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Funny / The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers

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  • Pyro trying to emulate Optimus Prime throughout. Particularly in "Bullets," where he enters battle with a hilariously half-baked one-liner.
    Pyro: You're late for a meeting with my fists, Decepticreep!
    • And not only did he expect to say something cooler, he was so confident in his ability to do so that he broadcast the line to his team for posterity.
  • Any time Guzzle's Blood Knight tendencies get the better of him. Fond of those Brain Bullets, he is.
    Guzzle: Ha! Their heads blow up every! Single! Time!
  • At one point in Issue #3, the ironic read-over of Fisitron's "Unofficial Wreckers Handbook" extolls the importance of cool detachment, while Kup and Guzzle, screaming like absolute lunatics, unload round after round into their Decepticon assailants.
    • That entire sequence is gold; every panel we're shown an excerpt from the so-called "Wreckers Field Guide" as found in the Wreckers Declassified datalogs; things like focus on the positive, never split the party, don't let it get personal...whilst in the action, that specific rule is being broken by the Wreckers themselves (Springer listing all the ways in which they are screwed, Guzzle yelling that the other group is going to have to look after themselves followed by Springer further splitting the party by sending Guzzle and Kup to look for Grimlock, Impactor screaming bloody vengeance at the Decepticons for the Autobots they've's hilarious and shows just how detached from reality the Declassified datalogs are (but make for great propaganda pieces).
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  • Rotorstorm's execution is pure Nightmare/Nausea Fuel, but his look of "Oh right, sadistic lunatic was just toying with me" beforehand is hilarious. Especially as he looks less perturbed about it than he does about Overlord laughing at his joke.


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