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  • Waspinator's Level 3 special attack in Forged to Fight: he charges at his opponent, only to get knocked aside, the comes back riding a giant bomb, blowing himself and his opponent to smithereens.
  • Power of the Primes has Prime Masters, a revamp of the Pretenders line that allows the Pretender shell to turn into weapons for other characters to wield. Bludgeon, a Decepticon Pretender that has a samurai shell, turns into a Kanabō, meaning he's finally taking his name seriously by turning into a literal bludgeon.
  • In Transformers: Mars Attacks, Megatron is hit with a shrink ray, reducing him to the size of a toy. Naturally, Starscream takes advantage of this to try and take over the Decepticons...only for an unimpressed mini-Megs to jump onto his face and begin clawing at him.
    • This little gem at the end:
      Optimus Prime: "We've done it, Megatron. By working together, we managed to drive back the invaders. This is an historic day in the history of our race."
      "You're just going to go back to trying to kill us, aren't you?"
      Megatron: "Absolutely."
  • A delightfully unexpected instance of Black Comedy from the Studio Series Grindor and Ravage toy. The toy's packaging notes that fighting Optimus Prime is a headache for Grindor.
  • The box at for Legacy's Titan Class Metroplex shows him in Robot mode using his excavator assembly as a buzzsaw to ward off his foes... And Beast Wars Inferno is, par for the course of his home series, in the process of being shredded to pieces as if Metroplex was running a weedwhacker through an anthill.