of the Decepticons' Space Bridge, which almost certainly led to Optimus's return in "Orion Pax, Part 3". This makes Starscream very guilty of high treason, in addition to everything else - somehow, I feel Megs would view sharing information with the enemy a little differently than he would a murder attempt. If (when?) he finds out, it would really blow up in 'Scream's face.
  • In addition, it appears that he also managed to keep the fact that he assisted Optimus Prime in reaching the apex armor off the books. It shows that he had the armor, but not that he helped Optimus reach it. Dreadwing himself mentioned that this was a capital offense to the cause "aiding the autobots. I'm surprised that megatron never noticed it. Then again, since he did ultimately forgive screamer from leaving the fold after he saw his confessional with Soundwave, perhaps he could eventually decide to keep him around.

There's still hope for Cybertron
Even though the Omega lock is destroyed, Optimus still has the Matrix of leadership with him, in which can be used to restore Cybertrons core.

The Autobots will get reinforcements.
To balance things out that the Decepticons have a massive edge in season 3, with Shockwave and Predaking coming to join the Decepticons, some Autobots will arrive on Earth to help Team Prime. Possibly the Dinobots, or maybe Omega Supreme?
  • Broken record time: Word of God from a point midway through season one stated Grimlock will appear at some point in the series. Now would be a good time for him. GRIMLOCK SMASH!
  • Here's a bizarre idea what if instead of the Grimlock or his Dinobots showing up. Predaking switches sides and joins the autobots! I know it sounds out-there but think about it. Maybe Optimus could use the power of the Matrix to free the creature and give it a will of it's own. Then Predaking, in gratitude for his newfound freedom would swear loyalty to his libirators.

It will take several episodes for the Autobots to regroup.
Without their base or ready access to a groundbridge, they're likely to stay scattered for quite some time. Plus they've got those squishy humans and their needs (shelter, water, food) to think of, which is bound to complicate things.
  • Not to mention the authorities will likely be in "giant alien robot = bad guy" mode, at least until Fowler can put the word out.
  • And they'll also have to deal with Predaking and the other Predacons chasing them around the globe. And the Decepicons, who have a massive advantage. And likely having no idea where each other are, and likely having no means of communications.

The Dinobots went back for Sludge at some point and successfully recovered him.
Which would explain why he's alive in Rage of the Dinobots. As for why he also has his dino form, maybe Shockwave got to him first and finished his experiment before the other Dinobots came to the rescue?
  • [[Spoiler: Sort of Confirmed in the comics. Sludge was given his dino form and deposited back in the tunnels where Jazz found him in Fall of Cybertron. He was found by a clean-up crew and reactivated.]]

A season 3 episode will be a hunt in the Shadowzone for Skyquake.
The fact that there's a dimensionally displaced Decepticon zombie wandering around is a loose end that's been hanging around since the end of Shadowzone. Dreadwing probably would have wanted to go find his brother and put him to rest but then he was killed by Megatron when he tried to take revenge on Starscream for it. So in season 3, despite everything else that's going on, to thank Dreadwing for his help in returning the Forge of Solus Prime to them and allowing them to get to Cybertron and in honour of his sacrifice the Autobots will mount an expedition into the Shadowzone to track down Terrorcon Skyquake and lay him to rest for good as his brother wanted. Because...they're the good guys and it's important.
  • They'd need two groundbridges to accomplish this, however, and right now they don't even have one.
    • Now that Team Prime has taken refuge in the abandoned Harbinger, they've regained groundbridge access, so that's one down.
  • With Soundwave now trapped in that dimension, the pair may very well run into each other. My money would be on Soundwave.

If The Fallen appears, he'll make subtle references to his nature as a multiversal nexus
Most likely in the form of boasts about how he and his master can never truly be stopped even if they're killed, or making (less than flattering, of course) comparisons that can be interpreted as comparing Optimus to earlier Primes, or comparing Optimus to other Optimi that The Fallen has encountered previously.

Megatron is going to be called out for playing a part of ruining everyone's chances of reviving Cybertron.
In the Season 2 finale, Megatron had the Autobots exactly where he had wanted them, and had all the means of finally reviving Cybertron. What does he do? He chooses to cyberform Earth, just to spite Optimus, forcing Optimus to destroy the one hope of reviving Cybertron. Now, Optimus can be very well accused of being soft when dealing with Megatron, and would rather sacrifice his entire race to protect a foreign race, but it could be said that Megatron is guilty of basing his war only to show-up Optimus, and that he'd sacrifice his entire race just to get the last laugh on Optimus.
  • I fully support this.
  • Alternatively, the masses of Cybertron will still side with Megatron. They've been away from their home for millions of years and most obviously don't have Team Prime's emotional attachment to Earth and humans. Without that attachment, it could very well be many will not understand why Optimus chose what must seem like a bunch of insects over their home.
  • Relatedly, would the Omega Lock have even had the energy left to repair Cybertron after cyberforming an entire other planet? If it wouldn't, Megatron explicitly ruined any chances of reviving cybertron, by choosing to waste the regeneration energy elsewhere.
    • IIRC, the lock is just a conduit to the Allspark, so it might. *shrugs*

Shockwave's head
will be separated from his body at some point and become the Diagnostic Drone. Admit it, they are similar in appearance.

Prowl, Jazz, and Ironhide will join Team Prime.
They're the most likely candidates. The Autobots could use all the help they need against an army of Vehicons and Insecticons.
  • Grimlock is the most likely, actually (old Word of God he'll appear at some point). But these would seem likely.

Jazz will arrive on Earth looking for Cliffjumper.
Once he finds out about the unfortunate circumstances Cliff was subjected to, he'll undergo a Heroic BSoD until Arcee manages to get through to him. They'll then pull a Bash Brothers pounding on Starscream and Jazz will become her new partner (alongside Jack, since he isn't very combat-efficient in most situations.)

Soundwave is actually The Fallen, Megatronus Prime.
He has abilities and power to rival the other Primes. He can open his own Ground Bridges and Space Bridges without any seeming use of exterior devices, similar to The Fallen's teleporter abilities in the film series, and it would go in hand with Ratchet's assessment that Soundwave is like no other Cybertronian. He started the Gladiator pits to search for someone like the unit who would become Megatron to serve as his protege and challenge the power of the Primes. And it's why, despite his slender frame, he seems to have physical strength to rival Optimus.

Starscream, like Megatron, is incapable of becoming one with the Allspark
He DID briefly put that shard of Dark Energon in his Spark. Because Unicron is sealed away, if he dies his spark will simply remain behind, bodiless, able to possess sufficiently weak-willed transformers in a quest to get a new body...
  • Maybe but I don't think Scream exposed his spark to "enough" of the stuff for that to be the case. In fact, it's probably only because Megatron infused his spark with so much of the stuff that he's now in his current predicament.
  • Starscream has a much smaller body mass than Megatron, though, and Dark Energon is established to be incredibly potent. And one should never underestimate the power of Joker Immunity...

Megatron cyberforming Earth would have had hugely unintended consequences because of Unicron.
Hitting a planet based around Unicron with enough Energon-fueled Cybermatter would have unintended consequences, all of them bad. Potential outcomes:
  • Using the normal Omega Lock would have Cyberformed Earth, but because Energon and Dark Energon negate each other, it would have killed Unicron and in the process suck down all the Energon. End result: Earth is a dead, cyberformed planet like Cybertron is at this point, but Unicron will never bother anyone ever again.
  • Synthetic Energon (at least, the unrefined stuff) when combined with Dark Energon, creates Energon-sucking zombies. Fired at Unicron, this would revitalize him, but he'd quickly (at least, relatively speaking) burn through his reserves and die. Unfortunately, how long that would take depends on how "relatively" we're talking about. A century is short in planetary terms, so he might end up becoming revitalized enough to smash Cybertron with his dying breaths. End result, Earth is destroyed, Unicron a dead planet-sized corpse and former zombie, and Cybertron is potentially smashed into pieces.
  • Of course, Unicron is effectively a god. He might be able to warp things to his benefit and convert the cybermatter and Energon (whether the natural or synthetic stuff) infusion to his own use. End result: worst possible scenario as Earth is destroyed, Unicron is unleashed upon the universe again, and neither Primus nor his Primes are in any shape to fight him. Nice going, Megatron!

Megatron lied.
About his Heel–Face Turn at the end of Predacons Rising. He was probably still weak from all the mental torture Unicron subjected him to, and the Autobots were all standing RIGHT THERE. Basically, he needed a quick way out to escape unharmed and plan his next move (and figure out what exactly his newly-upgraded body could do without Unicron powering it), so he plays the redemption card and pulls something out of his exhaust about how he's learned "oppression is bad" so the Autobots will let him fly away into "self-imposed exile" when really he just wants to regroup and resume his conquest. Bashing Starscream away and "disbanding the Decepticons" just helped him sell the idea more.

Optimus will be reincarnated in the next show.
The new Optimus/Orion will, however, be much younger and inexperienced, being more along the lines of the Animated incarnation of the character, and will also be much more proactive, youthful, and somewhat aggressive than his previous incarnation, and will have a long way to go before learning how to be The Leader.

Miko's favorite band in Japan is called the Kiss Players.