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    Season One 

Darkness Rising, Part 1

  • Looking back at the first episode, Bulkhead's reaction upon getting his first impression of Miko is really funny since he just looked so uncomfortable, and then later on the two are pretty much inseparable and go to monster truck rallies together.
  • After Bulkhead scares away two Vehicons:
    Arcee: What kept you?
    Bulkhead: Traffic.
  • Jack snarking at some guys who were mocking him and his job.
    Jack: So that's two "We're not as funny as we think we are" combos with a side of bite me!

Darkness Rising, Part 3

  • When Bulkhead rips out a Vehicon's pump, he bellows at Miko to look away, as if somebody who wouldn't want an innocent child to witness something horrible. When she doesn't, he is forced to do it anyway... and her eyes go big and round at the sight.
    Miko: Cool...

Darkness Rising, Part 4

  • Fowler's torture by Starscream is horrifying, but his delirium afterwards is hilarious:
    "Grandma? Is it cookie time?"
    "The emu says, 'YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
    "I like pie. Can we stop for pie?"
    "You, soldier! You're out of uniform! Put on some pants!"

Masters & Students

  • Jack trying to build a motorcycle with Arcee.
    Jack: You're a motorcycle, Arcee! Shouldn't you know how to build a motorcycle engine?
    Arcee: You're a human, Jack. Can you build me a small intestine?
  • Ratchet hijacking the kids' science projects, which can be seen here.
  • Starscream puts in a deliciously hammy performance: "What use are troops who can't rise to the task of wreaking unspeakable destruction in my name?"


  • When Ratchet spots Raf holding a Scraplet, there is a zoom on it, complete with dramatic beats. Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee instantly leap back in terror and draw weapons on it. Made hilarious by the fact that Prime's Scraplets are tiny and adorable - as long as you're not made of living metal.
  • The power goes out while Bulkhead and Miko are searching for the Scraplets. Bulkhead screams... in a very high-pitched tone.
    Miko: Did you just scream like a little girl?
    Bulkhead: No! M-Maybe... Can we talk about this later?
  • When Bulkhead totally freaks out and starts flailing and shrieking when a bunch of cables fall out of the ceiling. His panic attack lasts for almost 30 seconds as Miko stares in disbelief.
    Miko: Okay. Wish I hadn't seen that. Bulkhead, you're fine! It's just a bunch of cables!
  • The reactions of Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee - more terrified than they have ever been in any episode before or since - have left fans forever asking questions like "What if a really serious character like Optimus or Megatron saw a Scraplet?"

Con Job

  • Ratchet's reaction to the second party.
    "It's like a recurring nightmare."
  • Starscream's reaction to the bomb attached to Makeshift is pretty funny. "WHOA!"


  • Ratchet explains the dangers of ground bridging in a moving train to the kids.
    Ratchet: You want me to not only bridge you into a confined space but one traveling at 90 miles per hour? I can't even count the number of things that can go wrong —- mass displacement trauma, twisted limbs, metal burn! [Kids stare blankly] Well, maybe not the last one.
  • Agent Fowler gets to ride with Optimus, but the Prime won't let him drive. Optimus even talks to Fowler like he's a kid or something.
    Optimus: (Fowler's about to grab the steering wheel) Ah ah ah, no need, Agent Fowler. I will handle the driving.

Deus Ex Machina

  • Bulkhead randomly shouting gibberish while listening to a rock song is ridiculously hilarious. And Miko joining in afterwards just makes it funnier.
  • Ratchet, upon getting Agent Fowler's answering machine:
  • Knock Out gets Optimus thrown into him at the museum. And then later, when both Knock Out and Breakdown go for Bulkhead. He dodges, and Knock Out and Breakdown deck each other. Knock Out is taken down, and Breakdown just keeps going. Both events set the tone for all the messy things we see happening to Knock Out as the series continues, and how Breakdown is basically a Decepticon version of Bulkhead.

Speed Metal

  • Bulkhead trying to cover the fact that he knew Jack and Bumblebee were racing:
    Arcee: Did you know about this?
    Bulkhead: No. Maybe. A little.
  • Earlier, Jack retorts to Vince's taunt of calling Arcee a moped, saying she's got "dual carbs and can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds". Arcee later tells him that "a lady's vital stats are her own business". To her, that's basically the equivalent of someone telling others what a woman's body measurements are right in front of her.
  • Arcee lectures Jack about how he shouldn't use power for personal gain. However, when Vince calls her an "ugly clunky trike"...
  • Later, Arcee's sheer determination to completely dominate Vince in the race:
    Arcee: Winning isn't enough, Jack. You wanna make 'em cry.
  • Raf and Miko's punitive attempts to lie to Optimus. Optimus' expression sells it for the comedic gold that it is.
    Optimus: Raf, Miko, do either of you know where the others have gone?
    Miko: Why, no, sir! We do not know!
    Raf: Miko is correct! We do not know!
    Miko: Why would we know?
    Optimus: Hmm. (raises eyebrow)
  • Knock Out saying he's learned his lesson and that he paid for it by losing a car door (he'd lost it when Optimus tore off the car door to get Vince out), but Starscream says, "You have paid when I say you have paid." before he lifts a clawed finger. The look on Knock Out's face is priceless when he realizes what Starscream is about to do.
    Starscream: Do not worry. Your punishment shall merely be... cosmetic.
    Knock Out: No, not the finish! Anything but the finish! [the "cosmetic punishment" begins] NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Speaking of hilarious Oh, Crap! faces, Breakdown's expression just before Bulkhead clobbers him with a lamppost is also priceless.
  • In fact, "Speed Metal" is best to be summarized as "What will happen to a human who pressed a Cybertronian's berserk button?" Two humans had demonstrated the consequences to the audience, with one of them did it twice — one on Arcee and another on Bumblebee.


  • Meta example for the episode. In America, it was very suspenseful and almost felt like watching a horror film. Airachnid is a sadistic hunter, killer, and psychopath, and she collects rare species that she's killed. In Japan, however... One user on the TF Wiki compared her antics throughout the Japanese version of that episode to Pepé Le Pew. She doesn't collect the rare species she's killed, but CUTE BOYS and attempts to coerce Jack into coming with her by essentially HITTING ON HIM.

Sick Mind

  • Starscream's not happy with his ship's maintenance:
    Starscream: Why has the electro-magnetic shielding not been repaired?!
    Vehicon: The crews are working as quickly as they can, Lord-
    (Starscream smacks him in the face)
  • Megatron casually shooting one of the eternally respawning Optimus Primes while negotiating with Bumblebee in his subconscious.
  • Megatron seen just lashing out through Bumblebee's first-person camera.

Out of His Head

  • When Megatron is controlling Bumblebee and makes him destroy something, Ratchet appears, this exchange ensues:
    Ratchet: BUMBLEBEE!
    (Bumblebee looks at Ratchet, not quite sure what's going on)
    Ratchet: I NEEDED THAT!
  • Optimus and Agent Fowler's exchange:
    Fowler: (voice dripping with sarcasm) Prime, you spot any Decepticons wearing hula-skirts recently?
    Optimus: (silently rolling his eyes) No, Agent Fowler. Why?
  • Starscream's monologue in front of an unconscious Megatron. He starts knocking on Megatron's head, brags about having the last shard of Dark Energon while tossing it around and gesticulating wildly, and is interrupted by Knock Out. His expressions are priceless.
    Starscream: Heh, that was the idea, Knock Out... (completely resigned) How long have you been there?


  • Starscream's lies to Knock Out.
  • Starscream being attacked by Skyquake's arm is especially funny, if only for his reaction (remember that he had lost his arm earlier.)
    This isn't mine! Unhand me!
  • Later, when Skyquake finds Starscream's arm, he tries to fit it onto the stump of his own arm. It doesn't fit, and he throws it away and lumbers off. After a perfectly-timed beat, the arm falls back down.
  • Of special note is Starscream boasting about how his newfound Dark Energon power makes him invincible. Followed immediately by Optimus blowing his arm off. He wisely (and frantically) requests evacuation back to base after that.
  • Also:
    Optimus: Ratchet, can you use the cell phone's signal to triangulate the children's location?
    Ratchet: In a parallel dimensional plane?! (Beat) Let's find out.
  • That and listening to Bulkhead read Jack's text. The text itself is of course very serious, but Bulkhead's deadpan delivery is what makes it hilarious.
    In alternate dimension with zombie, help.


  • June doesn't believe Jack's (completely honest) explanation of how he's been spending his free time. After Arcee comes to her rescue later in the episode, we get this exchange:
    June: Jack? Your motorcycle...?
    Jack: I can explain, Mom... Wait, I already did.

Metal Attraction

  • Miko continually misreading Bulkhead and Arcee's interactions as romantic and trying to stop it.
    Miko: Ugh! They are not attracted!
  • June's... interesting remark on wanting to see Optimus Prime.
    June: And I wore heels and everything.
    Jack: Mom!!
  • After Arcee tells Miko she has to return to base, Miko complains that Arcee is just as bad as June. Everyone at the base is listening in on this, including June.
    June: Is that such a bad thing?
    Jack: I'm... gonna go over there.
    (Jack leaves his spot. June looks at Raf, who just smiles nervously)
  • After Arcee sends Airachnid flying during the first fight, Breakdown gets back up after being trounced by Bulkhead only for Airachnid to immediately bounce off of him and knock him to the ground again.
  • This:
    Arcee: A scout must be silent but deadly.
    Bulkhead & Miko: (snickers)

Rock Bottom

  • Starscream has a really bad day.
  • The moment when Jack and Megs come face-to-face for the first time is far from funny. This, however...
    YouTube Comment: Oh... Hai.


  • Knock Out's reaction to a rambling Bulkhead painting a symbol on him.
    Knock Out: You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!
  • To add to that, Bulkhead says the math formula like it's an attack.
  • "I'm sure one hasn't truly lived until one has beheld Bulkhead's take on 'Still Life with Lug Nuts'."
  • Once Knock Out explains that the cylinder he and Breakdown acquired is empty, Breakdown gives the same explanation in layman's terms...
    Breakdown: Dead battery.
  • And, while trying to get the cylinder...
    Knock Out: Come to papa!
    (Gets rammed by Bulkhead)
    Bulkhead: Run to mommy.
    (Gets hit from behind by Breakdown)
    Breakdown: Say Uncle! Say it!

Stronger, Faster

  • Breakdown talking to a Vehicon about how he finds himself intrigued by Airachnid.
  • At one point, Ratchet knocks down a 'Con without looking. His response?
    Ratchet: Hoooah!
  • Ratchet later does it again off-screen after knocking Bulkhead through a wall.
  • Knockout's deadpan comment on Ratchet's action is hilarious. This is especially true when a translation into Chinese basically means "Looks like the Autobots have a player with his plot armor on."
  • If you watch the "how's it hummin'?" scene closely, you can see that Ratchet briefly winks.
  • Ratchet is chasing a Decepticon Mook, who has managed to beat him in speed. Thus, he simply picks up a rock, throws it, and a few moments later it hits the mook square on the head in a comical way.

One Shall Fall

  • Raf replaces an online photo of Bumblebee (Phantom Car!) with a Lolcat. Optimus's deadpan reaction is gold.
    Jack: Hey, Optimus, wanna see something funny?
    Optimus: (calmly) No.
  • Ratchet's laugh. And his look of absolute horror moments later.

One Shall Rise, Part 1

  • Miko makes the first canon Unicron/unicorn joke in twenty-five years:
    "The ‘Cons killed a unicorn?" (Awkward silence) "White horse with a horn on its head... prances around all sparkly?"
  • Agent Fowler, regarding the climate phenomena around the world, asks if the Decepticons have built a weather control machine. There's some inherent Fridge Humor in Ratchet's response:
    One that powerful? Highly unlikely.
  • A heartfelt reunion between Jack and his mother:
    Jack: Mom, I-
    June: I know. Me too.
    [they hug]
    June: But you're still grounded until you're 30. [beat] 25.

One Shall Rise, Part 2

  • Megatron, after the awesome slow walk and dramatic moment of him being invited to the Autobot base peacefully to work with them, looks around...
    Megatron: So this is where the magic happens. Quaint.
  • Miko threatening Megatron while he's in the Autobot base hilariously and concisely sums up her character.
    Miko: If you double-cross anyone, mine is the face you'll never forget! NEVER! (Fowler drags her off)
    • After Miko's threat, Megatron makes a face like "Wow, I'm almost tempted to pity the Autobots for having to babysit this human".

One Shall Rise, Part 3

  • Almost bordering on a very late Ironic Echo Cut, Jack idly taps the key to Vector Sigma on a railing after being told that he's grown to become responsible. To be fair, Optimus told him it was a part of the Groundbridge and not one of their most important artifacts.

     Season Two 

Orion Pax, Part 1

  • When Arcee jumps through the 'Cons' Ground Bridge and goes on a badass rampage inside the Nemesis, looking for Optimus/Orion Pax, Knock Out gives the funniest response imaginable.
    Knock Out: Scrap.
    • His expression change immediately before makes it even funnier - going from the most shocked expression imaginable to "...I'm going to have to do paperwork because of this, aren't I?"
  • Starscream returning to the Deception ship and taking out two guards to basically raid the fridge. The way he carries his loot off is an amusing visual gag as well.
  • Megatron: "...and the first to address Orion as "Optimus Prime" will have their voice box torn out." It's the completely deadpan way he says it that makes it all the more hilarious in a dark humored way.
  • "Warlord Ratchet, the doctor of doom."
    • Keep in mind that in "Stronger, Faster" Ratchet called himself "Your Doctor of Doom" before trying to kill Megatron while high on Synth-En, which is probably what gave Megatron the idea.
    • There's also the fact that Megatron chooses to paint Ratchet as the Big Bad.

Orion Pax, Part 2

  • Starscream's reaction when Orion Pax asks if he's truly suggesting that Megatron could possibly speak a falsehood.
  • Starscream proceeds to hide behind Orion when some Vehicons drop by.
  • When the Autobots interrogate Starscream for the location of the Decepticon base, it leads to this gem of a line.
    Starscream: Well, I don’t know where it is now! It’s a ship, it moves!
  • The "status report" scene, especially Bulkhead trying to disguise his voice and Fowler's Star Wars Shout-Out. The look of panic on his face is pure gold. You can also see Raf facepalm as Fowler said it.
  • Even more hilarious is Breakdown's reaction to Fowler asking how he is. He's actually momentarily rendered speechless by it. Breakdown's response to that qualifies due to being completely unexpected. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • There's also Arcee figuring out who gave Ratchet and Bulkhead the information about the second Space Bridge's location.
    Arcee: (Crouched behind a pillar watching the Space Bridge with Bulkhead) Thank you, Starscream.
    (Bulkhead looks down at her in surprise.)
    Arcee: Who else could it have been?

Orion Pax, Part 3

  • The way Orion dispatches the Vehicons could be this. To summarize, he's being kicked around while trying to preach to the Vehicons doing it to stop. He yells "Enough!" and whips out his guns, only just realizing they're there, then kills the Mooks while firing blindly. The complete confusion in his voice when he realizes he has guns is pretty funny on its own.
    "Ah... I'm... armed?"

Operation: Bumblebee, Part 1

  • "It won't just rock your world, it'll transform it." What are the odds they'd see that commercial, right then? Not to mention their expressions immediately afterwards, including the Oh, Crap! on both the kids and Bumblebee's eye twitching.
  • Continuing on with that, when Raf tells Bumblebee that he's still awesome and speed isn't everything, in comes Jack and Arcee:
    (Jack rides in on Arcee, popping a wheelie)
    Jack: Personal best, Arcee! You hit 120 easy!
    (Bumblebee looks at them dumbly for a second, before promptly giving them both a Death Glare)
    Jack: Oh.
    Arcee: Uh-oh.
  • "For Primus' sake, will someone keep him occupied?"
  • Ratchet, after picking up Raf after school: "You want to ride with the siren on?" (Also a heartwarming moment considering the circumstances.)
  • "Thank you, friend of Jack's mom! Who is a nurse! Who works at the hospital!"
  • Bumblebee riding the pick-up truck like a skateboard is both hilarious and tragic.

Operation: Bumblebee, Part 2

  • Megatron demonstrates the Cybertronian shield by shooting at Knock Out. "I think I leaked a little transmission fluid."
  • "Better at breaking things." (Bulkhead lets out a sigh of relief that he won't be doing the T-cog transfer)
  • Everything Ratchet says while under the influence of anesthesia/stasis.
    "What's that? Do I hear a Fuzor in need of voice box repair? [...] I am able! Just ask Bantor! He was all mandrill before I put a tiger in his tank!"
  • Fowler: "Oh for the love of... get me someone who speaks something other than bleep!"
  • Before that, Fowler speaks slowly to Bumblebee as if he can't understand English. It's funny, if somewhat jerk-ish.
  • The Laser-Guided Karma involving Starscream at the end.
  • "Do you ever not speak?"
  • Starscream just sounds so childish and petty when taunting Bumblebee.
    "Time to jet, because I can!"
  • "And the award for best use of a shield generator in a supporting role goes to: Knock Out!" This leads to a funny bit of Fridge Brilliance, as the joke itself was an obvious reference to the Academy Awards. Aside from the knowledge of how to avoid drawing attention to themselves and the occasional human but of technology that may come in handy to them, most Decepticons have been shown to be rather oblivious to human society and culture due to the belief that humans are primitive and inferior to Cybertronians. Knock Out, on the other hand, actively sought out a unique human automobile that suited his tastes despite being fully capable of taking an alt-mode with flight as an added bonus, and also took place in street races orchestrated by humans.

Loose Cannons

  • Megatron's response when Dreadwing declares that he'll kill Optimus. Megatron, knowing that 'Cons not named "Megatron" who try that tend to end up dead, wishes him luck, cuts the comm, and mockingly muses to Soundwave: "I will be quite surprised if we ever set eyes on Dreadwing again."
  • The awkward moment of the huge Optimus sitting cramped inside Wheeljack's (comparatively) tiny ship. It's the look on his face, coupled with the impatient (for Optimus) way he drums his fingers on his knees, that really does it.
  • The 'Bots' threat to Dreadwing at the end basically boils down to, "If we all die, we're going to haunt you."
  • Wheeljack's looking at all that rubble and it's clear he's thinking, at least a little bit, "Ah, scrap..."
    Optimus: If you will not take orders from me, that is one thing. But when you place one of my Autobots in danger...
    Wheeljack: With all due respect sir, Bulkhead knew the risks; every Wrecker does. I'm sure he's just... uh... somewhere in this rubble.
  • Bulkhead apologizing to the fish.
  • The first time Agent Fowler gave Skyquake his alt mode, it was an accident. When he gave Airachnid her alt mode, he's an idiot. By the time he gives Dreadwing his alt mode, it's priceless.
    Agent Fowler: Oh, not THIS again!!


  • This gem of a taunt from Airachnid to Breakdown: "I know we've never seen eyes-to-eye, but that doesn't mean we can't patch things up." What she does to Breakdown afterward makes this a lot less funny.
  • Being savaged by an Insecticon is a profoundly unfunny experience, as Arcee, Starscream, and Megatron will attest... but the look on Screamer's face when the thing comes after him is utterly hilarious.

Nemesis Prime

  • Right after Bulkhead manages to catch Fowler in his car which was falling, he seems a little delirious for a second... then his airbag goes off.
  • Earlier, Fowler turns on his radio to reveal that he's a fan of The Touch and hums along in an off-key manner.


  • The whole episode is basically a recap episode and Fowler's superior is doubting a lot of what Fowler is saying, including that Optimus is still alive. Eventually, Fowler just calls Prime to let him know that the General is concerned about his health and well being. Prime promptly shows up right next to the building with:
    Prime: I am fine, General Bryce. How are you?
  • Not to mention the way the camera angle jostles and changes, indicating the poor private tasked with recording the session has staggered backwards and is now on the floor. An added bonus is that the camera's battery is almost dead, and in fact dies at the very end of the episode. Hurray for budget cuts!
  • This exchange after Fowler details the Unicron incident.
    General Bryce: It defies all logic, Bill. Dark Energon? Then you go on record saying that you believe in magical horses with horns on their heads.
    Fowler: What?
    General Bryce: Do you deny previously reporting that Megatron helped defeat a unicorn?
    Fowler: Oh? That's what you...? Unicron! The ultimate evil! Permission to strike this from the record.
  • The fact that Fowler flies a jet without a flight suit is finally lampshaded and justified. Apparently, Ratchet installed some tech in his plane that allows him to survive the g-forces while just wearing his normal suit.
    "I like to feel comfortable."
  • The Running Gag about Fowler accidentally giving Decepticons their flight modes also pops up, as we see clips of all three instances so far back to back. It actually makes them even funnier.
  • Fowler trying to explain the kids' involvement, without letting on that they are, in fact, minors. Especially describing Miko's skill as "Communication." Followed by a series of the most memorable Miko quotes of the series - which are even funnier back-to-back.
  • Fowler claims that the kids know how to take orders. Cue a clip of Jack at KO Burger, taking someone's order.


  • Starscream finds out just how unfair the cloning process went for him: The clones got Transformation Cogs (which he lost), and he feels their pain. He doesn't discover that last part until one of them has a fatal confrontation with Bulkhead.
  • Also, just listening to all the clones talk with each other is pretty funny. Steve Blum must've had fun recording this episode.
  • The reaction of an Insecticon right before flying into a tree and crashing into Airachnid.
  • The back-and-forth between Megatron and the clones:
    Clone 1: No, you're trying to trick us!
    Megatron: Am I?
    Clone 2: Is he?
  • Bulkhead, upon returning to base.
    Bulkhead: Guys, you are not gonna believe the day I had! (Beat, Bulkhead notices Airachnid in stasis) ...oh, you too, huh?
  • The fact that the only person to do real damage to Megatron (or his ship) in this episode was Bulkhead, the least stealthy, bulkiest Autobot in the main team—and none of the Decepticons ever knew he was there. Plus his constant mantra of "Stealthy, stealthy... " while he tiptoes around. Bulkhead. Tiptoeing.
  • Bulkhead's expression on running into a hastily departing Starscream clone, seemingly Back from the Dead after having beaten him to death, is priceless.
  • Megatron's This Is Gonna Suck expression when announcing that the ship is going to crash is just hilarious, especially given how uncharacteristic it is.
  • After Starscream kills his last clone:
    Starscream: I feel your pain. Really, I do... (clenches teeth and aims; screen goes to black as he fires) AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGHHH! Scrap, that hurt!
  • After Bulkhead and one of the Starscream clones run into each other, there's this line from the clone after Bulkhead asks him what he's doing there:
    "Why is it that every time I return to my old stomping grounds, I find an Autobot roaming the halls?"

Flying Mind

  • Fowler proving once again he's the master of the Non Sequitur, *Thud*.
    Miko: On your feet, soldier!
    Fowler: And beavers, and ducks, and walnuts, and grandma! (thud)
  • At the end of the episode, Knock Out is waking up after being hit with a stun beam and sees Jack. He takes out his drill and threatens Jack, but then Ratchet shows up and floors Knock Out with one punch, making this scene hilarious (and awesome).
    Knock Out: Say ahhh...
    Ratchet: I'm here to offer a second opinion! (punch)
  • When Ratchet questions the kids' idea to contact Megatron to see why the ship is out of control, the kids reply by doing a shrug. He then turns to Fowler who shrugs in the exact same way, which looks a bit silly.
  • There's something very funny about how realistically the kids and Fowler are climbing up Knock Out in order to use the data upload.
  • And when the kids and Fowler do find Knock Out:
    Miko: Looks like Doc Knock is knocked out.
  • Using a frozen Megatron's own weight as he's falling backwards to pull a lever.

Tunnel Vision


  • Starscream on a Cybertronian hover-scooter.
    "Faster, you pathetic excuse for transportation!"
  • Starscream learns about Dreadwing's promotion.
    Starscream: First Lieutenant!? That's my post!
    (the Vehicons all cock their guns at him)
    Starscream: ...Eh, was my post.
  • Despite how badass it was that Starscream escaped with the Apex Armor, it's still pretty funny that he now has to walk all the way back from Antarctica in order to repair himself. Along the ocean floor, no less!
  • This bit, as Starscream is being taken down.
    Starscream: You will not escape my might! Wait... You two are up to something.
  • This moment from Starscream and Optimus after the latter's first duel with Dreadwing:
    Starscream: If you could just remove my bonds, I will lead you straight to the relic.
    (Optimus charges his cannon)
    Optimus: You will lead me there regardless.
    Starscream: You're welcome.
  • The cuffed Starscream tries to sweet-talk both Prime and Dreadwing, switching to whoever just showed up or looks to be in the lead. Neither of them pays any attention to him.
  • Optimus, of all 'bots, manages to trash talk Starscream when he brags after obtaining the Apex Armor.
    Starscream: Not only am I intelligent, I am invincible!
    Optimus: Yet, you cannot fly.
    Starscream: Nobody's perfect.


  • Almost all of Ratchet and Wheeljack's interactions with each other are hilarious.
  • Knock Out's reaction to finding a bomb inside Laserbeak.
    Knock Out: GRENADE! (ducks and covers)
  • Bomb disposal procedures on the Nemesis leave a lot to be desired...
    Megatron: Knock Out, prepare to properly dispose of the obstruction.
    (Cut to Knock Out running frantically through the halls of the ship with the bomb)
  • As Megatron orders Knock Out to "properly dispose of the obstruction" Knock Out is still on the floor shaking. He then stops for a brief moment as his eyes widen, realizing just what Megatron meant by "dispose of".
  • Megatron's reaction to the ensuing explosion makes it doubly hilarious - he listens for secondary explosions (almost looking like he was hoping the first one took Knock Out with it), hears none, and goes right back to what he was saying like nothing happened. Even funnier is that from Megatron's expression he was waiting for the explosion to happen at that very moment.
  • Megatron and Soundwave in that entire sequence. Soundwave just looks on with his usual stoicism, while Megatron calmly admires the Autobots' ingenuity. Both are hilariously in contrast to Knock Out, who freaks out and ducks for cover.
  • Knock Out ranting to Megatron about his paint job being damaged:
    Knock Out: Can you believe what the Autobots did to me?!
  • Raf comparing Soundwave to a turducken.
  • During the dogfight with Soundwave and Laserbeak, Wheeljack's ship almost collides with the side of a cliff until he pulls up at the last possible second. Ratchet's reaction to this? To scream like someone riding a roller coaster.
  • "Whatever you say... Sunshine."



  • Knock Out's entire feud with the Insecticons, with him going so far as to call the Insecticon he was partnered up with "useless" to Hardshell's face.
  • Earlier, after a couple of Vehicons hear Hardshell bragging about what he did, they call him and the Insecticons "Pit-bound scavengers" and "Scrap eaters." Unfortunately for them, Hardshell hears them. A fight ensues and Knock Out after buffing himself comes out, only to scream and shut the door as a Vehicon slams against it. Unfortunately, the next time he opens the door, he gets hit by an Insecticon and his paint job gets ruined once again.
  • Wheeljack and his grenades.
    (Reveals a huge container of grenades)
    Miko: I thought you...
    Wheeljack: I only carry one at a time.
  • Another one involving the grenades. Wheeljack takes his entire cache and peeks out of the back of the Jackhammer to try and see where to throw the first grenade. After a few moments, he reassesses the situation, goes "Screw it," and throws the entire cache of grenades into the Insecticon horde.
  • In the very end, Megatron proves himself equal to Optimus in every way, including the Fascinating Eyebrow.

Out Of The Past

  • Cliffjumper attempting to convince two Vehicons that he had joined the Decepticons.
  • Starscream is arrogant as usual. It's the way he's totally dismissive of Cliffjumper and doesn't even taunt somebody who's helpless for once.
    Cliffjumper: Arcee! Arcee! (to Starscream and Shockwave) I'll scrap you both!
    Starscream: Shut up! I'm trying to listen!
  • Cliff, in general, is very funny in how lightly he can handle the situations he's in.
  • Miko basically shoving Bumblebee out of her way. Bee's expression is what sells it.
  • This exchange:
    Starscream: I would just eliminate [Arcee and Cliffjumper], but the code that they carry is too valuable! If I could only break them open and just take it!
    (Soundwave points to Shockwave's lab on Cybertron)
    Starscream: No, I will not take the prisoners to the surface! Why should I let him have all the glory?
    Soundwave: (replaying what Starscream said earlier) "The code that they carry is too valuable!"

New Recruit

  • This exchange. What makes it so golden is how completely serious Ratchet is as he says this:
    Arcee: All those 'Cons came out of one pod?
    Ratchet: Humans refer to the phenomenon as a "Clown Car!"
  • Smokescreen's one-liner after defeating the Decepticon forces in the escape pod with an Energon explosion.
    Smokescreen: Woooo! Too hot for ya, 'Cons?!
  • Smokescreen's sheer giddiness about meeting Optimus, and everyone else simply giving a "Yes, we know" type of response.
    Smokescreen: (in shock) I.. don't believe it. You're Optimus Prime! (looks to the others as he points back at Optimus) He's Optimus Prime!
  • Miko making Bulkhead do leg lifts.
  • One of Raf's troll icons for when he's protecting the Autobots' identities: "The tap-dancing monkey strikes again!" (high five)
  • Starscream surfing the internet.
    Starscream: This is what they call the "information superhighway". A trillion gigabytes of data... and none of it is useful! Though some of it is oddly engrossing... (spends several seconds staring at an animated gif of a dancing monkey in a tophat, chuckling)
  • Starscream comes to the dig site for the Red Energon, only to find that they already moved it.
    Starscream: The Red Energon is mine, humans! For you are powerless in the face of the mighty Star- ...what?
    Starscream: ...where is it?!
  • Smokescreen calling Starscream a "stiletto-heeled creep."

The Human Factor

  • Breakdown-Silas actually asks Knock Out to "take him to his leader".
  • Miko, Jack, and Fowler having to Groundbridge into Raf's house in order to get his computer expertise. When his mother asks him what is going on, his only response is "Study Group!" Miko's reaction to Raf's mother coming in is also hilarious.
  • A special mention goes to how TF Wiki mentions the event on Raf's mom's article:
    "(...) she opened the door to find him working with a "study group" that included Miko Nakadai, Jack Darby, and Agent William Fowler of the United States government. Hopefully, she did not find this odd."
  • This exchange between Cylas and Megatron:
    Cylas: Megatron, relax.
    Megatron: (growls threateningly)
    Cylas: ...Lord Megatron.
  • Fowler using his stealth training to sneak out of Raf's room and down the hall to the bathroom, and Raf's objections to it.
    Raf: I don't care if you were trained by a ninja! My mom's got eyes in the back of your head!
    Fowler: (sneaking back in) FYI, you're low on TP.
  • Bulkhead's still smashing things that Ratchet needs.


  • Jack and Smokescreen sabotaging Vince's car by stuffing it with fast food. They then do the same thing to Jack's boss at work.
    Smokescreen: That thing we stuffed in his tailpipe, what's it called again?
    Jack: Pizza!
  • After Optimus gets the Star Saber from the rock.
    Smokescreen: I loosened it for him.
  • And beforehand, in an ironic sense,
    Smokescreen: Scrap! It's really in there tight. (gets shot in the back)
  • After being told Smokescreen needs a human partner, we get this:
    Ratchet: Isn't having three humans here enough?
    Everyone else: (stares)
  • Bumblebee elbowing Bulkhead in the stomach after the latter made an inopportune observation. Apparently the gesture for "Dude, shut up!" is as universal as a wave hello.
  • Jack's reaction to being talked into sneaking along on a mission with Smokescreen.
    Jack: Great, I just pulled a Miko.
  • Megatron's Oh, Crap! expression when Optimus is about to attack with the Star Saber is absolutely priceless. Heck, even TF Wiki has that as the main image for its article of the episode.
  • Megatron's increasingly angry and annoyed attempt to pull the Star Saber out of the rock, but failing. Punctuated by shots of the Vehicons watching and looking to one another with a mildly confused air.
  • It's very easy to miss, but as Optimus looks up at the Nemesis, and thusly at the horrified Megatron, it looks as though he's winking (though it could also be a blink - the lighting in that scene makes it hard to tell. The TF wiki acknowledges it as a wink).

Alpha, Omega

  • When Smokescreen reveals how he survived Megatron's attack:
    Smokescreen: I, uh, borrowed the phase shifter.
    Rachet: Again?
  • Even better is that after that Smokescreen asks Ratchet if the Phase Shifter can be his Weapon of Choice. Ratchet, surprisingly, nonchalantly allows it.
  • "So, did Alpha Trion ask about me?"
  • Ratchet's suggested method of keeping in touch with the kids:
    "We could always... 'text' them."
  • While all the Autobots are giddy about going back to Cybertron, Smokescreen drops this:
    "But I just got here!"

Hard Knocks

  • Megatron gloating about how he destroyed Optimus' Star Saber. To Soundwave, no less.
    Megatron: You should have seen the look on his face!
  • Starscream complaining about how despite giving Super Speed, "Red energon takes twice as long to process!"
  • Knock Out being a Pungeon Master while curbstomping Arcee and Bumblebee with the Resonance Blaster.

Inside Job

  • Megatron grabs the two closest Vehicons and hurls them off the Nemesis to pursue a freefalling Smokescreen, but only one of them has a jet alt-mode. The other one screams all the way down. Becomes a quick Brick Joke when a few minutes later, we see him hit the ground.
    Megatron: FLYERS! I NEED FLYERS!!!
  • Starscream facing off with Slo-Mo Optimus Prime, Ratchet, and Bulkhead.
    Optimus Prime: Auuuuuuuuuutooooooboooooooooots, maiiiiiintaaaaiiiiin poooooooosiiiiiitioooooooooon.
    • It gets better when the Red Energon wears off while he's mocking the Autobots...
  • Knock Out ending up stuck in a wall.
  • Starscream sends the Autobots a message. The fact that Ratchet got bored of it really makes the moment.
    Ratchet: A high frequency signal! (Deadpan) With an embedded message.


  • Starscream dancing in a flashback. While the Vehicons chant "All hail Starscream!". And his reaction when he realizes Megatron was watching the whole time can be summarized as:
    Starscream: Um... heh?
  • When Megatron says they're going to look at Starscream's true motives, Starscream immediately goes into Oh, Crap! mode.
    Megatron: Now, where did we leave at? (making an impression) "All. Hail. Starscream"?
  • Not to mention his reaction after seeing Starscream's treacherous monologues:
    Megatron: Word of advice - stop thinking aloud.
  • Which is paid off as a Brick Joke a few scenes later:
    Starscream: I do transform with an exceptional sense of style... I said that out loud, didn't I?
  • Knock Out's rather gleeful reaction when he sees Starscream's dancing and asking for chants of "All Hail Starscream".
    Knock Out: This is going to be juicy.
  • When they reach Knock Out acting as Starscream's accomplice in "Sick Mind", Knock Out panics and attempts to fast-forward past the aforementioned flashback.
    Knock Out: Uh oh! (frantically) Does this thing have a fast forward button? Or better yet, erase?!
  • Later:
    Megatron: Infighting has nearly destroyed the Decepticons during your absence. We must operate as a united front if we are to revive and conquer Cybertron. (looks at Knock Out) That means each and every one of us, Knock Out.
    Knock Out: (shudders) Megatron sure knows how to patch things up.
  • And his reaction to finding out what Starscream did to Skyquake's corpse, due to the fact that Dreadwing is standing right behind him. Doubly hilarious because it practically sums up the episode as a whole.
    Knock Out: (rubs his head) Awkward...


  • Starscream, when confronted by an angry Dreadwing and ditched by Knock Out, reaches for something to defend himself with and grabs... a really small drill. That Dreadwing renders useless in seconds.
  • This bit of dialogue:
    Starscream: Casualties are an unfortunate consequence of war! But I assure you your twin met his end with great honor!
    Starscream: Oh, you know about that...
  • Then there are their attempts at getting the Omega Keys to work: smacking them on the table.
  • Knock Out and Starscream starting a key duel (which was initiated after Starscream scratched Knock Out's paint job), only to find out that combining the keys is what makes them work. And then they have the audacity to pat themselves on the back for it.
    Starscream: (smugly) And that is why Dreadwing is pushing up lugnuts.
    Knock Out: (just as smugly) And we are not!
  • The fact that Knock Out is a car, and got keyed.
  • Starscream's expression when Dreadwing says he's going to kill him looks as if he's thinking "Really? Really?" before it changes to pure terror. This is just after he's gotten his t-cog back, too.

     Season Three 

Darkmount, NV

  • Megatron grows frustrated with his Vehicons' inability to deal with Arcee:
    Megatron: How long does it take to exterminate a lone Autobot and her human pet!?
    Starscream: Well, in my experience...
    Megatron: Not a riddle, Starscream!


  • When Starscream catches a photo of Ratchet on the internet, Raf just so happened to have found it at the same time. So as Starscream gets Megatron's attention, Raf replaces the image with a dancing monkey. Knock Out laughs, but then quickly regains his composure when Megatron looks at him.
  • Starscream lampshading Soundwave's voiceless tendencies.
    Starscream: 'Vow of silence'. What a copout.


  • Miko recognizes the similarities between Predaking and a dragon. Unfortunately, there's no such word in the Autobot Language.
    Bulkhead & Wheeljack: (in unison) What's a dragon?
  • And later, when the mine explodes: "Yes! Snuff the Tragic Dragon!"
  • Arcee on Bumblebee's new paint job.
    Arcee: At least you have something to work with. If I reversed my colors, I'd be pink.
  • Ultra Magnus upon meeting Miko.
    Ultra Magnus: The indigenous population of this they all display the same disregard for authority?
    Ratchet: No, mostly just Miko.
    • Even better is during Miko's tirade at Ultra Magnus and Ratchet, you can see Jack trying and failing to gesture at her to be quiet.
    • Just before he asks Ratchet, you can see a look of absolute horror on the Doc bot's face. Like he hadn't expected her to be so openly rude in front of someone like Magnus. Doesn't know her very well, does he?
  • Watch Starscream's wings flutter when he's gloating to Shockwave about killing Cliffjumper for the hundredth time. Knock Out's jab afterwards just adds to it.
    Knock Out: Careful, Starscream, you might dislocate a landing gear patting yourself on the back.


  • Megatron's so fed up with Starscream's copout that he doesn't even bother to chew him out verbally.
  • Starscream and Megatron's Oh, Crap! faces when they saw Optimus Prime Version 2.0 flying towards them.
    (Megatron's eyes widen.)
    Starscream: Wait. He can't fly. Can he?
  • Smokescreen missing out on the whole Darkmount battle.
    Smokescreen: Awww, I missed it!
  • Ultra Magnus couldn't deal with the Wreckers on Cybertron and he won't deal with them now.
  • Optimus and Ultra Magnus' first meeting in years.
    Optimus: (surprised) Commander?
    Magnus: Sir, you're looking... robust.
  • The Vehicons that took the other Autobots hostage are so dumbfounded by this turn of events they actually stand still long enough to get hit. Complete with the Autobots looking around at their adversaries in disbelief before pulling out their weapons.
  • Later, when Darkmount starts to go up, Ultra Magnus orders the rest of the Autobots to fall back. Cut to Shockwave, who's taking on Bulkhead and Wheeljack single-handedly, and winning. Then Bumblebee and Arcee come roaring up in vehicle mode and use the intimidating giant as a ramp, followed by Bulkhead shoving past Shockwave and following suit. Shockwave is left spinning around disoriented for a couple of seconds, then shakes it off and makes ready to pursue...until Wheeljack Goomba Stomps him from behind, leaving Shockwave in his dust. Just as the Decepticon is firing at his retreating foes, he happens to look up just in time to see Darkmount exploding above him. His deadpan reaction is the cherry on the top:

Project Predacon

  • Agent Fowler reminding the Bots to "Pack their kilts" when they head for Scotland.
    Ultra Magnus: Um... What's a kilt?
    Optimus: Agent Fowler can, at times, be oblique. I find it best to simply nod and mobilize.
  • Apparently the Autobots have been recovering gear from their old base. They got the ground bridge back up and running, but Ultra Magnus says there's not much else recovered. Wheeljack then reveals that the lobbing ball survived, at which point, he tosses it at an unaware Bulkhead, it ricochets off him, and almost hits Jack and Miko. It's not so much that he almost killed them, but that it accidentally blocked Fowler in his office.
    Fowler: A little help here?
  • Optimus goes to investigate a Decepticon mine, only to find that his massive new body is too big to fit through the cave's entrance. "Hmm." (He manages to get in by using his vehicle mode.)
  • When the Decepticons are analyzing the first Predacon bone, after Megatron and Shockwave explain that it was from a clone Megatron sent to Earth ages ago, Starscream asks if they're going to scour the Earth in another scavenger hunt to find the remaining bones, with Shockwave asking Starscream if he thought that the scientist would send his pets to a distant world without chipping them. Screamer, taken aback, replies that he was implying that, then asks Shockwave if he seriously did.

Chain Of Command

  • Starscream is put in charge of Predaking. Hilarity Ensues. Not even the Apex Armor helps him.
  • When Ultra Magnus asks Wheeljack why he brought Miko with them, Wheeljack thinks back to their conversation.
    Miko: Yo. Can I come with?
    Wheeljack: Why not? (end flashback)
  • When she first emerges from Wheeljack's chest cavity, her hand's upraised like a zombie, before coming up gasping to the, well, shock of the rest of the team. There's even a Call-Back to when she sneaked aboard a mission in Darkness Rising about how she didn't heave on any floor mats this time.
  • Predaking using Apex Armor Miko as a literal chew toy in a Funny Background Event during Starscream's talk with Megatron.
  • While searching for Predacon remains, Miko discovers what she thinks might be part of a fossil. This earns a hilariously deadpan response:
    Ultra Magnus: No. That is a rock.
  • Predaking returning the fossil to Starscream and his completely nonchalant response.
    Starscream: Whaddya know, it does fetch.
  • The perfect burn Miko delivers to old Starscream:
    Starscream: Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Even the strongest armor can't protect the weakest of creatures. [Miko grabs him]]
    Miko: It protected you, didn't it?

Plus One

  • Jack's look of utter horror when Miko talks about Wheeljack and Arcee "Hooking up".
  • Which mirrors his reaction to Fowler's growing relationship with June.
    Raf: Isn't [having dinner at a restaurant] what grown-ups do when they're dating?
    Jack:...It's what grown-ups do when they're hungry.
  • Fowler using pepper spray on Knock Out. It works.
  • Nearly all of Fowler and June's interactions with each other in "Plus One" are hilarious, not to mention Knock Out's comments on it.
    Knock Out: Hello? How long have you two been dating? Because you bicker Like an Old Married Couple!
  • And then he gives his two cents on human romance. Daran Norris' delivery just sells it.
    Knock Out: Frankly, I find it repulsive. The whole idea of you fleshies... interfacing. (shudders)
  • Starscream and Knock Out attempting to outdo each other in pleasing Megatron in a manner reminiscent of two siblings trying to please a parent.
    Knock Out: So go on, Big M, tell me you love me more than Starscream. (no response) My liege? Um... Too familiar?
  • The ending, when much to Jack's relief, Wheeljack and Arcee do not become an official couple.
    Jack: (nods to Miko knowingly) Bromance trumps romance.


  • Knock Out's experiments with Synth-En lead to his test subject (Breakdown/Cylas) going positively berserk in his restraints, leading to this deliciously hammy threat:
    Breakdown/Cylas: Starscream! I hope you got your T-Cog replaced, because I'm going to rip it out all over again, AND FEED IT TO KNOCK OUT!
  • Zombie-Terrorcon-Breakdown-Cylas chasing them down or not, Starscream nonchalantly transforming in an effort to get away and Knock Out promptly hitching a ride is just plain too funny.
    Knock Out: Wait for me! (Jumps onto Starscream in Jet Mode and continues to hang on as he flies off.)
  • Starscream and Knock Out's screams when they're being chased. And Knock Out's Big "WHAT?!" when Starscream tells him to hold off Cylas before the above-mentioned moment.
  • As it becomes clear that Zombie-Terrorcon-Breakdown-Cylas is too much for the "highly-trained Vehicon troops" to handle (as proven by the lifeless shell of one such Vehicon), Starscream and Knock Out begin engaging in an escalating argument of "this-is-your-fault-not-mine"...all the while, failing to notice that the recently-drained Vehicon is getting back up as a Terrorcon zombie.
  • Leading to the following delightful little incident:
    Terrorcon: (lumbers towards Starscream and Knock Out) Raaarrrgh!
    Knock Out: Aim for the head!
    Starscream: What? How do you know?
    Knock Out: I've seen human horror films!
    Starscream: (looks at Knock Out in disbelief)
    Knock Out: At drive-in theaters!
  • And when it turns out that the rules of human zombies don't apply to Terrorcons.
    Knock Out: Human horror films! Waste of time!
  • While Starscream and Knock Out are fleeing, they split up. A second later, Knock Out runs in the direction Starscream went.
  • Right after the Friendship Moment, they run into Megatron. The two quickly try to hide what happened only for Megatron to reveal that the Dark Energon in his chest has been pulsing. Cue this gem:
    Starscream: [to Knock Out] Allow me to handle this. [points at Knock Out] IT'S KNOCK OUT'S FAULT!
    Knock Out: Precisely myWHAT?!
  • Just watch the way Knock Out runs.
  • Knock Out's tone in the following line:
    Starscream: Megatron will undoubtedly hold us responsible.
    Knock Out: But we ARE!
  • When Starscream refers to their "highly-trained Vehicon troops".
  • Megatron lectures Starscream on how he's received more chances at redemption than any other 'Con ever, all the while a Terrorcon zombie starts to come up behind him.
    Starscream: Um... My liege...
    Megatron: (Continues to rant)
    Terrorcon: Energon!
    Megatron: You there, what are you doing? I order you to stop!
    The Terrorcon charges but is killed by Megatron, who then turns to Knock Out and Starscream.
    Starscream: We did try to warn you.
    Knock Out: Mhm.
  • Megatron's Comically Serious character also gives us this gem:
    Megatron: (gives orders to Soundwave, then turns to Knock Out and Starscream) Your fate, however, remains to be seen. (Beat) Why are you still HERE? [Knock Out and Starscream turn and flee]
  • And at the end, he berates them like an angry father in a sitcom:
    Megatron: ... And as for you...
    Starscream: Lord Megatron, if you would just allow me to explain things...
    Megatron: No. Allow me to explain things. In a manner which I know you will understand.
    Starscream: [whimpers as the scene ends]


  • Wheeljack snuck out of the base to make Ultra Magnus's engines more efficient. It's the fact he did something so mundane and managed to make Magnus look silly that makes it hilarious. Also, the fact that he was covered in coolant is something you'd normally expect him having from killing rather than fixing. It also counts as a Heartwarming Moment on Wheeljack's part, in its own weird way.
  • Starscream's smile immediately after talking to Shockwave, insisting that he didn't alert him that his plan was already underway to ensure a "natural" performance, looks suspiciously like a trollface.
  • Earlier in the episode, when Starscream is pleading to Megatron, Megatron rolls his eyes. Then Predaking transforms. Cue an Oh, Crap! expression from not only Starscream, but Megatron (his was smaller, but still there).

Minus One

  • Soundwave's response to Optimus Prime's questioning of what the Decepticons are planning is to use his visor to display a smiley face, a la Zer0. And before that, he makes something of a Stupid Statement Dance Mix out of Optimus' question.
  • In the beginning, when Shockwave angrily accuses Starscream of intentionally leaving him at the mercy of the Autobots, Starscream begs for Megatron to intervene, but doesn't get his wish.
    Starscream: Master! Are you going to allow one lieutenant to harm another? (beat) Master?!
    Megtaron: I'm thinking.
    • Shockwave follows this up by combining a death threat with a bit of self-depreciative humor.
    Shockwave: I'm tempted to force you to share my perception of things.
  • Once Starscream saves himself by appealing to Shockwave's sense of logic, the mood swing behind it being almost hilarious in itself, and getting him to back off, Megatron notes their "Exemplary teamwork" before moving on.


  • Raf channeling Ratchet while working on some tech, complete with an "I needed that!" to Miko.


  • Ratchet's cheesy smile when he says thank you to Knock Out.
  • Knock Out's skewed sense of priorities.
    Knock Out: Guards! Help me extinguish this inferno before it scorches the project! And my finish!


  • We see all the Autobots and Decepticons battling throughout the ship, and then we see Knock Out rummaging through the Nemesis's stores to look for... something to buff his finish.
  • Megatron gets run through by a revived Bumblebee, Shockwave and Starscream escape together, and Soundwave is trapped in the shadowzone. And Knock Out? Gets to see the restoration of Cybertron before being knocked out by an Apex Armor-clad Miko and taken prisoner. It's how he just takes it in stride that really sells it.
    Knock Out: Ah, such luster.
    (The Autobots stare at him in disbelief)
    Knock Out: What? I'm joining the winning team.
    (Gets knocked out by Miko in Apex Armour)
  • Speaking of Shockwave and Starscream, their escape is together in a one-person escape pod. And both of them are still bickering going forward.
    Starscream: (paraphrased) Your elbow articulator is digging into my lateral fixer!
    Shockwave: Do you intend to complain for the duration of the voyage?
  • Before that, Starscream's look at Shockwave when they saw that only one escape pod was left. It is hilariously funny.
  • This line by Starscream as he's grabbed by a fleeing Shockwave:
    Curse you and your logic!
  • Everyone's surprised reaction to Bumblebee talking (including Bumblebee himself!).


Predacons Rising

  • While trying to help Bulkhead in the reconstruction efforts, one of the Vehicons keeps knocking everyone else over trying to follow Bulkhead's instructions. Ah, some things never change.
  • Smokescreen sitting on Megatron's throne. That and his Megatron imitation, which isn't half bad.
    Smokescreen: Lord Smokescreen, Emperor of Destruction! (waves his hands and legs about)
    • Then when Unicron/Megatron arrives, we see Smokescreen standing up from the throne and shifting away uneasily on his feet to the side.
    • At the end of the movie Starscream is about to sit on the same throne when the Predacons fly in and prepare to maul him. Bulkhead was right, it really is bad mojo!
  • Poor Smokescreen stuck in a wall of the Nemesis, courtesy of Knock Out and his stolen Phase Shifter. No doubt as payback for leaving the good doctor in a similar predicament.
    Smokescreen: (sighs) Scrap.
  • When the group is fleeing from Unicron, they find themselves stuck over an active smelting pit.
    Arcee: Cybertron's been dormant for thousands of years, but this thing still works?!
  • And at the debriefing after the band's disastrous battle with the Unicron-possessed Megatron:
    Smokescreen: So, what do we call him now?! Uni-Tron, Mega-Cron?!
    Arcee: Really? That's your biggest issue right now?
  • The fact that Unicron-Megatron looks like he has an oversized unibrow.
  • What's the first thing anyone says when Knock Out proves he's really reformed?
    "Knock Out, we needed that!"
  • Knock Out's first reaction upon meeting Unicron's undead Predacon army.
  • Megatron tricks Unicron into being attacked by Predaking by saying that he's totally loyal to Megatron and will obey any order. Megatron then sporting his usual sadistic grin when Unicron accuses him of deceiving him was surprisingly funny as well.
  • Starscream's Flat "What" when Megatron, now freed of Unicron's control, renounces his ambition of conquest.

    Out of Canon Moments 
  • The commercial where Bulkhead was talking to Strawberry Shortcake had two particularly funny moments. The first was finding out that Bulkhead has "Equestria Girls" as his ringtone (actually Miko's phone, but he answered, so it still counts). The second comes right after Optimus enters the scene.
    Bulkhead: It's for you.
    • Just the way he says it makes this really funny.
  • Another funny commercial had Megatron being in Hub High School's detention hall due to him having "anger issues". He then immediately blasts a hole through the front of the room!
  • There's also the commercial in which Megatron sings for a summer promo alongside Pinkie Pie and Dan. Funnier still was the Mondegreen that resulted of his line.
  • The "Behind the scenes" look at the series.
  • The commercial bumps during the marathon lead-up to the season two finale were hilarious. They featured clips from the show with new dialogue, such as Megatron calling Felix Baumgartner an amateur, or wondering why the Autobots always choose ground-based vehicle modes when they're up against flyers. Frank Welker must've had a blast recording them.
    Megatron: Not complaining, mind you; just observing.
  • This fairly recent commercial on Cartoon Network Too. Transformers Prime clips synched up to Gangnam Style of all things!
  • At Anime Expo 2012, a fan asked Steve Blum to say "I've got Moves like Jagger" as Starscream. Becomes funnier as of "Patch" where we learn of his...talent for dancing.
    • At Anime Nebraskon 2012, a fan asks Steve if he can dance as well as Starscream can.
  • Bulkhead and Megatron (along with other Hub characters) sing "Deck The Halls". we kid you not. It gets even better when Bulkhead tries to sing Scat Music to it. The reactions from the other bots are beautiful.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, voiced by the same man who gave us Japanese Waspinator, I give you... JAPANESE INSECTICON!
  • "Jet! Robot! Jet! Robot!"
  • The lead-up marathon for the Season 3 premiere gave us Vehicons with surfer accents.
  • And now Megatron is answering fan questions.
  • The Hub's "Decepticon Storytime Theater" video. Where a Vehicon shares a morality tale about the Decepticon Stumble Bee, and the perils of being popular.
    "The moral of this story is, popularity isn't so great."
  • David Sobolov and James Horan's panel at BotCon 2013 contains plenty of hilarious moments. Such moments include David reading a fast-food order in his Shockwave voice, telling the audience that Kevin Michael Richardson's the only person in Hollywood who can physically pick him up, and James recalling how he and Peter Mensah just looked at each other in confusion in response to the other cast members' antics during a recording session.
  • The Running Gag about Megatron being a brony.
    • One of the "Autobits", trivia pop-ups for the episodes of the show, reveals that Megatron likes online cat videos.
  • A video starts off seriously summarizing things in the series, and gets to how Jack and Fowler are the only ones who know the secret of the Autobots... But then Miko reminds him that she exists, and he starts listing off how everyone knows it, from the obvious to, of course, anyone with internet access.
  • In the comic's issue, The Battle for Bulkhead, has Miko's amazing Autobot detection system. Raf guesses that it's some complex system that works by isolating special factors about the Autobots.
    Miko: Not exactly. Allow me to demonstrate. BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLKHEAD!!


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