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The Live-Action Film (2007)
This is not hiding!
  • Really anytime Optimus says something that's totally normal and non-dramatic. That mighty voice of Peter Cullen saying stuff like "What is with you?" and "Sorry, my bad" is pretty hilarious.
    • Especially his utterly deadpan response, in his weighty and super-important Optimus Prime voice, to Sam's question of how he knew about the glasses: "eBay." Only Optimus Prime could make eBay sound epic, and it's funny as hell.
    • "We've learned Earth's languages through the 'World Wide Web'." Really, the funniest part of that scene is that you'd expect the Autobots to be using some sort of Applied Phlebotinum or alien lore to learn about Earth, only for Optimus to reveal that they basically Googled everything.
  • Every single scene with Frenzy. That is all.
  • When Sam first takes his new "car" out for a drive, and his parents watch as Bumblebee spews black smoke all over the place.
    Judy: Wow, you are so cheap.
    Ron: It's his first car, it's supposed to be that way.
  • "Satan's Camaro in my yard, it's stalking me!"
    • The way his voice cracks when he says "It's stalking me!"
  • "Are you username ladiesman217?!"
    • Plus the fact, that Sam's first words when seeing him were pretty much as follows:
    Sam (panicking as Barricade chases him) OH SHIT! Oh, shit, shit, shit. Oh GOD! OH SHIT!!
  • Bumblebee lubricating on Simmons, coupled with Optimus Prime saying with all of Peter Cullen's badassedness: "Bumblebee! Stop lubricating the man!"
    • Bumblebee's hands-on-hips stance as he's doing it, almost as if he's being smug about it. Then, after Optimus tells him to stop, he's just like "What? What'd I do?"
  • As this video shows, Shia LaBeouf is very fond of the word "No!"
  • The scene where Ironhide is thinking about blowing Mojo up after the dog pees on his foot.
    "You have a rodent infestation, shall I terminate?"
    • When Sam is trying to talk Ironhide out of it, the way Shia says "chihuahua" is hysterical. And he says it about three times in five seconds.
  • The Autobots attempt at 'hiding' in Sam's garden, leaving him with several large vehicles on his lawn.
    Sam: This is not hiding! This is not hiding! This is my backyard, not a truck stop!
  • "This is my private area, my place of zen and peace... SHUT UP, GRAMMA!!", followed by, "GRAMMA, DRINK YOUR PRUNE JUICE!!"
  • Pretty much any scene with Glenn in it (especially his hilarious Oh, Crap! scream), but especially the FBI interrogation room:
    Maggie: Glen, you freak!
    Glen: Hey. I'm not going to jail for you or anybody! I have done nothing bad my entire life.
    • "Hey man, I'm still a virgin."
  • Then later in the scene
  • Glen's cousin, especially when he tries to out run the FBI agents.
    Glen's Cousin: (screams while running) I'M JUST A COUSIN! I'M JUST A COUSIN!
  • "Were you... masturbating?"
    • The real humor came after this line, where Mikaela finally comes out and says that Sam was with her. While Sam's mom tries to talk to her; Sam's dad gets this big shit-eating grin on his face and fist-bumps Sam in the background.
    • Made funnier by the fact that Julie White ad-libbed that line. The shocked confusion on Sam and Ron's faces and their spluttering responses? Genuine.
  • When Lennox's team are battling Scorponok outside a small desert villiage, Lennox attempts to contact the Pentagon. First, he needs to find a phone. When he finds someone with one, we get this jewel:
    Lennox: (Making a gesture with his hand that clearly mimics him holding a phone to his head) Do you have a telephone? A telephone?
    Generic Middle-Eastern Man: Telephone? Yes!
    (Generic Middle-Eastern man leaves briefly)
    Generic Middle Eastern Man: (after returning) Cell phone!
    • Later on, Lennox finally gets connected, but a bored Indian operator is hassling him because it is an international call and the Indian man does not buy Lennox's angry complaints about how he's in the middle of a battle and needs help immediately. The Indian man blandly insists that he needs a credit card to pay for the call.
      Lennox: This is an emergency Pentagon call! The Pentagon, do you understand-? [window behind him blows out] NO, I DON'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD!!
      International Operator: [bored] Sir, the attitude isn't going to speed things up any bit at all. I'm going to ask you to speak into the mouthpiece very clearly.
      Capt. Lennox: I'm in the middle of a WAR! This is friggin' ridiculous!! [Runs over to Epps] I need a credit card! Epps, where's your wallet?
      Tech Sgt. Epps: Pocket!!
      Lennox: Which pocket?!
      Epps: MY BACK POCKET!!!
      Lennox: You've got ten back pockets!!!
      Lennox: [picks up card and continues talking] Okay, it's a Visa.
      International Operator: Also, sir, have you heard about our Premium Plus full-service call package?
      Lennox: NO, I DON'T WANT A PREMIUM PACKAGE!!! Epps, Pentagon!
    • The whole thing was based on stories that the film's military advisor told Michael Bay about real soldiers who went through almost identical issues when trying to contact their superiors at the Pentagon while in the middle of intense firefights.
    • During the fight with Scorponok, one of the locals can be seen firing at Scorponok with his revolver.
    • Later when Epps is calling the air strike he gives this response when asked to describe the target:
    Epps: Unknown man, unknown man if you seen this shit!
  • When Lennox and his team are looking at Scorponok's severed tail, it suddenly leaps to life and impales the desk right in front of Epps.
    Epps: I thought you said this thing was dead, man!
  • The incident with Sam's Amazingly Embarrassing Parents nearly being shot in their own home:
    Optimus: Ironhide, you know we don't harm humans. What is with you?
  • Near the beginning of the movie, when Bobby Bolivia declares Bumblebee's price to be five thousand dollars, and Sam's father says he's not going over four.
    Bobby Bolivia: "Kid, come on, get out. Get outta the car."
    Sam: "No no no, you said cars pick their drivers."
    Bobby B: "Well sometimes they pick a driver with a cheap-ass father."
    • The highlight is after Bumblebee blows out all of the other cars' windows to ensure Sam buys him. And Bobby's reaction is:
    Bobby B: (awestruck) "$4,000!"
  • Megatron flicking away Michael Bay in disgust.
  • Once Optimus introduces Ironhide, he points his guns at Sam and goes "Feeling lucky punk?". Best quote in the film.
  • The introduction to Ratchet:
    Sam: *buries face in hands*
    Mikaela: *awkwardly scratches the back of her head*
  • Ratchet runs into a power line and causes the entire block to lose power.
    Ratchet: Wow! That was tingly! You gotta try that.
    • Prior to this, Optimus tells the Autobots that Sam wants them to be quiet. And immediately after saying that, Ratchet hits the power line, spins around with his siren going off, accidentally kicks Judy’s greenhouse and lands on right on the ruined greenhouse.
  • Honestly, if some of the above entries weren't enough to tip you off, the scene where the Autobots are hiding from Sam's parents as he attempts to find his grandfather's glasses is absolutely priceless. First there's Sam looking back with a brief but very real look of utter horror when he sees Optimus in his normal form standing up and walking towards his house, followed by him coming up with increasingly ridiculous conversational topics to keep his father out of the back yard. When the Autobots come over, they wreak havoc on Sam's back yard. Then, when they suddenly realize that they should hide, they all transform. In the middle of Sam's back yard.
    • Hilarity Ensues as the Autobots accidentally convince the Witwicky family that they're caught in the middle of an earthquake. Sam's father looks outside and the Autobots are all seen hiding in the most ridiculous of places: Bumblebee has somehow wedged himself under the awning and the patio, Ratchet and Ironhide are kneeling between the windows, Jazz has found a location similar to Bumblebee's, except in the living room, and Optimus is so damn big that he can only press himself up against the house and avoid the windows. When he attempts to move, the camera pans to Sam's father as he's in the house. Then there's when Optimus comes up against the window and sees Sam's father. He goes Oh, Crap! and suddenly moves away, out of sight. There's a tremor and Sam's father leaps into the bath tub, shouting that there's been another aftershock, and how much he hates them.
      • Fridge Humor: Ron Witwicky is the head of the local neighborhood watch. He obviously sucks at his job.
    • Plus, when Sector 7 shows up, one of the things they do first is rip up Judy's flowers. She grabs a baseball bat to beat the crap out of them. Sadly, she's stopped by Agent Simmons.
    • Plus, Ron gets in on the action.
  • Megatron's Pre-Mortem One-Liner delivered while dispatching Jazz is darkly hilarious.
    Jazz: You want a piece of me? You want a piece?
    Megatron: *grabs Jazz and pulls him apart* No! I want two!
  • During the Autobots' arrival on Earth, Ironhide lands in a family's backyard pool. That's not the funny part: the funny part is when the little girl in the house goes up to the giant robot climbing out of the pool, dripping water, and asks "Excuse me, are you the Tooth Fairy?"


  • Waspinator's Level 3 special attack in Forged to Fight: he charges at his opponent, only to get knocked aside, the comes back riding a giant bomb, blowing himself and his opponent to smithereens.
  • Power of the Primes has Prime Masters, a revamp of the Pretenders line that allows the Pretender shell to turn into weapons for other characters to wield. Bludgeon, a Decepticon Pretender that has a samurai shell, turns into a Kanabō, meaning he's finally taking his name seriously by turning into a literal bludgeon.
  • In Transformers: Mars Attacks, Megatron is hit with a shrink ray, reducing him to the size of a toy. Naturally, Starscream takes advantage of this to try and take over the Decepticons...only for an unimpressed mini-Megs to jump onto his face and begin clawing at him.
    • This little gem at the end:
      Optimus Prime: "We've done it, Megatron. By working together, we managed to drive back the invaders. This is an historic day in the history of our race."
      "You're just going to go back to trying to kill us, aren't you?"
      Megatron: "Absolutely."
  • A delightfully unexpected instance of Black Comedy from the Studio Series Grindor and Ravage toy. The toy's packaging notes that fighting Optimus Prime is a headache for Grindor.