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A 2012 television series based on the movie trilogy, Transporter: The Series is centered around Frank Martin (played by Chris Vance here) and his assignments throughout Europe (predominantly southern France), where he's helped by an ex-DCRI analyst, Carla (played by Andrèa Osvart).

The show has aired two seasons. The show was not renewed for another season, leaving it on a cliffhanger.

This series feature examples of:


  • 555: Jenny in episode 7 has the number (416) 555-0162 painted on her fingernails.
  • Adaptational Badass: Not that the Frank Martin from the films is not badass, but this Frank Martin makes him pale. The way he dispatches people around echoes Steven Seagal in his best times.
  • Car Fu: The main henchman of the pilot is taken out this way.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: in episode 3, the bad guy threatens to pierce the girl's inner ear with a director's baton. At the end of the episode, Frank kills the man by stabbing him with the baton.
  • Ho Yay: Frank and his old friend Jim in episode 2. Also Frank and Dieter throughout the series.
  • Ironic Echo: One episode opens with a flashback showing Frank in the army with a pair of friends, pinned down by enemy fire and one, Tommy, wounded. Later in the episode, the trio find themselves in the present in the exact same spot, which is lampshaded:
    Tommy: Well, lads, we're pinned down, outnumbered and I'm in desperate need of medical attention.
    Frank: Just like old times, eh?
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  • Jenny's Number: In "Give the Guy a Hand", Frank finds the message "171 Liberty 8675309". He goes to a gym at 171 Liberty and tells the receptionist (named Jenny) that his membership number is 8675309.
  • Mission Control: Carla serves as this for Frank, arranging jobs and providing intelligence and hacking support.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Frank (the series starts with him bare-chested) and Jim, his 'enemy' in episode 2 who shows his naked and firm butt for the ladies (and the fellas who like fellas) to enjoy.
  • Product Placement: All of Frank's cars are Audi.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: The opening theme is a remixed version of Rush's Working Man.
  • Rescue Sex: Apparently one of Frank's rules isn't "Never have sex with the package."
  • Swear Jar: Frank helps a man put a dryer in his car in episode 7. When the man swears, his kids chant "swear jar" and he says, "Great, that'll be another 5 bucks."