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Awesome / The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers

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Last Stand of the Wreckers

  • Impactor's introductory scene, using his jetpack to ride the shockwave of an exploding spacecraft to Ultra Magnus' ship.
  • Kick-Off, whose toy was a non-transforming Action Master, is forced to fight a Decepticon gladiator. When delivering the killing blow on his mid-transformation opponent, he announces that "alt modes are for wimps!"
  • Kup takes on a corridor full of guards. Go ahead. Guess the winner.
    Kup: (hands Guzzle his cygar) Hold this, stay there, an' get ready to take notes.
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  • Springer vs. Stalker. Talk about an "off switch".
  • Springer, Perceptor, Ironfist, Verity, and Impactor share a joint one against Overlord. Guzzle, Kup and Impactor are down, the Autobot prisoners have been executed, and Springer is about to be killed... Then, Perceptor, Verity, and a chaingun-wielding Ironfist show up out of nowhere and blow Overlord's hand off. Using Ironfist's chaingun, Springer shoots Overlord repeatedly... only for the former Decepticon tpo get in one of his own, to barreling through the volley of gunfire and ripping Springer's face off before knocking out Perceptor. Before Overlord can go after Ironfist and Verity, however, Ironfist drops a bombshell, telling him that Springer just injected thousands of deterrence chips in his body with the gun, and detonates all of them, blowing Overlor's exterior plating off and reducing the pants-wettingly terrifying genocidal maniac to a flaming endoskeleton. To his credit, even this doesn't keep him down, and as Ironfist falls over unconscious, Overlord moves in on Verity, furious that the Wreckers have ruined his grand ambition of defeating Megatron in combat. What does Verity do? She laughs in his flaming endoskeleton face before completely and utterly destroying his will to keep fighting by telling him of Megatron's death. The awesomeness is rounded out when the recovered Impactor blows Overlord's other arm off before beating seven shades out of him and... keeping him alive, in an awesome display of Cruel Mercy that brings his Character Development full circle. BAD. ASS.
    Impactor: Oh, I'm not doing this for me... I'm doing it for Springer. Twenty years ago, as I was being led to my cell, he said something I didn't want to hear: 'They deserved to die, Impactor, but that didn't give you the right to kill them.' You've killed Springer, and you deserve to die. But he wouldn't have wanted that. So, like me, you're going to stand trial... And you're going to go down, because, like me, you're guilty as hell.
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  • Meta Example: Springer's popularity eventually culminated in a very awesome toy of his LSOTW likeness being released as part of the Generations line.
  • In the Bullets prose story, Skyfall has been a False Friend to Ironfist for centuries; stealing credit for his work, giving him backhanded compliments to destroy his self esteem, and leaking the horrifying WMD Gideon's Glue that Ironfist invented and destroyed to the Decepticons, so that the resulting massacre would be blamed on Ironfist. He even arranged for Ironfist's eventually death, rigging one of his Cerebro-Sensitive guns to go off, lodging the bullet in Ironfist's head that ultimately killed him. And through all this, the naive weapons designer thought Skyfall was his best buddy, even leaving his coveted workshop to him when he was called up for the Wreckers. But just before leaving, Ironfist got a call from Brainstorm that confirmed the gun had been tampered with, and revealed Skyfall's treachery at last. Ironfist left a recorded message to be played for Skyfall at the moment of his death, in which he finally confronts the bastard with his crimes...and then reveals that he did so on the same channel he uses to distribute the "Wreckers: Declassified" datalogs, and 4000 Autobots just had the recording downloaded into their heads. The story ends with security forces pounding on the door of the workshop, and a desperate Skyfall drinking the last vial of Gideon's Glue in existence.

Sins of the Wreckers

  • Stakeout is introduced dropkicking a polar bear to save Verity. It's pretty much the most Crazy Awesome introduction ever.
  • The ending splash has Arcee being confronted by Guzzle, Impactor, Hubcap, Roadbuster, Kup, Stakeout... and at the head of the the group, Springer himself, looking strong as ever!


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