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  • Sideswipe's complete lack of interest in what's going on with Bumblebee in the first episode, especially in the museum.
    Sideswipe: PLEASE take me to jail; this place is so much worse.
    • The museum guards conclude Bumblebee is an impostor, and not a very good one either. Bumblebee takes offense to that.
  • Near the end of the second episode, Grimlock has proven he can be trusted. So Bumblebee allows the former Decepticon on his fledgling team by placing him on probation. Grimlock is, er, somewhat pleased.
    Grimlock: (dances around, hugging whomever he can) I'm on probaaaation! Yes on probaaation!
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  • After Bumblebee chooses Grimlock to join him on a mission over Sideswipe and Strongarm, Grimlock mocks the two of them by performing a dance... right behind Bumblebee, who doesn't even notice.
  • After Grimlock takes a really hard knock to the helm, he's told to go back to the base and attempts to do so by wildly flailing his arms in the air and hopping a few times before looking at his hands in confusion.
    Bumblebee: *takes Grimlock by the arms* Oh, yeah, you can't fly, pal.
    Grimlock: (as he's being led away by Strongarm) Since when can't I fly?
  • Grimlock's "vehicle mode": wearing a fake grill, putting wheels on his limbs, and shuffling around while going "Vroom vroom".
    • Any time Grimlock tries to hide. When a customer comes, Russell hisses at Grimlock, a 30 foot dinosaur, to hide. Grimlock looks around frantically and then freezes in a panic. The visiting girl takes him for a huge metal statue of a T-Rex.
  • In "W.W.O.D?" Bumblebee tries to mimic Optimus Prime's command style by talking to his team in a suitably "Optimus-like" voice. The result? The team bursts out laughing, with Sideswipe calling it the "worst Starscream impression" he's ever heard.
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  • In the same episode, Terrashock (whose design is rather buffalo-looking) is convinced he's met his replacement/rival in a museum: a statue of an actual buffalo. The complete lack of reaction only winds him up even more.
  • During episode six, Sideswipe gets out of helping Fixit clean things up by claiming to take over his elephant stall cleaning duties if he does it by himself. The clincher?
    Fixit: Wait... Then what have I been cleaning?
    • Bumblebee tries to tell Sideswipe off but gets distracted by his music, admitting he likes Earth's music too.
    • Honestly it's the timing, but when they mentioned the Kospego, Denny treated it as a joke. Then the guy who threatened them then said he saw it...resulting in a Beat and a well-timed cuckoo-clock.
  • During True Colors
    • When Bumblebee, Strongarm and Sideswipe find out that the reason Grimlock double-crossed them is because he was being controlled by a tiny insectoid Decepticon named Minitron, they search every nook and cranny on his armor Minitron could fit in. Turns out Grimlock is very ticklish. Also, this happens.
      Strongarm: Enough with the tricks, Minitron! We know you're—SWEET SOLUS PRIME!
      Bumblebee: What? What, is it on me? Where? [sees it on his shoulder] O-KAY, GET IT OFF! JUST GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!
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    • Strongarm and Sideswipe continue to act like bickering siblings, with terrible timing.
      Strongarm: Grimlock assaulted both you and Bee without cause.
      Sideswipe: You assault me all the time! (Gets knocked away by Grimlock)
  • During "Even Robots Have Nightmares" we see what the team fears the most. Some of them are legitimately frightening. Bumblebee fears failing at his duty as a leader and the subsequent destruction of what he was charged with protecting. We find out that Sideswipe is claustrophobic. Grimlock? He doesn't like small, cute kittens.
  • From "Deep Trouble", Sideswipe and Drift, trapped in a room together.
  • In "The Champ" the Autobots show their (lacking) faith in Denny's leadership skills.
    Bumblebee: Grimlock, Denny's in charge. Do precisely what he says.
    Denny: Me?!
    Grimlock: Come on!
    Strongarm: Denny?!
    Bumblebee: He's the closest thing to a responsible adult.
    Drift: Then I "respectfully" suggest we make haste.
  • The Mini-Cons offering their support of Denny while he performs surgery on Fixit in "The Trouble With Fixit" is, less than supportive.
    Slipstream: Most delicate. To think that one tiny slip, one missed connection…
    Jetstorm: ...Could reduce Fixit to the usefulness of a coffee grinder.
  • Kickback from "Lockout".
    Kickback: (tied to a tree to be used as bait for Bumblebee's team) I'm sensing a bit of hostility here. All I want is to be on the team.
    Fracture: (duct tapes Kickback's mouth shut) Congratulations, you're on the team. This is your first mission.
  • From "Similarly Different", Scowl terrorizing some humans at a local spa. Or rather, Scowl trying to terrorize some rather oblivious humans at a local spa.
  • In "Ghosts and Impostors" we have Drift pretending to be a ghost, complete with a sheet over him and making "oooh" and "boo" noises.
  • Sideswipe and Windblade's playful banter in part two of "Battlegrounds", at Drift's expense.
    Sideswipe: Don't get too comfortable with your new dance partner, Windblade.
    Windblade: Don't worry, Slick. You can have the next twenty dances.
    Drift: I do not understand. The plan does not call for any danciiiiiing!
  • The fact that Sideswipe calls Optimus 'Pops' in the beginning of "Overloaded" is hilarious. And then Optimus shuts him down.
    Sideswipe: Come on, Strongarm. You asking Pops for old war stories is getting as old as... as Pops!
    Bumblebee: Sideswipe, you'd better watch your-
    Optimus: Young bot. You may address me as Optimus Prime or Optimus. Those are your only options. Understood?
    Sideswipe: Yes, sir.
  • Optimus, of all 'bots, gets his own snarky moment in the second part of "Overloaded" two-parter.
    Sideswipe: (walking limply)
    Optimus: Sideswipe, you appear to be limping. Do you require assistance?
    Sideswipe: (starts limping faster, getting away from Optimus)
    • His smirk at the end seals it perfectly.
  • How does Bumblebee get the Cyclone Minicons to defect from Overload in "Overloaded, Part 2"? He uses their love of noise and gives them two frying pans.
  • "Suspended", Grimlock insists on accompanying Strongarm in her chase of speedsters Crazybolt and Slicedice. He then ties the tarp normally used to hide him around his neck like a cape and charges after them on his trailer, only to fail and crash into some bushes.
    • When Strongarm gets knocked onto a busy overpass, she accidentally sends another car into the side of the bridge. As the driver and his daughter are hanging precariously, he keeps asking his daughter if she's alright...only for her to ignore him as she almost obsessively texts on her cellphone. After the crisis is over and she's still ignoring everything around her. Her father takes her phone, and throws it out the window.
  • Near the beginning of "Misdirection", Russell wows the Bots with a magic trick. Strongarm's idea of learning how he did it can't be sanctioned under regulation.
    Strongarm: Alright, let me interrogate Russell Lieutenant. (pounds her fist into her other hand) I know I can break him.
  • While stuck at an impound lot in "Impounded", Strongarm mentions how humiliating it is to be stuck with "common criminals.". If you look closely you'll notice the car next to her looks suspiciously like Knock Out.
  • Bumblebee's comment regarding his team being like a family:
    Strongarm: Even Sideswipe?
    Bumblebee: Every family has a crazy cousin.
  • Team Bee's interrogation of Clampdown in "Decepticon Island, Part 1" goes about as well as can be expected.
    Bumblebee: Talk, Clampdown! What is Decepticon Island?
    Optimus: Where is it located?
    Drift: How many Decepticons are there?
    Windblade: What is their objective?
    Strongarm: Is Steeljaw involved somehow?
    Clampdown: Ah... Well, y-y-ya see, I... (passes out)
    • Grimlock likes the idea of teams within the team, Drift...does not.
    Grimlock: Hey Drift, want to be on a team within the team with me?
    Drift: No.
    Grimlock: He's playing hard to get.
  • From "Mighty Big Trouble", while his arrival is certainly dramatic, there's something delightfully hammy about the way Starscream stomps on the weapon Clawtrap is reaching for, pinning his claw to the ground and informing him, "Oh, please. There will be plenty of time for bowing and scraping later."
  • Bumblebee getting to fire a bazooka with a loaded sword in "Guilty as Charged":
    Bumblebee: Okay, just for the record, this is crazy, and dangerous, and we should never, ever try this at home. FIRE!
  • "Exiles" shows that Steeljaw hasn't let go of his anger towards Bumblebee, and Quillfire hasn't lost any of his "charm".
    Steeljaw: They say you can't dream in stasis, but I did, Bumblebee. Of this moment, when I can pay you back for robbing Decepticon Island! Pay you full.
    Quillfire: I also dreamed...of a parade for the heroes of the revolution! Everyone was wearing hats.
  • In "Disordered Personalities" we see the Team Bee (sans Fixit) switch bodies with each other and we see Grimlock have the time of his life in Drift's body.
    Grimlock: WOO I GOT WHEELS!!
  • From "Enemy of My Enemy", while the Bee Team is traveling to Cybertron, they discover Steeljaw has stowed away. Everyone is naturally apprehensive and Bee quickly orders Drift and Sideswipe to grab him. They rush Steeljaw and restrain him, without a fight. Much to Bumblebee's surprise.
    Bumblebee: So, okay. Gotcha...
    • Grimlock greeting Drift.
    Grimlock: TEAMIE!! [hugs Drift]
    Drift: (strained) Grimlock... can you not simply... wave... "hello"?


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