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Cliffjumper will die in the pilot.
This was brought up on a couple of Transformers forums in recent days. The logic behind it is that since he's voiced by a celebrity (the Rock), and does not show up in all of the promotional material (missing from some group shots, has no profile on the Hubworld site), they may be setting him up as a special "guest" character who will make a big appearance in the "Darkness Rising" miniseries, and go out in the end with a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Or he lives and becomes a part timer.
  • Confirmed, minus the sacrifice part, for now at least. Fate is cruel,'s hoping he can come back somehow.

Jack's mom will find out about Arcee.
Because the two of them gossiping about Jack would a combination of adorable and hilarious.
  • Confirmed, courtesy of MECH. Here's hoping for gossiping to commence in the next episode.

The reason there was little to no security at the Texas center is because Soundwave killed them all.
Because I can't think of any other reason.
  • All but confirmed, albeit subtly. Check this out.
    • How'd that get past the censors?
      • Because it wouldn't be too hard to say that he's just unconscious if anyone freaks?

Megatron will put Dark Energon in the Nemesis.
And it will cause some "interesting" reactions to the system. In particular, it will cause the warship to become semi-sentient.
  • Considering that the Nemesis is supposedly the deactivated form of Trypticon, it would be less "become semi-sentient" and more "reanimate his corpse".
  • Confirmed.

Shockwave will show up.
He's the Big Bad of Dark of the Moon, so it would be stupid to not put ol' one-eye in there.
  • ...Except he's not the Big Bad of DOTM. He's barely in it. Still, he is one of the most popular and well known 'Cons in the franchise, so he probably will show up.
    • And he's going to be playing a big role in the sequel to War For Cybertron. Since Prime shares a Continuity Family with the games, it's not a big stretch to think this may suggest an eventual appearance for him in the show.
      • Believe it or not, his Hall of Fame video shows a brief clip of him fighting Cliffjumper and Arcee, so confirmed.
      • But Cliffjumper's dead. And since the show Kills Off For Real, that means it had to happen before the series started. So...Jossed?
      • Not really, considering he has appeared in the show.
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  • Confirmed. He appeared in the flashback of "Out Of The Past", and, seeing the trailer, will most likely appear in Season 3. With Predaking.

Airachnid will usurp Starscream as The Starscream.
She's made it clear that she doesn't "like to share" with the other Deceptacons. Now that she's been pressed into service for Megatron she could try to take over. She'll do a better job than the Trope Namer, prompting Starscream to reconsider his position in the Decepticons. The summary for "Partners" claims that Starscream will want to become an Autobot, and Airachnid stealing his Personal Trope could be the reason for the decision.]
  • Now that Starscream has declared his neutrality and Airachnid pinned the blame on him, this seems more likely than ever.
  • Almost confirmed! As of "One Shall Rise, Part 2", upon Megatron's leave to find Unicron and (unbeknownst to her) team up with the Autobots to stop him Airachnid declares that they need to be ready for a possible future without Megatron with a smile on her face.
    • This was confirmed...and came and went. She Starscreamed, Soundwave kicked her ass, and then she got trapped in stasis lock...

Starscream will join MECH.
He's abandoned both sides in the Autobot/Decepticon war, but never said anything about the third faction. In exchange for sharing leadership with Silas, Starscream will share his Decepticon intell, allowing MECH to finish Project Chimera ahead of schedule. And Silas will travel in Starscream's cockpit, spawning all sorts of Shipping Fan Fics.
  • Seems interesting. He could also trick Silas into making knockoff Vehicons, which he then may try to use to doublecross MECH.
    • Just like in Transformers vs. G.I. Joe? When Starscream had Cobra build Bruticus!
      • While the Bruticus thing hasn't been confirmed yet, him allying with MECH is CONFIRMED as of the 3/10/2012 episode Operation Bumblebee part one.
      • Though the partnership is dissolved in part two... in the worst way possible. I don't see Starscream teaming back up with MECH after that.

Earth is Unicron (or at least has some sort of connection to him.)
Yeah, this does seem a little like an Epileptic Trees guess, but bear with me. I just saw episode 23 on YouTube. There. Was. A. Volcano. Spewing. Dark. Energon. Half of the comments were essentially:
  • The prophecy talked about a "world forged from chaos." Unicron is known as the "chaos bringer". Do the math.
    • CONFIRMED. The Earth itself formed around Unicron's battered body after he was cast away from Cybertron by Primus. He isn't so much the planet itself as he is one with it; he can bend its surface to his will to create avatars for himself, since he transcended his physical form eons ago.

Optimus' return will be cemented when Jack gives him back the Key to Vector Sigma.
  • Optimus asked Jack to hold it "until [his] return"; hence, when Jack gives him back the key, it will confirm that he's back to stay. And it will be awesome.
    • Confirmed.

Starscream will take the T-Cog from the last clone in order to fix himself up.
He has the scientific knowledge of how to clone himself. Is this really so implausible?
  • AW SCRAP, THIS IS GOING TO HURT!! (Bites down on crowbar and cuts himself open)
    • Confirmed, then subverted as he gives up to try and seize a relic, but probably confirmed later on.
      • He got the T-Cog, lost his nerve before he could get through, and later had it implanted by Knock Out instead of himself when he returned to the 'Cons..

"Grill" will be a Clip Show.
The premise is a government hearing regarding whether the Autobots are a threat, and the bulk of the promo clip on the Hub's website was recycled footage. The hearing will probably be a review of Autobot/Decepticon activity on Earth using flashbacks.

"Toxicity" will end on a massive cliffhanger.
It probably won't be a "To Be Continued" ending, but my money's on it being a major game-changer. It also seems to be the last episode before the mid-season break. Cue flailing.
  • Confirmed.
  • Kind of a Moment of Awesome for the writers — how many shows can use the exact same cliffhanger twice in a row? Also, sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

Out Of The Past is going to be a retelling of the prequel comic
There was a prequel comic that preceded the show about Cliffjumper investigating Decepticon activity on Cybertron, being captured by Starscream, rescued by Arcee (Who he hadn't seen in some time), and using a Space Bridge to go to Earth to meet up with Optimus and the rest of the team. Out Of The Past will be a retelling of that event, since it actually appears the episode is a story Arcee is telling a distraught Miko. There are some similarities based on what we've seen so far that would seem to corroborate this, the only noticeable divergence being the presence of Shockwave, who wasn't part of the prequel comic.
  • Confirmed.

Who will Nolan North voice?
According to the Transformers Wiki, Mr. North will be voicing a character. So, let's take some guesses as to who he'll voice:
  • Brawl
  • Sideswipe
  • Cliffjumper— simultaneously reprising his role from Fall of Cybertron and taking over for the most likely unavailable Dwayne Johnson. This appearance would probably take place in the supposed flashback scene with Cliff, Arcee, and Shockwave that was shown at Botcon.
  • Shockwave, just because he hasn't had a voice actor confirmed yet.
  • Bumblebee, he's also due to be voiced, though granted he probably can't do a boyish enough voice. He's capable by all means, but it would probably be Playing Against Type.
  • Deadpool. Just Cuz.
  • Whoever the new Autobot joining the team in "New Recruit" is.
    • Confirmed, with Smokescreen.

Knock Out will eventually be forced to take Silas down.
Let's face it, the guy now resides in the body of his best friend and Knock Out will decide this is too far, feeling that Breakdown should get the chance to R.I.P.
  • Confirmed at the end of The Human Factor. Knock Out seems like he's going to enjoy every minute of dissecting Silas.

Season 3 will have Ultra Magnus.
If he does appear in the show, he'll end up being "Prime"'s answer to "Dark Of The Moon"'s Sentinel Prime.
  • Doesn't seem likely, given his established role in Aligned continuity as leader of the Wreckers, as well as his thoroughly sympathetic portrayal in Rage of the Dinobots.
  • Confirmed! Yes!

MECH will build a copy of Optimus Prime, and then the real one will be determined by having a race.
Silas took some scans of Optimus before flying away. He will likely use these to build an inferior copy of him that appears identical. For the sake of making a Call-Back to a G1 episode with this premise Optimus and the copy will have a race.
  • Add a little Dark Energon to the mix and call him Nemesis Prime. In that case he might actually survive (for a change).
    • Confirmed. Well, except for the race. He doesn't survive, though.
    • Peter Cullen will obviously play the clone as well, and he'll sound like Venger.

Miko will, indeed, pilot a giant mecha suit
In the form of the Apex Armor which Smokescreen retrieved from Starscream. It was stratigically placed at the end of new Recruit, what else is one supposed to think.
  • And then she will give Bulkhead a much needed hug.
  • Alternatively, the Apex Armor will be used to get Bulkhead back into the fight while he's still recovering. This will lead to A Very Special Episode where Bulk has grown to rely on it, and is forced to fight without it and prove that he doesn't need special gadgets to kick tailpipe.
  • I'm betting on Raf to get the Apex Armor.
  • Instead of the Apex Armor, maybe the Optimus Maximus armor.
  • She'll become a Headmaster.
  • CONFIRMED, as of the Beast Hunters episode "Chain of Command"— she suits up with the Apex Armour to join her fellow Wreckers in fighting Predaking.

The new Autobot in the fourth episode of Beast Hunters is Ultra Magnus.
Given that we've seen his TV CGI render (via one of the Rage of the Dinobots covers) and the fact that he has two upcoming toys with a consistent design, it's almost certain that he's finally going to appear. How he acquires the Forge of Solus Prime may be the result of him taking the position of interim Autobot leader while Optimus is sidelined by his severe injuries.
  • Confirmed!
Cerebus Syndrome has officially set in.
Not to say that the humor levels will go down, but that the drama/tragedy levels will continue to go up compared to previous episodes. At the very least, we'll see a higher ratio of high-stakes adventures to stand-alone episodes.
  • Confirmed.
Thoughts as to who may be the old enemy may be
.For "Thirst" it's said that some messing around by Knock Out and Starscream creates problems for the crew. Some guesses for who may be behind them.
  • Airachnid, as she's still in stasis.
  • C.Y.L.A.S perhaps, though he's probably dead so this is less likely.
    • Probably Confirmed. C.Y.L.A.S./Breakdown appears in the "Thirst" preview, apparently resurrected by Dark Energon.
  • The ship (Trypticon) itself, if its sentience is revived.
  • Even less likely but perhaps Unicron, though admittedly they're probably saving him for the finale or The Movie if it ever gets made. Or the follow up series if it ties into this show.
  • Zombie Skyquake
  • Turned out to be CYLAS (in Dark Energon vampire form) and Airachnid.
    The captured ally in Synthesis?
The plot for synthesis is: The Autobots attempt to rescue one of their own by tracking the Decepticon warship. The question is, who, and how did he or she get captured?
  • Most likely Ratchet, since he's been working on Synthetic Energon, and Megatron is awfully interested in this new Synthetic/CNA fusion of Cybermatter in Evolution. And that one of the episode's synopsis, Persuasion, states that Megatron is appealing to Ratchet.
    • Confirmed.

Synthetic Energon will be used to restore Cybertron.
In evolution, we learned that explosion + synthetic energon = Cyber Matter, not unlike the effect of the Omega Lock. After the Decepticons are dealt with, the Autobots will seed Cybertron with the stuff and ignite it to restore the planet to it's former glory.
  • In "Minus One", this turns out to be the Decepticons' new plan. They still need to repair the Omega Lock to launch the stuff, and they need to stabilize it which is why they need Ratchet, the one who created it. Worse, they still plan to cyberform Earth too.

Megatron is afraid of Predaking.
In his opinion, Project Predacon went horribly wrong the moment Predaking revealed his sentience. Things were fine when Megatron thought Predaking was just a tamable beast. Now Megatron's stuck with a warrior ambitious enough to call himself "king" who is also bigger and stronger than him. Worse, he was smart enough to hide his true intelligence from Megatron. Predaking insisting that Megatron revive every Predacon still on Earth in "Minus One" is even more ominous. Small wonder Megs snaps at Predaking and demands that he fight as a beast — Megs really wishes that's all Predaking is.
  • Ratchet says this to Predaking in Sythesis, so confirmed.

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