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Funny / Transformers: War for Cybertron

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  • This ad for the Gamestop preorder bonus.
    • Complete with massively hilarious callbacks to G1, even looking past the song:
      Shockwave: "When your hit percentage exceeds mine, you may choose the soundtrack."
  • A blink-and-you-miss moment: After Air Raid rescues Optimus and his team from the firing squad, he's seen fiddling with a control panel to release their bonds. When it doesn't cooperate, Air Raid angrily punches the machine. When that doesn't work, he just shoots it.
  • Much of the back and forth banter between the characters, like this exchange between Starscream and Skywarp in the second Decepticon level.
    Starscream: The Autobots must have booby trapped this room! Fools!
    Skywarp: Wait, are you calling us fools or the Autobots fools? 'Cause I'm not getting the sense that you respect me.
    Starscream: Silence! Fool.
    Skywarp: That's exactly what I'm talking about!
    • There's also this exchange earlier in the level:
    Starscream: Unbelievable! These Autobots are dumber than Skywarp!
    Skywarp: 'Dumber than Skywarp'? I'll show you dumb, Starscream!
    Starscream: You always do.
    • Thundercracker gets some in too:
    Skywarp: "At least I'm not ugly."
    Thundercracker: "Ugly? You and I look the same!"
  • Breakdown's got a good amount of these, made all the more hilarious by Crispin Freeman's voice acting.
    Breakdown: Take cover!
    Megatron: Steady yourself, coward! I marked this area for Dark Energon bombers.
    Breakdown: ARE YOU INSANE?!? I mean... yes, brillllliant, Megatron!
    • Ironically, Megatron of all people genuinely does have a sense of humor:
    Megatron: Into the tunnels, Decepticons. And try not to get crushed by the trains.
    Breakdown: You're joking... right?
    Megatron: (in a voice that's just dripping with sarcasm) Yes, Breakdown. I am famous for my sparkling sense of humor. NOW GET MOVING. BEFORE I DISMANTLE YOU MYSELF!
    • After narrowly escaping with their lives:
    Megatron: (sarcastically) Yes, Breakdown, your constant whining saw us through.
    • While speeding down a tunnel in Chapter IV:
    Breakdown: Hey Soundwave, you wanna race?
    Soundwave: Negative.
  • After beating Starscream in Chapter VI
    Bumblebee: Run, you yellow-plated coward!
  • This conversation in Chapter IV:
    Megatron: It appears we have lost that dull-witted brute, Omega Supreme. Not that he stood a chance against my intellect.
    (Cue Omega Supreme floating into view)
    Breakdown: Uh, Megatron?
    Megatron: What? (finally sees Omega Supreme) WHAT?!
  • Optimus seems to enjoy smashing up the bad guys a little too much.
    Bumblebee: It's that bad?
    Optimus: Bumblebee, we're locked inside an enemy prison, surrounded by countless Decepticons bent on our destruction.
    Bumblebee: So it's bad.
    Optimus: It's purely a matter of perspective.
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  • This wonderful exchange between Ironhide and Warpath during a later chapter of the game.
    Warpath: Ironhide, I'm beginning to think you're jealous of my fine aim!
    Ironhide: I can't be jealous of something you don't have.


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