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The Transpoter

  • Frank's response to seeing his Lai once more Bound and Gagged in his car is to abandon her (still tied to a roller chair) in the middle of the road. When he changes his mind, he dumps her in the trunk. Still gagged and tied to her roller chair.
  • Frank gets a little peeved after one of his employers try to off him with a bomb. He then goes back to the employer's house to have a word with him. How does he show up? Ringing the door bell and flying kick the damn thing off the hinges while sending the schmuck who went answer the door bell flying with it.
    Mook: What the f— *DOOR*

The Transpoter 2

  • The end result of the second film's famous firehose scene: most of the mooks are tied up in the aforementioned hose in interesting twists, and Frank decides to fill the hose with water. Mass "Oh, Crap!".

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