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  • The look of horror on Cliffjumpers' face as he awakens from being rescued and repaired by the good Decepticons is surprisingly funny, despite the seriousness of the situation.
    Cliffjumper: GYAAAH!
    • After escaping his "captors", Cliffjumper runs smack dab into Mirror!Megatron.
      Megatron: (looks down at a very confused Cliffjumper) Are you alright?
      Sideswipe: (Cliffjumper looks up at Megatron dumbfounded) I'm guessing no.
  • Soundwave speaks in a rather amusing style. He's actually worse than Generation One Jazz, if you can imagine that.
    • Jazz himself is basically Mr. T.
  • While Cliffjumper and Sideswipe compare notes Cliff name drops Straxus, calling him a loon. Needless to say, Sideswipes reaction to the revelation that there is a version of Straxus who is crazy is priceless.
    Sideswipe: Straxus is insane where you come from? Pity, I always liked his poetry...
  • In "Do Over", Whisper uses his sound amplifying abilities to scare the scrap out of Scoop by pretending to be a ghost. A really, really bad ghost.
    "Your attacks are futile! I am everywhere, yet nowhere! There is no tech support here! You are doomed, forsake all hoooope! Your demise will be slow and painful! Antroids shall devour your optics while razor-snakes constrict your mechanisms! Your warranty is voided! Your head is a bucket, you suck turboworms, I hate your feeeeeeeeeeet!"
    • Also from "Do Over" Optimus and Megatron fight, and they begin to enter into the iconic banter and moves from the old Movie. While Megatron get's the upper hand and looms over Optimus with a gun about to win he states "I would have waited and eternity for this." Optimus says "Never!", and swings two fisted at him. In the movie, it was the final blow, knocking Megatron down a cliff and defeating him, here, Megatron takes a step back and Optimus falls on his face.
    • After Ricochet has explained how his overly complex Death Trap works, Ricochet expects Megatron to be terrified, or at least impressed. Megatron however, is neither.
    Megatron: (surprisingly deadpan) You weren't satisfied with merely one cliché deathtrap, so you went with five.
    Ricochet: (completely oblivious to any insult) Anythin' worth doin’ is worth overdoin'.
  • Ravage. Everything he does is either funny, cute, or both. Whether it's talking in txtspeak, announcing to the Autobots where he is all over his Yatter account while he's supposed to be sneaking around, talking about how awesome the Internet is, pouncing all over Steeljaw and acting like they're "totally BFFs", asking everyone "LOL can U see me waving???!!!!", purring under Sephie's ministrations, etc. it's no wonder he's turned into the series' Ensemble Dark Horse.
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  • In "Blitzwing Bop", the insane Beachcomber attacks the Nemesis while all of the other Cybertronians are out of commission due to a near-lethal broadcast gone out of control, leaving the Decepticons' human allies as the only ones left to protect the ship and their stasis-locked friends. They do so successfully by, essentially, going Home Alone on him to utterly ridiculous degrees, with Beachcomber chasing the humans around into one insane laid booby trap after another until the Cons are able to fix themselves, wake up, and drive him off en masse.
    Beachcomber had survived the decon bath, the optic calibration process, the hallway filled with zero-friction lubricant and three chemical explosions since breaching the outer defenses of the Decepticon base. He had been thrown about, smashed and lit on fire by four puddles of organic waste.
    He was not happy.
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  • Treadshot shouting at Ultra Magnus as he escapes at the end of "Invasion".
    Treadshot: Magnus! You coward! Like a small, herbivorous shrew, you are nothing! I will hunt you to the ends of time! I will burn your empire to the ground! I...I...I fraggin' hate that guy.

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